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2012/13 Season

Welcome to Milwaukee Rep! When I first arrived in Milwaukee, we ushered in the beginning of a new era at The Rep with the idea that “a journey continues”—connecting the theater’s past achievements with the promise of exciting endeavors yet to come. Over the past two seasons, we’ve explored together new ideas packaged in two dozen vital and innovative productions, including: introducing musicals to the Quadracci Powerhouse stage with the smash hits Cabaret and Next to Normal; vibrant, re-imagined classics like Death of a Salesman and To Kill a Mockingbird; tour-de-force examinations of some of the most interesting artists of years past in Liberace!, Nobody Lonesome for Me, and Song Man Dance Man; adventurous, textually-rich plays like Speaking in Tongues and Yellowman; triumphant explorations of significant landmarks of local culture with Ten Chimneys and the regional premiere of Lombardi; and our first Shakespeare in over five years with an inventive new take on Othello. We’ve also broadened the way that the work on our stages connects with our community by enlarging the conversations around the plays themselves through our audience engagement programs—expanded TalkBacks and special panel discussions, extensive lobby displays, enhanced PlayGuides, and our ongoing Rep In Depth series—as well as by taking the conversation into the community itself through our Big Read initiative surrounding To Kill a Mockingbird. We feel tremendous pride in this achievement, and great excitement about the new possibilities that lie ahead. Next season, we will offer a blend of great classics, a fresh new comedy, two scintillating musical revues, a hot drama fresh from Broadway, a celebrated, award-winning musical, and more—all of which you will read about inside this brochure. It’s going to be a fantastic season, and I hope that you will consider becoming a Subscriber to The Rep and join us for the entire journey. I look forward to seeing you at the theater! Cheers,


Mark Clements Artistic Director

2012/2013 SE A SON Gutenberg! The Musical!

Mind Over Milwaukee


How The World Began

The Mountaintop

Clybourne Park

Blues in the Night

A Raisin In the Sun

The Diary of Anne Frank

Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash

Sense and Sensibility

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written by Anthony King & Scott Brown

“A thoroughly winning dead-on musical comedy!” the new york sun



UNIVERSE MARK’S TAKE: Anyone who likes the zany humor of Monty Python will love this show about two guys pitching an incredibly ludicrous,

August 24–October 14 Stackner Cabaret


hree men, one piano, thirty baseball caps— and one massively misguided dream! In 1450, in Mainz, Germany, Johann Gutenberg invented the printing press; in 2011, in Nutley, New Jersey, Bud and Doug wrote a big, splashy musical about him, the evil monk trying to stop him, and the beautiful girl who loved him. They may not have a cast, an orchestra, or a clue, but with an unending supply of enthusiasm, they’re pitching their hilarious, 16-song epic to Broadway producers who just might fulfill their bright-eyed ambitions!

over-the-top musical filled with 16 ridiculous songs. It’s been on my list of pieces to produce for awhile, and now is the right

time. It’s a two-hour festival of silliness, laughter, and joy— come and enjoy! Call 414-224-9490

Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

September 4–October 7 Quadracci Powerhouse

Book by John Weidman

Based on an idea by Charles Gilbert, Jr.

Directed by Mark Clements

“Brilliant... remarkable... [an] astonishing score.” the new york times

MARK’S TAKE: I love the experience of going to the theater and seeing a play or a musical which leaves me feeling incredibly moved or elated, but I can’t necessarily articulate why


his groundbreaking American musical kicks off the Quadracci Powerhouse season with a bang! Bold, original, surreal, thought-provoking, and alarmingly funny, this five-time Tony Award-winner investigates the personalities behind nine Presidential assassins and reveals uneasy truths about the American Dream. Hugely resonant in today’s celebrity-obsessed culture, Assassins is peopled with desperate, disillusioned characters who force us to wonder how everybody’s right to be happy can include killing a President.

I feel that way. Assassins does that for me, and presenting it during an election year—when political awareness will be heightened—will hopefully

give people another interesting perspective as they’re making up their minds about where the nation goes.


by Katori Hall

“An emotionally powerful and theatrically stunning moment of truth.” Variety

MARK’S TAKE: The Mountaintop isn’t a biography, per se, but rather a very smart, very funny, very moving, and very respectful exploration of the ideas that 6

September 26–November 4 Stiemke Studio


n the eve of his assassination, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., cools down in a lonely Memphis hotel room after delivering the speech of a lifetime—when an unexpected visit from a feisty, young hotel maid pushes King into a confrontation with his doubts, fears, and haunting premonitions. A soul-stirring hit in London and on Broadway, The Mountaintop’s humorous, magical storytelling fuses theatricality with spirituality to reach a summit that will leave audiences breathless.

were occupying Dr. King’s mind on the night prior to his death. The maid character is essential to this innately theatrical play, but impossible to describe without

giving away a clever twist that the audience will absolutely lap up!

Written & Originally Directed by Sheldon Epps

Original Vocal Arrangements & Musical Direction by Chapman Roberts

Orchestrations & Additional Vocal Arrangements by Sy Johnson

“Marvelous... dynamic.”

October 19–December 23 Stackner Cabaret


he universal language of the blues speaks eloquently in this scorching, Tony-nominated musical! The twenty-six hot, torchy numbers that tell the sweet, sexy, and sorrowful stories of four colorful inhabitants of a 1930’s Chicago saloon will leave you energized, inspired, and ready to wail. This dynamite revue features blues classics from Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Bessie Smith, and many more, packed into a larger-than-life score that’ll bring down the house! MARK’S TAKE: Blues in the Night is a great celebration of singers and dancers kicking back and doing what they do at their very best.

Our take on the piece—utilizing actor/singer/musicians as the cast—will hopefully prove original and innovative. This will

definitely be one of those shows where we lift the roof off the Stackner Cabaret! Call 414-224-9490


Dramatized by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

“Tender, rueful, moving drama.” The New York Times

MARK’S TAKE: The Diary of Anne Frank is one of the greatest testaments to living in the present that I’ve ever read, and it never fails to move me to tears. The story

October 23–December 2 Quadracci Powerhouse


nne Frank’s remarkable diary has become an essential tool for understanding one of the darkest periods of our history—and one of the most beautiful, haunting stories in our shared experience. A testament to the human spirit and its young author’s “boundless desire for all that is beautiful and good,” the play illuminates Anne’s unwavering belief in justice and love during her more than two years in hiding during World War II. This moving, true story is essential viewing for every generation.

may be set against one of history’s grimmest eras, but out of that comes incredible light and incredible hope from the strength of Anne’s spirit.

This is a story that every generation needs to hear, and we’re honored to tell it. Call 414-224-9490

December 11–January 13 Quadracci Powerhouse

Adapted by Mark Healy

“Hopeless romantics will devour every last scone and sigh in this heart-tugging Regency-era adventure.” San Jose Mercury News

MARK’S TAKE: Sense and Sensibility is my favorite of Jane Austen’s wonderful works. I love the relationship between the two sisters—their contrasts, their journeys, their growth


rom the author of Pride and Prejudice comes this heartwarming, humorous tale of two sisters struggling to move past a family disaster. Sensible, reserved Elinor and passionate, impulsive Marianne find the road to true love beset with dashing suitors and well-meaning relatives, devoted friends and devious rivals, and scandalous secrets and unexpected twists in a period-perfect adaptation that captures all of the deliciousness, flirtation, and folly of Austen’s well-loved novel.

throughout—and how this 200-year-old story still resonates. We all fall in love, we all have our hearts broken, we all go through periods where our lives are suddenly turned

upside-down, and Austen’s beautiful prose manages to get right to the heart of those moments and makes us feel and say “wow, I know that, I felt that, I understand that.”

�� � � �� � � � � � �

Jane Austen

� �� �




created and Performed by Marc Salem

“Brilliantly Entertaining!” New York Post

MARK’S TAKE: How to describe brilliant, witty mentalist Marc Salem and Mind Over Milwaukee? It’s not a play, it’s not a musical, and it’s

December 28–February 24 Stackner Cabaret


entalist Marc Salem brings his interactive stage show to The Rep for an experience that will leave you astounded, dumbfounded, and believing the unbelievable! Using psychological techniques, a sharp eye for human nature, a quick wit, and more than 20 years of close study, Mr. Salem creates a mystifying, often hilarious show that explores the depths and true capabilities of the human mind.

certainly not a magic act. So let’s call it an entertainment, tailormade for a Milwaukee audience. Jaws will drop as Marc separates

truth from lies in increasingly amazing ways—and the audience wonders, “How did he do that?!”

by Catherine Trieschmann

“An intelligent new play…a thoughtprovoking look at the complexity of people who find it impossible to empathize with viewpoints not their own.” Associated Press

MARK’S TAKE: We live in a society that is growing more stringent in terms of how we express our views. If the play contains a lesson, it is

January 16–February 24 Stiemke Studio


eligion and science collide in a visceral examination of the way in which we navigate interpersonal relationships involving seemingly irreconcilable beliefs—and just how hard it is to truly listen to one another in an increasingly polarized world. Looking to rebuild her fractured life, high school biology teacher Susan relocates from New York City to a small Kansas town reeling in the aftermath of a devastating tornado. Ready for more than a little culture shock, Susan finds herself unprepared for the firestorm that engulfs the town after she makes an off-hand comment about the origin of the universe. to ask us to listen to the other side—to remember that nothing is ever as black-and-white as we might think, and that we could


all become more well-rounded individuals by being more tolerant of those who hold opposing viewpoints. Call 414-224-9490


ONE SIMPLE CHICAGO HOME INSPIRED TWO LAND See them both at The Rep in 2013 and join the conversation ab

by Bruce Norris

Directed by Mark Clements

“Dangerous and provocative, and pulverizingly funny!” Variety

Contains mature content and themes

MARK’S TAKE: When I first read the truly extraordinary Clybourne Park, it knocked me off my feet. It confronts huge subjects: gentrification, race relations, 12

January 29–February 24 Quadracci Powerhouse


inner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize and London’s Olivier Award for Best Play and nominated for the 2012 Tony Award for Best Play, Clybourne Park is a wickedly funny and fiercely provocative new play about the volatile combination of race and real estate. Act One opens in 1959, as a white couple sells their home to a black family (the Younger family in A Raisin In the Sun), causing uproar in their middle-class neighborhood; Act Two finds the same house, in 2009, changing hands again. While the stakes have changed over the years, the debate remains similar as neighbors wage a hilarious and horrifying battle that reveals just how far our ideas about race and gentrification have evolved – or have they? and political correctness, among others. It’s hard for any play to tackle any one of those things, but to take on so many and to take them on so brilliantly and

fluidly without lecturing the audience—while at the same time being hilariously funny—is an extraordinary feat. I can’t wait to direct this modern masterpiece! Call 414-224-9490

DMARK PLAYS WRITTEN NEARLY 50 YEARS APART! out the social and political issues that these pieces explore.

by Lorraine Hansberry

“One of the handful of great American dramas.” the washington post

MARK’S TAKE: A Raisin In the Sun is one of the greatest and most important American plays ever written— and even though that writing was over 50 years ago, it still contains

March 12–April 14 Quadracci Powerhouse


ne of the most powerful and beloved American plays ever written, A Raisin In the Sun tells the story of the Younger family’s struggle for dignity and a better life—and the backlash that erupts when they try to move beyond their oppressive Chicago tenement home. Set just before the dawn of the Civil Rights and Women’s Movement, A Raisin In the Sun demonstrates how a single family’s dreams can change the world. Don’t miss the play that the New York Times said “changed American theatre forever.”

great resonance today. It’s one of those theatrical giants that everyone needs to see at some point, and takes you on a wonderful journey that will

leave you feeling a multitude of emotions as you root for the Younger family to achieve their dream of a better life.

created and directed by Richard Maltby

March 1–May 5 Stackner Cabaret

conceived by William Meade

orchestrations by Stephen Bishop/ Jeff Lisenby

“A fabulous piece of entertainment. A musical of grandeur and perfected style that offers endless delight. See it.”


rom the iconic songbook of Johnny Cash comes this unique musical about love and faith, struggle and success, rowdiness and redemption, and home and family. More than two dozen classic hits—including “I Walk The Line,” “A Boy Named Sue,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” and the title tune— performed by a multi-talented cast, paint a musical portrait of The Man in Black that promises to be a foot-stompin’, crowd-pleasin’ salute to a uniquely American legend!

the buffalo news Mark’s Take: Prior to coming to America, I’d never paid much attention to country music. But it’s now become a style that I absolutely 14

love. Johnny Cash is so influential to so many musicians across so many genres, and Ring of Fire treats us to all of those legendary,

great songs, while giving us a snapshot into his life. It’s a celebration of his soul-stirring music—really good stuff! Call 414-224-9490

speCial UpComing evenTs While not part of a subscription package, Rep Subscribers have the first opportunity to purchase tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Millercoors® Proudly Presents The Rep’s Production of

By Charles Dickens Adapted by Joseph Hanreddy and Edward Morgan

November 29–December 24 Pabst Theater

March 1–4

Stiemke Studio

The ultimate holiday tradition returns again for its 37th year! Dickens’ classic masterpiece will delight and brighten your holiday season with beautiful carols and a timeless message of hope, peace, love, and the true meaning of the holidays. Bring the whole family and join in a tradition that has been delighting audiences for generations!

“…pure holiday entertainment… tugs at your heartstrings.”

thirdcoast digest Sponsored by:

The Rep’s criticallyacclaimed, one-of-a-kind short-play festival returns for its third season. Featuring several distinct and different plays and cast with The Rep’s Intern Ensemble, this unique production is sure to provide you with an altogether new type of theatergoing experience. Join us for a night of laughter and tears at this year’s Rep Lab. 15

experience The Rep At The Rep, we connect our work to the lives of our audiences through special programs, events, and opportunities. You’ll find myriad ways to enhance your Rep experience that are both unique and exhilarating. Step through our doors and discover The Rep for yourself.

“The Rep just keeps getting better and better. I love all the cool lobby displays – who would have thought a motorcycle in the Powerhouse lobby! When I arrive at the Theater, I make a beeline for the new patron guides you have for each show. The articles and more info about each show is so helpful.” –nicole, rep patron 16

What is Your Rep experience Going to Be? Learn more at

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Dine & Shop

audience conversations

Avoid a last-minute rush and enjoy a delicious dinner at The Rep’s Stackner Cabaret. Featuring an affordable and scrumptious menu that celebrates Rep productions, The Stackner Cabaret features a full-service bar and is open for cocktails and dessert after the show, as well. Open to the public and patrons attending productions in any of our three venues.

BeFORe THe PLaY Get an insider’s look at the plays from a member of the cast or artistic team with The Rep in Depth, a discussion that begins 45 minutes prior to most performances in the Quadracci Powerhouse and Stiemke Studio. aFTeR THe PLaY Join the conversation after select performances with TalkBacks, Panel Discussions, and more. This is your opportunity to ask questions about what you’ve just seen on stage.

Lobby Displays and PlayGuides Enhance your experience with our extensive lobby displays and in-depth PlayGuides. Go deeper into the world of each show with articles, interviews, and a look behind-thescenes of each production.

Take a souvenir home with you Located in the first floor lobby of the Quadracci Powerhouse, The Rep’s Gift Shop offers show-specific merchandise and Rep logo products, as well as books and scripts of current and past productions.

“I like that the lobby displays are different each time and I make a point to come early and check them out before the show begins. It really is fun to hang out in the lobby, there is so much to see and do.” –sarah, rep patron


Why Subscribe To The Rep? Is it only about convenience and price? No, actually – it’s much more. In addition to discounts over single ticket prices and benefits that you receive as a Rep Subscriber, you are also a crucial part of the artistic process. You truly are one of our most important partners, as Subscribers make up the majority of our audience. Take a moment to review your benefits, and remember – the biggest reason for subscribing is to be a part of something special.

“My family thoroughly enjoyed To Kill a Mockingbird. We read the book together and then came to see the play. Seeing the characters come to life on stage was incredible.” –mary, rep patron 18

“Among the most stunning evenings in the company’s 57-year history—[it] dramatically signaled the arrival of an exciting new era for one of Milwaukee’s core arts groups.”

(Next to Normal) –damien jaques,

“This season was The Rep’s best in many years.”

Benefits of Subscribing FREE TICKET EXCHANGES* Can’t make your date? Contact us up to 24 hours before your show and exchange to another performance of the same production for free. Charges will apply if you transfer to a more expensive seat. *The first time you conduct a ticket exchange during the 2012/13 Season you will be charged a $1.00 per ticket Building Restoration Fee.

BRING-A-FRIEND DISCOUNT Subscribers receive 15% off the purchase of additional tickets (economy sections excluded). Subscriber discount valid for shows in our regular season, not valid for rentals or special productions or Group Sales.

–steve, rep patron VIRTUAL CONCIERGE You’ll receive a reminder email one week prior to your scheduled performance that includes exchange information, exclusive updates about the production, parking/traffic alerts, and more. And don’t forget, your tickets are insured – if you lose them, we replace them free of charge. SUBSCRIBER DINING DISCOUNTS Your subscription gets you special discounts at fantastic area restaurants. PREMIUM SEATS Due to The Stackner Cabaret’s intimate size, these productions sell out very quickly. Only subscribers have exclusive access to these shows before single tickets go on sale.

“I love being a subscriber to The Rep. I get to see really great shows and I can exchange my tickets whenever I want—that alone is worth being a subscriber.” –ted, rep patron 19

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Patron Services Parking Passes The Milwaukee Center offers onsite parking with indoor access to The Rep operated by InterPark. Enter from Kilbourn Avenue or Water Street. The Rep offers pre-paid $7.00 parking vouchers valid for the Milwaukee Center which are available for purchase with your subscription. Theater Amenities Dine with us before the show. The Quadracci Powerhouse and Stiemke Studio offer a delicious selection of hot and cold drinks, sandwiches, cookies, gelato, as well as a host of other snacks. You’ll find a full-service bar featuring cocktails, drink specials, wine and beer. Our concessions and bar are open one hour prior to curtain. The Stackner Cabaret features a restaurant and full-service bar and is open for cocktails and desserts after shows. Join us for dinner whether you are attending a show at The Rep that night or not. For reservations call 414-224-9490.

Access Programs ASL Interpreted performances Each production in the Quadracci Powerhouse and Stiemke Studio offers one Thursday evening performance interpreted in American Sign Language. Captioned Theater One Sunday matinee performance of each Quadracci Powerhouse production features a screen to the side of the stage that displays the actors’ lines as they are spoken. Audio-Described performances Each Quadracci Powerhouse, Stiemke Studio and Stackner Cabaret production offers an audio-described performance. Patrons may receive an earpiece, providing live description of the action on stage.

PHOTO CREDITS: Pg. 2 Mark Clements. Photo by Robert Allen; Pg. 3 Lindsay Smiling Othello. Photo by Michael Brosilow; Pg. 15 The cast of A Christmas Carol. Photo by Michael Brosilow; Pg. 15 Rep Lab: N’Tasha Charmel Anders and Eva Balistrieri Parachute Silk. Photo by Megan Gadient; Pg. 16 and 17 – Photos courtesy of Milwaukee Repertory Theater; Pg. 18 Kevin Vortmann, Tim Young, Laurie Veldheer and Danny Henning in Next to Normal. Photo by Michael Brosilow; Pg. 19 Maurice Murphy, Jonathan Butler-Duplessis and Mykal Kilgore in From My Hometown. Photo by Michael Brosilow; Pg. 20 Mallorey Wallace and John Brotherhood in To Kill a Mockingbird. Photo by Michael Brosilow; Back Panel Cora Vander Broek and Grant Goodman In the Next Room or the vibrator play. Photo by Alan Simons. BROCHURE DESIGN: Oberlander Group

Wheelchair accessibility All Rep theaters are fully accessible. For wheelchair access, please contact The Rep Ticket Office at 414-224-9490. Patrons who are blind or have low vision An audio tape of the play synopsis is available for each Quadracci Powerhouse and Stiemke Studio production. Large-print programs are available in the lobby. Patrons who are Deaf or hard of hearing The Quadracci Powerhouse and Stiemke Studio are equipped with an infrared listening system which ensures clarity of sound from any seat in the house. Headsets and script synopses are available at the Concierge desk. 414-224-9490 21

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Quadracci Powerhouse

Subscription Prices 2012/13 11 Play Package

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Milwaukee Rep 2012/13 Season  
Milwaukee Rep 2012/13 Season  

Next season, we will offer a blend of great classics, a fresh new comedy, two scintillating musical revues, a hot drama fresh from Broadway,...