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JoAnna Poehlmann Exclusive Art Museum Ornament

2012/2013 Winter Catalog |


Celebrated Milwaukee Artists Reginald Baylor draws inspiration for his energetic, graphic style of painting from his immediate surroundings in Milwaukee and from popular culture at large.

Pinup on Velvet (2012)—Art embroidery, limited edition of 30, numbered and signed. $400.00/$360.00 Member (201233) Double Drop Earrings—In gift box $36.00/$32.40 Member (ERC8747) Coloring Book: Milwaukee Art Museum Edition—Over-sized, with Baylor drawings inspired by favorite works in the Museum’s Collection. 11 x 18 ½ inches $35.00/$31.50 Member (201205) T–Shirt—Features dove detail from the artist’s painting On Duty, Not Driving— American Apparel unisex sizes S–XXL $38.00/$34.20 Member (201292) All made in the U.S.A.


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Chrisanne Robertson is well known for her bright and exuberant cityscapes. This charming depiction of Milwaukee’s downtown skyline features the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Journal—7 x 10 inches, hardcover, lined $18.00/$16.20 Member (201286) Hand-Painted Glass Ornament— In gift box $18.00/ $16.20 Member (201175) Glass Paperweight—In gift box $18.00/$16.20 Member (201288) |


Stainless Steel Accessories

Byzantine Stainless Steel Bracelet $50.00/$45.00 Member (BR2002) Brushed Stainless Steel Carbon Fiber Necklace $75.00/$67.50 Member (8102)

These streamlined wallets are made from a super-fine stainless steel mesh originally designed for industrial use—and yet it feels as fine as silk!

Silver Bi-fold Crossing Wallet $98.00/$88.20 Member (BF-2-STF) Tri-fold Wallet $98.00/$88.20 Member (TF-1-STF) Magnetic Money Clip Wallet $56.00/$50.40 Member (MC-W) Made from at least 85% post-consumer recycled steel.


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Playful Necessities For generations, the famed Italian design house Alessi has been leading the world in innovative design, with the goal of creating objects that improve the user’s sense of the world.

“Sarria” Crumpled Stainless Steel Bowl— Designed by Lluís Clotet $130.00/$117.00 Member (332077) “Scoiattolo” Squirrel Nutcracker—Designed by Andrea Branzi $130.00/$117.00 Member (AB13) Stainless Steel Nut Splitter—Designed by LPWK and Jim Hannon-Tan $24.00/$21.60 Member (JHT01) “Voile” Stainless Steel Spaghetti Measure— Designed by LPWK and Paolo Gerosa $30.00/$27.00 Member (PG01) Green Parrot Corkscrew Corkscrew—Designed by Alessandro Mendini $63.00/$56.70 Member (AAM32_GR) |


Colorful Cooking Nest™ Cups Measuring Set—One teaspoon to one cup. $14.00/$12.60 Member (40034) Colored Rings Worktop Saver—Glass work surface for food preparation and presentation. $30.00/$27.00 Member (COLR014AS) Art and Cook $22.50/$20.25 Member (795089) Nest 9™ Plus Mixing Bowls Set— Includes five measuring cups, small mixing bowl, stainless-steel mesh sieve, colander/strainer, and large mixing bowl. $60.00/$54.00 Member (40031) Rocker Garlic Crusher $18.00/$16.20 Member (ROCKER)


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Pantone Pantone founder Lawrence Herbert’s insight that each individual sees and interprets the spectrum differently led to the Pantone Matching SystemŽ, a book of standardized color in fan format. Warm Red 172 (PA169), Vintage Blue 630 (PA160), Mushy Pea 376 (PA164), Warm Grey 8 (PA155), Basil 624 (PA165), Pumpkin 1505 (PA167), Grape Juice 520 (PA170), Printers Blue 7461 (PA157), Shrub Green 569 (PA161), Ketchup Red 186 (PA172) All Mugs $16.00/$14.40 Member

Pantone Inspirational Palettes $14.95/$13.45 Member (9780811877572) |


Artful Acrylic Vasa Mihich’s geometric sculptures reflect a vivid play of subtle hues depending on the ambient light— making them ideally distracting desktop accessories.

Rectangular Big Chips Sculpture—$445.00/$400.50 Member (SLAPI10) 9 x 4 x 1¼ inches. Made in the U.S.A.

Vasa Artist Monograph—Features over 340 color reproductions of sculptures and paintings, with remarks by Vasa. 228 pages, hardcover $125.00/$112.50 Member (SLAPI11)


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Dynamic 2-inch Acrylic Cubes—Colors vary Each $60.00/$54.00 Member (201380) Made in the U.S.A.

Poppies Mini Ruffle Vase (VP561) Poppies Mini Floppy Bowl (VS494) Wedding White Mini Ruffle Vase (VP564) Rose Quartz Mini Floppy Bowl (VS475) Each piece is individually hand-blown in the art-glass capital of Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. Floppy Bowls, 5-inches diameter. Ruffle Vases, 6-inches tall. $58.00/$52.20 Member |


Wisconsin-born Frank Lloyd Wright is “the greatest American architect of all time.” Beyond the forward-thinking architectural marvels that he is most famous for, Wright designed furniture, fabrics, art glass, lamps, dinnerware, linens, and more—leaving behind a rich legacy that is reflected in this selection of licensed gifts and accessories. 100% silk ties from Milwaukee-based tie company Boxelder. March Balloons—Black (WMB_1) September Desert—Red and Black (WSD_8) Robie House Gate—Blue (WRG-4) Taliesin—Navy (WTE3) Eclipsing Circles—Red (410367) Tree of Life—Black (WWT1) $52.00/$46.80 Member

American System Built Birdhouse—Made in the U.S.A. $130.00/$117.00 Member (BIRDHOUSE)


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Placemats Oak Park Home and Studio Skylight (1010) Oak Park Playroom Window (910) Tree of Life (940) December Gifts (935) Water Lilies (950) Coonley Playhouse (960) Each $18.00/$16.20 Member Made in the U.S.A. Midway Garden Wind Chime—Adapted from an outdoor chair design for the Midway Gardens music pavilion in Chicago, Illinois (1913–14). 36 x 12 inches $88.00/ $79.20 Member (8130)

House Numbers—Bronze finish. 0 (8110), 1 (8111), 2 (8112), 3 (8113), 4 (8114), 5 (8115), 6 (8116), 7 (8117), 8 (8118), 9 (8119) Each $20.00/$18.00 Member |




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Museum Store: Member Holiday Double Discount (20% off) Days: *Tues, Nov 13, 5–8 pm Member Private Holiday Shopping Event Fri, Nov 23, 10 am–5 pm Thurs, Nov 29, Dec 6, 13, 20, 10 am–8 pm Dec 6, noon–8 pm Trunk Show: Object Group Jewelry Dec 13, 11 am–2 pm Signing: JoAnna Poehlmann–designed ornament *Fri, Dec 7, 5–10 pm | MAM After Dark Earn Member Shopping Rewards on all purchases made throughout the feature exhibitions. Ask for details. Online Holiday Shopping Special: FREE U.S. shipping on all online orders over $25, Nov 26–Dec 19, 2012 Shop Thank you! Your patronage of the Museum Store supports Museum exhibitions and programming. Become a Member at 414-224-3284 or *Discount applies to in-store purchases only.


shipping & delivery We ship UPS Ground and cannot deliver to PO Boxes. Please allow 7–10 business days for delivery within the continental U.S. Call 800-247-5029 for orders shipping outside the continental U.S. and for expedited shipping options. continental u.s. shipping rates Purchase Amount Shipping Rate $0 to $25 $4.95 $25.01 to $100.00 $9.95 $100.01 to $300.00 $14.95 $300.01 to $500.00 $19.95 $500.01 and over $29.95 place your order & customer service Call 888-247-5029 to place an order, 7 days a week, 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (available until 8 p.m. on Thursdays). Shop and place your order online 24 hours a day at mail your order Please include your contact information and payment, including applicable sales tax to: Milwaukee Art Museum Store Orders 700 N. Art Museum Drive Milwaukee, WI 53202

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Architectural Accessories The Milwaukee Art Museum’s Santiago Calatrava–designed addition has become an icon of the city. Blue Tie $40.00/$36.00 Member (301136) Blue Scarf $60.00/$54.00 Member (201276)

Cufflinks—Sold individually so you can mix and match. White on Blue (210401) Blue on Blue Detail (210500) Each $34.00/$30.60 Member 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School $14.95/$13.45 Member (9780262062664) |


Baubles and Bags Jewelry with interchangeable marbles makes for several pieces of jewelry in one—to match any outfit or mood. Sterling Silver Marble 16-inch Necklace— Includes fifteen PeeWee size (12mm) marbles. $180.00/$162.00 Member (1218-00162) Sterling Silver Marble Earrings—Includes eight sets of Itty Bitty size (10mm) marbles. $105.00/$94.50 Member (1056) Each set comes with a polishing cloth, instructions, and gift box. Handmade in the U.S.A.

These on-trend, yet classic handbags are all about affordable luxury—and a standout for any outfit. Juliet Bag—9 ½ x 11 ½ x 2 inches; handle strap, 6 ½ inches. Charcoal (D2000C) Orange (D2000O) $110.00/$99.00 Member

Keira Bag—Features detachable strap, push lock, lined interior, zip pocket, and organizational pockets. 11 x 12 x 4 ½ inches; drop handle, 4 ½ inches $116.00/$104.40 Member (C1736B)


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Mywalit Laguna Small Shopper Bag—Suede and leather contrasting stripes, with a zipped pocket and two pouches inside. 12 x 11 inches $272.00/$244.80 Member (607-3) Multi-Compartment Shoulder Clutch— Boasts four zipped pockets and two cash sections. 5 x 8 inches $175.00 / $157.50 Member (513-4)

Double Flap Wallet in Sangria— 3 ½ x 5 inches $118.00/$106.20 Member (250-75) Oyster Credit Card Holder—Jamaica (110-12) Black Pace (110-4) Sangria (110-75) $28.00/$25.20 Member |


Weighty Statements Each handmade paperweight carries an uplifting message that belies its weighty purpose, and is the perfect gift for every day—or to mark a memorable occasion. Lucky Elephant—With “LUCK” spelled out on its feet! Cast by hand in California. 1 inch tall. $20.00/$18.00 Member (T-ANEL001) Sky’s the Limit Pewter Airplane—Cast by hand in California. $18.00/$16.20 Member (AIRPLANE-SM) Always Be Yourself—(BEWEIGHT) Five Rules for Happiness—(471330) Be the Change—(470698) $42.00/$37.80 Member All made in the U.S.A.

Please note: Images are not to scale.


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Persuasive Pouches

Inspirational, topical, and functional, these zipper bags are crafted from heavyweight canvas that is silkscreened before being heat cured. “I Eat Art for Breakfast” Pouch $18.00/$16.20 Member (BREAKFAST) “I Need to Draw Like I Need to Breathe” Pencil Bag (BREATHE) “Art Starts at the End of My Pencil” Pencil Bag (ART) “In Case of Emergency, Put Mascara on Yourself Before Helping Others” Pouch (MASCARA) “Sometimes Art Sucks, That’s What Makes It So Important” Pouch (SUCKS) $16.00/$14.40 Member Pouches 7 x 5 inches; pencil bags 9 x 3 inches. Made in the U.S.A. |


Men’s Essentials California-based Tokens and Icons specializes in breathing new life into authentic and historically significant cultural objects. Perfect as gifts for aficionados and collectors, each item is presented in charming gift packaging with a certificate of authenticity.

Authentic Golf Ball Cufflinks—Each one is unique. $185.00/$166.50 Member (14G)

Authentic Wood Golf Club Bottle Opener—No two are exactly alike. $95.00/$85.50 Member (64GW)

Decorative Golf Ball Paperweights 3 ½ inches $5.00/$4.50 Member (609265) 4 inches $8.00/$7.20 Member (609266) Golf Letter Opener $8.00/$7.20 Member (9774)


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Rocking Whiskey Bar Glasses—Set of six $32.00/$28.80 Member (5015280) Natural Whiskey Stones—Never suffer a watereddown cocktail. Set of nine. Handcrafted in the U.S.A. $25.00/$22.50 Member (HW1S01) Manners for Men $19.95/$17.95 Member (9781851495740) |


The Perfect Tie Nothing projects confident good humor like a meticulously knotted bow tie. Middlebury (MIDDLEBURY-X) (tied on right) Flirtations Black (FLBK3416) Red Sea (RSEA11804) Grayson/Constanta (black/gray/white double-sided) (GRAYSON-CONST) Iditarod River (navy/blue/red) (IDRR12801) St. Nazaire (SNZR11718) All $56.00/$50.40 Member Except Grayson $68.00/$61.20 Member Made in the U.S.A.

Stainless Steel with Brushed Plate Cufflinks $30.00/$27.00 Member (CK9011)

Armor Plate Stainless Steel Cufflinks $75.00/$67.50 Member (CK74140)


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Harshita Lohia finds inspiration for her designs and colors in nature, man-made structures, symbols of Indian culture, and simple, geometric forms. Her 100% silk is unparalleled in creamy softness and richness of color.

Two-tone Red Silo (HSMT1-RED) Navy with Red and Gold Swirl (HSMT5-NVY) Blue on Blue Circles (HSMT12-BL) Gray and Black Overlapping Circles (HSMT6-CHR) Magenta and Purple Squares (HSMT3-MG) Charcoal and Taupe Overlapping Circles (HSMT24-CHR) $68.00/$61.20 Member Block-printed by hand and made in the U.S.A. |


Kids Rule Playable Art Ball—Twenty colorful wood balls can be easily configured into a variety of patterns and forms. $38.00/$34.20 Member (A7072)

Pantone Colors Board $9.95/$8.95 Member (9781419701801) A Is for Art: An Alphabetical Tour of the Milwaukee Art Museum $12.95/$11.65 Member (600145) Free-Form Magnatab Set—With the board as your paper, the magnetic stylus your pen, the metal balls can become a “drawn” image, time and again. Ages 3+, 6 ½ x 8 x 1 ½ inches $30.00/$27.00 Member (10348)


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Sunny #4 Alex Katz’s fun-loving painting Sunny #4 (1971) in the Museum’s Collection is especially popular with our younger visitors.

Sunny #4 Plush Dog $20.00/$18.00 Member (201170) Sunny #4 Mug $12.00/$10.80 Member (201243)

Sunny #4 T-Shirt Adults S/M/L/XL/XXL $24.00/$21.60 Member (201264) Kids S/M/L/XL $15.00/$13.50 Member (210350) |


Unlike any cutlery set you have ever seen, this whimsical kitchen accessory holds five high-quality stainless steel knives in a rather unorthodox fashion. No one needs to know for whom the effigy is intended! Chrome-colored knife block features plastic casings that house each blade to prevent exposure. Includes 8-inch chef knife, bread knife, and carver, 5-inch utility knife, and 3 ½-inch paring knife. 15 ½ inches tall. $130.00/$117.00 Member (EXXKC-CHROME)


Internationally recognized Milwaukee artist JoAnna Poehlmann creates work that celebrates the natural world through droll humor and meticulous lines. This charming ornament features the artist’s signature playful depictions of nature subjects and is sure to delight everyone on your gift list. Hand-painted glass ornament in gift box. Available November 13, 2012. $18.00/$16.20 Member (201201)

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JoAnna Poehlmann Exclusive Art Museum Ornament

Milwaukee Art Museum Store 2012/13 Winter Catalog  

Milwaukee Art Museum Store 2012/13 Winter Catalog

Milwaukee Art Museum Store 2012/13 Winter Catalog  

Milwaukee Art Museum Store 2012/13 Winter Catalog