Milwaukee Art Museum 2015 Annual Report

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annual report

Unless otherwise noted, photographs of works in the Collection are by John R. Glembin; those of events are courtesy Front Room Photography. cover and right | Evan Gruzis, Assorted Cosmetics, 2013 (detail). Full image on page 13. Full credit listing on page 23. Photo courtesy of the artist.

annual report























board of trustees and standing committees


BOARD OF TRUSTEES Donald W. Layden Jr. President

R. Bruce McDonald Treasurer

Kenneth C. Krei Chairman

Frederic G. Friedman Assistant Secretary & Legal Counsel

Gail A. Lione Secretary TRUSTEES AT LARGE Deborah Attanasio

Mary M. Strohmaier

Bevin Bailis

Christine Symchych

Donald W. Baumgartner

W. Kent Velde

Wendy W. Blumenthal

Frederick Vogel IV

Randy Bryant

Todd R. Williams

Richard Buchband

Jeffery W. Yabuki

Angela Johnson Colbert

Kathleen Saito Yuille

Stephen Einhorn Philip B. Flynn Alexander P. Fraser Carmen Haberman Claire H. Hackmann Charles Harvey


Sheldon B. Lubar Betty Ewens Quadracci*

Ronald Joelson


W. David Knox II

Patricia Jursik

Alex C. Kramer

Martin Weddle

Anthony S. Krausen, M.D. Joan Lubar Wayne R. Lueders P. Michael Mahoney Justin L. Mortara, PhD


Kim Muench

Joanne Murphy


Andy Nunemaker

Melissa Block

Anthony J. Petullo


Joel Quadracci Sande Robinson Suzanne L. Selig Roger S. Smith Judson M. Snyder


Through August 31, 2015

Kim Muench Sande Robinson *deceased



Donald W. Layden Jr. Chair Donald W. Baumgartner Frederic G. Friedman Carmen Haberman Kenneth C. Krei Gail A. Lione Bruce McDonald Joel Quadracci Suzanne L. Selig Staff: Dan Keegan

Wendy W. Blumenthal Chair Lori Bechthold Andrea Bryant Sue Frautschi Frederic G. Friedman Ellen Glaisner Carmen Haberman Claire H. Hackmann Melinda Krei Gail A. Lione Joan Lubar Marianne Lubar Donna Meyer Joyce Myers Joan Nason Staff: Mary Albrecht and Sara Stum


Marianne Lubar Chair Donald W. Baumgartner Marilyn Bradley Andrea B. Bryant Stephen Einhorn F. William Haberman Anthony Krausen Arthur J. Laskin Donald W. Layden Jr. Wayne R. Lueders Andy Nunemaker Anthony J. Petullo Richard R. Pieper Sande Robinson Reva Shovers Christine Symchych Robert A. Wagner Staff: Brady Roberts AUDIT COMMITTEE

Donald W. Layden Jr. Chair Kenneth C. Krei Sheldon B. Lubar R. Bruce McDonald Staff: Dan Keegan and Jane Wochos


Mary Strohmaier Chair Kim Abler Deborah Attanasio John Augenstein Lori Bechthold Melissa Block José Chavez Jodi Eastberg, PhD Greg Frederick Sarah Jerome Lynda Kohler Rina Kundu Janet Matthews Christopher McIntyre Marie Michel-Tucker Nancy Mitchel Elizabeth Mueller Phillip Naylor Sue Nelson Cara Ogburn Jill G. Pelisek Karen Petric Staff: Brigid Globensky


Donald W. Baumgartner Chair Randy Bryant Steven G. Chamberlin John Kissinger Kenneth C. Krei Justin L. Mortara, PhD Staff: Dan Keegan, Dan Somers, and Jane Wochos FINANCE COMMITTEE

Todd R. Williams Chair Donald W. Baumgartner Richard J. Glaisner Alex Kramer Kenneth C. Krei Raymond R. Krueger P. Michael Mahoney R. Bruce McDonald Judson M. Snyder W. Kent Velde Staff: Dan Keegan and Jane Wochos




Wayne R. Lueders Chair Kenneth C. Krei Donald W. Layden Jr. Gail A. Lione Anthony J. Petullo Staff: Dan Keegan and Kathy Acevedo

Andy Nunemaker Chair Donald W. Baumgartner Angela Colbert Frederic G. Friedman Kenneth C. Krei Donald W. Layden Jr. Gail A. Lione Marianne Lubar Sande Robinson Suzanne L. Selig Staff: Dan Keegan

Donald and Donna Baumgartner Kenneth C. Krei Sheldon and Marianne Lubar Joel and Caran Quadracci Bud and Suzanne Selig Ex-Officios


Ronald Joelson Chair Richard J. Glaisner Doug Gray Dale Kent Kenneth C. Krei Raymond R. Krueger Wayne R. Lueders P. Michael Mahoney W. Kent Velde Staff: Dan Keegan and Jane Wochos


Christine Symchych Chair Wendy Blumenthal Randy Bryant Angela Johnson Colbert H. Carl Mueller Andy Nunemaker Staff: Dan Keegan and Vicki Scharfberg


president’s report

On behalf of the Board of Trustees of the Milwaukee Art Museum, I am pleased to report that the twelve months covered by this report (September 1, 2014–August 31, 2015) saw unprecedented developments in the life of the Museum, in addition to prudent fiscal management. During this reporting fiscal year, the Museum began a major renovation of its Collection Galleries. This $34 million project, set for completion in November 2015, includes not only the first-ever comprehensive renovation of the galleries, but also a new east addition that will reconnect the galleries to the lakefront. Thanks to critical support from Milwaukee County, which provided $10 million toward deferred maintenance repairs, this historic project repositions the Museum as a leader among museums nationally. We also wish to acknowledge the hundreds of donors to the Plan for the Future campaign. Stellar exhibitions again marked the more significant highlights of this past fiscal year. We are grateful for our partnership with Glasgow Museums, Scotland, which provided the amazing works for Of Heaven and Earth: 500 Years of Italian Painting. Visitors marveled at the international fashion design presented through Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair. And one of the finest collections of modern art in America delighted visitors in the exhibition Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels, organized with the Albright-Knox Art Gallery of Buffalo, New York. Core to the mission of the Museum is education. Tens of thousands of schoolchildren visited the Museum this past year as part of the School and Teacher programs; and thousands of families enjoyed Kohl’s Art Generation programs, even though the studio was temporarily relocated during construction. Our continued growth in family-level memberships is a testament to the relevance of the learning experiences offered at the Museum.


We have so many to thank for their continued investment in the Museum, including our community partners and sponsors who provided valuable financial support for exhibitions and special programs. Our nearly 20,000 Member households are the backbone of support for the annual operation of the Museum. Whether President’s Circle Members or Family Members, Individual or Director’s level, combined, these households provide several million dollars annually to ensure the Museum continues the highest level of programs, run by the best staff talent available. With the reopening of the extensively renovated Museum in sight, we are looking to the future and the ways in which the art experiences will continue to match the expectations of an ever-growing and diversifying community. As I reflect on my first year as Board President, I have a renewed appreciation for all that goes into presenting the Milwaukee Art Museum to the community. Milwaukee is in the midst of a renaissance of sorts in downtown development. Yet the challenges and opportunities of this great city remind us that art experiences such as those offered by the Museum can, and must be, catalytic as well as inspirational for all who visit. It’s a tall order for a great community. We look forward to the new Milwaukee Art Museum. Thank you again for your support.

Donald Layden President, Board of Trustees


director’s report Dear Members and Friends of the Museum, What an exciting year it has been at the Milwaukee Art Museum. Not only did we once again end the fiscal year with a balanced budget, but we also grew the endowment and launched a major construction project, on budget. Thanks to generous support from hundreds of contributors to the Plan for the Future campaign, we will open the “new” Milwaukee Art Museum in November 2015—rebuilt, redesigned, and reimagined. I say “new” because the Plan for the Future calls for a top to bottom renovation of the Saarinen and Kahler buildings, including correction of significant deferred maintenance issues, which, when completed, will result in a transformed Museum. In addition, the galleries will follow an entirely new layout scheme, providing a unified presentation of the history of art, as well as exciting and unique ways to engage with the works on view. For the first time ever, the Museum will present its worldclass collection of American and decorative arts together, in the new Constance and Dudley Godfrey Wing of American Art. Thanks to major support from the Herzfeld Foundation, the lower level galleries will now be the Herzfeld Center for Photography and Media Arts. Photography, film, video, digital media, and special light installations form the basis for what will be one of the few centers for photography and media arts in America. And the new east addition, or “East End,” will offer a connection to the lakefront, including the return of an east entrance along the lake walk. The accomplishments over the past twelve months would not have been possible without significant support from Milwaukee County, which provided $10 million toward the $34 million renovation project. Achievements such as this come only when the community of supporters comes together, believing in the vision, supporting the plan, and sustaining the enterprise through annual support. Together we identified changes necessary to protect the buildings and the collections of the Museum. Together, with your support, we managed to address the longstanding deferred maintenance issues of the older buildings housing the galleries. Together, with your support, we kept the Museum operations strong and even thriving this past year. 8

We extend our thanks to those who provided support through their campaign contributions, and to the thousands of supporters who kept their annual operating support strong during this difficult and challenging time of construction. This is the last annual report letter that I will write after eight years at the helm of the Milwaukee Art Museum. My retirement in May 2016 comes after an unprecedented amount of change, both physical and programmatic at the Museum. I am so deeply grateful to all of you who support the Museum annually and who supported me. I cannot believe how fast the time has flown by. It seems like only yesterday that I arrived from California, returning to my home state of Wisconsin, to lead the Museum. The challenges were many and the opportunities plentiful as the Board of Trustees and staff maneuvered one of the most difficult economic recessions in decades. I am forever grateful for the confidence and trust placed in me by the Board of Trustees. Behind the successes of the past years is the amazing leadership of the trustees of the Museum who advised and guided us on this journey and offered their resources to ensure our success. As I close out my final chapter at the Museum, I especially want to thank the talented staff and amazing volunteers who work so hard every day to fulfill the mission to present art in order to inspire and educate all who come through the doors of the Museum. Lastly, I thank you, our Members, for your continued support of the programs, exhibitions, and education initiatives. Without your investment in the Museum, none of what we offer to the great community of Milwaukee would be possible. Thank you all for yet another exciting and successful year at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Daniel T. Keegan Director


2015: the numbers programs and outreach

113,252 Children and adults participated in the Kohl’s Art Generation activities at the Museum


292,315 Visitors, paid and unpaid, including Members, youth and adult tours, and ticketed visitors

Students from 474 schools across the region and from Northern Illinois visited



Member households

Gallery talks and lectures were held

116 Sites that Kohl’s Color Wheels traveled to throughout Southeastern Wisconsin

30 Live music events were held

9,780 MAM After Dark attendees



5,171 New Members


new media

64,859 Facebook fans, in 50 states and 40 countries

46,000 Twitter followers

14,600 Instagram followers (630% increase from last year) Ralston Crawford, Untitled [Study for painting with ventilators], ca. 1935. Full credit listing on page 24.

78 Works entered the Collection

30,102 Works in the Collection


861,257 Total visits to the Museum website

609,405 Unique visits to the Museum website

2,777,500 Page views

Works loaned from the Collection


curatorial report This was an especially exciting and challenging year for the Curatorial Department at the Museum. While renovation work was happening in two buildings on campus, a robust schedule of exhibitions was presented in the Baker/ Rowland Galleries in the Quadracci Pavilion. Curatorial staff coordinated the presentation of these exhibitions while also planning for the complete top-down reinstallation of the renovated galleries. To accommodate that renovation, staff executed the incredible feat of turning the galleries of the Kahler building into temporary art storage for approximately twenty-eight thousand works—the majority of the Museum’s Collection—as repair work and gallery renovation occurred in the Saarinen building. Acquisition activity in fiscal year 2015 also reflected the anticipation of the Collection Galleries reopening, and the ambitious work of the Museum’s curators. There were astute purchases, generous gifts of significant works, and robust collecting in photography and new media. Several highlights are featured below. ACQUISITIONS Decorative Art The Museum acquired exceptional twentieth- and twentyfirst-century design objects this year, including Margaret De Patta’s Place Setting (1936), which was purchased with funds from the Edward U. Demmer Foundation. De Patta has been the subject of major recent exhibitions and retrospectives, including one at New York’s Museum of Arts and Design, resulting in renewed attention on her life and career. Her flatware is extremely rare, and she made only eight known models of this particular service. Other examples appear in the Dallas Museum of Art, the Yale University Art Gallery, and other major museums. The set the Milwaukee Art Museum purchased was the only one not yet in a museum collection, making its acquisition even more exciting. European Art There were several outstanding additions to the Museum’s collection of paintings, including Pieter Cornelisz. van Slingeland’s A Young Woman at a Window with a Parrot and a Birdcage (ca. 1670)—a classic work from the important school of Leiden fine painting. Pieter


Cornelisz. van Slingeland (Dutch, 1640–1691) was one of the most successful students of the famous Leiden fijnschilder Gerrit Dou (1613–1675). Genre scenes such as this were highly coveted and collected, especially with collectors in eighteenth-century France, and would have been influential for French artists of the “neoDutch” school such as Martin Drölling, whose work was added to the Museum’s collection in 2013. The Museum acquired a wonderful variety of prints this year, including Henri Charles Guérard’s Diner Dentu, Premiere Invitation (ca. 1880)—a gift of the Hockerman Charitable Trust. The playful nineteenth-century dinner invitation is a brilliant example of the so-called French Etching Revival and is a charming complement to the Museum’s extensive collection of nineteenth-century prints. American Art Charles De Wolf Brownell’s The Bay of Matanzas, Cuba (1860) was purchased with funds from Andrew Ziegler. This canvas is an exceptional example of the mid-nineteenthcentury fascination that American artists had with traveling to and documenting exotic locales. Brownell is particularly esteemed for his extremely rare Cuban pictures, which represent part of what has been called the “tropical renaissance.” This painting fills a gap by both adding an unprecedented artist to the collection and serving as a major, large-scale anchor for the American landscape galleries. Photography Several magnificent photographs were added to the collection this year. Barbara Kasten’s Construct LB-5 (1982) and Ray Krueger Metzker’s Boy and Tire (69 MX-IX) (1969) were purchased through the Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund. Kasten was one of the artists included in the Museum’s 2013 exhibition Color Rush: 75 Years of Color Photography in America, and this is the artist’s first work to enter the collection. Metzker is an important figure in the collection as both a native Milwaukeean and an important member of the Chicago School. His composite photograph of a boy and a tire is an especially exciting addition to the collection, as it was one of the photographs featured in Metzker’s 1970 exhibition at the then-named Milwaukee Art Center.

Evan Gruzis, Assorted Cosmetics, 2013. Full credit listing on page 23. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Lisa Oppenheim’s Man Holding Large Camera Photographing a Cataclysmic Event, Possibly a Volcano Erupting. 1908/2012 (Version XIII) (2012) was purchased through the Christine A. Symchych and James P. McNulty Acquisition Fund. Oppenheim made the black-and-white photograph by first creating a negative from a digital image of smoke and then exposing the negative using firelight. Oppenheim’s photographs are in dialogue with the work of other contemporary artists who utilize unique processes, making this work a wonderful addition to the Museum’s collection of contemporary photography. Trevor Paglen’s Detachment 3, Air Force Flight Test Center, Groom Lake, NV, Distance ~26 Miles (2008) was purchased with funds from the Photography Council in honor of the 125th anniversary of the Museum. This

is the first Paglen work to enter the collection, and its addition builds on the Museum’s growing collection of photography of the American West since 1970. Video Art Over the past year, the Museum has been working to expand its collection of film and video in preparation for the newly dedicated galleries in the Herzfeld Center for Photography and Media Arts. Purchased through the Leonard and Bebe LeVine Art Acquisition Fund, Charles Atlas’s Painting by Numbers (2011) is a three-projector environment that gives choreographic movement and explosive dynamism to computergenerated numbers (digits 0–6). The work is a significant addition to the Museum’s collection of media arts.


curatorial report

Charles De Wolf Brownell, The Bay of Matanzas, Cuba, 1860. Full credit listing on page 23.

MUSEUM LIBRARY/ARCHIVES The Milwaukee Art Museum’s George Peckham Miller Art Research Library continued to serve the research needs of Museum staff, docents, students, teachers, and scholars through the acquisition of vital library resources. Through generous support from the Alice and Lucia Stern Library Fund, the Mae E. Demmer Charitable Trust, the international catalogue exchange program, and numerous private donations, the library added important resources to its research collection. In fiscal year 2015, the library


acquired the two-volume sets Kandinsky: Catalogue Raisonné of the Oil-Paintings and Kandinsky Watercolours: Catalogue Raisonné, along with An Eames Anthology: Articles, Film Scripts, Interviews, Letters, Notes, Speeches and Oral History and Art: Painting: Interviews with Edward Hopper, Brice Marden, Agnes Martin, Robert Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers and Frank Stella, among others. The library also acquired several rare books including Het Vlas (The Flax) by Dutch artist Bart van der Leck. The Het Vlas is the only example of an illustrated book from the De Stijl movement.

CONSERVATION In addition to the conservation and preparation of hundreds of artworks never previously exhibited, the Conservation Department was involved in the careful packing and moving of the Collection during renovation. A special sponsorship program meant that specific paintings in the European art collection were conserved thanks to members in the Fine Arts Society support group. These included Gustave Courbet’s Clément Laurier, Corrado Giaquinto’s The Rape of Europa, and David Teniers II’s Smoker. Works in the American art collection conserved with funds provided by the American Arts Society support group included Ralph Albert Blakelock’s Old New York, Robert Henri’s Street Corner, and George Inness’s Sunset in Georgia. Depending on what was required to complete the necessary conservation, some work was done with specialty conservators on-site, while other work was outsourced to private studios.

COLLECTION PARTNERSHIPS Layton Art Collection The Layton Art Collection, Inc., is the legacy of the Layton Art Gallery, founded in 1888 by civic leader Frederick Layton. The Layton Art Gallery was the first purpose-built, public art gallery in the city of Milwaukee; later, it also operated a successful art school. In 1957, the Layton Art Gallery closed its location near Cathedral Square and moved the Layton collection, together with the Milwaukee Art Institute, into the newly constructed War Memorial Center, which was founded as an art center and a war memorial. In subsequent decades, the Layton Art Collection, in partnership with the now Milwaukee Art Museum, has continued to acquire works of art for the benefit of the residents of and visitors to Milwaukee. The Layton Art Collection maintains a separate Board of Trustees, which has placed the collection on loan to the Museum since 1957.

The Chipstone Foundation The Chipstone Foundation is a non-profit organization located in Fox Point, Wisconsin. Milwaukee collectors Stanley and Polly Mariner Stone founded Chipstone in 1965 with the mission to collect early American decorative arts and promote scholarship in the field. The foundation’s holdings of early American furniture, historical prints, and British pottery continue to be creatively displayed and interpreted within the Museum’s Collection Galleries. Chipstone was an integral collaborator with the Museum’s Curatorial Department in planning the reinstallation of the renovated decorative arts galleries. Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and SC Johnson Company With SC Johnson’s acquisition of the well-known but rare Ausgeführte Bauten und Entwürfe (The Wasmuth Portfolio), the Museum again assisted this important community partner to create the exhibition Frank Lloyd Wright and the Wasmuth Portfolio (1910)—the fourth in SC Johnson’s Frank Lloyd Wright Gallery. The Wasmuth Portfolio, printed in Germany by the notable architectural publisher Ernst Wasmuth, widely disseminated Wright’s drawings and led to his work becoming an integral part in the international movement toward modern architecture.



Exhibitions organized by the Milwaukee Art Museum unless otherwise noted.

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BAKER/ROWLAND GALLERIES Of Heaven and Earth: 500 Years of Italian Painting from Glasgow Museums Oct 2, 2014–Jan 4, 2015 Organized by the American Federation of Arts and Glasgow Museums. Coordinated at the Museum by Tanya Paul, Isabel and Alfred Bader Curator of European Art. Of Heaven and Earth: 500 Years of Italian Painting from Glasgow Museums celebrated the richness of Italy’s artistic legacy, featuring religious paintings of the late Middle Ages and Renaissance, along with secular Neoclassical and genre paintings of the nineteenth century. Highlights included important works by Sandro Botticelli, Domenichino, Antiveduto Gramatica, Francesco Guardi, Antonio Mancini, Salvator Rosa, and Titian. Milwaukee was the only Midwest stop on the tour of this rare exhibition. Of Heaven and Earth provided an exquisite and culturally complex view of the visual arts in Italy, and offered an extraordinary opportunity to see the riches of Glasgow’s outstanding collection. Supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. Exhibition tour supported by the JFM Foundation and Mrs. Donald M. Cox. In-kind support provided by Barbara and Richard S. Lane and Christie’s. Support for the Milwaukee presentation provided by Annex Wealth Management, The Balvenie, Catholic Financial Life, Istituto Italiano di Cultura, and Palermo’s Pizza.

Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair Feb 5–May 3, 2015 Developed by the Chicago History Museum in cooperation with Johnson Publishing Company, LLC, presented by the Costume Council of the Chicago History Museum, and toured by International Arts & Artists, Washington, DC. Coordinated at the Museum by guest curator Camille Morgan. Inspiring Beauty is the first exhibition to explore the Ebony Fashion Fair and its director-producer Eunice W. Johnson through its fifty years of traveling worldwide, including to Milwaukee. Visitors experienced stunning gowns and oneof-a-kind ensembles by haute couture designers such as Christian Dior, Patrick Kelly, and Vivienne Westwood. The multisensory exhibition explored the themes of vision, 16

innovation, and power as it re-created the pioneering fashion fair that helped redefine beauty, style, and empowerment for African American women everywhere. Presented by Mount Mary University and supported by Harley-Davidson Motor Company, the Joseph R. Pabst Fund of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Friends of Art, Angela and Virgis Colbert, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, Milwaukee (WI) Chapter The Links, Incorporated, and the Milwaukee Art Museum’s African American Art Alliance

Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels Masterworks from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery June 18–Sept 20, 2015 Organized by the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York, and curated by Albright-Knox Chief Curator Emeritus Douglas Dreishpoon. Coordinated at the Museum by Brady Roberts, chief curator. Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels ranks among the Museum’s top ten most visited feature exhibitions. Drawn from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery’s exceptional collection of twentieth-century art, Modern Rebels provided a cohesive and stunning survey of modern art. The sixty-eight artists represented in the exhibition challenged convention and pushed the limits of what art was, provoking a rebellion against the past and invention of the new.

SCHROEDER GALLERIA The 2015 Scholastic Art Awards: Wisconsin Exhibition Feb 7–March 22, 2015 Coordinated by Meghan Walsh, tour scheduler Each year, students in grades 7–12 compete to have their artwork recognized in the Scholastic Art Awards—and placed on view in the Museum. A jury of artists, art professionals, and teachers reviewed the nearly two thousand entries and selected 375 works to be honored in this year’s exhibition. The Scholastic Art Awards program has been acknowledging excellence in the visual arts and encouraging the artistic endeavors of young people throughout the United States for over eighty-five years. Sponsored by the Milwaukee Art Museum; the Heller Family in memory of their parents, James K. and Avis M. Heller; the Greater Milwaukee Foundation Flesch Family Fund; Ray and Sue Kehm; James and Carol Wiensch; Vanguard Computers Inc. and CompURent; and an anonymous donor

TRAVELING EXHIBITION Kandinsky: A Retrospective Frist Center for the Visual Arts, Nashville, TN Sept 26, 2014–Jan 4, 2015

Presenting Sponsor: BMO Private Bank. Supported by an indemnity from the Federal Council on the Arts and the Humanities. Additional support provided by Associated Bank, Christie’s, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Friends of Art, and the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. Media Sponsor: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

BAUMGARTNER GALLERIA Restore. Reinstall. Reimagine. Nov 11, 2014–Oct 18, 2015 This special exhibition provided insights into the Museum’s ongoing renovation and reinstallation project. Floor plans and descriptions of new gallery schemes were paired with important artworks and large monitors featuring interviews with the curators—all to illustrate some of the exciting changes that were in the works for the Museum’s Collection Galleries.


Robert Henri, Chinese Lady, 1914. Full credit listing on page 19.



Listed chronologically by date of loan.


San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose, CA Sept 18, 2014–Jan 18, 2015 With subsequent travel to the Laguna Art Museum, Laguna Beach, CA (Feb 22–May 31, 2015). Robert Henri Chinese Lady, 1914 Oil on canvas M1965.61 LA MARCHESA CASATI STAMPA

Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, Italy Oct 3, 2014–March 8, 2015 Kees van Dongen The Quai, Venice, ca. 1921 Oil on canvas M1973.610 MARVELS AND MIRAGES OF ORIENTALISM FROM SPAIN AND MOROCCO: BENJAMIN-CONSTANT IN HIS TIME

Musée des Augustins, Toulouse, France Oct 4, 2014–Jan 4, 2015 With subsequent travel to the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, Canada (Jan 31–May 31, 2015).

Jean Joseph Benjamin-Constant Evening on the Seashore, Tangiers, ca. 1891 Oil on canvas M1962.1158


The Jewish Museum, New York, NY Oct 12, 2014–March 22, 2015 With subsequent travel to the Boca Museum of Art, Boca Raton, FL (April 21–July 12, 2015). Elie Nadelman Classical Head with Headdress, 1908–09 Marble M1979.15


The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, CT Oct 19, 2014–April 15, 2015 Jackie Winsor Painted Piece, 1979–80 Wood and acrylic paint M1993.79 ELOQUENT OBJECTS: GEORGIA O’KEEFFE AND STILL-LIFE PAINTING IN NEW MEXICO

Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN Oct 30, 2014–Jan 25, 2015

With subsequent travel to the Tacoma Museum of Art, WA (March 1–June 7, 2015). Georgia O’Keeffe Black Door with Snow, 1955 Oil on canvas M1977.134 FOR DISPLAY DURING THE MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM’S REINSTALLATION

Lynden Sculpture Garden, Bradley Family Foundation, Milwaukee, WI Nov 13, 2014–Oct 27, 2015 Barbara Hepworth Two Piece Marble (Rangatira), 1968–69 Marble M2008.55 Donald Judd Untitled, 1970 Anodized aluminum M2008.56 Ellsworth Kelly Curve VI, 1974 Polished aluminum M2008.57 LOOKING AT MONET: THE GREAT IMPRESSIONIST AND HIS INFLUENCE ON AUSTRIAN ART

Belvedere Palace and Museum, Vienna, Austria Nov 18, 2014–Feb 15, 2015


Réunion des musées nationaux Grand Palais, Paris, France Nov 18, 2014–Feb 15, 2015 Hector Hyppolite Black Magic (Magique Noir), ca. 1946–47 Oil on board M1991.127 Ezili and Her Earthly Court, ca. 1946 Oil on board M1991.128 Sénèque Obin Masonic Funeral (Funérailles Maçonique), ca. 1965 Oil on board M1991.146


Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York, NY Dec 12, 2014–Jan 25, 2015 Robert Smithson Non-Site: (Line of Wreckage), Bayonne, NJ, 1968 Painted aluminum, broken concrete; framed map and three photo panels M1969.65

Claude Monet Waterloo Bridge, Sunlight Effect, ca. 1900 Oil on canvas M1950.3 19



Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid, Spain Feb 17–May 17, 2015 Raoul Dufy Boardwalk of the Casino Marie-Christine at SainteAdresse, ca. 1906 Oil on canvas M1977.83 FOUNDERS AND VISIONARIES: WISCONSIN JEWISH ARTISTS FROM THE MILWAUKEE ART MUSEUM

Jewish Museum Milwaukee, WI March 15–May 31, 2015 Fred Berman Façade #4, 1953 Oil and wax on Masonite panel M1954.2 Floating White City, 1958 Oil on board M1991.413 Bewar, 1964 Assemblage of assorted carved wood, under glass M2002.166 Aaron Bohrod Southwestern Antique Shop, 1948 Oil on panel M1993.74


Trees, ca. 1948 Oil on Masonite M1974.199

Men, 1938 Lithograph M1942.19

Of Many Things, 1958–59 Oil on composition board M1985.54

Pageant Prelude, 1938 Lithograph M1942.29

Animal, Vegetable, Mineral, 1976 Oil on panel M2014.12

Debris, 1939 Tempera on Masonite panel L1943.32

Hawk and Dove, 1977 Oil on panel M2014.13 Joseph Friebert 3rd Street, 1940 Lithograph M2004.580 Colosseum, 1955 Oil on board M2004.120 After Pascin, 1964 Charcoal on deep tan paper M2004.71

Lime Bags #2, 1939 Oil on Masonite LWPA.473 CARL SPITZWEG

Grohmann Museum, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, WI March 15–Sept 15, 2015 Carl Spitzweg Interior (Mother and Child), n.d. Oil on wood panel M1962.60

Three Figures, 1976 Charcoal on brown paper M2004.70

Travelers (Landscape with Stage Coach), n.d. Oil on wood panel M1962.115

Field of Snow, 2000 Monotype M2004.579

The Drunkard, 1836 Oil on wood panel M1962.73

Alfred A. Sessler Religion, The Opiate of the People, 1935 Pencil on tan paper M1935.13

Reading the Newspaper in the Garden, 1847 Oil on canvas M1972.245a

The Unexpected Interruption, ca. 1855 Oil on cardboard M1962.72 Women Mowing in the Mountains, 1858 Oil on canvas M1962.54 The Morning Reading, ca. 1860 Oil on pressed board M1962.84 The Town Crier, ca. 1875 Oil on canvas M1962.80 Garathausen Castle, ca. 1878 Oil on wood panel M1962.106 Eduard von Grützner Shaving Day at the Monastery, 1887 Oil on canvas M1972.118


Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI April 10–July 5, 2015 Floyd Segal Burlesque Dancer, 1960s Gelatin silver print M1986.439


DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art, Montreal, Canada April 27–Sept 20, 2015 Yinka Shonibare The Age of Enlightenment— Immanuel Kant, 2008 Oil on canvas M2012.500


National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC June 28–Oct 4, 2015 Gustave Caillebotte Boating on the Yerres, 1877 Oil on canvas M1965.25

Carl Spitzweg, The Unexpected Interruption, ca. 1855. Full credit listing on page 20.


Thomas Moran, Three Mile Harbor, Long Island, 1889. Full credit listing on page 23.


acquisitions The acquisition list includes gifts and purchases from September 1, 2014, to August 31, 2015. Dimensions are in inches, with height, width, and depth in that order, unless otherwise specified. For drawings and prints, dimensions indicate sheet size (except where indicated); for photographs, the image size. Prints and drawings are on paper, with exceptions noted. Primary materials only are listed for decorative arts.


John Bellamy (Scottish, 1942–2013) The Fisher Family, 1991 Oil on canvas 68 × 60 in. (172.72 × 152.4 cm) Gift of Joel and Carole Bernstein Family Collection M2014.86 Charles De Wolf Brownell (American, 1822–1909) The Bay of Matanzas, Cuba, 1860 Oil on canvas 30 × 44 in. (76.2 × 111.76 cm) Purchase, with funds from Andrew Ziegler M2015.21 Ralston Crawford (American, 1906–1978) Untitled [Red crane], ca. 1938 Oil on canvas 40 × 32 in. (101.6 × 81.28 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.23 Paul Georges (American, 1923–2002) Three Graces, 1963 Oil on linen 53 × 54 in. (134.62 × 137.16 cm) Gift of Joel and Carole Bernstein Family Collection M2014.87

Evan Gruzis (American, b. 1979) Assorted Cosmetics, 2013 India ink on paper 38 1⁄8 × 58 1⁄8 in. (96.84 × 147.64 cm) Purchase, Doerfler Fund M2014.60 Thomas Moran (American, b. England, 1837–1926) Three Mile Harbor, Long Island, 1889 Oil on canvas 30 x 40 in. (76.2 x 101.6 cm) Gift of Lawrence and Sally Rayner M2014.55 Catherine Murphy (American, b. 1946) Portrait of Allison Beal, 1974 Oil on canvas 33 × 27 in. (83.82 × 68.58 cm) Gift of Joel and Carole Bernstein Family Collection M2014.88

Pieter Cornelisz. van Slingeland, A Young Woman at a Window with a Parrot and a Birdcage, ca. 1670. Full credit listing on this page.

Pieter Cornelisz. van Slingeland (Dutch, 1640–1691) A Young Woman at a Window with a Parrot and a Birdcage, ca. 1670 9 × 7 in. (22.86 × 17.78 cm) Purchase, with funds from the Myron and Elizabeth P. Laskin Fund M2014.56





Leza McVey (American, 1907–1984) Three-Footed Sculpture, ca. 1951 Glazed stoneware 24 × 6 ¼ × 8 ½ in. (60.96 × 15.88 × 21.59 cm) Purchase, with funds from the Edward U. Demmer Foundation M2014.73a,b

Enrico Baj (Italian, 1924–2003) Horatius Nelson, Duke of Brontë, ed. of 80, possibly 1970/75 Assemblage with wood and medals 36 × 43 × 5 in. (91.44 × 109.22 × 12.7 cm) Gift of Joel and Carole Bernstein Family Collection M2014.85

Ralston Crawford (American, 1906–1978) Untitled [Study for painting with ventilators], ca. 1935 Pencil on paper 10 × 7 ¾ in. (25.4 × 19.69 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.25 Untitled [Study for painting with red crane], ca. 1938 Pencil on paper 7 ½ × 10 in. (19.05 × 25.4 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.24 PRINTS

Félix Bracquemond (French, 1833–1914) Portrait of Edmond de Goncourt, 1882 Etching on parchment image: 17 ½ × 12 1⁄8 in. (44.45 × 30.8 cm) sheet: 21 11⁄16 × 15 ½ in. (55.09 × 39.37 cm) Purchase, with funds in memory of Betty Croasdaile and John E. Julien M2014.63

Pierre Drevet, Portrait of René Françoís de Beauveau du Rívau, 1727. Full credit listing on page 25.


Félix-Hilaire Buhot (French, 1847–1898) Westminster Palace, 1884 Etching, drypoint, and aquatint plate: 11 1⁄2 × 15 ¾ in. (29.21 × 40.01 cm) sheet: 16 ¼ × 19 7⁄8 in. (41.28 × 50.48 cm) Gift of the Hockerman Charitable Trust M2014.79 Jacques Callot (French, 1592–1635) Adoration of the Magi, ca. 1621–35 Etching plate: 3 5⁄8 × 2 ¾ in. (9.21 × 6.99 cm) sheet: 4 1⁄16 × 2 13⁄16 in. (10.32 × 7.14 cm) Gift of George and Julia Evans in honor of Ethel K. Hockerman M2014.83 Canaletto (Italian, 1697–1768) Le Porte del Dolo, ca. 1740 Etching plate: 11 7⁄8 × 17 1⁄16 in. (30.16 × 43.34 cm) sheet: 15 5⁄8 × 21 1⁄8 in. (39.69 × 53.66 cm) Gift of the Dass Fund M2014.81

Ralston Crawford (American, 1906–1978) Untitled [Variation on Glass #3], 1954 Lithograph image: 14 ¼ × 9 7⁄8 in. (36.2 × 25.08 cm) sheet: 22 ½ × 15 in. (57.15 × 38.1 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.28 The Glass #3, 1955 Lithograph image: 19 ¼ × 12 3⁄8 in. (48.9 × 31.43 cm) sheet: 22 ½ × 15 in. (57.15 × 38.1 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.27 The Glass #3, 1st State, 1955 Lithograph image: 18 ¾ × 1 3⁄8 in. (47.63 × 3.49 cm) sheet: 22 ½ × 15 in. (57.15 × 38.1 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.26 Pierre Drevet (French, 1663–1738) after Hyacinthe Rigaud (French, 1659–1743) Portrait of René Françoís de Beauveau du Rívau, 1727 Engraving plate: 16 ½ × 13 1⁄16 in. (41.91 × 33.18 cm) sheet: 19 ¼ × 14 1⁄8 in. (48.9 × 35.88 cm) Gift of the Hockerman Charitable Trust M2014.80

Pierre Drevet (French, 1663–1738) after Carle van Loo (French, 1705–1765) Louis de La Vergne de Tressan, Count of Lyon and Archbishop of Rouen, in Adoration of the Virgin, 1728 Engraving plate: 6 11⁄16 × 4 5⁄16 in. (16.99 × 10.95 cm) sheet: 7 × 4 9⁄16 in. (17.78 × 11.59 cm) Gift of C. G. Boerner in honor of George and Julia Evans M2014.82 Henri Charles Guérard (French, 1846–1897) Diner, Dentu, Premiere Invitation, ca. 1880 Etching and roulette on paper plate: 4 ¾ × 6 ¼ in. (12.07 × 15.88 cm) sheet: 5 1⁄8 × 6 11⁄16 in. (13.02 × 16.99 cm) Gift of the Hockerman Charitable Trust M2014.64

Ralston Crawford, The Glass #3, 1st State, 1955. Full credit listing on this page.




Wilson Bentley (American, 1865–1931) Snowflake Crystal Photomicrographs, ca. 1903–10 Gelatin silver prints .1: 3 ½ × 3 in. (8.89 × 7.62 cm) .2: 3 ½ × 2 7⁄8 in. (8.89 × 7.3 cm) .3: 3 ½ × 3 in. (8.89 × 7.62 cm) .4: 3 ½ × 2 ¾ in. (8.89 × 6.99 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2015.15.1–.4 Anne Collier (American, b. 1970) Stock Photography (Gestures), 2013 Chromogenic print 50 ¾ × 61 ¾ in. (128.91 × 156.85 cm) Purchase, with funds in memory of Betty Croasdaile and John E. Julien M2015.14 Ralston Crawford (American, 1906–1978) Untitled [Industrial building with crane in background, seen from wide angle], ca. 1938 Gelatin silver print 6 ½ × 9 in. (16.51 × 22.86 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.30


Untitled [Industrial building with crane in background], ca. 1938 Gelatin silver print 6 ½ × 9 in. (16.51 × 22.86 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.29

Brea, California, from the series The Fault Zone, 1979 Gelatin silver print 11 1⁄4 × 11 1⁄8 in. (28.58 × 28.26 cm) Gift of Betsy Sara Ruppa M2015.5

Untitled [Triangular vase with cross], ca. 1950 Photograph 18 ½ × 16 in. (46.99 × 40.64 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.32

Liz Deschenes (American, b. 1966) Stereograph #25, 2015 Gelatin silver print 84 × 7 × 4 7⁄8 in. (213.36 × 17.78 × 12.38 cm) Purchase, Christine A. Symchych and James P. McNulty Acquisition Fund M2015.22

Untitled [Detail of aboveground tomb in New Orleans cemetery], ca. 1955 Gelatin silver print 16 × 20 in. (40.64 × 50.8 cm) Gift of Robert Crawford M2015.31 Joe Deal (American, 1947–2010) San Fernando, California, from the series The Fault Zone, 1978 Gelatin silver print 11 3⁄16 × 11 1⁄8 in. (28.42 × 28.26 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2015.6

Jim Goldberg (American, b. 1953) [I am MKE: Joseph Pabst], 2014 Dye diffusion transfer print 3 ¾ × 2 7⁄8 in. (9.53 × 7.3 cm) Gift of Joseph Pabst U2014.1a,b Barbara Kasten (American, b. 1936) Construct LB-5, 1982 Dye diffusion transfer print 9 ½ × 7 ½ in. (24.13 × 19.05 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2015.1

Justin Kimball (American, b. 1961) Adler Avenue, Bed, from the series Pieces of String, 2013 Gelatin silver print 20 × 29 7⁄8 in. (50.8 × 75.88 cm) Gift of the Cafaro Family M2014.77 Cecile Street, Kitchen, from the series Pieces of String, 2013 Gelatin silver print 20 × 30 1⁄16 in. (50.8 × 76.36 cm) Gift of the Cafaro Family M2014.75 Spring Street, from the series Pieces of String, 2013 Gelatin silver print 20 × 30 1⁄8 in. (50.8 × 76.52 cm) Gift of the Cafaro Family M2014.76

Daido Moriyama, National Highway I at Dawn (Asahi-cho, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture), 1968. Full credit listing on this page.

Ray Krueger Metzker (American, 1931–2014) Atlantic City (66 HB-7), 1966 Gelatin silver print 6 ½ × 6 ¾ in. (16.51 × 17.15 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2015.16

Boy and Tire (69 MX-IX), 1969 Gelatin silver print 5 ¾ × 5 ¾ in. diam. (14.61 × 14.61 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2015.17

Daido Moriyama (Japanese, b. 1938) National Highway I at Dawn (Asahi-cho, Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture), 1968 Gelatin silver print 5 15⁄16 × 8 7⁄16 in. (15.1 × 21.4 cm) Purchase, by exchange M2015.3

Memory of a Dog 2 (No. 2044), 1982 Gelatin silver print 7 7⁄8 × 11 3⁄8 in. (20 × 28.89 cm) Purchase, by exchange M2015.2



Trevor Paglen, Detachment 3, Air Force Flight Test Center, Groom Lake, NV, Distance ~26 Miles, 2008. Full credit listing on page 29. Photo courtesy of the artist, Altman Siegel Gallery, San Francisco, and Metro Pictures, New York.

Takuma Nakahira (Japanese, b. 1938) Plate No. C-153, from the series Circulation: Date, Place, Events, 1971, printed 2014 Gelatin silver print 20 × 24 in. (50.8 × 60.96 cm) Purchase, by exchange M2015.8


Plates C-80 and C-82, from the series Circulation: Date, Place, Events, 1971, printed 2014 Gelatin silver prints a: 15 3⁄16 × 22 ¾ in. (38.58 × 57.79 cm) b: 15 3⁄16 × 22 11⁄16 in. (38.58 × 57.63 cm) Purchase, by exchange M2015.7a,b

Lisa Oppenheim (American, b. 1975) California Wildfire 2010/2012 (Version I), 2012 Gelatin silver print, 23 1⁄8 × 28 7⁄8 in. (58.74 × 73.34 cm) Purchase, Christine A. Symchych and James P. McNulty Acquisition Fund M2015.33

Man Holding Large Camera Photographing a Cataclysmic Event, Possibly a Volcano Erupting. 1908/2012 (Version XIII), 2012 Gelatin silver print 23 7⁄8 × 20 in. (60.64 × 50.8 cm) Purchase, Christine A. Symchych and James P. McNulty Acquisition Fund M2015.34

Trevor Paglen (American, b. 1974) Detachment 3, Air Force Flight Test Center, Groom Lake, NV, Distance ~26 Miles, 2008 Chromogenic print 40 × 50 in. (101.6 × 127 cm) Purchase, with funds from the Photography Council in honor of the 125th anniversary of the Museum M2014.57 Sheila Pinkel (American, b. 1941) Folded Paper, 1974/82 Gelatin silver print 16 × 20 in. (40.64 × 50.8 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2015.19 Folded Paper, 1974/82 Gelatin silver print 16 × 20 in. (40.64 × 50.8 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2015.20 Glass Rods, 1974/82 Gelatin silver print and color photocopy a: 11 × 14 in. (27.94 × 35.56 cm) b: 8 ½ × 11 ½ in. (21.59 × 29.21 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2015.18a,b

Mark Power (English, b. 1959) Milwaukee, Wisconsin (N. 22nd St. and W. North Ave.), 2014 Chromogenic print 30 × 40 in. (76.2 × 101.6 cm) Gift of the artist, made possible by Wendy and Warren Blumenthal M2014.61

Alessandra Sanguinetti (American, b. 1968) Gabe Before the Eagle Scout Ceremony. Hixton, Wisconsin, 2014 Inkjet print 11 × 17 in. (27.94 × 43.18 cm) Gift of the artist, made possible by Ken and Melinda Krei M2014.71

Lew Thomas (American, b. 1932) 36 Kinds of White on 34th Avenue, 1972, printed 2014 Gelatin silver prints 29 3⁄4 × 43 1⁄4 in. (75.57 × 109.86 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2014.59

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (N. 30th St. and W. Brown St.), 2014 Chromogenic print 30 × 40 in. (76.2 × 101.6 cm) Gift of the artist, made possible by Christine A. Symchych and James P. McNulty M2014.62

Ursula Schulz-Dornburg (German, b. 1938) Erevan, Gymri, from the series Bus Stops, 2000 Gelatin silver print .1: 14 3⁄16 × 17 3⁄4 in. (36.04 × 45.09 cm) .2: 14 × 18 3⁄16 in. (35.56 × 46.2 cm) .3: 14 × 18 3⁄16 in. (35.56 × 46.2 cm) .4: 14 × 18 1⁄16 in. (35.56 × 45.88 cm) .5: 13 15⁄16 × 17 15⁄16 in. (35.4 × 45.56 cm) Purchase, Christine A. Symchych and James P. McNulty Acquisition Fund M2014.72.1–.4

Light on the Floor, 1973, printed 2014 Gelatin silver print 29 × 42 in. (73.66 × 106.68 cm) Purchase, Herzfeld Foundation Acquisition Fund M2014.58

Bruno V. Roels (Belgian, b. 1976) Hundred Shells, 2013 Gelatin silver prints 35 ½ × 25 7⁄8 in. (90.17 × 65.72 cm) Purchase, Christine A. Symchych and James P. McNulty Acquisition Fund M2015.4

Ralph Steiner (American, 1899–1986) [Hanging sheets], ca. 1965 Gelatin silver print 3 1⁄4 × 4 3⁄8 in. (8.26 × 11.11 cm) Gift of Barbara Brown Lee M2014.78




Margaret De Patta (American, 1903–1964) Place Setting, 1936 Silver, copper, and stainless steel salad fork: 6 ¼ × 1 × ½ in. (15.88 × 2.54 × 1.27 cm) dinner fork: 7 ¼ × 1 × ½ in. (18.42 × 2.54 × 1.27 cm) knife: 9 ¼ × 7⁄8 × ½ in. (23.5 × 2.22 × 1.27 cm) spoon: 6 ¼ × 1 ¾ × ½ in. (15.88 × 4.45 × 1.27 cm) Purchase, with funds from the Edward U. Demmer Foundation M2014.74.1–.4

Hella Jongerius (Dutch, b. 1963) Royal Tichelaar Makkum (Makkum, Netherlands, founded 1572) Bowl, from the collection Repeat, 2002 Porcelain and cotton 4 ½ × 8 ½ in. diam. (11.43 × 21.59 cm) Purchase, with funds from the Demmer Charitable Trust M2015.12

Quilted Vase, from the collection Layers, 2006 Wool and polyester 34 × 15 in. diam. (86.36 × 38.1 cm) Purchase, with funds from the Demmer Charitable Trust M2015.13

Margaret De Patta, Place Setting, 1936. Full credit listing on this page.


Nathan Bernard Lerner (American, 1913–1997) Hin Bredendieck (German, 1904–1995) Chair, ca. 1949 Plywood 29 ½ × 16 × 18 in. (74.93 × 40.64 × 45.72 cm) Purchase, with funds from the Demmer Charitable Trust M2015.10

Art Smith (American, 1917–1982) Diminishing Spirals, ca. 1958 Silver 19 × 10 × ¼ in. (48.26 × 25.4 × 0.64 cm) Purchase, with funds from the Demmer Charitable Trust M2015.11

Art Smith, Diminishing Spirals, ca. 1958. Full credit listing on page 30. Photo courtesy of Mark McDonald.




Charles Atlas (American, b. 1958) Painting by Numbers, 2011 3-channel video projection, 3 flash players, sync box duration: 8 min., 21 sec. Purchase, Leonard and Bebe LeVine Art Acquisition Fund M2015.9 Dirk Skreber (German, b. 1961) Turgidity, 2012 Video with sound duration: 24 min. Purchase, Leonard and Bebe LeVine Art Acquisition Fund M2014.84

Charles Atlas, Painting by Numbers, 2011. Full credit listing on this page. Photo courtesy of the Luhring Augustine Gallery, New York.



education + public programs

While the Museum was undergoing its transformation in fiscal year 2015, staff in the Education Department were creatively engaging audiences of all ages both onand off-site: launching courses online, taking programs on the road, and activating the Quadracci Pavilion. Families, schools, and adults were among the 233,757 participants served through education programs. The Museum’s feature exhibitions provided opportunities to offer a range of programs, including a classical musical series and opera performances (Of Heaven and Earth: 500 Years of Italian Painting from Glasgow Museums), film screenings and a Trivia Night with Milwaukee’s favorite trivia master Paul Kennedy (Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels), as well as lectures, gallery talks, and express talks, which had a total attendance of 11,500. The Ebony Fashion Fair Reunion, held with The Links, Cream City (WI) Chapter, rocked Windhover Hall with seven hundred partygoers reliving the glamour of the


fashion extravaganzas re-created in Inspiring Beauty: 50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair and strutting the runway with commentator Deborah Kimble-Crosslin. As part of the Arts@Large Our Ebony Project, students from Rufus King International Middle School interviewed models, designers, and people who had attended the fair. And two hundred middle school students learned about the fashion industry at Fashion Matters: Designing Culture and Confidence, which the Museum organized with First Stage Children’s Theater and Mount Mary University. The Museum’s ArtPacks and Family Guides for feature exhibitions, sponsored by Four-Four Foundation and an anonymous donor, reached 20,991 participants, exceeding the goal of 16,000. The Kohl’s Art Generation program remained strong, despite the lab and gallery being closed during construction. The studio was moved to the Quadracci Pavilion and open every day for families. A highlight was a community quilt project, in which visitors created quilt squares that were then used to make thirty-one quilts

and beyond. An active group of participants shared their assignments on social media (in multiple languages!) using #hangoutwithart. The Museum’s volunteer docents were especially creative, flexible, and dedicated this year, giving tours to over 28,005 school and adult visitors using only the Museum’s architecture and feature exhibitions as their tour material. Behind the scenes, staff prepared for the reopening of the Collection Galleries in fiscal year 2016. They developed audio guides for the Collection, refreshed the iPod Touch Tour, created Closer Look gallery cards focused on single works of art, worked on three new education galleries, and trained a new class of docents.

for Penfield Children’s Center. Windhover Hall buzzed with activity during five Family Sundays events. Kohl’s Color Wheels—the mobile pop-up studio—traveled to 116 off-site events, and the gallery, lab, and iPod Touch Tour were all translated into experiences that were available online. There were 113,252 on-site participants and 116,071 off-site participants, exceeding the goal by 38 percent. The Museum’s first MOOC (massive open online course) Hang Out with Art went live on February 10, 2015, after extensive development and testing with students from Alverno College, docents, and teens from Milwaukee and Mexico City. Instead of a chronological experience of art through the ages, participants made personal connections with works of art and connected art to careers such as medicine and community activism. Over six hundred people registered from throughout the U.S., Europe,



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every gift counts

The accomplishments of fiscal year 2015 were made possible thanks to the Museum’s generous donors. All gifts, large and small, are critical to the Museum and its ability to present consistently outstanding exhibitions, leading educational programs, and a world-class Collection of more than 30,000 works. The Museum operates without a sufficient endowment and is not eligible for support from federated fund drives such as UPAF or United Way. The Museum’s fundraising successes reflect the region’s commitment to a world-class art museum for Milwaukee. ANNUAL FUND

A key area of support continues to be the Annual Fund, which is the single largest source of funding for Museum operations. More than 19,000 supporters contributed a total of $4,649,721 to the fund this fiscal year. Led by Development Committee Chair Wendy Blumenthal, a dedicated group of trustees and a committee of volunteers once again produced a successful annual campaign. MEMBERSHIP

Despite the Museum’s Collection Galleries being off view, Members continued to support their Museum in fiscal year 2015, with 18,694 active Member households representing over 30,000 Members. The Museum is proud to have such a committed group of supporters whose participation and generosity made the transformation of the Museum possible. Comprising nearly 30 percent of the Museum’s annual attendance in 2014–15, Members took full advantage of their most valuable benefit, free and unlimited admission to the Museum. Members continued to enjoy previews of the feature exhibitions, as well as discounts on purchases in the Museum Store and Café Calatrava, and on classes, special events such as Lakefront Festival of Art and Beauty in Bloom, and parking passes. Members were invited to a number of unique, exclusive opportunities throughout the year. In October, new Members were introduced to their Museum during a welcome event, with Director Dan Keegan giving a presentation on the reinstallation plans. Members also enjoyed free admission to area museums throughout January and May. Participating museums included Betty Brinn Children’s

Museum, Charles Allis Art Museum, Grohmann Museum, Harley-Davidson Museum®, Jewish Museum Milwaukee, Milwaukee Public Museum, Pabst Mansion Museum, and Villa Terrace Art Museums. During May, Member appreciation month at the Museum, Members were treated to deeper discounts in the Museum Store and at Café Calatrava, and a lecture series with Barbara Brown Lee. Museum Members took part in a number of trips this year, including a fashionfilled day trip to Chicago with the guest curator of the Inspiring Beauty exhibition, Camille Morgan. Members viewed Dandy Lion: (Re)Articulating Black Masculine Identity at the Museum of Contemporary Photography, explored the fashion vault at Columbia College, and viewed Chicago Styled: Fashioning the Magnificent Mile at the Chicago History Museum. The Museum deeply appreciates its Members for their support, advocacy, and commitment. SUPPORT GROUPS

Membership also affords Members the opportunity to join any of the nine support groups, all of which are busy throughout the year with activities related to a specific interest area within the Museum’s Collection. More than four hundred Members are involved in support groups. African American Art Alliance (founded 1990) supports educational programs centering on African American art and artists, promotes volunteer involvement in the Museum, and is dedicated to raising funds for purchasing African American art for the Museum’s Collection. American Arts Society (founded 1993) celebrates American art, antiques, and architecture from the colonial era into the twentieth century through educational programs, trips, exhibitions, and conservation efforts. The Collectors’ Corner (founded 1948) is committed to developing educational programs that promote knowledge and important scholarship in the decorative arts. Contemporary Art Society (founded 1982) promotes the appreciation of contemporary art through the sponsorship of programs that bring renowned artists, critics, and curators to the Museum; by supporting acquisitions; and by sponsoring exhibitions of contemporary art at the Museum.




Fine Arts Society (founded 1987) is a group of Europeanart enthusiasts that sponsors and supports related programs, exhibitions, and acquisitions by the Museum. Friends of Art (founded 1957) is the Museum’s largest volunteer support group. Hundreds of volunteers work to present FOA events, such as Lakefront Festival of Art, that engage the community, expand the Museum’s audience, and generate funds to support exhibitions at the Museum and the acquisition of artworks for its Collection. Garden Club (founded 1921) is the largest member club of the Wisconsin Garden Club Federation. The club supports the Museum through the annual Art in Bloom event and other activities. Photography Council (founded 1988) is devoted to the Museum’s photography collection and exhibition program and allows Museum Members with an interest in the art and history of photography to enrich their knowledge of the medium through an annual program of special events. Print Forum (founded 1980) unites Museum Members with an interest in prints and drawings from the Renaissance to today. It sponsors exhibitions, lectures, and seminars and provides support for the acquisition of prints, drawings, and artists’ books for the Museum’s Collection. The Museum is very fortunate to have such longstanding, supportive Members. Their generosity directly affects the breadth and depth of the Museum’s programs, including acquisitions, exhibitions, lectures, and special events, keeping the Museum vibrant. For this, the Museum is deeply grateful. 38

The Museum’s leading supporters are its President’s Circle Members—individuals, families, and businesses that contribute $2,500 or more to the Annual Fund. In 2014–15, 274 President’s Circle Members gave $2.6 million. Members place high value on enriching one’s family, social, and work life through creativity and exposure to alternate ways of seeing the world, and they participated in the Museum’s programs as avidly as they supported them. They attended the President’s Circle Preview for each feature exhibition, among other receptions and parties. This year also saw the rollout of a new level of membership, Benefactor Plus, providing donors with another level of giving. Everyone, in the Museum and the community, benefits from the tremendous generosity of the President’s Circle Members. This group helps ensure that the Museum continues to thrive for generations to come.


The generous contributions and sponsorship of foundations, corporations, and individuals are vital to the Museum’s ability to maintain the caliber of its exhibitions, education programs, and public events. Sponsorship not only provides much-needed support, but also builds visibility and awareness of the sponsor’s brand, affords business-building opportunities, and offers memorable hospitality experiences for clients and employees. Again this year, the Museum received strong sponsorship support. Thanks to funding from Kohl’s Cares, the Museum continued to offer families engaging, hands-on programming designed just for them, with the Kohl’s Art Generation Studio open every day during the Museum’s reinstallation. Target Free First Thursday was, again, invaluable in opening the Museum’s doors to those who might not otherwise visit. The Museum was also one of the recipients of the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s centennial celebration gifts, which offered free admission to all visitors for a weekend in February. The support of area businesses, foundations, and philanthropists helped the Museum present the traveling exhibitions Of Heaven and Earth: 500 Years of Italian Painting from Glasgow Museums, Inspiring Beauty:

50 Years of Ebony Fashion Fair, and Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels, Masterworks from the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Popular events such as MAM After Dark, Kohl’s Art Generation Family Sundays, Beauty in Bloom, and the Lakefront Festival of Art were again all made possible for thousands of Museum visitors to enjoy thanks to the commitment of generous sponsors.


The Museum continued to successfully raise funds for its Plan for the Future capital campaign, reaching 98 percent of its goal by the end of fiscal year 2015. The plan calls for making repairs and renovations to the oldest part of the Museum’s campus, the County-owned buildings that house the Museum’s Collection, and upgrading the Museum’s facilities to improve the visitor experience. The Plan for the Future is bold, but necessary, as it aims to ensure that the Museum remains an extraordinary institution, able to serve and inspire the generations to come.


More than 125 Museum supporters have promised gifts through their estate plans. Using wills, trusts, insurance, retirement plans, or other assets, planned giving donors receive valuable tax advantages while providing support that benefits Museum visitors for generations to come. Most monies received will build the Museum’s endowment fund, which generated only 10 percent of the annual operating budget in fiscal year 2015, trailing most comparable U.S. art museums. Members of the Legacy Society enjoy many program and event benefits and have the satisfaction of knowing that they are helping an institution continue to inspire all ages through art, in perpetuity. For information on the Legacy Society, request the Museum’s Planned Giving Brochure from the director of individual and planned giving at 414-224-3248.

Among the improvements slated for completion in November 2015: • New lakeside entrance, with direct access to parking • Galleries that are brighter and easier to navigate • A dedicated photography and new media area • More places to rest, refresh, and socialize, including a new lakeside coffee shop • Restrooms on every floor

The Collection Galleries were closed for this entire fiscal year for renovation, which of course brought with it many challenges, but Museum donors remained supportive. The promise to, in the not too distant future, experience the Museum’s world-class Collection in fresh and inspiring ways in updated, thoughtfully designed galleries and with forward-looking perspectives and user-friendly technologies kept people excited about the future of the Museum amid the upheavals of construction.




Gifts received between September 1, 2014, and August 31, 2015.

Thank you to the supporters who helped the Museum in 2014–15. As Members, annual fund donors, or sponsors of exhibitions and public and education programs, they made it possible for art to enrich hundreds of thousands of lives. The following lists recognize those supporters who provided grants, sponsorship, and restricted and unrestricted support of $400 or more during the 2015 fiscal year, ending August 31, 2015. $100,000+

Anonymous (2) Drs. Isabel and Alfred Bader Mr. and Mrs. Donald Baumgartner Demmer Charitable Trust Michael D. Dunham Greater Milwaukee Foundation Herzfeld Foundation Kohl’s Cares Sheldon and Marianne Lubar Charitable Fund Milwaukee Art Museum Friends of Art Melitta S. Pick Charitable Trust PNC Financial Services Group Sue and Bud Selig David & Julia Uihlein Charitable Foundation $50,000–99,999

Mr. and Mrs. Mark L. Attanasio BMO Harris Bank Greater Milwaukee Foundation • Helen and Jeanette Oberndorfer Fund • Virginia Booth Vogel Fund

Johnson Controls Foundation Laskin Family Foundation Mount Mary University Northwestern Mutual Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Roy Reiman SC Johnson Fund Inc. Target Windhover Foundation $25,000–49,999

Brookbank Foundation Murph and John Burke Caxambas Foundation The Chipstone Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dunphy Four-Four Foundation Godfrey & Kahn, S.C. Harley-Davidson Motor Company Terri and Verne Holoubek Family Foundation Mary Ann and Charles P. LaBahn Ms. Joan Lubar and Dr. John Crouch Mr. and Mrs. R. Bruce McDonald Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation Ralph F. & Cora E. Oberndorfer Family Trust

Anthony Petullo Foundation Daniel M. Soref Charitable Trust US Bancorp Foundation $10,000–24,999

A. O. Smith Foundation Annex Wealth Management, LLC Anonymous (2) Associated Bank Baker Tilly Virchow Krause The Balvenie Beer Capitol Distributing Co. Wendy and Warren Blumenthal Dr. and Mrs. William Boyd Joan E. Brengel Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Bryant Mr. Richard Buchband and Mrs. Betsy D. Rosenblum Catholic Financial Life Samuel K. and Doris Hersh Chortek Endowment Fund Christie’s Mr. and Mrs. Virgis Colbert Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund Sue and Curt Culver Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trusts Door Peninsula Winery Fiserv Inc. Mr. Philip B. Flynn and Ms. Lois Golde Kristin and Alec Fraser Mr. James Friedlander Mr. and Mrs. Frederic G. Friedman Mrs. Barbara N. Fuldner Google Foundation

Greater Milwaukee Foundation • Norman and Lucy Cohn Family Fund • Milwaukee Art Museum Endowment Fund Barbara S. Grove Ms. Katherine A. Heil Frieda and William Hunt Memorial Trust Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Hunt Mr. and Mrs. Ron Joelson Joy Global Foundation Inc. Jane and George C. Kaiser Herbert H. Kohl Charities Inc. Ruth DeYoung Kohler Mr. Alex C. Kramer and Mrs. Mary Kramer Tony and Susan Krausen Mr. Kenneth C. Krei and Dr. Melinda Scott Krei Raymond and Barbara Krueger Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Layden Jr. Ms. Gail A. Lione and Mr. Barry L. Grossman David and Madeleine Lubar Wayne and Kristine Lueders Lorelle K. and P. Michael Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Barry R. Mandel Linda and John Mellowes Milwaukee Art Museum Contemporary Art Society Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design Mrs. James J. Murphy Joyce and Bruce Myers Nicholas Family Foundation Mr. Andrew Nunemaker Joseph R. Pabst



Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation Potawatomi Hotel & Casino The Private Bank Puelicher Foundation Inc. Robert W. Baird & Co. Inc. Mrs. Nita G. Soref Mrs. Marie Tallmadge Tides Foundation Mr. Kenneth R. Treis Mr. and Mrs. James E. Wiensch Todd Robert Williams Wirtz Beverage Wisconsin Wisconsin Arts Board Mr. Jeffery Yabuki Kathleen Saito Yuille Mr. Andrew Ziegler and Ms. Carlene Ziegler $5,000–9,999

Adelman Travel Group Allen-Edmonds Shoe Corporation Anon Charitable Trust Anonymous (2) Astor Street Foundation Inc. Mr. John P. Baumgartner Ms. Sally Baumgartner Deborah A. Beck and Frederic Sweet Mrs. David E. Beckwith Mr. and Mrs. William D. Biersach Mr. Roger L. Boerner Anne R. Booth and Charles Trainer Burke Properties The Center for Craft, Creativity, and Design CG Schmidt Inc. Chase


Cherchian Family Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Curl Einhorn Family Foundation Suzy B. Ettinger William and Kari Foote Mr. and Mrs. Brett Gardner The Gardner Foundation Ellen and Richard Glaisner Greater Milwaukee Foundation • Anonymous EG Fund • Colton Charitable Fund • Flesch Family Fund • Kopmeier Family Fund • Alice and Lucia Stern Library Fund Bill and Sandy Haack Claire and Glen Hackmann Hammes Company Drs. Carla and Robert Hay Mrs. R. Goeres Hayssen Heller Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoke Phyllis Huffman Husco International James & Karen Hyde Foundation Inc. George and Angela Jacobi Richard G. Jacobus Family Foundation Inc. Judy and Gary Jorgensen David and Diane Knox Mr. Herbert V. Kohler and Ms. Natalie Black Ladish Company Foundation Ellin and Gerald Levy Phoebe R. and John D. Lewis Foundation LFF Foundation Mahler Enterprises Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Mainman Mary Ann Mann* Marcus Corporation Marshall Street Capital

Kim and David Mathews Ms. Abigail G. Melamed Ms. Agatha M. Melamed Mr. and Mrs. John H. Melamed Michael Best & Friedrich, LLP Milwaukee Arts Board Milwaukee Chapter of the Links Inc. Scott and Marjorie Moon Mortara Instrument Company Mr. and Mrs. H. Nicholas Pabst Gilbert and J. Dorothy Palay Family Foundation Ltd. Mr. Jim and Dr. Karen Petric Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation Quadracci Coffee Mr. Thomas Reich for the Reich Family Rexnord Foundation Inc. Ripp Realty Merlin and Gladys Rostad Arts Fund Mr. Thomas A. Russo and Mrs. Georgina T. Russo Schlossmann Automotive Group Sensient Sigma-Aldrich Foundation Mr. Judson Snyder and Mrs. Jessica Snyder Susan and Oyvind Solvang Jack and Joan Stein Foundation Sally and Steve Stevens Mary and Carl Strohmaier Christine Symchych and James P. McNulty Kathleen and Frank Thometz UWM Peck School of the Arts

Ms. Mary N. Vandenberg and Mr. Keith Mardak Marcia and Kent Velde Mr. Murray C. Walton Weyco Group Inc. $3,500–4,999

Mrs. James M. Auer Lori and Kurt Bechthold Susan and Carl Becker Orren and Marilyn Bradley Briggs & Stratton Corporation Foundation Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bryson Sr. Elaine Burke Bruce and Marsha Camitta Jolinda and Danny L. Cunningham Terri and Paul Danola Lois Ehlert David Einhorn and Cheryl Strauss Einhorn John and Mary Emory Ernst & Young, LLP Foley & Lardner Tim and Sue Frautschi Gehl Foods Inc. Greater Milwaukee Foundation Omnium Dr. and Mrs. David Harvey Thomas D. Hesselbrock and Carl Spatz William and Lauren Hunt Mr. Daniel T. Keegan and Ms. Janné Abreo Susan and Raymond Kehm Mary and Ted D. Kellner Joan W. Nason Jane and Keith Nosbusch Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Pauls Perlick Corporation Pieper Electric

Ms. Gordana Racic and Mr. Milan Racic Rosemann Family Foundation Betty Rupple Richard Schreiner and Alison Graf Bob and Judy Scott Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Teerlink Grace and Mark Thomsen Jo and Bob Wagner Edward J. and Diane Zore $2,500–3,499

Mary K. and Jeff Albrecht Susan L. Andrews Dan and Gwen Armbrust Badger Meter Foundation Jitendra and Gita Baruah Michael and Rita Becker Richard and Kay Bibler Foundation Bruce and Melissa Block Mrs. Arlene Brachman Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brickman Randy Bryant and Cecelia Gore William E. Burke Mr. and Mrs. William M. Cannon Kathleen R. Cavallo Clarence Chou Patty and Larry Compton Concordia University Wisconsin Judith and Francis Croak Mr. and Mrs. Frederick R. Croen J. D. and Shelly Culea Mrs. Polly Daeger Don and Sallie Davis DCI-Artform

Kathy and Bob Emery Ms. E. Kelly Fitzsimmonds Dr. Peter Foote and Dr. Robin S. Wilson Byron and Suzy Foster Family Foundation G.E. Healthcare Financial Services Mr. and Mrs. Richard Galling Mary Ann* and Lloyd Gerlach Mrs. Melvin Goldin Dr. John and Andrea Grant Greater Milwaukee Foundation • Judith A. Keyes Family Fund • Luedke-Smith Fund • Donna and Tony Meyer Fund • Randall Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. F. William Haberman Ann and Jon Hammes Dr. and Mrs. David S. Haskell Mr. and Mrs. G. Edward Heinecke Jennifer F. and Robert J. Hillis William H. Honrath and Elizabeth Blackwood Mrs. Harland W. Huston Jr. Susan and Lee Jennings Mrs. Imogene P. Johnson Journal Communications Mr. and Mrs. David Jubelirer Matt and Kathryn Kamm Kikkoman Foods Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Gale E. Klappa Debbie and Jon Konings Steven and Cheryl Kuhnmuench Dr. Alice Kuramoto Jane and Tom Lacy Mary Pauly Lacy

Elizabeth Levins and Herbert B. Zien Matrix Foundation Maxsan Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCaughey Patti and Jack McKeithan Marshall and Arlene Meier George L. N. Meyer Family Foundation MGIC Investment Corporation National Insurance Services Mr. Lawrence W. Oliverson and Ms. Donna N. Guthrie Park Bank Foundation Inc. Mrs. Jill G. Pelisek Pepsi Candy and Bruce Pindyck and Meridian Industries Inc. Mr. Alan Purintun and Ms. Jane O’Meara Ms. Maxine Rabinowe Mr. Timothy Raupp and Mrs. Carla Raupp Sande Robinson Mr. Steve Sanduski and Mrs. Linda Sanduski Andrea and Jim Schloemer Peggy and Bob Schuemann Marie and James Seder and Family John and Kristin Sheehan Philip and Reva Shovers Sign-A-Rama Mr. and Mrs. Roger S. Smith Mrs. Joan Spector Stackner Family Foundation Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Stacy Judith Z. Stark Linda and Richard Stevens

John Stewig and Richard Bradley Stratton Foundation Inc. Frederick Vogel and Megan Holbrook Kathleen and Charles G. Vogel Carolyn White-Travanti and Leon Travanti Mr. and Mrs. R. Douglas Ziegler $1,200–2,499

Dr. and Mrs Francisco Aguilar Ms. Peggy Ann Anonymous (4) Diane and Thomas Arenberg Mr. and Mrs. James C. Barany Dr. Richard P. Barthel and Mrs. Diana Barthel Mr. and Mrs. Clair Baum Patricia R. Blake Mr. John M. Bohler Marilyn and John Breidster David D. and Diane M. Buck Dr. Jeff Butler and Mrs. Babette Larson-Butler Lois A. and Dean S. Cady Teri Carpenter Barbara J. Carson James R. Cauley and Brenda M. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Cecalupo Mrs. Nilda Cintron-Cortez and Mr. Fernando Cortez Valerie B. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Crivello Mrs. Kathleen Dickinson and Mr. Jeff Dickinson Ms. Donna M. Drosner and Mr. Jeff Pink



Eileen and Howard Dubner Mr. Eric M. Eben and Mrs. Christine M. Fenske-Eben Julianna Ebert and Frank J. Daily Roma and Laurence Eiseman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elsner/Barbara Meyer Elsner Foundation Inc. Patricia Emerson Pati and James D. Ericson Evans Charitable Gift Fund/ George and Julia Evans Tom and Jennifer Florsheim Jr. Fran Franklin Dr. Joseph and Nancy Geenen Carole and Adam Glass Mr. James J. Gleason and Mrs. Lisa Groskopf-Gleason Thomas J. Gould Greater Milwaukee Foundation • Del Chambers Fund • Leesley B. and Joan J. Hardy Fund Robert and Mimi Habush Henry and Suzanne Herzing Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Hlavac Robert and Lorraine Horst Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Huie Richard Ippolito and Pamela Frautschi William Stark Jones Foundation Kalmbach Publishing Co. Mr. and Mrs. Marc G. Kartman Mrs. Margaret Kasch Henry S. Kepner Jr. Jane and Joe Kerschner Raymond N. Kertz Ms. Suzette M. Kolaga and Ms. Julie Schrubbe


Teri Kolb Krause Family Foundation Mr. Stanley Kritzik Joyce M. Kuehl Lila M. Lange Alan T. Lepkowski Ms. Judith R. Leszczynski Mrs. Robert O. Levitt Camille A. Lonstorf Trust Fred and Anne Luber Ms. Roseann Lyons Jacqueline S. Macomber Mr. and Mrs. Jesse N. McCombe Carolyn and Rhody Megal Milwaukee Art Museum African American Art Alliance Mrs. John Monroe Bob and Jan Montgomery Mr. William Morley and Mr. Jim Schleif Mary Louise Mussoline and James W. Cope, MD Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey L. Mykleby David Olson and Claire Fritsche Palermo Villa Inc. Palmer Family Foundation Reverend Steven and Julie Peay Janice and Raymond Perry Community Fund Inc. Ms. Yvonne Petersen Ms. Elaine N. Peterson Skip and Ildy Polliner PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Quarles & Brady, LLP David and Roberta Remstad Mr. Raymond L. Retzlaff Mrs. A.D. Robertson Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Ross Tracy and John Rothman Marty and Elaine Schreiber

Douglas & Eleanor Seaman Charitable Foundation Carole B. and Gordon I. Segal John Shannon and Jan Serr Dr. and Mrs. Peter Slocum Lois A. Smith Barbara A. Stein Mr. and Mrs. David R. Strelitz Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Syrjanen Telly Foundation Ltd. Mrs. Barbara A. Tooman Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Uihlein Von Briesen & Roper, S.C. West Bend Mutual Insurance Co. Dr. and Mrs. J. Frank Wilson Mr. Raymond Wilson Ms. Jane A. Wochos and Mr. William Nehr Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wythes JoAnn and Michael Youngman Ms. Katherine Zvesper $600–1,199

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell C. Adams Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ambuel American Appraisal Associates Inc. David and Carol Anderson Family Foundation Anonymous (7) Ms. Caroline Barrow Kerry, Lucille, and Gene Bartelt Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Bauer Mr. David Baumann and Ms. Kathleen M. Olejnik Mrs. Helen B. Bechthold Mr. Byron S. Becker and Ms. Mary Ellen Csuka

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bell Michael and Carmen Bergom Jim and Mary Beth Berkes Mr. Joseph Berman Dr. and Mrs. Charles Bomzer Robert and Carole Bonner Mr. and Mrs. John Bostrom Ms. Deanna Braeger Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Brengel Mr. and Mrs. Bill Breslau Mrs. Sharman J. Brown Dr. Henry and Barbara Burko The Virginia Burns Private Charitable Foundation Anthony and Patricia Busalacchi Carla and Neal Butenhoff Mr. Gerardo A. Caballero and Mrs. Cindy Caballero Dr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Carter Mrs. Robert Carter and Ms. Sue Kletzke Carter Mr. and Ms. Roland Chaloupka Mrs. William P. Chapman Mr. Christin Cleaver Computerized Structural Design Inc. Ms. Lucy Cooper Mary and Paul S. Counsell Mr. Peter J. Crawford and Mrs. Wendy Schaller Crawford Mr. Gerardo Cumpiano and Ms. Elizabeth Parker Mary Dahlman Deborah and Thomas Degnan Ms. Mary Ann Delzer Roger and Regina Dirksen Mr. Roland Dittus Patti and Patrick Doughman John and Sue Dragisic Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Dreske

Dr. and Mrs. James C. DuCanto Michael D. Dunham Dr. and Mrs. Harry A. Easom Eaton Corporation Educators Credit Union Carol and Tom Ehrsam Albert J. and Flora H. Ellinger Foundation Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Elson Ken and Claire Fabric Fairway Transit Inc. The Family Fund Dale and Carole Faught Dr. Bruce T. Faure Barbara and William* Fernholz Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fischer Dr. and Mrs. James Flesch Ms. Elizabeth J. Forman and Mr. Scott Bolens Mr. and Mrs. John C. Fowler Ms. Diane L. Gabriel and Mrs. Kerry Turner Maureen Gallagher Thomas J. Gallagher Mr. and Mrs. William Genne Jr. Emmely C. Gideon Mrs. Susan Godfrey Jeffrey M. Goldberg Donald and Carolie Goniu Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Goodman Greater Milwaukee Foundation • Donald and Barbara Abert Fund • Dr. Carl W. Eberbach and Elisabeth Falk Eberbach Fund • Journal Foundation/ Thomas and Yvonne McCollow Fund • Mary Jo and Steve Knauf Family Fund • David C. Scott Foundation Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Darian Griffin Mr. Don E. Gross Hammel, Green and Abrahamson Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Laurence C. Hammond Jr. Christopher and Suzanne Hanks Arlene Hansen Edward T. Hashek Hatco Corporation Ms. Rita L. Hayen and Mr. Walter Boeshaar Tom and Suzanne Hefty Mr. Mary E. Henke Hentzen Coatings Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hevey Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hogan Melanie C. Holmes Mr. and Mrs. Dave Honan Mr. and Mrs. Nic Hoyer Humana Health Care Hunzinger Construction Company Hupy and Abraham, S.C. Dr. and Mrs. Jacques Hussussian Julia Ihlenfeldt InPro Corporation Interiorscapes by the Plant Market Russ Jankowski Diane and Bob Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Jennings Ms. Barbara H. Jorgensen Jeff and Laura Jorgensen Ms. Jane Jutrzonka Marsha A. Kademian Mr. Richard Kahn Mrs. Shinji Lee Kaiser and Mr. Joshua Kaiser Charles and Lois Kalmbach Charlie and Mary Kamps Mr. and Mrs. Barry Karp Mr. and Mrs. Bruce B. Karr

Moshe and Debra Katz Ms. Tracey Klein and Mr. Rick Klein Robert and Gerda Klingbeil Anne K. Klisurich Gene and Stephanie Klurfeld Mr. and Mrs. William C. Koenig Ms. Marie H. Kohler and Mr. Brian Mani Mr. and Mrs. Richard Konrath Mr. and Mrs. Andrew S. Krei Ms. Pam Kriger Mr. and Mrs. William G. Krugler Milt and Carol Kuyers Bill and Judy Laste Mr. and Mrs. Eugene F. Lavin Legacy Property Management Services Mr. Jeffrey C. Levy Ms. Nancy Lindenberg Mr. Robert D. Little Robert J. Lodzinski Ms. Terese Lohmeier and Dr. Robert S. Ruggero Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Love Mr. Roger Luhn Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Lukas Mr. and Mrs. Glen Lunde Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Lundell M. E. Dey & Co. Ann R. MacIver Ms. Lois Malawsky and Dr. Jay Larkey Elizabeth Malone Audrey A. Mann Jacqueline Servi Margis Marvin and Ann Margolis Lisa Rae Martin Master Lock Company & Waterloo Industries Materion Advanced Chemicals

Debesh and Linda Mazumdar Mary E. McAndrews Mr. Patrick Mehigan and Ms. Piper Plummer Douglas and Annette Mickelson Dr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Milleville Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence P. Moon Ms. Melissa Mooney and Mr. Philip Schultz Mrs. Barbara Morris and Mr. D. Kendall Griffith George and Julie Mosher Family Foundation Motor Castings Foundation Thomas and Karen Plunkett Muenster Mr. Gregory W. Mulry and Mr. Kenneth E. Multhauf Mr. Jim P. Murray and Mrs. Patti Murray Lucia and Jack M. Murtaugh National Business Furniture Inc. Dr. Paul Nausieda and Dr. Evonne M. Winston Gary F. Neitzel North Shore Bank Christopher B. and Anne L. Noyes Abby O’Dess Ms. Julianna L. Olson Outpost Natural Foods Therese Palazzari and Mark Maduza Tracy A. Park, MD Peck Foundation, Milwaukee Ltd. Mr. Donald S. Petersen and Ms. Corinthia Van Orsdol Helen Armbrust Pfeifer



Ms. Linda Picchiottino John Julian Pickeral III and Evalynne J. Espejo Mrs. Gwen Plunkett Steven and Karen Port Kathy and Andy Potos Joan and Don Prachthauser Dr. Sarah J. Pratt Kasandra and R. Jeffrey Preston Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Quadracci Mr. and Mrs. Austin M. Ramirez Patrick and Noreen Regan Ms. Colleen Reilly and Mr. Daniel A. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Renouard Linda and Blaine Rieke Mr. and Mrs. Allen N. Rieselbach Mr. Lee A. Riordan Mr. James Robinson and Mrs. Catherine Robinson Julie and Mason Ross Mr. Michael Ryan and Mrs. Mary Burke Ryan Ms. Anita M. Samen and Mr. David Follmer Sandstone Group Foundation Joan and Marc Saperstein Mr. Kevin Scheu and Mrs. Theresa L. Scheu Joseph Schick Lawrence and Katherine Schnuck Paul Scholl Roland Schroeder and Mary Mowbray Ms. Judith A. Schulz and Mr. Chris Bonin Scott Advertising Agency Inc. Mr. Jay Scott and Mrs. Carolyn Scott


Ms. Marsha Sehler Mr. and Mrs. William T. Shaffer Jr. Mr. Joel Shields Shully’s Cuisine & Events Cathy Simpson Mrs. Wendy L. Sleight Dr. Jonathan and Shirley Slomowitz Kathleen M. Smith Sosh Spano Pratt Executive Search Sprecher Brewing Co. Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Stafford Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Stein Mrs. Maureen Steinhafel Mr. and Mrs. Peter Stillmank Dr. and Mrs. James E. Stoll Dr. and Mrs. James Stone Anne and Fred Stratton Mrs. Libby Temkin Ms. Ann B. Terwilliger Teuteberg Inc. Mrs. Ann Tisdale Chuck and Lori Torner Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Treisman Dr. and Mrs. Dan Trittin Mrs. Carla A. Uphill Mrs. Joan Urdan John and Martha Vogel Sally von Briesen Mr. Brian Wachowiak and Ms. Patricia Hensley Len and Susan Weistrop Thomas G. Wendt Ann and George Whyte Mr. and Mrs. James Wiechmann Carol A. and Lee G. Wolcott Mrs. Richard P. Zauner Mr. and Mrs. Burton C. Zucker*


AllianceStaff LLC Anonymous (9) Ms. Janine Arseneau Janie and Cliff Asmuth Ms. Carol A. Barnett and Mrs. Hazel L. Barnett Libby Barrow Mr. Leo Barton and Mrs. Diane M. Barton Doris M. Bauer David and Jill Baum Polly and Robert Beal Mrs. Margery Becker Mr. and Mrs. John Beer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Benton Dr. and Mrs. Joel Bernstein Mr. Nic Bernstein Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Bibler Mr. and Mrs. Joel W. Biller Mr. and Mrs. Bert Bilsky Mr. and Mrs. Terence Bischoff Robert and Ellen Bladorn Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Blommer Mr. Morton Blutstein Mr. and Mrs. Willliam H. Boles Mike and Ginny Bolger Cap Borges Mr. and Mrs. Gordon F. Boucher Mark J. Bowmann Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Bradley Steve and Patty Brink S. J. Brown Mr. John D. Bryson and Mrs. Lisa A. Bryson Mr. and Mrs. John H. Burlingame Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Burrell Jr. Mr. Thomas Bush and Ms. Rosalie Neufeld James and Judith Callan

Ms. Patricia Calvy Carol A. Carpenter Sally Carson Joan Celeste Mr. Richard Chang and Ms. Rebecca Leiviska Mr. Anthony Clayton Honorable Pedro A. Colón and Mrs. Betty Colón-Ulmer Mr. Anthony P. Connolly and Mrs. Marilyn Connolly Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Connolly Lynn S. Connolly Mr. Tim Connor and Mrs. Anne Connor Mr. Kenneth J. Cook and Mrs. Jean H. Cook Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Cowen Mr. and Mrs. Todd Craft Ms. Heidi H. Crimmins and Mr. Ian Crimmins Dana Investment Advisors Inc. Sue and Russ Darrow Mr. and Mrs. Gordon C. Davidson Mr. Patrick Davidson Mrs. Susan DeWitt Davie Ms. Marcia A. Day Larry and Eileen Dean Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Delgadillo Mr. and Mrs. Delmar D. Desens* Mr. Lloyd Dickinson and Ms. Kristin Bergstrom Susan Doornek Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Dow Art and Rhonda Downey Ms. Karen Drummond Mr. and Mrs. John R. Dunn Mr. Ken Eichenbaum and Ms. Cate Charlton

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Ellsworth Jr. Ernst and Christiane Endres Dale F. Engstrom Mr. Frank Evans and Ms. Janet K. Boles Mrs. Thelma Fiorita Anne and Dean Fitzgerald Mrs. Marcia C. Flanagan Mr. and Mrs. Darrell W. Foell Nancy and Jim Forbes Ms. Candice Foss Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Foster Mr. Mark Franzen and Mrs. Janice Franzen Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. French Mr. David A. Friedman Mr. Richard A. Gallun and Ms. Judith McGregor Judy and Mark Garber Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Gaulke Mrs. Susie Gebhardt Shel and Danni Gendelman Mrs. Jane K. Gertler Dr. and Mrs. James P. Gierahn Ms. Elizabeth Gifford and Mr. Gary Cartwright Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn M. Gimbel Dr. Burton E. Goodman and Ms. Harriet Bocksenbaum Idy and Bill Goodman Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Goodman Greater Milwaukee Foundation • Robert C. Archer Designated Fund • Michael and Patricia Dunn Fund Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Greene

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Greeney Mr. Joseph P. Gromacki Drs. Sidney E. and Josette B. Grossberg Mr. Gerald Groth and Mrs. Patricia Groth Mr. and Mrs. Warren Haeberle Mr. Edward J. Hammond and Ms. Marcia P. Brooks Mary and Edward J. Hanrahan Harley-Davidson Foundation Norma and Bill Harrington Mr. Michael T. Hart and Mrs. Kathleen M. Hart Ms. Leslie Hauser and Mr. Karl Wuesthoff Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Helz Mr. John P. Hickey and Dr. Kathleen L. Hickey Mr. John Higuchi Mr. Donald D. Hinkle and Ms. Jacquelyn M. Hinkle Ed and Vicky Hinshaw Mr. James Holland Mrs. Susan Hopwood and Mr. Howard Hopwood Donald and Melody Huenefeld Jeanne Jacobs John T. and Suzanne Jacobus Family Foundation Mr. Douglas C. James Mr. Gerald J. Janis Jr. Mr. Robert Jansen and Mrs. Sarah Jansen Mr. Gregory S. Jay and Dr. Martha Jay Mrs. Richard C. John Ms. Joan R. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kane Dr. and Mrs. Harry J. Kanin Ms. Dee Ann Keip and Mrs. Whitney Vallier

Ms. and Mr. Katherine N. Keland Audrey and Jack Keyes Mr. Timothy Klinger and Mrs. Jayne Klinger Mr. and Mrs. Bill Koester Arthur C. Kootz Foundation Robert and Gail Korb Benedict and Lee Walther Kordus Mary Krall Donald and JoAnne Krause Family Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kucha Mr. and Mrs. David J. Kundert Ms. Christine Lamarre Sandra and Dale Landgren Mrs. Theresa Lane Mr. and Mrs. Dennis LeClaire Arlene and Joel Lee Mr. and Mrs. David Leevan Mr. David M. Lenz and Mrs. Rosemarie Feiza-Lenz Dr. Joseph A. Libnoch Mrs. Robert Lieding Dr. Paul W. Loewenstein and Mrs. Jody Kaufman Loewenstein Mr. and Mrs. David Long Robert J. Lotz Mr. and Mrs. Marcus C. Low Jr. Dr. and Mrs. John F. Lubing Dr. Robert D. Lyon and Ms. Gabrielle S. Davidson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. MacNeil Mr. William Madlener Katharine and Sandy Mallin Lucy A. Martin Michael and Clare McArdle Dr. and Mrs. Daniel J. McCarty

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. McCormack Mrs. Robert L. McGlynn Dr. J. Scott McMurray Mrs. Janet Meister William C. Meyer Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Miech José A. Milan Milwaukee Radiologist Ltd. Elizabeth A. and John W. Moore Linda and Douglas Moore Mrs. Cheryl O. Moret and Mr. Blake D. Moret Marleen and Dwight Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Justin L. Mortara Ph.D. Ms. Lai King Moy and Dr. Michael L. Becker Peyton and Ruth Muehlmeier Dr. Andreas Mueller-Blecking Donald and Corinne Muench Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Muench Jr. Ms. Nancy A. Munroe and Mr. Jon Borkowski Mary and Terry Murphy Donna Neal Mr. Daniel H. Nelson Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David K. Nelson The Bob and Hanna Nevins Family Foundation Fund Lynn S. Nicholas Mrs. Mary Nohl and Mr. Jeff Nohl Judy and Thomas Obenberger Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Otting Dr. David A. Paris D.D.S. Reverend and Mrs. Richard W. Patt Mrs. Norman Paulsen



Mr. and Mrs. John Pearce Mr. Alan S. Perlstein and Ms. Terry L. Hamann Mr. and Mrs. David Peters Claire Pfleger Ned and Barb Piehler Mrs. Martha A. Pierce Ms. Jane Podemski Dr. and Mrs. Randle E. Pollard Mrs. Jennifer M. Pollock and Dr. Glen A. Pollock Ms. Wendy Proctor Mr. Adam Rafkin Mrs. Debra Rand Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Judy Rauh Ms. Sharon Reed and Mr. Stewart Brase Catherine Reeves David and Kris Reicher Mr. Brady Roberts and Mrs. Anna Roberts Mr. Joseph A. Rochetto and Mr. Arthur Anderson Elizabeth and John Roffers Sean and Kelley Ronayne Lucy Rosenberg Mr. Richard Sachs Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Sargeant Thomas and Kay Schanke Gen and Wil Schauer Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Schauer Beth and Chris Schimel Mr. Don Schmidt Mr. Patrick W. Schmidt and Ms. Dewey J. Caton Elliott Schnackenberg Mr. and Mrs. Rodd Schneider Mr. and Mrs. Howard M. Schnoll


Dr. Benjamin F. Schultz and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Colvin Mr. and Mrs. Karl Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schumann Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Schwartz Tom and Judy Seager Jocelyn Servick and Gary J. Steinhafel Dr. David Shapiro and Dr. Jane A. Hawes Erik and Maud Siljestrom Mr. Todd Slusar Mr. David M. Smith Ken and Cardi Toellner Smith Ms. Dorothy Somers John and Ruthann Spaay Mrs. Karen Spahn Eric D. Steele and Kathryn C. Bach Eva and Paul Stefanski Mr. Larry Steffens and Ms. Ruth Nelson-Steffens Mrs. Carol Stein Ms. Florence Steinberger and Mr. Andy Feining* Sara K. Stum Susan A. Sweeney Ms. Carolyn J. Sweers Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Tate Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Teper Nicole and L. William* Teweles Mr. David K. Thiel Karen A. Tibbitts Mr. Paul Tilleman and Ms. Sally Duffy Mr. and Mrs. John L. Touchett Mrs. Sharon Treul Miss Ronisha Turner-Cook Priscilla A. and Thomas R. Tuschen Lynn Tyree

Mrs. Patricia Van Alyea Van Buren Management Ms. Karin Verdon Mr. Richard D. Vincent John and Jennie Walker Mr. Michael R. Walton and Ms. Mary Schueller Thomas and Joan Whipp Ms. Pamela White Wu and Mr. Chyan Wu Kathleen and Dennis Wicht Mr. and Mrs. Calvin B. Williams Madonna and Jay Williams Mr. Sherman Williams and Mrs. Jill Williams Mr. and Mrs. Donald S. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. John Wittkowske Ms. Anne F. Wysocki and Mr. Dennis Lynch Ms. Caryl E. Zaar Mrs. Sally F. Ziegler Ms. Mary L. Ziino and Ms. Kaylee Annen-Ziino Bettie Zillman Mr. and Mrs. James Zucker *deceased


$1,000,000+ Anonymous Donna and Donald Baumgartner Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation Herzfeld Foundation Leonard and Bebe LeVine* Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon B. Lubar Milwaukee County Betty and Harry Quadracci Family Sue and Bud Selig Julia and David Uihlein $500,000–999,999 Jane and George Kaiser Sally Schley Manegold Mrs. Nita G. Soref We Energies Foundation $250,000–499,999 Ellen and Joe Checota William R. and Sandra G. Haack Institute of Museum and Library Services Johnson Controls Foundation Arthur and Nancy Laskin Henry Luce Foundation R. Bruce and P. Antonette McDonald Peck Foundation, Milwaukee Ltd. Anthony Petullo Suzanne and Richard Pieper Family Foundation SC Johnson Fund Inc.

$100,000–249,999 A. O. Smith Foundation Debbie and Mark Attanasio Lori and Kurt Bechthold Tony and Andrea Bryant Margery W. Burstein* Chipstone Foundation Sue and Curt Culver Demmer Charitable Trust Edward U. Demmer Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dunphy Stephen and Nancy Einhorn Ralph Evinrude Foundation Inc. Greater Milwaukee Foundation Heil Family Foundation/ Katie Heil Frieda and William Hunt Memorial Trust Tony and Susan Krausen Mary Pauly Lacy Myron Laskin Jr. Elizabeth Levins and Herbert Zien Lorelle K. and P. Michael Mahoney MGIC Investment Corporation Keith and Jane Morgan Nosbusch Betty M. Samuelson* Jan Serr and John Shannon Bert L. & Patricia S. Steigleder Charitable Trust Joan Stein given in honor of Mark and Debbie Attanasio Christine A. Symchych and James P. McNulty Lynde B. Uihlein

$50,000–99,999 Astor Street Foundation Inc. Clair and Mary Baum Wendy and Warren Blumenthal Roger L. Boerner Caxambus Foundation Philip B. Flynn and Lois Grace Golde Claire and Glen Hackmann Donna Hensel Ron and Renee Joelson Kenneth C. and Melinda Scott Krei Raymond and Barbara Krueger Donald W. and Mary Jo Layden Family Foundation Linda and John Mellowes Alice H. Nelson Andy Nunemaker Jim and Dr. Karen Petric Will Ross Memorial Foundation Mary and Carl Strohmaier U.S. Bank $25,000–49,999 G. R. Affeldt Jr. Donald Baumgartner Trust Deborah A. Beck and Frederic Sweet Mr. David A. Bjorklund Elaine Burke Mr. and Mrs. Virgis Colbert Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trusts William and Kari Foote Family Four-Four Foundation Ellen and Dick Glaisner Margarete and David R. Harvey Charlie and Betsy Hoke

Richard G. Jacobus Family Foundation Ladish Company Foundation Gail A. Lione and Barry L. Grossman Wayne and Kristine Lueders Elaine and Gerry Mainman Genie and David Meissner Marleen and Dwight Morgan Lois and Richard Pauls Kenneth R. Treis Kent and Marcia Velde $20,000–24,999 Nancy A. Desjardins James and Ellen Flesch Sandy and Dennis Kuester Mrs. James J. Murphy $15,000–19,999 Mr. and Mrs. Marshall F. Meier II Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District Schoenleber Foundation Inc. Richard Schreiner and Alison Graf $10,000–14,999 Anonymous Dan and Gwen Armbrust Lee and Robert Attanasio Kerry, Lucille, and Gene Bartelt Polly Walker Beal and Robert L. Beal Jim and Mary Beth Berkes Robert and Arlene Brachman Orren and Marilyn Bradley Joan & Fred Brengel Family Foundation Murph and John Burke Carla and Neal Butenhoff Tim and Sue Frautschi Drs. Carla and Robert Hay

Thomas D. Hesselbrock and Carl H. Spatz David Keen and Judy Perkins Susan and Raymond Kehm Richard and Roberta London Katharine and Sandy Mallin Camilla and David Mathews Rose Mary and Francis Matusinec Barbara and Henrik Moe Mr. and Mrs. John F. Monroe Jr. George and Julie Mosher Gregory W. Mulry and Kenneth E. Multhauf Chris and Anne Noyes Lawrence W. Oliverson and Donna N. Guthrie Joyce and Nick Pabst Elaine N. Peterson Maxine K. Rabinowe Randy R. Reddemann Peggy and Bob Schuemann Mrs. Wendy Sleight Roger and Judy Smith Jacquelyn and Way Thompson Jr. Judy VanTill Kathleen and Charles G. Vogel Kathleen Saito Yuille Ms. Alanna Zrimsek and Mr. Morton Levin $5,000–9,999 Anonymous Armbrust Foundation Mrs. James M. Auer Anthony and Priscilla Beadell Natalie B. Beckwith Bruce and Melissa Block Clarence Chou Beverly Ervin Colton Amy and Frederick Croen



Larry and Eileen Dean Eileen and Howard Dubner Julianna Ebert and Frank J. Daily Emma Fallone Dr. Peter Foote and Dr. Robin S. Wilson Barbara Nitchie Fuldner Judy and Mark Garber The Gardner Foundation William and Colette Goldammer Jule and Michael Groh The Hamilton Family Foundation Sally Hill Susan and Leander Jennings David and Diane Knox Dr. Alice M. Kuramoto Tom and Cynthia LaConte Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Lane Ellin and Jerry Levy Maxsan Foundation Jess and Amanda Merten Scott and Marjorie Moon Joan W. Nason Jill G. Pelisek Claire Pfleger Linda and Blaine Rieke Philip and Reva Shovers Christine and James Speaker Ann Terwilliger Miles and Kathy Vilski William and Eleanor Wainwright $1,000–4,999 Bill and Linda Abraham John and Mary Almasi The Angelus Association in memory of Earl Buchanan Anonymous (5) Carol A. Barnett given in honor of Hazel and Thomas Barnett


Dr. Richard P. Barthel and Mrs. Diana Barthel Robert and Carole Bonner Bradley Family Foundation Inc. given in memory of Marjorie P. Franz Ms. Sally Brown Dr. Henry and Barbara Burko Anthony and Patricia Busalacchi Kathlyn M. and Christopher J. Callen Valerie B. Clarke Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E. Connolly Mr. Kenneth J. Cook and Mrs. Jean H. Cook Mary and Paul S. Counsell Terri and Paul Danola Sue and Russ Darrow John and Sue Dragisic Ms. Kathryn Drexler Ms. Karen Drummond Mr. and Mrs. James O. Durand Mr. Eric M. Eben and Mrs. Christine M. Fenske-Eben Lois Ehlert Mr. Jerry Feldman and Mrs. Debra Rand Feldman given in memory of Michael Rand Feldman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fischer Anne and Dean Fitzgerald Ms. E. Kelly Fitzsimmonds Janet and David Fleck Fran Franklin Mr. and Mrs. Frederic G. Friedman Mrs. Jane K. Gertler Mr. James J. Gleason and Mrs. Lisa Groskopf-Gleason Ms. Ruth K. Goldmann and Mr. Harry L. Wallace Idy and Bill Goodman Dr. John and Andrea Grant

Scott and Janice Gray Greater Milwaukee Foundation • Konrad Family Fund • Kopmeier Family Fund • Marie E. Weiss Fund Mr. and Mrs. F. William Haberman Christopher and Suzanne Hanks Ms. Gail Hesselbrock Mrs. Bernadine R. Huber John T. and Suzanne Jacobus Family Foundation Russ Jankowski Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Jaremko William D. and Janet L. Johnson Debra J. Jupka Dr. Henry S. Kepner Jr. Judith Keyes Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Kimball Steve and Mary Jo Knauf Mr. Herbert V. Kohler and Ms. Natalie Black Ms. Suzette M. Kolaga and Ms. Julie Schrubbe Mrs. Catherine Krueger Steven and Cheryl Kuhnmuench Mr. Scott K. Larson Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lasca Mrs. Eleanor D. Lee Mr. Jeffrey C. Levy Dr. Joseph A. Libnoch Donald R. and Barbara B. Lynch Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Lyons Mrs. Ann R. MacIver Sherry and Norm Malmon Audrey A. Mann Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Carolyn B. Maruggi Maxsan Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Paul McCaughey Kathleen and Thomas McCormick Joseph and Joni McDevitt Mrs. Robert L. McGlynn Mrs. Janet Meister Ms. Susan D. Mischler Mr. George N. Mueller and Mrs. Patricia H. Mueller John and Sharon Muendel Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Murphy Jane and Keith Nosbusch given in honor of Amy Kirschke and Barbara Brown Lee Charles D. Ortgiesen Foundation Ms. Diane Pellegrin and Mr. Chris M. Bauer Ms. Rita Petretti Sharon and James Petrie Skip and Ildy Polliner Joan and Don Prachthauser Dr. Sarah J. Pratt Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Quadracci Mrs. Norma Rand Mrs. Wendy Randall Timothy Raupp and Carla Karua David and Roberta Remstad Mr. Brady Roberts and Mrs. Anna Roberts Sande Robinson Elizabeth and John Roffers Julie and Mason Ross Charles and Patricia Roy Terry* and Phil Rozga Mr. J. Wesley Schaum Lillian Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schumann Bob and Judy Scott Ms. Marsha Sehler Janet M. Seizyk

Dr. Neville Sender and Mrs. Adrianne Pollack-Sender Sheehan Family Foundation Janine and Bruce Smith Mr. Judson Snyder and Mrs. Jessica Snyder John and Mary Splude Mr. Harold A. Steen given in memory of Florence H. Steen Barbara Stein David and Rachael Stein Gary J. Steinhafel and Jocelyn Servick John Stewig and Richard Bradley Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Stoffel Sara K. Stum Telly Foundation Ltd. Ms. Mary N. Vandenberg and Mr. Keith Mardak Robert and Brooke Walker Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Welz Carolyn White-Travanti and Leon Travanti Edwin P. (Ted) Wiley Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wythes Mrs. Richard Zauner Thomas Zigan and Scott Jones


When supporters provide sustained assistance rising far above the ordinary, the Museum honors them as Lifetime Members. We are deeply grateful to the following for the support they have provided. Tracy and Peg Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Atterberry Drs. Isabel and Alfred Bader Jay and Patty Baker Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Baumgartner Barbara and Russell E. Bowman The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation Marilyn A. Charles Richard R. Cherek Mr. and Mrs. Ben Choice Michael J. Cudahy Joanne Dyskow Helena P. Ehlke Janice and James Fleming Gloria and Steven Foster Dr. Marvin Fruth Christopher Goldsmith David and Maggi Gordon Dr. George Gray Herzfeld Foundation John and Catherine Irion David and Cynthia Kahler Daniel F. Kehrer Mrs. Robert V. Krikorian Layton Art Collection Inc. Barbara Brown Lee Sally Manegold Mrs. Arthur F. Milbrath David Moynihan Jane Bradley Pettit Foundation Joan M. Pick The Reiman Family Foundation

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Eastern Wisconsin Inc. Pleasant T. Rowland Foundation Mrs. Marcia Specks Lawrence R. Stadler Sally and Steve Stevens David and Julia Uihlein Charitable Foundation Mrs. Erwin C. Uihlein Lynde B. Uihlein Mrs. Rymund Wurlitzer LEGACY SOCIETY

The following have made arrangements through wills, retirement plans, charitable remainder trusts, or other instruments to leave a portion of their estate to the Museum. Their legacies will help ensure that the Museum’s exhibitions and programs will serve many generations to come. George R. Affeldt Jr. Anonymous (10) Charles* and Dorothy Aring James M.* and Marilyn M. Auer Adam Bauman Mr. and Mrs. John Robert Baumgartner* Priscilla and Anthony Beadell David E.* and Natalie B. Beckwith T. Thompson Bosworth Anthony and Andrea Bryant Mrs. John D. Bryson Thomas and Barbara Burton Dr. Curtis Carter Lynn Chappy Lisa A. H. Cudahy

Mary L. Dahlman Mary Ann Delzer Mary Terese Duffy Audrienne W. Eder Roma and Laurence Eiseman Bob and Kathy Emery Mary L. Fiedler Elizabeth and Frederic Friedman Ellen and Richard Glaisner Carole and Adam Glass David Glenn Jeffrey C. Glock and Jane E. Reilly Christopher Goldsmith Donald and Carolie Goniu Thomas J. Gould Florence S. Grodin Arlene Hansen Edward T. Hashek Michael and Gay Hatfield Carla and Robert Hay Sheila M. Hendrix John G. Hill Jr.* and Sarah H. Hill Marianne Hillebrand Mr. and Mrs. James Hyde Angela and George Jacobi Douglas C. James Russ Jankowski Susan M. Jennings Judy and Gary Jorgensen Dr. Charles and Mrs. Anne Junkerman Jane L. and George C. Kaiser Patti Keating Kahn Paula Keats and Steve Horwath Ray and Susan Kehm Mary E. Kelly Msgr. Raymond N. Kertz Dr. and Mrs. John D. Koehler Kathleen L. Kortas Mary and Michael* Krall Kenneth and Melinda Scott Krei



Nancy and Gilbert Krueger Raymond and Barbara Krueger Lise and Tom Lawson Barbara Brown Lee and Wallie* Lee Lawrence and Bridget Lenz Gail Lione and Barry Grossman Robert J. Lodzinski Helen Peter Love Jacqueline S. Macomber Dr. Robert* and Audrey Mann Rocille McConnell Tom and Mary McCormick Marilyn E. Miller and Leone Lewensohn Barbara Morris and D. Kendall Griffin Joan W. Nason James* and Alice Nelson Diane M. and J. Alan O’Connor Joyce and Nick Pabst Lygere Panagopoulos Jill and Jack* Pelisek Elaine N. Peterson Lucia and Pete Petrie Anthony J. Petullo Ronald and Barbara Poe Gordana and Milan Racic Randy R. Reddemann Thomas J. Reich for the Reich Family Sande Robinson Atty Robert W. and Mrs. Barbara Roth Allen and Vicki Samson James and Andrea Schloemer Wendy and Douglas* Sleight Arthur C.* and Katherine M. Smith


Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Smocke Mrs. Nita Soref Susie Gigi Stein Roland and Judith Strampe Mr. and Mrs. Allen M.* Taylor Roseann and David Tolan Edward M. Turner Kent and Marcia Velde Jo and Bob Wagner Lisa K. Weisman Agnes and Ronald Wells, MD David Wescoe Carolyn White-Travanti and Leon Travanti Edwin P. (Ted) Wiley Dick and Susan Wilkey Dr. Elizabeth L. Wimberg Lee G. Wolcott Richard and Sue Ann Wruck Bettie Zillman Alanna Zrimsek and Morton Levin *deceased


The continuing support of Milwaukee County makes this facility available under the auspices of the War Memorial Corporation to serve the living in memory of our war dead. The Milwaukee Art Museum is supported in part by a grant from the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin and the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Museum’s ArtXpress program is supported in part by a grant from the Milwaukee Arts Board and the Wisconsin Arts Board with funds from the State of Wisconsin.


We gratefully acknowledge the generous donors who contributed gifts of $100 or more as a tribute to someone special. In Honor of Mark and Debbie Attanasio Mrs. Joan Stein In Honor of Donna and Donald Baumgartner Dr. and Mrs. Edward and Carolyn B. Maruggi In Memory of Helen A. Geimer Blaesser Mrs. Arlene Gallagher In Honor of Mary Beth Pieprzyca Berkes Mr. James S. Berkes In Honor of Michelle Brekke Ms. Katharine Mallin Dr. and Mrs. Sanford R. Mallin In Memory of Earl Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Buchanan In Memory of Joan R. Conway Anonymous Ms. Rosalie Neufeld Ms. Doris E. Price Mrs. Mary M. Shannon and Mr. Thomas J. Shannon

In Memory of Richard W.Cutler Mr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Asmuth III Ms. Molly Murphy Nesnadny & Schwartz Ms. Mary R. Sine In Memory of Enid Mary Dietrich Ms. Georgeann Casper Wisconsin Amateur Hockey Association In Honor of Steve Einhorn Mr. and Mrs. David Einhorn In Memory of Jean Friedlander Mr. James Friedlander In Honor of Frederic G. Friedman Ms. Sarah M. Friedman In Memory of Constance Pember Godfrey Patrick and Anna M. Cudahy Fund Mr. and Mrs. Jim Phillips Mr. Thomas A. Russo and Mrs. Georgina T. Russo Ms. Holly Von Estorff In Memory of Frederick “Freddie” Fairchild Hansen Mrs. Elizabeth S. Slugg In Memory of Jim and Avis Heller Heller Foundation Inc. In Memory of John “Jack G. Hill” Mr. Pat Woodall and Mrs. Sue Woodall

In Honor of Anthony Krausen Mr. and Mrs. Warren Blumenthal In Honor of Barbara Brown Lee Mrs. Phyllis Scharner In Honor of Ellin and Gerald Levy Ms. Judy Gordon and Mr. Bruce Bachmann Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Selig Dr. and Mrs. Barry Usow In Memory of Hope and Abraham Melamed Ms. Abigail G. Melamed Ms. Agatha M. Melamed Mr. and Mrs. John H. Melamed In Memory of Barbara Nelson Ms. Candice Foss In Memory of Annette C. Niedermeyer Mr. and Mrs. James E. Bauman Mr. Bob Buckley and Mrs. Marlene Buckley Mr. John P. Devine and Mrs. Terri J. Devine Mr. and Mrs. David Epstein Mr. and Mrs. Clark D. Gridley Mr. James E. Schacht and Mrs. Nancy L. Schacht

In Memory of William L. Randall Ms. Holly Von Estorff In Honor of Morris and Sheila Rudberg Anonymous Mr. Michael Neuman and Mrs. Nancy Neuman In Memory of Daniel L. Shneidman Mr. Thomas McCormick and Mrs. Mary McCormick Mary and Greg Smith Mr. Gregory Smith and Ms. Mary Ellen Smith In Memory of Don Tarachow Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Greenwalt In Memory of L. William “Bill” Teweles Ms. Sally Hinrichs Anderson Ms. Claudia Bodine Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brickman Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Drake Mrs. Penelope Egan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Elsner Mr. Kurt Glaisner and Mrs. Rosemary Glaisner Mr. and Mrs. William C. Hansen Mr. John Higuchi Milwaukee Radiologist Ltd. Mr. David Olson and Ms. Claire Fritsche Dr. Gregory Salton Dr. and Mrs. Don R. Spiegelhoff Dr. and Mr. Gerald Splittgerber Ms. Karin Verdon Ms. Sheryl Watkins


The following individuals and organizations generously provided goods and services to help the Museum in 2014–15. 88Nine Radio Milwaukee Adelman Travel George R. Affeldt Aggie’s Bakery Ambassador Hotel Ancora Stone & Tile Design Baker Tilly Virchow Krause Beans & Barley Café Benelux Central Wire Industries/ Rick Perlick Chamberlin Group Christie’s Cubanitas CompURent Door Peninsula Winery Eat Cake! Front Room Photography Grasch Foods Hawks Landscape IDS Joey Buona’s Barbara and Richard S. Lane M Magazine Metcalfe’s Market Wauwatosa Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Meyer Miller Baking Co. Milwaukee Bucks Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Milwaukee Magazine O&H Danish Bakery Pepsi Americas PNC Potawatomi The Pub Club Quad/Graphics Quarles & Brady LLP Racine Danish Kringles Red Elephant Chocolate Schlitz Audubon Nature Center Schlossmann Automotive ShopKeep POS Tenth & Blake Tyanna Buie Vanguard Computers Inc. Whole Foods Zarletti


docents + volunteers DOCENT COUNCIL

Melissa Block Chair Jane Fee Past Chair Ken Loeffel Secretary

Nancy Matthisen Judy White Continuing Education Peetie Basson Pat Brophy Diane Kane Docent Digest Joan Hunt Gloria Rozus Greeter Team Coordinators Suzie Hanks Louise Keck Karen Thaker Hospitality Claudia Shea Junior Docent School Program Coordinator Sally McCaughey Sally Pratt Peer Review Helga Mikoteit Anne Noyes Travel ACTIVE DOCENTS

Becky Adlam George Affeldt Diane Aiello Rose Balistreri Sylvia Barany Barbara Bartholin Peetie Basson Jody Baxter Sue Berce Diane Berndt Melissa Block Jan Blooming


Jeannette Brasseur Cari Bravo Pat Brophy Libby Bruce Donna Burdge Marsha Camitta Geralyn Cannon Miriam Cleary Mary Crawford Wendy Crawford Heidi Crimmins Eileen Dean Mary Ann Delzer Cindy Deming Louise Doornek Rhonda Downey Mary Therese Duffy Dulce Duran Mary Lou Elson Mary Lynn Elver Ingrid Erickson Claire Fabric Heidi Fallone Jane Fee Sylvia Fishman Susan Forrer Janis Frank Enas Gerges Grace Gnorski Kathleen Grady Frank Green Ruth Gregory Amy Greil Jule Groh Tsui-Ching Hammond Suzanne Hanks Holly Harnischfeger Karen Hellman Suzanne Herszenson Roger Heuberger Lloyd Hickson Jack Hill Rana Holbrook Joan Hunt Liz Joehnk Andrea Johnson Jerrod Johnson Barbara Jorgensen Karen Jossi Eileen Kaczmarek

Shinji Kaiser Diane Kane Jonas Karvelis Louise Keck Raymond Kehm Jill Kemper Lorie Klibowitz Kathrine Kloecker Louise Konrath Ron Kosek Bobbi Krier Mary Krueger Susan LaBudde Laura Lange Barbara Larkin Janet Larscheid Kenneth Loeffel Roseann Lyons Joan Maas Mary Beth Mahoney James Maki Deborah Mamerow Paul Masterson Nancy Matthisen Sally McCaughey Laeh Bensman McHenry Kelley McIntosh Joe McPhillips Betty Menacher Helga Mikoteit Joseph Miller Robert Mitchell Sharon Muendel Kathleen Muldowney Beatrice Murphy Mary Murphy Sharon Nieman- Koebert Nancy Northey Jane Nosbusch Anne Noyes Joyce Pabst Katie Parent Rhonda Pelk Carol Peterson Karen Petric Lynn Pilmaier Frank Pipp

Margaret Plotkin Joan Prachthauser Sarah Pratt Edith Radovich Mary Read Gail Rennie Brenda Richardson Nedret Rix Rita Rochte Tracy Rokosz Gloria Rozmus Sheila Rudberg Judith Ruland Linda Sanduski Jeewon Schally Cynthia Schmadeke Joan Schmidman Lisa Schultz Sandy Shadwick Judy Shapiro Claudia Shea Pamela Shovers Susan Siegert Marcia Singer Wendy Sleight Mary Ellen Smith Jane Somers Susan Steinman Carol Stephenson Ethel Stern Judy Strampe Larry Sussman Terry Sutter Terri Sutton Mary Alice Tamsen Karen Thaker Rikki Thompson Jerome Trewyn Beverly Ugent Carla Uphill Janet Vopal Mary Alice Wasielewski Bonnie Welz Thomas Whipp Judy White Heidi Wurlitzer Josephine Yanasak Meta Zobec-Novak


Suzanne Aiken Kathy Arenz Vicki Banghart Joan Barnett Katherine Beeson Kathy Boer Martha Bolles Leanne Boris Claudette Bostrom Arlene Brachman Patty Brink Alexandra Buchholz Phyllis Casey Joanne Charlton Judy Christofferson Judith Croak Lorraine Croft Patricia Crump Elizabeth Cuneo Mary Dahlman Barbara Damm Bette Drought Joan Drouin Stephanie Dudek Janet Dulde Virginia Dunphy JoAnn Eddy Audrienne Eder George Evans Estelle Felber Peg Fleury Ellen Flesch Sue Frautschi Marilyn Giaimo Anne Gimbel Ellen Glaisner Susan Godfrey Linda Goetsch Paula Goldman Eileen Gruesser Mary Hamilton Donna Hensel Adrienne Hirsch Mary Holden Lorraine Horst Caroline Imhoff Jeanne Jacobs Nancy Jaekels Beth Just

Joan Kabins Elsie Kanin Audrey Keyes Carole Kintis Lila Lange Joan Larscheid Elaine Larsen Carol Lehmann Alice Lipscomb Audrey Mann Julie McHale Mary-Claude McNulty Mary Meyers Sylvia Miller Irene Morgan Joan Nason Alice Nelson Jenny Nelson Annette Niedermeyer Joyce Ninneman Sue Oster Dorothy Ann Phinney Sue Pieper Norma Rand Beverly Rattner Mary Ellen Reiland Marcie Roberts Terry Rozga Mary Jo Schauer Brenda Schendel Janis Scherr Sally Schuler Jane Segerdahl Janet Seizyk Cathy Simpson Dorothy Stadler Sharon Steinmetz Patricia Strassburger Carol Thieme Roseann Tolan Priscilla Tuschen Susan Vebber Anne Vogel Margret Jhin Walsh Alice White Kathy Wicht Carol Wiensch Pamela Willms Barbara Wood Clarice Zucker


Mary Ackermann Sue Berce Sharon Canter Gale Childs-Daly Mary Ann Crossot Jane Fee John Oberwetter Michael Radichel TRAINEES

Ana Amorin Howard Austin Nick Baumgart Bill Boles Marti Carr Liz Chernousova Gwen Evseichik Larry Hammond Yvonne Jahnke Cynthia Ketter John Kraft Peter Larson Judy Leiterman Caryl Lobel Caroline Mandel Sharon Moore Judy Perkins Nancy Rubly Kathy Schuchard Davey Singer Mary Sussman Cynthia Swedish Marshall Zarem VOLUNTEERS

Mary Ann Adams Beverly Arrowood Amal Azzam Jeanne Baas Patricia Bakula Katalyna Bartek Jody Beer James Berkes April Bina Sarah Biskowitz Jane Botham Rose Brojanac

Elianna Bruce Diane Buege Ann Burda Amy Burke Christine Burroughs Rose Camara Cyndi Carini Mary Jo Coffee Kathy Conrow Lori Couture Luann Cummings Nancy Desjardins Caitlin Driver Jean Dueling Bette Dulka Rasheed Duncan Patricia Dunn Elizabeth Ellis Dominique Evans Sherry Ewaskowitz Priscilla Farrell Mary Fiedler Melanie Fullmer Karen Geisel Lori Gendelman Joseph Gengler Gina Gerber Jaclyn Ghazazadeh Lynne Glendenning Joan Glyzewski Marge Gosline Sarah Goth Marilyn Gramling Jennifer Grant Elaine Haberichter Laurene Harschutz Jethro Heard Jr. Sally Hensel John Hickey Mary Hoefert Jean Holmes Russ Jankowski Putri Jati Chloe Jones Caroline Jorgenson Stephanie Juranitch Michael Jurkash Russell Kafka Kathleen Kaltz Andrea Katcha

Kathleen Kelly Mary Kelly Marty Kerrigan Marie Kingsbury Diane Kirchen Lorie Klibowitz Barbara Klinger Lidia Klos Kathy Kortas Melinda Krueger MacKenna Krupa Katherine Lanigan Jennifer Larson Caitlin Lennon Erin Lennon Joan C. Levine Michelle Liu Ken Loeffel Padee Lor Nichole Mannchen Kristen Mash Laeh McHenry Marion Metzow Cynthia Michael Maggie Michalski Clarice Mish Geoff Moon Marilyn Mullen Sue Nelsen Gail Neuenfeld Hong Nguyen Phuong Nguyen Marilee Nord Ellen Orlowski Reece Ousey Ryan Ovsienko Judy Owens Patricia Padurean Peggy Patros Annie Pedersen Rhonda Pelk Jan Perry Marilyn Pietrzak Patricia Pietrzak Patricia Proft Maria Raquel Queiroz-Wachholz Gloria Rath Kimberly Retert

Maureen Rice Cecilia Richardson David Riehl Marlene Riehl Ruth Robertson Curt Rode Pat Rode Linda Rosen Mary Rosenheimer Brie Schettle Cindy Schmadeke Tom Schneider Mary Schroeder Carol Schwartz Susan Seigert Milli Shade Virginia Simerly Leslie Smart Jessica Smith Kay Smith Laura Smith Alfrieda Spicer Beatrice Steffes Betty A. Storey Stephanie Strand Terry Sutter Geraldine Sykes Nancy Timm Marcia Tremaine Patricia Van Kampen Phoebe Wechsler Larry Wellenstein Charlotte Wharton Erik Widharma Dorothy Wilkins Andrea Will Meghan Wingert Carole Wirtala Amy Xiao Susan Yale Maja Nevzala Zagorac Ted Zinders Meta Zobec-Novak


Ralston Crawford, Untitled [Red crane], ca. 1938. Full credit listing on page 23.



As of August 31, 2015 *part-time


Daniel Keegan Director Cathee Boeder Executive Assistant


Monica Obniski Demmer Curator of 20th- and 21stCentury Design Catherine Sawinski Assistant Curator of Earlier European Art

Kathy Acevedo Director of Human Resources

Tina Schinabeck Collections Manager of Works on Paper

Mary Beth Frigo Human Resources Associate

Margaret Andera* Adjunct Curator Rachel Vander Weit Curatorial Assistant


Brady Roberts Chief Curator Liz Flaig Curatorial Department Administrator Brandon Ruud Constance and Dudley J. Godfrey Jr. Curator of American Art and Decorative Arts Tanya Paul The Isabel and Alfred Bader Curator of European Art Lisa Sutcliffe Curator of Photography and Media Arts


Dawn Gorman Frank Senior Registrar Jane O’Meara Associate Registrar Stephanie Hansen Database Administrator/ Assistant Registrar for Exhibitions and Loans Lydelle Abbott Assistant Registrar for Exhibitions and Loans/Rights and Reproduction Coordinator Demetra Copoulos* Registrar’s Assistant


Jim DeYoung Senior Conservator Terri White Associate Conservator Chris Niver Assistant Conservator Tim Ladwig Preparator Richard Knight Framer/Mountmaker

Joe Kavanaugh Chief Preparator Kevin DallyMuenzmaier Preparator Neil Gasparka Preparator Paul Mitchell Preparator Arthur Mohagen Preparator Kraig Przybylski Preparator

Jenille Junco* Conservation Assistant

Matt Plain* Preparator

Glenda Puhek* Conservation Assistant



Heather Winter Librarian/Archivist Beret Balestrieri Kohn Audio Visual Librarian David Kwasny Information Systems Analyst


David Russick Chief Designer

Vicki Scharfberg Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Allison Peck Bierman Director of Marketing and Communications Fran Serlin Director of Audience Engagement Laura Simson Marketing Coordinator


Leslie Boll Senior Graphic Designer Christina Dittrich Senior Editor Nate Pyper Graphic Designer Marcia Stern* Copy Editor


Jeanne Tripi Director of Member and Visitor Services Gretchen Armitage Visitor Services Manager Melissa Ramsey* Lead Representative Brian Kingsbury* Lead Representative Aliza Baran* Diane Berndt* Syretta Brown* Adriana Chessman* Esteban Contreras* Barbara Duffy* Dana Hansen* Brianna Kilgore* Jessica McNeely* Michael Paulson* Tom Penglase* Elizabeth Salvaggio*

Jessica Steeber Design Coordinator



Jordan Severson* Erica Stowe* Jennifer Wagner* Member and Visitor Services Representatives


Karen McNeely Director of Retail Operations Mary Lou Simmelink Museum Store Manager Julie Tokarz-Stoye* Assistant Store Manager Donele Pettit-Mieding Marketing and Web Store Manager Brieanne Maldonado-Cruz* Assistant Buyer Anna Dempsey Fischer Store Operations/ Web Manager Mary Johnson Lead Sales Associate Linda Garofalo* Keyholder Associate Alicia Rice* Receiving/Store Office Associate


Amber Brandolino* Bianca Brandolino* Jane Hanson* Kelly Houlihan* Lauren Marvell* Ellie McCarrier* Colleen Pyatt* Jennifer Sturchio* Monica Zakrzewski* Store Associates


Heather Korte Food and Beverage Director Micah Kaufman Executive Chef Jamie Nelson Sous Chef Max Perez Catering Kitchen Manager Clarissa Chronister* Liz Hahn* Assistant Managers

Jenna Graham* Yessica Jimenez* Shoua Khang* Brady Kuhn* Ngoc Le* Shelley Maculan* Sam Manka* Michelle Mayo* Dan McNeely* Mary Noonan* Andrea Orozco* Kathryn Parlow* Hanna Patzer* Dana Phillips* Debra Powers* Laura Rodriguez* Cortney Scheckel* Blake Schur* Samantha Smith* Sarah Smith* Christina Spahr* Veronica Torres* Mia Tripi* Robert Vela* Malkin Wallace* Tyler White* Servers


Jason Becker* Dawn Behr* Colby Breyfogle Jzazell Chambliss* Jo Christie* Elsa Couillard* Joe D’Acquisto* Kelsey Ehleiter* Joe Gauthier*

Ramon Lopez Avila* Doug Bautch* Tracy Chiconas* Jim Cook Julie Dressner* Arnie Gonzales* Elton Liggins* Larenzo Reel* Elias Rourke* Suzanne Schlicht Jennifer Sims*

Micah Sterling* TJ Walsh* Lydia Yang* Cooks/Dishwashers


Michelle McCue Director of Sales and Events Katie Shorts Wedding Coordinator Laura Hartrich Corporate Events Coordinator Melissa Donahue Internal Events Coordinator Jessica Gaskey Internal Events Coordinator


Riley Engstrom Set Up Supervisor Willie Jackson* Josh Kanter-Kowal* Andy Kruck* Chase Schaefer* Charles Sedli* Set Up Technicians


Brigid Globensky Barbara Brown Lee Senior Director of Education and Programs Amy Kirschke Director of Adult, Docent, and School Programs Emily Sullivan Director of Youth and Family Programs Kantara Souffrant Manager of School and Teacher Programs Michelle Bastyr Kohl’s Art Generation Community Relations Coordinator Brett Henzig Youth and Family Programs Coordinator Shannon Molter Youth and Family Programs Educator Marcie Hoffman Docent Tour Coordinator Meghan Walsh Tour Scheduler Helene Fischman Teen Program Coordinator

Alysha Rendflesh Education and Programs Administrative Assistant Whitney McAllister Kohl’s Color Wheels Team Coordinator Ana Cortes* Emily Gaustad* Jessica Janzer* Jeanne Kollmeyer* Jessie Long* Jessica Yocherer* Michelle Zealy Youth and Family Program Assistants Liala Amin* Susan Brandstetter* CC Braunreiter* Amber DuChateau* Jenny Grebe* Cynthia Loehr* Mary Fran Murray* Dawn Omernik Nimmer* Passion Terrell* MaiKue Vang* Paula Washow* Ted Zindars* Teachers – Temporary


Chris Gaskey Accounting Manager Rhonda Flory Payroll/General Ledger Associate Heidi Koester Office Administration Associate Rosie Ma Accounting Assistant Geri Hickman Accounting Assistant


Dan Somers Director of Facilities Erwin van Dyck Facilities Manager Geoff Mumau HVAC Technician

Gary Bolhar Jim Byrne Rich Cherek Adam Dudenhoefer Michael Gabrys Greg Heinritz Warren Iles Jeff Jiracek Stephanie Johnson Diane Kendall Chung Mai Kevin Megonigle Dan Rutherford Jeff Schultz* Milissa Socolick John Veger Security Officers

Ted Williams Brusubardis Manager of Electronic Media

Molly Nitka* Emily Pupack* Michael Rakers* Mary Richards* Temporary Private Investigators

Therese Palazzari Director of Institutional Gifts

Carlos Leon-Roman Facilities Assistant



Praveen Krishnamurti Director of Information and Interactive Technology

Dan Carney Director of Security Brad Novak Security Manager

Jane Wochos Chief Operating and Financial Officer

George Rebicek John Rittberg Lead Officers

Lue Hang Controller

James Sudberry Lead Security Station Operator

Clayton Backes* Audio Visual Technician Mark Glatzel* Audio Visual Technician


Krista Renfrew Director of Special Events Jennifer Kobe Special Events Manager Molly Canan Special Events Manager


Mary Albrecht Senior Director of Development

Sara Stum Director of Individual and Planned Giving DeDe Chaoui Director of Development Information Systems Rita Flores Wiskowski Institutional Gifts Manager

Dustin Dupree Systems Administrator

Rachel Bellmer Membership Manager

Andrea Straughn Web Designer/ Developer

Elisabeth Albeck Membership Relations Coordinator

Bob Burton Support Technician

Terry Pachuca Development Assistant


financial report Financially, the Milwaukee Art Museum concluded fiscal year 2015 with a balanced budget and a strong balance sheet, with no debt as of August 31, 2015. Net assets are approximately $149 million as of year-end. The following are among the highlights of the 2015 operating year: • The Museum Store, Café Calatrava, and facility rentals saw continued success; all contributed a gross profit of almost $2.2 million, slightly down from the previous year. • Goals for the annual campaign and membership were met and approximated the same level of giving as the prior year. • The Museum was able to fund all the renovation costs through the fiscal year due to the generosity of donors.


The investment portfolio experienced flat performance in fiscal year 2015. The total market value of investments was $42.5 million in 2015, compared to $51.3 million in 2014. The major reason for the decrease was that funds were spent on the renovation and reinstallation of the Collection Galleries. The Museum’s ability to raise and earn revenues sufficient to cover operating expenses will continue to be a challenge in the years ahead. As the Museum plans for its future, successfully accomplishing its goals will depend on continuing to expand the visitor experience, grow its Member and donor base, and build a larger endowment. The Museum has identified several planned gifts that will help build the endowment in the years ahead.


Assets Liabilities and net assets Cash and cash equivalents Investments and funds held in trust* Inventories and other assets Accounts receivable, net Pledges receivable, net Property and equipment, net

6,823,139 42,533,782 1,216,790 111,648 8,508,202 89,444,850

Total assets


Payables Deferred revenue Total liabilities

2,297,171 1,028,870 3,326,041

Total net assets


Total liabilities and net assets



Operating Revenue

Operating Expenses

Contributed revenue Unrestricted 5,728,841 Restricted for programs 3,804,233

Total contributed revenue Earned revenue Endowment draw for operations Total operating revenue

9,533,074 4,792,295 1,610,000 15,935,369

Education 1,127,716 Audience and communication 1,993,440 Presentation and curatorial 3,506,575 Business operations 1,461,680 Development and volunteer services 2,560,034 Facilities and security 2,975,537 General and administrative 2,308,022

Total operating expenses


Change in unrestricted net assets from operations 2,365 *Investments 7% Other

20% Acquisitions

46% Operations

3% Board Designated

15% Curatorial

9% Education

Operating revenue 10% Endowment Draw for Operations

30% Earned Revenue

Operating expenses 9% Business Operations

60% Total Contributed Revenue

14% General and Administrative

19% Facilities and Security

7% Education

13% Audience and Communication

22% Presentation and Curatorial

16% Development and Volunteer Services

The condensed statement of financial position and the condensed statement of operations are derived from the Milwaukee Art Museum’s financial statements as of August 31, 2015, which have been audited by Wipfli LLP, independent auditors, whose report expressed an unqualified opinion on those financial statements. A complete copy is available upon request or can be found on the Museum’s website:


The Milwaukee Art Museum collects and preserves art, presenting it to the community as a vital source of inspiration and education.

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