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Table of Contents Welcome�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6 THE WOLVES��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 7 Acknowledgements......................................................................................... 8 Cast of Characters........................................................................................ 11 Corporate Sponsors��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������12 Notes from the Director Alexandra Harbold and Joe Murray.......................... 14 Micro-Mini Season........................................................................................ 16 Who’s Who����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������18 Coming Next: PINKALICIOUS, THE MUSICAL..................................................... 25 Season Add-ons��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������26 University Professional Theatre Program....................................................... 27 Sponsors, Friends and Supporters................................................................ 28 Salt Lake Acting Company Staff���������������������������������������������������������������������32 Board of Trustees������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������33 For Our Audience������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������36

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Welcome to THE WOLVES! Salt Lake Acting Company contributes greatly to the national theatre field by developing new plays and producing World Premieres. Since SLAC has the reputation of producing plays of high quality with integrity for a loyal, open and adventurous audience, we get the rights to plays that took New York City by storm such as HAND TO GOD, FUN HOME and now THE WOLVES. In sharing the excitement of this 2017 Pulitzer Prize finalist. We asked the cast: “What makes you a wolf?” “As Mia Hamm once said, ‘My coach said I run like a girl, and I said if he ran a little faster he could too.’ I am a wolf because I am a GIRL who chooses to play with the strength and confidence of a wolf pack.” ~Alison Stroud “The thing that makes me a wolf is my belief in a pack. I believe that we all need our own ‘pack’ to survive in this world - individuals who will back us up when we need and who we can, in turn, protect.” ~Madi Cooper “Having a powerful intuition and being really ferocious when it comes to protecting my loved ones. I’m loyal to our pack and I’ll defend it.” ~Louise Dapper “A lifetime of love.” ~Tracie Merrill “I am a wolf because I am light and dark, chaos and harmony and if I allow you in my pack my passion, my loyalty, my ferocity and my love will never let you down.” ~Mary Neville “The Wolf is an intellectual. The Wolf embodies intuition. The Wolf utilizes instinct. The Wolf relies on their pack, all are ruthless team players. The Wolf craves the kill. The Wolf lives to survive. The Wolf is brute strength. The Wolf is feared by man. I am a Wolf.” ~Ireland Nichols “I’m like a wolf because I have a pack mentality. I love working and being with others. I’m playful, not aggressive unless you mess with a member of my pack and I’m very strong. I am a wolf.” ~Hailee Olenberger “While I am cute, fun, and sweet with a loyalty to my pack, I have a strength that I am not afraid to let shine through. I am a fierce fighter with a heart and soul full of love and a desire to avoid conflict and protect others.” ~Fina Posselli “I am a wolf because being on a team means putting fiery passion on the field or on the stage. We work to make something beautiful whether that’s a play about women who aren’t props in a man’s story. Or we work hard to make a beautiful game, to get that bicycle kick, to beat the odds and achieve the impossible. I am a wolf and I am also a part of the pack.” ~Cezanne Smith “This cast is a pack of fiercely loyal, deeply intuitive and intelligent women and as a company we can confidently chant ‘We are the Wolves!’” ~McKenzie Steele Foster Thank you for being here and cheers to all our inner wolves! With gratitude, Cynthia Executive Artistic Director





Sarah DeLappe Director

Alexandra Harbold

Set Design

Light Design

Erik Reichert William Peterson

Composer/Sound Design

Costume Design

Jennifer Jackson

Soccer Consultant Joe Murray

Kerstin Davis

Prop Design


Janice Jenson

Catherine Heiner

Stage Manager

Assistant Stage Manager

Justin Ivie*

Katelyn Limber*

Fight Choreography Consultant

Adriana Lemke

University Professional Theatre Program Assistant Sound Design

Kate Hunter

* Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States “The Wolves” is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH, INC. World premiere produced by The Playwrights Realm (Katherine Kovner, Artistic Director | Roberta Pereira, Producing Director) on September 8, 2016 and remounted on December 5, 2016 by special arrangement with Scott Rudin and Eli Bash. Originally presented by New York Stage and Film and Vassar in the Powerhouse Season, Summer 2016. Playwrights Horizons Theater School produced a workshop of The Wolves in 2015 in association with Clubbed Thumb, where the play had been developed previously. Winner of the 2016 Sky Cooper New American Play Prize at Marin Theatre Company, Mill Calley, CA Jasson Minadakis, Artistic Director; Keri Kellerman, Managing Director Produced by Lincoln Center Theater, New York City, 2017 THE VIDEOTAPING OR MAKING OF ELECTRONIC OR OTHER AUDIO AND/OR VISUAL RECORDINGS OF THIS PRODUCTION OR DISTRIBUTING RECORDINGS ON ANY MEDIUM, INCLUDING THE INTERNET, IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED, A VIOLATION OF THE AUTHOR’S RIGHTS AND ACTIONABLE UNDER UNITED STATES COPYRIGHT LAW. FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE VISIT: WWW.SAMUELFRENCH.COM/WHITEPAPER

Acknowledgements The Salt Lake Acting Company gratefully acknowledges the following foundations and government agencies for their very generous sponsorship. Their support is truly essential to SLAC’s success and vitality.

Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP) Salt Lake County Cultural Facilities Support Program National Endowment for the Arts Utah Division of Arts & Museums Salt Lake City Arts Council The Shubert Foundation Emma Eccles Jones Foundation George S. & Dolores Doré Eccles Foundation B.W. Bastian Foundation John & Marcia Price Family Foundation Terence Kearns Stephens Charitable Fund Marriner S. Eccles Foundation National New Play Network Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation McCarthey Family Foundation Jarvis & Constance Doctorow Family Foundation Anonymous S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation The Richard K. & Shirley S. Hemingway Foundation Henry W. & Leslie M. Eskuche Foundation The Whittenburg Foundation Utah Humanities U.S. Bank Foundation The Dramatists Guild Fund Rocky Mountain Power Foundation Dorsey & Whitney Foundation

This project is supported in part by Salt Lake County’s Zoo Arts and Parks program, Utah Division of Arts and Museums, with funding from the State of Utah and the Salt Lake City Arts Council.





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Cast of Characters

#11…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…...…McKenzie Steele Foster* #25………………………………………………………………………….….Madi Cooper #13…………………………………………………………………….Hailee Olenberger* #46……………………………………………………………………….Alison Jo Stroud #2……………………………………………………………………………....Fina Posselli #7……………………………………………………………………………..…Mary Neville #14…………………………………………………………………………...Louise Dapper #8………………………………………………………………………..….Cézanne Smith #00 ………………………………………………………………………..Ireland Nichols Soccer Mom………………………………………………………………..Tracie Merrill* * Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States

MILLS PUBLISHING, INC. Dan Miller, President; Cynthia Bell Snow, Office Administrator; Jackie Medina, Art Director; Ken Magleby, Katie Steckler, Patrick Witmer, Graphic Design; Paula Bell, Karen Malan, Dan Miller, Paul Nicholas Chad Saunders, Advertising Representatives; Jessica Alder, Office Assistant; Caleb Deane, Administrative Assistant The Salt Lake Acting Company playbill is published by Mills Publishing, Inc.,772 East 3300 South, Suite 200, Salt Lake City, Utah 84106 Phone: 801.467.8833 Email: advertising@millspub.com Website: millspub.com Mills Publishing produces playbills for many performing arts groups. Advertisers do not necessarily agree or disagree with content or views expressed on stage. Please contact us for playbill advertising opportunities. Copyright 2018.



Corporate Sponsors 2018/2019 Salt Lake Acting Company sincerely thanks the following Corporate Partners who make the 2018/2019 Season possible:

1Wire Albion Financial Group Amazon Smile Anderson & Karrenberg Clear Lamp LLC Especially For You Henries Dry Cleaning Holland & Hart LLP Maschoff Brennan Mazza Mills Publishing, Inc NJRA Architects Red Rock Brewing Company Rocky Mountain Power Salt Lake Roasting Company SLUG Magazine Smith’s Food & Drug Stores StorageCraft Technology Corporation US Bank Veterinary Orthopedic Services Wasatch Beers/Squatters Beers We Olive Wells Fargo Wilkinson Ferrari & Company





THE WOLVES’ playwright Sarah DeLappe speaks of her hope that we wonder “who each of these girls are as they slowly reveal themselves over the course of the play,” and as we have practiced on the field and rehearsed together, I keep thinking of Virginia Woolf’s journal entry: “I should say a good deal about The Hours, and my discovery: how I dig out beautiful caves behind my characters: I think that gives exactly what I want; humanity, humor, depth.  The idea is that the caves shall connect and each come to daylight at the present moment.” The Wolves feels like a warren of these caves running just under the surface, forcing up the earth as they cross into and around one another. One of the many reasons I love Sarah’s play is that it subverts the idea of a single protagonist, a single hero’s journey. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been talking about high school together, pouring our own stories, memories, bruises and victories into the caves of The Wolves, but the term bildungsroman has resurfaced from my (long-ago) high school English class. The German term names the literary genre focused on the psychological and spiritual growth of a young protagonist as they cross a threshold between childhood and adulthood. In The Wolves, Sarah DeLappe has written not one but rather of a pack’s interconnected rites of passage, failures and victories. When my godmother heard that I was directing The Wolves, she sent me Abby Wambach’s 2018 Commencement Remarks at Barnard College, which were inspired by her seeing a production of Sarah DeLappe’s play. In her remarks, Wambach proffers four rules that she has used to unify and lead her own pack: Rule One: MAKE FAILURE YOUR FUEL (Wolf Pack: Fail up. Blow it, and win.) Rule Two: LEAD FROM THE BENCH (Wolf Pack: Wherever you’re put, lead from there.) Rule Three: CHAMPION EACH OTHER (Wolf Pack: Her Victory is your Victory. Celebrate it.) Rule Four: DEMAND THE BALL It has been an unbelievable privilege and gift to work with this company on The Wolves and to tunnel into all the caves where Sarah asked us to dig. I am awed by each of these women – their ferocity, strength, and generosity as they have invested in the play and one another. They are the Wolves. Ever thanks to Salt Lake Acting Company, Joe, the Wolves’ pack and Creative Team. Alexandra Harbold





Sir Alex Ferguson, famous ex-coach of Manchester United, was once asked to explain the amazing free-kick taking prowess of star player, Cristiano Ronaldo. “There’s no secret. The important thing is practice. It makes perfect as I was taught in school. The boy practices every day, that’s the reason he’s so good. We go for a cup of tea and leave him to it”. The Wolves do not need to be at Ronaldo’s level for this play, but the point is that even the greatest talents need to work on fine tuning their skills. As with acting, repetition and practice are critical. Prior to formal rehearsals, we held soccer practice every Saturday from 9-10am for 9 weeks. The soccer-playing experience of the cast members is varied: some having played competitively in high school, others having played until middle or elementary school, and one or two that had never played soccer, but have alternative sporting backgrounds. The goal of the practice sessions was to allow them to discover or re-discover soccer skills, focusing a lot on the basics of controlling and passing a ball. Their growing confidence on the field week-over-week was obvious and a joy to behold. A coach of mine once said that “football (soccer) is a simple game, complicated by fools”. With that in mind, I tried to replicate a real-life soccer practice in the sessions: warm-up, stretching, some passing drills, shooting, and finally (and the most fun) a game. While much of what the team (cast) has worked on in practice may not be applicable to their stage performance, I believe that working on all aspects of the game will ultimately benefit the play. I also believe that their instinctive team dynamic has been very important to their process as a cast. I conclude with my player bios for The Wolves SC:

when on the ball. She may be the skinny one, but don’t mess with this Muay-Thai specialist. Mary (#7): Sporting natural, putting her basketball nous to good use on the soccer field. Penalty kick specialist. Desperately tried, but failed ultimately, to suppress her use of choice language. Cezanne (#8): Bouncy goal-poacher, always in the right place at the right time…even if her character is a defender. McKenzie (#11): McFlicky. Never saw a flick that she couldn’t resist. Eye for the spectacular…and missing a wide open goal. Vocal…in ways that earn yellow cards. Hailee (#13): Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Also fond of a flick or three. That said, a hard-nosed defender at heart…don’t mess with her. Louise (#14): Brazilian…need I say more. Very fond of the move made famous by the Dutch master, one Johan Cruyff. Madi (#25): Captain Fantastic, leads by example, even if she was the first to receive a yellow card in practice (see #7 and #11 – actors have a way with “language”). Alison (#46): If she wasn’t focused on her acting, she could be playing college-level soccer without a doubt. Great ball-handling skills and a wicked shot (in other words, get out of the way).

Ireland (#00): Great outfield skills for a goalie. Her catlike instincts come from many hours playing Ultimate Frisbee. Fina (#2): Fast uber-flexible defensive stalwart, never giving you a moment’s piece




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At Salt Lake Acting Company you are more than just an audience member. Your presence and adventurous spirit inspire us as artists to go to work. Our 48th season will bring you plays that will make you think, make you laugh and make you sing.

THE CAKE by Bekah Brunstetter Utah Premiere February 6 – March 10, 2019 Director: Justin Ivie Della is the best baker in her politically red town, but now she’s faced with a decision that pits her faith against family. Will she bake a wedding cake for two women – one of whom is as close as a daughter? The culture wars have never been so delicious.

SILENT DANCER by Kathleen Cahill April 10 – May 12, 2019 Director: Cynthia Fleming Choreographer: Christopher Ruud Dangerous love, secret identities, maids, dancers, criminals, silent movies, and the most famous couple in New York – Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald. A groundbreaking dance/play/ romance which expresses the pulse, the change, and the infinite possibilities of life in America.

SATURDAY’S VOYEUR by Allen Nevins and Nancy Borgenicht June 26 – September 1, 2019 Director/Choreographer: Cynthia Fleming Join us for Utah’s most irreverent summer bash! SATURDAY’S VOYEUR is written for us, about us, every year in celebration of the peculiarities of this place we lovingly call home. Pack your picnic and come party!






“This is the story of how I never stopped running. This is the story of how, when the wolves knocked, I met them at the door and I became the beast, instead.” –Ashe Vernon When considering coming of age stories for girls, titles like Mean Girls, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, or even A Cinderella Story may come to mind. The narratives share a similar understanding of the teenage girl experience, including a network of close friends, the struggle to adhere to societal norms, and ultimately, a happy ending. While these stories do not appear particularly insidious, they often play off of the negative stereotypes of female relationships—including the constant desire for romantic relationships, the negativity and alienation of girl groups, and dramatic and manipulative behavior. With these kind of examples, how do teenage girls understand themselves within the context of their communities? Sarah DeLappe’s dramatization of a girls’ indoor soccer team preparing for competition originally premiered in New York in 2016. At first glance, The Wolves may appear as a similar take on the female coming of age story. However, this is a world dictated and organized by the girls themselves. DeLappe described the setting as “the only place where they are athletes, first and foremost. I was interested in creating a world where teenage girls could define themselves, as opposed to being defined by parents or boyfriends or the male gaze.” The Wolves asks audiences what it means to grow up as a teenage girl. The team is a community within itself—a place for each individual to explore her own identity and


attempt to understand how they fit within a wider context. DeLappe’s work requires attention to detail, a searching for hints that reveal each character’s individual experience and perspective so that each facet is slowly revealed to the audience as the play progresses. Structurally the play allows for a constellation of stories, emphasizing the “choose-your-own-adventure” aspect DeLappe has created, playing on the musicality in what she describes as “an orchestration for nine voices, each representing one of the girls.” In what has been termed “a pulsating portrait,” a “firecracker,” and “a dizzying whirl of attitude, anxiety, and adolescent hormonal volatility,” The Wolves uses the smallest and even the most ordinary conversation to magnify the lives within the team. It offers sympathy without pity and recognition without judgment, with teenage girls seen as “complicated, nuanced, very idiosyncratic people […] who were athletes and daughters and students and scholars and people who were trying actively to figure out who they were in this changing world around them.” The Wolves create bonds that bend, bind, and support—reminding us that teenage girls are more resilient than we often give them credit for.

Brantley, Ben. “’The Wolves’ are Back in a Rush of Combustible Energy.” The New York Times, 21 November 2017. Lemon, Brendan. “Sarah DeLappe on Women Warriors.” Lincoln Center Theatre. 3 October 2017. https://www.lct.org/explore/blog/sarah-delappewomen-warriors/ Accessed 17 July 2018. Rooney, David. “’The Wolves’: Theatre Review.” The Hollywood Reporter, 20 November 2017.



thrilled to be making her SLAC debut! She is a recent graduate from the University of Utah, where she received a BFA in Musical Theatre. Some of her favorite university credits include Christine in the U.S. premiere of THE BEAUTIFUL GAME, Campbell in BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL, and Whatsername in AMERICAN IDIOT. Additional credits include Amber in HAIRSPRAY at The Grand Theatre and Elle in LEGALLY BLONDE. She would like to thank Andra, Cynthia, Mitch, and her friends and family.


is delighted to perform Sarah DeLappe’s first play. She is an international student from Brazil pursuing her BFA in Theatre Performance at Westminster College and has performed for Brazilian companies before coming to the United States. Recent credits at Westminster’s Dumke Theatre include LOVE AND INFORMATION (Actor), AS WE KNEW IT (Hallah), and MACHINAL (Nurse/ Defense Lawyer).


Mom) is over the moon to be working with Andra and this amazing team at SLAC. SLAC credits include RAPTURE, BLISTER, BURN and ICE GLEN. A transplant from back east, other favorite local and regional works include: ELEEMOSYNARY, SELMA 65, CHEAT, STOP KISS (Pygmalion), ONE BIG UNION, LADY MACBETH, DI ESPERIENZA (Plan-B), DRACULA (PTC), RINGS (Grand Theatre), THE RAINMAKER (Hale), METAMORPHOSES, AS YOU LIKE IT (Clarence Brown Theatre), LA BETE (Theater at Monmouth) and three Shakespeare tours. Film and TV credits


include 127 Hours and Disney Channel’s Den Brother. Tracie also loves any opportunity to be involved in developing new plays (call me!). A member of AEA, she received her MFA from UT-Knoxville and a classical degree from Weber Douglas Academy in London. Huge thanks and love to her hubby and her dad.


honored to be making her SLAC debut with THE WOLVES. She recently starred as Eliza Newsom in Wasatch Theatre Company’s production of WHAT WE’RE UP AGAINST. As a fan of improv comedy, she has been in many shows at the Off-Broadway Theatre, some of which include: UTAHOMA, and DRACMAN VS. SUPERIORMAN. Another one of her favorite credits is PICNIC at the Grand Theater where she played the feminine hygiene teacher, Christine Schoenwalder. This past year she has also had the privilege of working on the films Jane and Emma and Not Cinderella’s Type. She’d like to extend a huge thank her family and friends for all the love and support.


(#00) is ecstatic for her professional debut in this impressive work by Sarah DeLappe at SLAC! She has recently entered the Salt Lake theatre scene after relocating from South Dakota. She is furthering her education in the Actor Training Program at the University of Utah. In the past two years at the U, Ireland has played various roles from Moth in Shakespeare’s LOVE’S LABOUR’S LOST to Masha in Anton Chekhov’s THE SEAGULL. She would like to thank her family and friends for their endless love and support. Ireland would also like to thank the faculty and professors that are helping guide her on this crazy lifelong journey in such a fulfilling profession!



(#13) is excited to be playing #13 in SLAC’s production of THE WOLVES! She was recently seen as Medium Alison in last season’s production of FUN HOME. She loves Salt Lake Acting Company and can’t wait to see where this show takes her!

enjoyed her time working with the Milwaukee Repertory Theater on the Leadership Board Teen Council. She is currently shooting a web series called Tech Week. For more, follow @ Cezanne_S on Instagram.


a BFA in Acting from Brigham Young University and is excited to be performing for her first FINA POSSELLI (#2) is time at Salt Lake Acting ecstatic to be making her SLAC debut in THE WOLVES! Company. Her most recent credits include Irina in Riot Act›s MOPEY WRECKS, The She is in her second Little Prince in Sackerson’s THE LITTLE year of the University PRINCE, Daisy in STALLED at the Great Salt of Utah’s Actor Training Lake Fringe Festival and Romeo in Riot Program (ATP). She was Act’s HØÜSES. last seen as Lorraine in HINDSIGHT, an immersive walking play in downtown SLC ALISON JO STROUD (#46) produced by Sackerson, and before that is very excited to be was Rosie in CABARET at SLCC Black Box making her professional Theatre. She was an acting and technical debut at SLAC! She is apprentice for Lyric Repertory Company’s currently a sophomore 2017 season, which included WAIT UNTIL in the Actor Training DARK, BIG RIVER, THE COMPLETE WORKS Program while also OF WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE ABRIDGED, and pursuing a double emphasis in the Stage THE FOREIGNER. She is thankful for the Management Program at the University support of her ATP classmates, professors, of Utah. She was a part of the University and her family. She is a grateful recipient of Utah Youth Theater Conservatory of this year’s Theatre Department Tuition and placed first at the Musical Theater Scholarship and the Desert Whale Competition of America in 2017. She has Productions, Inc Scholarship. been seen on stage at Juan Diego Catholic High School as Sandy in GREASE, Ann CÉZANNE SMITH (#8) is Putnam in THE CRUCIBLE, and Sir Andrew thrilled to be in her SLAC in TWELFTH NIGHT. She was also seen as debut with THE WOLVES. Her Eurydice in ANTIGONE and Vivienne in classically educated roots have brought her all over the LEGALLY BLONDE, both at University of Utah Youth Theater Conservatory. She country, having trained with also has spent over 10 years playing American Players Theater, competitive soccer and was a part of New School of Drama, and Interlochen Arts the Olympic Development Program Camp. As an alumni of First Stage’s Young and was the Captain of her ECNL (Elite Company, she was given the opportunity Clubs National League) soccer team. She to be co-captain on the Utah Shakespeare would love to thank her amazing family, High School competition team. Some of her professors, coaches, and friends for their recent credits include ANTIGONE, ALL’S WELL endless love and support. THAT ENDS WELL, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, and A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM. She also



SARAH DELAPPE (Playwright) Sarah

DeLappe’s play THE WOLVES (Pulitzer Prize finalist; Lortel, Outer Critics Circle nominations for Best Play/Emerging Playwright; Relentless Award, Sky Cooper New American Play Prize; Susan Smith Blackburn and Yale Prize finalist) premiered at The Playwrights Realm, following an engagement with New York Stage and Film, and development with Clubbed Thumb, followed by a production at Lincoln Center Theater. Fellowships and developmental support include The MacDowell Colony, The Ground Floor, LCT3 Playwright in Residence, Ars Nova Play Group, Page One Fellowship at The Playwrights Realm, SPACE on Ryder Farm, and Sitka Fellows Program. MFA: Brooklyn College.


thrilled to return to Salt Lake Acting Company. Previously, she directed TRIBES and the premieres of CLIMBING WITH TIGERS (SLAC, Flying Bobcat, & the Red Fred Project), (A MAN ENTERS), and THE PERSIAN QUARTER; and acted in HAND TO GOD, TWO STORIES, CIRCLE MIRROR TRANSFORMATION, SIX YEARS, and ICE GLEN. Upcoming projects include cocreating THE LIVE CREATURE & ETHEREAL THINGS (Flying Bobcat in collaboration with Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company), directing THE RIVALS (Babcock Theatre) and staged readings of AT THE BOTTOM (Pinnacle Acting Company) and DONNA (Plan-B Theatre); and dramaturging SWEAT (Pioneer Theatre Company). Harbold is Co-Founder/Co-Artistic Director of Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory and an Assistant Professor of Directing in the University of Utah›s Department of Theatre. www.alexandraharbold.com

ERIK REICHERT (Set Design) is honored

to design his second set at Salt Lake Acting Company. Erik studied music composition at Cal State Fullerton before moving to Salt Lake City. Rejecting music, he embarked on a career in floristry which he continues to this day. Through

flowers he was introduced to production design and worked on Touched by an Angel and High School Musical among other shows and films. Ever restless he started a sushi catering company only to be bought out by a local night club where he became head chef and eventual manager. Thoroughly finished with the nightlife he started with SLAC in 2014 as a carpenter and was recently promoted to Construction Supervisor. His first foray into theater set design was last season’s STAGS LEAP. Erik is currently learning the Xaio flute and practicing music again.

WILLIAM PETERSON (Light Design) is

the Master Electrician at SLAC, and is so pleased to design his third show at SLAC, having designed last season’s SURELY GOODNESS AND MERCY and STAG’S LEAP. Past theatre design credits in the area include AMERICAN IDIOT, IN THE HEIGHTS, THE MOUNTAINTOP, THE NETHER, PIRATED, 35MM, DAMN YANKEES, SHE LOVES ME, and GIRL OF GLASS. In 2016, he received the National Barbizon Award for Excellence in Lighting Design from the Kennedy Center for his work on Weber State University’s 9 CIRCLES. William is the Technical Director/Stage Manager for Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, with whom he frequently tours nationally and internationally. He holds a BA in Theatre Arts – Design/Tech from Weber State University and works as the Production Stage Manager for California State University Summer Arts, and Resident Lighting Designer for Good Company Theatre in Ogden. He is semi-fluent in Czech, and 40-word fluent in Mongolian and Korean, and enjoys trail-running, traveling, and working in the arts in all its forms. (www.william-peterson.com)

KERSTIN DAVIS (Costume Design) is

thrilled to design her first show at Salt Lake Acting Company. Her previous costume design credits are OUR COUNTRY’S GOOD (Babcock Theater), ECLIPSED (Studio 115), and YOU NEVER CAN TELL (Babcock Theatre). In addition

WHO’S WHO to costume design, she has been acting around the Salt Lake Valley for over 20 years for several companies. This includes Desert Star Playhouse, Off-Broadway Theater, and the Egyptian Theatre. She also voiced the title role in the PC game 13 Cards to Midnight, and its sequel 13 Cards to Dead Time. She would like to thank her beautiful family for supporting her through everything.


Designer) is excited to return for another season with SLAC. Previous design and/ or original music credits include ROMEO AND JULIET (Yale Repertory Theatre); HIR, HAND TO GOD, HARBUR GATE, BULL SHARK ATTACK, STREETLIGHT WOODPECKER, BLACKBERRY WINTER, TWO STORIES (Salt Lake Acting Company); TWELFTH NIGHT, THE LAST FIVE YEARS, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM, HENRY IV, PART I (Salt Lake Shakespeare); ION (Westminster College) and THE ORPHAN (Children of an Idle Brain Theatre Company - of which she is a founding member). Her sound installations have been exhibited at the Yale University Art Gallery and the University of Utah. Jennifer holds an MFA from Yale School of Drama and is on the faculty of the University of Utah Department of Theatre where her credits include LOVE›S LABOUR›S LOST, THE TWO NOBLE KINSMEN, GOOD KIDS, and SCHOOL FOR LIES. jenjacksonsound.com

JANICE JENSON (Prop Design) has worked at Salt Lake Acting Company for the past 7 years as stage manager, Company Manager, and Associate Producer and currently serves as SLAC’s Producing Director. Janice is a proud member of Actor’s Equity Association and has stage managed over twenty shows at SLAC, including the last eight SATURDAY’S VOYEUR’s. Previously, Janice has worked at Park City’s Egyptian Theatre, Dark Horse Company Theatre, Plan-B, and Tuacahn Center for the Arts. In 2008 Janice was selected as a USITT Stage Management

Veterinary Orthopedic Services Uncompromised orthopedic care for dogs and cats for more than 25 years.

Dale Smith, DVM 801.277.8777 www.orthoservices.com


Mentee, where she stage managed THE HISTORY OF DRAG. Janice is a graduate of BYU in Theatre Arts Studies and recently graduated from Westminster College with her Masters of Community Leadership.


delighted to be working on her first production at SLAC! After completing Honors BAs in Writing and Rhetoric and Theatre Studies at the University of Utah, she went on to receive her MA in Literary and Cultural Studies from Carnegie Mellon University this spring. This year she has presented research at the American Theatre in Higher Education Conference, the Comparative Drama Conference, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Theatre and Drama Graduate Student Conference. Her work in dramaturgy has included productions of AS YOU LIKE IT (University of Utah, Studio 115), AMERICAN IDIOT (University of Utah, Marriott Center for Dance), SELF DEFENSE, OR DEATH OF SOME SALESMEN (Univ. of Utah, Studio 115), and ECLIPSED (Univ. of Utah, Studio 115), which was honored at by the Region VIII Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival in 2018. She has also received staged readings of her plays STUFFING SEASON and SHOTS FIRED (accepted thesis for the Honors College) through the University of Utah New Play Workshop, and her play IN SPITE OF OURSELVES was produced by Wit’s End Theatre Company at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival.

JOE MURRAY (Soccer Consultant) When

Joe heard that his wife, Andra, would be directing THE WOLVES, he was delighted to volunteer as soccer coach. Joe has been playing organized soccer since he was seven years old. He moved from Ireland to the US on a soccer scholarship, playing with the University of Illinois at Springfield. He has continued to play with club teams since college, and currently plays with Blak Pijeon FC in the O-40 and O-46 Utah Adult Soccer leagues. While

he has coached underage competitive and recreational soccer teams in his 20s, including a high school boys team in Illinois, THE WOLVES has been a different and unique coaching experience. He has thoroughly enjoyed working with this talented and enthusiastic cast. Go Wolves!

JUSTIN IVIE* (Stage Manager) is a proud

member of Actors’ Equity who is thrilled be a part of SLAC’s 48th season! This is Justin’s fifth time stage managing for SLAC (STREETLIGHT WOODPECKER, WINTER, HAND TO GOD, MERCURY) and SLAC audiences may recognize him from his acting work as Dev in STUPID F*CKING BIRD, Jones in TOO MUCH MEMORY, and a nine-time cast member of SATURDAY’S VOYEUR. Justin has also directed SLAC’s readings of GRANT & TWAIN and BANGBANG (PAUSE) BANG. His many other local acting credits include appearances with Pioneer Theatre Company, Utah Musical Theatre, Egyptian Theatre Company, and Old Lyric Repertory Theatre. As a director, he has staged DRIVING MISS DAISY and many seasons of THE SENIOR THEATRE PROJECT and SENIOR STAGES for Walk-Ons, Inc. He’s also directed Arthur Miller’s THE PRICE for The OtherSide Players and JACOB MARLEY’S CHRISTMAS CAROL for OurSpace Theatre Company. A Weber State alumnus, Justin earned his MFA in Acting at Northern Illinois University. He has taught theatre and communications at LDS Business College, NIU, Triton College, and Weber State. Justin also designs scenery, props and theatrical masks, writes an occasional play, and sometimes even plays his banjo (when he’s pretty sure no one is listening).

KATELYN LIMBER* (Assistant Stage

Manager) is a recent graduate of Westminster College with a BFA in Theatre Performance. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with SLAC again. Her previous credits with SLAC include MERCURY (Assistant Sound Designer) and two heightened readings: REYKJAVIK


(Sound Designer), and REMARKABLY NORMAL (Sound Designer). She has also sound designed for Pinnacle Acting Company (THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNEST, TITUS ANDRONICUS, GIDEON’S KNOT) and Westminster College (LUNA GALE, OUR COUNTRY’S GOOD, LOVE AND INFORMATION, and DON JUAN COMES BACK FROM THE WAR).

CYNTHIA FLEMING (Executive Artistic

Director) has been in the world of dance and theatre professionally for over 38 years, during which time she performed in the Broadway, National and International companies with A CHORUS LINE. Since 1995 she has worn many hats at SLAC, including Choreographer, Director, Box Office Manager and Director of Audience Services. She developed SLAC’s high quality customer service titled: Mayberry meets Space Odyssey, which is the foundation for the record breaking number of subscribers. She conceived and created the position of Director of Communication and Audience Development and assembled the communication team to generate a renewed energy and excitement about the theatre. In 2010 she became CoExecutive Producer and is now honored to be SLAC’s Executive Artistic Director. Cynthia remains a working artist in the theatre and has choreographed many SLAC productions including SATURDAY’S VOYEUR for 16 years and directed/ choreographed this musical for six years. Cynthia is proud to serve SLAC and its mission to engage and enrich community through brave contemporary theatre.

KATE HUNTER (Assistant

Sound Design) is ecstatic to be working on THE WOLVES! Kate is a senior in the Theatre Studies program at The University of Utah, with interest and experience in sound design, dramaturgy, and stage management. Previous U of U Theatre credits include UP (THE MAN IN THE FLYING CHAIR) (Sound Design) and CHESS (Dramaturgy). She looks forward to sound designing

Building better websites to help build a better community

WHO’S WHO BIG LOVE this November in the Babcock Theatre. She would like to thank her wonderful mentor Jen Jackson and SLAC for this incredible opportunity.


Acting Company is celebrating its 48th season continuing its mission is to engage and enrich community through brave contemporary theatre. Founded in 1970, SLAC is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 professional theatre dedicated to producing, commissioning, and developing new works and to supporting a community of professional artists. SLAC has been nationally recognized by the Shubert Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Pew Charitable Trusts, and the Edgerton Foundation, among others. SLAC operates under a SPT Actors Equity Association contract and is a Constituent Member of Theatre Communications

602 East 500 South Salt Lake City, UT 84102 801-448-7489 Store Hours M-S 10am - 9pm Sun noon - 5pm

Group (a national organization for nonprofit professional regional theatres), and the National New Play Network (a national alliance of non-profit professional theatres that champions the development, production, and continued life of new plays).


founded in 1913, represents more than 45,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. Equity seeks to advance, promote and foster the art of live theatre as an essential component of our society. Equity negotiates wages and working conditions, providing a wide range of benefits, including health and pension plans. AEA is a member of the AFL-CIO, and is affiliated with FIA, an international organization of performing arts unions. The Equity emblem is our mark of excellence. www.actorsequity.org


book by




30 30 SEASON ADD-ON thru

Based on the book Pinkalicious by Victoria Kann & Elizabeth Kann

Alexis Baigue

Seth Foster

Shannon Musgrave

Fiona Hannan

Micki Martinez

November 30 – December 30, 2018 Director: Penny Caywood It’s not easy being pink. Just ask Pinkalicious Pinkerton after she eats too many pink cupcakes and turns pink from head to toe! With dancing doctors, Broadway-style ballads, and a blues-singing little brother, audiences of all ages will be tickled PINK!   Get your tickets and your PINKALICIOUS book in the lobby! THE WOLVES


SEASON ADD-ONS October 29 & 30, 2018 Two countries. Two theatres. Two playwrights. Two readings. Two nights. A pussy and a prostate. What could possibly go wrong?

October 29th @ 7:00 pm GRAB THEM BY THE PUSSY by Jeanette Munzert in partnership with Teatret Svalegangen New Play Sounding Series Free Reading

October 30th @ 7:00 pm A SLIGHT DISCOMFORT SLAC Fundraiser written and performed by Jeff Metcalf SLAC Fundraiser $50/ticket Preshow Reception @ 6:00PM



University Professional Theatre Program SLAC is delighted to partner with local universities to heighten theatre students’ educational experience by taking them out of the classroom and hiring them at a professional theatre. We were thrilled to provide seven students the opportunity to work on THE WOLVES as actors, on our technical team and as designers.

Alison Jo Stroud (#46) I have played competitive soccer since I was a little girl and I always thought I would continue through college. When I decided instead to pursue acting, I was upset because I couldn't follow both passions, and dedicate myself to both. It is still surreal that my first professional show is about an all-girls soccer team where I get to act and play soccer at the same time.

Cézanne Smith (#8) Having the opportunity to be acting at a professional level, while also continuing to learn about the theatrical world in a university has been a blast. I feel more prepared to be an actor by the educational hands-on experience of UPTP.

Fina Posselli (#2) This experience of working at SLAC means so much to me because I get the opportunity to apply what I’m learning every day in my classes for the Actor Training Program at the U of U which helps me get a deeper and richer education and training to be a performer. Ireland Nichols (#00) After landing THE WOLVES, I was given the amazing opportunity to extend my skill-set and use the knowledge I have gained from the Actor Training Program. I could not be more excited for my SLAC debut!

Louise Dapper (#14) Three years ago I was back in my home country dreaming of acting in a play abroad. Today I am living that dream. My heart is filled with gratitude and I cannot express how delighted I am to be a part of THE WOLVES and to work with SLAC.

Claudia Escobar (Sound Board Operator) Working at SLAC is such an amazing opportunity. I get to work and learn from many talented professions in an environment that promotes growth and progression. I’m excited to be a part of another great production!

Kate Hunter (Assistant Sound Design) I’m lucky to have this opportunity, as I feel I will learn so much about sound design for professional theatre. I hope to acquire skills that will make me a well-rounded and marketable designer.

Thank you to: The John & Marcia Price Family Foundation Terence Kearns Stephens Charitable Trust Anderson & Karrenberg Maschoff Brennan for their generous support of this program. Back row: Kate Hunter, Claudia Escobar, Alison Jo Stroud, Cézanne Smith Front row: Fina Posselli, Ireland Nichols, Louise Dapper



Sponsors, Friends and Supporters Salt Lake Acting Company is a 501©3 non-profit professional theatre, and as such depends on the generosity of the following individuals, corporations, and public agencies who make the theatre’s work possible and invest in its future. The giving tiers below are for donations received from September 1, 2017-September 25, 2018. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your contribution to and partnership with SLAC! For information about SLAC’s Giving Program, and to correct any information below, please call Erika Ahlin at 801.363.7522 or email erika@saltlakeactingcompany.org.

$100,000 and above

Salt Lake County Zoo Arts and Parks Program


Shubert Foundation


Dale Smith of Veterinary Orthopedic Services Emma Eccles Jones Foundation Terence K. Stephens Utah Division of Arts & Museums


Anonymous David Ross Fetzer Foundation for Emerging Artists Lawrence T. & Janet T. Dee Foundation Jarvis & Constance Doctorow Family Foundation Marriner S. Eccles Foundation McCarthey Family Foundation Brett Johnson & Lisa Grant LGBTQ Community Endowment Fund Michael Marriott National New Play Network Kim Neville & Paul Frankel Marcia & John Price Salt Lake City Arts Council Utah Department of Heritage and Arts S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney Foundation


Anderson & Karrenberg Jerome Bennett Broadway At the Eccles Robert & Marcia Harris Peter & Chris Helfrich in Memory of Glen and Maxine Burnham


Richard K. & Shirley Hemingway Foundation Marian Jacobsen Ms. Billie Gay Larson Beatrice Lufkin Ms. Tami & Jane Marquardt Maschoff Brennan Network For Good Clare Aplington & Keith Olson Brent & Shannon Roberts Jeff & Joan Shreeve Us Bank Foundation The Whittenburg Foundation


Stephanie Babalis Bryon Benevento Alene Bentley Nancy Borgenicht in Support of the Tony Larimer Performing Arts Award Wendy & John J. Carver, II Dorsey & Whitney LLP Geralyn Dreyfous Henry W. & Leslie Eskuche Foundation Cynthia Fleming John Edward Henderson Tina & Larry Howard Ann & Julie Jensen Jocelyn Kearl & Lisa Killpack Steven Labrum Tommy Love Howard Mann Blaire Mattson Meet Me on 33rd Lauren Moldawer Bonnie and Denis Phillips Tina & Jonathan Ruga Adam Ruth Max & Teri SavageSavage Scaffold and Equipment Aquashantina Scheibe Christl Simons Rich Staynek Alice Steiner

Wells Fargo Foundation Brian Wilkinson and Mimi Charles Mr. Richard L. Jackson


ABG's Bar Crisse Bishop Deepika De Silva and Jeff Black Kenneth & Karen Brewster Kate & Bert Bunnell Patricia Potter & Matthew Classen Eric Eide & Shellie Messner Eide Dorothy Foster Mark Boschert & Maureen Giggey John & Ilauna Gurr Stephanie and Tim Harpst Wendy Hanson Ken Jarrell Dan & Cindi Kaschmitter Henry M. Lieberman Dan Miller Dr. Michaela Mohr Ogden's Own Distillery Amy Wadsworth & David Richardson Jared Ruga Jay and Julie Jacobson in Memory of Helen Sandack Brad Simons Val & Barbara Singleton MacKenzie Skye Stephanie Steele in Honor of Don & Colleen Sorensen Dr. Richard E. Kanner & Suzanne Stensaas Harvey & Freida Sweitzer Table X Michelle Turpin Utah Humanities Sheri White Margaret Wirth Michael Rubin & Sarah Woolsey


Michael Aguilar Maurine Bachman Ken Barfield Byron & Deborah Barkley Dr. Larry Barusch Vicki & Bill Bennion Laura Boarsman Ms. Amber R. Boehm Carolyn Braza Anne Cullimore and Ashby Decker in Support of the Theatre Student Artist Series Deanna Donaldson Rena D'Souza Cliff & Sharon Dutcher Steve & Marin Fogg Dr. Spencer & Ann Galt Roxane Googin Naanue Gowan Bruce & Erika Granath with Magicspace Entertainment David Granato Cory Gray Becca & Andrew Hall Richard & Anne Harper Joy Haynes Allan Ainsworth & Colette Herrick Lee and Audrey Hollaar George Sumner & Tina Hose Jill Jessen Richard B. Justice Dr. & Mrs. Gerald G. Krueger Dave & Sandy Lamb Debbie & Brad Layman Kyle Andrew Mantas & Cody Christensen Norma W. Matheson Noemi & Daniel Mattis Jerry Stanger & Rob McFarland Dan W. McKnight Helga an Miegroet Ann & Alan Miller Marcia Feldkamp & Chuck Norlin Jeff Paris Terry & David Peak


Sponsors, Friends and Supporters John Rose & Carolyn Pedone Christy & James Pickens Greg Ruther & Michelle Pickering Wallace Ring Heather Santi George & Brian Severson Mr. George B. Severson Kristen Ries & Maggie Snyder Don and Colleen Sorensen John Johnson & Steve Sorenson Mary Stanley Peter and Susan Stevens Sonny & Kathy Tangaro Michelle Trush Holly Tuckett Travis Turgeon Elaine & Joe Weis Mr. Henry O. Whiteside John Windrup Tod & Mary Young


Steven Allnatt Kenneth & Julia Ament Debbie Amundsen Lauren Andersen Alan Anderson Janet Anderson James & Carol Anderson R Larry & Alicia Ashton Laura Ault Lois and Stephen Baar Mr. Vahe Bandarian Barbara Bannon Ms. Karin Baumgartner Lola & Zafod Beatlebrox Ed & Leah Bedell Arleen Bedingfield Beehive Distilling Bruce & Judy Bell in Memory of Robyn Nelson Rick & Janis Bennion Ann & Paul Bernstein Linda Thorn Bevins in Honor Of: Iraida Santaella and Captain Benhamin Franklin Thorn USNR Ellen Bloedel Janis Boettinger Nichol Bourdeaux Nikki Boyer Kathleen A. Bratcher Mark & Pandora Brewer Debra Buckway Kathleen and Bob Cahill Toni Carter Sarha Lee Chindlund Joan Coles Steve Conlin Violet Corkle


Thomas & Teri Cowan Mr. & Mr. Sid Cowand Rich & Mary Cowan-Klein Jennifer Coyle Judith Custodio Rogerio Custodio Penny and Paul Dalrymple Kathy Davis Eileen Dempsey Mr. Rick Eskelson Elizabeth Evensen Roger Faix Joree Felker Colleen Fisher Anthony Fleming Larry Josie and Pat Fleming Jan & Stan Foutz Ray & Harriett Gesteland Kelly & Mitch Goff Martin & Glynis Gregory Tommy Hamby Todd Olsen & Nate Hansen Galina Hornyik Madia Hasratian Janelle Heck Gerry Nichols & Marcia Henderson Karen Hill Matt & Wendy HobsonRohrer Robert O and Carolyn S Hoffman Jack & Ginger Horwitz Ira & Rubinfeld Willamarie Huelskamp Verna & Thomas Huiskamp Amy Haselhorst & Richard Irons Ellen Ives Mr. Richard L. Jackson Shannon Huff Jacobs & Paul Jacobs Janice Jensen Bruce and Maxine Johnson Leola Johnson Steven Jones Dave Joslyn Ms. Dana Joslyn Donna & John Kimball Heather L King Mr. & Mrs. Brandon And Heather King Valerie Kittel Kroger Vicky Larsen Roger & Julia Lester Katherine Liddle Gary Lindstrom Laura B. Livnat Cindi Louie Alana Luckart Harla & Ken MacQueen Mr. & Mrs. Edward & Heidi Makowski Diane Marshall

Chris & Amy Mautz Katie & Mike McCormack Dan McKnight Amanda Mendenhall Erin Mendenhall Janet Miller Robert Millsap Peck Hadfield Baxter & Moore Peter & Nicole Mouskondis Dr. Jed P. & Amy Naisbitt Ray & Nora Diane Northrop Charles Saltzman & Ingrid Nygaard Ann Olsen Ian & Brystal Olson Jeffrey G. Paris Nancy Parker William & Mary Ann Payne Terry Pendley Zack Phifer Dr. Glenn Prestwich John & Joan Provost Jana Ramacher Chad & Carrie Rau Rachael Rich Chuck Richardson John Ritter Shannon & Brent Roberts Hal & Kathleen Robins Patrick Rogers Sandy & Wilford Rudert Brent Rushton Christina Beckwith & Todd Rushton Arnold Sanchez Evan & Lorraine Sanders Cuauthemoc Sandoval Heather Bertotti & Neil Sarin Hilary Jacobs & Daniel Schelling Mark Schneider E. William & Martha Scott Tina Seferos Jill & Richard Sheinberg Mr. John Mackey & Leslie Sieburth Margo Simmons Colby & Sandie Snook Russell Speirs Kenneth & Claudia Sperling Frank & Vickie Steffey Mary & Sean Steinmann Scott Stites Amanda Stoddard Ms. Jennifer Storms Ryan Taylor Barbara Tharp Marshall Thompson Mr. & Mr. Douglas Edward Tilton Wanda Updike

Utah Brewers Cooperative Vickie Venne Charlie & Eve Vincent Kathy and Brad Wallin Bonnie Walsh Elaine B. Weis Chris Wharton Carl Wolfram Charlyne & Paul Wozniak Sheila & Andy Yorkin Marjorie C. Young Tamara Young William J. Zwiebel

$50 to $99

Mandy Anger Reshma Arrington John & Joyce Barnes Jane Elizabeth Bell Leona Blackbird Mr. & Mrs. David Bluford Mr. Lasse Boelius Geno Schupp and Janis Boettinger Shauna Bona Alison Bond Cindy Browne Michael Brumbaugh Paul Bruno Marci & Bryan Burk Su Chon Lawrence Eric Coffman Dr. Nancy B. Cohn George Combs Michael K Cooke Hilary Coon Bill Cutting Rose Ann Milano & Joe Dayney John Durig Alan & Lynda Fletcher in Honor of Bryan Eldredge Lisa Eshleman Larry Josie & Pat Josie & Pat Fleming Allene & Robert Fowler Irene Fryer Barbara Gelegotis Maggie Gezon Lynda Faldmo & Duane Gillman Thomas Godfrey Cynthia Godsey Jane & David Gorrell Karen McArthur & Bernard Grosser Laurie Harvey Shari & Cary Harwood Laura Hutchings Jean Irwin Janet Ivers E Paul & Shannon H Jacobs Elaine Jarvik Randee & Ronald Kadziel


Sponsors, Friends and Supporters Morgann Kesler Gene Klatt Lynne Kraus Loren Kroenke Susan C Krusell Ronda Landa Lynne & Charles Lawler Dr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Lazar Ingie Lignell Jenny Lowe Amanda Lucero Terry Lucherini & Steven Martinez Dudley McIlhenny Michele & Michael McOmber John & Clara Michael Brenda Moore David & Jann Nelson Kristen Olsen Terri O'toole Arlene L Penttila April & Michael Pheysey David Pisani Pilar Pobil Glenn Prestwich Mary Quinn Shawn Harper Robinson Adam Sessions William & Merideth Shorter Devinder Singh

Marguerite Slayman Karen Stam Emilie Starr Lori Stratton Dr. Annie Strupp Herta Teitelbaum Rachelle Tuten Kathleen M. Lukken & Mike Vaughan Janet Warburton Stacie & John Whitford

$49 and under

Rouett Abouzelof Charles Adams Robert C Adams Brandi Allen Mindi Ames Bob Angell Michael & Julie Archer Orly Ardon Donald Atkinson Jeanne Audiss Joanne Sayre & Michele Backes Kathleen Bailey Lynden J Bair Sarah Baldwin Kristy L. Ball Vanessa Ballam Kacey Barnes Mellen Bateman

Charisse K. Baxter Joan H Bean Anita Bilbao Jon Bischoff Stacey Bjerregaard Susan Boevers Dustin Bolt Lizanell Boman Max E Borodin Victoria & Robert Panella Bourns Melinda` Bramlage Dawn Brandvold Amy Donaldson Brass Dee Brewer Laura K. Bridges Charla Brinkpeter Eric Brotherson Lisa Brothman Mrs. Linda Brumer Rachel Nicole Bublitz Collin Jon Buck Ann Buffington Kathryn Burnham Karen Lynn Burns Robin Burr Patricia Burton Sherry Butler Sharron Lee Butler. Claudia Butter Kailey Byers Kris Campbell

Thomas Campbell Megan Capdeville Amanda Caraway Leslie Zaricor Carey Jaydon Carling Clarissa Carpenter Karen Carter Rebecca Heal & James Catano Ms. Michelle Cerutti Rebecca Christian Erika E Church David Clark Kellie Clement Jon Cole Ms. Linda Collet Alexis Cononelos Dennis Cook Gay Cookson Mrs. Cathy Ann Cornell Susan Corth Adrianna Costello Bruce Couch Mr. Mitch Courtright Peter Crossland Mr. Jeffrey R Curry Christopher Dadok David Daniels Joseph Davis Kim Davison Anna Day Dr. Anna M. Day

SPECIAL THANKS Salt Lake Acting Company would like to thank the following for their support:

Tyce Welling Washington Elementary University of Utah Performing Arts Building Bergie Larwerh Shad Roundy Kim Davison Her Campus Atlantic Theater Company



Sponsors, Friends and Supporters Julie Delong Rabbi Brett J. Delporto Winston Domenick Chuck Dorval Sandy Dringman Mr. Larry Durtschi Becky Edlund Pamela Edwards Natalia Efros Colleen English David Epel Jennifer Eshelman Dani Eyer Barbara Fadel Rick & Marla Fadel Barbara Falk Yu Feng Mark Fielder Stephen L Fife Wendy Finlayson Marie Fishman Wendy Anderson (Fitz) Nick Fleming Sam Forlenza Jessica Francis Mr. Kenneth C. Freimuth Jessica & Jim French Peggy Fujimura Chuck & Susan Furca Ellie Gallagher Jean Lasarre Lasarre Gardner Ms. Kathleen H. Gardner Alan Gartrell Paulette Gasparac David & Cindy Gellner Elaine Marie George Paula Kaye Gibbs Ms. Colleen Gillett Rachel & Ryan Glad Ralph & Marilynne Glatfelter Barbara Glick Kristi Glotzbach Mary Gootjes Carolyn Marie Greenberg Margaret Grierson Ellen Grove Shannon Gullett Susan Hafen Bethany Kay Halcomb Kimberly Hall Leisa Hanks Kelly J Hardesty Sheila Hardman Andrea Healton Laura Healey Nancy Melich & Lex Hemphill Amy Henderson Alvan Hengge Vaughan C Hennum Susan Hermance Autumn Reneee Hickman Daniel Hicks


Terry Hogan Katherine Heather Horner James Huber Ms. Juli Huddleston Kay & Jodie Hunt Gwen Hutchings Kim & Eric Irvine Darin Isakson Benita Jackson Chloe Jensen Teri Jewell Brenda & Casey Johnson Chad Johnson Eric M Johnson Kasey Johnson Madison Johnson Marjorie Johnson Richard Johnson Chelsea Rose Jones Rabb Raina Jones Terri S Jones Attaya Joseph Maile Kali Roxanne Kammerer Tamara Kapaloski Safia & Lester Keller Mrs. Katherine Khaleel Ms. Gina W. Killpack Wynde Klauer Dorothee E. Kocks Mauricio Laguan Pamela Lawler Robert J Lawrence Laura M Layton Nancy Lee Deanne Lembitz Megan Lewis Mr. Drew Lewis Ben & Katie Lieberman Chunhan John Lin Laura Lincoln Sarah Lindsay Mark Linnell Kate Little Tim Ma Michael MacCi Marshall Madsen Kirsten Magel Mr. John F. Major Susan Malmskog Brad Martin Melissa Martin Ms. Alli Martin Micki Lee Martinez Angela Mastaloudis Elizabeth Mathis James Mayo Terri R McCarthy Cynthia McLaren Ms. Kathleen E. McDermott Margaret R Morin Kara McShane-Hefley Ms. Britney Mellen Ms. Valerie Merges

Nancy Mesner Jeff & Alana Metcalf Sarah Middleton Adam Millington Samuel Mollner Robert John Moody Mark Morris Angelica Mudrock Sarah Muller Riley C Nelson Ryan K Nelson Matthew Neves Sean D Neves Anne E Nicoll Jill A. Nutting Gary & Lynda Oderda Patricia Offermann Greg Oneil Amy O'Reilly Carly C Page Robert Page Angelika Pagel Lori Ann Panter Bonnie B Park Amelia Parkin Teresa Pavia Sheila L Payne Roly Pearson William Peterson Naina Phadnis Melissa Platt John Pochynok Ruth Ann Poole Carol Prince Diana Ragsdale Dave Ralston Nirupama Ramkumar Kristin Randall Mrs. Sari Rauscher Lori Rees Kristy M Rehfeldt Robert Renwick David S. Richards Leslie Richards Robin Richards Ms. Becky Sue Roberts Sandra Yvette Roberts John Paul Rodriguea Heidi Roggenbuck Lynn Rohland Kim Romang Ronald C Rope Carolyn Rose Lori Jean Rosendahl Polly Ross Mr. Jeremiah L. Roth Bari Nan Rothchild Jordan Rulo Phyllis Safman Staci Sain Sue Savage & Bruce Sakashita Shelley Sanchez Art & Debra Sandack Susan Sandack

Jennie Anne Sant Shannon McCann and Will Sartain Deb Sawyer Stephanie Scheffler Ingrid Schmidt Mark Schwieger Alan Scott Katherine Scott Robert & Helen Seltzer Ms. Catherine Sharpsteen Susan Sheppard Nia Sherar Elizabeth Smith Marilyn A Smith Amir Soltani Karen Stagnaro Julie Steele Heather Stevens Eric Suess Sharon Lee Swenson Christen Nicole Tangaro Anne Thackeray Sally Thompson Robert & Margo Thurman Amy Tibolla Kathryn Tonkovich Mary R Troxell Rex Underwood Dennis Ullom Rebecca L Utz Sherri Louise Vance Virginia Vierra Julia Vinson Tammira Vuich Anna Graybill Van Wagoner Janene Wallace Ms. Lynnda Wangsgard Julie & Robert Ward Mr. & Mrs. Arthur M. Warsoff Camille Washington Karen Wathen Andrew Watson Sue Weaver Paula Whitlock David Whittaker Nicky & Alex Wight Gage Williams Ms. Laurie Anne Williams Stephanie Willis Ariel F Wilson-O'Brien Suzanne Winchester Katherine Witt Cassidy M Wixon Jane Woolley Jeannine Young Heather Linhart Zang Mr. Kenton Zavitz Ms. Shelley E. Zimmer Jolene S Zito Jamie Zussman


Salt Lake Acting Company 2018/2019 Cynthia Fleming

Executive Artistic Director

Janice Jenson Producing Director Erika Ahlin Joshua Black

Shannon Musgrave Associate Artistic Director

Adriana Lemke

Director of Development

Director of Communications

Nick Fleming

Community & Development Associate

Business Manager

Director of Audience Development

Cassandra Stokes-Wylie

John Downing Accountant/Human Resources McKenzie Barkdull, Natalie Keezer Audience Development

Beret Brems, Kallie Erickson, Kate Hunter, Aaron Hoening, Miranda Giles, Jenny Floor, Connor Johnson, McCall Kirby, Savannah Moffat, Mary-Helen Pitman, Topher Rasmussen, Latoya Rhodes, Lane Richins, Tahra Veasley, Hayden Warzek, Annette Wright House Manager & Front of House Staff

Erik Reichert

Master Electrician

Maxwell Seltenrich

Cade Beck

Sound System Engineer

Assistant Master Electrician

Quimby Roundy, Kurtis Blackburn, Carpenters

Heidi Frank

William Peterson

Construction Supervisor


Rachael Harned, Jacob Hunt, Mistelle Magnusson


Claudia Escobar Sound Operator

Justin Ivie

Production Assistant

David Evanoff, J. T. Rogers Artistic Associates

Allen Nevins & Nancy Borgenicht Artists in Residence

Kathleen Cahill & Julie Jensen Playwrights in Residence

Michael Yount Cover Design

Mills Publishing, Inc., Katie Steckler Graphic Design

David Daniels, dav.d photography Photographer

Dr. Osman Sanyer House Physician



Board of Trustees 2018/2019 EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Kimberly Neville President Dorsey & Whitney, LLP

Kyle Mantas Vice President Wells Fargo Bank

Lisa Killpack Secretary Nu Skin

Teri Whittenburg Treasurer

Whittenburg Wealth Partners

Brian Wilkinson Past President Wilkinson Ferrari & Co

Byron Barkley Board Member at Large Wilson Davis & Co

Stephanie Steele Board Member at Large Meet Me on 33rd

Terence K. Stephens Board Member at Large ART 270 Gallery

Ken Barfield

Shannon McCann

Jerome Bennett

Gerry Nichols

Bruce Granath

Shannon Roberts

Marian Jacobsen

Sorenson Unity Center

Brett Johnson

George Severson

DFG/Scott Sports


Realty Experts

NJRA Architects KSL TV

MagicSpace Entertainment

Angela Romero ABC 4/ CW30

StorageCraft Technology

Barbara Tharp

Miller Sports Properties


GREEN ROOM GALLERY Salt Lake Acting Company is elated to continue our partnership with Art Access during the run of THE WOLVES. The mission of Art Access is to build a diverse and inclusive arts community in Utah through creative opportunities for people with disabilities and other marginalized communities, and through public engagement in the arts. Through their various arts programs, such as professional development for artists with disabilities, Integrated Arts residencies in schools, and art therapy for survivors of sexual abuse, Art Access serves over 18,000 adults and children each year. Art Access works to build an inclusive and diverse arts community in Utah through arts programming and public engagement in the arts. For this show, we have invited high school student Rachel Villapando to curate an exhibit of artwork by her female peers at Granger High School. Villapando has this to say about her show: “Girls are the backbone of our world. We have risen through oppression and suppression and continue to bloom through our own forms of empowerment. These pieces show the shared brightness of our teen generation of girls from different backgrounds, experiences, and inspirations.”

Terence K. Stephens is a native of Utah. He graduated from the University of Utah in 1981 in Fine Arts. He then pursued an art career in Washington, D.C., Seattle and San Francisco where he did design work for high end retailers, had art exhibitions and painted murals. Several years ago Terence returned to Utah where he opened an art gallery, Art 270, in downtown Salt Lake City, from 2014-2017. He showcased a variety of local artists, lecturers, dancers, performers and taught art classes. He is now a regular citizen continuing to create art about nature, animals and people.



For Our Audience

Your presence at Salt Lake Acting Company is met with sincere gratitude. You make everything possible.


For tickets call the SLAC Box Office at 801-363-7522 or visit us online at saltlakeactingcompany.org. Box office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, with extended hours during run of show.

Ticket Exchanges:

Season Subscribers can always exchange their tickets, and it’s free! Just call 801-363-7522.

Group Sales:

Discounts are available to groups of 10 or more. Call 801-363-7522 to discuss seating availability or Green Room reservations for your party. We’d love to take care of you and your friends.

Please identify the exit closest to your seat in case of emergency.

Late Patrons:

Late patrons will be seated by the House Manager during the first appropriate break.

Wheelchair Accessibility:

The Upstairs Theatre is not wheelchair accessible, please call for further details. An ADA approved restroom is available in the lobby. The use of film, video or audio recording equipment in the theatre during a performance is expressly prohibited. Please turn off all cell phones.


dining dining guide guide dining guide Consistently Rated Rated“Tops” “Tops”–Zagat –Zagat • anConsistently american contemporary café • 6060W.W.Independent Market MarketStreet Street• •801.363.0166 801.363.0166 Local, Chef Owned

22 East 100 South Phone • 801.363.9328 www.martinecafe.com

Salt SaltLake LakeCity’s City’s#1 #1 Most MostPopular PopularRestaurant Restaurant –Zagat –Zagat


e, e y e.

Emergency Exits:

4848W.W.Market MarketStreet Street(340 (340South) South) 801.322.4668 801.322.4668


• •An Anintimate intimateeuro eurocafé café• • Free FreeValet ValetParking Parking 22 22East East100 100South South

Phone Phone• •801.363.9328 801.363.9328 www.martinecafe.com www.martinecafe.com Top TopPhoto: Photo:Image Imagelicensed licensedbybyIngram IngramImage Image

MARTINE 22 East 100 South. Exceptional ambience, located in a historic brownstone. Martine offers Salt Lake City a sophisticated dining experience kept simple. Conveniently located on First South around the corner from the Eccles Theater. Extensive bar and wine service. martinecafe.com L, D, T, LL, RA, CC, VS. 801-363-9328

SPENCER’S 255 South West Temple, SLC. Whether it’s before or after the show or an evening dinner with friends and family—enjoy hand cut steaks, fresh seafood, locally-crafted beers, classically inspired cocktails and an award winning wine list. L, D, ST, C, LL, RA, CC, VS. 801-238-4748 SQUATTERS PUB BREWERY 147 West Broadway SLC. Join us before and after the show for eclectic daily specials and traditional pub favorites such as bacon topped meatloaf, pizzas and a delicious array of burgers, all paired with our world-class beer and welcoming atmosphere. L, S, AT, LL, D, CC, VS. 801-363-2739

ryT-Take T-TakeOut OutC-Children’s C-Children’sMenu MenuSR-Senior SR-SeniorMenu MenuAT-After-Theatre AT-After-Theatre Top: Image licensed by Ingram Image ons tionsAccepted AcceptedCC-Credit CC-CreditCards CardsAccepted AcceptedVS-Vegetarian VS-VegetarianSelections Selections B-Breakfast L-Lunch D-Dinner S-Open Sunday DL-Delivery T-Take Out C-Children’s Menu SR-Senior Menu AT-After-Theatre LL-Liquor Licensee RR-Reservations Required RA-Reservations Accepted CC-Credit Cards Accepted VS-Vegetarian Selections




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8:00 AM



Downtown at 404 S. West Temple reservations at 801-364-8833 or online www.caffemolise.com

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The Wolves  

Salt Lake Acting Company

The Wolves  

Salt Lake Acting Company