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TheNavalFacilitiesEngineeringSystems Command(NAVFAC)showcaseditsmission to the warfighter and its engineering and technologybrandsduringtheNationalSocietyofBlackEngineers(NSBE)50thAnnual Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, March 2024 TheNAVFACcombinedteam,comprising personnel from NAVFAC Atlantic, NAVFAC EXWC, NAVFAC Washington, and NAVFAC Southeast, interacted with a diversepoolofprofessionalsandstudentsin theengineeringandtechnologyfields

“The primary objective was to market advertise, and communicate the essence of NAVFACandhighlightourroleandcontri-

butions to the nation’s defense infrastructure,”saidLynwoodTaylor,theUtilitiesand Energy Management Product Line director at NAVFAC Washington. “We engaged with potential candidates, conducted professional networking and collected 180 resumes with the ultimate goal to recruit top talent to join the organization’s ranks, Lynwood said, adding that the hope is to strengthen NAVFAC and continue to deliver cutting-edge solutions to support thenation’sdefenseinfrastructure.

According to Mark Campbell, NAVFAC EXWC Federal Action Officer and Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) manager, “We shared with the career event attendees what we do at NAVFAC and our positive global influence Wewerelookingforindividualsincivil,elec-

trical, and mechanical engineering, cybersecurity, and environmental fields. These youngpeoplearemotivatedandreadytojoin us,”Campbellexplained.

Amanda Parrilla, a mechanical engineering major at the University of South Florida, said she looks forward to the potential opportunitieswithNAVFAC “Everyonewas friendlyandsharedsuchgoodinformation;I learnedalotaboutNAVFACandamexcited forthenextsteps,”Parrilasaid.

“From what I’ve heard and learned, NAVFAC is a great stepping stone for me to getmyfeetwetinaninternshipinelectrical engineering,”notedDylanBurton asecondyearFloridaAtlanticUniversitystudentwho isanelectricalengineeringmajor

NAVFAC’s participation in the NSBE 50th Annual Convention highlighted its

dedicationtofosteringdiversity,promoting inclusion, and achieving excellence within the engineering and technology sectors This commitment is integral to NAVFAC’s mission and its efforts to cultivate a diverse androbustworkforcecapableofmeetingthe dynamic challenges of the nation’s defense infrastructure

BeyondtheNSBEconvention,NAVFAC’s proactive recruitment strategy includes a seriesofeventsorchestratedbytheNAVFAC Washington Business Development team. Scheduledthroughouttheyear,theseevents aimtoattractawiderangeoftalent,emphasizing the organization’s commitment to building a strong diverse workforce that reflectstheinnovativespiritandexcellence NAVFACstandsfor

NAVFAC promotes mission; Recruits top talent at NSBE 50th Annual Convention NAVFAC team during the two-daycareerevent at the National SocietyofBlackEngineers (NSBE) 50thAnnual Convention inAtlanta,GA March 20 - 24 (PHOTOBYNATASHAWALDRONANTHONY)
of Naval Research
innovation? How can the Department of Defense take new, transformative, cutting-edgeconceptsdevelopedbyindustryandplace themintothehandsofSailorsandMarines? Thesearesomeofthequestionsthatwillbeaddressed during a panel of industry leaders, moderated by Chief of Naval Research Rear Adm. Kurt Rothenhaus, at the Navy League’s Sea-Air-Space Exposition, April 8-10 at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in NationalHarbor,Maryland. The panel will be held Tuesday, April 9, from 10:30 a.m to 11:30 a.m. Titled “The Business of Innovation: HowIndustryLeadersareShapingtheFutureofWarfighter Innovation,” the event will discuss warfighting technological capabilities that will alter the maritime battlespaceandensurethatAmerica’sseaserviceshave theadvantagein21st-centurywarfighting. “Sea-Air-Space offers a crucial venue for discussing theimportanceofinnovationandtechnologyinexpandBusiness of innovation: CNR to talk transformative tech at Sea-Air-Space ANavydivertests the capabilities ofa newconcept suit during the Deep Sea Expeditionarywith No Decompression (DSEND) Suit In-WaterConcept Demonstration held at the U.S.NavyExperimental Diving Unit Feb.7 – 8.The concept aimed to innovate the previousAtmospheric Diving Suit by making it more flexible,lightweight and userfriendly (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYRONNIENEWSOME) VOL.32 NO 13,Norfolk,VA| flagshipnews.com April 11-April 17 2024 IN THIS ISSUE NAVSTA Norfolk Security Management department conducts critical job Inthedigitalage,accesstocomputersisessential. But,ensuringonlypeoplewithproperaccess aregrantedtheabilitytoworkongovernment computersisamatterofnationaldefense PAGEA6 THEFLAGSHIP’SFREEHOMEDELIVERY CALL TODAY! 757.446.9000 SOUTHHAMPTONROADS: Get the convenience ofyour Navy newspaper delivered to your door for free! First East Coast-Assigned Navy CMV-22B Osprey Arrives to Norfolk The CMV-22Bwill provide the fleet’s medium-lift and long-range aerial logistics capability,eventuallyreplacing the C-2A Greyhounds ofFleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC) 40 overthe next several years. PAGEA6 TurntoSea-Air-Space, Page 2 www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, April 11, 2024 1
ByWarrenDuffie Office
ARLINGTON Va.—What kind of impact are industry leaders having on warfighter

Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport

Naval Sea Systems Command’s Miniature/Micro-Miniature Module Test and Repairprogramplaysacrucialroleinensuring Navy fleet readiness through its innovative solutions for electronic component repairandmaintenance

The program, part of Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division, Keyport’s Fleet Technical Support Division, is strategically located within St Juliens Creek Annex, Portsmouth, Virginia, a small support facilitynearbothNorfolkNavalShipyardandthe

U.S. Fleet Forces Command headquarters

The 2M/MTR team of 20 electronics technicians engineers logisticiansandprogram managersoperatesfromasingleofficebuildingandtwostoragefacilities

For most of its 27-year history, 2M/MTR was dually aligned with NUWC Division, Newport and Naval Surface Warfare Center Division, Crane, but last October it was realigned to NUWC Division, Keyport. Nearly a year and a half into this realignment, the program has integrated well into itsnewcommand,largelyduetotheirshared focus on fleet support and in-service engineering, according to 2M/MTR Technical Project Manager and Task Manager Mike Bruzan.

Theprogramprovidesrepaircapabilities for circuit card assemblies and electronic

modules on surface ships, aircraft carriers andotherNavyplatforms.ItprovidesSailors and Marines with specialized workstations containing diagnostic tools and equipment neededtoefficientlytroubleshootandrepair components Enabling them to do these repairs in-house eliminates the need for external technicians or depot-level repairs reducing maintenance costs and minimizingdowntime “TheprogramisdesignedtogivetheSailors aboard every ship in the Navy the ability to troubleshoot and repair circuit cards usingdiagnostictestequipmentandproven miniature/micro-miniature repair capability,” said 2M/MTR Program Coordinator Scott Doherty “The equipment we provide to the ships is the cornerstone of their ability to troubleshoot and effectively make repairs.”

Currently, more than 300 vessels and shore locations are equipped with 2M/ MTR stations, each consisting of a workbench,diagnosticequipmentandafullsuite of miniature/micro-miniature repair tools. Most vessels have one station, but aircraft carriershavefourduetotheirlargersizeand operationaldemands.

Eachstationhasasetofcolor-codeddisks containing test routines and procedures. There is a gold disk with nearly 8,000 test routines for fault-isolating a wide range of electroniccomponents,abluediskwiththe MTRsoftwaresuite,andapurplediskhous-

to modernize the Department of the Navy andignitefutureinnovation. Someofthetechnologiestobehighlighted include:

„ Automated Celestial Navigation System (ACNS) If GPS is unavailable, the ACNS system can look at the stars and correlate what it sees to reference tables stored in its processor allowing for easier deadreckoningbynavigationteams

„ Deep Submergence Expeditionary

No Decompression (DSEND) Suit

The DSEND system includes a hardened, yet lightweight, atmospheric dive suit featuring rotating, detachable joints allowing for greater dexterity, flexibility and maneuverability.

„ Eye-tracking

ingatestroutinedirectory 2M/MTR creates the disks, validates the test routines, maintains the equipment, answers technical questions, and provides technical support to Sailors and Marines using 2M/MTR stations both at sea and on shore,saidDoherty The program currently saves the Navy about$34millionannually withtotalcumulative savings exceeding $900 million and projectedtoreach$1billionwithinthenext few years It does so by streamlining logistics,reducingrelianceonreplacementparts and preventing functional parts from being discardedunnecessarily,saidSprings Sailors and Marines who achieve significant cost savings through their use of 2M/ MTR equipment are eligible for recognition and monetary awards through the Chief of Naval Operations’ quarterly Gold Disk Award program. Awards range from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on the level of cost savings realized. Award recipients also receive a letter of commendation from the Deputy CNO, Integration of Capabilities & Resources

2M/MTR also provides schoolhouse trainings includingsolderingcoursescovering both through-hole and surface mount components,classesonMTRtroubleshootingwithtestroutines,and2M/MTRinstructorandinspectorcertifications,saidBruzan Throughongoingpromotionandoutreach efforts,the2M/MTRteamcontinuallyseeks

toexpandtheNavy’suseofitsworkstations, disks and test routines Obstacles to wider adoptionincludeapreferenceamongsome commands for replacement over repair, competition from performance-based logistics systems and a lack of awareness about2M/MTR’sbenefits,saidSpringsand Bruzan. “People forget that there’s an organic repair capability we offer that’s available in the fleet at a high level—a depot level, said Bruzan. “What a lot of the folks in the program will tell you is that people don’t cometousuntilsomething’salreadybeena problem for a while and they can’t think of anotherwaytofixit.Andthesamethingcan happenwhenyou’reunderwayorinharm’s way.” Bruzanaddedthatheandother2M/MTR personnel attend conferences largely as a wayofraisingawarenessabouttheprogram. “Weleteveryoneknow,‘Youcanbeself-sustaining if you just embrace what we give you,’ ” he said. “These are low-cost test systems and test routines, and the training doesn’ttakethatlongforthetechnicians.” NUWC Division, Keyport provides advanced technical capabilities for test and evaluation, in-service engineering, maintenance and industrial base support, fleet material readiness, and obsolescence management for undersea warfare to expandAmerica’sunderseadominance


„ Tactical Advancements for the Next Generation (TANG) Holodeck The TANG Holodeck is an evolving, extended-realityecosystemcenteredonthehuman experience Itsgoalistoprovideimmersive experiences to project teams, in order to build empathy, imagine the future for their end-usersandrapidlybuildonnewideas

The ONR booth also will feature representativesfrom:

„ ONR’sOfficeofSmallBusinessPrograms

Global (also at booth 301) and Naval X (at booth 304). ONR, NRL, ONR Global and Naval X spearhead efforts

Mask This diver-worn, mask-integrated eye-tracking system can be used for early detection of neurological impairments (e.g., hypercapnia, oxygen toxicity,hypoxia,nitrogennarcosis)inNavy diversunderwater „ Marine Corps Surf Observation Tool for Littoral Expeditionary Operations This tool ingests data from various unmanned systemsandsensorfeedsanddisplaysthem in a format that can be interpreted by users based on existing training and tactics, techniquesandprocedures

„ ONRGlobal’sTechSolutionsProgram „ NRL’sOfficeofSmallBusinessPrograms „ The DoN’s Naval STEM Coordination Office, Historically Black Colleges and Universities/MinorityInstitutionsProgram, and Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs

mathematics) careers through workshops,hands-onactivitiesandmore. Learn more about Sea-Air-Space at https://seaairspace.org Sea-Air-Space from Page 1

Naval Sea Systems Command’s Miniature/Micro-Miniature ModuleTest and Repairteam pictured outside its offices in St Juliens CreekAnnex,Portsmouth,Virginia.The 2M/MTRprogram plays a crucial role in ensuring Navyfleet readiness through its innovative solutions forelectronic component repairand maintenance.(PHOTOBYFRANKKAMINSKI NAVALUNDERSEAWARFARECENTER DIVISIONKEYPORT) ingthewarfightingcapabilitiesoftheSailors and Marines we have the privilege of serving,” said Rothenhaus “I look forward to hearingwhattheseesteemedindustryleaders have to say in regard to solving current and future operational challenges facing theNavyandMarineCorpsinthemaritime battlespace.” In addition to Rothenhaus’
program officers from the Office of Naval Research(ONR)andNavalResearchLaboratory (NRL) will be on hand in the ONR booth (No. 301) to discuss their work and potentialresearchopportunities
2M/MTR program enhances
readiness through self-sufficiency, cost savings
Two organizations
also fall under
is hosted by the Navy LeagueoftheUnitedStateswiththegoalof bringingtogetherleadersfromdefenseorganizations both government and private industry tolearnaboutandviewthemost up-to-date information and technology relatedtomaritimepolicy InadditiontoSea-Air-Space,theGaylord will host the Navy League’s STEM Expo on Sunday, April 7, from noon to 4 p.m. The eventisfreeandgearedtostudentsingrades 5through12 Itwillprovideanintroduction to naval STEM (science technology engineering,
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USN Military Sealift Command

Six sailors from the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) trained in the Standard Tensioned Replenishment Alongside Method (STREAM) familiarization course attheMilitarySealiftCommandUnderway ReplenishmentTrainingCenter(MUTC)at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort StoryMarch11-15.

This training was the first step to this summer’s Rim of Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise, in which a U.S. Navy ship will refuel a SEMAR vessel. RIMPAC is a biennial exercise designed to foster and sustain cooperative relationships critical to ensuring the safetyofsealanesandsecurityinsupportof afreeandopenIndo-Pacificregion.

The MUTC is the U.S. Navy’s Center of Excellence in the field of underway replenishment, a method which allows U.S. Navy and allied ships to be resupplied with fuel, food,andstoreswithoutpullingintoaport. Thiscapabilityallowsnavalwarshipstostay on station longer and continue with their missionuninterrupted.

“AtMUTC itisourmissiontoprovideall ourstudentswithreal-worldUNREPpracticaltraininginordertobuildastrongfoundationthatwillsetthestudentandthefleet up for success,” said MUTC Site Director CodyHolliday.“Westrivetobethepremier subjectmatterexpertsonunderwayreplenishments.” Instructors trained the SEMAR sailors from the frigate Armada de México Benito Juárez, on STREAM operations at sea for transfer of ordnance and cargo and fuel-atseaviaconnectedreplenishment.Theyalso instructed the sailors on safety procedures, ordnance handling equipment, underway replenishment (UNREP) cargo handling procedures, material handling equipment operations hazardous material personnel transfer andemergencyprocedures

Developing SEMAR’s ability to replenish supplies at sea from U.S. vessels facilitates future interoperability operations a commitment made by both militaries

During the 2022 Bilateral Military CooperationRoundtable,U.S.NorthernCommand and the Mexican military agreed on a number of bilateral objectives, including to “strengthenoperationalcompatibilityinthe maritime domain” and “increase coordination to strengthen logistics capacities and readinessatalllevelstoexpandoperational compatibility.”

“In August 2023 the Commander of U.S. Fleet Forces and the Deputy Chief of OperationsofSEMARmadeanin-personagreement to have a Mexican warship refuel underwayfromaU.S.shipduringRIMPAC ‘24,” said Cmdr Scott Stafford, Maritime Section Chief, Office of Defense Coordina-

tion Mexico City “This was an incredibly aggressive timeline, not only because an UNREPisacomplexmaneuver butbecause it has never been executed between these twoNavies Asaresult,arapidyetthorough trainingtrackneededtobedevelopedspecificallyforSEMAR.TheSTREAMcoursewas identified as the best initial training evolutiontoensurethesailorsoftheBenitoJuarez Frigatearereadytoachievethismilestone.” AlthoughtheMUTCstaffhasexperience trainingforeignnavies,thiswasthefirsttime

tiveinbuildingrelationshipswithourstrategic partners

he hopes this will serve as
and allies, said Holliday. “The moreournationscross-trainoneachother’s methodsandtechniquesthemoreeffective wecanbeasaunifiedfightingforce.” Mexican Navy trains to master underway replenishment skills at Military Sealift Command Training Center Instructors at the MilitarySealift Command UnderwayReplenishmentTraining Centertrain sailors from the Mexican Navyduring the Standard Tensioned ReplenishmentAlongside Method familiarization course at the MilitarySealift Command UnderwayReplenishmentTraining Centerat Joint ExpeditionaryBase Little Creek-Fort StoryMarch 13.(PHOTOBYCODYHOLLIDAY) www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday April 11, 2024 3 757-280-2257 120% offisequal to 20% offthe totalproject price. 2Financingoffersa no payment -nointerestfeature(duringthe “promotional period”)onyour purchaseatanAPR of 17.99%.Nofinancecharges will accrue on your account duringthe promotional period, as setforth in your TruthinLending Disclosures,and youwill not havetopay amonthlypayment until thepromotional periodhas ended. If yourepay your purchaseinfullbeforethe end of thepromotional period youwill not havetopay any financecharges.You mayalsoprepay your account at anytimewithout penalty.Financingissubjecttocreditrequirementsand satisfactory completion of financedocuments. Anyfinanceterms advertisedare estimatesonly. Normal late charges apply oncethe promotional periodhas ended. Call 866-697-4033 forfinancingcosts and terms. Minimumpurchase$12,500 required. Seedesignconsultant fordetails.Other restrictions mayapply. Newordersonly. Offernot valid on previous salesorestimates and cannot be combined with other offers.Offer expires5/05/24. Design Consultation 5-Star Installation Before After 20% OFF bathroom remodelingprojects1 18 MONTHS no payments &nointerest2 BATHROOM REMODELING DONE RIGHT Employee Installers Easy Maintenance HassleFreeExperience Evening Appointments Licensed &Insured Flexible Payment Plans Subjecttocreditapproval 4.7/5 4.8/5 (Company reviewsacrossall branches as of 3/01/2024) 212,008+ COMPLETED BATHROOM REMODELING JOBS REFRESH &RENEW YOUR HOME WITH THESE BIG SAVINGS
Holliday says
of conceptandleadtomoretrainingwithallied nationsinthefuture

Bridging the skies and seas: Aerospace Experimental Psychology & Research Psychology communities hold joint symposium

Regardless of whether they are in the air oratsea,thehealthandperformanceofthe warfighterisessentialtomaintainingmaritime superiority The Aerospace Experimental Psychology (AEP) and Research Psychology (RP) communities in the Medical Service Corps work tirelessly leveraging their expertise in selection, training, human factors, safety, executive coaching, research andacquisitionstooptimizewarfighter health, readiness and performance to ensure that our Sailors and Marines are prepared to win tonight and come home safely

On April 2-3, 2024, the Bureau of MedicineandSurgery(BUMED)inFallsChurch, Virginia, hosted the third joint AEP-RP symposium. The two-day symposium ignited critical discussions on support of Navywarfighters strategiccommunication, collaborative planning as well as recruiting andretention.

“A joint meeting like this enables us to accomplish more together than we would separately,” said Cdr Leedjia Svec, Military DeputyoftheWarfighterPerformanceCode attheOfficeofNavalResearchandResearch Psychology Specialty Leader “A rising tide liftsallboats Oursynergyfacilitatesusboth as individual communities and one Navy team. Our future fight will be won through collaboration.

For Capt. Chris Foster, Military Director, HumanSystemsEngineeringDepartmentat theNavalAirWarfareCenterAircraftDivision(NAWCAD)andAerospaceExperimentalPsychologySpecialtyLeader,themeeting

broughttremendoussynergy “We are committed to communicating with a joint voice to showcase what our communities offer and how we can empower our warfighter customers, said Foster “By collaborating and strategically communicatingourvalue,wecanbridgethe gapbetweenourexpertiseandtheneedsof the Navy This will not only help to enable optimalperformanceacrossalldomainsbut also pave the way for the continued growth of Research Psychology and Aerospace Experimental Psychology within the Navy in a manner that best supports our customers’needs.”

While AEPs and RPs share similar skillsets, they are each focused on unique mission sets and typically support different customerbasesacrosstheservice RPs are doctoral-level scientists who “apply their expertise in the psychological andbehavioralsciencestoprotect,promote, andenhancetheUnitedStatesNavy’swarfightingcapabilities.”

AEPs promote and ensure the “safe and effective performance of Navy aviation personnel” and provide the Navy with “professional and technical guidance and assistance in the planning and conducting of research, development of new systems, andtestingandevaluation.”

While RPs are dedicated to supporting the surface and undersea environments AEPsarefocusedonthecriticalareasacross the aerospace domain. Both communities, two of the smallest in the Medical Service Corps(MSC),remaintheonlytwonon-clinical psychology specialties in the Navy, and each have officers with similar educational backgrounds Whiletheexpertisethesetwo

communities bring to bear overlap significantly,thetrainingandexperiencerequired topreparethemtosupporttheuniqueneeds oftheircustomersarequitedistinct.

This talent pool was evident at the symposium.Attendeesrepresentedover25 commandsandactivitieswithbackgrounds in cognitive psychology, experimental psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, human factors, neuropsychology,andneuroscience

“When you get us together, you end up withtwoseparatecommunitiesthatarevery well-positioned to support the entire Navy mission,” said Foster “We may be separate duetoourdistinctmissionsetsandrequired trainingexperiences,butweshareoverlapping educational backgrounds, allowing us to bridge the gap and work together to addressmulti-domainmissionchallenges.”

The meeting offered an opportunity to strategize how the communities can better aligntoNavyMedicine’sfocus(NorthStar), while also offering a platform to discuss the challenges and opportunities ahead. Among the opportunities discussed were the roles these communities play in acquisitionmanagement.

“With over half of RPs and AEPs being acquisition certified in program managementorengineeringandtechnicalmanagement, this expertise will be invaluable in leveraging knowledge and experience in acquisitions to support Navy Medicine and Navy priorities,” noted Capt Katherine Shobe, RP and commanding officer, Naval Medical Leader & Professional DevelopmentCommand

The 2024 symposium served as a powerful testament to the potential of collabora-

tion.Byfosteringopencommunicationand leveragingdiverseexpertise,thesecommunities can ensure the Navy remains at the forefront of human performance optimization,ultimatelysupportingthesuccessofits missionsacrossalldomains

Lt Maria Spencer, an RP who serves as the Director of Training and Curriculum at Naval Station Training Command, Great Lakes,andafirst-timeattendeetothisjoint meeting, found it to be a rewarding experience “We are both small communities within the Navy and we often find ourselves explainingwhoweareandwhatwedo,”said Spencer “Thistimewassovaluabletohave the opportunity to deep-dive into who we areandwhatwedowithagroupthatunderstands each other and has a great degree of camaraderie.”

Lt Rebecca NeSmith, an AEP currently stationed at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute (NAMI) at Naval Air Station Pensacola, expressed confidence that this meetingwillleadtomeaningfulopportunitiesforfuturecollaboration.

“IlookforwardtostrengtheningAEP/RP connectionsinthefutureduetosomeinteresting parallels in our work,” said NeSmith. “Forexample,bothcommunitiesarestudying vigilance, but while RPs are working with submariners and AEPs are working with pilots NFO’s, and flight students I am excited to learn how they are tackling this construct, what similarities or differences exist between these populations, and how we can increase the effectiveness of our effortsthroughcollaboration.”

Sweden’stopmilitaryleadersvisitNorfolkOperational Headquarters during NATO’s 75th anniversary

Commander, U.S. 2nd Fleet

NavalSupportActivityHamptonRoads,Va (April5,2024)-Thetopnavalandairforceleaders from NATO’s newest member made their firstofficialvisittoU.S.2ndFleetandJointForce CommandNorfolk(JFCNF)headquarters,one dayafterNATO75thanniversary. Swedish Rear Adm. Ewa Skoog Haslum, ChiefofSwedishNavalOperations andSwedishMaj.Gen.JonasWikman ChiefoftheSwedishAirForce,metwithViceAdm.DougPerry, CommanderofbothU.S.2ndFleetandJFCNF which is NATO’s only operational command basedinNorthAmerica. “Sweden’s accession to NATO has fortified our collective global presence and security,” said Perry. “As a part of NATO, it’s important thatournewestmemberisfullyintegratedand understandstheresourcesthatJFCNFandthe U.S. Navy bring to defending the Atlantic and theArctic.EvenbeforeSweden’saccession,we havealwaysconsideredthemakeypartnerand intheArctic. A testament to Sweden’s integration, Swedishforceshavebeenparticipatinginthelargest NATOexerciseindecades,SteadfastDefender 2024,duringwhichSwedenbecameamember ofNATO’scoalition,March8.

During the maritime portions of Steadfast Defender 2024, Swedish marines joined French and Finnish forces as they embarked USSGunstonHall(LSD44),workingwithU.S. Sailors,toconductaseriesofamphibiousexercises.Swedishforceswereabletointegratewith NATOmaritimeforcesandsuccessfullyexecute missionobjectivesintheArcticCircle.

“SwedenjoinedSteadfastDefenderasapartnerandfinishedasanally,andwearenowmore capablethanevertoprotecteveryinchofNATO territory,”saidPerry.“Iamhonoredtohavemet with our newest allies, as we work together to upholdourcommitmentstoglobalsecurityand peace.”

April4,2024marked75yearssincethesigning of the Alliance’s founding document, the North Atlantic Treaty NATO is a Transatlanticallianceof32like-mindedNorthAmerican and European countries securing peace since 1949.Thesigningoftreatyandthesubsequent creationofNATOmarkedafundamentaltransformation in U.S. foreign and defense policy bycommittingtheUnitedStatestoanongoing militaryroleinEurope

Since 1949, the Alliance has grown from 12 to32nations,encompassingonebillionpeople onbothsidesoftheAtlantic.Sincethen,NATO has ensured peace, democracy and prosperity foritsmembers,andallNATOnationsremain committedtothecollectivedefenseofallAllied territoriesinNorthAmericaandEurope JFCNF

to a changing security environment that emphasizes the Transatlantic link as a critical domain. As an organization governed by an international MemorandumofUnderstanding,itbringswith ittheabilitytoactearlyinordertoensureajoint deterrenteffectandimprovetheresponsiveness ofNATO U.S. 2nd

Members oftheAerospace Experimental Psychology(AEP) and Research Psychology(RP) communities standwith Medical Service Corps Detailer(center) at theJointAEP-RPSymposium, April 2.Symposiumwas held at the Bureau ofMedicine and Surgery(BUMED),Falls Church,Virginia,April 2-3,2024.(Photo ByAndré B.SOBOCINSKI,HISTORIAN)
It was born out of the Allied adaptation
Fleet, re-established in 2018 in response to the changing global security environment,developsandemploysmaritimeready forces to fight across multiple domains in the Atlantic and Arctic in order to ensure access, deter aggression and defend U.S., allied, and partnerinterests. For more U.S. 2nd Fleet news and photos, visit facebook.com/US2ndFleet, https://www c2f.usff.navy.mil/,X-@US2ndFleet,andhttps:// www.linkedin.com/company/commander-us-2nd-fleet.
provides a critical capability to Supreme Allied Commander Europe’s (SACEUR)
NORFOLK,Va - MajorGen JonasWikman,Chiefofthe SwedishAirForce (left);ViceAdm.Doug G.Perry commander Joint Force Command Norfolkand U.S.2nd Fleet (center); and RearAdm.Ewa Skoog Haslum Chiefofthe Royal Swedish Navy(right),stand united in a group photo in front oftheJoint Force Command Norfolkand U.S.2nd Fleet logos during a strategic NATO-relatedvisit at Naval SupportActivityHampton Roads,April 5,2024.Thevisit came the dayafterthe 75th anniversaryofthe signing oftheAlliance’s founding document the NorthAtlantic Treaty NATO is aTransatlantic alliance of32 like-minded NorthAmerican and European countries securing peace since 1949 (U.S.NAVYPHOTO BYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST1STCLASSCLAYM.WHALEY) 4 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 1 | Thursday, April 11, 2024

WASHINGTON D.C. The Secretary of the Navy recently announced the 2024 Navy Environmental Award Winners bestowing accolades to four installations and programs across Navy Region Southwest “Conservation and environmental stewardship are top priorities for Navy Region Southwest,” said Rear Adm. Brad Rosen, Commander, Navy Region Southwest “I’m proud but not surprised that the outstanding efforts of our environmentalteamshaveearnedrecognitionfromtheSecretaryoftheNavy Theyhaveouradmirationandgratitudefortheimportantworkthattheydo every day.”

Three Navy Region Southwest (NRSW) installations and one NRSW conservationprogramaccountedforfourofthenineawardwinners Theyare: Natural Resources Conservation - Small Installation USN: Naval Base Point Loma, California

•NaturalResourcesConservation-IndividualorTeamUSN:SanClemente Island Endangered Species Act Delisting

•EnvironmentalQuality,Non-IndustrialInstallationUSN:NavalBaseSan Diego, California

• Cultural Resources Management - Large Installation USN: Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada

All four winners are nominated to compete in the Secretary of Defense Environmental Awards competition.

TheenvironmentisanessentialpartoftheDepartmentoftheNavymission and Navy installations take a proactive role preserving their inherited natural resources, striking balance between environmental management and mission readiness “Enabling warfigher readiness and being stewards of the environmental are not mutually exclusive goals. Achievement of both requires both leadership and personal commitment and Navy Installations continue to exhibit both,” said Brock Durig environmental program director for Commander Navy Installations Command. “Our

installations are the Navy’s foothold in the shore but they’re also an integral part of their local communities For us to support the Navy’s mission, we must be good neighbors and take care of the land and environments where we train and operate.” Commander, Navy Installations Command is responsible for worldwide U.S. Navy shore installation management, designing and developing integrated solutions for sustainment and development of Navy shore infrastructure as well as quality of life programs CNIC oversees 10 Navy regions, 70 bases, and more than 43,000 employees who sustain the fleet, enable the fighterandsupportthefamily FollowCNIConsocialmedia:Facebook,Facebook.com/NavyInstallations; X, @cnichq; and Instagram, @cnichq Navy Region Southwest conservation efforts recognized by the 2024 Secretary of the Navy Environmental Awards Don’tpay full price! With TheVirginian-Pilot’scoupons and sales inserts, shopsmart and savebig every week! www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, April 11, 2024 5 Spring Savings Virginia’sPreferred Kohler Luxstone Dealer ENJOY EASY, BUDGETFRIENDLY PAYMENTS INCREASE YOUR WELLBEING & INCREASEYOUR HOME’S VALUE www.paramountbuilders.com (757)349-1926 3 YEARS NO INTEREST 50%OFF PLUS LABOR Showers • Tubs • Walk-In Baths BEFORE AFTER We We That membe about yo t, may discount your insurance. don’t discount your service. know how hard you work to support this country That’s why we offer a special discount to Military members on car insurance. Get your quote today, ask your discount, and make the switch to GEICO 757-549-1772| geico.com/chesapeake-pagan 2 | No official U.S. Army or Department of Defense endorsement is implied. Some discounts, coverages, payment plans, and features are not available in all states, in all GEICO companies, or in all situations. GEICO contracts with various membership entities and other organizations, but these entities do not underwrite the offered insurance products. Discount amount varies in some states. One group discount applicable per policy Coverage is individual. In New York a premium reduction may be available. GEICO may not be involved in a formal relationship with each organization; however you still may qualify for a special discount based on your membership, employment or affiliation with those organizations. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company Washington, DC 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. © 2024 GEICO 22_952157753

CourtesyStory Commander, NavalAir Force Atlantic

ThefirstEastCoast-assignedNavytiltrotor vertical/shorttakeoff andlanding(V/ STOL)CMV-22BOsprey aircraft, assigned toFleetLogistics Multi-MissionSquadron (VRM)40,arrivedto Naval Station Norfolk onApril5. “Naval Aviationisecstaticto welcome thefirstCMV-22BOsprey to Norfolk,”said Rear Adm.Doug Verissimo, commander, NavalAirForceAtlantic(CNAL).“Thisfirst aircraft’sarrivalsymbolizesanevolutionand changeinNavalAviationaswelooktoward thefuture. The event representsthehard workand staminaofour aviators, aircrewmen,maintainersandsustainmentpersonnelintheVRMcommunity.”

TheCMV-22Bwillprovidethefleet’s medium-lift andlong-range aerial logistics capability, eventually replacingthe C-2A

GreyhoundsofFleetLogistics Support Squadron(VRC)40 overthenext several years. The squadron’s relocation to Naval Station Norfolkispartoftheirpermanent duty stationchangefrom NavalAir Station (NAS) North Islandin preparationto provide fleetlogistic aviationassetstothe AtlanticFleetbeginningin2025. TheVRM-40“MightyBison”wereestablishedasidetheir existingsistersquadron,VRM-30,andthetrainingsquadron, VRM-50,aboardNASNorthIslandinMarch 2022. Allsquadronpersonnelhave beenofficiallystationedinNorfolksinceFeb.1,2024. The remainingVRM-40aircraftwillbegin toarrive to Hampton Roadsin thesummer of2024. VRM-40’sleadership consistsofCmdr MatthewBoyce,commandingofficer;Cmdr. MasonFox,executiveofficer,andCommand MasterChiefBradleyWissinger.

“WeareproudtojointheCommander NavalAir Force Atlanticteamandeager toleanforwardintoournextphaseof stand-up,”Boycesaid.

Foxdiscussedtheimportanceofstanding upanewsquadronontheEastCoast.

“We’re excitedtobeinourpermanent homeat Naval Station Norfolkandfocused oncontinuingtobuildthesquadronto executeourmission—deliveringhighprioritypeople and parts tocarrier strike groups atsea,”Foxsaid.“TheOspreyisanextremely capableaircraftandwillbecriticallyimportanttothewaytheNavyfightsformanyyears tocome.”

InadditiontoVRM-40,atype wing detachmentwasestablishedonboardNaval Station Norfolkearlierin2023toprovide local representationofCommander,Fleet Logistics Multi-Mission Wing(CVRMW), basedatNASNorthIsland.

CVRMW’s mission is to provide Pacific

andAtlanticFleetVRMsquadronstheability tosustain lethalityforcarrier strike groups ofthefuturethroughthe timely,persistent airlogisticsmissionsournationdemands anyplaceintheworld.TheCMV-22Bisthe Navy’s long-range/medium-lift element of theintra-theateraeriallogisticscapability responsiblefortransportingpersonnel,mail andprioritycargofromshorelogisticssites toshipsatsea.

NavalAirForceAtlanticisresponsiblefor sevennuclear-poweredaircraftcarriers,55 aircraftsquadrons,1,200aircraftand52,000 officers,enlistedandcivilianpersonnelwith prioritiesfocused on warfighting, people, and readiness by providingcombat ready, sustainable naval air forces withthe right personnel,properlytrainedandequipped, withafocusonreadiness,operationalexcellence,interoperability,safety,andefficient resourcing.


Inthedigitalage,accesstocomputersis essentialforproductivityand task management. But,ensuringthatonlypeople with properaccessaregrantedtheabilitytowork ongovernmentcomputersisamatterof nationaldefense.So,howdoesonebalance thisneedforaccesstoa workessentialtool andtheneedforsecurity? At Naval Station NorfolkandacrosstheNavalenterprise,the SecurityManagementDepartmentworksat balancingthesetwocrucialconsiderations Theciviliandepartmentheadandthree enlisted SailorsassignedtotheSecurity Management Department at Naval Station Norfolkconducta varietyofprocessesto ensureonlytherightpeoplearegranted accesstogovernment computers. These processesincludeperformingbackground checksonthe National BackgroundInvestigationService(NBIS),ensuringpersonnelhave theproperclearancetodothejob assignedtothem,detecting‘redflags’ in a Sailor’s profile,and reviewingprofilesto helpensureSailorscankeeptheirclearance. “Webring Sailorsintotheofficetohelp maintaintheirclearance,especiallyifsomethingflagsthesystemintheirbackground check,”said DamageControlman3rd Class NoelBolton,asecuritymanager Sailor’s profilesare accessedviafingerprintscanners availableintheofficeand verifiedusingtheSecure WebFingerprint Transmission(SWFT)program.Duringher time workingintheSecurity Management Department,Boltonhasfingerprinted over 500SailorsandMarinesusingSWFT. Withthe expertiseofBolton andher co-worker—-Sonar Technician Surface 3rdClassAmandaCrowe—-the Security ManagementDepartmenthashelpedagreat

ThefirstEastCoast-assignedNavytiltrotorvertical/shorttakeoffand landing (V/STOL) aircraftCMV-22B Osprey lands at Naval Station Norfolk April 5. The CMV-22B Ospreybelongs toFleet LogisticsMulti-MissionSquadron(VRM)40the“MightyBison”TheCMV-22Bairframewillprovidethefleet’smedium-liftandlong-rangeaeriallogisticscapability,replacingtheC-2AGreyhounds ofFleetLogisticsSupportSquadron(VRC)40overthenextseveralyears.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALISTSEAMANSYLVIECARAFIOL)
numberofcustomers.Their expertisealso hashelpedtheirnewleadingpettyofficer, Yeoman1stClass MarioOrtiz,adjusttohis newworkcenter. “I relyheavilyon my junior Sailors, becausethey’vebeenatthiscommand longerthanmeandaremore versedinthe newprogramsweoperate,”saidOrtiz. Dueto NAVSTA Norfolk Sailor’s clearancelevelsneedingtobeupdatedeveryfew years,Ortizandthe rest ofhisdepartment useNBIStoinitiateinvestigationsor re-investigationsinsomeone’srecordwhentheir clearanceisduetoexpire SecurityManagementalso usesNBIStocheck Sailors out ofthecommandwhentheydetachfrom NAVSTANorfolk. Whileconductingclearanceinvestigations,backgroundchecksandapprovingaccesstocomputerscanbealaborious endeavor the Sailors of NAVSTA Norfolk’s Security Management Department are up forthechallenge and motivated by the fact thattheirjobismissioncritical. NAVSTA Norfolk Security Management department conducts criticaljob Norfolk,Virginia (April 4,2024)Yeoman1st Class MarioOrtiz assigned to Naval Station(NAVSTA) Norfolk’s SecurityManagers Department conducts a backgroundcheckonanewSailorcheck-inonboard NAVSTANorfolk,April 4,2024.NAVSTANorfolk’s SecurityManagement Departmentprovides backgroundchecks forsecurityclearances and computeraccess forallSailors andcivilianpersonnel assigned to NAVSTA Norfolk.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYRETAILSPECIALIST3RDCLASSJAMESO’MAILIAJR.) StartnowatPlayOurNews.com Listento ourtopnews storiesforfree. 6 TheFlagship|www.flagshipnews.com| Section 1| Thursday, April11,2024

Builder First Class, Jamaria Johnson, is a trailblazer in the making Hailing from Phenix City, Alabama, Johnson’s journey is one of determination and resilience As the middle child among seven siblings, her childhood was filled with the joys of summer adventures alongside her grandmothers aunts and cousins However, as she approached the end of her high school

years at Central High, Johnson decided to forge her own path and avoid the burden of student debt; she embarked on her military career “I did my time in NJROTC to be an E3 so I figured why not join. I already had a sense of the Navy knowledge,” Johnson said. Throughout her three years of service, Johnsonhasconsistentlydemonstratedan unwavering commitment to being a positive force in the workplace even when faced with challenging circumstances As a female in a male-dominated trade, she chosetobeaheavyhitter,leadingbyexample and inspiring those around her. Within only three months of her enlistment, she received her Seabee Combat Warfare pin. “I got my Expeditionary Warfare pin in which I was the first constructionman to be dual qualified in Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 3.

Capt. Omarr Tobias, commanding officer of NAVFAC Washington, presented Johnson with the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. The medal was for her meritorious service while she served as the Public Works Department Washington project supervisor from January 2021 to February 2024 Johnson skillfully executed 26 projects to increase support capabilities across the national capital region. She also provided 24/7 joint operations at Hawaii Red Hill and irrigated 250 miles of water distribution system and restored water to 6,500 displaced families at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. Johnson expressed gratitude to everyone for pouring into and supporting her “I learned so much from both male and female mentors, just based on their experiencesandcareerprogression.It’sgoodto have people holding you accountable and guiding you to the career path you want, Johnson explained

Her female pioneers are those she

calls her mentors, Ensign Gafayat Moradeyo and Lt Cmdr Genevieve Flatgard. When asked about the advice she would give to others, Johnson’s message is clear: “Be irrationally confident in yourself.” She emphasizes the importance of embracing discomfort as a catalyst for growth and warnsagainstthedangersofcomplacency. BU1 Jamaria Johnson: A trailblazer’s journey of resilience and leadership in the U.S. Navy BuilderFirst ClassJamariaJohnson held a re-enlistment ceremonywith Lt Cmdr Genevieve Flatgard (PHOTOBYNATASHAWALDRONANTHONY, NAVALFACILITIESENGINEERINGSYSTEMSCOMMANDWASHINGTON) BuilderFirst ClassJamariaJohnson.(PHOTO BYNATASHAWALDRONANTHONY) www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday April 11, 2024 7 Open acertificatewithNavyFederal andlet your moneyworkharderfor you. • Guaranteed earnings • Flexible term options • Protection againstinflation Federallyinsured by NCUA ©2023NavyFederal NFCU 14302(12-23) Visit navyfederal.org or call 1-888-842-6328 to openacertificatetoday! Sky-High CertificateRates GIVE YOUR SAVINGSA PROMOTION
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PENSACOLA, Fla. Naval Air Station (NAS) Pensacola-area commanding officers signed a joint proclamation April 4 to reaffirm the base and tenant command’s commitment to preventing sexual assault and providing resources for survivors of sexualassaultduringSexualAssaultAwarenessandPreventionMonth(SAAPM).

“Signing a proclamation shows that we have command and leadership buy-in for our program,” said Roger Davidson, NAS PensacolaFleetandFamilyServices(FFSC) supervisorysexualassaultresponsecoordinator(SARC).“ItallowsustobettergetSailors the services that we have for them here atFleetandFamily.”

NAS Pensacola Commanding Officer Capt Terry ‘Village Shashaty, along with otherNASPensacola-arealeadership,signed the proclamation to convey their intent to reinforce the Department of Defense’s (DoD) focus on creating an appropriate culture to eliminate sexual assault and requiring a personal commitment from all servicemembersandcivilianemployees

“There is no room for sexual assault in our military,” said Shashaty “I’m committed to ensuring that each and every service member and employee here, regardless of rank or position, joins me in eliminating sexualassaultfromourorganization.”

The 2024 SAAPM theme, “STEP FORWARD Prevent. Report. Advocate,” campaignisacalltoactionforallindividuals tousetheirpersonalandcollectivestrength

toadvancemeaningfulchangeinpreventing andrespondingtosexualviolence

Phase 1 of the STEP FORWARD campaign,launchedlastyear,wastoincrease awareness of sexual assault and resources to enhance response The Phase 2 goal launched this year aims to change harm-

PENSACOLA Fla. NavyRecruitingCommand(NRC), in partnership with Naval Education Training Command, supported the Naval Service Training Command at the NJROTCNationalsinPensacola,April5-6,2024

The NRC outreach team brought their best to bear this year to show their support and help reach NJROTC competitors,theirfamilies,andteamleadersfromaround the country “Being able to come out here and feel the energy in the roommakesitreallyclearwearelookingatthenextgenerationofNavalleadership Seeingtheseindividualsinaction, youknowthattheyaredoingeverythingtheycantobetheir authentic selves and achieve greatness,” said Capt. Gervy Alota,thecommanderofMissileWarningCenter,Colorado “Iamjustsoblessedtobeabletocomeoutheretoshowmy support for these young leaders, connect with their school staffandcoaches,andcongratulatethewinnerswhoworked sohard.” The NJROTC program has more than 80,000 members nationwidewiththetop1,000comingtogethertocompete in Nationals Commander Sheree T. Williams, Director Naval Service Training Command Citizen Development / NJROTC was not only on site during competition to cheer the teams on, but presented the winning team’s awards duringthecapstoneceremony.SheinvitedNRC’soutreach teamtotheeventtohelpshowattendeeshowtheycantake theskillssheandherteamhavehelpedthemlearnandapply themtonavalservice


ful behaviors, provide support to victims of sexualassault,andencouragesexualassault preventioninitiativesyear-round.

ShashatysaidthatNASPensacola’sFFSC’s SARCs are engaged in training command representatives as Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Victim Advo-

the extremely high caliber of leadership
brought these teams here,” said Chief Navy Counselor Wesley Lewison IX. “I got the chance to talk with CommanderWilliamsforourTalkingShippodcast.Getting toseeherpassion,drive,andleadershipvaluestakeformlike NJROTC Nationals showcase Naval excellence PENSACOLA,FL–Ahigh school holds herteammate’s ankles as she completes curl-ups during the physical competition section ofNJROTC Nationals,hosted on NavalAirStation Pensacola,April 5-6,2024.The eventwas hosted byNaval Service Training Command andwas supported bypersonnel from NavyRecruiting Command and Naval EducationTraining Command. The event hosted over1,000 NJROTC members and theirinstructors from schools nationwide who contended in physical academic,and drill competitions. (PHOTOBYNAVAKISS,COMMANDER,NAVYRECRUITINGCOMMAND) PENSACOLA,Fla. NavalAirStation (NAS) Pensacola-area militaryleadership sign the NAS Pensacola SexualAssaultAwareness and Prevention Month ProclamationApril 5,2024,at the The Oaks Restaurant onboard the installation.The proclamation reaffirms the NAS Pensacola and militarycommunitycommitment in preventing sexual assault and in providing resources for survivors ofsexual assault (OFFICIALU.S.NAVYPHOTOBYGARRETTDIPUMA)
blown away by both the level of
Naval Air Station Pensacola
“Iwanttomakesurethatsurvivorsknow they are not alone and that resources are available,”saidShashaty “OurSexualAssault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Victim Advocates at NAS Pensacola constantly provide training within the command and work with survivors to promote positive changeregardingsexualassault.” Active-duty Victim Advocates, individuals who have undergone the certification process through the National Organization of Victim Advocates (NOVA), are ready to immediately respond and Shashaty said that victims of sexual assault can report to either a SARC or Victim Advocate whether a restricted or unrestricted report is ultimatelyfiled. Anyone in immediate danger should call 911. To report a sexual assault, call the tollfreeDoDSafeHelplineat(877)995-5247or NavalAirStationPensacola24/7SAPRDuty Victim Advocate at 850-449-9231 or Naval AirStationPensacolaCivilianVictimAdvocate at 850-293-4562 or the NAS Pensacola Sexual Assault Response Coordinator at 850-554-5606 For more information on the DoD Safe Helpline, visit https://www.safehelpline org/. For more information on SAAPM, go to www.navy.mil/saapm. NAS Pensacola-area leadership sign Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month Proclamation uarterdeck Navy and Air Force fighters to train as a joint force in NAWCAD’s Joint Simulation Environment NAWCADinstalledadivisionoffourU.S.AirForceF-22 RaptorcockpitsintotheNavy’spremiersimulation testandtrainingfacilityalongsideitsdivisionofeight F-35LightningcockpitsinJanuary PageB4 PENSACOLA,Fla. NavalAirStation (NAS) Pensacola Commanding OfficerCapt.Terry ‘Village’Shashatysigns the NAS Pensacola SexualAssaultAwareness and Prevention Month ProclamationApril 5,2024,at theThe Oaks Restaurant onboard the installation.The proclamation reaffirms the NAS Pensacola and militarycommunitycommitment in preventing sexual assault and in providing resources forsurvivors ofsexual assault.(OFFICIALU.S.NAVY PHOTOBYGARRETTDIPUMA) TurntoNJROTCNationals, Page 3 www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, April 11, 2024 1
SARCs serve as the primary point of contactforcoordinatingvictimcareservices whileVictimAdvocatesarevolunteerswith specifictraininginproperlyassistingvictims ofsexualassault.

PENSACOLA, Fla. During an awards ceremony, Cryptologic Technician Collection (CTR)1stClassEmilyL.Hooper was recognized by Cmdr. Peter B. Manzoli, commanding officer, Information Warfare Training Command (IWTC) Corry Station,asthe2023IWTCCorry Station Instructor of the Year at the Corry Station Chapel, Feb. 20,2024 What makes this a special accomplishment, Manzoli explained is that Hooper was chosen for the Instructor of the Year award, over all the other instructors teaching at IWTC Corry Station, as a Reservist on active-dutyorders However, this may not be as unusualasonemightthink Cryptologic Technician Collection Chief Chandra Broner, Hooper’sDivisionLeadingChiefPetty Officer(LCPO),emphasizedthat the current and former LCPO of the schoolhouse, the current LPOoftheschoolhouse andthecommand’s Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Assistant Uniformed Victim Advocate (A-UVA), and the Petty Officer Association (POA) treasurer are all held by Selected Reservists (SELRES) on active-duty orders, identifyinganotabletrend. “People tend to think of Reservists in a particular negative light,” said Hooper the LeadingPettyOfficer(LPO)forCommunicationSignalsCollectionCourse “Igetacertain sense of satisfaction when others find out I amapartoftheReservesandactsosurprised like, ‘Wow, I never would have known.’ And that is the point. Most of us have been on multiple deployments and know our jobs in and out. The only difference is we don’t get paidinbetweenmobilizations”

atesontheconceptofkeepingSELRESSailors persistently plugged in to roles on active duty, as opposed to solely being called-up to fill gapped billets, said Cryptologic TechnicianCollectionChiefChristopherHunnicutt, Communication Signals Collection Course LCPO Thisbolstersourabilitytoremain“in thefight”asanorganizationandenablesusto bemoreeffectiveinashorteramountoftime if and when called up for a national defense ordisastersituation.

“Petty Officer Hooper’s actions phenomenally display the U.S. Navy Reserve’s ability to masterfully take on the same challenging anddemandingrolesastheactivecomponent Sailors in the Fleet, in that, we strive to not onlysurvive,butthriveinourenvironment,” saidHunnicutt.

mentfurtherprovesthesuccessofthemodel demonstrates the strategic readiness of the Navy,andhopesthattheRecalltoActiveDuty program for instructors not only remains in place,butexpandstootherratingsandsites

“CTR1 Emily Hooper imbues the highest ideals of what we want in an instructor at Corry Station and throughout the Navy professionalism,dedication,andawillingness toaffectthelong-termreadinessofourfighting Navy team by training her relief—and, in doingso,settingtheconditionsforastronger, morecapableJointforce,”saidManzoli.“She represents the very best of a dedicated and capableNavalReserve;theNavyisfortunate tohaveherinfluencingsomanyjuniorSailors atCorryStation.”



Naval Hospital Pensacola leads with groundbreaking sleep apnea treatment in the Panhandle

PENSACOLA, Fla Naval Hospital

Pensacola announced a major advancement in military healthcare by completing the first Inspire therapy implant in the Panhandle area for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) This milestone in improving service members’healthandoperationalreadiness

Lt Cmdr Ryan Sload, a surgeon at the hospital, spearheaded the introduction of this innovative treatment. Inspire therapy, an internal device, stimulates the nerve controlling the tongue, maintaining an open airway during sleep. This method presents a significant leap forward from traditional ContinuousPositiveAirwayPressure(CPAP) treatments which many patients find intolerable “Over 50% of people with sleep apnea

cannot tolerate CPAP,” said Sload “Inspire therapy offers these patients a new lease on life by providing an effective solution with minimaldiscomfort.”

The procedure reflects Naval Hospital Pensacola’s commitment to filling a crucial healthcare gap, particularly benefiting retireesandtheVAcommunityintheregion.This initiativeunderlinesthehospital’sdedication toadoptingandintegratingadvancedmedical treatments to improve patient care substantially Highlighting the broader implications of this medical achievement, Army research underscores the critical link between sleep quality and military readiness Poor sleep has significantly impacted soldiers’ performance, increasing the risk of injuries and accidents Through the adoption of Inspire therapy,NavalHospitalPensacolaaddresses thesechallengeshead-on,enhancingboththe

well-beingofindividualservicemembersand theoperationalefficiencyoftheNavy

“ImplementingtheInspiretherapydevice atNavalHospitalPensacolaunderscoresour unwavering commitment to enhancing the operational readiness of our forces,” said Capt. Scott Coon, Commanding Officer of NavalHospitalPensacola.“Thisprogressisa testamenttoNavyMedicine’scommitmentto developinginnovativesolutionsforourmilitarycommunity.”

As Naval Hospital Pensacola continues to pioneer medical innovation, the successful implementation of Inspire therapy marks a significantstepforwardinmilitarymedicine Itpromisesimprovedqualityoflifeforservice membersandsetsaprecedentforhealthcare excellencewithinthearmedforces. For more information, please visit us at: https://pensacol.tricare.mil

Reservist recognized as IWTC Corry Station Instructor of the Year During an awards ceremony,CryptologicTechnician Collection (CTR) 1st Class EmilyL.Hooperwas recognized by Cmdr PeterB.Manzoli,commanding officer,InformationWarfareTraining Command (IWTC) CorryStation,as the 2023 IWTC CorryStation InstructoroftheYearat the CorryStation Chapel,Feb.20 2024 (COURTESYPHOTO) Q: Whattypesoffamily housingareavailable? A: There are three types of housing available to families: Public/PrivateVenture(PPV) Housing is also referred to as privatized housing in the Navy The Navy partnered with different private management companies to provide housing to Service Members. These companies are responsible forthe construction, renovation,maintenance and day-to-day management ofthe housing PPVhousing may be located on oroffgovernment property and in most cases will be formermilitary housing GovernmentOwned (also known as Military Housing orNavy Managed Housing is what was formerly called on-base housing While only available in limited quantities CONUS,Government Owned Housing is still widely available OCONUS. CommunityHousing is any housing that a Service Member may choose that is not PPVor government operated This is housing outside ofthe base that is privately owned and operated NAVY HOUSING Norfolk: 757.445.2832 JEBLCFS: 757.462.2792 Oceana/DamNeck: 757.433.3268 Yorktown: 757.847.7806 Mid-Atlantic Fleet and Family Support Centers (FFSC) programs and services are designed to help you make the most of your military experience, and they’re all available to you at no cost. FUNCTIONSAND/OR SERVICESFFSCPROVIDES: ClinicalCounseling – Individual, Couplesand ChildCounseling Personal Financial Management Information & Referral Family EmploymentAssistance TransitionAssistance FamilyAdvocacy Program Deployment and Mobilization Support Ombudsman Support RelocationAssistance Parenting Programs Stress andAngerManagement Command Support Crisis Support Suicide Prevention SAPR Support 2 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, April 11, 2024

Center Southeast


The Aviation Maintenance Advancement Solutions (AMAS)productionandlogisticsteam,one of the many Fleet Support Teams (FST) assigned to Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE), was recently recognized as the Common Aviation Support Equipment Program Office (PMA-260) Team of the Year It’s the first time that an FRCSE FST hasreceivedtheaccolade PMA-260 manages the procurement, development and fielding of common ground support equipment and automatic testequipmentfortheU.S.NavyandMarine Corpsandiscomposedof20differentteams coveringareaslikeacquisitionmanagement, test and evaluation, and sustainment of equipmentthatallowstheNavyandMartine Corps team to operate, repair and service aircraft.FRCSE’sAMASteamisoneofthose


The AMAS team, located at Cecil Commerce Center, earned the award for imaging, repairing and logistics associated withPortableElectronicMaintenanceAids (PEMAs)

PEMAs are laptops that are configured according to the type model, series aircraft being serviced, and works like an interactive technical manual. The AMAS team’s primary responsibility is ensuring that


aircraft operated by the Navy and Marine Corps about30differenttypes

“Our warehouse is about 1,200 square feet,”saidJohnMason,FRCSE’sAMASteam lead logistician. “We have racks around the perimeteroftheroomthatnearlyreachthe ceiling, and back in March 2023, our entire warehouse including the floor space was full of new PEMAs and others needing repair The pallets covered every surface in theroom,andatanygiventime theSupport Equipment Managing System, which is the system we use for processing, was tracking about16,000PEMAsrequiringsupport.”

Year to year, the AMAS team, composed of about 22 personnel is responsible for buying, processing, tracking, unboxing, imaging, repairing and shipping thousands ofPEMAs

This year alone, they completed 5,362 refreshes, which happen every four years, including replenishments for the team’s largest consumers F/A-18 Super Hornets andEA-18GGrowlers

A refresh consists of the team purchasing new laptop computers to replace all the existing PEMAs for customers at the organization (O), intermediate (I) or depot (D) repair level. The team buys tracks images and sends the ready-for-issue devices to the maintainers Based on timelines and the amount of PEMAs delivered at a time usuallythousands arefreshneedstobe

this is such an awesome reminder of why I chose to serve in the Navy It’s the people like these teams, their coaches, families, and volunteers that give putting on the uniform meaning.”

NC1VeronicaScott,arguablyoneofthemostrecognizable faces in uniform joined the outreach team to help engage with the attendees Throughout the day, Scott spent time talkingwithteams answeringquestionsabouttheNavy and takingphotoswithcountlessattendeeswhorecognizedher fromsocialmedia.

“ThroughouttheNationaldrillmeetoverthelastcouple ofdays,I’vebeendeeplymovedandfilledwithhopeforour nation by witnessing the selfless dedication of those who stand ready to protect and serve our country,” said Scott. “Observing their professionalism, courage, and effective leadership within their units is truly inspiring. We must neverforgetthatourchildrenareourfuture.

NRC’s media and outreach teams also visited the Navy OrientationRecruitingUnitwhileonlocationandwitnessed the famous chant competition between classes, created to foster teamwork and enthusiasm in new recruiters before theydepartforthefield.

NavyRecruitingCommandconsistsofacommandheadquarters, two Navy Recruiting Regions and 26 Navy Talent Acquisition Groups that serve more than 815 recruiting stationsacrosstheworld.Theircombinedgoalistoattract thehighestqualitycandidatestoassuretheongoingsuccess ofAmerica’sNavy


First, the team determines the number of PEMAs required, then they order the devices from the manufacturer The items ship to the AMAS warehouse where they are processed, unboxed, organized, sent to the lab for imaging and finally shipped out. Theteamgiveseachcustomer30dayswith the new devices before requiring them to returntheoldones

TherequirementsforSuperHornetsand Growlersmadeup3,501ofthetotalPEMAs refreshed, and the work was expected to take the AMAS team well into fiscal year 2024 However,theykickedintohighspeed, knocking out upwards of 250 PEMAs a week.

“I’mextremelyproudoftheteam’scontributiontoprovidingthewarfightertheright hardwareandsoftwaretoolsforperforming maintenanceandrepaironNavyandMarine Corps aircraft,” said Brad Sherrill, FRCSE’s AMAS FST lead. “These tools may not be large weapon systems or used in direct combat, but each is a vital tip-of-the-spear resourceneededtokeepplanesflying.”

However,theAMASteamworkloaddidn’t just stop at fleet requirements The AMAS team also processed, outfitted, repaired, loaned, transferred, delivered, demilitarized and disposed of almost 6,500 other devices during 2023 totals far exceeding theexpectationsfortheyear


O,I,andDlevelrepairfacilities,butwealso providesolderrepairedPEMAstoNavyand MarineCorpsschoolsthatarenotpartofthe program of record and wouldn’t normally have access to these pieces of equipment,” Mason said “This helps ensure students going through training have an actual piece ofequipmenttousewhilelearning.”

Wherever there is an aircraft within the Navy and Marine Corps arsenal, there are PEMAssupportingthemaintenanceofthat aircraft. Keeping that in mind, the FRCSE AMAS team doesn’t just come to work every day and do a job well; they provide essential

support to the fleet, ensuring that every maintainer has a quality device that harnesses the data required for them to executetheirpieceofthemission. AboutFleetReadinessCenterSoutheast Fleet Readiness Center Southeast (FRCSE) is Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia’s
the greater USNavy,NavalAirSystemsCommand,and Commander Fleet Readiness Centers by maintainingthecombatairpowerforAmerica’smilitaryforces The Fleet Readiness Center Southeast AMAS team earns PMA-260 Team of the Year award Fleet Readiness CenterSoutheast’sAviation MaintenanceAdvancement Solutions (AMAS) production and logistics team poses fora photo afterwinning the CommonAviation Support Equipment Program Office (PMA-260)Team oftheYearaward foritsworksupporting Portable Electronic MaintenanceAids (PEMAs).This is the first time the team has received the accolade (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYTOIETEJACKSON)
largest maintenance, repair, overhaul and technical services provider, employing approximately 5,000 civilian, militaryandcontractworkers Withannual revenue exceeding $1 billion, the
tion serves as an
part of
PENSACOLA,FL– Machinist’s Mate Second Class Destin Stahl,a Navyrecruiter,supervises a competitorcompleting pushups during NJROTC Nationals,hosted on NavalAirStation Pensacola,April 5-6 2024.The eventwas hosted byNaval Service Training Command andwas supported bypersonnel from NavyRecruiting Command and Naval EducationTraining Command. The event hosted over1,000 NJROTC members and theirinstructors from schools nationwide,who contended in physical, academic,and drill competitions. (PHOTOSBYNAVAKISS,COMMANDER,NAVYRECRUITINGCOMMAND) PENSACOLA,FL–Two high school girls playa game as they wait fortheirnext event to begin at NJROTC Nationals hosted on NavalAirStation Pensacola,April 5-6 2024. PENSACOLA,FL– NavyDiverFirst Class Cole Copleyhelps ayoung boytryon a diver’s helmet at the SpecialWarfare outreach table at NJROTC Nationals,hosted on NavalAir Station Pensacola,April 5-6,2024. PENSACOLA,FL– Ensign Matthew Pickard,an admissions officerfor the United States NavalAcademy, talks to a group ofhigh schoolers competing at NJROTC Nationals, hosted on NavalAirStation Pensacola,April 5-6,2024. www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday April 11, 2024 3
Nationals from Page 1

Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division


AIRCRAFT DIVISION, PATUXENT RIVER, Md Navy and Air Force fighter pilots will begin training as a joint force at theNavalAirWarfareCenterAircraftDivision(NAWCAD)’sJointSimulationEnvironment(JSE)startingin2024

NAWCAD installed a division of four U.S.AirForceF-22Raptorcockpitsintothe Navy’spremiersimulationtestandtraining facility alongside its division of eight F-35 LightningcockpitsinJanuary

“When America is engaged in conflict, the DOD will bring joint capability to bear from every service across all domains,” said NAWCAD Commander Rear Adm. John DoughertyIV “We’vereplicatedthisability intheJointSimulationEnvironment,aforce multiplierhelpingaviatorsdeteraggression and—ifnecessary—prevailinconflict.”

The new addition of fifth-generation fighter simulators brings Navy Marine Corps,AirForce,andalliedpartnersintothe hyper-realistic digital range that consists of cockpits,domedsimulatorswith4Kprojectors,andaircraftsoftwaretoenablepilotsto flywartimescenariosinanear-exactvirtual environment. Tactical groups training in NAWCAD’s JSE fly more sorties over one week than they do over a year on open-air ranges “Open-air ranges are extremely constrained with safety limitations that preventwarfightersfromtraininglikethey’d fight,” said NAWCAD JSE Director Blaine Summers “TheJSEiswherefifth-genfighters train to hone their tactics and fight like theirlivesdependonit.”

Developed by Navy engineers and industry partners NAWCAD’s JSE is a powerful training and test facility designed to adapt and grow, utilizing hardware and software from actual DOD aircraft, weapons, and

other defense systems The JSE has all the equipment and experts needed to keep the facility running smoothly from its cockpits, toitssoftwareandsimulators,toitsmission debriefingroomswherepilotsgetfeedback ontheirperformanceduringtraining

In this highly realistic digital range, aviators experience the consequences of their mistakes, including mission failure, loss of systems, and even loss of life The JSE enables pilots to learn those hard lessons, immediately adjust, fly again, and continue the learning process to become a highly capabletacticalaviator

TheJSEwasinitiallydesignedtosupport F-35Lightning’soperationaltestingasthere was no way to safely and adequately represent real-world conflict on an open-air range Today, the DOD is scaling the Navy’s technologyforadditionaldigitalrangefacilitiessupportingprogramslikeF-35 F-22,and E-2D Inaddition,theDODhasmadetraining in the JSE a formal part of the Navy’s

StrikeFighterTacticsInstructorProgram— commonlyknownasTOPGUN Overthenextyear,NAWCADwillincorporate additional test and training cockpits including the F/A-18 Hornet, EA-18 Growler,andE-2platformstotrainfighters for future flight lines. The warfare center will also deploy its second training system onboard a Navy carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72). The Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Divisionemploysmorethan17,000military, civilianandcontractpersonnel.Itoperates test ranges, laboratories and aircraft in supportoftest,evaluation,research,development and sustainment of everything flownbytheNavyandMarineCorps Based inPatuxentRiver,Maryland,thecommand also has major sites in St Inigoes Maryland, Lakehurst, New Jersey and Orlando Florida.

workyoualldo Wecannotworkwithoutthe systems



presented the

Superior Civilian Service Award to Megan Nichols for extraordinary service from February 2020 through March 2024 Nichols performed her duties in an exemplary manner as director of NAVSUP Enterprise Business and Logistics Solution division, director of NAVSUP BSC Data AnalyticsSolutionsdepartment,andinterim executivedirectorofFleetLogisticsCenter Yokosuka, Japan. She delivered upgrades to the electronic Retrograde Management System and successfully transitioned the Navy Data Platform (NDP) to the Yellowbrickdatawarehouse “I know [Megan] through her work and reputation. Anytime her name has come up and anyone I speak to who has worked with her or led by her is always effusive in their praise for how good she is,” said Epps “I am certainly honored to present this to you. I think it’s a real testimony to what a great leader you are and I sense that there aremuchbiggerthingstocome.” EppsalsopresentedNAVSUPCommander’sCoinstoSharonWilliamsforherprofessional support to the NAVSUP software license management program; Stephanie Maldonado for validating migrated data to the Warehouse Management System; John Raudenbush for leading integration of legacy financial systems to Navy Enterprise Resource Planning; Jacob Csencsics for implementing data-analytics solutions to improve Naval Aviation Enterprise; and Sydney Bruckner and Julius Igarta for delivering performance improvements to

the Navy Data Platform Statistical Analysis Softwareenvironment. Capt. David Carnal, commanding officer NAVSUPBSC BrianZirbel,executivedirector NAVSUP BSC and command leadershipprovidedbriefsfollowingtheall-hands meetinganddiscussedcommandpriorities, current and future operations, modernization of information systems, and financial requirements to execute NAVSUP BSC’s missiontodeliverresilientandrelevantbusinessinformationsystemsthatempowerthe Navy NAVSUP andmissionpartners “To put in place the necessary actions to meetcommandprioritiesandpositionusfor continued success in the future, NAVSUP BSC released a multi-year campaign plan framework entitled Information System PillarstoDriveSupplyChainSuccess,”said


Air Force fighters to train as a joint force in NAWCAD’s Joint Simulation Environment Apilot tests a U.S.AirForce F-22 Raptorcockpit simulatorheaded forinstallation in the NavalAirWarfare CenterAircraft Division’sJoint Simulation Environment The Navyinstalled a division of fourRaptorcockpits alongside a division ofeight F-35 Lightning cockpits in its advanced tactical trainerso NavyandAirForce fighterpilots can train as a joint force starting in 2024.(U.S.NAVY PHOTOBYTERRITHOMAS) ByJamesFoehl NAVSUP Business Systems Center MECHANICSBURG, Pa Rear Adm. Kenneth Epps commander Naval Supply SystemsCommand(NAVSUP)andChiefof Supply Corps, met with military and civilianpersonnelatNAVSUPBusinessSystems Center (BSC), April 1, during a command visit onboard Naval Support Activity Mechanicsburg. The visit served as an opportunity for Epps to engage with NAVSUP BSC leadership speak with employees and recognize their outstanding achievements during an all-handsmeeting “IwantedtomakesureIthankyouforthe
Navy and
you develop, sustain, and deploy,” saidEpps
the all-hands, Epps
that each have a set of key performance outcomes to be accomplished now and in futureyears.” Duringthevisit,Eppswasaccompaniedby KurtWendelken,vicecommander,NAVSUP, BrianLaird,assistantcommanderforSupply ChainTechnologyandSystemsIntegration, NAVSUP, and Capt. Kelly House, assistant commanderforSupplyChainManagement andPerformance,NAVSUP NAVSUP BSC provides the Navy with information systems support through the design, development, and maintenance of systems in the functional areas of logistics supply chain management, transportation, finance, and accounting and is one of 11 commandsunderCommander,NAVSUP Headquartered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, NAVSUP employs a diverse, worldwide workforce of more than 25,000 military and civilian personnel. NAVSUP and the Navy Supply Corps conduct and enablesupplychain,acquisition,operational logistics,andSailorandfamilycareactivities withmissionpartnerstogeneratereadiness, sustainnavalforcesworldwide,andprevent anddecisivelywinwars Chief of Supply Corps recognizes superior service, IT excellence at NAVSUP Business Systems Center MECHANICSBURG,Pa (April 1,2024) Brian Zirbel (right),executive director Naval SupplySystems Command (NAVSUP) Business Systems Center(BSC),speakswith RearAdm.Kenneth Epps,commander NAVSUPand ChiefofSupplyCorps,during a commandvisit to NAVSUPBSC onboard Naval SupportActivityMechanicsburg.Thevisit served as an opportunityforEpps to engagewith NAVSUPBSC leadership speakwith employees and recognize theiroutstanding achievements during an all-hands meeting (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYJAMESE.FOEHL,RELEASED) 4 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, April 11, 2024

On a brisk March morning a small craft barrels down on a Navy vessel making its way off shore. The small craft is like many usedbyournation’sadversaries,andsharpeyed Mass Communications Specialists (MCs)aresomeofthefirsttoseeit.

“VIPER Team Gold! Contact, Port Side,” yells a Chief to his Sailors all armed with cameras and at the ready as the small craft inches menacingly closer to the vessel until itrocksuponconnectinghull-to-hull.

Camera shutters snap rapidly, capturing photos and video of the incident before the craft breaks to starboard and away Just as quickly the MCs are down ladder wells to workstationstofireoffproductofthemaritime harassment to their public affairs officer in the hope of quickly and accurately tellingtheU.S.Navy’ssideofthestory

But this incident did not happen in the SouthChinaSeaortheStraightsofHormuz. Rather, it was off the shores of Annapolis, Maryland;thevesselsaU.S.NavalAcademy Yard Patrol (YP) Boat and a small craft part of Navy Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron EIGHT (MSRON 8). And the VIPERTeamconsistedofReservistsprimarilyfromtheNavyOfficeofInformation-Reserve Component (NR-CHINFO) training for the first time in Operational Task Visual Information(OPTASKVI)

OPTASK VI is a no-fail mission designed to capture and document unsafe unprofessional,ornefariousactivitiesatsea,onland, and in the air In order to counter propaganda and disinformation, video and still photosmustshowfactsandcontextofsuch encounters, be cleared for public release, and disseminated within a tight window. UnlikeShip’sNauticalOrOtherwisePhotographic Interpretation and Examination (SNOOPIE), OPTASK VI’s purpose is to visually document an incident for potential publicrelease

The unit-level training was the brainchildofMassCommunicationSpecialist3rd Class Jayme Bresnahan, a prior active duty Operations Specialist and member of the NR-CHINFO unit. Having seen the impact of OPTASK-VI on the Navy as a whole, she thoughttheuniqueresourcesavailableinthe Mid-Atlanticprovidedaperfectopportunity forimpactfultrainingforReservists

“OPTASK VI stood out to me as something we really need to know how to do when we’re asked to step in, and so I asked ifwecouldholdtrainingonit,”saidBresnahan. “Originally it started as an idea to hold adayoftraining,butleadershipencouraged thenideatogrowbiggerthanjustthat.”

Empowered by her chain of command to createamulti-weekexercise,Bresnahanset to work creating a comprehensive training plan,incorporatingtheNavalAcademyand MSRON 8 as part of Train the Force efforts topreparetheReserveMCsformobilization


“Upon receiving Bresnahan’s training idea,Iaskedherifshegraspedtheimmense undertaking of organizing a large-scale rate-related training exercise like the one you are proposing,” said Chief Mass Communication Specialist Orlando Quintero, CHINFO Senior Enlisted Advisor and CHINFO Production’s Leading Chief Petty Officer “I instructed her to prepare a plan andexpecttoinvestasignificantamountof timeandefforttorealizehervision.”

Originallyplannedasajointtrainingwith the Academy Midshipmen for the summer of 2024, that timetable moved significantly theleftwhenitwasdiscoveredthatMSRON 8wouldbedoingpre-deploymentactivities with their boats in the kind of encounters OPTASKVIwasdesignedtocapture.Undeterred by the shorter timeframe to prepare, Bresnahan and the unit Chiefs met with seniorenlistedrepresentativesoftheAcademyYPsquadronandtheMSRON

“In our discussions with the senior enlisted leadership of the Academy Yard Patrol and MSRON 8 units, we found renewed optimism for the project, largely duetoBresnahan’sunwaveringenthusiasm and dedication,” added Quintero. “There was initial apprehension, considering this type of training had never been done before with these units and on such a scale However,bothcommandsembracedMC3’s trainingplanwholeheartedlyandextended theirsupport.”

With that, nine Reserve Sailors from CHINFO Navy Office of Community Outreach, and U.S. Fifth Fleet were on the YPdeckplates,capturingvideoandstillsof the MSRON 8 craft simulating unsafe and unprofessionalinteractionsbetweenvessels in a maritime environment. In addition to the hands-on training, NR-CHINFO was abletocoordinatewithChiefMassCommunicationsSpecialistKoryAlsberry,formerly assigned to Afloat Training Group West to give classroom training to the Reservists on the same standards and procedures of OPTASKVIgiventotheiractivedutycounterparts In the end, the Navy Reservists received sign-offs on OPTASK VI and MC PersonnelQualificationStandardsandwere able to expose 19 Naval Academy Midshipmen to the training and responsibilities surface warfare officers have with regards toOPTASKVI. “Our job as MCs in the Reserve provides us with a unique opportunity to train regularlycomparedtootherseafaringrates,”said Bresnahan of her drive to create this training plan. “I thought our job is too fun not to get out there and do it every chance we get. So, I thought about war fighting readiness and how we can train to be ready when its ourtime.” To learn more about the Navy’s

OPTASK VI program, visit www.allhands.navy.mil/ Media/OPTASK-VI/ CHINFO Reserve personnel conduct first of its kind OPTASK-VI training ANNAPOLIS,Maryland (March 26 2024) - Mass Communication Specialist 3rd ClassJayme Bresnahan ofthe NavyReserve ChiefofInformation Office (NR-CHINFO) unit performs Operational TaskVisual Information (OPTASKVI) training aboard a U.S.NavalAcademyYard Patrol craft.OPTASKVI is a no-fail mission designed to capture and document unsafe,unprofessional,or nefarious activities at sea on land and in the air The NR-CHINFO Sailors coordinatedwith the NavalAcademyand NavyReserve Maritime ExpeditionarySecuritySquadron EIGHTas part ofTrain the Force efforts to prepare them formobilization andwarfighting assignments.(PHOTOBYCHIEFPETTYOFFICERPATRICKGORDON,NAVYOFFICEOFINFORMATION,MEDIACONTENT OPERATIONS-NAVYRESERVECOMPONENT) ANNAPOLIS, Maryland (March 26 2024) - Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Maurice Brown,center and Mass Communication Specialist 3rd ClassJayme Bresnahan ofthe Navy Reserve Chief ofInformation Office (NRCHINFO) unit perform Operational TaskVisual Information (OPTASKVI) training aboard a U.S.Naval AcademyYard Patrol craft. OPTASKVI is a no-fail mission designed to capture and document unsafe, unprofessional, ornefarious activities at sea, on land,and in the air (PHOTO BYCHIEFPETTY OFFICERPATRICK GORDON,NAVY OFFICEOF INFORMATION, MEDIACONTENT OPERATIONSNAVYRESERVE COMPONENT) www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, April 11, 2024 5

Preventing pollution from car, lawn and pool maintenance

Stormwaterpollutionresultswhenprecipitation such as rain or snowmelt runs over surfacespickinguppollutantslikepesticides, fertilizers construction site sediments, pet waste, litter etc These pollutants can significantly degrade water quality and threaten aquatic wildlife and human health In addition,stormwaterpollutionimpactsourdrinking water supplies and use of waterways for recreationalactivitiessuchasswimming,fishing,andboating Runoff from our lawns, rooftops and driveways drain directly into the stormwater system. This system consisting of ditches stormdrainsandpipes orotherconveyances which collect and transport stormwater all discharges stormwater directly to nearby streams, lakes, and waterways without treating the water first to remove contaminants. Becauseofthis,itisimportantforustotryand prevent pollutants from being washed into these storm drains from our car, lawn, and poolmaintenanceactivities Thefactsrelated topollutioncanbestaggering:

„ A single quart of oil can pollute 250,000 gallonsofdrinkingwater(NDRC,1994).

„ Recycling just one gallon of used oil can generateenoughelectricitytoruntheaverage household for almost 24 hours (Philadelphia Water Department, A Homeowner’s Guide toStormwaterManagement,January2006).

„ Pesticidesaretoxictothefishandtheorganismslivinginourwaterwaysandareharmful toourdrinkingwatersupplies

„ Excessive nutrients from fertilizers result in an overgrowth of algae and plants which depletesthenecessaryoxygenforfish.

„ Back wash residues, algaecides, and acid washes from routine swimming pool and spa maintenancecanbeveryharmfulifdischarged intoourwaterways. Belowaretipswecanalladopttohelpkeep ourlocalwaterwayshealthy!


Using the following tips for proper car and truck maintenance can prevent pollutants such as oil, heavy metals, and toxic materials fromenteringthestormdrain:

„ Frequently check your vehicle for leaks by examining the pavement in your driveway or garage and use drip pans to capture the leaky substances until you are able to completely repairtheleak.

„ Properly dispose of or recycle used or unwanted oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, and batteries Never dump or allow these materials to leak onto paved surfaces that connecttothestormdrainsystem.

„ Carefully store vehicle maintenance suppliesintightlysealedcontainerstoprevent spills

„ Inthecaseofaspill,useanabsorbentmaterialtocontainthepotentialpollutant,cleanit up immediately once absorbed, and properly disposeofthespillandcleanupmaterials.

Special tip: Empty liquid detergent bottles are excellent for storing vehicle maintenance fluidsbecausethelidssealtightly


Using the following tips for proper lawn care andmaintenancecanpreventpollutantssuch as pesticides, fertilizers, lawn clippings and leavesfromenteringthestormdrainandnegativelyaffectingournearbywaterways: „ Usepesticidesandfertilizerssparinglyand never right before it rains. If you believe that yoursoilneedsnutrients,haveyoursoiltested first so that you know the proper amount to apply Over application of fertilizers is a leadingcauseorpollutionfromhomeowners „ Compostingand/orusingorganicfertilizers are highly recommended to reduce polluted runofffromourhomes „ Do not use a leaf blower or sweep your leavesandgrassclippingsintothestormdrains around your home This clogs storm drains which can cause flooding issues and adds excessive nutrients to our waterways. Grass clippingsholdthefertilizersorpesticidesthat areappliedtoyourlawn,andifblownintothe nearbystormdrainswillcarrythesepollutants intothedownstreamwaterways. Special tip: Instead of bagging your lawn clippings and leaves, use your lawn mower to mulch the lawn waste and allow it to spread over your lawn which will act as a natural fertilizer This will also help you save money becauseyouwillnothavetopayforfertilizers andwillhelpgetthatnicegreenlawn!


Usingthefollowingtipsforproperpoolmaintenance can prevent chlorine from entering thestormdrain:

„ Drain your pool waters to the sanitary systemifpossibleandallowbylocalordinance Thesanitarysystemprovidestreatmentbefore dischargetolocalwaterways.

„ If draining your pool water to the stormwater system, only drain your pool when a test kit demonstrates that the chlorine levels have dissipated and are no longer detected The pH should be between 6.5 and 8.5 before discharging „ Nevercleanorrinseapoolorspafilterover a paved area that leads to a storm drain. Only rinseinasinkthatisconnectedtothesanitary systemoroveralawnthatwillabsorbandinfiltratetherunoff

„ Carefully store your pool chemicals in a covered area and in tightly sealed containment to prevent spills and/or exposure to precipitation.

„ Preventalgaebuildupandtheneedforadditional chemicals with regular cleanings and maintainingconsistentchlorinelevels

„ Avoid the use of the more toxic copperbased algaecides by using an alternative such assodiumbromide

Thanksforreadingthisarticleandhopefully you can incorporate some of these pollution prevention techniques into your daily habits to help protect our local waterways. Be sure to pick up the next issue of The Flagship and readarticle3inthisseries,whichwilldiscuss pollutionthatresultsfrompetwasteandwhat wecandotopreventit.

tanceoftheongoingcollaborationbetween theU.S.NavyandtheRSNF

During their visit, the delegation toured the Naval Supply Center Jubail, gaining insights into Saudi Arabia’s logistical infrastructure. Training on the Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP) was also a focal point. NAVSUP WSS provided guidance

Ricky Feggins and Bill Thornley representativesfromNAVSUPWSSInternational Programs, led the SCIP training sessions attended by RSNF students, accentuating the importance of effective collaboration andknowledgetransfer.

The Foreign Liaison Visit supports both nations’ commitment to strengthening their maritime and aviation partnership, fostering mutual understanding of logisticsandoperationalsupportoftheweapon

(COURTESYPHOTO) CourtesyStory NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support A delegation from Naval Supply Systems Command Weapon Systems Support (NAVSUP WSS) embarked on a significant foreignliaisonvisittotheKingdomofSaudi Arabia to support maritime and aviation cooperationMarch3. “Inviting our team to Saudi Arabia to discuss current and future capabilities is a testament to the value of open communication,” expressed Cmdr Albert Sonon, NAVSUP WSS, Director of International Programs “Sustaining weapon systems is not just an individual task but a collective effortbetweenNations.” The NAVSUP WSS International Programsdelegation’sobjectivewastomeet withkeySaudiArabianofficialsanddiscuss various aspects of logistical support and readinesscapabilities The visit’s highlight was engaging with the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF) Chief ofStaffLogisticandSupply(COSLOG),Rear Adm.MisferBinAbdullahAlqahtani During their meeting, the delegation addressedsustainmenteffortsformaritime andaviationcases,underscoringtheimpor-
on how the RSNF can optimize its weapon systems support using US Navy InternationalPrograms.
and aviation capabilities NAVSUP WSS is one of 11 commands under Commander NAVSUP
tered in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, NAVSUP employs a diverse, worldwide workforceofmorethan22,500militaryand civilian personnel. NAVSUP and the Navy Supply Corps conduct and enable supply chain, acquisition, operational logistics and Sailor and family care activities with our mission partners to generate readiness and sustain naval forces worldwide to prevent and decisively win wars Learn more at www.navsup.navy.mil, www.facebook.com/navsupwss, and https://twitter. com/navsupsyscom.
RearAdm.MisferBinAbdullahAlqahtani,Royal Saudi Naval Forces ChiefofStaffLogistics and Supplypresents Cmdr Albert Sonon,NAVSUPWSS,DirectorofInternational Programswith a plaque during avisit to SaudiArabia.(COURTESYPHOTO) 6 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, April 11, 2024
Cmdr Sonon was presented with a plaque fromRearAdm.MisferBinAbdullahAlqahtani, ending with both sides reaffirming
Foreign liaison visit strengthens Naval supply partnership between US, Saudi Arabia
www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday April 11, 2024 7
Localbusiness news at your fingertips 24/7. Insidebiz.com Get Smart about business. 8 The Flagship | www.flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, April 11, 2024

On iberty

Norfolk NATO Festival returns April 18-21


NORFOLK Va The weekend of April 18 - 21 the city of Norfolk, the NorfolkNATOFestivalandNATOwillspotlightNATOnationsandstaff during the Norfolk NATO Festival. This is the longest continuously runningFestivalintheHamptonRoadsregion, andtheonlyoneofitskindintheUnitedStateswhichhonorstheNATO Allianceanditsmembernations FREEANDFUNFORTHEWHOLEFAMILY,NorfolkNATOFestival offersanumberofexcitingeventsthatcelebratesinternationalengagement:

Norfolk NATO Festival Flag Raising

„ Thursday, April 18, 2024

„ 5p.m. - 6p.m.

„ Location: Scope Plaza, Norfolk

Celebrate the bond between the city of Norfolk and NATO at this colorful displayofNATOMemberNationflagsthatincludesrepresentationfromall NATONationsandperformancesbytheU.S.FleetForcesBand.

In case of inclement weather, the Flag Raising will be moved into Scope Arena. The NATO Flag Raising Ceremony is presented by NATO Allied CommandTransformationandtheNorfolkNATOFestival,inpartnership withtheVirginiaInternationalTattoo

71st Annual Parade of Nations

„ Saturday, April 20, 2024

„ 10a.m. - 12p.m.

„ Location: Downtown Norfolk

The only parade in the U.S. to honor NATO features over 100 parade units including U.S. and international bands, military units, community groups andfloatsrepresentingeverNATOMemberNation!

TheParadeisfreeandopentothepublic,butreservedseatingisavailable forpurchase

Please note: Clear bags are strongly encouraged. Bag checks will be conductedatrandom.

Norfolk NATO Festival International Village

„ Saturday April 20 2024

„ 11:30a.m. - 3p.m.

„ Location: Town Point Park, Norfolk

Join in a celebration and appreciation of our local NATO Headquarters Interact with NATO Representatives and explore international heritage withculturalperformances,internationalart,cuisine,andcraftbeers Come celebrate with the whole family in a European Street fair atmosphere in DowntownNorfolk. Please note: Clear bags are strongly encouraged. Bag checks will be conductedatrandom.

Rugby Exhibition Match

„ Sunday, April 21, 2024

„ 5p.m. - 7p.m.

„ Location: Powhatan Field, Old Dominion University, Norfolk

In the NATO spirit of international friendship join friends and family at a thrilling rugby match with the XV du Pacifique French Army vs U.S. Marines!Aninvigoratingroughandtumblefun!

For more information visit www.vafest.org/norfolk-nato-festival/

Saddle up! Bulls and Barrels Beach Rodeo is this weekend


VIRGINIA BEACH, Va Crowned “Best New Outdoor Event” by the Southern ExtremeBullRidingAssociationin2023,thepulse-poundingactionoftheBullsand BarrelsBeachRodeoisreturningtotheVirginiaBeachOceanfront!Bethereassome of the country’s best bull riders and barrel racers compete on the sand, vying for a $12,000prizeandthecoveted“BestoftheBeach”buckle.Inadditiontothrillingbull riding and barrel racing action, this family-friendly extravaganza features mini bull riding entertainingrodeoclowns andmuchmore Don’tforgettosignyourkidsup forthealways-excitingMuttonBustingcompetition!

The Virginia Beach Bulls and Barrels Beach Rodeo is officially sanctioned by the SouthernExtremeBullRidingAssociation(SEBRA) TheRodeoisSaturday,April13andSunday,April14 Eventstartseachdayat3p.m. onthebeachat3rdStreet.Secureyourspotwithgeneraladmissionbleachertickets, orelevateyourexperiencewithaVIPpackagethatincludestickets,aneventt-shirt, andanexclusiverodeoclownmeet-and-greet.It’saneventyouwon’twanttomiss!


„ SaturdayBullRiding:MichaelLane 164.5points

„ SaturdayBarrelRacing:RebeccaIpock,withatimeof13.660

„ SundayBullRiding:BrandonChambers,168points

„ SundayBarrelRacing:JordanLacks,withatimeof13.773


„ BoxofficeandWillCallwillbelocatedontheBoardwalkat3rdStreet

„ Boxofficeopens2hourpriortoeachperformance

„ Bleachersopenonehourpriortoeachperformance

„ Children2andunderfreeforGeneralAdmission

„ ALLGUESTSmusthaveaticketfortheVIPExperience

„ Allguestsentertheringontheboardwalkat3rdStreet

„ Limitofeightticketsperpurchase

„ AllTicketsaresubjecttoavailability

„ Theeventisrainorshine

Tickets can be purchased online at Ticketmaster.com or at the Box Office on the Boardwalkat3rdStreet.Boxofficeopens2hourpriortoeachperformance. Formoreinformation,visithttps://beacheventsvb.com/event/bulls-and-barrelsbeach-rodeo-2024/

automobiles, employment, real estate and more!
INSIDE: Check out Flagship Values, your
Sweet & savory brunch favorites Create a memorable brunchwith these sweet and savoryrecipes: FrenchToast Casserole,Breakfast Burritos and Double Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins. PageC4 (PHOTOSCOURTESYVIRGINIAARTSFESTIVAL) www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 3 | Thursday, April 11, 2024 1

The Heritage STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) competition to take place at the Military Aviation Museum, April 27


The Heritage STOL (Short Takeoff and Landing) competition is set to take place at the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach, VA April 27th! This competition promises an exciting showcase of skill and performance. Pilots from various backgroundswillconvergetodemonstratetheir aircraft’simpressivecapabilitiesintermsof shorttakeoffsandlandings.Asabonus,this competition will have important historical contextasNationalSTOL’spartnershipwith themuseumplacesthesemodernaircraftin relationtotheirmilitarypredecessors Your tickettothiseventincludesadmissiontothe museumgivingyoutheopportunitytoview theirentirecollectionandlearnmoreabout theoriginsofaviationinAmerica.

National STOL Series competitions aim to be a family friendly day out at the airport forbothairplaneenthusiastsandthosenew to general aviation! Be sure to check the weather and plan accordingly with hats, sunblock jackets or rain gear as necessary. We look forward to sharing this unique STOLeventandsliceofhistorywithyou!

TheMilitaryAviationMuseumislocated at1341PrincessAnneRoad,VirginiaBeach, VA 23457 For more information and to purchase tickets, call 757-721-7767 or visit www.militaryaviationmuseum.org/ Visit nationalstol.com for further information!

The Mariners’ Museum presents The Mariners’ MilKids Fest this Sunday, April 14 – A Day of Celebration: Taking Care of Military Children


The Mariners Museum and Park is partnering with TwelveMillionPlus, the first and only verified digital platform for the military spouse community, to host Month of theMilitaryChild,anannualawarenesscampaignthatrecognizesthesacrificesmadebymilitarykidsandtheirfamilies MilKids Fest is free for military families (Military ID required)andMariners’MuseumMembersandwillbeheld ontheMuseumFrontLawnfrom12 4p.m.

The day will be devoted to honoring children of military service members and recognizing the many sacrifices military families make. Along with useful resources and information from trusted community partners, families will be welcomedwithfunactivities,including: „ Carnival-themedgames

„ AfunMariners’scavengerhunt

„ Hands-on learning experiences with the Museum’s Educationteam

„ EnvironmentalactivitieswithNOAA

„ ExplorationoftheMariners’Parkecosystem

„ Opportunitiestomeetlocalcommunitypartners,suchas Dogs on Deployment, MILLIE, Spouse-ly, Kidcreate Studio,andmore

„ GREENBEATS, LIVE! presented by Virginia Stage Companyshowingat1p.m.

„ Food trucks and dessert by Island Time Delights and FlossedOutCottonCandy „ Andmore!

The Mariners Museum and Park is located at 100 Museum Drive Newport News, VA 23606. For more information call 757-596-2222orvisitwww.marinersmuseum.org.

Community SUBMIT YOUR EVENTS, NEWS AND PHOTOS The Flagship welcomes submissions from ourreaders online. Pleasesubmiteventshere: www.militarynews.com/users/admin/calendar/event/ Pleasesubmitnewsandphotoshere: www.militarynews.com/norfolk-navy-flagship/submit_news/
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Fewthingsgotogetherquitelikefreshspringair,warm sunshine and a menu made up of delicious brunch bites. Whether you’re hosting a crowd or simply gathering your loved ones around the family table for quality time together a menu of morning favorites can appease appetitesofallkinds

Fromsweettosavoryandbackagain,youcanturnyour mid-morning meal into a full-blown feast with a menu made up of pleasing dishes such as this French Toast Casserole, which can serve as a make-ahead twist on the breakfast classic; customizable Breakfast Burritos that pack a protein punch; and a bite-sized treat like Double Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins for a sweet finishing touch toanybrunchoccasion.

Findmorerecipestoinspireyournextbrunchmenuat Culinary.net.


An exciting twist on a breakfast classic, it’s hard to beat this French Toast Casserole when putting together your brunch spread. Crisp on top while soft and moist in the middle, it comes fresh out of the oven with the aroma of maple syrup and pecans that will have the whole house eagerforabite It’seasyenoughtomakefreshinthemorningbutcanalsobepreparedthenightbeforesoallyouhave todoisaddthetoppingandpopitintheoven

French Toast Casserole

„ 1loafFrenchbread(about11/2pounds), cutinto1-inchcubes

„ 5largeeggs

„ 11/2cupsunsweetenedmilk

„ 2tablespoonsbrownsugar

„ 2teaspoonsvanillaextract

„ 1teaspooncinnamon

„ 1/4teaspoonnutmeg

„ 1/4teaspoonseasalt

„ maplesyrup,forserving


„ 2tablespoonsunsaltedbutterorcoconutoil,melted

„ 2tablespoonsbrownsugar

„ 1/2cupchoppedpecans

„ 1cupfrozenstrawberries

„ 1cupfrozenblueberries

„ confectioners’sugar,fordusting

Grease 9-by-13-inch baking dish. Place bread cubes in bakingdish.Inlargebowl,whiskeggs,milk,brownsugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg and salt Pour mixture evenly overbreadcubes

Ifmakingcasseroleahead,coverbakingdishandrefrigerateovernight.Ifbakingimmediately letstand30minutes atroomtemperaturetoallowbreadtosoakupeggmixture.


To make topping: Drizzle casserole with melted butter andsprinklewithbrownsugarandpecans Topwithstrawberriesandblueberries

Coverandbake35minutesthenuncoverandbake10-20 minutes,oruntiltoppingisbrownedandeggmixturehas mostlyset

Removefromoven,coverlooselywithfoilandletstand 10 minutes Dust with confectioners’ sugar Serve with maplesyrup


Whenyou’recravingsomethingheartyandrich,switch upyourbrunchhabitswithwholesomeandfilling BreakfastBurritos Withproteintokeepyoufull,veggies foratouchofaddednutritionandhotsaucetopack apowerfulpunchofflavorineverybite thishearty recipewillkeepyoufullandburstingwithenergyuntil yournextmeal.Plus,they’reeasytomakeinamatterof minutesandtotallycustomizabletoaccommodateevery palate

Breakfast Burritos

Servings: 4 „ 2teaspoonscanolaoil

„ 1smallredonion,diced

„ 1redbellpepper,seededanddiced

„ 1canblackbeans,drainedandrinsed

„ 1/4teaspoonredpepperflakes

„ salt,totaste

„ pepper,totaste

„ 4eggs

„ 4eggwhites

„ 1/2cupshreddedpepperjackcheese

„ nonstickcookingspray

„ 4flourtortillas

„ 1/4cupsourcream

„ 1/4cupsalsa

„ 1largetomato,seededanddiced

„ 1avocado,sliced „ hotsauce(optional)

In large skillet, heat canola oil over medium heat. Add red onion and red bell pepper; cook 8 minutes Add black beansandredpepperflakes;cook3minutes Seasonwith saltandpepper,totaste Transfertodish.

In medium bowl, whisk eggs and egg whites Stir in cheese until combined. Heat large skillet over low heat, add egg mixture and scramble 3 minutes, or until cooked through.

Spread sour cream over tortilla. Spread salsa over sour cream.Spoon1/4beanmixtureoversalsa.Spoon1/4scrambledeggsoverbeanmixture.Topwithdicedtomatoesand avocado Drizzlewithhotsauce ifdesired.Roll-upburrito. Repeatthreetimeswithremainingingredientsandserve.


Flavorful French toast, filling breakfast burritos and favorite fruits make a feast to look forward to, but no brunch spread is complete without a chocolatey bite to capoffthemeal.Infact,makeitadouble These Double Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins offer a combinationoftwokindsofrichchocolatecomplemented by the caramel notes of C&H Light Brown Sugar for an irresistibledessertinbite-sizedform.Tiny,tastytreatsare a perfect way to send guests off with one sweet final bite Visitchsugar.comtofindmoredelectabledessertrecipes.

Double Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

„ 2cupsall-purposeflour

„ 1/2cupunsweetenedcocoapowder

„ 1teaspoonbakingsoda

„ 1/2teaspoonsalt

„ 1package(10ounces)minisemi-sweetchocolatechips

„ 2largeeggs

„ 1/2cupC&HLightBrownSugar,packed

„ 1/2cupC&HGranulatedSugar

„ 3/4cupsourcream

„ 1/2cupvegetableoil

„ 1/2cupwholemilk

„ 1/2teaspooninstantespresso(optional)

„ 2teaspoonsvanillaextract

„ 2tablespoonsflakedseasalt(optional)

Preheat oven to 350 F. Line mini muffin pan with mini cupcakeliners

Inlargemixingbowl,usewhisktocombineflour,cocoa powder, baking soda and salt. Add chocolate chips and stirtoensurechocolatechipsarecoatedinflourmixture Inseparatelargemixingbowl,usewirewhisktowhisk eggsandsugarsuntilingredientsarecombinedandsugars are dissolved. Add sour cream, oil and milk. Whisk again to combine If using espresso powder, add to vanilla then add to wet ingredients Whisk vanilla espresso mixture intootherliquidingredients Pourliquidingredientsontopofdryingredients Using rubber spatula, mix until just combined, being careful to notovermix.Battershouldbethickandshiny.

Using tablespoon or two spoons, spoon muffin batter into liners. Batter should be filled almost to top of each liner Top each muffin with flaked sea salt before baking ifdesired. Bake muffins on center rack 6 minutes. Rotate pan and bake6minutes,oruntiltoothpickinsertedinmuffincomes outclean.Oncemuffinsfinishbaking,placemuffinpanon coolingracktocoolcompletely

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Look after your heart with help from TRICARE


FALLS CHURCH, Va Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S.? AccordingtotheCentersforDiseaseControl and Prevention, in 2021, about 695,000 people in the U.S. died from heart disease that’s1inevery5deaths Takingcareofyour heartisveryimportant.

“Keepingyourhearthealthyisimportant atanyage,”saidJeanninePickrell,RN nurse consultantforDiseaseManagement&PopulationHealthattheDefenseHealthAgency

“TRICAREcoversmanypreventiveservices like blood pressure and cholesterol screeningstohelpyoumonitoryourhearthealth.”

What is heart disease, and what are the risks?

Heartdiseaseisatermformanydifferent heartconditions,including:

„ Blood vessel disease, such as coronary arterydisease

„ Irregularheartbeats(arrhythmias)

„ Heartproblemsyou’rebornwith(congenitalheartdefects)

„ Diseaseoftheheartmuscle

„ Heartvalvedisease

Heart disease can lead to heart attacks heart failure, and stroke High blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, poordiet,beingoverweight,andlackofexercisecanraiseyourriskforheartdisease TRICARE covered preventive services

Catching heart disease early gives you the best chance for treatment to work well. Many heart problems show no symptoms at first. That’s why getting preventive care isreallyimportant. For adults, TRICARE covers services to check your risk for heart problems. This includes:

„ Cardiovascularscreening

„ Cholesterolchecks

„ Bloodpressurechecks Insomesituations,TRICAREalsocovers thesepreventiveservices:

„ Echocardiogram

„ Abdominalaorticaneurysmscreening,for menages65to75whohaveeversmoked Talk to your doctor about which preven-

tive services you need, based on your age risk factors and symptoms. As described in the TRICARE Costs and Fees Fact Sheet (online at https://tricare.mil/Publications/Costs/costs_fees), TRICARE makes it easy to get the preventive care you need. TRICARE covers all medically necessary preventive services with no out-of-pocket costs to you if you use a TRICARE network provider

Women and heart health

Women of all ages should be mindful of their heart health and know the signs of a heart attack. Heart attack rates in women between the ages of 30 and 50 are increasing,saidU.S.AirForceCol.(Dr.)TravisBatts, chief of cardiology at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio Women often have different heart attack symptoms than men. These symptoms include pain between the shoulder blades, abdominal pain, and nausea. If you have these symptoms, it’s important to get medical care right away Learn more about heart attacks in women onHealth.mil.

Other ways to protect your heart health

Along with getting preventive care, you cantakechargeofyourhearthealthby: „ Notsmoking

„ Eatinghealthyfoods

„ Gettingregularexercise

„ Reachingahealthyweight

„ Managingstress

„ Taking any heart medications as prescribed

Thesetipsarethingsyoucandoeveryday toimproveyourhearthealthwithoutgoing tothedoctor

Lifestyle changes like these will support youroverallhealth.Talktoyourdoctorabout waysyoucanmakethesechanges Andgoto Covered Services (online at https://tricare. mil/CoveredServices) to learn more about howTRICAREcanhelp Would you like the latest TRICARE news sent to you by email? Visit TRICARE Subscriptions, and create your personalized profile to get benefit updates, news, andmore.

Angelia Grona,physician assistant monitors a simulated patient during a stress test at BrookeArmyMedical Center Joint Base SanAntonio – Fort Sam Houston,Texas,Feb.13 2024.(DOD PHOTOBYJASONW.EDWARDS)
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