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Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit Two holds change of command ceremony

VIRGINIABEACH,Va Cmdr Nicho lasQuihuisrelievedCmdr DanielBaileyas commander,ExplosiveOrdnanceDisposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) Two during a change of command ceremony at Joint ExpeditionaryBaseLittleCreek FortStory, Nov 9.

The ceremony comprised of a presentation of award to Bailey, followed by a read ing of orders, and Quihuis’s assumption of command, and concluded with remarks from both leaders in front of family, friends andtheSailorsofEODMUTwo.

During the ceremony outgoing commander Bailey remarked on the EODMUTwo’saccomplishmentsandread iness

“Inafewmoments,youwillhearanaward citation which will recount the impact EODMU Two has made on various Fleets andSpecialOperationsCommands,”Bailey stated.“Thoughitismyprivilegetoreceive this award on behalf of the crew it is the crew who provided uninterrupted expeditionaryimpact.Theyaretheonesstanding the watch, and they are the ones operating withextremeprecision.”

The change of command ceremony is a unique Naval tradition; it transfers total responsibility and authority from one individualtoanother

“To the Sailors of EODMU Two, I look forwardtoservingyouinthiscapacityandto supportyouinyourpursuitsofprofessional andpersonalsuccess”saidQuihuis,followingthereadingofordersandassumptionof command of EODMU Two. “You provide our Navy and this Nation a unique capabil itytoensurethemaneuveroftheforce,and together,wewillbereadyforthattasking.”

Prior to assuming command of EODMU Two, Quihuis served as the Navy EOD AssignmentsandPlacementsOfficerinMill ington,TN HealsoservedastheExecutive OfficerofEODMUEightinRota,Spain.



Each year on November 11, the nation comes together to honor veterans of the armed services and celebrate their responsibilities and achievements in protecting the freedoms of the American people. This coincides with the 11th day of the 11th monthin1918markingtheendofWorldWar I whenatrucewasdeclaredbetweenthe Allied nations and Germany In 1919, PresidentWoodrowWilsonthenproclaimedNov. 11 as the first commemoration of Armistice Day a day to honor the service members who fought in that war. Today, this day is nowknownasVeteransDay acelebration of the men and women who’ve served and sacrificedinthenameoffreedom.

The Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY) Veterans Employee Readiness Group (VET-ERG) kicked off this year’s celebration with the annual Veterans Day Fall-In for Colors Nov. 8, inviting the workforce and Sailors of America’s Shipyard to come togetherandcelebrateourveteransfortheir contributionstoournation.Thecelebration included

lain Capt. Steve Shaw, and performances fromtheU.S.FleetForcesBandBrassQuintetandbagpiperLt Col.(Ret.)ThomasMetz “Whenever I meet a veteran, it’s importantformetothankyouforthelegacyyouleft withme Yourhardworkandlegacyinspires usallandwecan’tthankyouenoughforyour service,” said presiding officer and Code 1200 Business and Strategic Planning Offi cerCapt.ScottTraceyattheevent

Col. Tavi Brunson of 1st Special Forces Command(Airborne)wastheguestspeaker for the event, sharing his thoughts on the importance of Veterans Day as well as cele brating veterans and their families “Today werecognizethosewhodemonstratepatriotism love their country and are willing to sacrifice and serve for the common good, hesaid.“Giventhehistoricalperspectiveof theday,youmayaskwhatisaveteran?What qualifiessomeonetoassumethemantleand moniker of a veteran of the United States ArmedForces?U.S.Codeidentifiesthemasa personwhoservedinactiveservice Iwould submit to you that being a veteran is more than that To me it’s indicative of the well spring of pride amongst our veteran populace such as those that wear their caps

provides combat ready deployable Navy EOD forces capable of deploying anytime, anywhere in support of theFleetandnationalinterests (Nov.9,2022)- Cmdr Nicholas Quihuis,commanding officerof Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobil Unit (EODMU)Two salutes sidesboys afterhe assumed command in a change ofcommand ceremony.EODMUTwo provides combat readydeployable NavyEOD forces capable ofdeploying anytime,anywhere in support ofthe Fleet and national interests (U.S. NAVYPHOTOBYLT BRITTANYSTEPHENS/ RELEASED) an invocation and benediction by Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (NRMA) Chap
of our veterans
Fall-In for Colors NorfolkNaval ShipyardVeterans Employee Readiness Group PresidentJoshWannemacher thanks guest speakerCol.Tavi Brunson of1st Special Forces Command (Airborne) for participating in the annualVeterans DayFall-In forColors Nov.8. www flagshipnews.com www.facebook.com/ The.Flagship www.twitter.com/ the_flagship THE FLAGSHIP’S FREE HOME DELIVERY South Hampton Roads: Get the convenience of your Navy newspaper delivered right to your door for free! Signup today! Call 757222-3900 IN THIS ISSUE VOL.29 NO 43 Norfolk,VA| flagshipnews.comNovember17-November23,2022 At Vietnam Wall, Austin Remembers Veterans SecretaryofDefense LloydJ.Austin III recalled the service ofsome oftheveterans ofthatwarand how theirservice both served the nation,and in one case, his own call to serve PageA4 SCSTC ATRC hosts local Navy Junior ROTC students NJROTC cadets and their instructorsvisited SCSTCATRC as part ofan overall effort to help potential futurewarfighters learn more about careers and opportunities in the Navy PAGEA3 $400 Million Security Package Headed to Ukraine HAWKairdefense system missiles, Avengerairdefense systems and Stingermissiles are headed to Ukraine as part ofa presidential drawdown authoritysecurity assistance package. PAGEA5 NEXCOM’s NEXT gen Scholars Program Enternow! Since 1997,this Program has been rewarding qualified studentswith cash prizes forgetting good grades. The next drawing is in December PAGEA7 TurntoFall-InforColors, Page 7 www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, November 17 2022 1
Norfolk Naval Shipyard’s Veterans Employee Readiness Group leads annual celebration

Newest IWCs are heading to the Fleet!

NavalInformationWarfightingDevelopment Center (NIWDC) heldagraduation ceremonyNov.4forsevennewInformation Warfare Commanders (IWC) in its fourth iterationoftheProspective-IWCclass.This is the firstclass to graduate under Capt Bryan Braswell, commander,NIWDC, whoforgedaplaceinIWhistoryasthefirst afloat IWC.A significant milestone,BraswellservedonboardUSSDwightD.Eisen howerCarrier StrikeGroup as the IWC from2015until2017.TheseIWCssuccessfully completed the rigorous three-week course,and arenow equipped with more in-depthknowledgeofBattleSpaceAware ness (BA),Assured Commandand Control (AC2), as well as Integrated Fires (IF);and anetworkofresourcestoaidintheaccom plishment of the IW mission at large “This course helped solidify and oper ationalize conceptsand practices of inte gratingIWatthelevelofaCSG,”saidCapt. Zachary Mckeehan, one of the graduates who will report to Carrier StrikeGroup Nine as the IWC.

The objectiveofthe IWCcourse is to educate selectedP-IWCcandidates to integrate within the Composite Warfare Commander (CWC) construct,and to plan, integrate,and synchronize IW into CSG,AmphibiousReadinessGroup(ARG)


Centers (MOCs).

Capt. Danielle Williams,CSG Four stated the class provided, “A foundation in which to build upon as Iintegrate and work with other WarfareCommanders.” This foundation is accomplished through out the course with class presentations, guestlectures,table top scenarios, and practical exercises

In addition, site visits to UnitedStates Fleet Forces Command/Commander 2nd Fleet, NavalInformationForces,Information WarfareTraining Group Norfolk, and various local commands givestudents a practicallookathow IW is employed and supported throughout the fleet. “There is importance and complexity of integrat ing IW in all levels of Carrier StrikeGroup operations. It is critical in everything we do!” Capt. Mitchell H. Finkeconcluded.

“Iappreciatetheopportunitytotrainand educate thesekey Fleet IW leaders to help preparethemfor high-end competition, stated Braswell.

NIWDC is theU.S.Navy’sIWtactical center of excellence,which enhances fleet high-end warfighting capabilities and readiness across the operational and tactical levels of war. Formoreinforma tiononNIWDC,visithttps://www.navifor. usff.navy.mil/Organization/Operational-Forces/NIWDC/orNIWDC’sFacebook page,https://www.facebook.com/NIWDC

Marine Corps 247th birthday‘RelayRun’makes strides on Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story

VIRGINIABEACH,Va (November9,2021)

Colonel ChristopherA. Browning,Commanding Officer,Expeditionary WarfareTrainingGroup

Atlantic,Captain Darren W.Nelson,Executive Officer,MasterGunnery Sergeant David Menusa, SeniorEnlistedLeader, andAviation Electronics Technician SeniorChief William R.Liddle,Senior EnlistedAdvisor,leadthe command in aMarine Corps birthdayformation run.In celebration ofthe United States Marine Corps’ 247th birthday,Marines, Sailors,and Civilians of ExpeditionaryWarfare Training Group,Atlantic (EWTGLANT) participate in a247 mile run.This USMC birthdaycelebration run beganthe afternoon of Monday,November7thwith individual runnersrunning in 10 minutecontinuous increments,overtwo nights, forthe initial 246milesand finishedthe 247th mile with aformation run on Wednesday,November9th. (U.S.MARINECORPSPHOTO BYBRANDONE.HOLMES/ RELEASED)



The relayrun commenced at 3p.m. on Nov.7andendedat8:05a.m.onNov.9.The event comprised of 247 time slots,sched uling participants every 10 minutes to run amile,and continued through all hours of the dayand night until 247 miles were complete Col. Christopher Browning,command ingofficer, EWTGLANT, emphasized howimpressed he wasofthe junior EWTGLANT Marines and Sailors who worked together and took it upon them selves to organize the second relayrun of its kindonthe base

“Lastyear,Iwas pleasantly surprised at howquickly everybody signed up for the run and they wantedtotry it again, so,we addedonemoremilethisyear,”saidBrown ing.“The whole goalwas not justtocele

brate the Marine Corps Birthday, but,at the same time,bring our Navy brothers and sisters in and to showthat we arean ‘EWTGLANTfamily.’Mostcivilians who ranare retiredmilitaryorformer military bothNavyandMarineCorps,sothat’swhat makes this run so awesome.”

The final mile of the relaywas aforma tion run consisting of Marines,Sailors and civilians carrying the American flag, U.S. Marine Corpsflag and U.S. Navy flag Acadence wasprojected proudly as the formation made its final lap to end 247 miles justafter morning colors.

Master Gunnery Sgt. David Menusa, senior enlisted leader,EWTGLANT, stressedthattherunwillmostlikelybecome atradition because therehas been such strongparticipationandinterest

“The motivation to come out and do this event shows the love for theCorps and the Navy,” said Menusa. “Theblue-green team is afamily.Wewereall proud to do this together.”

AviationElectronics TechnicianSenior ChiefPetty Officer (AW/SW) William Liddle,seniorenlistedadvisor,EWTGLANT, highlighted howunique this relayrun is whenitcomes to demonstratingthe bond

“This run represents 247 years of combinedservice,”saidLiddle.“Sailorsand Marinesareoneteam,onefight.”

Capt.Darren Nelson, executiveofficer EWTGLANT,reiterated the significance of this run, especially in order to represent navalintegration

“The run is all about teamwork …and givesusa mutualpurposefor alittlephysi caltraining and allows us to illustratenaval integration,” said Nelson. “The Navy and Marine Corps have been working together for247years.Wearealwaystogether,always working together,weare family. When the time counts, we have eachother’s back on land,atsea,orwhereverournationrequires ourversatilecapabilities.”

Yeoman Petty Officer 2nd Class William Simpsonparticipatedinthe 246thbirthday runlastyearanddecidedtojointherunagain thisyeartoshowsupportandteamwork.

“ThisyearIcompletedsixmiles,butlast year Iran 37 miles,” said Simpson. “The Marines have agreat cultureofphysical fitness and Irelate to that alot. I’m moti vated by their standards.”

Expeditionary WarfareTraining Group Atlantic (EWTGL) is asubordinate

command of Carrier StrikeGroup (CSG) 4 and is located on Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Va.The command conducts world-class expedi tionary warrior training,instruction, and assessment in the doctrine, tactics and techniques of navalexpeditionary warfare with afocus on amphibious operations,in order to support operational commanders inmaintainingforcesreadytoprojectmili tary powerfromthe sea.

CSG 4isa team that consists of experiencedSailors,Marines,government civil ians and reservists,who mentor,train and assess U.S. 2nd Fleet combat forces to forward-deployinsupport and defense of national interests.CSG 4’sexperts shape the readiness of U.S. 2nd Fleet Carrier StrikeGroups(CSG),ExpeditionaryStrike Groups (ESG), Amphibious Readiness Groups (ARG) and independent deployingshipsthroughlive,at-seaandsynthetic training,aswell as academic instruction.

Along with its subordinate commands Tactical Training Group Atlantic (TTGL) and EWTGLANT,CSG 4prepares every Atlantic-basedCSG,ARGandindependent deployerfor sustained forward-deployed high-tempo operations

Capt.Bryan Braswell,commander,Naval InformationWarfighting Development Center(center front row) standsinfront ofNIWDC’sHeadquartersbuildingwith the firstclass ofgraduated InformationWarfareCommanders(IWC) sinceheassumedcommand inJune.Also in the bottom row(from left to right) areMr.MelvinAlston,Instructor,Mr.Franklin Crowley,Instructor, Capt.Laumann Errol,commanding officer,NavyInformation Operations CommandTexas /commander,TaskForce1040,and Mr.Daniel Kenda,Instructor.In the toprow(from left to right) arethe graduates ofthe fourth IWCs class: Capt.Mitch Finke,10th Fleet NavyIntelligence Program,Capt.Chris Kopach,TacticalTraining GroupAtlantic,Capt.AdamJohnson,7th Fleet Capt.Zach Mckeehan,CarrierStrikeGroup Nine,Capt.Dave Sobba,CarrierStrikeGroup One, and Capt.DanielleWilliams,CarrierStrikeGroup Four (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYLT.J.G.JENNIFER MARKS/RELEASED) FromCarrierStrikeGroup4 PublicAffairs BEACH,Va. —Marines, Sailors and civilians assigned to Expedi tionary WarfareTraining Group,Atlantic (EWTGLANT)celebratedthe247thMarine Corps Birthdaywitha relayrun on Joint Expeditionary Base LittleCreek-Fort Story fromNov.7-9.
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SCSTC ATRC hosts local Navy Junior ROTC students

DAHLGREN Va Surface Combat Systems Training Command (SCSTC) AEGIS Training and Readiness Center (ATRC), onboard Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren, hosted students and instructorsfromKingGeorgeHighSchool’s Navy Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps(NJROTC)onNov.9,2022.

Over thirty NJROTC cadets and their instructors visited SCSTC ATRC as part of an overall SCSTC effort to help poten tial future warfighters learn more about different careers and opportunities in the U.S. Navy Thegroup,freshmantoseniorhighschool students, were able to see first-hand the equipmentfirecontrolmanAegis(FCA)Sail orsworkonandemploy.

“MyteamandIhadafantastictimehosting the cadets,” said Cmdr Shaun Dennis, SCSTC ATRC’s commanding officer “We providedaFCAratingpresentationandthen atourofourtacticaltrainingequipmentand combat information center lab. They were able to ask questions, interact with Sailors,


While visiting Dahlgren, the cadets also had an opportunity to learn about the daily life of a base police officer and enjoy lunch atthebasegalley Gray’sLanding

“This is an ongoing effort within the SCSTC domain and ATRC is looking forward to fostering more relationships with our local school communities,” explained Dennis “It is essential we share our knowledge, experience, and exper tise with students who could be the future generation of our warfighting force.”

Surface Combat Systems Training Command (SCSTC) AEGIS Training and Readiness Center (ATRC) provides Sail orswiththeknowledge,ability,andskillto operate and maintain the AEGIS Combat System through timely, effective, and inte grated training delivered across Sailors’ careers SCSTC ATRC also provides Offi cers the knowledge, ability, and skill to operate employ, and assess the readiness oftheAEGIScombatsystemaboardsurface warships

For information on the NJROTC program,visit:https://www.netc.navy.mil/ nstc/njrotc

and instructors
cadetsvisited SCSTCATRC,onboard
overall SCSTC
DAHLGREN,Va (Nov.9,2022) Surface Combat SystemsTraining Command (SCSTC)AEGISTraining and Readiness Center’s (ATRC)
Commanding Officer,Cmdr.Shaun Dennis,talkswith students
from King George High School’s NavyJuniorReserve Officer’sTraining Corps (NJROTC).OverthirtyNJROTC
Naval Support Facility (NSF) Dahlgren,as part ofan
effort to help potential futurewarfighters learn more about different careers and opportunities in the U.S.Navy (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMICHAELBOVA)
(Nov.9,2022) Surface Combat SystemsTraining Command (SCSTC)AEGIS Training and Readiness Center’s (ATRC) DirectorofOfficerTraining Lt Cmdr Adam Galazka, shows students from King George High School’s NavyJuniorReserve Officer’sTraining Corps (NJROTC) howto use equipment fire controlmanAegis (FCA) Sailorsworkon and employ.Over thirtyNJROTC cadetsvisited SCSTCATRC,onboard Naval Support Facility(NSF) Dahlgren,as part ofan overall SCSTC effort to help potential futurewarfighters learn more about different careers and opportunities in the U.S.Navy (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMICHAELBOVA) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, November 17 2022 3 ALL OF THESE SHOWERS&BATHS WERE INSTALLED IN 1DAY OFFER EXPIRES 11/27/22 FREE INSTALL ALL BATH PROJECTS 18 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS &NOINTEREST GET YOUR BATHROOM UPDATED BEFORE THE BUSY HOLIDAYSEASON OUR STRESS-FREE PROCESS DESIGNED FOR YOU From start to finish, we provide customers with a quick and easy bathroom remodeling experience. Simply meet withone of our design consultants, view our styles and options, design yournew shower or bath, andreceive an exact quote. Afterwards, our in-house installerswill remove your old unit, get your new project installed in as little as 1day and your home cleaned up before they leave. OVER 125,000+ CUSTOMERS HAVE CHOSEN US FOR THEIR SHOWER &BATHPROJECT EVENING&WEEKEND APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE! CALL NOW TO STARTYOURPROJECT 757-280-2257 *Plan 1087. Subject to credit approval. 0.00% interest rate during 18 month promotional period followed by fixed interest rate of 17.99% for 84 months. Payment example: for $10,000 purchase on approval date (APR 11.89%), 18 payments of $0.00 followed by 84 amortized payments of $210.11. Financing for GreenSky® consumer loan programs is provided by federally insured, equal opportunity lender banks. NMLS #1416362. Minimum purchase $9,999 required. See design consultant for details. Other restrictions may apply.**Free install is equal to 20% offthe total project price. New orders only.Offer not valid on previous sales or estimates and cannotbecombined with other offers. Offer expires 11/27/22. CALL TODAYOFFER ENDS SOON

At Vietnam wall, Austin remembers veterans’ past, present

InfrontoftheVietnamVeteransMemorial walltoday,duringaVeteransDaycommemoration,SecretaryofDefenseLloydJ.AustinIII recalledtheserviceofsomeoftheveteransof thatwarandhowtheirservicebothservedthe nation,andinonecase,hisowncalltoserve.

“For40years thisgranitewallhasnever been just about history,” Austin said. “This solemn place has beckoned visitors to feel the profound connection between the past and the present in the simplest of ways by reaching out a hand and touch ing a name Standing at the wall, hand outstretched, we feel that the sacrifices of these 58,281 fallen Americans remain with us They shape who we aretoday, and they urge us to live up to America’s full promise.”

Every veteran who has served or who still does,Austinsaid,hasmade theUnited States safer and stronger

“That is the lasting legacy of your service,” Austin said. “And it demands our lasting gratitude.”

The secretary recalled Vietnam veteran and Medal of Honor recipient Alfred V. Rascon Born in Chihuahua Mexico Rascon served in the war but didn’t become a naturalized American citizen until after his initial service ended.

“In Vietnam in 1966, [Spc. Rascon] found his platoon under assault,” Austin said. “Defying orders, he ran towards the firefight to help, and surrounded by teammates and severely injured himself he threw his body in front of a comrade to shield him from enemy fire. Incredi bly, Spc. Rascon repeated this act of brav ery two more times, covering two other teammates with his own body to absorb the explosions.”

After becoming a U.S. citizen, Rascon became an Army officer and returned to serve again in Vietnam. In 2000, he was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions as an enlisted service member during a ceremony at the White House and in 2002, he was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to serve as the 10th director of the Selective Service System.

Austin also remembered Army officer, and nurse, Lola Olsmith, who he said joinedthemilitaryafterseeingarecruiting ad for Army nurses on television. Olsmith later found herself in a hospital in Viet nam, working 12-hours shifts and treating bothAmericanandVietnamesepersonnel

“They would travel into villages and treat anyone who needed it,” Austin said. “One night during the Tet Offensive, when an explosion tore through their building, the young nurse lifted up a pregnant Viet namese woman by herself and sheltered her under a bed for protection. So Lola Olsmith had found her calling.”

After her time in Vietnam, Austin said, Olsmith remained an Army nurse and treated patients around the country, even tually progressing in rank to colonel as a nurse recruiter

“DuringOperationDesertStormin1991, Col. Olsmith found herself treating the war wounded overseas once again, a quar ter century after she went to Vietnam,” Austin said. “And years later reflecting on her military career, Col. Olsmith simply said,‘I’mjustveryproudtobeapartofit.

Finally, Austin remembered one other Vietnam veteran his own uncle

“I come from a family with a proud history of military service, and one of my uncles served in Vietnam as a communi cator,” Austin said. “He was the very first African-American Green Beret that I ever saw. He came home wearing his jump boots and that green beret those jump wings he was very impressive. My uncle was deeply and quietly proud of what he had contributed. And his pride helped to inspire me to serve as well. My uncle showed me how meaningful service could be Andheshowedmethewaythatoneact of service can lead to many, many more.”

Austin himself went on to serve in the U.S. Army, graduating from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York, in 1975 During his time in uniform, he served as both the vice chief of staff of the Army and as the commander of United States Central Command. After his mili tary service, he was nominated to serve as the 28th Secretary of Defense a position he still holds

“Let us never underestimate what service can mean, Austin said “Never forget the ripples set in motion by the AmericanswhofoughtinVietnam,includ ing veterans who may never have fully realized what a difference they made to those around them. Because service lifts up others, it enriches your own life, and it makesyoupartofaproudAmericanstory.”

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall has stood in place for 40 years now, and in that time a new crop of veterans has both deployed to combat in a war overseas and returned home Those veterans have also contributed to the story of the United States, Austin said and contributed to the freedom Americans today continue to enjoy.

The secretary also highlighted the service of U.S. military veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, tying their service to the heroism of those memorialized on the wall.

“In 2008, one of my fellow Iraq vets came to this sacred place and he left a pair of his combat boots at this wall size 12 And along with the boots he left a note on Marine Corps stationery,”Austin said. “He wrote ‘brothers these are my lucky boots They got me through two wars on the ground in Iraq I figured you would appreciate them more than the garbage man.’ And his note continued: ‘The truth of the matter is that we owe you an awful lot. If

your generation of Marines had not come home to jeers and insults and protests my generation would not have come home to thanks, and handshakes and hugs.’
American service members have made a commitment to the American people to protect the nation, Austin said, and to
always defend this democracy
“Thesearen’tjustwords,thesearevows and we can make them real because of the long unbroken tradition of sacrifice that joins those who served to those who serve now and those who will step up to serve in the years to come,” he said. “For that,
we owe our veterans not only our deep est gratitude, but also our unwavering commitment to the democratic values that you have been so proud to defend. Thank you to all of our veterans for answering your country’s call. We will never forget what you have given us.” ABOVE: A bugler from The US Army Band‘Pershing’s Own’plays Taps at the Veterans Day Observance at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C on the 40th anniversary of the memorial’s dedication, Nov. 11, 2022 BELOW: Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, the 24th Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel and Secretary of the Veterans Administration, Denis McDonough at the Veterans Day Observance at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C on the 40th anniversary of the memorial’s dedication, Nov. 11, 2022
4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 1 | Thursday, November 17 2022

$400 Million security package headed to Ukraine

Missiles for the HAWK air defense system, along with four Avenger air defense systems and Stinger missiles are headed to Ukraine as part of a presidential drawdown authority security assistance package worth up to $400 million, the Defense Department announced today.

Due to Russia’s continuing air attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, additional air defense capabilities are critical, said Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh during a briefing today.

“The HAWK missiles, which will be refur bished using Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative funds, will complement Spain’s recent commitment of HAWK launch ers to help Ukraine meet this threat,” she said. “The Avenger short-range air defense systems will also provide Ukraine with capa bility to protect Ukrainian troops and criti cal infrastructure against unmanned aerial systems and helicopters.”

As part of this drawdown, Singh said, the U.S. will provide Ukraine with an unspeci fied number of HAWK missiles from its own inventory, but that those missiles would first need to be refurbished. That refurbishment will be done using funds from the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative. Once those missiles are refurbished, they will then be paired with HAWK system launchers that have been provided by Spain.

The Avenger air defense systems, which use Stinger missiles, is a capability the U.S. has not previously provided to the Ukrainians.

“These are mobile, short-range air defense systems that can ... protect against cruise missiles, helicopters [and] unmanned aerial systems,” she said. “They’re shorter in range, but with some of the additional capabilities that we and Spain and others have provided, like the HAWK missiles. This is something [that] I think fits in well with some of the capabilities that [the Ukrainians] are already using on the battlefield.”

The addition of the Avenger system to what the U.S. is providing to Ukraine comes after consultation with the Ukrainians on what they need in their fight against the

Russians, Singh said.

“We discuss with them what they need in this fight. We assess what we can provide and what makes the most sense. This was a request that fulfilled a need ... that they wanted,” she said. “I think this is an air defense system that’s going to complement the other air defense systems that not just the U.S. has provided, but other countries as well.”

The total list of equipment in the latest security assistance package also includes: „ Ammunition for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System „ 21,000 155 mm artillery rounds „ 500 precision-guided 155 mm artillery rounds

10,000 120 mm mortar rounds

100 High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles, or Humvees

400 grenade launchers

Small arms, optics and more than 20,000,000 rounds of small arms ammunition

Demolition equipment for obstacle clearing

Cold weather protective gear

Singh also told reporters that next week, Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III will host the seventh meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group.

“This meeting will be hosted virtually, here at the Pentagon, and will allow for the secretary and ministers of defense from nearly 50 countries to discuss efforts to supply Ukraine with the means to defend its sovereignty from further Russian aggres sion,” Singh said.

Since the beginning of Russia’s unpro voked invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the United States has committed more than $18.6 billion in security assistance.

A Romanian MIM-23 HAWK missile is fired from Capu Midia Training Area, Romania, July 19, 2017. As part of the latest security assistance package for Ukraine, the United States has pledged to provide missiles for the HAWK air defense system. (ARMY PFC. NICHOLAS VIDRO) ABOVE: Soldiers fire the Avenger air defense system mounted M3P .50 caliber machine gun at ground targets during an Avenger ground gunnery range, Aug. 19, 2015, at Fort Campbell, Ky. (ARMY SPC. JOSEPH GREEN) BELOW: Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force soldiers perform crew service and pre-fire drills, Nov. 17, 2012, at McGregor Range Complex, N.M. as part of the latest security assistance package for Ukraine. (ARMY SPC. ADAM GARLINGTON)
www.flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, November 17, 2022 5 ARE YO U READY? Mustbe21o lder.P blem Gaming? Call the Virginia Help Line at 1-888-532-3500. 1996 POWE RP LANT PKWY HAM PTON,V A23666 |R OS IE SG AM ING.C OM
RIGHT: Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force soldiers perform crew service and pre-fire drills, Nov. 17, 2012, at McGregor Range Complex, N.M. As part of the latest security assistance package for Ukraine, the United States has pledged to provide missiles for the HAWK air defense system. (ARMY SPC. ADAM GARLINGTON)
DON’T SWEATTHE SMALL STUFF, JUST NAIL THE BIG STUFF. What’s another teeny, tiny stain? You’ve got more important things to think about—like making sure your kids are buckled correctly in the right seat for their age and size. Check at NHTSA.gov/TheRightSeat 6 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 1 | Thursday, November 17 2022 THOSEWHOSERVECOULD SAVEMORE WITHASPECIAL MILITARYDISCOUNT 109 Volvo Parkway Chesapeake 757-549-1772 Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states, in all GEICO companies, or in all situations. GEICO is aregistered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company,Washington, DC 20076a BerkshireHathaway Inc. subsidiary. ©2020 GEICO.20_549328606 It Is An Honor To Wear Both Uniforms Because Both Save Lives! Continue Your Service To TheCommunityAnd Become An MD In Just 6Years! Call (757) 873-3333 www.hopemedicalinstitute.org AskHow YouCan UseYour GI Bill! Our6-year programhas been especially designed forstudents who can go on to rewarding careers in the US and all over the world! Startonyour path today! Usethis QR code to find out more!

NEXT gen Scholars Program support students

Since 1997, the Navy Exchange Service Command’s(NEXCOM)NEXTgenSchol ars Program has been rewarding students for getting good grades The NEXT gen Scholars Program awards $2,500 $1,500 $1,000 or $500 to qualified students each quarter The next drawing is in December 2022.

To enter the drawing, students must be

Fall-In for Colors

or vests that show the units they served or the wars they fought. Many veterans have lined faces, creased by an unforgiving sun of a distant shore, etched by hours of toil to do the work of democracy, and carved in stonebytheunrelentingandharshcrucible of combat. These lines are badges of honor marks of patriots who’ve served and sacri ficed.Veteransareindividualswithcourage anddedicationtoserveourcountryinwhat evercapacitytheycan.

He added, “If I may be so bold, I have a chargeforourveteransandthosewhohold our veterans in high regard. Fight for and champion causes, programs, and initiatives

full-time with a “B” grade point average equivalentorbetter,asdeterminedbytheir schoolsystem.Homeschooledstudentscan also qualify with acknowledgement that thestudenthasa“B”averageorequivalent record of accomplishment.

Studentsmustbringtheircurrentreport cardorotherperformancedocumenttoany NEX, fill out an entry card and have any documentationvalidatedbyanNEXassociate.Onceentered,thestudentswillbegiven a coupon good for $10 off a one-time NEX

thatserveandcareforourveteransandtheir families Any effort anywhere that has a tangiblebenefitforourveteransmustbeour imperative. We enjoy our freedoms today due in part to the sacrifices of our veterans wemustdoourparttoservethemintheir timeofneed.”

Col. Brunson concluded. “Those brave and intrepid souls who place service over self, who dare to place the needs of our nation over their own comfort and safety we thank you. Thank you for being exactly what was needed to ensure the blessings of liberty For the generations that follow, we will always be indebted to you for your serviceandsacrifice.”

Following the ceremony, Capt. Tracey hosted a cake cutting ceremony with ship yard employees Oscar Thorpe and Peter

purchase of $20 or more.

Eligible students include dependent children of active duty members, reserv ists and military retirees as well as U.S. civilian Department of Defense employees stationed outside the continental United States and U.S. civilian employees of firms under contract to the Department of Defense outside the continental United States Students must be enrolled in 1st through 12th grade Dependent children without an individual Dependent Identifi-

Parker, paying tribute to all veterans span ning generations The cake cutting ceremony is a time-honored tradition in the military celebrating the past, present, and future of our Nation and those who serve to protect it with the known oldest and youngest veterans of the command taking part.TheNNSYChapteroftheNavalCivil ianManagersAssociation(NCMA)provided the cake and the representatives cut it with a naval cutlass sword symbolizing bridging the gap between veteran eras and ensuring continuousserviceofthenation’sdefenseat America’sShipyard.

The NNSY VET-ERG is comprised of nearly300NNSYemployeesthatareeither veterans,servicememberscurrentlyserving, orthosewhosupportthemilitary AtNNSY alone, there are more than 3,000 veterans

cation Card must be accompanied by their sponsortosubmittheirentry Eachstudent may enter only once each grading period and must re-enter with each qualifying report card.

NEXCOM, along with its vendors, has awarded a total of $848,500 in savings bonds and monetary awards to students since the program’s inception.

For more information on the NEXT gen Scholars Program visit myNavyExchange com/NEXTgen

employed with more than 650 considered Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Wounded Warriors “The VET-ERG is committed to supporting the NNSY work force as a whole to include our military veterans,” said VET-ERG President Josh Wannemacher “Two of our leading initia tivesincludebringingvaluetoeachmonthly meetingandincreasingawarenessaccessto veteranresources Weachievethisbyinvitingguestspeakerstoprovideinformationto ourmembershiponadiverserangeoftopics andwearefocusedoncommunicatingthese opportunitiesfromthecubiclestothedeck plate.

For more information regarding the VET-ERG, email the VET-ERG Officer group at NNSY_VET-ERG_Officers@ us.navy.mil.

from Page 1 www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 1 | Thursday, November 17 2022 7

SAN DIEGO More than 3,500 service members,spectators,mediaandESPNstaff assembled on the flight deck of the Nimitzclass aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) as the Gonzaga University Bull dogs defeated the Michigan State Spartans 64-63 in an NCAA men’s basketball showdown.

The game was held on Abraham Lincoln while in port at Naval Air Station North Island for the 2022 Armed Forces Classic Carrier Edition the first time the event has been held on an active U.S. Navy ship since2011.

“It is truly an honor that, on Veterans Day in the centennial year of the U.S. Navy aircraftcarrier,wehostedtheArmedForces classic basketball game on the flight deck of one of our most renowned aircraft carri ers, USS Abraham Lincoln,” said Vice Adm. Kenneth Whitesell, commander, Naval Air Forces “Those who serve, and those who have served, know that the military is the ultimate team sport, and I can think of no betterwaytosaluteourmenandwomenin uniformthantocelebratethisall-American pastimetogetherononeofournation’scapitalwarships.”

Elevenyearsago,theNimitz-classaircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) held the inaugural Armed Forces Classic Carrier Edition. Wearing special, camouflage-pat terned uniforms, the University of North Carolina Tarheels beat the Michigan State Spartans 67-55 in front of more than 8,000 fans to include former President Barack Obama and his family. The game paused at sundowntoretirethecolors

After canceling the 2012 Carrier Classic planned onboard the USS Yorktown (CV 10),duetocondensationonthecourt,ESPN established an annual Armed Forces Classic as part of their week long programming event America’s Heroes: Salute to Veterans which is held every year around Veterans Day. The inaugural Armed Forces Classic was held in a C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft hangar on Ramstein Air Force Base Since then,thisannualNCAADivisionIbasketball game has been hosted at Camp Humphreys in the Republic of Korea, U.S. Coast Guard AirStationBorinqueninPuertoRico,Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler in Japan,theStanSherriffCenterinHonolulu,

Hawaii, Fort Bliss in Texas, and the Alaska AirlinesCenterinAnchorage,Alaska.

“What an honor and privilege it was to host Armed Forces Classic 2022 aboard AbrahamLincoln,”saidCapt.AmyBauernschmidt,USSAbrahamLincoln’scommand ing officer “There are a lot of similarities betweenthetalentedSailorsIamfortunate enough to lead every day and what I saw in theplayersonthecourt theyareallyoung, hard-workingandhighly-skilledprofession als that take pride in contributing to their team It’s their hard work that makes the difference This unique premier basketball eventiscertainly amemory Lincoln Nation willtreasureforyearstocome.”

ESPNandAbrahamLincolncloselycoordi natedtoputtogethertheevent,beginningwith ESPN’s first visit aboard following Lincoln’s returnfromdeploymentinAugust.Thecollab oration culminated with Sailors from engi neeringdepartmentassemblingthebasketball court,bleachersforspectatorsandlightingon

the flight deck. The work completed allowed for 3,500 fans in attendance, in addition to spacealongvulture’srowandtheobservation decksontheislandforAbrahamLincolnSail orstowatchthegame

“For me and my team it’s pretty powerful to get this unique opportunity to bring a piece of civilian life to service members on their bases,” said Scott Pomeroy, Associ ateDirectorofEventsandSalesOperations forESPNEvents “TheNavyhasbeengreat, veryhospitableandgraciousinhelpingusto makethiseventareality.”

With the competitors arriving onboard, fanslinedthestandsbeforethegamebegan onacrisp,partly-cloudyafternoononNaval Air Station North Island with a full view of theSanDiegoskyline TheunrankedMichi ganStateSpartanstippedoffagainstnumber 2inthenationGonzagaUniversityBulldogs at3:45.Playwaspausedduringthegameto retirethecolors

“This opportunity to play on an aircraft

carrier in front of men and women who willingly put their lives on the line will be an experience that is going to mean some thingtotheyoungmenwhowillplayinthe game for a long long time,” said Michigan StateheadcoachTomIzzo.“Isaiditthetime weplayedNorthCarolinaonthedeckofthe USSCarlVinson oneofthemosthumbling experiencesofmycareer,andI’llsayitagain, we’re going to play one of the top teams in thecountryandwe’regoingtobehostedby theNo 1teamintheworld.”

TheGonzagaBulldogsbeattheMichigan State Spartans 64-63. Capt Amy Bauern schmidtpresentedatrophytoGonzagaand anMVPawardtoDrewTimme

The ESPN Armed Forces Classic is an annual series of college basketball games held near Veterans Day on military bases asatributetoU.S.servicemembers.Sched uling for future Armed Forces Classic remainstentativeduetomilitaryoperational commitments.

QUEENS, New York U.S. Navy Lt j.g. Christopher Gardner remembers playing in the upstairs of the firehouse before his fatherdiedonSept11,2001.Todayhecame backtothefirehouseandhelpedhonorhis father’slegacyaspartoftheUSSArlington crew hereinNewYorkforVeteransWeek.

Although Gardner is a local New Yorker, this trip home has a different meaning and impact.AsapartoftheUSSArlington’svisit to the city to honor Veterans Day, Gardner and the Senior Enlisted from the ship visited his father’s firehouse in Queens on Wednesday “The house hasn’t changed much from what I remember,” said Gardner.

Chris Gardner’s family came out as well. His aunt, Michelle Gardner,said,“It’s very emotional to be here today Chris enlisted to give back.”

Gardner’s father Thomas A. Gardner waskilledalongwith18otherfiremenfrom the Queens firehouse known as Squad 288 / Hazmat 1 on Sept 11, 2001. Afterwards, young Chris visited Pearl Harbor with his family He met other service members and Veteransandconsideredtohimselfifenlist ing in the military was a good way to serve. He remembers thinking, “Is this for me?“

Gardner’s grandfather served in the NavyduringWWIIasalandingcraftdriver duringD-Day.Ashegrewup Gardnercame to the conclusion that the place for him to serve was the Navy Gardner and USS Arlington returned fromdeploymentrecently,whereheworked alongside other NATO forces on exercises

and demonstrations. Traveling around the Mediterranean and North Seas gave him time to reflect, make connections with his shipmatesandseewhatmattersmost

DeploymenthelpedGardnerunderstand thebondhisfatherhadwithhisfellowfirefighters many of whom he has grown up knowing “This deployment gave me an opportunity to see so many different parts of the world,” said Gardner “Going from the Baltic states all the way to Greece is an amazing experience that I will not forget. This time gave me an opportunity to get to know my guys.”

Chris remembers something his father said when he was a child, “I like fire fight ing but don’t like fires.” Gardner now has a differentunderstandingofthisquotealong with the importance of his role as a Sailor During the Veterans week festivities, Gardnerplanstoseehisfamilyandfriends


SailorsandMarinesfromUSSArlington, as well as personnel from US Coast Guard CutterLawson,willparticipateinavariety ofeventsinandaroundthecitytohonorthe service and sacrifice

Myfamilyisfrom here and I am looking forward to quality time with them as well as showing my
shipmatesaroundthecity I’malsolooking forward to doing some activities like the Hockey and football games this weekend.”
of the nation’s veter ans Events include the
toServicegameandvolunteeringattheNY State Veterans
in Queens
Celebrations and
are being planned on the ship and in the
Sailor comes home to New York on Veterans Day to honor his father
annual NYC Veter
Day Parade, a wreath laying ceremony, participatingintheNewYorkGiantsSalute
Additionally, Marines from USS ArlingtonarecelebratingtheMarineCorps247th Birthday.
Gonzaga Bulldogs Guard RasirBolton,left number45,drives past Michigan State Spartan GuardTysonWalker number2,during the 2022 ESPNArmed Forces ClassicCarrierEdition,held on the flight deckofthe NimitzClassAircraft carrierUSSAbraham Lincoln (CVN 72)while in port at NavalAirStation North island,Calif.,Nov.11,2022 The ESPNArmed Forces Classic is an annual series ofcollege basketball games held nearVeterans Dayon militarybases as a tribute to U.S.service members CLASSJOELMUNDO) ByPettyOfficer3rdClassCaitlinCoyle USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN72)
uarterdeck Blue Angels hold change of command ceremony
SAN DIEGO (Nov.11,2022)Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Equipment) 3rd Class Charitee Swift-Daysings the national anthem during the 2022 ESPNArmed Forces Classic-Carrie Edition(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSJOELMUNDO) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, November 17 2022 1
USS Abraham Lincoln hosts 2022 Armed Forces Classic Carrier Edition
The U.S.NavyFlight Demonstration Squadron,the BlueAngels,held a change of command ceremonyNov.13 at the National NavalAviation Museum at NavalAirStation, Pensacola. PageB8

NTAG Phoenix holds change of command

PHOENIX Cmdr Kevin M. Kahl relievedCmdr JustinC.Collinsascommand ing officer for Navy Talent Acquisition Group (NTAG) Phoenix during a change of commandceremonyheldNovember10 2022.

The time-honored naval tradition of the official passing of authority between offi cers is a reflection of the spirit and integrity of all Navy men and women, past, present, andfuture

The ceremony was presided over by Capt. Dave Webber, Commodore, Navy Recruiting Command Region West Webber showcasedthenumerousaccomplishmentsofthe command,whilepayingspecialtributetothe challenges Collins faced as a commanding officerandhisleadership

“Under Commander Collin’s leader ship, NTAG Phoenix shipped nearly 4000 enlisted Sailors and naval officers to the fleet,” said Webber. “To put that accom plishment in perspective, NTAG Phoenix

mannedtheequivalentofaU.S.Navyaircraft carrier, despite facing the challenges of a global pandemic, a diminishing recruitable market, and historic civic unrest. JC [CDR JustinCollins]is,withoutquestion,themost passionate, driven, mission-focused, no-excusesCommandingOfficerI’veeverhadthe pleasure of knowing Thank you for your exceptionalfocusandsupport,JC.”

Webberalsospokehighlyoftheoncoming commandingofficer

“Commander Kevin “KK” Kahl brings over 22 years of dedicated service to his countrytothiscommand,”saidWebber “As thenewcommandingofficer,Ilookforward to seeing him bring his own brand of lead ership, commitment, and teamwork to the Region West recruiting organization. He has already shown himself to be a brilliant, engaged,andvociferousprofessional.Ihave full confidence in his abilities to continue NTAG Phoenix’s success.”

Duringtheceremony,Collinscreditedthe commandaccomplishmentstohisSailorsand encouragedtheteamtocontinuetostrivefor excellence as the new commanding officer


“I couldn’t have asked for a better team, you are the best in the nation,” said Collins “Through the many times of uncertainty, I was moved by your personal accountability topersevereandensureourcommandmade itsmissionsowecouldmanthefleet.AsIturn over this command to Cmdr Kahl we need our leaders at all levels within NTAG Phoe nix to align themselves with his vision and guiding principles to navigate the myriad of challenges that you will face Your willing nesstooperateinexcellencewithaninsatia bleappetitetobebetterhasmadeapersonal impactonme,andIaskthateveryoneofyou neverstoptryingtobebetter.”

NTAG Phoenix’s area of responsibility includes more than 37 Navy Recruiting StationsandNavyOfficerRecruitingStations spread throughout 250,000 square miles of Arizona,NewMexico,Texas,andColorado

Navy Recruiting Command consists of a commandheadquarters,threeNavyRecruit ingRegions,26NTAGs,and64TalentAcqui sition Onboarding Centers (TAOCs) serving over 1,000 recruiting stations worldwide. Theirmissionistoattractthehighestquality candidates to assure the ongoing success of America’sNavy

For more news from Commander, Navy RecruitingCommand,gotohttp://www.cnrc. navy.mil. Follow Navy Recruiting on Face book(www.facebook.com/NavyRecruiting), Twitter(@USNRecruiter)andInstagram(@ USNRecruiter).

GovernmentOwned (also known as Military Housing orNavy Managed Housing is what was formerly called on-base housing While only available in limited quantities CONUS,Government Owned Housing is still widely available OCONUS.

CommunityHousing is any housing that a Service Member may choose that is not PPVor government operated This is housing outside ofthe base that is privately owned and operated


Norfolk: 757.445.2832

JEBLCFS: 757.462.2792

Oceana/DamNeck: 757.433.3268 Yorktown: 757.847.7806 Mid-Atlantic

Surface Combat Systems Training Command SANDIEGO Markingasignificantmilestoneeventforthewaterfrontcommunity,the LittoralCombatShip(LCS)TrainingFacility (LTF) Pacific (PAC) was established during anofficialceremonyonboardNavalBaseSan Diego Nov.1.Capt JustinLong commanding officer for Surface Combat Systems Train ing Command (SCSTC) San Diego, turned overdutiestoCapt DustinLoneroasthefirst commandingofficerforLTFPAC.

Loneroiswell-knownintheLCScommu nity He previously served as commanding officer for USS Gabrielle Giffords (LCS 10) Blue Crew during the ship’s maiden deploymenttowesternpacific commandingofficer forUSSCoronado(LCS4)andmostrecently USSMontgomery(LCS8).

“Itisanhonortostandheretodayasyour first commanding officer,” said Lonero. “I know this command is in great shape becauseofCapt.Long’soutstandingleader shipandIlookforwardtoleadinganincredi bleteamofsubjectmatterexpertsintraining future LCS warfighters.”

The establishment of LTF PAC is part of SCSTC’s large internal realignment effort that begun in 2021 with the changing of its name, formerly the Center for Surface Combat Systems The name change and realignment define the command’s criti

cal mission of training surface warfighters SCSTC,withtheirsurfacecommunitypart ners and force development counterparts, provides system and platform specific combat systems training to a growing surface Navy

Capt. George A. Kessler, Jr., commodore of SCSTC presided over the ceremony and delivered remarks as the keynote speaker

“LTF PAC is part of the domain’s overall realignmenteffortbutthesignificanceofLTF PACisaboutthemission,”explainedKessler “A mission that is growing in importance each day. Strategic competition at sea is not anamorphousconceptbutaneverydayreal ity and it demands that our Sailors have the tactical competence and proficiency needed to execute the mission across the spectrum of operations in today’s challenging envi ronment. Our warfighters must be ready to execute the mission whenever, and wher ever called. LTF PAC provides the high-end tactical training needed to ensure warfight ingreadiness,whichleadstosecurityforour countryandouralliesandmaintainsthefree domoftheseaswesorichlyenjoy.”

The LTF PAC is located onboard Naval Base San Diego It commenced LCS train ingoperationsinMay2007andwasthefirst surfacewarfareshore-basedtrainingfacility to provide high-fidelity integrated bridge, combat systems, and engineering tactical scenario training for Sailors serving aboard


Navy Talent Acquisition Group Phoenix
combatants Today, it facilitates the trainingconceptsofTrain-to-Qualify(T2Q) and Train-to-Certify (T2C) for LCS-2 USS Independenceshipvariantsandprovidesan integrated command and control environ ment to support training in both navigation and combat systems mission areas
mentcoupledwithPartTaskTrainers(PTT) andVirtualOperationsTrainers(VOTs)that provides the ability to visualize, communi cate, and simulate system operations for individual watchstander and watchteam training events STAVE LCS also contains a multi-purposemulti-mediadisplaycompo nent, consisting of Virtual Reality Labs (VRLs) which are designed to support the Immersive Virtual Ship Environment (IVSE). IVSE introduces the depiction of actual LCS shipboard spaces presented withinastate-of-the-artgamingengine The tasks completed
Littoral Combat Ship Training Facility Pacific Established Q: Whattypesoffamily housingareavailable?
three types of housing available to families: Public/PrivateVenture(PPV) Housing is also referred to as privatized housing in the Navy The Navy partnered with different private management

Its training systems Surface Training Advanced Virtual Environment (STAVE) LCS isanetworkedvirtualtrainingenviron
within STAVE-LCS fulfill manyqualificationrequirementsforsystem fundamentals,operations,andmaintenance For information about Surface Combat Systems Training Command, visit https:// www.netc.navy.mil/SCSTC Visit SCSTC on Facebook at https:// www.facebook.com/Surface-Com bat -S ys tems- Tr aining -C om mand-1480366868885239
A: There are
provide housing to Service Members. These companies are responsible forthe construction, renovation,maintenance and day-to-day management ofthe housing PPVhousing may be located on oroffgovernment property and in most cases will be formermilitary housing
Family Support
(FFSC) programs and services are designed
they’re all available to you at no cost FUNCTIONSAND/OR SERVICESFFSCPROVIDES: ClinicalCounseling Individual, Couplesand ChildCounseling Personal Financial Management Information & Referral Family EmploymentAssistance TransitionAssistance FamilyAdvocacy Program Deployment and Mobilization Support Ombudsman Support RelocationAssistance Parenting Programs Stress andAngerManagement Command Support Crisis Support Suicide Prevention SAPR Support PHOENIX(Nov.10,2022) Cmdr.Kevin Kahl,Commanding OfficerofNavyTalentAcquisition Group (NTAG) Phoenix,delivers his remarks during a change ofcommand at the Steele Indian School ParkMemorial Hall.NTAG Phoenix’s area ofresponsibilityincludes more than 37 NavyRecruiting Stations and NavyOfficerRecruiting Stations spread throughout 250,000 square miles ofArizona,NewMexico,Texas,and Colorado (U.S.NAVY PHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST1STCLASSJASENMORENO-GARCIA/RELEASED) PHOENIX(Nov.10 2022) Cmdr Kevin Kahl,Commanding OfficerofNavy TalentAcquisition Group (NTAG) Phoenix,is “piped ashore” during a change ofcommand at the Steele Indian School ParkMemorial Hall.(U.S.NAVY PHOTOBYMASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST1ST CLASSJASEN MORENO-GARCIA/ RELEASED) 2 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, November 17 2022
Fleet and
you make the most of your military experience, and

Rota Elementary School recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School

Rota Elementary School was recently recognized by the U.S. Department of EducationasaNationalBlueRibbonSchool for2022.Theschoolcelebratedthisaccom plishment with an assembly and parade on theschoolcampus,Nov.8,2022.

The students and faculty gathered in the courtyard where they were met with Naval Station (NAVSTA) Rota leadership, Department of Defense Education Activ ity (DoDEA) leadership and community members

With live music in the background the elementarystudentslappedthetrackwhile beingcheeredonbythemiddle/highschool students,teachersandcommunitymembers, beforereturningtothecourtyard.

Kenneth Kirk, principal of the school, kickedofftheassemblybyexplainingtothe childrentheimportanceofthisaward

“In the 40 years of the National Blue Ribbonprogram lessthan1%ofthe90,000+ schoolsintheU.S. public,privateorchar ter have ever received this award, said Kirk. “We are honored to join this special groupofschools.”

Kirk recently traveled to Washington, D.C., to attend the presentation ceremony and received the award on behalf of Rota Elementary School, Nov. 4. He explained that the school received the award for

its exemplary high performance despite currentchallenges

“Itrepresentsourresponsetoachallenge inamomentoftime whichwastheCovid pandemic,” explained Kirk “And our ability to deliver on our promise of providing excellent education to every student, every day,everywhere.

Dr Michelle Howard-Brahaney, DoDEA Europe Director for Student Excellence, presented Kirk with a certificate of exceptionalachievementfortheleadership,teach ers,andstaffofRotaElementarySchool

Closing out the assembly NAVSTA Rota CommandingOfficer Capt.TeagueSuarez thanked and congratulated the students staff,andfacultyonthisaccomplishment.

“It’s hard to overstate how important the teachers and all the support they provide to this amazing collection of kids just how important it is to the base, to the Sailors, the Marines, and the Airmen who live and work here every day,” he said. “So from the bottomofmyheartIwouldliketothankyou foreverythingyoudoforthesestudents.

RotaElementarySchoolwasoneofthree DoDEA schools the others are Naples ElementarySchoolinNaples,ItalyandShir ley Lanham School in Kanagawa, Japan to be recognized with the National Blue Ribbon Award for 2022. Rota Elementary School and David Glasgow Farragut (DGF) Middle/HighSchoolshareaschoolcampus inthehousingareaofNAVSTARota.

ABOVE:Capt.TeagueJ.Suarez commanding officerofNaval Station (NAVSTA) Rota congratulates Rota ElementarySchool students and facultyfortheirhardworkduring the Blue RibbonAward ceremony.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASS HUTCHJOHNSON) BELOW:Rota ElementarySchool Principal,Kenneth Kirk,left,and Department ofDefense EducationActivityEurope DirectorforStudent Excellence,Dr Michelle Howard-Brahaney,right cheeralongwith students and facultyofRota ElementarySchool during theirNational Blue RibbonAward celebration.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYCOURTNEYPOLLOCK)
www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, November 17 2022 3
NAVALSTATION ROTA Spain (November8,2022) Rota ElementarySchool facultyand students participate in a parade during theirBlue RibbonAward ceremonyat the trackon Naval Station (NAVSTA) Rota Nov.8,2022 Rota ElementarySchoolwas recognized bythe U.S.Department ofEducation as a National Blue Ribbon School for2022 forits exemplaryhigh performance.(U.S. NAVYPHOTOBYCOURTNEYPOLLOCK)
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NSA Souda Bay breaks ground on new communications center

NAVAL SUPPORT ACTIVITY SOUDA BAY,Greece NavalSupportActivitySouda Bay, Greece, broke ground on a $34 million military construction project on Nov. 14, 2022 that will result in a new communica tionscenter Theprojectconsistsofamultistory communications facility that will house Naval Computer and TelecommunicationsAreaMasterStationAtlanticDetach ment Souda Bay and NSA Souda Bay’s N6 CommunicationsDepartment.

“This project is a $34 million investment that the United States government has put hereinthisfacilityforthefuture,”saidOdin J.Klug,commandingofficer,NSASoudaBay. “Not just for the next five minutes or the nextfiveyears;thisissomethingthat’sgoing to be enduring for the next ten to twenty years.”

The new communications center will consistofatelephoneexchange,electronics maintenanceshops,electronickeymanage mentsystemvault,andstorageforelectronics spares and equipment for use by NSA SoudaBay,NCTAMS andN6personnel.

“The impact of this building will be tremendous for the supported commands here on base and for our communications operations,”saidMichaelRooney,thetechnical director for NCTAMS LANT Detachment Souda Bay. “It will greatly enhance whatwecando.”

The project duration will be 900 days withananticipatedcompletiondateofSep 23 2024 The contract for the project was awardedtoMVL

“NSA Souda Bay started from humble beginningsin1959whenNavalDetachment SoudaBaywasjustasimplepier,”saidKlug “This new facility is going to help bring us further into the 21st century, and I would argue,isgoingtobethefoundationforstep pingintothe22ndcentury.”

NSA Souda Bay is an operational ashore installationwhichenablesandsupportsU.S.


“Recruitingisafacetofacebusiness,said Walker “That concept doesn’t just apply to recruiters and applicants, but internally as well. It is important to meet people where they are, and to look them in the eyes and hear their stories I do not want to be just a photoontheleadershipwalloranameinan emailorasignatureblock.Iwantmyteamto see me on their turf and know that I always havetheirinterestsatheart.

For the past month Adm. Walker has visited11commandsanddelivered,personally, his objectives for the year ahead Wednesday he was at Navy Talent Acquisition Group Ohio River Valley where he spoke to Sailors recruiters and the chain of commandansweringquestionsandpeeling backthecurtainofhiscommand

“Iknowthenextcoupleofyearsaregoing to be even more challenging than the last,” saidWalker “TheNavyiscountingonrecruit ing to bring in quality applicants and I need

to be as transparent as possible with what is beingexpectedofmyrecruitersandwithhow proudIamoftheireffortstogetusthere.This issomethingIwanttodoinperson.”

During his “Barnstorming” tour of recruiting Admiral Walker has presented manyawardsbuthasalsodiscussedwhathe calledthe“bear”thatisrecruitinginahistoricallychallengingenvironment.

In 2020 35% of the nation’s youth had spoken with a recruiter, down from 54% in 1990 Additionally, the propensity to enlist for Americas’ youth is nearly half of what it was in the 1980’s, currently around nine to tenpercent,accordingtotheofficeofpeople analytics and the Admiral’s briefing to the NTAGs.

After talking about the current recruit ing challenges, the Admiral also brought in some good news His office is working on expanded waivers to help with eligibility for applicants, more financial incentives like enlistment bonuses and college loan repayments,aswellasanationalmarketing campaigntoincreaseawareness,driveinter est,andcaptureleads

Otherimprovementsheisworkingtoward aremorecommunityoutreach,ITimprove ments,andmoretrainingforrecruiters

These visits have been short, on average talking less than a day per district, but very advantageousforthecommands.

COLUMBUS,Ohio (NOV.9,2022)

Allied, Coalition and Partner nation forces topreservesecurityandstabilityintheEuro pean, African, and Central Command areas ofresponsibility
NAVALSUPPORTACTIVITYSOUDABAY,Greece (Nov.14,2022) Lt Cmdr MatthewRiege (from left),publicworks officer,Naval SupportActivity (NSA) Souda Bay,Michael Rooney,technical director,Naval ComputerandTelecommunicationsArea MasterStationAtlantic (NCTAMS LANT) Detachment Souda Bay,Capt.OdinJ.Klug commanding officer,NSASouda Bay,and Hani Khawaja,chiefoperating officer,MVL breakground on a militaryconstruction project fora newcommunications centeron board NSASouda Bay.The newcommunications centerwill consist ofa telephone exchange,electronics maintenance shops,EKMSvault and storage forelectronics spares and equipment foruse byNSASouda Bay, NCTAMS,and N6 personnel.NSASouda Bayis an operational ashore installationwhich enables and supports U.S.,Allied,Coalition,and Partner nation forces to preserve securityand stabilityin the European,African,and Central Command areas ofresponsibility.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBY NICHOLASS.TENORIO/RELEASED)
ByPettyOfficer1stClass TheronGodbold Commander, Navy Recruiting Command Ohio Rear Adm. Alexis Walker, Commander, Navy Recruiting Command, is working his way through the 26differentrecruitingdistrictsforAmerica’s Navy meetingwithSailorsandgivingguidanceforthepathforwardinfiscalyear2023
Admiral Alexis Walker visits NTAGS across nation as part of barnstorming tour
was great to receive a high-level overview of our organization, showcase the greatworkourteamdoes,andhaveaforum to discuss issues we face at a local level,” Cmdr Erik Moss, Commanding Officer of NTAG ORV said after the Admirals visit. “NTAG Ohio River Valley was honored to hostAdmiralWalker.”
RearAdm.Alexis Walker Commander NavyRecruiting Command,presents Gunner’s Mate Second Class ZacharySmith,from West Unity,Ohio, with NavyTalent Acquisition Group Ohio RiverValley’s (NTAG ORV) E-talent recruiter oftheyearaward, Wednesdayduring his barnstorming tourofall Navy recruiting NTAG ORVcovers Ohio, WestVirginia Kentuckyand parts ofIndiana for recruiting and Navy outreach fornonfleet concentration areas.(U.S.NAVY PHOTOBYMASS COMMUNICATION SPECIALISTFIRST CLASSTHERON GODBOLD) RearAdm.AlexisWalker,Commander,NavyRecruiting Command,speakswith NavyTalent Acquisition Group Ohio RiverValley(NTAG ORV)Wednesdayduring his barnstorming tourofall Navyrecruiting (U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALISTFIRSTCLASSTHERON GODBOLD) www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 2 | Thursday, November 17 2022 5

CARTAGENA, Colombia Hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20) arrived in Cartagena, Colombia, in support of U.S. Naval Forces SouthernCommand/U.S.4thFleet’sContinuingPromise2022(CP22) mission,Nov.11

This visit marks the third of five mission stops as part of CP22 and theeleventhvisittoColombiasince2007

“TheimpactContinuingPromise2022hasshowcasedsofarinboth Guatemala and Honduras has surpassed mission expectations,” said Capt. Kathryn Elliott, commanding officer of Medical Training Facility (MTF) aboard the hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20). “From exceedingthenumberofplannedpatientsseen,torepairingimportant medicalequipment,ourteamhasexpressedapassionforthismission, thesecountries,andbuildingrelationships Wearelookingforwardto continuingthisworkinColombia.”

For the duration of this stop, Comfort will provide medical services attwodifferentmedicalsites,oneatColiseodeDeportesandtheother at Institucion Antonia Santos Dental, optometry, adult care, pediatric care, women’s health and various ancillary support services will be availableatthesetwosites Additionally surgerieswillbetakingplace aboardtheship

The Comfort will also be supporting through Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief (HADR) training and demonstrations, Women, Peace and Security (WPS) seminars with the host nation, veterinary subjectmatterexpertexchanges,aswellascommunityrelationsprojectstoincludemusicalperformances,shiptours,andtherefurbishing ofTierraBombaschool

The Continuing Promise 2022 Team in Colombia will include U.S. and partner nation medical and veterinary personnel, as well as the U.S. National Guard personnel from South Carolina, Colombia’s State Partnership Program (SPP) partner Medical personnel from Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Honduras, theNetherlandsandUnitedKingdomwillalsobeapartoftheteamat thismissionstop

Since its inaugural mission in 2007, Continuing Promise missions have treated more than 582,000 patients and conducted over 7,000 surgeries in the region. Comfort’s current mission will be the 12th ContinuingPromisemissionconductedintheCaribbean,Centraland SouthAmerica.

Comfort is also scheduled to visit Dominican Republic and Haiti duringCP22.

U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command/U.S

U.S. Naval Forces Southern Command / U.S. 4th Fleet
CARTAGENA,Colombia (Nov.11,2022)The U.S.and the Colombian flags flyon theyard arm ofthe hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20),as Comfort arrives in Cartagena,Colombia,Nov.11, 2022 Comfort is deployed to U.S.4th Fleet in support ofContinuing Promise 2022 a humanitarian assistance and goodwill mission conducting direct medical care expeditionaryveterinarycare and subject matterexpert exchangeswith five partnernations in the Caribbean,Central and SouthAmerica.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSJUELFOSTER) ABOVE:ErykMichalowski,third officerofthe hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20),makes a log entryduring an inbound sea and anchorevolution as Comfort arrives in Cartagena,Colombia,Nov.11,2022 BELOW:Masterat-Arms 1st Class MatthewLowery assigned to the hospital ship USNS Comfort (T-AH 20),looks at the skyline through binoculars during an inbound sea and anchorevolution.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOSBYMASSCOMMUNICATION SPECIALIST2NDCLASSJUELFOSTER) 6 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, November 17 2022
4th Fleet supports U.S. Southern Command’s joint and combined military operations by employing maritime forces in cooperative maritime security operationstomaintainaccess,enhanceinteroperability,andbuildenduring partnershipsinordertoenhanceregionalsecurityandpromotepeace, stabilityandprosperityintheCaribbean,CentralandSouthAmerican region. Learn more about CP22 and USNAVSO/4th Fleet at https://www. facebook.com/continuingpromise22and@NAVSOUS4THFLT USNS Comfort arrives in Colombia

Works to strengthen women’s ability to combat sexual assaults

Navy Region Southeastinitiated atest program at NavalAir Station Pensacola in October that works to provide bettertools for women to avoid and defend against sexualassaults

The program, called Enhanced Assess, Acknowledge,Act (EAAA), is a12-hour trainingprogramthatendeavorstoprovide apositiveenvironment for young women whileteachingthemhowtobemoreasser tiveandhelpingthemrecognizeriskysitu ations as well as the actionstohelp reduce that risk.

“Weactivelypractice androleplaywhat assertivenesscanlooklikewithintherealm oftheircomfort,soitbecomesverypersonalized,”saidTina Vaughn-Wardle,NRSE’s SexualAssault Response Coordinator.“In recognizing risk, we explorethis both for situationalandenvironmentalrisk,butalso behavior risk in coercivemen.”

The individualized aspect of the train ing hits at the heart of howthis program differsfrompreviousNavytrainingefforts Bystander intervention training is taught fleet-wide,and while it has shown to help change attitudes, intentions and behaviorstoasmalldegree,theyhavenotaltered outcomes.Sexual assaults and victimization of women still occur at persistent and

concerning rates

TheDepartmentofDefense2021Annual Report on Sexual Assault in the Military showedthatover8%ofactive-dutywomen indicated some form of unwanted sexual contactinthe year beforethe survey was conducted. Additionally,the number of sexualassault reportsincreasedby13 percent(theNavyincreasewas9.2%),while the rate of people experiencing asexual assault and reporting it has decreased.

“Statistically,the mostvulnerable Sail ors and the oneswho aremostoften the victims ofsexual assault in the Navy are first-tour females,”said Matt Straughan, theRegionFamilySupportProgramDirec tor.“TheEAAAprogramisdifferentinthat the program is targeted at aspecific demographic. Rather than aone size fits all, it is designed to teachyoung women howtobe moreassertiveand gives them the skillsto recognize risky situations and the confi dence to takeactions to reduce their risk.

TheEAAAprogramhaspreviouslybeen used in the U.S. AirForce Academyaswell as at anumber of colleges and universi ties and has an evidence-based recordof success.This is the firsteffort to adapt the program for the Navy,and NASPensacola waschosen because of the large number ofwomen within the targeted age group (17-24) going through A-schools at Naval Air Technical Training Command, and

the presence of NavalAviation Schools Commandwherejunior officers awaiting flighttrainingmightbeavailabletoserveas facilitators.Bothcommandswereenthusi astic in their support for the program.

The 12 hours of classroom instruction is currently broken down into twosix hour sessionsheldeveryotherweekendtoaclass of no morethan20Sailors.The junioroffi cers serving as facilitators were trained by Vaughn-Wardle and the NASPensacola Civilian Victim Advocate Lauren Portal

Thetrainingseekstoempowerthewomen to:recognizeriskclues(Assess);identifyand overcomepersonalobstaclestoprioritizing theirownsexualrightsinacquaintancesitu ations(Acknowledge);developatoolboxof strategiestodefendtheirbodiesandbound aries(Act).Thestrategiesarebothverbalas wellasphysical Given that the program focuses on helping women avoid and defend against sexual assaults,ensuring thatblameis neverascribed to the victim is aconcern. The training diligently works to ensure that the Sailors refute internaland exter nal victim-blaming “It could be all too easy to blame them selvesforwhathappenedtothem,”Vaughn Wardle said. “Itissomething we see all too often in this field, so we reinforce that anyone who is sexually assaulted did the besttheycouldwiththeresourcestheyhad

at the time.The only person who can ever really,with100%consistency,stopasexual assault, is the personsexually assaulting We can role playand practice and have an arsenal of tools,but when all of that is not enough to stop someone committed to using violence againstus, we have to remember wherethe true responsibility lies—with the person committed to using violence.”

As apilot program, thereisnot atimeline for expansiontoother installations currently.Vaughn-WardleandPortaloverseetheprogramandwilleventuallycollect data from participants as well as acontrol group to ultimately generate statements of effectivenessonincidence of sexual assault, reduction of internalized victim blaming,and increasedlevels of confi dence.Ifthe region team can validate the effectiveness of the program, then it might be implemented at other CNRSEinstallations with A-schools,however, that is a long-term goal.

Forthe time being,though, the goals are moreindividualized.

“I want to see women, especially young women,movemoreconfidentlythroughthe world, embodying strength beyond their wildestimagination—physical,emotional, andmental —who arealso empoweredto talk about sexopenly and honestly with theirpartners,” Vaughn-Wardle said.

www flagshipnews.com |The Flagship |Section 2| Thursday, November 17,2022 7

Blue Angels hold change of command ceremony

NAS PENSACOLA, Fla. (NNS) The U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron, theBlueAngels,heldachangeofcommand ceremonyNov.13attheNationalNavalAvia

tion Museum at Naval Air Station, Pensacola.Cmdr.AlexArmatasrelievedCapt.Brian Kesselringasthecommandingofficerofthe BlueAngels.

Capt Kesselring assumed command of the Blue Angels Nov. 10, 2019 As the Blue Angels’commandingofficer,Kesselringled a squadron of 154 personnel and served as the demonstration flight leader, flying the #1 jet. In Kesselring’s next assignment, he

will serve as Deputy, Carrier Air Wing 5 at MarineCorpsAirStationIwakuni,Japan.

“Serving alongside the phenomenal Sail orsandMarinesoftheBlueAngelshasbeen oneofthegreatesthonorsofmycareer, said Kesselring “Over the past three years, this team paid tribute to healthcare workers aroundtheNationduringOperationAmerica Strong, successfully transitioned two new aircraft platforms, and celebrated 75 yearsofBlueAngelhistoryandheritagewith millionsofspectatorsthroughoutthecoun try Ilookforwardtoseeingwhatthefuture holdsforCmdr.Armatas.”

Armatas, a native of Skaneateles, New York, joins the Blue Angels after serving as thecommandingofficerofthe“Gunslingers” ofVFA-105,wherehedeployedaboardUSS

DwightD.Eisenhower(CVN-69)insupport ofOperationFREEDOM’sSENTINEL His previous assignments include multiple squadrontours.

ArmatasgraduatedfromtheUnitedStates Naval Academy in 2002 with a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering He has accumulated more than 4,100 flight hours and has 911 carrier-arrested landings His decorationsincludetheMeritoriousService Medal, four Strike/Flight Air Medals five Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medals one Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, and various personal, unitandserviceawards

“I look forward to learning from returningteam members these next fewmonths,” saidArmatas “It’strulyanhonortohavethe

opportunitytocontinuethelegacyofleaders thathavehasshapedthissquadronintowhat it is today. and I am excited to see what the 2023showseasonwillhold.”

ThemissionoftheBlueAngelsistoshowcase the teamwork and professionalism of theUnitedStatesNavyandMarineCorpsby inspiringacultureofexcellenceandservice to country through flight demonstrations and community outreach. Since 1946, the Blue Angels have performed for more than 496millionfans

For more information about the Blue Angels,includingthe2023and2024airshow schedules,visitwww.blueangels.navy.mil. FormoreinformationabouttheU.S.Navy, visit www.navy.mil and the U.S. Marine Corpsatwww.usmc.mil

The U.S.NavyFlight Demonstration Squadron,the BlueAngels,held a change ofcommand ceremonyNov.13 at the National NavalAviation Museum at NavalAirStation,Pensacola.Cmdr Alex Armatas relieved Capt.Brian Kesselring as the commanding officerofthe BlueAngels.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSCODYDECCIO) The U.S.NavyFlight Demonstration Squadron,the BlueAngels,held a change ofcommand ceremonyNov.13 at the National NavalAviation Museum at NavalAirStation,Pensacola.Cmdr Alex
8 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 2 | Thursday, November 17 2022
Armatas relieved Capt.Brian Kesselring as the commanding officerofthe BlueAngels.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASSCODYDECCIO)

Seasonal desserts you & yours will gobble up!

Fall is about football,sweaters andwarm, delicious food.Andwith a chill in the air there are fewbetterplaces to be than the kitchen, whipping up something amazing forallwho are gathered PageC4

Tickets on sale now for the 2023 Patriotic Festival Country Weekend


NORFOLK,Va WhisperConcertsand SevenVenuesaredelightedtoannouncethe 2023 Patriotic Festival Country Weekend featuring performances by country artists Walker Hayes, Corey Kent, Sam Hunt Jordan Davis, Cody Johnson, and Randy Houser. All performances will take place at ScopeArenaindowntownNorfolk.

Three day weekend tickets and single ticketsforallperformancesareonsalenow! TicketsareforReservedSeatsorPITTickets and are available for purchase at the Scope Arena box office Ticketmaster.com and PatrioticFestival.com

The 2023 Patriotic Festival Country Weekend schedule:

WalkerHayes with special guest Corey Kent Friday,May26,2023 7p.m.atScopeArena

SamHunt with special guest Jordan Davis Saturday,May27,2023 7p.m.atScopeArena

CodyJohnson with special guest Randy Houser Sunday,May28 2022 7p.m.atScopeArena

In addition to three nights of concerts, theScopeArenaPlazaandupperconcourse willfeaturecorporatesponsorsandmilitary displays, exhibits and activities by Monster Energy BMX tour, GruntStyle, Patriotic Apparel national mobile tour, Food Lion FarmStand,USAirForce,MarinesandNavy mobile tours The Scope Arena Exhibition Hallwillhostpatrioticcorporatehospitality

chalet sponsors Port of Virginia, Hoffman Beverage,FranklinJohnsonandmore. The times for the military and corporate zoneareasfollows: „ ScopeArenaPlaza: 3p.m. 6p.m.|May26-28,2023 „ ScopeArenaUpperConcourse: 6p.m. 9p.m.|May26-28,2023

Formoreinformationonthemilitaryand corporate zone, visit patrioticfestival.com/ military-zone.html

Monument Records recording artist and singer/songwriter WalkerHayes will kick off the 19th annual Patriotic Festival week end on Friday, May 26. Originally from Mobile,Alabama,Hayes’2021albumCoun try Stuff The Album features new single “AA”andsmashhit“FancyLike.”The“Fancy Like”trackwentviralandhastoppedevery sales and streaming chart since its release, spendingacollectivesixmonthsandcountingattheNo 1spotontheBillboardCountry Songs Chart, and hitting the top 5 on Billboard’sHot100Songs Theirresistibletune was certified RIAA 3X Platinum within a yearofrelease,andthetrackgaveHayeshis first GRAMMY Award nomination as an artistforBestCountrySong

Performing as a special guest on Friday, May 26, Corey Kent has been poised for a career in music from the begin ning Taking the stage at age 11 as the lead singer for a touring Western Swing band, Corey hit early career milestones opening for legendary acts like Roy Clark and The Oak Ridge Boys In 2020, Corey released his From the West LP which garnered 3.5+ million aggregate streams and set the stage for his next chapter His song “Gold” and fan favorite “Ain’t My Day” have nearly 15 million streams combined. In December 2021, Corey released his sophomore album 21, to an overwhelmingly positive reception and landed on multiple playlists

across streaming platforms with his single “There’s Always Next Year.” Both albums were released via Combustion Music On March4,2022,Coreyreleasedhissmashhit single“WildAsHer”andshortlyaftersigned hisdealwithSonyMusicNashvilleandtheir RCANashvilleImprint.

Sam Hunt continues the weekend’s festivities when he takes the Scope Arena stage on Saturday, May 27 His debut studio album, Montevallo, was released in Octo ber 2014 and by November, the album had debutedatnumberoneontheTopCountry Albums chart and number three on the US Billboard 200 Hunt’s most recent album Southside features the hit “Body Like a Back Road, which has gone on to become his biggest hit. Hunt’s work has garnered several awards including the Academy of CountryMusicAwards(SingleRecordofthe Year),AmericanMusicAwards(NewArtist of The Year), and Country Music Awards (Songwriter-artist of the Year), as well as numerousGrammy Billboard,andPeople’s ChoiceAwardsnominations

A special guest for the Saturday, May 27 concert, Jordan Davis first broke through with his 2018 Gold-certified debut album, HomeState,andthreeconsecutiveNo 1s-in cluding the Platinum-Certified hits “Slow DanceInAParkingLot,”“TakeItFromMe,” andtheDoublePlatinum-Certified“Singles YouUp.”NamedBillboard’sTopNewCoun try Artist of 2018 and Best New Country Artist at the iHeart Radio Music Awards, Davis continued to earn accolades and has garnered more than 2 billion streams and counting Most recently, Davis wrote and releasedhis8-songEPBuyDirt,whosetitle trackbecameoneoftheTopstreamedcountry songs of all time and earned the singer/ songwriter 4 ACM nominations, including Song of the Year as well as a CMA nomina tionforMusicalEventoftheYear

Cody Johnson will close out the week

end with a performance on Sunday, May 28 With eight studio albums under his belt, Johnson had one of the year’s biggest hits with “’Til You Can’t,” which stayed on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart for two weeks in March. Earlier his year Johnson won two CMT Music Awards including Male Video of the Year and Digital-First Performance

PerformingattheSunday,May28concert, Randy Houser racked up three consecutive No 1 hits and more than four million in singles sales to date with his Stoney Creek Records album, How Country Feels. He topped the charts with the title track, “Runnin’OuttaMoonlight and“Goodnight Kiss” (also his first No 1 as a songwriter) andearnedcriticalacclaimforhispowerful delivery of the Top 5 smash and CMA Song of the Year-nominated “Like A Cowboy.” HouseraddedafourthNo 1tohiscatalogue with“WeWent”fromhis2016album,Fired Up Following 2019’s critically acclaimed Magnolia, Houser’s “Note To Self,” is availablenow,withmorenewmusiconthehori zonin2022.

The Patriotic Festival is an annual militarycelebrationtohonorourarmedforces personnel and their families with three days of military displays, demonstrations and concerts by national touring artists Founded in 2004, the event is one of the region’s largest military celebrations and HamptonRoadshighestattendedsummer music festival. In 2022, the Patriotic Festival relocated to Norfolk, Virginia, which is also home to the world’s largest naval station, Naval Station Norfolk. The three day festival Country Weekend has hosted some of the nation’s top entertainers including Morgan Wallen, Jason Aldean, CarrieUnderwood,MirandaLambert,Zac Brown, Luke Combs and Kane Brown. For moreinformationandacompleteweekend schedule, visit PatrioticFestival.com.

“Ourmilitaryservicememberssacrificeso much for our country,” said Linda SpurlinDominik, Co-Founder/CEO of Guard ian Angels for Soldier’s Pet. “Through our programs it is our hope that we can help cut down on the anxiety and uncertainty of deployment and, at the same time, say “thankyou”fortheirserviceandsacrifice.”

“Though the majority of those deploying will have family members or friends to carefortheirbelovedpets,theorganization willbetheretoassistthosewhodon’t,”said SallyWhite,NationalPresident.“Webelieve safely reuniting the owner and pet when they return from overseas is an important partofreintegrationandhealing.

GuardianAngelsforSoldier’sPethasbeen supporting our military, veterans and their beloved pets since 2005. The all volunteer 501c3 Military and Veterans Support Organization provides programs to temporarily foster pets during a deployment (combat, peacekeeping or humanitarian mission), unforeseen medical hardship or homelessness They also support service members and veterans diagnosed with PTSD needing a specially trained canine assistance to enhance their quality of life Programs are available in all 50 states and across all branches of service including National GuardandReserves

Thefosterorganizationusuallyhasabout adozenpetsbeinglovinglyandsafelycared for across the country at any given time. A teamofcoordinatorsscreenpetownersand potential fosters before matching them up

The pet owner is typically responsible for allpetcare-relatedexpensesincludingfood and vet visits The foster contract is for the lengthofdeployment,whichcanfluctuatein theeventthedeploymentisextended.

Marge Janiak is the Guardian Angels for Soldier’sPetNationalMarketing&Communications Director Her blog, Tails from

the Front Line, helps tell the story of this wonderful organization. Here is an excerpt fromherrecenttripheretoHamptonRoads:

“Hello, Williamsburg! We made it to WilliamsburgandIcannotwaittogotoColo nial Williamsburg and do all the tourist-y stuff ButworkiscallingmeandIhaveseveral appointments to speak to some of the Navy’s Fleet & Family people I love telling them all about Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet and how I can help their sailors and because I NEED FOSTER HOMES IN VIRGINIA! The more that I can educate the public about the fact that deployments happen every day somewhere in America, and veterans go into thehospitaleverydaysomewhereinAmerica the more I hope to get more Foster Homes!!

One of the reasons we are taking this trip from ourhome state of Tennesseeis todeliver the delightful Maverick, a Husky that my husband and I have been fostering for the last month or so, back to his home in Hamp ton, Virginia. Maverick’s owner, Justen W., a SailorinourNavy,isreturninghomefromhis 6 month deployment.

I know it will be bittersweet because we have really grown fond of this Husky! The closer we got to Justen’s house, the more excited Maverick got!! He knew he was going home! When we got to Justen’s house, I texted him and told him we were there When Justen came out, Maverick ran to him and just danced all around him He was so happy to see his owner!

That is exactly what makes my job so wonderful. Just seeing the excitement and happiness in both the owner and the pet is awesome! You can actually see the love they

haveforeachothershiningintheireyes!Ihad tears in my eyes, but my heart was so filled with joy!

After they got re-acquainted with each other, we talked for a while Justen told us he’d probably be heading out again in about 4 months I told him that if he wanted us to watch Maverick again to just let us know We should be coming home from our “winter vacay inBonitaSprings,Floridabythattime IhavenodoubtthatMaverickandJustenwill be part of our family from now on!”

For more information on providing a foster home, becoming a volunteer, or making a donation to Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pet, or to request help for you and your pet please visit www.guardianangelsforsoldierspet.org.

Fostering the pets of our service members while on deployment is the mission of this national nonprofit Afterbeingapartforoverayear,PettyOfficer 2ndClassMyeshaHarris,whowasdeployedon theUSSHarryS.Truman,andher2.5year-old maleFrenchBulldogNipseyarereunitedinhis fosterfamily’sbackyardFriday,October14 2022 (STEPHENM.KATZ/THEVIRGINIAN-PILOT) INSIDE: Check out Flagship Values, your source for automobiles, employment, real estate and more! Pages C6-7 On iberty
www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 3 | Thursday, November 17 2022 1
Maverick was lovingly fostered while his owner,a Sailorliving in Hampton, Virginia, was on deployment (COURTESY PHOTO)



Kathleen Turner comes to The American Theatre this Saturday November 19th, talks about her show and her career

The American Theatre, located right in the heart of the historic Phoebus area of Hampton, Virginia and celebrating its 35th Anniversary,isproudtopresentHollywood legend Kathleen Turner in her incredible show,“KathleenTurner:FindingMyVoice.”

The show is a beautiful combination of behind the scenes stories of her incredible career and a wonderful selection of songs such as: “Let’s Fall in Love,” “On the Street Where You Live,” and “Every Time We Say Goodbye,” just to mention a few, from the Great American Songbook. This show is guaranteedtomakeeveryKathleenTurner fanhappy.

Individual performance tickets may be purchased in person at The American Theatre Box Office or the Hampton Coli seum Box Office or tickets may be ordered onlineatwww.theamericantheatre.org

Yiorgo: I had a chance to speak with KathleenTurnertheotherday.Whyshould your fans come to your show Kathleen Turner: Finding My Voice? What will they expecttoseeandhear?

Kathleen Turner: The show is a very enjoyable experience of stories with songs that kinda come out of the stories. I like to think that it’s about my life, my beliefs, my activism, my hope and my huge affection for the people throughout my life. It is fun and I’ve been told that it is uplifting and a very positive, happy experience Come and enjoyit.

Y: This is such a wonderful way for your fans to see you. When did you start doing this touring show and what has it been like foryou?

KT: We started several years ago, and it has gone through many transitions That’s also the point of the show, in that I don’t want this show to ever be set in stone As I have different life and work experiences, theshowwillchangealso I’lldropoutsome stories pickupothers andchangethesongs asneeded.Iwanttokeepitpresentandfluid and make it as interesting for me as it is for thoseattendingmyshow.

Ihadtwoperformancesrecently Onewas at a college near Atlantic City with a young, very aware audience and they were just a joy to perform in front of When you get those laughs because you want to, oh there isjustnothingbetter Becauseofthetwoyear hiatus that we all had to go through due to the pandemic, we all missed live perfor mancessobadly.Thereisaneagernessnow onbothsidesforthatliveentertainment.


KT:ItstartedbecauseMollySmith,whois theArtisticDirectorattheArenaStageatthe MeadCenterofAmericanTheaterinWash ington, DC asked me if I would do Mother Courage It is not a musical obviously but it is a play with songs and numbers Molly askedmeifIcouldsing,andalthoughIhave not made a career of it, actually I really can sing,sosheaskedmetodoMotherCourage. IenjoyeditsomuchthatwhenIcameback to New York, I called up the two men who


Y: What was that process like to get it off thegroundandintothevenues?

KT:Ilovetellingstories ThenAndyGale, who is my director, would hear one of my stories and he would say that it reminded him of this or that song. Mark Janas who is the pianist would say, he knew exactly how hewouldarrangethat,andbeforeyouknow it, we had this whole group of stories and songsandIthinkitwasAndythatsaid,“You know what? We have a show. And I was likeohdear Wecontinuedtodevelopitand we got two young producers from England andwetookittotheotherpalacetheaterin Londonforafewmonths Wethenbrought it to New York City, we took it to San Fran cisco Philadelphia,allbeforethepandemic Wearenowjuststartingtoperformagain.

Y: OK let’s talk about you. What was life likeforyougrowingup?

KT:Iamoneoffoursiblingsandtheonly one born in the United States My father wasaforeignserviceofficerwiththeDiplo matic Core so I grew up in Canada, Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia and then England all beforecollege IhadnotlivedintheUSatall. My father died very suddenly just before I turned18andweendedbackinSpringfield, Missouriatmymother’sparentshome.That wasacultureshock.Ilearnedalot.

Y: Your early love was theater and you graduated the University of Maryland with aBachelorofFineArtsdegree

KT: Yes indeed. I came to New York the secondIgraduated That’swhatIwasalways goingtodo Tome NewYorkwasascloseas I was going to get to the rest of the world and still be in the United States So I see it as a doorway but it was always theater You know, it’s very hard to define talent, espe cially acting Sometimes I think that there is a communication gene and some people


KT: I was on Broadway my first year in New York City There were these three womenwhowerethetopcastingdirectors at the time, who had a bet with each other, who would place me in my first film. They had seen me at auditions and on stage and I was put in the movie, Body Heat I still believe that the best movie people come from the stage

Y: What was it like working on your first HollywoodfilmBodyHeat?

KT: It was thrilling, exciting, terrifying andIwasn’talone LarryKasdanwhowrote anddirectedandBillHurt,hehaddoneone film before but it had not come out and this was my first. We were all of us in the same place learning We felt as though we were creatinganewkindoffilmandwedidinfact dothat

Y: One of my all time favorites is Romancing the Stone. Can you share some memorieswithMichaelDouglasandDanny DeVito?

KT: Yes it was always the three of us I lovethoseguysverymuch,wehadsomuch fun together. I had a ball doing Romancing theStone WewereshootinginMexicoand because I spent most of my childhood in SouthAmerica,IwasbilingualbutMichael didnotrealizethat.HehadoneADthatwas bilingual and some of the actors spoke no English,soMichaelreally,reallyneededme much more then he realized in hiring me The filming was tough physically We did thatmudslidefivetimes EverytimeIgetto work with Michael like in The Kominsky Method,it’sjustsoeasyandsomuchfun

Y: When did you know you can have a careerinthemovieindustry?

KT: I always believed I would have a careerasanactor.Ibelievethatmostpeople dobelievethattheywillbeasuccess Acting isthemostinterdependentartformthatwe

have Idon’tget to go on thatstageuntilthe set has been designed and built, the lights, thesoundandthecostumesaremade

Y: Speaking of theater, since that was your first love, what was one of the plays that defined you and made you want to be onthatstage?

KT: For me, the biggest, most important piece that has been through most of my life has been Edward Albee’s, Who’s Afraid of VirginiaWoolfthatIdidonBroadwaywhen I was 50 I did a national tour, also a run in London, it was thrilling and wonderful, a kindofrolethatuseseverythinginyou.You have that extra ordinary feeling that you are completely used up, and that’s exactly right What’s notright is the movie version Actually, Edward was very angry about it. It’s not about a drunk couple screaming at each other That is faaaar from the truth. I havealwaysbeenangryaboutthatandhow theybutcheredit.

Y: Another one of my favorites is Prizzi’s Honor Canyoushareamemoryortwo?

KT:Thatwasafunmovie JackNicholson wouldlaughwhensomeonewouldaskhim, “Jack, how are you enjoying yourself?” His response was, “What do you mean enjoying? I’m working with an ex-girlfriend and ablankingnewlywed. Iwasthenewlywed. Hewouldgrowlwhenhewasfrustrated.

Another fun memory was that the wedding scene had dozens and dozens of extrasandtheyhadpiledupallthisbeauti ful food to make it all look right. So to keep people from eating it and to make sure it stayed fresh looking they sprayed the whole thing with a kind of shellac. I would see extras reach for the cake or something and bite into it and I would say to them oh no, no don’t bite into that.

Y:Andofcourseyouweretheuncredited voice of Jessica Rabbit in the classic, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

KT: Bobby Zemeckis directed that. It’s an extraordinary work of art and there will never be another one like it. He also directed Romancing the Stone For the Jessica role I was very pregnant. As a matter of fact, I missed my last recording day because I went into labor So I am in the hospital, telling people to call the studio, I’m not coming in today. For me it was perfect because I could waddle in and I could work from home.

Y: How about a pinch me moment?

KT:Icantellyouonethatcomestomind immediately Standing at the top of the stairs with John Waters at the Palais Des Festivals at Cannes in Monte Carlo Serial MomwrittenanddirectedbyJohnwasthe closing night film We came out after the film,westoodatthetopofthestairslooking down into the crowd and the people were shouting, “Je t’aime, Kathlene, je t’aime.” I grabbed a hold of John’s hand and said, don’t ever ever forget this moment.

Yiorgo is an arts, entertainment and sports writer A stage, TV and movie actor, he is also a sports entertainer, educator, motivational speaker, writer, storyteller and columnist

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InterviewByYiorgo have been working with, my pianist and my director and asked them if they would continue to work with me I really had no plans for it but I wanted to keep exploring whatIwoulddoandlearn.
haveit.Withaliveperformancethereisjust so much to give and take with an audience present.It’ssosatisfying.
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Pictured above and below,Actress and singerKathleenTurner(PHOTOSCOURTESYTHEAMERICANTHEATRE)
Finish your high school diploma, foryou andfor them. Find free,flexibleand supportive adult education centersnearyou at FinishYourDiploma.org. When you graduate, they graduate. www flagshipnews.com | The Flagship | Section 3 | Thursday, November 17 2022 3

Fall is about cooler weather, football, sweatersandwarm,deliciousfood It’sabout gathering around the table with loved ones toenjoyasnackormealandmakingmemo ries that will last a lifetime As the weather changes there are few better places to be than the kitchen, whipping up something amazingforallwhoaregathered.

This season, when you’re craving something sweet, try this Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chips It’s rich with lots of semisweet chocolate chips but also has a prominent pumpkin flavor that is hard to resist.

This recipe is easy to make and provides an opportunity to get the little ones involved in the kitchen. For example they can stir and pour those yummy chocolate chips into the batter

Madestarttofinishinlessthananhour,it canbeaperfecttreatforget-togethersfrom parties and events to just a couple friends enjoyingeachother’scompany.

It’s light and moist with a crisp exterior The signature pumpkin taste blends with thesweetchocolatetocreateauniquetaste perfectforfall.

In seasonal sweets like Brulee Pump kin Pie and No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake, an option like Country Crock Plant Cream can be used as a dairy free substitute for heavy whipping cream. With29%lesssaturatedfatthandairyheavy whipping cream, it’s an easy 1:1 swap and is also soy-free, certified plant-based and 100%vegan,makingitidealtohaveonhand during holiday baking season. It’s all of the deliciousness of heavy cream, with none of theheavinessofdairy.

Find more seasonal dessert recipes at Culinary.net andCountryCrock.com


Tomakepiecrust:Preheatovento350F. Inbowloffoodprocessor addflour sugar and salt; pulse to combine. Add cold plant butter and shortening Process about 10 secondsuntilitlookslikecoarsemeal.

With food processor running, add ice water. Process until mixture clumps together

Onlightlyflouredsurface,rolldoughinto 14-inch circle Transfer to 9-inch pie dish. Lift edges and allow dough to drape into dish. Trim, leaving 1-inch overhang Fold excessdoughunderandcrimpedges

To make pumpkin filling: In medium saucepanovermediumheat,addsyrupand vanilla;warmabout2minutesthenremove fromheatandsetaside

In large bowl, combine syrup mixture, pumpkin, coconut cream, plant cream, brown sugar cinnamon, ginger nutmeg clove salt and cornstarch; blend with hand mixer until smooth. Pour mixture into pie crust Bake 1 hour. If crust starts to burn, cover edges with aluminum foil The middle will stillbejiggly

Cool at room temperature 30 minutes

then cover and transfer to refrigerator to chillatleast5hoursorovernight

Before serving, sprinkle pie with white sugar and, using kitchen torch, brelee until sugarismeltedanddarkbrown.

To make whipped topping: Using elec trichandmixerorstandmixer,whiskplant cream powdered sugar and vanilla on high untilmixturethickensandstiffpeaksform.

Slice and serve with whipped topping

No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Prep time: 5-10 minutes

Cook time: 5 minutes

Total time: 6-7 hours

Servings: 8

Crust: „ 1½cupsgrahamcrackercrumbs

½cupCountryCrockPlantButter, melted


2packages(8ounceseach)dairy-free creamcheese atroomtemperature



cupCountryCrockPlantCream „ 1cuppowderedsugar

ChocolateGanache: „ 1stickCountryCrockPlantButter, cubed „ 1cupsemi-sweetchocolatechips

Grease 9-inch pie dish with Country CrockPlantButter;setaside

Tomakecrust:Inmediumbowl,combine graham cracker crumbs and melted plant butter;mixthoroughly

Add crust to greased pie dish and press firmlytobottomandsides;refrigerate

Tomakefilling:Inbowlofelectricmixer beatcreamcheeseuntilsmoothandcreamy.

Add powdered sugar; beat until fully incorporated.

Add peanut butter, vanilla extract and plantcream;beatuntilsmoothandcreamy.

Pourfillingintopreparedcrustandrefrig erate5-6hoursorovernight

Tomakechocolateganache:Inpanover medium heat, add plant butter cubes and chocolate;stircontinuously Spread chocolate ganache evenly on top of chilled cheesecake. Refrigerate at least 1 hourbeforeslicingandserving.

Pumpkin Bread with Chocolate Chips

Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 45-50 minutes Servings: 12




Preheatovento350F.Spray8-by-4-inchloaf panwithnonstickcookingsprayandlinewith parchmentpaper.Setaside.

Inlargebowl,whiskflour,salt,bakingpowder, bakingsodaandpumpkinspice Setaside In medium bowl combine canned pump kin,brownsugar,granulatedsugar,oil,eggsand vanillaextract.Stirtogether

Stirwetingredientsintodryingredients;mix untilcombined.


Pour batter into loaf pan. Bake 45-50 minutes until toothpick inserted in center comesoutclean Cool at least 10 minutes in pan before removingtowireracktofinishcooling.

Brulee Pumpkin Pie FromFamilyFeatures/Culinary.net
Brulee Pumpkin Pie Prep time: 45 minutes Cook time: 1 hour Servings: 8 PieCrust: „ 1½cupsall-purposeflour „ 1teaspoonsugar „ ¼teaspoonsalt „ 8tablespoonsCountryCrockPlant Butter,coldandcutintocubes „ 2tablespoonschilledvegetable shortening,cutintopieces „ 4tablespoonsicewater PumpkinFilling: „ ½cupmaplesyrup „ 1tablespoonvanilla „ 1can(15ounces)pumpkinpuree „ ¼cupcoconutcream „ 1cupCountryCrockPlantCream „ 1cupbrownsugar „ 1teaspooncinnamon „ 1teaspoonginger „ 1teaspoonnutmeg „ ⅛teaspoongroundclove „ ½teaspoonsalt „ 3tablespoonscornstarch „ 3tablespoonswhitegranulatedsugar
„ 2cupsCountryCrockPlantCream,
„ ¼
„ 1½
„ ½
„ ½
„ ½
„ ⅓
„ ⅓
„ ½
„ ½
you and yours will gobble up!
No-Bake Chocolate Peanut ButterCheesecake 4 The Flagship | www flagshipnews.com | Section 3 | Thursday, November 17 2022
Pumpkin Breadwith Chocolate

Lifestyle changes could add 10-15 years to your life

Youcanagehealthilyevenwiththeclock tickingaway Itjusttakesalittlework Even small steps to improving your health can mean a longer and better quality of life And defense health officials are work ing to dispel the negative concept of aging “There is a common misperception that it is normal in the aging process to have poor health, heart disease obesity type 2 diabetes dementia, and other chronic diseases. This couldn’t be further from the truth, said U.S. Air Force Col. (Dr.) Mary Anne Kiel, who chairs the Defense Health Agency Primary Care Clinical Commu nity “When lifestyle changes are adopted by our patients using an evidence-based approach,chronicdiseasecanbeprevented or delayed by 10-15 years compared to the average Thisleadstoextrahealthandyears that our patients can enjoy, Kiel said.

Lifestyle Adjustments can Prolong Your Life

KielalsoservesaschairofAirForceLife style&PerformanceMedicineandemphasizes how lifestyle choices impact health well into advanced years

“Patients can make a personal choice at anyagetooptimizetheirhealthandextend their longevity by changing their nutrition

to a predominantly plant-based diet, minimizing processed foods doing physical activity daily pursuing restorative sleep avoidingriskysubstances,managingstress andcultivatingpositivesocialconnections, Kiel advised. In addition to avoiding risky behaviors, such as smoking and too much alcohol, lowering your stress levels and good sleep hygiene are crucial to staying healthy as you age

“Improved sleep can produce almost instantaneousresultsforimprovedmental health pain levels and risk for infectious disease,” in addition to reducing the risk of dementia and overall rates of death, Kiel said.

Similarly, “a revolutionized diet and physicalactivityregimencanproducerapid changes to the body’s risk for cardiovascularevents,cancer,anddiabetes,”shenoted. Ifyouwanttoloweryourriskofdiseases and take fewer medications you may be abletodothatthroughchangestoyourlife style “Studies show that individuals who make intensive lifestyle changes can actually reverse hypertension, atherosclerosis, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity, often with the ability to reduce or elimi nateanymedicationstheymayhaveneeded previously,” Kiel said.

To live longer we need to change how our DNA is affected. Chromosomes carry long pieces of DNA, which is the material thatholdsourgenes Telomeres,whichare the ends of our chromosomes, typically

get shorter as we age “Changing what we eat, and other lifestyle factors can reduce the speed at which the telomeres shorten effectively extending the number of years that we live,” Kiel explained

Keep Moving and Keep Your Bones Strong

“Movementonacontinuousbasisisvery importanttokeepinghealthyasweageand tomaintainourmobility, saidU.S.NavyLt Alexa Werner, a physical therapist at the U.S.NavyMedicineReadinessandTraining Command, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“Thelargestimpairmentsthatweseeare alackofstrength,balance,orenduranceas well as limited mobility,” she said.

“One of the constant sayings I heard whilegoingthroughphysicaltherapytraining school was ‘Motion is lotion,’ ” Werner said.

“Basically, the more you move, the more youcanmove Thisistrueinresolvingpain in younger patients, as well as helping to ensure healthy aging and independence in aging populations,” she added.

One of the biggest changes Werner said she has seen in treating the senior popula tionis“theemphasisonstrengtheningand functional activities.”

“Once the thought was that elderly patients are fragile, but we have seen in recent research that elderly individuals

respond well to weight training and can increase their bone density resulting in decreased risk of fracture,” Werner said.

Fallpreventionisalsoimportantforolder adults “Falls are the leading cause of fatal accidents in older adults and the leading causeoftrauma-relatedhospitalizationsin older adults” Roberts said.

One of the best ways to improve balance istostartawalkingprogram,shesuggested, or work your balance through such evidence-basedcommunity-basedexercise programs This could include:

Tai Chi, a series of gentle physical exer cises and stretches that each flow into the next, ensuring constant motion

Otago,aseriesof17strengthandbalance exercises delivered by a physical therapist inthehomethatreducesfallsbetween35% and 40%

Stay Active a series for endurance strength, balance and stretching

Independent for Life a series that includes warm-up, aerobics, balance, strength training, and stretching exer cises that can be done in a seated or standing position. Fitness checks track general mobility, arm strength and leg strength

“Studieshaveshownthatnomatterwhat our age, making nutrition and other life style changes can have dramatic impacts by extending our lifespans and improving ourqualityoflife,”Kielsaid,adding:“You’re never too old to make a change.”

ATLANTIC OCEAN “My aunt passed away in 2008 from breast cancer,” said Lt Nyasia Jenkins from Unci, New York, assigned to USS Gerald R. Ford’s (CVN 78) medicaldepartment “Itwasdetectedlateso therewasreallynochanceforustoseeher.”

One in eight women will face cancer in their life Additionally, breast cancer has a 99 percent survival rate if detected in early stages and a 29 percent survival rate ifdetectedlate

Lt Cmdr SamuelDouglas,Ford’ssurgeon, offers a service in identifying breast cancer in the early stage for women aboard Ford Douglas’serviceisjustoneofmanythatFord provides.

“There are a number of resources available aboard Ford,” says Jenkins. “There are routinehealthscreenings,whichforwomen in particular include breast and cervical cancer screenings, as well as routine health visits.”

Ford recognizes the importance of Women’s Health Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month and strives to keep its female crew members a healthy fighting force

“Our surgeon is doing screenings for womenwhomayhaveahigherriskofbreast cancer,”saidJenkins.“Theycanreachoutto himtogetamoreadvancedhighriskscreeningoranyotherinformationtheymayneed.”

“We are a force and must be taken care of,”addedLt SarahAlferos,fromSanDiego assigned to Ford’s medical department. “Ford’smedicalteamisextremelyequipped tonavigatewhatyoumayneedasafemale.”

Alferos notes that roughly 20 percent of

the Navy’s fighting force is comprised of women,makingthismonthnotonlyimport anttotheFordbuttheNavyasawhole

“ThemonthofOctobershouldbefocused on certain areas women may not be thinking about too much, such as breast cancer, screenings nutrition, mental health or fitnessstandards,”saidAlferos “It’samonth when we can focus on the resources avail able.”

Jenkins offers her advice to women regardinghealth,notonlyduringthismonth butyear-round.

“Take advantage of your opportunities for your own health,” said Jenkins. “Take control and accountability If you think or notice something is wrong or out of the norm,comegetseen.It’sextremelyimport anttobeyourownadvocate.”

Women’s Health Month and Breast Cancer Awareness Month are particularly importanttotheFordnamesake.BettyFord theUnitedStatesFirstLadyfrom1974-1977 and wife of USS Gerald R. Ford’s name sake, was diagnosed with breast cancer two months after President Gerald R. Ford

took office After fighting her battle, she advocated and inspired women around the UnitedStatestobeawareoftheirhealth,just as USS Gerald R. Ford is doing during the monthofOctober

“It’s nice to know this ship can provide the capabilities for individuals even if we areunderway,tobeseenandmaintaintheir health, saidJenkins

The ship’s medical department has carriedonBettyFord’slegacyofadvocating forwomen’shealth,evenwhiledeployed.

U.S.NavyHospital Corpsman Lyda Kuoch,with the U.S.Naval Hospital Guantanamo Bay,Cuba works on upperbodystrength and mobilitywith a seniorpatient during a routine physical therapy session on Sept 28 Small steps,such as changes in nutrition,avoiding riskybehaviors,and exercising can prolong life and helpyou age healthily JacksonAdkins
Ford’s Commitment to Women’s Health
Corpsman 1st Class Cassandra Styles,from Oxford,Mississippi,assigned to USS Gerald R.Ford’s (CVN 78) dental department,prepares sterile dressing during a mass casualtydrill in the ship’s operating room,Sept 20th,2022 Ford is underwayin theAtlantic Ocean conducting carrierqualifications andworkups fora scheduled deployment this fall.(U.S.NAVYPHOTOBYMASSCOMMUNICATIONSPECIALIST2NDCLASS
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WinterFest on the Wisconsin returns better and brighter, happening now through New Years Day

One of the must see destinations on the east coast is Nauticus, featuring the Battleship Wisconsin. Located on the water frontindowntownNorfolk,Virginiawhere every year (except during the pandemic) hundreds of thousands of people have visited and continue to visit year round this work of art, contemporary, maritime themed, science center and museum. How appropriatethatNauticusandtheBattleship WisconsinarelocatedinNorfolk,thehome oftheworld’slargestnavalbase.

TheholidayseasonatNauticusalsomeans the return of WinterFest on the Wisconsin with this year being better and brighter than ever before. It is a true celebration of the Battleship Wisconsin, decorated with more than one million Christmas lights Once aboard the Battleship Wisconsin, be preparedtoexploreall-newinteriorspaces, enjoy two new shows nightly by everyone’s favorite green grump, have fun aboard a polar train journey while tasting sweets and treats and even shopping for last-min utegifts NewthisseasonisTheSantaExperience, availableforanadditionalfee,duringselect times Fridays Sundays and will be open Wednesdays Sundays starting December 14th 24th. You will go inside the Battle ship Wisconsin’s historic Wardroom for a reservedmeet-and-greetwithCaptainClaus himself. Feel free to take selfies enjoy delicious hot chocolate and cookies and every oneyoungandoldcanwritealettertoSanta and even post in the original mailbox of the Battleship Wisconsin. With this year mark ing the 400th anniversary of the classic poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,’ there is a special treat as a talking book and bookwormrecountthismagicalpoem.

There is also the Mistletoe Marina, presented by The Perry Family Foundation with many adventures to keep you enter tained throughout the night You will be surroundedbythousandsofdazzlinglights, beautifully decorated boats, while indulg ing in hot and cold beverages and bites of sweet snacks by the fireside while you take in nightly shows by the grump himself and the Holiday Hoobie-Whatty Show. It’s the Whoville circus the tiniest little big top you’ve ever seen with the shows running nightlyat6and8PM

AlsoattheMistletoeArenaistheElfDoor Discovery, a seasonal scavenger hunt that takes you on a magic journey to unlock the mystery of Santa’s elves. There are 15 tiny entrances decked out for the holidays with 15elvesandyourjobistofindthemall.

There is also a Tree Lighting Ceremony nightlyWednesdays Sundaysatthefantail of the Battleship Wisconsin that you can be a part of hosted by a grouchy green grump andhisdog,Max.

Also not to be missed is the Lighted Sailboat Parade to be held December 3rd and 10th from 6:00PM 6:30PM hosted by Sail


Fortickets,times datesandmoreinfo,go to https://www.winterfestonthewisconsin. com/

Yiorgo: To tell us more about it, is proud localMauryHighSchoolAlumniRehnWest, DevelopmentDirectoratNauticus Whatis WinterFest on the Wisconsin at Nauticus and what will the people who attend expe riencewhentheycometoseeit?

Rehn West: WinterFest on the Wiscon sinisaholidaycelebration.Wedeckoutthe Battleshipwithoveramillionholidaylights and guests are able to walk our Battleship enjoyourliveentertainment,holidaymusic, a tree lighting ceremony, as well as a very special one-on-one experience with Santa. We also have great food and drinks and the grouchy green grump who is here walking ourdecks,meetingtheguestsandmakingit bothuniqueanddifferent.

We also have a lighted sailboat parade on December3rdand10th.Nauticusishometo SailNauticus,establishedforat-riskyouthin NorfolkPublicSchools.Wehaveafleetof20 sailboatsandwedeckthemoutinChristmas lights and on December 3rd and 10th at six pm they leave our harbor and head down to the Whiskey Basin next to the Battleship Wisconsin on the other side by the Pogoda. At the very end of the parade Santa is broughtinbytheNorfolkPoliceChiefboat It is super exciting and brings our community together It brings a lot of new people downtown. It is also a fundraiser for our Nauticus Foundation which is a non-profit withallproceedsgoingdirectlybackintothe

Y: How long has the WinterFest on the Wisconsinbeeninexistence?

RW: This is our third year Pre-Covid we hosted Christmas Town. It was all indoors, a great event, very popular with the public. WithCovid,weknewwecouldn’tbringour usual25,000peopleindoors,sowedecided to try something new and use this great vessel that we have The Battleship was a silver lining during the pandemic. You can walkoutsideonthedeck,spreadout,sowhat betterwaytohaveherserveduringtheholi days than by decorating her with lights and help to bring joy to people and revenue to ourfoundation.

Y: Marie Osmond was in town last year with her Marie Osmond A Symphonic ChristmasconcertandshevisitedBattleship Wisconsin. She mentioned that Bob Hope called her and asked her to do his very last USOtourwithhim.Sherememberedfondly performing on the Wisconsin She said she sangrightbeforethelastshellswereshotin DesertStorminSaudiArabia.

RW: Whenever celebrities visited the Wisconsinwhenshewasouttoseaorwher ever they were stationed, the celebrities signedtheship.WeactuallystillhaveMarie Osmond’ssignatureverynearthebowofthe ship. One of our staff members, Keith Nitka istheBattleshipManager Heservedduring Desert Storm on the Battleship Wisconsin and was one of the crew members that was thereforherperformance

Y:HowwouldyoudescribeNauticusand whatcanpeopleexpecttoseeanddowhen


RW: Nauticus is a Maritime Discovery Center and we are home to our Nauticus museum,whichfocusesonafunandengagingstemtosterncurriculumforallages We arealsohometoourprideandjoy,theBattleship Wisconsin. She is a great teaching tool for everyone and a great representative of ournavy WearehometotheNauticusSail ing Center that supports local students and an adult membership program. Uniquely, we are the home to the Half Moon Cruise Terminal, Virginia’s only cruise terminal. Our campus is very big and we offer somethingforeveryonehere.

Yiorgo is an arts entertainment and sports writer A stage, TV and movie actor, he is also a sports entertainer, educator, motivational speaker, writer, storyteller and columnist

The parade will take place along the Elizabeth River adjacent to the Battle ship Wisconsin that is free and open to the publicalongtheboardwalk.
throughoutherdeckformanystudentsand visitorsyearround.
BattleshipWisconsin.Weareabletorestore hertohergloryandprovideinterpretations
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RehnWest Development Directorat Nauticus
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