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Facts about Military-Connected Children Over 2 million children have a parent who has served in Afghanistan or Iraq – many have served multiple times.

Military-connected children

6-9 times

move during their K-12 education.

Statistics from Department of Defense, 2012

Active Duty Forces 6-11 years

children of service members in the Active Duty, National Guard and Reserves – almost 4 million children and youth including those of post 9/11 Veterans.

Military-connected children move and change schools more often than their civilian peers.


Children from Military Families


Percentage of children of Active Duty Service Members by Age 0-5 years

There are over 2 million

are as likely as their civilian counterparts to serve in the Armed Forces as adults.

12-18 years 19-23 years • • • •

42.5% are birth through five years old 30.5% are six to 11 years old 22.5% are 12 to 18 years old 4.5% are 19 to 23 years old

Over 80% of military-

connected kids are in US public schools

Less than 8%

of our students attend Department of Defense schools

National Guard and Reserve Forces There are

1,159,227 family members associated with the Reserve Components

Birth - 5 years 6-11 years 12-18 years 19-22 years


Just over of Reserve Component Members are married with children.

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23 years + • • • • •

There are 38,014 children birth through 5 years old There are 222,512 children 6 through 11 years old There are 223,336 children 12 through 18 years old There are 87,924 children 19 through 22 years old There are 2,749 adults 23 years and older claimed as dependents by the families of Reserve members.

Through initiatives, resources, and partnerships, the Military Child Education Coalition supports Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) opportunities for military-connected children and youth.

The MCEC hosts a STEM-focused resource page on our comprehensive website.

Scholarships Awarded

(as of Sept. 2013)


NASA Space Camp is a place of learning where kids come together for a journey they will never forget. This extraordinary adventure teaches our youth about astronauts and space travel… and so much more. The MCEC created The Bernard Curtis Brown II Memorial Scholarship in memory of Bernard, the 11 year-old son of Chief Petty Officer and Mrs. Bernard Curtis Brown, died tragically on September 11, 2001, when the hijacked airliner he was on crashed into the Pentagon.

Students Attended

A total of 144 military-connected youth have been awarded the MCEC scholarship since 2002.

Workshops Conducted

97 10,384

Established by the MCEC in 2006, the Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership Program offers exemplary high school students from the MCEC Student 2 Student program the opportunity to grow their leadership skills. The week-long training is offered by the MCEC in partnership with the US Military Academy, West Point, and the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs.

From the 8 Frances Hesselbein Student Leadership programs, 97 students have attended. The MCEC Parent to Parent program empowers parents to be their child’s strongest advocate on educational and social issues. The program trains a team of parents from installation areas to bring the MCEC Parent Workshops to their local communities to help spread this important message.


Kits Distributed

Over 150,000 military-connected family members have been trained.

over 35,000


A Military Child Education Coalition® Initiative

Growing, Learning, Understanding (GLU) - Learning Connections Made to “Stick” was designed by the MCEC to develop early literacy skills in children from birth through early elementary. All GLU Kits (including 4 kits emphasizing STEM--2 are in production) are built around carefully carefully selected literature and resources. Each kit includes ideas and activities adaptable to a range of ages and developmental levels.

to TM

A Military Child Education Coalition® Initiative

Over 35,000 kits have been distributed since their introduction. CSI Camps-for-a-Day have directly reached 64 teachers and 373 students in 4 states.

The CSI Camp-for-a-Day and CSI Teacher Workshop programs are offered by the Caruth Institute for Engineering Education at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in partnership with the MCEC. The SMU-MCEC partnership is bringing hands-on STEM experiences to middle school students in selected military Over middle school Math The MCEC is supported by a communities.



21-member volunteer Science Advisory Board (SAB) who supports the MCEC mission. The SAB is a diverse compilation of researchers, clinicians, and academics from both military and civilian backgrounds. Refer to for more about the SAB.

©Military Child Education Coalition® 2013

GPS booklets distributed since 2011 with support from Raytheon.

The MCEC has a reciprocal partnership with the National Math and Science Initiative (NMSI). The NMSI-MCEC partnership has enabled high schools in military-connected districts to increase participation in AP courses in 52 high schools in 15 states.


Facts about Military-Connected Children/STEM  
Facts about Military-Connected Children/STEM  

Facts about Military-Connected Children/STEM