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The Military Child Education Coalition速

A Look Back at 2012


M I L I TA RY C H I L D E D U C AT I O N COA L I T I O N (254) 953-1923 • (254) 953-1925 (fax) 909 Mountain Lion Circle Harker Heights, Texas 76548

To ensure inclusive, quality educational opportunities for all military-connected children affected by mobility, family separation, and transition.

OUR VISION To serve as a model of positive leadership and advocacy for ensuring inclusive, quality educational opportunities for all military-connected children.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Letter from Chairman and CEO.................... 1 Charter Goals.................................................... 2 Oversight and Review.................................... 3 Board of Directors, Science Advisory Board, National Advisory Committee....................... 4

Dr. Mary M. Keller President and Chief Executive Officer

Lieutenant General (Ret) Lanny Trapp Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

Greg Cook Director, Research, Evaluation, and Technology

2012 Unaudited Financial Report................ 7

Stacey Smith, Ph. D.c Lead of Evaluation and Research

2012 Highlights................................................ 8

Dr. Jim D. Prock Director, Fund Development

Professional programs.................................... 9 Membership community............................. 10 Investment Partners........................................11

Shellie Campos, PHR Director, Human Resources and Contracting

Michael Gravens Director, Communications, Marketing and Membership

Cindy Simerly Chief of Marketing

Dr. Sandy Franklin Chief of Curriculum Development

Stayce Parry Chief of Programs and Services

Denise Montana-Graham Chief of Logistics

Juan Garcia, CPA Comptroller

Annette Nelson, J.D. Staff Counsel

Awards and Certifications...........................12

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OUR THOUGHTS In reflection on 2012, we view it as being an incredible time of growth, transition, and most importantly, a year of great achievement. Thanks to the efforts of many friends, members, strategic partners, and dedicated staff and volunteers, we experienced a marked increase in the breadth and depth of our reach and most certainly in having a positive impact on behalf of military-connected children. From continuing to expand our current student and parent programs to extending our training and services to broader military-connected audiences such as the children of our Veterans, the past year was certainly a fulfilling time. Our Growing a Community of Support campaign was a rewarding and empowering affirmation by those who, thanks to their contributions, helped us to provide our programs, training, and services to those we would have not otherwise reached in 2012. We continued to diligently pursue legislation at state and national level that best serves the educational opportunities of military-connected children and youth. Our research talents continued to support military and education stakeholders as well as military families with accurate, evidenced-based information. Our intensified communication efforts in social, digital and printed media greatly extended our reach to tens of thousands of new people. We are proud of the success that the Military Child Education Coalition enjoyed in the past year. We are grateful for the generous contributions made by both financial donors and those who labored on our behalf. Without the loyal commitment of those who care about military-connected children, fulfilling our mission would not be possible. As we look forward to that which we seek to achieve in 2013, we are confident that with continued support of our Coalition community, we will succeed.

General (Ret) Benjamin Griffin, USA Chairman of the Board, Military Child Education Coalition

Dr. Mary M. Keller President and CEO, Military Child Education Coalition

all who serve: rd, Reserve, Coast Guard, or Veteran. | 1







Provide responsive and relevant support programs, resources, and products

Expand the MCEC outreach through engagement, advocacy, and partnerships

Execute a strategic communication plan




The educational needs and issues of military-connected children & youth are recognized at the national level and receive appropriate support

Military-connected students thrive and succeed in our education system and become college, career, and life-ready

Military parents are empowered to be informed, proactive supporters and thereby make a positive impact in the academic, social, and emotional needs of their children

2 | Military Child Education Coalition | 2012 Annual Report

4 BUILD Build a strong, sustainable, and financially sound organization



Education professionals possess the knowledge and skills to identify, reinforce strengths, and respond appropriately to the complex needs of children whose parents serve in our Armed Forces or are Veterans

State and local communities are responsive in supporting military-connected children during times of transition, family separation, or trauma | 3




The MCEC initiatives and programs are rigorously and

Additionally, our Science Advisory Board, comprised of

consistently evaluated. We continue to design and conduct

20 professionals representing the fields of psychiatry,

research as well as thoughtfully incorporate good science

psychology, medicine, mathematics, research, public policy

into the range of implications for children and youth

and grief & loss specialties provides guidance to the MCEC

regarding academic, social, and emotional issues related

in developing its evidenced-based programs and services.

to the military family.

We have internal quality control systems which consist of

Using external and internal oversight, review, and

continuous evaluation and improvement. Program partici-

evaluation processes, we strive to ensure the integrity of

pants routinely complete evaluations identifying strengths,

all programs and services. Part of the external oversight

weaknesses, and recommendations for improvement.

and review process resides with our 21 member Board of Directors that provides guidance to the MCEC activities.

4 | Military Child Education Coalition | 2012 Annual Report

2012 BOARD OF DIRECTORS Officers General (Ret) Benjamin Griffin, Chairman Dr. William “Bill” Harrison,



Richard M. Lerner, Ph.D.,

Charlene Austin


The Honorable Carolyn H. Becraft

Colonel Stephen J. Cozza, M.D., USA (Ret), Co-Chair

Douglas Belair General (Ret) and Mrs. B.B. Bell (Katie) Congressman and Mrs. John Carter (Erika)

Ron Avi Astor, Ph.D.

Ed Casey

Major Jeffrey Bergmann, US Army

General (Ret) Peter Chiarelli

Colonel Ryo Sook Chun, M.D., USA (Ret)

Admiral (Ret) and Mrs. Walter Doran (Ginny)

Major Eric M. Flake, M.D., FAAP, US Air Force

Lea Ann Edwards

David G. Henry,

Sarah Friedman, Ph.D.

General (Ret) and Mrs. Larry R. Ellis (Jean)

Vice Chairman

Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D.

Lieutenant General (Ret) and Mrs. Phil Ford

Vice Chairman Secretary The Honorable Valerie Baldwin, Vice Chairman

Robert “Bob” Utley, Vice Chairman

Leanne Knobloch Ph.D.

General (Ret) Tommy R. Franks

Major Keith M. Lemmon, M.D., FAAP, US Army

Command Sergeant Major (Ret) and Mrs.

Brigadier General (Ret) Robert “Bob” Gaylord,

Jacqueline V. Lerner, Ph.D.


Ann Masten, Ph.D. Captain Joseph G. McQuade, M.D., US Navy

Members Renee Bostick Beth Chiarelli Barbara Day Hon. Chet Edwards Dawn Goldfein

Ronald S. Palomares, Ph.D. Colonel Rebecca I. Porter, Ph.D., ABPP, US Army Paula K. Rauch, M.D. Patty Shinseki, M.S.

Ed Van Buren Joyce Ward

Members Emeriti Cathy Franks Lieutenant General (Ret) Don Jones Dr. James Mitchell Robert “Bob” Ray Mary Jo Reimer Sandy Schwartz General (Ret) Thomas A. “Tom” Schwartz Lieutenant General (Ret) H.G. “Pete” Taylor Zoe Trautman

Heflebower Rear Admiral (Ret) and Mrs. Leendert Hering (Sharon) Lieutenant General William Ingram Major General (Ret) and Mrs. Robert Ivany (Marianne) Gary Knell General (Ret) and Mrs. Leon J. LaPorte (Judy)

Kathleen O’Beirne

BG (Ret) Earl Simms

Hamilton (Patty) Lieutenant General (Ret) Charles R.

Colonel Doug Waldrep, M.D., USA (Ret)

Dr. Rich Lerner

Patty Shinseki

Major General (Ret) and Mrs. Mark R.

General (Ret) and Mrs. James T. Hill (Toni)

Lil Ingram

Cathe Robling

William J. Gainey (Cindy)

Patrick H. Tolan, Ph.D.

Patti Hunzeker

CSM (Ret) Mark Ripka


Janice Laurence, Ph.D.

We prepare students to be successful in the multiple arenas of academics, relationships, and finding their way in life.

General (Ret) and Mrs. David McKiernan (Carmen) Drayton McLane, Jr. General (Ret) and Mrs. Duncan McNabb (Linda) Lieutenant General (Ret) and Mrs. Thomas Metz (Pam) General (Ret) and Mrs. Richard Myers (Mary Jo) General (Ret) Dennis J. Reimer Matthew Rogers Ali Saadat General (Ret) and Mrs. Henry H. Shelton (Carolyn) Lieutenant General (Ret) Stephen M. Speakes Lieutenant General (Ret) George J. Trautman III Dr. P. Uri Treisman | 5

MCEC professional development training is researched-based and adheres to accreditation standards. Accreditations and Standards • International Association of Continuing Education and Training • National Board of Certified Counselors • Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners

6 | Military Child Education Coalition | 2012 Annual Report





Accounts Payable


Accounts Receivable


Accrued Expenses




Deferred Revenue


Prepaid Expenses


Total Liabilities


Total Net Assets


Property & Equipment (fixed assets)


Total Assets



Total Liabilities and Assets


¢ of every dollar goes back into programs for children




Programs & Services



Programs & Services

Contributions & Event



Management & General

Memberships Dues



Interest Income





Total Revenue








Total Expenses



Change in Net Assets


Net assets as of Jan 1, 2012


Net assets as of Dec 31, 2012

5,121,984 | 7

MCEC: ADVOCATING FOR CHILDREN, ACCOMPLISHING OUR MISSION. Release of the Education of the Military Child in the 21st Century Report (EMC-21)

The Convening

A comprehensive MCEC study for the U.S. Army on

gathered distinguished thought-leaders from education,

the impacts of school policies, priorities, processes

military, and community backgrounds in a facilitated

and systems for the education of military-

session to frame and chart a course on what must be

connected children. Special focus on follow-up of

done to support college, career, and life-readiness of

the Secondary Education Transition Study (SETS,

military-connected children and youth. Two identified

2001), unique learning needs, home schooling,

needs were to create a military student data identifier

deployment implications, and the challenges

and a virtual neighborhood education hub.

that National Guard and Reserve Families face concerning the education of their children.

U.S. Education Reform and National Security Report for the Council on Foreign Relations

With support from Deloitte Consulting LLP, the MCEC

National Training Seminar Continuing to remain relevant and meeting the needs of our Coalition, the annual Seminar is a major training event for those who attend. The 2012 Seminar focused on Family, Special Needs, Well-Being, and

MCEC contributions to this report highlighted the

Leadership, with continuing education credit for

educational needs and issues of military-connected

those who participated in the training sessions.

children in the U.S. education system.

Keynote speakers included the Secretary of Defense,

Operation Educate the Educators Under this White House Joining Forces education

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff for the Department of Education, and other senior leaders pertinent to efforts of our Coalition.

initiative, the MCEC and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE) signed on over 110 colleges and universities to implement a set of Guiding Principles that will prepare educators in meeting the social, emotional, and academic needs of military-connected youth.

Looking Ahead to New Efforts in 2013 and Beyond • GROW our reach and support to the children of our Veterans

Advocacy campaign in support of the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

• EXPAND our support for the children

Made possible by a grant from the Bill & Melinda

• CREATE relevant online training for

Gates Foundation, the MCEC sought to inform audiences and garner support through our network of military families & leaders, education

impacted by caregiver needs professionals • CONTRIBUTE efforts towards helping to build the teacher pipeline

professionals, and state & local communities. More details can be found on our website - 8 | Military Child Education Coalition | 2012 Annual Report

PROGRAMS, SERVICES, AND PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT The MCEC capacity to deliver real-time, relevant programs and services that meet the needs of students, parents, and professionals is unparalleled. These high quality programs are standards-based and focus on local communities and institutions. The MCEC programs and services are used daily in school districts and in trainings throughout military-connected communities. These services include student and parent programs, professional development, trainings, and events. These are some of our significant outputs in 2012:

Trained 45 new high schools and 58 new middle

schools in our Student 2 Student and Junior Student 2

engagements with 5,163 professionals trained to better

Student programs (student-centered, student-led with

support and have a positive impact on behalf of military-

educator supervision) that enable smooth transitions

connected children. To date, we’ve held 782 institutes

for mobile students and supports academic excellence

with 21,999 attendees benefiting from these events.

while promoting 100% acceptance. A cumulative total of 628 military-connected schools have embraced

Our Military Student Transition Consultants (MSTCs) continue to serve as critical intermediaries for students,

MCEC student programs.

Conducted 199 professional development institutes and

families, and educators in eight school districts across the

Held 1,769 Parent to Parent workshops with 23,435

country. In the past year, they engaged in over 11,000

attendees. Since the beginning, we have held

direct student contacts, 6,000 parent contacts, and

10,191 workshops, with 136,785 parents receiving

with over 9,000 educators on issues associated with

vital parenting lessons about the academic, social,

military-connected students.

and emotional issues associated with a military

responders, these professionals proved to be instrumental

family lifestyle.

in achieving resolution in issues such as transition, academic challenges, and special needs support.

Hosted 63 Tell Me Story events with 6,061 parents and children participating in this program that empowers

As school-based first

Continuing to provide resources and relevant material

children and their parents to open family discussions

to the 116 school districts and over 174,000 educators

on difficult topics such as separation and transitions.

within our Coalition as well as supporting the uncounted

In total, we’ve hosted 283 of these family literacy

requests from others outside the Coalition who also seek to

events, reaching 33,264 family members.

better serve military-connected children and their families. | 9

THE MCEC COMMUNITY The MCEC is a professional Coalition with a diverse community consisting of public school districts, private schools, colleges & universities, small businesses & corporations, non-profit organizations, military commands and installations, military families, and caring individuals from local communities across our Nation. During the past year, the Coalition enjoyed nearly 56% growth in the individual membership category; 23% growth in business/organization/institution memberships, and a nearly 47% growth in overall membership. Each new addition to our membership strengthens our credibility, voice, and impact. Our community consists of over 35,000 friends and members.

Professional Memberships

Professional Partners

Texas Association of Nonprofits                               

American Association of Teachers for College Education

Board Source                                                                                    

America’s Promise

The Center for Association Leadership                   

Armed Forces Services Corporation

International Association of Continuing Education

Sesame Workshop

and Training

Points of Light

Association of the United States Army

National Military Families Association

White House Joining Forces

National Guard Association of the United States

Operation Homefront

American Society of Association Executives

Got Your 6 (GY6)

American Association of School Administrators

Blue Star Families

Society of Human Resource Management

National Math and Science Initiative

Central Texas Human Resource Management

National Parents and Teachers Association

Association of Fundraising Professionals


Air Force Association

Pre-K Now

Association for Supervision and

United through Reading

Curriculum Development

Saint George’s School

Phil Delta Kappa

From the Top

The College Board

Dell Volunteers

The Blue Avocado

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce

Elizabeth Dole Foundation Bob Woodruff Foundation Sid W. Richardson Foundation USAA Foundation

10 | Military Child Education Coalition | 2012 Annual Report

OUR INVESTMENT PARTNERS Military-connected children serve our Nation in their own way. They experience unique challenges and stresses that come with their family’s military service. Because of the involvement and support of our investment partners, these children have better stability. They are academically successful. They have positive relationships. They are life-ready. We sincerely appreciate and thank those who support our military-connected children.

Platinum ($100,000 and above)

Bronze ($10,000-$ 24,999) continued


Health Net Nancy Ann Hunt

Diamond ($75,000- $99,999)

Raydon Corporation

BAE Systems

LTG (Ret) and Mrs Thomas R. Turner

Gold ($50,000- $74,999)

Oshkosh Corporation

Serco, Inc. Barclays

Silver ($25,000- $49,999)

Honeywell Aerospace Sid W. Richardson Foundation Bossier Chamber of Commerce Barksdale Forward, Inc. Mark Walsh, GeniusRocket, Inc. 8500 CDC LP

USAA Foundation

Cathy Franks

Textron, Inc.

Northrop Grumman Corporation

Combined Federal Campaign

General Dynamics Corporation

Baba-G Productions Cyber Innovation Center, Inc. Shreveport-Bossier Military Affairs Council Ratheon Company Humana Military Healthcare Services TriWest Healthcare Alliance Target Corporation

Bronze ($10,000-$ 24,999) Fluor Foundation Star Supermarket & Discount Pharmacy Committee of One Hundred Hillsborough Education Foundation, Inc. Association of Military Banks of America National Math and Science Initiative The Hunt Companies Exelis, Inc. Microsoft

Friend ($5,000- $9,999) Drayton McLane Jr The Community Foundation DynCorp International DRS Technologies Charitable Foundation, Inc. Association of the United States Army

All gifts are deeply appreciated. Thank you to all our donors! Your contributions make a difference in the lives of military children.

University of Virginia Rolls-Royce, North America Defense Credit Union Council Amazon Web Services Lockheed Martin Corporation Capital Printing Company Warren Wright | 11

BEST OF CHARITIES The Independent Charities Seal of Excellence is awarded to the members of Independent Charities of America and Local Charities of America that have, upon rigorous independent review, been able to certify, document, and demonstrate on an annual basis that they meet the highest standards of public accountability, program effectiveness, and cost effectiveness. These standards include those required by the US Government for the inclusion in the Combined Federal Campaign, probably the most exclusive fund drive in the world. Of the 1,000,000 charities operating in the United States today, it is estimated that fewer than 50,000, or 5 percent, meet or exceed these standards, and, of those, fewer than 2,000 have been awarded this Seal.

INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CONTINUING EDUCATION AND TRAINING (IACET) IACET is the premier standards-setting entity for continuing education and training, and the organization promotes established standards as a benchmark for quality program delivery. IACET Authorized Providers are considered an elite group of educators dedicated to quality in continuing education and training. As an Authorized Provider, MCECEC processes must follow the ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard for Continuing Education and Training which have been thoroughly assessed by a third party.

NATIONAL BOARD FOR CERTIFIED COUNSELORS AND AFFILIATES, INC. (NBCC) NBCC’s certification program recognizes counselors who have met predetermined standards in their training, experience and performance on the National Counselor Examination for Licensure and Certification (NCE).

12 | Military Child Education Coalition | 2012 Annual Report

ART CREDITS: Cover Rearview mirror art by Hadleigh, Grade 10 Patch American High School Vaihingen, Germany • U.S. Air Force

Page 3: Father/Daughter art by Tiffany, Grade 7 Ramey School Aguadilla, Puerto Rico • U.S. Air Force National Guard & Reserve

Page 4: Father/Daughter art by Lauryn, Grade 8 Hohenfels Middle High School Hohenfels, Germany • U.S. Army

Page 6: Military Family art by Mattie, Grade 4 Pinehurst Elementary School Pinehurst, NC • U.S. Air Force Airdrop art by Sean, Grade 10 Patch High School Vaihingen, Germany • U.S. Air Force

Page 10: Running art by Michael, Grade 7 Carlisle Barracks Youth Art Carlisle, PA • U.S. National Guard & Reserve

This page: Fireworks art by Ashley, Grade 5 Carlisle Barracks Youth Art Carlisle, PA • U.S. Army | 13

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MCEC 2012 Annual Report  

Military Child Education Coalition 2012 Annual Report

MCEC 2012 Annual Report  

Military Child Education Coalition 2012 Annual Report