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Preview Friday 10th Sept from 5:30pm 10 Sept – 6 Oct, 2010

Milford Galleries Dunedin 18 Dowling Street (03) 477 7727

1. RICHARD ORJIS, Spleen (2007) c-type print, e

edition 4/9, frame (v x h x d): 945 x 945 x 60 mm

2. RICHARD ORJIS, A Kind of Hush (2008) c-type pri

int, edition 3/8, frame (v x h x d): 945 x 945 x 60 mm

3. RICHARD ORJIS, The Children (2008) c-type prin

nt, edition 3/8, frame (v x h x d): 945 x 945 x 60 mm

4. RICHARD ORJIS, Sisters of the Moon (2008) c-type p

print, edition 3/8, frame (v x h x d): 945 x 945 x 60 mm

5. RICHARD ORJIS, Gorse and Orchids (2007) c-type

print, edition 4/9, frame (v x h x d): 945 x 945 x 60 mm

6. RICHARD ORJIS, Flower Idol (2006) c-type print, edition 100/100, frame (v x h x d): 570 x 509 x 43 mm, image (v x h): 212 x 179 mm

Richard Orjis has quickly risen to critical acclaim with seductive, atmospheric and beautifully dark photographs. ‘The Garden’ focuses on a group of works that use the repeated motif of the orchid. In these works the organic flower form takes on humanistic, fantastical and erotic qualities. There is sense of danger and darkness in these works but also the reality of natural wonder. The orchid’s beauty beckons the viewer, drawing them closer to the flower and ultimately closer the dark void surrounding the stems. ‘A Kind of Hush’ is enticing and seductive, using beauty as a device the purple flower lures its prey. ‘Sisters of the Moon’ displays a single stem heavy with flowers, like a group of beautiful women, brightly coloured and as vivid as the moon when full, capturing the viewers gaze. In my fictive, mythical world a contemporary pagan, earth-worshipping cult, endeavours to make links with the natural world. Nature here is beautiful and dark, a dangerous spectacle; yet still the starting point of mystical experience. Art history and popular culture; fact and fiction; fear and lust; past, present and future collide. (Orjis 2010) In the works ‘Spleen (2007) and ‘Gorse and Orchids’ (2007) a muddy figure emerges from the darkness. Engulfed in flowers the figure appears as if part of some sort of ritual, where the boundaries of nature and man have become blurred. Orchids morph into facial features; an eye, a mouth, where does nature end and human begin? Orjis’s photographs are complex in construction and technically brilliant. Their use of colour, detail and composition make them highly aesthetic and their exaggerated scale renders the subject-matter larger than life. Mysticism, timelessness and magic are present in these works as the real world merges into fantasy.



Spleen (2007), edition 4/9



A Kind of Hush (2008), edition 3/8



The Children (2008), edition 3/8



Sisters of the Moon (2008), edition 3/8



Gorse and Orchids (2007), edition 4/9



Flower Idol (2006), edition 100/100


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RICHARD ORJIS B. 1979, lives Auckland EDUCATION Master of Fine Arts, Elam, The University of Auckland, 2006 Bachelor of Visual Arts, AUT, Auckland, 2001 Certificate in Art & Design, AUT, Auckland, 1998


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Milford Galleries Dunedin

RICHARD ORJIS B. 1979, lives Auckland

Gorse & Orchids (2007)

“His work is designed to illustrate non-existent, shadowy social groups. In his own words: ‘I create ritualistic or cult-like imagery that deals with the conflict between humans and nature, nature being defined as environments, both physical and psychological, that are not created or controlled by humans. While natural landscapes can be sublime in their beauty, they are also places that can be dangerous, hostile and destructive. Furthermore, the night offers an historical stage for rituals to take place, as the blackness gives a sense of mystery and ambiguity that is consistent throughout my work.”1 “I can see that it might seem like I’m working with lots of different things, but everything I do comes from the same place and is normally about the same concerns. For me, the work revolves around four main intersecting and fluid connections, that of nature, cult, myth and the gothic. Nature can be seen as beautiful and pure, and intrinsically good, but also as dangerous and destructive, a spectacle of the devourers and the devoured. This tense relationship of attraction and repulsion feeds into my practice. I explore notions of beauty laced with an undercurrent of ugliness, or vice versa.”2 “My work sits itself within the framework of the gothic. Just as society seeks to sanitize nature, many human emotions are repressed in the on going process of civilisation. The gothic sensibility explores this dark underbelly, seeking to access the sublime through dark beauty, melancholy, lust, death fear and violence. I seek to connect contemporary culture with antiquity, the gothic psych surfaces in many different forms in art and culture throughout history. The gothic is present in contemporary culture in the form of heavy metal music, video games, horror and science fiction movies.”3 Richard Orjis was born in Whanganui in 1979, and lives and works in Auckland. He is a multimedia artist, utilising photography, paint, sculpture and performance. Orjis completed his Master of Fine Arts at Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland in 2006 having previously earned a BVA in 2001 at Auckland University of Technology. He has exhibited extensively, including exhibitions in New York, Basel, Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris and Auckland. 1. Warwick Brown, Seen This Century, Godwit, 2009 pg 304 2. Jason Lingard, ‘Richard Orjis’, None Magazine, 2007 3. Ibid

Richard Orjis 2010 CV P a g e |1

Milford Galleries Dunedin

Angst, RARE, New York, USA Group Show, Galeria Luis Adelantado, Valencia, Spain

COLLECTIONS The Real Arts Road Show The Jenny Gibbs Collection, Auckland The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Madrid, Spain The Film Archive, Wellington The University of Auckland Collection, Auckland Wallace Trust Collection, Auckland


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Milford Galleries Dunedin


The Garden / 10 September - 6 October 2010 Exhibition Catalogue / Milford Galleries Dunedin /


The Garden / 10 September - 6 October 2010 Exhibition Catalogue / Milford Galleries Dunedin /