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LINDA HOLLOWAY Engaging in a Lawless Landscape 27 July - 21 August 2013

milford galleries queenstown

9A Earl Street (03) 442 6896


A Narcissistic P ink, charcoal, o

Prince (2013) oil, pigments & resin on wood, panel: 1200 x 1800 x 28 mm


Parsifal (2013) ink, charcoal, o

oil, pigments & resin on wood, panel: 1200 x 1800 x 28 mm


Living in the Pre diptych; ink, ch

ecariat (2013) harcoal, oil, pigments & resin on wood , overall size: 1200 x 2200 x 28 mm


The Hero With a diptych; ink, ch

a Thousand Faces (2013) harcoal, oil, pigments & resin on wood, overall size: 1200 x 2400 x 28 mm


A Knight at the ink, charcoal, o

e Crossroads (2013) oil, pigments & resin on wood, panel: 900 x 1200 x 28 mm


Blowing in the ink, charcoal, o

Wind (2013) oil, pigments & resin on wood, panel: 900 x 1200 x 28 mm


Lancelin (2013 ink, charcoal, o

3) oil, pigments & resin on wood, panel: 900 x 1200 x 28 mm


A Man of La Ma ink, charcoal, o

ancha (2013) oil, pigments & resin on wood, panel: 700 x 1200 x 28 mm

Linda Holloway builds each painting intuitively in slowly forming layers, moving across and through numerous varied modes of artistic expression with compelling facility and remarkable ease. In this idiosyncratic process she allows the original wooden surface to continuously assert pictorial presence and fundamental purpose.

She choreographs fact and fiction into parables of possibility. These become enigmatic stories about the architecture of human environments, where the landscape is ever-present (and empty) and upon which float parallel worlds. These worlds traverse each other, partial events float into space, visual contrasts occur where geometric shapes, checkerboard patterns, amorphic outlines and pictorial conceits sound notes of music in the wilderness suggested. Something is always going on, but what? Is this the end or the beginning?

Holloway changes height, scale and depth seamlessly. Each work has a palette which is restrained and fully argued but within which wonderful flourishes occur, moments of utter celebration stand up and call out. Each work contains numerous isolated elements awaiting discovery for every viewer and with these come resonances and clues. Yes, these are paintings which sit in the landscape but they are also mindscapes in which an urban disposition arises and metaphors abound.


A Narcissistic Prince (2013)



Parsifal (2013)



Living in the Precariat (2013)



The Hero With a Thousand Faces (2013)



A Knight at the Crossroads (2013)



Blowing in the Wind (2013)



Lancelin (2013)



A Man of La Mancha (2013)


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LINDA HOLLOWAY b. 1951, lives Auckland

Wearing a River's Disguise (2013)

Promising elusive truths, Linda Holloway’s complex paintings draw together seemingly disparate elements to form a coherent whole. The juxtaposition of abstracted shapes, symbolic glyphs and figures imbued with meaning creates a visual language that begs deciphering. Reminiscent of surrealists such as Giorgio de Chirico, Holloway is interested in the internal landscape of the mind and her paintings possess the feeling of disconnection often felt in the moment between sleeping and waking Holloway uses a range of painterly techniques to deliberately confound the eye and the mind. She depicts recognisable landforms that retreat back into the picture plane but then turns this upside-down by the placement of flat blocks of colour. These obey a range of perspectival rules; some float behind others, some lie on the surface of the work while others possess their own internal perspectives and landscapes. Shapes that could be human or monster loom on poles over gathered crowds of tiny beings; it is unclear if these are statues or gods or outcasts – or a combination of all three? Linda Holloway is based in Auckland and gained her Master of Arts in painting from Elam in 2004. She has exhibited regularly over the last decade and has been a finalist in the Wallace Art Awards.

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milford galleries queenstown

LINDA HOLLOWAY b. 1951, lives Auckland EDUCATION 2004 1983 1982

Master of Fine Arts (Hons), Elam School of Fine Arts, University of Auckland Graduate Diploma of Broadcast Communication, University of Auckland Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of Auckland

SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2013 2012 2011 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004


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AWARDS 2010 2006

Finalist Wallace Art Awards Under-Coat (collaborative project with ‘Skirt’) invited to attend Vienna Festival, Austria Finalist Wallace Art Awards



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milford galleries queenstown