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25 August - 19 September 2012

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9A Earl Street (03) 442 6896

Assorted Works (2012) (Cubes, M

Multiply, Green Lens, Lightstones)

1. Cube (Marble / Red Cross) (2012), Carrara marble (Italy), glass, size: 187 x 186 x 187 mm

2. Cube (Serpentine / Red Cross) (2012), Rajasthan serpentine (India), glass, size: 144 x 143 x 148 mm

3. Equality (2012) Bangalore granite (India), glass, size: 96 x 315 x 298 mm

4. Spindle (2012) Rajasthan sandstone (India), size: 120 x 681 x 120 mm

5. Capsule (2012) Takaka Marble (New Zealand), glass, size: 167 x 672 x 167 mm

6. Gold Lens (2012) Rajasthan limestone & sandstone (India) size (v x ø): 56 x 246 mm

7. Red Lens (2012) Bangalore granite (India), Coromandel granite (New Zealand) size (v x ø): 67 x 294 mm

8. White Lens (2012) Carrara marble (Italy), Negro Marquina marble (Spain) size (v x ø): 50 x 247 mm

9. Green Lens (2012) Rajasthan serpentine & granite (India) size (v x ø): 53 x 248 mm

10. Black Lens (2012) Bangalore granite (India), Carrara marble (Italy) size (v x ø): 67 x 294 mm

11. Multiply (2012) Bangalore granite (India), Rajasthan serpentine (India) size (v x ø): 65 x 157 mm

12. Function (2012) Coromandel granite (New Zealand), Corrennie granite (Scotland) size (v x ø): 70 x 186 mm

13. Saltire (2012) Bangalore granite (India) size (v x ø): 75 x 250 mm

14. Lightstone (White / Blue Cross) (2012)

Carrara marble (Italy), glass size (v x ø): 26 x 79 mm

15. Lightstone (White / Red Cross) (2012)

Carrara marble (Italy), glass size (v x ø): 23 x 77 mm

16. Lightstone (White / Green Cross) (2012)

Carrara marble (Italy), glass size (v x ø): 26 x 79 mm

17. Operator [16390] (2012) Negro Marquina marble (Spain), Carrara marble (Italy) size (v x ø): 27 x 80 mm

20. Exchange [16387] (2012) silestone (Spain), Rajasthan granite (India) size (v x ø): 27 x 85 mm

18. Operator [16391] (2012) Carrara marble (Italy), Negro Marquina marble (Spain) size (v x ø): 27 x 84 mm

21. Exchange [16388] (2012) silestone (Spain), Rajasthan granite (India) size (v x ø): 27 x 79 mm

19. Operator [16392] (2012) Rajasthan granite (India), glass size (v x ø): 27 x 80 mm

22. Exchange [16389] (2012) silestone (Spain), Rajasthan granite (India) size (v x ø): 27 x 85 mm

John Edgar has produced a suite of elegant and subtle forms for his latest exhibition In Transit. From small stones that can be held and caressed in the hand, to weighty sculptural works, all possess an exceptional finish and a fine balance of materials. The translucent glass inserts in Capsule reinforce the opacity of the crystalline Takaka marble used in the work. The five lines seem illuminated from within as light is diffused through the glass, and the glow softens the studied symmetry of the piece. The same effect can be seen in the Cube works, where the bifurcated crosses of glass add an element of contradiction; the eye attempts to understand the internal structure of the sculpture where quadrants of stone appear to ‘float’ and glass cores are at once clear and dark. Of a similar profile to Capsule, the more elongated form of Spindle features three deep grooves carved into the reddish-brown Rajasthani sandstone. Simplicity of form, the fine, dense grain and rich hue of the material combine to create a work of understated beauty. The polished stone is tactile and rewards handling with an impeccably smooth, unbroken surface. Disc-shaped, the lenses are new forms for Edgar and after viewing the Transit of Venus in June, he speaks of them as “expressions of transit.” For Edgar, seeing “the transit of Venus as a small black dot slowly crossing the radiant disc of the sun” (1) visually reinforced the concept of ‘place’ in the solar system. Balanced on their central cores, the lenses illustrate a singular point in time and place, as well as referencing three-dimensional planes of orbit. Viewed from the side they appear to hover in space, defying their mass and volume; placed in natural light, the orbit of the Earth is revealed in real time as shadows wax and wane about each lens. 1. John Edgar, Artist’s Statement, July 2012


Cube (Marble / Red Cross) (2012)



Cube (Serpentine / Red Cross) (2012)



Equality (2012)



Spindle (2012)



Capsule (2012)



Gold Lens (2012)



Red Lens (2012)



White Lens (2012)



Green Lens (2012)



Black Lens (2012)



Multiply (2012)



Function (2012)



Saltire (2012)



Lightstone (White / Blue Cross) (2012)



Lightstone (White / Red Cross) (2012)



Lightstone (White / Green Cross) (2012)



Operator [16390] (2012)



Operator [16391] (2012)



Operator [16392] (2012)



Exchange [16387] (2012)



Exchange [16388] (2012)



Exchange [16389] (2012)


All prices are NZD and include GST; Prices are current at the time of the exhibition

JOHN EDGAR b. 1950, lives Auckland

Acclaimed sculptor John Edgar has been exhibiting since 1979 including three New Zealand public touring exhibitions “Calculus” 2002-2004, “Lie Of The Land” 1998-1999, and “Making Amends” 1993-1995. In 2004, Edgar installed a major commission at the Auckland Domain titled ‘Transformer’. "Edgar has been slicing, altering and reassembling banded stones since the early 1980s; it is perhaps his signature mark as a stone sculptor. They range from pebblesized stones that can be held in the palm of your hand... to the towering red and grey granite-banded 'Transformer' in the Auckland Domain that reaches to more than three-and-a-half metres and with a giant banded boulder nearby, one of the hand sized pebbles writ very large indeed." (1) Edgar sculpts natural stone into abstract compositions with a strong reference to visual texture, “ the oneness of duality” (2), the passing of time and the process of dissecting and transforming natural formations into artefacts, so that they become part of the human environment. John Edgar is an Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit (ONZM) for services to art, in particular sculpture. 1. Peter Simpson, 'Array, Arc & Ballast', Art New Zealand, Summer 2009, pg 32. 2. John Edgar, Artist Statement, November, 2001.

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JOHN EDGAR b. 1950, lives Auckland EDUCATION 1972

B.Sc. (Hons). University of N.S.W. Sydney

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SELECTED COMMISSIONS & AWARDS 2012 2008 2005 2004 2003 1997 1986 1987 1988

Commissioned sculpture for the Savill Garden, Great Windsor Park, United Kingdom Awarded ONZM (Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit) for services to art. Designed New Zealand War Memorial for Korea (with Fred Graham) Established Wairau Sculpture Workshop in Glendene, Waitakere City Completed granite sculpture Transformer for Auckland Domain Design & make Icon awards for Arts Foundation of New Zealand Design & make Medallions for Auckland Museum Honours (annual awards) Attended First Stone Sculpture Symposium, Auckland Attended Second Stone Sculpture Symposium, Auckland Attended Third Stone Sculpture Symposium, Auckland

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