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Texans Humut Tabal are putting out their self released album, The Dark Emperor Ov The Shadow Realm, in June. They propose an impressive album characterized by a melodic and multi足faced black metal that flows nicely throughout. This The Dark Emperor Ov The Shadow Realm is frenetic as well as melodic, dissonant and abrasively melancholic, all at the same time. Tracks, atmospheric and intense from start to finish, as a whole, are well足constructed with many excellent melodies and death/thrash riffing segments whilst still staying close to the typical (norwegian) black metal sound. The melodic parts and harsh sections contrast well against each other and gives the album depth and creativity. While the songwriting is complex, it seems honest and not over thought, and is very pleasant to hear all the variations that Humut Tabal are able to incorporate into their music. In conclusion, Humut Tabal have created an over足the足top album with abundance of good arrangements and deliciously filthy atmospheres which make for a satisfying listen. HUMUT TABAL The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm Self Released 21 June 2014 Composition:

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Humut Tabal  
Humut Tabal  

"The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm" Review (Milfits 'zine, issue#3)