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June 2014


Denver/Boulder Edition |

Katia I. Meier, MD and The Clear Sky Medical Team

Body Ecology and Health


icroorganisms live around us, on us, and within us! We have been taught that these tiny bugs are the enemies and should be feared. We live in a world full of hand sanitizers, antibacterial soaps, and pasteurized foods, all in hopes that we do not come in contact with microbes that might cause disease. The truth is, not all microbes are bad guys. Beneficial microbes within the human gut keep pathogenic microbes at bay through competition, but they also play a significant role in maintaining a healthy body. They are necessary to the health of our digestive and immune systems and even produce essential nutrients required by the body. Our bodies contain trillions of microorganisms with the majority of them living within the intestinal tract, most of which should be beneficial to us. Unfortunately, the modern western diet has shown to be detrimental to our intestinal microflora. Not only is it deficient in good sources of beneficial microbes to contribute to the intestinal microflora, but it also does not support the proliferation of these mandatory organisms. The modern diet also tends to lead to gut microflora imbalances that can cause problems within the digestive and immune systems and can lead to major health issues. With the help of fermented foods or a high quality probiotic supplement and a proper diet, maintaining healthy intestinal microflora can be achieved. Join us for our free presentation June 26th at 6pm on Body Ecology and Health. RSVP 303-790-7860.





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ecently, neurosurgeon and Emmy-award-winning chief medical correspondent for CNN, Dr Sanjay Gupta, aired his second “Weed” documentary. Gupta stated, “We have been terribly and systematically misled for nearly 70 years in the United States, and I apologize for my own role in that,” while declaring his newfound pro-marijuana stance. In Colorado, where we are at the forefront of the marijuana debate, the Cannabis Patient Network Institute (CPNI) is a nonprofit network created by Regina Nelson and Mark Pedersen to connect patients with Cannabis-friendly providers and resources. CPNI’s mission is “to empower patients to take an active part in their healthcare, their recovery, and in research that highlights their knowledge and embodied experience.” We’re behind that. Whether you believe that medical marijuana is good or bad, the statistics are piling up. Even the US Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration said, “There is no record in the extensive medical literature describing a proven, documented cannabis-induced fatality. This is a remarkable statement. First, the record on marijuana encompasses 5,000 years of human experience. Second, marijuana is now used daily by enormous numbers of people worldwide. An estimated 20-50 million Americans routinely smoke marijuana without direct medical supervision. Yet, despite this long history of use and the extraordinarily high numbers of social smokers, there are simply no credible medical reports to suggest that consuming marijuana has caused a single death.” (Docket #86-22, September 6, 1988, p. 56-57). Ironically, the United States holds a patent (Patent No. 6630507) on medical marijuana, yet still classifies it as a Schedule 1 drug – defined as drugs with no currently accepted medical use and high potential for abuse according to While Marijuana has demonstrated numerous benefits for Epilepsy, Multiple sclerosis, Glaucoma, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety, Hepatitis C, Morning sickness, Cancer, HIV/AIDS and chemotherapy and more, Dave Smith in the International Business Times (8/8/12) said, “Medical marijuana may be beneficial for everyone’s health, but it’s not very healthy for the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies. And unfortunately for Americans in need of a cheap, all-natural alternative medicine, the pharmaceutical industry is the biggest industry in America with powerful connections in high places. … The idea of legalizing a cheap, all-natural medicine that grows out of the dirt is a threat to the pharmaceutical industry’s bottom line.” “How can the government deny the benefits of medical marijuana even as it holds a patent for those very same benefits?” said Dr Gupta. “This journey is also about a Draconian system where politics override science and patients are caught in the middle.” Consider: According to the FDA, in 2011, 98,518 patients died in association with drugs approved by the agency, while 573,111 had serious outcomes -- hospitalization, disability, or some other life-threatening situation; “In 2010, there were 22,134 pharmaceutical drug overdose deaths in the U.S.” (Journal of the American Medical Association, 2/20/13); “There are approximately 75,000 deaths attributable to excessive alcohol use each year in the United States.” (CDC); “Each year, use of NSAIDs (aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, ketoprofen, and tiaprofenic acid) accounts for an estimated 7,600 deaths and 76,000 hospitalizations in the U.S.” (Annals of Internal Medicine, 9/15/97, 127:429-438.); Concerning Tylenol (see page 10): “recent data suggests that acetaminophen may be the most common cause of acute liver failure in the United States.” (Bower, W. A. et al., ‘‘Population-Based Surveillance for Acute Liver failure,’’ 8th Ed., 102:2459–63, 2007. Should we criminalize alcohol and pharmaceuticals for safety vs benefit? In a world where we poison our bodies every day with factory-made, imprecise and dangerous prescriptions…where, on average, a person dies every 19 minutes in this country from a legal prescription drug overdose, while it is virtually unheard-of to die from a marijuana overdose (… perhaps the “risk” of an all-natural, do-it-yourself product like cannabis is worth it. Twenty-one states and DC recognize the validity of cannabis as medicine, so why doesn’t the Federal government?

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by Kathleen Barnes


Jack Johnson Plans Shows with the Planet in Mind by Meredith Montgomery


Five Tips Help Kids Choose Healthy Foods


by Elisa Bosley

22 WHOLE FOOD Greater than the Sum of its Parts by Margie King



with Panache Desai by April Thompson


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newsbriefs Astarius Miraculii Concert June 20



ise Woman Wellness announces their Empowered Goddess Retreat Wednesday June 18th through Sunday June 22nd. This powerful five day, women-only experience facilitates growth, whole healing, empowerment, self-reflection, self-trust, confidence, clarity, direction, and a sense of community, says facilitator Rev. Ann Rene. Empowered Goddess Retreat includes: accommodations and amenities on five breathtaking mountain acres; gluten free whole food meals, snacks, filtered water, organic herbal teas, and other organic herbal medicines; Organic toiletries provided: toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash (this keeps their delicate septic system healthy!); Bath House with luxurious wet steam room with aromatherapy; Labyrinth; Guided meditations, drumming, movement meditation, creative joy connection, process painting, and inner Goddess collage creation; Powerful ancient and traditional healing tools; Shamanic journeying; Experiential exercises and more. Wise Woman Wellness is dedicated to the empowerment of women through a traditional whole healing approach, one which meets the holistic healing needs within all phases of a woman’s life. $800. Payment plans are available; contact Ann at or 303-638-9131. See ad page 9.

ol of Clinica ho


erbalism lH

Empowered Goddess Retreat

ra Colo do Sc

starius Miraculii, musician, healer, poet, Astrologer and Reiki Master, will conduct a special Blisswave concert and Ascension Marriage to Self seminar at Taspen’s Holistic Wellness Center, 12424 Big Timber Dr., #3 in Conifer June 20th and 21st. Friday night’s Blisswave concert features Didgeridoo, Vocal Harmonics & Spirit Rap Chanting. Saturday’s daylong ceremonial seminar will immerse attendees in teachings, songs, chants and harmonics culminating in the ritual marriage of your human-self with your ascended-self, say event coordinators. According to Heather Baruch, owner of Taspen’s, “Astarius has been dedicated to Spiritual Work for more than thirty years; his music heals and uplifts. We are thrilled to offer this concert!” “This is a time of Planetary Ascension…Everyone and everything is vibrating faster and with more light...We are creators of the Golden Age of Love, Peace and Harmony. The responsibility to be true to yourself and the highest intentions for your life is greater than ever. The spiritual maturity rate will skyrocket and the forces of life will bring some to their heights and others to their depths. What will you choose in the wake of these awesome forces?”–Astarius Miraculii. For full info and to register, 303-638-3374 or See ad page 24.

Boulder, Colorado 720 ‡ 722 ‡ 4372

Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism Offering Introductory, Advanced, and Clinical training programs in Medical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition in the Vitalist Tradition. Also offering sliding scale Holistic Wellness Consultations in our Student Clinic. Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm and Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

WIN TICKETS TO VEGFEST JULY 5 & 6! The first 10 people to email “Why I Love Natural Awakenings Awakenings”” will win 1 ticket to VegFest! Email to Be sure to include your mailing address. Your submission will likely be used as a testimonial on our website, and will use your name or a portion of it.

natural awakenings

June 2014


newsbriefs Indian Cultural and Wedding Festival July 19


he GyaNidhi non-profit foundation, which provides education for unprivileged children, is hosting a fund-raising, free, traditional Indian wedding and cultural festival on July 19 from 5-11pm outside the City and County Building, 1447 Bannock Street. “This event is fun for everyone, not just those interested or involved in the Indian culture. Festival attendees of all ages will experience a lush tapestry of vibrant colors, dance, food and music,” said Haggai Vardi, event coordinator. GyaNidhi, BharArt, Blazen Illuminations, Stage Production company, The Summit Group and the city of Denver team up to celebrate Indian wedding and cultural traditions through dance, music, food, procession, vendors, celebrities and a light show spectacular. Broncos and Buffs cheerleaders will be on hand for the event that includes: a Spanish Bollywood fusion dance party and Fractal Tribe Circus; a Baraat Indian procession; the Jewel of India beauty pageant nominees; a cultural drum circle; and a fashion show with bridal couture. The festival is accepting vendors and sponsors. Email for information See ad page 23.

Natural Awakenings Publisher Releases The Art of Flow


reddie Zeringue, a transformational coach and facilitator for over 25 years, has released a new book, The Art of Flow. Known for helping clients achieve breakthroughs in the areas of health, relationships, prosperity and personal well-being, he has distilled vital principles into The Art of Flow, marking a new direction in the transformational field. According to Zeringue, publisher of the Northeast Florida edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, “The point of the book is to bring people into a state of natural flow, where they are able to create their lives in a very dynamic way that overrides resistance and opens up space to let in the limitless bounty of creation. The Art of Flow goes beyond The Secret and other books in the field to transform how we see ourselves and each other, objectively analyzing great teachings from a new perspective and embracing the idea that we are ‘divine creators’.” The book is available on and, which features a FREE audio supplement available for download.

Recycled Plastic = Fashionable Handbags


racy Dyer, daughter of prolific self-help author Wayne Dyer, has created Urban Junket t.o.t.e. (to observe the earth) brand, a collection of 12 handbags made from sustainable materials, non-toxic dyes and recycled plastic water bottles. Some handbags and laptop bags incorporate portable power packs for recharging mobile phones and other portable devices while on the go. The handbags are made from eco-friendly coated canvas manufactured with nontoxic dyes. The lining is made from RPET(recycled polyethylene terephtalate) fabricated from recycled plastic bottles that undergo high temperature washing and sterilization before being turned into thread that is dyed using non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. Fashion and function can peacefully co-exist, says Dyer, “You shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other. By recycling and re-using post consumer materials to make the fabric, we reduce landfill waste and minimize pollutants required in the fabric production process.”


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Learn Canine Massage in Greeley


The Academy of Natural Therapy in Downtown Greeley is offering Canine Massage classes starting June 23. Under the Associate of Applied Science Degree Program, this class counts toward your Degree or can be taken as a Continuing Education Unit (CEU) course. 2014 marks the 25th Anniversary for Academy and they are celebrating by offering a $1,000 Scholarship for a new student starting in June to apply toward either the certification program or the Associate Degree program. The school offers a variety of in-house scholarships, especially for incoming high school graduates, as well as financial aid for those who qualify. In the Academy’s Associate Degree Program, students spend a year and a half becoming well-rounded, professionals trained in a diverse set of massage techniques, marketing, business management and spa modalities. For information on enrollment, contact 970-352-1181 or email See ad page 5.

Live a Fearless Life


ive the life you want by identifying the thoughts, feelings and actions that stand in your way. Randi Racenstein, Certified Fearless Living Coach and Licensed Social Worker leads her Fearless Life Workshop July 22 & 29, August 5 & 12 from 6:30-8:30pm in Louisville. Based on the bestselling book, Fearless Living by Rhonda Britten, the workshop format is interactive, experiential, thought-provoking and practical, says Racenstein. The Fearless Life Workshop is an eight-hour workshop over four weeks where participants learn how to master fear to create a life with less stress, more abundance, better relationships and more fulfilling careers. Learn how to raise your self-confidence, release expectations, eliminate excuses, master the power of intention, while finding purpose and passion. For information/registration, contact Randi at or 516-526-9750. Must commit to all 4 dates. See ad page 13.

briefbriefs ECO-DENTISTRY GOLD CERTIFICATION ACHIEVED! In May, we mentioned Studio Z Dental was pursuing their Eco-Dentistry Certification and they are now officially certified GOLD. See listing page 29.


Hand-Crafted Conifer, Colorado

at 6464 W 14th Ave, Ste. 100. Nova Carlton, owner, says, “The Studio Nova is a place that invites you to create and grow. We invite you to feed your mind body and soul with innovative workshops, yoga, massage, reiki, expansive presentations, life coaching and more.” 303-747-7871 or

NEW NATURAL AWAKENINGS MAGAZINES DEBUT: Natural Awakenings Publishing Corp recently welcomed their newest group of publishers in Chicago Western Suburbs; Rochester, New York; and Hawaii. Since launching the first edition of Natural Awakenings in 1994, they have grown to 90 magazines throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, with a collective readership exceeding 3.5 million. Learn more about franchise opportunities at or call 239-530-1377.

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The Relax Patch is a non-drug, no chemical patch that provides (additional) support for relaxing the mind and body. (10) Patches per package, 30 day supply. Safe for all ages.

AlphaBio Centrix, R&D Developers of Energetic Products

Relax Patch

Call for additional info: 1-877-562-1815 website: natural awakenings

June 2014



Permaculture Principles “Stack” Your Summer Lawn T

hroughout history, survival necessitated that people learn to conduct chores with maximum efficiency – such as chopping wood as fuel for warmth and cooking. This is known as “stacking functions” and is a pillar of modern permaculture principles. Toby Hemenway, author of Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture, suggests using multiple methods to achieve important functions and to create synergies. “In many cases, the act of stacking functions can help us make better use of our resources, conserve our time, save money and, if applied in a clever way, even allow new resources to be generated,” says Patrick Padden, Sunrise Ranch Permaculture Design Course facilitator. In one example, South African eco-villagers placed a solar-powered sidewalk light next to a fish pond. The light attracts nighttime bugs, which fall into the pond and feed the fish. This draws bugs away from the garden while also feeding the fish.

Padden’s permaculture tips for your home this summer: • Mow your lawn and leave the clippings behind. This will naturally fertilize the soil as clippings decompose and preclude the need for chemical fertilizers; Dump dirty dish water on the garden for more efficient watering. When water is in short supply, even an extra gallon or two can refresh plants; • Use the hole dug from dirt harvesting for garden beds to build a pond. The pond could become a water source for the garden, too; • Gather fire kindling from spring yard cleanup debris. Leaves make great mulch! Patrick Padden of Sunrise Ranch can be reached at 970-999-4306 or See ad page 20.

Healing with Ortho-Bionomy By Sheri Covey


rtho-Bionomy is a relatively unknown and unusual work. It is recognized for its ability to help the body heal from: chronic pain; trauma; lymphatic, joint and structural issues; head injuries; and endocrine disorders. Ortho-Bionomy was founded by Osteopath and Judo expert Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls in 1976. It has a structural foundation, with neurological work that bodywork adherents compare to Cranial Sacral therapy. The work has a profound ability to shift the effects of neurological trauma & physical trauma in the Enteric Nervous system. Ortho-Bionomy doesn’t use force, but rather supports the body into deeper self-recognition which becomes the catalyst for understanding and self-correction. Physically, it works with the body’s structure, soft tissue, fascia, nervous system, lymphatic and endocrine systems. Neurologically, it calms the nervous system to shorten recovery. The work is based on “self-correcting” reflexes and sessions can improve the body’s understanding and healing for weeks. Training to become a Practitioner often attracts bodyworkers because it does not create any strain in the practitioner’s body, and has helped bodyworkers who are injured return to their practice and career. The classroom education teaches the student to address the structural and nerves in one manner and to work with Cranial, Lymph and Endocrine issues in another. Sheri Covey is the Director of the Rocky Mountain Ortho-Bionomy Center and offers practitioner training starting in November.


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Natural Ways to Control Summer Allergies Control


arly summer normally brings soaring pollen counts to much of the United States. The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reports the severity and pervasiveness of strong allergic reactions has increased. In April, NBC News, The Washington Post and The Weather Channel began reporting on the “Pollen Vortex,” a “perfect storm” of a compressed pollen season brought on by a long, wet winter ending with rapidly climbing temperatures. These high pollen counts cause the body to releases histamines, triggering sneezing, excess mucus flow/congestion and swelling of mucosal tissues. An alternative to conventional nasal sprays (that often contain steroids or synthetic chemicals) is to create a decoction of herbs like yarrow leaf, horseradish root, elder flower and/or eye bright. These herbs, when absorbed by nasal membranes, can cause the cells to produce their own antihistamines. This breaks the cycle of overt symptoms without the user becoming dependent on an unhealthy spray. The Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine states that all these herbs, along with calendula and aloe applied topically for soothing, can bring natural congestion relief. Another approach is to use a spray consisting of an enhanced aqueous silver colloid solution, which can constrict micro-capillaries and reduce bleeding. Shrinking nasal tissues reduce swelling and congestion while killing bacteria and fungus. This can support a beleaguered immune system and help prevent a sinus infection—a natural gift of health for the allergy season. Steven Frank, innovative herbalist and founder of Nature’s Rite, can be reached at or 800-991-7088. See ad, page 9.

Sweets Sour Brain Power


inging on sweets and soda in an effort to bone up for exams or presentations probably has the opposite effect, according to a new animal study from the University of California, Los Angeles. Researchers found that eating or quaffing too much fructose, like that found in cane sugar and the highfructose corn syrups permeating many processed foods, can cause unclear thinking, poor learning and impaired memory. Scientists have long known that high-fructose diets increase the risk for diabetes, obesity and fatty liver. Now the UCLA team has discovered that only six weeks of a high-fructose diet slowed the animals’ brains. The good news is that eating omega-3 fatty acids like those found in cold water fish appear to counteract the negative effects of fructose, enabling the animals to think more clearly.



aking vitamin C before engaging in physically demanding activities helps keep colds away for people that are heavy exercisers, say Finnish researchers at the University of Helsinki. While their meta-study showed that nonexercisers that took vitamin C daily gained little or no protection from colds, the story for marathoners, competitive skiers and soldiers on subarctic assignments was much different. The study, published in the Cochrane Review, found that the 598 heavy exercisers cut their risk of colds in half.

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natural awakenings

June 2014



The Power of Thoughts and Energy on Healing


o you notice how you feel different around specific people; how good news can impact your mood in an instant; how sounds and smells can soothe? Though we can’t see our thoughts, they create vibrations that permeate us and our surrounding space. Thoughts can cause or release emotional blocks that create pain in the body. Many attract their desires by using affirmations (positive statements, as if you already have it), like “My body is returning to perfect health”, or “I have all that I need in this moment.” Pay attention to your words and thoughts. Gratitude attracts more abundance, and staying in the present removes added pressure and allows focus on what matters now. Try it to see what you can create. According to Russian physicist, Dr. Yury Kronn, there is an energy in the Universe that plays the role of “software” for human processes on all levels. Traditional Chinese Medicine says that Chi (the software) can be altered with the help of needles, herbs, essential oils, food and special exercises (Tai Chi and Qi-gong). The existence of this energy has been accepted in Eastern philosophy for 5,000 years. Energy Therapy works by altering Chi. For example, acupressure facilitates energy movement via pressure points to unblock the body’s energy channels. Stuck energy, just like stiff muscles, creates restriction. Unblocking energy flow positively effects recovery, mood, sleep, and more. Improve your life by being aware of your thoughts and words. Set positive intentions to shift your energy and health while attracting what you desire. Seek help if you feel stuck or want to accelerate your own efforts. Naomi Ackerman R.M.T. is an intuitive Massage & Energy Therapist and owner of Soul’s Bliss, LLC. 720.445.6474 See listing page 30.



Harvard Medical School study found that how well women age in their 70s is linked to the way they ate earlier in life. Researchers started with 10,670 healthy women in their late 50s and followed them for 15 years. Published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the results saw fewer chronic diseases among women that followed diets heavy in plant-based foods during midlife; these women were also 34 percent more likely to live past 70. Those that ate most similarly to the Mediterranean diet had even better outcomes—a 46 percent greater likelihood of living past 70 without chronic diseases. Eleven percent of the subjects qualified as healthy agers, which researchers defined as having no major chronic diseases, physical impairments, mental health problems or trouble with thinking and memory. According to lead author Cecilia Samieri, Ph.D., midlife exposures are thought to be a particularly relevant period because most health conditions develop slowly over many years.


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition



s the evidence of the harmful effects of Tylenol increases, there is a growing call for it to be removed from the market. Its active ingredient, acetaminophen, once thought to be an effective and safe pain reliever for adults and children, turns out to have dangerous effects. A related study by University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center researchers leads with the fact that each year, acetaminophen causes more than 100,000 calls to poison control centers, 50,000 emergency room visits, 26,000 hospitalizations and more than 450 deaths from liver failure. The U.S. Acute Liver Failure Study implicates acetaminophen poisoning in nearly half of all cases of acute liver failure in this country. When taken with alcohol or without food, the effects on the liver are multiplied. Doctor of Naturopathy Michael Murray, of Phoenix, Arizona, reports in that regular use of acetaminophen is linked to a higher likelihood of asthma, infertility and hearing loss, especially in men under 50. Last summer, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning linking acetaminophen use to three rare and sometimes fatal skin conditions. “Can you imagine if the side effects and risks associated with acetaminophen were associated with a dietary supplement?” opines Murray. “It would be yanked from the market immediately.”

ecotip Fume Free Tips to Clean Air Inside a Vehicle The Ecology Center, an Ann Arbor, Michigan, nonprofit, attests that extreme air temperatures inside cars on especially hot days can potentially increase the concentration of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and release chemicals and other ingredients from new-car dashboards, steering wheel columns and seats into the interior air. Some manufacturers are responding by greening their interiors: Toyota is using sugarcane to replace plastic; Ford has turned to soy foam instead of polyurethane foam; and Land Rover is tanning its leather with vegetables, not chromium sulfate. Carbon monoxide seeping in from engine combustion can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue and even trigger asthma. The potential exists “if there’s a leak in the system between the engine and the rear of the vehicle and there’s even a small hole in the body structure,” advises Tony Molla, a vice president with the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. “Have the exhaust system inspected by a certified technician to make sure everything is secure and not rusted or leaking.” Also have the cabin air filter checked. Part of the ventilation system, it helps trap pollen, bacteria, dust and exhaust gases in air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems and prevents leaves, bugs and other debris from entering the interior, according to the Car Care Council. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend changing it every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. (Find a range of educational information at It’s always beneficial to have fresh air entering the vehicle when driving. Open a window slightly or blow the air conditioning on low in the vent position when not in heavy traffic. “Don’t run it on the recycle or max A/C mode for long periods to make sure you’re getting fresh outside air in and flushing out any contaminants in the cabin air,” adds Molla. Using sun reflectors and visors helps keep interior temperatures down. Check local motor vehicle departments for state policies regarding tinted windows, which can reduce heat, glare and UV exposure. It always helps to park in the shade. natural awakenings

June 2014


globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

Loan Leeway Nonprofit Works to Lower Student Debt A small nonprofit named, recipient of the nationally recognized Dewey Winburne Community Service Award for “do-gooders”, is pioneering a way to help college graduates battle student loan debt by applying their skills on behalf of nonprofit community organizations. Researchers at say seven of 10 college students that graduated in 2013 owed money on a student loan, each averaging nearly $30,000 in debt. With SponsorChange, graduates with student loan debt sign up to help participating organizations, earning credits while adding work experience and leadership roles to their résumés. Organization donors sign up to reimburse the workers for their time by helping to pay down their student loans through tax-deductible funding. All see specific results for their contributions to worthy causes.

Grassroots Gumption Citizen Action Wins Against Monsanto and More The Center for Food Safety (CFS), a national nonprofit advocating in the public interest, works to protect human health and the environment by curbing the use of harmful food production technologies and promoting organic and other forms of sustainable agriculture. It confirms that actions such as signing petitions really do make a difference. For instance, the CFS cites a hard-fought campaign that pushed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to respond to a lawsuit and remove arsenic from chicken feed. They credit the thousands of consumers that joined the effort, saying, “Together, we forced the FDA to remove arsenic ingredients in animal feed used for our nation’s chickens, turkeys and hogs, and 98 of the 101 drug approvals for arsenic-based animal drugs will be withdrawn.” More recently, CFS reports that half a million citizen phone calls and emails had a significant effect in killing an extension of the so-called “Monsanto protection act” in the Senate. Formally named the Farmer Assurance Provision, the measure undermined the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s authority to ban genetically modified crops, even if court rulings found they posed risks to human and environmental health.



Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Life Threat Evidence Mounts of GMO Dangers The nonprofit Non-GMO Project, committed to preserving and building sources of non-GMO (genetically modified organism) products and educating consumers on such verified choices, is focusing on Bt corn and Bt soy, which make up 90 percent of America’s total crop. Its scientists explain, “These crops have genes from a bacteria called bacillus thuringiensis spliced into their natural genetic code. This causes the plant to produce Bt-toxin—a pesticide that bursts the stomach of insects that eat it, killing them.” Monsanto and Syngenta, which manufacture genetically engineered seeds, claim that genetically modified (GE, GM or GMO) crops are safe for humans because the Bt-toxin is completely destroyed in the human digestive system and doesn’t have any impact on animals and humans. But Norwegian scientists’ decade-long study of rats, mice, pigs and salmon raised on GE feed published in 2012 found that due to alterations in their digestive tracts, the animals ate more, got fatter and were less able to digest proteins; they also suffered from diminished immune systems. There is also mounting evidence that the spread of such crops is responsible for the dramatic decline of the monarch butterfly, the near annihilation of bats and the spread of honeybee colony collapse syndrome. To get involved, visit

localinsights 10 Tips to Improve Digestion

meals or drinking one tablespoon of fermented apple cider vinegar in water each morning.

By Marianne Jones

Add Probiotics: Boost beneficial bacteria to strengthen the immune system, reduce chronic inflammation and help remedy a leaky gut.


strong digestive system is the “skeleton key” that unlocks optimal health and wellness. Healthy eating is only as good as our assimilation and absorption of quality nutrition. Here are 10 habits you can integrate today to boost your digestive system. Start with a couple at first, slowly add more as they become natural habits and soon you will notice big changes.

1 2 3 4 5 6

Exercise: Healthy muscle tone around the abdomen helps to move food and digest it.


Boost Stomach Acid: Heartburn, belching or gas, fatigue and headaches can all result from too little stomach acid. Gently boost stomach acid by adding fresh-squeezed lemon to your water 20 minutes before

Don’t Overeat: This taxes and slows digestion. Stop at threequarters full.

Take Time for Gratitude: A short pause to reflect, bless and be grateful activates the cephalic phase of digestion–signaling saliva production and stoking digestive fire. Reduce/Eliminate Processed Foods: These psuedo-foods drain our energy and sap nutrients while supplying nothing of benefit. Strive to eat whole foods. Chew your Food: Mom was right! Chewing thoroughly helps food digest. Slow down!

Eat More Fiber: Fiber keeps your colon healthy by: making stools soft and bulky; speeding elimination; diluting effects of toxins; and reducing “bad” bacteria. Strive for both soluble and insoluble fiber.

8 9 10

Drink Water: The stomach and small intestine need water to digest and absorb nutrients.

Take Digestive Enzymes: Three categories are important: lipase for fat; amylases for protein; and protease for protein. Best sources are live, raw or sprouted foods. Contact Marianne Jones, CHHC, SNS, AADP with Flourishing Life Wellness at See listing page 31.

ken ic h C o g n a M o 4 servings Cilantr utes Yields: minutes Prep time: 10


30 min Cooking time:


375 degrees. p of cilanPreheat oven to p yogurt,1/4 cu cu 4 1/ ne bi Com e pepper e juice, cayenn lim e th of lf ha tro, st with this t chicken brea oa C . ic rl ga d an 1 hour. ate for at least e remaining mixture, marin marinates, puré While chicken 2 1/ teaspoon cubed mango, yogurt, 2/3 of in blender. 1 cup cilantro lime juice and ng dish for 25ki ba a glass Bake chicken in 30 minutes. es, pour on on serving plat Place chicken go and extra nkle with man sauce and spri sauce on side. for garnish. fresh cilantro Add a sprig of

ss, boneless 2 whole skinle s, split chicken breast yogurt 8 ounces plain , finely 1 cup cilantro d choppe lime, juiced 1/2 cup fresh e pepper Dash of cayenn garlic, 1 cloves fresh minced ango, 1 large ripe m diced peeled, finely g in Summer! help you brin to pe ci re t ea * A gr

LIVE FEARLESSLY! Tuesdays, July 22 & 29, August 5 & 12 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm in Louisville The Fearless Life Workshop teaches you to: • Raise your self-confidence Investment: • Release expectations .00 $175 per person • Eliminate excuses Randi • Master the power of intention Must Commit to Racenstein R • Find purpose and passion Attending all 4 Days CFLC, LSW For information and to register, please call 516-526-9750 or e-mail at natural awakenings

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of the door and never place it in line with the door or have your back to the door.


Nine Feng Shui Tips for Health and Wellbeing By James Jay


In Feng Shui, THE FRONT DOOR is the “Mouth of Qi,” the portal which allows opportunities and positive qi to enter. Use it as much as possible to energize your home; ensure it opens freely and smoothly; red offers power and protection; bells/chimes herald its opening and call in positive qi.

6 7 8

LIFE ENHANCES LIFE. Use lush, healthy, rounded-leafed plants to enhance qi, clean the air and increase O2.


he most basic premise of Feng Shui is that everything in our environment is composed of energy (qi). Whether it is the energy of the atoms vibrating in every bit of matter or the energy produced by living beings, it’s all qi. Feng Shui believes that harmonizing the energies of a location will create a supportive and nurturing environment leading to health, abundance and love. Consider the “feel” of either coming home to a messy, cluttered house or to a clean and organized space. Feng Shui states, “If our environment is in order then so is our life.” Although simple, it can be very helpful to work with an experienced Feng Shui consultant to harmonize our living (and work) space to foster peace, health, vitality and well-being.


SOME HOMES ATTACH THE BATHROOM TO THE BEDROOM WITHOUT A DOOR. Exposure to the drains can drain life-force while you sleep, leading to chronic exhaustion. Simply installing a curtain across the doorway can prevent constant draining.

2 3

THE ROOM OF FIRST SIGHT should be clean and energizing.

CLEAR THE CLUTTER by getting rid of piles of mail, magazines, miscellaneous papers, etc. Donate unused items to charity or have a yard sale. Strive for a sense of flow without obstructions. A clear environment supports a clear mind.


MAKE YOUR BED THE “COMMANDER AND CHIEF” by placing it at the point furthest from the door which equates to power and security and promotes a more “in control” feeling about life. Consider placing it cater-corner with a clear view

USE PHOTOS AND ART that are inspiring and uplifting to you rather than those that create feelings of loneliness or sadness. Display your happiness, not your depression.

IF PRIOR OWNER/RENTERS have experienced a bankruptcy, divorce or other traumatic event, then the energy of the event can linger. Consider a Space Clearing Adjustment, or burning sage in the home can be very effective.


SOOTHING MUSIC, WIND CHIMES or other pleasant soundmakers can positively enhance any space. Uplifting sounds/music can soothe and enhance your qi. Wind chimes “carry a song on the wind,” so choose by how the sound makes you feel. James and Helen Jay are co-founders of Feng Shui Designs, Inc and offer classes in how to become a professional feng shui consultant starting June 13. 800-551-2482 or

Wholistic Chiropractic • Food as Medicine • Cellular Regeneration • Restorative Laser Therapy


Discover the importance of posture. Learn techniques to reduce stress. Experience wholistic practices that sustain your wellbeing. UNFOLD YOUR HEALING HE POTENTIAL Effective and Nurturing Laser Technology That Gently and Safely Assists Your Body’s Cells on their Healing Journey

Transformational Health Center Dr. Lawrence Quell, D.C. 4105 E. Florida Ave #207 Denver, Colorado • 303-692-8655

“When your body heals itself, it’s the kind of healing that lasts” 14

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GOALS Feeling Our Way to Happiness by Susie Ruth


any of us have our relationship to success inside-out. We busy ourselves so much with do-or-die goals we “should” achieve that we drown out the crucial signals life is sending our way—both from our own instincts and from others that can objectively see what we truly need. According to Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul, knowing how we want to feel inside yields the most potent clarity in identifying what’s critical to us. “We need to have soul-centered goals, and if we get clear on defining our core desired feelings—the way we most want to feel— then all of our goals are a means to create those feelings,” she says. “It’s that simple.” The external things we want to have and experience are secondary goals, provided they contribute to the first.

LaPorte’s Desire Map process is a holistic life planning tool that helps spur our thinking about our core desired feelings and how to use them to start creating some goals with soul. At heart, it involves the following four highly personalized steps. How do you want to feel? Engage in a stream of consciousness, allowing each query to lead to the next and letting your desired feelings flow. Do you want to, for example, feel continuously energized, connected or prosperous? Consider areas such as livelihood and lifestyle (career, money, home, travel), health and wellness (healing, fitness, leisure, mental health) and relationships and community (romance, friendship, family). Recognize patterns. Look for patterns in the desired feelings in order to distill your list to determine key, repeat-

ing words. Individuals tend to reach for the same feeling states across all areas of their lives. If you want to feel “vitality” within livelihood, then you likely wish to feel the same way in the context of wellness and relationships. Declare your core desired feelings. Now zero in on three to five core feelings that resonate most strongly inside. Ask yourself what’s beneath each feeling. For you, perhaps “success” is really about freedom, creativity or excellence. Look up the definitions of words—every word is its own world. Which feelings do you find to be the most uplifting, positive, satisfying and compelling? Ask yourself: “What do I want to do, have or experience to create my core desired feelings?” Thus, you begin setting goals with soul. You see and make connections between how you want to feel and what will actually help you feel that way. This is where you turn your ambitions truly inside-out and right-side-up to hitch your intentions to deeper and more nurturing meaning. This is the revolutionary beginning of realizing the ongoing success of a lifetime. Source: Danielle LaPorte is an entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, social media presence and bestselling author of The Fire Starter Sessions; her latest release is The Desire Map. She is a former news commentator for the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. and director of a Washington, D.C., think tank. Visit


Your smile… the ultimate accessory

Dr. Cate Vieregger believes that dental health plays a SIGNIFICANT role in your overall health. A SPECIAL diagnostic appointment will help us UNDERSTAND your individual needs and desires. We will work with YOUR other holistic health partners to provide optimal care.

MERCURY FREE * LATEX FREE * SEDATION DENTISTRY * GENERAL AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY • 7400 E. Crestline Circle • Suite 230 • Greenwood Village • 303-770-1116 natural awakenings

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queries and more. Finding the right mix of treatment and preventive measures requires some creativity and self-knowledge. The experts Natural Awakenings consulted maintain that it is both desirable and possible to assemble an affordable and effective personal health care team that focuses on optimum wellness.

structural; biochemical; and bioenergetic, a form of psychotherapy. Ideally, he says, conventional and integrative medicine, plus complementary practitioners, work together to provide the total care an individual patient needs. “Any problem on one level affects all levels, so we assess patients on all three with whatever tools we have,” he says. While conventional medicine may be able to treat structural problems well and biochemical problems to a certain extent, it falls short on the energetic level. That’s when it’s time to expand the team, counsels Yang. “‘Know yourself’ is the watchword. Get to know what to use and when to use it. It’s the practitioner’s job to educate patients in this way.” Dr. Andrew Weil, renowned as the father of the integrative medicine movement in the U.S., has remarked, “If I’m in a car accident, don’t take me to an herbalist. If I have bacterial pneumonia, give me antibiotics. But when it comes to maximizing the body’s natural healing potential, a mix of conventional and alternative procedures seems like the only answer.” Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla, founding director and president of the Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America, turns to the integrative realm of ayurvedic medicine for healing and wellness. The 5,000-year-old Indian healing tradition incorporates lifestyle changes, yoga and meditation, detoxification, herbs, massage and various other individually targeted healing modalities, depending on the patient’s diagnosis and recommended treatment plan.

Integrative Approach

Customized Team

Build Your Own Wellness Dream Team

Take Your Health to the Next Level by Kathleen Barnes


onventional doctors too often dispense vague, boilerplate health advice, urging their patients to eat a healthy diet, exercise and take helpful supplements. Some are lucky enough to also be directed to detoxify their body and manage stress. That’s typically the best most people can expect in terms of practical advice. It is rare to receive specific, individualized answers to such burning questions as: What is the best diet for this specific problem or my body type? Which exercise will work best for me—yoga, running, tennis or something else? Why do I feel stressed so much of the time, and what can I do about it? What supplements are best for me, and which high-quality products can I trust? Complementary natural healing modalities can address all of these


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

“We need to understand the value of an integrative approach because no single modality treats everything,” says Dr. Jingduan Yang, the Philadelphiabased founder and medical director of the Tao Integrative Medicine. By way of example, he maintains credentials as a physician, a board-certified psychiatrist and an internationally recognized expert on classic forms of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture. Integrative practitioners see the human body on three levels, Yang explains:

“Wellness is a team effort,” advises integrative medicine specialist Dr. Vijay Jain, medical director at Amrit Ayurveda for Total Wellbeing, in Salt Springs, Florida. It’s not only a matter of knowing what needs the practitioners will address at specific times, it’s also knowing who can help when the going gets tough. “Modern medicine has the edge for early detection of disease,” Jain notes. “However, Ayurveda is excellent in determining the earliest imbalances in the mind and body that eventually lead to disease.”

Most experts consulted agree that a personal wellness program should include a practitioner that acts as a gatekeeper and coordinates a care plan to meet individual needs. Jain recommends that the foundation of the team be a licensed medical professional such as an integrative physician (MD), osteopathic doctor (DO) or chiropractor (DC). In most states, any of these professionals can function as a primary care doctor, authorized to order and read laboratory tests, prescribe drugs and access hospital services. In some states, a naturopathic physician (ND) can perform the functions of a primary care doctor in ordering and reading laboratory tests. As part of a personal wellness team, consider a functional medicine or integrative physician, chiropractor, osteopath, doctor of naturopathy, ayurvedic practitioner, nutritionist, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor/acupuncturist, herbalist, craniosacral therapist, massage therapist and energy practitioner (such as in Reiki, medical qigong or polarity therapy). It’s not necessary to see all of them, sources say. Sometimes, one practitioner will be skilled in practicing several modalities, a bonus for patients. Other complementary practitioners may form a supporting team that works with the primary care team, depending on the challenges a patient faces. They will be identified as treatment unfolds and the team evolves over time.

Contributing Specialists An ayurvedic practitioner likely will begin by helping to define healthful lifestyle changes, depending on one’s dosha, or energetic temperament. Yoga and meditation would be a likely recommendation, plus specific herbs and perhaps detoxification, says Annambhotla. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and acupuncture often go hand-in hand with Ayurveda in accordance with the view that illness and disease are caused by imbalances in the body’s energetic flow. Diagnostic techniques employ intuition and pulses to assess and smooth blocks in energy circulation. Craniosacral therapy is another way to unlock energetic blockages caused by lifestyle stress and other factors that restrict and congest the body’s in-

Health insurance may not cover the services we want, and high deductibles may pose a financial challenge in maintaining comprehensive health care, so we need a personal wellness plan. nate ability to self-correct and remain healthy, says Joyce Harader, a registered craniosacral therapist in Cave Creek, Arizona, and secretary of the board of the Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy Association of North America. She relied on a whole team to realize a natural way back to health after being diagnosed with lupus in 1992. “Members of my health team fluctuate, depending on what is going on in my life and where I am focusing,” comments Harader. She points out, for example, that nutrition education and general deep-tissue massage can both be helpful as part of a foundational plan toward obtaining and maintaining optimal health. In fact, many of our experts recommend both a monthly chiropractic adjustment and/or massage, as well as daily yoga and an ongoing meditation practice for wellness and total well-being. Naturopathic practitioners operating in states where they are licensed can be good sources of nutrition counsel and often recommend herbal remedies for relief. “For chronic illness, you need a chiropractor or drug-free physician like a naturopath on your team. Conventional medicine is generally poor at dealing with chronic illness,” observes Naturopath and Chiropractor Michael Loquasto, Ph.D., who practices in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Loquasto should know. He has practiced integrated modalities for 50 years, employing the knowledge gained through his practice and triple doctorates, which include one in nutrition. Also a master herbalist, he strongly advocates that people start by working with a good integrative or functional medicine medical doctor. “In some states, like Pennsylvania, chiropractors and osteopaths can perform routine diagnostic work, but in many states they cannot,” he notes. “I recommend undergoing a physical every six months and regular bone density tests, plus colonoscopies.” Loquasto is not in favor of mammograms because of

the radiation exposure associated with them, but supports routine breast screening using ultrasound or thermography.

Self-Diagnosis Intuitive listening and observant selfknowledge are crucial parts of any wellness plan. Most people are aware when something doesn’t feel right in their body. “Libido is a great barometer of health,” suggests Dr. Diana Hoppe, an obstetrician, gynecologist and hormone specialist in San Diego, California. “If you’re not interested in sex, it’s probably a sign that you need to do some investigating.” Reasons for such a decline of interest are wide-ranging says Hoppe. “For men and women, it might be due to hormonal changes, lack of self-esteem, medications, stress, relationship issues, job, family life or lack of sleep. It means that somewhere, things are out of balance,” she says.

Funding a Plan A personal multifaceted wellness program can be expensive, but there are ways to minimize the cost. “In the new world of high insurance deductibles, people get more for their money from an alternative doctor, especially one knowledgeable in a variety of healing therapies, than a conventional one,” Loquasto advises. Costs for tests may also be lower; plus patients are not expected to pay $150 or more just to walk in the door. A current trend has medical doctors and chiropractors participating in “umbrella” practices and wellness centers, where several types of practitioners collaborate in one facility. They find that sometimes insurance will pay for certain complementary services, including massage and nutrition education, when doctors or chiropractors prescribe them. Maintaining wellness in an environment filled with chemical, biological and mental toxins is a substantial, yet worthy, investment. It’s far better than the costly alternative of dealing with

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A personal wellness program should include a lead practitioner that acts as a gatekeeper and coordinates a plan of care that meets the individual’s needs.

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regular bouts of sickness or escalating disease. In that light, maintenance looks affordable: an ayurvedic diagnostic session starts at around $100, a consultation with a licensed naturopath at $75 and acupuncture at $100; a massage typically costs about $80 an hour. While insurance is unlikely to pay for treatments outside the realm of conventional medicine and sometimes, chiropractic, “The cost of these preventive therapies will be much less than the cost of treatment for a serious disease,� advises Loquasto. “You’re worth it.� Kathleen Barnes is author of more than a dozen natural health books. Her latest is The Calcium Lie II: What Your Doctor Still Doesn’t Know with Dr. Robert Thompson. Connect at

Finding the Right Practitioner Word-of-mouth is the most common way to find a natural health practitioner, plus many national organizations will help identify practitioners by location. Schedule an initial conversation to ask a practitioner key questions.

new from



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Who trained you and how did you train, specifically? Do you practice full time? How long have you been in practice? Will you provide patient references I can speak with? Trust in intuitive responses to the individual during the conversation or interview. His or her passion for the work of healing should be noticeable.

photos courtesy of Emmett Malloy


Musician with a Cause Jack Johnson Plans Shows with the Planet in Mind by Meredith Montgomery


inger-songwriter Jack Johnson’s touring concerts have almost always doubled as fundraisers for local environmental nonprofits. “Early on, we recognized that we could not only fill a room, but also raise funds and awareness for nonprofit groups we believe in,” says Johnson. Then, as he started playing larger venues, “I realized the power of touring to connect our fans with local nonprofits in every town we played.” Johnson and his wife, Kim, also founded two environmentally focused charitable foundations, and during the past five years, all of his tour proceeds have been donated to them, in turn going to hundreds of environmental education nonprofits worldwide. The enabling commercial success began in 2001 when his debut album successfully established this Oahu, Hawaiian’s trademark mellow surf-rocker style. Since then, he’s released five more studio albums, including the most recent, From Here to Now to You. “While I have so much gratitude for the support our music receives, for me, music has always been a hobby, a side thing. It grew into a way to work in the nonprofit world. Being engaged in environmental education almost feels like my real job, and the music’s something we’re lucky enough to provide to fund related causes,” says Johnson. As the size of his audiences grows, so does the size of his potential environmental footprint. On the road, Johnson’s team works with the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance to fuel all

tour trucks, buses and generators. Comprehensive conservation efforts including refillable water bottle stations, plus organic cotton T-shirts and reusable or biodegradable food service ware are standard at his shows. “We try to be environmentally conscious every step of the way,” says Johnson. “Our record cases and posters use recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. We record albums in my solar-powered studio. It’s an ongoing learning process and conversation as we find even better ways to do things.” Johnson’s team often requests increased recycling efforts and use of energy-efficient light bulbs at venues, advancing long-term eco-changes everywhere they perform. He explains, “Our thinking is that once they change the light bulbs for us, they’re not going to go back to the old light bulbs after we leave. Many venue managers tell us they have stuck with the improvements because they realize that they’re easy to do.” Marine pollution and single-use plastics are issues high on the musician’s environmental list, but the topic he’s most passionate about is food. In his home state of Hawaii, 90 percent of food is imported. “The idea of supporting your local food system is a big deal in our family and we take that point of view on the road because it’s a vital issue anywhere you go,” he says. At each tour stop, all of the band’s food is sourced within a specific radius. Johnson also works with radio stations to promote regional farming, helping to build community and fan awareness of the benefits of supporting local farms. At home, Johnson has solar panels on the roof and drives an electric car. The entire family, including three children, participates in recycling, worm composting and gardening. “It’s fun to take what we learn at home on the road and bring good things we learn on the road home,” he says. The Swiss Family Robinson is one of the family’s favorite books. “We love figuring out ways to apply ideas,” he remarks. “For our first water catchment system, we got 50-gallon drums previously used for oil and vinegar from a bread bakery and attached spigots. The kids were so excited to watch them fill the first time it rained.” Johnson finds that all of the facets of his life work together. For example, “Music is a social thing for me. I get to share it with people. Surfing is where I find a lot of balance; it’s a more private time. But I also come up with lyrics and musical ideas while I’m surfing.” Johnson’s approach to inspiring all generations to be conscious of the environment is to focus on the fun, because it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the big picture. Understanding that his own kids are among the future stewards of planet Earth, he works diligently to instill values of creativity and free thinking. Johnson reflects, “When I look at things that are in the world now that we would have never dreamed possible when we were growing up, I recognize how much can change in one generation. Looking for answers that aren’t there yet—things nobody’s thought of—that’s what’s going to solve problems.”

Meredith Montgomery publishes Natural Awakenings of Mobile/Baldwin, AL ( natural awakenings

June 2014



Label Literacy Five Tips Help Kids Choose Healthy Foods by Elisa Bosley

Families have three key weapons in combating America’s childhood obesity epidemic: keeping them active, reducing their soda and junk food intake and teaching youngsters how to read food labels.


ccording to the National Center for Health Statistics, obesity more than doubled in children ages 6 to 11 and tripled in adolescents ages 12 to 19 between 1980 and 2010. Nearly one in five youths in both age groups, plus one in eight preschoolers, are now considered obese and at increased risk for consequent health problems. By 2013, the Centers for Disease Control finally showed

signs of hope, with some states reporting small reversals in the trend. Positive developments might continue if parents and teachers gently coach kids to better evaluate what’s going into their mouths and bodies by understanding food labels. Despite the intimidation factor (even for adults), “Once children know how to read, they are ready to start learning how to read food labels,” advises Jolly


Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Backer, CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending, a forward-thinking company actively increasing the presence of healthy-food vending machines in schools nationwide. He says, “The more kids know about what they’re eating, the more empowered they’ll be about making healthier food choices.” Here are five basic tips to increase knowing what food labels really say that will benefit a youngster’s health for a lifetime. Visualize serving sizes. Assemble two or three packaged food items—preferably those that the child regularly eats, like cereal, oatmeal and applesauce— plus a measuring cup. Point out the serving-size number on the package label, and let the child measure out a single serving. This visually reinforces serving sizes, the first number anyone needs to consider on a food label. Try it with a single soda or juice bottle, too, which often says, “two servings.” Important note: Most nutrition label serving sizes are based on a 2,000-calorie adult diet. For kids ages 4 to 8, portion sizes are about two-thirds of an adult portion; for preteens, portions run 80 to 90 percent of the adult amount, says Registered Dietitian Tara Dellolacono-Thies, food coach for CLIF Kid nutrient-rich organic energy snacks. Evaluate numbers. Next, discuss the numbers noted for calories, fat, sugar, fiber and cholesterol. When evaluating a packaged food for an elementary school

child, Dellolacono-Thies suggests aiming for 175 calories or less per serving; one gram or less saturated fat; no trans fats; no more than 13 grams of added sugars; no more than 210 milligrams sodium content; and at least two grams of fiber. She notes that cholesterol alone is less of a health risk factor for kids than saturated fats and sugars unless a child is on a specialized diet. Added bonuses: Look for high-percent daily values (shown as DV percentage) for nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc and vitamin D, which experts generally agree most kids’ diets lack in sufficient quantities. Compare and contrast. Armed with these basic guidelines, compare, for example, the grams of sugar in a can of soda with a serving of cooked rolled oats, or the amount of calcium in a carton of milk versus a juice box. Oneto-one evaluations will begin to give a child a sense of what numbers constitute “high” or “low” amounts. Check the fine print. “Artificial colors and flavors, artificial sweeteners, highfructose corn syrup or partially hydrogenated anything signal that the food is likely of lower nutritional quality,” counsels Dellolacono-Thies. Make a game of sounding out items in the ingredient list. “It’s a classic teaching moment: Unpronounceable ingredients often mean it’s a lab-created, fake, foodlike item,” she says. Next, ask the youngster to read the label on an apple. Surprise! No food label means it’s a whole, real food—the best, most nutritious kind. Translate knowledge into choices. Once a child has gotten the hang of it, let him or her compare different food labels and choose which one is the healthier option. Plan a little extra time to also do it during grocery shopping. With time and practice, an educated youngster will begin to incorporate the power of reading food labels before choosing foods. “Even when children walk up to a vending machine, where they can’t read labels, you want them to know which is the healthier option,” says Backer. “With label-reading practice, they’ll become savvy shoppers who’ll readily recognize healthy food options when they see them.” Elisa Bosley is senior food editor at Delicious Living magazine. natural awakenings

June 2014



WHOLE FOOD Greater than the Sum of its Parts by Margie King


estern science is obsessed with deconstructing food, researching and analyzing its component parts, isolating the active ingredients, repackaging them in pills or powders and prescribing them in daily doses. But according to Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D., author of Food and Healing, this chemistry-based theory of nutrition is upside-down. Colbin, founder and CEO of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, in New York City, has crafted her own nutrition theory based on more than 30 years of nutrition practice, teaching from a foundation that a whole food, like the complex human being consuming it, is greater than the sum of its parts. She defines whole foods as “those that nature provides and all the edible parts.” She limits them to those comprising one ingredient, such as plants, whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Animal foods are more challenging to categorize. Eggs are a whole food, but steaks are not, because they are one


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part of the entire animal. She includes small fish if we eat the head and bones, and small birds like quail. Whole milk is included, but not low-fat dairy. Colbin maintains that our bodies know the difference between a whole food and an aggregation of isolated nutrients. We have evolved over thousands of years to eat the food that nature presents to us, and if that food has been fragmented, the body realizes it and seeks what’s missing. For example, if we eat fragmented wheat like white bread, in which the bran and germ of the whole grain have been removed, the body will still be hungry and seek the missing part of the food, something with fiber or crunch. Likewise, health enthusiasts that devour wheat germ or wheat bran in isolation will also feel something is missing and may find themselves craving refined flour in the form of cake or other baked goods. Table sugar is another example, a fragment of sugar cane. Colbin calculates that it takes 17 feet of

sugar cane to make one cup of sugar. What’s missing is mostly the cane’s water content and the result, she says, is that sugar makes you thirsty. It’s a big reason why when we drink a soda, ingesting an average equivalent of 12 teaspoons of sugar, we’re thirsty afterward and drink even more, creating a vicious cycle. Fruit juices are, by definition, a fragmented food. When we drink orange or grapefruit juice, all or most of the fiber from the raw fruit is obviously missing. Craving something to chew, we may reach for chips or something crunchy. Vegetable juices may yield the same result. Colbin cautions that while vitamin and mineral supplements can be helpful in treating specific conditions or deficiencies, they nevertheless comprise fragments of food at best. She notes that the body may have difficulty processing these isolated nutrients outside of the whole food. Supportive studies include Kentucky’s University of Louisville School of Medicine comparison of the effects of the spice turmeric with those of its active ingredient, curcumin. Adding the whole food turmeric to the diet of rats reduced inflammation significantly, while curcumin alone was ineffective. Results suggested the difference may be explained by turmeric’s higher bioavailability. A Pennsylvania State University research review determined that although population studies consistently report that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables protects against cardiovascular and other chronic diseases, studies of antioxidant supplements did not show the same benefits. The difference may be that a whole foods diet naturally contains not only antioxidants, but a wide range of nutrients and compounds that may act synergistically to protect against diseases. Colbin goes further, suggesting that supplements may even make us less likely to want to eat vegetables and set us up for junk food cravings to balance out too many vitamins or minerals. Her advice is to use vitamins and supplements

if medically required, but not every day and not for a lifetime. Her views are all about maintaining the natural balance in the foods that nature provides without worrying about striving for perfection or radical changes in diet. Colbin recommends aiming for 70 percent whole foods overall to keep everything in balance. Start by taking a few small changes, listen to the body to see if there’s a noticeable difference and adjust accordingly. Margie King is a former corporate attorney now working as a holistic health and nutrition coach and natural health copywriter from Philadelphia, PA. Connect via

Fat-Free Food: A Bad Idea by Annemarie Colbin, Ph.D.


hile excess fat can be unhealthy, we often overlook: a) fat is one of the three essential macro nutrients; and b) some fats are health-promoting, others are unhealthful. Together with protein and carbohydrate, fat is an important source of calories. We need essential fatty acids, linoleic and linolenic acid, or Omega 6 and Omega 3 for many important functions, namely: 1) To keep us warm, especially in the winter, as the breakdown of fats creates heat. The diet of the Eskimos gets about 60% of its calories from fat, and on their native diets they don’t have heart disease. 2) For proper hormone function, especially for women. 3) To keep our cell walls strong. 4) To absorb and store the fat soluble vitamins, especially Vitamin D, needed to help absorb calcium from the intestines. Women who don’t get enough good quality fatty acids may end up with low Vitamin D stores and therefore bone thinning. Among the best good quality fats are extra virgin olive oil, unrefined sesame and sunflower oil, unrefined flax seed oil, walnut oil, organic butter and clarified butter or ghee. Omega 3 fatty acids are in fresh dark cold water fish like salmon and mackerel, as well as in flax seed oil. Omega 6’s are in the sesame and sunflower oil. Fresh organic butter from healthy cows fed green grass can be an excellent source of natural Vitamin A. On the average, when cooking from scratch, about 2 or 3 tablespoons of healthy fats per day will give us all the essential fatty acids we need. Read the full version of this article



11pm 5pm-1

natural awakenings

June 2014



brain to degenerate and things you can do to prevent it. People House, Denver. Free. RSVP 720-381-8561 or email

NOTE: All Calendar events must be received by June 10th (for August issue) and adhere to our guidelines. Visit for guidelines and to submit entries. All entries will be edited.

Psychic Social–4-6pm. Have you had psychic experiences? Seen spirits/ghosts? Had premonitions? Join an interesting discussion on things psychic. Share your experiences. FREE. Learn about the Aspen Program. Refreshments. New location I-25 & Belleview. Register

SUNDAY, JUNE 1 Non-Denominational Church Service–1:30pm. Meditation and a spiritual message on 1st Sunday ea month. Free aura healing/chakra balancing clinic. Rev. Lauren Skye, Officiating Minister. Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 S. Monroe Street, Denver. 303282-9439 or

TUESDAY, JUNE 3 Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David 303-668-2358, Oneness Blessing Deeksha and Meditation–7-9pm. Deeksha is a Divine intelligent energy transfer that causes a neurobiological transformation within the brain of each receiving individual. Donation $10. Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

your intuition: Energetic Self-Care techniques, Astral Travel, Eye Gazing, Channeled Writing, Reading Energy, Psychic Sound Healing. $25. Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center, Conifer. RSVP req’d Abby 303-919-0349 or As seen on Gaiam TV: Higher Brain Living– 5:30pm. Free presentation/demo with real people who have made real change. Addictive behaviors have a common pattern in the brain. Higher Brain LivingŽ unravels that pattern naturally, and trains you to trigger avoidance as often as needed. AWAKEN Higher Brain Living, 2100 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton. Kent Johnson 303-907-3468 or

THURSDAY, JUNE 5 Reiki I–cont’d on 6/7. Gentle hands-on healing introductory class. No previous experience needed. Thurs 7-9; Sat 9-1. Reiki Master Donna DeNomme has practiced this ancient tradition since 1987. 303271-0510 or


Children’s Medicine Chest–6-8pm. Integrating herbal remedies, nutrition,alternative health techniques, tips on effective ways to practice healing techniques for common health issues of children age 1yr-preadolescents. $25. Holistic Pathways, 3521 South Logan Street, Englewood.

Night of Art–5-8pm. First Fridays with Academy of Massage Therapy. June›s theme is Children›s Art! Include: Free Chair Massages. Interested Artists or info SDonna or 970-352-1181



Live Awake: Honor & Enhance Your Psychic Awareness–5:45-8pm. Fun tools to honor and enhance

Save Your Brain Save Your Life–6-7pm. Learn how your brain really functions, what causes your

Holistic Healing/Intuitive/Vendor Fair–11am-6pm. Gifts and variety of complimentary healing modalities; readers and vendors include crystals, jewelry, oils, clothing, and more. $20, 20 minutes or per vendor as offered. Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695. Anatomy for Psychics–9am-1pm. Psychics who read body health need to know how the body works. Learn the systems and organs and connect psychic impressions with human anatomy. I-25 & Belleview. $60. Instructor: Marcia Stanfield. Register Make Over Your Medicine Cabinet with Essential Oils– 1-2:30 pm. Make over your medicine cabinet with certified, pure, therapeutic grade essential oil from doTERRA! Cut down on healthcare costs & take back control of your family’s health NATURALLY. FREE. Rishi’s Community Yoga Studio, Denver. RSVP Jess 720-333-6796

TUESDAY, JUNE 10 Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David 303-668-2358, Perfect Picnics–6-8pm. Amaze family and friends with your portable picnic skills! Easy and delicious, these dishes are perfect for a hike, concert or sunset viewing. $47. Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York Street, Denver. 720-865-3580 or

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Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Learn to Heal with Angels–7-9pm. 5-wk course introduces you to Archangels & Healing Angels to heal, release grief, guilt, addictions and habits to create the life you desire. Facilitated by Anita Destino, Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner. Early/$185, Regular/$200 Journey Within; 777 S Wadsworth Blvd. Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. 720-413-7303 Evolution Series–6:45-9pm. Monthly gathering exploring evolutionary and cutting edge concepts, tools, and technologies that expand human consciousness and support healthy sustainable living. Suggested $10. Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th Ave, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

savethedate WOMEN’S EMPOWERMENT RETREATS Heart2Heart Mother/Daughter Adventure Retreat June 13-16 River Wisdom Adventure Retreat July 2-7 Heart2Heart: Celebrate and enrich your relationship with a weekend of adventure and deepening in Vail. Daughters age 14+; spirit moms/daughters/sisters too). Bond, heal, laugh and play together. River Wisdom: Embrace change in a fearless, positive, authentic way by learning the ancient wisdom of the river and how to apply it in your life. Green River, Vernal UT. Register and info Susie Kincade or under Retreats.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11 Free Date Night for Soulful Couples–7-8:45pm. Bring alive your romance, sparkle and soulful connection. Bring a healthy colorful dish to share. See our Meetup group to find out more. 6162 Kearney St., Centennial. 303-7967004 or

THURSDAY, JUNE 12 The Heart of Your Goddess–thru 6/15. Enter another world at Peaceful Valley Ranch in Lyons. Release unwanted blocks and deepen connection with your inner Goddess. Create ink and paint images with Teresa Dunwell, Reiki/Master and creative coach. Co-facilitator Karen Rice King, personal growth and spirituality teacher for 30 years. $773 single, $680 each double room, includes meals, workshop supplies, 4 days/3 nights lodging. RSVP Karen 303-665-0175. See Esoteric Evening: Provocative Answers to Your Deepest Questions About Life–6:15-8:30 pm. Expose ideological beliefs which are the fabric of our self identity so they can be transcended. Led by two spiritual luminaries. Free. 303-339-0807,

FRIDAY, JUNE 13 Heart2Heart Mother/Daughter Adventure Retreat– Celebrate and enrich your relationship with a weekend of adventure and deepening in Vail. Daughters age 14+; spirit moms/daughters/sisters too). Bond, heal, laugh and play together. Register/info Susie Kincade or under Retreats. Guided Meditation w/Singing Bowls & Gong–6:307:30pm. Chakra-clearing, guided meditation w/peaceful vibrations of gong and singing bowls. $10. Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center 12424 Big Timber Dr, #3, Conifer. RSVP 303-638-3374, Trance Medium Healing Clinic–7pm. Open Channeling 7-7:30ish. Free. Followed by Healings $10. Facilitating re-alignment and cleansing of the spiritual body. Involves channeling, energy readings, and intense individual clearings. Rocky Mountain Miracle Center, 1939 S. Monroe Street, Denver. 303-282-9439 or Community Drum Circle–7-9pm. Bring food to share and your drums, rattles, flutes and other instruments for an evening of Loving Shamanic Sound and Vibrational Expansion. Suggested $10. Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695. “Secrets of a Soulful Marriage” Retreat– thru 6/15. Take time to “retreat” with your beloved at Iron Horse Resort in the scenic mountainside of Winter Park. Join us for a special weekend and enjoy the benefits of creating and sustaining a Soulful Marriage. $597 includes lodging and 2 catered meals. 303-796-7004 or


Flag Day

For Heaven’s Sake Psychic Fair–11am-5pm. Intuitive empowerment readings & healings with Donna DeNomme

CROSS-CULTURAL SHAMANIC CONFERENCE (BOULDER) June 13-15 “Step into Ceremony: Finding the Sacred Space Within,” 2nd Annual Cross-cultural Shamanic Conference, brings together healers, shamans and indigenous medicine men and women from a wide range of cultures and traditions, including Tibetan, Himalayan, Andean, Curanderismo, Native American, Siberian, Celtic and more, for interactive sessions, presentations, ceremony, healing and journey work. All traditions welcome. Location: Boulder Marriott. Opening Night screening of “Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino,” at eTown Hall. Registration and details


JULY 5-6

Health and environmental fair supporting a plant-based diet and lifestyle features expert chefs demonstrating healthful vegan dishes and renowned speakers on health, diet and environmental issues. Food sampling, restaurants, commercial exhibitors, free movies, fun for the kids and more. 10am-6pm. Jefferson County Fairgrounds, 15200 West 6th Avenue, Golden. Early $7/door $10.

INDIAN CULTURAL AND WEDDING FESTIVAL JULY 19, 5-11PM, 1437 BANNOCK, DENVER GyaNidhi non-profit foundation, providing education for unprivileged children, is hosting a free traditional Indian Wedding and Cultural Festival celebrating Indian traditions through a street full of vendors; performances by the Broncos and the Buffs cheerleaders, Spanish Bollywood fusion dance party and Fractal Tribe Circus; a Baraat Indian procession, the Jewel of India beauty pageant nominees, a cultural drum circle, a fashion show with bridal couture and much more. Fun for all ages and backgrounds! The festival is currently seeking vendors and sponsors. Please email contactus@bharart.comfor more information.

LIFE DESTINY IMMERSION JULY 25-26 AT SUNRISE RANCH, LOVELAND Life Destiny Immersion is based on this simple, yet profound idea: We can live our lives according to what we value most. This two-day seminar is an opportunity to come into a deeper understanding of yourself and your core values. Break away from old patterns of thinking that no longer serve you, while discovering how to bring your individual passions to your world. Cost: Donation basis; $45 for meals and snacks (overnight accommodation available for an additional fee). For more information, go to life-destiny-immersion or call 970-679-4200.

FUNDAMENTALS OF MEDICAL HERBALISM PROGRAM NOW ENROLLING • August 4 – December 1 Introductory level training in Medical Herbalism and Clinical Nutrition for students who intend to work in the herb or health foods industry or pursue further advanced studies. Introductory Anatomy and Physiology, Nutrition, Botany and Plant Identification, Medicine Making, and Materia Medica. Class Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesday, 10am-5pm. $2,600. Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism, 2900 Valmont Road, Unit F-1, Boulder. For inquiries, please contact Lisa Ganora at 720-722-4372 or Download our Catalog at

natural awakenings

June 2014


by appointment or walk in (if available) 303-271-0510 or

looking ahead 2014 JULY 2-7

JULY 25-27 & AUG. 1-3

River Wisdom Adventure Retreat–Embrace change in a fearless, positive, authentic way by learning the ancient wisdom of the river and how to apply it in your life. Green River, Vernal UT. Register/info Susie Kincade or under Retreats

Awaken in Nature–Nature Adventure & Empowerment for women, Eagle, CO. Go deeply inward in a profound journey of self-discovery, authenticity and awakening to true purpose. Life coaches, wilderness therapists and nature guides. Register/info Susie Kincade Susie@ or under Retreats

JULY 5-6 VegFest Colorado–10am-6pm. Health and environmental fair supporting a plant-based diet and lifestyle features expert chefs demonstrating healthful vegan dishes and renowned speakers who will speak on health, diet and environmental issues. Food sampling, restaurants, commercial exhibitors, free movies, fun for the kids and more. Jefferson County Fairgrounds, 15200 West 6th Avenue, Golden. Early $7/door $10.

JULY 22 Fearless Life Workshop–Identify the thoughts, feelings and actions keeping you from living the life you want in this 8-hour workshop over 4 weeks. Raise self-confidence, release expectations, eliminate excuses, master the power of intention, find purpose and passion. Facilitated by Randi Racenstein, Certified Fearless Living Coach/Licensed Social Worker. Must commit to attending all 4 days. Pre-reg req’d or 516-526-9750.

SEPTEMBER 14-20 Awaken in Bali–All-inclusive retreat combines self-discovery, interactive life coaching and deep connections with Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Love as cornerstones of your adventure. Includes sacred waterfalls, learning the art of batik, yoga, hiking a volcano, one-on-one visit with a village Brahmana, ocean excursions, life coaching. Register/info Susie Kincade Susie@ or under Retreats

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4 Academy of Massage Therapy Massage Fair–10am-2pm. Raffle prizes, vendor booths, speaker presentations and discounted Natural Therapy Health Center services! To be a vendor or speaker, contact Melissa 970-3521181 or

A Shamanic Journey with Hawks - Talk & Book Signing–Stacey L. L. Couch, naturalist and Certified Shamanic Practitioner (CSP), shares insight from her book, Gracious Wild, how shamanic wisdom helps us interpret the guidance of animal messengers and cultivate a deep connection with All That Is. Learn about the primary technique of shamanism, the shamanic journey. Q&A/book signing of Gracious Wild. Isis Books & Gifts, 2775 South Broadway, Englewood. RSVP 970-903-7180 or Chakra Bootcamp–10am-3pm. Learn the basics about chakras-what they mean, how to read them, and how to tell if they are out of balance. Explore the history of chakras, and various interpretations. Learn about connections between the physical and energetic bodies. Practice techniques for reading chakras and understanding messages they offer. Discover and practice techniques to shift and balance chakra energy in yourself and others. $75. ISIS Books & Gifts, 2775 S. Broadway, Englewood. Register


Happy Father’s Day! Soul Flight:An Introduction to the Shamanic Journey Workshop–Learn more about shamanism and power animals. This gives a shaman’s roadmap to non-ordinary reality and keys to access the spirit world via shamanic journey. Explore other worlds, visit with power animals, gain valuable guidance. Instructor Stacey Couch offers a nurturing, creative learning environment to walk through the doorway of your imagination and animate your creativity. Isis Books & Gifts, 2775 South Broadway, Englewood. RSVP or 970-903-7180

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Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

MONDAY, JUNE 16 Herbs and Sleep–6-7:30pm. Herbal medicine offers support for those sleepless nights. Learn what good “sleep hygiene” is and how herbs can help lull you into sounder cycles of sleep. $15. Holistic Pathways, 3521 South Logan Street, Englewood. As seen on Gaiam TV: Higher Brain Living– 6pm. Free presentation/demo with real people who have made real change. Addictive behaviors have a common pattern in the brain. Higher Brain Living® unravels that pattern naturally, and trains you to trigger avoidance as often as needed. AWAKEN Higher Brain Living, 2100 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton. Kent Johnson 303-907-3468 or KentJ@

TUESDAY, JUNE 17 Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David 303-668-2358, davids@ An Evening With Shmaya, Channeled Language of Light–7-8:30pm. Shmaya is a collective consciousness that channels through JoAnne Palladino. The sound and vibration of the words transmit healing qualities. $15. Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18 Empowered Goddess Retreat –thru 6/22. This powerful five day, women-only experience facilitates growth, whole healing, empowerment, self-reflection, self-trust, confidence, clarity, direction, and a sense of community. $800; payment plans available. Contact Ann at info@ or 303-638-9131. Live Awake: Honor & Enhance Your Psychic Awareness–5:45-8pm. Fun tools to honor and enhance your intuition: Energetic Self-Care techniques, Astral Travel, Eye Gazing, Channeled Writing, Reading Energy, Psychic Sound Healing. $25. Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center, Conifer. RSVP req’d Abby 303-919-0349 or

THURSDAY, JUNE 19 New Moon Meditation–11:30am-12:30pm. Ceremony and meditation aligning and attuning to the powerful energies of the New Moon, harnessing your own inner wisdom and vision. $25. Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center 12424 Big Timber Dr #3, Conifer. RSVP req’d Janine 303-838-1626

FRIDAY, JUNE 20 ”Bliss Wave” A Sound Healing Concert with Astarius Miraculii–7pm. Enjoy a Summer Solstice Eve Sound Healing Concert with renowned musician, sound healer, poet and astrologer Astarius! With over 30 years of spiritual work, he will be offering a rare and powerful evening concert. $33. Space limited! 303638-3374 or to reserve your space TODAY! Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center 12424 Big Timber Dr. #3, Conifer.

Summer Solstice SATURDAY, JUNE 21

Cooking with Leaves and Roots–10am-Noon. In this fun, family-friendly class we will focus on how to use the delicious bounty of your CSA or home garden. $38.Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York Street, Denver. 720-865-3580 or

MONDAY, JUNE 23 Academy of Massage Therapy Classes Start–Contact Jennifer Mongan at mongan@natural-therapy. com or 970-352-1181 for info on enrollment in Certification, Associate of Applied Science Degree or Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Programs.

TUESDAY, JUNE 24 Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David 303-668-2358,

THURSDAY, JUNE 26 New Moon Sacred Sound Spiral–7pm. Meditations FREE (Donations optional). Energetic, Sonic & Vocal Meditation guided by John ‘Tone’. Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center 12424 Big Timber Dr. #3, Conifer. RSVP johnetone@ or 303-587-2022

classifieds BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Looking for a way to bring in extra money but don’t want to get “another job”? Need something flexible to fit it into your life? What if you could transform your health and your wealth in the next 90 days by partnering with us? What if you could work a handful of hours each week and bring in a nice side income? We are looking for people who want the above and want to make a difference in the world while having FUN! WHAT IF YOU COULD? Please call for more info @ 303.903.8248

FOR RENT Quiet, professional furnished space available, full or part-time. Reasonable rates. Private suite option available. Includes utilities, a/c, reception area, closet. One room w/ bathroom plumbed for closed-system colonics. 303-777-2555.

HEALTHY PRODUCTS/SERVICES Essential Oils: From seed to seal, Young Living Oils are committed to plant purity and potency. The oils provide ongoing support for your home, health, and body. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender and Peace & Calming, the cleansing power of Thieves and Purification, the comforting touch of Valor and PanAway, the uplifting properties of Joy essential oil blend, and much more. For more information, call Marty Heppinstill at 303995-2995 or email Order online at

Body Ecology & Health Free Presentation–6pm. Beneficial microbes within the human gut keep pathogenic microbes at bay through competition, but they also play a significant role in maintaining a healthy body. Free. Clear Sky Medical 9085 E Mineral Circle #260, Centennial. RSVP 303-790-7860

Get Ready for the Summer! Build a new relationship with your body; learn the secrets of intuitive eating and holistic health. Marianne Jones is a Board Certified Health Coach who works with individuals ready for change. Free 20 minute consult. FLOURISHING LIFE WELLNESS with MARIANNE JONES 303-475-1893 or


Energy-Based Chiropractor: Dr Rob Smigelski, DC, focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection and specializes in helping patients with autoimmune and brain-based difficulties. Symptoms of these difficulties can include brain fog, memory loss, low energy, insomnia, chronic pain and poor concentration. No painful popping/cracking; health and holistic wellness from an integrated approach. Lafayette and Denver. 720-381-8561 or

Guided Meditation w/Singing Bowls & Gong–6:307:30pm. Chakra-clearing, guided meditation w/ peaceful vibrations of gong and singing bowls. $10. Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center 12424 Big Timber Dr, #3, Conifer. RSVP 303-638-3374,

SATURDAY, JUNE 28 BodyTalk Access–9am-5pm. Become a certified BodyTalk Access Technician. Improve your health, manage stress and increase your overall well-being. $150. Taspen’s Organics & Holistic Wellness Center 12424 Big Timber Dr #3, Conifer. RSVP 303-8085121 or Cosmic Shower of Sound Event/Gong Bath–79pm. Special sound celebration with Gary Fishman, Al & Aurelia, Larry & Tryna, and Medicine Jack. Bring your drum, a snack to share; suggested $20 donation. Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695.

MONDAY, JUNE 30 New Moon Herbal Women’s Circle–6-7:30pm. Simple guided ceremony and plant spirit healing engage our senses, open our hearts, and lead us into deeper connection with all. Donation $15. Holistic Pathways, 3521 South Logan Street, Englewood.

GET INVOLVED Right To Know Colorado - GMO Labeling Thrive Sustainable Solutions Meetup – Check dates; 7-9pm. The Initiative Movement is underway and Petitions are being circulated! This group is meeting to pursue the Initiative Process to add state legislation to the Colorado ballot in 2014 that requires mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods (GMOs) in Colorado. Anyone interested in becoming involved is invited to attend. Go to for training or petition information. For meetings, Thrive Sustainable Solutions Meetup or Journeys For Conscious Living, 7401 West 59th, Arvada. 303-731-6695. Sleep Study: Karen Rice King, Master Dowser, is conducting a scientific sleep study to determine whether Earth Acupuncture can reduce the stress that causes sleep disturbances. Just as medical acupuncture balances your body’s meridians, Earth Acupuncture balances your property and home. To find out if you qualify to participate in this study, contact Karen@ or call 303-665-0175.

natural awakenings

June 2014


ongoing tuesdays Free Energy Clearings–5:30-6:45pm. 15-min Energy Clearing & Chakra tuning. Remove non-useful energy to feel relaxed, light and positive. Drop-ins welcome. Yoga of the Mind Classroom, 8 E 1st Ave., #103 Denver. David Stevens 303-668-2358, or

wednesdays Eight Steps to Happiness–7-8:30pm. Everyone welcome to these practical meditation classes, consisting of a talk and relaxing mindfulness meditation. $10. Kadampa Meditation Center, 1081 Marion St., Denver. or 303-813-9551 Free Energy Healings; Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing–6-7pm. A healing is like an “energy car wash” that releases negative energy to create the life you desire. Free. Journey Within; Inside Irongate Executive Plaza 777 S Wadsworth Blvd. Bldg 2-108, Lakewood. 720-413-7303 or

thursdays Aura and Chakra Healings–Drop-In between 6-7pm. Receive a 10 minute cleanse and release negative thoughts, emotions, pain and fear. Get replenished with positive energy and feel great. FREE. 1332 Pearl St. Boulder. 303-530-0920. Psychic Readings–7-8:30pm by appt. Learn about your soul essence, past lives, and aura. Ask questions about relationships, career, money, and health. FREE. 1332 Pearl St. Boulder. 303-530-0920.

saturdays Lotus Laser/Unfold Your Healing Potential– 2-3:30pm. Live life with more vitality and less pain. Discover Advanced Laser Therapy and effective healing. Free. Transformational Health Center, 4105 E Florida Ave #207, Denver. RSVP 303-692-8655 or Tapping to the Top–3:30-4:30pm. Stuck? Need more money? EFT-Emotional Freedom TechniqueBig names use this to win (Jack Canfield, Joe Vitale). Free. Transformational Health Center, 4105 E. Florida Ave #207, Denver. RSVP 303-692-8655 or

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Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition






Maria Mandarino, LAc, DipAc (NCCAOM), RMT, NCTMB 6565 West Jewell Avenue, Suite 4B-2, Lakewood 720-670-0098

Tom Zyvoloski DDS Aesthetic Excellence and Holistic Family Care 818 W South Boulder Rd, Suite 100, Louisville 303-666-7110

Acupuncture is a safe, gentle, and natural approach to treating pain and illness, or for just keeping healthy. We can help you with pain, autoimmune disorders, fertility, allergies, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, migraines, anxiety, depression, PMS, and more. We also specialize in Craniosacral Therapy, AMMA Therapy, John Barnes Myofascial Release and individualized Bach Flower formulas. Located in the Bear Creek section of southwest Denver, adjacent to Lakewood and Littleton.

CHIROPRACTIC TRANSFORMATIONAL HEALTH CENTER Dr. Lawrence Quell, D.C. featuring Scalar WaveLaser Technology 4105 E. Florida Ave #207, Denver 303-692-8655 When your body heals itself, it’s the kind of healing that lasts. Alignment is everything, whether it’s your spine & body or your life’s goals. To be Peaceful, Powerful and Successful, all aspects of your life must be balanced regularly. We offer a wholistic approach to achieving alignment using lasting, progressive holistic techniques and technologies. Effective, Nurturing ScalarWave Lasers offers your cells regenerative energy for healing. Schedule a free consultation today. See ad page 14.

CONSCIOUS EVENTS AND SPEAKERS JOURNEYS FOR CONSCIOUS LIVING 7401 West 59th Ave., Arvada 303-731-6695 Discover and develop a life of passion, purpose and contribution. Journeys for Conscious Living (J4CL) is an organization leading the world in conscious living, hosting world class events, speakers and event center (space rental) to empower people to create thoughtful changes in living their lives every day, thus creating the space and energy to stay centered and expand the community. J4CL invites you to co-create opportunities, collaboration and communities for individuals and businesses to reach their full, highest potential, while experiencing love, joy and transformation. See ad page 13.

If you’re the type of person who cares enough about your body to shop for organic produce, why not give the same thought to your dental health? At Studio Z Dental, we use only the safest, most natural products with each of our clients. Curious about mercury safe dentistry? Check out our videos at

Inside Irongate Execute Plaza, Belmar area 777 S Wadsworth Blvd. Bldg 2-108, Lakewood 720-413-7303 A safe place for people interested in creating change in their lives, Journey Within helps you focus on spiritual growth, developing your intuition and personal development. Give to yourself with Free Energy Healings, Angel Healings, Guided Meditations, Meditation Classes, Workshops and Intuitive Readings/Healings. Join us for a Free Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing held every Wednesday from 6-7 pm, open to everyone.



7400 E Crestline Circle, Ste 230, Greenwood Village 303-770-1116 Whether your goal is to encourage a healthy attitude towards oral health in your children or ease your own anxiety about dental procedures, our friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere will change the way you approach dental care. At Vibrance Dentistry, we believe that oral healthcare should be a pleasant and relaxing experience. Our state-of-the-art equipment and spa-like amenities allow us to offer services that transcend traditional dentistry and promote whole-body wellness. See ad page 15.


When you are in harmony with yourself everything unfolds with gace and ease. ~Panache Desai


Independent Distributor Marty Heppinstill 303-995-2995 / How do you know you are getting good quality oil? Consider the source. From seed to seal, Young Living Oils are committed to plant purity and potency, and verify perfection in every step. The oils go through extensive laboratory testing and independent audits to exceed our own industry-leading quality standards. Enjoy ongoing support for your home, health, and body with the relaxing benefits of lavender and Peace & Calming, the cleansing power of Thieves and Purification, the comforting touch of Valor and PanAway, the uplifting properties of Joy essential oil blend, and more.

FAMILY PRACTITIONER CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and specialty trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Functional medicine. See full listing under PHYSICIAN or see ad page 2.





1470 S. Santa Fe Drive, Suite 104B, Denver 303-317-6634 / /

Lorraine May, Executive Director 303-239-0382 Adopt your best friend today! We rescue dogs and cats and foster them until we find a forever home. Classes in Understanding Dogs with positive reinforcement techniques and Dog Trainer Apprentice to become a dog trainer utilizing behavior science and holistic approaches. Many more classes – see our website for adoptable animals and classes.

Healing Crystals, Glass Pipes, Hookahs, Spiritual Jewelry, Vintage Jewelry, Vinyl Albums and transfers onto your IPods, MP3, Pendulums, Pyramids, Angel Items, Spheres & Eggs, Merkabahs, Gem Essences with/without cannabis vibration, Water Enhancement Products, Color Therapy, Chakra Products, Wiccan, Buddha, Hindu, Beads Sold Individually and So Much More! Artisans-We Welcome Your Products To The Store! 10% discount for New Customers

natural awakenings

June 2014



In July We Celebrate


CLEAR SKY MEDICAL KATIA I. MEIER, M.D. Panorama Falls 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 Feel and look your best at any age with Katia Meier, MD, Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Specialty trained in Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Holistic and Naturopathic medicine in Europe and certified in laser and injectable aesthetic dermatology. Specializing in whole body health with customized approaches to Healthy Aging, BHRT, Nutritional analysis and Therapy, Medical Aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Detoxification Programs, Medical Weight Loss for men & women. All ages; most insurance welcome. Set up your appointment today. See ad page 2.

THE SIDEWAYS APPROACH WITH CARLY WILLIAMS 1113 Washington Ave., Suite 110, Golden 720-839-5550

Guarding Our Right to Healthy Food and Water

To advertise or participate in our July edition, call

(303) 770-1981 30

Denver/Boulder Mile High Edition

Carly inspires and encourages passionate women to take an interest in their health, feel more energetic, look great, connect with others and find overall balance. By participating in group workshops and private coaching sessions women will be supported in finding a new approach through an active lifestyle, eating well, mindfulness practice and designing a life worth loving.


Don’t let your dreams be dreams. ~Jack Johnson

The Premier Online Directory for Spiritual Healers, Readers & Practitioners Search on, the premier online directory for Spiritual Healers, Readers & Practitioners, to find complete listings from people dedicated to your healing and growth. List and share your spiritual and healing gifts on the site to gain exposure and get your own mini-website for promoting your work. Visit or call 303-519-0355 for more information.



Local Farmers and Other Hard-Working Heroes



INTEGRATIVE HEALTH DR. ROB SMIGELSKI, DC BioTransformational Institute Lafayette and Denver 720-381-8561 / 1 in 8 people over the age of 65 suffer from Alzheimer’s. Over 50 million Americans have an autoimmune disease. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of your body, mind and spirit degenerating as you grow older. Dr. Smigelski specializes in addressing brain health and autoimmune conditions by using an integrated approach of chiropractic, functional medicine, and Chinese medicine concepts. Are you experiencing brain fog, fatigue, temporary memory loss, cold hands and feet? Call today to set up an appointment, or for a free 20 minute consultation.

CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and specialty trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Functional Medicine. See full listing under PHYSICIAN or see ad page 2.

Naomi Ackerman, R.M.T. 7355R W. 88th Ave., Westminster 720-445-6474 SoulsBliss. Isn’t it time to let go of that which no longer serves your body, mind, and soul? Let a skilled, Intuitive Massage & Energy Therapist transform your pain and stress into bliss. Convenient location, mobile availability, on-site, and events. Many modalities offered! Call or text, today, to honor yourself (or another).Reasonably priced at $60/hr for exceptional work (add $10 for specialty services, nominal fuel fee for out-calls). Packages/Specials, Introductory rate, and GIFT CERTIFICATES available for all occasions. I look forward to our sessions. Namaste, Naomi

MASSAGE SCHOOL ACADEMY OF NATURAL THERAPY 625 8th Avenue, Greeley, CO 970-352-1181 / When you are a massage therapist, every day is rewarding! The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects Massage Therapist employment growth of 20.1% by 2020. The Academy of Natural Therapy (ANT) has a long tradition of graduating the finest students, produced through a combination of hands-on, one on one instruction, excellent instructors and a real world atmosphere with over 300 hours in fully equipped facilities - the Student Clinic and the Natural Therapy Health Center. 1000 Hour Massage Therapy Program accredited by the Commission of Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). Financial aid available. See ad page 5.

NUTRITION/NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier and staff offers Certified Nutrition therapists, specializing in the food-brain connection, nutrition for cancer prevention, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities/allergies, elimination diets and medically supervised weight loss. See listing under PHYSICIAN or see ad page 2.

NEW! NUTRITION/ NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING FLOURISHING LIFE WELLNESS MARIANNE JONES 303-475-1893 / When it comes to health and nutrition, one approach does NOT fit all. Learn the secrets of intuitive eating and holistic health and start building a new relationship with your body. Marianne Jones is a Board Certified Health Coach who uses a whole life holistic approach to create your personal nutrition and health blueprint. Marianne works with individuals ready for change, ready for personal growth, and ready to create maximum health via nutrition, holistic wellness, and behavioral science. Please call for a free 20 minute consult.

RECONNECTIVE HEALING MARY BETH KENNEDY, MA 1637 28th St, Boulder 303-589-8006 Reconnective Healing transcends the limitations of human ability and imagination. By opening to it, we are able to restore balance and harmony in our lives and transform our bodies, minds and souls in ways that otherwise may seem impossible. Mary Beth has been a practitioner, mentor and coach for 14 years. One of the most experienced Reconnection Practitioners in the world, she travels with Eric Pearl and the Reconnection Teaching Team in addition to her practice in Boulder.


PHYSICIAN: BOARD CERTIFIED HOLISTIC CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with KATIA I. MEIER, M.D. Panorama Falls 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 Feel and look your best with Dr Katia Meier, Board Certified Holistic MD specializing in whole body health for children and adults. Customized approaches to Healthy Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement therapy, Nutritional analysis and Therapy, Medical Aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Naturopathic Medicine, Personalized Detoxification Programs, Medical Weight Loss for men and women. Treating all ages and most insurance welcomed. Make your appointment today. See ad page 2.

Psychotherapist, Licensed Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Intuitive Counselor, Shamanic Healer, Ceremonial Facilitator 303-271-0510 Tap unrealized potential for health, wealth, and happiness. Move past stifling limitations, heal wounds, and embrace your greater yet-tobe. Awaken a masterful life with Donna DeNomme—conscious energy teacher, licensed spiritual coach, and ceremonial leader. In private practice since 1987, Donna was voted Colorado’s “Spiritual Health Guru” by the prestigious 5280 Magazine for her unique combination of innovative therapeutic techniques. She is the award-winning, internationally-published author of Turtle Wisdom and Ophelia’s Oracle.

THE ASPEN PROGRAM FOR PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT Explore Your Potential! Karen Fox, Ph.D., Director I-25 & Belleview 303-942-0646 We are all psychic! Improve your innate psychic abilities to make better decisions or become a professional. Take the classes you choose. Certificates in Psychic Studies, Medical Intuition, and Spirit Mediumship. We teach the “clairs.” Leader in Psychic Education since 2010.

SUNRISE RANCH 100 Sunrise Ranch Road, Loveland 970-679-4200 Home for leaders & people who are committed to the spiritual regeneration of humanity. Our programs & events are meeting the evolving needs of our world and empower personal transformation. Concert venue & conference facilities for leading-edge organizations; opportunities to participate in our 350-acre organic farm and ranch; & connection with like-minded people in this multifaceted spiritual community. See the Calendar for events. See ad page 20.


It is easier to go down a hill than up, but the view is from the top. ~Arnold Bennett






RENEE ELLIS, MA RMT Psychotherapy, Intuitive Counseling Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing, Classes Located in Central Denver 720-984-9575 Are you dealing with challenges in your relationships, career or health, loss of a loved one, or finding and following your life path? Renee specializes in helping women find the clarity, freedom and intuitive perspective to gracefully move through life transitions to a more joyful experience. She weaves traditional counseling techniques with intuitive abilities, energy healing, personalized Bach Flower Essence formulas and past life therapy without regression. Individual sessions, programs and classes. Free 30-minute consultation.

AWAKEN HIGHER BRAIN LIVING® CENTER-LITTLETON with Kent Johnson / 303-907-3468 2100 W Littleton Blvd, #248, Littleton NEW IN COLORADO: From your first session, you experience an energy surge through the connective tissue of your body, loosening the grip of your fearbased “survival” brain as this energy shifts into your prefrontal cortex. As your stress plunges, you rediscover your inner Joy, Passion and Purpose - YOUR intended purpose! This gentle-touch technique is so consistent and predictable that we guarantee it. 1st step: See a LIVE demonstration - email for a video clip and schedule.

natural awakenings

June 2014


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June 2014 Mile High Natural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving metro Denver and Boulder and the surrounding counties of Arapa...

June 2014 Mile High Natural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving metro Denver and Boulder and the surrounding counties of Arapa...