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Five Ways to Make the New Year Sparkle


by Kelly Martinsen

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HOLISTIC ATHLETES The New Face of Sports Medicine

by Marlaina Donato

14 12 HAPPY


How to Really Enjoy the Season by Dianne Bischoff James


16 PEACE ON EARTH Conflict Resolutions that Work to Bridge Divides by Linda Sechrist


20 AWAKE PARENTING Raising Connected, Confident Kids by Judith Fertig

22 PETS ¤ MUSIC Each Species Grooves to Its Own Beat by Sandra Murphy



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natural awakenings

December 2017



By Removing Toxic Silver Fillings Did you know that amalgam (silver) fillings contain 50% mercury, and have been called “a biochemical train wreck in your body”?*

South Lakewood Dental is Certified Mercury Free and Mercury Safe!

Our office has used only non-amalgam products for restoring teeth for over a decade and we take every precaution to remove amalgams safely for your health and ours. We offer biocompatibility testing to see which filling material works best for your body, especially for sensitive individuals.

All Holistic and health-minded individuals should demand the safe removal, handling, and disposal of silver fillings. *from Boyd Haley, Ph.D, Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at University of Kentucky

20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings

newsbriefs The “Coolest” Gift Certificate


astle Rock CryoCare is offering holiday gift certificates for that tough-to-shop-for person on your list. “From professional athletes to people who have struggled with a chronic medical condition for years, cryotherapy is proving to be a life-changing, natural remedy. We’re one of the only centers in the Front Range to focus solely on whole-body cryotherapy. Spend just three minutes in our cryotherapy sauna, and you’ll feel the long-term impact of how cryotherapy treatments can help your body heal itself,” says owner Dr. Michael DeSimone. The gift certificates offer steep discounts on whole-body sessions and also cryotherapy facials. Clients may want one for themselves and some to give away. Sessions help: ease holiday stress; overcome jet lag for holiday travelers; recover from snow activities; and restore healthy glow to smiling faces. Contact Devora Anderson at 303-663-6990. See ad page 13.

Supercharge Your 2018 Intentions


omatic psychotherapist and yoga teacher, Inge Sengelmann of Embody Your Life, LLC, and Andrea Holt, certified health coach of Integrative Health Studio, have joined forces to help you strengthen your resolve and achieve your intentions with a 6-week educational and support group. Each Thursday, from January 18 through February 22, you will meet for 90 minutes with these two experts to formulate clear goals, understand your obstacles, learn skills to overcome them, and establish healthy eating habits that will help you master your moods, balance your weight, and boost your energy levels Research shows that only 8-16% of people achieve their New Year’s self-improvement resolutions, with more than 80% returning to old habits by mid-February. Because the power of our habits exceeds the strength of our resolve, only half of all intentions survive past the first month. Supercharge your intentions for a healthier 2018 with help from professionals. Weekly cost per participant: $60/group; or pay in advance to save on the 6-week series: $350. For more information, email See listing page 31.

briefbriefs $100 Off 4-Session Bundle: Simone St. John of Spirit Guide Life Coach is offering a four-session bundle at a savings of $100 off the cost of individual sessions. Spirit Guide Life Coaching packages are a new offering to help you create an authentic life, which, says Simone, “is often a process of excavating layers, and as such warrants more than one session to create an effective process of self-actualization.” All sessions are conducted over the phone. For more information, contact Simone at or 720-507-4440. See listing page 32.

Free 30-Minute Love Coaching: Jennifer Zundel, Certified Calling in “The One” Coach is offering a free, holiday 30-minute coaching session to sup-

Scott Stewart, DDS

& Certified Naturopathic Dentist FINANCING AVAILABLE


2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood


Denver Mile High Edition

port men and women in identifying their hidden inner barriers that have kept love away. Jennifer offers one-on-one coaching by phone, and facilitates group courses and workshops in the Denver area. She has been personally trained and mentored by Katherine Woodward Thomas, New York Times best-selling author of “Calling in ‘The One’ 7 Weeks to Attract the Love of Your Life.” Contact Jennifer Zundel at 303-352-1970 or


Try an Essential Oil Holiday Helper T

he holiday season hustle and bustle is here. While it is supposed to be a joyful, fun, and relaxing time, dedicating your time and energy to making sure your loved ones get what they want, and getting what you need, can be very chaotic and stressful. Some deep emotions can come up when spending time with family and friends whom we haven’t seen in a while. Blending essential oils like Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), and Peppermint (Mentha piperita) into a personal inhaler “holiday helper” promotes calm and relaxation, supports energy levels and emotions, boosts the immune system, and helps the respiratory system.* The essential oils are combined on the wick of the personal inhaler, are the size of a Chapstick tube, and so convenient they can fit into your pocket. There’s no need to worry about the scent affecting people around you – especially those sensitive to smells. It is so important to have help during this time for your physical and emotional health. Using a blend of Essential oils is like having a cheerleading team on your side, accomplishing more together than individually, supporting the immune system, emotions, digestion, hormones, respiratory system.* Evie Yang, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, can be contacted at 858-922-2964, or See ad page 9.

*Certified Clinical Aromatherapist Course ©2017, Prima Body LLC, Instructor: Denise Wickell, RA

Shen-U for Healing


hen-U is an evolving system of self-empowered healing on all levels, designed to empower each participant with the ability to recognize and more finely tune into their own selfhealing abilities. The work is based on an ancient Egyptian symbol known as the Shen Ring which represents eternal protection and the Sun as the giver of life. Each session is uniquely different just like the individual “coming to the Ring.” The initial session begins with some Source discussion and possible objectives. The process works with silence, toning, and sometimes music and visualization. The participant comes with certain “tools” that they will use and then take home to recreate the ‘healing’ experience as they learn to hear their inner healing voice. All sessions are performed on a message table and last 45 minutes to an hour. The work is designed to help you enter into the I AM that YOU ARE, where the truth of your source being and unconditional love lies. Shen-U work is not for those seeking an outside “healer” or for those who wish to relinquish to a ‘Guru’ their own powers of Self Understanding, healing, Mastery and Love. The purpose of Shen-U work is to set you free to heal yourself and others if you are so drawn. We, as an evolving spiritual race, are entering a mystical time of very rapid transition. Shen-U is designed to aid you in fine tuning yourself to be better grounded for these rapid spiritual changes and growth, and to help you develop your own path. Much of the work is based upon A Course In Miracles, which states: “When I am healed I am not healed alone. And I would bless my brothers for I would be healed with them as they are healed with me.” For details, visit


Your smile… the ultimate accessory

Dr. Cate Vieregger believes that dental health plays a SIGNIFICANT role in your overall health. A SPECIAL diagnostic appointment will help us UNDERSTAND your individual needs and desires. We will work with YOUR other holistic health partners to provide optimal care.

MERCURY FREE * LATEX FREE * SEDATION DENTISTRY * GENERAL AND COSMETIC DENTISTRY • 7400 E. Crestline Circle • Suite 230 • Greenwood Village • 303-770-1116 natural awakenings

December 2017


globalbriefs News and resources to inspire concerned citizens to work together in building a healthier, stronger society that benefits all.

New Tech May Relieve Elder Isolation

Approximately a third of those older than 65 and half of elders at least 85 live alone, as do many people with illnesses and mental disorders. All can suffer from feelings of profound loneliness. Emerging virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies provide avenues to alleviate such isolation, instilling contentment, peace of mind, enrichment, fun, a sense of companionship and contributing to physical and mental health. Instead of passively watching TV, seniors can travel virtually to World Heritage sites, revisit old haunts or even attend family events they would otherwise miss. In terms of benefits attained, VR is predicted to measurably improve seniors’ quality of life. Healthcare applications of AI and telemedicine include reminders to eat, be active or take medications, perhaps assisted by a robotic companion that can share information with practitioners, children, caregivers and emergency personnel. Social applications include helping to form and maintain social connections. It may also serve as a personal concierge by reminding seniors of appointments, playing games with them and initiating dialogue to spark outward engagement.

Animal Smarts

Eric Isselee/

Chimps, Zebrafish and Birds Communicate Like We Do Chimps, orangutans and bonobo apes are now known to be capable of understanding what others are thinking and recognize human thoughts, an ability once thought to be impossible. A team led by Christopher Krupenye, of Duke University, had apes take part in a visual experiment where they watched videos on a monitor while their gaze was being tracked. They discovered an anticipation of events that went beyond the visual cues presented. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has determined that zebrafish are social animals, similar to humans and other mammals— they form friendships, experience positive emotions and have individual personalities. The group advises people that eat fish or keep them as pets to consider the moral implications. Honey hunters in sub-Saharan Africa have a unique form of communication with honeyguide birds that fly ahead to point out beehives which the hunters raid, leaving wax for the birds to eat. A study in the journal Science reports that they listen for a specific call made by their human collaborators. Dr. Claire Spottiswoode, of the University of Cambridge, in England, and University of Cape Town, in South Africa, observes, “It seems to be a two-way conversation between our own species and a wild animal.”


Denver Mile High Edition



Robot Roomies

Tree Tally Digitalizing Data Helps Rainforest Census The Amazon rainforest is thought to harbor a greater diversity of trees than anywhere else on Earth, but the exact number has long been a mystery. In 2013, scientists estimated that the number of species was around 16,000, but no actual count had been done. In a new paper in Scientific Reports, researchers delved into museum collections from around the world to confirm the current number of tree species recorded in the Amazon and assess possibilities of those yet to be discovered. “Since 1900, between 50 and 200 new trees have been discovered in the Amazon every year,” notes Nigel Pitman, a Mellon senior conservation ecologist with the Field Museum. “Our analysis suggests that we won’t finish discovering new tree species there for three more centuries.” The study relied upon the digitization of museum collections data— photographs and digital records—of the specimens housed there and shared worldwide through aggregator sites like “It gives scientists a better sense of what’s actually growing in the Amazon Basin, aiding conservation efforts,” says Pitman.

Senior Sisterhood

New Options for Independent Co-Housing For 20 years, Maria Brenton, an outspoken proponent of older people living independently, has been campaigning and planning for the opening of a different kind of retirement home run by its residents, supporting each other through old age. She says, “Attitudes to older people in this country are out of date. Most members of the older population don’t wish to have everything done for them.” She attests that institutions and agencies dealing with older people encourage dependency and are patronizing and paternalistic. “Older people internalize it, and they learn to wait for people to do things for them,” advises Brenton. New Ground, in Barnet, North London, is the first UK cohousing development set up just for older women, with 26 women from age 50 to 87. Also in London, The Collective has created something similar with enhanced amenities such as a cinema room and a launderette with a disco ball. WeWork is an American company that has set up communal offices, and recently established WeLive, in New York City.

Aromatherapy for Health 30% off your consultation Customized for your health concerns Holistic and natural

Make Your Own! Make and Take Parties Fun with friends for only $6 ‘Enjoy your own scrub or essential oil mix at home’

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Tiny Baubles


Microplastic Mess Threatens World Oceans Scientists from the University of Hull and the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) have published research in the journal Science of the Total Environment showing levels of microplastics are five times higher in the Antarctic than previous estimates. Co-author Dr. Claire Waluda, a BAS biologist, says, “We have monitored the presence of large plastic items in Antarctica for more than 30 years. While we know that bigger pieces can be ingested by seabirds or cause entanglements in seals, the effects of microplastics on marine animals in the Southern Ocean are as yet unknown.” The tiny beads of plastic come from cosmetics or are shreddings from larger plastic items like clothing or bottles. According to United Nations sources, they may number as many as 51 trillion particles across the seafloor, throughout the oceans and on beaches worldwide. They are considered a serious threat to marine life in general. More international monitoring of the situation is needed, including a requirement for all polar research stations to provide waste treatment options. For more information, see natural awakenings

December 2017


Meet Your

Natural Match On Our Newly Upgraded Website We invite you to join and experience a truly conscious, loving, dating environment with amazing members. Winter is here; be proactive by joining today. Your natural match is waiting to meet you!

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BETTER SLEEP The Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet can be a natural solution for a truly restful night’s sleep. ology® Its Natural Frequency Technology promotes overall wellbeing.

ecotip Erase E-Waste Regift or Recycle Smart Phones When replacing holiday purchases of smartphones and other electronic devices, don’t just trash the old ones. Manufacturing electronics consumes many resources and discarded waste can leak harmful chemicals into ecosystems. There are far better ways to redirect and repurpose them. Besides trading in phones for a rebate, another good option is transferring them to an official recycling program that makes sure all components are dealt with properly. Some states offer special provisions. Check the E-Cycling Central website at Major phone makers and carriers offer recycling programs, and some retailers accept select electronic devices. Best of all, give a device a new life by gifting it. accepts obsolete personal electronic devices by mail; the donor selects a charity to receive the proceeds., and are kindred organizations. lets users find nearby charity recycling initiatives via zip code. It provides scholarships for U.S. children that have lost a parent through warfare or terrorism, feeds malnourished children in Asia, builds low-income housing and donates prepaid calling cards to military personnel. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, other unwanted electronic devices can be recycled so that incorporated copper, steel and glass can be recovered and reused. Other materials like lead (in circuit board solder, glass cathode ray tubes of many TVs and computer screens, and batteries) and mercury (in fluorescent backlights of many flat-panel screen displays) can be captured and recycled, instead of polluting the environment. Small appliances like toasters, coffee makers and clothing irons aren’t considered e-waste and generally aren’t recyclable because they are made of a mix of plastic and metal. Using them for many years helps.

Wearers have experienced:

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Discover more at

If you choose to return your Philip Stein goods, please do so within 30 days of receipt in perfect condition and in the original packaging.


Denver Mile High Edition

Sunny studio/

· Falling asleep faster · Increased quality sleep · Waking up more refreshed hed


INSPIRED LIVING Five Ways to Make the New Year Sparkle by Kelly Martinsen


nspiration may strike anywhere, at any time. The trick is nurturing the process to appear on demand when we need it most. Often, an inspiration is sparked when we perceive someone being selfless, courageous, physically extraordinary or deliciously creative. However, we don’t need to wait for outside stimulus when we can discover internal stirrings by invoking any of these selfinspiring tips.

using a journal as a blueprint to manifest the most inspired year yet. Write out plans and dreams with the steps needed to achieve them.

Volunteer – A common excuse for not volunteering is, “I don’t have the time.” Next year, make the time. When researchers at the London School of Economics examined the relationship between volunteering and happiness in a large group of American adults, they found that the more people volunteered, the happier they were.

Gratitude – This is the big one. One way to be and stay inspired is by starting off each day in a state of gratitude. Every morning before getting out of bed, think of at least three things to be grateful for. By doing this, we recognize the blessings we have and greet the day in a positive frame of mind. It’s a perfect way to end each day, too. When someone routinely inquires, “How are you?” answer, “I am grateful.” Our time on Earth is not infinite. With only so many days promised, let’s vow to live them inspired.

Journal – People often journal as a way to reflect upon their lives. This can be helpfully revealing, but rather than looking back, look forward,

Kelly Martinsen is publisher of Natural Awakenings Long Island and author of the new book A Year of Inspired Living (

Art Stocker/

Just Do It – The Nike slogan has never been more appropriate. We all have something we’ve thought about doing or trying. Whether traveling to a new location, trying a different sport, joining a new-to-us group or club, or making more friends, don’t put it off—just do it.

Defeat allodoxaphobia – It’s the fear of others’ negative opinions. Everyone suffers from this to some extent, and it can hinder us from living our best life. Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt remarked, “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”

natural awakenings

December 2017




We use microcurrent technology and other holistic techniques to re-align the foot, reduce pain, naturally straighten the big toe, dramatically decrease pain, and reduce the appearance of the bunion.

Real Patients. Actual Results. No Surgery. *RESULTS MAY VARY


Natural, Safe & Effective

CHAMPIONING HOLISTIC ATHLETES The New Face of Sports Medicine by Marlaina Donato



Best experience and results that I could have asked for. - Mary E. THESE CLAIMS HAVE NOT BEEN CLINICALLY EVALUATED BY THE FDA.

Guarantee a safe, non-invasive treatment with no downtime and a fraction of the cost of surgery!

The only patent pending non-surgical bunion treatment. • • • •

Re-align the foot Dramatically decrease Pain Naturally straighten the big toe ppp Reduce the appearance of the bunion

From college athletics to Olympic training, sports medicine has a new, holistic face.


oaches and athletes nationwide are attributing quicker recovery time, less inflammation and better focus to a whole body approach to health care. A nutrient-dense diet tailored to individual needs is at the heart of overall fitness. Like Venus Williams and Tom Brady, tennis and football superstars who prefer raw vegan and organic whole foods, respectively, many of today’s outstanding athletes choose to eat clean and incorporate mind-body practices.

Telling Triumphs

Dr. Robert Levingston, DC, FIAMA


3470 S. Sherman St. Ste 3 • Englewood, CO 80113

Call Today for your FREE Consultation. Mention this ad for 10% OFF in December! 12

Denver Mile High Edition

Paralympic snowboard cross racer gold medalist, world champion and International Ski Federation para Nordic World Cup gold medalist Evan Strong, of Nevada City, California, was raised on an organic farm in Hawaii and continues to adopt many holistic practices. “I have a superfood smoothie every day. Liquid food helps me feel lighter and I have more usable energy for training,” says Strong. His regimen also includes organic produce, sprouted grains, occasional raw goat milk products, homeopathic formulas and wildcrafted medicinal herbs.

Strong credits achieving his personal best to a healthy lifestyle and recovery from an automobile accident that led to amputation of his lower left leg as a teen. “After the accident, my family and I opened a raw vegetarian restaurant. We produced as many cultured foods as possible—sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir. Improving my gut health gave me the biggest strides in healing. Yoga and meditation also contributed. It all saved me.” Six-time Ironman triathlete, U.S. Senior Olympic gold medalist and marathoner Ruth Heidrich, Ph.D., of Honolulu, attributes surviving stage IV breast cancer primarily to her low-fat vegan diet. Already an avid runner and nutritionally conscious, Heidrich was shocked to hear the diagnosis. “I was 47 years old when I was told the results of the biopsy. I thought I was going to die because of the symptoms I was experiencing,” recalls the 82-year-old, who not only beat multiple malignancies without chemotherapy or radiation, but was the first cancer patient to complete an Ironman Triathlon. This “Ironlady’s” holistic approach in-

photo by Tesh

On the Road

Ruth Heidrich cludes a whole food, 100 percent plantbased diet, featuring oats, quinoa and brown rice. “When we give our body its proper fuel, it will function at its optimal level,” remarks Heidrich, who has dedicated her life to re-educating others about diet and investing in her ongoing athletic achievements.

Maintaining good habits while traveling can be challenging. Strong adds healthy salts to structure his drinking water and brings along superfoods such as green vegetable powders to use when he can’t access organic produce. To optimize his air quality while away from home, Strong uses a personalized air purifier that creates ozone. San Francisco-based, three-time Olympic swimming gold medalist and world champion Natalie Coughlin remains dedicated to better diet choices without deprivation. “When I travel, I always bring my own snacks. I like dark chocolate-covered almonds, a natural sweet that also supplies protein and fiber. To stay hydrated, I drink herbal teas, especially mint,” says Coughlin, who also incorporates a tart green smoothie every morning with kale, parsley, collards, celery, citrus and frozen pineapple. At home, “I like to be informed about where my meat comes from and how the conditions are for the animal. If I roast a chicken, I will use every part, including the bones, to make a stock,” she says. Her holistic approach includes

a consistent yoga regimen, meditation and application of essential oils.

High Expectations Even under the best of circumstances, professional athletes encounter difficulties, but when faced with enormous obstacles, the best can get even better. “I’ve faced injuries and illness during pivotal times in my life and career, but I always approached it with the intention to be proactive, rather than being reactive,” advises Coughlin. For Strong, confronting tragedy with the right attitude offers possibility. “Thirteen years ago, I was hit by a car and lost my leg, but now I see that moment as a blessing instead of a curse. It was a hardship that tested my limits, but in the end, it propelled me to achieving dreams I didn’t even know I had.” Nearly four decades after her grim diagnosis, Heidrich embodies hope for all of us when she says, “It is never too late to adopt a better way.” Marlaina Donato is a freelance writer, author and multimedia artist. Connect at

RECOVER FASTER from WORKOUTS and INJURY u A While Reducing INFLAMMATION H Holiday Giftt Certificate Speciall

$25 Whole Body Cryotherapy Session ($65 value!) $15 Cryotherapy Facial ($25 value!) See why professional athletes swear by Cryotherapy. A 2-3 minute session in an open chamber can burn 500-800 calories, providing a rush of energy that instantly relieves chronic pain. Most people report a better night’s sleep and a cumulative effect after several sessions.

• You’ll move freely, with less pain as swelling and inflammation are reduced • Strengthen the immune system for improved overall health • Recover quickly from intense workouts • Enjoy healthy, younger-looking skin • Burn 500-800 calories per session! • Feel vibrant and energized!

Space is limited, Reserve your spot today by Calling 303-663-6990. Learn more at natural awakenings

December 2017


Simplifying how you approach the holidays may be the greatest gift you can give yourself. Give yourself permission to do things differently. The potential of not putting so much pressure on extending yourself and your budget can significantly reduce your stress level. This approach will provide you space to engage in this time of year with more joy, freedom, clarity and also maybe save some ‘golden coins’ along the way. It will enrich your health and well-being while setting a loving foundation for the new year. ~JoAnne Palladino, Lightworker and Wayshower

Embrace the vast community of radiant beings who have descended in vibration to help at this crucial time. They are called the Elders, the Grandfathers and Grandmothers, the Masters of Wisdom, the Space Brothers, the Angelic Host and many other names. This vast inner family of ours, karmically and telepathically linked, whisper to us our potential, inspire our minds, open our hearts and guide our hands. At this joyous season of inner renewal let thoughts rest, emotions still, breath deepen and our hearts surrender to the pure Christ/Love energy that sustains and nourishes all of Cosmos. ~ Ron Liggett,

12 Happy Holiday Tips How to Really Enjoy the Season by Dianne Bischoff James


eelings of comfort and joy can seem elusive when the holiday to-do list looms or runs amok. The season can seem more like an endless burden than a parade of cheerful events and glad tidings. Amidst celebratory chaos, these simple rules will help restore inner peace and create greater happiness.


Eschew Perfection Guests are much more interested in filling their stomachs with great food than judging the scuff marks and wall dings. The perfection of the season is found in the special moments when families and friends sit down together.


Pay Attention to the Smiles The approaching holidays encourage more shared smiles, kind words and thoughtful gestures. While out and about, look for the grins and well wishes. Hold the door open for others and offer a friendly greeting to store clerks. We’ll find ourselves smiling even more, because thoughtfulness is contagious.


Do Nothing for 15 Minutes It’s amazing how refreshed we feel when we take a few minutes to sit in a comfortable chair and simply experience a moment of stillness. Inner quiet allows the mind to relax and reinvest energy in the body, so we can return to holiday activities with renewed zest.

Mark an appointment in your December calendar to sit in quiet contemplation and form your 2018 resolution, and write its benchmarks into your 2018 calendar and journal. Dedicate time on at least a weekly basis to your self-care to rejuvenate your energy and empty your mind of thoughts that are holding you back. Early in the first week of January, complete your first task toward completing your 2018 resolution with vibrant momentum. Commit to rejuvenating yourself weekly, if not daily, throughout the year and enjoy 2018 that is graceful and incredibly fulfilling! ~Debra Lin Allen, Founder/Director of Chi Wellness, The Center of Qigong 14

Denver Mile High Edition


Local Holiday Tips


Give Each Person a Special Gift Think of something thoughtful that both the giver and receiver enjoy doing together and write a promissory note for the shared experience, such as a free backrub, a day spent downtown, a personal manicure or a movie the other person wants to see.


Take Advantage of Extended Shopping Hours To avoid crowds and lines, schedule a late-night powershopping trip. This is the easiest way to manage a department store visit with sanity, have easy access to the shelves and get immediate service.


Take a Holiday Binge Day Designate a day with no limits and no self-judgment. For anyone that mentally monitors their calories or sweets, claim a binge day out loud with permission for total holiday munching freedom. The next day, we can reinstate discipline.


Sing While We Work Nothing makes meal preparation tasks go faster than crooning along to our favorite carols. Turn up Susan Boyle’s O Holy Night and soon your lungs will be full of air, your heart filled with sentiment, and the turkey stuffed with seasonal goodness will be ready to go into the oven.


Express Feelings in a Healthy Way Family gatherings can sometimes test our boundaries and patience. Avoid repressing feelings by finding a way to speak a personal truth in the moment, in a calm and healthy fashion. It’s better than returning home stewing about what we wish we could or should have said.

9 10

Assign Roles to Household Helpers The holiday load is lighter when everyone pitches in. Assign specific roles to household members with clear responsibilities, from taking out the garbage to setting the table and washing up.

Leave Some Tasks for Later It’s unrealistic to think the house has to be in perfect order after festive gatherings. After guests leave, put the leftovers in the fridge and watch a movie. Cleanup will feel easier and faster after a good night’s rest.


Express Gratitude at the Table Loving feelings can never be expressed enough, so use the holiday as an opportunity to tell others how important they are to you. Create a heartfelt moment at the table by sharing at least one thing that you’re truly grateful for, and ask everyone else to do the same.


Go Outside for Fun in Nature Hiking in a nearby forest preserve, skating, sledding or building a snow fort with the kids not only burns energy, but is emotionally exhilarating for the whole family. Pick an outdoor activity, don appropriate togs, and share in the laughter and serenity of a sparkling winter day. Dianne Bischoff James is a life transformation coach, actor, business consultant and author of The Real Brass Ring: Change Your Life Course Now. She specializes in facilitating the midlife reboot and lives in Boston, MA.

Local Holiday Tips Connect deeply with self and children in the last 20 minutes of the day. Breathe deeply together these 4 simple breaths. 1) I breathe for me. 2) I breathe for you. 3) I breathe for us and 4) I breathe for all that surrounds us. As the season gets busy with external decorations of trees, wrapping and lights, it is important that we decorate our heart on the inside too! ~Andrew Newman, Conscious Bedtime Stories

Consider giving your time and attention to those things that truly embody what the holidays are meant to celebrate. Use the holiday season and especially Winter Solstice to help stay grounded within yourself and with your world. ~Karen Stuth,

Give yourself the gift of releasing expectations. Give yourself the gift of creating a new definition for yourself of what success is. How about feeling good equals success? Make your holiday goal, your holiday expectation, to be success equals feeling good, watch how your choices change, watch how time expands for you as you focus on enjoying the experience rather than the end result of being able to check an item off your “to do” list. ~Simone St John,

Tantra opens the senses and activates our sensual nature which stimulates the energy of connection as our sensual self reaches out to touch, hold, and caress another. Sensuality can bring pleasure just as it is, or bring a deeper more intimate tone to your union. Several meditations in the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra contain meditations with touch, skin, smell, sound and other senses. Our senses are always in the very moment, anchoring our attention in the here and now. ~Judith Anne Condon, Journeys to Tantric Bliss natural awakenings

December 2017


PEACE ON EARTH by Linda Sechrist

Healing happens when we handle conflict in a healthy and transformative way. Activating Answers Participants are initiating dialogue intended to resolve conflicts and create cooperation among local factions that disagree on how to deal with everything from health care and social justice to environmental protection and climate science. Educational training materials and books are giving outdated models of conflict resolution a facelift. A Greensboro, North Carolina story about a deadly, racially-charged incident from the city’s recent past became an opportunity to re-write old scripts. According to James Lamar Gibson, a 20-something AfricanAmerican activist and core organizer for the Counter Stories Project: “We’ve been stuck in an old conversation for a couple of decades. We want to have an army of people with restorative conversation skills, so we can get past the divisiveness and imagine together a different sort of Greensboro,” he says. The project began with facilitator training, and then developed story circles in which residents were able to have the difficult discussions that don’t ordinarily take place among the police, city council, churches and social agencies.


Denver Mile High Edition

Today’s conflict resolution experts are discovering that conflict is an essential and powerful call for applying spiritual principles and exercising spiritual practices.

Provocative Questions “What if we considered conflict as a secret ally or a guidepost, showing us what really matters to us and how much we care? What if our intense emotions are sources of invincible energy, with the power to build the world we want, together? What does having conflict in a healthy and transformative way look like?” queries Ma’ikwe Ludwig, executive director of Commonomics USA, an organization which educates and advocates for a world where a commons-based economy creates economic and ecological security for all. “Conflict has the power to bring to the surface what’s really at stake and to unite people toward a common goal,” advises Ludwig. Her thoughtprovoking questions can help shift perceptions toward the idea that we need to use conflict; maybe even welcome it.

Courtney Breese, managing director for the nonprofit National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD) and her colleagues are helping by introducing people to simple dialogue and deliberation structures, processes and resources that invite meaningful and productive conversations leading to constructive civic engagement. Breese remarks, “We’re open to working with anyone interested in learning processes that can help bridge divides. We also like sharing stories about what is working.” The group’s downloadable free tools help newcomers: A beginner’s guide for exploring dialogue (; a how-to-guide for Conversation Café (CC) hosts ( ManualForConversationCafe); and the American Library Association Libraries Transforming Communities: Models for Change Project ( ltc-models). “To date, we’ve had at least 800 librarians participate in free NCDD webinars,” Breese notes. CC is a simple tool useful in exploring difficult topics and provides

Little Perfect Stock/

Compassionate Conflict Resolution

Jacob Lund/

a safe space to process different perspectives. “Initial agreement on basic rules includes suspending judgment while listening and seeking to understand others, refraining from persuading or converting and talking only from personal experience,” explains Breese.

Conflict-Free Language One new network member, J. Scott Wagner, author of The Liberal’s Guide to Conservatives, speaks about the importance of using neutral language in dialogue. “Words can be emotional triggers and signal one-sided perspectives, leaving some group members feeling angry or excluded because they feel the speaker won’t be open to hearing their perspective,” says Wagner. After three tours of the U.S. and hundreds of interviews with conservative individuals, Wagner, founder of the nonprofit Reach the Right, was inspired to use his knowledge of five arenas— neurology/cognitive psychology, personality, bias, social conformity and morality—to help progressives understand conservatives that are not only their political leaders, but also their relatives, partners, friends and managers. He offers a simple explanation for anyone drenched in inaccurate biases. “We inherit unconscious genetic personality characteristics that lead us to develop our ideology, with which we construct our world and align with others that are in agreement. Differences in our personality characteristics are the culprits that create conflict.”

Community Need Erases Enmity Drawing on 25 years of experience of enabling sworn enemies to create peace in places such as South Africa, Northern Ireland and Colombia, Adam Kahane, author of Collaborating with the Enemy: How to Work with People You Don’t Agree with or Like or Trust, shares insights into the “enemyfying syndrome” that instigates conflict.

A community is a group that can fight gracefully… Chaos is not just a state; it is an essential process of community development. ~Dr. M. Scott Peck, The Different Drum: Community Making and Peace

This habit of thinking and acting as if people we are dealing with are our enemies and the cause of our problems is all around us and dominates the media. “The enemies are always the others, ‘those people’. Enemyfying, which feels exciting and satisfying—even righteous and heroic—usually obscures, rather than clarifies, the reality of the challenges we face. It amplifies conflicts, narrows the space for problem solving and creativity, and distracts us with unrealizable dreams of decisive victory from the real work we need to do,” observes Kahane. Kahane sees the challenge of conflict becoming more acute. “People today are generally more free, individualistic and diverse, with more voice and less deference. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity are growing.” Yet, contrary to the common view, it is possible for people that hold contradictory positions to find ways to collaborate. That’s what he and 40 others representing military officers, guerrillas and paramilitaries; activists and politicians; businesspeople and trade unionists; landowners and peasants; and academics, journalists and young people, accomplished in the Destino Colombia project. They organized to contribute to ending their country’s 52-year civil war.

Motivated to Act Jonathan Bender, founder of The Performance of Your Life, a public speaking and personal development business, has been on a lifelong quest of fostering personal growth and societal transformation. His

Heart-Centered & Compassionate Spiritual Guidance Receive love, light and insight from a higher soul perspective concerning healing from grief and loss, health, career, relationships, finances, and other matters of the heart.

ELISA MALANGONE • 720-372-3927 • natural awakenings

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Join Natural Awakenings’ 2018 Healthy Living Annual Directory

Interested in advertising but don’t have a big budget? Try the Healthy Living Directory that is out all year for only $99 – a one-time payment for the entire year The Directory is distributed as the January issue, and then refreshed throughout the year with regular issues Feb – Dec until they run out (usually Oct/Nov)

therapeutic classes and workshops demonstrate how to connect, honor and deeply resonate with others, even if they have different worldviews, and how to listen and hear in the same way we want to be heard. Acknowledging the adrenaline rush that’s a common response to fear of conflict, Bender says, “When we learn to be mindful and speak from our entire body, rather than just from our head, we notice that the voice resonates and originates from a much bigger place. This teaches us to cultivate greater awareness of our emotions and how we express them. “Begin by acknowledging an emotion, and then reduce its intensity through slow, deep breaths, paying attention to the correlating physical sensation. Shifting our focus back to the heart allows us to recognize parts of ourselves in the stories of others and come to understand that our personal history is the filter through which we ‘enemyfy’,” says Bender. According to Robert Atkinson, Ph.D., author of The Story of our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness, today’s rugged individualism amid conflicts comprises a crisis of consciousness. “No longer can we settle only on seeing things in opposition to one another; we need to shift our consciousness to be able to see the parts coming together in a new whole. Accepting the oneness of humanity as a biological fact, a social necessity and a spiritual reality will lead us further along our journey toward lasting world peace.” Linda Sechrist is a senior staff writer for Natural Awakenings who blogs at

Reach a huge market: from Aurora to Evergreen – from Thornton to Castle Rock If you have a business that could benefit from inexpensive, year-long exposure, try the

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Denver Mile High Edition

Intense emotions can become sources of invincible energy with the collective power to build the world we want.

The Language of

COMPASSION by Terry Chriswell


powerful tool for peacefully resolving differences at personal, professional, and political levels, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Compassion guides us to reframe how we express ourselves and hear others. Instead of “habitual, automatic reactions,” he writes, “our words become conscious responses based firmly on an awareness of what we are perceiving, feeling, and wanting. We are led to express ourselves with honesty and clarity, while simultaneously paying others a respectful and empathic attention.” While most of us will never have the opportunity to guide warring factions abroad, most certainly we can use the insights from Rosenberg to create a more peaceful and loving home environment. NVC aims to change our patterns of blaming, judging and criticizing others to focus instead on what is being observed, felt and needed. When we spotlight our own perceptions, we mitigate resistance, defensiveness and violence. Using the four components of NVC, we learn to see clearly our own behavior, rather than point the finger at someone else. They are:

1 2 3

Observation: the concrete actions you observe that affects your well-being; Feelings: how you are feeling in relation to the observation;

Needs: accepting responsibility for what needs, values and desires create your feelings;


Requests: concrete actions you request in order to enrich your life.

One conditioned response to a situation might go like this:

needs. “The more directly we can connect our feelings to our needs, the easier it is for others to respond compassionately,” writes Rosenberg.

An example of a specific request:

“I can’t stand your smoking! You are driving me crazy. You need to quit or I’m leaving!” Instead, using the 4 components of NVC, our compassionate communication might go like this:

An example of observation without evaluation, judgement or criticism: “When I see you smoking”

An example of feelings: “I feel scared that I could lose you too soon from a smoking-related disease” Non-feeling words generally mean we are interpreting others such as: abandoned, ignored, attacked, betrayed, intimidated. Those are still pointing at what you think others are doing to you. This is not a feeling.

An example of needs: “because I want to grow old with you and continue sharing this wonderful life.” Notice instead of pointing out what’s wrong with them, you talk about your

“Would you be willing to look for different ways that might help you stop smoking?” It’s important that your request doesn’t sound like a demand, or that blame or punishment will follow if they don’t comply; your request is for a willing participant to eventually fulfill everyone’s needs. There are many more gems to be discovered in Rosenberg’s book including examples and exercises for compassionate communication, how to express anger, the cost of unexpressed feelings, and resolving internal conflicts, to name a few. While the work is not necessarily easy because it is a consciousness shift from the conditioned ways we express ourselves, it is worth the effort to allow compassion to blossom, enriching your life and those around you.

Resources for Nonviolent Communication: • Search for local practice groups • The Companion Workbook by Lucy Leu • Additional writings by Rosenberg available on • The Center for Nonviolent Communication Terry Chriswell, publisher of Natural Awakenings, can be reached at

natural awakenings

December 2017






Advanced Integrative Medicine offers a Contemporary Blend of Traditional Medicine & Complementary Therapies At AIM, you’ll enjoy a complete experience of health in a beautiful setting. Aside from our Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Osteopathic Doctors, Our Complementary team brings out the best in you with expert Nutrition, Life and Grief Counseling, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Podiatry, and Naturopathy. You’ll experience:

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AWAKE PARENTING Raising Connected, Confident Kids by Judith Fertig


ne of the greatest challenges parents face is connecting with their children in deep and meaningful ways. The aim of awakened families is to raise strong and emotionally resilient children. Parenting expert and clinical psychologist Shefali Tsabary, Ph.D., author of The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children and The Awakened Family: A Revolution in Parenting, offers mindful approaches to benefit the family—and the community. Via her practice in New York City, appearances on Oprah and online courses, Tsabary provides awareness, skills and strategies to revolutionize families. She posts videos and blogs at

How do parents know if they’re on the right track? 10455 Park Meadows Dr., Unit 102 Lone Tree, CO 80124 303.708.0246


Denver Mile High Edition

To be awakened or conscious means to realize that we carry emotional baggage and conditioning from childhood that affects our relationship with our children. Our old ways of thinking and

being from our own childhood shape the manner in which we react and interact today. Awakened parents are constantly evolving into their truest and most authentic selves. When parents undertake a daily practice of mindfulness and awareness, they begin to extricate themselves from blind reactivity to see how every problem with their children is a call to their own awakening. Parents will know they are on the right track because they will connect more with their children, empowering them to think and live autonomously—separate from a parent’s fantasies and expectations.

How can each family member connect with their true self? Parents need to understand that the path to creating a connected relationship with their children is to first create one with themselves. Realizing this, they consider their own inner growth a high priority. Children need to learn who they are and what they really enjoy. Parents can

Jack Frog/

help by allowing children to just sit by themselves. If inundated with activities and subjected to numerous lessons, how can young people hope to recognize their authentic voice amid the din of all this “doing”?

and shame my children?” In such introspection, they might discover triggers from old wounds that have nothing to do with a child’s behavior. When they can see the internal link, they can begin to make the transformations they need. As a parent, I have learned that my role is to step aside, stay in infinite possibility, heal my own wounds, fill my own bucket and let my child fly.

How do children benefit from conscious or awakened parenting? Conscious parenting mandates that we place the task of connecting with our children front and center, especially before correcting them. Admonishing and punishing them becomes secondary to the main imperative of conscious connection. It’s crucial we realize we aren’t raising a “mini-me”, but a spirit throbbing with its own signature. Thus, it’s vital to separate in our mind who we are from who each child is. Children aren’t ours to possess or own in any way. When we know this in the depths of our soul, we tailor their raising to their needs, rather than molding them to fit our needs. Children raised in this way grow up to be fearless and infinitely resilient, knowing that their purpose in life is to live in their most authentic and true

How can closer, awakened families co-create a better world via the ripple effect?

way. Conflicts decrease and conscious, connected communication increases.

What can parents do when they fall back into old patterns, shaming children or doing other things that create distance? When this happens, parents need to sit with themselves and look deeply within, asking: “What is it about me that feels the need to deride, scorn

When children grow up feeling connected with their parents and deeply seen by them, they march into the outer world feeling self-confident and aware of who they truly are, secure in their own inherent inner-connectivity. Children raised in this manner naturally help advocate for peace and harmony in all of their relationships; incidents of bullying, anxiety and discrediting one’s self and others decrease exponentially. Judith Fertig is a freelance writer from Overland Park, KS (

natural awakenings

December 2017


PETS ¤ MUSIC Each Species Grooves to Its Own Beat by Sandra Murphy

He could tell by the way animals walked that they were keeping time to some kind of music. Maybe it was the song in their own hearts that they walked to. ~Laura Adams Armer


ust as dogs’ and cats’ noses are more efficient than ours, they also have better hearing, reacting to a broader and higher range of frequencies and vibrations. “We sense our world from where our ears are. Our plane is generally five to six feet high; animals closer to the ground hear things differently,” says Janet Marlow, founder and CEO of Pet Acoustics, in Washington Depot, Connecticut. The internationally renowned musician, composer and sound behaviorist has invented species-specific music based on her 30 years of research. Humans hear up to 23,000 Hertz (Hz), which differs substantially from that of many other creatures ( A Hertz is a standard unit of frequency set at one cycle per second.

Horses Hear Up to 33,500 Hz Marlow found that horses prefer rhythmic pieces matching their natural movements. “When a Tennessee walking horse breeder played music during a birth, the foal and mother recovered faster than usual.” After that, “The horses ran to the barn upon hearing the same music.” Sally Morgan, a physical therapist and advanced certified Tellington TTouch practitioner in Northampton, Massachusetts, who has enjoyed freestyle performance riding, says, “I liked to play our songs in the barn. Five CD players can keep horses relaxed most of the day. They don’t like countrywestern music; it’s often sad and in


Denver Mile High Edition

the wrong cadence. Classical music like Bach is calming. When I played Pachelbel’s Canon in D on my flute, my Morgan gelding, Ten Penny Moonshine, listened for hours.”

Rabbits Hear Up to 42,000 Hz “Rescued rabbits like long tones, common in music accompanying yoga or reiki,” Morgan relates. “Long tones hold a chord with layers of notes on top.”

Dogs Hear Up to 45,000 Hz “People hear in stereo, animals in mono,” says Marlow. It’s why dogs tilt their heads left to right—to allow more sound waves into their ears—collecting information from various angles. Sound frequency and intensity keeps an animal alive in nature; they learn to flee in another direction, not analyze. Separation anxiety is often due to a sound the dog doesn’t recognize, Marlow explains. Sound triggers behavior, whether good or bad, as dogs relax or are stressed. Music releases tension from their being ever-vigilant as seen in their posture. To understand what a dog hears, sit or crawl on the floor. Electronic speakers are usually positioned at heights conducive for our ears, not theirs. “For the holidays, my dogs and horses like We Three Kings, The Holly and the Ivy and especially Greensleeves for their baroque roots and repeating patterns,” notes Morgan.

Cats Hear Up to 64,000 Hz Marlow credits her cat, Osborn, with inspiring her interest in music for animals. When Osborn was injured, she visited the veterinary hospital and sang to him to keep him calm. Her home state’s Litchfield Veterinary Hospital became her initial testing ground for species-specific music. “We use Pet Acoustics music boxes in the cat ward, recovery rooms and exam rooms,” says Heather Florkowski, a certified technician at the facility. “In our experience, stress inhibits the healing process. Like people, animals are anxious when ill and visiting the doctor’s office. Music helps ease their stress. At

Makushin Alexey/


Roman Pyshchyk/

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home, when I move the music box to another room, my dog follows it.� “During a TTouch session, cats are completely relaxed when I play New Age music for them,� says Morgan. “Pick music that fits the cat’s personality. You can tell what they like from their body language; it’s not always what you’d expect.�

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1. 2. 3. 4.

Aquarium Fish Hear Up to 3,000 Hz “Fish are frantic animals that must always anticipate their next meal,� says Sam Williamson, a former marine biologist in Edinburgh, Scotland. “When I started playing classical music at feeding time, I noticed my three betas became calmer. A piece by Benjamin Britten, started two minutes before feeding, led to them expect food only when the music played.�

Domesticated Birds Hear Up to 8,500 Hz In the wild, birds are part of a flock. At home, they’re often solitary. “Birds are the most musical and communicative of all animals,� remarks Marlow. “Without companionship, birds can get neurotic and pull their feathers out. Provide a sense of the outdoors by including nature sounds in played music.� “Animals need us to be aware of their hearing,� Marlow advises. “Holistic pet people have addressed improved diet and medical procedures. Understanding how music supports their well-being also enables us to better care for them.� Connect with Sandra Murphy at

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6th Annual Healthy Living Directory

Healthy Food Issue


Lynne McTaggart on the

Denver Mile High Edition

by April Thompson


hirty years ago, speaker, author and journalist Lynne McTaggart recovered from an illness using alternative approaches to health. Since then, she’s been exploring the frontiers of healing through consciousness and alternative medicine. In the 1990s, McTaggart, who lives in London, started a newsletter called What Doctors Don’t Tell You, now an international magazine and popular platform at that cites thousands of resources showing what works and doesn’t work in conventional and alternative medicine and how to beat chronic conditions naturally. McTaggart’s seven books include The Intention Experiment, The Field, The Bond and most recently, The Power of Eight. Her latest work examines the transformative power of small groups of people sending thoughts together for a common goal.

Can you summarize the results of your experiments of healing through collective intentions? We’ve done hundreds of experiments using small and large groups; 30 were tightly controlled scientific studies conducted in conjunction with researchers at institutions such as the University of Arizona, University of California and Penn State University. The experiments have involved all kinds of intentions, ranging from the relatively simple to the impossibly complex. The largescale intention experiments involved upwards of 25,000 participants remotely logging onto a website to view photos of the targets, sometimes 8,000 miles away, and sending them

a well-defined intention, like changing the pH balance of water or healing a war veteran of post-traumatic stress disorder. To date, 26 of those 30 experiments resulted in positive, measurable, mainly scientifically significant effects. We’ve seen the pH of water change by a full pH number and seen seeds grow twice as much as control seeds.

We also conducted three peace intention experiments with interesting results: After our eight-day intention for Sri Lanka during its civil war, violence levels fell; the government had won several decisive battles that week; and within a few months that 25-year war was over. We can’t say with certainty that we had a hand in this, but our other peace experiments showed similar results. If it happens a few more times, that becomes compelling.

What conditions were the most conducive to manifesting positive results? Was it intention, the power of the group or altruism? I think it’s a little of all of these. We’ve found that larger groups do not have a larger effect, which brought about the “power of eight” concept. I’ve discovered all that’s needed is a group, whether it’s eight or 8,000. In a group, we seem to lose our sense of individuality and separation from the world. We experience an overwhelming sense of oneness with the other intenders, which may be why our influence then becomes more powerful.

How did the act of sending positive intentions affect the senders? I was most surprised by the rebound effects reported by participants, whom I starting surveying after the Sri Lankan peace experiment. Thousands of extraordinary comments related not only how participants felt during the activity, but also afterwards; they were experiencing major shifts in their relationships, health, careers and well-being. All they had done was sit individually in front of their computer holding an intention, yet they experienced the altered and mystical states of consciousness described by psychologist Abraham Maslow as “peak experiences”. Life University, a large chiropractic university in Atlanta, worked with us to study the brainwaves of participants in six “power of eight” groups and found that senders had decreased activity in their frontal and parietal lobes, which govern the sense of self. It was like the boundaries between participants were dissolving into a state of oneness. To me, this partly explained the sense of oneness, compassion and love they

experienced. Andrew Newberg, director of research at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, in Philadelphia, recorded similar effects in Sufi masters, and nuns and monks engaged in prayer and meditation, but only after years of learning certain techniques. My participants, all novices, were primed only by watching a 13-minute YouTube video of me explaining how to send intention in a group. Group intention appears to be a fast-track to the miraculous—no experience necessary.

Why does “groupthink” have such a powerful, multiplicative effect? I think a huge part of it has to do with the power of getting off of yourself and setting an intention for someone else. Another is the connection created in a group. When we engage together in an activity like praying or setting altruistic intentions, we create a powerful virtual circle that proves healing to both the receivers and senders. Connect with April Thompson, in Washington, D.C., at

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Denver Mile High Edition

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Making the Holidays Your Own–5:30-7pm, part 2 on 12/13, via phone. Reset and refresh the holidays with your own traditions and unique form of celebration. Sexual Vitality thru Nature’s Wisdom with Brigette Mars–7-10pm. Explore Sexual Nutrition, Herbal Aphrodisiacs, Supplements to increase libido and resolve sexual concerns, Feng Shui for the bedroom to enhance sexual health. Incl Refreshments, Socializing. $35. Osho Leela,1025 Rosewood Dr. 106, Boulder. Judith Anne Condon, 303-630-9479,

FRI DEC 8 Trance Medium Healings–2nd & 4th Fridays. Receive a channeled healing from our post graduate students. Come with a healing intention and release pain, mental blocks, and spiritual imbalances. Offered in-person & over-the-phone.



FRI DEC 15 Monthly Mini Readings–7:30-9pm. Drop-in for a 15-minute reading for $15. Ask questions about your life and get answers! Offered on the 3rd Friday of every month.

SAT DEC 16 $50 off session for first 6 people--this weekend only! Simone connects with her Spirt Guides to give you clarity on your life path. Limited Space – RSVP today. Visit for testimonials/more info. to claim weekend discount. Pet Readings–2pm via phone. Improve your relationship with your companion animal! Clarify relational dynamics and negotiate issues. All species welcome.

SUN DEC 17 $50 off session for first 6 people--this weekend only! Simone connects with her Spirt Guides to give you clarity on your life path. Limited Space – RSVP today. Visit for testimonials/ more info. to claim weekend discount.


Merry Christmas TUES DEC 26 Guided Meditation; Creating Your New Year–78pm. Start the year off right by taking time for YOU. Let go of 2017 as well as taking the time to set your intentions YOU desire for your 2018. Pre-pay $20, $25/Door Journey Within; 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino, 720-413-7303, or

THURS DEC 28 Guided Meditation; Creating Your New Year–78pm. Start the year off right by taking time for YOU. Let go of 2017 as well as taking the time to set your intentions YOU desire for your 2018. Pre-pay $20, $25/Door. Journey Within; 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino, 720-413-7303, or


ongoing sundays North Boulder Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Lon 303-746-7118

tuesdays Lavender-Eucalyptus-Peppermint Holiday Helper Personal Inhaler Party–7:30-9:30pm. Learn how fast and easy it is to make this ultra-convenient inhaler (fits in your pocket). It promotes relaxation, boosts your immune system, supports your emotions, and supports your energy levels. $6. Refreshments/snacks incl. In Littleton. RSVP Evie Yang or 858-922-2964. Wheatridge Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Tim 303-239-8101 Psychic Readings–7-8:30pm by appt/also on Thursdays. Learn about your soul essence, past lives, and aura. Ask questions about relationships, career, money, and health. Free. 1332 Pearl St. Boulder. 303-530-0920.

wednesdays Energy Healings/Aura Clearing/Chakra Balancing–6-7pm. A healing is an energy clearing, release negative energy blocking growth and create the life you desire. $5/healing. Free for first timers. Journey Within; 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino 720-413-7303

thursdays House Healings–7-8:30pm. Got ghosts? Sleepless nights? Consistent household conflict? House healings are great in times of transition! in Boulder or over-the-phone.

The Way Of Mastery Practice Group–6:308pm. Study the channeled words of Jesus offering self-healing teachings that evoke complete, unconditional love and self-acceptance. $25 dropin; $120/6 Sessions. Coly Vulpiani, Facilitator. 700 E 9th Ave, #9, Denver. RSVP 303-476-8402 or Longmont Spiritual Transformation with Transmission Meditation–7pm. Join us for a group meditation that is a stimulus to our individual development and also a potent form of world service. Free. Connie 303-834-0526

saturdays Citrus Rosemary Sugar Scrub Party–1-3pm. Oh So Soft Skin-finally-after creating this! Get my secret recipe and make with your friends. Bonus! Invaluable tips on essential oils from a Certified Aromatherapist. $6. Refreshments/ snacks incl. In Littleton. RSVP Evie Yang 858922-2964 or Qigong Movement–1-2:30pm. Meditative “Stillness within Movement” in this fun group experience increases flexibility, strength, endurance, mental focus and calm. Suitable for folks healing in physical considerations as well as agile athletes who seek internal fortitude. $20/drop-in or $90/6 classes. Chi Wellness, Denver. Debra Lin Allen 720-427-0406 Tai Chi + Push Hands–2:45-4pm. Physical and energetic health strengthen, develop keen sensitivity to yin-yang shifting to eliminate obstructions to the natural flow of life’s essence. $20/drop-in or $90/6 classes. Chi Wellness, Denver. Debra Lin Allen 720-427-0406 Olympic Fencing for Chi Fitness–4-5:30pm. Olympic Foil, Saber and Epee skills and techniques heighten the pace of qigong exercise into spontaneity, mental flexibility, chi and physical endurance. $50 drop-in or $120/3 classes. Chi Wellness, Denver. Debra Lin Allen 720-427-0406

INTUITIVE DIAGNOSTICS AND HEALING INFORMATIONAL MEETING DECEMBER 7; WORKSHOP DECEMBER 8-10 Discover the art of Intuitive Diagnostics and Healing by Uwe Albrecht, M.D., a man who works beyond time and space. It is now possible for those who are taking charge of their well-being to understand their own human potential. Individuals and providers alike will learn how to work on all levels: structure to soul. You will walk away understanding how to discover and diagnose accurately without using devices; and treat without medications, using information, frequencies and sounds. Free Informational Meeting, December 7th, 7pm, 1776 S. Jackson Street, Denver, in Conference Room B. Workshop follows, December 8-10, 9am-8pm, same location, $700. For full story, see or contact



TUESDAY DEC. 12TH @ 7PM Elisa invites Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton into the studio to share the story behind her exciting new book “The Hand II” and her Spiritual Tea Line through Wystone Teas. In addition, both Lynn and Elisa will team together to deliver divine messages to the audience. $32. For more info, please visit to register.

NURTURING HEALTH, JOY AND LIFE BALANCE Qigong Movement Saturdays 1:00-2:30 Taiji-Playful Push Hands Saturdays 2:45-4:00 Olympic Fencing for Qi Fitness Saturdays 4-5:30 Beginning the Qigong Lifestyle Tuesdays 6-8 pm starƟng January 16 More classes/register at 720.427.0406 • Medical Qigong by Appointment with Debra Lin Allen, Founder/Director • 4155 East Jewell Ave. • Suite 105 • Glendale/Denver • 720-427-0406 natural awakenings

December 2017


Publish One of the Nation’s Leading Healthy Living Magazines Natural Awakenings0DJD]LQH


Spry Living – 8,907,303 Shape – 2,521,203 Men’s Health – 1,852,715 Prevention – 1,539,872

5. Natural Awakenings – 1,536,365 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Women’s Health – 1,511,791 Weight Watchers Magazine – 1,126,168 Dr. Oz The Good Life – 870,524 Vim & Vigor – 789,000 Experience Life – 700,000

Cision® is the world’s leading source of media research. For more information, visit or follow @Cision on Twitter.


)RUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQYLVLW1DWXUDO$ZDNHQLQJV)UDQFKLVHFRP or call 239-530-1377 *Natural Awakenings recently received the prestigious FBR50 Franchise Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review.

Contact us about acquiring an existing publication FOR SALE highlighted in RED* Natural Awakenings publishes in over 80 markets across the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic (listed below). Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021; Â&#x2021;


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6WDUWDPDJD]LQHLQDQ 23(17(55,725< Â&#x2021; /RV$QJHOHV&$ Â&#x2021; 6DFUDPHQWR&$ Â&#x2021; 6DQ)UDQFLVFR&$ Â&#x2021; 6DQWD%DUEDUD9HQWXUD&$ Â&#x2021; 6DQWD&ODUD&R&$ Â&#x2021; 6RXWKHUQ0$ Â&#x2021; $QQDSROLV0' Â&#x2021; %DOWLPRUH0' Â&#x2021; .DQVDV&LW\02 Â&#x2021; 6DLQW/RXLV02 Â&#x2021; %URQ[1< Â&#x2021; %URRNO\Q6WDWHQ,VODQG1< Â&#x2021; &LQFLQQDWL2+ Â&#x2021; &OHYHODQG2+ Â&#x2021; 3LWWVEXUJK3$ Â&#x2021; 1DVKYLOOH71 Â&#x2021; )W:RUWK7; Â&#x2021; 6DOW/DNH&LW\87 ,QTXLUHDERXWRWKHURSHQDUHDV

classifieds BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Looking for a way to bring in extra money but don’t want to get “another job”? Need something flexible to fit it into your life? What if you could transform your health and your wealth in the next 90 days by partnering with us? What if you could work a handful of hours each week and bring in a nice side income? We are looking for people who want the above and want to make a difference in the world while having FUN! WHAT IF YOU COULD? Please call for more info @ 303.903.8248

HEALTHY PRODUCTS/SERVICES SHEN-U: Self Empowered Healing. Spirit Guide Life Coaching: Thirsting for Clarity? Simone connects with her spirit guides to receive information that can shift your perspective, uncover gifts, give direction and increase clarity as you move toward living your life with greater authenticity. or call (720) 507-4440. 90 Minute Massage $65: Relax & unwind @ Northern Lights Massage Therapy! Intro special for new clients. Mon-Sat in Wheat Ridge. Call Angie 303-475-6937 Allergy Testing for Foods and Supplements: Using FDA registered Biofeedback testing. 160+ foods tested with immediate color results. See what foods and/or supplements may be causing you bloating, gas, fatigue, brain fog etc. $185. Call Trish Watson, CNC 303-257-0058

$30 Off Initial Healing Session: Reiki, vibrational healing & intuitive reading. In person or phone. 700 E. Ninth Ave., Suite 9, Denver. JoAnne Palladino, Reiki Master-Teacher, Channel & Intuitive. 303-263-0679 or Remove Toxic Amalgam (Silver) Fillings: Denver’s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offers mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. SOUTH LAKEWOOD DENTAL, Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician, 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood, 303-988-4338. $20 OFF Initial Therapeutic Massage or Energy Healing Session: Mon/Wed/Thur in Littleton. 25 years experience. Call Lisa 720-5892746 or Visit:



JOBS AVAILABLE Earn Extra Spending $$ as a Distribution Driver for Highlands Ranch/GV/Lone Tree & Castle Rock Areas: Natural Awakenings is looking for a reliable, conscientious, honest delivery driver with a good driving record and car, who lives in the area. Must have own insurance; basic ability to work with Excel/email; be available for a day or three between the 25th-1st; ability to take on side jobs for extra $$ on same route. No phone calls please. Email with your qualifications.


looking ahead 2017 & 2018 JAN 16

Dog Trainer Program–18 wk program. Become knowledgeable about, receive hands-on experience, instructing Obedience and Good Manners based on behavior science with effective, forcefree, positive techniques. In Lakewood. $800 Jan 6 or before; $850 after. Email for application

Beginning the Qigong Lifestyle–Tuesdays, 6-8 pm. 9 wkly workshops. Build a heart-centered, intentional practice in the wholeness of proper qigong self-care, inner alchemy and chi nutrition. Eliminate stress’s harmful impact on health, reverse aging and thrive in vibrant health and joy in daily living! Primarily for self-care, also one of two prerequisites for Professional Medical Qigong Practitioner training in mid-Oct. $495. Chi Wellness, Denver. Debra Lin Allen 720-427-0406,,

Self Healing 101–Learn how to meditate and heal yourself with easy to use visualization techniques. Free. Offered in-person & over-thephone!

JAN 11 Tele-Class Meditation for Beginners 5-Weeks–7-9pm. From the comfort from your home learn a Meditation that can transformation your life and create change. Meet your Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide. Let go of negativity and make room for the positive. Feel your health improve. Early $210, Reg $225. Journey Within; 777 S Wadsworth Blvd Bldg 2 #108, Lakewood. Anita Destino, 720413-7303, or

Be found in the 2018 Healthy He ealth thy y Living Livi Li ving ng Directory. This issue will be distributed year-round and kept for reference.



Living Couragerously plus: Meditation Styles Our Readers are Seeking: Personal Development & Meditation Providers & Services

Ethnic Cuisine



Healthy Living Directory


plus: Super Spices

Our Readers are Seeking: Culturally Diverse Foods & Exotic Spice Providers & Services

FEB 10 & 11 Basic Animal Reiki Certification–9am-5pm. 3-part series for Basic, Advanced, Master throughout 2018. Experience the world from the animal’s perspective. Attendees will learn Reiki practices and much more. We address behavior, emotions, physiology, and psychology. In Lakewood. RSVP/info

FEB 11 The Law of Energy: One Mind, One Vibration–1:304pm. If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration. Hear & see more from MUFON representative Katie. Donation, open to public. City Hall 6060 S. Quebec St. Greenwood Village. Denver Near Death Studies.

To advertise or participate in our next issue, call 303-770-1981

natural awakenings

December 2017


yourlocalresources ACUPUNCTURE




Leilani Houston, MSTCM, L.Ac. 8906 W Bowles Ave, Ste 110, Littleton 303-736-9117 Leilani loves to help you find health and happiness in your life. She does this with Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Reiki, Theta Healing, and Dream Interpretation. She believes that meditation is a key to a less stressful and less painful life, and is now offering meditation classes.

Debra Lin Allen, Founder/Director 720-427-0406 Thrive in balance and flexibility in body and life, physical vigor and health, spontaneity and inner peace through chi cultivation, care and practice with Debra Lin Allen. Medical Qigong and Qigong Lifestyle Coaching by private appointment. Group qigong self-care classes throughout the week. Professional certification programs to teach qigong and do medical qigong therapy also available. Your prosperous life awaits you, call today! See ad page 27.


Two Locations!

HINSDALE AUTOMOTIVE 15455 E Hinsdale Dr., Centennial 303-617-0152 /


DC AUTO in Morrison

7401 West 59th Ave., Arvada 303-731-6695 / Discover a life of passion, purpose and contribution. Journeys for Conscious Living is an organization leading the world in conscious living, hosting world class events, speakers and event center (space rental) to empower people to create thoughtful changes in living their lives every day, thus creating the space and energy to stay centered and expand the community. See ad page 17.

303-801-1959 / Professional Mechanics, Not Professional Prices! Owner Darrell Weddell’s motto is to take care of your problem, educate you to make an informed decision, and to advise on future repairs and maintenance. Whether it’s major or minor issues, your electrical system, or a combination of mechanical problems, Darrell’s team has the experience and know-how to diagnose and accurately repair your vehicle.

Denver Mile High Edition

SOULBASE COUNSELING Jeremy Scott Lambert 425 South Cherry St, Ste. 900, Denver 720-306-9170 Are you ready for change? Cultivate awareness, healing and deep lasting change through a holistic and mindful approach to counseling-in an environment of safety, trust, and non-judgement. I work with individuals and couples from a holistic space with a foundation rooted in growth and purpose. Come in for a FREE, no pressure, 30-minute-consultation to discover how we can best work together.





Conscious Relationship/Tantra Coach 1025 Rosewood Ave, Ste 106, Boulder 303-630-9479 / I am dedicated to Conscious Relationship & Tantra. Tantra. It’s a path of meditation…what sets it apart from other ‘paths’ is that it looks to the wisdom of the body & the senses as a means to becoming more present & alive in every aspect of our lives. Our bodies have a deep wisdom that modern life often ignores. Sessions include bioenergetics, breathe practices, meditation & more. There is no nudity or sexual contact. Individuals & couples may explore issues such as Tantric Lovemaking & Spirituality; Tools for Initiating & Deepening Intimacy; Support in the Awakening Process; Men, Women’s & Teens Empowerment.

yourlocalresources COUNSELING RENEE ELLIS, MA LPCC RMT Psychotherapy, Intuitive-Focused Counseling, Past Life Therapy, Energy Healing, Classes 1211 S Parker Road, Suite 103, Denver 720-984-9575 / Live your knowing counseling helps you gracefully bring wisdom to life. Find your way through grief and loss, discover your path and purpose, resolve relationship challenges, ease depression and anxiety, befriend intuition, thrive as a highly sensitive person, and enjoy personal and spiritual growth. Experience a unique blend of traditional psychotherapy, intuitive-focused counseling and support, past life therapy without hypnosis, energy healing and personalized Bach Flower Essence formulas. Individual sessions, programs, and classes in a relaxing, supportive and nonjudgmental setting. Gain clarity, confidence and more joyful life. Get started today with a phone or in-person complimentary consultation.

EMBODY YOUR LIFE, LLC Inge Sengelmann, LCSW, SEP, RYT 607 10th Street, Suite 109, Golden 305-788-6857 Break through the limits of talk therapy with body-mind-spirit integration strategies to help you tap into limitless wellbeing. Healing is more than reducing symptoms. Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Somatic Experiencing® & ParaYoga® combined can empower you to thrive by rewiring unhelpful nervous system patterns and amplifying your healing potential.


VIBRANCE DENTISTRY Dr. Cate Vieregger 7400 E Crestline Circle, Ste 230, Greenwood Village 303-770-1116 Whether your goal is to encourage a healthy attitude towards oral health in your children or ease your own anxiety about dental procedures, our friendly staff and relaxing atmosphere will change the way you approach dental care. Our state-of-the-art equipment and spa-like amenities allow us to offer services that transcend traditional dentistry and promote whole-body wellness. See ad page 7.

Marie Adams EEM-AP, CHT, PT Littleton office: 679 W Littleton Blvd. #205 303-668-0299 / Individual sessions using a combination of different techniques such as Eden Energy Medicine (EEM), Hypnotherapy, EFT (meridian tapping), and Matrix Reimprinting will facilitate deep healing at the physical, emotional, mental and/ or spiritual levels of your being to create that permanent change in your life. You will leave the sessions with tools that you can use at home to continue the healing work and progress towards a better you. Ongoing classes in EEM for increased Joy, Health and Vitality! Free 20-minute phone or Skype consultation.

ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH ENERGY HEALING/ MEDITATION JOURNEY WITHIN Anita Destino 777 S Wadsworth Blvd. Bldg 2-108, Lakewood 720-413-7303 / A safe place for people interested in creating change in their lives, Journey Within helps you focus on spiritual growth, developing your intuition and personal development. Give to yourself with Energy Healings, Angel Healings, Guided Meditations, Meditation Classes, Workshops and Intuitive Readings/Healings. Join us for Aura Clearing and Chakra Balancing every Wednesday from 6-7 pm, open to everyone. $5 per person. Free to first time visitors.

EVERYDAY WHOLE HEALTH AND HOME Tina Atchley 303-910-4593 Create a home and work environment that energetically supports your health and well-being. Disturbances in the earth’s natural flow of energy caused by cell phone towers, electromagnetic energy, underground water and the like, create stress in our environment that affects us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Neutralize geopathic stress energy, cure negative vortexes, release karma lines, space clearing and more. Heal your home/work space for harmony in relationships, better sleep, enhanced creativity, improved health and more. Free 15-minute consultation.

DENTIST SOUTH LAKEWOOD DENTAL Scott Stewart, DDS & Naturopathic Physician 2525 S Wadsworth Blvd, Ste 11, Lakewood 303-988-4338 Denver’s first holistic, naturopathic dentist offering mercury free AND mercury safe amalgam (silver filling) removal. Holistic-minded individuals should consider the safe removal and handling of any silver fillings. We offer a bio-compatibility test to decide which replacement material is best for you. Financing available. 20% off new patient exam and x-rays when you mention Natural Awakenings. See ad page 6. natural awakenings

December 2017


yourlocalresources FAMILY PRACTICE/ HEALTHY AGING CLEAR SKY MEDICAL Katia Meier, MD 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 / Feel and look your best at any age with Katia Meier, MD, Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine, Specialty trained in Bio-identical Hormone Therapy, Holistic and Naturopathic medicine in Europe and certified in laser and injectable aesthetic dermatology. Specializing in whole body health with customized approaches. All ages; most insurance welcome. Set up your appointment today. See ad page 2.

HEALING JOANNE PALLADINO 303-263-0679 / FREE MEDITATIONS! Receive free audio meditations and/or blessings each month when you sign up. Shop handmade, one-of-a-kind mala beads and bracelets, forgiveness practice beads, sacred essential oils such as “Christ Scent,” “Love” and more. A meaningful intuitive reading helps expand perspective; Shmaya, a channeled vibrational language of light presence, attunes you to a love frequency; Reiki energy healing dissolves blocks. In-person or by phone. In Denver. Info/ RSVP

HYPNOTHERAPY SEEDS OF SATYA Kari L. Rivers Geurts BSN, CHT Depth Hypnosis Practitioner 303-489-3068 / At Seeds of Satya you are the healer willing to go into the heavier spaces of consciousness that need to be energetically transmuted, opening you to receive esoteric truths that release you into a new way of being and coping. Kari guides you to plant seeds of truth using Regression Therapy, Energy Medicine and Shamanic Counseling. Whether you are navigating trauma, life transitions, or spiritual growth, Seeds of Satya is here to help you come into greater harmony and peace.



CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier. Board Certified in Anti-Aging Medicine and specialty trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and Functional Medicine. See full listing under PHYSICAN or see ad page 2.


CLEAR SKY MEDICAL with Dr. Katia Meier and staff offer Certified Nutrition therapists, specializing in the food-brain connection, nutrition for cancer prevention, autoimmune diseases, food sensitivities/allergies, elimination diets and medically supervised weight loss.. See full listing under PHYSICAN or see ad page 2.


ELISA MALANGONE 720-372-3927 / Searching for passion and insight to your life purpose? Connect to your unique insight and higher soul perspective for guidance concerning healing from grief and loss, health, career, relationships, finances, and other matters of the heart. Elisa combines authentic mediumship abilities and intuitive coaching by connecting to spiritual guidance to assist you in tapping into your higher wisdom and best self. Live, phone or virtual readings & events. Call or see website for more details. See ad, page 17.


CLEAR SKY MEDICAL Dr. Katia Meier 9085 E Mineral Circle, #260, Centennial 303-790-7860 / Feel and look your best with Dr Katia Meier, Board Certified Holistic MD specializing in whole body health for children and adults. Customized approaches to Healthy Aging, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, Nutritional Analysis and therapy, medical aesthetics and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments, Homeopathy, Herbology, Naturopathic Medicine, Personalized Detoxification Program, Medical Weight Loss for men and women. Make your appointment today. See ad page 2.


Donald W. Kipp, Founder 303-697-4923 NER helps people be Healthier, Decrease Pain, and Increase Peak-Performance ...In Seconds! Control systems, not force are used to painlessly and quickly realign and rebalance the entire body. This releases whole-being patterns causing seemingly unrelated symptoms (such as back pain, headaches, indigestion, brainfog and asthma). NER predicts and prevents injuries, degenerative changes, and dis-ease. Call now for optimal health and performance.

Simone St. John 720-507-4440 Thirsting for Clarity? Simone connects with her Spirt Guides to receive information that can shift your perspective, uncover gifts, give direction and increase clarity as you move toward living your life with greater authenticity. “Simone’s Spirit Guides pinpointed the road blocks I put on myself that have kept me in a holding pattern. Her Spirit Guides gave me enlightenment and empowerment to start fresh with intention and purpose.” -Octavia M.

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. ~Oprah Winfrey

December 2017 Mile High Natural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving the Front Range from Aurora to Evergreen - from Castle Rock to...

December 2017 Mile High Natural Awakenings  

Mile High Natural Awakenings is a locally-owned, monthly publication, serving the Front Range from Aurora to Evergreen - from Castle Rock to...