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HISTORY DOS EQUIS® beer was born in 1897 in Veracruz, Mexico. It was developed to celebrate the arrival of the 20th century. On our label you’ll find two unusual symbols: two large X’s and a face. The XX is actually our name and the face belongs to Moctezuma, the 16th century Aztec ruler, who was conquered by Hernán Cortés. The two symbols together serve to remind us of both our tradition and a change to a modern world.

TARGET For males LDA-34 DOS EQUIS® is the premium beer for those who want to live a more interesting life.

LIQUID PROFILE DOS EQUIS® Lager is a very refreshing, golden aromatic pilsner-style lager. A true Mexican work of art. - 4.5% alcohol (Aprox.) - 10 International Bitterness Units - 140 Calories / 12oz (Aprox.)

CONSUMPTION CONTEXT Sharing time with friends mainly at bars with an stylish and accessible atmosphere.

DID YOU KNOW? DOS EQUIS® (pronounced Dohs-Eh-Keys) was originally called Siglo XX to commemorate the approaching “20th Century”. The XX’s are Roman numerals, representing the number twenty. DOS EQUIS® is Spanish for “two X’s.” “*ASK TO OUR SALES REPRESENTATIVE FOR DOS EQUIS LAGER® SKUS AVAILABLE FOR YOUR COUNTRY” Enjoy DOS EQUIS LAGER® Responsibly


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