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FEATURES HIRING DILEMMA There is an obvious and significant hiring shortage across the county, and especially in the service industry.



VOYAGER PROGRAM Affective needs center-based program that serves students in special education who require interventions for emotional and social needs.




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17051 E Lincoln Ave, Unit G • Parker, CO 80134




Halloween Porch Parade The Town got a little scarier as neighbors decorated for Halloween and voted on the best house!! Winners were announced Tuesday, Nov. 2nd on Facebook.

State Champions

Flat Acres Farm Fire

Congratulations, Legend High School, on your 5A State Softball Championship! Legend was dominant in the title game, shutting out Columbine 8 - 0 to win the championship. The ladies finished the season with a 25 - 4 record.

South Metro Fire Rescue responded to a reported brush fire at Flat Acres Farm in Parker. The fire destroyed the Fright Acres haunted house on Dransfeldt Road, but no one was inside during the fire.

PACE Celebrates 10 years

Downtown Circulation Improvements Project

PACE marked it's 10th Anniversary with a week of celebration! 10 events in 10 days. Here's to another decade of shows, classes, and more at PACE!

Work began downtown and includes lighting, sidewalk and roadway to improve pedestrian safety, and a new traffic signal (Mainstreet/Victorian Drive). Project completion set for spring 2022.



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Employee Shortages Two-thirds of local businesses are struggling to hire

Businesses around town want to hire but face a similar dilemma: attracting workers. Many local businesses have been hit hard since the spring of 2020 because of COVID-19 shutdowns, but as their doors finally reopened, some now find they don’t have enough help to stay open. With businesses like Walmart and McDonald's closing early because of staffing shortages, what chances do small business owners have? "During the pandemic we did everything we could to keep our employees employed," said Molly Velez, owner of The Chicken Shack. "It was so uncertain as to what was happening. Our staff still has bills to pay, so we moved hours around and made it work the best we could, given the uncharted territory we were in. Not all businesses were able to keep their employees as we know. A lot of people who were furloughed decided to go back to school, pursue a different career path, move out of state, or simply take the unemployment. So now we are left with a smaller pool of candidates." Some small businesses have had good, long-time employees walk off the job because they are overworked and overwhelmed from not enough help.

Myndi Mathwin has been a manager for a large pizza chain in Douglas County since 2006 and has never experienced the kind of employee shortage she sees now. In her current position as Disrtict Manager, she has seen the dilema first hand and shared with us. "This year nothing has been as expected with our staffing. Really, nothing has been as expected since the start of the pandemic. First, it’s important that you understand that our company has service goals that are set very high. We believe that if we can get a quality product at a great value to our customers in under 25 minutes, we will be providing the kind of service that will impress them and keep them coming back again and again. For my entire career we have been achieving these goals and our customers have noticed. They have come to expect that we will be open early and close late 7 days a week and that we can accommodate any size order with little or no advance notice. We have taken it all in stride and for us, it’s all in a day’s work. Recently, things have started to change in our ability to hire people. Around April or May of this year, the applications started drying up. We did get a few of our college kids back for the summer, but received very few applications from people who were planning to stay past the beginning of September. Suddenly, we found ourselves in a situation where we were still losing the typical few people each month, but no one was replacing them. Our stores, which are accustomed to having a staff of 40-60 people, including 6 to 8 managers, are now trying to operate with a staff of 20-25 people. The stress our people are going through would be hard for most people to understand. Imagine eight phone lines ringing at the same time, five people waiting to be helped at the counter, and you are behind by 250 pizzas. Then a customer demands to talk to you because they are “disappointed” that it is taking so long to get their order. It would be less stressful being chased by a pack of wolves!"

Owners are now dealing with shortages in the supply chain and everything else because vendors don’t have enough employees nationwide to run factories. "Added stress is due to a lack of employees at the supplier and distribution level, lack of truck drivers to deliver the limited supplies, and a lack of production. Not to mention, if you can get the products you need, the prices have skyrocketed. (Our chicken prices have quadrupled since last year. The chickens were there; not enough people to butcher them)," said Molly. NOVEMBER 2021 13

Myndi doens't see relief coming anytime soon. The pattern of customers wanting things immediately has increased, if anything. "Americans have never put much stock in free time. Our motto has always been, “work harder, work longer, earn more, be the best.” We have slowly forced businesses to be open 7 days a week, be open longer, and closed for few or no holidays. Businesses have been happy to capitalize on our need to get a taco at 2am or a pizza delivered at midnight. Now, many businesses are finding a way to DELIVER anything you need right to your door, day or night. I’ve ordered something from Amazon in the morning and received it that evening. A couple Christmases ago, I ordered presents on December 23 , and they were at my house on Christmas Eve!" A disturbing trend during this hiring dilema is the treatment of those who are serving in service positions. "We want what we want and we want it RIGHT NOW! When we don’t get it? You’d better look out! The tantrums being thrown are reminiscent of a toy being taken away from a child. People scream and yell as loudly (and as publicly) as they can to try and get what they want, but unlike the incoherent cries of a child, these tantrums involve using grown up terms such as: I’d like to talk to whoever is in charge of YOU, or, I will have your job, and, I’m going to go all over social media and tell everyone how awful you are. They just can’t accept that many businesses simply don’t have enough people to handle the demand. Our managers are being harangued several times daily by customers who refuse to understand that we can’t get their food ready any quicker. They have been talked down to, screamed at, and threatened. They are frequently told that they are terrible at their job, that they can’t manage, that they don’t deserve to live. It’s not always easy to stay positive when you are working long hours, doing triple the work, getting fewer and fewer days off and then are told that you are a disappointment, but my teams are giving it everything they have. I would ask that everyone remind themselves to be more patient these days. We have it particularly tough at my stores due to online ordering. There just is no limit to how many orders are allowed to come in, and honestly, what business WANTS to stem the flow of sales coming in?" So where have all the workers gone? Why are so few people applying for jobs? Myndi has some theories. 14 SEARCHPARKER

"1) Workers all over the country lost their jobs and while, at first, they were eager to snap up jobs with tipped income, now I think they are thinking twice about getting into the restaurant and hospitality industries. 2) COVID changed our perspective of what matters in life. Is it more important to get a second job or an after school job so you can earn more money and have more things, or is it more important to spend time with your family and pursue your interests? 3) Parents don’t want their children, who were stressed out mentally by the constantly changing remote learning landscape, to get an after-school job. They want them to focus on school and being on teams and having friends. 4) The kids themselves want to focus on school after a year when they likely saw their grades slip and when they likely felt as if they learned very little. Certainly they missed out on some important experiences. 5) People got used to having free time during COVID. They enjoyed the flexibility of working from home. Now, it is difficult to get back into a more structured day. Perhaps the country is in the beginning stages of a shift towards working less and resting more. Maybe businesses will have to respond to that by being open 1 less day a week and closing earlier. Maybe consumers will have to get used to waiting a little longer for the things they want. Maybe they won’t have any choice BUT to get used to it. I have been talking and thinking a lot about when “things go back to normal.” I wonder if that will ever happen or if these changes are here to stay. It will be interesting to see what happens. I can promise you this: we will still be here, waiting to make you a meal — ­ just don’t get mad at us if it takes a little longer than you are used to!"

R3 Electronics, formally known as Experimax The best electronics store in the area has changed its name, but the best parts are all still there. Family owned and operated, R3 Electronics remains your one-stop source for all things electronic. The Rippy family has kept the great staff, headed by store manager Cameron Schrader. And they continue to offer the widest range of electronic service in the area: • Service of all makes and models (Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, HP, Dell) • Retro Gaming (Nintendo, Sony, X-Box, Atari, Sega) • Data Recovery of all devices • Recycle Services • Screen Repair and Tune-ups • Program for seniors and school kids who can’t afford devices or repairs • Concierge Service • Buy, Sell, or Trade • Micro soldering

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Legacy Point’s affective needs special education team gives so much to their students. They provide individualized academic and social-emotional support for each one. Students are loved and helped to succeed in their personal education and goals. 18 SEARCHPARKER

Everyday Heroes

Legacy Point Elementary (LPE) is one of nearly a dozen elementary schools throughout Douglas County School District that hosts a special education program. LPE hosts an affective needs center-based program. Other centers that host affective needs programs include 5 middle schools and 4 high schools. The DCSD website states, "Students served in affective needs center-based programs experience skill gaps that may be related to a variety of special education disability categories including, but not limited to, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Serious Emotional Disability or Other Health Impairment.” The program at Legacy Point is called Voyager, named to compliment the LPE mascot, the Explorers. Voyager is in its 9th year of operation and has its own cluster of classrooms to allow for sensory accommodations and emotional regulation. Beth Waufle, previous teacher for Voyager, shared some fun things that students have been involved in through the years. They hatched chickens with the 4H club, helped train a dog of an LPE family to be a reading service dog, took field trips to Boondocks to connect with the Sagewood program, and had Home Depot volunteers come out to make projects with them. Voyager students attend general education with their peers according to their individual needs and progress. They also have the opportunity to be in a small group, often with one-on-one supervision and education. These amazing ladies shown here are essential to the Voyager program and serve the students there on a full-time basis. They give their time and patience each day to help students progress and succeed. They share here their feelings about the program and their chance to work with these special kids (in order pictured from left to right): “So far in the Voyager Program, I have enjoyed teaching the students coping skills like deep breathing, visualization techniques, grounding exercises, and positive affirmations during our time in the morning when we all get together, and then seeing them actively use one of the strategies to help them throughout the day. It is also empowering to me to see how many strengths our students have and how they use them to help their peers in class. I have also enjoyed working with the incredible teachers

in our program and the flexibility we all have to help our students. Our team is amazing and I am personally so grateful for each and every one of them and how they give their heart to each student,” shared Katherine Walter, LPE’s social worker. An educational assistant (EA), Becky Hanlin, shared this: “I absolutely love the ladies I work with — we have an amazing team! This job is both challenging and rewarding at the same time —there have been some really tough days, but so many great days. I love working with the kids and I hope that we’re making a positive impact in their lives. I care deeply about all of them and I just want to see them succeed and excel in everything they do." Amber Brown, current Voyager teacher, said, “This is a position of constant reflection and change, which means every day is different. I love how the team, the children, and I all learn together, whether it is about each other and our zones of regulation, something new within ourselves we never knew, or what coping skills we used for the day to help us maintain the green zone of regulation. If it was not constantly changing just like life, how would we ever grow ourselves; and for that I am truly grateful.” Traci Bertram, also an EA, said, “I have had the wonderful experience of being part of the Voyager Program for 9 years! I love what I do. It is so rewarding to see students learning in an environment that is right for them. I could not do my job without the wonderful EAs, teachers, and staff that I have been able to rub shoulders with and learn so much from.” Jennifer Heckmaster, EA, said, “I had the privilege to join the Voyager team just a few weeks ago and have been so impressed and inspired by the incredible staff. Their dedication to ensuring the success of each student is evident, and the care and compassion they provide each day is extraordinary. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing program!” This team works to help every student do their very best. Their love for each other and their students is evident! We are grateful for their commitment to support this program. We are happy to highlight them and thank them as everyday heroes! NOVEMBER 2021 19

Many Coloradans are taking advantage of historically low interest rates and high demand for homes and cashing in to build their forever home in one of the 55+ active adult communities in the Front Range. According to Medra Volpi, Realtor and new construction expert, “The combination of high demand and little inventory often results in homes selling for much more than anticipated. This leaves retirees with a lot more money to build their dream home. Many are seeing significant equity gains before their new home is completed. It’s a win-win!


Many of my clients are experiencing a gain of over 100K by the time they move into their new home."

he digital age has changed much of the American landscape as children often move away after college to different parts of the country, leaving the family home that once would have been passed down through generations. As homeowners reach retirement age, the growing trend is to sell the family home and purchase new in the 55+ active community where they can spend their golden years playing golf or tennis and socializing with other retirees enjoying resort style amenities. All the perks of vacation without the time and expense of traveling, and within a short distance of the security and comforts offered by adult children. The homes in these communities tend to focus more on features that accommodate an older age – single level, accessible finishes and low maintenance. As well as an active lifestyle that allows them to stay fit, get involved and meet new friends. Many offer golf, tennis, pickle ball, group fitness, clubs of every kind, and social events.

Inspiration, in Southeast Aurora has been named Community of the Year, with builders American Legend Homes, Lennar and Toll Brothers offering various floor plans designed with today's 55+ buyer in mind. The one-story homes feature expansive entertainment spaces, gourmet kitchens and spa-like master retreats. Homes at Inspiration start at $600’s to the upper $900’s.

The new master planned 55+ communities are often adjacent to family friendly communities so retirees are able to move closer to their children and grandchildren while still enjoying the peace and quiet that comes with an age-restricted community.

A short drive to Plum Creek, Red Hawk Ridge, and Castle Pines Golf Courses and miles of hiking and biking trails within the community alongside an exclusive amenity center, the social hub of the community featuring a clubhouse, fire pit, pool, spa, tennis, and event lawn.


Hilltop Club is a resort-style facility with a pool, yoga studio, fitness center, pickleball, tennis and bocce courts. Their social calendar is meant to emphasize “active adults” hosting fun events that include live music, happy hours, and clubs for any interest imaginable. Regency Montaine is Castle Rock’s newest master planned 55+ Active Community offering new luxury homes from the upper $500’s to $1MM. Montaine is a unique community as it is compromised of two distinct resort-style neighborhoods, a 55+ active community, and an all-ages single family home community, each with its own amenity center and fabulous mountain views.

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Brain I ntegration Technique Depression and anxiety can be more easily managed by a fully functional brain.

HELP YOUR KIDS GET READY FOR SCHOOL This revolutionary therapy can permanently improve the flow of information in the brain without drugs, exercises, or surgery. It can help both children and adults regain their natural, optimal brain functioning. When the right side of the brain is unable to talk with the left side, learning, comprehending and focusing are very difficult. BIT will clean out the cobwebs so information can flow the way it is supposed to, giving you full access to all your gray matter.


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Insurance and Financial Services “COUNTRY Financial®” is the marketing name for the COUNTRY Financial family of affiliated companies (collectively, “COUNTRY”), which include COUNTRY Life Insurance Company®, COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company®, and their respective subsidiaries, located in Bloomington, IL. 1020-580HC_07460-10/11/2021





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