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TOWN COUNCIL CANDIDATES DISTRICT 6 Tim Dietz Gregory K. Hernandez Matt Katona

8 |


9 |


10 |

TOWN COUNCIL CANDIDATES DISTRICT 2 Laura Cavey Keegan Doheney Gary Godfrey Stephen Weaver

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TIM dietz

Your Vote Your Voice


From California Neighborhood Crystal Valley Family Wife and 2 Children Occupation Insurance Broker Why are you running for office? My willingness to get things done, to keep my commitment with consistency, and complete each task put before the Town Council effectively, after thorough research of the problem/project has been carried out. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? I listen and follow up!

One of the things that sets us apart as a nation is the opportunity to cast our vote and have our voice heard each election. In an effort to help educate local voters for the upcoming Town Election, we asked each candidate some questions to better understand their stance and grasp of local issues. We have listed each candidate in alphbetical order for the office they are seeking. Only excerpts from their answers have been printed; you can find their responses in their entirety on our website BY SEARCH CASTLE ROCK STAFF

How do you plan to help small businesses? Open Up! By thinking outside of the box to promote opportunities for small local businesses to sell their product/services during the restrictions of COVID: Creation/promotion of a town website/app promoting Castle Rock owned businesses; flags downtown with the website/app information; advertising outside services on sidewalks/patios; promoting curbside service; allowing business - farmer’s market style - in city parking lots areas). The ultimate goal is to allow businesses to fully open up with encouragement to those with compromised immune systems to utilize services such as DoorDash, Uber Eats, curbside service, and/or order online. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? Healthy, yet keeping safety a top priority. What are your views on our transportation? Promotion of sustainable growth, with careful thought surrounding traffic flow infrastructure, the values of Small Town Culture, and the increase of taxes and water costs to current citizens concerns me. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? Promote, inform, and listen. What sets you apart from the other candidates? I meet people where they are at, physically, and understanding opinions.


gregory k. hernandez

matt katona

From California

From Ohio

Neighborhood Crystal Valley

Neighborhood Crystal Valley

Family Wife and 3 Sons

Family Wife and 4 Kids

Occupation Executive Coaching

Occupation Principal Design Engineer



Why are you running for office? I love this town, and I want us to continue to build upon our strong sense of community. A common business adage is, you are either growing or dying. Castle Rock is growing. I want us to be growing and thriving.

Why are you running for office? I am told I have a strong voice from serving on the Crystal Valley HOA and Crystal Valley Metro District and would like to continue serving our community in a larger role.

What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? Gratitude and purpose. The ability to build successful teams from diverse backgrounds, attitudes, and experiences. Patience has not always been a strength. A 180-mile Los Angeles commute did not help. Castle Rock fosters a much healthier lifestyle that we must build upon and maintain.

What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? I have a very analytical methodology of addressing issues and look outside the box to bring the best solutions to the table. My greatest weakness is food. :)

How do you plan to help small businesses? As a graduate of Your Town Academy and past presenter for Leadership Douglas County, my goal is to work directly with our small businesses via our Chamber of Commerce. We must continue to stabilize our businesses from the pandemic and then creatively position them for even greater success. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? We have a phenomenal historic downtown that is vital to the vibrancy of our community. This is a place where we can share in the company of our fellow citizens. There are pockets of needed improvement. I will be an advocate with our local small business groups to help bring their vision to fruition. What are your views on our transportation? It is not uncommon for growth to exceed infrastructure. The Town is working diligently to address these issues. I will pursue smart growth, zoning, and development to ensure infrastructure is in place before project completion.

How do you plan to help small businesses? I plan on fighting to reduce the Town sales tax of 4% when the business is locally owned. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? Downtown is in a transitional state currently and it is too early to tell if the changes are positive or not. What are your views on our transportation? I plan on deep diving the budget to ensure all impact fees are applied to infrastructure and only infrastructure projects. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? I have always been a grass roots individual, providing residents with my email and cell phone. On top of this, I will use social media as well as my website for 24/7 input. What sets you apart from the other candidates? I am not a small business owner; I am Corporate America and can bring new points of view to the table instead of more of the same style of thinking.

How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? Two-way communication. I will continue to manage my candidacy website and social media with updates and solicit feedback. I will be available in my office to meet with residents and/or host monthly coffees. What sets you apart from the other candidates? Proven executive leadership and community service experience. Time and accessibility. I patrol our streets as a Community Safety Volunteer with the Castle Rock Police Department. As a musician, I have always been actively involved within my local church. My downtown office is open. Let’s work together and continue to be Castle Rock! OCTOBER 2020 | SEARCHCASTLEROCK 7

ryan hollingshead

robert wade

From Douglas County

From Texas & Louisiana

Neighborhood Meadows

Neighborhood Meadows

Family Wife and 2 Children

Family Wife and 3 Children

Occupation Assistant Principal at CV

Occupation Owner - Wade Services


Why are you running for office? I love our town and the people in it. As a former government teacher, I have always believed that regular people without agendas need to run for office. I truly want to serve my community and represent my neighborhood. I want to ensure it only continues to get better in the future. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? My greatest strength is my ability to listen and to help people get things done. My greatest weakness in this role will be the steep learning curve ahead. How do you plan to help small businesses? The current pandemic has put lots of restrictions on small business and threatened their livelihood. I believe we have a responsibility as a community to support those businesses to stay afloat. At the town government level this means acting quickly and being flexible as they propose new ways to do business and to provide financial support when possible. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? Downtown is in the middle of an amazing transition. We are attracting new business due to the new density and foot traffic. We don’t want to lose the smalltown charm, but we also want to thrive. I will take this balance into consideration before we approve new development. What are your views on our transportation? Traffic issues on the south end of town need to be a priority so we don’t get behind like we did on the north side 10 years ago. We need to continue to use our impact fees on new growth to secure a solid infrastructure all over town without raising taxes. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? I will make myself available to the residents in as many ways as possible. I will use social media to help educate people on current town issues and be responsive to emails and phone calls. I also hope to leverage the many grassroots local organizations that help the community to work together on common goals. What sets you apart from the other candidates? I know where our town has come from, what we value, and have a vision of where we can go. My history in this community as a parent and educator has connected me with so many good people in the community. I feel like I understand where our town is strong and where we can grow. 8 SEARCHCASTLEROCK | OCTOBER 2020


Why are you running for office? Well, obviously I’m a glutton for punishment! Seriously, I’ve really enjoyed everything about Castle Rock. The people are what makes this town great. I want the opportunity to serve the residents, and be a part this town’s direction moving forward. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? Logistics. I’m a critical thinker. I tackle every proposition in its entirety, investigating each feature in order to produce the best possible outcome. Arrogance. Sometimes, confidence in my experience causes a detail or point of view to be overlooked because I am sure in my position. I try to remedy this by listening more and through intentional reflection. How do you plan to help small businesses? I will help local business owners by not only listening to their needs, but also ensuring they are connected to all resources that are available. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? I haven’t lived here long enough to know what downtown used to be like. Currently, I really enjoy it, and I feel it’s just going to improve. More activities, venues, and office space will attract both residents and non-residents to frequent the area, spending time and tax dollars. What are your views on our transportation? I feel the town has shown a lot of foresight in planning for growth. There are only a few areas in town with traffic issues at peak hours, and those may be eased with the completion of widening Plum Creek. Parking is only a challenge downtown, but it should be a great deal better with the additional 303 public parking spaces in the Riverwalk Project. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? I would be happy to speak with anyone regarding town matters, of course, but I’ve also been thinking of creating a council forum. This would be an open meeting between town meetings, held at a park or a town facility and hosted by council member(s). This would also be a great way to hear different points of view from the community. What sets you apart from the other candidates? Work ethic. Once I believe in what I’m doing, my work ethic may be unmatched! I’m not afraid of hard work. Making the effort to understand issues from all angles is key.

desiree lafleur

preston shepherd

From Douglas County

From Texas

Neighborhood Craig & Gould

Neighborhood The Haven

Family Husband and 1 Son

Family Wife and 2 Daughters

Occupation Mother

Occupation Real Estate Broker


Why are you running for office? I am running for Town Council because not only have I been a lifelong resident, I live and breath Castle Rock. During the six year course of operating a small business, I curated my space with twenty- five local artist. I aided in the development of Rink at the Rock. I created a “locally owned, locally loved” map for downtown businesses. I participated in high school internship programs. I sat on the SAC committee at Soaring Hawk Elementary where I teamed up with a student’s parents to establish a no bullying campaign. My business neighbors dubbed me as the downtown ambassador. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? My greatest strength is that I go all the way. My nickname is Tenacious D. My weakness is also that I go all the way. It’s rare for me to ever waiver from my opinion. How do you plan to help small businesses? There’s no doubt that small business is a critical and vital part of our local and national economy. These businesses will continue to need the support of all of us during our current situation and otherwise. As a previous small business owner... love local, shop local! Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? Everyone that has taken part thus far in making Castle Rock what it is, has done so with small business in mind. Main Street is alive. It has a pulse while maintaining our small town character. I couldn’t be prouder. What are your views on our transportation? Early on I set out for an education into our town, and the inner workings of it. I was impressed at how well town staff prepared, vetted & posted every detail. Traffic and parking studies are done often. Projects are thoughtfully planned and executed accordingly. We truly live on a well-built platform. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? I’m always encouraging everyone I meet to get involved. Tune into council meetings, volunteer, and definitely follow the town of Castle Rock on social media. We’re here to listen! What sets you apart from the other candidates? I have a lifelong education in Castle Rock and a heart that won’t quit to be involved. “Patriotism is the Religion of the Soil” - author unknown


Why are you running for office? I’m running for town council because I love our town – it’s the best place that I’ve ever lived! When you love something you have to do something to show it. You fight for it, and do whatever it takes to make it better. I want to help create a happy place, a safe place, and a meaningful place for my family and yours. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? My greatest strength would be leadership. I have worked in leadership in the corporate world, as a VP with a large multi-national, non-profit company, leading churches in different countries, and as an Owner/Broker of my own Real Estate company. My greatest weakness is keeping up with ever-changing technology. How do you plan to help small businesses? I’d like to see our town and chamber advertise our downtown and shopping districts to those outside of town to draw in more interest and foot traffic. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? I personally LOVE our downtown section and it is one of the main reasons that we moved to Castle Rock 14 years ago! I’m hoping that we can maintain the architecture of the past as we renovate and build for the future, keeping the character of our town intact. What are your views on our transportation? Our transportation infrastructure is a huge concern of many people that I’ve talked with. With the addition of our newer apartment buildings, we have brought in hundreds of additional automobiles which creates staggering traffic concerns. Growth must be coupled with smart planning of roads and especially parking. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? I’ve personally spoken before the Town Council on several different occasions about issues that concern me. I want to encourage our residents and business owners to call upon me with any of their concerns. What sets you apart from the other candidates? We have a lot of great candidates in our election. I’ve met most of them and I’m impressed with the hearts to serve our community. I believe I’m a bit unique since I own my own business; I can be much more flexible than the average person. I can be available when needed and be able to give the time that the office deserves. OCTOBER 2020 | SEARCHCASTLEROCK 9

Laura Cavey

keegan doheney

From Colorado

From California

Neighborhood Terrain

Neighborhood The Venue at the Promenade

Family 2 Children

Family Golden Retriever, Rylee

Occupation Computer Science Tech

Occupation Attorney


Why are you running for office? I am running for office because I do not like the current trajectory we are on with growth. I believe we need more thoughtful growth and we should be looking at water, roads, traffic, infrastructure, and schools. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? I am very tenacious which could be a strength and a weakness, depending on how you look at it How do you plan to help small businesses? The biggest issue at the moment is Covid 19. There are grants out there from the Town of Castle Rock as well as Douglas County I would steer them towards. We should also survey our small businesses to understand what other assistance the town can provide to keep them financially solvent in these unprecedented times. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? I love our downtown. Its unique and quaint. However, I am not a fan of the high rise apartments going up across from Union or the one that is being planned on Jerry street. I would not have voted yes for either of those developments. The large uptick in traffic as well as 6 story buildings are not a good fit for our downtown area. Plus, I am strongly opposed to the town giving $3 million to developers. These are funds that should be used to assist small businesses and/or attract businesses offering better paying jobs and improve our tax base. What are your views on our transportation? As I mentioned above, the seemingly uncontrolled growth is having a negative impact on traffic, parking, water and schools. No large developments should be approved until all those issues are addressed. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? If elected, I will be setting up my own website that will keep residents current on issues the council is facing. As well as a monthly District 2 Townhall call/meeting to discuss with residents what is current and what is coming in order to garner their thoughts and feedback. What sets you apart from the other candidates? I am the only candidate that has lived in Colorado for most of my life. I am the only candidate that has lived in Castle Rock for 14 years with children that have gone through the entire school system. I want to be forward looking and plan effectively for the next 10-20 years. 10 SEARCHCASTLEROCK | OCTOBER 2020


Why are you running for office? Most of my childhood was spent battling cancer inside of a hospital. I do not remember much from those days, but one thing I do remember is how amazing my community was to my family. My goal has always been to give back to my community tenfold. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? I have a passion for public speaking and like to believe that one of my greatest strengths is listening to those who need to be heard and then speaking out and representing. When it comes to these elections, I believe that some will see my age as a weakness. How do you plan to help small businesses? The current grant program is a great start. Castle Rock itself has a large population, but we also have a massive population just north of us. One of my goals would be to help promote our local small businesses to our neighbors to the north and east. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? The town is clearly moving in the direction of modernizing our downtown. With new large developments quickly popping, many will start to think that Castle Rock is changing too much from that “small town” that it once was. My biggest fear is developing too much, too quickly. What are your views on our transportation? As Castle Rock continues to grow and develop, we will see an increase in traffic and need for parking. Because of these issues, a new look at local public transportation should be looked at. Additionally, Our geographic location creates an interesting issue as the only entrance to and from I-25 for several miles. We need to make sure we are working with the local neighboring towns to make sure that we are all working together in a sustainable and fair manner. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? Whether it is by phone, email, facebook, or twitter, I will always be responsive and open to talking. For those who prefer the more in-person feel, I am always happy to sit down at one of our coffee shops or restaurants to talk. My door will always be open. What sets you apart from the other candidates? As a trial attorney, I believe I have a special set of skills that can help me strongly promote and fight for our residents. I have the ability to give a voice to even the quietest of people and I will make sure I use that to create a better future for us all.

gary godfrey

stephen weaver

From Arkansas

From Missouri


Neighborhood Sapphire Pointe

Family 2 Sisters and 1 Brother

Family Wife and 2 Daughters


Occupation Nurse Anesthetist


Why are you running for office? Moving here after the 2013 floods, when I lost all I owned including my home and business, I have seen the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan at work. The timing now is right for me to participate. Service in the Town Council gives me an opportunity to bring the skillset of public relations and decision making. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? I am grassroots in my approach to life and people, as well as my leadership. I am traditional in personal values. I believe in God, Country, and Family. My weakness? I can get lost in the details. How do you plan to help small businesses? Currently in my private work life, I work with small businesses in helping to maximize their presence in the world of local social media. Development along the lines of the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan is supposed to be geared towards helping small businesses thrive in Castle Rock. In governing by the laws of the Home Rule Municipality Charter, I will see to this. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? Some areas are healthy and some struggle. Downtown MUST ALWAYS be the primary destination for shopping, dining, recreation, and events. Locals and visitors alike should always feel a need to come downtown. What are your views on our transportation? Obviously all of these have been and still are an issue. All of these also have plans moving forward. The key is prioritizing. Where and when I can, I will assist with Public Works to identify these priorities. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? My campaign includes transparency in the form of all forms of outreach. Reminding all residents that they are the power of the town, even over the Town Council by virtue of the Home Rule Charter. What sets you apart from the other candidates? Honesty and integrity to serve others in humility. I am a Common-Sense Conservative. What I bring to the Town of Castle Rock is an understanding of the likes and dislikes of the direction the town is moving, and the steps currently being taken to get there. I envision a goal where we have a thriving community where everyone can look back and say, “Castle Rock is a great place to live!”


Why are you running for office? For 20 years, I served the country as a soldier and nurse. The work I have done in both the healthcare and military fields has prepared me with the interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and service mindset that a councilman will need. What is your greatest strength? Greatest weakness? My success in life can be attributed to my openness to discuss issues and hear the other sides’ concerns. I have a weakness in taking in many ideas, then struggling to move in a direction. How do you plan to help small businesses? By collaborating with the many departments, councils, and associations to support the frameworks set up to bring more business to the small shops. I support the mom and pop stores and hope to keep them afloat and open during these difficult times. Is Mainstreet/downtown healthy and successful? The town needs people to move here from different industries to grow. This has to be balanced with those that live and own business here already so they can expand and grow. Through communication and collaboration with all parties, we can achieve a plan suitable for the town’s diverse wants. What are your views on our transportation? Just in the short time living here traffic has doubled or more. I believe the town, county, and state transportation departments need to find a unified approach to growth throughout the town and the county. How do you plan to involve residents in decisions? My plan is to have many avenues for contact and to set up live opportunities for citizens’ input. I expect to spend a fair amount of time listening to the citizens’ needs and wants. What sets you apart from the other candidates? I am a citizen that is interested in serving my district. I think it’s important to have a councilman that is well rounded and willing to evaluate all sides of an issue. The citizens want their voices heard and I will be a conduit for them. I am not an issue candidate and will support my neighbors.



It is that time again, when hopeful public officials vie for our vote to establish the future of government policy. Whether on a national stage or at a local level, fortunes will be spent in the pursuit of gaining an office. Yard signs are everywhere, new Facebook pages pop up almost daily, and the mud slinging is never far behind. Let’s get ready to rumble!!!! Now, I know in a polite society we are supposed to avoid talking about things like politics and religion, but ignoring what is happening around us seems about as insane as, well, what is happening around us. Brother turns against brother, neighbor against neighbor, and the vitriol all over social media makes it unbearable to take our phones out of our pockets. What happened to us? When did a political stance become more important than a person’s character or a relationship. It seems no longer important what is said, just which “side” says it. Nevermind if someone has a good idea, or much less the truth. If it came from across the aisle, they will fight it tooth and nail to disprove or discredit it. We don’t want the best solution to a problem; we just want that other guy to lose. No matter what. 12 SEARCHCASTLEROCK | OCTOBER 2020

Thomas S. Monson once said, “Never let a problem to be solved become more important than a person to be loved.” Sage advice. Can you imagine a world in which both sides put their pride aside and worked together to find the best solution? The great John Wooden noted, “It is amazing how much can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit.” But what did he know? He never had much success in his life. As with most things in this life, it is much easier to point to the “other guy” and condemn their faults than it is to lay claim to our own onus in this mess. Just like in sports, the problem isn’t confined to the participants involved. Ask almost anyone who has been to little league games and they will tell you the real problem is the fans. How can we demand more of those in office when we go at each other’s throats over every political issue? It is time to rise above the standard that has been accepted. Time to be better than the contention that society embraces, because we may not agree with what you say, but in our country, we defend to the death your right to say it!


In the interest of providing the 50 best dining options in Douglas County, we must be able to personally recommend each listing. The guide is subject to change from month to month. If you have a suggestion for inclusion on the list, email us at


Based on a typical dinner for one person, excluding drinks, tax or tip.

$ ............................. Under $10 $$ ............................... $10-$20 $$$ ......................... Over $20 (EC) Editors Choice (N) New


Asian fusion

More than just great sushi! Junz has been a local staple for years and remains one of the premier destinations for a casual night out or fine dining experience. If you are seeking a great restaurant to get acquainted with Japanese cuisine, look no further than Junz.



Offering a Chinese and Vietnamese-centric menu in a relaxed atmosphere. 17001 Lincoln Ave, #A, Parker 303-840-7338 $$


A small, family owned, dinein and take-out restaurant that serves authentic homestyle Thai food. 10841 S. Crossroads Dr., Suite 10, Parker 303-805-3880 $$


A local go-to for quality home-style cuisine. This Parker fixture is known for a fresh, creative menu. 19751 E Mainstreet, Parker 720-851-8559 $$


Chinese and Thai dishes that are nothing less than the culinary equivalent of an exotic adventure. 9232 Park Meadows Dr, Lone Tree 303-768-9088 $$

A favorite sushi place in town with a unique blend of Japanese and French at its very best. 11211 S. Dransfeldt Rd., Parker 720-851-1005 $$


A favorite stop for a unique, cozy atmosphere. Made-from-scratch soups, sandwiches, salads and sweets. Friendly service with a smile. 200 Perry St., Castle Rock 303-660-1935 $$


Certified master chef and chocolatier Michael Dupont serves a little piece of France right here in Colorado. 16524 Keystone Blvd, Unit C, Parker 303-805-9130 $





The spot to grab madeto-order crepes. Sweet or savory, you can’t go wrong. 19751 Mainstreet, Parker 720-638-9722 $ (EC)


Don’t be fooled by this being a food truck; if you like southern BBQ, this is your place. Corner of Parker Rd and Longs Way, Parker $$$


Award-winning roadhouse doles out wood-smoked ribs, brisket, & pork. Don’t miss the garlic mashed potatoes. 8433 Park Meadows Center Dr., Suite 143B, Lone Tree 303-729-2506 $$


Hawaiian BBQ with a Texas twist. A local favorite and family friendly. 10471 S. Parker Rd., Parker 720-287-2516 $

The Parker tradition. Known for their baby back ribs, but don’t miss the pulled pork and barbeque chicken. 10335 S Parker Rd, Parker 303-805-9742 $$ (EC) A hidden gem with familyfriendly pricing. Don’t miss out on their breakfast burritos. 107 Wolfensberger Rd., Castle Rock 303-660-6340 $


Best known for their burgers and wings. Make sure to catch Trivia Tuesdays. 12543 N Hwy 83, Parker 303-841-6782 $$


Douglas County’s longest running brew pub. Steaks, burgers, pizza and Cream of Jalapeño soup! 880 Castleton Road, Castle Rock 303-814-9273 $$ OCTOBER 2020 | SEARCHCASTLEROCK 13


Your neighborhood tavern for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Sports bar with live music not to miss on the weekends. 19552 E. Mainstreet, Parker 303-841-7179 $$


Offering great food & amazing drinks in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. Clear and simple menu options. 3911 Ambrosia St., Suite 101, Castle Rock 720-389-5986 $$


Comfort Italian food in a rustic, cozy, casual familyoriented format. 10047 Park Meadows Dr., Lone Tree 303-799-3661 $$


Stylish, energetic eatery offering elevated Italian fare with an emphasis on great customer service. 872 Happy Canyon Rd. Suite 100, Castle Rock 303-524-9788 $$$


Authentic Italian eatery featuring pizza, pasta, calzones and heros. The local “go-to” for fresh Italian. 10920 S Parker Rd, Parker 303-841-9900 $$


A modern Italian restaurant focused on family recipes and premium ingredients. 210 Third St., Castle Rock 303-688-9000 $$


Neapolitan pizzas join modern Italian fare at this casual eatery featuring a full bar & patio. 10005 Commons St, Lone Tree 303-790-0828 $$


Intimate Mexican eatery for authentic cuisine in a relaxed ambiance. Great for parties. 7272 E Hwy 86, Franktown 303-663-7800 $$ 14 SEARCHCASTLEROCK | OCTOBER 2020


Unassuming local joint serving up straight-forward Mexican plates. 9771 S Parker Rd, Parker 720-842-5105 $$


Vibrant, cantina-style eatery offering Mexican cuisine in a laid-back atmosphere. 18951 E Mainstreet, Parker 720-842-5181 $$


Bare-bones, family-owned local Tex-Mex eats for breakfast, lunch & dinner. 19553 E Mainstreet, Parker 303-840-0325 $


Elegant family-owned eatery. There’s a combo dish to please everyone. 19340 Cottonwood Dr., Parker 303-840-6574 $$


Don’t miss the Carnitas! And bring your appetite for the large portions. 10471 S. Parker Rd., Parker 303-841-0160 $$ (EC)

new american CASTLE CAFE

Set in a former 1890s hotel. Plating hearty American fare like pan-fried chicken & burgers. 403 Wilcox St, Castle Rock 303-814-2233 $$


Uniquely fun sports bar with a creative menu of brats and dogs. 971 Park St., Castle Rock 303-660-2399 $


A favorite gourmet burger joint. Imaginative menu with amazing handcrafted shakes. 3982 Limelight Ave, Castle Rock 303-814-2829 $$


A casual sit-down destination with a menu that reflects Colorado’s growing season. 2350 Meadows Blvd., Castle Rock 720-455-3664 $





The Parker landmark located right downtown offers a locally-sourced menu. Great service and large portions. 19420 Mainstreet, Parker 720-389-8105 $$ (EC) A local favorite for breakfast or lunch. American, Greek or Mexican dishes. 313 Jerry St., Castle Rock 303-688-6746 $$ (N)


Comfort food and baked goods at their finest. Don’t see it on the menu? Ask for it! 11020 S Pikes Peak Dr., Parker 720-708-2889 $$ (EC)


High-end, wood-fired kitchen with a warm ambiance, preparing select American dishes. 10680 Cabela Dr., Lone Tree 303-662-8800 $$


Chicken wings, fingers, fries, and burgers. Great owners that always make you feel welcome. 11211 S Dransfeldt Rd., Parker 720-504-5044 $


From healthy to savory, a variety of breakfast, brunch and lunch options that are sure to please anyone's pallet. 18901 Mainstreet, Parker 303-840-3343 $ (N)

A modern and open venue that boasts thoughtful and honest cuisine. A haven for the gluten-free crowd. 18595 Mainstreet, Parker 720-826-3689 $$ (N)


A traditional family-style Italian pizza restaurant with a Brooklyn flair. 12947 S Parker Rd., Parker 720-851-5300 $


Delicious Neapolitan-style pizza that makes each dish an individual work of art! And don’t forget dessert. 12311 Pine Bluffs Way, Parker 303-840-0518 $


A refreshing take on madefrom-scratch pizza. So fresh they don’t even have a freezer! 17860 Cottonwood Dr., Parker 303-386-3333 $$


New York pizzas & other red sauce staples in a low-key setting. Can’t miss the garlic knots. 16526 Keystone Blvd, Parker 303-220-7422 $$


NY-style pizza, wings, & casual Italian eats, in kidfriendly quarters. 5650 Allen Way, Castle Rock 303-814-8686 $$

In a world full of pawns


Rustic restaurant featuring beef & seafood dishes, plus a sports tavern with an Irish vibe. 363 Village Square Lane, Castle Pines 303-814-2487 $$$


Upscale Brasilian steakhouse with all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside. Guaraná is a must, and try the Creme de Papaya. 8419 Park Meadows Center Dr., Lone Tree 303-481-4001 $$$ (EC)


Chops, seafood, wine, & cocktails served in an upscale setting with a lounge & live jazz. 8433 Park Meadows Center Dr., Lone Tree 303-792-2571 $$$


Be a King

Texas-themed steakhouse with a great menu and wonderful atmosphere. 11205 S. Parker Rd, Parker 303-805-5848 $$


Upscale hideaway local favorite featuring their signature Volcanic Hot Rock sear-it-yourself experience. 19308 Cottonwood Dr., Parker 303-248-2132 $$$


Quaint Tuscan grill made fresh from local fare. Every dish is a winner! 611 Wilcox St., Castle Rock 303-814-2487 $$

Join Search Castle Rock and leave your competition in the dust. | 303-805-9455 OCTOBER 2020 | SEARCHCASTLEROCK 15

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