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10311 S. Parkglenn Way • Parker, CO Phone: (303) 951-2131 • Fax: (303) 951-2149

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Come Meet

Dr. Larry O’Neill A mainstay in Parker for over 20 years, Dr. O’Neill custom built this dental clinic in Elizabeth to showcase the ease and comfort of NEXT GEN DENTISTRY!


The latest in dental technology is available to your family now in Elizabeth!

Our building has built-in COVID-19 air handing and sterilization!

Running Creek Dental Center now offers an in-house Dental Membership Plan! Protect you and your family today. Scan below to see all the details and sign up. Running Creek Dental Center is now open and accepting new patients.

779 Crossroads Circle Elizabeth, CO

North side of HWY 86 across from the post office



Because YOUR time deserves our very best!


Call today! 303-646-3935 JUNE 2021 | SEARCHCASTLEROCK 3





Parker is home to some of the best medical practices in the country. We highlight a few of our favorites.


THE GOOD DOCTOR The Morrison family has been a local staple for decades. Dr. Morrison brings his small town feel with the latest technology.



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LONE TREE | 720.770.8225 10008 COMMONS ST. SUITE 150

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Meet Dr. Morrison He has those patient relationships typically only found in small town practices, but he brings all the tools and technolgy of the big boys.

He also had several more experiences as a youth that helped him become familiar with the medical world. Steve played football and had some knee issues, as well as a hernia repaired. One day on the way to high school he was in a serious car accident. He flew through the windshield, requiring a few days’ stay in the hospital, some plastic surgery, and serious recovery. Gratefully, Steve was able to go on to play football at the University of Washington for three years and to serve a 2-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Dominican Republic. He began medical school at Western University of Health Services of the Pacific in Pomona, California. He met his wife, Julie, and they were married in 1997.

Twenty Mile Urgent Care is a staple in our community. It is the only privately-owned urgent care in Colorado, unlike others that are part of larger conglomerates. Doctor Steve Morrison had the vision to open this urgent care nearly two decades ago when there were no such options around. In 2007, he was able to create this family care and urgent care hybrid to serve the community and align with his strengths and interests. Dr. Morrison grew up in Snohomish, Washington. He had two uncles who were doctors that left an impression on him. Steve shadowed them throughout middle school and high school and came to be fascinated by science and healthcare. He was especially interested in sports medicine.


Throughout medical school, Steve realized that he loved family medicine. Steve and Julie moved to Colorado in 2003, where he worked in Aurora for a family medicine practice for four years. It was during this time that Steve realized the need for an urgent care in the area. He also decided he wanted to branch out in his field to something more challenging. This is how the urgent care/family medicine hybrid began. Steve is the only doctor at Twenty Mile Urgent Care, along with two physician assistants and a nurse practitioner, who serve patients at the clinic. The practice includes ten staff members, three of which have been there since the very beginning!

Their unique clinic makeup provides a personalized relationship with patients. The locally-owned, small town feel allows for each patient to feel cared for, not like being a number in a large chain. Steve said they love the Parker community, along with surrounding Franktown, Elizabeth, and Aurora. He has had the chance to build relationships with families and see many of his patients from childhood to adulthood. They have appreciated the loyalty in the community. Steve and Julie have three children: Hailey, 19, who graduated from Legend High School; Cameron, 16; and Cole, 14; who will both be attending Legend this upcoming school year. As a family they love skiing in the winter and spending time at the lake in the summer. They love to call Douglas County home!

• Our Designers are available to complete your project from start to finish • View our showroom displays with hundreds of door and countertop options to choose from • We install! From Countertops to complete Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations!

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Located in the Stonegate Crossing Center at Lincoln and Jordan

17051 E Lincoln Ave, Unit G • Parker, CO 80134


Your Locally Owned and Operated Specialty Running & Walking Store 13019 S. Parker Rd Parker, CO 80134 303-840-0399

440 4th Street Castle Rock, CO 80104 720-387-7974

Shoes - Sandals - Socks - Insoles - Sports Bras - Athletic Apparel - Sunglasses Hiking - Injury Prevention - And More


Free pair of socks with shoe purchase. Up to a $15 value. One coupon per customer per visit. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Expires 10-30-21 - Must be used in Store

20% OFF

A $100 purchase or more May not be combined with any other offer or discount. Pre-tax total. Expires 10-30-21 - Must be used in Store

FREE GAIT ANALYSIS with shoe fitting No Purchase Necessary

RNKrunning.com - Info@RNKrunning.com - Facebook: RNKrun

#1 in customer satisfaction for home insurance

The secret of getting ahead is getting started !!

Contact me to find out why. Marshall Ekhoff Financial Representative 10851 S Crossroads Dr Unit C7 Parker, CO 80134-8201 www.countryfinancial.com/marshall.ekhoff marshall.ekhoff@countryfinancial.com (303)841-3018

For J.D. Power 2020 award information, visit jdpower.com/ awards for more details. Home insurance policies issued by COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company® and COUNTRY Casualty Insurance Company®, Bloomington, IL. “COUNTRY Financial®” is the marketing name for the COUNTRY Financial family of affiliated companies (collectively, “COUNTRY”), which include COUNTRY Life Insurance Company®, COUNTRY Mutual Insurance Company®, and their respective subsidiaries, located in Bloomington, Illinois.


71% of readers confirm purchasing products or services seen in Search Castle Rock Join our community and let Search CR connect you with our 100,000 monthly readers. bret@tuellers.com | 303-805-9455 JUNE 2021 | SEARCHCASTLEROCK 9

Say AAHHHH! An apple a day ... sometimes isn't enough. We are fortunate to live in an area with tremendous medical advantages. We look at a few hidden gems you won't find just anywhere.


Feet, Ankle or Knee Pain - Go see the running store ?! I had heard a little about RNK's ability to help runners who struggle with pain in their feet and joints. So I went in to meet with Trent and find out just how helpful they can be. I came away with a whole new appreciation for my arches. To call RNK a "running store" doesnt do it justice; they are more of a "people who love to be active" store. If you run, hike, crosstrain, walk, or play a sport, these are the people you want to talk to. I was blown away by the knowledge of Trent and his staff; they have forgotten more about this stuff than I will ever know. Trent took me through the process of analizing my feet, gait, and stride. He asked questions about my injuries, goals, and activity level. Then he taught me about supination and pronation, how shoe designers combat them, and made suggestions of how you can use that technology to ease your pain. The best thing about my visit: I didn't feel like an idiot because of my lack of knowledge. Trent and his staff are so focused on helping their customers they don't have time to shame people. I watched from afar as Cecilia and Rachel were helping other customers. The personal attention was obvious. For all of their knowledge and technology, the people are what set RNK apart. Despite his obvious accumen and experience in the field, Trent continually gushed about his staff and the Brownings (owners). For someone like myself who does not claim to be a runner, I loved this store. Having somepace like this in our community is such a valuable resource for us all.

Hope is stronger than fear Rocky Mountain Fertility Center, located in the Meridian International Business Center, in Parker, Colorado, is part of a cutting edge industry that keeps up with all the latest technology to help couples and individuals wanting to be parents have the best chance of conceiving. Dr. Deborah Smith describes some of their newest advancements and unique offerings as “top notch fertility care,” giving patients the very best chance of being successful. One of Rocky Mountain Fertility Center’s new services is the Invocell culture device. This product holds the egg and sperm inside a plastic capsule which is placed in a woman’s body for fertilization and incubation, allowing for more personal involvement in the IVF process. It also offers a simpler schedule and lower cost option than traditional in vitro fertilization. Egg freezing has been around for many years now, but the technology has improved so it is more successful than it was 5 years ago. Egg freezing allows a woman the chance to preserve the youth of her eggs, to be unfrozen at a later time when she has found Mr. Right and is ready for children. Another advancement is an uterine lining test that looks for the genes produced in the uterus when it is ready for implantation of the embryo. This provides a personalized window for implantation, allowing for the right timing of an IVF transfer. The last innovation that Dr. Smith described is the study of “vaginal and uterine health” and how lactibacillus (healthy bacteria) can contribute to uterine health and increase fertility, similar to how probiotics help your gut health. These advancements can help hopeful parents.

A SMILE is the best thing you can wear Running Creek Dental Center's Dr. O'Neill spent many years as an Inspector General in the Army and over 20 years in private practice. He learned first-hand about aerosol control (full of germs - so you want it gone!). He developed and built a revolutionary new building in Elizabeth with 18' ceilings that combat the germ problem. Their negative air pressure system can change out the air about every 7 minutes, creating a safer environment for procedures.   Their Cone Beam X-Ray is amazing!  It creates a 3-D image of your mouth structure along with the surrounding bone.  This gives Dr. O'Neill the ability to see things that are often missed: root canals that are going bad, but haven't yet produced any symptoms; abscesses that are just developing, but no real symptoms yet.  He can see your sinus cavity and jaw alignment as well.  This enables him to perform root canals with much more precision, thus, often shortening the procedure, which makes for a better patient experience. All of this to nip a problem in the bud rather than have it wait and blow up when you're about to board that plane for Cabo. Their Lightwalker Laser is as cool as its name!  Used in root canals, (which often have a high failure rate connected to residual bacteria inside the canal), it can clean down the canal much more efficiently than normal methods, reducing the possibility of a failure.  The laser is also used for tissue regeneration and canker sores! How about fillings with no anesthetic? The laser makes that possible! And they can do periodontal disease treatment without surgery. They also make their own crowns in-house, which means one visit crowns, no messy, goopy impressions, no temporaries.  You're in and out with a new crown in an hour or two! JUNE 2021 | SEARCHCASTLEROCK 11





Q: How did you become a vet? And how did you end up with this practice in Parker. A: "Since I was a little kid the only 2 things I remember wanting to be were a fighter pilot or a veterinarian. You can probably throw national geographic wildlife photographer in there somewhere, but it really was a veterinarian or fighter pilot. That was it. My eyesight is terrible, so while I still dream of flying in a military jet, actually flying them wasn't going to work as a career.

Q &A

Local Vet Mark Motichka We take a minute with the owner of Parker Center Animal Clinic

A bit of a fun story: I grew up in Parker and to this day I still remember being a kid driving through town and seeing a building on fire. Turns out it was abandoned and the fire department was using it for training purposes. Once burned, a veterinary hospital would be built in its place. That is where Parker Center Animal Clinic now stands. I never imagined that as a kid dreaming of being a veterinarian, I would be watching the beginnings of the building and hospital I would one day work at and own. Fast forward many years, Kelly [his wife] and I were visiting my dad for Thanksgiving break my first year of vet school. We ended up taking his dog for an appointment at PCAC. The appointment was with the owner of PCAC at that time, who ended up being my mentor. We got to talking and he ended up hiring me to work as a technician assistant the next summer. I would spend all of my breaks through the rest of vet school working at PCAC and was then hired as an associate veterinarian once I graduated. The plan had been for me to slowly buy in as an owner, but we ended up buying the entire practice about 3 years after I graduated. It was a crazy thing to do that early out of school; we learned a lot of hard lessons (especially early on, but they never stop coming),


but it has been one of the best decisions we ended up making. And it would not have happened without Kelly - she was instrumental in actually going through with the purchase to begin with, as well as working in the hospital as a receptionist, being our business administrator, running the books and marketing, and taking care of all of the little things that go on behind the scenes that no one else knows about. Q: What type of animals do you treat? A: We treat dogs and cats as well as exotics and pocket pets which include small mammals (guinea pigs, rabbits, sugar gliders, gerbils, hamsters, rats, mice, etc.) and reptiles (lizards, turtles, tortoises, and nonvenomous snakes). Q: Why is PCAC different. And what is something “special” (ie technology, procedures etc) that PCAC brings to the community. A: Good question, and not always easy to put into words. What makes PCAC special is the total experience that clients can expect. We have as much or more technology, surgical, and medical offerings as any general practice around. This includes minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for spays, gastropexies, liver biopsies, and cryptorchid neuters, ultrasound and


digital radiology, CO2 laser for surgical procedures, advanced dentistry that includes full mouth digital x-rays with every procedure, Class 4 therapy laser for post-op pain management, as well as chronic pain management for conditions like arthritis, a full suite of in-house lab machines, TightRope cruciate ligament repair and more. All of these technologies allow us to effectively diagnose and treat the pets we see. However, none of this technology matters without our people. Our entire staff is dedicated to taking care of the pet parents that go along with the dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, turtles, and any other animal that comes through our doors. Our staff sees them as an extended part of our PCAC family. The compassion that our PCAC family shows the pets and pet parents each and every day is the heart of how we make all of the advanced technology matter. This combination of technology and compassion is ultimately what makes PCAC special and allows us to partner with each pet parent to help take care of their family as best as we possibly can. Again, hard to put into words. I hope that we show how we are special in our actions better than I can try to explain it. And I feel very fortunate that each individual that makes up our PCAC family strives for that each day.

Print makes the difference It’s real. It gets noticed. You can touch it, feel it, hold it, even smell it. It stands out. Let’s put it to work for you.




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tueller p u b l i s h i n g

FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS Letterhead • Business Cards • Forms • Etc.

720-624-9600 bret@tuellers.com JUNE 2021 | SEARCHCASTLEROCK 15

No one remembers you for standing in the crowd. But they do remember you for standing out from it.

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