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This beautiful photo of Christmas is courtesy of: Versatility Creative Group 720-432-2594


Food for Thought and Nourishment for the Soul Have you seen them? Can you pick them out of the crowd on the playground or at the bus stop? Do you know which kids right in your neighborhood are excited to go home after school and play and which kids are nervous to go home from school each day because they aren’t sure what, if anything, will be in their pantry or refrigerator for dinner that night or breakfast the next morning? It’s not an obvious or highly visible problem, but 45,000 families live at or below the poverty level in the in the suburbs of Highlands Ranch, Parker, Aurora, Englewood, Lone Tree and more. This is a unique segment of poverty and comes with unique dynamics.

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Children who are affected by poverty and going to school hungry are often fighting a losing battle each week. They may act out due to stresses at home or may just have that much harder of a time concentrating during the day, because if you’re not getting enough to eat, it’s hard to think about much else. SECOR’s Food for Thought program came to be to make an impact with those directly affected by hunger and powerless to combat it themselves, children. With 1 out of every 5 elementary school age children in Douglas County eating little to nothing on the weekends, this is a silent epidemic happening in our own backyard. Food for Thought started with five schools and has grown to eight; three in Aurora, one in Elizabeth, one in Cherry Creek and six in Douglas County. Each week, volunteers deliver 140 bags of food to sustain kids and their families through the weekends and breaks. Times off school are hardest; when most look forward to school vacations, students who are hungry often worry about what or how they will eat over long breaks. With the need for intervention growing, SECOR is committed to adopting more schools to aid students in need. It is their hope that businesses, organizations and even other schools will want to be a part of the solution and adopt a school with children in need. The reach of SECOR goes much further than the Food for Thought program. SECOR assists families facing seemingly insurmountable odds stacked against them in the midst of job loss, divorce, inadequate retirement, piles of medical bills, rising rents, or loss of a vehicle. For many families, things are going along just fine and then, life happens. Single parents and seniors are the fastest growing segment of the vulnerable in the area that Secor serves. SECOR believes, no matter their circumstances, all people

deserve respect, compassion and dignity, and they vow to serve them to that end. They are committed to breaking the chains of suburban poverty, which is growing at the rate of 9.6% per year in our area, and allowing those shackled by it to be given a chance to turn the corner. Invaluable resources are available for those who find themselves in the worst of situations. Guests to SECOR can benefit from free financial counseling, legal aid, dental programs, financial support and the amazing Food Market. People often walk through the doors broken but SECOR cultivates an environment of grace, love and hope. Anyone who walks in needing the market or counseling services is a guest of SECOR, not just another client. The free market allows guests shop from a wide variety of pantry items and non-perishables as well as fresh produce, milk, eggs, and quality meats. They are guided through the market with a volunteer and able to shop with choice and pay absolutely nothing; they are not just handed a box of miscellaneous food and sent on their way. Guests are able to shop, with dignity, and choose grocery items that their family wants and needs. The market relies on donations from the community as well as generous sponsors and partners including Food Bank of the Rockies, Target, Walmart, King Soopers, Sprouts, Kneaders and Papa Murphy’s Pizza. All in all, about 60,000 pounds of food is provided monthly. With SECOR serving 42 zip codes in 3 counties, they welcome any and all partnerships and volunteers. The first step is to just walk in the door and see what you can do to help. Anyone with an interest is invited to tour Secor and see what it’s all about. Meet and speak to Shannon, SECOR’s Program Director, to see just what it takes and how it all works. Tours are twice a month, the second Wednesday from 12:30pm-1:30pm and the fourth Thursday from 5:30pm-6:30pm. To sign up for a tour, contact Heather at or call Barbara at 720-8425621. If your organization or church would like to learn how you can partner with SECOR or adopt a school for the Food for Thought program, contact Mike Dworak at mike@ or call 720-842-5621. The holidays are a time that most find themselves asking what they can do for others. SECOR and their volunteers make that pledge every day of the year and they want to continue to serve those in need. With your help, they can.

To find out more, go to WWW.LONETREEMAGAZINE.COM 4













Grillin’ Wings & Things

OWNER: Michael Godart ADDRESS: 9447 Park Meadows Dr. WEBSITE: PHONE: 303-799-6095 NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 10 DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS Grillin’ Wings & Things in Lone Tree is a full service restaurant, with a full bar, 10 TVs, and a beautiful covered patio. The “Special Grilled” Chicken Wings we serve at Grillin’ Wings & Things distinguishes us from all other wing restaurants. We’ll change the way you think about wings. We make our wings nice and crispy, then toss them in your favorite sauce, and finish them on the grill. It’s an extra step that adds an amazing caramelized sauce flavor to our wings. Our Pig Wings are also a must try. They’re lip smacking mini bone-in pork shanks so tender the meat just falls off the bone. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE TO SUPPORT LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESSES Most locally owned businesses are also small businesses, so we rely on our community for everything. Locally owned businesses shop local, bank local, hire local, and support other small locally owned businesses. Locally owned businesses also support their community, and every transaction from a customer is pretty important. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT BUSINESS OWNERSHIP It’s very satisfying to build a business from scratch and watch it grow. Running a restaurant is a very demanding job, often working 7 days a week and 12-14 hour days. However, it’s easy to forget about all the hard work when we see a customer’s eyes light up and a huge smile on their face when we bring our food to the table. We also love hearing when a customer makes a comment like, “Those were some of the best wings I’ve ever eaten.” We hear that a lot around here, and never get tired of it! WHAT IS ONE UNIQUE ASPECT OF YOUR BUSINESS THAT PEOPLE MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT Most of our sauces are made in-house, and customers can sample all of the sauces before they order. All of our fries and sides are cooked to order. Lastly, the fried chocolate brownie bites will change your life. Oh yes they will!


WHAT SINGLE PIECE OF ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE STARTING A BUSINESS Find a couple of people you can trust and rely on to help run your business. Most people may not realize that starting your own business will take more time and money than they originally planned, so having a strong support network can be crucial to the success of your business. 5 SEARCH LONE TREE MAGAZINE

OW Cranelli’s Italian Restaurant

OWNERS: Jimmy and Lasinda Crane BUSINESS ADDRESS: 10047 Park Meadows Dr. WEBSITE: PHONE: 303-799-3661 DATE OF BUSINESS FOUNDING: 12-26-13 NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 42










DESCRIBE YOUR BUSINESS We are a family owned and operated Italian Restaurant, 98% scratch made kitchen and what we do not make we source locally. Italian Simplicity with a rustic touch! WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE TO SUPPORT LOCALLY OWNED BUSINESSES As a family owned and operated business, we are thankful our guests continue to keep coming to us and we feel they do because they know the passion we put into everything we do. It’s important to support local because that is the “bread & butter” for the local owner and their family. WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT BUSINESS OWNERSHIP I make my own schedule! I have the say about who I hire and bring into our family business...sharing our experience with others who will take their experience with them into their next steps in life. WHAT IS ONE UNIQUE ASPECT OF YOUR BUSINESS THAT PEOPLE MIGHT NOT KNOW ABOUT We’ve hired 6 of our son’s old baseball team players who were together for over 9 years! They continue to come back to us during college break. We have a personal connection with nearly everyone who works here.


WHAT SINGLE PIECE OF ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO SOMEONE STARTING A BUSINESS Know your passion and what drives you. If you don’t wake up in the morning happy and excited about what you do, choose differently. Now I know it’s not that easy, trust me, I wake up and want to go back to sleep sometimes – but I know I love walking in the doors of Cranelli’s every single day!


Are you looking for that “perfect” gift for someone special’s Christmas present? Perhaps you are looking for something unique for yourself? No problem,we’ve got you covered and you will be helping our community at the same time! We’ve compiled a list of some incredible local artisans and crafters who have their products available for purchase. When you support locally made products you are not only getting unique and cool items but you are also helping support a local family...and our local economy. So next time you need to get something for a gift or just because, start with locally made products! Keep it local! EXTRAORDINARY BEARDS

Locally produced salon quality small batch beard oils and balms...everything a man needs to keep his beard in tip top shape. No matter if his beard is on day one or his face hedge is measured in inches, our products will make his beard stand up and thank you for keeping it healthy!



I love gemstones and work with them frequently in beads and cabochons. Silver is my true love, but I also work with copper and brass and occasionally gold filled. I make all my jewelry in my workshop by hand. 7 SEARCH LONE TREE MAGAZINE

ATHENA’S PUPPY CAKES I have a small canine bakery where I sell all gluten free canine cupcakes, cakes and pies. I make sure every thing is dog safe and human grade. Right now we are selling Pumpkin Puppy Pies as our special which are dog mini pies. I also do blueberry and apple pies as well as mini and regular puppycakes. I can do any size cake too! BARNETT & SON BREWING CO

Craft beer. Barnett & Son Brewing Co Tap Room 18425 Pony Express Dr Parker, CO 80134 barnettbrewing


I sell hand-made and hand-lettered custom product, from watercolored quotes to custom Christmas ornaments. Each piece is unique and made with love! beautyfleeting


Fine art landscape photography of the natural and man-made environment.

BUNDLE BABIES Bundle babies is a children’s accessories company. We make hooded blankets to keep your baby or toddler warm from the carseat to where they need to go without hassling with bulky coats or blankets that don’t cover them completely. I started this company


We create fun and quirky art prints and embroidery designs for home decor. Check out our Colorado themed pieces as well as some modern holiday designs. We offer: 8x10, 5x7 prints, some custom prints like our state prints, and PDF printables that make great gifts. Ready to ship the next business day!


Fiction books! - Song of the Sending, Book #1 of the Expatriates series. (Fantasy, Young Adult, Clean Fantasy) - Tick Tock: Seven Tales of Time (Award-winning Anthology of Fantasy/ Sci-Fi stories that all have something to do with time.) B00OLI5HZU


I create key fobs, lanyards, planner clips/book marks and kitchen towels. CyndiSueSews


I make custom crochet patterns so that you can turn for favorite portrait into a work of art. I do custom crochet and embroidered gifts. I make personalized

t-shirts, signs, and doggy bandanas, etc. I even restore furniture. I even make homemade soap.

DIAMONDS & PEARLS Handmade bullet jewlery. Each bullet is cut by hand and crafted into a beautiful piece of jewlery. I currently have stud earrings with swarovski crystals and can also do custom orders! MAGICAL BEGINNINGS I created a children’s book series, The Fairy Village Series as well as Fairy Doors. The books and Fairy Doors are intended to bring joy and magic into children’s lives. Each book also contains a special moral for the readers encouraging them to believe in themselves, reach for the stars and to follow their hearts. The doors are meant for the Tooth Fairy, as well as all the other fairies I talk about in my books. It is a way to bring the magic home. MARION MADE IT

I am creating wooden crafts for your home, mostly out of reclaimed wood, like boxes, Welcome signs, pumpkins, Christmas decor. MarionMadeIt


I handcraft personalized apparel, drinkware, promotional items, painted signs, hard lotion bars, ornaments and a variety of painted signs.


I create fused and stained glass artwork. For the holidays I have made some beatiful themed plates, candy dishes and ornaments. The ornaments can be customized with a name or little message that will be fused into the glass to make it permanent, which makes them a great gift for parents, kids, pet owners...basically everybody. Available at Beautiful Art Picture Framing in Parker


Hand crafted wines produced in Parker blending old world European tradition with the latest in American technology and fermentation processes. Our amphora style wines are unique in the state of Colorado and rare in U.S., aged in Georgian clay pots (amphorae) to become orange wines. Our wine list includes award winning wines on Colorado Governor’s Cup such as Cabernet Franc Dessert Wine - gold medal, Chardonnay Amphora silver medal. White wine aged on a leese - Riesling, Viognier, Chardonnay, Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc. Rewarded red wines Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel and other red as Sangiovese, Syrah, Malbec, Merlot and many more.


A beautiful hardcover children’s book, “Journey Home, A Thank You To American Veterans”. A great gift for military families, Veterans, children, and schools. Proceeds benefit Honor Flight.

SKY’S SKADANAS In honor of my therapy dog Sky and his friends, I have created a reversible dog bandana design for dogs wearing regular or e-collars. This upscale option always looks nice when appearance counts! Please contact me if you don’t see a pattern you like or you would like something custom made. WWW.LONETREEMAGAZINE.COM 8


when the first winter storm was blowing in and I was running errands with my 1 year old daughter. I wanted to get her inside quickly without having to hassle with a bulky coat so I wrapped her in a blanket. The blanket kept coming off of her head and then wasn’t big enough to cover her legs so I thought there needs to be something better! So bundle babies was created. They are easy to slip on over your child’s head and cover their entire body. They are soft and cuddly and available in many different prints and solids.


All material can be mixed and matched and I can add your dog’s name on any side. You can also send material or a photo of the material you would like and the skadana can be made from that. This option is adjustable, doesn’t bunch up like regular bandanas and always looks nice. I have created many designs, and this is the best and final of my designs. If your dog wears a remote-collar, the receiver fits inside the bandana and is not visible. It can also be worn with a regular collar. If your dog never wears an e-collar the bandana will be made without an opening for the receiver. The unique design fits a dogs neck and is comfortable. 5% of the price of each item sold will be donated to the Go Team Therapy Dog organization. To celebrate our grand opening, all shipping is free through January, 2017!




Authentic Colorado Green Chili and Bakery. Our Green chili recipe originates from generations ago from the San Luis Valley, Colorado. We use Colorado-grown products whenever possible and include our fire-roasted green chilies, fresh beef & pork, citrus, and authentic spices. We also bake fresh chocolate, chocolate-peanut butter pie, strawberry, lemon meringue pies and cakes. SugarandSpiceGreenChiliandBakery

Two Ravens Soap Company makes small-batch, natural soaps that inspire, create memories and take you on an adventure. We also create bath salts, bath fizzies, body scrubs, beard care products and much more. All of which are Colorado inspired with unique scents blended for purpose and with designs that catch your eye.

TWINKLETREEPOTTERY Unique and affordable pottery....wheel-thrown and hand-built in my home studio in Castle Rock. All products are food-safe, as well as dishwasher/oven/ microwave friendly. Many one-of-a-kind pieces; custom orders welcome too!

The Warmfront is a chest warmer, but it’s a better thermal base layer. It will boost the protection of your favorite outdoor gear. Put it on when you need it, take it off and stash it when you don’t. The Warmfront allows you maximum flexibility to regulate your temperature. Handmade in Colorado, 100% guaranteed.




with Pam & Becky

A Quilt for Christmas By Sandra Dallas

Eliza’s husband has joined the Kansas volunteers to fight the Confederates. While he is gone she must care for her two children and their land to the best of her abilities. It is physically difficult to manage the farming but so far she is able to feed her family and store just enough away for the colder months ahead. Her only relaxing time is during a monthly gathering with quilting friends from the community. Although her home is full and food supplies are stretched to their limit Eliza has welcomed in a young war widow that is in desperate need of shelter. Although it is challenging she is happy for the extra help and companionship. What she isn’t sure about is the additional request to hide an escaped slave for a few days. Eliza is faced with a difficult and dangerous decision.

BECKY This story revolves around a group of women that are, for

the most part, in similar situations. Most of the husbands are away fighting the war or have died in battle. Their most relaxing and normal times are during their monthly quilting gathering. As a quilter did you enjoy the descriptions of the various quilts and their ability to bring different women together for a common purpose?

PAM I did! Sandra Dallas frequently brings the art of quilting into her storylines. I think she does this for exactly the reason you mentioned above. It brings women together like few things do and I could picture the women sitting around the quilt frame, discussing events in their lives while making these pieces of art. I especially loved the importance a simple scrap of fabric given to a fellow quilter held. Eliza created a very special quilt for her husband from some of these precious scraps. He used this quilt to keep him warm, while away at war. Do you think she intended it to do more than warm him in this scary time? BECKY I don’t quilt but every book that includes this art clearly

shows that there is a message in every quilting design. Eliza was sending her love, support of his decision to go to war and reminders of their family in this one quilt that would also provide desperately needed warmth. I wish that the book cover would have included this quilt in the design as my imagination probably isn’t accurate. What did you think about Eliza’s character? I had some challenges connecting with her. I liked her but she felt one dimensional to me and I found myself wanting to know less about her storyline and more about some of the other characters.

PAM I agree that a picture of the quilt design would have been a wonderful addition to the book! Eliza obviously loved her husband very much, but I struggled with their formality towards each other. I realize that was probably normal for that time period, but I found it sad. Perhaps with the amount of work that was required for the women of that time in that area, they had to be stronger and show less emotion. Did you find that interesting about Eliza? BECKY You have a good point. Maybe relationships were


different during that era. I think that she was stoic and that made her hard to connect to but I did admire her strength. She had to face physical and mental challenges so that was an interesting facet to her character and it brought back memories of stories my older relatives would relay. I much prefered spunky Missouri Ann the war widow that came to live with Eliza. She was an extra set of hands around the house and gave Eliza companionship. However, her male in-laws had a mean spirit and were not going to let her move on without some conflict. What did you think about the hostile group of men and in contrast the hard but caring mother-in-law?

PAM Great question! That part of the story was very sad. Missouri Ann was stuck with a family that didn’t want her, but didn’t want to let her move on. The Stark men were demeaning, mean, and filthy. But, Mrs. Stark was a kind soul who was stuck in the middle of this family. She missed Missouri Ann and her granddaughter when 11 SEARCH LONE TREE MAGAZINE

they went to live with Eliza’s family. However, she knew they needed to escape and tried to help them be free. The Stark men caused trouble for the women, but with their strong spirits and supportive neighbors, they were able to overcome the challenges. I loved that Missouri Ann was determined to tell her young daughter that her father (Hugh Stark) was a good man, although we later learn that this was not the case. How did you feel about this little lie?

BECKY That spirit is what makes me love this character. She could

have easily told her daughter the ugly truth but chose to create a more loving memory. That tells me a lot about her heart and I thought it was incredibly loving. Soon after Missouri Ann comes to the house, Eliza is approached with a request to hide a runaway slave, Sukey. Not only is this a dangerous choice but Sukey is weak, sick and recovering from a severe beating. Did you like this storyline and did the author paint a vivid picture of what that experience might have been like?

PAM I thought this storyline allowed us to see Eliza in a different light. Her character was very straightforward, honest, and faithful. When she was asked to hide Sukey, she was told the background of the runaway slave. When she heard these details and what Sukey was accused of, she had to put herself in another’s place and answer some difficult questions. This process gave Eliza’s character a new dimension, as she considered slavery, motherhood, and faith. Missouri Ann’s father in law is hunting runaway slaves and the women suspect he will come looking for Sukey. Were you surprised that Eliza agreed to shelter Sukey with this added danger? BECKY What surprised me is that she would put the children in

that danger. Two were young enough that it would have been difficult for them to fully understand the need to keep this woman a secret. I have to say that this storyline, although interesting, wasn’t very believable. Sandra Dallas normally has direct ties to Colorado in her stories and I have always loved the setting of old Colorado. This story is completely set in Kansas with just a few mentions of Colorado. Did you miss that special touch in this story or were you content with a different angle?

PAM I did miss the Colorado connections in this book. That is one of the reasons I am drawn to Sandra Dallas books! However, although the story was short on Colorado details, it was long on the amazing relationships of women in a difficult time and area. This is another reason I enjoy this author; the depth of her characters and their connections to each other. Next month, we will explore unique friendships and relationships as we discuss The Ballroom: A Novel by Anna Hope.






ABOUT THE BOOKS In the year 2086, three friends, Virgil, Haley and Cameron, are prisoners in Purgatory. After a nuclear war on Earth, the remaining humans now inhabit IO, a moon orbiting Jupiter. The inhabitants of Purgatory are told that they have a deadly virus and must be quarantined. Virgil knows the truth. There is no virus, but the 124 children in Purgatory do have unique Gifts. Virgil has telekinesis, Haley can manipulate sound waves, and Cameron can heal others. Determined to escape their prison, the three friends hatch a daring plan. Will they make it out of Purgatory? What will they ďŹ nd if they do? The Sons of IO trilogy is available on Amazon, B&N Nook, & iBooks




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