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May 2014

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Saturday, May 10th; 9AM – 4PM

This is a great place to find that perfect Mother’s Day gift! SUMMER PASS SPECIAL

Pass is good for 3 months from the date of purchase Sales begin May 17, 2014

Great for students and teachers!

May 2014

For more information on all Trails activities go to or call (303) 269-8400



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Adrienne Zeak Brust South Aurora Magazine is published 12 times per year by Waid Publishing (www., a division of Mike Waid & Associates, Inc. (, 19751 E. Mainstreet, Suite R-18, Parker, CO 80138, 303805-9455. South Aurora Magazine is available online at South Aurora Magazines is a trademark of Waid Publishing. All rights reserved. The views, opinions and/or statements made or expressed by individuals and/or entities, are not necessarily reflective of the views and opinions of Waid Publishing. No part of this publication may be reproduced without explicit permission from South Aurora Magazine. Copyright 2014 South Aurora Magazine - All rights Reserved.

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Explore Aurora’s History with Story Line

Parent’s Guide to Mine Craft: The Good and the Bad

Bookends: Fallen Women

Local Author: Melissa JohnstonBurnham, LCSW



Dry Eye: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

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May 2014

South Aurora


May 2014


ooking for some fun the whole family will enjoy and even learn a few facts about Aurora in the process? Jump in your car and take a drive through history with Story Line. The Aurora History Museum and the Historic Sites & Preservation Office are proud to announce the launch of Story Line, an audio tour resource for Aurora residents and visitors. To access the Story Line program, call 303-739-6681 and follow the instructions. Each historic site has a narrative that will tell the listener information about the location. Story Line includes recorded stories told interestingly through personas related to the site and developed by museum staff. Listen to a child explain about their new Melvin School house, built in 1922, or hear homesteader and Irishman John DeLaney tell about his family’s life in Colorado. Those stories include narratives about some of Aurora’s most special places, including the Aurora Fox Theater, the Centennial House, and the Smoky Hill Trail. There are also stories and sites from Aurora’s 100 year partnership with the military. Aurora’s historic landmarks brochure can also serve as a guide to Story Line. Pick up your copy at the Aurora History Museum or online by clicking on the Story Line link on the museum’s website at www. For more information about Story Line, or other ways to learn about Aurora’s diverse history, visit the Aurora History Museum, call 303-739-6660, email or visit www.auroramuseum. org. v


Looking for Great Food & a Fun Place to Go?

Charming Patio Area • Saturday Night Karaoke • Monday Night Texas Hold em’ • Host Your Private Party Here • $6.95 Lunch Menu Mon-Fri until 2:00 pm • Full Breakfast Menu Sat-Sun until 2:00 pm •Full Menu Also Available


$10 OFF

Purchase of $40 or More *before sales tax

One Coupon Per Table/Group. Not valid with the $6.95 lunch menu or on holidays. Expires 5-31-14

50% OFF

22775 E. Aurora Parkway E470 & Gartrell


Buy 1 Entree & 2 Drinks Receive 1 entree of equal or lesser value 50% off

One Coupon Per Table/Group. Not valid with the $6.95 lunch menu or on holidays. Expires 5-31-14

May 2014



K, parents, here’s your essential crash course on Minecraft. If you have kids old enough to speak, there’s a good chance that Minecraft is already a part of their vocabulary. What is Minecraft? Minecraft is a video game available on mobile devices, gaming consoles and computers. The game features simplistic looking retro 8-bit graphics in a 3 dimensional world. In a single-player game there are two primary modes. Survival Mode requires players to build shelter, hunt for food, travel and fight monsters to reach the end of the game. Creative Mode gives players access to unlimited resources, protects them from dying and allows them to fly and work quickly to facilitate creative building. WHY DO KIDS LOVE IT? Imagine a treehouse so high that parents can’t reach it. In the treehouse you can fly, build anything, fight monsters, cast enchanting spells and create a little mischief. How much freedom should your kids have? You decide.

The Good

The Bad

Endless creativity in Creative Mode

Survival mode can be scary for young kids

Survival Mode teaches the work and planning needed to survive

Mindless use of TNT is unproductive

Kids are motivated to learn new things

There is killing of animals, monsters, people… including yourself

Redstone allows basic electrical and mechanical engineering “Mods” offer enhanced gameplay and more learning options

Online servers are just as risky as online chat rooms

Kids watch YouTube videos to learn - not all videos are appropriate. Consider buying Minecraft books for a safe way to learn.

WHY PLAY? Social - Join a local Minecraft Club or have Minecraft play dates. Life Skills - In Survival Mode, there is an ending. Working towards that goal can be a rewarding learning process. Engineering - Playing in Creative Mode and building contraptions with Redstone can teach basic engineering. Fun - Playing games can help kids blow off steam. Just know what is fun time and what is learning time. v

May 2014

Brian Dickman has been hosting Minecraft Clubs for over a year and offers free information for parents. You can contact him at


Underground Sprinkler Corps Serving Parker & Southeast Aurora since 1998



Sprinkler System Start-Ups


Includes up to 8 zones ($5 per additional zones) Repairs Extra. With coupon only. Expires 5.31.14

Double Pass Aeration

UP TO 4,000 Sq.Ft.


Does not contain weed control. Weed control extra $. With coupon only. Expires 5.31.14


$50 $135

With coupon only. Expires 5.31.14

Up to 8 zones. Up to 4,000 sq. ft. With coupon only. Expires 5.31.14

May 2014

UP TO 4,000 Sq.Ft.

Granular Fertilization


BOOKENDS Fallen Women by Sandra Dallas

Beret Osmundsen, a wealthy New York socialite, receives news that her estranged sister has died in Denver. Her sister had moved to Denver to live with their aunt and uncle the year after their falling out. Beret discovers that her sister had recently moved out and become a prostitute in the seedy tenderloin district of Denver in the spring of 1885. Beret is determined to discover what happened and find her sister’s killer. Detective Mick McCauley is not thrilled to find that he will have help in the murder investigation, but Beret insists on being involved in this high profile case. PAM: I am always excited to hear that Sandra Dallas has a new book coming out and this was not exception! I always enjoy her inclusion of Colorado landmarks during her different stories. I thought this story was different from her others. Did you feel that as well, Becky? BECKY: I agree that a murder mystery was unexpected for this author and I didn’t feel the connection to old Colorado that I always enjoy in a Sandra Dallas book. What was familiar is a strong female character and in this story we follow a determined woman that is committed to solving this murder. Beret was a bit difficult for me to connect with and quite frankly like. Did you enjoy this brassy main character? PAM: I typically like Sandra Dallas’ strong female characters. But, I agree that Beret was harder to appreciate and make a connection with. She was certainly headstrong and determined. She decided she was going to be part of the investigation and paired with the detective on the case, regardless of how he felt. Mick, the detective, was a character I enjoyed. What were your thoughts? BECKY: I liked his character too and it would have been more interesting to have the story told through his eyes instead of Beret’s. I love a strong female character but I found her to be a bit confusing. There are times where she acts like an aristocrat with her nose in the air, yet she runs a mission for women in New York. Also, she is hell bent to find her sister’s killer, yet the sisters were not on speaking terms. As the story progresses we find out why the sisters were estranged. Did this make you like Beret more?

May 2014

PAM: Although it explained the sisters’ estrangement, it did not make me feel more connected to Beret. However, it did make me feel sad about her relationship with her sister. As the story progresses, we find out more information about her sister and her character. Beret seemed to know the truth about her sister and her behavior before she began the investigation into her death. However, she also hoped that they would eventually reconcile. This made me think she either hoped her sister would change or was just denying the truth. Do you think she realized the true character of her sister before her death? BECKY: Before their estrangement and while they were growing up, Beret viewed her sister through rose colored glasses. She didn’t seem to be surprised by some of the ugly stories of her sisters character so I think that she must have known that the accusations were on target. I would have expected some shock or anger when confronted by some of these allegations but overall she was quite accepting of them. As the investigation progresses we are presented with a handful of suspects. Do you think that Sandra Dallas did a good job with 9 SOUTH AURORA MAGAZINE

all of the twists and turns in this story? PAM: There were many twists and turns in this story. I felt that some were very mysterious and suspenseful, while others were more obvious. The author did bring in numerous characters during this story. One of the more unsavory characters was Beret’s ex-husband, whom had relocated to Colorado after their divorce. Did you feel as strongly as I did about this character? BECKY: There was nothing likable in that character. He was an opportunist that used Beret for her fortune and gave very little in return. Once again, Beret views this person through rose colored glasses and doesn’t see his true nature for quite awhile. Although I didn’t connect with Beret, I felt sorry for her as she had a lack of a support system. Her parents had passed away, she was not close to her sister nor was there mention of a close girlfriend. The author does give us a character that becomes quite fond of Beret. Did you like this development? PAM: I did like this development because I really enjoyed this character and was glad he became a main part of the story. It was interesting how the author connected his private and professional life to Beret. What did you think of this character and his role in the story? BECKY: Without giving too much away I found him to be the most enjoyable character in the story. I do think that the connections were a bit far fetched but he did bring some warmth to Baret’s character. As much as I usually love Sandra Dallas books, this was not my favorite and I would recommend one of her other books instead of this one. Did this story interest you enough to pass it on to a friend? PAM: I would recommend it for a quick read, but I agree with you. This was not my favorite Sandra Dallas book either. Where are you taking us next month, Becky? BECKY: I am excited for some interesting conversation after reading The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley. Matt and Elle have know each other since they were small. Now they are both successful professionals and happily married. A fall from a ladder leaves Elle brain-dead and according to her medical directive she does not want her life sustained by artificial life support. As much as Matt doesn’t want to lose her, he is ready to support her decision. That is until the doctors realize that Elle is pregnant. We follow Matt through some difficult decisions and a nasty legal battle.

LOCAL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Cleft Talk for Kids is an informative and interactive book that explains the condition of cleft lip and palate in a childfriendly format. In Cleft Talk for Kids, children and their caregivers meet Kate and Charlie, best friends who were born with clefts. Kate and Charlie explain to young readers why clefts happen and how having a cleft can affect someone on a daily basis. Kate and Charlie also share how similar children with clefts are to their peers despite their physical difference.

Forever Mama

Forever Mama is a heartwarming story of adoption as told through a conversation between mother and daughter, which touches on the importance of the daughter’s birth mother and foster mother who remain

in China. In this conversation, the daughter learns of the qualities she has inherited from her mothers, and also receives the gift from her adoptive mother she has been hoping for all along‌the promise of forever. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Melissa Johnston-Burnham, LCSW, is the proud mother of the three greatest children on the planet, one of whom was internationally adopted from China in 2010. Melissa is also a clinician in a group psychotherapy practice who specializes in the treatment of children and adolescents. Melissa lives in a messy house outside of Denver with her family and a multitude of pets. Forever Mama is her first book and Cleft Talk for Kids is her second. Both Books are available for purchase online at

May 2014

Cleft Talk for Kids



Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

By Jennifer Grin, MD

May 2014


e Coloradans love to boast about our weather; 300 plus days of sunshine and a pleasant dry climate. However, these conditions can also wreak havoc on our eyes. Dry eye is one of the leading conditions ophthalmologists treat in Colorado. Among other risk factors, our arid climate, intense sun, high altitude and metro smog contribute to the high percentage of Coloradans who suffer from dry eye. As we age, the risk of dry eye increases due to decreased tear production. By age 65, we produce 60 percent less lubricating tears than we do at age18. Blocked glands in the eye, known as Meibomian glands, can reduce the ability of the eye to produce natural lipids (oils) needed for healthy tear film. Women are more vulnerable than men because of their associated hormonal changes. Common medications, such as diuretics, hormone replacement therapy, some antidepressants, blood pressure medications, antihistamines, and various other medications may also contribute to the condition. Those with diabetes, arthritis, connective tissue and autoimmune diseases, skin conditions (ex. Rosacea), herpes zoster, and having received radiation therapy may all put you at increased risk for dry eye as well. The list goes on. Having LASIK, not getting enough Omega3 fatty acids, or working in front of a computer also increases your risk for dry eye. Given the above, it is likely that you or someone you know has dry eye syndrome whether they know it or not. Symptoms can range from simple eye fatigue, blurred vision, scratchiness, stinging, burning, redness, mucus production and even tearing. Dry eye syndrome is extremely common. Fortunately a routine visit to your eye doctor can determine whether you are suffering from dry eye. Simple treatments may include over the counter and/or prescription medications or even diet modification. He or she can also help determine if an in-office procedure such as punctual occlusion or LipiFlow should be considered. LipiFlow is a relatively new treatment option, which is specifically designed to treat blocked Meibomian glands in the eye with excellent results. There is no need to suffer unnecessarily from dry eye syndrome. Exploring different treatment options will have you back out in the Colorado sunshine in no time! Jennifer Grin, MD is a board certified ophthalmologist at Parker Adventist Hospital. 11 SOUTH AURORA MAGAZINE



South Aurora

FARMER’S MARKET Every Saturday: 8 am - 1 pm Shop more than 40 local vendors in Town Square for organic and pesticide-free produce, fresh dairy products, delicious baked goods, homemade salsa, tamales and tortillas as well as gourmet pasta, fresh seafood, natural soaps, handmade goods and much more!

May 10

ART & POTTERY SALE 9am - 4pm Come and see the works of art created by our art and pottery students and staff. This is a great place to get that perfect Mother’s Day gift! The Trails Recreation Center 16799 E. Lake Ave., Centennial

May 10

May 2014

MOMMA-PALOOZA! Enjoy Relaxation Stations, Prizes, Entertainment, & More!


June 4, 11, 18 & 25

SUMMER IN THE CITY 12 pm - 2 pm We will celebrate Summer In The City with outdoor games, nature exploration and crazy fun! Del Mar Park 30 Del Mar Circle, Aurora

June 7

June 19

AURORA SUMMER CONCERTS BUCKSTEIN 6:30 pm - 8 pm Bring a blanket and find a spot on the lawn for the city of Aurora’s 28th annual Aurora Summer Concerts series. Utah Park 1800 S. Peoria St., Aurora

Jun 25

WATER CONSERVATION DISCOVER XERIC PLANTS 9:30 am We’ll take a tour of the Xeriscape Demonstration Garden and see, touch and smell these favorite trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses.

BIKE TO WORK DAY 6:30 am Aurora will host a Bike to Work Day breakfast station along the High Line Canal Trail, just west of the underpass at Chambers Road. High Line Canal Tr. at Chambers Rd., Aurora

June 7

Jun 26

4TH ANNUAL YOUTH/TEEN SPRINT TRIATHLON 8 am Kids will swim, bike and run short distances to introduce them to the basic elements of triathlons. Event is held at Lookout Pool.

AURORA SUMMER CONCERTS DEAN BUSHNELL ORCHESTRA 6:30 pm - 8 pm Bring a blanket and find a spot on the lawn for the city of Aurora’s 28th annual Aurora Summer Concerts series. Utah Park 1800 S. Peoria St., Aurora

June 28

4TH SATURDAY AT THE CFM 9 am - 11 am Veterans, families of the fallen, military groups and service organizations, Scout troops and others are invited to this monthly guided tour of the Colorado Freedom Memorial, including stories of veterans honored on the memorial, future plans for the site, a description of the unique design features and more. Special guests and activities also will be included in the spring and summer months. A selection of shirts and hats will be available for purchase each month. Colorado Freedom Memorial 756 Telluride St., Aurora or (303) 248-3990

June 28

AURORA ARTS FESTIVAL 9 am - 9 pm The theme this year is Upcycle with several artists showing work made out of recycled materials. We’ll have live music and performances all day! Also interactive crafts for the kids as well. Fletcher Plaza 9898 E. Colfax Ave., Aurora (303) 344-2223


May 2014 South Aurora Magazine  

May 2014 edition of South Aurora Magazine, the premier monthly community magazine for South Aurora, Colorado!

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