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February 2014


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LONE TREE Magazine February 2014 Volume 2 Issue 2 Publisher Mike Waid

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Lone Tree Arts Center

Metro Area Arts & Culture

Bookends: Doctor Sleep

Local Author Spotlight: Confessions of a Mediocre Widow


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February 2014


February 2014

D L U O H S U O Y S G N I H T . . 0 . 1 E H T T U O B A KNOW

1.  The Lone Tree Arts Center (LTAC) produces over 100 professional performances each year! This includes a unique blend of national and international touring acts, performances by the state’s top arts organizations (like the Colorado Symphony and Colorado Ballet), and originally produced performances. 2. LTAC works with the top talent in the nation, often bringing in Tonynominees and other noted professionals to direct or act in performances. 3. In the 2013-14 season, there are fifty performances for children! From $3 shows for pre-K kids in a monthly program called Seedlings, to professional tours like Dinosaur Zoo Live and Dallas Children’s Theatre’s Stuart Little to a monthly program for school children and their families called Passport to Culture that explores culture around the world, 15,000 children attend performances at LTAC each year. 4. The furthest seat from the stage at LTAC is only 60 feet back! 5 SEARCH LONE TREE MAGAZINE

5. The full Colorado Symphony can (and does) fit on the stage of the LTAC. For their February 7 concert, the CS will bring 49 musicians. 6. The LTAC is the only LEED Certified theater in Colorado, implementing green practices year-round and reserved parking spots for fuel efficient vehicles. 7. The Denver Post said, “LTAC has done much in its brief, two-year history to move the geographic center of Front Range entertainment a few miles south of the City of Denver.” 8. Each summer, the Tunes on the Terrace series features a slate of sold-out shows spanning from classical music to rock, from bluegrass to jazz. 9. You can rent the LTAC for meetings, events, and performances and many organizations do. Over 6,000 guests use the LTAC each year for private functions. 10. It’s in your backyard! If you haven’t been to this venue, check it out. With free parking and easy access, there is little not to get excited about.

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February 2014

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ith a backdrop as majestic as the Rockies, it’s no wonder there is no shortage of creative inspiration in and around the Denver area. We are lucky to live in an area with such a wealth of artistic talent as well as such a rich history with strong ties to the many cultural influences of the area. We could fill the entire magazine with listings of gems of the metro area Art & Culture community and we’d still never be able to list them all. Here are just a few of the gems in the Denver Metro area.


Don’t miss an opportunity to visit one of the most frequented historic sites in Colorado and one of just a few dedicated to telling the story of an amazing woman. Many people have heard of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” but few know the extent of her influence throughout her lifetime.



Owned and operated by the City of Denver, this museum exists to preserve the memory of William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody by collecting, caring for and interpreting artifacts associated with his life and recording his influence on American Culture.


Not only committed to preserving the 3100 acres but repurposing one of our historic structures and providing educational opportunities relating to our western heritage, preservation, wildlife and the arts. It also serves and a breathtaking backdrop for special events and weddings. Upcoming events include a lecture on the great gardens of Europe, Lincoln’s Civil War Presidency and Emancipation Proclamation: An Evening with Colorado Lincoln – Presenter John Voehl, and Castle Teas every other Wednesday and Saturday. A Special Royalty Tea is scheduled for March 1st.


Connecting what was to what’s next with their hands on, high tech exhibits. Upcoming Living West, Food: Our Global Kitchen, RACE: Are We So Different? The Denver 1860 Diorama, and the incredibly popular Destination Colorado – designed specifically for families to experience life as a resident in the town of Keota almost 100 years ago. Ride a Model T, sell and buy goods at the general store.

February 2014


Interactive school tours for K-5, Failure Lab – the MCA’s Teen Program, is an internship for high school students, named for the belief that risking failure is an integral element of creativity. Fox Family Idea Box on the top floor offers families an opportunity to relax, hang out or get creative and make art together. Art Fitness Training (through March 29th), Rashid Johnson: New Growth (2/216/15), Critical Focus: Ian Fisher (through 4/13), Joel Swanson: Left to Right, Top to Bottom (through March 30th.)



With almost 32,000 square feet of galleries, classrooms, offices, a lecture hall and research center as well as two living history farms; the Littleton Museum is one of only 700 museums fully accredited by the American Association of Museums and the only Colorado Museum represented in the 140 member group of the Smithsonian Affiliates.


For over 53 years, the Colorado Ballet has been a fixture in the arts here in the Denver Metro Area. Each and every year, breathtaking performances leave audiences spellbound and encourage future dancers to dream of being on stage. This year, the CO Ballet will be moving to a new home at 11th and Santa Fe. This new building will allow the Company and the Academy to continue to grow and help dance flourish in Colorado by training the next generation of dancers. This year, be sure to catch Cinderella, running through the 23rd of February, as well as the Ballet Director’s Choice the end of March and April 5th. www.


The Museum of Outdoor Arts focuses on site specific sculpture in Colorado. Collections are located in various locations around the Metro area. The Museum headquarters and indoor galleries are located in Englewood and other collections can be seen in parks, gardens and buildings all around town. Guided and self-paced tours are available of the outdoor collection and indoor gallery; you can download a brochure for the walking tour to view the permanent collection at your own pace.


This isn’t your grandmother’s symphony! The Colorado Symphony is a dynamic part of the arts in Denver. If you don’t have plans for the 14th yet, check out Denver’s Biggest Date Night – A Valentine’s Day Party in the Rings at Boettcher Concert Hall. Friday the 14th from 6-7pm, tickets are only $15 per person and include a glass of wine, chocolate and a red rose for your Valentine. In addition to special events, the Symphony has more than 150 concerts throughout the year. No matter your taste in music, the Symphony offers something for everyone; including their Classic Rock Concerts, Pops Concerts and Family series that literally brings the music to life. Engagements with violinist Itzhak Perlman and Grammy Award-winner Chris Botti are also on tap this year.


For many, this museum is at the top of the list of “must see” attractions in the Denver area. If for some reason you haven’t yet made it over to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, make a point to do so, and soon! Their newest attraction, Maya Hidden Words Revealed begins its six month run on February 14th. Along with world class exhibits, the museum also houses a planetarium, an IMAX theater and countless educational programs for students of all ages. Adults can get in on the fun as well with programs like Art and Archaeology on the Green River and Paleontology Certification classes. It’s impossible to NOT find something amazing to see or do at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.




BOOKENDS Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Have you ever wondered what happened to Dan Torrance, the little boy from The Shining? In Doctor Sleep we meet him again when he is eight years old and living with his mother....and a few reminders of his year at the Outlook Hotel in Colorado. As he matures he is haunted by his past and becomes an alcoholic drifting from one place to another. He finds a home in a small New Hampshire town, commits to AA and has a decent job at a nursing home where he is known as Doctor Sleep. With his psychic ability, called the shining, he helps patients move to the other side. The quiet life that he has recently found will soon become complicated again as he is contacted by Abra Stone. She too has a shining but it is much stronger than Dan’s and is desired by a group of people called the True Knot that need Abra’s shining to continue existing. Dan and Abra are about to unite and go to war against this evil force that travels the country in RV’s. BECKY: The Shining is a classic thriller so although I haven’t read a Stephen King book in years I had to know what happened to the little boy from the Outlook Hotel. Did this spooky tale grab your attention right away? PAM: This book grabbed me right away and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I have seen the movie, but never read the book. However, after reading Dr. Sleep I plan to go back and read The Shining. Were you pulled into the book from the start as well? BECKY: The writing style did not flow well for me so that was a bit frustrating. The Shining was written quite some time ago and I expected more reflections on the past characters than I found at the beginning of this story. Once I identified with the various characters I enjoyed the book much more but still felt that the story was missing depth. Do you think that it has potential to become a movie? PAM: I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this book eventually became a movie, especially since some of his other books have ended up that way. King is known for his paranormal topics. Did you enjoy this about the book or did you find it too far fetched?

February 2014

BECKY: There are some parts that I found interesting but some of it was too much for me. I do believe that there are people that have a unique ability to communicate on a different plane and this book has multiple people that have that talent. What piqued my curiosity the most was the concept that when someone dies a mist or steam is released. The True Knot in this story is fueled by this steam. During this story there is a boy that is kidnapped and killed for his steam which is more valuable to the True Knot because of his Shining. I found this not only interesting but a disturbing way to explain missing children. While I didn’t necessarily find this book to be scary, I certainly had some odd dreams during my time reading it. Were you able to embrace the paranormal characters and situations in this book? PAM: I was able to embrace many of the characters, but not all. I did like the main character, although his struggles with addiction at the beginning of the book were sad and I had a hard time connecting with him at that point of the book. I also enjoyed a child that he connected with later in the story. However, the true knot group was hard to grasp. The idea of them was very abstract and a little scary. I agree that this brought a very disturbing twist to missing children. However, it was an intriguing way to incorporate these far-fetched characters into a real life situation. Did you find that the author tried to encourage sympathy for 11 SEARCH LONE TREE MAGAZINE

the members of the true knot? Did you find yourself feeing that way? BECKY: That is always interesting when an author can create sympathy for the antagonist in the story. That exact thought did not cross my mind but I’m sure that there are some readers out there that might connect with those characters and they possibly felt an affinity towards this group during the story. I was thinking that the author was trying to humanize the characters that were paranormal. At the beginning of the book we meet Andrea whom has led a hard life. She becomes part of the True Knot family and I enjoyed the author’s direction here. Andrea was a loner but now had a “family” to call her own and in an odd way that was endearing. The character that I enjoyed most was Abra. I pictured her as a young Dakota Fanning and enjoyed her spirit. Who do you think is the stronger character in this story, Abra or Dan? PAM: I felt that Abra was definitely the stronger character. Her Personality and paranormal power were very strong. Although Dan was a strong character in his own way, he didn’t have the same passion and confidence that Abra possessed. However, he found himself thrust into the role of mentor with the young girl. What did you think of that aspect of the story? BECKY: Abra started to contact Dan when she was just a baby. At the time he didn’t know who she was or how she would impact his life. It was random thoughts and small messages. He was just starting his journey in AA so he was busy trying to control his addiction issues but overall, he was on a good path when Abra became a larger presence in his life. I thought that they had an interesting partnership. We have a young, naive girl and a recovering addict as partners. He wasn’t a typical hero or someone that you would want around your young daughter and the extreme difference made it hard for me to embrace. Stephen King has experienced addiction issues in his past. Do you think that the True Knot or Abra represents something or someone from that time in his life? PAM: interesting! I did not know that about Stephen King. I imagine there are deeper meanings to the two opposing forces for Stephen King. They could certainly represent the struggles of addiction and the hope and healing of the process of recovery. That would be such a great question to ask him...I wonder if he has done interviews about that time and the impact on his writing. Do you feel that the True Knot and Abra symbolize his struggles? BECKY: I haven’t read any interviews about Mr. King but I did feel like it was an interesting character combination and maybe there was more to it than just writing a story. Who knows what runs through the mind of someone who can come up with stories like Carrie, Salem’s Lot, Misery and Cujo. It’s time to say good bye to this paranormal tale. Please tell us where we are heading next month. PAM: Next month we will go in a very different direction and discuss A Tale for the Time Being: A Novel by Ruth Ozeki. v


LOCAL AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT Confessions of a Mediocre Widow by Catherine Tidd


February 2014

spent my 11th wedding anniversary planning my husband’s funeral. If I could just figure out how to make that rhyme, it would be the beginning of a great country song.” And so begins Catherine Tidd’s journey into widowhood at the age of thirty-one. Left with three small children to raise after her husband dies from injuries he sustains in an accident on his way to work, Catherine struggles to find the “right way” to grieve and put the pieces of her life back together again. “My goal with Confessions of a Mediocre Widow was to be the voice I was looking for years ago when my husband died,” says Tidd. “I wanted a book that would help me laugh at my grief and something that I could relate to as a young widow with children. I needed a ‘friend on a page’ who understood what I was going through. And after years of searching for that book and not finding it, I decided to write it myself.” In Confessions, Catherine talks about widowhood in a way that allows others who have walked a similar path to know that they’re not alone…and gives those who have not experienced such a significant loss a glimpse into how much it changes everything in life. From getting through the first set of milestones to going out on her first date, Catherine tells her story – including all of her successes and mistakes – in a way that will have you crying on one page and laughing the next. “If there is anything that we all have in common it’s that life very rarely turns out how we pictured it when we were young,” says Tidd. “It’s how we deal with the situations that are beyond our control that truly determines the life we are meant to lead.” Catherine Tidd has been published in several anthologies about grief and is a regular contributor to The Denver Post’s Mile High Mama’s. For more information about Catherine, visit v


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February 2014


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February 2014 Search Lone Tree Magazine  

February 2014 edition of Search Lone Tree Magazine, the monthly community magazine for Lone Tree Colorado.

February 2014 Search Lone Tree Magazine  

February 2014 edition of Search Lone Tree Magazine, the monthly community magazine for Lone Tree Colorado.