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By Paige,  Madison,  Alyssa,  Owen,  Mark,  Diana,  Kyle,   Krystan,  John,  David,  Thomas,  and  Kenny  

Starpoint Intermediate  School  

Mrs. Jordan’s  Class  

What Happens  in  Autumn?  

In Autumn  we  come  back  to  school.  

The sun  moves  in  a  different  direcGon  so  it  makes  a  shadow.  

Farmers use  scarecrows  because  birds  try  to  eat  corn.  

In Autumn,  trees  lose  their  leaves  and  the     cranberries  are  bright  red.  

On our  lockers,  we  worked  very  hard  on  the  scarecrows  for  Fall.  

In the  Fall  we  celebrate  Halloween  by  carving  a  pumpkin.  

The leaves  don’t  get  sunshine  and  they  fall.  

Mums grow  in  Autumn  and  they’re  colorful.  

The mums  grow  in  fall  and  they  are  used  to  decorate  outside.  

The mum  is  a  flower  that  is  only  in  Fall.  

The ghosts  can  scare  people  on  Halloween.     On  Halloween  night  you  can  dress  up  as  a  ghost.  

All of  the  leaves  on  the  trees  fall  onto  the  ground,  die,  and   change  into  different  colors.  

In Autumn  we  see  pumpkins.  We  can  carve  them  for   Halloween  and  use  them  outside  to  decorate.  

The leaves  change  colors.  These  leaves  are  red,  orange,  and  green.  

These leaves  fell  on  the  ground.  

A pumpkin  is  supposed  to  be  scary  on  Halloween.  

The leaves  fall  off  the  trees  in  Autumn.  

We thought  this  project  was  cool.  

Happy Autumn,  everyone!  –From  Mrs.  Jordan’s  Class  

What Happens In Autumn?  

Mrs. Jordan's students take pictures and write about what happens in Autumn.

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