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Pedaler’s Jamboree Step-by-Step

User Guide - 2013 Model

How to Jamboree

Live Music on the Katy Trail

1. Ride 8.9 miles on MKT Trail 2. Turn left at Hindman Jct. 3. Ride 1/4 mile to McBaine 4. Celebrate good times 5. Ride back towards Hindman Jct. 6. Ride 8.5 miles to Rocheport

Perche Creek Bridge

Katy Roundhouse 188


Boonville 191.8


Wilton 157.4


Cooper’s Landing 163.5

Easley 162.5

MKT Trail




Providence 165.5


Huntsdale 171.7

Rocheport 178.3

City Park


Pedaler’s Jamboree

Columbia to Boonville - 30 miles Boonville to Hartsburg - 40 miles Hartsburg to Columbia - 27 miles

7. Enjoy lunch in Rocheport. Stage/food/drink at the Rocheport City Park. 8. Ride 10.3 miles to the Katy Roundhouse in Franklin. Enjoy music/food/drink. 9. Ride 3.8 miles to Boonville. Festivities at Kemper Park. Watch for signs. 10. Food/drink/camping/entertainment at Kemper Park til mid-night. 11. Sunday morning Pancake Breakfast at Kemper Park. 12. Reverse Saturday course. Snacks in Rocheport and lunch in McBaine. 13. Jamboree riders head back to Columbia for after parties or home. 14. Extended riders enjoy festivities in Wilton, Hartsburg & the Elderberry Farm. 15. Extended riders return home on Monday.

Jamboree on the Brain Bicycling


Live Music Beer Food

Parties Camping Vacation Katy Trail


4 - About the Pedaler's Jamboree 5 - How to Prepare for the Adventure pg 6 - Where to Park/Stay in Columbia pg 7 - The Friday Night Party pg 8 - Beginning the Ride & Luggage Drop pg 9 - What to Expect on the Trail pg 10 - Trail Etiquette pg 11 - The Token System pg 12 - Sag Support & Bus Information pg 14 - Trailside Food & Drink pg 17 - Saturday Music Schedule pg 18 - What to Expect at Kemper Park pg 19 - Boonville Accomodations pg 20 - Moustache Competition pg 21 - Yoga & Pancakes pg 23 - Sunday Music Schedule pg 26 - Post Ride Parties in Columbia pg 27 - Jamboree Extended Route pg 28 - About the Jamboree Bands pg pg

About the Jamboree

The Pedaler's Jamboree is a music festival for bicycle riders and non-riders alike!

Start your adventure at Flat Branch Park from 7:30 am to 10 am. Flat Branch Park (101 South 4th St, Columbia, MO) is the beginning of the MKT trail which connects to the Katy Trail State Park. Drop off your overnight packs at check-in & prepare for a weekend of relaxed bike riding, music, & fun. Enjoy the scenic views of the Katy Trail State Park as you ride on crushed limestone trails flanked by cliffs & the Missouri River. Stop at your convenience to enjoy live music & refreshments throughout the day in communities along the trail. The final destination, Boonville's Kemper Park, will host the main stage music. Camping at Kemper Park is free for all registered riders. Hotels/motels are also available. There will be plenty of food vendors at Kemper Park. On Sunday food & entertainment await you on your journey! Riders are encouraged to continue to Hartsburg for another night of entertainment & camping or head back to Columbia. Overnight bags will be waiting in Columbia or in Hartsburg! Enjoy the ride, stop often & make friends! Bicycle riders, please ride safely & follow the rules of the trail. Please put litter in its place & respect the Katy Trail State Park and private property along the trail so that we can continue this event in the future. Enjoy the ride!


How to Prepare

The Pedaler’s Jamboree is both a relaxing and challenging holiday retreat. We encourage everyone to get some fun training miles in on the bicycle leading up to the Jamboree! The more time that you spend on the bicycle now, the better that you body will feel on a bike when the event arrives! Early registered riders will receive the following items in the mail before the Pedaler’s Jamboree: bicycle tour wristband (will get you into Kemper Park and a discount on food on the trail), luggage tag, free item voucher (t-shirt/ bottle), and other goodies. Late and day-of registrants will be able to get these items at check in the morning of the ride. Please contact us if you are missing any of these items. Don’t Forget to Bring: . Proof of Identification . Bicycle & Helmet . Water . Sunscreen . Cash & Credit Card . Spare Inner Tube . Repair Kit . Cell Phone . Towel . Change of Clothes . Best Friends . Sense of Adventure


Where to Park

There is plenty of weekend parking available near the start. The best bet is to park your car in the City of Columbia parking garages (Cherry and 6th St is the best) as it is free on Saturday and Sunday. Parking meters are not free on Saturday! For tips and maps on the best Columbia parking spots, please visit: You may drop off your bags at Flat Branch Park and then park your car if that is easiest for you.


E . Broadway

Walnut St

9th St

7th St

E . Broadway

8th St


P 6th St

5th St

4th St


Walnut St

E . Broadway


Gear Drop Cherry St



Cherry St

Cherry St

9th St

Where to Stay

8th St

Locust St

7th St

6th St

Locust St

5th St


There are countless lodging opportuities available in Columbia! The Tiger Hotel in downtown Columbia has a block of rooms set aside at a special Jamboree rate! Mix in a kick-off party the night before the ride, and the fact that you can depart for the Jamboree on your bicycle (your gear will be transported to Kemper Park directly), and it’s hard to beat!

Tiger Hotel - (573) 875-8888 23 South 8th Street - Columbia, MO 65201 Visit the Columbia Visitors Bureau website for more hotel options:


Friday Night

Make the most of your holiday vacation and begin the festivities on Friday night at the Tiger Hotel in downtown Columbia! The crew at the Pedaler’s Jamboree would like to invite all friends of the ride to join us at the Tiger Hotel for a Jamboree kick-off event! Featuring great music and drink specials from the “Vault”, this will be a great social kick-off party not to miss!

Jamboree Kick off Party Friday, May 24th 7pm - 10pm

Tiger Hotel - V2 23 South 8th Street Columbia, MO 65201 Live music Check website for details FREE ADMISSION


Begin the Ride

The ride starts at Flat Branch Park (101 South 4th St, Columbia, MO) from 7:30 am - 10 am. Flat Branch Park is the beginning of the MKT trail which connects to the Katy Trail State Park. Pre-registered riders can bring their overnight bags to the bag drop-off location at the park on Saturday morning. Bags will be transported and waiting for you at Kemper Park in Boonville on Saturday. Late and day-of registered riders will get baggage tags and registration instructions when they arrive on Saturday morning. Pre-registered riders will get their baggage tags and materials in the mail before the event and will not need to check in at the start. All participants will need bring their free item voucher to Kemper Park to claim their event shirt or water bottle. These items will not be available for pick up at the start of the ride.

Luggage Drops

Luggage must be tagged with participant’s name and phone number. On Saturday, bags must be dropped off at Flat Branch Park by 10 am and will be available for pick up at Kemper Park after 3 pm. On Sunday, bags must be dropped off at the Kemper Park Baggage Drop-Off Zone by 10 am. Bags will be available for pick up on Sunday at Flat Branch Park starting at 12 pm (available until 5 pm). If you need to contact us regarding your bags, please call (573) 234-4642. If you are continuing the ride to Hartsburg on Sunday make sure to put your bags in the area designated for Hartsburg drop off. On Monday morning drop off your bags to be transported to Columbia for pick up at Flat Branch Park by 5 pm.


What to Expect

Expect: A weekend full of bicycles/music/fun

Expect: To be thirsty (bring water and funds)

Expect: To be hungry (bring snacks and funds)

Expect: Traffic on trail (use proper trail ettiquette) Expect: To make new friends

Expect: Missouri weather (dress accordingly) Expect: A challenging & rewarding ride

Expect: Bicycle riders of all ages & personalities Expect: To hear amazing bands Expect: A great time

Expect: The unexpected


Trail Etiquette

. Be courteous to all users . Pets must be leashed . Announce your presence . Always use safe speeds . Respect private property . Keep right except to pass . Wear a helmet . Slower traffic has the right-of-way . Yield/stop when crossing driveways & roads If we all practice common sense & common courtesy, everyone can have a fun and safe experience.

Logboat Brewing Company coming soon to Columbia

Funding, in part, for the Pedaler’s Jamboree has been provided by the City of Boonville Tourism Commission. To learn more about the city of Boonville visit: 10

The Token System

This year the Pedaler’s Jamboree will be using a token system at official Jamboree trailside venues. Tokens will be needed to purchase food and drink. The token system we will help shorten the waiting time in lines at venues throughout the weekend. Don’t worry. Think of it like an arcade! Cash and credit can be exchanged for tokens at official token booths along the route. Tokens accepted at the following locations: Lucy’s in McBaine, Rocheport City Park, Katy Roundhouse, Hartsburg Elderberry Farm. Tokens will also be needed to purchase coffee or pancakes at Kemper Park. Tokens are optional at the merch table at Kemper Park and at the merch table at Mojos in Columbia. Unused tokens are returnable at Mojos in Columbia, on Sunday afternoon at the conclusion of the ride or at Hartsburg on Monday morning. Stop by the token booth at Flat Branch Park before departing on Saturday morning!


Sag & Bus Support

Registered riders can catch a sag ride to Boonville along the route on Saturday or back to Columbia on Sunday. Look for the Walt’s van parked near the action at the pick up zones. For emergency support call - (573) 234-4642

Saturday, May 25: Departing McBaine (Lucy’s) at 11:30 am Departing Rocheport (City Park) at 1:45 pm Departing Katy Roundhouse at 5 pm Sunday, May 26: Departing Rocheport (City Park) at 11:15 pm Departing McBaine (Lucy’s) at 1:45 pm Free Shuttle Service to Boonville Hotels A shuttle bus will leave Kemper Park at the start of every hour starting at 4 pm and ending at 11 pm on Saturday. Participants staying at Boonville hotels must retrieve their overnight bags at Kemper prior to getting on the bus. The bus will pick up participants from hotels on Sunday morning from 7 am til 9 am and drop them off at Kemper Park. Bike Check Service Participants getting shuttled to hotels or any rider that would like to have their bike securely checked for the duration of Saturday night may have their bike stored at our bike check station at Kemper Park. The service costs $5 and will operate under a ticket retrieval system. Shuttle from Boonville/Hartsburg to Columbia For those riders who are unable to complete the ride back on Sunday/Monday, a shuttle service is available. Meet at the baggage drop off area at 7:45 am, 9 am & 10:15 am to get a ride back to Columbia. Advanced reservations can be made on-line for $10 or on-site for $15 (space permit). 12

Food & Drink

There are many places to get great food and drink on the Pedaler’s Jamboree! Stock up on tokens!


Lucy’s Bar - Cold drinks available at the beer

garden. Snacks and food available inside Lucy’s Bar & Grill.


The HUB - Rocheport City Park

Lunch is served! A variety of lunch options will be available. Cold drinks at the beer garden. Les Bourgeois Winery - Food, beer and wine


Snack Shack - Katy Roundhouse

Plenty of snacks available to keep you satisfied. Cold drinks available at the beer garden.

Kemper Park


Food vendors, food trucks, pasta dinner, etc. Restaurants also available throughout Boonville. Pancake breakfast Sunday morning pre-ride. Cold drinks available at the beer garden.


Food and beverages (beer and non-alcoholic) available at both stops at the general stores.


Elderberry Farm

Food trucks available at campgrounds. Restaurants available in Hartsburg. Pancake breakfast Monday morning pre-ride. Cold drinks available at the beer garden. 14

Saturday Music

P E R C H E C R E E K B R ID GE Th e Suns h i ne Ma mas - 8:45 am

L UC Y ’S B A R - MC B A IN E P l a i d to th e Bo n e - 9 am M o l l y Ge n e On e Whoam an Band - 10 am

RO CH E P OR T THE H U B - C IT Y PARK We L ive in P ublic - 11 a m A a ro n K amm and t h e O n e D ro p s - 1 2 :3 0 p m L E S BO U R G E O I S P ri m i t ive S oul - 4 p m


Last Chance Stomp Grass Party Th e H ogs lop Str ing Band - 2 pm Be n Miller Band - 3:30 pm


6 pm - Honk y Su c k l e

7 pm - Ma n in T h e R i n g

8 pm - J D Wilk e s & t h e D i r t D a u b e r s 9 pm - Burn Circ u s

9:30 pm - Po k ey L a F a r g e 11 pm -

Last Call with T h e

Flood Brothers 17

Kemper Park

Kemper Park - 757 3rd St. Boonville, MO . Please respect your camp neighbors and keep the noise to a minimum after the Pokey LaFarge show. . Secure bike check service available at Kemper Park. The overnight service fee is $5 . Free bus shuttle service to area hotels near park.

. Showers available onsite at the YMCA on Saturday until 10 pm. Not available on Sunday. BYOtowel. . Quiet hours begin when the last show ends. . NO FIRES IN KEMPER PARK . NO CARS IN KEMPER PARK


NOT ALLOWED: Glass bottles, open fires, pets, weapons, fireworks, illegal drugs, noise makers & laser pointers, recording equipment, unauthorized vending. ALLOWED: Blankets, baby strollers, backpacks, purses, lawn chairs, water bottles, camping gear. All entrants subject to inspection for unsafe items or items not allowed. Food and Drink Advanced orders are available for a $10 Pasta Meal at Kemper Park. The meals will be generous servings of Pasta served with a Mixed Salad of Local Spring Greens, strawberries and walnuts with creme fraiche dressing, toasted garlic bread, a double chocolate chip cookie, and a drink. Reserve a meal online at: If you order a pasta dinner at Kemper Park you will need to check in at the food tent from 5 pm to 8 pm on Saturday, May 25th, and let them know the name under which the meal was reserved. 18

Boonville Accomodations Isle of Capri Hotel 100 Isle of Capri Blvd. (660) 882-1200

Hotel Frederick (660) 882-2828

QT Inn (660) 882-3467

Holiday Inn Express (660) 882-6882

High Street B & B (660) 882-7101

Comfort Inn (660) 882-5317

Rivercene Mansion B&B (660) 848-2497

Days Inn (660) 882-8624

Hannah Cole Cottage (660) 846-3061

Super 8 Motel (660) 882-2900

4 Doors Inn (660) 888-0288

The Katy Roundhouse

Primitive tent and RV Camping available at the Katy Roundhouse in Franklin. 4 miles from Kemper Park. Secluded camping includes many spacious, tree-lined campsites with picnic tables, cook-top fire rings & bike racks. (660) 848-2232



Got a champion ‘Stache? Prove it! PEDALER’S MOUSTACHE COMPETITION

Saturday May 25th - Kemper Park - 8 pm Registration 7 pm - 7:45 pm $5 Entry Fee

All proceeds benefit: The Katy Roundhouse Restoration project

Top Ten Prizes Brought to you by the Queen City Beard & Moustache Federation and Tallgrass Brewing


Yoga at Kemper

Sunday morning - 7:30 til 8:30 - Kemper Park. Join Kripalu certified yoga teacher Alicia LaVaute for a guided class to help you limber up before your return journey! Admission is free, but donations are encouraged. The class will include deep stretching, flows, and guided meditation. Don't miss this Pedaler's Jamboree first time event!

All you can eat pancakes!

Sunday, May 26 KEMPER PARK $6 for a pancake feast! Pack up camp, get some cof fee & get energized for a full day of good times! Meal includes: Pancakes, Margarine, Syrup, Link Pork Sausage, & TANG. ALSO AVAILABLE ON:

Monday, May 27 H AR T S B U R G C A M P SI T E 21

Sunday Music B O O N V ILLE KE MPER PARK - P a n c a k e P a rty ! O l d S alt U nion - 7: 3 0 a m Yo g a in t he P ar k - 7 :3 0 a m

R O C H E P O RT - C ITY PA R K T h e Mojo R oot s - 1 0 a m

L U C Y ’S B A R - MC B A IN E S u p er J am(bore e ) - 11 am - 1:30 pm H o s t ed by R obot Coffee Br eak

M u s i c i a n s f r o m t h e J a m b o r e e l i n e u p j o i n fo r c e s for an epic trail-side jam session!


B r o ad w ay Brew e ry - 4 pm - Beer & Food M o j o’ s Bac k y a rd Bash - 2 pm til late

Gre a t m u s i c , f o o d , an d d r i n k s p e c i a l s ! Fe a t u r i n g l i v e b l u e g ra s s , r o o ts , & c o u n tr y m u s i c

EX T E N D ED TOU R W ILTO N - C A MP GR OU N D H o g sl o p Stri n g Band - 2:30 pm

H A RT S B U R G - ELDERBERRY FARM K a y Brothers - 6 :30 pm B e n M i l l e r Band - 8 pm H i l l B enders - 9 :3 0 pm 23

Restore the Roundhouse! The Katy Roundhouse Restoration Guild is focused on renovating the train roundhouse located in Franklin, MO. The goal is to return glory to the forgotten station and make it a destination location. Please visit our website to learn more about the project and support our fundraising campaign. Donate online and receive great rewards including: restoration railroad caps, railroad memorabilia and Pedaler’s Jamboree gear and passes! The more fundraising support that is received the greater the level of restoration.

The Roundhouse RAFFLE Want to win an amazing custom built Katy Trail Party Bicycle (donated by our friends at Groody Bros), Pedaler’s Jamboree grear & a cooler full of micro-brew and wine? Pick up raffle tickets at the Jamboree Roundhouse party for a chance to win it all and to support this great project! 24

Post-ride Parties

We are excited to partner with Mojo’s for a great party Sunday afternoon blow-out party! MOJO’S FOREST ROSE PARK AFTER PARTY 2 pm til Late - FREE ADMISSION

Live music by: The Kay Brothers, The Bocomo Ramble Mercer & Johnson, Adam Lee and the Dead Horse Society Schuyler Prenger and the Dirt Road Junkies Relax at Forrest Rose Park at Mojo’s and enjoy beer specials, Pizza from Pizza Tree and great live country, bluegrass, and roots music from a collection of regional musicians, culminating an old style Ramble performance by members of several infamous Columbia bands. Food, drankin, and general debauchery.

Last chance to visit the Pedaler’s Jamboree merch table and the Token Redemption booth. Mojos is located at: 1013 Park Ave, Columbia BROADWAY BREWERY AFTER PARTY Jam Session IPA (I Pedal Around) Broadway Brewery has crafted a limited edition beer for the Pedaler’s Jamboree! Jam Session IPA will be on tap starting in mid-May and will be available at the After Party! Take a growler of microbrew home! Stop in at the end of the Jamboree for dinner and live music!

816 E. Broadway . Columbia, MO . 573-443-5054

Located only blocks away from the trailhead! Between 8th & 9th Streets downtown Columbia 26

Jamboree Extended

Welcome to the Pedaler's Jamboree Extended Tour! If you are lucky enough to join us for the bonus day you will drop off your overnight gear in Boonville on Sunday for pick up at the Elderberry Farm in Hartsburg! When the rest of the Pedaler's Jamboree riders head back to Columbia on the MKT you will continue east. Great new stages and venues await! Cooper's Landing, Wilton, Hartsburg and the final overnight camping/festival area at the Farm. Look for signs in Hartsburg leading you to camp! The HillBenders are headlining in Hartsburg where there will be many dinner/drink options, spacious camping in a car free zone, and even more restaraunts and bars just 3 miles down the road. On Monday morning, the gear is loaded up and transported back to Columbia. Ride at your own pace and enjoy your Memorial Weekend to the fullest before returning to Columbia!


Jamboree Music

Pokey LaFarge and The Hillbenders will be headlining the Pedaler's Jamboree 2013 with friends JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers, The Ben Miller Band, Man in the Ring, Aaron Kamm and the One Drops, The Kay Brothers, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, Honky Suckle and many more. We are proud to present some of Missouri’s finest bands this year! All featured bands have Missouri roots except our very special out of state friends JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers (Kentucky) and the Hogslop String Band (Tennessee). Enjoy the show(s)! 28

Pokey LaFarge It's not retro music, it's American music that never died. Pokey LaFarge is a musician, songwriter, bandleader, entertainer, innovator & preservationist, whose well-rounded arsenal of talents has placed him at the forefront of American music. Over the last decade, Pokey has won the hearts of music lovers across the globe with his creative mix of early jazz, string ragtime, country blues & western swing, all while writing songs that ring true and fine in both spirit & sound. His music transcends the confines of genre, continually challenging the notion that tradition-bearers fail to push musical boundaries. Cleverly striding between numerous forms of traditional American music, Pokey has crafted a genre all his own, marked in its accessible ingenuity. Learn more:


JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers The Dirt Daubers have come down from the mountains and landed squarely in the middle of the Mississippi Delta. Yes, you heard right... J.D. Wilkes (of the Legendary Shack Shakers) and his former Old- Time band have decided to plug in to both his blues roots and a regulation, A.C. power socket. Having recently added electric guitar and drums, the Dirt Daubers are now poised to expand the appeal of their roots-based tunes with a whole new Swamp-Blues/Rock n Roll kick! Man in the Ring Man in the Ring is the beloved folk rock band from Columbia, Missouri. Their music explores numerous genres and artistic aspects. The five piece band, featuring the crowd-pleasing electric violin, is community favorite playing charity events, local festivals (including three appearances at the annual Roots n Blues n BBQ festival), and headlining nostalgic venues throughout Columbia. With over 50 years of combined musical experience, the band bears an impressive line-up of professional musicians who aren’t afraid to live up to the challenge of Man in the Ring’s constantly evolving sound. Learn more at:


Honky Suckle - / honk-`e suck-ul'/ noun; a band from Southwest Missouri ready to melt faces with original roots rock grass influences, and a rowdy live show with harmony and intensity unmatched. Blending rock and punk influences with roots music's raw power, they bring a real intensity seldom heard. The HillBenders Undeniably the hottest young band on the acoustic scene, The HillBenders have been winning over audiences from coast to coast with their unique style, original compositions and relentless drive. These buzz-worthy bluegrass whiz-kids are quickly rising above many of their peers and gaining international recognition for their aggressive combination of contemporary influences with traditional inspiration and instrumentation, as well as their infectiously energetic stage performances. Learn more: The Kay Brothers Genyewine Bonafide Hootin' N' Hollerin' Hillybillyin' Ozark Stompgrass and What Nots. The spirit of Missouri 'Stompgrass' lives on with The Kay Brothers. The members are no strangers to the Midwest music scene. Hailing from such bands as The Hipnecks, The Hatrick, Mary & the Giant, and even a metal band - Ghost in the Machine - the players have been burning barns down since they were knee-high and can chug moonshine without shedding a single tear. Armed with Upright Bass, Fiddle, Guitar, Harmonicas, bass drum, washboard, and sibling harmonies, they make a lot of noise... Just be careful not to crack a heel.


The Ben Miller Band Hailing from Joplin, Missouri, The Ben Miller Band is a one-of-a kind trio that combines the frenetic energy of bluegrass, the soul of the delta blues and the haunted spirit of Appalachian mountain music. Band members Ben Miller, Scott Leeper, and Doug Dicharry create a unique and modern sound while continuing the tradition of blending together many different musical styles, which has long been a trait of their native Ozarks.

The Hog Slop String Band The Hog Slop String Band is a Nashville based old time string band comprised of seven energetic young musicians hailing from Georgia, Tennessee, California and North Carolina. Featuring Casy Meikle and Kevin Martin on fiddles, Graham Sherrill on banjo, Gabe Zorbanos on guitar, Robert Hardy (RH) Dyar Jr. on mandolin, Daniel Allen Frazier Jr. on washboard and Casey McBride on the washtub bass, these boys surely raise a ruckus.

Aaron Kamm and the One Drops A staple of the St.Louis music scene, Aaron Kamm and the One Drops play an intoxicating concoction of Roots Reggae and Mississippi River Blues. Improv-laced Jams, dubbed out grooves and Effervescent Vocals make this band must see. After the release of there second studio album "Grow" in 2010, this independent trio is beginning to forge their way across the country.


The Mojo Roots Soul-soaked blues from the heart of the Midwest. Their brand of harp-driven, soul-soaked blues is nothing short of electrifying, shifting effortlessly from a driving, hard-hitting shuffle to an aching, tear-dripping slow blues. The Mojo Roots are captivating audiences all across the Midwest. Learn more: Old Salt Union Old Salt Union is a non-traditional 5 piece string band from St. Louis. There has been a variety of styles conveyed in their songs from Baroque to Newgrass to Bluegrass to Jamgrass. Look for the band at the 2013 Wakarusa music festival. We Live in Public We Live in Public comes armed with the unique ability to play everything from intimate acoustic sets to full-fledged rock shows. Employing a spicy blend of rock, funk, pop and blues, the group relies on powerful harmonies, danceable rhythms and clever songwriting to entice and entertain its audiences. Flood Brothers The Flood Brothers are a two man THUMP MACHINE whose infectious melodies and animal rhythms will have your bones shakin' outta your boots! Heavily influenced by the early Rock 'N Roll sounds of Memphis and Deep Blues of North Mississippi.


Molly Gene One Whoaman Band Molly Gene is a true one person band. She produces a full band sound all by herself with ferocious slide guitar, harmonica, and sings with a powerful voice, all whilst kicking out beats on her custom Farmer Footdrum. Molly strives to rock your face off, and stands on her own as one of the best performers out there. She needs no band. It's not just a mans world anymore, make way for the Whoaman. Plaid to the Bone It’s not just bagpipes. Plaid to the Bone is Rock. A full rock band including Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Bagpipes - rocking out everything from traditional bagpipe music, contemporary bagpipe music, cover tunes, and original rock music. Dirt Leg Benders An American string band whose five members hail from Jefferson City MO, on the banks of the Missouri River. The Dirt Legs have years of combined experience playing in electric bands, but have distilled that collective experience down to the acoustic essence of American music: the string band.Look for their traveling show throughout the Jamboree! River Ghost Revue RGR specializes in rural American folk music. The unique sound comes from a blending of elements from bluegrass, country & western, and singer-songwriter Americana. Sunshine Mamas A couple of ladies from the midwest who love the old timey folk/bluegrass music and are performing their version this sound. From the twangy vocals, to the strumming guitar, to the sweet picking of the mandolin they've created our own sound they call folkgrass. Burn Circus Burn Circus is a fire spinning troupe and burner community offering fire dancing performances at festivals and events, in backyards and on riverbanks. We are glad to welcome them back to Kemper Park again this year!



Don’t miss out on this year’s limited edition gear! Including: jerseys, flasks, stickers, bandanas, t-shirts, water bottles, posters, patches and more!

Look for gear at the Off Track Events table at Kemper Park in Boonville during the event and at Mojo’s in Columbia at the conclusion of the ride on Sunday.

Available online:


coming to Columbia, MO!

October 5th, 2013 The Color Dash is a non-competitive 5k fun run/walk benefiting the Central Missouri Humane Society. Participants get annihilated with a colorful shower of powder each kilometer, leaving them looking like a color explosion!

Off Track Events




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Pedaler's Jamboree 2013 Festival Guide  

How To Jamboree

Pedaler's Jamboree 2013 Festival Guide  

How To Jamboree