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*The works in this collection are from private consigners*

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Judy Drew Woman in Japanese Kimono 80cm x101cm Pastel, signed lower left, dated 2004 $12,000

Janet Agnes Cumbre-Stewart Admiring the Lace 57.5cm x 45cm Pastel, signed lower right $25,500

Unknown Sydney School The Whisky Glass 96cm x 75cm Oil on Canvas, reversed signature title, dated 1939 $2,800

Leslie Andrew Wilkie Miss Ami Johnson: Aviator 50cm x 40cm Oil on canvas, signed lower left, dated 1930s $4,500

Elioth Gruner Cattle Grazing Windsor NSW 22cm x 23.5cm Oil on panel, signed lower right, dated 1917 $38,000

Hans Heysen Woodside South Australia 32cm x 40cm Watercolour, signed lower right, dated 1935 $24,000

Judy Drew Woman in Black Floral Kimono 57cm x 76cm Pastel, signed lower left, dated 2001 $9,500

Danila Ivanovich Vassilieff Three Women 47cm x 36cm Oil on cardboard, signed lower right, circa late 1930s $8,500

Peter Purves-Smith Nude in Studio Paris 58cm x 46cm Oil on paper, signed lower left, circa late 1930s $30,000

Peter Purves-Smith Battersea Power Station 40cm x 30cm Oil on card, signed lower right, dated 1938 $30,000

William Dobell Sir William Dobell’s Painting Smock 115cm x 60cm Cloth, circa 1949 $5,800 Signed/painted/caricatured by: Joe Jonsson JONSSON, JOSEF NILS (Joe), b. Halmstad Sweden 1890 d. Sydney 1963 cartoonist/illustrator. Became sailor at age of eighteen, painted landscapes for other sailors in his spare time. After nine years jumped ship in 1915 in New Zealand, arrived in Australia 1917 and went timber cutting in Queensland. Become humorous artist on Smiths' Weekly 1924-50. Donated ten pounds a week from his pay to the coalminers during the Depression years. Created comic strip Uncle Joe's Horse Radish when working in the Sydney production unit of The Courier Mail 1951.

Les Dixon DIXON, LES, b. Sydney 1910 d. Sydney 2002 Moved to Cobargo 1918, returned to Sydney 1929. Freelanced with The Bulletin, Rydges and Smiths' Weekly 1938. After WW2 worked on Smiths' Weekly until the paper ceased publication in 1950, followed Jim Russell as art editor, joined the Courier Mail as Sydney art editor, left 1957 to take over Bluey and Curly comic strip also created Phill Dill comic strip. Made a life member of the Black and White Artists' Club in 1991.

Stan Cross Stan Cross (1888-1977),CROSS, STAN (Stanley) b. Los Angeles USA 1888, d. Armidale NSW 1977 artist/cartoonist/author. Cross started work in Perth at the WA Railways Department while drawing freelance for Sunday Times, Western Mail and the United Licensed Victuallers Association Journal. He moved to Smith's Weekly 1919 at 5 pounds a week. He drew a number of comic strips The Vauderilleans, You and Me (1920) name changed to The Potts, Dad and Dave and in July 1933 drew what is said to be 'the funniest joke ever produced in Australia with some people chiming it to be 'the all-rime world's best' - 'For gor'sake stop laughing, this is serious!' He was the second artist to join the paper and became the third art director and was said to be one of the highest paid artist working in Australian media. After falling out with the management Cross left Smith's at the end of 1939 and was quickly offered work with The Herald, in Melbourne by Keith Murdoch. There he drew a new comic The Winks (1940) but it was soon modified and the name changed to Wally and the Major. Black and White Assists' Club president 1931-54, and considered by many to be one of Australia's greatest newspaper artists. He also wrote books on accountancy, economics and English grammar. Cross continued to draw Wally and the Major until failing eyesight forced him to get help with the drawings early in 1970. Carl Lyon started to ink in Cross' pencil drawings. Later Lyon took over all the drawing with Cross writing the stories. Eventually Lyon took over completely and Cross retired late in the year. He died in Armidale, NSW on 16 June 1977 at the age of 89.

Also signed/painted/caricatured by: Alex King Dick Rivron Donaldson:A.D.S Donaldson Dorothy Wilson Don Thompson Emile Mercier Harry Owens Harry Wann Henry Edgecombe Harry J Rice Jean Cullen John Enpean Jon Harre Kemble Kurt Kurwin Les Tanner Lily Hofry Lea Ward Misha Burlokov Misso Miller Merl Rice Max Aviev Norm Rice Norton Nicol Bryer Pierremant Ron Vivian Ron Leskie Ross Stay Ron Bennell Syd Gilchrist Tim Russell Tony Rafty Theo Batlen Ted Moore Virginia Smith Warren King

Cris Canning Corsican lilies 61cm x 51cm Oil on canvas, signed lower right $38,000

George Feather Lawrence Saturday Morning 45cm x 60cm Oil on composition board, signed lower left, dated 1957 $4,800

Judy Drew Model Reclining 56cm x 76cm Pastel, signed lower left, dated 2001 $9,500

David Boyd Children in a Glade 45cm x 40cm Acryllic on canvas, signed lower left, circa 1980s $13,600

Bill Coleman Mandalin Player 100cm x 75cm Oil on canvas, signed lower right $5,800

Anne Hall Figurative Vase 38cm x 0.038cm Ceramic, signed (with possible John Percival involvement) $2,800


Australian Paintings from Private Collections  

Australian Paintings that come from private consigners

Australian Paintings from Private Collections  

Australian Paintings that come from private consigners