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7-8月刊 july/august 2012


your 私御乐土 private oasis

7-8月刊 july/august 2012

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Buck Island, British Virgin Islands, listed with Vladi Private Islands for US$30 million 伯克岛,英属维京群岛,由Vladi私人岛屿代理公司以3千万美元挂牌待售

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Island Treasures Island

With their pristine beaches, 360-degree views and supreme solitude, private islands are coveted by celebrities and millionaires alike and, increasingly, Asian buyers are staking their claim. Sonia Kilesnikov-Jessop takes a closer look at the alluring world of private islands. 细腻的白沙滩、全方位景观、遗世而独立的姿态……私家岛屿逐渐受到名流和百万富翁的追捧,越来越多 的亚洲买家也开始对私家岛屿感兴趣。Sonia Kilesnikov-Jessop将为您详细介绍值得投资的优质岛屿。



岛居 时代


ast year Li Jianping, a businessman in the wood furniture industry based in Hangzhou, China bought his first overseas property – a charming classical château in Normandy, France, which he is now renovating. This year, Mr. Li invested in a second property outside of China – a private island off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.

The 31-hectare Gravel Island, just an hour’s drive from the capital city of the province, Halifax, offers a rustic lifestyle with an old three-bedroom log cabin, and densely wooded grounds of birch and maple trees, along with a small beach where he can catch lobsters. The island is just 1.5 km from the mainland, which can be reached easily by small boat, and Halifax is then only a 45-minute drive. Mr. Li points out that while the island provides the peace and isolation he occasionally craves, it is actually quite accessible and convenient for major cities and airline networks. “I liked its location because it’s very close to America and there are direct flights from Halifax to London, only six hours away,” he explains, adding that he and his wife fell in love with the property after visiting it in February. “When we got there we were astonished by the beautiful scenery, the blue sky, the clear sea, and the beautiful lake. Everything we saw before us was perfect!” Mr. Li paid US$400,000 for the island and now plans to build a much bigger house there, along with a tennis court, and develop its roads further. “Our property agent, Vladi, already put us in touch with a good construction company in Canada that has experience and a good understanding of building villas on an island,” he explains. Mr. Li will use the island for vacationing and will rent it out when unoccupied by his family. “My future plan is to buy another piece of land on the mainland, just opposite Gravel Island, in order to make a wharf and boat-house,” he adds.

“The idea of buying an island is still relatively novel among Chinese buyers, but they are showing interest,” says Manuel Brinkschulte, managing director of China New Frontier Ltd, the Shanghai-based representative of Vladi Private Islands. China New Frontier was set up last year, after a couple of Chinese buyers contacted the Hamburg-based real estate agent and quickly bought islands. “One client bought an island in Canada, spent a couple of weeks on holiday there, came back and enjoyed the island experience so much that he decided to buy a second one, this time in Italy. That was the point where we thought, ‘Hmm, maybe we should start marketing in China,’” Mr. Brinkschulte explains. The company has now participated in four luxury property exhibitions in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou), and has gathered a list of 50 potential buyers. “We are now trying to organise a trip to the Caribbean in early July, and another to New York State, where you can find a lot of lake islands. Right now we have four islands for sale there. We’re also planning another trip for potential buyers to Canada,” he says. According to market estimates, there are only about 12,000 freehold private islands globally, which are usually grouped in archipelagos (chains or clusters of islands). A vast proportion of these islands are found in the Caribbean, Canada (East & West coasts), USA (most notably in the Great Lakes area), the Indian Ocean (predominantly the Seychelles), the Pacific Ocean (Fiji & New Zealand) and in Europe (both in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic). “We consider that there are only about 2,000 quality private islands around the world,” says Farhad Vladi, the founder and owner of Vladi Private Islands. These are islands that have a freehold title and have


011年,在中国杭州经营木材家具生意的李建平(音译)在法国诺 曼底买下一座迷人的古堡。这是他名下的第一座海外房产,目前正 处于整修中。今年,他在加拿大新斯科舍省附近买下一座私家岛 屿,拥有了第二座海外房产。

这座占地31公顷的岛屿名叫“砾石岛”,距离新斯科舍省首府哈利法 克斯不足一小时车程。岛上有一座年代久远的三卧原木小屋、大片的桦树 和枫树,洋溢着质朴的乡村风情,还有一片面积不大的海滩,可以捉龙虾。 砾石岛距离新斯科舍省大陆仅1.5公里,可以乘坐小船抵达,开车到哈利法 克斯只需要三刻钟。 李建平表示,除了宁静的氛围和独处的环境,砾石岛的特色还包括 便捷的交通,该岛屿临近大城市,在多条航空网络覆盖范围内。他解释 道: “我很中意砾石岛的位置,因为这里离美国很近,乘坐伦敦到哈利法 克斯的直航航班,只需六小时便可抵达。”他和太太今年二月来砾石岛参 观时就爱上了这座岛屿, “到了岛上以后,美丽的景色、蔚蓝的天空、清澈 的海水、秀丽的湖泊……一切的一切都令人着迷不已,我们简直不敢相信 自己的眼睛。” 李建平随即花了40万美元买下砾石岛,计划在岛上建造一座更大的房 屋和一座网球场,路也要修下去。他解释道: “中介方Vladi私人岛屿代理公 司已经帮我们和加拿大一家口碑很好的建筑公司取得了联系。这家公司具 有丰富的经验,对在岛上建造别墅很有心得。”砾石岛将成为他和家人的度 假地,其余时间会对外出租。 他补充道: “我打算在大陆上再买一块土地,就在砾石岛对面,这样可 以建造码头和艇库。” China New Frontier Ltd是Vladi驻上海的分公司,该公司董事总经理 Manuel Brinkschulte表示,对中国买家来说,购买岛屿虽说仍然是一件新 鲜事,但是他们对此已经表示出浓厚的兴趣。

Schulzewerder Island, Poland 舒泽维德岛,波兰www.privateislands.com代理

Half Crown Island in Quebec, Canada, listed for US$1.8 million 加拿大半皇冠岛,由www.privateislands.com以180万美元挂牌待售

Island Investment Tips 岛屿投资指南

1 2

Rent first to experience tisland life and see whether it is really for you. 先把岛租下来,住上一段时间,这样才能知道这个岛适不适合你。

Never buy from photos. Always visit to see exactly what you get, experience the weather, and fully appreciate how easy or difficult it is to access the island. 不要只看照片就做决定。眼见为实,得亲自体验一下岛上的气候,看看登岛 是否方便。

3 4

As a private island owner, you have to deal with unexpected things. If your roof leaks you’ll have to wait until someone can come to repair it, or do it yourself. 作为私家岛屿的主人,你还得做好应对突发事件的准备。如果屋顶漏水,你 可以等着专业人士来修理,也可以自己修理。


Global warming is a real threat, and is causing an issue for some islands in Polynesia and the South Pacific. 全球变暖迫在眉睫,对波利尼西亚和南太平洋地区会产生影响。



Think about the cost attached to maintaining the island. If it’s big, you may have to employ a caretaker or several staff. 计算维护岛屿所需的费用。如果岛屿的面积很大,也许需要雇佣一 位看门人或几位员工。

去年,一些中国买家联系了总部在匈牙利的房地产中介Vladi私人岛屿代理公司, 并迅速买下数座岛屿,为了方便中国地区的业务往来,China New Frontier Ltd应运而 生。Manuel Brinkschulte说道: “有位客户买下了加拿大的一座岛屿,在岛上度了几周 假。由于岛居生活给了他非比寻常的体验,回国之后他决定在意大利再买一座岛。那 时我们就在想‘在中国推广私家岛屿也是不错的选择’。” 迄今为止,China New Frontier Ltd已经在中国参与了四个高端房产展示会(分别 位于北京、上海、杭州和苏州),积累的意向客户达到50人。Manuel Brinkschulte说 道: “我们正在组织一次加勒比海之旅,时间定在六月初,还有一次纽约之旅,可以考 察很多湖上小岛。到目前为止,我们公司在那里有四座待售岛屿,带意向客户去加拿大 考察的活动也在筹备中。” 根据市场预测,全球可终身保有的私家岛屿不超过1.2万座,通常以群岛的形式 存在。大部分私家岛屿位于加勒比海、加拿大(东海岸和西海岸)、美国(尤其是五大 湖地区)、印度洋(尤其是塞舌尔)、太平洋(斐济和新西兰)和欧洲(地中海和大西 洋)。 Vladi私人岛屿代理公司公司创始人兼负责人Farhad Vladi说道: “就我们所知, 世界上值得投资的私家岛屿不过两千座。”这些岛屿的共同点是:所在的国家政治稳 定,产权自由保有,有建造房产或其他项目的建筑许可,一个半小时之内可以抵达医 院,没有危险生物或毛蠓等恼人的害虫。 Manuel Brinkschulte指出,无论任何时候,在Vladi登记在案的优质私家岛屿数 量都在50至70座之间,每年平均售出40至50座私家岛屿。他说: “我们公司占据了六 成市场份额。” 与其他国际交易一样,在不同地区购买私家岛屿,需要遵循的法律和程序是不一 样的。Farhad Vladi说道: “唯一的共同点是,不遵守这些法律和程序的后果是惨痛 的——岛屿交易可能被宣告无效,会引发岛屿归属权的纠纷,甚至会导致岛屿法定主 人的所有权被剥夺。”

North Coco Plum Island, Belize, listed for US$2.75 million 北可可李子岛,洪都拉斯首都伯利兹城, 由www.pricateislands.com以275万美元待售

Mr. Brinkschulte says that at any one time, Vladi Private Islands has between 50 and 70 quality private islands on its books and sells on average between 40 and 50 islands a year, “and our company has a 60 per cent market share.” As with any international purchase, buying a private island can be complicated as laws and procedures vary from region to region. “It is of critical importance that they are always adhered to. Not doing so can invalidate an island’s sale, the consequences of which can lead to ambiguity over the island’s true ownership status or even dispossession from the apparent owner,” says Mr. Vladi.


In some countries there are restrictions concerning the ownership and/ or development of an island. In the Seychelles, for example, buyers must ask development permission from the state; in Denmark, foreigners can only buy a private island with special permission from the authorities and in the Bahamas, government permission has to be obtained, although it is usually only a formality.

“Most countries in the Caribbean require investors to obtain a landholding license prior to acquiring a property. The ease of obtaining such a license varies from country to country. Closing costs also vary through the Caribbean with some islands, such as Anguilla, having high total costs of entry of 17.5 per cent of the purchase price, while others are more affordable,” explains Edward Childs of Smiths Gore Limited, which specialises in property sales in the British Virgin Islands and Caribbean. “Restrictions on ownership also vary depending on the country where the island is located. Some countries like undeveloped islands to be developed for the benefit of the nation, i.e. with a resort rather than to be sold to a wealthy investor for private use. There could also be planning or development restrictions imposed on the purchaser,” Mr. Childs adds. There are few islands for sale in the British Virgin Islands and Mr. Childs is currently marketing Buck Island, a developed property with a private home, where the owner would entertain offers around US$30 million. While Asia has many beautiful islands – Indonesia has 17,000 and the Philippines has 7,000 – most Asian governments prohibit outright land ownership to non-nationals, so most are only available on a leasehold basis. Japan is one of the few countries in Asia that allows freehold sales.

Demand for islands has steadily risen in the last 20 years, with prices rising on average 10-20 per cent per annum. 过去20年间,对岛屿的需求稳中有升,岛屿的售价平均每年上涨 10%至20%。

Celine Dion’s Island Estate 席琳·迪翁出售岛屿住宅 The 2,230-sq metre Quebec French-style château belonging to singer Celine Dion is listed for sale, located on its own 77,000-sq metre island in Ile-Gagnon, Quebec. The Canadian songstress and her husband, Rene Angelil, built the custom stone mansion 15-years ago as a getaway and entertainment venue for their exclusive A-list friends but decided to sell recently due to Dion’s intensive performance schedule in Las Vegas. Located just outside Montreal, the estate is approached by bridge to the private island. The home itself features six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a winding cherry-wood staircase, an elevator, a vaulted stone wine cellar and a panelled library. Joseph Montanaro of Sotheby’s International Reality has the listing. 魁北克的伽戈侬岛占地77,000平方米,加拿大著名歌手席琳· 迪翁在岛上拥有一座2,230平方米的法式风情大宅。该大宅由席 琳·迪翁和丈夫雷尼·安吉利尔于15年前建造,主要是为明星友 人提供休闲娱乐的场所。但是由于席琳·迪翁近年来在赌城拉 斯维加斯的演出场次频繁,夫妻二人近期决定将这座大宅挂牌 出售。 该大宅临近蒙特利尔,所在的私家岛屿与外界通过一座桥梁相 连。大宅中有六间卧室、九间浴室、樱桃木楼梯、电梯、穹顶石头 酒窖和一间图书馆。苏富比国际房地产的Joseph Montanaro是 大宅的经纪人。


a building permit for the purpose of constructing property or other developments; have access to a hospital within 90 minutes of travel; are located in a country where there is a stable political environment; and are not inhabited by dangerous creatures or other nuisance pests such as sand‐flies.

Private Island Relative Values 私家岛屿的价值对比

When deciding where and what kind of private island to buy, comparing relative values around the world can make your search easier – and put prices in perspective. LP takes a closer look at what your money will get you, whether it’s a turnkey resort for profit, a coconut shaded beach shack, or an untouched wilderness. 想在合适的地点买到适合自己的岛���,不妨查一下全球待售私家岛屿的价格范围,这样就有可能以合理的价位达到目的。本刊为您详细介绍了不同价位的私家岛 屿,包括可以即时入住的岛屿度假村、掩映在椰树树荫下的海滩小屋和未经开发的岛屿。

Under US$1 million 一百万美元以下 1. Ahe Atoll Where: Tuamotu Archipelago, French Polynesia Description: 20-acre island with sandy beaches, exotic jungles and untouched charm, featuring nearby diving, snorkelling and famed black pearl harvesting. 位置:土阿莫土群岛,法属波利尼西亚 简介:占地20公顷的岛屿,有细腻白沙滩和异域风 情的丛林,非常迷人,可以潜水、潜游和采集著名 的黑珍珠。 US$640,000 | 640,000美元 2. Ram Island 拉姆岛 Where: Machias Bay, Maine

Description: 8-hectare island of rocky shore line with green windswept meadows. Shifting tides of 6 m present an ever-changing landscape. 位置:马恰斯湾,缅因州 简介:占地8公顷的岛屿,有绵延的海岸线和起伏的 草地。变化多端的潮汐为岛上的景色增添了吸引力。 US$795,000 | 795,000美元

From US$1-5 million 一百万美元至五百万美元 1. St Athanasios Island 圣阿萨纳西奥岛 Where: Gulf of Corinth, Greek Isles Description: .25-hectare round and level plot with sandy beach overlooking Mt. Delphi and surrounding Mediterran.

位置:科林斯湾,希腊小岛 简介:占地25公顷,有细腻白沙滩,可以俯瞰特尔斐 山和周边的地中海。岛上只有几棵橄榄树和几丛灌 木。 US$1,860,000 | 1,860,000美元 2. Monarch Caye Where: Belize Description: 2-hectare private turnkey resort with six Spanish-style villas, three dry docks and expansive sand beach. Nearby snorkelling, fishing and coral reefs. 位置:伯利兹 简介:占地2公顷的私家度假村,可拎包入住,有六 座西班牙风情别墅、三座干船坞和开阔的沙滩。临 近潜游场所、垂钓场所和珊瑚礁。 US$2,000,000 | 2,000,000美元

3. St. Waleran Island 圣瓦勒伦岛 Where: Georgia Bay, Ontario, Canada Description: 1.6-hectare property featuring multiple cottages, dry dock boat house, two protected harbours, sand beaches and windswept forest. 位置:乔治亚湾,安大略省,加拿大 简介:占地1.6公顷,有数座小屋、干船坞、艇库、两 座避风港、沙滩和森林。 US$2,443,000 | 2,443,000美元

From US$5-10 million 五百万美元至一千万美元 1. Phuket Island 普吉岛 Where: Krabi, Thailand Description: 5.6-hectare island in the Andaman Sea featuring an ancient mansion needing renovation, a 120-m sand beach, lush palm jungle. 位置:甲米,泰国 简介:占地5.6公顷,位于安达曼海上,一座年代久 远的建筑需要修缮,岛上有120米长的细腻白沙滩 和葱翠的棕榈林。 US$7,960,000 | 7,960,000美元 2. West Nalaut Island 西那劳岛 Where: Palawan Archipelago, Philippines Description: 19.4-heactare lush island with 0.8 km of coastline, white sand beaches

and 300-metre-wide surrounding coral reef. 20-minute boat ride from mainland. 3G GSM cellular service. 位置:巴拉旺岛,菲律宾 简介:占地19.4公顷的岛屿,海岸线长8公里,有细 腻白沙滩和300米宽的环岛珊瑚礁。乘船去大陆仅 需20分钟。岛上有3G GSM手机服务。 US$8,000,000 | 8,000,000美元 3. King’s Island 国王岛 Where: Copenhagen Harbour, Denmark Description: 18-hectare artificial island commissioned by Danish King Christian IX in 1890. Features a 24-room main structure and protected harbour. 位置:哥本哈根港,丹麦 简介:占地18公顷的人工岛,由丹麦国王克里斯蒂 安九世于1890年下令建造。岛上有避风港,主建筑 中有24个房间。 US$9,500,000 | 9,500,000美元 4. Yadua Island 亚肚瓦岛 Where: Koro Sea, Mamanuca Islands, Fiji Description: 11-hectare untouched island with forested hillsides and white sand beaches. 20-minute boat ride from popular islands, shopping and airport. 位置:科罗海,玛玛努卡岛,斐济 简介:占地11公顷、保存完好的岛屿,有细腻白沙 滩,山腰树木葱翠。乘船去热门岛屿、商场和机场

仅需20分钟。 The Chihuahua |house in Mexico, photo by Iwan Baan US$10,000,000 10,000,000美元

位于墨西哥的Chihuahua屋,Iwan Baan拍摄

Over US$10 million 一千万美元以上 1. Isla de sa Ferradurad 费拉杜拉岛 Where: Ibiza, Spain Description: 6-hectare island with 1,200-sq m main hacienda, multiple walking trails, saltwater swimming pool, cave and a small sandy beach. Helicopter pad and a private boat dock. 位置:伊比沙,西班牙 简介:占地6公顷的海岛,主建筑面积达1,200平方 米,多条步道,海水游泳池,洞穴,一片面积不大的 海滩。直升机停机坪和私家船坞。 US$22,000,000 | 22,000,000美元 2. Great Hans Lollik 大汉斯洛里克岛 Where: Megan’s Bay, US Virgin Islands Description: 206 untouched hectares of hillsides, mountains and stretches of beach. Nearby St. Thomas offers shopping, fine dining and entertainment. 位置:梅根湾,美属维京群岛 简介:占地206公顷的岛屿,保存完好,有山坡、山 脉和海滩。圣托马斯岛就在附近,岛上有商场、一 流的餐厅和娱乐场所。 US$22,000,000 | 22,000,000美元

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Mr. Brinkschulte says that Chinese buyers appear more interested in properties in America or Europe rather than Asia.


“Right now I can see a few differences between Chinese customers and their European or American counterparts. The Chinese are not very romantic or sentimental toward their private islands; they see them as an investment. Typically, a European buyer will come and tell us it’s their childhood dream to buy an island, but the Chinese buyer is very conscious about the return on investment,” he says.

North Island, Sychelles, listed with Vladi Private Islands 塞舌尔群岛北岛,由Vladi私人岛屿代理公司代理

在某些国家,私家岛屿和岛上建筑的所有权受到限制。在塞舌尔,买家必须获 得国家颁发的建筑许可;在丹麦,外籍买家只有获取官方颁发的特别许可才可以购 买私家岛屿;在巴哈马群岛,想购买岛屿必须获得政府许可,虽然拿建筑许可不过 是走过场。 Edward Childs来自专营英属维京群岛和加勒比海房产的Smiths Gore Limited,他说道: “在加勒比海地区,很多国家要求投资者在购买房产之前先取得 持有土地的许可,获得许可的难度在每个国家都不一样。该地区某些岛屿的过户 成本也不一样,在安圭拉岛,过户费用高达售价的17.5%,而其他岛屿则低一些。” Edward Childs补充道: “岛屿所在的国家不同,对岛屿所有权的限制也不尽相 同。有些国家宁可在未开发的岛上建造度假村,也不愿意将岛屿售与富有的投资者 作私人用途,因为建造度假村会促进经济发展。岛屿的新任主人可能还要面对规划 或建筑上的限制。” 英属维京群岛上待售岛屿的数量已经不多,Edward Childs正在推广伯克岛,该 岛屿已经开发,岛上有一座私家住宅,售价在三千万美元左右。 虽然亚洲有很多美丽的岛屿——印度尼西亚有17,000个岛,菲律宾有7,000个 岛,很多亚洲政府禁止外籍人士拥有本国的土地所有权,所以大部分岛屿都是出租

A key issue is accessibility. While investors will often buy an island to control their environment, at some stage they will want to mix with the real world. 交通便利与否很关键。虽然投资者购买岛屿时主要是出于安全性和私密性 的考虑,但是人总需要与现实世界保持一定的联系。


Private Islands Online, a specialised online marketplace, lists several islands available for lease in the region. In Indonesia, the five-acre Gambar Island located in the Java Sea is priced at US$725,000 and its seller is quoted as being open to investment offers from parties interested in developing it as luxury resort. In Malaysia, the leasehold of the hilly 17.2-acre Montukod Island off the shore of Kinaru in Sabah is available for US$11.2 million. Private Islands Online also has several island properties in Thailand, near Phuket and Koh Samui, where foreigners cannot buy the land outright and can only purchase through a leasehold agreement of up to 90 years.

他说: “我发现,中国客户与欧洲或美国客户有一些不同点。中国人对于自 己买下的岛屿并没有太浪漫或是不切实际的想法,他们把买岛看做一种投资。 一般来说,欧洲买家通常会跟我们讲拥有属于自己的岛屿是他们童年时代的梦 想,但是中国买家更看重投资回报。”

Is Island Life for You? 你和岛的缘分有多深?

Manuel Brinkschulte补充道: “有意向的中国客户对尚未开发的岛屿更感 兴趣。他们想买那些除了几棵棕榈树之外一无所有的小岛,这样他们就可以在 岛上随心所欲地建造梦想住宅。”

The romance of owning a private island entices many, but the truth is that only a select few individuals can make the dream a reality. Do you have what it takes? Here’s our list of must-have skills and personality traits.

“另外一个不同点在于很多中国买家都会考虑移民的因素,这也是他们对 在海外置业感兴趣的原因之一。在加拿大东部买地和投资,就很容易获得居留 许可,我们公司超过六成意向客户都有移民的打算。” Farhad Vladi将岛屿市场比作油画市场,并指出过去20年间,对岛屿的需 求稳中有升,岛屿的售价平均每年上涨10%至20%。

对很多人来说,拥有属于自己的岛屿是一件非常具有吸引 力的事情,但是只有少数幸运的人才能实现这样的愿望。

价格较低的岛屿位于加拿大的新斯科舍省、美国的缅因州和密歇根州以及 中美洲的部分地区,价格较高的岛屿位于欧洲和巴哈马群岛,大洋洲的法属波 利尼西亚也有产权自由保有的岛屿。



Me, Myself and I. Be Independent. Seclusion and privacy are key benefits of island life, but also set you up for dealing with everyday life on your own. Be prepared to spend a lot of time alone, be comfortable with it and most of all, be confident in your ability to solve problems alone without help from the mainland. 独处的能力。在岛上生活,好处是环境幽静、私密性强,但是日常生活 的方方面面都得自己打理。独处的时间会比较多,从容应对就好,最 重要的是,要坚信自己能独立解决问题,无需援手。


Be Adaptable. You never know which location will become your island retreat. From the fiords of Norway to the coral reefs of the Bahamas, your life is destined to change. Be flexible and go with the flow. Adapting to the local culture, language and customs is a must, as well as learning new skill sets like boating, fishing and carpentry. 很强的适应能力。谁也无法预料到自己所购买的岛屿位于哪里——也 许是挪威海岸边的峡湾,也许是巴哈马的珊瑚礁岛屿——但是无论岛 在哪儿,新生活肯定会有所不同。抱着开放的心态,既来之则安之。适 应当地文化、语言和生活习俗是必须的,此外还要掌握新的技能,比如 钓鱼、干木工活儿和驾驶船艇。


Preserve Nature. You chose island life because of the natural scenery, now keep it that way! As an island owner, you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to protect and foster your new home’s ecosystem. You’re a steward of the island and its owner. 保护环境。选择在岛上生活,也是因为岛上风景如画,所以请保护岛上 的生态环境。作为岛屿的主人,有义务保护岛上的生态系统,促进该系 统良性循环。


Crave Adventure. You must be cour ageous in spirit. Everything about private island life requires an adventurous drive. From choosing and visiting exotic locations to exploring your new oasis, you must thrive on the unknown and welcome new challenges. 渴望冒险。在自家岛上生活,冒险精神是必不可少的。无论是亲自考察 充满异域风情的所在,还是探寻新的绿洲,都免不了与未知事物打交 道和不断迎接新的挑战。

Manuel Brinkschulte指出,加勒比海地区目前有很多岛屿待售, “因为很 多美国投资者迫于压力不得不出售手里的私家岛屿。” Edward Childs建议道: “岛屿的需求不是很大。有的岛屿很值钱,是因为 除了迷人的海滩,优越的位置和便利的交通都是亮点,而其他岛屿则没有这么 多优势。如果我有很强的经济实力和购买岛屿的打算,我会先考虑要买的这座 岛屿有哪些特色,因为这直接关系到将岛屿倒手时的价格。岛上的开发项目也 可能对转售价格产生影响,因为现有建筑可能并不符合市场需要。”

Scott Island, Canada, listed with Vladi Private Islands for US$4.8 million 加拿大斯科特岛, 由Vladi私人岛屿代理公司以480万美元待售

“Potential Chinese buyers are also more interested in buying an island that has not been already developed. They just want to find something with a few palm trees where they have the opportunity to build,” he adds. “Another difference is that many Chinese buyers are thinking about immigration, and that’s partly why they’re interested in buying properties abroad. If you buy land in Eastern Canada and invest some money, it’s very easy to get the residence permit. More than 60 per cent of the potential buyers we have are considering leaving China,” he said. “Demand for islands has steadily grown in the last 20 years, with prices rising on average 10-20 per cent per annum,” said Mr Vladi, who likens the island market to that of oil paintings. Typically, lower priced islands can be found in the chilly waters of Nova Scotia, Maine and Michigan, and certain parts of Central America, while the more expensive are found in Europe, the Bahamas and the rare freehold properties in Oceanic countries like French Polynesia.

的。日本是亚洲少数几个允许岛屿产权自由保有和交易的国家之一。 专业的在线推广机构Private Islands Online在亚太地区有几座岛屿出 租。在印度尼西亚,爪哇海上占地五英亩的Gambar岛售价为72.5万美元,现任 岛主会考虑将岛屿售予有意把岛屿开发成奢华度假村的买家。在马来西亚,沙 巴Kinaru沿岸占地17.2英亩的蒙杜哥岛售价达1,120万美元。Private Islands Online在泰国普吉岛和苏眉岛附近有几座岛屿出租,外籍买家不能直接购买这 些岛屿,只能通过租赁协议最多租赁90年。 Manuel Brinkschulte表示,中国买家对美国或欧洲的岛屿比对亚洲岛屿 更感兴趣。

他补充道: “交通便利与否很关键。虽然投资者购买岛屿时主要是出于安 全性和私密性的考虑,但是人总需要与现实世界保持一定的联系,去餐厅吃饭 或是去购物。如果交通不方便,岛屿的价值也会因此打折扣。” 由于未开发的岛屿占市场份额的一半以上,买家要考虑的因素不仅包括在 岛上建造房产的成本,还包括小型基础设施的投入,比如马路、防波堤和直升 机停机坪,面积较大的岛屿上还要考虑建造简易机场。 “开发成本取决于项目的规模,但是经常被忽略的因素是登岛方式的选 择,因为有的岛上没有天然港口,直接面海。在这种情况下,就需要额外花心 思建造安全的、全年皆宜的登岛方式。建造成本最高可达每平方米4,000至 5,000美元,由于建材的质量不同,费用有可能更高。”

Rania Island, Maldives, listed with Vladi Private Islands 马尔代夫拉尼亚岛,由Vladi私人岛屿代理公司代理

“The demand for islands is small. Like any real estate, some islands will be worth a lot because they have good beaches, a good location and ease of access, while others will have more challenges. If I was buying an island (and had the money), I would look at what features make the island attractive in the market as this will impact eventual resale. Development on an island can also impact resale value as what is built may not suit the market,” advises Mr. Childs. “One of the key issues is accessibility. While an investor will often buy an island to control their environment (privacy, security etc), at some stage they will want to mix with the real world, and go to a restaurant or go shopping. If this involves significant transfer challenges, this could be an issue,” he adds. While undeveloped islands make up the bulk of the market, buyers must factor the building cost of a property as well as the development of a small infrastructure on the island, such as a path, jetty, possible landing pad for a helicopter or, on a larger island, even a landing strip for a small jet. “The cost of development depends on the scale of the project, but one factor often overlooked is access, as some islands can be exposed to the sea without a natural harbour. Therefore additional care needs to be taken to create safe, year-round access. Building costs can be upwards of $4,000-$5,000 per sq m depending on the quality of materials used – more if lots have expensive finishes,” notes Mr. Childs.



Own It! It’s no wonder A-list celebrities, CEOs and the world’s savviest entrepreneurs top the ranks of private island owners, but it’s not just plush bank accounts that attracted them to island life. The strengths needed to found or head a corporation – or a celebrity career include executive thinking, problem solving and leadership – qualities essential to buying, developing and living on an island. 买下这座岛。私家岛屿的所有者里最为引人注目的要数各国名流、公司 高管和颇具阅历的知名企业家,但是雄厚的经济实力不是他们能够买 下岛屿的唯一原因。创立和领导一家企业需要经营者的思维、解决问 题的能力和领导力,这些素质对于购买和开发岛屿、以及在岛上居住 也都是缺一不可的。

British Virgin Islands

英属维京群岛 THIS PROPERTY IS FOR SALE 此房产待售 Buck Island Place | 所在地 British Virgin Islands | 英属维京群岛 Price | 价格 US$30,000,000 | 30,000,000美元 Agency | 代理 Vladi Private Islands Tel | 电话 +1 902 423 3202 (Canada 加拿大) (+86) 21 5117 6305 (China 中国), (+86) 4006 838535 (China中国) Email | 电邮 Web | 网址

Caribbean Dream



his exclusive island retreat is located off the coast of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands, and includes a main island of 18 hectares as well as a land base on adjacent Tortola with a residence, two docks and beach frontage. The main house on Buck Island was completed in 2006 and features luxurious interiors, extensive decking and stunning 360° views. Additional facilities include a clubhouse, sports hut and extensive docking and marine facilities, as well as a white sand beach perfect for snorkelling. Buck Island is situated near deep-sea fishing grounds in the middle of Sir Francis Drake Channel, a sheltered sailing ground for yachts that benefits from continual easterly trade winds sweeping in off 3,000 miles of Atlantic Ocean. The nearest airport is on Beef Island.

巴克岛临近德雷克海峡中部的深水渔场,适合游艇航行,主要是因为这里距离大西洋三千英里, 常年盛行东向信风。距巴克岛最近的机场位于牛肉岛。



托拉岛是英属维京群岛的主岛之一,巴克岛这处岛屿度假地就位于托托拉岛海岸附近, 包括占地18公顷的主岛和一块位于临近的托托拉岛上的土地——由一幢建筑、两个船 坞和临海地带组成。岛上的主建筑于2006年完工,包括奢华的内部装饰、宽敞的露台 和360度全方位景观。其他特色包括一个海滩俱乐部、健身房、开阔的船坞、航海设施和细腻白沙 滩,适合潜游。

Maine, USA


Maine Attraction




论是和煦春日还是炎炎夏日,拥有绵延的海岸线和 茂密树林的缅因岛都是户外活动的理想场所。缅因 岛占地15公顷,位于布鲁克斯维尔,一百三十多年 来一直受到某个家族的保护,历时四年的整修于近期结束。缅 因岛上的海岸线逾一英里,有带石头露台和游泳池的六卧主建 筑,可以欣赏到从卡斯汀港到佩诺布斯科特湾附近的岛屿的景 色。一座两卧农舍俯瞰岛上的葡萄园,客舍位于配备了码头和 系泊设施的港口旁边。艇库经过改建,拥有厨房和酒吧,是适 合亲友聚会的场所。岛上还有常青花园、网球场、谷仓和阳光 充足的步道。

THIS PROPERTY IS FOR SALE 此房产待售 Nautilus Island Place | 所在地 Maine, USA | 美国,缅因州 Price | 价格 US$10,600,000 | 10,600,000美元 Agency | 代理 Vladi Private Islands Tel | 电话 +1 902 423 3202 (Canada加拿大) (+86) 21 5117 6305 (China 中国), (+86) 4006 838535 (China 中国) Email | 电邮 Web | 网址


rom the first hint of spring through the lazy days of summer, Maine is known as an outdoor wonderland perfect for exploring the rugged coastline, mountains and woods. This 15 hectare island in Brooksville remained under the protection of one family for more than 130 years and has recently undergone a four-year renovation. The island offers expansive views from Castine Harbor to the islands of Penobscot Bay with over a mile of rocky shoreline, and includes a six-bedroom main residence with a stone piazza, pool and sweeping views of the bay. Overlooking the island's vineyard is a two-bedroom farmhouse, and a guest cottage is located at the edge of a protected harbour with a pier and boat moorings. The boat house has been converted to a relaxing waterfront escape with a kitchen, bar, and stone fireplace for family gatherings. The island surrounds includes perennial gardens, a tennis court, a storage barn and lighted walking paths.

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