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Room to breathe, places to be



Room to BREAtHE, pLACES to BE

thE luxuRy of a pRiVatE iSland Can BE EaSily SummEd up in onE woRd: fREEdom

Everyone knows the story of Robinson Crusoe, whether they’ve read Daniel Defoe’s novel or not. A man washed up on the shores of an inhabited island, alone, with only his wits and a few salvaged tools with which to survive against the elements. Luckily for you, however, you’re living in the 21st century and not the 17th century; the rapid development of alternative technology during the 1990’s has made living on the most remote of islands much more realistic or at least something you can safely consider.





Buying your own private island

As part of the fortunate group of people to own their private island, Marlon Brando recalls his first visit of Teti’arao French Polynesia, his private piece of tropical land: "I'll never forget the feeling I had when I first stepped ashore from the motor launch. The sand was pristine, not even a footprint. I walked around that whole island and couldn't believe what I saw… That first walk was one of the big moments of my life." What’s a must in terms of a prestige? Having your own island! I mean let’s face it, a castle on the Rhine, a private villa in Bali, a mansion in Beverly Hills, a flat in Paris, they’re all mostly pale in comparison to the status of owning your own little piece of paradise, a private island. Another great added bonus about owning a private island is that according to the universal law ruling in most countries, you can rename the island to your liking. What could be more gratifying than naming your own island after your wife or daughter; or after yourself for that matter? Back to Reality

Ok, so enough with the fantasizing; for every person who actually lives the dream of living on a tropical island, there are hundreds who have tried and failed. And the truth of the matter is that even for those who have chosen to reside on their islands for years at a time, the challenges they put up with are some that most people couldn’t even fathom. Every island in the world has been claimed

“Even though it is of manageable size an island feels infinite – the water, creates a natural boundary that provides island dwellers with a freedom not found in any piece of real estate on the mainland.” Farhad Vladi, owner and manager of Vladi Private Islands

by one country or another and as such, each and every island falls under the auspices of the country in whose waters it sits. Islands are subject to the laws and regulations of that country, as are you, the owner of that island. Nor can you buy an island from a country and claim independence anymore than you can declare sovereignty from your armchair inside a suburban bungalow. for your Consideration

Although many people dream of their own little slice of tropical paradise somewhere in the ocean, few will actually live up to the task. Island ownership is best suited for those with a particular set of traits. It is a form of ownership suited for people who are active and wish to organize things themselves. Fur-



thermore, you must be knowledgeable about the handling of boats, must love the ocean, and should definitely be a nature lover. The maintenance of facilities and the very accessibility to resources and goods has become pricey and nothing short of complicated. Then, as time goes by, the sense of isolation can become overwhelming. Of course, when considering the purchase of an island, one considers its price. Yet, one also needs to consider the cost of making the island fit for human habitation. If the island

is not yet livable, how much will it cost to bring the island to livable standards? How much will it cost to secure access to fresh water? Has a home already been built on the island? Is the area – and so your island – prone to severe climates, hurricanes, tidal waves or abnormally high tides? All these are issues you ought to be investigating before ‘moving in’.



Skytrip 63

try it Before you Buy it

Before preparing for a worldwide expedition to seek out your private island, why not start by taking a short trip around the web in search of 'private islands'? Internet has become a source of information about everything and anything so naturally a few sites specialize exclusively in the sale of private islands. Once you begin your online search you might be surprised to find out that in some parts of the world, the cost of an island starts as low as $30,000. Even if not quite ready to seriously consider purchasing a private island quite yet, surfing the internet in search of one can feel like a great escape. The Vladi Island Traveler catalog ( or browsing the Per Aquum site for instance, is a great start! And because you may want to experience life on an island over the holidays without necessarily buying it, GoldSky Magazine has prepared the following short list of “ideal” islands destinations just for you.



Romantic Dinning Ocean Pavillon

vLAdi pRivAtE iSLAndS

At the moment, Vladi’s company has approximately 120 private freehold islands to offer for those interested in buying their very own corner of the earth, which seems to be a rather strong interest given that the company sells anywhere from 20 to 30 islands every year. The price for these islands ranges between $100,000 and $5,000,000 even if the majority of their transactions concern islands ranging from $200,000 to $800,000. In the last 35 years, Farhad Vladi has sold well over 2000 islands and assembled a database covering over 12,000 islands on all corners of the world. you can choose your getaway from the following categories › Robinson islands in this case, you are left to your own devices; you organize your own meals, put up your own tent, hang your hammock, and take care of anything else you may need. In short, your genuine “Robinson Crusoe" adventure is guaranteed. › Self-catering islands to make it easier, you shall find a home on the island (which usually will have electricity and a telephone). Along with family and

friends, the island holidaymaker is then free to peacefully and privately enjoy the paradisiacal island, while using the home and organizing meals, undisturbed. › A full service island this is the ideal choice if you simply wish to relax. The island is basically yours and free of responsibilities as the friendly staff takes care of the housework and serves you delicious meals and beverages. Diving trips with the island's boat are organized and you benefit from an impeccable and complete service. › Resort islands in this case, a small hotel or a resort is at your disposal. These can be rented as a whole for your exclusive private use, or can be rented as single bungalows or rooms. In most cases, the island is shared with other guests. Several facilities and activities are offered. As you can see, you do not necessarily need to buy an island to enjoy its privacy; you can also choose to simply rent it for a getaway vacation!

“An island does not have a house number. An island has a soul.” Farhad Vladi



Right And next pAge


lagoon bungalow with plunge pool aerial view of the island and resort

RESoRtS per Aquum

fregate island private

Huafen fushi Huvafen Fushi is the multi-award winning, flagship property of Per Aquum. This pristine island retreat offers 43 naturally modern bungalows and a family residence. Yet, what truly stands out is its Spa, built overwater and situated 100 meters away from the island. These are the world’s first and so far only underwater treatment rooms which offer a mesmerizing view of the astounding coral gardens and rich sea life of the Indian Ocean.

Four degrees south of the equator and 20 minutes away from Mahé (Seychelles) by plane is Fregate, a private island of outstanding natural beauty, a uniquely peaceful setting of abundant nature fringed by seven dream-like beaches.

niyama Opened this year, the Niyama resort, situated in the Maldives, will also include yet another world exclusive with the opening of its underwater music club. Built 500 meters offshore, Niyama’s signature restaurant and lounge will appear to float on the surface of the Indian Ocean and will only be accessible by boat. Eight meters underwater you will walk into the world’s first underwater club, the ultimate experience in music and dance where NIYAMA LIVE will feature emerging and established artists from around the globe. A first in the Maldives, the LIME Spa at Niyama will be open around the clock.

Only sixteen villas can be found on Fregate Island Private, all of which are overseen by a personalized and private butler service. Thirteen of these villas are one bedroom villas, two of these are two bedroom villas, and only one of these is a spa villa. There is also a single and unique Presidential Villa. For those seeking relaxation, the island’s Rock Spa is a natural haven of serenity, where only pure, natural products are prepared from over 130 island-grown ingredients.

“A hotel provides a bed in a box room and a resort provides an escape, a dream.” Tom McLoughlin



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