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University of illinois at Urbana-Champaign

GrAduAte And underGrAduAte deGrees Composition Cs+music music education music technology musicology performance summers-only mme and more! a center for creativity and collaboration through performance, research, and education within the campus of one of the world’s leading research universities. Competitive scholarships available for string players. to learn more, visit during our fall open house or contact us to schedule a campus visit IllInoIs summer youth musIc June - July 2018

senior high large ensembles June 17-23 Pre-college Academy June 24-30

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one-week intensive programs for all orchestral instruments

MIDWEST YOUNG ARTISTS CONSERVATORY Building a home with the power of music to enrich the lives of our students and their community. 878 Lyster Rd, Highwood IL 60040 847.926.9898 Donate at


Pursue Your Passion 2018 Undergraduate Audition Dates Friday, January 19, 2–8 p.m.

Sunday, February 11, 1–8 p.m.

(voice and all instruments except percussion)

(voice and keyboard only)

Saturday, February 10, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.

Monday, February 19, noon–8 p.m.

(winds/strings/percussion only)

(voice and all instruments)

Application Deadline: January 1, 2018 Award-winning faculty • Internationally renowned guest artists • State-of-the-art facilities

Bachelor’s Degrees Music Composition Music Education Music Media Production


Certificate in Entrepreneurial Music Music Performance Music Performance with Jazz Concentration

The School of Music offers a certificate program in entrepreneurial music at the undergraduate and graduate levels. You can complete the certificate in tandem with your degree program and have a safe environment to take creative risks, develop entrepreneurial and networking skills, and learn from successful artists.


TA B L E OF C ONTE NTS 2017 - 2018 S eaSon


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bard college conservatory of music

THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS The Bard College Conservatory of Music double-degree program

With its world-class faculty, rigorous curriculum, and outstanding facilities, the program provides the best possible preparation for a life immersed in the creation and performance of music. Robert Martin, Director

cello Peter Wiley

Frank Corliss, Associate Director

double bass Leigh Mesh

horn Barbara Jöstlein Currie Julie Landsman Jeffrey Lang Julia Pilant


harp Sara Cutler Bridget Kibbey

trumpet Carl Albach Edward Carroll

flute Nadine Asin, master classes Tara Helen O’Connor

trombone Demian Austin Nicholas Schwartz Weston Sprott

oboe Elaine Douvas Melissa Hooper Alexandra Knoll

tuba Derek Fenstermacher

violin Shmuel Ashkenasi Yi-Wen Jiang Ani Kavafian, master classes Ida Kavafian Honggang Li Weigang Li Daniel Phillips Todd Phillips Laurie Smukler Arnold Steinhardt viola Marka Gustavsson Honggang Li Steven Tenenbom Ira Weller


clarinet David Krakauer Pascual Martínez-Forteza Anthony McGill

percussion So¯ Percussion Eric Cha-Beach Josh Quillen Adam Sliwinski Jason Treuting

bassoon Marc Goldberg


piano Jeremy Denk Richard Goode, master classes Benjamin Hochman Peter Serkin composition Joan Tower George Tsontakis Da Capo Chamber Players, in residence chamber music Raymond Erickson Luis Garcia-Renart Marka Gustavsson Blair McMillen Raman Ramakrishnan orchestral studies Leon Botstein Erica Kiesewetter

vocal arts (mm degree) Dawn Upshaw, Artistic Director Kayo Iwama, Associate Director Edith Bers Lorraine Nubar Sanford Sylvan orchestral and choral conducting (mm degree) Co-directors James Bagwell Leon Botstein Harold Farberman performance studies Luis Garcia-Renart

music theory and history Christopher H. Gibbs John Halle Peter Laki ©Peter Aaron ’68/Esto

Dear Friends,

L E T T Ethan R FRO M D R . music….. ALLAN DENNIS More just the

“It’s more than just the music” has been our tag line for a few years now and it continues to shed light on why I believe MYA is so important in the lives of our students WOW, it’s hard to believe it’s been 25 years since we started Midwest Young Artists Conservatory! and their families. It is true that many of our graduating students pursue degrees in What started as a life-long dream with 55 students has now evolved into 9 orchestras, over music – last year, 52% of the3 class went 7on to study for a music career - and they will 60 chamber music groups, big bands, combos, 5 choirs, a theory/composition program and find music positions as their jobs, but many study other disciplines, too. I know that at an early music program. least 90% will continue to make music in some way and at some time throughout their Musicbyisusjust too much a part of them and too for important in their lives. We would all For those who don’t know,life. it began renting Lake Forest Country Day School our Saturday rehearsals.

meet at 7:30 AM to set up chairs and portable stands for two orchestras and 8 chamber music groups in classrooms, the band

room and the big room upstairs. At the end of the day, a work-study crew would help take everything down. The office was in The study of music provides important discipline in their life. Heck, it does the same for me! When we are pulled somy home – the back bedroom – until we redid the kitchen and that room became the family room, so we moved the office to many different ways and life gets so complex, music provides both a sensorial haven as well as an opportunity to the living and dining rooms. I coached some chamber music in the living room and we did all auditions at different locations in focus on doing something beautiful. It takes our minds from bouncing from one idea to the next or having to the house – living room, family room, occasionally even in one of the girls’ bedrooms, if necessary. The staff included just me answer every possible complex problem to creating an opportunity for us to concentrate on something we want to for a few years, then Karen, Kim, Beth, Susan – gosh, this brings back fond, albeit crowded, memories! do and that makes the world a better place. We took the old “Skokie Valley Youth Orchestra” non-profit corporation and changed it to Midwest Young Artists. Then, just last

Music gives us the opportunity to interact with others in a positive and cooperative way. It provides a social year, we added Conservatory to our name to help define better who we are to avoid confusion, like when we went to play a experience is formed aroundand a shared love of music quality experience it brings into our lives. of Soirée in athat senior citizen center they had tables set upand withthe construction paper, crayons and colored pens.Many The organizers thesaid “Well, aren’t you Midwest Young ARTISTS?” and I said “Yes, MUSIC artists!” people we meet in our musical endeavors come from very diverse experiences - so, in a way, we all share in those experiences as a result of our common interests.

I ask you to please go to the homepage and click on “MYAC 25th Anniversary Timeline”. You can see our history and how gives we have grown. Just sometooflive thein biggest highlights: Music us the opportunity the creative genius of Beethoven’s, Brahms’, Charlie Parker’s, Duke

Ellington’s, Verdi’s, etc. worlds. How often do we have the opportunity to experience genius and the opportunity to Summer of“hum 1995:drum” Frank of Portolese, great jazz guitarist, teacher, fatheraof violinist Markaand wonderful be lifted out of the- everyday life? Hearing a Beethoven Symphony, Verdi opera, Duke Ellingtonfriend, started the Jazz Program. big band chart often allows me to be in the world of that genius. - 1996: First Walgreens Concerto Competition.

Music gives us the opportunity to teach values and the ones most closely associated with the MYA culture might be hard work, giving back and loyalty. I remember in the early years of MYA we were preparing - 1998: Stravinsky’s “Firebird Suite” for a concert and the orchestra just was not working up to what I thought we should be o The year we took our first international tour to Aberdeen, Scotland. o Thethe year that Bruceconcert, Hall, parent of clarinetist Corey, started Choral Program. doing. At the rehearsal before scheduled we had to stop because it hadthe fallen apart. I was livid - this that San Francisco) and Susan into the rehearsal instruments and sat in the wasteacher a majorin work I’mo The first Alumni concert held at First United Methodist Church in Evanston. sure none had theZaharako opportunitycame to play before - they knewwith howtheir much I was concerned about our preparation, they knew the greatness of “Firebird” and that it should take a lot of work to prepare orchestra. As we rehearsed, they would quietly talk with the younger students on how to finger it, or but do some of the 2000: Summer we moved into our beautiful building at Fort Sheridan! theymusic were we not were rising rehearsing. to the occasion. I let themthey havemade it andthe toldorchestra them I was considering not doing the whole work. went hom Of course, sound great and the younger students Thewith concert cameofnext week and it was amazing. Truly one of the turning points in MYA’s history. a sense accomplishment. - 2007: HUGE tour to China and Korea with 126 MYA members.

At the rehearsal everyone was talking, and so happy beforehand. but me. We tuned. I they did the - 2009: Thenext next week I was concerned that itlaughing might be a let-down if they didn’t Everyone come to rehearsal but, just as pulled a chair onto my podium and the place became so Competition. quiet you could have heard a pin drop on the carpeted o First Discover Chamber Music first week, they all came to help, this time in time to tune! They shared their talents with others and were floor. I slithered up chair and started crying almost immediately. I was angry; I was upset at myself for not on the o Verdi “Requiem” at Civic Opera with chorus of 250 from MYA, Northwestern University and outstanding of Ianother of “it’s than just the experience that has molded whata MYA University of Illinois Choirs. having prepared examples them earlier; was worried thatmore they had learned the music” wrong lessons from this experience. It was values. Giving back to our communities feels good and is everyone’s responsibility at MYA. time when I realized I had to share with them some of my deepest and most important values in life that my dad taught me on the - 2012: First collaboration with Lang Lang International Music Foundation with concert at Millennium Park. farm – the value of hard work. Not for a purpose, just to learn the value of working hard.

MYA Alums Robert Bassill and Chris Madsen both went to school in Libertyville; Naomi Bensdorf was an ETHS - 2013: 20th year Celebration with concert in Symphony Center. attended Niles North High School. Mrs. graduate; Jeremy went to Deerfield School; Julie they Fischer I told them their victory Krifka was “hollow” and “empty.”High I said I was afraid had learned the wrong Machiavellian Rhona Mrs. Paula Fischer andthem Mr. John Shaffer havehave beenhad teaching at on MYA started. Their lesson that Reagen, the end justifies the means. I told that I would sooner them fall theirsince faceswe because But what I remember most are the wonderful young adults and their families I’ve had opportunity to work with over the past that’s what they deserved from their preparation. I shared my father as a role model for me when I was their age loyalty and dedication to our mission serves as another example of why MYA “is more than just the music.” 25 years! I can remember many of our current faculty and staff when they were in elementary school and now are super

and workingadults. on theSome farm.are I said that frommusicians, here on out, only who wanted touniversities, work weresome welcome to be in MYA. successful professional some are those researchers at major are wonderful teachers Not one person dropped. The next concert was even better – Brahms “Symphony #2” – and it was prepared threeof hard and some are moms and dads, but I hope all of them remember their time at MYAC or MYA with the same appreciation of These are three values that make the MYA experience the quality one that we hope it is – the values weeks ahead of time so we had communities, time to really discuss “sound” of IBrahms. thecontinue end of thetoyear we were onof the dedication, hard-work and love that I do! work, giving back to our and loyalty. hope weAtcan provide the all kind experience same page – we had all learned the value of work and it became an important part of the MYA experience. that draws more and more students and their parents into our MYA family. I trust that, as we progress through th

And we are not done yet! I have so many goals for the future and know we can work together to continue to offer a year, that you will help us recognize even more opportunities for us all to realize our goal for MYA to musical, educational, socially fun experience for many years to come. As I see what our alumni have accomplished in their When we first started MYA, Junior Orchestra – what we called the younger orchestra at the time when we had only “more than the music.” lives, I am bursting with pride and my heart soars. Thank you, thank you, thank you all for being a part of MYAC and my life! two – we had lotsjust of “holes” in winds and brass, as well as not very strong leaders in the string sections. At the first Here’s to the next 25!!!!! rehearsal I remember setting up with some of the older, much more advanced students from “Senior Orchestra”


Sincerely, and them commenting that Junior Orchestra was really small. When the oboe gave the tuning A, Jeremy Black Most sincerely and appreciatively, as well as with great love, (now concertmaster Grant Park Symphony and in Pittsburg Symphony), Carrie (now Principal Viola in Los Angeles Philharmonic), Mandy Dennis, Doyle Armbrust (now violist in Spektral String Quartet), Sarah (now private violin Allan Dennis Founder & President

Allan Dennis, Founder and President


Making a Difference in the Journey of Life At Hollister Incorporated, our Mission is to make life more rewarding and dignified for the people who use our products and services. This Mission is based on our unwavering commitment to our customers and to each local community. We work in the healthcare industry, developing innovative medical products and services for healthcare professionals and the people they serve. Our ultimate promise and the overriding commitment of every Hollister Associate is to make a positive difference in the life journeys of the people and the communities we serve.

Š2016 Hollister Incorporated

One of the nation’s premier orchestra and chamber music training programs. International student profile | Ages 12 and up The University of the South | Sewanee, Tennessee |



C E L E B R A T IN G 25 YEA RS February 1, 1993

First rehearsal, Lake Forest Country Day School (55 Students)

1993 April 1, 1993

First Concert at Gorton Community Center Junior Orchestra: 39 Senior Orchestra: 62

November, 1993

November 21, 1993

Name change to Midwest Young Artists

First Concert at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall Reading Orchestra: 20 Junior Orchestra: 67 Senior Orchestra: 97

Summer, 1996

Jazz Program begins at Niles North High School Frank Portolese, Director

Fall, 1996

Patrick Pearson joins MYA; Prep Orchestra added

Winter, 1996

First Walgreens National Concerto Competition

January, 1998

Choral Program rehearsals at Northwestern; Bruce Hall, Director

June, 2000

Move to Fort Sheridan (412 students)

Summer, 1998

First International Tour Aberdeen, Scotland

May, 2001

Menahem Pressler, Guest Artist Beethoven Piano Concerto No. 4

Summer, 2001 December, 2003

10th Year Anniversary Concert, Symphony Center Beethoven Symphony No. 9

Orchestra European Tour Vienna, Budapest, Prague Jazz returns to Aberdeen Festival



C E L E B R AT IN G 25 YEA RS May, 2002

Gunther Schuller, Guest Conductor

May, 2004

Fall, 2003

Jazz Big Band added Nic Meyer, Director

January, 2004

Rufus Reid, Bass Jazz Guest Artist

Pepe Romero, Guest Artist

Fall, 2004

Summer, 2004

Gary Fry joins MYA, creates Voices Rising

Summer, 2005

Spain & Portugal Tour

Switzerland Concert Tour

December 12, 2004

Leonard Slatkin, Guest Conductor Harris Theatre for Music and Dance

March 18, 2006

MYA 1st Benefit Event Deerpath Inn

December 15, 2006

Voices Rising First Performance with CSO “Welcome Yule” Concerts Gary Fry, Director

Summer, 2007

China & Korea Tour

2008 April 26, 2008


Verdi Requiem Performance Civic Opera House with Northwestern and U of I Concert Choirs

First Discover National Chamber Music Competition

C E L E B R A T IN G 25 YEA RS 2009

Febraury, 2009

Voices Rising D.C. Trip Kennedy Center Performance

Miniature Young Artists Classes for Preschool begins Jessica Jordan, Instructor

February 22, 2009

Fall, 2009

Chris Madsen joins MYA, Jazz Program Director

First Honors Wind Symphony Performance John Thompson, Conductor

Spring Break, 2010

Germany Concert Tour

April 11, 2010

MYA Noteworthy Night Gala Lang Lang honored Gary Fry, Awardee

January, 2012

VX Studio Vocal Ensemble begins Gary Fry, Director

April 14, 2010

Voices Rising Carnegie Hall Performance New York City

April 10, 2011

Be Heard! Gala Ramsey Lewis honored Charles Pikler, Take Note Award

August, 2012

1st MYA and Lang Lang Foundation International Music Summit

Fall, 2012

Teddi Koch moves her Music & Movement Center to MYA

December 28, 2012 April 20, 2013

20 Years Young Gala Sanfilippo Estate

20th Anniversary Celebration Orchestra Hall



C E L E B R A T IN G 25 Y EA RS February, 2014

Summer, 2013

Orchestra Concert at Symphony Center featuring Walgreens Concerto winners

France and the Netherlands Concert Tour

May, 2014

Crescendo Gala Yo Yo Ma honored Blue Cross - Blue Shield Tower

Fall, 2014

Stevi Marks joins MYA Voices Rising Conductor

December, 2015

March 5, 2016

A Magical Musical Family Holiday Show

Lights, Camera, Action! Gala, Marriott Lincolnshire Northwestern Dean Toni-Marie Montgomery honored Patrick Pearson, Take Note Award

Summer, 2016

Ireland and Scotland Concert Tour

Summer, 2016

MYA becomes MYAC Voices Rising Carnegie Hall Performance

Fall, 2016

December, 2016

Stevi Marks starts VocalPoint

What the World Needs Now is Love Holiday Concert

June, 2017

MYAC Alumni Summer Orchestra Concert

March, 2017

A Rockin’ Night MYAC Annual Gala Jeff Alexander honored Don Tunkel, Take Note Award Featuring Jimmy Chamberlin, Smashing Pumpkins



Fall, 2017

Quentin Coaxum, Neil Carson join Jazz Program Alyssa Allgood becomes Director for Mini & Mighty Maestros

Music at Bradley offers limitless opportunities, choices, and technologies. Come visit and consider joining over 400 students who participate in our performing ensembles. To learn more about the Music Program at Bradley, scan this code. To speak directly with Bradley’s Music Program Chair, contact: Dr. David Vroman 309-677-2595




Discover why the Butler University School of Music has MORE to offer.


Music and Double Majors.

“The Butler University School of Music taught me the meaning of the word ‘interdisciplinary.’ Butler has given me the opportunity to explore the infinite ways that my many interests can combine as I continue with my education.” —Natalie Farrell, Music and English double major




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Audition Dates:

November 11 (for Spring 2018 admission only) January 11 (Long Island) January 12 (Long Island) January 13 (Albany) January 27 February 3 February 10 February 24 March 24








audition info, degrees, faculty bios, audio samples & more:





D I R E C TORS & F A CULT Y DR. ALLAN DENNIS, MYAC Founder and President, Director of Concert and Symphony Orchestras

Dr. Allan Dennis brings a rich heritage of experience and energy to the Midwest Young Artists Conservatory programs, with decades of experience motivating, rehearsing and teaching young people. He is also the Music Director of the Kankakee Valley Symphony Orchestra. Dr. Dennis was recognized as the 2001 Music Director of the Year by the Illinois Council of Orchestras, as well as awarded the 2001 Heidi Castleman Award by Chamber Music America, given in recognition for “excellence in chamber music teaching.” He studied at the internationally renowned Tanglewood Institute in Lennox, MA, in 2000 and in 1996, and was also chosen as both an Active Conductor at the Festival at Sandpoint, ID, and a Fellow at the Conductors’ Institute in South Carolina. Dr. Dennis also has extensive experience conducting musical shows, operas and ballets, and is highly sought after as a guest conductor for festivals and all-state orchestras. His conducting teachers have included Gunther Schuller, Harold Farbermann, and David Effron. Dr. Dennis received his doctorate, with distinction, from Indiana University in Bloomington, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the State University of New York at Fredonia. He studied at the Eastman School of Music and received a Performer’s Certificate from the Royal Flemish Conservatory of Music in Antwerp, Belgium.

ALYSSA ALLGOOD, Mini & Mighty Maestros

Chicago-native Alyssa Allgood is gaining wide recognition as a jazz vocalist, improviser and lyricist. She recently won the first annual Ella Fitzgerald Competition and was selected as a 2016 Luminarts Jazz fellow, and a Top 15 Semifinalist in the Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition. Alyssa directed the first Vocal Jazz Workshop at MYA Conservatory in July 2017, and she recently began directing the top vocal jazz ensemble at Neuqua Valley High School. Alyssa currently directs the Maestro Program and teaches theory at MYA Conservatory.

HIDEKO AMANO, Woodwind Chamber Music Coach

Flutist, Hideko Amano was born in Japan and came to the United States at age 12. While studying with Susan Levitin, she won many local competitions in Chicago. She earned a bachelor’s degree in music from the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, where she studied with Paula Robison. Amano continued her musical education in Europe at the l’Ecole Normale de Paris, where she studied under Mathieu Dufour. While studying in Paris, she also performed in many international Chamber Music Festivals in Italy, England, and Morocco. In addition to her performing career, Amano also maintains a growing private studio. Her students have been winning many competitions. Her students attended or currently attend as music majors in many Universities and Conservatories. She was an adjunct professor of flute at DePaul University from 2003-2007. She has been the director of MYAC’s summer Chicago Flute Workshop for the last 11 years.

ROSE ARMBRUST GRIFFIN, String Chamber Music Coach

Violist Rose Armbrust Griffin received her Bachelor of Music from The Juilliard School, Artist Diploma from The Curtis Institute of Music and Masters of Music from Indiana University. Rose has performed as soloist with the Bogota Symphony Orchestra, Woodstock’s Mozart Festival Orchestra, The Curtis Chamber Orchestra and the Indiana University’s Chamber Orchestra. She has been a guest artist at The North Shore Music and the Kingston Chamber Music Festivals and has performed with The Chicago Ensemble, The Jupiter Chamber Players and The Chicago Chamber Musicians. Currently, she is an active member of the International Chamber Artists and can be heard throughout the year on WFMT. Rose is a member of The Lake Forest Symphony and The Promusica Chamber Orchestra (OH). She is currently the viola professor at Wheaton College where she serves as the Chamber Music Coordinator and teaches an Introduction to Music History Course.

ROBERT BASSILL, Chamber Music Program Director

Robert Bassill is the Director of the MYAC Chamber Music Program, the Chicago Chamber Music Workshop and Sinfonietta (Summer Evening Orchestra). Mr. Bassill is active as a teacher and freelance musician around the Chicago area. He is in his eleventh year as Director of Orchestra and Music Theory programs at Lake Forest High School. During his tenure at Lake Forest High School, Mr. Bassill has taken orchestras on three European tours, and his orchestras have accompanied such soloists as Chicago Symphony Orchestra members Tage Larsen and Patrick Godon. Mr. Bassill received his undergraduate degree in Violin Performance under Mark Zinger at DePaul University, and he holds a Master of Arts in Music Education from Case Western Reserve University. Mr. Bassill currently serves on the Board of Directors for International Chamber Artists.

NAOMI BENSDORF FRISCH, Woodwind Chamber Music Coach

Oboist Naomi Bensdorf Frisch was a member of the very first MYA orchestra. Today, she enjoys a career as a performer and music educator. Along with holding principal oboe positions in the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, the Elmhurst Symphony Orchestra, and the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra, Ms. Bensdorf Frisch performs regularly with many other Chicago area ensembles and is a founding member of the Kallima Woodwind Quintet. In addition to MYAC, Ms. Bensdorf Frisch serves on the music faculty at North Park University and DePaul University. Naomi has a B.M. Magna cum Laude from Northwestern University and a M.M. with Distinction from DePaul University, and she also studied in Germany as a Fulbright Scholar. Her principal Oboe teachers were Ingo Goritzki, Robert Morgan, and Ray Still. In December of 2017 Naomi will receive her J.D. from Chicago-Kent College of Law, and hopes to pursue a second career in Labor and Employment Law.

MEGAN BEUGGER, Theory and Composition Program Director


Megan Grace Beugger received her PhD in music composition from SUNY University at Buffalo, where she was a Presidential Fellow. She is interested in finding situations that highlight the physicality of making sound, and the physical nature of the performers’ bodies, often creating art that sits on the borderline between music, dance, visual art, and performance art. Her music has been performed at such festivals as June in Buffalo, Qubit Noise Festival in NYC, the Munich Philharmonic Gasteig new music series, Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, SICPP in Boston, and the MATA festival in New York. She has worked with such musicians as the JACK quartet, Lucas Fels, Dal Niente, Ensemble SurPlus, saxophonist Ryan Muncy, ICE, cellist Katinka Kleijn, and dancer/choreographer Melanie Aceto. She has taken lessons and presented her music in master classes with composers including Jo Kondo, Chaya Czernowin, Steven Takasugi, Amnon Wolman, Kaija Saariaho, Rand Steiger, Lei Liang, Oliver Knussen, Augusta Read Thomas, John Harbison, Brian Ferneyhough, and Pauline Oliveros. In 2010, she graduated cum laude from Northwestern University with departmental honors. Her principal teachers have been Robert Ian Winstin, Aaron Travers, Aaron Cassidy, Lee Hyla, Chris Mercer, Marcos Balter, Jay Alan Yim, and David Felder. Megan has taught and designed courses in theory, musicology, and composition at the University at Buffalo and the Walden School in New Hampshire.

NEIL CARSON, Jazz Workshop and Combo

Neil Carson is the newly appointed director of the Jazz Workshop big band, as well as instructor for the Jazz Workshop combo and theory class. A 2010 MYAC alumnus, Mr. Carson completed a master’s degree in Jazz Composition and Arranging from University of Miami in 2016, and has since performed actively as a saxophonist, vocalist and composer/arranger in the Chicago area. Mr. Carson has written arrangements for distinguished vocalists such as Cyrille Aimee and Becca Stevens, while his big band composition “Ballad for the Hopeless Romantic” was awarded first prize in the 2017 ASMAC Bill Conti Big Band Arranging/Composing Competition.

QUENTIN COAXUM, Big Band and Merit Combo

Quentin Coaxum recently graduated with a Master’s of Music from Northwestern University, where he focused on jazz education reform. He is an active member of the Chicago jazz scene as both a performer and educator. In addition to experience as a full time public school educator, Mr. Coaxum has worked as a clinician at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, Wheaton College, and the NIU Summer in the Arts Jazz Camp. As a performer, he has appeared with Solange Knowles, Benny Golson, Louis Bellson, Branford Marsalis, Curtis Fuller, Victor Goines, Willerm Delisfort, Milton Suggs, Guy King, the Chicago Jazz Orchestra, and more. He has also been a featured performer at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival and the Jazz Institute’s NextGen Jazz Series. Mr. Coaxum continues to stay busy as an in demand performer and educator throughout the Midwest.

DAVID CUNLIFF, String Chamber Music Coach

David Cunliffe started playing the cello at nine years of age in his native England. Three years later he received a scholarship to study at the Royal College of Music. He went on to study at the Royal Northern College of Music followed by the International Yehudi Menuhin Music Academy in Switzerland. Together with violinist Desirée Ruhstrat and pianist Marta Aznavoorian, he formed The Lincoln Trio in 2003, choosing a name that affirms their home state of Illinois as they perform throughout the world.

JULIE FISCHER, String Chamber Music Coach

An MYAC alum, Julie returns to her musical home in a teaching capacity. Julie participated in the Fischoff National Chamber Music competition, winning gold medals twice with two different MYAC string quartets in 1996 and 1998. Also a two-time winner of the Walgreens Concerto Competition, Julie went on to earn degrees from The Cleveland Institute of Music and the New England Conservatory. She spent summers studying and performing at the Taos School of Music, Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival, Quartet Program at Bucknell, Weathersfield Music Festival, Bay Chamber Concerts, and Madeline Island Music Festival. Julie was a professor at Northern Kentucky University as a member of the Azmari String Quartet. She taught at Walnut Hill School and was teaching assistant to Donald Weilerstein at New England Conservatory. Julie is currently the concertmaster of the Evanston Symphony and maintains a private teaching studio.

PAULA FISCHER, String Chamber Music Coach

Paula has 40 years of experience teaching and coaching young musicians. She is a faculty member at MYAC, and also teaches chamber music and private lessons to students at Niles North, Niles West, and Loyola High School, and the Wilmette Park District. In addition to teaching, Paula is a freelance musician and very active performer. She has played for the Lake Forest Symphony, Chicago String Ensemble, and is currently performing with the Evanston Symphony Orchestra. Paula also maintains a home studio in Skokie, where she conducts private lessons.

GARY FRY, VX Studio Vocal Ensemble

Arranger, composer, conductor, and music educator Gary Fry brings a broad base of experience and expertise to MYAC. As music director of the acclaimed children’s vocal ensemble EagleSong, he developed a high-quality program that took his young singers to some of the most prestigious venues in America, including the White House. Under his direction, MYAC’s Voices Rising (which Gary founded) performed at Orchestra Hall with the CSO as well as the United Nations, Carnegie Hall, and choral festivals across the country. Gary is a former faculty member of the University of Miami and Northwestern University. His unique career as a composer spans both serious concert music and commercial music; he is equally at home composing for the CSO or television advertisements for such companies as McDonald’s and Kellogg’s. As composer/arranger for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s annual Welcome, Yule! Christmas concerts, Gary is now the most-performed living composer by that world-famous orchestra, and his works are often featured in programs by the Dallas Symphony, the Colorado Symphony, and other regional orchestras. Air travelers hear his unique arrangement of Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue in the pedestrian passageway of the United Airlines terminal at O’Hare, and visitors to Sea World in Orlando hear his original music in the exhibit Terrors of the Deep. Gary is artistic director for the United Nations-affiliated Rhythms of One World choral festivals, and recently arranged and produced a CD for the United Nations featuring actual ambassadors to the UN singing songs of peace-- and MYAC’s VX Studio Vocal Ensemble as background vocalists!

JULIE GIBSON LAY, Voices Rising Accompanist

Julie Gibson Lay earned a degree in Piano Performance from DePaul University School of Music, studying under Mary Sauer and Melody Lord. While at DePaul, Julie performed with numerous ensembles and won several awards, including; the Schell Piano Scholarship, the DePaul Concerto Contest, and a special award from the Musician’s Club of Women. During and after music school, Julie performed professionally at the Park Hyatt Hotel, as a backup keyboardist for The Phantom of the Opera at the Auditorium Theatre and at many other venues. Julie then moved to Libman Music, a Chicago music production company, then into production at various Advertising Agencies including; Leo Burnett Inc., Fairman, Schmidt & Capelli & Lois EJL. Julie currently works as Director & Music Director of Bright Star Theatre for special needs teens. She is a pianist at Barrington High School and wherever her son, Cecil Lay, happens to be attending school and/or making music. Julie & Cecil are currently beginning their eighth year with MYAC and continue to be thrilled at the opportunity to make music with such an amazing organization!



DIR E C TO R S & F A CULT Y (con t .) TEDDI KOCH, The Music & Movement Center at MYAC

Teddi Koch is director and lead teacher at The Music & Movement Center at MYAC. Before starting her own program, Teddi directed The Movement Center, one of the first music and movement programs for very young children, at National College of Education (now National-Louis University) in Evanston, Illinois. In 1986, she opened The Music & Movement Center at Gorton in Lake Forest, where she continued to operate her program until her move to MYAC in 2011. The Music and Movement Center at MYAC offers parent/caretaker-child classes for infants and toddlers. Preschool classes are offered for young children ready to participate without parent or caregiver. Teddi is thrilled to be teaching the early childhood component here at MYAC and singing and dancing with such little ones! Teddi is an accomplished storyteller, a gifted teacher and accompanies her husband Fred as they present workshops for teachers and concerts for young children and their families. Teddi lives in Lake Bluff with her husband. Their son Matthew, an MYAC alum (Voices Rising/VX Ensemble), is a student at Augustana.

LYUDMILA LAKISOVA, Piano Chamber Coach

Lyudmila Lakisova has been a featured soloist and ensemble performer with many orchestras in the Chicago area, including the North Shore Chamber Orchestra, Wheaton Symphony, West Suburban Symphony, Camerata Chicago, and the Landolfi Piano Trio. She has performed at the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, New York, Harris Theater in downtown Chicago, as well as Bennett Gordon Hall at Ravinia and Carnegie Hall in New York. Lyudmila provides her accompaniment skills to the students of Chicago’s well-known violin and piano teachers, including: Drostan Hall, Drew Lecher, Desiree Ruhstrat, Almita Vamos, Brenda Huang, Ilya and Olga Kaler, and Sueanne Metz. She holds a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance, Pedagogy, and Chamber Music and a Ph.D in Piano Accompaniment from the Belorussian State Conservatory of Music in Minsk.

STEVI MARKS, Voices Rising and VocalPoint

Stevi Marks, a GRAMMY Music Educator Award semi-finalist, is head of choral programs at MYAC where she directs Voices Rising and VocalPoint. Stevi currently teaches Choral Methods and observes student teachers for DePaul and Northwestern, and she is also the Coordinator of Student Teachers and Assessment for the Bienen School of Music. She was previously the choral director at The National GRAMMY Signature School, Glenbrook South High School. Stevi received her bachelor’s degree in vocal-choral music education from the University of Illinois, Urbana–Champaign, and master’s degree from VanderCook College of Music. Frequently sought as a clinician and guest festival conductor, Stevi served five years as the District 7 ILMEA Vocal Jazz Chair and twice hosted the ILMEA District 7 Music Festival. Other professional credits include the Chicago Symphony Chorus; performing in and directing hundreds of shows at venues including Marriot Theatre, Lincolnshire and Apple Tree Theatre, where she also directed Theatre for Young Audiences, the Traveling Troupe, the Summer on Stage theater program, and served as teacher and educational director of the Eileen Boevers Performing Arts Workshop. A devoted and active volunteer, Stevi sings weekly in nursing homes and has helped lead four trips for Habitat for Humanity.

MARTIN NOCEDAL, String Chamber Coach

Martin Nocedal is a private cello teacher in the Chicago area and a chamber music faculty member at Midwest Young Artists. He graduated from Northwestern University in 2010 where he studied with Hans Jorgen Jensen. He has been a Finalist in the Fischoff and St. Paul National Chamber Music Competitions, and performed at the U.S. Embassies in Madrid and Lisbon. Martin has studied chamber music with members of the Pacifica, Guarneri, Vermeer, Cassat, Ravel, and Pro Arte String Quartets, and in 2008 was invited to play in the Telecast String Quartet Workshop with the Guarneri Quartet as part of their farewell tour. Martin received his Masters in Cello Performance from the University of Michigan in 2015, where he studied with Anthony Elliott.

CHRIS O’HARA, Brass Chamber Music Coach

Chris O’Hara is an internationally renowned trumpet soloist, a chamber musician, and an educator. His playing is described as “virtuosic and impressive in every way” (Chicago Music Examiner), and “a treat beyond measure” (Arlington Advocate), and the International Trumpet Guild Journal hails him as a “true master of [the] instrument.” Already in his young career, Chris has performed over 3,000 events covering 47 states and 11 countries across North America, Europe, Great Britain, and Asia. His performance schedule has taken him to notable venues such as the Ravinia Music Festival, the Tanglewood Music Festival, the Bethlehem Musikfest, the Festival de Camara de Musica in Aquacalientes Mexico, the Nagoya Conservatory of Music, and Millennium Hall in Japan. Chris is a clinician for Conn-Selmer Company and Denis Wick His performances have been broadcast on NPR, NBC, WGN, the Hallmark Channel, and more.

MATTHEW OLIPHANT, Woodwind Chamber Music Coach

Hornist Matthew Oliphant is a new music and chamber music specialist living in Chicago, IL. As a solo hornist with new music group Ensemble Dal Niente, he performs the music of our time by established and emerging composers, as well as classics of the new music repertoire. He has performed with Fulcrum Point New Music Project, Access Contemporary Music, Present Music, the New Millennium Woodwind Quintet, and on the Rush Hour concert series. He has performed as principal horn of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra, The Florida Orchestra, the Chicago Chamber Orchestra, and Orchestra Prometheus. He was a member of Axiom Brass from 2007-2014. Far from being constrained by the classical tradition, he regularly performs with experimental ensemble, performed as a member of the free jazz/classical/improv hybrid ensemble the Tomorrow Music Orchestra, and with various friends in free improvisation group An Outdoor Adventure.


PATRICK PEARSON, Cadet, Concertino and Philharmonia Orchestras

Patrick A. Pearson (B.A., Bowling Green State University, 1989; M.A., VanderCook College of Music, 2003) began his tenure at MYAC in 1995. Mr. Pearson is also the orchestra director at Oak Park and River Forest High School where he conducts three orchestras, one band, and teaches AP Music Theory. Before teaching at OPRFHS, he taught nine years at Lake Forest High School in Lake Forest, Illinois, two years at East Lake High School in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and three years at Countryside High School in Clearwater, Florida. During his tenure at East Lake, Mr. Pearson was named Teacher of the Year for 1992-1993. In his 29 years of teaching, Mr. Pearson has toured with his orchestras on several international tours to destinations around the globe. He has also participated in MYAC tours to China, South Korea, Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic. Mr. Pearson is active as a guest conductor of many string and orchestra festivals and is a member of the Illinois Music Educators’ Association (MENC), the American String Teachers’ Association, Phi Mu Alpha, and Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity. Mr. Pearson is a recent recipient of the Northwestern University’s Distinguished Secondary Teacher award. Mr. Pearson also serves as the Assistant Director of Music at Shiloh Baptist Church in Waukegan, Illinois.

DAN PIERSON, Jazz Combos

Pianist, educator, & audio engineer - Dan Pierson is a Chicagoland native and MYAC alumnus. He received his BM in Jazz Studies at the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana and in 2012 he relocated directly to Chicago and has become involved in countless artistic pursuits spanning the gamut of the imagination. He co-founded improvisational piano trio, “Rooms” with whom he has developed a large repertoire of original music that pulls from Jazz, Western Classical, Rock, and Electronic sonorities. He regularly teaches in group and private settings around the area and focuses his teaching practice on guiding his students along their respective paths while consistently addressing their fundamental understanding of key musical concepts. Pierson’s primary teachers include: Emilio del Rosario, Ron Perrillo, Donnie Heitler, Joan Hickey, and Alan Swain.

CHARLES PIKLER, Director of I’Solisti MYAC

Charles Pikler joined the Chicago Symphony Orchestra as a violinist in 1978 and in 1986 was named principal violist. Charlie studied the piano with his parents and violin with Ben Ornstein in Norwich, Connecticut, Bronislaw Gimpel at the University of Connecticut, and Roman Totenberg at the Tanglewood Young Artist Program. He holds a degree in mathematics with honors from the University of Minnesota. He launched his career with the Minnesota Orchestra in 1971, later becoming a member of the Cleveland Orchestra and the Rotterdam Philharmonic. Charlie has served as concertmaster of the Chicago Chamber Orchestra under Dieter Kober; the Ars Viva Orchestra; the Chicago Opera Theater Orchestra; and the Northbrook Symphony, among others. A chamber music enthusiast, he performs with several ensembles, including the Chicago Symphony String Quartet. Charlie has been a guest artist with the Daniel String Quartet in Holland, the Vermeer Quartet, and the Louisville String Quartet. In 1990, he performed Frank Beezhold’s Viola Concerto, which was composed for and dedicated to him, with the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. In 1995 and 1996, he served as guest principal viola for the Boston Symphony under Seiji Ozawa. He coaches the violists of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, as well as ensembles at MYAC. In 2014 and 2015, Charlie served as a substitute violist for the Lyric Opera of Chicago under Sir Andrew Davis performing in productions of Strauss’ Capricco and Wagner’s Tannhauser. Charlie is the founder and music director of I’Solisti MYAC. Charlie and his wife, Ruth, have two sons, David and Andrew, and a daughter, Amy, who is an alumni concert master of MYAC.

RUTH PIKLER, Young Music Scholars

Ruth Pikler received her B.A. in Music and French from Smith College and her M.M. in Strings with teaching certification from the University of Michigan. She has taught strings, grades 4-8, in the DeKalb, Evanston/Skokie, and Deerfield Public Schools. Ms. Pikler was a member of the Northbrook Symphony and has also performed on both violin and viola with Chicago Chamber Orchestra, Symphony of Oak Park and River Forest, and Lincolnwood Chamber Orchestra.

JOE POLICASTRO, Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Ensemble and Combos

Originally from Cincinnati, OH, bassist, composer, and arranger Joe Policastro joined MYAC in 2013. Joe earned his B.M. in Jazz/ Studio Music from the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati and his M.M. in Jazz Studies from DePaul University. He has performed and recorded with Diane Schuur, Pat and Debby Boone, Jeff Hamilton, Howard Levy, Phil Woods, Tim Ries, Ira Sullivan, Howard Alden, Rick Margitza, Jim Snidero, David “Fathead” Newman, and Billy Hart. He leads the Joe Policastro Trio, and the group has three albums featuring his writing, arranging, and performing: West Side Story Suite (2013), POPS! (2016), and Screen Sounds (2017). He also leads and co-leads the Gerry Mulligan tribute ensembles, Jeru, the Mulligan Mosaics Big Band, and the Mulligan Mulligan Mosaics Nonet for which he has extensively written and arranged. As composer/arranger, his work can be heard on recordings by numerous artists including Ira Sullivan and the Rob Parton Big Band. As an educator, he has been a Ravinia Jazz Mentor, a Lecturer of Jazz Studies at DePaul University and has taught at Morton College and the Chicago Academy for the Arts.

RHONA REAGEN, Reading Orchestra

Rhona Reagen has been a music educator for over 35 years. She graduated with honors and distinction from DePaul University. Rhona founded her private studio in 1980 and while her educational philosophy is Suzuki based has also received advanced training in the Rolland Method and O’Connor Method. She is frequently asked to adjudicate local festivals and competitions including IMEA district auditions. In 2008 Rhona was named Studio Teacher of the Year by Illinois ASTA and in 2013 published her technique book for beginning and intermediate string students. Rhona is a former faculty member of Elmhurst College and National Louis University. She is currently on faculty at MYAC conducting the Reading Orchestra and coaching chamber music. She is also the string instructor at Highland Park High School. Dedicated to giving back to the profession, she has served on the Board of Directors at MYAC since 1993 is currently on the Executive Board. She also serves on the Executive Board of Illinois ASTA. She has been married to her best friend for over 40 years and has 2 children who live with their families in New York.



D I R E C TO R S & F A CULT Y (con t .) DESIREE RUHSTRAT, String Chamber Music Coach

Desirée Ruhstrat made her professional debut at the age of twelve with Lukas Foss and the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Ruhstrat has appeared as a soloist with orchestras throughout the world, including the Berlin Radio Symphony, Radio Suisse Romande, Gottingen Symphony, Philharmonia Da Camera, Orchestra Symphonica Auguescalientes, Colorado Symphony, Oregon Symphony, Concerto Soloists Of Philadelphia, Utah Symphony, Chicago Civic Orchestra, Debut Orchestra of Los Angeles, and National Repertory Orchestra. She has worked with such renowned conductors as Eric Kunzel, Max Rudolph, William Smith, Rico Saccani, Brian Priestman, Mats Liljefors among others. Ms. Ruhstrat has won numerous awards including first prize at the National Young Musicians Debut Competition in Los Angeles, where she was also lauded a special award for a young performer with extraordinary talent. Ms. Ruhstrat’s distinguished career as a chamber musician includes performances throughout the US, South America, Europe and Asia and multiple recordings on the Cedille label as a member of the 2016 GRAMMY nominated Lincoln Trio.

JOHN SHAFFER, String Chamber Music Coach

After receiving a degree in Philosophy, John turned his attention to music, entering Manhattan School of Music as a cello and voice major. He has degrees in cello performance from Manhattan and Northwestern. He has played professionally with the Memphis Symphony, the Queens(NY) Symphony, the North Country Festival Orch. (upstate NY) and the Northbrook Symphony, as well as local freelancing. He has sung professionally with the Chicago Symphony Chorus, the Grant Park Chorus, and the Lyric Opera Chorus, as well as solo performances in the Chicago area. He has sung under Solti, Abbado, Giulini, Levine, Barenboim, Mehta as a choral singer. John has taught cello privately for more than 25 years, at New Trier, Niles North, Libertyville, and Highland Park high schools.

BRETT SHER, Percussion Coach

Bret Sher earned his B.A. in Music Performance from Illinois State University. He has been playing in rock, jazz, ethnic and professional jobbing bands for over 40 years. Mr. Sher played in and was section leader in an Air Force National Guard band for twenty years. Currently, Mr. Sher is section leader in the North Suburban Wind Ensemble. As of this fall, Mr. Sher has taught over 69,000 lessons, directed over 5,000 rehearsals, given over 130 clinics, and have played in at least 2,080 live performances.


Tatyana Stepanova is originally from Kiev, Ukraine. She graduated from Tchaikovsky Kiev State Conservatory and Rimsky-Korsakov St. Petersburg Conservatory of Music, Russia, where she worked as an assistant professor, while taking her Doctoral Program in Piano Performance under Professor Tatyana Kravchenko. Ms. Stepanova has shared her collaborative talents with faculty and students of Northwestern, DePaul, and Roosevelt Universities. She has been a faculty member of summer camps of the Young String Academy at Indiana University, Cursos Internacionais de Musica de Guimaraes, in Portugal, and the International Music Festival in Beverly Hills. Ms. Stepanova has been on faculty at MYAC since 2001, teaching the Sonata Class and coaching chamber groups. As a teacher, her piano students are among the winners and finalists of numerous competitions, including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Youth Auditions, and ISMTA competition.

MATHIAS TACKE, String Chamber Music Coach

Mathias Tacke is Professor of Violin at Northern Illinois University and Guest Lecturer for String Chamber Music at Northwestern University. From 1992 until 2007, Mathias was the second violinist of the acclaimed Vermeer Quartet, and prior to that a member of the Ensemble Modern Frankfurt, one of the most important professional groups specializing in contemporary music. In this capacity he gave countless first performances, including works by most of today’s leading composers. He has performed in most of the prestigious festivals, including Tanglewood, Taos, Ravinia, South Bank, and Berlin. He appears internationally as a soloist and chamber player, performing a wide range of repertoire from the Baroque to music of our time. In the Chicago area, Mathias enjoys a rich variety of musical affiliations and performs frequently with Camerata Chicago, Fulcrum Point New Music Project, Chicago Philharmonic, Chicago Ensemble, Bach Week Festival Orchestra, Chicago Chamber Musicians, and others. He has made numerous recordings for such labels as Sony, ECM, Harmonia Mundi, Naxos and Cedille. Three of the Vermeer Quartet recordings were nominated for the Grammy Award.

DANIELLE TAYLOR, Young Music Scholars

Danielle Taylor is a violinist and violist in the Chicago area. She holds degrees from Oberlin College and Oberlin Conservatory, where she studied with Gregory Fulkerson, and is completing her Masters at Northwestern University under the tutelage of Blair Milton (CSO). A passionate advocate for arts education and inclusion, Danielle has been a member of Chicago Sinfonietta and the Grant Park Music Festival’s Project Inclusion programs. She currently maintains a busy teaching schedule, including working with young musicians in the YMS program and as a sectional coach at Niles West High School. You can also find her performing around the city, and with groups including the Zafa Collective and the brand new D-composed collective.

JOY YU HOFFMAN, Harp Chamber Coach


Mathias Tacke is Professor of Violin at Northern Illinois University and Guest Lecturer for String Chamber Music at Joy Yu Hoffman, is a professional harpist in the Chicago area. She received her BM at Roosevelt University and an MM at Northwestern University. Joy is a solo, chamber music, opera and symphony orchestra player. Her specialty is ethnic music on the Kong Hou-Chinese double strung harp, the Celtic double strung harp and the Folk harp. Joy has taught at Roosevelt University, and Trinity International University. Joy has a large private studio for teaching harp and piano. Joy released three solo CDs, published several sheets of music, and a harp etude book. She toured throughout the USA, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Ireland, South Africa, and Kenya. Joy performed at the 9th World Harp Congress (WHC) in Dublin, Ireland 2005, and the 13th WHC in Hong Kong 2017.



They’re learning more than music Today, music is helping empower young people by teaching them discipline, creativity and teamwork. These are important life skills that will serve them well beyond the stage. Allstate believes good starts young and is proud to congratulate the Midwest Young Artists Conservatory on their 25th Anniversary Season of empowering youth through music. Bravo!

Š 2017 Allstate Insurance Co.



M E E T T H E ST A F F KAREN DENNIS, Administrative Director

Karen has coordinated administrative activities full time for MYAC since 1996. She has held management training and development and human resources manager positions in the private sector. She holds a B.A. from Skidmore College in political science and an M.A. in Business from the University of Iowa. She enjoys being a member of the Highwood/Highland Park Rotary Club.

ALYSSA ALLGOOD, Jazz & Choral Coordinator

Alyssa received her Bachelor of Arts in Jazz Studies and Organizational Communication from North Central College. She began working at MYAC as the Jazz & Choral Program Coordinator in 2015 and is excited to also be directing Mini & Mighty Maestros this year! Alyssa really enjoys getting to know all the MYAC families and supporting the programs.

LIZ CLAWSON, Development & Programs Associate

A bassist and alumni of MYAC, Elizabeth graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a BA in Music Education and a certificate in entrepreneurship, and the Midwest Young Artists Conservator y University of Arizona with a MM degree in Music Performance. Additionally, Elizabeth served as Double Bass Faculty at Cochise College, Assistant Stage Manager for the   YMS Teachers & Mentors Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra’s Concerts on the Square, and as Concert Series Coordinator for the Wisconsin Union Theater.

BETHANY DUVALL, Marketing & Communications Associate

Beth is entering her second season with MYAC. She has a strong background in design and is a graduate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a B.F.A in Theatre. Previously, she has held positions as a Marketing Associate for a non-for-profit theater in Charlotte, NC, as well as in Student Affairs at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

Mentors Andria Radaios, Glenview Ezra Escobar, Evanston Rebecca Moy, Naperville Grace Chu, Lake Villa Natalie Clarke, Vernon Hils Kimberly Han, Lake Forest (Left to Right, Bottom Row, Top Row)

HALLIE KOBYLSKI, Marketing & Development Associate

Hallie is a graduate of New York University, where she received a Bachelor of Music in Music Business. Previously, Hallie worked at Crow Island Elementary School in Winnetka. Hallie is excited to continue her work supporting children by joining the MYAC staff this year! Teachers

MARTIN NOCEDAL, Programs Associate

Martin graduated from MYA in 2003, and after studying at Northwestern University and University of Michigan, returned to MYAC as a string chamber music coach and programs associate. Martin also directs the Young Music Scholars Program at MYAC and teaches private cello students from all around the Chicago area.


Danielle Taylor is a violinist and Rebecca Rudy was passionate Martin Nocedal is cu Marguerite joined the MYAC staff in January 2016. She holds about a Bachelors degree fromviolist St.from Olaf College and a Masters Oakland, CA. She viola from the moment she Director of Orchestra earned her BM in Violin picked up the instrument insector 5th degree from Northwestern University. Marguerite spent her extensive private career in information systems Southand High School in Performance from Oberlin grade. Rebecca graduated from Illinois. He graduated consulting prior to joining MYAC. Her son, Nick, played cello at MYAC for 5 years before their family moved overseas, Conservatory. Since Depaul University with a Bachelor's Northwestern Univers graduating, Danielle has worked as Degree in Music Education, Magna where he continued to play in several youth orchestras abroad. Music Education and a public school and private violin cum Laude, and went on to study the Suzuki Method with master teachers Michelle George and Ed Kreitman. She developed a private studio in Fort Sheridan and started a K-6 strings program at Koraes Elementary School in Palos Hills. This year, she is joining Naperville District 203 as a 4-8 orchestra director and MYA’s Young Music Scholar Program. She hopes to inspire students to love playing string instruments!

teacher. In addition, she spent the last two years as a violin coach for the Oakland Youth Orchestra. Danielle is currently pursuing a MM in Violin Performance from Northwestern University. Danielle is excited to join MYA as a violin teacher and is looking forward to getting to work with the students and families of the Young Music Scholars Program.


Donna joined the MYAC staff in January 2006. She holds both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Personnel/Industrial Psychology from the University of Illinois. She had extensive experience in Human Resources and Unemployment Consulting in the private sector prior to joining MYA. Her daughter, Alyssa, graduated from MYA in 2008.

LISA ADAMS, Accountant

Hans Jorgen Jensen his Masters in Cello Pe from the University of attended the Midwe Chamber Music Festi 07, and in 2013 return and chamber music Martin will be joining Orchestra of Chicago associate member in




B O A R D O F DIRECT O RS Officers Allan Dennis, President, MYA Conservatory Rhona Reagen, Secretary, The Studio of Rhona Reagen

Dale Rudy, Chairman, The Northern Trust Co. Thomas Sharp, Treasurer, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Executive Committee Patrick Burke, AON Tom Chmielinski, Apple Kelly McNamara-Corley, Discover Financial Services

Eric Falberg, Anthem Propane Carol Mavrakis, MYAC Parent Ken Michaels, Bauch & Michaels, LLC Sharon Mullins, MYAC Parent

Board Members Jeff Andreasen, Market Probe James Butler, McDonnell Investment Management Ares Dalianis, Franczek Radelet P.C. George Ferguson, W.W. Grainger, MYAC alum Gary Fry, High-Touch Music John Gremer, Walgreens Derek Gover, EZE Software Group Derek Han, Grant Thornton LLP Greg Harman, W.W. Grainger Inc. Neville Hedley, The Northern Trust Co. Mee Kim, Kim Koo Foundation

John Livingston, MYAC Parent Jess Merten, The Allstate Corporation Michael Mullins, Winston & Strawn Stacy Overby, O’Halloran, Kosoff, Geitner and Cook, LLC Michael Papierniak, Retired, UOP J Schneider, 64-4 Consulting Inc. Dennis Siau, Astellas US LLC Poh S Toe, MYAC Parent Wei M Sun, Illinois Gastroenterology Group Susan Wright, Lake Forest Bank and Trust

Board of Advisors Richard Sugar, President Emeritus, Honorary Board Chair; Sugar, Felsenthal, Grais & Hammer LLP Don Civgin, Allstate H.Y. Kim, Bingrae, South Korea

Catherine Mouly, Alum Parent Daryl Nelms, Alum Parent Jeffrey A. Rein, Alum Parent Larry Ter Molen, Ter Molen, Watkins & Brandt

Honorary Artistic Advisors

Music Advisors

Lang Lang, Lang Lang International Music Foundation Yo-Yo Ma, Chicago Symphony Orchestra Judson and Joyce Green Creative Consultant

Charles Pikler, Chicago Symphony Orchestra John Bruce Yeh, Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Young Professionals Board George Ferguson, President Tom Magarian, Vice President T.J. Johnson, Development Chair Jessica Jordan Popovic, Secretary Robert Bassill, Treasurer

Tessa Andreasen Jonathan Felbinger James Mayer Ember Miller

Robert Moss Daniel Pritchard Nathan Sackschewsky Emily Steadman


Taking great pride in our long relationship with MYAC, we are Mike Perry & Terry Horn Horn-McGowan Insurance Agency


10600 W. Higgins Suite 524 Rosemont, IL 60018 Phone 773-777-6000 Fax 773-777-6365

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• Study under a world-class faculty of musicians from Universities across the country. • 2:1 Student:Faculty ratio for a mentoring, formative environment. • Live the life of a professional musician with eight public performances in front of live audiences in the heart of Door County, WI.

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Symphony July 1 - 14 Big Band Jazz Session I - July 15 - 28 Session II - July 29 - August 11 Learn more at



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Violinist Susie Miller ’14 with Mako at Lollapalooza, 2015

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Explore the Future of Music Have you ever wanted to become a YouTube sensation? Or learn how to make your own musical covers like Post-Modern Jukebox? The DePauw School of Music is pushing the boundaries of music education. You’ll get the high quality and in-depth musical training that you would receive at a conservatory, and you’ll be challenged to explore new ideas. Learn how to improvise, compose, start your own interactive chamber ensemble, develop your community engagement skills, and make beautiful music along the way. The 21st-Century Musician Initiative helps students become advocates for their communities and well-rounded, classically trained musicians.


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Midwest Young Artists Conservatory Congratulations on 25 Years of Excellence!

Ares G. Dalianis Franczek Radelet partner and MYA parent

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Bachelor of Music in Performance • Education Composition • Theory

Minor Pedagogy

Areas of Emphasis Jazz & Improvisational Music Collaborative Piano

Double Degree Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Arts

Discover the power of Engaged Learning.




R E A D I N G O RCH EST RA Reading Orchestra is MYAC’s entry-level orchestra; a string-only group that focuses on learning the basics of reading music and playing in an ensemble setting.

Violin Ana Manojlovski Arabelia Brown Emma Reininger Ethan Co Ivan Leguizamo Kaitlyn Banlasan Leah Cleek Michael Walker Pablo Hernandez Paige Polen Rachel Kierzkowski Shruti Govindarajan


Viola Daniel Nuteson Isaire Leguizamo Josephine Aitken Mae Aitken Cello Clarissa Mo’nique Garcia Daniel Tolbert Jeweleah Reyes

C A DE T ORC HEST RA Cadet Orchestra is for strings, winds, brass, and percussion students who are learning the importance of developing rhythmic and intonation skills in an ensemble and the ability to listen to others while performing.

Flute Evelyn Alsop Clarinet Rosario Garcia Cello Hayden Graham Joseph Walker Miranda Beitel

Violin Abigail Lee Areli Celestin Charlotte Weiss Clarissa Mo’nique Garcia Grace Aitken Helen Rinaolo Jacob Besic Jaden Jun Jeff Cho Perrine Tran

Viola Akshay Nair Jose Leguizamo Double Bass Luke Montzka Trumpet Tsz Yau Cheng



C O N C E R TIN O O RCH EST RA Concertino Orchestra is MYAC’s beginning/intermediate performing orchestra for strings, winds, brass and percussion students grades 5-10, who are developing and perfecting rhythmic and intonation skills in an ensemble.

Flute Allen Gaines Rodrigo Soto Samantha Kaiser Sophia Katsma Sophia Puett Tabitha Mo William Hanford Oboe Christian Larson Ethan Jun James Christoph Clarinet Olivier Coppieters Trombone Lev Friedman


Tuba Francisco Ramierz Violin Abby Izaks Amanda Jiang Anna Li Ava Quall Brian Li Chelsea Zhao Christine Chah Daniel Cho Elizabeth Romanyuk Ella Herman Ellie Chen Emily Bensing Gabrielle Zawada Hannah Xue Jed Geslani

Violin (cont.) Jenna Newby Judith Davids Kathryn Solatka Keelin Watts Kelly Liu Kevin Ye Kirsten Nicolas Madison Elle Tongco Margaret Tatelli Max Walaszek Melody Chen Michael Chen MyKenzie Moton Nathan Choi Olivia Borkowski Olivia Kim Petyon Hallas Regi Geslani Ryan Choi

Violin (cont.) Samantha Tomek Samuel Chen Sarah Goldberg Simon Choi Sophia Wall Veronica Lada Viola Guadalupe Martinez Jose Leguizamo Rithik Khanna Cello Sara Kaplan John Michael Bryant Patrick Giles Double Bass Danny Castle

P H I L H A R MO N IA ORC HEST RA Philharmonia is MYAC’s intermediate full orchestra, with students learning the importance of rhythm, intonation, dynamics and balance.

Flute Christine Lee Elizabeth Pae Jeannie Kim Megan Drake Michelle Liu Oboe Cooper Lounsbury David Zhang Emilia Miller Joyce Li Kavin Anand Clarinet Leila Moon Salvatore Monastero Horn Rachel Tjarksen

Trombone Lev Friedman Tuba Francisco Ramirez Violin Aaron Leverson Aidan Watts Alex Clark Alexis Park Allison Lee Angela Guo Anjali Simhambhatla Asher Ramaly August Hassard Brandy Brennan Carline Chang Cornelia Di Gioia Dino Bougiotopoulos Drew Langer

Violin (cont.) Emily Bensing Ethan Clark Eva Sharman Holly Rodger Jasmine Cho Jed Geslani Julia Cerimele Julia Hudson Julie Kim Justin Kim Kate Graham Leah Goldberg Lillian Wang Rea Chatterjee Samantha Chen Scarlett Montalvo Vasilios Loutrianakis Victoria Tchalakov Vincent Lee Zarina’Ade Morgan

Viola Daniel Goes Emily Updike Grace Jeon Isis Burgos Sawyer Goldsmith Cello Aailm Beere Audi Ellis Caleb Sim Francisco Ramirez Haobai Chen Jeffrey Bedwell Jocelyn Gao Samuel Loundy




C O N C E RT ORC HEST RA Concert Orchestra is MYAC’s upper-level orchestra with a full string section (including harp), winds, brass and percussion.

Flute Anika Veda Annie Li Emma Johnson Emma Rosenberg-Rappin Milina Miulli Rosie Wang William Shalla Yael Shaw Oboe Brennan Hogan Olivia Schneider Shuyun Wang Stephen Jang Clarinet David Rosales Jonathan Zhang Lily Tropple Rachel Delmar Sebastian Ingino Bassoon Loren Liss Horn Dan Mack Haibo Gao Trumpet Joshua Whittington William Lewis

Violin Amelia Cho Beatrice Park Brooke Wu Caitlin Hong Ella Sputra Ellie Ponko Evelyn Jiang Frances Ramirez Henry Park Isabel Sioson Isha Kasbekar Jasmine Zheng Jenny Zhu Jeremy Ruan Jessica Lechuga Jessie Kim John Lee Matthew Noh Michael States Molly Ferguson Morgan Hardin Nathanael Wang Nicholas Ingino Niko Bougiotopoulos Nina Badagliacco Ruth Kim Samantha Schlecht Sooah Park Tianna Lor Veronica Rokicki Vincenzo Zuppardo

Viola Abigail Felde Isis Burgos Jieun Chun Jodie Chen Kaya Owczarek Priya Krishnaswamy Sydney Rubenstein Cello Avery Hutchinson Conner Zhao David Wu Delbert Su Diego Corrales Lucuy Eileen Kang George Gong Jonathan Wang Lierin Peterson Luke Ponko Noah Mercadillo Randy Huang Sebastian Ellis Zachary Hassman Double Bass Declan McShane Mia Hernandez Nancy Pulido Harp Lierin Peterson

Percussion Nathaniel Mathew





Symphony Orchestra is MYAC’s most advanced orchestra, with over 110 talented young musicians.

Flute Horn (cont.) Avra Friedman John Davison Cecilia Catherine Gao Kevin Zawila Jonathan Wu Lena Welch Ksenia Polyarskaya Miriam Silberman Lucy Rubin Thomas Hubbard Meredith Goldin Zachary Greenberg Sara Mouscher Sophia Keay Trumpet Bailey Recktenwald Oboe Greta Shawver Carter Smith Yuchen Zhou Chloe Cardaras Clara Stein Trombone Leila Sinclair Cade Kelly Stina Hawkinson Jacob Weisbard Timothy Zhang Jake Spies Reid Harman Clarinet Eric Butler Tuba Jeffrey Zhang Lily Sefchick Kushali Patel Melissa Ji Percussion Patience Garcia Ethan Siau Samuel Perlman George Dalianis Nathan Stenzel Bassoon Patrick Thornton Andrew Zhuang Tyler Savitz Ayan Mallik Bailey Holman Violin Esther Whang Adeline Sun Nick Nocita Andrews Orals Robert Scherer Andria Radaios Ankali Kotamarthi Horn Ariel Chah Christopher Martin Christopher Chin Danika Dortch Christopher Esther Orlov-Mayer Gottardi-Littell

Violin (cont.) Claire Whitney Daniel Wu Daria Chudnovsky David Arkema Gabriella Dudek Hannah Ku Hannah Stein Ivan Franco Jane Mockus Joseph States Joshua Park Kimberly Han Kristina Nelson Liam Diethrich Lucy Campbell Matthew Suh Miriam Friedman Rebecca Moy Richard Xiao Samuel Kwon Sebastian Szymanski Tim Lee Ukiah Mooses Una Kim Viola Ariella Kharasch Baxter Brown Bella Kim Celia McDermott Hinman Ezra Burca Jiwon Mun Logan Mercadillo Marissa Katz Megan Szostak Michelle Manson

Viola (cont.) Natalie Clarke Paige Keller Suzanne Maniak Cello Adam Lee Callanen Ry Swaty Emma Foreman Eva Darow Evan Finder Ezra Escobar Grace Mockus Haddon Kay Haoming Song Jessie Hudson Kevin Kaya Kyle Pearl Lauren Rose Randolph Max Marsh Samantha Fan Tiffany Yen Double Bass Alexander Kisiel Charis Pao James JJ Butler Jayne Cronin Tyler Papierniak Harp Krista Hagglund



I ’ S O LIST I MYA C I’Solisti MYAC is a small, select chamber orchestra of soloists chosen to perform a series of concerts in public schools and special venues during each session.

Violin Andria Radaios Ariel Chah Christopher Gottardi-Littell Liam Diethrich Rebecca Moy

Viola Baxter Brown Marissa Katz

Cello Adam Lee Ezra Escobar Bass JJ Butler

C H A M B ER MUSIC ON LY Violin Adele Lee Eleanor Goes Hannah Lin Viola Ericka Beckman Yonjoo Seo


Cello Matthew Udry Rowena Bakke Harp Angelina Chan

Piano Alice Zhang Emilie Sang Eva Sharman Frank Gao Paulina Kotarski Tyeese Braslavsky

JA Z Z ORC HEST RA Jazz Orchestra is for high school jazz musicians who are ready for a more challenging ensemble experience.

Ben Galison, alto sax Eli Goroff-Behel, percussion Evan Diethrich, double bass Ian Honczarenko, alto sax

John Pinns, tenor sax Nikhil Devaguptapu, tenor sax Sanjay Roy, alto sax




Jazz Workshop focuses on college and professional-level repertoire.

Alto Sax Kevin Li Bari Sax Kevin Hutchins Double Bass Gage Bachmann Guitar Axel Ellis Chase Duvall


Percussion Cecil Lay Logan Lake Piano Cale Wolf Sebastian Ingino Tenor Sax Sean Ouimet

Trombone Ethan De Guzman Ian Harman Timothy Wilcox Trumpet Charles Frampton Ethan Kappel Holden Meier Philip Pistone


Jazz workshop combos are designed to teach students the art of improvisation and solo expression.

J A Z Z W O R KSHOP CA R S O N CO MB O Chase Duvall, guitar Ethan Kappel, trumpet Gage Bachmann, double bass Ian Harman, trombone Logan Lake, percussion Sean Ouimet, tenor sax

JAZ Z WORK SHOP P IERSO N C OM B O Charles Coppieters, piano Charles Frampton, trumpet Eli Goroff-Behel, percussion Ethan De Guzman, trombone Evan Diethrich, double bass Holden Meier, trumpet Nikhil Devaguptapu, tenor sax

J A Z Z W O R KS HOP P O L ICA S T R O C OMB O Andy St. Leger, percussion Axel Ellis, guitar Kevin Hutchins, bari sax Philip Pistone, trumpet Timothy Wilcox, trombone



B IG BA N D Big Band is for the most advanced high school jazz students ready to play at the most advanced level.

Percussion Alexander Rivera Amil Dravid Trumpet Andrew Morhun Miranda Towler


Trombone Brandon Jaimes Eli Friedman Ted Wyshel

Alto Sax Isaac Velazquez Matthew Dardick Tyler Papierniak

Double Bass Joey Ranieri

Tenor Sax Chris St. Leger David Fang

Bari Sax Andrew Magid Piano Jonah Karsh


B I G B A N D P I E R S ON C OMBO Andrew Magid, tenor sax Andrew Morhun, trumpet Cecil Lay, percussion

Eli Friedman, trombone Kevin Li, alto sax Sebastian Ingino, piano

B I G B A N D P O L I C A ST RO CO MBO Amil Dravid, percussion Cale Wolf, piano Chris St. Leger, alto sax

Isaac Velazquez, alto sax Ted Wyshel, trombone Tyler Papierniak, double bass




Alexander Rivera, percussion Brandon Jaimes, trombone David Fang, tenor sax

Joey Ranieri, double bass Jonah Karsh, piano Matthew Dardick, alto sax


Jazz Ensemble teaches younger jazz musicians phrasing, articulation and ensemble skills.


Ben Berkeley, trumpet Ben Zeiss, percussion Daniel Cisneros, alto sax Eoghan Sack, tenor sax

Hank Sanchez, trumpet Karl Lutz, alto sax Martin Miazga, piano

M I N I MA EST ROS Designed to give young children the opportunity to experience the pleasure and camaraderie of participating in a choral ensemble, Mini Maestros is open to singers grades 1-2 and Mighty Maestros to singers grades 3-4.

Angela Li Emily Zhang Eric Xiong

Joyce Wang Leah Steinfink Lucas Xing

Noemie Latour Rae Schrero Steven Dubay


Cecily Stash Isabella Patton Isabella Wan

Junya Liu Katelyn Rosen Lily Bogie

Lulu Henderson Sarah Xiong Victorie Sang



V O I CES RISIN G Voices Rising is a choral ensemble for unchanged voices, with a focus on building musicianship and vocal skills in a nurturing and professional environment.

Alexander Panos Ameena Alsikafi Amy Ralston Anabella Cesca Andrew Arzac Annika Juliusson Caroline Surman Diana Martinez Ela Weininger Elena Hu Enrique Lipezker


Faye Steinfink Grace Malliband Haley Levin Harry Morelli Joseph Wang Kaley Meister Kate Sharman Lexi Plonsker Mallory Jaberg Margaret Tatelli Nia Weathers

Opal Reese Paige Lawless Rachel Muller Rinah Milter Sofia Hagstrom Sophia Brandenberger Sunny Tang Teagan Hubbard Theodore Zinox Veronica Lada Zoe Mackey

V OCA LPOIN T VocalPoint is MYAC’s high school chamber choir, focusing on a wide range of vocal styles from Classical to Jazz and Broadway.

Adam Clayton Anna Collins Ashley Harmon Callan Shanahan Christopher Arzac Cole Koefelda Emma Baran Jasmine Lerner Katelyn Buerger Katrina Whitford Katy McGregor LeAnne Lin Sydney Jackson Valeria Castaneda

V X S TU DI O VO C A L EN SEMBLE This mixed-voice ensemble gives high school students the opportunity to focus on intense development of musical and vocal skills through recording, rather than live performance. Students learn skills expected from professional recording vocalists as they sight-read and record short pieces in a multitude of vocal styles.

Adam Clayton Adhishree Kathikar Ali Jackson Cara Page

Cecil Lay Chae Won Park Claire Dellorto Claire Jessen

Elise Lipezker Evan Diethrich Ian Jackson Jake Koefelda

Kate Stephenson Kayla Beck Liam Ryan Lily Falberg

Lucy McDowell Margaret Colligan Masha Lakisova



Y O U N G MUSIC SC HO LA RS MYAC’s Young Music Scholars Program provides scholarships to the Orchestra Program and gives students recommended by their school music directors the opportunity to take bi-weekly private lessons taught by professional teachers. Student mentors from Symphony Orchestra learn by observing these master teachers and then volunteer to coach and practice with the Young Music Scholars on a weekly basis.

Mentors Ariel Chah Ezra Escobar Haddon Kay Liam Diethrich


Megan Szostak Natalie Clarke Rebecca Moy Una Kim


We are forever proud of Aalim’s tireless efforts and wonderful achievements! Happy playing! Love from Mummy, Daddy, Manaar, Zaki and llyas


We feel so blessed to witness all your talent and your fellow students’ talent at MYA/YMS performances! Way to go Jeweleah Rose and friends - way to do your best! Way to shine!!

Congratulations to Kevin Zawila on your musical accomplishments! You are amazing and I couldn’t be prouder!

Love, Mommy and Pop-Pop

Gage -- we are all so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Charlie, Theo, Gage, Violet and Shoeshine

Love, Mom

Daniel, I am so proud of your growth as a young man and as a musician. Stay on the path and keep your dreams in front of you. All my love, Mom

Christopher, We are so proud of your work ethic, accomplishments, and character!

Sebastian and Audi, Congratulations to our very own 2Cellos. Here’s to another great year at MYAC. We are very proud of both of you!

Much love, Mom and Dad

CONGRATULATIONS EMILY! Every time we hear you play, you make us so proud. Love Mom, Dad & Savannah

Congratulations to Lauren Rose on your talented performances!! We couldn’t be prouder!! Love, Mom, Dad, and Michael

Love, Mom and Dad

Abby, We are so proud of your hard work and dedication. Keep making beautiful music. All our love, Mom, Dad & Max

Way to go, Luke! We are so proud of your diligent practice, creative spirit and positive outlook. Love, Mom and Dad


Department of Music

World-class opportunities for a remarkable career Earn your music degree at Drake and graduate ready to excel. Drake prepares you for success through: •

Nationally recognized faculty

One-on-one attention and mentorship

Numerous performance opportunities regionally, nationally, and internationally

A world-class orchestra program

Generous music scholarships for majors as well as minors and non-major participants

2017–2018 Music Scholarship Auditions: Friday, Nov. 10; Friday, Feb. 2; and Friday, Feb. 16


Midwestern Heart. Global Mind.

Application deadline: February 1, 2018 Fall Open House, Sunday, November 5, 2017

LFA offers a transformative boarding and day school experience through a culture of participation characterized by rigorous academics, a global outlook, and Midwestern values. Our 435 students in grades 9 to 12 come from 39 countries and 15 states. We are located 30 miles north of Chicago.

Music at Luther |

1500 W Kennedy Road Lake Forest, IL 60045 847-615-3267

One of the largest undergraduate programs in the nation! More than 800 student musicians learn and perform in 6 choirs, 3 bands, 3 orchestras, and 2 jazz bands.

Luther College Music


SMALL SCHOOL. BIG OPPORTUNITIES. Big city experience and strong faculty in a tight-knit community maximize collaborations and prepare you for a career in music. F Undergraduate

Auditions: February 17 and March 3

F Graduate

Auditions: February 17


Graduate programs offered in vocal performance and collaborative piano (vocal coaching)

For more information, contact: Dr. Rebecca Ryan Director of Operations School of Music, Art, and Theatre (773) 244-5623

The North Shore’s most exciting orchestra! Committed to Supporting and Developing Outstanding Young Soloists

Music is Magic! 2017/2018 Season

September 24, 2017

Music is Magic!

November 5, 2017

Symphonies in D January 28, 2018

Rustic Revelry March 25, 2018

Solace of Nature May 6, 2018

Romantic Russia A Tale of Two Composers

Onstage Commentary by Maestro Lawrence Rapchak Pre-Concert Lecture with Jim Kendros at 2:30 pm

Bring Your Grandkids Free and Join Our New “Music is Magic!” Club* *Call the NSO Office for tickets/age limit details

Sheely Center for the Performing Arts | 2300 Shermer Road | Northbrook, IL 60062

NSO Office: 847.272.0755 | 55

DEGREES Bachelor of Music Master of Music Artist Certificate in chamber music Professional Studies Diploma

CHICAG REGION O AUDITI AL ON Jan Study with a faculty that includes 30 members of the San Francisco Symphony

800.899.SFCM | 56

uary 15

, 2018



2017 - 2018 SCHOOLS & DIRECTORS Adlai E. Stevenson High School: Enrique Vilaseco & Anthony Krempa, Orchestra; Sonny Petway, Caitlin McGovern & Madeline Vogler, Band Andrew Cooke Magnet School: Katie Dudley, Orchestra Antioch Community High School: Michael Riggs, Orchestra, Michael Hickey, Choir Antioch Upper Grade School: Frank Brendhan, Band Aspen Elementary School: Haemi Lee, Orchestra Attea Middle School: Allison Reatherford, Band Avoca West School: Michelle Katz, Orchestra Barrington High School: Clark Sheldon, Orchestra; Randy Karon, Band Barrington Middle School, Prairie Campus: Luanna Byte, Band Beach Park Middle School: Jennifer Grabot, Band Braeside School: Michael Brehner Buffalo Grove High School: Henry Kappler, Band; Elizabeth Bennett, Orchestra; Debora Utley, Chorus Butterfield School: Carla Bollinger, Band Carleton Washburne School: Hillary Schroer, Vocal Music Carmel Catholic High School: Tim Barclay, Band Caruso Middle School: Darlene Hoffenberg, Choral; Anna Riddle, Show Choir; Carrie Schrader, Orchestra Central School: Erin Loescher, Orchestra Chicago Academy for the Arts


Chicago Waldorf School: Cindy Gillard, Music Chicago Heritage Academy: Bill Carrera, Orchestra Christian Heritage Academy: Annie Chung, Band/Orchestra Christian Life School: Randy Dissmore, Orchestra/ Band Chute Middle School: Margaret Philbrick, Band/Jazz; Ina Allen, Choral Cooper Middle School: Cindy Severino, Band Country Meadows Elementary School: Chad Craw, Band Daniel Wright Junior High School: Rodney Owens, Band; Ryan Clarin, Chorus; Kelsey Buffa, Orchestra Deer Path Middle School: Ben Gray, Choral; Gina DeGregorio, Band; Sarah Truding & Diane Rener, Orchestra Deerfield High School: Ron Velleuer, Orchestra; Daniel Brame, Band Devonshire Elementary School: Brya Myers, Director Edgewood Middle School: Emily Barbarigos, Band; Christine Frega, Choral Elm Place Middle School: Matt Taylor, Band Elmwood Park High School: Joseph McInchak Emerson Middle School: Eric Bachmann, Band Evanston Township High School: Charles Abplanalp, Orchestra; Matthew Bufis & Haley Nichol, Band Forest Bluff Montessori School: Paula Preschlak, Choral

Fremont Elementary School: Craig Anthony, Music Fremont Middle School: Brent Burger, Band GEMS World Academy Chicago: Chris Roebuck, Music Director Glenbrook North High School: Rich Chapman, Band Glenbrook South High School: Aaron Wojcik, Band; Aaron Kaplan & Kristin Wagner, Orchestra; Jennifer Swanson, Music Glencoe Central School: Kristen Hanna, Band; Matt Pickett Glenview Public School D34: Nancy Kabat & Brian Kabat Grayslake Middle School: Steven Thomas, Band Half Day School: Steve Turini, Orchestra; Ashley Franz, Music Haven Middle School: Ina Allen Hawthorn Elementary North: Sachiko Kim & Pamela Stanley, Music Hawthorn Middle School North: Patrick Cantagallo, Band Hawthorn Middle School South: C. Naffier, Band Highcrest Middle School: Laura Guili, Band/Orchestra Highland Middle School: Michelle Kittleson, Band; Carol Janossy & Allison Zabelin, Orchestra; Kristen Barnes, Music Highland Park High School: Josh Chodoroff, Jazz/Band; Remington Clark, Orchestra Hill Middle School: Megan Lopresto, Band Holy Cross School: Lawrence Lopresto, Band

Hyde Park Academy: Jacquetty Snoddy, Choral Indian Creek Middle School: John Feken, Music Indian Trail High School and Academy: Ken Wiele, Band; Ken Choi, Choral Indian Trail Junior High School: Lawrence Underwood, Band Indian Trail School: Teryl Dobbs, Band Ivy Hall Elementary School: Jane Pittman, Music Jack Benny Middle School: Trevor Lenhart, Band James B. Conant High School: William Kilinger Jefferson Junior High School: Randall Kulik, Band John Hersey High School: Joshua Stewart, Orchestra; Scott Casagrande, Band Joseph Sears School: Ross Cabin, Vocal Music Kildeer Countryside Elementary School: Suzanne Labowicz, Band Lake Bluff Elementary School: Susan Hanglund, Music Lake Bluff Middle School: Daryl Beese, Band Lake Forest Academy: Timothy Plambeck, Director; Adam Schlipmann, Orchestra Lake Forest Country Day School: Grant Tabor, Band; Scott Baeseman, Chair Lake Forest High School: Robert Bassill, Orchestra; Janene Kessler, Band; Timothy Haskett, Choir Lake Zurich High School: Nathan Sackschewsky, Orchestra; Joshua Thompson & Sheri Conover, Band

Lake Zurich Middle School North: Riley Broach, Orchestra Lakes Community High School: Matthew Kastor, Director; Elliott Hile, Assistant Director; Brent Johnston, Choir Laura B. Sprague Elementary School: Pam Orals, Music Liberty High School: Chuck Brooks Libertyville High School: Tim Barclay, Jazz; Adam Gohr, Band; Jeremy Marino, Orchestra Lincoln Middle School: Max Helermann, Orchestra; Mary Ciccotelli, Band Lincoln Park High School: Karlis Lenss, Orchestra Lincoln Way North High School: Michelle Freeland, Orchestra Lyons Township High School: Sam Baker, Choral; Mark Dahl, Band MacArthur Middle School: Jonathan Boyer, Orchestra Maine South High School: David Hutter, Band; Matt Nix, Orchestra; Matthew Hanes, Choir Maple School: Michael Vecchio, Band; Renee Yoo, Orchestra Marian Catholic High School: Greg Bimm, Band Marian Central Catholic High School: Thomas Rome, Band & Chorus Marie Murphy School: Mary Rudzinski, Orchestra Meridian Middle School: Paul Jenkin, Orchestra Millburn Middle School: Chad Anderson, Band

Montessori School of Lake Forest: Cathy Swan, Executive Director Mundelein High School: Jonathan Meier, Theatre; Andrew Sturgeon & Jerald Shelato, Band New Trier Township High School: Matthew Temple & Bruce Daugherty, Band; Nic Meyer, Jazz Director; Peter Rosheger, Orchestra Nichols Middle School: Gayl Carpenter, Music Niles North High School: Daniel Gregerman, Music North Shore Country Day School: Katherine Foster, Choral Northwood Junior High School: Margaret Delligatti, Band/ Orchestra; Jenna Fawcett, Choir; Emily Anderson, Music Oak Grove School: Dave Jones, Music Oak Park & River Forest High School: Elaine Hlavach, Choral Oak Terrace School: Elizabeth Duke, Band/ Orchestra Olive C. Martin Elementary: Kristen Barr, Music Orrington Elementary School: Michael Reiniger, Music Oswego High School: Kevin Schoenbach, Band Our Lady of Perpetual Help School: Keri Godon, Band Palatine High School: Kyle Cauthorn, Band; Steven C. Sivak, Choral Park School Campus CCSD 46: Lindsey Bassett, Band



2017 - 2018 SCHOOLS & DIRECTORS (cont.) Park View School: Michelle Brodsky, Orchestra Pleasant Hill Elementary: Keeley Nauman, Music Plum Grove Junior High School: Mr. Wilkie, Band Prairie Crossing Charter School: Jim Jacobs, Band Prairie Elementary School: Cara Anders, Orchestra; Daniel Nagle, Band Pritchett Elementary School: Jane Kier Prospect High School: Chris Barnum, Band Quest Academy: Dan Marcotte & Annabel Hasty, Music Ravinia Elementary School: John Campbell, Band Red Oak School: Sam Michaels, Principal River Trails Middle School: Steve Flowers, Choral Rondout School: Kathy Studer, Band/Choral Round Lake School District: Michael Dvorak, Choir Roycemore School: Julie Winterstein, Music Sandburg Middle School: Kim Lambert-Haak & John Gaunt, Choir Schaumburg High School: Susan Carlson, Orchestra School of Saint Mary: Randall Manges, Music Shepard High School: Michael Fallon, Choral Shepard Middle School: Cynthia Fremling, Choir Skokie Montessori School: Joji Escanilla Springman Middle School: Jessica Nellis, Band; John Ley, Choral


St. Athanasius School: Elizabeth Delorit, Band St. Charles North High School: Dale Morgan St. Francis Xavier: Lisa Pratman, Band St. Ignatius College Prep: Mary Ellen Schneider, Orchestra Sunset Ridge School: Carol Broos The Skokie School: Betsy Brand, Music/Vocal Thomas A. Edison School: Mr. McCall, Band/Orchestra Thomas Jefferson Middle School: Angela Fortune Tremper High School: Helen Breitenbach, Orchestra; Polly Amborn, Choral Tripp Elementary School: Tammy Lathan, Music Twin Groves Middle School: Dan Nagle & Cathy Williams, Band; Dawn Marie Bussert, Music; Cara Anderson, Orchestra University of Chicago Lab School: Bradley Brickner, Music Vernon Hills High School: Randy Sundell, Band; Jeremy Little, Choir; Dana Green, Orchestra Victor J. Andrew High School: Mark Iwinski, Orchestra Viking Middle School: Mike Bandman Warren Township High School: Natalie Colgan, Choral Washington Elementary School: Krista Fabis, Music Waubonsie Valley High School: Krista Halvorson, Orchestra

Waukegan High School: Donald Glassel, Band/ Orchestra Wayne Thomas Elementary School: Emily Crutchfield William Fremd High School: Matthew Moore & J.T. Teichert, Band Wilmot Elementary School: Jim Thompson, Music Wood Oaks Junior High School: Wayne Gordon, Band Woodlawn Middle School: Chad Craw & Elise Matusek, Band; Eileen Wronkiewicz, Orchestra York Community High School: Michael Pavlik, Band; Christopher Gemkow, Music Zion-Benton Township High School: Shan Kazmi, Band



2 0 1 7 - 2 0 1 8 P r i va t e Mu si c T ea ch e r s Flute Hideko Amano Meret Bitticks Allie Deaver-Petchenik Maria Fadrowski Shanna Gutierrez Polly Hansen Wendy Hoffhines Diane Horban Julie Koidin Janice MacDonald Lauren Moldenhauer Joyce Oake Caroline Pittman Sandar Wu Oboe Erica Anderson Veronica Chairez Grace Hong Suzanne Ingold Shawna Lake Marissa LeFevre Clarinet Steve Avallone Darlene Carl-Beck Steven Cohen Barbara Drapcho Jim Firchow Dileep Gangolli Sally Gerber Walter Grabner Jennifer Lydigsen Ember Miller Anna Najoom Jennifer Petkus Rose Sperrazza Ralph Wilder Bassoon Kirsten Alfredson Kathy Cross William Dawson Ann Dufek Gerik Fon-Revutzky Matthew Harvell Kimberlie Richter


Horn Emily Barbarigos Jennifer Crosby Jeremiah Frederick Nancy Hinners Brenda Kublank Beth Mazur-Johnson Melody Velleuer Trombone Colleen Bayoneto Chris Bayer Chelsea French Tom Garling Paul Hefner Steve Horne Adina Salmansohn Rick Simmons Victor Ribadeneyra Trumpet Marques Carroll David Crane Bruce Daugherty Phil Feo Karen Griffin Chris Hasselbring Greg Helton Jim Jacobs Andy Marchese Chris O’Hara Tom Tait Tuba Josh Biere Jared Bulmer Dave Ernsthausen Percussion Ernie Adams Brett Baxter Larry Beers Dave Eisenreich Dana Hall Tom Leddy Brian Massimo Bret Sher Joel Spencer Joe Varhula

Saxophone Steve Avallone Jeffrey Bagin Tim Barclay Neil Carson Robert Castro Jarrard Harris James Kasprzyk Patrick Kelly Chris Madsen Rita Meland Rich Moore Andy Oberhausen Rich Pancratz Donnie Sujack Ralph Wilder Violin Igor Antipov Melissa Arbetter Shmuel Ashkenasi Alexander Belavsky Xiaoguo Burton Erin Cano Cornelius Chiu Lisa Chodorowski Injoo Choi Grace Chu Sara Chung Ban Codruta Henry Criz Karl Davies Sarah Dupuis Jeremy Eberhard Julie Fischer Paula Fischer Lena Gaetz Katy Gillan-Meiste Tamara Glassburg Amy Goldberg Brigitte Gray Betty Haag-Kuhnke Sonia Hadar Sheila Hanford Robert Hanford Diana Marie Iorio Natalie Jacobsen Carl Johnston Lee Joiner

Violin Continued Jessica Jordan Olga Kaler Grigory Kalinovsky Gina Kim Kate Kulzick Drew Lecher Elena Lenox Gail Lilja-Kirkeeng Taka Matsunaga Sang Mee Lee Nancy Miller Emily Nash Nancy Nosal Naomi Oh Terry Parisoli James Park Danielle Pavlos Aurelien Pederzoli Andei Pricope Rachelle Puccini Guangzhi Qi Rhona Reagen Gerardo Ribeiro Caroline Rothstein Susan Rozendaal Desiree Ruhstrat Lerryn Schaefer Stacia Spencer Mihai Vlad Tom Yang Mark Zinger Petra Zuckova Viola Bridget Callahan Lisa Chodorowski Natalie Clarke Susan Chou Brandy Crawford Peter Dudek Christine Due Rose Armbrust Griffin Jeremy Krifka Jessica Jordan Naomi Oh Elizabeth Ortiz Charles Pikler Andrei Pricope

Rhona Reagen Desiree Ruhstrat Rebecca Rudy Yeong Seon Cho Rami Solomonow Liz Tercek Fabian Ularu Cello Maruca Bednarek Martine Benmann Barbara Cannon Tanya Carey Ron Chambers Scott Cook David Cunliffe Margaret Daly Mandy Dennis Nazar Dzhuryn Marian Fadrowski Dee Hagari Cecila Ham Richard Hirschl Hans Jensen Paula Kosower Soo Jeong Lee Martin Nocedal Kathy Ok Jonathan Pegis Andrei Pricope Andrew Snow Nina Wallenberg Chris Wild Sanghui Wimbiscus Double Bass Carl Anderson Jeremy Attanaseo Steve Dreyer John Floeter Trevor Jones Joe Policastro Steve Reinfranck Alan Steiner Kevin Stewart John Tuck Rolan Velasquez

Voice Alyssa Allgood Roberta Brickman Carissa Casbon Phil Fabry Dede Ginsburg Jean Hersey Dorothy Jean Lloyd Chris Misik Peter Sovitzky Benita Wandel Piano Olga Bornovalova Susan Chou Hannah Gravelle Joan Hickey Gloria Horton Brenda Huang Zina Katzman Katherine Lee Irena Mueller Dan Pierson Tara Singer Tatyana Stepanova Jennifer Swain Jim Trompeter Ludmyla Turkalo Harp Alison Attar Marguerite Lynn Williams Joy Yu Hoffman Guitar Jonathan Moulder Frank Portolese

Find more information at







FACULTY VIOLIN Federico Agostini Juliana Athayde Bin Huang Renée Jolles Mikhail Kopelman Oleh Krysa Robin Scott VIOLA Masumi Per Rostad George Taylor Phillip Ying

CELLO Steven Doane Alan Harris David Ying BASS James Van Demark HARP Kathleen Bride FLUTE Bonita Boyd

For application information visit


OBOE Richard Killmer CLARINET Kenneth Grant Jon Manasse SAXOPHONE Chien-Kwan Lin BASSOON George Sakakeeny HORN W. Peter Kurau

TRUMPET James Thompson Douglas Prosser TROMBONE Mark Kellogg Larry Zalkind TUBA Don Harry PERCUSSION Michael Burritt


stra he

ty Orc uni



the Yea


EVANSTON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Lawrence Eckerling, Music Director


Music from


OCTOBER 22, 2017

FEBRUARY 4, 2018





Manfred Overture SIBELIUS



Violin Concerto in D Minor William Hagen, violin

Concierto de Aranjuez Jason Blair Lewis, guitar


Estancia Suite

Symphony No. 7 in A Major




Oblivion Julie Fischer, violin RIMSKY-KORSAKOV

Capriccio espagnol BERNSTEIN

“Mambo” from West Side Story

MARCH 18, 2018


MAY 13, 2018


Symphony No. 104 in D Major “London”

Promenade Overture


Piano Concerto No. 1 in D Minor Thomas Pandolfi, piano

English Folk Song Suite GRAINGER

Shepherd’s Hey WALTON

Crown Imperial (Coronation March)



Firebird Suite (1945) Sponsored by


Rondeau from Abdelazer Suite BRITTEN

The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra Henry Fogel, narrator

For Tickets and Subscriptions call 847.864.8804 or visit Concerts at 2:30 pm on Sundays at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Evanston



Your musicianship and technical command are your calling card. In Oberlin’s experimental haven, you begin to craft that artistic identity.

They envision the sounds of tomorrow. Oberlin Conservatory of Music 39 West College Street, Oberlin, OH 44074 440-775-8413 |



Oberlin students are mentored and challenged. They grow comfortable with risk. They perform with ensembles small and large, with guest artists and peers, in recording studios and in concert halls, on stage and on tour, playing music by the masters and composers from our time.

Sometimes, the best medicine isn’t medicine at all. We’re all about helping people feel happy and healthy. But we’ll admit that occasionally, the best remedy for body and mind is a night filled with music.

Proud Sponsor of Midwest Young Artists National Concerto Competition


Passion. Potential. Performance. Music has the power to instill confidence, promote teamwork and transform lives like no other creative discipline. DiscoverÂŽ applauds the Midwest Young Artists Conservatory and its dedication to nurturing passion, developing skills and providing the opportunities of a lifetime for our young musicians.


Š2016 Discover Financial Services

2 2 ND A N N U A L

NATIONAL CONCERTO COMPETITION D e c e m b e r 2 6 th - 2 8 th, 2 0 1 7 Register now at

NATIONAL CONCERTO COMPETITION F e b r u a r y 1 8 th, 2 0 1 8 Register now at



Valparaiso University | July 1-29, 2018 |






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Paul and Sarah Wine '93, in honor of Ben and Lily Debra and Robert Wrobel

Conni and Randy Derifield Dianne and Kim Diefenderfer Greg and Paula Diethrich Laura and Tom Duvall Ladonna Koziol and Thomas Ehni Friends Dina and Eric Epperson (up to $499) Daniel Erickson ‘04 Karen and Timothy Evenson, in honor Anonymous (23) of Fred Blue Holly and Larry Aaronson Susanne and Jeffrey Eyles Alex Abreu ‘17 Jennifer Wei and Feng Fang Amy and Jim Acri Anne Holmes Feeney, in Memory of The Adamczyks Claire and Carol Holmes Jerry Adelmann Jonathan Felbinger ’02 Stephanie Allen ‘10 The Ferrera-Shalla Family Jeff and Keiko Alexander Claire and Perry Fisher Hideko Amano Paula and Bruce Fischer Eric and Denese Anderson Donna Fitzgerald, in memory of Jim Gena and Jeff Andreasen+ Fitzgerald Helen and Garry Arkema Katy and Matthew Furton Carol Kriekard and Steve Armstrong Robert Gallo Victoria Aschheim ‘06 Joan and Michael Garner James Martin Associates Laura and Larry Gilbert Scott Baeseman Julie Gilbertson Daniel and Zoe Barron Tatyana Stepanova and Mark Michael and Jennifer Bauer, Gerchikov *Caterpillar Inc. The Goldin Family Kathleen and Carl Beckman Laura and Numa Gottardi-Littell Charles Benedetti Keith Gray Naomi Bensdorf Frisch '95 and Aaron William Robinson and Nancy Green Frisch Sonia Hadar Teresa Bergren Tanya Dekhtyar and Steve Hagstrom, Susan Black, in Honor of Frederick and *AbbVie Susan Lewis Ian Hallas ‘08 John Blane Joan H. Hedley Abby and Larry Block Jacqueline and David Henderson Judy and Fred Blue, in memory of Madeline Herdeman David P. Bethe Heritage Student Foundation Douglas Bogie Nelly Sanchez and Gonzalo Hernandez The Bondy Family Ann Roberts and Philip Hersh Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Bregstone Dawn and Dennis Hershberger, in Willard Bunn III and Jeanette Bunn honor of David Hyde Pierce Anna Burden ’02 Kelly Jackson Alice Chen and Andrew Campbell Rose and Hugh Jackson Louis Camras Susan Rozendaal and Richard Sue Canter Jamerson Chris and Esther Chah Hua Tang and Qin Ji Lorraine Chase Liz Marco and Marc Jimenez Cherry Family Foundation Ken and Barb Johnson Nancy and Thomas Clarke Steven and Suzanne Jordheim Marion and Roger Christoph Matthew Kalish ‘08 Rhonda and Richard Cohen Tina and Jon Kapinos Kevin Considine Linda and Dale Kaplan Patricia Corning Adam and Lisa Kaplan Laura Cui Carolyn Shapiro and Joshua Karsh John and Kathleen Cross Cori and Steven Katz Constandina and Ares Dalianis+ Dickie and Mary Kay Anastasia Dalianis ‘17 Lake Forest Theatre The Daugherty Family Lisa and Michael Keller Allison Blakley Davis Carol Killeen Greta and Brian Davison Chris Chang and Lin Kim, in honor of The De Jaegher Family Dr. Susie Kim Lisa and Mike DeMarco

Erin Kim ‘17 The Kim Family Michelle and Incheol Kim Izzy and Kaye Kharasch Manu and Jena Khodadad Jack Kotze ‘16 Jeffrey Kroma Ronda Korzon and Gary Kromelow The Lathan Family Brian and Monica Lau The Laube Family Jen and Charles Lawless Allison and Abigail Lee Myon and Jae Lee Gordon and Nora Lewis Susan and Fred Lewis Ying Xu and Yong Li Cheryl and Tom Lilly Jacqueline and Marvin Lutz III Lyric Opera of Chicago: Glencoe Chapter Georgiana and Bill Macey Ramona and Tom Magarian ‘99 Joan and David Malliband John and Cindy Mangan Adam and Katerina Maniak Roger and Rita Manka Jennifer Marek ’98 Stevi and Jeff Marks George and Agnes Martin Ed and Bridget Matayoshi Jill and Charley Mattenson, in memory of Bea Mattenson James Mayer ‘05 Cathy McCue Bill and Erin McCune Lori and Shawn McDonald Jennifer Meyer ‘09 Antoinette Minuzzo Oscar and Maria Molina Yelena and Valerian Molkina Laurie Morse Sara Mouscher Glenn and Nancy Murakami The Neuson Family Nancy and Dale Nichols Kristin Zubay Ninis ‘01 The Nocita Family Christopher Novak ‘98 The O’Brien Family Sylvia and Fred Orkin Monica and Malcolm Palmer Bruce and Nancy Payne The Perreault Family Blair Wellensiek and Karl Peters Scott and Wes Polen The Ponko Family Carol Post Debra Kowalczyk and James Popp Kristin Quigley ‘09 Michael and Janet Quigley Julia and John Randolph



20 1 6 - 2 0 17 DON ORS (con t .) Laura and Paul Ranieri Cecilia Pena and Hector RasgadoFlores Rhona and Rick Reagen + Ruth Reagen Cynthia Reusche Gail Rodin Douglas Rosenthal Kathy Ross, in honor of Nicole and Erika Zukowski Barbara and Jeffrey Rothstein Caroline Rothstein Seymour Rothstein Marcia and William Rovani Kim Clark and Mark Rust Peter and Julie Ruck Nathan and Robin Sackschewsky Tamara Glassburg and James Sanders Jingtao Wu and Charles Sang, *Takeda Pharmaceuticals Christel and Karl Schmidt Christian Schmidt ‘10 Pam and John Shaffer, in honor of Matt, Joey, and Kyle Shaffer Eric and Laura Schulz Michael and Debra Shawver Savitha Devarakonda and Ravindra Simhambhatla Caryl Sinclair, in honor of Leila Sinclair Richard and Mary Skweres Debbie and Gary Solomon, in honor of Ilana Solomon Emily Steadman, *AbbVie Mark and Gwen Stein Steve and Joyce Stenzel Pamela Schwartz and Steven Takaki Deirdre and David Tanaka Bobbie and Len Tenner Larry and Edna Ter Molen Teresa Tolbert Jonathan and Michelene Tomek William Banzhaf and Cathy Tschannen Tsai-wei and Steve Udry Barbara Ulrich Halina and Stanislaw Urbaniak Veronique and Kurt Vanden Bussche, *Honeywell Teresa and Tomasz Walaszek Alesia and Derek Wall Beatrice Chang and Jonathan Wang Erin Wells ’11

Building Campaign Karee and Hans-Werner Buerger Zenia and Jeffrey Cohen


Melanie and David Earnest Witt Scott and Cindy Witten Katheryn Woo, in honor of her music teachers Frank Wu, *Morgan Stanley Molly Yeh ‘07 and Nick Hagen The Yuan Family Joe and Sue Zaharako *Corporate Match + Board of Directors/Advisors

Contributions of Goods and Services Alyssa Allgood Sarah and Michael Alter Melissa and Kenneth Arbetter Mary Beth and Joe Arzac Ballaro Restaurant Susan Benes Whitney and Jeff Beswick Big City Swing Jeremy and Karin Brooks Catering by Michaels Chateau Chantal Chicago A Cappella Chicago Shakespeare Theater Ai-Ling Chi and Chih-Hung Chang Marion and Roger Christoph Clucker's Charcoal Chicken LLC Rick and Claudia Combs Karen and Allan Dennis+ Anupama Pradhan and Nataraju Devaguptapu Paula and Greg Diethrich Colleen and James Dressler Laura and Tom Duvall Elisabeth and Keith Ellis Karen and Eric Falberg+ Jennifer Wei and Feng Fang Michelle and Arie Friedman Dimitra Gaines Delia and Napoleon Garcia Pauline Noznick and Allan Gerstein Kathy and Phil Hadjuk Molly Yeh ‘07 and Nick Hagen Jennifer and Gary Hantsbarger Ding and Jeff Hardin Gregory and Laura Harman+

Col. J.M. and Kathryn McNamara Corley+ Allan and Karen Dennis+ Kimberly and Ned Hedley+ Stacy and Scott Overby+ Cathy and Gregg Popp Rhona and Rick Reagen+

Candice and Nathan Hassman Kimberly and Ned Hedley+ Patricia and Charles Hutchins Martha Arroyo and Joseph Ingino Lauren and James Izaks Joffrey Ballet Lou Malnati’s Mary Novak and Nicholas Keay Kate Lengers Lucky Strike Chicago Moto Restaurant Brigitte and Paul Martin Michael Merchu Maria Head and Martin Montalvo Sharon and Michael Mullins Jalpa and Jateen Patel Edward Polen Cathy and Gregg Popp John and Julia Randolph Ravinia Rhona and Rick Reagen+ Donna Stinnett and Zoe Reese Felicia and Gregory Rice Jody and Larry Riesberg Dr. Mark Rosen Melinda and Dale Rudy+ Margaret and Eric Scheyer Hank Scheff Mui Fong Wan and Chian Ban Siau+ Joan Wang and Gabriel Sim Stuart-Rodgers Photography Sutton Studios Diana and Petko Tchalakov Layne Taylor Dr. Stanley Treitler Teresa Tolbert Tim Watts Uncommon Grounds Wheel of Fortune Windy City Flyers Writers Theatre Xinyu Wu and Ming Yuan

John Bruce Yeh and Teresa Reilly Jeffrey and Susan Rein Dale and Melinda Rudy+ Nancy and Thomas Sharp+ Mui Fong Wan (Michelle) and Chian Ban (Dennis) Siau+



C O M M U NI TY B U SINE SS PA RTNE R S MYAC sincerely thanks all of the local community businesses that partner with us and support our programs!

the Del Rio

Our northern Italian family tradition to yours for over 90 years

Combining classic Italian fare with new and creative dishes Featuring a wine list with more than 4,000 selections dating from the late 1800s, and live music every Wednesday evening. 228 Green Bay Road, Highwood IL (847) 432-4608 Open Tuesday through Sunday from 5:00 p.m.


We invite you to come and accept our family's warm welcome.




Attorneys serving Business

“Best wishes to MYAC in the 2017-2018 Season.” - Ken and Kayla Michaels w

Solo Classic Inc.

Makers of Fine Violins, Violas and Cellos in the European tradition

Roumen and Iliana Raykovski (daughter)

Helping Customers make music, from our family to yours……. Roumen and Iliana Raykovski RRaykovski

(combined with a second major)

Dealers in fine string instruments and bows Custom - made instruments Bow rehair and repair Repair and artistic restoration Expert set-up and adjustment Quality instruments in our rental program

Music School for Any Age and Level

Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano, Guitar, Vocal, Flute & Drums www.soloclassicmusicschool .com 476 West Half Day Road, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089 (Route 22 and Buffalo Grove Rd. by Marciano’s) Tel :( 847) 276-2710 Fax :( 847) 276-2711 Work Hours: Monday to Friday from 10:30am - 12:30pm; 2:30 - 8:30pm; Saturday: 9am-3:00pm



MUSIC Degree Programs

Bachelor of Music in: • Performance • Contemporary Musicianship • Composition • String Performance and Pedagogy • Classical Guitar Performance Bachelor of Music Education Bachelor of Arts in Music Four-year double major option Five-year dual – degree option Concentration in Composition 80


Minor in Arts Management Minor in Jazz Studies Minor in Music

Renewable Scholarships $10,000 - $25,000 Talent Awards $38,000 Director’s Scholarships

Contact Us!

Laura Dolan, Music Admissions Coordinator (309) 556-3063 fax: (309) 556-3121 e-mail:

Chicago Federation of Musicians, Local 10-208 is proud to support

Midwest Young Artists for their 2017-2018 Season & to represent all of our members appearing as guest artists, faculty and staff.

Terryl Jares, President Leo Murphy, Vice President BJ Levy, Secretary-Treasurer Robert Bauchens, Director Rich Daniels, Director Frank Donaldson, Director Jeff Handley, Director Bob Lizik, Director Janice MacDonald, Director Charles Schuchat, Director

Local 10-208

American Federation of Musicians

656 W Randolph St #2W Chicago IL 60661 312.782.0063







More than 180 artist-teachers and scholars comprise an outstanding faculty at a world-class conservatory with the academic resources of a major research university, all within one of the most beautiful university campus settings.

Living Music Competitive scholarships and fellowships available. More than 80% of Jacobs School students receive some form of financial aid.


Jan. 12 - 13 | Feb. 2 - 3 | Mar. 2 - 3 Application deadlines: Nov. 1, 2017 (undergraduate applicants) Dec. 1, 2017 (graduate applicants)


Transforming the human condition through the art and practice of music

Application Deadline: December 1



} Entering grades 10–12 } Orchestra, voice, wind ensemble, and jazz programs

} Entering grades 7–9 } Band, orchestra, and musical theatre programs

Registration Opens: December 1 Learn more at


The Shepherd School of Music

The Shepherd School at Rice University offers preprofessional training for musicians, combining the intensity of a conservatory experience with the educational excellence of a renowned private university. Our illustrious faculty of artist-teachers dedicate themselves to the special talents and skills of each individual student. Robert Yekovich, Dean The Shepherd School of Music Faculty Violin Kenneth Goldsmith Paul Kantor Cho-Liang Lin Kathleen Winkler Viola James Dunham Ivo-Jan van der Werff Cello Norman Fischer Desmond Hoebig Brinton Averil Smith Double Bass Paul Ellison Timothy Pitts Flute Leone Buyse Oboe Robert Atherholt Clarinet Richie Hawley Bassoon Benjamin Kamins


Horn Voice William VerMeulen Barbara Clark Stephen King Trumpet Julie Simson Barbara Butler Charlie Geyer Opera Studies Debra Dickinson Trombone Susan Lorette Dunn Allen Barnhill Vocal Coaching Tuba Bethany Self David Kirk Karen Roethlisberger Verm Percussion Richard Brown Conducting Matthew Strauss Thomas Jaber Larry Rachleff Harp Paula Page Composition and Theory Piano Karim Al-Zand Brian Connelly Damian Blättler Jeanne Kierman Anthony Brandt Fischer Shih-Hui Chen Sohyoung Park Arthur Gottschalk Jon Kimura Parker Pierre Jalbert Robert Roux Richard Lavenda Virginia Weckstrom Kurt Stallmann

Musicology Walter Bailey Gregory Barnett David Ferris Alexandra Kieffer Peter Loewen Orchestral & Chamber Repertoire Joan DerHovsepian Christopher French Eric Halen Thomas LeGrand Janet Rarick Michael Webster Lecturers Mario Aschauer George Baker Rachel Buchman Rick Erickson Mary Greitzer Jerry Hou Robert Simpson Cornelia Watkins

Organ Ken Cowan

The Shepherd School of Music


Rice University, Houston, TX



DEGREE PROGRAMS: Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, and diploma programs in classical performance, jazz and contemporary music studies, music composition, music education, opera, and orchestral studies

Study with accomplished faculty, who include Chicago Symphony and Lyric Opera orchestra members, Metropolitan and Lyric opera sensations, renowned soloists, Grammy-winning jazz musicians, and awardwinning composers. Enjoy opportunities to perform in professional venues. Learn more: (312) 341-6735 | 87

▶ Apply by January 15 ▶ Auditions in February for fall admission






✹ TS







2 7 - J U L Y 1,

Brass Carillon Choral Conducting Composition Guitar Harp Jazz Studies Music Theory Musicology Orchestral Conducting Organ Percussion Piano Piano Pedagogy Recording & Production Strings Suzuki Pedagogy Voice/Opera Wind Conducting Woodwinds






Sat. Jan. 27, 2018 Fri. Feb. 2, 2018 Sat. Feb. 3, 2018 Sat. Feb. 24, 2018

Fri. Jan. 12, 2018 Chicago, IL Los Angeles, CA New York City, NY


Dr. Mary Hopper

Professor of Choral Music National President, American Choral Directors Association

Experience Matters Study with faculty artists ranging from members of the Lyric Opera and Chicago Symphony Orchestra, to notable musicians in churches, schools, business, recording, and more. With a student teacher ratio of 7:1, the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music faculty will know you personally and develop your musical abilities for your specific career goals. Experience Wheaton Conservatory of Music—a Christ-centered community that fosters musical excellence, creativity, and spiritual growth.

Request more info today



2017 - 2018 CONCERT SEASON Sunday, August 20 at Millennium Park, Chicago 4:00 PM

Lang Lang Scholars Concert

Sunday, September 24 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 4:00 PM

Chamber Music Soirée

Symphony Orchestra MYAC Chamber

Sunday, October 8 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 9:00 AM

Chicago Double Reed Festival

Sunday, October 15 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM 5:00 PM

Chamber Music Soirées Chamber Orchestra Concert

MYAC Chamber I’Solisti MYAC

Saturday, October 28 at 210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge, Highwood 4:00 PM

Fall Jazz Combo Concert


Sunday, October 29 at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Northwestern University 1:00 PM

Fall Concert

2:00 PM

Fall Concert

6:30 PM

Fall Concert

Sunday, November 5 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM

Chamber Music Soirées

Sunday, November 19 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM 5:00 PM

Chamber Music Soirées Chamber Orchestra Concert

Sunday, December 10 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 3:30 PM

“What the World Needs Now is Love” Concert

Sunday, December 17 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 2:00 PM & 4:00 PM

A Magical Musical Family Holiday Show

Mini/Mighty Maestros, Reading, Cadet, Concertino Orchestra Voices Rising, Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Workshop, VocalPoint, Philharmonia, Concert Orchestra Big Band, Symphony Orchestra MYAC Chamber MYAC Chamber

Voices Rising, JW Combo, Concert Orchestra, Mini/Mighty Maestros VX, VocalPoint, Symphony Orchestra

Tuesday, December 26 - 28 at MYAC Center and Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia

9:00 AM

National Concerto Competition

Friday, December 29 at Symphony Center, Chicago 6:00 PM

25th Anniversary Season Celebration & Alumni Concert

Sunday, January 21 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM 3:30 PM

Chamber Music Soirées New Music Readings

Alumni & Symphony Orchestra, Big Band, VX , VocalPoint MYAC Chamber MYAC Chamber


Friday, January 26 at Peoria Civic Center, Peoria 11:00 AM

Illinois Music Educator Conference

Sunday, February 4 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM

Chamber Music Soirées

3:30 PM

MYAC Chamber

Winner’s Recitcal

Saturday, February 10 at MYAC Center 7:00 PM

Symphony Orchestra, Voices Rising, VocalPoint, VX

Music at the Fort


Saturday, February 17 at 210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge, Highwood 4:00 PM 6:00 PM

Winter Jazz Combo Concert Celebrate Highwood Jazzed Up Dining & Classical Cocktails


Sunday, February 18 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 9:00 AM

National Chamber Music Competition

Sunday, February 18 at 210 Restaurant, Highwood 6:00 PM

Winter Jazz Big Band Concert


Sunday, February 25 at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Northwestern University 1:00 PM

Winter Concert

2:30 PM 6:00 PM

Winter Concert Winter Concert

Mini/Mighty Maestros, Voices Rising, Reading, Cadet, Concertino Orchestra Philharmonia, Concert Orchestra Symphony Orchestra

Sunday, March 4 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 9:00 AM

Chicago Bass Festival

Saturday, March 10 at MYAC Center 7:00 PM

Music at the Fort

MYAC Viola Alumni

Sunday, March 11 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 9:00 AM

Chicago Viola Festival

Sunday, March 18 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM 5:00 PM

Chamber Music Soirées Chamber Orchestra Concert

Sunday, April 8 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM 5:00 PM

Chamber Music Soirées Chamber Orchestra Concert

Saturday, April 14 at MYAC Center 7:00 PM

Music at the Fort

Sunday, April 22 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 12:30 PM, 1:30 PM, 2:30 PM 3:30 PM & 4:30 PM

Chamber Music Soirées

MYAC Chamber I’Solisti MYAC MYAC Chamber MYAC Chamber National Chamber Music Competition Winners MYAC Chamber

Saturday, April 28 at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Northwestern University


11:00 AM

Spring Orchestra Concert

12:00 PM 4:00 PM

Spring Orchestra Concert Spring Orchestra Concert

Reading, Cadet, Concertino Orchestra Philharmonia, Concert Orchestra Symphony Orchestra

Saturday, April 28 at Michigan Shores Country Club, Wilmette 8:00 PM

MYAC Annual Gala

Sunday, April 29 at Pick-Staiger Concert Hall, Northwestern University 1:30 PM

Spring Choral Concert

5:30 PM

Spring Jazz Concert

Saturday, May 5 at 210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge, Highwood 4:00 PM

Jazz Combo Concert

Sunday, May 6 at Bennett Gordon Hall, Ravinia 3:30 PM, 4:30 PM

Chamber Music SoirĂŠes

Voices Rising, VX, VocalPoint, Mini/Mighty Maestros Jazz Orchestra, Jazz Workshop, Big Band

MYAC Jazz Fischoff Send-Off

Friday, May 11 at University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana

Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition

Saturday, May 19 at MYAC Center 5:00 PM

New Music Readings

MYAC Chamber

Sunday, May 20 at MYAC Center 12:00 PM

MYAC Family Fun & Music Fest



L I S T OF A DVE RTISE R S Midwest Young Artists Conservatory is grateful to the following supporters for advertising in our 2017 - 2018 Concert Program Book:

78 22 77 13 2 4 26 11 12 95 21 13 81 90 29 24 78 13 78 27 28 68 52 64 65 29 78 79 6 26 78 72 80 84 85 78 79 53


31 210 Restaurant & Live Music Lounge 30 Allstate 53 ArtsLink 70 Austin’s Violin Shop 61 Ball State University 13 Bard College Conservatory of Music 54 Birch Creek Music 55 Performance Center Back Cover Bradley University 66 Butler University 82 C. Louis Meyer Foundation 79 Carnegie Mellon University 86 Cassandra Strings Chicago Federation of Musicians 87 Citadel Theatre 56 Classic Violins Cleveland Institute of Music 57 Clucker’s 6 Darnton & Hersh Fine Violins 14 The Del Rio DePaul University School of Music 79 DePauw University 73 Discover 78 Drake University 15 Eastman School of Music Evanston Symphony Orchestra 13 Franczek Radelet P.C. Inside Front Froggy’s Gettysburg College, The Sunderman 88 Conservatory of Music Hollister Inc. 89 Horn McGowan 91 Il-Forno Pizzeria Illinois State University 71 Illinois Wesleyan University Indiana University, Jacobs School 70 of Music Ithaca College of Music 67 Jay Lovell’s Restaurant 92 Kenneth Michaels, Bauch & Michaels, LLC Lake Forest Academy

Lake Forest Symphony Lawrence University Luther College Lutheran Summer Music Michael Becker Fine Violins, Ltd. The Muse Piano Workshop North Park University Northbrook Symphony Northwestern University Oberlin College Oboe Chicago Quinlan and Fabish Rice University, The Shepherd School of Music Roosevelt University San Francisco Conservatory of Music Seman Violins Sewanee Summer Music Festival State University of New York, Fredonia School of Music Solo Classics Inc. Southern Methodist University Sunset Foods Temple University, Boyer College of Music and Dance Thomas Sharp, Morgan Stanley University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign University of Denver, Lamont School of Music University of Michigan University of North Texas College of Music University of Miami, Frost School of Music University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music Walgreens Wheaton College Conservatory of Music

ticket info available at mya.org97



THE BIENEN SCHOOL OF MUSIC OFFERS · A 152,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility overlooking Lake Michigan · Conservatory-level training combined with the academic flexibility of an elite research institution · Traditional BM, BA, MM, PhD, and DMA degrees as well as innovative dual-degree, self-designed, and double-major programs · Close proximity to downtown Chicago’s vibrant cultural landscape

2017-2018 MYAC Concert Program Book