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Midwest Missile Greetings from Our Leadership Greetings Sorors of the Mighty Midwest Region! The 2011-2012 sorority year promises to be a great opportunity for service and leadership development. I am excited about all that you are doing in your Regina R. Harper local chapters to serve the Midwest Regional Director community. I can feel the excitement that is apparent among sorors as Grand Chapter gears-up for the Centennial Celebration of our illustrious sisterhood. Let’s continue that excitement as the sorority prepares for the Hortense Golden Canady International Women’s Conference. The conference is scheduled on April 12 – 15, 2012, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sorors, as you continue to serve, please be mindful that as sorors of the Midwest Region we have a Charge to Keep; From the Heart We Lead, We Serve and We Empower. Keep our regional theme in mind as we strive to reach the Sorority’s goal of reclaiming sorors back to the sisterhood. Finally, as we continue to serve from the heart, remember to keep in mind our Sorority’s nine cardinal virtues. Let those virtues serve as our foundation as the region continues to make a difference in the lives of others. I am excited about all that sorors have done and are doing in the Midwest Region. Delta love and mine, Regina R. Harper Regional Director


On behalf of all my collegiate sorors ... Greetings Mighty Midwest Region!

I am very excited to be working with you in the spirit of sisterhood, scholarship, and service. Within our region there Diona M. Morgan is much work to be done, and I am more Midwest Regional than convinced that we Representative are able to accomplish greatness on behalf of our amazing sisterhood this year. It is my goal to assist collegiate chapters in every aspect that I can. This will include implementing programs that advocate for public policy issues designed to improve our communities. I look forward to increasing academic productivity across the region and overcoming the obstacle of collegiate transition to alumnae chapters. I will be elated to meet and greet all of my collegiate and alumnae sorors when we flood Dayton, Ohio for the 2011 Collegiate Retreat this November. I hope you all are ready for a weekend filled with fun, fellowship, and reflection. Let us all continue to strive for excellence both on our campuses and in our communities as we march toward our centennial celebration! Yours in the spirit of sisterhood, Diona M. Morgan Regional Representative




MIDWEST MOMENT Li!ing theVeil of Silence on Domestic and Sexual Violence Regina Harper, the Midwest Regional Director, asked chapters in the region to implement at least one program, or project, in one of these areas:

Soror Jones says several people in her life know this man and that has made the past five years even more • Domestic & Sexual Violence difficult. • Diabetes Awareness She has never told her • March of Dimes family or her friends. In this issue we take a moment to reflect on the issue “I think it is just hard to of Domestic & Sexual Violence. talk about it because I don’t On a Friday evening, five years ago, a male friend want to be judged,” Jones stopped by to visit Soror Cathy Jones (whose name has says. been changed to conceal her identity). Statistics show Jones is not alone in choosing to Jones had known this man for several years and they suffer in silence. shared mutual friends. That night they talked and laughed According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, for like they always had. It was a familiar feeling. every black woman who reports a rape, there are at least What happened next was not. 15 who don’t. “I don’t think about it. I don’t talk about it. It’s like Jones says she realizes she should seek counseling or, it was an out- of-body experience.” Jones says. Jones at the very least, talk to a friend so she can heal. says as they talked her friend tried to kiss her. When she However, she says she still does not have the strength to pulled back he became aggressive and grabbed both of face it, “I don’t want to be looked at as a victim.” her wrists. She tried to escape but he held her down. by Tanisha Mallett Jones says she went into shock as he raped her. Regional Co-Journalist Jones never reported the attack.


United States. More than 2.5 million reports of child abuse are made in the United States annually with hundreds of deaths related to child abuse reported each year. Most runaways, adolescent prostitutes and teenage delinquents Child abuse and neglect is a report having been victims of some national problem which has increased form of child abuse, and it is to epidemic proportions in the

reported that a majority of violent criminals suffered abuse, either physical and/or sexual as children. Abuse robs children of the opportunity to develop healthy, trusting relationships with adults, contributes to low self-esteem, and impairs healthy psycho-social development. Indeed, the effects of childhood abuse often last a lifetime. Reprinted from “Child Abuse and Neglect” by the National Council on Child Abuse and Family Violence. For more information log on at


Each State has a system to receive and respond to reports of possible child abuse and neglect. Professionals and concerned citizens can call statewide hotlines, local child protective services, or law enforcement agencies to share their concerns.

• • •


How to report suspected child maltreatment Mandated reporting Related resources





With the centennial celebration of our beloved sisterhood quickly approaching, I’ve seen discussions about “how much is everything going to cost?” on Facebook and virtually every other social network where Sorors reside in cyberspace. While that’s a good question – the sum of Lynn Richardson which has yet to be fully disclosed – the better question for Sorors is, “what are we doing to prepare financially to participate in the festivities?”  Regardless of the cost and the fact that this happens to be a precious milestone in our sisterhood, all too often, I have counseled financially-strapped Sorors who’ve spent their last dime and next month’s rent on national convention and regional conference activities and didn’t experience the full weight of their decisions until after the festivities were over.   Sorors, we can do better than that!  We can enjoy the 100th Birthday Party of our beloved sisterhood AND

avoid living check to Monday (this is what happens when we get paid on Friday, kick it on the weekend, and are broke by Monday). Try these basic steps to minimize current expenses and put the extra money away to SAVE FOR CENTENNIAL: 1. This year, I got rid of my landline because I never use it. There are five cell phones in my house - I doubt if there will ever be an emergency from which only a landline can rescue me. I simply decided that the $600 $1800 annual expense could go in my “let’s have some EXTRA fun at centennial” savings account. 2. Contact your cell phone company and negotiate a lower payment. I called my cell phone company’s loyalty department and asked for the new plan that they were giving everyone else as advertised on TV commercials.  The lady on the phone couldn’t help me, so I kept asking until I got to her boss’s boss!  And guess what?  I got the plan (which is saving me more than $30 monthly . . . more moolah for my centennial account.) Plus, they shipped me the new Galaxy android phone for free!  3. Consider eliminating personal

“A PENNY SAVED IS A PENNY EARNED” service/care providers. Review your corporations can execute global landscaping and/or housekeeping transformation through conference costs. Can you or someone in your calling, so can we -- at least until we household do any of the work get to Centennial!  By conducting the yourself ?  If so, eliminate some of majority of your committee meetings these services and keep the extra via conference call each Soror, dollars in your centennial savings especially the great majority of account. financial AND active Sorors who are on more than one committee, 4. We need to minimize the can potentially save hundreds of number of face-to-face committee meetings at Starbucks, Panera Bread, dollars monthly on gas, meals, coffee, and everything else that and all the other coffee houses and goes along with face-to-face restaurants. Instead, we should meetings.  commit to increasing the number of conference calls to conduct our Sorors, a penny saved really is a business.  When I was a Vicepenny earned.  Join me in Saving for President at JP Morgan Chase, I Centennial so that collectively we can rarely saw my colleagues, so if major enjoy the festivities with financial

dignity and return from Centennial with more than a few pennies remaining in our bank accounts.

Soror Lynn Richardson is the Immediate Past National Coordinator of the Delta Challenge Homeownership Initiative and the Creator of the DST H.O.M.E. Initiative. She is a member of Joliet Area South Suburban Alumnae Chapter, the celebrity financial coach for Russell Simmons’, and a certified Chaplain and Life Coach who uses her quick wit and humorous presentation style to help others achieve personal, professional and spiritual harmony.  Listen to Soror Richardson Sundays at 6am central on Inspiration 1390 Chicago (streaming live at or visit her website at





ILLINOIS ... IN REVIEW Springfield-Decatur Area Alumnae Chapter       In the spirit of dedication, members of the Springfield-Decatur Area Alumnae Chapter joined more than 1,000 volunteers to give one of Springfield’s oldest elementary schools a makeover to commemorate its 100th anniversary. The nine-day event held at Harvard Park Elementary School brought over 75 organizations together in what was dubbed Springfield Sharefest. Nearly two dozen sorors, family members and friends participated in a two-day renovation event as volunteers painted, stained and organized books and files. Chapter President Soror Candice Trees, Soror Tiffany Lott, In addition to the satisfaction sorors felt from and Soror Keneisha Boozer paint shelving at supporting Soror Kim Leverette-Brown, who serves as Harvard Park Elementary School. the school’s principal, the volunteers left feeling that their efforts would improve a child’s academic outlook. Approximately 93 percent of Harvard Park students come from low-income families, many of whom are struggling with unemployment, homelessness, and hunger. In similar schools across the country, school renovation projects have shown an increase in student test scores, parental involvement and school pride, while also boasting a decrease in student disciplinary incidents. The partnership between Springfield-Decatur Area Alumnae and Harvard Park Elementary School continues as the Program Planning and Development Committee will utilize the school gym monthly for a chapter fitness event “WorkOut for Wellness (WOW).” Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates Alumnae Chapter Help Feed the World’s Hungry          The Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates

Members of Schaumburg-Hoffman Estates Alumnae Chapter, together with family members, measure, heat-seal, and pack meals for a worthy cause, “Feed My Starving Children.” 


Alumnae Chapter made a difference in the fight against hunger on September 19, 2011. Sorors volunteered at Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization committed to feeding God’s children in over 70 countries worldwide. Over 20 volunteers worked to measure food, weigh and heat-seal bags, and pack completed meals for shipping. The meals consisted of flavored rice, soy protein, dehydrated vegetables, and 20 vitamins and minerals. Sorors packed eight boxes in just 1.5 hours. Each box contained 216 packages that totaled 1,728 meals. The group celebrated team-building and a sense of achievement by helping to feed the needy among us. For more information about this worthy project visit PAGE 6



Joliet Area/ South Suburban Alumnae Chapter 2011-2012 KickOff Saturday, August 25, 2011, President Carolyn A. Dishmon, gathered Team JASSAC is being inspired by the 65 of her executive presenters at the Executive Eboard Retreat. officers and committee co-chairs for the Joliet Alumnae Chapter led an endearing Area/South Suburban dedication ceremony in memory of Alumnae Chapter Founder Marguerite Young Alexander (JASSAC) Executive by laying a memorial ledger at her Eboard Retreat. Sorors Eryn Rogers, Ryan Arrendell, Kia Jones, Beth Lynk, gravesite. Octavia Matthews Janissia Orgill, Jodie Taylor, Whitley O'Neal, Candace (Immediate Past Spearheaded by the chapter’s Nalls, Shawna Parker, Jasmine James, and advisor Midwest Regional Heritage & Archives Committee, Crystal Ellis-Abdullah from Theta Alpha Chapter. Director), Tracy members spent significant time Bradley (Immediate researching, designing and planning Past Illinois State Coordinator), for this important memorial. Deborah Jones-Buggs (Chair, Greetings were delivered by Theta Alpha Chapter National Finance Committee), and Illinois State Coordinator, Soror Kimberly Offord (Noted Author) The Theta Alpha Chapter at Debbie Brooks, and Chicago spoke on Leadership Attributes/ Northwestern University had a very Alumnae’s president, Soror Taliva Competencies, Roles and successful year of events, including Tillman, offered words to Responsibilities/Chapter the celebration of its 40th year commemorate the occasion. The Management, Parliamentary anniversary. dedication took place at the Sunset Procedures, Financial Management, Memorial Gardens, Northbrook, May Week was an especially and Conflict Resolution and charged Illinois. important time for the chapter as it Team JASSAC to use this focused on events like information to in-act “rEvoLuTions” and “The Hunger the chapter’s vision, Banquet,” which helped to raise Many Dreams One awareness surrounding International Vision, programs, issues through discussion. and fundraisers. One chapter program, whose title What an awesome sisterhood was borrowed from a popular TV experience! Watch show “The Amazing Race,” out Midwest… encouraged the campus community JASSAC is on the to be active. The event featured a move! campus-wide obstacle course navigated by the participants as they Chicago showed off their agility and fitness. Alumnae The Annual Jabberwock Chapter Scholarship Ball was a success as two high school students were presented In Memory... with scholarships for college. Members of Chicago Alumnae’s Heritage and Archives Committee: Finally, the chapter hosted its On Saturday, [l-r] Kimberly Offord, Phyllis Little, Regina Scott, Natalie Bumpers, inaugural Sisterhood Luncheon and September 17, 2011, Chicago Alumnae president, Taliva Tillman, Anona-Dixon Brown, welcomed back many alumni of the the Chicago Helen Hawkins, and Carol Parham. chapter for a sisterly celebration.






East St. Louis Alumnae Chapter The women of East St. Louis Alumnae Chapter (ESLAC) of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. recently hosted a 2011, Delta Retreat. The Delta Retreat was held July 29-30 at Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows. The Retreat was titled, “RELAX *REFRESH*REVIVE* RECONNECT*RUN.”

Champaign-Urbana Alumnae Chapter On September 18, 2011 the Sorors of ChampaignUrbana Alumnae Chapter welcomed the dynamic speaker, Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry, to the campus of the University of Illinois for a wonderful discourse.

The colloquium entitled, “America U: Through the Looking Glass,” addressed many political issues facing The Retreat was designed to provide sorors with today’s society. Harris-Perry’s presentation was borne of techniques and strategies to help combat stress that her experience as a professor of political science at sometimes affects busy, professional women. The Spa-like Tulane University and having served on the faculty at atmosphere and gourmet menu, coupled with fun and both the University of Chicago and Princeton University. relaxing activities, helped sorors to reconnect with a Harris-Perry’s accolades include being an author of balanced body, mind, and spirit. ESLAC Charter member several books, a columnist for The Nation Magazine, a Abbie Lou Martin, along with sorors Minnie Austin, contributor to MSNBC, and a regular commentator for Marion Dunn, Ann Hudson and Dorothy King Jones many print and radio sources. Melissa Harris-Perry is also each received special recognition, Living Legacy Award, for a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. their years of service to East St. Louis Alumnae Chapter.


Champaign-Urbana Alumnae Chapter supporting Dr. Melissa Harris-Perry (pictured sitting-right). Bloomington Normal Alumnae Chapter (BNAC) Although BNAC did not officially kick off its chapter year until midSeptember, it has hit the ground running. Partnering with other Bloomington-Normal Greek organizations, BNAC co-sponsored a health fair held at the 32nd Annual Cultural Festival where attendees received health information and wellness checks. The chapter will receive voter registrar training in October and will then launch its first voter registration drives within the community in November. As BNAC President Etascha Johnson is fond of saying, “BNAC is small - but mighty.”






INDIANA Fort Wayne Alumnae Chapter

Fort Wayne Alumnae Chapter in Indiana celebrated its 40th Anniversary this year with an event that will not be forgotten. Charted on June 19, 1971, by then Regional Director, Hortense G. Canady (18th National President), these dynamic trailblazers began a legacy of sisterhood, scholarship, and service in the Fort Wayne community. The charter members of Fort Wayne Alumnae Chapter are Alva Fuller, Linda Fulmore, Ph.D., Rev. Peggy Garvin-Turner, Carol Ann Patterson, Bettye P. Poignard, Audrey H. Sharpe, Ed.D., and Ernestine Stovall.

Fort Wayne Alumnae Chapter 40th Anniversary Celebration

These visionaries returned to the Chapter from as far as Arizona, Georgia, and Ohio to celebrate and share their wisdom and fortuitousness with current members and guests at this 40th Anniversary event. Charter member, Alberta Robinson, was not able to attend.

KENTUCKY IS SHAKING THINGS UP Delta Round-up for Frankfort Alumnae

Xi Chapter’s Sundress and Service

d o o h r e t s i


“The inspiration for the Chapter’s charter members to work as a team and develop programming for our service area came from the words of former National President Hortense Canady - “it is important to listen to the voice of experience and come together as a group,’” shared charter member Alva Fuller.

August 27, 2011, was a busy and productive day for the Frankfort Alumnae Chapter. In addition to hosting the Delta GEMS & Delta Academy Open House, a Delta Round-up was held at Kentucky State University (KSU). The event was the first of our planned activities designed to reclaim inactive sorors. The Membership and Reclamation Committee, chaired by Soror Maria Bush, conducted outreach to inactive community sorors. Four inactive sorors and ten chapter members attended the evening of fellowship and fun. The casual evening included light refreshments and many games designed to engage all attendees. Beginning with the “Left & Right” icebreaker game and continuing with games such as Pictionary, sorors tested their listening and artistic skills. The card sharks played “bid wiz” and everyone described the evening as well spent. Additional reclamation activities are planned for the remainder of the chapter year.

The ladies of Xi Chapter have wasted no time working hard for Delta! The chapter’s Back-to-School Mini Week consisted of three events aimed at improving the lives of students academically, fiscally, and mentally on the campus of University of Louisville. One of Xi Chapter’s goals was to host a program (Sundresses and Service) aimed specifically for the non-Greek female student population to introduce our sisterhood and to provide students with an empowering start to the school year. Sundresses and Service allowed these women to both learn about our illustrious sorority and the meaning

Sorors of Frankfort Alumnae Chapter





Regina R. Harper (Regional Director) & Chelsea C. Hayes (National Second Vice President)

Elected by the National Executive Board to the National Nominating Committee. ARTICLE SUBMISSION IN THE MIDWEST MISSILE

Regional Conference Participants. Photograph by Stephanie Stovall, Regional Photographer. of public service, and actively Chapter encourages sorors to participate in activities reminding continue to produce quality programs them of the importance of serving and events, always staying true to the ourselves—mentally and spiritually. ideals of Delta. This was a phenomenal event as evidenced by many reviews, such as: “…The question that made me IS ON THE MOVE think was, ‘If you could do over a part of your life, what would it be?’… Benton Harbor-St. Joseph Well, I was overly sexually active in Alumnae Chapter high school and I feel this is my time for a do over. Thank you Xi Chapter Outstanding Little for the great program.” Ladies Shine Positive testimonies show that Xi Since every young lady is, Chapter is achieving the goals it has “Destined to be an Outstanding Little set for individual members as well as Lady,” the participants in this year’s for the chapter as a whole. Xi Miss Delta D.O.L.L. showcase


Do you have a successful chapter service, event or program you’d like to share? Then we want to hear from you! Using the Midwest Missile article submission criteria, write a brief event summary. Be sure to proofread it for content, flow and logic. Be sure to verify spellings of names, dates, times and other important information. Then, submit the article to your State’s Journalist. STATEWIDE JOURNALIST Zanette Sanders (IL) Brittiny Clinton (IN) Shannon Drane (KY) Maxine Thomas (KY) Alicia Nails (MI) Marquisha Lawrence (MN) Appointment Pending (OH) Marsha Lawson (WV) Vivian King (WI) NEXT DEADLINE

SCHOLARSHIPS AND MENTORING displayed their talents in the 11th annual event. Sponsored by the Benton Harbor-St Joseph Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., this year’s theme was “Around the World: Success is a Journey…not a Destination.” The contestants treated the audience to displays of their skills in dance, public speaking, and entrepreneurship.  Miss Delta D.O.L.L. is for seventh and eighth graders from Southwest Michigan. The young ladies were involved in a full summer schedule of activities leading up to the showcase. There were clinics in public speaking, modeling, self-esteem, grooming, classic and modern dance, as well as poise and stage presence. They also learned about advertising, to assist their efforts in selling ads for the souvenir book.


January 3, 2012 CRITERION

• 250-word maximum • Third-person narrative • Topic-oriented • Microsoft Word format Limit one high-resolution digital photo (JPEG) Regional Journalists May Edit, Delete Copy or Photos


DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC. The participants presented a program on nations of the world to the children at the Benton Harbor Readiness Center. The young ladies wore clothing that was indigenous to Germany, Jamaica, Japan and Korea, as they presented facts on the culture and language of those countries. The Readiness Center children left that day being able to say “hello” in four different languages. The Miss Delta D.O.L.L. program provides scholarship opportunities for graduating young ladies and a long-term mentoring relationship for each contestant. Awards were presented to the participants, as well as savings bonds and certificates of participation. 


four-year $800,000 grant to establish a school. A chapter committee made up of dozens of educators, legal and other professionals, has been working for months as the Detroit Deltas Engaged in Contestants for Miss Delta D.O.L.L. Education committee, Benton Harbor-St Joseph Alumnae Chapter planning for the high school. It are founded upon the principles they will prepare students for college and have seen lead to success,” said for careers that address social chapter President Beverly A. Gray, a inequities and support the just retired Detroit high school principal. Detroit Alumnae Chapter application of the law. Committee “As proud Detroiters, we are membership includes teachers, determined to contribute our skills Awards $800,000 Grant curriculum specialists, learning and demonstrate our passion for specialists, assistant and full educating the children of this city.”  Recently, media gathered at the principals, assistant and full The school’s mission is “To headquarters of the Detroit Alumnae superintendents, active parents and provide a superior learning Chapter for a press conference to involved citizen volunteers.  environment where the highest announce the chapter’s plan to The chapter has supported the standards of teaching, learning and establish the Detroit Delta city’s public educational system and leading prepare students to fully Preparatory Academy for Social also supports tailored solutions to the participate as leaders in society.” The Justice Charter School. Detroit challenge of urban education.  “We chapter’s goal is an academy where Deltas, and their fiduciary 501(c)(3) have witnessed a shift in the learning children will be enveloped in a agency, the Minerva Education and landscape as talented and concerned supportive learning environment, Development Foundation (MEDF), educators have innovated the exposed to innovative learning were one of three organizations structure of service delivery by techniques, and served by an awarded a Michigan Future Schools establishing independent schools that organization that is dedicated to excellence.   Detroit Alumnae President Beverly A. Gray, with representatives $om  

p i h s r a l o h

c S

Michigan First and other grant recipient organizations.

Flint Alumnae Chapter Big Brothers/Big Sisters Make the Grade For a second year, the Flint Alumnae Chapter has partnered with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Flint to host the annual Getting Better Grades Workshop. Some 25 “Little Brothers” and “Little Sisters,” ages 6 to 17, attended the workshop held Sept. 14 at the YMCA.




Soror Celestia Bell solicits input from students on what is takes to be a success as part of Flint Alumnae Chapter’s


Nichele Moses of Kalamazoo Alumnae Chapter enjoys Round-Up Activities at Hillside Middle School

MICHIGAN Continued Participants received study tips and a backpack donated by the Detroit Pistons as well as school supplies. A workshop was provided for caregivers to assist them in supporting students in their studies. The Getting Better Grades workshop was facilitated by Sorors Mavis Blacque, Vivian Miller, Celestia Bell, Linda Gulley, Gwenda Motley and Beverley Payne.         

year to serve the community, including activities geared toward youth, elders and those in need. There was also focus on reclamation and events on on healthy lifestyles.

Sorors from Pontiac Alumnae Chapter participate in a fundraising walk to raise awareness about Diabetes.

Pontiac Alumnae Chapter

The highlight of the event was the recognition bestowed on 25- and 50-year Deltas. Honored sorors Pontiac sorors participated in Step Out to Stop Diabetes; a one-day strutted down a red carpet to the anthem, “I’m Every Woman.” Delta’s fundraising walk to benefit the American Diabetes Association. The who celebrated 50 years included: Kalamazoo Sorors Carolyn Ann Scott Drake and association commits every dollar Alumnae Chapter Muriel Johnson-Vaughn. The 16 raised to the mission of preventing sorors with 25 years of service to the Forward to the Centennial - and curing diabetes – as well as sisterhood are: Sorors Edith Adkins, “2013 One Step at a Time” improving the lives of people living Joanne Battle, Kecia Brassell-Veasley, with diabetes.  Michelle Busby, Janice Fuller-Roberts, Sorors were able to literally Gail Renee Houston-Allen, Faith D. follow in the footsteps of the Southfield Alumnae Chapter Jackson, Rita Dandridge McCaskill, Founders when they arrived for Cassandra I. Nichols, Etoile L. Round-Up, as 22 footprints, each Rounding-Up is Basic O’Rear-Libbett, Nora Sharpley, with the name of a Founder, led the Business for Karen Valentine-Melton, Karla way into the event.  Sorors were given Walker, Ola Moore Williams, Tonia Southfield Deltas t-shirts heralding the theme for the Yvette Williams, and Patricia Ann next 3 years, 2013 – One Step at a Wilson.  Time. “Foundation of Delta…Back to The Council of Chaplains The thirty sorors who gathered at the Basics” was the Round Up theme delivered a message highlighting the for the Southfield Alumnae Chapter. Hillside Middle School were treated sorority’s foundational virtues, and More than 175 sorors gathered at the to fellowship, games, prizes and challenged those gathered, saying, Westin Southfield Hotel to fellowship updates from the Regional “It’s not what Delta can do for me, and rekindle their love for Delta.  Convention.  Committee chairs but what I can do for Delta.” shared their plans for the upcoming Walking for a Sweet Cause

e c i v r e








50 Year Deltas Carolyn Ann Scott Drake and Muriel Johnson-Vaughn were honored by Southfield Alumnae Chapter (above).

The state of Minnesota and the Minneapolis-St. Paul (MSP) Alumnae Chapter kicked off the sorority year with a bang-- starting with the September Roundup!   The Roundup is a yearly event planned by past presidents of the MSP Alumnae Chapter that allows sorors to reconnect, fellowship, and commit themselves to committees. This year, in conjunction with the Membership Development committee of the MSP Alumnae Chapter, the past presidents helped kick off the “All Aboard” theme for the year!     As the chapter’s Youth Development committee began their work with the Delta Academy and the Delta GEMS. DA/DG created vision boards to introduce themselves to their fellow participants and focus on goal-setting. Additionally, an eMentoring pilot program was started with girls from local middle schools in Minneapolis.  Sorors and the young ladies communicate via email about issues such as goal-setting and education. The Midwest Region can expect a lot more from Minnesota and the MSP, including a community Thanksgiving Basket Bingo Night and the Soulful Santa event for sorors and their families that will follow in December. The regional initiatives have been presented to the chapter and sorors are busy at work planning for them!

Members of the Minneapolis-St. Paul Alumnae Chapter take a minute to smile fot the camera at the September Round-up (left).







WEST VIRGINIA Beckley Alumnae Chapter: Joining Forces for a Better Community The Blazing Beckley Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. is collaborating with Heart of God Ministries to educate parents and students on effective educational tools for a successful academic year. Eastern Panhandle Alumnae Chapter Members Jessica Donaldson, Cheryl Roberts, Carolyn Togans, Angela Brown, Arthena Roper, Shirley Tolbert, Carla Hunter, Kimberley Crockett, Lucinda Davis, Dr. Angela Oglesby, and Michelle Russell (pictured l-r).

The first of the three-part series took place September 24, 2011, and included workshops to provide

MIDWEST REGION HONORS SOROR OF THE YEAR interactive lessons that both parents and children could attend. The topics included: Raleigh County Schools’ Student Handbook, Student and Parent Rights, and Edline-Online System. When parents can understand their rights and responsibilities in the school system they become empowered and in-turn become more active within their child’s school. Parents are better able to address concerns that affect their child’s productivity in the school system. Knowledge is power and when a parent can access their child’s academic progress they can use the available support services to improve their child’s success. The next series scheduled for the 22nd of October, will include financial planning for a college- bound


student. The final workshop on completing FAFSA forms will be held in January 2012. Now that is how one can transform lives and impact communities! Bluefield Alumnae Chapter Focuses on Reclamation and Reactivation Sorors of Bluefield Alumnae Chapter received certificates of appreciation from the local Salvation Army and the McDowell and Mercer County Animal Shelters for their donations of food, clothing, and blanket donations that were made during the previous sorority year. Brenda Holliday, the chapter president hopes that the recognition from community organizations will

ignite the chapter members and help reclaim inactive sorors in the area. The chapter has received word that Beta Pi Chapter, located at Bluefield State College, will be reactivated with the assistance of sorors at Bluefield Alumnae. The Beta Pi Chapter will be expanding its charter to include Concord University, in Athens, WV, as well as Mountain State University, in Beckley WV. The members of Bluefield Alumnae Chapter are looking forward to collaborating with the Beckley Alumnae Chapter during this endeavor. Eastern Panhandle Alumnae Chapter        The ladies of Eastern Panhandle Alumnae Chapter kick-started the sorority service-year with its


DELTA SIGMA THETA SORORITY, INC. participation in the African American Heritage Day Parade and festival on August 20, 2011, in historic Jefferson County West Virginia, home of the famous John Brown revolt. Sorors marched in the parade providing hand-fans to the crowd people in attendance offering relief from the heat, promoted the Chapter, and provided useful medical information about Diabetes Awareness. Children of various Chapter members also marched in the parade handing out colorful red and white rubber wristbands to children watching the parade. The wrist bands read: Step Out Against Bullying. The Chapter also maned a booth at the festival that supplied useful health information to the public about weight management, healthy living, and diabetes awareness. Huntington Alumnae Chapter Home Chapter to Regional Soror of the Year The 2011 Midwest Regional Conference will long hold a special place in our hearts. One of the most wonderful surprises for one member of the Huntington Alumnae Chapter was being named the Midwest Soror of the Year. Soror Fran Jackson was honored as the Midwest Soror of the Year after her fellow Chapter members nominated her for her exemplification of the virtues of a Delta. Fran won hands down!

“We already knew she was a true representative of sisterhood, scholarship and service, and she has always been a winner in our hearts. To see her recognized on a regional level only further confirms what we observe in her on a daily basis.”


Fran Jackson (l), pictured with Beverly Murrell, from Huntington Alumnae was honored as the 2011 Midwest Region Soror of the Year (picture to the right).

Chapter President, Beverly Murrell said, “we are so proud of Fran and very fortunate to have a Soror in our chapter who is so dedicated to the virtues of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority.” Jackson noted that “receiving this award has made all the love, work and support that I have for our glorious Sisterhood well-worth the lifetime commitment.” Soror Jackson has spent 14 years serving Delta Sigma Theta, including most recently as advisor to the local


Midwest Regional Conference photographs by Stephanie Stovall, Regional Photographer





WEST VIRGINIA Continued collegiate chapter, Theta Omega, at Marshall University. Jackson is always willing to do whatever it takes to serve Delta whether it’s mentoring younger Sorors or taking part events sponsored by Huntington Alumnae. We can always count on Soror Jackson to lend her time and talents. We are proud and deeply humbled to call Fran our sister in Delta. Greater Morgantown Alumnae Chapter GMAC is back!!!!! Sorors in North Central West Virginia are reactivating the Greater Morgantown Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Sorors have selected Soror Cheryl Williams as its new president. Until recently, sorors in Morgantown were limited to membership in the closest midwest chapter, Eastern Panhandle Alumnae Chapter (EPAC), located in Berkeley and Jefferson counties in WV, more than two hours away. When involvement in EPACprogramming requires so much travel, it can make participation difficult. Sorors in Morgantown are ecstatic about the ability to really affect programming within its more immediate service area. In addition to supporting the programming of EPAC, past local efforts have been focused primarily on collegiate support - assisting with the educational projects and membership intake programs of Omicron Upsilon, located on the West Virginia University campus. While alumnae members are busy reestablishing GMAC, they will continue to help collegiate Deltas develop and deliver its programs.


Juneteenth Day Parade in Dane County Wisconsin Soror Genice Debow, who has been key in reactivating GMAC, is serving as the collegiate chapter’s primary advisor.


WISCONSIN Madison Alumnae Chapter

The Madison Alumnae Chapter made a big splash in the community this summer. In June, the chapter participated in Dane County’s 22nd Juneteenth Day Celebration. Sorors not only marched in the annual Juneteenth Day Parade, they partnered with a local health insurance provider to distribute materials to promote healthy lifestyles. The chapter’s Delta GEMS were focused on keeping the community hydrated this summer by partnering with other groups to distribute water and soft drinks to the community. Finally, the chapter helped Madison youth get ready for school by serving as hostesses at a financial seminar for the youth and helping to distribute hundreds of backpacks to elementary and middle school students.

KEY DATES November 2011

•Midwest Collegiate Retreat the 11th - 13th in Dayton, Ohio •Prematurity Births Awareness Month for March of Dimes •Diabetes Awareness Month December 2011

•World AIDS February 16, 2012

Soror Harper’s Birthday March 10, 2012

•IMPACT DAY April 2012

•March for Babies March of Dimes Walk July 16, 2012

Soror Morgan’s Birthday March 3, 2013

•Re-enactment of Women’s Suffrage March to kick-off DDNC Washington, DC




Kim is a member of the Eastern Panhandle Alumnae Chapter, WV. She is an attorney working as a part-time Special Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of WV, and an Assistant Prosecutor in the Jefferson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in West Virginia. Soror Crockett is a native of Delaware and now lives in Falling Waters with her husband Brian and their sons, Satchel and Sidney. Crockett was initiated into the Omicron Upsilon Chapter (WVU) in Spring 1991. TANISHA MALLETT

Tanisha Mallett is a general assignment reporter for 10TV News HD in Columbus, OH. She covers daily news stories including breaking news for the evening newscasts Monday -Friday. Soror Mallett is a native of Queens, N.Y., and graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor of arts in journalism. She was initiated into the Kappa Phi Chapter in the Spring of 1992 and is currently a member of the Columbus (OH) Alumnae Chapter.

Quick Links


Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter

Education to Diabetes Sigma Upsilon Chapter

Washington heard from Deltas in Milwaukee this summer. When Congress was debating the debt ceiling, Milwaukee Alumnae Chapter sorors decided they needed to hear about how their decisions were impacting people in Wisconsin.

The Sigma Upsilon Chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in Kenosha kicked off the year making an impact on education and showing their sisterhood. First, the collegiate sorors volunteered at the Racine Back to School Festival, helping to fill and give away backpacks to children. They later welcomed everyone back to UW-Parkside by hosting a Den Night in the Student Center, playing games with new and returning students.

The chapter’s Social & Political Action committee launched a letterwriting campaigned aimed at urging Congress to consider how its decisions impact all Americans and not just the wealthy or corporations. Letters expressed a desire for a balanced and fair compromise and a swift resolution to reducing the deficit and raising the debt ceiling to keep the country from defaulting on its responsibilities.

For October, they will host Motivation Murals, encouraging students to create their own inspirational posters to motivate them in school. The chapter is walking and raising money for the American Diabetes Association. Lastly, the chapter will promote scholarship, kicking off “DSTudy Tables,” to encourage students to maintain academic excellence throughout the school year.

Midwest Regional Conference Photographs by Stephanie Stovall, Regional Photographer



Midwest Missile  

A publication by the Midwest Region of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Midwest Missile  

A publication by the Midwest Region of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.