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breakfast menu (served 7am – 11am)

Senior Breakfast________________ $4 2 eggs 2 pieces of toast or 2 pancakes The Early Bird__________________ $8 2 eggs Hash browns 2 pieces of bacon or sausage 2 pieces of toast or 2 pancakes Belgium Waffle______________ $5.50 Waffle Served plain, choc chips, strawberry or blueberry French Toast_________________ 6.50 2 pieces of Texas toast Served plain, choc chips, strawberry or blueberry $

Biscuits & Gravy full_____________________________ $6 half____________________________ $4 Biscuit Sausage gravy Oatmeal____________________ $2.50 Creamy Old-Fashioned Oatmeal Plain or with brown sugar, maple syrup, raisins, craisins, walnuts

Omele ts

Bagel Sandwiches

Veggie Omelet______________ $4 3 eggs Bell pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion (cheese upon request) Hash browns 2 pieces of toast or pancakes

Meat & Cheese Bagel_______ $5.50 2 eggs, over hard Ham, bacon or sausage patty American cheese

Meat & Cheese Omelet______ $9 3 eggs Diced ham, bacon OR sausage, shredded cheese Hash browns 2 pieces of toast or pancakes Supreme Omelet____________ $10 3 eggs Tomatoes & mushrooms, bell pepper & onions, bacon, sausage, diced ham, shredded cheese Hash browns 2 pieces of toast or pancakes Breakfast Burrito_________ $3.50 2 eggs, scrambled Burrito shell, bell pepper, onion, bacon & sausage, shredded cheese

Bakery It ems

Veggie & Cheese Supreme Bagel______________ $6.50 2 eggs over hard Tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, American cheese Super Supreme Bagel_______ $7.50 2 eggs over hard Ham, bacon or sausage patty, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, bell pepper, American cheese Biscuit & Egg Sandwich_____ $3.50 1 egg, over hard Cheddar-chive biscuit Cheddar cheese, ham, bacon, or sausage patty


Giant Caramel Roll______________________ 3.50 Giant Cinnamon Roll____________________ $3.50 Bagel & Cream Cheese__________________ $4.50 Bagel & Cream Cheese and black coffee_____ $5 House-made Muffins____________________ $3.50 $

Breakfas t Sides 1. Add hash browns_________________________ $2 2. Add a pancake___________________________ $2 3. Add bacon or sausage_________________ $2.50 4. Add an egg_____________________________ $2 5. Add hash brown wedges (2)_______________ $2

1. Bagel & cream cheese and black coffee____________ $5 2. Breakfast burrito or Biscuit Sandwich, hash brown, black coffee_________________________ $6 3. Meat & Cheese Bagel, Hash Brown Wedges (2) black coffee____________________________________ $8 4. Veggie & Cheese Supreme Bagel, Hash Brown Wedges (2), black coffee___________ $8.50 5. Super Supreme Bagel, Hash Brown Wedges (2) black coffee___________________________________ $10 On all Combos Soda instead – add____________________________ $.50 Juice instead – add _____________________________ $1

lunch menu

(served 11 am - 2 pm) Burger & Sandwich Baske ts

Our burgers are cooked medium unless otherwise requested. Each burger basket includes lettuce, tomato, onion, and 2 pickles. Classic Burger Basket_____________________ $7.50 1/3lb. hamburger Add cheese______________________________ $.75 Add ranch________________________________ $.5 Add bacon______________________________ $1.50 Rodeo Burger Basket______________________ $10 1/3lb. hamburger 2 pieces bacon, cheddar cheese, crispy onion ring, side of Rodeo Sauce Patty Melt Basket__________________________ $10 1/3lb. hamburger 2pc each cheddar and swiss cheese, grilled onions, Rye bread BLT Basket__________________________________ $8 Bacon, lettuce and tomato served on toasted white or wheat bread, pread mayo on the toast, garnish with pickles Crispy Chicken Sandwich Basket______________ $9 Chicken filet Lettuce & tomato, side of honey mustard

Pizza 16” Cheese________________________________ $14 9” Cheese__________________________________ $5 16” Pepperoni_____________________________ $15 9” Pepperoni____________________________ $5.50 16” Italian Sausage_________________________ $15 9” Italian Sausage________________________ $5.50 16” Supreme_______________________________ $16 9” Supreme_________________________________ $6 16” Taco Pizza_____________________________ $16 9” Taco Pizza________________________________ $6

Appe tizers

Loaded Nachos______________________________________ $8 Corn tortilla chips layered with taco meat, shredded cheese, onions, tomatoes & green pepper, black olives & jalapenos Mozzarella Sticks____________________________________ $5 Side of Marinara Sauce Fried Dill Pickle Chips________________________________ $5 Side of Ranch 1/2lb. of Onion Rings________________________________ $5 Side of Ranch Fried Mac & Cheese Bites____________________________ $6 Served with a side of Ranch Appetizer Sampler_________________________________ $10 Sample of each appetizer Plus bag of fries, side of 4 oz. Ranch & Marinara Sauce French Fries_________________________________________ $3 2 bags of fries = an appetizer

Salads Taco Salad________________________________________ $9.50 Lettuce, seasoned ground beef, diced tomatoes, onion, bell pepper, black olives, shredded cheese, jalapenos, tortilla chips, side of sour cream & salsa Chef Salad_______________________________________ $9.50 Lettuce, ham, turkey breast, tomatoes, bell pepper & onion, shredded cheese, hard-boiled egg, bacon bits Crispy Chicken Salad______________________________ $9.50 Lettuce, chicken filet cut into pieces, tomatoes, onion, shredded cheese & bacon bits House Salad______________________________________ $3.50

kid ’s menu

(Age 12 and under) Breakfas t

Lunch Menu

served 7 am - 11 am

served 11 am - 8 pm

Kids 2-egg Breakfast____________________________ $6 2 eggs 2 pieces of bacon or sausage 1 piece of toast or 1 pancake

Kid’s Cheeseburger Basket___________________ $5.50 1/4lb. hamburger Cheese, pickles and fries

Kids Cowpoke__________________________________ $5 2 scrambled eggs 1 piece of bacon or sausage 1 piece of toast or 1 pancake Kids Cakes__________________________________ $2.50 2 pancakes Plain, with chocolate chips, or strawberry or blueberry topping Oatmeal____________________________________ $2.50 Plain Add brown sugar, maple syrup, raisins, or walnuts

House-made Mac & Cheese Basket_______________ $5 Mac & Cheese Fries or a side salad Chicken Chunks Basket_______________________ $5.50 5 chicken chunks Pickles and fries Kid’s Grilled Cheese Basket______________________ $4 Grilled cheese sandwich Pickles and fries Hot Dog____________________________________ $2.50 Hot Dog Hot Dog Basket_____________________________ $4.50 Hot dog Fries

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