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Let us do your Holiday Baking!

It’s time to start planning your


Below is a small sample of the many fresh baked items available daily.

Cakes • Cookies • Pastries• Breads• Pies• Cupcakes


Holiday Baking

bakeworksrc.com | 605.791.1713 | 518 Mt. Rushmore Rd.

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ity Rapid C et Stre 350 Elk 57701 SD ity, Rapid C 43-7262 605-3


rn Hills Northe Road hl 623 Da 57783 sh, SD Spearfi 42-2777 -6 5 60

r to an refe Who c thways? ellness Pa tal w Famileyd about the menschools, law

re rn res, e conce milies, dayca ical health ca a Anyon ys ren: fa n refer ons, ph of child ent, correcti personnel ca ehavior B em enforc , and military or emailing ers lling provid ily by ca s. m fa r child o System rving ement ities se Manag mmun three co in s . e office We hav South Dakota Western

Behavior Management Systems

rn Hills Southe w Circle yon Vie S7747 n a C 3 # rings, SD Hot Sp 45-6222 605-7

cusing ices fo ve serv Serving rehensi and families. p m co n s. and re e ili ild ve m si ch n Inte hs of their fa strengt ld and on the 0 -18 years o n childre

email s.org MSCare info@B bsite we res.org BMSCa cebook on Fa Like us


The M bout ental Health Us one p sy C provid chiatrist at linic was st ing his the Fo arted later incorp services a rt Meade M in 1948 w ith orated half-d edical named ay C as a not-fo each week. enter, Counse West River M rfor ad ling services ental Healt profit corp It was le h Cen ults w o p ra w o er e ti p o e exp ter. O ith maj n and offi and utp s helps o SD. T ces were op r mental ill ed, new p atient System he ro en n ement sses of life. name, name was ed in Spea ess were la grams r Manag stre rfi u Behav ch Behavio pe with the ior Man anged in sh and Hot nched, Spri 199 co agemen Today t System2 to our cu ngs, o rrent s (BMS) mile ar ver 11,00 . 0 peo ea in p cope le w estern fr wit SD re om a 20,0 organ h the stre 00 sq sses o ly on BM izatio uare S to h n and Full C f life. Full C chang elp sco ircl Wh ed ircle and p e is a resid same: , the com pe of the av ile the size them re en p b women vention pro tial substan the co uilding posi any’s core ailable serv of the ic m ti g vi ce es w ra ve m si ith ch m for unitie ab years ildre s wher change am on remain has pregn use treatm old s the ong e we liv ant w ent treatm . The pro n. Women omen e, work ourselves g m ent fo and and , and r the fo ram provid ust be at play. es inte least llowin Rapid 18 nsive g area O Alcoh f in fi C s: p it c atient y ol es 350 El Case M and Drug A k Stre buse T anagem et • 3 Educa reatm ent 111 N 43-72 tion ent ort 62 and Fa on Parenti (Adult h Street • 3 Servic Prenat mily Issues ng, Nutritio es On 43-0650 n, al Car 121 N ly ) e ort (Adult h Street • Spea rfish 3 Crisis Care C 91-4863 623 D Crisis Hot S enter) ahl Ro pring The C Care ad • 6 s # ri 3 Can 42-27 for ad sis Care C C yo e 77 n View nter u enter Circle substan lts, age 18 p Paym • 745 or old rovides im Paymen -6222 er, wit a Qu ce abuse media ent/F al co h te ca most t is expecte re e throug ified Menta ncerns. In mental hea e d in s at su div the lt h l Hea ran Medic lth Pr iduals mee h and recove their spec aid. Pa ce covera time of serv ific cr ofessio ry-focu t g ym e, cr ic w e. ed is it en TriCar h is and likelih We nal to it ca sed st ts oo b credit rd and onlin can be mad e, Medic accept may re d of future abilization uild a perso work ar o e p n m a redu r debit card e payments by cash, ch e and for up ain on-sit crisis situat lan to red alized ce s. ec m e u io to 24 guidel d fee if th Some serv ay be mad k, or hours for observat ns. The in ce the ines b e usin ices ar e clie . dividu ion an n as g fu e t m ed on nding av al The C d asse may b incom eets certai ailable at risis ssmen e avai e and n elig Care adult t la ib ble fo fa Cente in cr r eligib mily size. ility r pro isis o care, vides le ind th in More ividual State option detox carceration er than in Websi Infor s. s fo ificatio , or te p n serv matio involu atient psy r an Email : www.B ices. ntary : info chiatr MSCa n ic @BM admis re s.org sion SCare to s.org

To hel Ou p fullest people co r Miss pe ion exten t of ou with the stre r availa ble re sses of life sources to the .

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Black Hills Sports Show

04. Client

Black Hills Works







savee th


PM 0 3 : 5 @ 2iv0ic C1ent9er - LaCroix Hall , 2 r e b m C a e Nov Rushmore P laz

05. Client

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center

06. Client

Care Campus

07. Client

Catholic Social Services

Each imple school’ s The ment th staff wil tr • 2 d aining e Lakota l be tau Circle ght to • 1 tr ays of tra offers: u s of Hop se and • We aining to ining fr e cu o rricu • Fid b-based olkit for m LCH-M lum. elity p e • Me obse re/post ach sch entors. n • Com toring rvation evalua ool train ed. plete & tech site v tion fo is n r d • Tra in th evalua ical site it by LCH students ti -Men . • Con e Traine on repo visits. tors. r rt. tinu in certifi certifi g Educa cates tion cate Unit s (C •3c EU) olleg ec minimredits o “I m al co ffered whe ust say for s t. and n I learn that my was Nakota ed abou cante (h c a t u w e g rr a esom little iculu ettin rt) fe the a free Sp e and I m for o g the La lt very the o ctivities irits wou knew fr ur schoo kota, D good othe pportun and esp ld enjoy om the l. The traakota, the r staff in ity to im ecially th this cu start th ining that teaching the cla plemen e story rriculumat our thos we mus and th ssroom, t this cu telling. with growe of us t start lee story and the rriculumI have in sc up aro that hav arning telling. O teachers with currichool andund gra e not ha at a veryur Elde love rs nd d ulum th . Pid at’s wh ma and the opp young a say amiy g a o g a.” t’s so aw randpa rtunity e, esom will le to e ab Apri a l Fall out rn th is e S St. Jo tu seph dent C ’s Ind ian S are Spe choo c l Sta ialist ff





risis C Offers 24 are Center hour drop in center



Fron Offers sup t Porch Coalition port for su rvivors of suicide


24 Hour E National S


uicide Pre


y Numbe

vention H o


tline 1-800-273-T ALK (8255) Boys Tow

n Teen Ho





Hour Text L Text ine

“Start” to


2m/ 8-1


08. Client

The Club For Boys

09. Client

Crisis Care Center

Fire & Ice Benefiting the Seventh Circuit CASA Program

10. Client

Court Appointed Special Advocates

See there you

Saturday, February 11, 2017 at 5:30 pm

Make your reservations online at casaofrapidcity.com or by calling (605) 394-2203

11. Client

Fork Real Café


by volunteering


through donations


with your skills





“The food is delicious. The mission is inspiring. I’ve had several meals the Fork Real Community has catered and it was over-the-top phenomenal every time. The cheesecake is to die for!” ~ Susan M.

324 St Joseph • 605.718.5020 • forkrealcafe.org F ù d

12. Client

Humane Society

13. Client

International Disaster Management Group, LLC

a r s n ’ i i d v a a n l e K HOSTED BY adi Jean Weis Foundation n e K e h T

14. Client

Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation



SaturdaY e Are

Who W


June 22nd

undation Weis Fo Us About nadi Jean ne bug profit Ke r little Ju The nonage five, honor ou at to y d dl te pecte was crea ay unex e, one ssed aw tter plac be a who pa lves. the world th ourse by making time. Starting wi at a person t Us 8962 Contac 605.645. kenadi.com Phone: team hello@ di.com Say Hey: teamkena m @ llo : he nadi.co Volunteer w.teamke , Web: ww w photos ok to vie letter Facebo our news friend on cribe to bs Be our su , emories events. share m coming k out up and chec bers: em M d Boar esident Weis, Pr ident Kelly A. Vice Pres Deibert, asurer Randy L. etary/ Tre cr Se , lations . Braddy M Re a ic ss bl Te ert, Pu ib lunteers De Vo J. , Lori d Friends Family an Kenadi’s

10 am - 4 pm toys ensory rich • Multi-s zip line ousel ive ssible car person • Inclus chair-acce for a fortable • Wheel Raft has room to fit com N • Rock mobility device ich a wh g one usin ing irs Maze rs includ eel cha • Spinne dates wh accommo for everyone oline es • Tramp s tive gam • Interac wall full of texture y • Sensor bench guage • Buddy e, sign lan s anguag ard • Multi-l ille learning bo and bra and net ing wall • Climb h area wit • Picnic seating special for quiet ed area lud oons Sec • h cozy coc pond time wit ing ible fish • Access care house • Respite nd yla pla r • Indoo s Library en’ • Childr

1192 PO Box 57783 , SD Spearfish ted apprecia n tio ible dona






Spearfish High School 1725 N Main St

Kenadi Jean Weis Foundation PO Box 1192 • Spearfish, SD 57783 • 605-645-8962



explore, e learn to ll us children l skills they wi e where cia unds ar d develop so es. Playgro an liv , ir ips rfish, ndsh out the in Spea en through d build frie ate ation loc nts for childr me nd Destin Playgrou cessible play ele e play space di Jean ac offer a y-inclusiv The Kena ta will include es which m to for a full niti ko te rtu ca Da advo g the y oppo South iting pla es allowin ilities. We of all ab e in creating exc en of all abiliti ldr liev chi be for d es an e: challeng as includ range of y-side. Our ide e-b play sid

by ering s Rend Artist’

n Watso Jayna

design hemed m color-t • Custo er meadow ow • Wildfl garden ds with y ound po • Sensor opriate playgr y opportunities ppr pla • Age-a pping of the surfacing visual ma -in-place safety to provide relief red res ctu Pou • shade stru h • Ample sun’s rays areas wit turning from the ramps and ent access y equipm • Wide drails ible pla extra han ification access seesaws t and pec contac • High-s adaptive swings e-to-face such as ng for fac sion swi • Expres pad drums • Splash bongo ents like l instrum • Musica nt xylophone ldren with and a gia are fine for chi that implants e • Slides ring hea cochlear 0 electronic gam S 36 gardens house • N EO interactive ible tree ) • Access sandboxes and (and still yummy ed • Elevat shop with healthy ffee Co • ices snack cho zoo • Petting s ride • Train Stage inment • Enterta

15. Client

Main Street Square

16. Client

Meals on Wheels

17. Client

Mind Your Health




NAJA Shriners

Shrine Circus Rushmore Plaza Civic Center

Friday May 3 — 1 & 7 pm Saturday May 4 — 1 & 7 pm Sunday May 5 — 2 pm


Online: najashriners.com

or call:

605-343-4076 Proceeds Benefit Naja Shrine Operations

Look fo r th • In-toein ese signs: g, • Bow leg toe walking, fla t foot s or knoc • Sore, painful or ked knees stiff joint • Limb de s fic • Limb len iency gth disc repancy

For gene

ral ques


• Hip di sord • Curved ers spine ind • Club fe icating po et and co ssible sc ngenita oliosis of lower extremitie l deformities • Cerebr s al palsy

www.na s or directions: 605-34 jashrine rs.com 3-4279

19. Client

Pennington County Sheriff’s Office

20. Client

Performing Arts Center of Rapid City

21. Client

Rapid City Fire Department







rd-w the awa you by ught to arketing: ro b r e off M Midwest staff of


media tion to produc reated an tion to c a liz s a s ha tu team oncep ss topic rict. c nt, the at addre the dist ith placeme f PSAs th o s ss ro rie c se ents a nates w s impactful ges. to stud age so it reso s of all a ilie m Speak ess ect fam a for student ents fro your m topics that aff in ard stud l, s lie Deliver r ted tow h high schoo we e dress o d rg p A e ta . e ic rs re a ug at Serv ds. Th listene Themes ry school thro asis. Topics th ckgroun vision Public a b Client ll b a e a y nt ns le of te respo eleme monthl duced positive ry on a well-pro ment. a highly and va d e te c ra un ene Anno have g : ur include with yo rs mized Strange e custo n’t Talk to s n. A will b tio PS a • Do ip h rm c T Ea info ise Taking e s unique • Test of Exerc district’ to utiliz ortance hool Safety ccess • Imp Sc have a ed, HD quality to ill g w in lk t uc istric d of d ro • Wa r Bullying e p ur ns Yo nally expe e rofessio • Cyb e Prevention out the these p As with id PS n sio • Suic Alone Tips televi e uction. • Hom ibbon Week preprod R Abo • Red u t s Midw Thafety • Sport AY… est Mlly ta, d to THEY S ol Busc S e team neede nts WHAT uth Dako omp arke • Scho fessiona istrict e riseodf theatpro Hills of So artner with t re k in hool d announcem st a c a w t sc M g Bl w a hao fe p idth the the ts ud we irs w n o in a id ro st o m ff p d sp ju s M he e o A f p a te t Fr sTa “W ec t ke are buy ualit t. blic s a y iaTV g is rt Loca ric e se g Pu t. tin e e ist M e d e ric D xp Th rk q l rm e li ist u in a ark ze oinl d cat M e sto in hoo roduc , w ed, eHnDg g scho eim d e eting p turned to th a brief brain as, from ureb Midwest Area Sc d-t meite produc foer yo r indiv dia id City ise proeg, lim w ilabbrole in siv op . Afte with our ide lu nva g o a xc id p the Rap tin ra e e t w e im la th u ad an no m n g a ark n iz agceopoyf cast p ation, ming a ning a lsM ssion, they ra ts to schedulin the final nd se advant inbo rodu nd e scrip ducing th ro full-s writing, u s p c g e n in t a d ion and rc writ e com rvice a and pu , grap marketin h location shots h b g p tes cam leting e ency, w lic rela ic desig g, video.” -Rick Ba y, t paig io very n e , n olog s are n in n Techn ca . As a tim aspect rmatio rea Schools fo Midw In of a pable a ely, – r City A o effe Directo Rapid grou est Ma ctive marketin f rk p 1 a70 state of clien eting re D CITY, SDm57 nner. g PI t p | RA o e o o ls re LC.com rgan PH le RE how inET m/sch n c KEdTINGLse atioSTTM g llc.co ARlu o INmT JOizSE ing m ts a div a20w2eE.tSA arketin a MeIDWESns. O m w.k e st a ww e rs u n w a e g.mid supe lth of re a targ r staff u y citkyet et ta tp:/nm ar ain n ri de that or cust sults shvi rsta d ke sit: ht , ow ts mo ashced osp s it. W action, nds e tale fld r s ervic and e kn nto, a u will n lly-pr e o e nd t few fu hat ver sub is a ne w that g of a succ samplin ess is stitute s cessity, a ew kil an a To vi ttitud l and e.







Rapid City Public Schools

23. Client

Rapid City Public Schools Foundation

24. Client

Retired Senior Volunteer Program+

25. Client

Rush Foundation

26. Client


h 8 tA n

nn ual L Frida g Women unche M o in y Cele


ay 12 , , 2017 rfish Holi day




Con Entr vention Inn ance -Ced Center a r Room Doo

Exhib rs Open 1 it Lunc or Showc 0 a.m heon 11:30a ase 10 a.m . m–1 Regi :00pm strat io



.BHS Informat i U.ed u/SD on: 60 Early CEO Bird 5-6426 regis tratio 435 Lat





e reg

n by istra tion: May 1: $2 5 $35

Jamie Gilcre



Jamie purc coffe hase d e grow shop tha a small e xistin t th po g tentia soon rea drea ch m, in l, so spire and she c ed its built d oth reate a e d m rs to a The join build ulti-level her, Espr ing h esta esso blish & De ouses he men t. r Lot li, an us U Jamie d two ad Lead’s o p nly p ditio will s harm nal b hare a u cy sines child her ses. her d hood str story of over uggle rea com s to her v m of ow in ach g nin ision for im g a bus ieve in grow pact ing e ess and th in cono the B mic lack Hills .


27. Client

Special Olympics

28. Client

Suzie Cappa Art Center


Rapid ntown of dow Center rt a e rt eh vent: aA d in th Capp your next e Locate the Suzie r fo ce arty at spa day P a gre • Holi s offers n rsary n eunio ratio nnive


•R rA Celeb day o pany • Birth t n • Com ss Social e e etirem n • Busin uation or R our ow d lore y • Gra or exp ckage. g n ri gathe erience pa host a xp nue to gh an art e e posit v e ble de m. Rent th tivity throu funda 9:30 p re to 0 a 0 m 1 cre 4:30 p vas and $

y f can l: $350 h Saturda ision o ee. Renta ug r prov nd fo e Venue onday thro 0 tt 5 a 1 l at $ iona ble M tarting 0 per addit Availa ble. ge: S 2 a $ ila k a c rver. s. v a e nde ce P rea a licensed se hen a perien s for 6 atte a x c E it h k it rt A w . ith s r) plie w u ie p o e rt h su and elcom private pa al $15 per r d is w dition urs fo e foo Outsid ed after ho rvers for ad rv e se se id e v b ro n ca can p Wine (SCAC


ar t.c appa


AC at tail ct SC e Conta for more d 8 1.357 05.79

c suzie





29. Client

United Way

30. Client

Western Resources For Independent Living



he Why Not You? task force is a coalition of five public and private adoption agencies in Pennington County that began working together in late 2015 to increase the number of adoptive and foster families in South Dakota, particularly in western South Dakota where the need is the


Why Not You?

BETHANY CHRISTIAN SERVICES Renee Eggebraaten Phone: 605.343.7196 E-mail: reggebraaten@bethany.org Address: 508 Columbus St., Rapid City, SD 57701 Services: Domestic Infant Adoption and International Adoption CATHOLIC SOCIAL SERVICES Nora Boesem Phone: 605.348.6086 E-mail: nora.boesem@cssrapidcity.com Address: 529 Kansas City St., Suite 100, Rapid City, SD 57701 Services: Domestic Infant Adoption and International Adoption CHILDREN’S HOME SOCIETY Ann Lecy Phone: 605.343.2811 Email: ann.lecy@chssd.org Address: 1330 Jolly Lane, Rapid City, SD 57703 Services: Therapeutic Foster Care & Adoption FOSTER ONE/DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SERVICES Kelly Turman Phone: 605.343.2598 Email: kelly.turman@chssd.org Address: 510 N. Cambell St., Rapid City, SD 57701 Services: Foster Care & Adoption LUTHERAN SOCIAL SERVICES Chelsie Ogaard Phone: 605.791.6730 Email: Chelsie.Ogaard@lssd.org Address: 2920 Sheridan Lake Rd., Rapid City, SD 57702 Services: Domestic Infant Adoption, International Adoption and Foster Care

greatest. The five agencies work together to provide services to children whose families are in crisis; to infants in need of a transitional and/ or permanent home; to children adopted internationally who often times would perish in their country of origin; and to children in tribal custody.

32. Client

Working Against Violence, Inc

2016 SpIrIt oF PeAcE

B e ac h B a l l

33. Client

Youth & Family Services

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