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Indiana Black Expo Guide Mack Mone Ophilia 100 Ent Uzi Boo Lil’ Scooty Static/Major

EDITORLETTER To the people who make this all possible, This year’s Indiana Black Expo marks the one year anniversary of the launch of Leak Magazine. Just a year ago this was an idea for a website which led to our first printing in December. We have grown from an Indiana publication to a regional source to travelling across the country to distribute the magazine in places like New Orleans and Dallas. While I never imagined the magazine would have created such a presence in less than a year’s time, I’m looking forward to seeing what the future is going to bring. I said that to say this, take advantage of every opportunity to learn and network available to you. Every conference, summit or retreat could be an opportunity to expand your horizons. Dream big. Much Love, Le’Deana Brown (317) 454-2656

TJ, Le’Deana, Jus Bleezy, and Vic Damone Publisher The Leak Entertainment, LLC. P.O. Box 88789 Indianapolis, IN 46208 *Mail Subscription requests here +$12 Editor-in-Chief Le’Deana Brown Editorial Assistants Tana Tyler, TaNisha Bellamy Administrative Manager Johnetta Thompson New Media Director Leland Brown, II Chief Photographer Angel Rhem Contributing Photographers Pride Photography, Paul Ellison Contributing Writers Amber Brown, B Swift, Janie Jennings, LaKisha Patterson, Rosette Peyton Art Director Alessandra Souers Graphics Team Kyle Cossell, Omar Jones

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Sonny Rich was featured as one of the freshmen on MTV-U and on McDonalds and Indiana Black Expo’s Summer Celebration mixtape.





Q-6 Official Guide

The Midwest’s own Despo was one of three Indiana artists featured on BET 106 & Park performing his single “Do Ya Thang”

Also Inside: Tony Neal | Aleshia Steele | Tonya Terrelle

Midwest Leak Magazine was the official guide to the Core DJs Texas Urban Music Summit. Rappers Q-6 and Nooz graced the covers. d






G-Stak jumped back on the music scene Expo weekend with his three CD set “Flood the Streets.”

Nooz On Point Entertainment launched their ultimate Midwest Music Clearinghouse in conjunction with Urban Networks Magazine. See

Official Guide

Also Inside: Tony Neal | Aleshia Steele | Tonya Terrelle

TMI Boyz made it onto the Billboard charts with their independent release “Grindin’ for a Purpose.”


FIRSTROUNDDRAFTPICKS Tell me what you keep in your “Brown Loui Bag” since that’s the name of your single. I keep the things that I can’t fit in my pocket in my Loui bag Money, school books, and things like that. What made you decide to be a part of the Duffel Bag Boy movement? This isn’t the duffel bag boy movement, this is the brown Loui bag movement. I came up with it thanks to a mixtape I did in the past called “Mixtape Money vol. 1” I had the whole aspect of the brown Loui Bag. I made it a song and made it my single. What makes you different from the rest of the bag toting rappers out right now? I’ve got a Midwest country swag to mine. I try to keep it funky with myself and everyone around me. I’m rapping about the things I go through or see or may have heard about from friends. You said you keep your books in the bag. Are you in school? Yes, I go to National College for my associates in IFC. I look forward to getting my bachelors as a network administrator. So you don’t want to rap as a career? Rapping for me is a hobby. I just do it better than most people.

Lil’ Ind









Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 7

FIRSTROUNDDRAFTPICKS I heard you changed your name from Ice Mone to Mack Mone. What prompted the name change?. I’ve always been both. Most people, when they hear Mack Mone, they still think of Ice Mone, so it’s not like I escaped it. I was probably known more down south as Mack Mone. I spent a lot of time down there when I did the song with the Ying Yang Twins and a lot of cats called me Mack Mone so it stuck. What are you working on right now? Right now I’ve got one album coming out July 1st, it’s called “Fat Asses and Fur Coats.” I’ve got another album that I’m dropping July 29th called “The Comeback Kid.” The newest thing I’m working on is called “Music Soothes the Savage Beast.” Have you been doing any collaborations lately? My new single from my album for late August, Collipark did that one. The guy singing the hook is the same guy that wrote the song “Soulja Girl” for Soulja Boy. It’s on a T-Pain “Buy You a Drink” kinda thing. Are you changing your voice up on the track? No, just the vibe of the song. Too many people are doing that now. What kind of buzz do you have going on in Milwaukee? I’m the man in my city. I know a lot of people say that about their city, but from my start, I was one of the first artists to have a video played on a national station. I was the first artist to be featured in the Source and Murder Dog which is a big west coast magazine. I was the first independent artist to perform at our annual Jam for Peace that Clear Channel does in a theater that holds over 16,000 people. What make you stand out to be the first and best at everything?

e n o M Mack ee, Milwauk

Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 8


I learned early on to never wait for the DJs to play my song. I network out of town with DJ cliques like the Bum Squad DJs and the Hittmenn DJs. I just don’t sit in Milwaukee and wait on it to happen.

FIRSTROUNDDRAFTPICKS Uzi Boo, also known as Mr. Kansas City has been rapping since the age of 15. He began recording with a group of friends long before the days of taking it serious. Little did he know, once that mixtape hit his local streets, he wouldn’t be satisfied with stopping there. The grind of putting together his music and having a finished product for the world to hear gave him such a rush that he decided to make it into his career. Realizing how serious the Latino American rapper was, his producer Siks (pronounced six) took it upon himself to school the youngster in the art of storytelling. While it’s only been a few years, those few years have provided Uzi Boo with time and opportunity to learn and grow with his music. With more mixtapes under his belt and a DVD scheduled to be released soon, Mr. Kansas City is ready to show the world why he deserves that title. Visit Uzi Boo on MySpace at

Uzi Boo AKA Mr. Kansas City Dear Kisha, I read your article last month and it seems you have all the answers to making a woman feel good. I got a few questions myself. I wanna make a lady feel more than good. I get a lot of ladies coming in and out my life. When I ask the ladies what do they want, they say they want to be treated like a queen. What does being treated like a queen mean? -Looking for a Queen First off let me say you’re the bigger man for even trying to figure this shit out! Most would just move on to the

next and not think twice about the situation at hand. Secondly, yes, all women want to be treated like queens, but before you go wearing yourself out, make sure that the women you choose are worth that task!

woman. Treating us like a queen simply means paying attention to the small things! It means going that extra mile for us without us having to ask you first! When ya girl comes home from work or even shopping for that 95% of graduates matter, don’t run up on her asking what’saccepted for dinner or to at least one what she brought you DPMMFHFPSPUIFSQPTU back from the mall. Instead have secondary institution dinner and Graduates received nearly a bath  JOTDIPMBSTIJQT

When a “real women� asks to be treated like a queen, it has nothing to do with how much money you spend on her or how many material things you shower her with. A real woman does that for herself and when you do it, It’s icing on the cake. Now here’s how you build the foundation with a

Ball State University Harrington College of Design, IL Indiana State University Indiana University IUPUI Ivy Tech Community College Lincoln College of Technology Lincoln Technical Institute Marian College Marquette University, WI Okaloosa-Walton College, FL Paul Smith’s College, NY to be stroked. You University do it right, you’ll Purdue get it back 10 times more. Now, I can’t Artsecrets Institute give awayThe all my but Iof gotIndianapolis you or a foot soak ready for We salute the first graduating class of the Indianapolis her with some conversation and get off University off to a good start. of Indianapolis her, or the things she did bring home from the playstation! Women are emotional University of Phoenix-Kisha a public charter high school the mall, Metropolitan ask her to model themHigh for you.School, creatures,and yea we like that Talk to her about her day, come University of Southern Indiana operated byto Goodwill Education Initiatives, Inc. Vocational College of America Caleb Adams Erin Foster Megan Lollar


Class of 2008

Omar Anguiano Rachael Bennett Jordan Bowling Aunye’ Boyd George Brookins Leland Brown Maranda Cooper Marissa Cosand Kirsten Cowan Travis Curd Dominique Davie Felisha Dugan

Celeste Furr Ryan Gallet Britany Higgins Amanda Horn Noelle Huffman Logan Huffman Luke Huffman Andy Jansen Jessica Larkins Kangshi Li Tianna Liner Josephine Little


Class of 2008

Elizabeth McKinney Ray Kirsch 95% of graduates Alexis Rascoe accepted to at least one Sabrina Ratcliff Michael Ray DPMMFHFPSPUIFSQPTU Shaquayla Robertson secondary institution the first graduating class of the Indianapolis Brittany Scott We salute Monica Stephenson Metropolitan High School, 3FMBUJPOTIJQTt3FMFWBODFt3JHPS Graduates received nearlya public charter high school Sulaiman Talib operated by Goodwill Education Initiatives, Inc.  JOTDIPMBSTIJQT Indianapolis Met is a tuition-free public charter Jonathon Turner Caleb AdamsUniversity Erinthat Foster Megan Lollar high school opened in 2004 and Erica White Ball State Omar Anguiano Celeste Furrwho lives in Indiana. Elizabeth McKinney is open to any student Harrington College of Design, IL Rachael Bennett Ryan Gallet Ray Kirsch Indiana State UniversityBritany Higgins Jordan Bowling Alexis Rascoe -JNJUFETQBDFBWBJMBCMFGPSJODPNJOHGSFTINFO$MBTTFTGPSUIFTDIPPMZFBSCFHJOPO"VH Indiana University Aunye’ Boyd Amanda Horn Sabrina Ratcliff IUPUI Brookins George Noelle Huffman Michael Ray Leland Brown Logan Huffman Shaquayla Robertson Ivy Tech Community College Maranda Cooper Luke Huffman Brittany Scott Lincoln College of Technology Marissa Cosand Andy Jansen Monica Stephenson Lincoln Technical Institute Kirsten Cowan Jessica Larkins Sulaiman Talib Marian College Travis Curd Kangshi Li Jonathon Turner MarquetteDavie University, WI Dominique Tianna Liner Erica White Okaloosa-Walton College, FL Felisha Dugan Josephine Little Paul Smith’s College, NY Purdue University -JNJUFETQBDFBWBJMBCMFGPSJODPNJOHGSFTINFO$MBTTFTGPSUIF The Art Institute of Indianapolis We salute the first graduating class of the Indianapolis University of Indianapolis University of Phoenix Metropolitan High School, a public charter high school

Indianapolis Metropolitan high school



Class of 2008



Summer Celebration 2008 The 38th Annual Summer Celebration will feature stars representing many facets of the music and entertainment world including national recording artists Keyshia Cole, Angie Stone, Chrisette, Michele, Kem, Dwele, Cameo, ConFunkShun, The Whispers and the S.O,S, Band. Other celebrities participating in the 11-day celebration include J. Anthony Brown, Randal Pinkett, the first African American winner of “The Apprentice”, Mercedes Scelba-Shorte from Season 2 of “America’s Next Top Model”, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Rev. Jesse Jackson and more. New for 2008, Conseco Fieldhouse will serve as home for some of the Summer Celebration teen events Saturday, July 19. Teens can purchase an IBE Teen Bling Ticket for admission to the Holla Back Teen Forum, the Amp Harris and Reggie Wayne Saving our Youth Celebrity Basketball Game and a special teen bling party featuring V.I.C, Hot Stylz, Cherish and Playaz Circle. “For many years IBE has worked to secure a venue to dedicate solely to our teen events,” said Tanya Bell, President and CEO of Indiana Black Expo, Inc. “Conseco Fieldhouse is the perfect place for us to host these special offerings and provides our teen and tween attendees a venue they can call their own.” Summer Celebration is the signature fundraiser for IBE’s year-round youth and family programs. With more than 300,000 in attendance and an estimated direct attendee spending for the city of Indianapolis at $72.6 million, the event has grown to one of the city, state and nation’s largest cultural events. New this year, all Summer Celebration cultural exposition tickets include a complimentary subscription to Essence Magazine. Attendees purchasing a 3-day ticket will receive a one-year subscription, while all single day purchasers will receive a six-month subscription to Essence Magazine.

TICKET PRICES $20 - IBE UniverSoul Fun Pack: This consists of a select matinee ticket (10:30 a.m.) to the UniverSoul Circus and a Summer Celebration admission ticket. Sold only at IBE. $20 - 3-Day Pass (July 18-20, Indiana Convention Center only; Sold in advance at IBE until Thursday, July 17) $10 - Day of event (children under 5 are free) $19.99 Teen Bling tickets in advance $24.99 Teen Bling tickets at the door (provides admission to the Conseco Fieldhouse only) $8 - Advance tickets ages 5 and up $7 - Group Sales (25 or more) $8 - Senior Citizen (65+ must show ID) $12 - Circus Tickets (10:30 a.m. show only)

Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 10


SCHEDULE OF EVENTS JULY 10-20 Thursday, July 10 4th Annual Peace in the Streets Circle of Peace Rally Ecumenical Service Friday, July 11 Dance Diaspora! Saturday, July 12 Unite 2 Fight: Race Against Prostate Cancer presented by Unique Home Solutions Raising the Praise - Youth Explosion Sunday, July 13 IBE Movies at IMAX Monday, July 14 Children’s Day presented by Fox59/CW4 WTHR-TV 13 Employment Fair Seminars presented by WorkOne Mayor’s Breakfast Economic Development Roundtable Preparing Successful Grant Proposals (Day 1 of 2) Monday, July 14 Contracting Opportunities with US Housing and Urban Development RFI/RFP Process for MBE/WBE’s Small Business Administration – Starting a Business: Is it Right For Me? Tuesday, July 15 Preparing Successful Grant Proposals (Day 2 of 2) YES “CEO Camp” – (Part 1) Business Diversity Series: Roundtable Connection Governor’s Reception IBE Summer Celebration/add 1 Tuesday, July 15 Six Sigma, Part 1: What It Can Mean For Your Small Business Six Sigma, Part 2: Bottom Line Impact Professional Networking and Business Card Exchange Wednesday, July 16 National Minority Manufacturing Institute Certification Legal Accountability YES “CEO Camp” - (Part 2) Cash Management Personal Money Management for Entrepreneurs Media Reception: Honoring Minorities in the Media

Thursday, July 17 Children’s Day at the Circus Circle City Classic College Readiness Workshop WTHR-TV 13 Employment Opportunity Fair IBE Corporate Luncheon Presented by Pacers Sports & Entertainment Cultural Arts Pavilion Opening Reception Black and Minority Health Fair “INShape Indiana” – Opening Friday, July 18 Exhibit Hours: Noon. – 9 p.m. Statewide Forum to Promote Cultural Competence in Education presented by the Indiana Civil Rights Commission Saturday, July 19 Purdue University Day Exhibit Hours: 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. TEEN BLING DAY Presented by Ivy Tech United Way Minority Volunteer Recognition Breakfast Parental Workshop presented by the Indiana Civil Rights Commission StarQuest Talent Competition Music Industry 101 Music Lounge Holla Back Teen Forum Fashion Show The Amp Harris & Reggie Wayne “Saving Our Youth” Celebrity Basketball Game Music Heritage Festival Teen Bling Party Sunday, July 20 Indiana University Day Exhibit Hours: Noon – 6 p.m. A Celebration of Praise Church Service Hair Show Music Lounge Gospel Explosion Free Concert Elected/Appointed Officials’ Reception IBE Chairman & President’s Reception An All White Affair – A Tribute to the Harlem Renaissance Hosted by the New Generation Children’s Day at the Circus Music Lounge

For more information about the 38th Annual Summer Celebration, call 317-925-2702 or visit or text “IBE” to 95495. Standard messaging rates apply.

Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 11

True’s Top 10 Ways to get a girl to “Take Em Off” Following the video shoot for the new single by Nappyville, “Take ‘Em Off,” Midwest Leak caught up with Young True for a little advice on how to get the ladies to do as the song says...

1. You gotta have game. My mouthpiece is 100%. It never fails.

2. Play my music.

They take ‘em off every time they hear my voice on a song.

3. Grey Goose.

A little bit of Goose will get ‘em loose, Patron will get ‘em off.

4. My Hair.

I let them play in my hair. They love the dreads.

5. Make me want you too.

She’s gonna need to have pretty hair, smell good, and have a camel hump on her back. She’s gotta dress like a woman and dirty shoes are the #1 turn-off.

6. Give the package deal.

Nappyville is a package deal. Most people have come to know that. I need a woman that’s got money because she’s got to be able to take me and Rokstar out and we like to ball.

g n u e o Y ru T Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 12

7. Sing to her.

That’s where my partner Rokstar comes in. He sings, makes the beats, plays the instruments and all that. That’s him singing on the single. Let him get to singing “Take ‘Em Off” or “So Fly” and they’re coming off!

8. Rinse and repeat.

I know this is only eight, but by now, they’re off. Trust me. Check out the video.

Rokstar On Fantasy Rap Rokstar, the other half of the Munki Boi Entertainment group Nappyville also sat down with Midwest Leak Magazine. Instead of discussing how Nappyville relates to the ladies along with his counterpart, we talked a little bit about how the group has grown as artists and individuals. Le’Deana: There was a period of time when you all were criticized for your subject matter. How have you all grown as artists to overcome that? Rokstar: The way we rap, the way we dress, the way we interact with people altogether has matured. Back then, we were doing a lot of fantasy rap. As we get older, we’re trying to get more real. Le’Deana: How do you regain the respect that may have been lost from the fantasy rapping of the past? Rokstar: It’s not too much different now. A lot of the fantasy rapping of before is starting to become a reality now. All of the grinding brings on the shine. The things we rapped about before we can go into more depth about now because it’s more real now than it was at first. Le’Deana: What kind of things did you used to say in your songs that wasn’t true? Rokstar: Nobody started with everything unless they were born rich. What we talked about before was more like what we had on steroids. If we had 20s, we had 24s in the song. Le’Deana: Do you think the industry calls for inflated descriptions of how rappers are living to sell records? Rokstar: It all comes down to the videos. You want to see magnifiscent shit when you watch a video. If they’ve got the same stuff that you’ve got, then you don’t want to watch it. You could just go outside and look around for all that. Le’Deana: What do you all look for in good music? Rokstar: Music is like escaping from real life. Music is a gateway and it can control emotions. A wild song can make you want to whoop some ass or a song might make you want to get some ass. People do look to music as an escape. It’s like reading a book. If the book isn’t interesting, then what are you reading it for?




Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 13

Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 14


Simply Ophilia

presented by...

Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 15


Mike Epps Presents:

1 Hundred Entertainment By: Le’Deana Brown The brain child of Indiana native, comedian Mike Epps and veteran producer Sir Hart, 1 Hundred Ent. is stepping out on the scene fully prepared to make some major moves and set a few trends while they’re at it. “A friend of mine, Mike Epps, suggested that I start a new movement based on the fact that I’ve been labeled the number one producer here in Indianapolis,” said Sir Hart. “I felt like it was my duty to take responsibility to start a positive movement in the entertainment field with fresh, hot talent.” Some of the talent working on the team includes Sir Hart, CEO and producer; Nate, co-CEO and producer; St. James, business administrator; and Matt Sims, promotions to name a few of the people putting it down behind the scenes. Hardtimes, S. Colli, Young Tone and N.A.P. Boyz are the artists joining forces to form the 1 Hundred Ent. crew. Formerly of CMD Records, Sir Hart has experience in what comes along with putting together a record label and running it successfully. “We had the very first rap song ever played on the radio in Indianapolis. It was a song called ‘I played the music’ and it was in heavy rotation on the radio,” said Sir Hart. “This was in 1990 and it was one of Geno’s favorite songs.”

Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 16

A true pioneer in the game, his production has made it to radio over 50 times. “I hand picked these guys myself,” said Sir Hart. “each for their own reason.” He recalls the formation of the group N.A.P. Boyz despite his attempts to put them out of his studio. Little did they know, the hard time they were being given by the producer was a test of their dedication. Passing that test, the guys are now the youngest members of the new label. “As soon as they got two or three songs done, they got out in the streets.” said Sir Hart. “The next thing you know they’ve got fans, they’re on the radio, and they’re doing shows. The next thing you know, their MySpace had over 300,000 hits. Then, people are calling asking them to do shows. All of this occured within a span of six months!” That kind of grind is what the producer hopes to set this label apart from others. Each artist brings their own flavor to the table making the label a versatile force in their respective genres. “I picked S. Colli because he’s hungry. He wins talent shows, produces, raps, and he’s a complete entertainer,” said Sir Hart. Young Tone’s selection was due to his strong representation for the streets. He does what he does best.

COVERSTORY In a world where rapping for most is a hobby, 1 Hundred Ent. hopes to provide to it’s artists what so many other record labels cannot and what so many aspiring rappers dream of, a career pursuing their passions.

The label that he had before was a growing experience. Now, the mistakes that were made in the past and the positive experiences of the past can combine together to help 1 Hundred Ent. be successful.

“I wanted to give people the opportunity to support their families, not just rapping, but in the entertainment field as a whole,” said Sir Hart. “This is an entertainment company, not just a rap label.”

Learning from his own company and the major players in the music game that have been successful thus far, Sir Hart expects success as well.

There are other people that are affiliated with the label that do much more than a rap label could contain, from comedy, to computer work, so the definition is fitting.

“The music industry has changed, that means it is time for me to change as well. The name of the label is 1 Hundred Entertainment because I am keeping it 100,” said Sir Hart. “In 1 Hundred Ent., I see the next No Limit Records,” said Sir Hart.

1 Hundred Entertainment Artists as told by Sir Hart

N.A.P. Boyz “The N.A.P. Boyz are the hardest group in the city by far. You can check their resume. They’re with the youth movement. You can compare them to Souljah Boy with the dance craze kind of style.”

S. Colli “S. Colli is an all around entertainer. You might want to say he’s like our Puffy from his stage presence to his swag.”

Hardtimes “Hardtimes has been putting it down for a long time. He’s been down with me from day one and his album is about to drop. He’s on a Pac type level delivering the real life music.”

Young Tone “Young Tone provides us with the trap music.”

Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 17


Indiana’s Coldest Cutlass BEHINDTHEMUSIC

Industry Works Vol. 2: Digital and the Independent Label 2008 is a year where if you don’t know about digital distribution then you need to step out of the game until you have taken the time to get on it. Forget about file sharing, bootlegging, free downloading, swapping and so called “stealing” your music. Step up and see what the future has in store for you and how easy it is to get your music out to the industry as well as to the consumers. Total global sales for 2007 were $19.4 billion, with CDs and DVDs pulling in $15.9 billion (down 13%), and digital downloads $2.9 billion (up 34%).

· MP3 players, MP4 players, PSP, DVD, cell phones, computers, and the list goes on as to what can play music in today’s market. The list is a Who’s – Who in the digital music game. As an independent label there are some basics that you need to get out of the way in order to begin selling your music in the digital world. I will list a few key points that must be in order prior to releasing your music on the internet.

2. Copyright your music –

· CD Baby has been offering the top retail digital download sites to its physically distributed labels for the last 3 to 4 years.

4. Create and execute proper legal paper work. (i.e. artist agreements, producer agreements, songwriter splits, ect) – Digital aggregates will request all songwriter, publisher, copyright, side artist agreements, and clearance paperwork prior to uploading your works to the internet.

· Burnlounge gave labels the ability to set up their own digital “stores” to sell music and has now negotiated an aggregation deal to place key labels and artist on all the top paid digital download sites.

6. Create a solid marketing and promotions plan to drive consumers to the internet to purchase your music.... see MIDWESTLEAK.COM FOR MORE

1. Properly set up your label/business

· 2006 began to offer paid digital downloads to some of its artists and labels using the mega networking site.

· Loudeye has been around for ten plus years and was created as a database much like MUZE to index/license music. It is now owned by Motorola, the phone manufacturing company.

5. Find a Digital Aggregate that can place your music not only on digital sites but also wireless carriers– Orchard, CD Baby, IODA, IRIS, SelectoHits Engroove, Industry Works, and ECT.

3. Obtain an ISRC number – www.

*note about clearances/side artist agreements – If you should use a major artist on a feature, it is your responsibility to not only obtain work for hire and or song writer /side artist agreement, but a clearance from the major label to release the song and also to be able to release as a single and or with a video.

Janie Jennings, consultant

Midwest Leak • May/June • 17

Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 19

In part two of Midwest Leak’s tribute to Static/Major’s legendary legacy, we share with you memories and sentiments regarding his loss from family and close friends of his. As told to Le’Deana Brown Lil’ D (Static’s manager) He was like my brother. Our kids played football together. I don’t care where we were in the country, we would make it back for our kids’ games. He was one of the hardest working people I ever met. He was always posted up in the studio. “Lollipop” was really for Pleasure. Pleasure didn’t like it so he took it to Wayne. Then Wayne did “I Got My” for him. Some people don’t realize how close we were. He told us everything. A lot of times, people bring things to us not knowing that these are conversations we’ve already had with us. He made sure we knew who had what song, when they got the song, etc. It’s like he knew what was going to happen and he was preparing us for it. He’s got over 800 songs. That’s more music than Tupac. He would record everyday. That’s just the ones that we’ve got. There are other major artists about to drop songs produced by him also. I’m maintaining my role as his manager. His wife is in charge of his music now and she, my wife and myself are all like family. We are going to continue to do what we’ve been doing. The four of us are going to keep his legacy alive. TQ If I can say nothing else about Static, I would say he’s a hall of famer. He left his mark on the music industry. I’m a song writer. A song is one of the most powerful and longlasting things a person can leave on this earth. Everytime somebody plays ‘Rock the Boat’ he lives on. Smoke E. Digglera (formerly of Playa) I was driving on the expressway when I got the news. My first reaction was denial, the same as it was with Aaliyah. That’s what the situation took me back to. It was unreal. They were two iconic figures that were reaching that peak. We all know that cliche’ saying that the good die young. We do have to remember though, that God doesn’t make mistakes. There have been a lot of assumptions as to his cause of death. He was not sick with anything life threatening. It was not anything that was his fault like drugs or anything of that nature. He got sick just like everyone does once in a while and there were complications in the procedure. I’m not more at peace because of the reasons why and how he died. If you make equivalent being shot with being murdered, I don’t feel at peace that he wasn’t shot. I don’t want to see anyone, let alone my brother die at the hands of another person. Peace comes from knowing God is in ocntrol. My peace comes from knowing that his family is straight. I’m used to looking to my left and seeing Digital and looking to my right and seeing Static. Our first time we performed without him was when we performed at the tribute, I looked over and he wasn’t there. It’s going to take some getting used to.

London “Deelishis” Charles One of my fondest memories of Static was his honesty and respect for women. As I flirted with him on the set of the Lollipop video, he made it very clear that as beautiful as he thought I was he was in a very serious relationship. We laughed and teased about it the entire time.

MidwestLeak Leak• •May/June July 20082008 • 20• 20 Midwest

Midwest Leak Model Search St. Louis


6QTDBMF4BMPO 4FFLJOH4UZMJTUT 1st Month: $75/week 2nd Month: $100/week Regular: $150/week ling


Dr y er A re





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tin Wai

Fro n

tD esk

grown & sexy atmosphere . plenty of parking . towels provided . walk-in friendly location . product retail area

5425 Keystone Ave. Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46220 (317)257-5066 Behind Rally’s Midwest Leak • July 2008 • 23




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