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Building a Relationship on Trust By John Tierney


here are men committed to faith and the promotion of justice, highly educated individuals who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, and devoted to finding God in all things. I’m talking about the Jesuits, of course. They share these characteristics and many others that offer ample reason to support the Society of Jesus in general, and the Chicago-Detroit Province in particular. This assertion stems in part from my vast experience with the Jesuits. I am fortunate to have had a quality education at The University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy where I learned from many intelligent people, a lot of whom were Jesuits. It was there that I learned how to learn, and that’s not something I have ever taken for granted. Moreover, Jesuits are leaders in education beyond the United States. In places like Eastern Africa, they support native vocations by running and/or providing staff for pre-secondary and secondary schools.

They are one of the reasons Catholicism is growing so fast in that region. None of this would be possible without the work of the provincial offices which train new Jesuits, house and care for elderly Jesuits, support retreat houses, and engage in varied pastoral ministries. As such, they are also a crucial support system to our educational institutions. Yet there’s one other reason for supporting the Jesuits I would like to share. It’s not always the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s something that’s vital when I consider making a charitable gift: the Jesuits are practical. They’re careful spenders with a solid record of accomplishments to show for their use of donors’ funds. When they say they are raising money for a particular area, that’s where the money goes, and they follow through to achieve the goals they set. I’ve been happy to support specific ministries and projects, but I also recognize that it’s difficult to raise funds directly for much of what the province does. I have

come to appreciate that the provincial knows better than I what is most needed by his province. It’s for this reason that I typically select “Greatest Apostolic Need” or “Unrestricted” when sending my contributions to the Jesuits. When I was in high school and college, I paid for all of my educational expenses: tuition, books, etc. Initially, this made me feel as if I’d paid my own way. As I got older, however, I realized that tuition is but a part of what is involved in an education—and that I’d actually been given a great deal. That’s ultimately why I think that, regardless of the way our contributions are used, every single gift to the Jesuits is part of an ongoing relationship, an opportunity to share actively in the Society’s apostolic efforts. John Tierney attended the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy as well as the University of Detroit Mercy. He served as the chairman of Chrysler Financial while also working as the chairman of the development committee for the Detroit Province.

Honoring the Chicago-Detroit Province Founders E arlier this year, Father General Adolfo Nicolás named John and Rosemary Croghan and John and Barbara Schubert “Founders of the Chicago-Detroit Province.” In Part IV of the Constitutions [309], St. Ignatius observes, “It is highly proper for us to do something on our part in return for the devotion and generosity shown toward the Society by those whom the Divine Goodness employs as his ministers to found and endow its colleges.” Father General explained: “As a sign of appreciation and thanks, each Jesuit in the ChicagoDetroit Province will offer three Masses for them now and at the time of their deaths.” Rosemary and John Croghan have been extremely generous to many of the works of the Province and the worldwide Society. Their leadership contribution to some of these works is worth even more than the most generous financial contributions they have made. Particularly worthy of mention is Rosemary’s service on the original Cristo Rey High School’s board. The Croghans are also very active in their parish and the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Both Rosemary and John are very humble Volunteer Corps. They often express that people who feel honored to have been able they feel they have received so much more to play a role as companions of the Society. than they have given. John and Barbara The Jesuit work that is closest to Barwill be honored on Sunday, December 9, bara and John Schubert’s hearts is in 2012, at their home in Cleveland Heights, Eastern Africa. After traveling overseas Ohio. (Photos to come in the spring issue.) with Fr. Joe Daoust, SJ, Barbara and John were compelled to give the Detroit Province a large gift for scholarships at Loyola High School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In addition, they used their own resources to travel to Eastern Africa for the winter-spring semester in 2005 and 2006 to tutor the chilOn October 21, 2012, John and Rosemary Croghan (front row, center) were dren at Loyola High honored at a mass and reception at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School by many of School. Barbara and their Jesuit friends, including (front row) Fr. Timothy Howe, Fr. Charles Niehaus, Fr. John Foley, Fr. Provincial Timothy Kesicki, Fr. Walter Deye, Fr. Theodore John lived in comMunz, (back row) Fr. Patrick McGrath, Fr. Sean O’Sullivan, Fr. Bradley munity and worked Schaeffer, Fr. James Gartland, Fr. Jack O’Callaghan, and Fr. Brian Paulson. closely with Jesuit 7

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Partners Winter 2012  

Partners is a publication of the Chicago-Detroit Midwest Jesuits

Partners Winter 2012  

Partners is a publication of the Chicago-Detroit Midwest Jesuits