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Finding God in Unexpected Places Father William Verbryke, SJ, celebrates mass with Christian Wagner, SJ, along the foothills of Machu Picchu during a novice enrichment trip to Peru. The Jesuits have served in Peru for 52 years.

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The Worldwide Society Dear Friends, Whenever I return to the US from international travel, US Border Patrol always ask, “What do you do?” and I respond, “Catholic Priest.” Then they thumb through my passport and after seeing my many visas and stamps, ask, “Why do you take all of these trips?” In their view, priests are in parishes on Sundays, not traveling to multiple countries. When I begin to explain the role of a Jesuit provincial and the worldwide mission of the Society of Jesus, they then stamp my I-94 re-entry form and say, “Welcome home.” I don’t expect that everyone understands the global dimension of a Jesuit’s vocation and the relationship that Jesuits in Chicago or Detroit have with Jesuits in Nairobi or KOD AK 506 3 TX

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Where in the World Is Fr. Kesicki? 1. Peru mission luncheon with Fr. Miguel Cruzado, SJ, Provincial of Peru (left) and Fr. James Gartland, SJ 2. Celebrating 109 years of Jesuit service at John H. Stroger Hospital with Cardinal Francis George, OMI, and Jesuits Eugene Nevins, Joel Medina, and Robert Finn 3. Mass of celebration at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Chicago



Lima. But I do know that many of you have friends and family who serve the church in faraway places. I also know that the international vocation of Jesuits has been helped tremendously by you, our devoted companions. This December, I will travel to Eastern Africa and visit their provincial to renew our shared ministerial commitments. In the upcoming year, I will make my first visit to Beijing to visit one of our scholastics who now serves the growing Jesuit mission. This past summer I took my first steps in one of my ancestral homelands, Poland, at the invitation of the Jesuit provincial in Krakow. For the past 75 years, Polish Jesuits have served in the Archdiocese of Chicago, and they wanted to strengthen this historic relationship between our provinces. During these trips I continue to remember Saint Ignatius Loyola’s desire that we Jesuits go out into the world filled with zeal KOD AK 506 3 TX

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4. Bihar, India, with Br. James Boynton, SJ 5. Receiving an honorary degree by John Carroll University’s president, Fr. Robert Niehoff, SJ (middle), and board member, Mr. Michael Hardy (class of 1969) 6. Summer pilgrimage to the Holy Land with fellow US provincials

for the Gospel. Sometimes though, I don’t have to travel to engage the broader world. Each year I host a number of foreign provincials who send their men to work and study in the Chicago-Detroit Province. We are blessed by these international relationships and I know that together we can grow the worldwide mission of the Society of Jesus in the years to come. Thanks, especially during this season of gratitude and giving, for your support of the Society. You and your loved ones are in our prayers. Sincerely yours in Christ,

Timothy P. Kesicki, SJ Provincial KOD AK 506 3 TX

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Jayme Stayer, SJ, Celebrates Diaconate Ordination T

Chicago-Detroit Province

By Fr. Raymond Guiao, SJ, Provincial Assistant for Formation for the Chicago-Detroit and Wisconsin Provinces

he road to priesthood is indeed a long one for Jesuits. Most men spend 10–13 years in studies and ministry in preparation for Jesuit priesthood. For Jayme Stayer, ordination to priesthood is only a little more than six months away. Following an academic career specializing in the writings of T. S. Eliot, Jayme entered the Jesuit novitiate in Detroit in 2003, pursued philosophy and theology studies at Loyola University Chicago, taught English literature at John Carroll University, and is presently pursuing a master’s degree in divinity at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry. Jayme Stayer, SJ, was ordained to the transitional diaconate on This past October 6, Jayme and six October 6, 2012, along with six other Jesuit scholastics. The service took other Jesuit scholastics were ordained place at Saint Ignatius Loyola Church at Boston College and was presided over by His Eminence Sean P. Cardinal O’Malley, OFM Cap. to the transitional diaconate, an eight-month period in which a Jesuit serves as a deacon in the church in preparation for his ordination to priesthood. The transitional deacon assists the priest presider at the altar and also has the responsibility of preaching homilies at Eucharistic and para-liturgical celebrations. He also is able to perform certain sacraments, such as baptisms and witnessing marriage vows. Jayme’s ordination to the transitional diaconate was presided over by His Eminence Sean P. Cardinal O’Malley, OFM Cap, at Saint Ignatius Loyola Church on the campus of Boston College. We rejoice that Jayme has generously answered the call to ministry, and we continue to pray for him as he heads into the “homestretch” towards his ordination to priesthood in June 2013. IN MEMORIAM

We give thanks for Fr. Mackowski who has gone home to God. Fr. Richard M. Mackowski, SJ May 19, 1929, to September 10, 2012 Clarkston, MI “What Fr. Mackowski indicated he treasured dearly was his role as a director of tours of biblical lands. Beginning while he was a doctoral student in Jerusalem, and continuing during vacation periods during his long stay in Rome, Fr. Mackowski led over 325 tours of biblical locations. His secret was not only the meticulous care with which he planned each trip, but also his efforts to make each stop along the way meaningful and explain scriptural texts referring to each stop on the tours. It was hard work because he did not take a tour group to a site he had not previously researched and visited himself.” — A longtime friend

By the Numbers $385,000 cost of 11-year Jesuit formation program

44 ministries of the Chicago-Detroit Province

17 new ministries started by the Chicago-Detroit Province in the last 20 years

$25,000,000 amount the province has invested in recent new ministries

425,000 Jesuit-educated alumni from Chicago-Detroit Province schools

350 Jesuits in the Chicago-Detroit Province

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Jesuit Father Walter Ciszek: A Life in Service O

n October 12, 1963, American-born Jesuit Fr. Walter Ciszek (1904–1984) arrived in New York after 24 years in Russia, much of it spent in captivity in Siberian labor camps and Soviet prisons. To add to the intrigue surrounding this extraordinary Jesuit’s life, Fr. Ciszek’s daring release—a complicated prisoner exchange—was negotiated with the help of President John F. Kennedy just one month before the president’s tragic assassination. Although Fr. Ciszek’s life reads like a Hollywood script, his experience results from one simple question: Will you devote your life to the service of others? Father Walter Ciszek answered the call by going to the Soviet Union. Today, Jesuits are working around the globe on the frontiers—from building schools in Malawi to aiding migrants at a small border town between the United States and Mexico. That’s the spirit of the Society; that’s the spirit of service. To commemorate his inspirational life, the Society of Jesus has chosen to highlight Fr. Walter Ciszek and the theme “Life in Service” for November’s National Jesuit Vocation Month.

A quarter century after his death, Fr. Ciszek’s life is still inspiring those considering a Jesuit vocation, and soon even more people may learn of his legacy. This past March, the Vatican gave its formal approval for the canonization process for Fr. Ciszek to begin.

My aim in entering Russia was the same from beginning to end: to help find God and attain eternal life. In his memoir describing his years in Russia, He Leadeth Me, Fr. Ciszek wrote, “My aim in entering Russia was the same from beginning to end: to help find God and attain eternal life.” By devoting his life to serving God and his people, Fr. Ciszek succeeded in both goals. The Chicago-Detroit Province has collaborated nationally to promote the life and vocation of Fr. Walter Ciszek throughout the month of November. For more information, visit www.Jesuit.org/Ciszek.

Upon returning to the US in 1963, Fr. Walter Ciszek (center) was greeted by numerous family, friends, and clergy at a welcome home gathering.


A year after joining the Jesuits in 1928, Fr. Walter Ciszek, SJ, was asked by Pope Pius XI to travel to Rome to prepare to work in Russia. When war broke out in 1939, Fr. Ciszek entered Russia illegally and was arrested. He was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in a Siberian prison camp. He made a triumphant return to the US in 1963, after 24 years of captivity.


The Jesuits Are… Doctors @ Teachers @ Journalists @ Chaplains @ Authors @ Scientists @ Missionaries…

Br. James Small, SJ


S Fr. David Mastrangelo,

Fr. Don Doll, SJ

Fr. Peter Breslin, SJ


t is not unusual for a young man to ask himself, “What is it that God intends for me?” A Jesuit has the unique ability to surrender himself to God’s will and to answer his true calling, in prayerful discernment, within the Society of Jesus. For a Jesuit, a Vocation is his life’s work. More than any job, he may be in another country on mission, at a parish, in education, science, medicine, or even in the arts. The sky—or better yet the heavens—are the limit. If you believe that your call might be to The Greater Glory of God, we offer a program that can help you more fully explore your journey. If you’d like more information on how to join the Jesuits, please contact: Fr. James Prehn, SJ, Vocations Director 773-975-6363 | vocations@jesuits-chgdet.org

A job is not necessarily a vocation, but it may help you find yours

Before they were Jesuits . . .

Charles Rodrigues, SJ

Kent Beausoleil, SJ

J. Timothy Hipskind, SJ

Michael Class, SJ

served as front work coordinator for Orbis’s DC-10 program, a state-of-theart flying ophthalmological hospital that helps save the sight of people, particularly those in third world countries

was trained in restaurant management by the Stouffer Corporation and worked as a supervisor and occasionally as a chef at a high-end restaurant in Highland Park, IL.

completed his masters thesis on energy-saving air conditioning, went on to work as an engineer in Hawaii, and then for a construction firm in Indianapolis, IN.

put himself through college by driving a cab for Chicago’s Checker Cab Company and then worked as assistant manager of the company’s garage for three years.



Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School Celebrates 50 Years of Excellence By Mike Higginbotham


n September 4, 1962, Fr. William Schmidt, SJ, realized his dream of starting what was, and still is, the only Jesuit school in Indiana. On that day, 168 freshman boys walked into a brand new building on Route 100, just north of Indianapolis, and became a part of history. On that day, the first students, faculty, and staff members began laying the foundation and creating the traditions that would define Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School. For the past 50 years, Brebeuf Jesuit has created men and women for others by fostering the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development of its students and providing the tools to become societal leaders who do all things for the Greater Glory of God. Brebeuf’s extraordinary faculty and staff have gone above and beyond to set their students up for success. There have been myriad changes to Brebeuf since 1962 such as becoming coeducational with the addition of 153 young women in 1976 and the construction of new facilities including a new Jesuit residence in the 1990s. The latest change to Brebeuf is welcoming its 11th President, Fr. Jack Dennis, SJ, who began his service in July 2012. Father Dennis has already outlined his plans to maintain Brebeuf’s strong identity

For the past 50 years, Brebeuf Jesuit has created men and women for others by fostering the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical development of its students. In 1965, students from the very first graduating class donned letterman’s jackets with their graduating year on the front.

as a Jesuit school while still being able to communicate that students and families of all backgrounds are not only welcomed, but embraced. And in light of the school’s 50th anniversary, Fr. Dennis has his own visions for its future. “Our focus is on maintaining our competitive edge in academics, arts,

Decades of Dedication: 10 years Loyola Productions, Inc., Culver City, California 20 years St. Procopius Parish, Chicago 50 years Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School, Indianapolis 85 years St. Robert Bellarmine Parish, Cincinnati 90 years Gesu Parish, Detroit 100 years Loyola Press, Chicago 135 years University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy


University of Detroit Mercy

Ss. Peter and Paul Parish, Detroit

“On behalf of the province, I extend our deepest gratitude to our Jesuit and lay colleagues at each of our ministries throughout the Chicago-Detroit Province. Their day-to-day efforts give life to our mission. We celebrate their milestone anniversaries as they continue to spread the Good Word.” —Fr. Timothy Kesicki, SJ

and athletics, and to continue to evolve as a school community,” he explains. “We will also continue to serve the larger Indy community; seek healthy, enriching ways to utilize new technology; and continue to discover who God is and how we relate to and develop a stronger relationship with him.” Mike Higginbotham is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School in Indianapolis, IN. A graduate of Purdue University, he has been serving Brebeuf since December 2011.


Building a Relationship on Trust By John Tierney


here are men committed to faith and the promotion of justice, highly educated individuals who are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, and devoted to finding God in all things. I’m talking about the Jesuits, of course. They share these characteristics and many others that offer ample reason to support the Society of Jesus in general, and the Chicago-Detroit Province in particular. This assertion stems in part from my vast experience with the Jesuits. I am fortunate to have had a quality education at The University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy where I learned from many intelligent people, a lot of whom were Jesuits. It was there that I learned how to learn, and that’s not something I have ever taken for granted. Moreover, Jesuits are leaders in education beyond the United States. In places like Eastern Africa, they support native vocations by running and/or providing staff for pre-secondary and secondary schools.

They are one of the reasons Catholicism is growing so fast in that region. None of this would be possible without the work of the provincial offices which train new Jesuits, house and care for elderly Jesuits, support retreat houses, and engage in varied pastoral ministries. As such, they are also a crucial support system to our educational institutions. Yet there’s one other reason for supporting the Jesuits I would like to share. It’s not always the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s something that’s vital when I consider making a charitable gift: the Jesuits are practical. They’re careful spenders with a solid record of accomplishments to show for their use of donors’ funds. When they say they are raising money for a particular area, that’s where the money goes, and they follow through to achieve the goals they set. I’ve been happy to support specific ministries and projects, but I also recognize that it’s difficult to raise funds directly for much of what the province does. I have

come to appreciate that the provincial knows better than I what is most needed by his province. It’s for this reason that I typically select “Greatest Apostolic Need” or “Unrestricted” when sending my contributions to the Jesuits. When I was in high school and college, I paid for all of my educational expenses: tuition, books, etc. Initially, this made me feel as if I’d paid my own way. As I got older, however, I realized that tuition is but a part of what is involved in an education—and that I’d actually been given a great deal. That’s ultimately why I think that, regardless of the way our contributions are used, every single gift to the Jesuits is part of an ongoing relationship, an opportunity to share actively in the Society’s apostolic efforts. John Tierney attended the University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy as well as the University of Detroit Mercy. He served as the chairman of Chrysler Financial while also working as the chairman of the development committee for the Detroit Province.

Honoring the Chicago-Detroit Province Founders E arlier this year, Father General Adolfo Nicolás named John and Rosemary Croghan and John and Barbara Schubert “Founders of the Chicago-Detroit Province.” In Part IV of the Constitutions [309], St. Ignatius observes, “It is highly proper for us to do something on our part in return for the devotion and generosity shown toward the Society by those whom the Divine Goodness employs as his ministers to found and endow its colleges.” Father General explained: “As a sign of appreciation and thanks, each Jesuit in the ChicagoDetroit Province will offer three Masses for them now and at the time of their deaths.” Rosemary and John Croghan have been extremely generous to many of the works of the Province and the worldwide Society. Their leadership contribution to some of these works is worth even more than the most generous financial contributions they have made. Particularly worthy of mention is Rosemary’s service on the original Cristo Rey High School’s board. The Croghans are also very active in their parish and the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Both Rosemary and John are very humble Volunteer Corps. They often express that people who feel honored to have been able they feel they have received so much more to play a role as companions of the Society. than they have given. John and Barbara The Jesuit work that is closest to Barwill be honored on Sunday, December 9, bara and John Schubert’s hearts is in 2012, at their home in Cleveland Heights, Eastern Africa. After traveling overseas Ohio. (Photos to come in the spring issue.) with Fr. Joe Daoust, SJ, Barbara and John were compelled to give the Detroit Province a large gift for scholarships at Loyola High School in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. In addition, they used their own resources to travel to Eastern Africa for the winter-spring semester in 2005 and 2006 to tutor the chilOn October 21, 2012, John and Rosemary Croghan (front row, center) were dren at Loyola High honored at a mass and reception at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School by many of School. Barbara and their Jesuit friends, including (front row) Fr. Timothy Howe, Fr. Charles Niehaus, Fr. John Foley, Fr. Provincial Timothy Kesicki, Fr. Walter Deye, Fr. Theodore John lived in comMunz, (back row) Fr. Patrick McGrath, Fr. Sean O’Sullivan, Fr. Bradley munity and worked Schaeffer, Fr. James Gartland, Fr. Jack O’Callaghan, and Fr. Brian Paulson. closely with Jesuit 7

WINTER 2 012

Fr. Timothy P. Kesicki, SJ PROVINCIAL

Jeremy Langford D I R E C T O R O F C O M M U N I C AT I ONS


Alex Kournetas Quentin Maguire C O M M U N I C AT I O N S T E A M

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Jesuit-Educated Alumni and Friends Connect


odeled after the Loyola Club of Cleveland, alumni from Jesuits schools have formed a group to gather fellow alumni and friends in the Chicagoland area for food, fellowship, and inspiration. The November 8 kickoff event featuring Patrick Fitzgerald—former US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois and graduate of Regis High School in New York—sold out at 350 and had a waiting list. “No matter where they’re from, Jesuit alumni and those who love the Jesuits are eager to stay connected and to be fed spiritually,” explains steering committee member Stephen Fatum, who graduated from Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. “As we grow, we will continue to host three luncheons like this per year.” Luncheons are held at the Union League Club of Chicago. Membership is free. To learn more, please e-mail jesuitclubchicago@gmail.com or call 773-975-6891.

Save the Date

2013 Lenten Morning of Prayer and Lunch 2/3 Scottsdale, AZ, Fr. David Meconi, SJ

2/17 Chicago, IL, Fr. Theodore Munz, SJ

2/10 Palm Beach Gardens, FL, Fr. Myles Sheehan, SJ

2/24 Cincinnati, OH, Fr. Raymond Guiao, SJ 3/3 Detroit, MI, Fr. James Prehn, SJ

2/13 Naples, FL, Fr. Walter Deye, SJ

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“What we lack or have lost always seems more precious to us than what we possess. In our loss and emptiness, there is at last space for God to enter and fill the space that no other can satisfy.” —From www.JesuitPrayer.org

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Partners Winter 2012  

Partners is a publication of the Chicago-Detroit Midwest Jesuits

Partners Winter 2012  

Partners is a publication of the Chicago-Detroit Midwest Jesuits


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