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January 01, 2014

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El Monte City School District Bids a Farewell to Longtime Principal by Arlene Bury El Monte

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Dr. Lillian Prince’s mother always said, “At the end of every day, you should be able to look back and that you are proud of what you have accomplished or learned that day.” Those motherly words of wisdom proved to be inspirational, as Dr. Lillian Prince has accomplished and learned a lot in her 58 years of service to El Monte City School District. Dr. Prince recalled a retired serviceman parent of a student in her 8th grade class at Gidley encouraging her to get the “appropriate credentials” to become a principal. Before that she never ever considered the idea. That was 50 years ago. After teaching 8th grade at Gidley, Dr. Prince went to become the teaching assistant principal at Cleminson, then acting principal at Cleminson, full principal at Wright, principal at Cherrylee, principal at Cleminson, she served one year as principal

of Rio Hondo and Cleminson simultaneously, then she was principal at Mulhall and finally returned again as principal at Cleminson. When she was a teacher at Gidley she recalled getting a phone call at home from school about a parent who was home with a contentious daughter who refused to wear appropriate rain gear.

Dr. Prince called the student at home and told her that the next time she saw her she had better be dressed in that gear. (Remember, the student was an 8th grader.) Sure enough, that girl showed up dressed for rain just as her mother, and Dr. Prince, wanted her to be. Dr. Prince had the power of persuasioneven with 8th graders,

way back then. Recently, Dr. Prince was honored at a Los Angeles Laker basketball game. Her brother, who lives in Florida (with a three hour time difference), not knowing his sister was going to be on television, happened to be watching some late night TV. Imagine his surprise

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Channel 3's "El Monte Tonight " 2nd Annual Christmas Show by Arturo X. Esparza El Monte

“El Monte Tonight” is El Monte’s television’s 1st variety entertainment show on Time Warner’s Channel 3 and YouTube. Hosted by Arturo Esparza and Miss Vivian Macias of the Impulse Band, the Christmas show featured saxophonist Robert Colvin, singer and song writer Gilbert Strokes, The Reel Band, the Band Power Play which included guests Kish Gabrielino Band of Mission Indians, students from the Lima Lama Academy and a rockin' song by Santa. Toys and food were given to several families and were donated by sponsor Mike Felix, Commander of

photos by Daniel Gonzales

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Mid Valley News

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January 01, 2014

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Celebrating the people, places, events, and community of the San Gabriel Valley The Mid Valley News is published every Wednesday by Valley Communications, LLC Business and Editorial Offices are located at: 11401 E. Valley Blvd. Masterson Building, Suite 200B El Monte, California 91731 (626) 443-1753 FAX (626) 443-2245

El Monte Teams Up with East SGV Coalition to Provide Winter Shelter for the Homeless by Chelsea Dickerson El Monte

Each year, as winter approaches and temperatures drop, people experiencing homelessness have a much higher risk of developing exposure-related conditions such as hypothermia and frostbite than the general population. In an effort to help our homeless or near-homeless neighbors, the City of El Monte has partnered with the East San Gabriel Valley Coalition for the Homeless, and a variety of other public agencies, private organi-

zations, foundations, and ecumenical groups in the community to provide the Winter Shelter Program for the homeless. The program will operate continuously until March 2, 2014 – providing shelter from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. every night. Shelter locations in the San Gabriel Valley include West Covina, Glendora, Hacienda Heights, Valinda, and Rowland Heights. At the shelter clients will be provided food, clothing,

hygiene kits, soap and towels for the showers. Transportation to the shelters is available. Two daily bus pick-ups are scheduled in El Monte from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m, with a third in Baldwin Park. Bus pick-up points scheduled as follows: • 5 – 5:10 p.m. Boys and Girls Club Parking Lot (2740 Mountain View Road at Mountain View and Magnolia Avenue) • 5:20 – 5:30 p.m. Pioneer Park Parking Lot (3535 Santa Anita Avenue at Santa

Anita Avenue and Ramona Avenue) • 5:50 – 6:00 p.m. Home Depot Parking Lot (3200 Puente Avenue, Baldwin Park at southeast corner near 10 Freeway and Puente Avenue)

are truly the places where Dreams Come True. Grand Marshal of the 2014 Tournament of Roses Hall of Fame broadcaster Vin Scully, an icon in American sports history and “the voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers” for 64 years, will be the Grand Marshal for the 2014 Tournament of Roses. In selecting Scully, Tour-

nament of Roses President Scott Jenkins stated that beyond the broadcaster’s innumerable accolades, it is his humility and integrity that are most impressive. Scully recently announced that he will return to the Dodger broadcast booth for an unprecedented 65th season in 2014.

For more information regarding shelter schedules and locations, visit www. or call the shelter phone at (626) 2529060.

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Grand Marshal of the 2014 Tournament of Roses The 125th Rose Parade presented by Honda is themed “Dreams Come True." The theme is a reminder that not only is it possible to attain the seemingly unattainable through extraordinary focus, effort, and belief in the probability of success, but that it has been done. Throughout all of human history, we have achieved “the impossible” by believing in the power of our dreams. The 2014 Rose Parade will be a tribute to a world of dreams that have come true as a result of imagination, passion, creativity, and hard work. They are celebrated in the small triumph of a child who wins her first spelling

bee, or a team of scientists who can take us to the moon. Whatever the dream, large or small, intimate or shared, dreams fuel the stories of our lives. “Dreams Come True” is also a banner for a yearlong celebration of the 125th Anniversary of the Rose Parade and the 100th Rose Bowl Game, spectacular examples of experiences where Dreams Come True. The game, the best of the best in magnificent competitive form, and the parade, the pinnacle of imaginative artistic expression in the realization of parade floats and the opportunity to march or ride down the Rose Parade’s celebrated route – these

January 01, 2014

Around Town by Mavis Hansen GOODBYE 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! WELCOMING THE START OF THE NEW YEAR is celebrated all around the world. The custom of celebrating the New Year started during the 1500’s, when the calendar now in use was introduced. The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is celebrated about the time of the autumnal equinox at the end of September or the beginning of October. Hindus celebrate the start of a new “year” every three months. The Chinese celebrate two New Year’s Days, one is on January 1 and the second is a much more festive celebration. This is considered the most important and festive holiday. Taking place on the New Year’s Day calculated as the first day of the first lunar month of the Chinese calendar, sometime between January 21 and February 19. This celebration also involves getting rid of bad luck from the past year by cleaning their homes, making amends and paying off debts. The Chinese celebration ends with the Lantern Festival, colorful parades, games, and special foods and sweets. Indonesia has two New Year celebrations, the official one on January 1 and another on the Islamic New Year, whose date varies from year to year. The Russian Orthodox Church observes the New Year according to the Julian calendar, which places the day on January 14. In Vietnam, the new year usually begins in February. Iran celebrates New Year’s Day on March 21. Each of the religious groups in India has its own date for the beginning of the year. One Hindu New Year, Baisakhi, comes sometime in April or May. The people in Morocco observe the beginning of the year on the tenth day of Muhrram, the first month of the Islamic year. The Koreans celebrate their New Year the first three days in January. However you celebrate, enjoy the day. HAPPY NEW YEAR! FELIZ ANO NUEVO! BONNE ANNEE! HANOLI MAKAHIKI HOU! The San Gabriel Valley Front Line for Veterans, First Responders and their Families will hold their meeting on Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at the American Legion Pasadena Post 13, 131 N. Marengo, Pasadena, California. The meeting will begin at 6:30 P.M. Speaker will be Sergeant Major

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Mid Valley News

James Schickel, USMC (ret) on The Experience of PTSD and Raising Awareness in Families and Law Enforcement. The program and dinner are provided at no charge. For further information or Dinner Reservations (a must) register by January 4, 2014 at The Friends of Foster Children is a non-profit, all volunteer organization founded in 1976 to enhance the quality of life for abused, abandoned and neglected children in the San Gabriel Valley. If interested in membership or for further information, phone 626445-4542 or Email: FOFC@ LET’S PLAY BUNCO! and enjoy a Baked Potato Lunch. On Thursday, January 9, 2014, the El Monte Women’s Club invites you to have a little fun and camaraderie at the Women’s Club Lounge, 3130 Tyler Avenue, El Monte, California. Fun begins at 11:00 A.M. Cost $10.00 for food, bunco and lots of prizes. Bunco Hostess is Elsie Neilson. Bunco proceeds are used for student scholarships. The El Monte Women’s Club proudly boasts over a century of community service. For membership information, contact Chairman Esthela Siegrist at 626442-0354 or President Rita Cazares at 626-579-2261. HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you soon, someplace AROUND TOWN


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New Laws from Assemblyman Mike Gatto Take Effect January 1 by Justin Hager California

Californians across the state will benefit from new laws authored by Assemblyman Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) that will take effect on January 1, 2014. Motorists and smallbusiness owners will receive some parking relief in January. A bill by Assemblyman Mike Gatto will allow motorists to park in spaces controlled by a broken meter for the maximum time allowed by the meter. The bill, AB 61, guarantees that parking spots remain available to the motorists, shop owners, and small businesses that rely on them, even when the meter is not working properly. “Taxpayers already pay for street maintenance, meter installation, and meter upkeep,” said Gatto. “Local governments should take responsibility and keep parking meters in good working order, not squeeze a doublepenalty out of cash-strapped citizens.” Simultaneously, motorists who flee the scene of an accident will find it more difficult to "run out the clock" once Assemblyman Gatto’s AB 184 takes effect. The legislation provides an additional tool to law-enforcement officers investigating hit-and-run offenses by extending the statute of limitations on hit-and-run incidents that result in death or serious bodily injury. “AB 184 will allow victims of hit-andruns and law enforcement to obtain justice from cowards who do everything possible to avoid responsibility for their actions,” said Gatto. “Thousands of hit-and-run victims suffer life-threatening injuries annually. Allowing the perpetrators to avoid prosecution just adds insult to these injuries.” Environmentalists

and local governments will also have new tools available to them this year once Assemblyman Gatto’s AB 440 takes effect. AB 440 transfers certain powers to cities, counties, and other local-government entities to clean-up toxic contamination, and provides protection for individuals, organizations, and lenders who work to clean-up contaminated properties. “Rehabilitation of communities is good for our neighborhoods and good for the environment,” said Gatto. “By extending greater authority to local governments, we can clean and recycle contaminated property, bring jobs and housing to where people need it most, and help bring our cities into the 21st century.” Another expanded tool for local governments also has animal lovers celebrating and dog tails wagging. AB 265 will help communities afford and create dog parks by shielding cities and counties from li-

ability they face when operating dog parks and protects them from litigants who claim, for example, that they were unaware of the potential dangers of such parks. “Dog parks help build safer and stronger communities by providing a public space for neighbors to interact while training and socializing their dogs,” said Assemblyman Gatto. “We should not allow liability concerns to be a major barrier to creating these valuable spaces, especially in small- and medium-sized cities that cannot afford to self-insure.” Mike Gatto is the Chairman of the Appropriations Committee in the California State Assembly. He represents Burbank, Glendale, La Cañada Flintridge, La Crescenta, Montrose, and the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Atwater Village, East Hollywood, Franklin Hills, Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, and Silver Lake. www.asm.

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Mid Valley News

January 01, 2014

Rosemead San Gabriel Temple City Rosemead San Gabriel Temple City

‘Time Jockey ’ Savannah History by Joe Castillo

Upcoming San Gabriel Events… New initiatives are being planned for San Gabriel in 2014. Thanks to a grant from the Southern California Association of Governments, the San Gabriel City Council will consider a new ‘green’ code for the city. In January and February meetings, the council will review presentations to consider the use of more environmentally safe uses of the land. Among potential ‘green’ projects will be the use of more droughttolerant landscaping and lawns, pervious driveways, smaller rear yards for multifamily zones, larger patio areas for housing development projects, parking lot landscaping, more bicycle racks, landscaping on parking structures, ‘green’ roofs on housing, community gardens and farmers markets, ground and roof solar panels and standards for keeping hens and chickens. Going green is good, especially for the environment, but let’s be honest. In San Gabriel, the environment and ‘green’ has never been a priority. Look at the growth of new retail centers along Valley and San Gabriel Boulevards, and Las Tunas Drive. I don’t see much green in these developments, only more concrete and compaction. Plus I’m not sure who would go bike riding in a city with no bike trails and a large volume of traffic moving over city streets. Also, developers want to make as much money as possible on development projects. Any additional costs associated with landscaping, larger patios and more open space only reduces their ability to create more units and make more money. But here’ the million dollar question, in a City Without a Plan, how is it possible to obtain a grant before city council votes on whether to go green or not? It’s just another example of poor planning in a city which is clueless…. Trees… More trees are coming to San Gabriel to replace the ones lost in windstorms over 2 years ago. The City is working with Amigos de los Rios to complete the project. The Amigos group will work with youth conservation groups and other volunteers to spearhead the plantings. In January, 130 trees will be planted along Valley Boulevard between San Gabriel Boulevard and Del Mar Avenues. In February, 40 trees will be planted in northwest San Gabriel. Volunteers are

being sought; contact Park Supervisor John Gonzalez at 626.308.2878 or jgonzalez@ for more information. …. Winners …. Congratulations to the four winners of the 15th annual holiday decoration contest. The addresses of the winners are 237 W. Broadway, 837 E. Olivos, 729 Anderson Way and 916 Euclid Avenue. A certificate and visit from Santa were received by each winner. It’s really great to see so many houses decorated for the holiday season putting everyone who views them in a joyous spirit ….

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Special RKC Kiwanicle Bulletin by Kiwanis Rosemead

To our RFK (Rosemead Family of Kiwanis) members and friends: We have been asked to notice our members and friends regarding the following items: • Upcoming RKC meetings • Kiwanis International President’s Dinner • RKC Album Project • Mid-year Kiwanis Conference Upcoming RKC Meetings – As previously announced there will be no more Rosemead Kiwanis luncheon or satellite meetings during 2013. The focus now is on the Rose Float project and International President’s visit. However, there will be five luncheon meetings and a satellite meeting in January. Details on these are being finalized and will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Kiwanicle. Kiwanis International President’s Dinner – Reservations for the previously announced President’s dinner (see the flyer on the

Rosemead Kiwanis Website which is available by clicking here) must be in to Craig Wallace by December 23, 2013. His email address is RKC Album Project –the RKC album project, authorized by the RKC Board in November, is designed to help our nearly forty Rosemead Kiwanians get to know one another better. Elizabeth Landing, designated to spearhead the project, has procured the needed supplies. Single pasge questionnaires were distributed a month ago; however, only a few have been returned. A copy of the questionnaire has been posted to the RKC website, here. It would be appreciated if members would fill out and return this questionnaire to avoid the time consuming task of soliciting them individually. Mid-year Kiwanis Conference - The Southern California Cal-Nev-Ha Kiwanis District Mid Year Conference will be held adjacent to Disneyland on Friday, Janu-

ary 31 and Saturday, February 1, 2014. A four page brochure, found here on the Rosemead Kiwanis website, has been assembled from the Cal-Nev-Ha website. Special features include: • First ever Key Leader program for Kiwanians (previous editions have been for Builders and Key Club members only) • Three morning and afternoon TraK sessions, each with five topics each (details in brochure) The Mid Year Conference is intended to educate Kiwanians in what Kiwanis is truly all about – it is much more than just fund raising and projects. We are truly about “changing the world – one child and one community at a time.” Along the way we grow and change ourselves; facilitating this is the point of holding locally available meetings such as this – with a low and affordable registration fee.

The Annual Board Meeting for Savannah Memorial Park Pioneer Cemetery will be held on Saturday, January 11. 2014. It will be held at 10:00 am at the El Monte Historical Museum.

(3150 N. Tyler Ave. El Monte-91731) We hope that all Legacy Members will attend.We will have election of the board members, and also an update on some of the events of the past year.

We do have 4 openings for the Board, if you are interested in serving, please let us know.For more information, contact Janice Wiggins White 626-443-8325

working on them and how much time it takes," said volunteer Noah Furman of San Antonio, Texas. The countdown is on as Fiesta Parade's Floats must be covered from top to bottom with Mother Nature's offerings. "With all of our floats, we're talking well over a million flowers, obviously, on all 13 of our floats, some floats are heavier on the rose end as opposed to tropical flowers," said Tim Estes, president of Fiesta Parade Floats. And whether the participants are new to the parade like the Lucy Pet Foundation or a longtime favorite like Dole, the floats all come packed with creativity. "People are ingenious, I mean the artists who come up with the idea, it's great,

it's just beyond imagination," said Karen Furman of San Antonio, Texas. From canines to killer whales, bears to birds, the floats' sights and sounds will amaze and entertain. This year's Rose Parade will also feature the longest float in parade history. Vin Scully, the legendary voice of the Los Angeles Dodgers, has been tapped to be the grand marshal of the 125th Rose Parade. The 85-year-old Scully will ride in the parade, themed "Dreams Come True," and toss the coin at the start of the 100th Rose Bowl Game. The Rose Parade will air live on Jan. 1 on ABC7 beginning at 8 a.m. (Copyright ©2013 KABCTV/DT. All Rights Reserved.)

Savannah Memorial Park Annual Board Meeting

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Pasadena's Rose Parade Information

by KABC Irwindale and Pasadena

The rush is on to complete the 125th Rose Parade floats before New Year's morning. The 2014 Rose Parade theme is "Dreams Come True," which has the float fanatics pulling out all the stops. Forty-five float entries will participate in the event. Thursday was day one of decorating week at Fiesta Parade Floats in Irwindale as hundreds of volunteers began the arduous task of bringing these floats to life. "Everything is so in detail, from the rice to the oatmeal to the seeds, we made roses out of sunflower seeds never thought of doing that,you know, it's crazy," said volunteer Demetrius Staton of Riverside. "I never really thought about how much work is put in to the floats and how many people are always

January 01, 2014

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'Jerry's Journey' by Jerry Jambazian

Temple City Sister City Association welcomed seven visiting Australian high school students on December 26. The Australians will be in Temple City for a month experiencing the life of a teenage American. They are staying with families within the area and learning about their family’s life. The Australians share their lives with their American family and look at the similarities and differences between the two countries. While here, the Australians will be going to Temple City High School,

Naturally, it came as no surprise when on November 8, 1983; Hawkesbury Shire Council formally accepted Temple City’s invitation and adopted the proposal to become Temple City’s Sister City. Policies were then finalized and on Monday, January 23, 1984, at the Windsor Community & Cultural Center, proclamations between the two cities were exchanged and the Sister City relationship began. The Hawkesbury District Concert Band made a historic visit to Temple City

when he saw his sister on the basketball court on national television! Born in Middleton, Massachusetts (about 20 miles outside of Boston) Dr. Prince has been married to her husband, John, for over 58 years. In this new chapter of their life, Dr. Prince and her husband plan to take

cruises to Alaska, Panama Canal, and cruise the rivers of New England to witness the autumn colors of the northeast, as well as visit family on the east coast. Certainly, Dr. Prince’s mother would have been proud of her daughter and what she has accomplished. Friday, December 20, 2013

was her last day of service. Everyone at El Monte City School District sends a fond farewell to Dr. Prince. We will miss her, but know she will be accomplishing and learning lots of new things as she cruises the world. Bon voyage, Dr. Prince!

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VFW Post 10218. Representatives from the City of El Monte were in attendance was Councilman Juventino “J” Gomez and announcer Jaimie Nery. El Monte TV3’s “El Monte Tonight” includes Andreya Garcia, Amber Garcia, Satch Valley Community Church Cares Ministry, and George, Satch, Cory Guillen. photo by Daniel Gonzales

Madrid Middle School Students Support the Philippines Relief Effort by Michele Earle El Monte

Tom Refalo, Phoebe Tracey, Adam Clark, Bethany Tramontano, Jordan Pearson, Tim McAlpine, Jamie Anyon-Smith

Oak Avenue, and Emperor. They will be going on a city tour of City Hall, the fire department, and the Sheriff’s station. The Australians will be talking at a City Council meeting, a Board of Education meeting, and Temple City Boy Scout troop 169. They will be going to Riley’s Farm and partaking in the Revolutionary War Adventure. The kids have an exciting month ahead of them. Tom Refalo, Phoebe Tracey, Adam Clark, Bethany Tramontano, Jordan Pearson, Tim McAlpine, Jamie Anyon-Smith Temple City Facts: January 23, 2014 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Sister City relationship with Hawkesbury, Australia. The City Council of Temple City at their regular meeting on November 1, 1983, adopted a resolution to extend an invitation to the Hawkesbury Shire to become their Sister City and participate in a City-to-City Relationship. Hawkesbury Shire has been corresponding with Temple City for some time and had held preliminary talks to discuss the forming of a Sister City relationship.

in February 1985. They took part in the Camellia Festival, which is an annual event in Temple City. Hawkesbury Shire Council has unanimously resolved to support the visit and made a substantial contribution to the cost. I am happy to announce my new website dedicated to everything Temple City. It captures the spirit and community of a great city. Check it out at: to see recent photo and video events. You can also like us on Facebook. I would welcome your comments at To view 63 photos from the Sister City welcome dinner including 15 minutes of video please visit www. See you soon…

LLEY'S SPORT CORNE A V R MID Visit Online at for more Highlighting Local Schools from the San Gabriel Valley Area.

Students at Madrid Middle School lent their support to relief efforts in the Philippines as the country recovers from Typhoon Haiyan which struck central Philippines on November 8. Madrid’s fund-raising effort, led by the school’s College Preparatory Skills (CPS) class, inspired students to reach out and help those in need. CPS students were out in front of the school with collection cans as students arrived to start the day. The fundraising campaign Madrid Middle School students collect donations for the Philippines relief efforts. Students in the College Preparatory Skills (CPS) class coordinated the fundraiser and look forward to supporting the country as it recovers from Typhoon Haiyan.

encouraged everyone to contribute $1 in exchange for a free dress day. Under the direction of teacher, Jane Syftestad, the students created signs, decorated the collection cans and collected and helped count the money. A total of $650 was raised by the students

and staff. “As a school we really wanted to do something to help the typhoon victims in the Philippines,” said Syftestad. “My students were excited to put the fundraiser together and be a part of a worthwhile cause to help others.”

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January 01, 2014

Mid Valley News

El Monte/South El Monte Chamber News El Monte/South El Monte Chamber of Commerce · 10505 Valley Blvd. · Suite 212 · El Monte · CA 91731 Phone: 626-443-0180 · Fax: 626-443-0463 E-mail: /

CHAMBER CHIT CHAT This is the time of year when we reflect and are thankful for all we have in our cities of El Monte and South El Monte. While we have had serious challenges this year and will so in 2014, let's direct our attention to how our community is focused on giving back during this time of year. The Holiday House was held on December 7th, with the Chamber of Commerce hosting a “Smog Nog” booth benefiting the Hope House. Participants displayed their unique items, while partnering with a va-

By Ken Rausch

Executive Director

riety of volunteers, to give the attendees the traditional holiday experience for which the Holiday House is known. Truly special to the Chamber of Commerce is the annual Teddy Bear Mixer held on December 11th, whereby we ask for cash donations from our members and unwrapped toys as admission to the Teddy Bear Mixer to help out the El Monte/South El Monte Emergency Resources Association (ERA). Ten Chamber member restaurants provided a wide

El Monte/South El Monte Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors 2013 - 2014 EXECUTIVE BOARD: PRESIDENT JACK DALTON – Owner & President, Ramona Property Managers, Inc. VICE PRESIDENT JOE PEREZ El Patio Bar & Grill SECRETARY/TREASURER KEN JESKE Business Association EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR KEN RAUSCH EM/SEM Chamber of Commerce


LORI CRAVEN-DOSS Brown’s Jewelry & Loan DONNA DUNCAN Donna Duncan, Consultant JUVENTINO “J” GOMEZ City Councilman, City of El Monte

JOSE JACQUEZ Lawrence Equipment TOM MILLETT Citizen Member

ART BARRIOS Planning Commission, City of El Monte

JACKELYNN NEVARES Citizens Business Bank

JODY BUSH Citizen Member LUIS CETINA Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

NICK SALERNO Superintendent El Monte Union High School District DONNA YOUNG Vons Credit Union

moving float that visits the neighborhoods throughout the community complete with Santa Claus and free photos with Santa. The Chamber of Commerce and DEMBA sponsored the event. Whether you are a resident or business in El Monte or South El Monte, we are truly fortunate to be

a part of such giving and charitable communities. We should all take note of this special feeling throughout the year. On behalf of Denise, Chris and myself, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Chamber Ambassadors Steven Abramson..................................................................................Community Health Alliance of Pasadena Ernie Amaya........……………………………………...............................…………………..Rose Hills Memorial Park Luis Astorga..............................................................................................................Palladium Technical Academy David Ayala...................................................................................................................................Wells Fargo Bank Jody Bush, (Chairman, 2007 Ambassador of the Year)............................................................Citizen Member Amanda Chang....................................................................................................................Kalico Office Furniture Sharon Coley................................................................................................................DoubleTree Rosemead Hotel Craig Doerr (2013 Ambassador of the Year)..................................................................American Reclamation Edward Guerrero..............................................................................................................................Citizen Member Jonathan Hawes.............................................................................................................................City of El Monte Scott Hayer.....................................................................................................................BESTCO Food Wholesale Carrie Jones..................................................................................................................................Denny's El Monte Connie Keenan……………………………………………………………………………………………….Citizen Member Chris Knight..............................................................................El Monte/South El Monte Chamber of Commerce Margaret Martinez.....................................................................................Community HealthAlliance of Pasadena Caesar Mayor (2011 Ambassador of the Year).............................................. Credit Union of Southern California Rachel Montes.................................................................................................................................Citizen Member Jackelynn Nevares ...............................................................................................................Citizens Business Bank Lorraine Wild..............................................................................................................Brown's Jewelry & Loan Co. Juli Travis (2012 Ambassador of the Year) ........................................................................................Hope House Ernesto Villegas............................................................................................................................... Villegas Realty Vanessa Villegas.................................................................................................................................Villegas Realty

Chamber Events

JOSEPH GONZALES City Councilman, City of South El Monte


San Gabriel Valley Water Co.

variety of culinary specialties, while the Mountain View High School Choir entertained the attendees. Our friends at the City of El Monte Public Works once again coordinated the annual Santa Claus Float on December 18th on Valley Mall. What a better way to give back to the kids in our community than a genuine,


Ambassadors' Luncheon Meeting Tuesday, January 7th 11:30 am Annia's Kitchen at the Airport 4233 Santa Anita Ave. Unit 12 El Monte Breakfast Networking Mixer Wednesday, January 8th 7:30 AM

El Patio Bar and Grill Chamber of Commerce Legislative Committee Meeting Thursday, January 9th 9:00 am Chamber Board Room DEMBA Board of Directors' Meeting Tuesday, January 14th 2:00 pm Chamber Board Room Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors'

Meeting Thursday, January 23rd 8:00 am Chamber Board Room Meeting of the Minds Workshop Wednesday, January 29th 11:30 am Breakfast Networking Mixer Wednesday, February 5th 7:30 AM El Patio Bar and Grill

Upgrade celebrates Grand Opening with Ambassador Jody Bush, Director of Marketing & Membership Christine Knight and New Business Owners Jorge and Stephanie Avila and Upgrade staff. — at 10733 Lower Azusa Road, El Monte.

January 01, 2014

NEW MEMBERS in November San Gabriel Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America

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Mid Valley News

El Monte/South El Monte Chamber News photographs by Ken Rausch

3450 E. Sierrra Madre Blvd.

Pasadena 91107 323-804-7118

Mariscos Puerto Vallarta 2576 Mountain View Road El Monte 91733 626-448-3631

My Kids Fitness

President of Chamber of Commerce Jack Dalton, PastPresident of Chamber of Commerce Donna Duncan, with Ambassador Caesar Mayor

Win Hyundai Representative Welcomes Chamber Members

Great Times with Friends..... Executive Director Ken Rausch, Gabriel Perez from El Patio, Newly Elected City Clerk Jonathon Hawes, Board of Directors Donna Duncan and Chamber Member Lori Craven -Doss.

Christine Knight Director of Marketing & Membership presents Certificate of Membership to Carrie Jones of Denny's Restaurant Peck Road, El Monte.

4230 Mountain Shadows Drive Whittier 90601 562-587-7870

Kids in Sports Los Angeles - Kranz 3980 Bill Robertson Lane, Suite 237 Los Angeles 90037 213-765-1905

Complete Office Solutions 1557 Santa Anita Avenue South El Monte 91733 626-329-4800

Dearden's 3548 Peck Road El Monte 91732 626-401-2800

BESTCO Food Wholesale 10775 Lower Azusa Road El Monte 91731 626-618-7878 The Upgrade Barber Shop The Upgrade Beauty Salon

10733 Lower Azusa Road El Monte 91731 626-448-1987

California State Dignitaries, El Monte City Officials, El Monte/South EL Monte Chamber Representatives with Attendees, Welcome New Members Chamber Members BestCo Food Wholesale.

Chamber Member Morris Pouldar of Union 76 located on Santa Anita/Asher, El Monte gives Special Thanks to our Veterans for serving our Country, by Sponsoring Thanksgiving Dinner for Veterans at the VFW Hall....

Executive Director Ken Rausch, Director of Marketing & Membership Christine Knight Welcome New Member/ Ambassador Steven Abramson of Community Health Alliance Pasadena (CHAP).

Gordon Termite Control, Inc.

9637 Flower Street Bellflower 90706 562-925-5800

Director of Marketing & Membership Christine Knight welcomes business owners Jorge & Stephanie Avila of Upgrade Barbershop & Salon. — at 10733 Lower Azusa Avenue, El Monte.

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FANVIEW By Joe Torosian

Question If the NCAA will allow college basketball players to go “One & Done,” meaning they can come to college for one season and then declare for the NBA Draft, why do they require a player to sit out a season when transferring between schools? If You Ever Saw... If you saw the Poinsettia Bowl this past week, Utah Sate defeating Northern Illinois, then you know why college football needs a playoff. The Poinsettia Bowl attracted an announced crowd of 23,000 in QualCom Stadium in San Diego that has a seating capacity of 71,000. Quote of the Weekend ''To be in that moment at the end of the game and have that opportunity, it's a blessing.''---Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb on scoring the game-winning touchdown in the Packers 33-28 victory over the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Prep Football The player to keep an eye on in 2014? Baldwin Park running back Malik Abston. Abston, who will only be a junior, introduced himself to the Arroyo defense this past season with several big plays. Did You Know...? Minnesota Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier, Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano, Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski, Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz... Were all fired on Monday. Did You Know Part Two...? Two NFL stadiums are closing its doors. Candlestick Park is still technically alive because the San Francisco 49ers are in the playoffs. The “Metrodome” in Minnesota ended its run on Sunday when the Vikings defeated the Detroit Lions. Both the Lions and Vikings are moving into new stadiums. Boys Basketball Note At 6-2 Edward Dominguez is leading El Monte in scoring, 11 points per game, and rebounding, 10 per game. The Lions are 9-5 on the season. Girls Basketball Note The Arcadia girls basketball team has won four consecutive games with victories over Schurr, Charter Oak, West Covina, and Azusa. The Lady Apaches are now 9-2 on the season. Happy Birthday this week to:

1/1: Former Temple City

January 01, 2014

Mid Valley News

Rams offensive tackle/APU Grad/Mid Valley Staffer Josh Ouellette turns 23. 1/6: Former San Gabriel linebacker Frankie Villalobos turns 22. 1/7: Ana Torosian, wife of Joe Torosian, turns 29 (again). Contact Joe at Follow Joe at @joet13b Listen to “The Joe Show” every Wednesday (6:P.M.) at

Aguilar will be Back at South El Monte by Joe Torosian South El Monte

Most stories this time of year are about high school football coaches stepping down. The season ends, the coaches have had time to reflect and they want to make a decision before the new year. There have already been three coach resignations since the season ended. While in South El Monte, the head coach is coming back. Rumors had him leaving, blog posts had him as good as gone and the word around the area football circles was that it would happen any day now. Well we confirmed it. Those rumors couldn’t be farther from the truth. “I’m definitely coming back!” said South El Monte Coach Ibis Aguilar. “I’m actually in the process of expanding my staff with new coaches and signing new teams for our preseason.” The Eagles had an unlikely South El Monte season

South El Monte head football coach Ibis Aguilar. photo by Joe Torosian

last year, going 2-8 and 1-4 in the Mission Valley League. South opened with a 38-6 win over Nogales before losing the next four non-league games. All four opponents, however, were playoff teams. South then opened league with a 50-20 win over El Monte but lost the next four, including a 35-24 loss to Mt. View in the season finale. So when the rumors surfaced, there seemed to be some validity. But Aguilar has had success before. Last year the Eagles won league and advanced to the second round of the CIF playoffs before falling to Monrovia in Aguilar’s second year at the helm. “After the season we had the fire is burning hotter than ever within myself, my staff and my returning players,” Aguilar said. “We’ve been working in the weight room since the Monday after

our last game. Our returning players insisted and I love it!” Aguilar would like nothing better than to prove that 2013 was a fluke and to get back on top. “We’re climbing back to the top of our league this season. I guarantee it!” Aguilar said. So don’t believe everything you read or hear. Sometimes it’s true but a lot of times it’s not. Blogs are a nice way to vent and a nice forum for fans to express their opinions but the rantings aren’t always 100 percent factual. “I’m glad I was able to clear up the blog rumors with some truth. I’m sure those bloggers may wish I wasn’t coming back but unless they can get Mack Brown to come to South El Monte, I’m still the HC at SEM! Aguilar said.

Christmas Card from Mt. View Football by Joe Torosian El Monte

Although it didn’t end with a trip to the playoffs, the football season at Mountain View High School was a good one for Head Coach Victor Ambruso and new Principal Larry Cecil. “Larry Cecil (is) doing great things for our school and our football program,” said Ambruso. “I feel bad

for those coach- Best Santa Clause Ever! Mt. View Principal Larry Cecil. photo courtesy of Victor Ambruso es who don’t get administration support and lose their including nine 100-yard passion.” rushing games; three of The Vikings finished 2013 those cleared 200 yards. with a 5-5 record overall Ambruso remains optimisand a superstar season from tic about 2014. “The job is running back Jose Moreno. grueling enough, but very The senior rushed for 1,697 rewarding. Merry Christyards and 17 touchdowns, mas.”

January 01, 30, 2014 2013

The Peterson Principle By Tim Peterson

At least the Dallas Cowboys are consistent. Three straight seasons that end in identical records of 8-8. That's not easy to do. It would be easy to blame the loss on the Eagles or Kyle Orton, but you get the feeling the outcome would have been the same with Tony Romo at quarterback. Orton really only made one mistake – the interception at the end. Romo is usually good for at least a couple of picks per game. No, the Eagles won because they have better players. Romo or not, they weren't going to win. Jason Garrett isn't a bad guy. He's a pretty good assistant. But as a head coach he's been mediocre. In order to take the next step, Dallas needs to make a change. Deion Sanders said it best on the NFL Network. “If Jerry Jones is fine with mediocrity then he should keep Jason Garrett. If not, he's got to go.” Yes, Aaron Rodgers makes all the difference in the world. There's no way the Packers win that game without Rodgers at quarterback. Rodgers is the only one who could have made that play and throw to win the game. Although I still can't figure out how the Chicago Bears' defense let Randall Cobb get behind them. Isn't that the Cardinal rule on fourth down when a touchdown will beat you? The San Diego Chargers needed some divine intervention to get in the playoffs and they got it when Ryan Succup (what a name) missed a 41-yard field goal with four seconds left in regulation. The Chargers needed everything to fall their way the last three weeks, and that's exactly what happened. Now they suddenly look like a dangerous first round opponent. As for the Chiefs, they're heading into the playoffs having lost five of their last seven games. Two months ago, Andy Reid looked like the Coach of the Year, but if he's bounced in the first round?...not so much. More divine intervention: The Chargers fumbled the ball on a fourth down fake punt attempt in overtime and Kansas City recovered. But it was ruled the running back was down and San Diego had the first down. Yeah, somebody was smiling on the Chargers. The Denver Broncos look like the team to come out of the AFC simply because they have Peyton Manning. Sunday he became the alltime single season passing yards leader as he eclipsed Drew Brees.

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Mid Valley News

The Bengals defense is solid but if Andy Dalton throws four picks again in the playoffs, they're done. Did the Cleveland Browns really expect Rob Chudzinski to take them to the Super Bowl in his first season? I love the College Bowl season but before the matchups are set, the powers that be might want to look at the location of the game. Utah State and Northern Illinois aren't bad teams but they just don't fly in San Diego. The announced crowd at the Poinsettia Bowl last Thursday night at Qualcomm Stadium was 23,000. But it appeared to be about 15,000 in a generous estimation. I think there was a bigger crowd at Faith Community Church last Saturday night. That’s my principle. Tim can be reached at

The Ninth Annual El Monte Football Golf Tourney El Monte

The EMHS Golf Tournament is right around the corner. For everyone that has attended in the past, this tournament would not be a success without your support. All of the money raised will go directly to the football program. If you do not golf, no worries. You can donate a raffle item or sponsor a hole on the golf course. The dinner/ raffle/auction has become very popular if you only wish to attend the dinner. You are more than welcome to just pay for a dinner ticket. If you have any questions, send an email to emftbl@ Thank you to everyone and I hope to see you April 18th at the golf tournament. Go Lions!!!!

You too can be a sponsor.

Former El Monte basketball coach John “Rat Dog” Gillette turns hacker for a good cause in last year’s tournament. Photo courtesy of Joel Sanchez.

District 18 Little League Update El Monte


PROTECT YOUR BUSINESS NAME Publish your Fictitious Business Name Statements with Us!

MID VALLEY NEWS 11401 Valley Blvd, Ste 200 B El Monte, CA 91731

626.443.1753 Your DBA expires every five years! It’s simple to refile. Contact us, we have the forms.

And the work begins at Temple City American. Jorge Cordero, Jeff Kemper, Chris Day, Mark Vaca, & T.J. Johnson are among those who spent some time at Live Oak Park getting ready for the TCA season. Photo courtesy of Temple City American Little League

As the calendar turns, serious work begins on the upcoming Little League season. With some local leagues starting at the end of February, all in full swing by the start of April. Area Little Leagues include four right here in El Monte & South El Monte: El Monte National (at Lambert Park), El Monte American (Pioneer Park), El Monte Eastern (Mt. View Park), and South El Monte National (New Temple Park). The City of Temple City features two leagues, as does Arcadia. The City of Alhambra has three. The cities of

Monrovia, San Gabriel, and Rosemead do not have active Little League organizations. Notes: Temple City American will be celebrating its 60th season this spring. The league will resume player registration on Saturday, January 11th (91PM) and again on January 14th (6:30-8:30PM). Player evaluations will be Saturday, January 18th. All will be held at Live Oak Park. *** El Monte National will resume registration for its upcoming season on Friday, January 3rd (5:PM) and Saturday, January 4th (10:AM)

at Lambert Park. Player tryouts will be Saturday, February 22nd. *** Temple City National will resume registrations on Friday, January 10th (79:PM) and Saturday, January 11th (11-1:PM) at Millham Field, which is located at the northwest corner of Longden Elementary in Temple City. *** As always, if you have pictures, information, or updates on your Little League team, this information can be sent to Joe Torosian at joe@

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Mid Valley News

January 01, 2014

Fall into Winter Break CROSSWORD

Sudoku Solution for Sudoku in next issue 1.08.14

Crossword Puzzle Solution in next issue 1.08.14

What's in the Stars?? Aries If you take every little detail into consideration, your head will explode, and no one wants that.

Taurus Everything goes better with a side of romance, doesn't it? Music sounds better. Art is more interesting.

Gemini Try as you might, communication doesn't come easily on Monday and Tuesday -especially with your family.


"2013 IN REVIEW"

1. Fancy tie 6. *Amanda Bynes wore a blue one in court 9. A woman at Harvard after 1977 13. Star Wars attacker 14. Big time 15. Artillery burst 16. Rhino relative 17. Brit. fliers 18. E.T., e.g. 19. *New prince of Cambridge 21. *Leno's successor 23. And not 24. Dispatched 25. What hernias do 28. Yamaguchi's court 30. *Football HOFer, ______ Jones, died 35. Web ____ 37. Butcher's cut 39. Eye _____ 40. Truth alternative 41. One affected by Hansen's disease 43. Deuce topper 44. Be in harmony 46. Urban legends, e.g. 47. Kitten's plaything 48. *Kind of care 50. Rich soil 52. French "lake" 53. Place to moor a boat 55. Gourmet mushroom 57. Female peafowl 60. Jewish village, historical 63. Elks' hangout 64. Augment 66. Fear-inspiring 68. MPH 69. Bull's mate 70. Sheep-like 71. Hibernation stations 72. *Kourtney and Kim 73. Cause aversion


1. *Jennifer Lawrence won for doing it 2. Smelting waste 3. Endure 4. *Satire newspaper that stopped printing 5. Reign of ______ 6. "The Way We ___" 7. Gershwin or Levin 8. Blooper 9. "____ Me Maybe" 10. Assortment 11. Fifty-fifty 12. *___ Draper of "Mad Men" went to L.A. 15. Some chips are this, some are not 20. Done on a barbie 22. Plus 24. Biathlete's equipment 25. Jerusalem's ancient land 26. Cell phone bill item 27. It's firma 29. Season to be jolly 31. Bohemian 32. Reef constructor 33. Met's offering 34. *Boy group, reunited 36. Movie ____ 38. Agrippina's slayer 42. Boxer's stat 45. Engraved 49. Clod chopper 51. *Cause of Chelyabinsk's disaster 54. Sweater style 56. Pet annoyance 57. *The new one is from Argentina 58. "I Dream of Jeannie" star 59. Long, long time 60. Tailored 61. *Artist Banksy took one to New York 62. Country dance formation 63. a.k.a. acid 65. Ornamental carp 67. Unagi

Cancer If you narrow your gaze at the start of the week, the important clues will stand out. The risk in being analytical is that you'll overthink things.

Leo You are devoted to straightening out your finances at the beginning of the week.

Virgo Tidying up your desk, or your car, or your house on Monday will give your brain some time to put things in order.

Libra Your magic quality this week (especially at the beginning of the week) is your utter inability to hold a grudge.

Scorpio The information you receive on Monday helps you immensely. Now you can plan. Now you know where you're going.

Sagittarius Others may drive you crazy on Monday and Tuesday, but why let on? Save your lectures for situations that matter.

Capricorn A long-distance phone call brings you more relevant news at the beginning of the week than you ever expected.

Aquarius You might as well take care of the details from the outset, because you'll have to take care of them at some point.

Pisces Your analytical mind can be too much for a friend seeking solace. Sometimes the best course of action is to listen intently.


New Year by Eugene R. Webb It is another year that I do recall; So here's wishing the best to one and all. Stay sober and take each day as it comes; Be thoughtful, loving and caring of everyone. Now it's time to leave the old Year 2013 behind; Get rid of all the old habits that are on our mind. Let's try to go forth with a purpose you know is true; I believe it's the best way to start a year that's new. Each and every day goes a little faster than the last; We shouldn't ever regret the years that have past. Because hopefully from each one we have learned; And to better ourselves is something we should yearn. Let's try to work at being positive, happy and strong; And be able to forgive whatever should go wrong. With a loving heart let's help others along the way; Wake up looking forward to each and every single day. It's important to make this a great year to remember; Starting from now through the month of December. With God's loving care we can live without any fear; So we'll be able to have a wonderful happy new year.

January 01, 30, 2014 2013 FICTITIOUS BUSINESS NAME STATEMENT File No. 2013252752. ORIGINAL FILING. The following person(s) is (are) doing business as: MAKE SCENTS NOVELTIES, 3113 HEMPSTEAD AVE., ARCADIA, CA 91006-5731, LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Registered Owner(s): THOMAS WITT, 3113 HEMPSTEAD AVE, ARCADIA, CA 91006-5731. This business is conducted by AN INDIVIDUAL. Registrant has commenced to transact business under the fictitious business name on OWNER. Notice – This Fictitious Name Statement expires five years from the date it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. A new fictitious Business Name Statement expires at the end of five years from the date on which it was filed in the office of the County Clerk. A new fictitious Business Name Statement must be filed before that time. The filing of the statement does not of itself authorize the use in this state of a Fictitious Business Name in violation of the rights of another under Federal, State or common law (See Section 14411 et seq., Business and Professions Code). 12.18.2013, 12.25.2013, 01.01.2014, 01.08.2014 MID VALLEY NEWS

NOTICE OF LIEN SALE NOTICE OF LIEN SALE Notice is given that pursuant to sections 21700-21713 of the Business and Professions Code, Section 2328 of the Commercial Code, Section 535 of the Penal Code, that Wells Cargo Self Storage at 901 W. Service Ave., West Covina, Ca. 91790 will sell by competitive bidding, on or after January 22, 2014 at 11:00 a.m., property belonging to those listed below. Auction is to be held at the above address. Property to be sold as follows: household goods, furniture, personal items, clothing, electronics, tools, auto parts and miscellaneous boxes, belonging to the following. Anaya, Maria Alvarez, Anthony Navarro, Jazmin Gutierrez, Claudia RAMIREZ, JULIO GUTIERREZ, JUAN Cabrera, Edward J. GONZALEZ, JACQUELINE Price, Kim LOPEZ, JOHN Rivera, Suzanne Cifuentes, Luis Shakir, Mohammed NUNEZ, EDWARD J. LAWRENCE, AMEER SANDOVAL, JULIAN Ramirez, Carlos Flye, Steve Watkins, Bryon L. Lopez, Julio Diaz, Nichole Martinez, Claudia Chavez, Ivan Feria, Beatriz Loput, Stephanie Carrera, Victor 01/01/2014 & 01/08/2014 MID VALLEY NEWS

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Mid Valley News URGENCY ORDINANCE NO. 2835

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January 01, 2014 URGENCY ORDINANCE NO. 2835

January 01, 2014

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January 01, 2014

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Greater El Monte V.F.W. Post 10218 Rental Contact Vera (626) 261-0489 - Maximum Capacity 250 people - 20 x 25 ft. Carpet covered stage with electric outlets and ligths

- Working Disco Mirror ball - Central air conditioning come, with tables and chairs - Very clean men, women, and disabled restrooms - Small Kitchen, electric stove and large sink - Walk in - refrigerator


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Crossword Puzzle solution for 12.25.13

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Sudoku Puzzle solution for 12.25.13

January 01, 2014

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Mid Valley News

Car Culture Corner

Auto Club Finals at Pomona by Andrew Paul Bettridge Pomona

The day at the Auto Club Finals in Pomona started off in classic fashion with the track walk and driver introductions. Down the first round of eliminations for the top fuel nitro, first pair between Morgan Lucas and Terry McMillen; where Terry smoked the tires right at the 330 ft mark. The next pair rolled in and Clay Millican took the win against Troy Buff as he smoked the tires at 60 ft. Next set to go down on the track, Brand Bernstein took the win as Billy Torrence got loose just past 60 ft. and sideways. Brandon smoked the tires just past halftrack. The next pair up was the already crowned top fuel champion Shawn Langdon and Steve Torrence. Shawn has a clean run, but Steven Torrence ran into issues and banged the blower, deploying the chutes between 60 ft. and 330 ft. and coming to a stop before the lights at the end. The matchup between Doug Kalitta and Tony Schumacher was one of the fastest of the day here at the Auto Club Finals. By Doug running 3.757 seconds at 328 mph, he brought Tony's season to an end. The Antron Brown and Bob Vandergriff match-up brought Vandergriff’s day end, by smoking the tires just around 60ft. Dave Grubnic blew the blower off the top of the engine, just before the finish line and still got the win for the round. The match-up of Spencer Massey and Brittany Force brought up the end of the round for top fuel. Brittany’s crew chief had predicted a high 3.7 seconds for her run but came up with a 4.594 pedaling it, going down the track and coming out with the win to move onto the next round. The first match-up of nitro funny cars came up fast with Jack Beckman in his DSR

(Don Schumacher Racing) Dodge and Cruz Pedregon in the Snap-On Camry. Cruz came out on top with a 4.101 run. The pair of Del Worsham and Gary Densham came in and Del came out with a 4.100 time for the win. As Courtney Force rolled into the water box for the first round of eliminations, the chutes popped out on the line, but as she went down the track against Bob Tasca, she spun the tires near the top end before the lights, giving Tasca the win. The next pair up was John Force and Bob Bode where John ran 4.036 at 327.12 The Alexis Dejoria and Matt Hagan run resulted in 4.059 seconds from Alexis and 4.056 from Matt. Ron Capps took the win over Robert Height as Robert lost traction and smoked the tires near the top end. The last nitro funny car pair was a wild run for both drivers as Tim Wilkerson nearly crossed the center stripe at half- track and Jeff Arrend got loose shortly after. As track prep went on for pro-stock cars, the car of Jeff Arrend sat on the top end of the track. Track prep ended with the car still being attended to for unknown reasons. As moving into the semi-finals for pro stock motorcycle was Sullivan versus Polachek and Ray versus Krawiec. For pro stock car

leaves K. Johnson versus A. Johnson and Perkinson versus Jones. In funny car it slides John Force who pedaled the car about 7 or 8 times to get it going straight back on the track against Gary Densham and Matt Hagan vs Cruz Pedregon. Finally, top fuel pitted Brittany Force against Doug Kalitta and Shawn Langdon and Morgan Lucas head to head. For top fuel semi-finals, Brittany Force smoked the tires right off the line between 60 feet, giving the win to Doug Kalitta. Shawn Langdon ran 3.756 seconds at 326.87 mph against Morgan Lucas, although some unknown objects came off both cars around half-track. Morgan’s car seemed to just lose post and coasted the rest of the way. In the finals for top fuel resulted in putting the number 4 qualifier Doug Kalitta and number 2 qualifier Shawn Langdon head

to head. John Force ran a 4.043 at 314.83 mph and moved on to the finals here at Pomona. The next pair

Eddie Kraewick takes him into the finals to go against Scotty Polachek who ran a 6.949 against Katie Sullivan,

photos byAndrew Paul Bettridge

was Matt Hagan and Cruz Pedregon, the number 4 and number 6 qualifier head to head. Cruz Pedregon dropped a cylinder near the top end and lost to Matt Hagan, resulting in a Matt Hagan vs John Force final for the 49th Annual Auto Club Finals at Pomona. The next pair was Rickie Jones and Buddy Perkinson, where Richie Jones took the win over Buddy Perkinson to match the ET of Allen Johnson to head into the finals together. In the pro stock motorcycle semi-finals, a 6.957 second run from

who would have been the 4th female pro stock motorcycle rider to go into the finals. Eddie Kraewick takes the win at the Auto Club Finals with a 6.968 at 192 in pro stock motorcycle. In pro stock car, Rickie Jones takes the win with a 6.584 at 210.28. Nitro funny car rolls into the water box for the last time this season putting the 16 time champ John Force against DSR's Matt Hagan, with Matt Hagan taking the win. Shawn Langdon came out over Doug Kalitta in top fuel.

January 01, 2014

Mid Valley News

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Business and Services

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Have you been injured? Are you hurting? Do not suffer! • • most insurance accepted• • We specialize in the following:

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auto & work-related injuries • neck, arm & shoulder pains (joints) • low back, leg pain (sciatica) • athletic injuries • acupressure therapy • force/non-force techniques • Specific nutritional evaluation • Custom foot orthotics

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opEn 6 dayS & 3 nightS

Recycle Used Motor Oil & Used Filters

Hazardous Waste Collection Center

Deliver both used motor oil and used filters to any of the certified collection centers listed below. All of the listed centers are located in El Monte. For collection centers in other areas, call 1-800-CleanUp.

Unwanted hazardous waste and obsolete electronics should be delivered to the City of El Monte’s hazardous waste collection center for proper disposal. This is a free drop off program available to El Monte residents.

AutoZone. . . . . . . . . . . . 11104 Ramona Bl. . . 442-8310 O’Reilly Auto Parts. . . . .12034 Valley Bl. . . . .444-0446 O’Reilly Auto Parts. . . . .4792 Peck Road. . . .579-2317 Pep Boys . . . . . . . . . . . . 11937 E. Valley Bl. . .401-0404 The Oilmen. . . . . . . . . . . 10013 Valley Bl. . . . .443-5823 Longo Toyota, Service. . 3534 N. Peck Rd. . . 580-6101 Longo Lexus, Service. . .3530 N. Peck Rd. . . 580-6252 Nelson Honda Service. . 3464 N. Peck Rd. . . 258-3438 Ross Nissan, Service. . .11565 Federal Dr. . . 350-8868

Be sure to contact centers for hours of operation. Do not mix oil with any other fluids or substances. Do not drop-off used oil after business hours. Questions? Call 1-800-CleanUp.


First Saturday of Each Month 8:00 am - 2:00 pm


Facility Address l

Items Accepted

Items Not Accepted


City of El Monte Public Works Yard 3990 Arden Drive use rear entrance; enter from Valley Circle (map below) l

Paint, turpentine, used motor oil, oil filters, brake fluid, antifreeze, household cleaning products, pool chemicals, garden chemicals, expired medication, hypodermic needles, batteries, fluorescent light bulbs, computers, monitors, laptops, printers, copiers, fax machines, TVs, VCRs, stereos, landline & cell phones, and appliances. l

Business waste, trash, tires, explosives, and ammunition.

Facility open to El Monte residents only. Proof of residency required. Label materials that are not in their original containers. Questions? Call the City of El Monte at 626-580-2062.

El Monte residents who change their own motor oil may pick up a free drain container from City Hall. El Monte City Hall, West Environmental Programs Division, 2nd floor 11333 Valley Blvd., El Monte, CA 91731 open: Monday - Thursday, 8am - 5:30pm


Hazardous Waste Collection Center @ the City of El Monte Public Works Yard enter from Valley Circle Santa Anita Ave. Valley Circle Arden Drive

10 Fwy

for El Monte Residents


Valley Blvd.

FREE Drain Containers

Facility Hours


Funded by the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle).


Mvn final pdf 1 01 14  

Mid Valley News Issue 53 Volume #1 January 1, 2014

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