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December 13, 2017

Business Communities Come Together To Celebrate the Holidays by Staff, Contributing Writer El Monte

Trees along Tyler Avenue were decorated with drops of light, the sax man played soft melodies of familiar songs in the background, and waiting to greet everyone walking through the door was Christine Knight and Ken Rausch of the El Monte – South El Monte Chamber of Commerce. Food was plentiful, fellowship abundant, and celebration overflowing at the 2017 Teddy Bear Mixer on Wednesday night at the Grace T. Black Auditorium. Politicians and Police Officers, teachers and taxpayers, citizens and business owners brought toys, games, and gifts to stack in front of the tree and layer in front of the stage. The community was well represented throughout the beautiful evening, as the price of admission was the simple and humble act of bringing an unwrapped present and trying to find room for it under the brilliant

Christmas tree. Later, Lillian Rey, Director of the El Monte/South El Monte Emergency Resources Association will figure out how to get them all to her offices where the real work begins. The Emergency Resources Association provides aid to needy families in the community and what that means depends on the day. Today, it means families who don’t have the resources to purchase Christmas presents – something many, if not most, of us take for granted. The organization survives on a shoestring budget, pieced together by Lillian every year from fundraisers, grants, and whatever other donations or money she can get. Lillian and her team will get to work in the morning, sorting, separating, matching and distributing hundreds of gifts to families throughout the communities of El Monte and South El Monte. But tonight it’s about the lights along Tyler Ave, the Christmas Car

Ken Rausch of the EM/SEM Chamber of Commerce enjoying the Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Teddy Bear Mixer Photo courtesy

El Monte / South El Monte Chamber of Commerce Annual Teddy Bear Mixer. Above Lt. to Rt: Jonathan Hawes, City Clerk, Councilman Jerry Velasco, Lillian Rey. Picture below Maria Morgan, Board VP of EMUSD Courtesy Photo by D. Johnson / MVMC. Teddy Bear Mixer continued on page 8

El Monte Union Installs Electric Vehicle Charging Stations by Staff Writer El Monte

El Monte Union High School District recently completed the installation of 21 electric vehicle charging stations at three campuses, demonstrating its longstanding committing to saving energy and reducing its impact on the environment. In partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE), the District completed construction in October of seven charging stations at Rosemead, Arroyo and Mountain View high schools. The District has been approved to build 18 more charging stations at El Monte and South El Monte high schools. “El Monte Union is a proud Green Ribbon School and Energy Star leader, recognized by both the state and U.S. Department of Education for our pioneering efforts to maintain safe learning environments through environmental conservation efforts,” Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga said. “These new EV stations are another step forward for the District as we continue to expand our sustainability reach to staff and students.” El Monte Union qualified in May 2016 to participate in SCE’s Charge

Ready program, a $22 million program aimed at making electric vehicle charging stations more accessible at workplaces, living spaces, campuses and recreational areas – locations

where drivers park their cars for extended periods of time. Under the program, El Monte Union will own, operate and maintain the electric vehicle charging stations,

while SCE is charged with installing and maintaining the supporting electrical infrastructure, valued at between $160,000 to $200,000 each site.

In partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE), the El Monte Union High School District has completed construction of seven charging stations at Rosemead, Arroyo and Mountain View high schools. The District has been approved to build 18 more charging stations at El Monte and South El Monte high schools as part of SCE’s Charge Ready program. Courtesy photo Charging Station continued on page 3

Mid Valley News

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December 13, 2017


Chalk Talk

A New Way to Stay Hydrated by Eva, Staff Writer Knight’s Banner – Arroyo High School

El Monte Union students showcased their award-winning artwork and diverse artistic styles – from portrait and collage to still-life and freeform – at the District’s 18th annual District Art Show on Oct. 25 at South El Monte High School, where more than 300 student-art pieces were on full display for the community to admire and enjoy. The exhibition – which featured 314 pieces from students across the District’s seven schools – included 235 submissions that earned firstplace awards and accolades at the Los Angeles County Fair Arts Competition in September. Student artists received certificates of recognition from the District for their outstanding work in a variety of genres, including drawing, painting, ceramics, graphic design and creative writing. “We are so proud of our student’s growth in the field of visual arts and it’s getting better every year,” SEMHS art teacher Maria Davila said. “The District generously provides our teachers with the resources they need to assist students in their development, and the community is extremely supportive of what we do.”

Oil, pastel, ink, charcoal, colored pencil, watercolor, acrylic and computer-generated graphics were among the media used to create illustrated works. Colorful ceramic pieces demonstrated a mastery of working

Become An El Monte Pledge Student!

by Staff El Monte

The RHS AVID Program is off to a great start adding an additional section and enrolling over 250 students in the program. At the recent 2nd annual Kickoff Night AVID students from each grade level stood in front of the audience in the auditorium to describe their experiences and share why they value the AVID program and continue to commit to it. As students are getting into the school year, each grade level is preparing to attack their college and career planning. AVID Sophomores are preparing for the PSAT’s, AVID Juniors are continuing their continuing to prepare for the SAT/ACT in addition to gathering AP test prep materials, and AVID Seniors are preparing for the UC, CSU and FAFSA applications that will be available in the next month. In addition to helping upper and

middle classes prepare for college and career, the Rosemead High School AVID Program has launched a new College and Career program for all freshmen. This new program, ACCESS, uses Google Classroom to track progress. All current freshmen have been enrolled in the new program and are starting to receive information about college and career planning. About AVID

AVID for Higher Education is comprised of three initiatives: Student Success Initiative, Teacher Preparation Initiative, and the Career and Technical Workforce Initiative. AVID for Higher Education works with postsecondary institutions to support students with the goal of increasing academic success, persistence, and completion rates in the Student Success Initiative. Colleges of education use the AVID Teacher Preparation Initiative to provide teacher candidates with AVID frameworks, methodologies, and strategies so that they enter the teaching field able to meet a broad spectrum of students’ needs. The Career and Technical Education Initiative collaborates with colleges to increase student persistence and completion of degree and certificate programs, and help graduates be successful in the workplace.

in multi-dimensional forms, while poetry books, literary magazines and yearbooks highlighted graphic design and the written word. South El Monte High School Junior Katherine Bang used digital ani-

mation to create a six-piece, animethemed work, titled “Phobias.” “The art classes have helped me shape my technique and sharpen my Hydration Station continued on page 3

The District Shows Support for DACA by Staff El Monte

Diversity and culture are among the greatest strengths of The El Monte Union High School District, regardless of background, political views, or immigration status and the District is working everyday to assure families and the community that schools remain a welcome, inclusive, and safe learning environment for all students. Resolution No. 07-17/18 affirmed the Board of Trustees commitment to supporting students and families who may be working about their education and their immigration status. The Board further expressed their commitment to continue serving as a safe zone for all students who provide assistance or resources for those threatened by immigration enforcement. In 2012, President Barack Obama issued an Executive Order that gave certain undocumented immigrants

brought to the United States by their parents as a child and entered before their 16th birthday relief from deportations. These are commonly referred to as “Dreamers”. The purpose of the relief is to provide the ability for families and Dreamers to live, work, and study in the United States for a period of two years and can be renewed for an additional two years. It is unknown at the time of this writing how many renewals are allowed. The program is known as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA for short. It is estimated that DACA has protected nearly 800,000 people throughout the United States, including more than 217,000 residing California. Of those, approximately 20,000 work as teachers, assistants, or in the educational field. With the unanimous passing of this DACA continued on page 3

December 13, 2017

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Mid Valley News


Chalk Talk Charging Station Continued from page 1

Program participants cover the expenses of purchase, installation and operational cost of the charging stations. As an incentive to participate in the program, SCE provided rebates to cover some or all of the cost of the charging stations and their installation. The total cost of the charging stations to the District was less than $2,000 after rebates. District electrician Eric Davis volunteered to install the charging stations over a two-month period, saving EMUHSD more than $15,000. “This has been a significant project for El Monte Union and puts us leaps ahead of surrounding communities for providing our students and staff direct access to highly sought-after EV charging stations,” said El Monte Union’s Energy Manager, Shawn Cun. “We are proud to be a forwardthinking District and are excited for the day when all charging stations are installed and in use.” In June, the District was approved to install eight charging stations at El Monte High School and 10 charging stations at South El Monte High School. The timeline for construction will be determined at a later date. Anyone with a District email address can register on the EV Connect app, available on Apple or Google Play, and use the existing charging

DACA Continued from page 2

resolution, the District joins school districts, post-secondary educational institutions, local and community – based agencies and organizations reassuring students and families of the District that campuses will remain safe and welcoming places to learn, whether documented or undocumented.

Hydration Station Continued from page 2

focus on subject matter that really inspires me,” Bang said. “I would recommend it to any student. Even if you have never created art, our teachers are so helpful in encouraging you to put your style together and find the unique artist inside you.” Since 1999, El Monte Union has recognized student excellence in visual arts through the District Art Show, working diligently to augment a robust arts program by expanding courses, developing summer workshops and cultivating an arts culture at each of the schools, instilling a passion for the arts. The Arts for All District aims to ensure each student’s success in his

stations at a cost of $.25 per kilowatt during active charging and $.25 per hour when its inactive (plugged in but not charging). At full capacity, the charging stations have the ability to supply more than 150,000 kilowatts of energy to employees and students annually – allowing for nearly 500,000 miles of travel with electric powered vehicles and offsetting about 140 metric tons of carbon dioxide. The District has pioneered several energy savings projects, including securing $15.5 million in Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) for solar power installation at six District sites and reducing water waste through a landscape survey and retrofit program. El Monte Union was recognized in October with a San Gabriel Valley Water Smart Award by the Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District for achieving significant reduction in water usage.

As part of their commitment, the District will continue to work with local agencies, nonprofit agencies, legal services, and other groups to provide support for families with deportation concerns or worries about their immigration status. A full copy of Resolution 07-17/18 is available on the District website at

or her highest academic and personal aspirations through the use of creativity and innovation. The L.A. County Fair honors help to recognize each student’s contribution to the District’s artistic achievements. “A robust arts program is crucial to a student’s well-rounded educational development. When students have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, it greatly enhances their ability to employ critical thinking while expanding their problemsolving skills,” EMHUSD Superintendent Dr. Edward Zuniga said. “To prepare our children for 21st century technologies and careers, we must encourage imagination and innovation, and El Monte Union is fully committed to doing so.”

El Monte Rosemead Adult School Should Be Your Next Diamond Mine by Staff Writer El Monte

Whether looking for full-time positions or internships, a well-kept community secret is the El Monte Rosemead Adult School for new talent. El Monte Rosemead Adult School has been computer based testing through Pearson VUE and the educational testing service since the fall of 2014. Pearson VUE is international leader in computer based testing. Employers often find greater value in a graduate of the El Monte Rosemead Adult School who has obtained their General Education Diploma (GED) or High School Equivalency Test (HiSet) because academic standards often vary between school

districts and sometimes even high schools within the same district. The GED and HiSet programs are based on standardized exams that measure specific sets of skills and knowledge such as adult literacy and critical thinking. But an employer is also looking at someone who has shown perseverance, determination, the ability to overcome adversity, and the commitment necessary to achieve goals and dreams. If a diamond is nothing more than a chunk of coal after a lot of heat and pressure have been applied over a long period of time, and an employer is looking for their next diamond, then the El Monte Rosemead Adult School might be the best hidden diamond mine in the San Gabriel Valley. Employers can interview on campus or advertise for a specific position through the EMRAS Career Center. For more information, please call the El Monte Rosemead Adult School Career Guidance Tech Jose Reyes by dialing 626-258-5800 or you can email him directly at jose.reyes@

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Mid Valley News

Mid Valley Sports

High School Boys’ Soccer: San Marino Wins Big Against Rosemead by Mike Nelson, Contributing Sports Writer National / Los Angeles

The San Marino Titans defeated the Rosemead Panthers 3-0 last Friday in a strong early season non-league win. The Titans were led by Ryan Cheng who picked up 2 goals in this game. Cheng kicked off the game with a goal in the 7th minute that came from a penalty kick that was buried in the left corner. Just a few minutes later in the 14th minute, the Panthers had

a chance to tie the game when they awarded a penalty kick when Jose Esparza was fouled in the box. Ismael Esparza took the penalty kick shot and it was initially saved by Titans Goalkeeper Dhilan Anvekar but then the ball bounced off the right post right back to Esparza. The rebound was then kicked about 5 feet over the open goal since Anvekar was down after making the save. The Panthers had this golden opportunity to tie the game and it was squandered. The Titans doubled the lead in the 26th minute with a goal from Joe Hindle that occurred on an ensuing free kick cross from Sean Walla. Hindle looked a step ahead from the last Panther and may have been offside

Congratulations to the 2017 Parks and Recreation 7th & 8th Grade All-Star

Arroyo High School Spotlights Varsity Girls XC: Lizette Castro by Joanne Quach, Editor-in-Chief, Knight’s Banner – Arroyo High School

The South El Monte Eagles defeated the El Dorado Golden Hawks 50-7 in a CIF Division 12 First Round matchup. The Eagles lead 15-0 early and the score stayed that way until halftime. The Eagles put the game away after scoring 28 unanswered points in the 3rd quarter. This game was unfortunately another mismatch in the CIF Football playoffs. It is surprising that the El Dorado Golden Hawks from Placen-

tia, CA even made the Division 12 playoffs in the first place. They had a 5-5 record overall, a 1-2 record in North Hills League play, and played a below average non-league schedule, so it wasn’t like they were playing tough teams. It’s incredible the Golden Hawks were picked over the Rosemead Panthers who had a 4-2 record in Mission Valley League play and were only one point away from beating South El Monte just a few weeks ago. The Panthers most likely would have been more competitive in this Division 12 matchup but the CIF Football committee does not like to have two teams from the same league playing each other in the playoffs. The Eagles made the CIF Division 13 Semifinals last year where they lost at home 42-28 to Rancho Christian from Temecula, CA. The team will get their chance at redemption because they will be taking on that same Rancho Christian team this Friday night at home in South El Monte. It will be a perfect moment for the Eagles to avenge last year loss at home and to continue this great season where they have lost just one game which was to the undefeated Arroyo Knights by a score of 14-13 back on October 6th. The Eagles are led by RB Sal Tovar and he will need a big game on the road for the Eagles to have a chance.

but the Centre Referee ruled otherwise. The Panthers dominated the ball possession in the first half and had 5 clear scoring opportunities that Titans Goalkeeper Anvekar took care of. In the 37th minute Cheng made the score 3-0 when he scored on a breakaway which was created from a nice defensive tackle and then a beautiful through ball from Matthew Camacho in Midfield. The Panthers were in a huge hole at halftime with a 3 goal deficit. In the 43rd minute Titans Forward Ryan Sabine was issued a Red Card when he elbowed Regino Angel in the face. The Panthers would have an extra player for the rest of the game

Congratulations to the 2017 Parks and Recreation 7th & 8th Grade AllStar Co-Ed Flag Football Team for competing in the S.C.M.A.F. Flag Football Tournament last week. All of the players put forth their best effort and represented the City of El Monte with class and pride. Players were chosen from participants in the 7th & 8th Grade Co-Ed Flag Football League, which included Gibson Mariposa Park, Lambert Park, Mt. View

but they were unable to take advantage. In the 2nd half the Panthers had the ball 80% of the time with the Titans sitting back and parking the bus in their own field with a 3-0 lead. The Panthers also had over 10 free kicks from dangerous spots in the Midfield but they didn’t lead to any goals. Titans Defenders David Castellanos and Jaren Huang worked very hard in the defensive end and helped Anvekar get a shutout in a grind it out Titans win.

Park and Zamora Park. We would like to thank all the team players, their parents, and our coaches Angel Salazar and Carlos Martinez for all of their hard work and dedication.

Shohei Ohtani: Disneyland Bound by Mike Nelson, Contributing Sports Writer National / Los Angeles

Shohei Ohtani has decided to take his baseball talents in 2018 to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Ohtani is 23 years old, left handed and is 6’4 and weighs about 200 pounds give or take. He was a highly touted player this offseason that was wanted by the San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees among others but the Angels won the Ohtani Sweepstakes surprising the

Courtesy photos from Japan Times

baseball world since most media outlets had him going elsewhere. This past Saturday Ohtani was introduced in a press conference right outside Angel Stadium with many Angel fans gathered to see the “Babe Ruth” of the Nippon Professional Baseball League in Japan. Ohtani is a two way player that pitches and can play right outfield. He also hits very well he has hit for over .300 batting average the last two seasons with the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters. His pitching numbers were great as well, 42-15, 2.52 ERA and 624 Strikeouts in 5 seasons. Ohtani a left handed pitcher throws for 100 miles an hour and can throw a good curveball. The plan for the Angels is to use him as a starting pitcher and then use him 2-3 days as a DH or an outfielder. Ohtani should help the Angels compete for a playoff spot next season a team that hasn’t made the playoffs since 2014. They will be competing with the reigning World Series Champions Houston Astros so winning the AL West will still be a challenge but a berth in the AL Wild Card Game might be plausible. We will have to wait and see if Ohtani can play at a major league level and can be the kind of player the Angels need.

December 13, 2017

Webb's Rules HEAVEN IS MY GOAL by Eugene R. Webb

Sure, I do want to go to heaven but not now; For today I am feeling really quite well. You can bet heaven is definitely my goal; Yet, I don’t think eighty-five is very old. Throughout this beautiful country I have roamed; So right now I’m real happy that California is home. I know that I have put myself through hell; And I still need a lot more time to get well. It’s in heaven that I truly eventually want to be; And I’m doing my best here on earth, you see. Right now I’m living the good life with Christ; Doing what I know is right and also being nice.

For I do depend on the good Lord ever so much; Therefore, with my loving God I keep in touch. I want to stay right here for a long, long time; As I still have a lot of poems that I need to rhyme. Today I’m trying extra hard to do my very best; In writing poetry I do get a whole lot off my chest. For over forty-six years I’ve been cleaning up my act; Most of my friends know this is a well known fact. At Rose Hills in a beautiful lawn called “Sunshine”; My poor old body will lay there till the end of time. But right now I want God to please keep me in mind; I’m not in any hurry, I just need a little more time.

Holiday House Draws Thousands During 2-Day Celebration by Staff Writer El Monte

Eager for the arrival of Santa and the lighting of the Christmas Tree, El Monte children gathered with their families along Tyler Avenue on Dec. 1 in anticipation for the opening of the 46 annual Holiday House, El Monte’s signature event to kick off the holiday season. Hosted at the El Monte Community Center, the two-day celebration began with the sounds of classic holiday melodies performed by the Arroyo High School Choir followed by an exclusive Sugar Plum Fairy ballet performance by El Monte’s own Andrea Rodriguez. Upon the lighting of the Christmas tree, Children cheered as Santa made his way down Tyler Avenue on his sleigh to help welcome and escort families to the Holiday House. “This is a very special tradition in our city that generations of residents look forward to each year,” Councilwoman Norma Macias said. “The Holiday House is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the season while

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Mid Valley News

promoting the talent, craftmanship and comradery that abounds in our community.” Once inside, families were treated to a winter wonderland experience complete with thousands of lights and a variety of Christmas trees and nutcracker displays. Many took advantage of the array of holiday arts and crafts, decorations and gifts for purchase. Pictures with Santa, a gingerbread house contest, baked goods and lots and lots of eggnog were enjoyed by many. In the spirit of giving, the Helpful Honda People were on site to assist with the assembly of holiday gift baskets for families in need. In addition, fundraisers for Arroyo High School Holiday House continued on page 8

Holiday House with Mayor Andre Quintero, Councilwoman Victoria Martinez, Santa and Santa’s helpers. Courtesy photo

Cracker Barrel

“Grab Bag as We Get Ready for the Holiday’s” By: Mike McClure El Monte

…so the other day I ran into Ken Raush at the Holiday House, I had been wanting to call him and thank him. I had been looking for a reliable mechanic that was in walking distance from our office here at Valley and Meeker so I got in touch with the El Monte/So. El Monte Chamber of Commerce. If you ever need to find a business or business related service the local Chamber of Commerce is always a good place to start, they will know the reliable businesses in the area. Ken has never disappointed me, of course he always recommends Chamber members first but he takes his role as the spokesperson for the entire business community seriously. I ended up going to Gary’s over on Peck Rd (3825 N. Peck Rd) where Gary and his son Kev have been located for over 30 years. Kev Boyajian did what I like best from a mechanic, he was fast, courteous and charged what he quoted over the phone ( I nicknamed my old mechanic FIAT for “Fix It Again Tony” so it was a pleasure getting reliable service). Thank you Ken and thank you Kev. By the way, what a great job the City did with Holiday House again this year! From the tree lighting on Friday night through all day Saturday it was a fun time for everyone. The kids were thrilled and I noticed that a few of our tough old veteran political leaders were a little misty eyed (yeah I am talking about you J.), El Monte is lucky to have so many great leaders, not only the politicians

but our Parks & Recreation folks, the Police Department and all of the volunteers who come together to make these community events possible. There are so many that I am not going to try to name and thank them all (but Cathy you are right, your daughter is a marvelous singer) you all did an outstanding job and thank you. El Monte isn’t the only City that deserves recognition, our friends in So. El Monte are doing some exciting things. Supervisor Solis’s new Service Center on Santa Anita now is providing outstanding help to the residents in the So. El Monte area and the Valle Lindo School district has continued to impress us all with constantly improving stats. El Monte Union H.S. district Superintendent Zuniga’s job gets easier because of the great feeder districts (Mt. View, EMCSD & Valle Lindo) and with the El Monte / So. El Monte Chamber of Commerce just opening their new office in So. El Monte the city is on the move. I hope you had a chance to get over to El Monte H.S. Sunday to see the “The Nutcracker - El Cascanueces”, an outstanding production with the Gloria Campobello Dance School and a all- star cast of over 70 talented artist from the U.S., Mexico, El Salvadore, Dominican Republic, Cuba & Venezuela. El Monte City Councilmember Jerry Velasco takes a lot of pride bringing these great artist here and he and his colleagues on the City Council with the great team at Parks & Rec. & Community Service OfCracker Barrel continued on page 8

“Working Overtime”

“The Advantage of Old Age?” The groundbreaking ceremony last week for the Foothill Gold Line brought back a lot of memories for me and my buddies who can remember how the whole thing started. I first heard about the plans back in the eighties from a good friend of mine, Ross Valencia, who was LA City Councilman Art Snyder’s deputy for Boyle Hts, where my office was. In a previous column I wrote how I had met Cesar Chavez and Congressman Royba. Well, back then Congressman Roybal and his colleague Congressman Estevan Torres were already thinking about and meeting with community leaders to discuss the benefits that a new regional rail system would provide the communities on the Eastside of the county. But it would take years to build so it was up to the new leaders to take up the project. Lucille Roybal-Allard was elected to the California Assembly, Grace Napolitano was the Mayor of Norwalk but everyone knew that she was moving up and a young Latina

on the Rio Hondo Community College Board of Trustees (Hilda Solis) used that position to propel herself to the State Assembly and in 1994 Hilda Solis became the first Hispanic Wom-

by Dick James El Monte an to serve in the California Senate. Eventually these three ladies joined up together as Members of the U.S. Congress and a long with another young politician, Congressman Working Overtime continued on page 8

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Mid Valley News

December 13, 2017

December 13, 2017

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Mid Valley News

into Winter Fun O SS S W O CC RR O O RR D D


Crossword Puzzle solution in issue 12.27.17

Solution for Sudoku in issue 12.27.17

FALL FUN ACROSS 1. Dolphins’ home 6. *Sports acronym 9. Deep wound 13. Spy’s cover 14. 100 square meters 15. “Door,” on #35 Across 16. Approximate date 17. Bygone bird 18. Letter-shaped girder 19. *Pastoral autumn trip 21. *Falling all around 23. Galley tool 24. Eight bits 25. Trigonometry abbr. 28. “Hey!” 30. ____weed 35. Faubourg Saint-HonorΘ and Rivoli, e.g. 37. Left after deductions 39. Hymn of praise 40. Hoosier State’s capital, for short 41. Boiled or baked buckwheat 43. Actress ____-Jones 44. Hospital’s CAT and PET 46. Smoke plus fog 47. Not counterfeit 48. Graphite writer 50. “____ Lang Syne” 52. Hasten 53. Like hard times 55. Scepter’s partner 57. *Seasonal squash cultivar 61. *Fall’s the time to pull it out of storage 65. Light-footed 66. Gastrointestinal tract 68. Blind alternative 69. “____ as a whistle” 70. Hog heaven 71. Come into 72. Windshield option 73. Golf peg 74. Not slouching

DOWN 1. ____ 1 jet speed 2. Pelvic parts 3. Well-ventilated 4. Introduction to economics? 5. Old Testament prophet 6. *Fall’s the season that has more than one 7. “To” follower? 8. Like kale 9. Mongolian desert 10. Equals pi times square of the radius 11. Dateless male 12. Part of hemoglobin 15. Highway accident 20. *Hot apple cider, e.g. 22. Giant Hall-of-Famer 24. *World Series player 25. *Like fall air 26. Prevention measure 27. Four-door 29. Those not opposed 31. *Corn ____ 32. Plywood raw material 33. Delhi policeman’s club 34. Related on mother’s side 36. Update an iPod 38. Biblical pronoun 42. Like a neon sign 45. Smooth and shiny 49. Circle of flowers 51. Search bottom of river, e.g. 54. Teen worry 56. More nude 57. Molotov-Ribbentrop agreement, e.g. 58. Tangerine and grapefruit hybrid 59. Dignified manner 60. Neighborhood map 61. Eye infection 62. UK art museum 63. Larger-than-life 64. Rock opera version of “La BohΦme” 67. Beehive State native

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Teddy Bear Mixer continued from page 1

ols played on a saxophone, and the smiles of some of El Monte and South El Monte’s finest citizens com-

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December 13, 2017

ing to help. There are plenty of photos available on the Chamber of Commerce facebook page which can be found at

El Monte / South El Monte Chamber of Commerce Annual Teddy Bear Mixer and generous Sponsors Courtesy Photo by D. Johnson / MVMC.

Cracker Barrel Continued from page 5

fice deserve big kudos a long with the Presenting Sponsors (Mt. View S.D., EMCSD, and the EMUHSD) for a job well done! Productions like this inspire countless young girls to dream to be “Clara” and the little boys to be “El Cascanueces”. One last thing, Happy Birthday from all of us at the Mid Valley News to our dear friend Donna Crippen and best wishes for many more!

Holiday House Continued from page 5

and Pee Wee Cheerleaders took place along with a canned food drive for the El Monte/South El Monte Emergency Resources Association (ERA). For a list of more upcoming holiday

Working Overtime continued from page 5

Xavier Becerra (the current Attorney General of California) they formed a strong voting block for the transportation needs of our Region.

Ken Rausch, of the EMSEM Chamber of Commerce serving up holiday cheer. Courtesy photo.

events in El Monte, visit www.face-

Thanks to the vision of the “old gray beards” and the hard work of the current leadership, the Gold Line is becoming one of the great success stories in transportation. Today it is connecting communities from El Monte to East LA, Downtown, Pasadena and out to Arcadia and now

Montclair creating jobs and opportunities where ever it goes. Yes, there is an advantage to growing old when it gives you the chance to see projects like this finished and to remember the hard work that has gone into it. Congratulations.

Sudoku Solution for 11.29.17

Crossword Solution for 11.29.17

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Mid Valley News 12.13.17 Vol # 54 Issue #23  

Celebrating Communities, and showing holiday cheer at the Teddy Bear Mixer. El Monte joining the electric car revolution with new charging s...

Mid Valley News 12.13.17 Vol # 54 Issue #23  

Celebrating Communities, and showing holiday cheer at the Teddy Bear Mixer. El Monte joining the electric car revolution with new charging s...