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Massimo Policastro General Manager, Chief Editor and Publisher Midtown Athletic Club 2300 Royal Palm Blvd. Weston, FL 33326 954.384.2582



Dear Midtown tennis playing members, You’ve been patient….very, very patient, and we are now ready to pull the trigger to completely renovate our tennis courts, from top (lighting) to bottom (court irrigation).You have been telling us that the quality of your tennis-playing experience doesn’t live up to the rest of your Midtown expectations. We want you to know that we have been listening. Tennis, first and foremost, is our heritage at Midtown. We’ve held off on this project anticipating revolutionary technology in court lighting and court irrigation to catch up with our demands for the best tennis playing experience imaginable.

Massimo Policastro General Manager

The good news is that we’re there, and we’re ready to move forward with a full tennis complex redesign utilizing the very best technology in the world. What does this renovation entail and when will it start? We are anticipating breaking ground sometime this fall, depending on acquiring the necessary permits from the city.We will be renovating our courts in multiple phases, bay-by-bay, so to leave courts available for member play during the course of these improvements. We will be digging up each


of the courts, laying down a sub-surface irrigation and drainage system, installing a lighting system second to none, integrating fencing and landscaping that is aesthetically pleasing and complements the rest of the Club. We will be sharing many more details as we finalize plans and determine timelines. But before we get too far down the road, we will set up a series of focus groups and Town Hall meetings to encourage your thoughts, ideas and suggestions to incorporate into the planning process. This is your club, and we invite all members to participate in this interactive process. Your opinions count. Please be on the lookout for emails and in-club signage inviting you to Town Hall meetings and focus groups in the near future. Ciao, Massimo



Health Club Or Gym: WHICH DO YOU PREFER? When it comes to getting healthier, finding the place that fits your personal goals is more important than you might expect. You may think all you need is a gym with a few treadmills and some free weights, and you might be right—that may be all you need to accomplish your goal of losing a few pounds. But when it comes to developing healthy, active habits that stay with you for life, you may need a little more.

such as kids and family, educational background, hobbies, career goals and industries. Both personal and business relationships can blossom over a game of tennis or at the café. Holistic approach health and wellness A gym or other sports facility might offer the equipment/trainers you need to attain an optimal physique—certainly, fitness is vital to your overall health—but there are several other factors that affect your well-being. A health club will follow a holistic approach to wellness that addresses four essential dimensions of health: social, intellectual, spiritual/emotional and physical. Caring for the whole person this way has the potential to strengthen your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Variety In a club such as Midtown, you have access to a whole range of health services. From standard exercise equipment to tennis lessons to massage, an athletic club is like a one-stop-shop for keeping your body healthy and fit.You will find activities that aren’t only good for you but fun, too.

“At the heart of Midtown is the desire for our members to find a home away from home. Not only a place to come in for a quick workout, but also a place to play tennis with old friends and new ones, sit poolside with the entire family, or relax with a glass of wine in the. In short, Midtown is as much about community and belonging as it is health and fitness. It’s our belief that active, social people lead happier, healthier lives.”

Motivation If you have no problem motivating yourself to get up and go to the gym, then this feature may not be as important to you. But for the many other people who can think of a million other things they’d rather do than work out, the motivation of belonging to a club can help keep them on track. Plus, the friendships that develop between members and with staff make heading to the club less like a chore and more like something to look forward to each day. Opportunities for networking

Visit us at For more information, contact: Jill Garzia—Engagement Director 954.400.6716

An interesting difference between a health club and a gym is that clubs attract individuals with comparable interests and values. Joining a group class or sports league is a terrific way to meet people who live in your city. Chances are you have common interests






Midtown Weston Hosts the 2016 USTA PRO CIRCUIT WOMEN’S 10K by Ismael Rosales Adult Tennis Director

For the first time, Midtown Weston hosted the ITF $10,000 this past March. Members got the chance to have a look at the future big names in women’s tennis!

Midtown High Performance tennis player. She actually won both the singles and doubles events. She is currently WTA # 293 and we will certainly see her soon in the Top 100 on the WTA Tour.

A total of 64 ladies played in the two Main Draw Wild Card events and the winners received the pass to the Main Event. 64 ladies played in the Qualifying Tournament; only 8 made it to the 32 Singles main draw.

It is nice to know that Midtown Weston was not only her junior development training ground but also another great step toward her Top 100 ranking in the world! We want to thank all members for their support during the event! Make sure to look for the event to return next year, as all the players were impressed by the high quality of our facilities and the warm welcome they recieved.

Olga Puchkova from Russia, a former WTA Top 30 came to play but lost in the first round in a dramatic three-set match. Our winner was Katherine Stewart from USA, a former

Adult Summer TENNIS Improve your Doubles Game. Learn when and how to poach, beat the lobber, and more. Join our tennis staff, led by Laurent and Ismael, in this Adult Tennis Mini-Camp, Monday–Friday 9–11 am. Players will be grouped by level (all levels welcome).

June 13- Aug 12

KATHERINE STEWART, winner of the 2016 $10,000 USTA Futures Singles and Doubles events, played her junior development years at Midtown Weston.

Daily $40; Weekly $180




Tennis For The Community: ACE ING AUTISM by Laurent Leclerc Tennis Director

Andrew Grub, of the Midtown Velocity Jr. Development Program, has a love for tennis that he wanted to share. So he teamed up with his mom, Erica, a speech pathologist who works daily with children with ASD, and with the staff of Midtown Weston. Together they wanted to bring a play-based sports program to Weston for families affected by autism. They reached out to the national ACEing Autism program and, on April 2nd, opened a new 6-week program with a wonderful turnout of both kids and volunteers. Many of the volunteers came from the Velocity High Performance group, and everyone was incredibly committed to the experience. The results were amazing and we hope to repeat the program sometime this summer. Congrats Andrew on a very successful project, and thank you for sharing your love of tennis with all!

For more information, contact: Laurent Leclerc—Tennis Director 954.400.6759

Photos by Angye Bueno




Velocity SUMMER CAMP by Laurent Leclerc Tennis Director

Summer Camps are here! School is out, so it’s time to come and enjoy your tennis for weekly sessions! All players ages 5–18 are invited to develop their talent while having fun with friends all summer long, from June 13–August 19. We offer half and full-day sessions, and our team of certified coaches are really looking to make a difference in each participant’s game. Registration forms are available at We also offer an Afternoon Summer Weekly Program from Monday to Thursday, where Ages 5–12 meet from 5–6:30 pm, Ages 13–18 meet from 6:30–8:00 pm, and Tennis Explorers (Ages 3–4) meet at morning and early evening times. Come and discover why we have the most complete Junior Tennis Program in the area that includes play days, competition and events. We are more than a program, we are a community! For more information, contact: Oliver Stephens—Velocity Jr. Program Director 954.400.6685

JUNE 13 – AUGUST 19 10 WEEKLY SESSIONS KIDS AGES 5-18 At Midtown’s summer tennis camps, junior players will improve their game through our industry-leading training program taught by our world-class coaches. Midtown has been recognized by the USTA as a pioneer in helping young tennis players enhance their skills and grow their love for the game. Our camps are designed for beginner through competitive level players to develop their talent while having fun with friends all summer long. Register at



Life sometimes gets complicated, so when you need to get away, you can always settle in at Residence Inn Weston. Our multi-room suites ensure families that travel together can stay together, too. And with amenities ranging from comfy bedding and fully-equipped kitchens to free hot breakfast, grocery shopping services and an on-site pools, there are plenty of options to help keep you relaxed and energized.


FIND A FAMILIAR RHYTHM. The TownePlace Suites Weston is ideal for the savvy traveler who appreciates value and requires accommodations for longer stays. Offering spacious suites with fully equipped kitchens, TownePlace Suites hotels provide a thoughtful design of separate spaces that allow guests to comfortably work at their Home OfficeTM Suite and also relax when they are away from home. Key amenities include complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi, as well as a TowneMap to help guests connect to the local neighborhood.

2605 Weston Road Weston, FL 33331 T: 954.659.8585 |

1545 Three Village Rd, Weston, FL 33326 T: 954.659.2234 |




For more information, contact: Luis Brest—Junior High Performance Director 954.400.6716

by Luis Brest Junior High Performance Director

Eight players from our High Performance Tennis Program received a full contract with Wilson Racquets: Rodrigo Moreno, Jemileth Aguilar, Mateo Mendoza, Nelson Rengifo, Andres Golindano, Juan Tavera, Anibal Palencia and Ayshe Can (not pictured), with Jim Willwerth, our Wilson Representative. The generous package included four racquets, bags, strings, and overgrips.

Ayshe and Alenya Can Ayshe and Aleyna Can won the USTA Level 4 Doubles at Sarasota.

Nicole Krinickas 9-year-old Nicole made the USTA 10 and Under Pathway from the Orange Ball to the Green Dot Ball.


Luis Iriarte Luis won the USTA Level 5 Boys 16 in Naples. He is quickly building his ranking to become one of the top players in Florida—and he is only 14 years old!



Alba Martinez

Miranda Cano

9-year-old Alba made the USTA 10 and Under Pathway from the Orange Ball to the Green Dot Ball.

A player in our High Performance Tennis Program, Miranda commited to Loyola University New Orleans to join their tennis team.

Luis Iriarte & Andres Golindano The “Dream Doubles Team.“ In April, Luis and Andres won the USTA Level 4 tournament.

Orange Ball FAMILY DAY

Quinn McLeod & Esteban Sierra Another great performance for Quinn (Champion) and Esteban (Finalist) at the USTA Level 6 Boys 16 in Miami. Great job, guys!

A great event where parents played with thier child in a round robin format, followed up by a social time!




Cardio TENNIS Discover a great way to stay fit: Cardio Tennis! Not only do you get to practice your shots, you also challenge your footwork and physical skills—all this set to music in fun drills and games situations sure to raise your heart rate.The use of transition balls results in longer points, allowing you to get a better feel for your stroke and technique. So make sure to look at our weekly calendar, as we will be offering special programs at special pricing starting July 1st. This is a great opportunity for players of all levels to get great repetition, hit a ton of balls, pump your heart rate up, and have fun doing it. Form your own groups now!

Member-Guest EVENT

Lizette Lodo and partner Corina Kassis

April is the yearly Member/Guest event, where members invite their friends for a day at Midtown! Everyone was grouped by their combined level. Three rounds of round robin play helped determine the winners: Lizette Lodo and partner Corina Kassis won the Women’s Doubles, while Angie Stone and partner Christine Rector finished in second place. On the men’s side, John Evans and partner Christian Rubiano went undefeated, while Jim Lewis and partner Daniel Rivlin took second. The tennis matches were followed by awards, and all were rewarded with a special gift, lunch, beer and wine.

Angie Stone and partner Christine Rector

John Evans and partner Christian Rubiano



TENNIS being present at courtside. Just watch the screen and the scores and match pattern will appear as if by magic! This is a great option for coaches with many players playing in different locations. Build your tennis patterns with your own data Once you have the data from your matches with game patterns, you can use this data to learn the patterns of your successful matches and to correct the patterns of your poor matches.This is the essence of your data. U-Coach™ would like to personally connect with each one of its subscribers. If you need help to prepare your tennis game pattern with U-Coach™, feel free to send us an email at and we will send details to help you with a successful setup. New features are coming Live events! U-Coach™ will invite users to have access to U-Coach™ for important games, starting with the final matches of Wimbledon 2016.You can observe how the real-time feature can provide another way to present the game patterns and results via your cell phone. More information is available at Interactive Website We are working very hard to link your U-Coach™ app with a sophisticated interactive website to consolidate all your statistics with graphical interface. Remember that the more data you collect, the better you will be able to make a real game plan before any match.

U-Coach APP

We posted a complete series of video clips in English and Spanish to help our users maximize U-Coach™. Please visit our channel on YouTube by searching for U-Coach Tennis App.

We launched the U-Coach™ app in the Apple® AppStore on April 27, 2016, and two months later we have 200 happy people in over 25 countries who have downloaded it. We are very excited about what’s happening with U-Coach™! Your Data First Are you sitting for hours watching your kids or friends play tennis? Watching a match should not be a passive event. Every moment of a match can provide important data that can be processed by U-Coach™. You can help them by using U-Coach™ to store, track and utilize their personal data. U-Coach™ is an easy app to use—in just three easy steps you’ll be ready to go. And once you set up the first game, the rest is very simple. Key features of U-Coach™ Personal Date Files (PDF) with results The fun part starts with your data. Create your own PDF files to share and store your results. The more data the better!

For more information about the U-Coach™ app, contact: Carlos “Charly” Porfirio— Midtown High Performance Coach 954.478.8684

Real-Time Remote Access Your players or kids are having a very important match but for some reason you cannot be at the court. No problem, just open your U-Coach™ app and follow the match in real time without 16



Tennis STRIP




Pilates Apprentice PROGRAM by Teri Lewis Pilates Instructor

Midtown Pilates Studio is proud to announce our new Apprentice Program. Many of your favorite coaches/instructors have recently completed their Balanced Body Pilates Reformer1 certification module. Our newly expanded team would like to invite you to become part of their Pilates journey. We will be offering classes with our talented Apprentice Team. These classes will be for a limited time which includes special pricing and other offers. If you are new to Pilates, or are looking to refresh and fortify the foundational principles, we are here for you. As you travel together on this unique Pilates journey, your Apprentice Team will be your GPS, guiding you toward all your fitness/wellness goals.

Pilates: A Natural TRANSITION by Cynthia Cardena Pilates Instructor

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure…” Sometimes the old sayings from long ago are still important today. Being healthy and active is the goal many of us have, but it doesn’t happen without a few bumps along the way. Overuse injuries can occur to even the most experienced fitness enthusiast. One way to stay injury-free is by incorporating a variety of activities and movements. This will also help prevent boredom and keep us moving forward towards our fitness goals.

For more information, contact: Jennifer Thomas—Fitness Director 954.400.6698

Sometimes an injury or physical setback can open the door to new experiences. Having to think outside the box can be challenging when we are not used to it. But on the other hand, it can lead to a whole new dynamic that we didn’t realize we could explore. This is a perfect time to step back and figure out what we can do to continue moving without future issues. Find balance. Trying different things can be the way to find the balance our bodies need. I can speak from my own experience as a former group fitness instructor: the repetitive classes (from back in the day) were tough on my body, and I’ve had a few overuse injuries along the way. This is why Pilates is such a natural transition for me. I can create the balance I need to prevent future injuries while still becoming strong and flexible. Pilates is a way to challenge body awareness and strengthen weaknesses. It’s about mindful movement while integrating mind, body and spirit. Pilates is very challenging and can enhance whatever workout you are currently doing. Participating in Small Group and/or Private Pilates sessions will be a well-deserved investment for your body.These sessions will be customized to address your specific fitness/wellness goals and concerns.They will also help in your daily life activities as well as translate into your other favorite fitness activities. I encourage each of you to challenge yourself and try something new. Let that something be Pilates. 18



My Path TO PILATES by Leslie Morris Pilates Instructor

For many years, it had been my desire to achieve my Pilates Reformer Certification. Unfortunately, due to the extensive hours required and the steep financial expense, I had been unable to pursue this lengthy journey. Fast forward several years, and I was finally able to begin to fulfill this long awaited endeavor while healing from a recent injury.

of his time as is evident by the fact that the apparatuses he developed so many years ago are still being used today.

What first enamored me about this discipline was that its inventor, Joseph Pilates, was able to heal himself from debilitating conditions through perseverance and strict adherence. His concept of coordinating body, mind and spirit blended with repetition of movement and breath would create this complete control system of alignment and body awareness that would strengthen the body, enhance the mind and boost the immune system. He was so ahead

Everyone wants to move better and feel better. Pilates will help achieve these goals. Our Pilates classes have expanded to additional offerings, including the Stiffness Solutions class. It incorporates a roller, small ball and other Pilates-based techniques to release restricted connective tissues throughout the body.

Through Pilates practice I am able to become educated on how to properly engage the correct set of muscles to create the synergy in my body, building my powerhouse to fuel a faster recovery. I am now ready to help others do the same.

I am delighted to have the opportunity to share this incredible discipline with our members.

LESLIE MORRIS Balanced Body Pilates Instructor Clinical Exercise Physiologist




Loryn, Sandor and Aaron OUTSIDE THE FITNESS FLOOR Loryn Huff I started working for Midtown two and a half years ago, and since the beginning I have been able to enjoy the Club and its offerings. Being a mother of two I was happy to have the opportunity to bring my children, Ava and Oliver, with me to Kidtown. They attend Kidtown and, starting this past Spring, I was able to register my four-year-old in camp. He was engaged in different sports, and at the end of the week I truly saw improvement in his motor and social skills. I am so excited for him to participate in Summer Camp this year. My little secret: I eat pizza once a week (oops!). Sandor Morris Last month, I was given the opportunity to be part of our swimming program. I love diving into new challenges. I have always been a swimmer but now I’m really looking forward to becoming a swimming coach. This will allow me to offer low impact workouts in the water. My little secret: I like going to the movies with me, myself and I. Aaron Cline Being fit is not all about working out on the fitness floor but also working out with a fork and a knife in your hand in front of a healthy plate. That is why you can often spot me having an early 22

dinner in the MCafĂŠ. I usually choose between the Trainer Plate, the Quinoa and the Salmon Salad. A full meal gives me the energy to go through all the later training sessions.


FITNESS webbing while deployed in Iraq. He then dreamed up a few exercises and started using it with the soldiers. He found that the workouts helped the soldiers build and maintain the high levels of functional strength, coordination and endurance that their jobs required. Physical therapists across the world are prescribing TRX movements for their injured patients, as they have seen the efficacy of TRX exercises in helping to prevent falls in elderly populations. The key to the effectiveness of TRX is that you are using your own body weight as resistance. And most of the movements are in the three planes of motion: Sagittal, Frontal and Transverse. A strong core is the key to efficient and powerful movement. Core engagement means more than just contracting the abdominal muscles in a crunch or situps. The role of the core musculature in stabilizing the spine and resisting extension/rotation is as important as is the ability to generate movement. “All Core All The Time” means that this power center is involved in every TRX exercise.


All my suspension training workouts are literally loaded with strength techniques and flexibility movements that focus on the core, selecting the right exercises that are the best for each specific objective to maximize the full potential of core function available, from the sternum to the knee.

For more information, contact: Jennifer Thomas—Fitness Director 954.400.6698

by Odalis Lazo Personal Trainer

TRX Suspension Training is a new way to Train. I have been a fitness trainer for more than 15 years. I started practicing TRX about six years ago. The first time I tried it for myself, I found it innovative, challenging and exciting. I noticed that all the familiar movements like rows, pushups and lunges felt solid and natural as well as the other hundred new exercises that were new to me. The best part of it was that I could make any exercise as hard or as easy as I wanted just by simply moving my feet a few inches forward or back. A whole new realm of variations, regressions and progressions opened up. Although I collapsed on the floor at the end of the workout, I had to admit it, it had been fun! Every suspension training exercise builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once, as is required on the playing fields of sports and in life. I am proud to say that I have learned my TRX movements from Navy Seal Commander Randy Hetrick, who designed the first suspension trainer from a karate belt and some spare parachute

Odalis Lazo with Randy Hetrick

Whether you are a beginner or advanced member, there is always a routine for you in my class. Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:45 am Tuesdays and Fridays at 8:30 am 23



In the Spotlight: BRITTANY MURPHY I was born in Miami, Florida on July 15th, 1992 and have lived in Weston since the age of four. I have had a love of nature and the earth my whole life. I received a degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from FAU. I started out at Midtown a few years ago working at the front desk. I received my 200-hour yoga certification in May, 2015, and since then have been teaching yoga to people of all ages. I am passionate about my career as an instructor and love working with children and teaching them yoga here at Midtown. It brings me such joy to have this extremely rewarding job, passing on love and positive energy!


The zuu


liberating human movement Proud sponsor of Midtown Athletic.

online training courses available now








Charity event CHINO & NACHO by Angye Bueno Photographer




29 29



Dance at MIDTOWN by Ann Adler Dance Instructor

What better way to teach your children lifelong healthy habits… Self-discipline, respect for self and others, time management, listening skills, memorization, musicality, coordination, creative expression, positive self esteem, healthy body image, teamwork and group collaboration... than through Dance at Midtown? These are just a few of the attributes that are imparted to each student within the dance studio walls.

Ballet and Creative Movement

Midtown is offering after-school dance classes for ages 1–11. Children will be instructed in Ballet, Jazz and Creative Movement, with an emphasis on proper classroom protocol and safe, accurate body placement. Most of all the emphasis will be on having fun and learning self-expression through the joy of movement.

Ages 3–6: Children will participate in a thorough choreographed warmup, followed by center exercises, then choreography. They will work with musicality and improvisation.

Ages 7–11: Dancers will be instructed in ballet barre placement, classroom protocol and French terminology, adagio and allegro movement, interpretive dance, culminating our year of instruction with performance choreography. Jazz and Creative Movement

Jazz and Creative Movement Ages 7–11: Classes will begin with a set warmup, exercising all of the muscle groups. Dancers will practice their technique in center combinations, improvisation and performance choreography.

Toddler Dance Ages 1–2: We will start by offering half-hour workshops in dance and music, encouraging parents and their children to bond through movement and become familiar with the classroom process. As the children grow, so will their confidence—and eventually the parents’ presence in the classroom will be replaced with the relationships of their dance class buddies and an eagerness to perform.

Instructors Milena Reichenbach and Ann Adler will be teaching the after-school Midtown program, and are available for any questions you may have, so feel free to stop by the Kid Town desk and inquire about signing up your young dancer for the Fall 2016 program today. Details on scheduling and startup dates will follow.

Pre Ballet and Creative Movement Ages 3–6: Children will begin to learn ballet barre basics, French terminology, movement and rhythm concepts, as well as free expression and musical interpretation.

For more information, contact: Milena Reichenbach—Kidtown Manager 954.400.6811

Photographs by Gene Bowen








Azura at MIDTOWN

How many swimmers are currently on the Azura’s Swim Team and how is the program structured? At Azura we focus on developing our athletes from the beginner to the Olympian. Currently we have approximately 100 swimmers of different ages who train on our team. The Learn to Swim program is our main base to identify possible talents, who are then introduced to competitive swimming. We call this level Pre-Team (usually 8 & under), followed by groups divided by age: Bronze (10 & under), Silver (12 & under) and Gold (14 & under). We work with athletes to improve skills in the four strokes, as well as developing the aerobic system, focusing on the racing model.

by Gianluca Alberani Team Head Coach

Azura founder and head coach, Gianluca Alberani, talks about the aquatics program and the collaboration with Midtown Athletic Club.

The higher levels of our team are called Senior Group and Elite Group. These groups include high schoolers, post graduate and international swimmers with the goal of competing locally, nationally and internationally, as representatives of their clubs and countries. In the last three years, Azura has won medals at international competitions such as Youth Olympics, Central American Games, CARIFTA Games and more; at the national level has won medals such as Junior Nationals and several titles, and broken records at the Florida High School Swimming Circuit. We are also proud to say that nearly 20 swimmers accepted scholarships to attend different colleges around the country thanks to their scholarly and athletic achievements.

Tell us more about Azura Florida Aquatics. Azura Florida Aquatics is a swim program formed in 2013 by dedicated professionals in the field of swimming, who create and develop aquatic programs within our community.

Azura and Midtown—what can we expect from this collaboration? We are very excited to start this collaboration, because we truly believe that the philosophy and structure of Midtown, together with our approach to swim training, will help both move to the next level, reaching even higher goals together.

What are your goals and values? Our goal is to teach and train swim athletes of all ages—from novice to world class swimmers—with a coaching style that instills confidence and a positive attitude. We hope that providing such a positive experience will help them meet their life goals and future endeavors.

One of our main goals is to introduce more Midtown Members to the Aquatics World, offering them a service with high level standards in a positive, healthy, and competitive environment. 36



SPOTLIGHT ON THE ATHLETES MARCELO ACOSTA—20 years old / El Salvador Qualified for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro with an “A” cut in the 1500 freestyle (15.13.09)—first swimmer in the history of his country to do so; 2014 Youth Olympic Games Silver Medalist in the 400 freestyle in Nanjing, China; participated at many FINA World Championships. CAROLINA COLORADO—28 years old / Colombia Participated at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games in Beijing and London; multiple South American Champion and Medalist; participated at many FINA World Championships. MARCOS LAVADO—24 years old / Venezuela Participated at the 2012 Olympic Games in London; 2015 Pan American Games Medalist in the 4 x 200 freestyle relay in Toronto, Canada; 2016 South American Silver Medalist in the 200 fly in Asuncion, Paraguay; participated at many FINA World Championships.

THE COACHES GIANLUCA ALBERANI Gianluca moved to the United States from Italy in 2009. After a career as a professional swimmer in Rome and Bologna, Gianluca started coaching with Fabrizio Bastelli, head coach of Azzurra (Italy) and then transferred his pool-side knowledge to the United States where in 2013 he founded Azura Florida Aquatics. Coach Alberani graduated in Sports Science from the University of Bologna and he is a certified ASCA Level 4. He is also currently the Head Coach for El Salvador National Swim Team for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio. MARCO BELLARDI Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Marco is an Age Group Coach and Dryland Coach. He has more than 14 years of experience, including Venezuelan Open Water National Team Coach at the 2012 Junior World Championships in Canada. GUILHERME FERREIRA

Qualified to represent his country for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Main Event: 100 freestyle.

Original from Colombo, Brazil, Guilherme is a Senior Group Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach. He has more than 10 years of experience in the field. His best result: Strength and Conditioning Program for the swimmer Felipe Lima (Brazil) Bronze Medal at the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona, Spain.

DANIELLA VAN DEN BERG—20 years old / Aruba


Participated at the 2012 Olympic Games in London; multiple CARIFTA winner and Caribbean Record holder; participated at many FINA World Championships.

Originally from Caracas, Venezuela, Francisco is director of the Learn to Swim program and Masters Swimming Head Coach. He has more than 20 years of experience in the field and is CPO Certified.

JHONNY PEREZ—18 years old / Dominican Republic



SPA Proven studies conclude that when an athlete receives regular massages they discover they have less pain, diminished soreness and move with better flexibility. This is a team effort—Midtown massage therapists work closely with the Club’s fitness professionals. The Spa offers various massage techniques; Swedish, deep tissue, sports, hot stone, reflexology, and Manual Lymph Drainage. We are available seven days a week and are looking forward to meeting you! For more information, contact: Nasilis Guzman—Spa Supervisor 954.400.6802

Massage for the SWIMMER


by Jonathan Gellert Massage Therapist

by Susan Alter Massage Therapist

FOUR WAYS MASSAGE WILL PROPEL YOU TOWARD MEETING YOUR FITNESS GOALS: 1. Massage is not just a luxury, it may be a necessity. During or after workouts you might notice soreness, discomfort, or a specific pain. Targeted massage increases blood flow and may assist in the recovery process. 2. Massage may help with weight loss. Studies have shown that having a massage not only increases blood flow but assists in the detoxification of the body. Specific modalities such as Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) diminishes water retention and allows the body to eliminate excess water. 3. Your massage therapist can locate weakness and strengths in your body. During massage sessions, clients are often surprised to find out that there were more areas of concern that need attention than expected. 4. Regular massage sessions incorporated into your fitness routine expedites healthy results. 38

Those of you who swim competitively or just for exercise know swimming is a great full-body workout. After a good swim, you feel energized and empowered. Swimming is a repetitive movement sport: you do the same movements hundreds, if not thousands of times; and guess what happens to your muscles when you use them repetitively? They get tight. And when they get overly tight, the risk of injury increases. Some common injury areas that swimmers experience are neck, shoulders, chest, lower back and hips. Massage therapy is the perfect way to address these muscles, to keep them healthier and stay injury-free. Here at Midtown, we are familiar with the swimmer’s needs. We have worked closely with Olympic swimmers and recreational swimmers. So, if you have any nagging muscular concerns, give us a call at the Midtown Spa.



Sunscreen PROTECTION by Nasilis Guzman Spa Supervisor


and dark spots) and UVB (the shorter wavelengths primarily responsible for sunburns).

—The deadliest form of skin cancer has jumped 2.4 percent every single year since 1980 among women, and women aged 39 and under have a higher probability of developing melanoma than any other cancer except breast cancer.

—Anything boasting “waterproof,” “sweat proof,” or “all day protection” is simply not true, and in violation of the FDA regulations.

—It is scientifically proven that sunscreen prevents skin aging. —The SPF (Sun Protection Factor) refers to the theoretical amount of time you can stay in the sun without getting sunburned. For example, if you use an SPF 30 sunscreen, that means you can be in the sun for 30 minutes longer than you could without protection. —“Broad spectrum” on the label indicates that your sunscreen protects you from two different wavelength ranges: UVA (the longer wavelengths that penetrate deeper causing wrinkles

Our sunscreen from G.M. Collin uses only physical, 100% natural (non-chemical) sun filters. Our products are formulated exclusively with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which are the only natural sun filters recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. They naturally protect against both UVA and UVB rays. These two physical sunscreen filters offer the broadest-spectrum UV protection amongst all existing technologies. Apply your sunscreen 30 minutes before you go outside, and prepare to safely enjoy our beautiful, sunny weather.

For more information, contact: Nasilis Guzman—Spa Supervisor 954.400.6802




Designed with Love in New York, MADE SEXY IN BRAZIL by Valerie Torres Pro Shop Director

Who knows swimwear better than a model? Rachelle Dion is a Miami native who walks the runway in NYC. She has a love for the beach and an amazing eye for design. She created Sans Sucre swimwear two years ago with her partner, Heather Cappelletto, and it has already appeared in Sports Illustrated’s 2015 and 2016 Swimsuit issues. We are thrilled to carry this season’s limited, exclusive line in our Midtown boutique. 41



The Perfect FITNESS OUTFIT by Valerie Torres Pro Shop Director

Working out has never been so comfortable and colorful! With the unique fitness lines from the Pro Shop you can train hard and look fashionable while doing so. But what should you look for when buying fitness apparel? Comfort Make sure you always choose fabrics that are not rough on your skin, preventing skin irritation, and that allow you to move freely without causing friction. Fit You will want to try out the apparel before purchasing it, making sure that you have found the correct fit for you. Size is relevant— sometimes your fitness apparel size will vary from your typical daywear size. Combining fit and comfort is a must. Activity-appropriate Flowing tops are not ideal for a yoga class and perhaps baggy pants are not for a spinning session. This is why you need an outfit appropriate to the type of workout you are doing. You may want to experiment with a couple of typical moves when trying on the different options. For any advice on your workout attire and look, please stop by the Pro Shop and speak to our trained stylist. For more information, contact: Valerie Torres—Pro Shop Director 954.400.6781




PERMANENT LOCKERS A permanent locker is a convenient way to keep your personal belongings at the club without the hassle of taking them home. Contact the front desk to reserve your locker and receive the first two months on us.

Carol SZCZESNY by Kevin Munoz Front Desk Manager

Carol Szczesny was born in New Jersey but has been living in Florida since 1978, and says she will never exchange our sunshine for cold and snow! She has been working part-time at the front desk as a customer service associate for eight years. During the day, she works at a doctor’s office in Weston. In both jobs, she enjoys helping people. When she joined Midtown in 1995, it was called the Athletic Club of Weston, and since then she has seen many renovations and improvements. “When I have the time, which is unfortunately not often enough,” she says, “I will jump on a treadmill or bike, or perhaps join in a dance class.”

For more information, contact: Front Desk 954.400.6688

Maria Clara FLECHA Born in Venezuela, South America, Maria moved to beautiful, sunny Florida in the year 2000, and joined the Midtown family in 2014. What she loves most is interacting on a daily basis with our wonderful members. “If you have yet to notice,” she says, “I am a big tennis fan, so in your spare time, stop on by and let’s talk tennis!”





Very Berry Quinoa-Kale Salad Anthony Ball and Thomas Villanueva


x x x x x x x x x x x

2 cups Organic Green Kale 2 cups Organic Mixed Greens 1 cup Organic Quinoa 4 oz Organic Blueberries 4 oz Organic Blackberries 4 oz Organic Raspberries 4 oz Organic Strawberries 4 oz Walnut Halves 4-6 pieces Baby Heirloom Tomatoes 6-8 slices Organic European Cucumbers 2 oz Red Onion, julienned

Drizzle with Midtown’s Raspberry Vinaigrette. If desired, add Organic Chicken Breast. Serves 2-4 For more information, contact: Mariann Marinberg—Club Manager 954.400.6716




Meet our MEMBERS by Jill Garzia Engagement Director

We encourage healthy lifestyles by being active members at Midtown, as well as receiving support from the best coaches in the health and fitness profession. Another way to encourage you is to share positive experiences from our members. Here’s one that may resonate with you. A message from Wendy Biel Six years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and given the option to take medication and vitamin supplements to treat my condition. After about a month, I wanted off the medication. The doctor suggested a more holistic approach. He said to continue with the vitamin supplements (Calcium and Vitamin D) and start working with strength bearing exercises. He also recommended having a bone density test taken every two years to monitor my condition. My next test showed no change—just the same results—but the great thing was that I was not getting any worse!

I don’t know if Midtown members realize that there is an internal aspect of this message as well. I think that part of the Midtown experience is the professionals who work here and actually know what they are doing! I could have been using weights that were too heavy, not knowing the damaging effects it could have had on me. Because of these professionals, I have been assisted in getting healthier in an intelligent way. It’s not just looking good, it’s being good at what I’m doing. And that is what’s so awesome!

Then two years ago, I joined Midtown. I started working with Sandor Morris right away as my personal coach. We decided on training two times a week and continuing to work out on my own the rest of the week. Of course, I wanted to look as beautiful as the members that I always see in the club, men and women alike. Because of them, I aspired to look great, so I stayed motivated and continued with the weekly exercises. It’s now been six years since I was first diagnosed, and my recent bone density test results show that I no longer have osteoporosis! Choosing only a holistic approach, I now know that the results were not just luck, but hard work and dedication!

“...My recent bone density test results show that I no longer have osteoporosis! Choosing only a holistic approach, I now know that the results were not just luck, but hard work and dedication!”

“Way to go, Wendy! Keep up the good work!”

When you read information regarding post-menopausal women diagnosed with osteoporosis, normally there is no getting better. The best result they hope to achieve is just not to get any worse. But with some of us, it can in fact get better—when you choose to invest in you!




Letters from OUR MEMBERS Jennifer, I am very grateful that Teri invited my wife and me to participate in the Midtown 60 Day Challenge. Starting with Pablo’s caring attitude during the initial assessment and personal goals discussion, I could tell that my quest for wellness was heading in the right direction. Although I had NO prior knowledge of what the heck a Pilates Reformer was, I endeavored to become “re-formed.” Under the watchful eye of Gwen, I began this part of my “Challenge.” Her attention to the individual needs of each of her students is commendable. After advising Gwen that I had a Total Shoulder Replacement less than 20 months ago, she was able to tailor or modify certain movements taking into consideration MY limitations. She oftentimes explains not only the how, but the why, of a particular exercise. After these several weeks I am MOST happy to report that not only am I regaining lost strength, but more importantly, accomplishing this pain free! When I say pain free, I don’t mean to say ache free…. Gwen challenges all of us to test our limits. After swallowing more than a thousand Ibuprofen over the last several years, I am thrilled to report I haven’t had one in the last six weeks! Ahhh….the sweet smell of Wellness! Although Midtown boasts a vast array of high quality equipment, amenities, and an impressive offering of scheduled classes, I believe the single best element that substantiates their distinction is the highly trained instructors! Gwen, Teri, Rebecca, and others, have all demonstrated consummate knowledge, and an eagerness to share their skills.

Thanks to Ismael, Michael, Carlos, Robbie,Yuriel and others for the best club tennis experience I could ask for. The Midtown experience is something that I will never forget. Best of luck, love and prosperity to all of you, your employees, management and membership for years to come. Thanks again, Your Friend, Hal M.

Good Morning Marian, I trust this email finds you in good spirits as you start your day. I wanted to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for treating my associate and me to a wonderful lunch on Wednesday.You are most kind and generous. Midtown is my refuge and sanctuary from my high-pressure job at a global business located in Weston. My one hour away from the office at Midtown is a treat and a break from a day that starts very early and ends very late. I am in debt to my Pilates guru and spiritual friend, Teri, for taking me on as a project to fix me up. I am in the best of health now. Please extend my thanks to Michelle at the front desk for being a kind and wonderful soul.

I am looking forward to the next 60 days. I accept your challenge!

Thank you very much and a very good day,

Steve R.

Jerry B.

Gentlemen, Tonight I played my last match at Midtown. After 13 years, Sue and I are moving out of Weston, but wanted to say that our experience at Midtown enhanced our lives greatly over the years. Thanks to Carol, Maria, Camillo, Pablo, Brittany and everyone at the front desk.


For more information, contact: Jill Garzia—Engagement Director 954.400.6716


Soft Serve

Made with Greek Yogurt & All Natural Stevia

6oz Portion 100 Calories  2.5g Fat  12g Carb  8g Protein

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