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EXCITING NEW DESIGNER AND ONE-OF-A-KIND ESTATE JEWELRY Diamonds, Pearls and Fashion Jewelry Exceptional Quality – Extraordinary Value Winner of Metro Bravo & Midtown Diamond Awards The Lassiter at North Hills 919.571.8888

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nov E m B E r | D E cEmBEr 2009

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I’m Dreaming of a White Elephant Christmas Sometimes new traditions are just what we need to get back the Christmas spirit. Start a new tradition with any variety of friends or relatives. special thanks to april maness photography and arrange your home for our beautiful cover.

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Step by Step

Do you feel like your holiday decorations look the same year after year? If so, it may be a time to add a little do-it-yourself pizzazz! Step by step instructions on updating your home’s holiday decorations.


Good Wood

Naked furniture is making a comeback. Use your imagination when considering unfurnished furniture.


Kids Holiday Fashion


Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve searched and scoured the stores. What have we found? You’ll have to read to find out. Holiday shoppers…ready, set, shop!


Selling Locally

Thinking globally – fair trade retailers offer hope around the world.


Join Us For Dinner

Do the holidays bring out the entertainer in you? Two local caterers provide inspiration for your holiday entertaining.



And you thought it was just for teens? Discover how this sensation has started to capture people of all ages.

Check out the latest style for the holidays.

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white dreamingof a


elephant christmas

Sometimes new traditions are just what we need to get back the Christmas spirit.

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it wasn’t too many christmases past that i found myself telling a friend: “i love everything about christmas except christmas Day.” What? How could i be such a crabapple on Jesus’ birthday? But i was overwhelmed and tired. christmas eve and christmas Day were filled to the brim with obligations, shuttling from house to house, and eating a grotesque amount of food, all in about 36 hours. The truth is, christmas can be a tough holiday for many reasons. and this year has been ripe with them – from record-setting job losses to home foreclosures. The holidays also often remind us of someone – or something – we’ve lost. The way to tame the stressors and, yes, embrace christmas is to break free, just a tiny bit, from the same old routine that sometimes feels like a short leash. let this be the year you start a new tradition. There really are no rules; just make it fun and meaningful.

10/22/09 10:23:45 AM

“ “ Traditions don’t have to be passed down from parent to children; start a new tradition with any variety of friends or relatives

celeBraTing BeFore anD aFTer a few years ago, J.T. cayton-gannon started hosting a pre-Thanksgiving dinner party for friends she didn’t get to see during the holiday. “We each bring a dish, along with the recipe, and try it out on our friends before we cook it for our families,” says cayton-gannon, 40. “it’s a great way to have a practice run on a new dish or a favorite dish that we may have only cooked once or twice in the last year. We have had everything from homemade mincemeat pies, some interesting tofu experiments, and lots of great butternut squash dishes.” now that the kids are starting to get a little older, cayton-gannon sets up a separate table dedicated to dishes the kids make. The day after christmas, linda and glenn mersereau of apex head to myrtle Beach, sc for some down time with their two kids, ages 7 and 3 ½. The kids love staying in one of the many hotels with pools and lazy rivers, and the mersereaus love the great deals available at a time when many families stay close to home.

FinDing THe meaning new traditions can also help us communicate what the holiday spirit means to us. many years ago, roberta Buckley, 58, started a Thanksgiving tradition that encouraged even the youngest children to think about thankfulness. “We make a tree from construction paper and tape it to the wall in the dining room,” says Buckley, who raised her kids in cary. “Then, slips of paper and pens are set out, and while folks are gathering before dinner, everyone writes the things they are thankful for on the paper and tapes the notes to the Thankful Tree. The adults write something down for the smaller kids, too. During dinner, someone reads aloud all the notes on the tree. it can be very touching.” although Buckley’s children are grown, she and her husband Don still practice the tradition at her home in nashville with their three grandchildren. “i don’t know if my kids will carry this on or not,” she says. “i don’t know that it was ever a thing that hit their memory radar

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10/22/09 10:23:53 AM

and stuck. But Don and I have always liked it.” And that’s the important thing. Traditions don’t have to be passed down from parent to children; start a new tradition with any variety of friends or relatives. Telling stories As for the new tradition that finally pulled me out of my funk, it received a rather lackluster response at first. A few years ago my aunt started coming from out of town to celebrate Christmas with our family, but our one gigantic celebration on Christmas Day always prevented any close bonding. A few of us thought a separate Christmas gathering with three generations of women in the family would be fun. I proposed we gather a day or two before Christmas, before things got hectic, to exchange white elephant gifts. A white elephant gift is something you already have. It can be something you’ve inherited or something you have that another person has always admired or just something you don’t need or use anymore. My sister liked the idea of a separate get-together but thought the white elephant idea smacked of re-gifting and would make us all look cheap. I held my ground. This would relieve the financial stress of purchasing gifts, and the gifts themselves would give us something to laugh about. Turns out, the white elephant gifts did more than that. Those found objects got us telling stories. My mother gave us silver dollars from 1921 that my paternal grandparents won in Las Vegas during a crosscountry road trip. That was news to a few of us, who remembered them as largely homebound.

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here’s an

for the

• Decorating the tree and house: Invite Gram and Gramps over, brew


Starting a new holiday tradition is not only a good way to relieve stress and define

up some apple cider, and haul out those holiday decora-

the holidays on your own terms, but it can also be a way to help define a new family

tions. Afterward, order out for pizza or Chinese food.

that may have experienced a death, divorce or remarriage over the past year. New

Congratulations; you’ve decorated the house, had a family

traditions signal a new start and underscore moving forward. Below, a few tips and

gathering, and basked in the glow of memories the orna-

ideas to get you started:

ments always provide.

• It’s a season: Spread the joy around a little bit and utilize the weeks before

• Movie Day: Pick a day in early December and watch

Christmas to see friends and relatives alike.

Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life, complete with popcorn and drinks. Invite extended family

• Breaking the news: If you plan to trade an old tradition for a new one, expect

and consider a gift swap if you won’t be seeing them

some grumbling. Be inclusive and make an effort to see the family members who

on Christmas Day.

might be displaced with the new tradition or, better yet, invite them to join you. • Pick an event: We have Christmas trains, plays, • Rotate: If you can’t bear to give up Christmas Day at grandma’s, but detest the

ballets and parades here in the Triangle. Pick one and

drive and want to spend the morning in your own home, consider rotating. One

make it an event to remember. You can gather before-

Christmas in your home, the next doing the travel whirlwind.

hand or afterward for conversation.

• Give everyone a vote: Consider what the members of your family enjoy. If starting

• For New Year’s Eve: Have each family member write

a tradition for a new family situation, ask for input from each family member.

a resolution on a piece of paper and place it in his or her stocking. When decorating for Christmas the next year, fish out the resolutions and see who’s done what.

Holiday Open House Thu, Thu, November November 19, 19, 6pm–8pm 6pm–8pm

Tree Lighting Celebration

Sat, Sat, November November 21, 21, 3pm–7pm, 3pm–7pm,Tree Tree Lit Lit at at 6pm 6pm

Ice Skating on the Commons


November November 21 21 until until January January Mon–Thu Mon–Thu 10am–8pm, 10am–8pm, Fri Fri & & Sat Sat 10am–9pm, 10am–9pm, Sun Sun 1pm–6pm 1pm–6pm

Santa Claus Comes to Midtown Sat Sat & & Sun Sun in in December, December, 12pm–3pm 12pm–3pm

Holiday Greens Market Sat Sat until until December December 19, 19, 11am–4pm 11am–4pm In In front front of of Vivace Vivace & & in in the the Commons Commons

Holiday Hospitality Tents

Fri, Fri, Sat Sat & & Sun, Sun, November November 27 27 until until December December 20 20

Visit for more information. | 13

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Some of the women in the writer’s family who participate in a three-generation White Elephant gift exchange.

Another year my mom gave my sister and me Santas from her Santa collection. We were often with her when she’d bought them, so it was fun recollecting and also arguing over who’d received the best one.   My aunt gave my sister an Art-deco bowl that had been my maternal grandmother’s. My sister remembered my grandfather using it as an ashtray for his stinky cigars, which made my grandma furious. That led to a story about how the dish was one of the first things grandma bought with her own money after she earned her teaching certificate.    Finding the perfect white elephant gift for each person takes a lot of thought. It isn’t always easy, but it is interesting, and you remember a lot about the person as you struggle to find a great white elephant. The white elephant Christmas is now my favorite tradition. A few days before Christmas, we all gather at my house for a private girls’ lunch with fresh fruit, coffee and light appetizers, with everyone bringing something. Then, we sit back and the unwrapping begins. We are three generations of women, catching up, growing up, and learning a bit more each year about what makes us family.   And, really, isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

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cl 016-021 holiday decorating.in1 1

Do you feel like your holiday decorations look the same year after year? If so, it may time to add a little do-ityourself pizzazz! Whether it’s a whimsical wreath on the front door, a new look for your Christmas tree, or just setting the perfect table, our step by step guide will help you create a memorable holiday look! We turned to the local experts at Arrange Your Home, Floral Accents and Garden Hut for step-by-step instructions on updating your home’s holiday decorations.

10/22/09 10:14:52 AM

When it comes to holiday entertaining, creating a fabulous and festive table is just as important as decorating your holiday tree. We turned to Joey Napierkowski, Interior Re-Designer of Arrange your Home, for great ideas on creating a beautiful table that can transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas to a New Year’s celebration. THE BASICS • A white dinner plate is a versatile piece that can be dressed up with less expensive colored linens or salad plates. • Each table setting shows how you can create a lot of visual interest by layering different materials, a variety of color, texture and scale to create a lovely table top.


• Start your Thanksgiving table with a custom table runner – a reversible runner features a beautiful patterned fabric on one side and a solid on the reverse. • Get inspired by the season – use fall leaves, pine cones and acorns down the center of the table. • Add a little drama by using grand tea light candelabras. The height of the candle holders adds beautiful light but it is elevated enough not to deter conversation. • Wrap the glass vase of our centerpiece with brown packing paper and randomly wrap the vase with twine. The introduction of color and texture will add to the “natural” feel of the table setting. • The Thanksgiving water goblets are adorned with beautiful gold filigree. This


is coordinated and repeated with the gold chargers and place card holders.

• Traditional Tartan plaid is the base for this table setting – use three table runners placed horizontally across the table to establish place settings on either side of the table. • Add a strip of holiday greenery down the center of the table and begin layering with a variety of mercury balls in various sizes. Fill in with berry picks. The same concept can be applied to the holiday tree in the room, creating a cohesive look. • Brown paper packages are adorned with a name tag that serves as a place card holder. (gift from host) • Create dinner menus from your home printer and dress it up with a little ribbon.

new year’s

This quick, easy and unexpected detail really personalizes the dining experience!

• You can start this table with a simple and inexpensive trick – use a $2 roll of wrapping paper that is similar in pattern to the design of your cocktail and dessert plates. This can act as your runner. • Metallic silver rectangular place mats are topped with circular black placemats followed by the dinner and salad plates, adding variety of color and texture. • Lime green dinner napkins wrapped in hot pink satin ribbon can add a pop of fun color to your table. • Consider jazzing up our holiday tree to ring in the new year by pulling out everything red and replacing it with silver ornaments, snowflakes and a little “bling”. The updates to the tree can extend its life in the space and adds a little whimsy to your holiday dining room.


cl 016-021 holiday decorating.in2 2

10/22/09 10:15:27 AM



step step | trimming the tree

The thought of decorating a Christmas tree can conjure up thoughts of warmth and beauty; however for many it can produce frustration and dread. Stringing the lights on the Christmas tree is the bane of many husbands. That problem can be solved by the modern technology of a pre-lit artificial tree. But if you feel like your tree needs a dose of pizzazz, Gene Jackson, owner of Floral Accents in downtown Cary, shared his secrets to creating a beautiful Christmas tree.

Start with the lights – lighting an artificial tree is most easily done by working from the bottom up as you assemble the tree. And remember to never plug more than three strings of lights end to end.


Next comes the garland – I like to use wire ribbon as a garland. Cut the ribbon in lengths of four to eight feet, using the shorter pieces at the top of the tree and the longer ones towards the bottom. Starting at the top of the tree, weave the ribbon in and out of the tree, letting the pieces end where they will. Sometimes I will tie simple shoestring bows and place them at various places throughout the tree.


cl 016-021 holiday decorating.in3 3

10/22/09 10:16:19 AM


Then I add a bead type garland. It is important to drape it. Again, start at the top and work down the tree. The garlands can be connected end to end with a metal Christmas tree hook or can be hooked on to a branch.

4 5 6

If you are using branches of leaves or anything that is to be laid on the branches like hydrangea, it should be inserted before hanging the ornaments.

Now the fun part – start with the largest, ornaments and hang them further into the tree, then follow with smaller ones. It is good to choose a tree that is not too thick but has some spaces and gaps to place ornaments inside the tree and not just on the outside. Vary the sizes, shapes and colors to fit your color scheme. Textures are as important as colors..

Finally, crown your tree with an item that fits the theme or style of your tree. I prefer an angel or star because it’s a statement to the meaning of this wondrous season known as Christmas.

Remember, your Christmas tree is a tradition as well as a representation of you or your family’s personality, so have fun with it and create your own work of art.


cl 016-021 holiday decorating.in4 4

10/22/09 10:17:05 AM


step step | wonderful wreaths

Lisa Treadaway is the owner of The Little Herb House. She works with The Garden Hut throughout the year and offers classes during the holiday season. She promises it’s a piece of cake to freshen up the look of your wreath.


Pick a wreath that fits your space – we choose a 20-inch (12-inch hoop), and add sprigs of evergreens to add color and dimension to the wreath.



Consider adding dried Statice – work with odd numbered sprigs, placing it evenly around the wreath. We recommend that you use a dot of hot glue on the tips to secure the sprigs.

Next, fill in the holes with Holly, Juniper or Nandina berries. This will add a great splash of color. Remember; real berries are fragile, so it is okay to use faux berries.


cl 016-021 holiday decorating.in5 5

10/22/09 11:37:37 AM


Next we add dried hydrangea, it’s a beautiful touch.


Next we add the “wow” color with Celosia, better known as Cocks Comb. After you place the Celosia, take a step back and look to see if it’s balanced before gluing. If you can’t find Celosia, consider using silk poinsettias.


Then add 3 Lotus Pods or Pinecones.


The final step is to add the bow. You can place the bow at the top, bottom or the side of the wreath – just make sure you use a ribbon that is designed for indoor/outdoor use.


cl 016-021 holiday decorating.in6 6

10/22/09 10:17:45 AM

chef’s corner

RECIPES chef mario COPY darcy brennan-huante PHOTOGRAPHY april maness photography


edible elegance i was approached by a client the other day and she was frustrated with what she viewed as limited options for holiday dinners. in her childhood, the menus were set in stone and usually included either a whole roasted turkey or fighting the lines at the holiday ham store, some form of ambrosia, green bean casserole complete with canned soup and crispy onion topping, mashed potatoes, rolls and of course pie for dessert. She was excited about a few of the items, but felt others needed a “facelift”, and we couldn’t agree more! Satisfy the traditionalist and leave the staple foods alone (these usually change from family to family – or family member to family member – in our home it’s the pies and mashed potatoes that always have to make it to the table) but the rest is fair game! in the following recipes, we’ve taken a few classics and tweaked them a bit to bring them up to the times. Feel free to get creative and add your personality to your recipes and onto your table!

new twists on old classics Old Classic – Spinach and Artichoke Dip New Twist – Savory Spinach Artichoke Cheesecake Makes (1) 2-pound cake (feeds 15-20 as an appetizer) Sautéed Onion Mixture: ¼ cup onion, minced 2 cloves fresh garlic, minced Directions: Sauté onion and garlic in 1 Tbsp oil until soft (not brown). Set aside to cool. Cream Cheese Mixture: 1 ½ lbs cream cheese, softened 3 eggs Directions: Use hand mixer to whip cream cheese. add eggs one at a time, scraping bowl as you go. 1 cup parmesan cheese 1 (10 oz) jar marinated artichoke hearts, chopped 1 (10 oz) box fresh spinach, thawed and squeezed dry 3 Tbsp sherry 1 Tbsp fresh dill, chopped 1 Tbsp fresh tarragon, chopped 1 Tbsp Dijon mustard 1 Tbsp hot sauce

Directions: Fold into cream cheese mixture together with sautéed onion mixture. layer a 10” cake pan with cooking spray, parchment, then more cooking spray. Pour in cheesecake batter and bake at 350 degrees for 25-30 minutes or until cheesecake is set. Shake the pan and if everything moves and wiggles together, it’s done. For the Garnish: 1 cup sour cream 1 can roasted red peppers, patted dry and diced small 1/2 red onion, diced small ½ cup scallions, chopped crackers of your choice Salt and pepper Directions: Spread a layer of sour cream over top of cheesecake. Toss the scallions, peppers and onion together in a bowl and sprinkle on top of cheesecake. Serve with crackers and enjoy!

22 |

cl 022-023 chef mario.indd 1

10/22/09 10:33:21 AM

Old Classic – Dinner Rolls New Twist – Garlic Oregano Roll Poppers Makes about 64 poppers 2 lbs roll dough, bread dough or pizza dough 3 Tbsp olive oil 1/3 cup oregano leaves, fresh and chopped 3 Tbsp minced fresh garlic (the smaller you chop garlic, the more powerful it is) 2 Tbsp parmesan cheese Salt and pepper to taste Directions: Let the dough thaw just until you can cut it and roll it. Use flour so the dough doesn’t stick to your hands. Cut dough into walnut-sized chunks, then cut in half again. They will seem small, but they will rise and get bigger. Place the tiny dough balls on a lined sheet pan with plenty of space between them so they don’t touch when they rise and spread. Spray the balls with non-stick cooking spray and cover loosely and lightly with plastic wrap. Set in a warm place to rise. When balls have doubled in size, bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about 4 minutes, then turn the pan and bake 4 minutes more or until golden.

Old Classic – Roasted Turkey or Spiral Cut Honey Ham New Twist – Cinnamon-Rubbed Pork Loin with Roasted Pineapple, Peppers and Red Onions Serves 8 2 cups red onion, large diced 2 cups pineapple, large diced 2 cups red bell peppers, large diced Olive oil Directions: Toss the onions, pineapple and peppers with 2 Tbsp olive oil and lightly season with salt and pepper. Roast on a foil-lined sheet pan in a preheated 350 degree oven for 20-30 minutes or until fruits and veggies deepen in color and become slightly chewy. Set aside. For the rub: 4 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp cumin 2 tsp black pepper 4 tsp kosher salt ½ tsp cayenne pepper 2 Tbsp brown sugar 1-3 lb pork loin roast, trimmed

For the yummy garlic oregano topping: in a sauté pan over medium heat, add olive oil, oregano and garlic. Sauté for about 2 minutes or until fragrant. Place in a large bowl.

Directions: Mix the rub ingredients together and coat the pork loin with the rub. In a heavy pan over high heat, sear all 4 sides of the rubbed pork loin with 1 Tbsp olive oil on each side. Once seared, place the pan into the 350 degree preheated oven and cook for about 25 minutes or the internal temp reads 155-160.

When your roll poppers come out of the oven, toss them with the garlic oregano mixture and sprinkle with parmesan cheese, salt and pepper.

Let the pork loin rest for about 8 minutes. Slice it thin and present on a platter. Garnish with roasted veggies and serve with whole grain mustard and mini rolls. | 23

cl 022-023 chef mario.indd 2

10/22/09 10:33:34 AM

naked (ahem, unfinished) furniture is making a comeback. By CHRISTA GALA

good wood


or decades Joe Torrisi has been refinishing antique furniture and cabinetry, a painstaking process of stripping, sanding and staining. owner of rosario’s restorations, Torrisi trained under a master woodworking craftsman from italy. lately, part of his job’s been a little easier, a welcome surprise. That’s because Torrisi’s cary studio is packed with unfinished furniture; he receives fifteen to twenty blank canvases a month. “i had a two-week period where i had four truckloads, 16 new clients,” says Torrisi. for these pieces, there will be no labor-intensive stripping involved, only a finish similar to what he restores on an heirloom piece. customers love the result.

24 |

cl 024-027 unfinished furniture.1 1

10/22/09 10:43:47 AM

“It’s ecologically sound, and the whole tree is used” Why unfinished? Although unfinished furniture has been around for years, many homeowners are opting for the pieces these days for a variety of reasons. First, the pieces are all wood (no MDF or particle board); second, there are countless options when it comes to finishes and design. The customer gets exactly what he or she needs or wants for the same price or less as something off the showroom floor. Ed Vincent, general manager of Wood Quarters on Kildaire Farm Road, says customers like the fact they can see what they’re getting: real wood. Most pieces in his 8,000-square-foot showroom are made of maple, oak, pine and parawood, the latter also known as the rubber tree. “It’s very much like oak or maple as far as the density of the wood,” says Vincent, who says a lot of people have never heard of parawood. “It’s a beautiful wood. It has a nice even grain and takes a stain very much like mahogany or cherry.” Customers often ask questions about how the wood is harvested. Parawood makes the grade. “Rubber trees are grown in Southeast Asia,” says Vincent. “Once the tree dies, they harvest the tree and make it into furniture. It’s ecologically sound, and the whole tree is used. Nothing is cut down, in terms of rainforest or anything, to make furniture with.” Vincent’s biggest seller lately is bookcases. “We can customize bookcases to any width, height or depth that you need,” he says, noting the store’s Made to Measure program. Existing pieces are modified through the program, not built from scratch. Wood Quarters sells the supplies needed if customers want to stain a piece themselves, as they often do with smaller pieces like plant stands or end tables. For some pieces, a factory finish can be ordered and the piece will be stained and then shipped. The third option is to get a custom finish from Torrisi, an independent contractor. Torrisi takes what he would normally charge for an antique piece and cuts that price in half when he’s price-quoting for unfinished pieces. An 84-inch bookcase, for example, would cost $210 to finish; a coffee table would cost $100. His process takes about ten days. “Everything is done with the exact painstaking care and | XX

cl 024-027 unfinished furniture.2 2

10/22/09 10:43:54 AM

Joe Torrisi of Rosario’s Restorations custom-finished this office set from Wood Quarters in a natural finish to show off the wood.

quality work and materials supplied to an antique piece,” says Torrisi, whose finish work is on display at Wood Quarters. “You can’t rush it; each coat has to cure. That’s the secret of getting a good finish.” Built from scratch Unfinished furniture is also an appealing option because you can get exactly what you want – right down to a cat door in a hand-crafted wall unit, as one of Phillip Fletcher’s customers ordered recently. Often, going the custom-made route saves time if you know what you want and you’ll settle for nothing less. There’s no hunting and pecking in furniture stores or waiting 16 weeks for a piece to come in that’s close to what you dreamed, but not quite. Fletcher, vice president of Durham Bookcases & Other Cool Wood Stuff, has been custom-crafting furniture since 1972. The company works both from its Durham location and inside Sorrell’s in downtown Cary. Durham Bookcases crafts everything by hand and carries more than 1,000 pieces in stock. The company offers 450 standardsized cases, although it can make furniture to any dimension. If you can dream it, they can build it – from traditional, Shaker, European and Cottage styles to cabinets that wrap around corners and those designed to hold yarn and fabric. “Everything is built at 301 S. Duke Street in Durham,” says Fletcher. “We have builders with 10-15 years experience.

Our available woods are oak, birch, maple, cherry, walnut and mahogany. This is all solid wood with no particleboard or MDF and no outsourcing.” Durham Bookcases is what you might call a one-stop-shop outfit. The company offers home visits, design and building services and will also paint or stain the piece and then deliver it and set it up; the company offers those services in any combination. One recent client, a physician, wanted pieces built and painted, but preferred to install the pieces himself. A little pull goes a long way One of the best things about buying unfinished furniture is that you get to select the knobs. Also called “pulls,” these seemingly innocent pieces of hardware make a statement and personalize a piece like little else. Ellen Brotzman, owner of The Top Drawer in downtown Cary, has lost count of how many knob styles she carries. She’s got pig-head knobs, hand-painted pottery, Swarovski crystal and those made of river rock, rubber and bamboo. The Top Drawer also houses a second company Brotzman owns called Cabinet Concepts. Customers often seek her out initially for cabinetry consultations and are amazed at her inventory, later coming back in search of unique knobs for antique dressers, end tables, night stands, and bi-fold closet doors. You don’t have to be daring. Brotzman’s most popular knob now is a traditional oil-

26 |

cl 024-027 unfinished furniture.3 3

10/22/09 10:44:00 AM

Left: Durham Bookcases & Other Cool Wood Stuff, with a location inside Sorrell’s in downtown Cary, constructed and finished this piece to accommodate a wine cooler, overhead storage and bookshelves. Right: The Top Drawer in downtown Cary offers fun knobs in all shapes, sizes and colors.

rubbed round bronze knob. Least popular? Polished brass. Coming back into fashion? Antique brass. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to creating a new look with pulls, Brotzman says: “Begin with the end in mind.” Ideally, you should select your knobs after the details of the piece are in place, including design, color and style. Have vision Use your imagination when considering unfinished furniture. Maybe it’s not staged and dressed to the nines, but now you can personalize it with stain, paint, doors, drawers and knobs. It will be a functional piece that looks great and reflects your personality. And you’ll have a great conversation starter when folks ask, “Where did you get that beautiful piece?” You’ll feel great knowing you had something to do its creation.

resources Wood Quarters: 1207 Kildaire Farm Road 919-461-7100 Durham Bookcases & Other Cool Wood Stuff: Duke Street – Durham Sorrell’s – Downtown Cary 919-683-6123 Rosario’s Restorations: 108 Woodwinds Industrial Court 919-467-5258 The Top Drawer: 117 W. Chatham Street 919-468-6375

cl 024-027 unfinished furniture.4 4 | 27

10/22/09 10:44:08 AM

ace Measure your tree sp ll work wi ich wh e on t lec and se mber me Re . for your proportions p décor eto tre ur yo to allow space for . Also, try to and your tree stand from the choose an area away you plan if nts fireplace and air ve tree. t -cu sh fre on having a

Purchase your tree from a local business instead of national retailer, you’ll get a fresher tree.


tips for that perfect tree


If you have a special collection of ornaments or have little ones around (including four-legged ones), we recommend tying the tree near the top to a picture hook on the wall to help keep it stable.

r trees to It is natural fo the trunk, but ar ne s loose needle e lot, just hake it” on th “s u yo n he w edles on the not losing ne be sure it is oisture. sign of low m tips; that is a


cl 028-029 tree buying.indd 1

10/22/09 11:42:43 AM

Bluewater n-d


Ask to have a fresh 1” cut made on the tree, allowing it to draw water as long as possible. Adding a preservative will help it stay fresher longer.

2:51 PM

Page 1


Results today in time for tonight! Under $250

A top user of Prevelle® in the nation Naturally-occurring injectable agents that are used for lip enhancement and to soften facial lines and wrinkles

When a “permanent bo tanical” tree is chosen, pickup a fresh custom wr eath, fresh greens arrangem ent, or our favorite scent “F rasier Fir” in candles or room spray, so you can enjoy th e smell of Christmas.

cl 028-029 tree buying.indd 2

10941 Raven Ridge Road, Suite 103 • Raleigh



10/22/09 11:42:47 AM

How do you let your friends and families know about your holiday soiree? Evites are so passé, while invitations are always in style. Don’t have time to wait? Order a box or two of colorful imprintable invitations in a variety of styles and colors. You can do them yourself at home on your laser or ink jet printers. Boxes of 10 range from $12-$16. If you don’t want to bother with them, bring them to Cute Buttons. They will be happy to print them for you for 50 cents a sheet!


Best holiday Stationary Nothing quite evokes the same excitement as the brightly colored envelopes that arrive in the mail box or the beautifully wrapped package under the tree during the holiday season. This year the options are endless for personalizing your holiday message. Here’s a look at the newest options in holiday photo cards and invites as well as gift tags and stickers.

Holiday photo cards are a great way to keep family and friends up-to-date with the growth of your family. The Paper Company offers quantities of 50 or more starting from $100.


cl 030-031 holiday stationary.in1 1

10/22/09 11:45:02 AM

These personalizable holiday stickers by Picture Perfect are great for kids holiday gift tags, sealing envelopes for holiday cards or for whatever else you can think of! The design of this holiday sticker features a die-cut snowman in a red polka-dot hat holding a holiday sign. Available at Invitation Box in quantities of 48 for $30.

These holiday stickers are great for gift tags, return address labels, envelope seals, “this book belongs to�, or anything else you can think of. Available at Invitation Box in quantities of 48 for $30.

This customizable die-cut holiday sticker offers a great way to personalize your package. Available at Invitation Box in quantities of 48 for $30.

For a personal touch, add your name, address or a unique holiday phrase to the border. These round stickers make the perfect return address labels, holiday envelope seals or gift stickers. Available at Invitation Box in quantities of 120 for $35.


cl 030-031 holiday stationary.in2 2

10/22/09 11:45:07 AM



32 |

cl 032-035 kids holiday fashion.1 1

10/22/09 11:25:06 AM




holiday fashion kids

Photography By april maness

1. Luke is wearing a 3-piece outfit from Hartstrings. A red sweater vest, $48; a woven plaid oxford, $40; and black corduroy pants, $40. Available at Pattywhacks.

2. Anna

is wearing a 100% cotton outfit from Peaches n’ Cream. An adorable present swing top with fur cuffs and collar and polka-dot flare pants, $60. Available at Pattywhacks.

3. Baby Eva is wearing a holiday set from Young Colors, $38.50 at La Boutique for Kids. 4. Sophia is wearing a holiday ballet skirt set from Young Colors, with a ballerina embroidery detail, $33.50 for the set at La Boutique for Kids.

5. Dylan and Noah show off a dressy from Elebini.

Plaid vests retail, $14.50 at La Boutique for Kids. Velour cuff pants with adjustable waist retail, $19.50 (pair) at La Boutique for Kids. | 33

cl 032-035 kids holiday fashion.2 2

10/22/09 11:25:24 AM


kid’s fa shion

cl 032-035 kids holiday fashion.3 3

10/22/09 11:25:28 AM



By Dr. JODi reeD | harmony animal hoSPital

With the holidays quickly approaching, it’s the perfect time for Fido and Fluffy to enjoy all the wonderful new sights and smells that flood our houses. not to mention, so many perfect opportunities to get into lots of trouble! if your house is anything like mine, it is crazy and everyone is distracted by all the hustle and bustle this time of year. While this is a wonderful time of year for most families, should your pet become injured or ill this joyous time becomes emotionally and financially draining. Keeping a watchful eye on what your pets have access to and what you (and your guests) are giving them is the key to prevention. as a small animal veterinarian, the most common ailment i see during this time of year is intestinal upset such as vomiting, diarrhea, or inappetence from feeding table foods (especially rich, fatty foods), bones, and excessive amounts of treats. in some unlucky pets, this progresses to pancreatitis, where the pancreas becomes painfully swollen and leads to a very sick dog or cat; death can even occur if it becomes severe. the next biggest danger to pets are tinsel, ornaments, strings, and garland. Some pets love the new “play toys” in the house. these festive decorations can cause intestinal blockages if eaten and severe injury if wrapped around a paw or neck. Be mindful that even the smallest, most inconspicuous items can pose major threats. if you are concerned that something you’re using to decorate could be dangerous to your pet, be sure to place it high enough or in an area where you know they don’t have access to them. Some other holiday concerns are candy (especially chocolate), electric cords, christmas tree water, mistletoe (especially the berries), batteries, alcohol, medicines left out, onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, sugar-free gum, and macadamia nuts just to name a few. Since animals don’t know what’s bad for them, we need to do everything we can to keep those irresistible dangers from harming them! it is so very important to understand that the sooner you seek medical care after you notice unusual behaviors in your pet, the more likely the treatment will be less costly and more effective. Wishing you and your pets a very haPPy and SaFE holiday season! | XX

cl 032-035 kids holiday fashion.4 4

10/22/09 11:25:32 AM


d ow n tow n C A RY

ASHWORTH DRUGS 1 0 5 W. C H AT H A M S T R E E T, C A R Y N C 2 7 5 1 1 P H O N E 4 6 7 - 1 8 7 7


Paul Ashworth


36 |

cl 036-041 dtwn cary calendar ap1 1

10/22/09 11:53:23 AM

Specializing In:

Christmas Accessories & Decorating Award-winning Interior Design • Silk Arrangements & Plants • Lamps Furniture • Art • Accessories Candles • Wreaths

Come visit our showroom!


220 W. Chatham Street, Cary, NC 27511 919.460.9663 | 37

cl 036-041 dtwn cary calendar ap2 2

10/22/09 11:53:27 AM



noVeMBer | deceMBer 2009

11/4 • SEconD annUal HoliDay oPEn HoUSE! 5-8pm. cute

Buttons gift and Paper Boutique. 312 West chatham Street, Suite 203, downtown cary.

11/5 • SWaggEr giFTS’ HoliDay oPEn HoUSE “PrEviEW nigHT ” 6-9pm.Tickets $10 in advance,

$15 at the door. come shop for a cause! lots of specials and giveaways! Free gift bags worth over $25 each for the first 50 customers! check out for more info! 919-858-5884.

11/5 • WinE, WomEn & SHoES!

7-10pm. cinderella is proof that the right pair of shoes can change your life! Show off your sassiest footwear. Tickets are $75 in advance, $95 at the door. girls’ night out package of 5 tickets purchased together - $325. To purchase tickets, visit or call 919-821-7111.

farmers’ market. visit for more information.

among professionals working in health care. To register, call 919-660-6826.

11/7, 11/11, 11/14 • cHilDrEn’S PoEm rEaDing Free wishing stars

11/13 • TESH ParEKH: mUmBai & morE. opening reception: 6-8pm.

11/8 • PiE anD WinE TaSTing

11/13, 12/11 • arT aFTEr DarK 2nD FriDay 6-8pm. Free. art walk in

made by lynneSue given to all the boys and girls, plus an enchanting reading of her original christmas poem, The Red Sack at various sites. For dates and information, visit 2pm. $38 per person. The Umstead. For reservations or more information, please call 919-447-4373.

11/8 • commUniT y WalK, SUiciDE PrEvEnTion 12pm. Sup-

Free. The nature of art, Sunset lake commons. vibrant representational oil paintings. Show through november 30th, 5229 Sunset lake rd., Holly Springs. 919-387-9448.

Holly Spring & Fuquay-varina, various locations. For more information, call 919-3879448 or visit

11/14 • carol STEin’S garDEnErS ForUm 11am. “Time to Plant

St., cary. 919-460-9663.

port the american Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Triangle consortium for Suicide Prevention by participating in the out of the Darkness community Walk. To register, donate or to learn more, please visit to or call 919866-3275.

11/7 • cHriSTmaS SHoPPing SPrEE 9am-3pm. Swift creek Baptist

11/8 • SWaggEr giFTS’ 7TH annUal HoliDay oPEn HoUSE

11/14 • PHoTograPHy claSS WiTH BETH yaUgEr. The nature

11/6-11/7 • cHriSTmaS oPEn HoUSE Floral accents, 220 W. chatham

church. crafts and hand painted gifts, wreaths, christmas ornaments, american girl doll clothes,jewelry, candles, quilts, longaberger Baskets, Becky Bread, mary Kay, and more. 9300 Penny road, raleigh.

11/7 • garDEn HUT HoliDay oPEn HoUSE 8:30am-5pm. Unveiling of our christmas Shop, door prizes, nursery specials, great food, live music, gardening info. Free. The garden Hut, 1004 old Honeycutt road, Fuquay-varina. 919-5520590,

11/7 • 25TH annivErSary anD HoliDay oPEn HoUSE cElEBraTion 10am-5pm. chocolate Smiles. Stop by and see how we can make your holidays sweeter. Sweet surprises all day. 312 W. chatham Street, Suite 101, cary. For information, visit

11/7 Fall craFT FESTival 9am-

1pm. Free. carpenter village marketplace – 1226 morrisville carpenter road, cary. Western Wake Farmers’ market will host a Fall craft Festival in conjunction with their weekly

10am-5pm. 2425 Kildaire Farm rd., cary. This is Swagger’s biggest event of the year so you won’t want to miss it! customer giveaways, door prizes, special promotions and more! check out for more info. 919-858-5884.

11/10 • golF ToUrnamEnT To BEnEFiT ProSTaTE cancEr

crooked creek golf club. all participants welcome. lunch, complimentary beverages, participation in contests included. great prizes! more info at or call 919-522-4052.

11/11 • cUlTivaTing THE innEr liFE THroUgH SErvicE:

contemplative practices for healthcare professionals and caregivers. 9am-4pm. course fee: $125. Join roshi Joan Halifax for a special one-day seminar designed to explore contemplative approaches to caring for those who are seriously ill that cultivates mindful awareness, emotional balance and equanimity. learn effective self-care tools developed by Dr. Halifax to reduce burnout and secondary trauma that can be prevalent

Flowering Bulbs” for a colorful spring flower show. Free, but preregistration is requested. The garden Hut, 1004 old Honeycutt road, Fuquay-varina. 919-552-0590,

of art, Sunset lake commons. 5229 Sunset lake rd, Holly Springs. 919-387-9448.

11/14 • annUal craFT & giFT Fair 10am-4pm. abiding Presence lu-

theran church. Beautiful crafts and baked goods, also a variety of new and vintage items. all great for gifts, and reasonably priced. 7003 Sunset lake rd., Fuquay-varina. For more information, visit

11/18 • DUKE mEDicinE inFormaTion SESSion anD oPEn HoUSE 6:30-8pm. Free. We invite you to a free information session to explore Duke integrative medicine. in our state-of-the-art healing environment, our expert physicians and therapeutic staff will share information about our unique approach to healthcare— and how it can make an enduring difference in your life. During the seminar, you’ll be able to explore the beautiful Duke integrative medicine facility and enjoy light snacks and beverages. To register, call 919-681-2958.

38 |

cl 036-041 dtwn cary calendar ap3 3

10/22/09 11:53:42 AM

11/20, 12/19 • cHinESE BrUSH PainTing 1:15-3pm. $30 per class. The

nature of art, Sunset lake commons. Each class focuses on a different subject. Preregistration required. 5229 Sunset lake rd., Holly Springs. 919-387-9448.

11/21, 11/28 • Trimming THE TrEE SEminarS Floral accents. 3 times each day. Free 45 minute seminar on how to trim your tree to perfection. 220 W. chatham St., cary. call for times – 919-460-9663.

11/21 • HoliDay oPEn HoUSE

5-8pm. arrange your Home. 5432 Sunset lake rd., Holly Springs. For more information: 919-363-5552.

11/21 • arTiSTS & angElS oPEn HoUSE 11am-3pm. The nature of art,

Sunset lake commons. Demos, kitchen angel contest, free food, meet some artists and angels. Demos include rocky alexander oil painting with a palette knife, Julie nauman demoing chocolate, a chocolat Passion. 5229 Sunset lake rd., Holly Springs. 919-387-9448.

11/26 • UmSTEaD THanKSgiving BUFFET 12-6pm. $65 per person,

$18 per child under 12. The Umstead. For reservations or more information, please call 919-447-4373.

11/28 • 5K rUn anD TailgaTE ParT y: TUrKEy TroT 5K road

race through the beautiful Weldon ridge development in West cary. Stick around after for the post-race BBQ and tailgate party. For more information visit

12/3-12/4 • cary acaDEmy’S HoliDay SHoPPE Thursday 10am-5

pm, Friday 10am-5pm and 6:30-9pm, Saturday 10am-4pm. in the sports and education annex on campus. The Shoppe has gifts for everyone on your shopping list! more than 100 unique vendors have been present in the past at this free event that is open to the public. Proceeds support scholarships and community service. cary academy is located at 1500 n. Harrison ave. in cary. Questions? call the Holiday Hotline at 228-4653.

cl 036-041 dtwn cary calendar ap4 4

12/5-12/6 • cHriSTmaS oPEn HoUSE Sat. 10am-4pm, Sun. 1-5pm.

robin’s nest gifts and Scrap magic, 1501 n. main St., Fuquay-varina. Join us for refreshments, door prizes and unique gift shopping for that special someone.

12/5, 12/12, 12/19 • TEa WiTH SanTa 11am-1pm. $18 per child, $36 per

adult. The Umstead. Start the holidays off with the raleigh Boys choir, Santa and mrs. clause. Each child takes home a gift from Santa. For reservations or more information, please call 919-447-4373.

12/6 • cary commUniT y cHoir’S PErFormancE oF mESSiaH 7pm. Sanctuary of White Plains United methodist church, 313 SE maynard road in cary. Singers from around the area are invited to participate in this advent tradition.

12/8-12/10 • SWaggEr giFTS’ HoliDay TrollBEaDS TrUnK SHoW 10am-6pm. 2425 Kildaire Farm

rd., cary. Huge selection of Trollbeads and lots of special promotions! What a great time to buy your favorite bead or start a new bracelet or necklace! check out www.swaggergifts. com/events for more info. 919-858-5884.

12/1 • “SPiriTED JoUrnal” moSaicS By PaUla maclEoD

opening reception. 6-8pm. Free. The nature of art, Sunset lake commons. mosaics that shimmer, sparkle and move as light plays across the surface. Show through December 31st. 5229 Sunset lake rd., Holly Springs. 919-387-9448.

12/12 • carol STEin’S garDEnErS ForUm 11am. “maintaining

Holiday Plants”. Keep your plants growing into the new year. Free, but preregistration is requested. The garden Hut, 1004 old Honeycutt road, Fuquay-varina. 919-5520590, .

12/12 • 4TH annUal Jolly ElF Trail rUn Bond Park, cary. Hosted by Saint michael School. This holiday themed event will include a DJ, announcer, tasty treats, cheering elves, and the sound of bells ringing as runners make their way through

Bond Park. For more information and registration visit St. michael School’s website: at or contact J. clark, 919-632-7723.

12/12 • amErican girl Doll cHriSTmaS ParT y 10am-12pm.

robin’s nest gifts & collectibles. Bring your favorite doll! refreshments, crafts, games, and door prizes. 1501 n. main Street, Fuquay-varina. call for more information 919-567-0009.

12/12-12/13 • cary BallET comPany PrESEnTS viSionS oF SUgarPlUmS Saturday – 3pm & 7pm. Sunday – 2pm. cary High School.

12/24 • cHriSTmaS EvE DinnEr aT THE UmSTEaD 5:30-8pm. $70 per person. The Umstead. if you would like place reservations or find out more information, please call 919-447-4373.

12/25 • cHriSTmaS DinnEr aT THE UmSTEaD 5:30-8pm. $70 per

person. The Umstead. For reservations or more information, please call 919-447-4373.

12/31 • nEW yEar’S EvE DinnEr aT THE UmSTEaD 6pm &

9pm seatings. 5-course dinner, $95 per person. The Umstead. For reservations or more information, please call 919-447-4373.

12/31 nEW yEar’S EvE gala aT THE UmSTEaD 10pm–1am. $150

per couple for dancing. $295 per couple for dinner and dancing. new years Eve Package, $500 per couple for dinner, dancing and overnight stay. The Umstead. Dance the evening away with 10 piece band casablanca. For reservations or more information, please call 919-447-4373.

S E n D U S yoU r E v E n T S community events you would like published in the calendar may be emailed to

10/22/09 11:53:48 AM



cl 036-041 dtwn cary calendar ap5 5

l o c at e d i n h i s t o r i c downtown apex

10/22/09 11:53:53 AM

cl 036-041 dtwn cary calendar ap6 6

10/22/09 11:54:04 AM





Attention, Cary shoppers! If you’re looking for the best gift ideas for your family and loved ones, look no further. There’s no need to let a budget crunch affect your spirit or your shopping this year – just consider your purchases carefully and remember four trends: Retro; Local; Specific; and Green. Everything old is new again, as nostalgia is making a comeback in clothing, food and toys. A paisley weekend bag, a collection of old-fashioned candies or an 80s bomber jacket could be just the thing for that retro adult on your list. For kids, G.I. Joe and Transformers toys and related merchandise made a comeback this year, thanks to two new movies. Also, there used to be a band called the Beatles – remember them? So does everyone else, at least since the September 9th release of “The Beatles Rock Band” for Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. The videogame can be purchased by itself, or bundled with authentic replicas of the Fab Four’s iconic instruments. For the audiophile on your list, consider the lads’ re-mastered CDs, released in conjunction with the game.

1. Quilted Patent Weekender Bag A chic weekend essential for those quick getaways. This bag is lightweight, roomy, and holds everything you could need for the weekend and still travel in real style! Also available in black. $56. Blue Tiger. 2. THE FURMINATOR Perfect for animal lovers! Unique design drastically reduces shedding in cats and dogs. Used by professional groomers and pet owners alike. Various sizes available. $35-$60. Harmony Animal Hospital. 3. Stone Crop Gift Collection Travel-sized grouping products from Stone Crop Collection. Lightens and prevents pigmentation while moisturizing your skin with stone crop, a natural healing plant that gently lightens freckles and pigmentation on your body. Erases years of sun damage and produces soft, supple and radiant skin. $50. Eminence Day Spa.

Shoppers are supporting small, independent, local businesses that can provide something unique and/or personalized. Plenty of local artisans offer their artwork, bedding, toys, housewares, candles and other decor, chocolates, clothing, jewelry and other gifts that will allow you to find something unique while supporting the local economy.

42 |

cl 042-049 holiday gift guide.in1 1

10/22/09 1:12:13 PM




4. The MOR Collection for Body and Home MOR Cosmetics from Australia brings you an exquisite range of products to pamper the body and nurture the soul. The gorgeous packaging makes the perfect holiday or hostess gift! Blue Water Spa. 5. place card holders Unique patterns and colors including rich reds, gorgeous greens and pretty black and white polka dots are avilable. They also make great ornaments for your holiday tree! $9 for a set of 6 card holders. Cute Buttons. 6. Who makes the coolest drinks in town? You will in your colorful “Playa Shot Glasses” served at your next holiday party. These styles come in red, green and blue. Perfect for entertaining, gifting or even keeping all to yourself. Set of three is $24 or add a tray for $14 more. Cute Buttons.

Such gifts also tie into the trend of specificity. Consumers are trying to make sure their purchases are just right, and that each gift matches the recipient’s personality and interests. Gift givers will forego last-minute purchases and random, expensive gifts for items that are specific and maybe a little unusual or obscure. Try giving dance lessons or a photography class – something that nurtures the recipient’s interest.

For tweens, try iPopperz – five different collections of high-quality, customizable earbuds that feature three plug sizes and unique, stylistic looks. As a bonus, a portion of their proceeds go to VH1 Save the Music Foundation, an organization aiming to restore instrumental music education in public schools. Pets are another consideration in matching gifts to personalities. Owners will appreciate gifts for their pets’ use as well as gifts that celebrate or feature their pets, such as animal artwork and décor. Green is still a big consideration this year. More and more consumers are looking for items that are eco-friendly as well as naturally safe. Look for organic clothing or make-up, rechargeable batteries and windup appliances such as flashlights and radios. Lastly, keep your gifts simple and sincere, remember to shop for items good for use in the home (in light of the recent “nesting” trend) and be sure to check out the next few pages for gifts available right here in Western Wake. Happy shopping and happy holidays! | 43

cl 042-049 holiday gift guide.in2 2

10/22/09 1:12:21 PM

8 7





7. Mixed Metal Fenestra PenDant From our large selection of retired Slane and Slane Jewelry at 40% off. The Elaine Miller Collection. 8. Plaid Pizazz! A perfect accent for any outfit this holiday season. Red & yellow plaid handbags to be used as a clutch or shoulder (with chain). $148/$165. Kristen’s Shoe Boutique. 9. Polarized or fixed tinted sunglasses Protect yourself from harmful wavelengths of light that can cause short and long term damage. Available for infants as well as adults. $50/$100-$225. Prices will

cl 042-049 holiday gift guide.in3 3

11 home. With over 30 containers and 26 classic scents, you are sure to find a pairing that is perfect for yourself or a friend. Arrange Your Home. vary with prescriptions. Family Eye Care of Apex. 10. Green Leaf aroma diffuser is a unique addition to your

11. irrestibily soft cashmere scarves with frayed hems can be tied or draped. They are available in a variety of solids, plaids and beautiful patterns.� Carolina Silver Company.

12. Redline Proline Mini for 5-7 yr. old racer or enthusiastic BMX rider. Range of Redline, Haro, Eastern Bikes. $299-$599. Woodside Bike Shop. 13. BERNINA 830 Make gorgeous gifts this year with a sewing and embroidery system with technology so advanced, and features so thoughtful, the experience of sewing on it is simply luxurious. Elegant Stitches.

10/22/09 1:12:45 PM

16 15 14




19 21


14. Sparkling 18 karat white gold earrings containing pear shaped pink sapphires weighing 2.51 carats total weight and pear shaped aquamarines weighing 9.68 carats total weight surrounded by 184 round brilliant cut diamonds weighing a total weight of 1.95 carats. Diamonds Direct Crabtree.

16. DECADENT CHOCOLATE Make a big impression with those on your holiday gift list. Handmade chocolates and more! Sure to brighten up everyone’s holidays. Gifts of all sizes. Chocolate Smiles.

15. Bread BAskets For a fresh gift this holiday season, have one of our gift specialists put a unique gift together for you! Choose from pancake mix gift sets, abundant bread baskets or a simple gift of jam and

17. A fabulous frame you can personalize with a photograph for newlyweds, grandparents or anyone on your gift list. Create a lasting, meaningful piece of decor. $58. Garden Supply Company.

cl 042-049 holiday gift guide.in4 4

bread. We will create a special gift for you! Great Harvest Bread Co.

18. Natural basket filled with holly, pine cone, pomegranates, red berries, hydrangea, apples and variegated ivy. A perfect decoration for a kitchen island, or hearth. $139. Floral Accents and Interiors.

22. Party Animals Carved from pieces of mahogany by hand using only rudimentary hand tools. $50. Gifts with a Heart.

19. Pilates, yoga and dance Get in shape with a monthly unlimited membership. $130. Harmony Pilates Studio, Integrative Movement & Yoga.

23. Private Dinner Chef and Cooking Lesson for 10 people. Complete with a personal chef and a server for you and your guests. Sit down, enjoy and let us serve you! Catering by Design.

20. Collapsible Totes, Insulated Lunch Bags, Trolleys, Duffle Bags and Cosmetics Bags Shown in queen of the jungle pattern. Other patterns available. Starting At $6.95. The Elaine Miller Collection. 21. SMALL ONYX OVAL KLIMT DROP EARRING & LARGE GOLD KLIMT WOOD COLLAR Come see our extensive collection of Alexis Bittar. The Elaine Miller Collection.


10/22/09 1:12:54 PM

27 26 24

25 28 29



24. Give the gift of beauty enV Salon Color Bar has products and gift certificates available to treat your special someone. enV Salon Color Bar. 25. Monogrammed baby blanket Monkey, butterfly, froggy, kitty cat and more! Can be personalized for the sweet angel on your Christmas shopping list. $12 + $7 monogram. La Boutique for Kids. 26. holiday season artisan created figurines A wide spectrum of gifts and decorations perfect for any occasion. Traditions on Salem. 27. Estate European Brooch Circa 1960. 18K yellow gold. Total diamond weight. 1.00 carat. $2,295.The Elaine Miller Collection.


cl 042-049 holiday gift guide.in5 5

28. Lisa Welch Designs Sterling silver and 18K yellow gold dog dish ring. Avilable in sizes 5-10. $120. Petpourri. 29. CHATHAM STREET CAFE & CATERING gift certificates. Certificates can be of any value from $10-$100 and used at any time. Chatham Street Cafe & Catering. 30. MAXIMILLIANS gift certificates are the perfect gift for every food enthusiast! Avaialble for the grill and wine bar, as well as the pizza kitchen. Maximillians. 31. give the gift of voluptuous hair Bumble and Bumble products and Toppik build amazing volume. Giftset comes ready to give to someone special. Modern Enhancement Salon & Spa.


33. Storytime, the talking christmas teddy bear by Gund reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas,� as his head and mouth move to the words. $38.95. Invitation Box.

34. Topsy Turvy Dolls Classic Christmas ballet comes to life as soft dolls. Nutcracker, Clara & Prince Nutcraker all-in-one. Flip inside-out and even reverse to reveal all 3 different dolls. Pattywhacks.


32. From His Hand Carved Lucite Collection Inlay hoop earrings and bangle bracelet in dark teal. Starting at $69. The Elaine Miller Collection.

10/22/09 1:13:12 PM

35 37 36


41 39 40

35. clean up your diet...for life! Jeanine Finelli’s programs teach you how to make the healthiest choices for you and those you love. Gift certificates available from $25. Love Yourself to Health. 36. Maple and walnut acornshaped box by woodworker Fred Preston. $100. The Nature of Art. 37. Colorful glazed ceramic mushroom stakes with a spring in the cap that causes them to wiggle in the wind. Make anybody smile! $15.99. The Garden Hut. 38. ‘Tis THE SEASON FOR SCRAP MAGIC! Find this cute 8x8 scrapbook to hold all your precious holiday memories. Our new line of Christmas embellishments will surely get them talking. Scrapbook $14.99, penguin sticker $4.99, time to shop sticker $3.99 and cookies and milk

cl 042-049 holiday gift guide.in6 6

santa sticker $3.99. Robin’s Nest Gifts & Collectibles. 39. Trollbeads is collectible jewelry that you can personalize. Choose beads that remind you of special people, times, and memories in your life. Beads start at $23. Swagger Gifts. 40. Kings & Queens body scrubs, shower gels and lotions. Refresh yourself this holiday season with a fresh scent! All Kings & Queens products are enriched with pomegranate,

blue Egyptian lotus and malachite extracts to maximize enjoyment. Mineral oil free, paraben free. Exquisite products with an economy conscious price. La Thérapie Spa at Preston. 41. All that glitters Who says ornaments are only for the tree? One-ofa-kind piece. 8.8 carat green tourmaline with 3 diamond accents. Set in 18K gold and platinum. Stonehaven.

Princess package $185 ($215 value) Shampoo/cut/style *Signature Facial* 60 min. Massage. Diva package $325 ($375 value) Single process color/cut/ style * Manicure * Pedicure * Facial * 90 min. massage (lunch provided for a small fee). Papillion.


42. Indulge your loved one Choose one of our packages, or let us put one together especially for you!


43. For a Big Night Out or carpools and soccer games. The Elaine Miller Collection has great fashionable watches for you. Prices starting at $49. The Elaine Miller Collection.

10/22/09 1:13:22 PM



44 45








44. Cultured Fresh Water Pearl Earrings with either white, black or bronze pearls. Available In yellow or white gold. $279. The Elaine Miller Collection. 45. VGI Griffin and Lion Earrings with aquamarine. By Elizabeth Locke Jewels. Hand hammered in 19K gold. $2,975. The Elaine Miller Collection. 46. Pool Professionals gift certificates are the perfect gift to cool out with this winter. Pool Professionals.

cl 042-049 holiday gift guide.in7 7

47. Fontanni Nativity Sets and Figurines The Holy Family $49.50, Mary’s Donkey $25, Jareth (Drummer Boy) $27.50. Robin’s Nest Gifts & Collectibles. 48. TIMELESS PHOTOGRAPHY EXCLUSIVE Christmas will be here in the “blink of an eye”...30 minute photo sessions, which will include 20 holiday cards and 8 wallets for $250. Limited time only! Timeless Photography. 49. New artisan created angels! Unique fused glass,

enameled and metal angels ready to admire for the holiday or all year round! Absolutely beautiful! Each angel is different and has their own personality. Out of the Kiln.

52. Hand Crafted Fusion Glass Plates from Silvestri come in a wide variety of whimsical shapes and designs. Available in ornaments too. The Paper Company.

50. LUH-BEES are irresistibly adorable, softball-sized pals, safe for ages 0+. Get the hot new award-winning plush toy under $10! GreenPea Nursery.

53. Chef Mario’s award winning personal chef delivery service provides fully cooked prepared meals DELIVERED! Packages start at $185 for dinner for 2 for 5 days. Chef Mario.

51. LATISSE AND LIP PLUMPEr VIVITE Defining Lip Plumper helps improve the appearance of lip volume, fullness, and fine lines and wrinkles. LATISSE Eyelash has been clinically proven to grow your eyelashes and make them longer, thicker, and fuller. Together, $149. Carolina Medi-Spa.

54. Solid wood children’s furniture These are sold ready to finish or custom finished, it’s your choice! You can make a very personal and unique gift with these children’s items. 3-piece children’s table and chairs, $99 unfinished. Wood Quarters Furniture.

10/22/09 1:13:31 PM


s o u t he r n WA K E | 49

cl 042-049 holiday gift guide.in8 8

10/22/09 1:13:39 PM

selling locally, thinking globally: fair trade retailers offer hope around the world By DAN BAIN

Fair trade items include handicrafts such as this woven placement. Photograph provided by Ten Thousand Villages.

50 |

cl 050-053 fair trade.indd 1

10/22/09 1:29:09 PM


This is the perfect year to rethink your holiday gift-giving routine. in keeping with the themes we suggested in our gift-giving guide, we have something meaningful and green in mind – not to mention, unique. There’s a new kind of retailer you might want to visit, a retailer who’s part of a growing network of philanthropic organizations participating in the movement known as fair trade. So, what is fair trade? Thanks to frequent misconceptions, the best way to answer that is to start with what it isn’t. fair trade isn’t outsourcing. it isn’t anti-capitalism. it isn’t charity. it isn’t sub-standard goods for inflated prices. and it isn’t coffee. (okay, maybe sometimes it’s coffee, but it’s also a whole lot more.) Essentially, fair trade is a movement that promotes better trading conditions for marginalized workers – artisans and farmers whose products wouldn’t otherwise reach a fair market. its goal is to help them move from poverty to self-sufficiency through their hard work (as opposed to hand-outs). The movement advocates paying fair wages to them while striving to create better standards in their underdeveloped regions and countries. retailers are certified by a handful of governing organizations who have agreed to maintain principles such as fair price, direct trade, respect, transparency, community development, safe working conditions and environmental sustainability. Barbara Erickson is one of them. giving WiTh TWicE ThE hEarT Erickson owns gifts with a heart, a fair trade store in cary. “you can always find something unique here, almost exclusively made with naturally available products,” she says. “Every gift is able to say something meaningful about the person you’re presenting it to, and has something meaningful behind it. Every gift gives would hope your gifts are from the heart, but not every gift is made by someone with a heart, with love and appreciation that someone has bought that gift.” Potential gift items in the store include guatemalan handbags, haitian wall art, embroidered and beaded clothing from india, hemp clothing from nepal and sterling silver from mexico. Some of the more interesting products are made from items that might otherwise turn into litter – animals sculpted from wire, wall art constructed from oil drum lids, and beaded jewelry made from recycled paper. But don’t make the mistake of assuming the products look like trash – far from it. Some are charming, some are beautiful. all are surprising. In some cases, fair trade crafts are made from items that otherwise would have been considered trash – such as cute animals sculpted from wire. | XX

cl 050-053 fair trade.indd 2

10/22/09 1:29:16 PM

Finger puppets such as these have been used to entertain children in the Andes Mountains for many generations, and are now finding their way to mainstream markets.

One of the store’s more whimsical products is a series of South American finger puppets, and it’s a perfect example of how tradition and artistry have found their way to an outlet in the 21st century marketplace. There’s no better product guarantee than knowing that the product was used successfully for generations before anyone ever thought of marketing it to other users. The puppets entertain kids because that was their original intent, with no thought of selling them to someone else. “Knitting them is something the women in this particular village high in the Andes Mountains have been doing forever as a way of entertaining their children,” Erickson recounts. “Now they can still be at home with their children, but get these products to a market with consumers who appreciate that talent and are willing to buy them.” The consumers appreciate more than just the talent, Erickson says. “People love the mission,” she adds. “They love the fact that they’re getting something they want, but at the same time doing something to help people.” the spirit of cooperation Such sentiment drives the fair trade movement, something that fosters a sense of shared goals and a purpose that’s greater than the market, greater than oneself. As the owner of Jinja Fair Trade, Stacey Ferguson supplies some of the products sold at Gifts with a Heart, as well as other retailers. When she was trying to break into the fair trade wholesale market, Ferguson recalls, “There was always this sense that we’re all out for the greater good – there’s no competition or jealousy among the retailers. If one can’t buy the products, they’re willing to give tips on who might. Everybody is working toward the same good cause and that’s a nice part of it.” As proof positive of that cooperative atmosphere, Erickson met Ferguson through another fair trade retailer. Erickson was volunteering there as a salesperson, and had aspirations of starting her own store. Ferguson had approached the retailer about selling the jewelry she’d brought back from Uganda, but the retailer couldn’t buy it at the time. Instead, they told Erickson about Ferguson, and both women were able to get their businesses off the ground together. Ferguson became a wholesaler to Gifts with a Heart as well as the other retailer, now known as Ten Thousand Villages.

52 |

cl 050-053 fair trade.indd 3

10/22/09 1:29:23 PM

countless smiling occupants You might have heard that name elsewhere in the country. Ten Thousand Villages is actually a network of more than 100 stores across North America. The Raleigh store operates with about 60 volunteers and six paid employees, says Marketing Manager Elizabeth Altman, and they enjoy the same team spirit that Erickson and Ferguson have discovered. “It’s their camaraderie that I enjoy. We’re all there because we believe in what we’re doing, so it’s different from some jobs where you don’t have a common core value,” Altman declares. “I really love the environment there and I love what we’re doing.” What they’re doing, she says, is providing a marketplace for handicrafts and food products from low-income artists and groups in dozens of countries. Those products include home decor, textiles, personal accessories, toys, instruments, coffee, chocolate and tea. The producers use whatever resources are easiest to come by, lending a local or exotic flavor to their products – vases spun from Peruvian clay, furniture built from Vietnamese bamboo, etc. As a result, says Altman, the store’s environment is “So engaging – so many colors, textures and beautiful things to look at.” Equally engaging are the organization’s annual learning tours, which provide opportunities for Ten Thousand Villages staff to travel as a group for several weeks, meeting the artisans in their countries. They visit the artisans’ workshops and homes, and learn first-hand how fair trade has improved their lives – whether by en-

abling a farmer to move his family from a hut to a house, helping a seamstress pay for her children’s education in a country where there’s no public school system, providing enough income for a family’s medical needs, etc. Stories like these keep customers coming back, says Altman. “We have some people who are totally committed to fair trade and will buy all of their gifts at our store,” she exclaims. “So many people just love our store before they even know the mission behind it; they just love the products. Then they start noticing the educational signs, or interact with a volunteer who tells them about the mission. Really, the products sell themselves and the mission makes it an even better experience.” It’s a mission that the customers can share, Altman explains, because when they buy the products, “They are providing hope and they’re providing jobs with dignity for people they won’t meet, but you know we’re all connected.” Why not join that connection? It’s only fair...

Photograph provided by Ten Thousand Villages. | 53

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10/22/09 1:29:27 PM


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dinner PHoTograPHy By APRIL MANESS

it is likely that the holidays bring out the entertainer in you; at no other time of year are we more likely to entertain on a grand scale than during the holidays. it is, after all, the season of carving the turkey, decking the halls, lighting the Hanukkah candles and ringing in the new year. But making the holidays memorable does not necessarily mean extravagant preparation. my best memories of entertaining are the celebrations when i enlisted professionals for a little assistance; this guaranteed that i was able to enjoy the party as much as my guests. Hopefully this article will offer you inspiration for your holiday entertaining!

Table settings courtesy of Chatham Street Cafe. Linens courtesy of CE Rental.

XX || 54

cl 054-059 dinner party planning1 1

10/22/09 4:19:35 PM


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Curried Cauliflower Soup Roasted Cornish Hens with Grapes, Brussels Sprout & Bacon Caramelized Squash Gratin’

dinner Gluten Free Almond Roll with Cardamom Cream | 55

cl 054-059 dinner party planning2 2

10/22/09 4:20:35 PM


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Basil Vinaigrette Herb Parmesan Risotto Roasted Beef Shoulder Tenderloin with Port Wine, Rosemary Demi Glace

dinner Grilled Filet of Salmon

NEW FALL ARRIVALS! loeffler randall olivia rose tal bettye muller kate spade aquatalia mz wallace diane von furstenberg beverly feldman

Space provided by 111 Place. Table settings courtesy of Catering By Design. Linens, tables and chairs courtesy of CE Rental.


56 |

cl 054-059 dinner party planning3 3

10/22/09 4:21:01 PM | 57

cl 054-059 dinner party planning4 4

10/22/09 4:21:40 PM

r recipes curried cauliFlower souP Serves 6

2 leeks, including 2 inches of green, roots trimmed (if you don’t have leeks, you can use one small white or yellow onion) 2 Tbsp olive oil 2 Tbsp unsalted butter 1 celery rib with leaves, coarsely chopped 2 Tbsp garlic, finely minced 2 tsp curry powder 2 tsp ground ginger 6 cups chicken or vegetable broth Juice of half a lemon 1 head cauliflower, cored and broken into florets 1 cup half-and-half Salt and ground pepper to taste

Wash leeks and cut in half lengthwise. Then thinly slice them crosswise. Heat the oil and butter together in a heavy pot over low heat. Wilt the leeks and celery with leaves until softened, about 10 minutes; add the garlic during the last five minutes. Stir in the curry powder and ginger and cook over very low heat to

permeate the veggies, 1 minute. Add the broth, lemon juice and cauliflower florets. Raise the heat to high and bring to a boil; reduce the heat and simmer, partially covered until the cauliflower is very tender – about 15 minutes. Puree’ in a food processor until very smooth. Add extra broth for desired consistency and season with salt and pepper. Garnish with a dollop of crème fraîche or sour cream and some freshly chopped herbs for a finishing touch. roasted cornisH Hens witH graPes, Brusell sProuts & Bacon Serves 6 6 Cornish hens, rinsed and patted dry 4 Tbsp olive oil 2 Tbsp unsalted butter 2 Tbsp light brown sugar 4 Tbsp bourbon Salt and pepper to taste 1 pound red/green seedless grapes, halved

Mix 2 Tbsp of the oil and bourbon with the brown sugar and salt and pepper and massage over the hens, and let sit for one half-hour to marinate. Heat the oven to 400 degrees. Heat a roasting pan on the stovetop, as if it were a frying pan, and brown the hens well on all sides. Pour off any excess oil from the pan and transfer the hens to the oven to finish the cooking, approximately 40 minutes or until juices run clear at the leg. Transfer the hens to a deep warmed serving platter and cover with foil. Pour the fat off the pan and discard it. Deglaze the pan with the remaining 2 Tbsp of bourbon, (burn off the alcohol by lighting a match to the bourbon if you desire). Once the flames have died out, add a little chicken stock and the grapes. Cook about 3 minutes to warm them. Finish off with the dish by whisking in 2 Tbsp of butter. Uncover the hens, pour sauce and grapes over top and serve. 1 lb of brussel sprouts

2 Tbsp butter 8 strips of bacon Wash and trim brussel sprouts. Peel off the leaves and thinly slice the innermost heads. Heat a sauté pan and cook the bacon. Drain the bacon on a paper towel and discard all but 1 Tbsp of the bacon fat. Add the butter to the bacon fat and melt on medium heat. Lightly sauté the brussels sprouts in the pan until tender, about 10 to 15 minutes depending on preferred tenderness. Season with salt and pepper and crumble bacon on top of sprouts just before serving. carameliZed sQuasH gratin’ Serves 6 1 ½-2 lbs butternut squash, peeled, seeded and shredded 2 Tbsp canola oil ¼ cup heavy cream Salt and pepper ¼ cup Asiago cheese In a large sauté pan, heat the oil until

58 |

cl 054-059 dinner party planning5 5

10/22/09 4:21:44 PM

it sizzles, then spread the shredded butternut squash to cover the pan thoroughly – don’t walk away from the pan, but don’t be tempted to stir it either. With the pan on medium heat, let the squash start to cook and lightly caramelize once the first side is fairly browned, about 5 minutes. Toss the squash lightly and continue to brown and caramelize the squash for about 10 minutes total. Drain any excess oil from the pan. Transfer squash to an ovenproof casserole dish, mix in the cream and season with salt and pepper. Top with Asiago cheese and bake for about 10 to 15 minutes at 350 degrees, until cheese melts and is bubbly. Serve immediately. Basil Vinaigrette Salad Dressing

2 cups fresh basil ½3 cup balsamic vinegar ½3 cup rice vinegar 1 tsp black pepper ½ tsp salt 1 Tbsp fresh garlic 1 cup olive oil

In a blender bowl, mix all ingredients except the olive oil. Blend until liquid is consistent. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil while the blender is running. Drizzle over desired salad mix. Herb Parmesan Risotto

2 cups risotto ¼ onion, finely diced 1 Tbsp chopped garlic 2 Tbsp olive oil ¼ cup pinot grigio 4 cups chicken broth 1 cup heavy cream ¼ cup parmesan 1 Tbsp fresh thyme and parsley combined, chopped

Sweat the onions and garlic in the oil. When translucent, add the risotto and stir to coat with the oil. Add the wine and simmer slowly. Add the chicken broth and simmer to almost dry. Add the cream and parmesan and cook very slowly untill tender

Grilled Filet of Salmon

Demi Glace

2 lbs boneless, skinless salmon filet Olive oil Salt & pepper to taste Garlic

Rub with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. Grill on hot grill for 3-4 minutes on each side until done. Remove from grill and serve with sauce. Roasted Beef Shoulder Tenderloin with Port Wine, Rosemary Demi Glace

2 beef shoulder tenderloins Olive oil Salt & pepper to taste Garlic 1Tbsp fresh rosemary

Rub with olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic and fresh rosemary. Roast at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes or to desired doneness. Let sit for 5 minutes and then slice thinly and serve with the demi glace

1 onion 4 ribs of celery 2 carrots 5 cloves of garlic ¼ cup tomato paste 1 quart veal or beef stock

Brown onions, carrots and celery on high in a sauce pan. Add garlic and tomato paste. Lower heat to medium. Cook out for 5-10 minutes while stirring frequently to prevent scorching. Add fresh rosemary and port wine to barely cover the vegetables. Simmer on low until reduced to thick consistency. Add the stock, bring to a boil and reduce until slightly thickened. This will take several hours as you want the sauce to cook very slowly while reducing. Once the sauce is the desired consistency, strain, season with salt and pepper to taste and serve. Special thanks to Chatham Street Café & Catering and Catering By Design for providing these delicious recipes. More available online! | 59

cl 054-059 dinner party planning6 6

10/22/09 4:21:47 PM

twilight R

not just for teens By KATE TURGEON | PHoTograPHy By APRIL MANESS

60 |

cl 060-063 twilight.indd 1

10/22/09 1:50:52 PM



about 10 months ago i started to neglect some things. laundry. Work. appointments. and my family may or may not have reminded me to make dinner at 8pm on a Tuesday. Was i a bad mother? Wife? Professional? maybe. i was wrapped up in a compelling story about…um…vampires and werewolves. Before you skip to the next article, it’s important to know that i’m not alone in my Twilight fascination. i’ve seen women reading Stephenie meyer’s books at airports, beaches, pools and stoplights. (oK, so i was the one at the traffic light.) i even caught a bank teller with an open Twilight book at her workstation. This four-book series, which includes Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, has sold more than 70 million copies worldwide and been published in 37 languages. and each of the four books has held the top spot on USA Today’s bestseller list. romantic and suspenseful, the books tell the story of Bella Swan, a teenage girl who moves to Forks, Washington and falls in love with a handsome vampire named Edward cullen. you can find the books in young adult sections, but you won’t find that all their readers are young adults. “it’s great escapism,” explains coffey. “it’s a great romance…sort of the way you wanted high school to be…with the guy who saw you as someone special.” She says there are readers who find the books to be “formulaic and badly written.” But generally the people who read for entertainment like Twilight,” adds coffey, who has been at Quail ridge Bookstore for 12 years. The books’ popularity is no surprise to apex mother Sarah moroney. “i’m not a reader, but picked up Twilight…once i started, i couldn’t stop,” says moroney, who would wake up at 6am to read. nila Warren found herself reading the series at night after her children went to bed. “Honestly, my husband would get a little jealous over these books because i didn’t want to put them down,” she says. maria Strause, a friend of Warren and moroney’s, recently picked up the books. “i wanted to see what all the hype was about,” says Strause, an apex preschool teacher. “my favorite part was when Edward admitted to Bella that he was a vampire…that was when the book really started getting interesting.” While there are plenty of local Twilight fans, Debbie castiller and Jeanie chang just might be the biggest. For starters, castiller finished the fourth book in the hospital after giving birth to her third child. and when the Twilight movie was released to DvD, the women held a | XX

cl 060-063 twilight.indd 2

10/22/09 1:51:19 PM

why we love twilight!


1 2 3 4 5

In addition to the absence of vampire stereotypes like capes, garlic and wooden stakes, there are many reasons we love Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling books. Edward Cullen. “I just fell in love with him in the first book. He was captivating, good-looking, mysterious and breathtaking.” ~ Nila Warren, 41 It’s a fantasy that could be reality. “It sucks you into Forks and the world of Twilight. Yes, they’re characters. But it reminds you of that first-date moment that you had with your own husband or boyfriend. It’s important because you can forget that…forget what it was like. Think about it, your husband could be a human version of Edward. Twilight reminds you of the romance” ~ Debbie Castiller, 35 It’s wholesome. “I really enjoyed the non-sexual and moral manner in which Stephenie Meyer wrote the books. It just made it all the more exciting.” ~ Sarah Moroney, 34 It’s a break from the ordinary. “Being a busy mom and working part time…I enjoyed the series because it took me away from my crazy life and put me in the middle of someone else’s drama.” ~ Maria Strause, 36 It doesn’t scare off non-readers. Twilight fan Jeanie Chang, 35, is an avid reader; Strause and Moroney wouldn’t describe themselves that way. But all three women found themselves swept up.

The Twilight series is becoming increasingly popular among women. (Left to right) Debbie Castiller, Jeanie Chang, Sarah Moroney, Maria Strause and Nila Warren consider themselves fans of Stephenie Meyer’s best-selling books. 

62 |

cl 060-063 twilight.indd 3

10/22/09 1:53:09 PM

party. Chang devised a trivia game and learned to play “Bella’s Lullaby” (from the movie’s soundtrack) on the piano for guests. And the friends treated their gal pals to a bakery cake that featured the four book covers in fondant icing. But, for Chang, it was party favors that really marked the occasion. “We gave out the actual Twilight movie script. My friend works for the agent of Jackson Rathbone (who plays vampire Jasper Hale) and she got access to the script…she knew how big of a fan I was so she e-mailed it to me,” says Chang. And to polish the favors, Castiller tied each script with red satin ribbon, echoing the cover of Eclipse. They’ll celebrate New Moon’s movie premiere, too. Chang is prepared to brave a theater that could be full of teenagers. But here’s one spot where Twilight women have an edge over Twilight teens – they can stay out past midnight on a school night! | 63

cl 060-063 twilight.indd 4

10/22/09 5:10:39 PM


cardinal gibbons High School, a roman catholic, coeducational, college preparatory school in raleigh, concluded its year-long centennial celebration in late September with two days of special events that drew hundreds of alumni, students, parents and community members to the school’s Edwards mill road campus. Key among the events was the homecoming football game, which featured the induction during halftime of the all-century Football Team, comprising 118 members, representing classes from 1936 to the present. The alumni Homecoming Dance welcomed back alumni, some traveling from as far away as Hawaii, Texas, Florida and the grand cayman islands.

XX |

cl 064-065 cardinal gibbons.indd1 1

10/22/09 1:55:35 PM

100 years later | 65

cl 064-065 cardinal gibbons.indd2 2

10/22/09 1:55:55 PM

h e a lt h y


why so dry?

By Dr. MICHAEL MARINO | Family Eye Care Group

66 |

cl 066-069 healthy living.indd 1

10/22/09 2:05:51 PM

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most common eye diseases, and people of all ages can suffer from it. Symptoms range from mild grittiness when waking up in the morning to severe discomfort and decreased vision. Standard treatment for dry eye in the past has been to use over-the-counter artificial tears as often as needed to feel better. It has been determined that this treatment covers up the problem without really getting rid of it. Patients often have symptoms such as burning, redness, irritation, sensitivity to light, blurred vision, and increasing intolerance to contact lens wear. In some cases, people will have acute allergy symptoms like itching and mucous discharge as well. Early diagnosis is key to treatment. Dry eye syndrome is a chronic disease which is much more difficult to treat the longer it affects the eyes. The key to successful treatment is getting to the root of what is causing the problem and treating the specific issue. Dry eye is generally caused by the lack of tear production, the tears evaporate too quickly between blinks, or the combination of the two. If the tears evaporate too quickly, using artificial tears will not fix it. In these cases, the eye is producing normal tears, but they don’t stay on the eye long enough. This problem begins in the eyelid and usually requires oral medication such as doxycycline to improve. The doxycycline improves the secretion of oils from the eyelids to make the tear film much smoother. If the problem comes from the lack of tears, the goal of treatment is to increase the amount and the quality of the tears the eye produces. This type of dry eye has been linked to a chronic inflammatory process. This is why simply using artificial tears is not enough to properly treat dry eye. The inflammation leads to a cycle of damaging the ocular surface, which reduces tear production, which damages the cells even further. The key to treatment is to eliminate the inflammation through the use of topical eye drops such as Pred Forte (Allergan) or Lotemax (Bausch & Lomb). The main problem with using these drops is that they cannot be used long-term because of potential side effects, and they cannot be used with contact lenses. Depending on the severity of the case, short-term treatment begins with a steroid to get it under control quickly. This is usually given concurrently with a different topical medication called Restasis (Allergan). Restasis gives the benefits of a steroid without the side effects. Plus, because the dosing is twice per day, it can be used before and after contact lens wear each day. Treatment with Restasis usually needs to go on for a few months. If further treatment needs to be done over and above the use of eye drops, there are devices called punctal plugs. There are small drains for your tears located on your eyelids near your nosethat can be blocked either temporarily or permanently to lengthen the amount of time your tears and the eye drops stay on your eyes. This can be done easily in an optometrist’s office with topical anesthetic. We understand the causes of dry eye syndrome better now than we ever have before. It has been identified as something that can actually be treated instead of just covering up the symptoms. Always be sure to let your eye care professional know of any concerns that you are having. | 67

cl 066-069 healthy living.indd 2

10/22/09 2:05:55 PM

h e a lt h y


eyeshave it


“Wrinkles and dark spots diminish over time as the nano Perfector uses the most high-tech/anti-aging processes to stimulate healing and rejuvenation of the skin.” Michon Cooper and Sas Sukkasem Eminence Day Spa

Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes? ~ Groucho Marx

Multifocal contact lenses have been around for a long time. With the current technologies that we have available to us, virtually anyone can reduce their need for reading glasses or bifocals. Dr. Michael Marino Family Eye Care Group

“To dramatically improve the severe signs of aging around the eyes i recommend SkinCeuticals A.g.E. Eye Complex. Within four to twelve weeks, this eye cream will improve dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.” Nina Milano La Thérapie Spa at Preston

“Consider trying latisse by Allergan. it actually improves the length, thickness and darkness of the upper eyelash.” Parker Eales Carolina Medi Spa

Make an artistic statement with your cheaters! By Artwear Swagger Gifts

68 |

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10/22/09 2:05:59 PM

did you know?

1 2 3 4 5 6 The human eye can distinguish 500 shades of gray.

All babies are color blind when they are born.

People generally read 25% slower from a computer screen compared to paper.

The shark cornea has been used in eye surgery, since its cornea is similar to a human cornea.

It is impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

Research has indicated that a tie that is on too tight can increase the risk of glaucoma in men.

cl 066-069 healthy living.indd 4 | 69

10/22/09 2:06:06 PM


G R AC E C H R I ST I A N’S FA L L B A NQU E T GRACE Christian School held their Fall Banquet on September 17th at the Prestonwood Country Club in Cary. Larry Jones, founder and president of Feed the Children, was the guest speaker. Feed the Children is one of the largest international charities in the U.S., based on private, non-government support and has provided food and other essentials to children and families in many countries throughout the world.

W B O N H O L D S FA S H I O N SHOW The Women Business Owners Network of Cary and Pretty In Pink Foundation held a fashion show on October 7th at the Matthews House in Cary. The fashion show, “Honoring You”, featured the fall lines of Doncaster Fashions in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Guests and members enjoyed door prizes, raffles, great food and networking. One-half of the proceeds from this event went to the Pretty In Pink Foundation.

CARY CHAMBER H OLDS ANNUAL BANQUET On September 16th, the Cary Chamber of Commerce held their Annual Banquet at the Prestonwood Country Club in Cary. The honorable Beverly Eaves Perdue, Governor of North Carolina, was the guest speaker at the event. Guests enjoyed live music and dinner.

CARY DEBUTANTES F ETED AT REY’S RESTAURANT On September 13th, 25 Cary debutantes and their marshals were treated to a Salsa in September party at Rey’s Restaurant. Kathy Woppel of StarQuest International of Apex demonstrated various salsa steps, moves and turns. The event was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Goti, Mr. and Mrs. John Sheffield, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Salamido, Mr. and Mrs. Burt Tasaico, and Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Ward.


cl 070-073 sightings.indd 1

10/22/09 2:16:22 PM

be seen...

C U T E B U T TO N S C E L E BRATES A N N I V E R S A RY Cute Buttons Gift and Paper Boutique celebrated their one year anniversary with a birthday party on Friday, September 4th. Guests enjoyed wine, sweets, door prizes and 20% off all items.

EMINENCE DAY SPA GRAND OPENING Eminence Day Spa held their grand opening on September 9th. Guests got to experience the latest technologies featuring the muscle building system called the Ion Magnum and the Nano Perfector, which helps to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate red blood cells. Guests enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and the opportunity to experience these technologies first hand.

Want your event featured in our sightings? Call

APRIL MANESS (919) 621-8529

CELEBRATE CARY AT SUNSET The Cary Community Foundation, The Town of Cary and Fit & Able Productions, Inc. hosted “Celebrate Cary at Sunset” at the Booth Amphitheatre in Cary on September 19th. The event was free to the public and offered over 80 family-oriented exhibits. Activities for the kids included face painting, hair design, arts & crafts, henna tattoos, Taekwondo and much more.


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Gifts with a Heart, located in Swift Creek Shopping Village in Cary, held an open house on September 12th. The store features many unique, fair trade items. Fair trade is a trading partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect that seeks greater equality in international trade. It contributes to sustainable development by offering better trading conditions to marginalized producers and workers.

A ribbon cutting took place on September 15th at the new Capital Bank location in Holly Springs. Pictured left to right are: B. Grant Yarber, Capital Bank president and CEO; Connie Rogers, Holly Springs Capital Bank assistant branch manager; Holly Springs Mayor Dick Sears; Buddy Keller, chairman of Capital Bank’s board of directors; and Bob Myers, Holly Springs City Executive for Capital Bank.

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be seen... L O C AL E NT H U SIAST S P E AKS AT G A RDEN FO RUM Native plant enthusiast Tom Harville was a guest speaker at the monthly gardeners forum at the Garden Hut, with owner Nelsa Cox.

RHYTHMICITY F E AT U R E D AT A RT A F T E R DA R K Local drumming group Rhythmicity was featured at The Nature of Art during Art After Dark. The free art walk is held on the second Friday of each month.

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2009 TDSN GOLF TOURNAMENT Lou Giambalvo’s daughter Gianna, who officially kicked off the tournament opened with a thank you to everyone for coming and said “Dad, today is not Down Syndrome, it’s actually Up Syndrome”. There were over 300 people and businesses that either donated their time or money for the cause for TDSN to someday develop a community for people with special needs in our area.

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The mere words retirement can send almost anyone into a whirl – whether it is your parents’ retirement or your own, the choices are as varied as the needs. Cary Living offers an apples to apples comparison of western Wake’s retirement communities, making it easier for you to make the right choice for your family. If you are planning a wedding or a large event, don’t miss our 2010 Western Wake Wedding & Event Guide. This 16-page pull-out guide will offer suggestions on everything from the perfect invite to party locations, and everything in-between. Most interior decorators say the questions they hear the most from clients are about choosing the right paint color for their homes. We’ll give you tips to make it as easy as 1-2-3. Plus great health news for the entire family!

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Cary Living Magazine  

November/December 2009

Cary Living Magazine  

November/December 2009