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SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013




Bruno Natal, co-founder of WeDemand/Queremos!, of Brazil, is one of the finalists in the Midemlab pitching competition

Didier Martin, Naive France, speaker at The Image Makers session in The Classical Discussion Lounge, 11.00

Malaysian electro-pop artist Ze!, performs during the Malaysian Supernova showcase in the Palais, 19.00

Success story

The stats

Now it’s Urturn to Express yourself


WITZERLAND-based Webdoc, the social platform for fan engagement, returns to Cannes to relaunch itself as Urturn, a year after winning the Vivendi Coup de Coeur prize at last year’s Midemlab’s start-up and apps developers contest. Before its new rebranding, Webdoc enabled music fans to express their individual personalities by aggregating rich media, including music, videos and photos, from other sharing websites including Spotify and YouTube, with their user-generated content (UGC). They were then able to embed the resulting ‘webdocs’ in the posts they shared with friends on Facebook or Twitter. Today, founder and CEO Stelio Tzonis

and his team are relaunching Webdoc as Urturn. This time, it will feature an app that enables fans to use ready-made “smart” templates of self-expression content. For this, artists, labels and third-party app developers will be able to use Urturn’s new Expression API software to create original content based on the Urturn templates. Fans can pick up any one of these templates, add their own multi-media UGC and express their thoughts, feelings, mood and other emotions however they want on social media. The rich-media element is likely to trigger a viral response to the fans’ postings, Tzonis said. “Music and artists are undoubtedly the biggest topics on social-media networks.

Since winning Midemlab’s Vivendi prize, we’ve had several high-profile artists, from P!nk and One Direction to David Bowie, use Webdoc to engage with fans. With Urturn, we expect even more of the same.”

Picture of the day

Brisa and Swarovski, a gem of a partnership

Urturn’s Stelio Tzonis


the increase for vinyl sales since 2011 in the UK. A total of 389,000 LPs sold during 2012 means sales have now grown for the fifth successive year Watch Midem d 2013 full ce videos vid conference here: de

Tweet of the day Glenn Miller @iamglennmiller

Music is more than just recorded music...lets keep moving forward #midem 26 Jan 13

Midem news in 1973

A MUSIC & Brands Case Study programme at Brand Central yesterday, explored a number of successful collaborations. Among them, the French agency, Publicis Groupe company Moxie’s successful Kingdom Of Jewels digital campaign bringing together US singer Brisa Roche with Swiss jeweller Swarovski

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SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

Malaysian Supernova rocks Cannes T HE MALAYSIAN delegation at Midem this year includes the Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) president Norman Abdul Halim and RIM deputy CEO Ramani Ramailngam, two of the people at the centre of tonight’s Malaysian Supernova concert, as well as the presence of 15 Malaysian labels represented on the Malaysian pavilion. “We have had fantastic support from the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture (MICC),” Halim said. “This drive to show the range and depth of the country’s musical talent is part of a larger plan to transform our economy through exports, especially on the music side. We are delighted that government funds have now been awarded to the music industry as part of a broader drive to encourage cultural growth and we are determined to make the most of the opportunities in Cannes.”

The acts performing in the Salon des Ambassadeurs tonight were chosen for their English-language repertoire, their standing in Malaysia, the diversity of genres they work in and the differing ethnic backgrounds that they represent. “Among

Amanda Imani


the established Malaysian artists we have some who sing in Manadarin who already have careers in Taiwan and China, the Indians who sing in Tamil, and of course plenty who sing in English and Malay,” Halim said. “The really exciting news is that there are already quite a few local artists who are starting to make real inroads into foreign markets including Shila Amzah, who won the Asian Wave song contest in China and is currently touring there; Jaclyn Victor, who has just recorded a duet with As Yet; and AIM (the Malaysian Grammies) winner Yuna who has been signed by David Foster in the US. This is a vibrant and exciting time for Malaysian artists and we are looking forward to showing just how good our music is tonight in the Palais des Festivals.” The full Malaysian Supernova line-up for tonight is: pop punk outfit Bunkface; electro pop artists Ze!; R&B performer Amanda Imani; electro duo Goldfish & Blink; alt-rockers Hujan; pop singer Jaclyn Victor; R&B performer Nadhira; and reggae performer Sasi The Don.


œ`wÅE ˆ˜Ž

crank up the volume

.com Discover, Connect, Support.


SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

Hackers welcome chance to innovate and collaborate PHIL Quartararo, managing director of online music service Guvera, speaking at yesterday’s Music As Currency In A Branded World. The session was held at Brand Central, which is sponsored by MINI, Guvera and in-store media specialist Mood Media. Brand Central is offering a learning programme run by industry experts, designed to enable Midem delegates to better understand the synergy between music and brands.

Martyn Davies introduces the third Hack Day


THE CONCERT format has stayed pretty static for nearly 200 years. Is it time for a change? A Midem audience heard how best to manage the balancing act between attracting new audiences and retaining the traditional concert-goer from Nicholas Kenyon (pictured), managing director of the UK’s Barbican Centre, in conversation with BBC Radio 3 presenter James Jolly at yesterday’s New Initiatives For Live Music In 2013 session.

ACK for a third consecutive year, Midem Hack Day featured a group of cutting-edge music developers who had just 48 hours to create a fun, clever or useful website, service or application, to be revealed to delegates in the Innovation Factory tomorrow at 11.00. Participant Amelie Anglade of SoundCloud explained why she is involved in Midem Hack Day, which was introduced and coordinated by technology advocate Martyn Davies of Hacks & Bants. “I am addicted to hackathons and, particularly, to those that involve music or audio,” she said. “I like the energy, collaborative spirit and freedom that such events bring.” Anglade said she was constantly amazed by what developers, designers and artists could build over a weekend. “The craziest ideas are turned into beautiful music apps,”

she added. “For me, it’s always a great opportunity to try out new technologies, get to work with new people and implement apps I would not find the time to work on otherwise.” Songkick developers Vivien Barousse and Aaron Randall emphasised that hacking is positive for the music industry. “Hacking is a good way to innovate and spend time working on great ideas we are passionate about, outside of everyone’s day job,” Randall said. “Any kind of innovation or problem-solving is positive for an industry — and even more so for the music industry, which is infamous for its reluctance to embrace new trends and technologies. New ideas from outside the music industry can help to improve it. Hackers can help to solve other as yet unfulfilled requirements for music consumers.”

Indies don’t have to play by the rules TODAY’s artists are masters of their own destiny, Dick Huey, founder of digital marketer Toolshed, told delegates at yesterday’s Music Industry 101 session, which examined the changing role of labels, distributors, promoters and marketers. “Artists now have much more direct inyuence on the ways in which their careers develop, and social media is playing an increasingly important role in every aspect of the business of being a label,” Huey said. “In terms of who to sign with, the choice these days is stark. If you want to be a massmarket artist, you need the support of a major, but what they do is very formulaic. However, if you see yourself as a person who doesn’t want to play by those rules, the indie sector is the only place to be.” Indies are also wnding new ways to market their output. “Independent labels are proving to be both resilient and often very creative in the ways they market their acts,” Huey added. “I particularly like Ghostly Records’, which aggregates 15 or so excellent labels. Users pay a subscription fee and then get all of the output of a label. It works because these are very, very good labels.”

Toolshed’s Dick Huey

GEMA@MIDEM Meet us at Germany‘s mutual stand. Riviera Hall, stand R07.20 Discuss with us during our panel discussion „The future of Collective Rights Management – how to ensure fair competition for the benefits of European authors“. Palais, Auditorium I, Monday, 10 a.m.


SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

Germany seeks ‘level playing field’ for authors’ societies

Your chance to learn how to make music in Japan

GEMA, the group that represents 65,000 German composers, songwriters and music publishers, presents the session The Future Of Collective Rights Management — How To Ensure Fair Competition To The Benefits Of European Authors, in Auditorium I tomorrow. During the session delegates will hear panelists views on the EU Commission’s proposal on collective management of copyright and collective rights, and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online uses in the internal market. “The European directive on collective rights management will be of crucial importance for the future of authors’ societies and their members,” GEMA CEO Dr Harald Heker. “We hope to engage decision makers, authors and other stakeholders in a constructive debate on how the future European legal framework should be designed to ensure fair competition to the benefits of both right holders and users. We particularly hope to draw attention to the importance and necessity of having a real level playing field for collective management societies in Europe.” The European Commission’s proposal focuses on two central regulatory areas: governance of collective management societies and cross-border licensing of online rights in musical works. Heker said that GEMA agrees with the Commission’s opinion that there is need for harmonisation in both areas. “Having a level playing field is a fundamental requirement for a functional European system in collective rights management

HE JAPANESE music market, which has a long-standing reputation of being so big it only needs to serve the domestic business, is reaching out to non-Japanese songwriters and composers at a workshop at Auditorium I today. In the first event of its kind organised by the Music Publishers Association of Japan’s (MPAJ) international committee, the Co-write & Song Pitching In Japan workshop is inviting foreign publishers, composers and songwriters to learn how to sell their music in this massive music market, co-write with Japanese writers, and clinch local synchronisation and licensing deals. ”Famous (Japanese) songwriters and producers will provide tips on how hit songs are used in commercials, TV shows and


movies in Japan,” said Bin Tajima, the MPAJ international committee’s new chairman. ”We want to highlight how to do business in Japan, where the practices are very different from the way business is done in the West,” added Tajima, who is also president of Tokyo-based music company Hipland Music Corporation. The workshop follows the seminar General Overview Of The Japanese Market on Saturday. Asked whether Japan fears the fastgrowing K-pop sector from South Korea, Tajima said: “Their success has stimulated competition; but we’re not worried.” IFPI’s Japanese affiliate RIAJ said Japan generated Yen 237bn ($3.6bn) in total music revenue in 2012, a 4.1% jump from 2011. Bin Tajima gives the thumbs-up to Japan music sector

GEMA CEO Dr Harald Heker

in which various collective management societies co-exist and enter into desirable competition for right holders,” he said. “We need to ensure fair competition by establishing comparable framework conditions for a collective management society’s foundation and operation, as well as to avoid a downward spiral in protection standards.”

SEVAN Juste Toi & Moi

Licence Internationale Jeff Records

Jeff Records/Play On

Jeff Records/Believe

Jeff Records/AZ

Jeff Records/Play On

Tél. : + 33 1 81 29 35 57 • Mobile : + 33 6 80 42 69 21 / /



SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

Ministers and rappers help SABAM’s Depreter sets his amplify Finland’s message sights on Belgium’s ISPs nice overview of what is happening in the music business on a global level.” For Stubb, music exports are about more than money. “It’s a part of creating a national image and country brand,” he said. “The more Finnish artists there are breaking through abroad, the better it is for all of us.” The Finnish delegation is also holding a brunch at the Gray D’Albion tomorrow, followed by a music synchronisation session in Brand Central, featuring Nike’s JT Griffith, Activision Blizzard’s Tim Riley and minister Stubb. There will also be a performance later that day by deaf rapper Signmark at the Music Finland stand in the Nordic pavilion. Finnish minister Alexander Stubb: “creating a country brand”

SABAM’s Christophe Depreter: ISPs “facilitate illegal music use”

CHRISTOPHE Depreter, CEO of Belgian collecting society SABAM, recently cut a deal with Google for the use of Belgian repertoire in Europe. And now, he is turning his attention to his country’s internet providers. “We issued a license to Google for the use of our national repertoire in all European countries,” Depreter said. “We are the first small- to medium-sized society to make such a deal. Up to now, such deals have been mostly done by the larger societies.” He added: “All the big companies, including Google, Deezer and Spotify, are absolutely fine about paying for music use. But our ISPs in Belgium are still refusing to recognise that they facilitate illegal music use. We are currently asking for 3.4% of their turnover, which is the same amount paid by Belgian cable operators.”

Despite the seismic changes in the music industry, the role of SABAM remains fundamentally the same. “Collecting and distributing authors’ and publishers’ remuneration as quickly and as cost effectively as possible is still at the root of what we do,” Depreter said. “But the way we fulfil this mission has undergone enormous changes. We are constantly attempting to increase our efficiency while, at the same time, our operations are becoming more and more complex.” Meanwhile, Depreter is pragmatic about the future of the music market. “CD sales have fallen by over €20m in value between 2002 to 2012 and that decline will only accelerate,” he admitted. “But the music market has not died — it has just been transformed.”

l’adami agit pour une juste rémunération des artistes-interprètes

Conférence de presse :

Streaming, téléchargement, vente physique, copie privée : la rémunération des artistes en chiffres Dimanche 27 janvier à 15h00 Palais des Festivals - Auditorium I - Niveau 4 En présence de Jean-Jacques Milteau, président du Conseil d’administration de l’Adami

Société civile pour l’administration des droits des artistes et musiciens interprètes

+ Bronx (Paris) - photos : © Francis Vernhet, Thomas Bartel, Laurent Edeline


HE MUSIC Finland stand is playing host to more than 20 Finnish music companies, including labels, and management and production companies. Finnish culture and sports minister Paavo Arhinmaki and European affairs and trade minister Alexander Stubb are also in Cannes to lend their support to their country’s music export push, “I hope my participation offers some concrete benefits in the discussions that Finnish companies and organisations are undertaking in Cannes,” Arhinmaki said. “At the same time, Midem gives me a chance to meet with other European ministers of culture and offers a


SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

Hopefuls pitch the best of new tech at the Midemlab The Innovation Factory during Midemlab


ESTERDAY’s Midemlab pitching session in the Innovation Factory featured 10 finalists, all of whom had the opportunity to prove to the packed audience, and the judges, that their idea deserved to win the Midemlab competition. The panel of judges featured Paul Brindley of MusicAlly, Larry Marcus of Walden VC, Axel Dauchez of Deezer, DuMont Venture’s Thorben Rothe, Vivien Lewit of YouTube and Nicole Yershon of Ogilvy Group. The 10 MidemLab finalists are:, a platform for artistic collaboration, allowing artists to easily feature each others’ work in their own productions. Musigram, a means by which to send musical telegrams — already backed by Warner and a Silicon Valley VC. MyMusic, which aggregates content about your favourite artists from multiple sources, allowing you to make personalised magazines and share them with friends. MyTourManager, a live-focused platform connecting artists with promoters and fans, via its own matchmaking system, so artists get booked, and fans see the music they want to.

Songful by instrumagic, a guitar simulator for iPad that makes it easy for anyone to play an incredibly real-sounding guitar. Soundrop, a Spotify app that makes it easy to discover new music based on what friends and other Spotify users like. One of the streaming platform’s most popular apps, it has already played 340 million tracks. T’écoutes quoi? (in English, What are you listening to?), the brainchild of Maxime Guedj, already behind France’s biggest music-focused Facebook page. It aims to help people connect based on musical preferences, and ultimately find love. The Party Player, a home streaming service for parties, which aims to simplify the collective (drunk) DJ phenomenon. Clever features include a simple “mix” button, and automatic musical recommendations. Tomahawk, which allows users to stream music from practically any source, all in one player. And it’s free. And YaSound, which allows users to create their own web radio, and share it with friends, with no liability for the licensing fees radios are obliged to pay.

FLEUR Pellerin, French minister responsible for small and medium-sized business in the digital economy, is pictured here with Midem director Bruno Crolot. Pellerin is a Midemlab juror, and will award a Coup de Coeur on Monday to a project that has impressed her during the pitching competition.

TuneCore President of Publishing, Jamie Purpora reveals Sub Pub agt. w/ ROBA Music Verlag GMBH for territories Germany/Austria/ Switzerland #TuneCore Tunecore

Collaborating with MyCEB for YOUR EVENT in Malaysia #events #collaborating #arts #agents #artists #malaysia #majorevents #myceb #partnership MALAYSIA CONVENTION & EXHIBITION BUREAU (MYCEB)


SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

K-pop comes to Cannes


OREAN Creative Contents Agency (KOCCA) is back at Midem to highlight Korean music, business and pop culture. It has also brought a line-up of Korean music talent to take part in the Midem Festival at Magic Mirrors. K-pop Night Out, which starts tonight at 21.40, features two big stars of the Korean music scene who are making waves worldwide. Tiger JK has been part of the rap scene since 1995. He released his first album under the name Drunken Tiger with his then

rap partner DJ Shine. This was followed by a slew of hits including True Romance and Monster. Tasha Reid, also known as Yoon Mi-Rae/T, debuted with the group Uptown at the age of 13. In 2001, she went solo as a rapper. Last September, MTV Iggy named her as one of the top 12 female rappers in the world. KOCCA is also sponsoring the daily Happy Hours (18.30-19.45) in Magic Mirrors, featuring the Korean DJ DKHT and new singer/ songwriter Juniel.


Tiger JK, aka Drunken Tiger

Tasha Reid, eid, aka Yoon Mi-Rae/T i-Rae/T

Major step for Asaf Avidan


AVING a voice that has variously been compared to Robert Plant, Janis Joplin and Jeff Buckley might seem like a burden for an artist. But Israeli singer/songwriter Asaf Avidan, who played last night at Magic Mirrors, is philosophical about such extravagant praise. “I don’t think I deserve such comparisons, especially to someone like Janis Joplin, who had one of the truly great voices,” he said. Avidan, who initially ran every aspect of his career himself before enlisting his brother as manager, recently signed with Polydor France. “I like to know what’s going on in my career, which is why I used to do everything myself,” he said. Despite a previous bad experience with a major label, Avidan said that “after meeting the people I was potentially going to be working with at Polydor, I was convinced that signing my label Telmavar Records to a major was the right thing to do”. Avidan will be touring extensively throughout Europe as of March — but don’t expect any new songs for a while. “It’s great to be so busy, but I just don’t have the time to write new material at the moment,” he said.

In tune with you Israeli singer/songwriter Asaf Avidan: “It’s great to be so busy”

@millionmedia presents “Location marketing strategies and the impact of NFC on the music industry”, @MIDEM on 28/29 Neil Cartwright, Director, Million Media (UK)

The creation of the Global Repertoire Database (an authoritative source of accurate information on musical works) is an exciting move for the music industry. Deloitte has been heavily involved in the GRD project due to our extensive data analytics and music industry expertise. You can hear all about the GRD progress at MIDEM by visiting ‘GRD, it’s started’ on Tuesday 29 January at 10.50am in Conference Room, Level 01. To find out more about Deloitte please contact Neil Allcock, or visit

Attorneys practicing entertainment law without understanding the indie & international market are as useful as cassette tapes on iTunes Martin F. Frascogna, Attorney, Frascogna Entertainment Law (USA)

© 2013 Deloitte LLP. All rights reserved.


SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

Music analytics given a boost by Spotify/Musicmetric deal


USICMETRIC comes to Midem as the first company to have access to Spotify’s total streamed-music data. This will enable the UK start-up to compare up-to-the-minute music trends on social-media networks and illegal music sites. At a time when streaming services are vital for artists, the new agreement with Spotify — the world’s largest music-streaming service — gives Musicmetric one of the most in-depth analyses of fans’ use of digital music globally. Musicmetric is already renowned for its analytics of music and artist trends based on fan activity on social media, online news, blogs, music-sales sites, and legal and illegal file sharing on the BitTorrent network. Its data is also based on the sentiments expressed by fans for more than 700,000 artists. Users such as labels, management companies and artists have access to a basic service or pay for the premium Musicmetric Pro version. Spotify boasts 20 million-plus annual active users with access to more than 20 million tracks in 17 countries. More than five million are paying a monthly subscription fee. The ability to compare data on Spotify users’ historical and real-time listening behaviour with its own findings means that Musicmetric will be able to give labels and digital marketers “a powerful everyday tool for looking at what’s happening to their digital campaigns and for generating revenues”, said Marie-Alicia Chang, Musicme-

tric’s co-founder and business development director. Now, instead of having to go to Spotify every time a customer needs streaming-music data about an artist, Musicmetric has a one-stop hub containing regularly updated information that illustrates the links between Spotify’s streaming, music sales and online activities. Companies with Musicmetric Pro accounts for one year will have priority access to Spotify data.

The Store For Music opens for business

The Store For Music’s Brian Adams

Musicmetric’s Marie-Alicia Chang: “a powerful everyday tool”

AFTER 15 years at UK music group Eagle Rock Entertainment, Brian Adams is branching out to launch his own label, The Store For Music. Unveiling the new venture at Midem — his 40th Reed MIDEM event — Adams said he is seeking classic-rock back catalogue as well as new audio and video releases to license at the market. Based in the UK and France, The Store For Music is also searching for classicrock material for Ward Records, the Japanese label that he is representing as a licensing consultant. Before Eagle Rock, where he was international licensing consultant, Adams spent six years at Castle Communications.

The French connection A NEW ‘musical bridge’ has been engineered between Canada and Europe, which will allow francophone artists to have their music distributed and enjoyed on both sides of the Atlantic. The new distribution network is the culmination of a year of development and negotiations between Membran Music, eOne Music, GSI Music and Sphere Music. The project started as a “dream” at Midem 2012, said Manlio Celotti, CEO of Membran Entertainment Group, adding: “And it is now, after a lot of work and wne-tuning, becoming a reality at Midem 2013.” Celotti added: “It can be difwcult for French artists to break out of their home market. We believe this project will make the transition from the French Canadian market to French-speaking Europe — and vice versa — easier.”

Membran Entertainment Group’s Manlio Celotti (left) and eOne Music’s Charles Book


SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

Creative lawyering can help navigate an industry in flux


HE FIRST-ever Midem/IAEL Legal Summit starts this morning, described by IAEL president Jeffrey Liebenson as “a showcase for the new style of creative lawyering” necessary to help the music industry navigate the economics of today’s entertainment industry. “Reed MIDEM asked us to host the summit because legal issues are now central to what’s going on in the music industry,” said Liebenson, who is principal of New York-based Liebenson Law. He added: “It’s exciting to help our clients meet today’s unprecedented challenges by applying our expertise in a flexible and creative way. In order to promote the growth of our creative clients, we need to be creative too.” The day’s sessions begin with a legal update at 10.00, followed by a masterclass in negotiating branding deals. The afternoon’s centrepiece conference — I Love My Lawyer! — will explain how lawyers are helping their clients to turn challenges into global opportunities. The panel session will also see the launch of IAEL’s 28th annual publication, entitled Creative Lawyering For Growth In The Entertainment Industry. The book, edited by Cecily Mak and Anne-Marie Pecoraro, features contributors from France, India, China, Brazil, the US and the UAE. Liebenson said: “We cannot adhere solely to the precedent of a prior time. We entertainment lawyers have the knowledge of the law, but we also need to create new approaches and deal structures for our clients, which can only be done by creative lawyering. This book addresses this process and cites examples of

how creative counsel has helped overcome the challenges our clients face today.” IAEL is also hosting three workshop sessions. Meet The Lawyers, which takes place tomorrow morning, offers delegates five-minute one-to-one consultations with specialist lawyers. In the afternoon, Licensing 101 For Artists & Labels Going Direct-To-Fan will unpack the core concepts of copyright, trademarks and branding. The final workshop, on Tuesday afternoon, will provide a roadmap to the complex world of international digital licensing.

China grows Midem presence

THE DIRECTOR of Reed MIDEM’s entertainment division met with members of the the General Administration of Press and Publication, China and the Chinese Audio and Video Association yesterday to discuss a strategic plan for China to organise forums, concerts and other events at Midem in the future. They also discussed the expansion of the Chinese Pavilion at Midem. The Chinese government has agreed to increase funding to assist with

the plan. Pictured from left: Yueming Tang of Max Star Music Group; Ju Wang of Chinese Audio And Video Association; Guillaume Crisafulli of Reed MIDEM; Zhengming Xu of General Administration of Press and Publication, China; Jerome Delhaye; Yanbin Zang of Shanghai Synergy Music Group; Huage Fan of Pacific Audio and Video Company; and Nate Ren of CMM Intelligence Limited, Reed MIDEM’s China Representative.

MIDEM delegates celebrated Australia Day on the Sounds Australia stand yesterday. Australia Day has been celebrated on January 26 since 1808 when it was known as Anniversary Day. It commemorates the landing of the wÀÃÌyiï˜-Þ`˜iÞ Cove in 1788 and features community festivals concerts and citizenship ceremonies across Australia.

IAEL’s Jeffrey Liebenson: “We need to be creative too”

The digital supply chain depends on standards The world’s biggest companies implement DDEX standards in their digital business to improve efficiency Come and see us in the Riviera Open Space at Midem Or to find out more about joining DDEX and implementing the standards visit

Organizer: Reeperbahn Festival GbR and Inferno Events GmbH & Co. KG


Last night was the wrst night of the Midem Festival, Midem Off, Midem Classical Embassy and Midem’s series of showcase concerts. The Midem News met the stars before they took to the stage and caught some of the shows on camera

SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

2 1


1 Madness 2 Christa Ludwig 3 Yes Sir Boss 4 Julia Nunes


Sacem Jazz Sunday 27 Magic Mirrors - 20:00 20:30

Sunday 27 Salon Martha, Majestic - 20:30

Birdy Hunt

Bartosz Woroch



Drunken Tiger & T

22:50 C2C

Philip Higham Cello

Heath Quarter Violin

Robert Thompson Piano

Sunday 27 Live Nation @ B.PUB Mutine - Electro Pop, France Air Bag One - Alternative, France End Of The World - Pop, Japan Lanskies - Pop, France

Canadian Blast @ Morrison’s Irish Pub Ann Vriend - Folk, Canada Luke Nicholson - Pop Rock, Canada Kinnie Starr - Folk, Canada Kim Bingham - Pop Rock, Canada Manafest - Rock, Canada

Underkamouf @ The Establishment African Dinkelou - World, Senegal Under Kamouf - Hip-Hop, Senegal Akougni - African music, Senegal UK Records - Hip-Hop, Senegal

Radio Agora FM @ Ma Nolan’s Birdy Hunt

Sunday 27 Malaisya Supernova @ Salon des Ambassadeurs, Palais des Festivals

Sunday 27 Sacem Jazz @ Espace Miramar

Amanda Imani Bunkface Goldfish & Blink Hujan Jaclyn Victor Nadhira ZE! Sasi The Don

Giovanni Mirabassi

Dominique Fillon Piano, France Piano, Italy


SWPFC[ 27 JCPWCT[ 2013

6 7

5 5 & 6 Yes Sir Boss 7 Asaf Avidan 8 Maria Celeng



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MailChimp raises a glass Information is power in to music industryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s health world without frontiers


IDEM ďŹ rst-timer MailChimp has 33,050 users in the music industry, including artists, bands, labels, concert promoters, PR ďŹ rms and digital agencies. Last year, the email marketing services provider sponsored several music events, funded its integration with the CASH Music platform and launched a music vertical page showcasing several of its customers, including Amanda Palmer, Merge Records and Etix. And at Midem, MailChimp is keeping up its good work on behalf of the music industry by sponsoring the nightly happy MailChimpâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Palmer Houchins: â&#x20AC;&#x153;building something new thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fair and convenientâ&#x20AC;?

hour events at Magic Mirrors. â&#x20AC;&#x153;So weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re looking forward to buying a drink for any Midem attendees who stop by,â&#x20AC;? said MailChimp brand manager Palmer Houchins. According to Houchins, 2012 was a â&#x20AC;&#x153;another great yearâ&#x20AC;? for MailChimp. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We saw our customer base grow over the two million mark and those customers sent over 34 billion emails,â&#x20AC;? he said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;On top of that, we ordered about 1,000 pizzas for the oďŹ&#x192;ce and gave away almost 30,000 MailChimp t-shirts.â&#x20AC;? Despite the fundamental changes that the music industry has experienced over the past decade, Houchins is upbeat about its future. â&#x20AC;&#x153;What has been encouraging to observe recently is the shift away from screaming â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;The sky is falling!â&#x20AC;&#x2122; to a sincere desire to build something new thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fair and convenient for consumers and artists alike. We hope to play a small part in supporting that new future.â&#x20AC;?


RUSSELS-based Kollector brings an application to MIPTV that allows artists, labels, publishers, collecting societies, producers and PR companies to track in real time when, where and by whom a song has been played on radio worldwide. The tool is designed to help clients with research, royalties estimates, the analysis of promotional campaigns and target markets, and tour planning. â&#x20AC;&#x153;In an ecosystem where revenues are getting smaller, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s important to have such a transparent,

economical and powerful tool,â&#x20AC;? said Kollector evangelist and communication manager JeanMarc Lederman. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Information is power.â&#x20AC;? Kollectorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s coverage has grown steadily over the last year and it has upgraded the algorithm to increase performance. Following a raft of deals in 2012, the company is at Midem to secure more partnerships. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We are meeting people that we have been speaking with for months and who are, like us, enthusiasts, driven by the same passion for music,â&#x20AC;? Lederman added.

YaSoundâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s radio revolution MAKING its Midem debut is French social web radio start-up YaSound, which launched last March with the mission of creating, discovering and sharing customised radio online. Free of charge, simple to use and fully legal, YaSound claims to be â&#x20AC;&#x153;the easiest way to create your own online radio and manage its community of fansâ&#x20AC;?, according to YaSound co-founder and CEO, Sebastien Metrot, who is in Cannes with partnership manager Astrid Fronteau. In December, YaSound â&#x20AC;&#x201D; a 2013 Midemlab ďŹ nalist â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and Deezer joined forces to allow

music lovers to access both platformsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; titles, playlists and web radio services. Metrot said: â&#x20AC;&#x153;YaSound is one of the ďŹ rst sites to integrate Deezerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s App Studio. This allows Deezerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s customers to reach the thousands of customised YaSound radios and to listen, discover and play new tracks on either service.â&#x20AC;? By the beginning of 2013, there were more than 7,000 active online YaSound radios â&#x20AC;&#x201D; and 2012 saw more than 45,000 apps downloaded. YaSound co-founder Jean-Marc Plueger added: â&#x20AC;&#x153;We want to revolutionise radio and make it mobile and social.â&#x20AC;?


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Jean-Marc Lederman: â&#x20AC;&#x153;a transparent, economical and powerful toolâ&#x20AC;?

DaBet turns music detective ANGELA Rose White, daughter of award-winning composer David Rose White, has announced that her company DaBet Music Services is to serve primarily as a consulting company, providing organisation and basic evaluation of music catalogues, copyrights, income streams and the management of music catalogues. White decided to change her companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s focus after discovering that songwriters/ publishers or their heirs and representatives are frequently unaware of the fundamental rights related to song ownership and copyrights.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;We think of ourselves as music detectives who research titles, royalty sources, historical trails for music copyrights, and past and current licensing activity,â&#x20AC;? said White, who has been CEO of David Rose Publishing since 1996. She added: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Catalogues with a long history have particularly special needs because of the time that has passed and the unavailability of contracts. This requires time and research, followed by a method of organisation and maintenance. We are all passionate about music and copyright, and ďŹ nd that the most fulďŹ lling aspect is searching and solving.â&#x20AC;?

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