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Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents

President Report

President’s Message - Chris Fernandes I hope that everyone’s holiday season was safe and as pleasurable as possible under the current circumstances. On behalf of the MAAGCS board, I would like to thank all of the members, vendors and supporting partners for your support in 2020. This past year was one for the record books and one I personally would like to forget. Through all the challenges, your dedication remained steadfast and your commitment to the association was unbelievable. I truly appreciate it. I’m very honored and excited to serve as the next MAAGCS President. I have very big shoes to fill following Ryan Kraushofer and all the past presidents. I like to thank Michael Bostian for his years served as he now rotates off the board of directors. We have a strong board this year that has put in a lot of hard work and time to make 2021 a great year for our association. I would like to welcome our new board members Tony Lewis (Chevy Chase Club) serving as Equipment Manager Representative, Vince DiStefano (Musket Ridge Golf Club) serving as Newsletter Chairman and Shaun O’Conner (Timbers of Troy Golf Club) serving as Membership Services Chairman. Our association is already off to a great start for 2021. We have continued our commitment to the University of Maryland’s Turf Pathology Fund which helps aid in turf research. We have also added our support to the Dr. Mathias Scholarship Fund which directly benefits turf students. MAAGCS also has a great year of events planned for 2021. I would like to say thank you again to our venders and supporting partners. Through their sponsorships, our events are affordable for all to participate. This is an awesome benefit that adds value to our membership. To reciprocate and show our appreciation for our partners, I challenge each member to attend at least 3 events this year. The strength of our association and the success each of us achieve is only helped by our involvement. Additionally the opportunity to network with our colleagues is priceless.

Chris Fernandes Rolling Road Golf Club 443-848-8385 cfernandes@rollingroadgc.com @Hilltop_Super

During the rest of the offseason I hope everyone will enjoy some much deserved time off with family and friends. I look forward to a great 2021 and I hope to be able to see and talk to everyone throughout this upcoming year. Work hard, stay safe and don’t forget we are all in this together so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Chris Fernandes Christopher Fernandes Rolling Road Golf Club MAAGCS President #GETGROWING On the Cover: Photo of Musket Ridge Golf Club 443-848-8385 cfernandes@rollingroa SAVE THE DATE – Thursday, March 11, 2021 Superintendent/Assistant Challenge Defending Champions @Hilltop_Super Bowlero, Columbia, MD 7100 Carved Stone Road Columbia, MD 21045

Join us on Thursday, March 11, 2021 at Bowlero in Columbia, MD for a fun day of networking and competition! Superintendents are encouraged to team up with an assistant for this exciting event. There will also be an open division and a prize for the individual high score.

Add Rolling Road logo

I hope that everyone’s circumstances. On beh supporMng partners fo Open Division: This division is open for any combination of members. Any combination of superintendents, vendors, equipment managers, personally like t assistants, crew members and retired members can team up to compete in the open division. The team with the highest combinedwould scores after play is completed will be crowned the champions of the Open Division. commitment to the as Individual High Score: The person with the highest individual score in one game will be crowned the Individual High Score Champion. Two Divisions and Individual High Score for the Competition Superintendent/Assistant Division: A superintendent and his assistant will team up in this two-man competition. Bowling scores will be combined for a total team score. The team with the highest combined scores after play is completed will be crowned Center (Mike Bostian & Brett Niner) the champions of the Superintendent/Assistant Division.

This is always a fun event packed with plenty of networking and camaraderie with your industry colleagues. Registration will open soon at www.maagcs.org.

I’m very honored and e following Ryan Krausho

Turfgrass Matters | Winter 2021 3

2021 MAAGCS Board of Directors MAAGCS Officers


President Chris Fernandes Rolling Road Golf Club 443-848-8385 cfernandes@rollingroadgc.com @Hilltop_Super

Golf Joe Haskins Renditions Golf Course 443-865-0317 jhaskins@renditionsgolf.com @BWI_Gator

Vice President / Treasurer Brendan Rapp University of Maryland Golf Course 240-447-9568 brapp@umd.edu @BrendanRapp

Education Josh Fuhrman The Golf Club at South River 410-798-5865 x 2309 jfuhrman@golfclubsr.com @jjfuhrms

Secretary / Online PR Chris Sandels Mount Vernon Country Club 703-989-3102 csandels@mountvernoncc.org @Sandels22

Newsletter Vince DiStefano Musket Ridge Golf Club 301-803-0181 v.distefano@musketridge.com Government Relations Eric David United States Naval Academy 517-420-5647 edavid@usna.edu @esd327

Past President Ryan Kraushofer Westminster National Golf Course 443-865-3232 Westminsternationalgc@yahoo.com @WestNatGolf


Membership Services Shaun O’Connor Timbers at Troy Golf Club 443-520-5435 soconnor@kempersports.com

Assistants Representative Alejandro Biaocchi Woodmont Country Club 310-424-7482 abaiocchi@woodmontcc.com @cc_woodmont Equipment Manager Representative Anthony Lewis Chevy Chase Club 301-656-6323 alewis@chevychaseclub.org IAC Representative Andrew Harrison Pocono Turf 443-547-0252 andrewpoconoturf@gmail.com

Staff Chapter Executive Tyler Eastham 757-329-3577 teastham@gmail.com @MidAtlGCSAA Chapter Executive David Norman 804-399-7802 dnorman008@gmail.com @MidAtlGCSAA

Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents

Equipment Manager Report A New Year 2020, like our profession sometimes does, unexpectantly dropped challenges in our laps. Mitigating disruptions, implementing sound solutions, having realistic expectations, and a positive attitude are key during these times just as they normally are with Equipment Management. Golf is on an upswing and fortunately this has us all keeping busy as usual. Below are a few things I’ve taken away from operating my shop during a distinctive time. • Traditional ways are not hard rules. I’m guilty of being a rigid person and veering towards previous results instead of long shots. Raising a set of groomers so a unit can mow different surfaces or manipulating the carrier rate of a sprayer to treat an entire area without needing a partial are a couple equipment related examples of flexibility. • Pay attention to what parts are in your inventory. When the shutdown began with no certain end date, we were beginning to mow after aerating and topdressing all our low mow areas. Thankfully we had enough bedknives, a spare grinding stone, even a much needed 648 control module to keep us going and under budget when the course was closed. There was no way to predict something like this and our vendors have great parts departments but physical inventory on hand will be something I’ll always keep in mind moving forward.

Anthony Lewis Chevy Chase Club 301-656-6323 alewis@chevychaseclub.org

• Video chatting to share an issue and brainstorm a diagnosis is a fine substitute to visiting in person. Honestly looking at a service manual with schematics at my desk while a friend checks for continuity in a circuit is a more streamlined process anyways. This saves travel time and needless to say- encourages social distancing. I am excited about what 2021 has to bring along with the opportunity to serve on the MAAGCS Board of Directors as the Equipment Manager Representative. Comradery and education will be the main focal points of our events. Speaking of events, Covid-19 is making this quite the challenge and burden of how to hold these safely. You’re all more than welcome to contact me with ideas. Turf Equipment and Supply Company is hosting virtual training throughout January and I foresee our first Equipment Manager event being digital as well. We’re very lucky to work in such a concentrated area of colleagues and I look forward to strengthening our network. There’s no reason any of us should fight an issue and not have someone to ask- same goes for an “ah-ha” moment that we don’t know who to share with. Cheers to a new year and keep an eye out for new information!

GCSAA Offers Certification for Equipment Managers

The certification program for equipment managers is in development. In the meantime, begin working to complete the Equipment Management Certificate Program Level 1 and Level 2. Successful completion of these programs will be prerequisites to enter the certification program. EMCP LEVEL 1

Training and skills recognition for equipment managers and technicians Equipment Management Certificate Program Level 1 is a series of exams designed to demonstrate proficiency in key competency areas related to turf equipment. This certificate program is available to all turf equipment technicians regardless of whether you work for a golf course. The program is made up of eight exams covering the key competency areas of: • Cutting units • Metalworking and fabrication • Drivetrain systems • Spray systems • Electrical systems • Fundamentals of turfgrass • Engine technology operations • Hydraulic systems


Recognition for advanced skills The Equipment Management Certificate Program Level 2 is the next step on the career path for equipment managers. This certificate is earned by successfully passing one proctored exam which addresses the competency areas of: • Administrative Management • Engine Technology • Best Management Practices • Hydraulic Systems • Cutting Units • Metalworking • Drivetrains • Spray Systems • Electrical Systems • Turfgrass Operations

For More Information Visit : https://www.gcsaa.org/education/certifications-exams/equipment-management-certificate-program Turfgrass Matters | Winter 2021 5



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Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents

Education Update This past year has been very strange to say the least. Hopefully many of you have found some good in this very challenging environment. It was tough often times not seeing friends and family in person, although a FaceTime or Zoom happy hour helped a little. It’s something we should all plan to utilize more even when the pandemic is over for small gatherings. Unfortunately in the current pandemic and with local regulations, we had to cancel the February, MAAGCS Annual Education in 2021. We realize our education event is more than just guest speakers and education. It has formed into something much more personal, and it gives our members an opportunity to see and speak with over a hundred other professionals in our organization. The current platforms out there, like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams, etc. don’t quite accomplish this interaction for large groups of people. I’m sure in the future there will be better platforms for larger groups of people. We realize the education event often provides the necessary CEUs towards your pesticide and fertilizer licenses. Fortunately there are plenty of available options to complete your CEUs for this coming season. One positive is this pandemic is the amount of online resources available to get these CEUs. You can find several on the government website for your respective states, many distributors are still offering education events virtually, and GCSAA is hosting GIS online. If all else fails you can call the agency issuing the license and ask them what options are available and possibly complete double the CEUs in the next year.

Josh Fuhrman The Golf Club at South River jfuhrman@golfclubsr.com 443-973-7666

Because of the restrictions on events and gatherings, it made more sense to focus our efforts on the event for 2022, when we can again congregate in person. We are very excited for the event to come back in 2022 at a new venue, Turf Valley Resort. We have already received commitments from some of the leading professionals in the turf industry and I am excited for the panel of speakers at the event. There will be something of interest for everyone.

USGA Report A Quick Update and A Few Changes For 2021 With 2020 in the review mirror, we turn an optimistic eye towards 2021 and a wonderful golf season. Despite all the negatives surrounding a global pandemic, and there are many, there was one positive that is personal to all those reading this message – golf boomed in 2020. While I certainly hope that we can put the Coronavirus behind us real soon, I also hope that golf continues to boom.


This is an appropriate time to remind golfers, owners and other key decision makers that while an increase in play is great for the facility, it could come with added costs. Many courses are already dealing with an uptick in golf cart traffic damage and subsequent repairs, damage to undersized tees and other features that are not equipped to handle such a sharp increase in play. This warning is not meant to be a scare tactic as much as it is an opportunity to get better and improve infrastructure now to help ensure your course remains top quality despite a significant increase in play. One last update regarding the region. Many of you know and worked with Paul Jacobs. He has been a valuable part of the region for many years. Paul recently moved out west will be working with courses in our Central Region. His counterpart, John Daniels, is in the process of moving to Rhode Island and will cover the New York Met area and New England. As such, I will be the only agronomist visiting Maryland, Delaware and Virginia going forward. I look forward to continuing my relationship with all my friends in the Mid-Atlantic and meeting new people this year. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to contact me any time. I can be reached either on my cell at 224-656-9773 or via email at edowling@usga.org.

Elliott Dowling USGA 708 Slate Hill Dr Oxford, PA 19363 224-656-9773 edowling@usga.org www.usga.org

See you on the course, Elliott

Turfgrass Matters | Winter 2021 7

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Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents

Assistants Update Two weeks prior to the first official news of Covid-19, I was sitting down for a dinner reservation at The Unconventional Diner in Washington D.C. It was my 38th birthday and I was excited as any other foodie would be. (Side note- this place has a delicious Caribbean Shrimp and Grits that I totally, absolutely recommend.) I remember feeling extremely pleased at the fact of knowing I would be returning to this restaurant repeatedly, because there was so much more on the menu that I wanted to try. I was also looking forward to the year ahead on a professional level. Between being happy with life in general and being a part of something special at our golf course, recognized for spectacular conditions and the upcoming Woman’s Amateur, the highly unexpected happened. Few would consider 2020 to be anything but a “bogey” hole of a year. Double-bogey, at that. While the world grappled with the COVID-19 pandemic, so many businesses suffered. It hasn’t been easy, but the golf industry managed to adapt admirably. Learning and implementing new daily safety procedures to keep staff healthy was the key effort for everyone running a business in mid-March, and throughout the remainder of the year. Working outside most of the time proved to be more of a benefit than ever, allowing for easy social distancing. As regulations became more relaxed and some businesses were able to reopen, the only difference for everyone in the golf industry was the increase of play. Also, it seemed that suddenly, people enjoyed walking instead of riding a cart, whether it be a pull cart or a robot caddie. A blessing in disguise. Just imagine, less golf carts in the middle of July and August. Our association was able to have an assistants’ event in early November, a forum designed as a career development program for assistant superintendents and crew members involved in golf course operations. The forum focused on personal and business financing; a topic that has not been reviewed in the last couple of years. Unfortunately, I had just gotten back from traveling and I had to quarantine, so I was not in attendance; however, we received overwhelming positive feedback from the event. The forum was followed by lunch and a golf match between MAAGCS and VGCSA members, with the MAAGCS coming out on top!

Alejandro Baiocchi Woodmont Country Club 301-424-7482 abaiocchi@woodmontcc.com @cc_woodmont

As we approached the end of the year, vaccines offered a light at the end of the tunnel. As of today, they are being administered all over the world, with first responders receiving them first. As essential workers, we in the golf industry can look forward to receiving the vaccine in the upcoming months. I can honestly say, “I love my job.” Being in an essential industry brings me a joy like no other. We will see what 2021 brings, and hopefully, we can work with the regulations in place to host many association events this year. Socially distanced of course. Stay Safe Everyone, Alejandro Baiocchi, Woodmont Country Club

Government Relations Maryland Legislative Session 2021 will be historic. There are a record number of bills being introduced and certainly a different way of hearing each of the new introductions virtually. There are some carry over bills from last session that were cut short when everything closed in March, as well as many new bills to help our state through these unprecedented times. The State House remains closed to public visitors or lobbyists due to COVID-19 restrictions and there are contingency plans in place for a shortened session should an outbreak occur. High on the list of bills is eviction forgiveness, high speed internet access, education funding, and police reform. The legislators are only allowed to be in the chambers for two-hours at a time and all outside testimony will be done through Zoom. As it stands right now, the only bill that could affect our industry is House Bill 472 – Prohibition of Glyphosate. Currently, there is only one sponsor on the bill, and it has not been cross filed in the Senate. There will be significant opposition to this bill due to the broad nature of the prohibition. We will keep a close watch on the legislation if it gets traction, to ensure we join our industry counterparts in opposition. As always, these bills are fluid and can change quickly. We will work to keep everyone updated on how this session unfolds.

Eric David United States Naval Academy 410-293-9751 edavid@usna.edu

Turfgrass Matters | Winter 2021 9

Letter from the Editor Greetings and salutations, I have a question. Why do I still feel like the new guy? I have been at Musket Ridge in Maryland for seven years. I knew some of you from my nine years in Virginia at Blue Ridge Shadows in Front Royal, yet it still feels new. Being a transplant can be difficult, but I am well-practiced at the art of introduction. I had a very unique assistant career. For some reason my chain of contacts took me on a cross country adventure. I began in Rochester NY at a family owned course. My older sister gave me a job at the practice range where she was giving lessons. I hated that so I begged the Superintendent to hire me on the crew. During my third season there the Superintendent, also a family friend, told me about the opportunity in the golf business as a turf professional and encouraged me to go to college for turf management. I lacked direction in life after two years of liberal arts classes. I was gaining experience as an unofficial assistant and knew that I loved working on the course. I decided to go to the State University of New York at Delhi for Turfgrass Management. I did everything I could to immerse myself into turf including working on the college owned 9-hole course. While at school I secured a spot on the crew at Oak Hill Country Club for the preparation and hosting of the 1995 Ryder Cup. During the tournament I met Rochester native and superintendent at Pebble Beach, Mark Michaud. He helped me get a job at Spyglass Hill in the Pebble Beach Company, and I earned the position of assistant superintendent. The west coast was awesome but I was motivated to move back to the east coast to be near family. Through our relationship with Paul Latshaw, I met the grow-in project manager at Eagle Point CC in Wilmington NC, and he hired me to be his assistant. In 2000 I was 31 years old, had a baby boy and ready to start looking for a Superintendent position. My friend who was the pro at Spyglass had moved to Las Vegas to be the G.M. at Shadow Creek. I called him to see what that was all about and he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I would still be an assistant but, you know, Vegas baby! To make an even longer story short I still wanted to establish roots back east for my first superintendent position, so after three years in Las Vegas I landed the job to grow-in Blue Ridge Shadows.

Vince DiStefano Musket Ridge Golf Club 301-293-9930 x 118 v.distefano@musketridge.com

In Virginia I was active on the local turf association board of directors and produced a newsletter for them. Now that I am working on the MAAGCS Board as Newsletter Director, I hope to bring experience to the position and help usher in the new digital version of Turfgrass Matters. Having a digital newsletter will enhance the presentation of articles and advertisements with links that can take you directly to web pages and other content of interest. Our partner support is very important to the success of our Chapter, so I hope the new format will provide a greater opportunity for members and vendors to grow relationships and share information. It is important to me that Turfgrass Matters remains a must read for our members and I invite you to contact me directly with suggestions you have. V.distefano@musketridge.com Thank you for reading Turfgrass Matters, and thank you to our partners for making it possible.

MDA Education Obtaining re-certifications is usually a main feature of our February Education Seminar. With the event postponed until 2022, it is important to take advantage of other certification opportunities. The Maryland Department of Agriculture offers many opportunities to receive these recertifications through their online courses. Visit the link below for more information. You can also contact MDA at 410-841-5710. https://mda.maryland.gov/plants-pests/Pages/licensing_and_certification.aspx


MAAGCS Schedule of Events March 11, 2021: Thursday – Superintendent/ Assistant Challenge, Bowlero, Columbia, MD April 1, 2021: Thursday – MAAGCS Match Play Selection Thursday, Mach Play Pairings, Virtual April 1 – Nov 15, 2021 – MAAGCS Match Play Championship presented by Syngenta, Various Locations June 1, 2021: Tuesday – The Chesapeake Challenge, Queenstown Harbor, Queenstown, MD June 17, 2021: Thursday – U.S. Open at Torrey Pines Social Event, Pier Oyster Bar, Annapolis, MD September, TBA, 2021 – MAAGCS Annual Championship, Whiskey Creek Golf Club, Ijamsville, MD October, TBA, 2021 – Stewards of the Chesapeake, TBA December, TBA, 2021 – MAAGCS Annual Meeting, TBA February 16, 2022 – Wednesday – MAAGCS Education Seminar, Turf Valley Resort, Ellicott City, MD

Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents

Annual Meeting Rolling Road Golf Club Tuesday, December 1, 2020 Attendees: Chris Fernandes, Eric David, Josh Fuhrman, Brendan Rapp, Ryan Kruashofer, Mike Bostian, Joe Haskins, Shaun O’Connor, Andrew Harrison, Vince DiStefano, Chris Sandels Ryan Kraushofer called the meeting to order at 10:10 am. 2019 Meeting minutes were made available to the membership via email prior to the meeting. Mike Bostian made motion to approve 2019 Annual Meeting Minutes. Chris Fernandes 2nd the motion to approve the minutes and asked for amendments or additions to the agenda. No amendments or additions were suggested. Ryan Kraushofer introduced the current board of directors and welcomed new board members Shaun O’Connor and Vince DiStefano.

814 Hilltop Rd Catonsville, MD 21228

Ryan Kraushofer gave a year in review to include events reviews, donations, and obituaries. Ryan made a motion to increase the $2,459, 50/50 donation money collected to $3,000, all of which will go to the Robert F. Fogle III Foundations. Mike Bostian 2nd the motion, all in favor, “aye”. Eric David gave Government Relations update.

• Prince George County had a bill for up for banning pesticide in lawn care that was put aside for now. Golf was excluded from the bill. • Baltimore City had a bill for lawn care and schools to put in place a pesticide ban, but golf has not been included. • We will continue to support Maryland Association of Green Industries as members.

• There is a possibility that MD pest network will try to do a glyphosate ban, but more than likely that will not happen this year due to lack of meetings, virtual meetings, etc. Joe Haskins presented the golf awards for 2020. Annual Championship at Westminster National, Nov. 4, 2020 • Superintendent Division 

Jeff Rice, Low Gross Champion, Rick Wakefield Award

Scott Wunder, Low Net Champion, Walter Montross Award

• Affiliate Division 

Andrew Harrison, Low Gross Champion, Guy McDonald Award Chappy Chapman, Low Net Champion, Benny Benton Award

MAAGCS Match Play Presented by Syngenta • Champions: Craig Snowden & Nik McGuiness “Immigrant Invasion”

• 2nd Place: Mike Esh & Andrew Puddester “Strokes Gained Sippin’” • Semifinalists 

Joe Haskins & Todd Cowing “Golf Czars”

Ed Gasper & Mark Jewell “Whiskey on the Rocks”

Joe Haskins went over the 2021 Event Schedule • The 2021 Education Seminar will be cancelled due to gathering restrictions • GCSAA Virtual GIS and Annual Meeting Feb 5th – Mar 6th • Facility BMP Workshop Joint with VGCSA – Feb 25th. • Equipment Managers Meeting - Spring • Super/Assistant Challenge - Spring • Match Play Presented by Syngenta (April – October) • Social Hours (April, June, July, August) • Assistants Meeting at National’s Park with Finch (Summer) • GCSAA Virtual GIS and Annual Meeting Feb 5th – Mar 6th • Equipment Managers Meeting - Spring • Super/Assistant Challenge - Spring • Match Play Presented by Syngenta (April – October) • Social Hours (April, June, July, August) • Assistants Meeting at National’s Park with Finch (Summer) Mike Bostian discussed the outreach program headed by Dean Graves. Dean is not currently under contract and the board will discuss bringing him back on board when schools are open and back to normal. Dean has made great connections with the educators and school system and will be in a good position to make headway with outreach when he is back. Brendan Rapp presented the scholarship Awards. Repeat applicants were not awarded a scholarship this year but can reapply next year.

Turfgrass Matters | Winter 2021 11

Annual Meeting Rolling Road Golf Club (Cont.) Scholarship winners are: • Member/Child Scholarship – Each student to receive $1,000 Repeat applicants were not awarded anything this year. They can try again next year  Natalie Huey $1,000  Shawn Goldman $1,000  Claudia Wendt $1,000 

Hunter Wendt $1,000

• Turf Scholarship winners are up this year  Doug Rachel $1,500  Josh Fuhrman $1,500  Mason Hofmeister $1,500  Michael Parks $1,500 

Sean Watson $750

Chris Fernandes gave a financial update. As an association we are doing well. We need to be mindful that we need to continue to bring things value to the membership, especially in the COVID climate. Ryan Kraushofer announced there are no by-laws updates for 2020. Ryan asked if there was Any new business for this portion of the annual meeting. No new business was presented. Ryan gave the GCSAA report from the Chapter Delegates Meeting. He outlined the association report from Rhett Evans • Strong financial position to provided member services with over 10 million in the bank. • Membership is strong with 18,602 members. • 40 States currently have BMPs with 10 states nearing completion. Government affairs they are doing very well with grassroots ambassadors. • Rounds 4 Research raised 263,000, slightly less than last year. 2021 R4R April 26-May 2 • There is 3% dues increase proposed for GCSSAA dues. MAAGCS votes against the dues increase. If dues go up, they will be $415 per year. • The Virtual Golf Industry Show will give you the ability to network with colleagues, attend a virtual trade show and virtual town hall sessions. • A by-laws amendment is proposed so that board members can stay an extra year in situation like 2020 with COVID or other major events that take away from the board members being able to serve the association.

two-year term as Vice President/Treasurer. Chris Sandels will run for a two-year term as Secretary. The current members have agreed to run for the following two-year positions: • Past President – Ryan Kraushofer • President – Chris Fernandes • Vice President/Treasurer – Brendan Rapp • Secretary – Chris Fernandes Anyone opposed to this slate of officers? No Election of Board Directors: Election Committee Chairman Ryan Kraushofer outlined who was running from the board and asked for nominations from the floor. No nominations from the floor were presented. • Eric David, Josh Fuhrman, and Joe Haskins have all agreed to serve another year as directors on the board. • Shaun O’Connor of Timbers at Troy will run for the Membership Director position. • Vince DiStefano of Musket Ridge will run for the Newsletter Director position. Both positions are two-year terms. • Kraushofer announces that the board is also seeking an Equipment Manager representative. Mike Bostian announced results from the elections. • President – Chris Fernandes – Rolling Road GC • Past President: Ryan Kraushofer – Westminster National GC • Vice-President/Treasurer: Brendan Rapp – University of Maryland Golf Course • Secretary: Chris Fernandes – Mount Vernon Country Club • Membership Services: Shaun O’Connor – Timbers at Troy • Government Relations: Eric David – United States Naval Academy Golf Club • Golf: Joe Haskins – Renditions Golf Club • Education: Josh Fuhrman – The Golf Club at South River

service and highlighted his many accomplishments over the year. Chris Fernandes addressed the board with his vision for the next few years.

second year of their two-year term, elected in December 2018. Brendan



• Media Public Relations/Newsletter: Vince DiStefano – Musket Ridge Golf Club • IAC Rep: Andrew Harrison – Pocono Turf • Assistant Representative: Alejandro Biaocchi – Woodmont Country Club Mike Bostian made comments thanking Ryan Kraushofer for his

Election of Officers: Nomination Committee Chairman (Kraushofer) Ryan Kraushofer and Chris Fernandes have just completed the Rapp has completed 2 years of his two-year term and will run for a

All board members agreed to The Oath to serve as MAAGCS board Adjourn: 10:45 am Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents


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Turfgrass Matters | Winter 2021 13

Match Play Championship presented by Syngenta Team Immigrant Invasion - Craig Snowdon & Nik McGuiness Crowned Champions 6th Annual Match Play Championship Online Registration Opening Soon Congratulations goes out to Team Immigrant Invasion, (Craig Snowdon & Nik McGuiness of Robert Trent Jones Golf Club) for claiming the 5th annual MAAGCS Match Play Championship presented by Syngenta. It wasn’t an easy road as they had to defeat the 2016 champions Grip it and Sip it (Scott Cornwell & Patrick McNamara) in the Elite 8. In the finals, Strokes Gaines Sippin’, (Mike Esh & Andrew Puddester) fresh off an overtime match against former finalists Golf Czars (Joe Haskins & Todd Cowing) put up a fight, but it was Immigrant Invasion that came out on top with a 4&2 victory. Traditionally, registration for the annual Match Play Championship presented by Syngenta opens at the February Education Seminar. Since the seminar is being postponed until next year, we will open registration soon the MAAGCS website, www.maagcs.org. Be on the lookout for an email announcing registration. This event has become increasingly popular every year so be sure to register early!

Employment Referrals Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club in Gainesville, VA seeks Assistant Superintendent Falls Road Golf Course in Potomac, MD seeks Superintendent GCSAA seeks Mid-Atlan?c Regional Field Staff Representa?ve Argyle Country Club in Silver Spring, MD seeks Superintendent Dual Season Internship at Camden Yards home of Bal?more Orioles and Rolling Road GC Merion Cricket Club in Haverford, PA seeks Grounds Superintendent Loudoun Golf & Country Club Seeks Turf Equipment Technician Hermitage Country Club in Manakin-Sabot, VA seeks Assistant Superintendent

Employment Referrals

RaOlewood Golf Course in Mr. Airy, MD seeks Assistant Superintendent

Heritage Hunt Golf & Country Club in Gainesville, VA seeks Assistant Superintendent Falls Road Golf Course in Potomac, MD seeks Superintendent GCSAA seeks Mid-Atlantic Regional Field Staff Representative Argyle Country Club in Silver Spring, MD seeks Superintendent Dual Season Internship at Camden Yards home of Baltimore Orioles and Rolling Road GC Merion Cricket Club in Haverford, PA seeks Grounds Superintendent Loudoun Golf & Country Club Seeks Turf Equipment Technician Hermitage Country Club in Manakin-Sabot, VA seeks Assistant Superintendent Rattlewood Golf Course in Mr. Airy, MD seeks Assistant Superintendent 14

Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents

VGCSA-MAAGCS Assistants Forum Recap Springfield G&CC Hosts Great Event

Speakers included Andy Wilson, Josh Peters, Dean Graves and Chris Harriman VGCSA partnered with the Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course superintendents to host the Assistants Forum at Springfield Golf & CC in November. The event featured assistants from VA, MD and DC. The forum provided assistants with an opportunity to receive first class education along with a fun and competitive day of golf, allowing them to build relationships. This is an important aspect of the association and the future of golf as a whole. The golf match was a Ryder Cup format, pitting VGCSA against MAAGCS.

Certified Financial Planner, and co-founder of Lighthouse Wealth Management. Andy spoke on the topic of retirement planning including investment guidance, review of a typical financial plan and how it is structured, the value of educational savings

accounts, and the importance of estate planning. Joining a panel discussion was Wilson, Dean Graves, retired from Chevy Chase Club and Chris Harriman of Hermitage Country Club. In the golf match, MAAGCS prevailed.

VGCSA Assistant Superintendent Board Representative Josh Peters of Springfield G&CC worked with Alejandro Baiocchi of Woodmont CC to put together a great event. The education segment focused on personal finance, featuring Andy Wilson, who is a

The winning team from MAAGCS Turfgrass Matters | Winter 2021 15



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www.plantfoodco.com | 800-562-1291 Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents

Conference Schedule Tuesday, Feb. 2

• Opening Session 11AM - 12PM • Education Power Hour: Lightning Round Learning 12 - 1PM • Education Sessions 12 - 4PM • Trade Show Opens at 12PM with 24-hour access • Education Power Hour: Turf Solutions: Everything but the Kitchen Sink 1 - 2PM • Education Power Hour: Equipment Managers Session: Tips and Tricks for Your Maintenance Facility 2 - 3PM • Education Power Hour: Government Affairs: State of Policy and Politics in 2021 3 - 4PM • Equipment Managers Reception 3 - 4PM • EIFG/GA Reception 3 - 4PM

Wednesday, Feb. 3

• General Session 11AM - 12PM • Celebrating Certification 12 - 12:30PM • Chapter Management Session 12 - 1PM • Education Power Hour: Labor Session: Strategies for Pushing Through Adversity 12 - 1PM • Education Sessions 12 - 4PM • Grassroots Ambassador Academy 1 3 - 4PM • Education Power Hour: Stories of Success: Journeys to Leadership 3 - 4PM • Ladies Leading Turf Reception 4 - 5PM • EXCEL Leadership Reception 4 - 5PM • Trade Show 24-hour access

Register at www.gcsaa.org

Thursday, Feb. 4

• General Session 11AM - 12PM • Annual Meeting 12 - 1PM • Education Power Hour: Key Insights to Help You Make the Right Choice 12 - 1PM • Education Sessions 12 - 4PM • Education Power Hour: Taking Steps Towards Emotional Wellness – A Beginning 1 - 2PM • Education Power Hour: Why Didn’t I Think of That? Ideas that Make an Impact at Your Course 2 - 3PM • Grassroots Ambassador Academy 2 3 - 4PM • Education Power Hour: Turfgrass Talk Show 3 - 4PM • Closing Celebration 4 - 5PM • Trade Show 24-hour access

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ClubProcure Davisson Golf Disney Sand & Gravel

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Pocono Turf Ruppert Nurseries

Turfgrass Matters | Winter 2021 17

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Mid-Atlantic Association of Golf Course Superintendents

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Turfgrass Matters | Winter 2021 19



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