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Micronair Offering High-Quality Extractor Systems for Workshop Dust Extraction

Micronair provides a wide range of dust extraction equipment that is effective for several different applications. The manufacturer designs and builds both off-line and continuous filter cleaning technologies. Micronair concentrates on the extraction and capture of dust, fibres, and fumes at places that have the airflow volume requirements up to 200,000 cubic meters per hour. The manufacturer custom matches the fan types, motors, filter media types, and cleaning techniques with waste bin sizes. This helps Micronair in meeting individual demand levels of various clients in many industries and sectors.

Talking about the range of dust extraction equipment on offer, one of the managers at Micronair during a public event asserted, “We install our dust control systems throughout Australia. While we do the manufacturing in Melbourne, our installers are also present in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. We perform site visits as well as assessments in all Australian states. We have an expert team that completes every extraction project in the best manner. We have several ranges of dust extraction equipment, including the economical range or EC, VIBRA – CLEAN range for low to medium demand, and CLEAN – FLOW range for medium and heavy demand.”

Micronair offers the OPTI – FLOW Breakthrough Energy Savings System, which reduces the average energy consumption by 50-60 percent. This system also reduces noise by 35-40 percent. The system performance is kept constant to ensure adequate airflow at any time. This system also has an extended filter life and more efficient performance while extracting dust. The manufacturer additionally has dust control systems like SILOTOP Extraction, FUME – FIX stationery and portable fume extractors, and HI – POWER for high-pressure applications.

The manager further added, “We design efficient duct layouts, supply all ducting components, and provide speedy installation solutions to clients. We also offer duct airflow controllers and flexible arms for removing fumes and dust. We provide several options to suit specific applications when it comes to the fitting of different extractor models. Some of these options may include power optimization, rotary valves/dump bins for dust relocation, hopper outlets, wheelie bins, custom waste containers, custom extractor colors, duct boosters, fire suppression or spark arrestors, and explosion vents and over pressure relief panels.�

Micronair has varied models of extractors for most of the applications, even for those looking for workshop dust extraction . The manufacturer can also custom design its dust control systems. These systems are effective for applications like wood shavings and dust extraction in timber processing workshops, spark control in wood processing or textile companies, and ventilation and fume removal in industries. Micronair principally serves industries, such as mining, cement or brickworks, schools, training workshops, woodworking, pharmaceuticals, food processing, engineering and metal fabrication workshops, labs, and automotive plants.

About Micronair: Micronair designs and installs dust control systems at various facilities. The manufacturer offers several models of dust extraction systems that can be used for several applications. Clients from a wide range of industries contact Micronair for effective dust extraction at their facilities. They can receive custom extractors as well as ducting for their specific purposes. These extractors can fulfill the dust control purpose at places where the demand may vary from low through medium to high volume and pressure.

Micronair offering high quality extractor systems for workshop dust extraction  

Micronair, a dust extraction specialist, is providing a variety of dust control systems for the extraction of dust in workshops and other pl...

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