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Wii Virtual Console: A Whole New World of Gaming Wii virtual Console is a series of games that give games freaks a pleasant present in form of more than 400 games. The Wii Virtual Console provides games that can either be purchased or downloaded from the internet. It gives you a great experience of the world of animated creatures that act and work as you wish. Most of us are not oblivious to various games by Wii Virtual Console that we have grown up playing including Pinball, Tennis, Super Mario, Mario Bros, Pac Man, etc. This is what Wii Virtual Console offers. To have a better knowhow of this imaginary world let's have a closer look into its basic features: What is Virtual Console? Virtual Console or VC is a section of the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo eShop which provides you a platform for purchasing as well as downloading games of your choice. Virtual Consoles includes titles that were initially present on the past home and handheld consoles. The collection of games in Virtual Console includes the titles from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 64, Game Boy etc. There are many titles that are mainly region specific. For example there around 38 titles of Mega Drive, N64, Famicom, etc in Japan, whereas there are 12 titles for the North American region which include NES, SNES, Genesis Games, etc. List of Wii Virtual Games: A heaven for all those who are crazy for games, Wii Virtual Console has a plethora of games. The well known among those all are: Donkey Kong Pinball Soccer Ice climber Legend of Kage Ice Hockey Worio's Woods Punch Out Mighty Bomb Jack Pac Man

Load Runner Balloon Fight Metroid Star Soldiers Volleyball Double Dribble Sky Kids Dig Dug Life Force Final Fantacy Princess Tomato In SaladKingdom Burger Time, etc And the list goes on. All is Well for Wii Virtual Console Users: There have been various concerns regarding the criticism that was raised lately by many that shows the users' worry regarding the inevitable reality of need to re-purchase the virtual console content on a new system. But after regarding there are upsetting

the Nintendo Direct Conference Wii U's solutions to the concerns, many things that users' can stop about.

Nintendo has offered its users to play VC games on Game Pad, access to special Miiverse communities regarding the games, and the fallacy of the need to jump to the Wii mode to access the Wii games. This clearly shows that there simply is no need to re-buy the games. A price of 1 Dollar is not much for the craze and the facilities users avail. The company claimed that charging for the additional services is no wrong. According to Nintendo the charges are very much legitimate since they are regarding the new and better services that the company has offered to its users. It is all left to the users to buy or not to buy the services offered. The company has claimed that such changes are not drastic enough to leave its users in a situation of disappointment. They are little and reasonable. So cheer up people! Wii Virtual Console games are worth the price. Isn't it? If you are looking for cheap wii games and wii bundles then visit us at to learn more...

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