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Tips on hedge trimmer safety Hedge trimmers are a very handy tool to have in your gardening equipment shed, wether you use a petrol trimmer or an electric trimmer you should always consider the hedge trimmer safety side of operating one of these tools. One of the main tips on offer is always use glasses when operating your trimmer, you need to make sure you protect your eyes from flying objects when cutting. Most types come with a switch where you have to keep it pressed to operate the device, once you let go the machine should stop immediately this will give you protection form being hurt by the blades if you should happen to slip or fall while trimming. Some types come with a lock on style button to keep it running without having to press the button all the time, this makes it more convenient for use but be very careful when using this method it can be dangerous if you should slip it is not recommended to use this option. You will have to weigh up the safety options from the convenient options before you select which one to buy, i would always lean towards the hedge trimmer safety side when making my decision. The one thing you need to watch when using the petrol style, is that the blades on some models keep moving when the machine is at idle speed, always be sure the engine has stopped before attempting to clear the blades. Also when transporting it from one place of your garden to another make certain the blades have stopped before moving it around, gardeners have sometimes injured their legs just by carrying the unit from one place to another. The electric type have some different considerations when in use, one main consideration is a clip for the cable which helps to keep the cable out of the way when cutting. Not only is there a possibility of getting injured by the blades, but you have the chance of getting electrocuted if you slice through the cable when trimming. Which ever type you decide to buy, always make certain you follow the manufactures instructions when in operation, you should read

them thoroughly before you even start to cut your garden hedge this is recommended to anyone thinking of buying a trimmer. You might think it is a bit of a hassle having to read these instructions, but they are provided for a reason and must be adhered to for you to operate your garden hedge trimmers safely. If you are looking for a selection of popular hedge trimmers then visit us at to learn more..

tips on hedge trimmer safety  
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