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Three Steps To Choose Your Best Hiking Boots! Do you have a keen interest in hiking? Well if you do, then you must not ignore a key component of your arsenal. What is it? You guessed it! Its your hiking boots, duh! In fact they are not 'a' important, but the most important thing when it comes to hiking, according to Wikipedia! How do I choose the best hiking boots? No worries! Below we will discuss what comprises a perfect pair of hiking boots, and what manufacturing differences you should keep in mind when choosing a pair. It can be a bit tricky, but it will become a no-brainer after you have gone through all these points that you must keep in mind when choosing a perfect fit: 1. Which type will suit you? Hiking boots basically come in three different classes. They are, Trail Hikers, Trail Shoes and the last one, Mountaineering Boots. Trail shoes are ideal for light hiking, less rugged paths and are best suited for dry climate. These hiking shoes are preferred for one hour to one day long hikes. Trail Hikers are meant for rugged and wet paths, and are heavier and waterproof. They serve well for a 4 day to 7 day hike. Mountaineering Boots are the hardest and most stiff of them all. Especially designed for mountaineering, they are sturdier, and provide a better grip, thanks to the attached crampons. Their durability is much more than the other two. 2. Know the design! On the basis of design, it is safe to classify hiking boots as low-cut, mid-cut and high-cut boots. Low-cut boots are designed for light travel. Your ankles will encounter less roll-resistance and your feet will be more vulnerable to the debris, but they are a great choice when you have a light load and are traveling on well established paths. Mid-cut hiking boots are more comfy around your ankles. These hiking boots will provide you with more buffer around debris, and are well suited for short multi-day hikes with a medium load. Lastly, High-cut hiking boots offer the best ankle

support, and they enhance your balance on irregular terrains. If you have a heavy load, and/or considering going off-road, they will be great! 3. Keep in mind the most important factor! While all the factors when choosing your best hiking boots are important, you must not forget the most important one. That is the 'fit' of your boots. For the best fit, you have to consider three variables. These are the length, width and volume of the boots. How do you know if the length is perfect? Easy! Your toes should be able to wiggle easily inside the boots. You have to pay extra attention to length if you have any toe issues like a hammertoe. For optimum width, you should note one thing. Your feet should not slide inside the boots, neither should they be compressed from the sides. Finally, for the sweet fit, your boots should have the required volume, not more, and not less. They should cover the majority of your feet optimally inside them. So there you have it. Keep these factors in mind and you will be safe when choosing your hiking boots. Different manufacturers will provide you with different qualities. But you must keep your hiking objectives in focus and decide upon these factors, so you end with the best hiking boots for yourself! To find more information and a great selection of hiking boots then visit us at, here we have mens hiking boots, womens hiking boots, and great information on how to choose the correct hiking boots for your trip.

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