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Choosing The Best Aquarium Accessories If you are thinking about setting up an aquarium there are first a few aquarium accessories that you will need to keep your fish happy, healthy and safe. Aquarium owners of course want their aquariums to look attractive but fish tanks also need the proper equipment to function and run smoothly. One of the first things you will need to think about in setting up your aquarium is a filter. There are a variety of filters available based on the size of your aquarium and the type of filtration you desire. Some filters, for instance, are set up underneath the gravel at the bottom of your aquarium. These filters draw the water down through the gravel to filter it. Under gravel filters require regular cleaning of the tank and vacuuming of the gravel to keep them maintained. Another type of filter is an external canister filter, which usually hangs off the side of the tank. A tube connected to the filter draws water from inside the tank through the filter and back into the tank again. There are other types of filters available as well, such as filters used for breeding that won't suck small fry into the filtration system. Filter sizes vary based on the size of your fish tank. No matter what type of filter you have, it is important to regularly clean and maintain your filter and your entire aquarium. Another thing to consider when setting up your aquarium is a heating source, if needed. Heaters are available that sit or hang inside the tank to keep it at the appropriate temperature needed for your breed of fish. These heaters are easy to set and control and usually have an indicator that shows when they are on so you can be sure your heater is working properly. It is also important to use a thermometer in your fish tank, especially if you have a heater, to make sure your water temperature remains steady and accurate. Fish cannot regulate their own temperature so their water needs to be regulated for them. Thermometers can float in the water or attach to the side of the tank. Lighting should also be on your aquarium accessories list. Most

fish tank lights sit on top of the tank in a hood and shine light down into the water from above. Fish need plenty of light during the day. Be sure to turn their light off at night, as they need darkness to sleep. One of the most pleasurable parts of setting up your fish tank will be decorating it. An array of aquarium plants and other decorations are available to select when decorating your fish tank. Plants not only look nice in your aquarium, they are useful as well. Plants provide fish a place to hide and make them feel secure. Some breeds of fish prefer plants more than others. Fake plants come in an array of colors and sizes. Some are eye-catching and some more natural looking. If you are a bit more experienced at keeping an aquarium you may want to consider adding live plants to your tank. Live plants help keep the water in your tank regulated and healthy for your fish and can even keep your tank cleaner. Don't forget to feed your live plants to keep them healthy and growing. By investing in the best aquarium accessories you can enjoy a clean, sparkling aquarium with healthy, beautiful fish. For a great selection of accessories and advice and tips on building your own fish aquarium visit us at to learn more...

choosing the best aquarium accessories  
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