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Choosing The Best Pole Hedge Trimmer Maintaining the great look of your garden and specifically your hedges isn't always a simple task. In case your hedges are really tall, generally the only and often very unsafe option is to climb the ladder in order to cut and also shape it. Working with a standard trimmer can be a tiring, dangerous and also difficult activity. That is why having a pole hedge trimmer could be very worthwhile. This kind of trimmer works extremely well not only for cutting tall hedges but at the same time as a tree pruner, so in short you can get 2 machines at once. By using it you'll be able to take care of your hedges whenever needed and even trim tree branches in the autumn. Pole hedge trimmers can be used for high and low shrubs that you would generally need to have a ladder for. These types of trimmers typically have a cutting head that adjust 90 degrees to help increase efficiency, reach and comfort. Whenever trimming shrubs and hedges over 10', take advantage of blades longer than 30". Virtually all hedge trimmers are certainly not created the same. If you think you have huge upper body power along with a keen sense of balance, in that case the extra weight of the pole will not be a problem for you. However, if you believe you fatigue very easily while holding your arms up for a long stretch of time, it is advisable to think about getting a light-weight model even if that model doesn't cut bigger sized branches as would one with a heavier pole trimmer. For those who are thinking about purchasing a pole hedge trimmer, do not let yourself lured to opt for the lowest priced model. The phrase that "you get what you pay for" absolutely applies in cases like this. The product that surpasses and Decker NPT318 Electric cord-less trimmer is great located, tall or even very

most for quality and value is the Black Pole Hedge Trimmer. This noiseless and for those who have to trim unclearly difficult to reach hedges and shrubs.

It can practically deal with any kind of hedge up to 10 feet in height. Its cutting blade of 18 inches will be really tough and in addition comes with features that minimize vibration. The 180 degree rotating head can easily change to five different

positions, allowing you to enjoy the best cutting angle for hedges that are both high and low. That strengthened blade can also trim through branches 7/16 inch diameter. A powerful 18 volt NiCad battery indicates an easy 2400 rpm and offers you something like 50 minutes between charges. The NPT318 Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer also has a 2 year manufacturer's warranty and also a 30 days money back guarantee, so you are fully covered. You will need the pole hedge trimmer that stays well-balanced when you are trimming. Typically the cheaper models have balance problems, which means you will need to choose the one where you don't need to worry about the blade moving away from your cutting area. Depending on the work you will perform, you might need to have several attachments. If perhaps you haven't used this specific tool before, it is advisable to buy the basic attachments first and after that add more attachments while you figure out how to use this tool properly. In case you have a hedge for this example that is more than 8 feet in height that grows quickly, mainly in the summer time, then you may need to buy a pole hedge trimmer simply because you need it and it is quicker, easier and surely safer solution to cut your hedges. Just remember; always make safety as your primary concern when you are doing your landscaping jobs. To learn more about hedge trimmers visit us at, here you will discover helpful advice and tips on choosing the best hedge trimmers.

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