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OCTOBER 3-9, 2018

Denzel Washington raises $5 million for August Wilson home preservation by Christian Morrow Courier Staff Writer

Though attorney Paul Ellis has had a lot of help keeping uncle August Wilson’s childhood home from being destroyed by the elements, demolished by the City of Pittsburgh, or just deteriorating beyond repair, last week he got some Hollywood help—from Denzel Washington. Washington, who filmed the movie version of Wilson’s “Fences” here two years ago, joined Ellis, other Wilson family members, actors, students and politicians in the backyard of Wilson’s childhood home to announce a major contribution to the preservation efforts. Not even a poorly-timed cloudburst could dampen the spirit. “I love August Wilson. He touches my soul, our souls, in a way that no one I’ve ever read has. This is like coming home to me. And it’s a privilege and an honor and a responsibility to be a part of this, of his monument. It means so much to me,” said Washington, during a groundblessing ceremony, Sept. 26, along

60 of 80 homicides Black lives

September homicides: 4 of 6 victims were Black by Christian Morrow Courier Staff Writer

One of the victims was killed because the guy he was getting high with said he thought the victim was going to shoot him first. Another was killed because one of his two underage drinking companions didn’t like the beer he bought, so he shot him. The only reason these motives EMMY AWARD-WINNING ACTOR DENZEL WASHINGTON was in Pittsburgh, Sept. 26, to announce $5 million in fundraising efforts to help restore the iconic August Wilson House on Bedford Avenue in the Hill District. Also pictured is Terri Baltimore, left, with the Hill House Association, and award-winning playwright Mark Clayton Southers. (Photo by Emmai Alaquiva) Bedford Avenue. “I want to thank the people who’ve helped me raise $5 million so far: Oprah Winfrey, she gave me a million dollars; Tyler Perry gave me a mil-

lion dollars, Antwan Fuqua, this.” Washington is producing the other nine Spike Lee, Shonda Rhimes and Samuel L. Jackson, plays in Wilson’s 10-play cycle for HBO. they all gave me money. So, As for the preservation project, when comI’m thankful, I’m hopeful SEE DENZEL A5 and I’m proud to be part of

Youth football coach forgives man who shot him Shooting won’t stop East End Raiders homecoming game, Oct. 6

by Christian Morrow Courier Staff Writer

Two days after 34-year-old Antoine “Fizzy” Lester was shot during a practice session at Mellon Park for his East End Raiders youth football team, the Community Empowerment Association hosted an emergency meeting to reassure friends, family and

especially the children that they would be safe, and the season would continue. No one expected the person best suited to doing that—Lester, himself—would attend, but he

did to the cheers of all present. “God is good,” said CEA President and CEO Rashad Byrdsong at the meeting, Sept. 30. “This guy was shot multiple times two days ago and he’s here. Brother

‘Fizzy’ is in the house.” Aside from the foam “sleeve” covering the bandages on his arm, Lester, who was shot in the chest and arm allegedly by Anthony Lamont Hines after an argument around 7 p.m., Sept. 28, while 8- to 10-year-olds from several youth football teams looked SEE COACH B8

seem more outrageous than others is we’ve become numb to killings over minor arguments, or dope deals gone wrong, or disrespect—and that’s an outrage. The New Pittsburgh Courier refuses to be numb when African Americans account for the vast majority of homicide victims in Allegheny County. The year 2018 is no exception: 75 percent of this year’s homicide victims are Black. Here are the names of those lost in September: SEPT. 3—Brashaun Green, a 21-year-old Black male from SEE HOMICIDES A5

A new Sharon Epperson

Pittsburgh native, CNBC finance expert suffered brain aneurysm by Debbie Norrell Lifestyles Editor

September 21, 2016 was the day that forever changed Sharon Epperson’s life. We are both Taylor Allderdice High School graduates. We’re both members of the school’s Hall of Fame. I, like many others, have followed


the successful career of Epperson—you may know her as CNBC’s Senior Personal Finance Correspondent. Oh, but there’s much more. She’s the author of the book, “The Big Payoff: 8 Steps Couples Can Take to Make the Most of Their Money and Live Richly Ever After,” which was a finalist for the Books for a

Pittsburgh Courier NEW

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Better Life Awards, honoring works that change people’s lives. Her personal finance expertise has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Boston Globe,  Essence, Ebony and TIME. But that’s not it—the accomplishments keep coming. Her bio on stated that she’s won an Alliance for Women in Media Gracie Award for Outstanding Online Host for her “Financial Advisor Playbook” video series on She’s received the Vanguard Award for

her distinguished career in business and personal finance reporting from the National Urban League Guild, and the AllStar Award from the Association of Women in Communications. She also has won awards from the New York Festivals, the New York Association of Black Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists. Epperson also is an adjunct professor at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. Then came Sept. 21, 2016. Epperson suffered a hemorrhagic stroke from a ruptured brain aneurysm. Epperson’s grandfather and aunt both passed away after brain hemorrhages. But Epperson did not. SEE EPPERSON A4

SHARON EPPERSON (Photo by J.L. Martello)


OCTOBER 3-9, 2018



This Week In Black History

NEW LOOK FOR MICKEY—A child looks over the head of a Mickey Mouse statue at an exhibition at Sandton City in Johannesburg, Sunday, Sept. 30. (AP Photo/Denis Farrell)

Mickey Mouse gets African wardrobe options for 90th birthday

by Christopehr Torchia Associated Press Writer

Durban and Cape Town. The artists worked side-by-side on them for a week at Johannesburg’s Art Eye Gallery and Studio , interacting in a way that some found refreshing in an often solitary line of work. “That was the highlight for me—working with other people,” said Louis van den Heever, who incorporated African animal patterns into his Mickey Mouse. “You’re just glad that someone else has the same problem as you.” Prominent artists who were inspired by Mickey Mouse over the decades include Diego Rivera and Damien Hirst. Walt Disney and Salvador Dali also collaborated.

JOHANNESBURG (AP)—Mickey Mouse is getting an African look for his 90th birthday. Ten South African artists each painted and adorned a statue of Disney’s cartoon character, using styles that reflect the continent’s cultural diversity and giving him more wardrobe options than the usual white gloves, red pants and yellow shoes. Mickey Mouse made his debut in the animated film “Steamboat Willie” on Nov. 18, 1928 and centenary events are being held worldwide, according to Disney Africa. He was black and white then, a contrast with the vibrant colors, patterns and imagery bursting from his South African clones. Disney’s South African project was an op- VIBRANT COLORS ON DISPLAY—A child poses with a Mickey Mouse statue at an exportunity to hibition at Sandton City in Johannesburg, Sunday, Sept. 30. (AP Photo/Denis Farrell) “make him African,” Novelists E.M. Forster and John Updike said artist Phumzile Buthelezi, adding: wrote essays about Mickey Mouse, a chil“Somehow I portrayed my history.” dren’s favorite and commercial force for Buthelezi’s Mickey Mouse wears the generations. brightly colored waistcoat and trousers of Disney Africa asked the South African a ceremonial outfit traditionally worn by artists to stay away from sensitive issues Zulu men. Artist Nika Mtwana’s statue such as politics and religion in their has the hat and shoes associated with Mickey Mouse imagery, according to sev“pantsula,” a high-energy street dance that evolved in Black communities during eral artists. Buthelezi wondered how she might have tackled the project without White rule in South Africa. Artist Cassius Khumalo was inspired by those limitations. “I don’t do incriminating or insulting the face masks and body paint of chalk work,” she said. “But then, I still had that and ochre used in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley. question: What would I have done withHe described the invitation to work on out those restrictions? How would I have Mickey Mouse as a “gift from the gods” approached it?” and said Walt Disney was a “genius” for Another artist, Trevor Coleman, said developing a cultural phenomenon of such he was drawn to art as a young boy after longevity. seeing Disney’s 1940 “Fantasia” movie “That’s art for me—just send a message and, at age 82, is “just a bit younger” than out there,” Khumalo said. “But again, Mickey Mouse. don’t forget to be playful.” “To me, Mickey Mouse is happiness,” he The exuberant mice with outstretched said. arms are on display at a Johannesburg (Follow Christopher Torchia on Twitter shopping center and will also travel to at torchiachrisChristopher Torchia on Twitter at torchiachris)


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Week of October 3-October 9 October 3 1856—Journalist and fiery advocate for Black rights T. Thomas Fortune is born in Marianna, Jackson County, Fla. He was an orator, journalist and militant civil rights advocate. He attended school at Howard University in Washington, D.C., but later moved to New York City where he founded the New York Age newspaper. Fortune died in Philadelphia at the age of 71 in 1928. 1935—The then-independent East African nation of Ethiopia is invaded by fascist Italy in an attempt to join other European nations which had used military force to establish colonies in Africa and exploit its economic resources. Blacks throughout the world rallied T. THOMAS FORTUNE to Ethiopia’s defense, in part, because the nation was viewed by many as the place on Earth where human life began. The U.S. effort was led by prominent Harlem, N.Y., minister Adam Clayton Powell Sr. 1949—One of the first Black-owned radio stations in America begins broadcasting in Atlanta, Ga. The principal organizing force behind WERD was businessman J.B. Blayton. 1995—Former professional football great O.J. Simpson is found not guilty of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole and her friend Ronald Goldman. The trial had been a national sensation. The verdict angered a majority of Whites. Polls showed that better than 80 percent of Whites surveyed felt Simpson got away with murder. October 4 1864—What was to become the nation’s first Black daily newspaper began publishing on this day in New Orleans, La. Amazingly, the New Orleans Tribune beO.J. SIMPSON gan distribution while slavery still existed. It was founded by Dr. Louis C. Reudanez. It began as a tri-weekly but soon became a daily published in both French and English. 1969—Howard Lee and Charles Evers became the first Black mayors of Chapel Hill, N.C., and Fayette, Miss., respectively. Evers was the brother of civil rights legend Medgar Evers who was murdered by Ku Klux Klan member Byron De La Beckwith on June 12, 1963. 1988—The Martin Luther King Jr. federal building is dedicated in Atlanta, Ga. It thus became the first federal building to CHARLES EVERS bear the name of the slain civil rights leader. October 5 1867—The first Black mayor of any American city takes office. His name was Monroe Baker. The prominent businessman was appointed mayor of St. Martin, La., two years after the end of slavery. October 6 1847—The first National Black Convention takes place in Troy, N.Y. There were more than 100 delegates in attendance from at least nine states. Top items on the agenda included determining ways to help end slavery and encouraging free Blacks to refuse to purchase products produced by slave labor. Frederick Douglass frequently makes note of the convention because one of its aims was to organize independent Black power and “not depend on Whites and hope” to free Blacks. FISK GRADUATES 1888 1871—The now world famous Fisk Jubilee Singers begin their first national tour. The tours helped raise funds for Nashville, Tenn.’s, predominately Black Fisk University as well as give the school an international reputation. 1917—Activist Fannie Lou Hamer is born in Montgomery County, Miss. She goes on to become one of the major female figures in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Nevertheless, she remains one of the movement’s most effective unsung heroes. As to why she became involved in the movement FANNIE LOU HAMER for Black freedom, dignity and political rights, she would often say in reference to injustice, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” 1971—The first legal interracial marriage takes place in North Carolina. A Black man, John Wilkinson, marries a White woman, Lorraine Mary Turner. The marriage came a few years after the 1967 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Loving v. Virginia, that ruled legal barriers to interracial marriage, which existed in most Southern states, were unconstitutional. October 7 1821—One of the most prominent Blacks in the Underground Railroad, William Still, is born near Bedford, Mass. The “Underground Railroad” was the name given to a series of secret trails and safe houses used to ELIJAH MUHAMMAD help Blacks escape from slavery in the South to freedom in the North. 1897—The founder of the Nation of Islam Elijah Muhammad is born Elijah Poole in Sandersville, Ga., as one of 13 children. Muhammad would build his religious sect into the largest independent Black separatist organization in America. The group is currently headed by Min. Louis Farrakhan. Muhammad died in February 1975. 1934—Activist, writer and poet Imamu Baraka is born Everett LeRoi Jones in Newark, N.J. Baraka was one of the IMAMU BARAKA leading intellectual figures in the Black Power and Black Nationalist movements of the 1960s and early 1970s. A special tribute honoring Baraka’s 75th birthday took place around this time last year. 1967—Carl Stokes is elected the first Black mayor of a major American city—Cleveland, Ohio. Interestingly, he won by defeating Seth Taft—the grandson of a former United States president—Howard Taft. 1993—Writer Toni Morrison is awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. October 8 1775—Slaves and free Blacks are officially barred by the Council of Officers from joining the ContiREV. JESSE JACKSON nental army to help fight for American independence from England. Nevertheless, a significant number of Blacks had already become involved in the fight and would distinguish themselves in battle. Additional Blacks were barred out of fear, especially in the South, that they would demand freedom for themselves if White America became free from Britain. 1941—National Black political leader and two-time candidate for president of the United States Rev. Jesse Jackson was born on this day in Greenville, S.C. After the 1968 assassination of Civil Rights Movement icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., BENJAMIN BANNEKER Jackson, who was one of his top aides, would become the nation’s most prominent and influential civil rights leader. October 9 1806—Benjamin Banneker dies in Ellicott Mills, Md., at age 74. Banneker was a brilliant mathematician with a great memory and is credited with completing the layout and design of Washington, D.C. 1823—Mary Ann Shad is born. She becomes publisher of Canada’s first anti-slavery newspaper—The Provincial Freeman. In fact, she is the first woman in the U.S. or Canada to edit and publish a W. WILSON GOODE newspaper. 1962—The east African nation of Uganda becomes independent from British rule. 1984—W. Wilson Goode makes history by becoming the first Black mayor of Philadelphia, Pa. 2009—In a move which surprised just about everyone, President Barack Obama is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Obama had been in office for less than 9 months at BARACK OBAMA this time last year but the Nobel Committee in Oslo, Norway, said it was impressed by his “promise” of disarmament and diplomacy.



OCTOBER 3-9, 2018


Off limits: Report on state college abuse kept from public by Michael Rubinkam

Pocono Mountains, claim Sanders used his high-powAssociated Press Writer ered job to offer them Even as top Pennsylvania gifts, scholarships and officials assail the Catholic campus jobs, then sexually harassed or assaulted Church over its cover-up them—including forced of clergy sexual abuse, a oral sex. Their lawyer porstate agency is refusing to trayed him as a predator release a report on allegawho targeted emotionally tions of sexual abuse by a high-ranking state univer- fragile Black men from broken homes because sity administrator despite he believed they’d be less lingering questions about likely to report the abuse. how the accusers’ comThe state’s investigation plaints were handled. In a case that bears some into Sanders, which led to his 2008 ouster, found he broad similarities to—and “exercised exceedingly poor contains important difjudgment toward” students ferences with—the Pennand mishandled donor sylvania church scandal funds, according to his that exploded in August, termination letter. Pennsylvania’s higher edSanders has never been ucation agency won’t agree charged with a crime and to allow the public to see has always categorically the 10-year-old report on denied sexually touching former East Stroudsburg any of the men. A federal University Vice President jury sided with the former Isaac Sanders. The report university official in a 2014 has taken on fresh significance in the wake of a new lawsuit brought by the stufederal lawsuit by Sanders dents. Sanders, who faced a similar accusation of over his firing that could sexual misconduct when he put Pennsylvania taxpayers on the hook for millions worked at Stillman College in Alabama in the 1990s, of dollars. recently filed a wrongful The office of Pennsyltermination suit against vania Attorney General the state, alleging he was Josh Shapiro—acting as railroaded. the higher-ed agency’s After Sanders sued, The lawyer—says the report on Associated Press asked Sanders remains subject to an 8-year-old confidenti- Shapiro’s office and the Pennsylvania State System ality agreement and can’t of Higher Education to be released. But Sanders’ lawyer says he “could care release the 2008 investigative report on him. Both less” if the document is disclosed, and the students agencies declined—the attorney general’s office who accused Sanders of sexual assault and harass- acting on behalf of its ment have long wanted the client—citing a court order still in effect from the stustate’s evidence against dents’ lawsuit. him made public, only The secret document to be rebuffed by state entered the federal court officials. system after a half-dozen The government’s posimen sued Sanders and the tion that it should remain out of public view stands in university in 2009. The sharp contrast to Shapiro’s university turned it over to the plaintiffs, but the well-publicized effort to parties agreed in court force the Catholic Church that it would be sealed to be more transparent from public view. It has about child sexual abuse. remained that way ever The first-term Democrat since, even though the case has been on a media blitz is now over. since he released a blockAfter losing at trial, the buster grand jury report students’ lawyer asked the that found senior officials attorney general’s office in in the Catholic Church in 2016 to abandon the confiPennsylvania covered up widespread abuse by pred- dentiality agreement and release the report. “Failator priests. ure to disclose,” wrote the Shapiro blasted church attorney, Albert Murray Jr., leaders for “protecting is “tantamount to a covtheir institution at all er-up…by the state.” costs” and ridiculed clergy The government rejected who fought to block the the students’ request. release of the grand jury Murray declined to comreport, declaring “they ment for this story. wanted to cover up the Shapiro’s office would not cover-up.” He’s now waging a legal battle against near- say whether he favored the report’s release, given ly two dozen priests who his high-profile assertions are fighting to keep their about the church cover-up. names blacked out of the Shapiro, who took office in public version of the 9002017, did not respond to an page document. interview request. “Every name of a pred“The Office of Attorney ator priest left redacted General has a legal and means the silencing of a ethical duty to zealously victim’s voice,” Shapiro represent its clients—here said last week. a state university. The reIn the Sanders case, port is not ours to release; though, the state has long it is the client’s report and refused to share what it remains under court seal,” knows with the public. said Joe Grace, Shapiro’s The former students spokesman. at East Stroudsburg, a The university system, state-run university in the

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meanwhile, has relied on exceptions to Pennsylvania’s open records law as well as the confidentiality agreement to block requests for the document. Spokesman Kenn Marshall said the agency doesn’t “plan to seek any change to the status of the report.” He wouldn’t elaborate. The state’s actions in the Sanders case and the clergy abuse cover-up differ in important aspects. University officials advised the students to talk to the local district attorney, while Catholic church leaders discouraged victims from reporting to law enforcement. Sanders was fired; abusive priests were simply moved to new parishes. The attorney general’s role in each case was different, too, leading a grand jury probe into church abuse while, in the Sanders case, representing East Stroudsburg’s interests in court. But there are also broad similarities. Just as church officials failed to report abusive clergy to law enforcement, the university system didn’t go to police or prosecutors with the results of its months-long probe. In fact, when law enforcement officials asked for the report years ago, the higher-ed agency refused, citing the confidentiality agreement. Yet the system got the report from its outside law

FORMER EAST STROUDSBURG VP—This undated file photo shows Isaac Sanders, who was East Stroudsburg University’s vice president for advancement, in East Stroudsburg, Pa. (David Kidwell/Pocono Record via AP, File) firm in 2008—a full two years before it was sealed by a federal judge at the request of the parties in the civil suit. Legal experts said the agency could have and should have turned it over. “As a general proposition, I think they had a duty to disclose,” said former federal prosecutor Gordon Zubrod. “If they were required to turn it over to a civilian party in a lawsuit, how can they say, ‘We’re not required to turn it over to law enforcement?’ That’s

SHAPIRO SPEAKS—This Aug. 14, 2018 file photo shows Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro speaking during a news conference at the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke, File)

just crazy talk.” It remains unclear the extent to which law enforcement investigated the students’ allegations or the claims of financial malfeasance. The local district attorney said he turned the investigation over to federal prosecutors years ago. The U.S. Attorney’s Office did not immediately respond to a request for information about Sanders. The state attorney general’s office has said it couldn’t do its own criminal investigation

because its civil division was already representing East Stroudsburg in the students’ lawsuit. Nearly all of the allegations made by the students are too old to prosecute, though one student’s 2007 sex assault claim against Sanders might conceivably fall within the statute of limitations. But Zubrod said a prosecutor would probably be reluctant to take on such a case at this point, given the students lost their lawsuit against Sanders.



OCTOBER 3-9, 2018


A new

Sharon Epperson

(Photos by Courier Photographer J.L. Martello)

She is a Pittsburgh native, a proud graduate of Allderdice. She’s a nationally-recognized personal finance expert on CNBC. Even a brain aneurysm she suffered two years ago can’t stop her from continuing her personal and professional journey. EPPERSON FROM A1

She recently learned that research shows one in five people who suffer a ruptured brain aneurysm have a family history of the disease. Nearly two years to the day after her brain aneurysm, Epperson came to Pittsburgh as the Brain Aneurysm Foundation (BAF) hosted its 12th annual Research Grant Symposium, Sept. 20, at the Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel. BAF will grant $500,000 of research funding to 14 different research professionals across the country. At the event, Epperson presented The Sharon Epperson Chair of Research Grant, worth $15,000. The grant will be awarded to renowned neurologist and

researcher Dr. Brian Hoh, chair of neurosurgery at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Dr. Hoh is researching the formation of brain aneurysms, as well as innovative tissue engineering technology to improve treatments. The grant was made possible by generous contributions to the BAF from CNBC, as well as Epperson’s friends and family. I had a chance to speak with Epperson during her visit to Pittsburgh. I asked her if she had any symptoms prior to the aneurysm. “There wasn’t a migraine or anything like that, I don’t have a history of high blood pressure and I don’t smoke or drink excessively,” Epperson told me. “So in short, there weren’t

any symptoms. But I do fit the demographic and there is a family history of the disease. Also, this is more likely to happen to African Americans and women more than men.” After Epperson, 50, suffered the aneurysm, she

told me she was off work for more than a year. She was in the intensive care unit for two weeks and in the hospital for a month. “I had to go through speech therapy and learn how to walk again. I didn’t drive for several months.”

I asked my fellow Taylor Allderdice alum about her hair being cut so short after surgery. “I felt free. I was wearing a weave for several years, I can’t believe that I wore it for as long as I did. At first I was worried about what the viewers would say about the change in hairstyles but I’m a new Sharon Epperson, I’m a different person now. I’m enjoying my natural hair. Debbie, you are the first to ask that question.” So, what’s Epperson doing these days differently as far as her health is concerned? “I work out daily; I was working out before…as a matter of fact my aneurysm took place while I was coming out of a stretch while I was working out, but now I make working out, walking and daily meditation and devotion a priority,” she

told me. As for recommendations to Courier readers on how they should take care of their finances when it comes to health, Epperson said: “There are three things I would like to mention. First, is to have an emergency savings. Second, disability insurance. And third, to have someone as a healthcare power of attorney and a financial power of attorney. It is likely to become disabled by a medical issue and you have to have a plan in place for the likelihood of not having a paycheck.” Epperson now lives in Westchester County, N.Y., with her husband, Christopher, and her two children. But before the bright lights of New York, the bright lights of national television, it was Epperson, here in Pittsburgh, where everything started. “I love Pittsburgh. The city is so

vibrant and I always feel so at home there,” she told me. “Friends of mine in New York are anxious to send their children to schools in Pittsburgh. CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) and the University of Pittsburgh top the list for them. I hope people of color who live in Pittsburgh are making sure they are a part of all the great things that are happening in the city.” As for Epperson’s induction into the Taylor Allderdice High School Hall of Fame? “It was one of my greatest honors,” Epperson said. “I have such good memories of Allderdice—I would not be a journalist if not for my teacher, Marsha Tharp, at Allderdice. She is the one that connected me with the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation. I attended the workshop and the rest is history.” (Rob Taylor Jr. contributed to this story.)

“I would not be a journalist if not for my teacher, Marsha Tharp, at Allderdice. She is the one that connected me with the Pittsburgh Black Media Federation. I attended the workshop and the rest is history.” SHARON EPPERSON



OCTOBER 3-9, 2018


60 of 80 homicides Black lives...September homicides: 4 of 6 were Black HOMICIDES FROM A1

McKeesport, was found by police in a hallway at the Mifflin Estates housing complex in West Mifflin with multiple gunshot wounds. Allegheny County detectives are investigating. Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at 1-833-255-8477. SEPT. 4—John Faulk, a 45-year-old Black male, was fatally shot multiple times outside Lady Di’s bar in East Hills. One of the bullets went into the bar and struck a woman in the leg. She is recovering. Pittsburgh police arrested 37-year-old Timothy Noel Jr. at his Wilkinsburg home, Sept. 7. He is in the Allegheny County Jail awaiting trial on homicide and gun-related charges. SEPT. 10—Khalil Andrew Logan, an 18-yearold Black male, was found by Wilkinsburg police fatally shot in an abandoned building at 1679 Laketon Road. Patrol officers had seen an individual leaving the building just before the department received a 911 call about shots fired at that location. Penn Hills officers detained 18-year-old Deshere Davenport of Hazelwood not far from the scene. According to Allegheny County police, Davenport claimed he thought Logan was going to shoot him, so he shot first. He is now in the county jail awaiting trial on homicide and gun-related charges. SEPT. 17—Loxley Johns, a 65-year-old White male, died as a result of injuries he sustained when he was beaten and bound during a Sept. 5 home invasion robbery in Penn Hills. Charles Pershing, 35, who had already faced multiple charges related to the attack, has now been charged with homicide. He remains in the county jail. SEPT. 18—Emannuel Boneza, a 32-year-old Black male, was shot multiple times near the intersection of South Star and West avenues in Bellevue. County police charged 20-yearold Musa Muya with the killing. His accomplice, Salimu Salim, also 20, was charged with gun violations and evidence tampering. SEPT. 22—Bronson Szallar, a 22-year-old White male, was found by police with a gunshot wound to the head in a car in the 1100 block of Grant Avenue in Duquesne. Police said witnesses saw two men running from the scene toward a nearby baseball field. The investigation continues. Anyone with information is asked to call the tip line at 1-833-255-8477.

August Homicides (9) AUG. 1—Richard Price, a 27-year-old Black male, was fatally shot during a brawl at the Hays Manor housing complex in McKees Rocks. Donta Nicotero, 17, was arrested, Aug. 24, and has been charged as an adult with the shooting. He is currently awaiting trial in the Allegheny County Jail. AUG. 5—Robert Barnett, a 28-year-old Black male, died from a gunshot wound he received during a uly 2 fight

when Aamina Renee Woods, 36, and three friends went to Barnett’s Stowe Township home to retrieve a relative’s car. Woods was arrested fleeing the scene that evening and charged with attempted murder and assault. She is now charged with homicide and is in the county Jail. AUG. 6—Lanny Hutson, a 57-year-old Black male, was shot 17 times by his grandson, 22-yearold Jhalil Rakwon Brown, at his Abraham Street home in McKeesport. Hutson was pronounced dead at the scene. Police arrested Brown, who was standing outside the home when they arrived. He is now awaiting trial in the county jail. AUG. 8—Tamon Hatchin, a 24-year-old Black male, was fatally shot in broad daylight near the intersection of Brownsville Road and Marland Street in Knoxville after an altercation with 32-year-old Earl Jackson. His car was spotted in Elliott later, and after a two-hour standoff, S AT team officers brought him out of the Steuben Street rowhouse where he’d been hiding in a basement garbage can. He is now awaiting trial in the county jail. AUG. 12—Elaine Pearson, a 63-year-old Black female, was found fatally shot as she sat in a silver SUV in the 1500 block of Lincoln Avenue in Lincoln-Lemington. Police have not yet identified a suspect and ask anyone with information to call city homicide detectives at 412-323-7800. AUG. 13—Donnell Demery, a 54-year-old Black male, was fatally shot after an argument with another patron inside the 1313 Bar in Duquesne. Carl Jones, 27, left and returned to the bar with a gun and shot Demery multiple times. After a weeklong manhunt, Allegheny County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested Jones at a home on Dinwiddie Street in the Hill District after a K-9 found him hiding inside. He is awaiting trial in the county jail. AUG. 16—Antwon Jones, a 36-year-old Black male from Atlanta, died a day after a foot-patrol officer witnessed 0-yearold Lamont Pendleton shoot him in the 2400 Block of Bedford Avenue in the Hill District. The officer called for Pendleton to drop the gun, but he ran. After a brief chase, Pendleton was taken into custody, but by then had tossed the weapon. He is awaiting trial in the county jail. AUG. 19—Dulane Cameron Jr., a 24-year-old Black male, was fatally stabbed in the neck on the North Shore. According to police and witnesses, a shirtless Joden Rocco—apparently motivated by his dislike for Blacks, confronted Cameron and a friend as they left a bar. Rocco then allegedly assaulted Cameron, stabbing him during the attack. Rocco is in the Allegheny County Jail awaiting trial for homicide. AUG. 31—Daniel Ling, an 18-year-old Asian male, was fatally shot during what Pittsburgh police said was an attempted home invasion on Monastery Avenue on the South Side Slopes. Police said Ling, who was armed, apparently entered the house intent on robbery but was met by the resident. During the ensuing struggle, the resident gained control of Ling’s gun and shot him. No charges have been filed. July Homicides (5) JULY 7—Ricardo Tobia, a 71-year-old White male, was found dead in his Carrick home having suffered multiple stab wounds and a gunshot wound to the head. His dog had also been shot in the head and had its throat cut. On July 10, police

charged his longtime companion, Joseph Martin, 35, with the killing. Martin had been committed to the psychiatric ward at Jefferson Hospital, but is now in the county jail. JULY 8—Zack Moore, a 28-yearold Black male, was shot in the head and dumped from a rented car along East Pittsburgh McKeesport Boulevard between Dixon and Port Perry avenues. The car, rented by Darrell Hardy, 29 of North ersailles, was found on fire about 40 minutes after police discovered Moore’s body. Hardy has been charged with Moore’s death and is in the county jail. JULY 16—Tyrelle Bowyer, a 15-year-old Black male, was found shot in the back of the head by Wilkinsburg police on a heavily wooded part of North Dell Way near Penn Avenue. One week later, police arrested 17-year-old Brandon McFarland for the shooting. He is currently awaiting arraignment in the county jail and will be tried as an adult. JULY 28—Vera Williams Butler, a 54-year-old Black Female, was found by police in the 200 Block of Luray Street on the North Side having been shot multiple times. She died at the scene. Police have not yet identified a suspect and are asking anyone with information to call the homicide squad at 412323-7161. JULY 28—Jassin Al-Maleky, an 18-year-old Black male, was fatally wounded while he and several other onlookers watched a fistfight between two people in Kennedy Township. At some point one onlooker pulled a gun and fired into the crowd, striking Al-Maleky. He was treated at the scene and transported to Ohio Valley Hospital where he died of his wounds. The investigation continues. Anyone with information is asked to call the Allegheny County Police tip line at 1-833-255-8477. June Homicides (10) JUNE 1—Kevin R. Thompson, a 46-year-old White male, was allegedly beaten, stabbed multiple times, then dismembered by 42-year-old John Robert Dickson, who had been staying in Thompson’s Carrick home. Pittsburgh police said Dickson admitted the killing to two witnesses and also wrote a confession in a notebook. Dickson is in the Allegheny County Jail awaiting trial. JUNE 2—Mujahid Hanif, a 28-year-old Black male, was allegedly shot three times by 29-year-old James Glenn following a dispute over a dirt bike, according to Pittsburgh Police who found Hanif’s body stuffed under the rear steps to his home in the 600 block of Hillsboro Street in Sheraden. Police said Glenn admitted to the killing during questioning and is now in the Allegheny County Jail. JUNE 14—Major Troutman, a 3-year-old Black male who died at UPMC Children’s Hospital in February, was killed by blunt force trauma to the head, according to the county medical examiner. Jamal Williams, 21, who had been in jail on unrelated charges since Feb.22, has been charged with homicide. JUNE 14—De’von Dozier, a 23-year-old Black male, was found with a gunshot wound to the leg at a home on Woodlow Street in Crafton Heights. He was hospitalized but died of his injury. Rashem Littleberry, 28, of Chartiers City was arrested and charged in the shooting, June 20. JUNE 16—Daevion Raines, a 15-year-old Black male, was fatally shot when the stolen car he was driving was riddled with bullets near the intersection of Smoker and Newford alleys in Duquesne. A second, 17-year-old teen, who had been in the car and was wounded, was found nearby. Allegheny County detectives said the car was hit more than 15 times. The investiga-

tion is ongoing. Police urge anyone with information to call the police tipline at 833-255-8477. JUNE 18—Travon Smart, a 21-year-old Black male who went by the stage name Jimmy Wopo, was shot multiple times in a daylight, drive-by shooting on Wylie Avenue in the Hill District. Another passenger in the car was also hit but survived. No arrest has been made. Pittsburgh Police ask anyone with information to contact them at 412-323-7800. JUNE 19—Antwon Rose II, a 17-year-old Black male, was shot three times as he fled from a traffic stop in East Pittsburgh. East Pittsburgh police fficer Michael Rosfeld has been charged with criminal homicide in the case. Despite objections, fficer Rosfeld was granted bail and is under house arrest. Allegheny County Common Pleas Senior Judge Jeffrey Manning has been asked by multiple political and community members to revoke the bail. JUNE 19—Deandre Bratcher, a 28-year-old Black male, was found suffering from a fatal gunshot wound in the passenger seat of a vehicle near the intersection of Hunter Street and Glenn Avenue in Wilkinsburg. He died later at the hospital. County police are looking for a silver SUV in connection with the shooting. Anyone with information is asked to call the police tipline at 833-255-8477. JUNE 20—Leryal Matthews, a 21-year-old Black male, was found by police in a Braddock apartment in the 500 block of Talbot Street suffering from multiple fatal gunshot wounds. No arrests have been made. The investigation continues. Anyone with information is asked to call the police tipline at 833-255-8477. JUNE 22—Jazmere Brianna Custis, a 19-year-old Black female, was killed in a drive-by shooting as she and three friends sat in a car in the 1300 block of Margaret Street in Munhall. Police say Cus-

tis had pulled over to drop off one of the passengers when another car pulled up and gunfire erupted. County police are asking anyone with information to call the police tipline at 833-255-8477. May Homicides (7) MAY 2—Dwayne Lamar Tolbert-McGhee, a 29-year-old Black male, was fatally wounded outside the Muhammad Mosque 22 in Wilkinsburg and died about three hours later at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital—but not before he and a witness who heard the shooting while in the mos ue identified the shooter. Delvante Thompson, 30, of Penn Hills was arrested May 26 and charged with homicide. He awaits trial in the Allegheny County jail. MAY 5—Stephen Drake Jr., a 47-year-old Black male, was fatally shot as he was driving his motorcycle on Fifth Avenue in Shadyside. Drake was a veteran anti-violence advocate, working with Richard Garland at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health’s Violence Prevention Initiative. The investigation into his death continues. Anyone with information is urged to call Pittsburgh Homicide detectives at 412-323-7800. MAY 7—Chad Rock, a 34-yearold White male, was fatally shot during a home invasion at his house on Terrace Drive in McKees Rocks. Allegheny County detectives said they are looking for three Black males who bound Rock’s two children and a female with zip ties and demanded money and drugs. A second male occupant was also shot in the robbery. Detectives hope Rock’s surveillance cameras will help identify the killers. Anyone with information is urged to call the Allegheny County tip line at 1-833-255-8477. MAY 9—Taeshaun Caldwell, an 18-year-old Black male, was found fatally shot lying between two homes in the 500 block of Lowell Street near Shetland Avenue in Larimer. Police have not yet identi-

fied a suspect. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is urged to call 412-323-7800. MAY 9—Lawrence Brown, a 26-year-old Black male, was gunned down in an apparent driveby shooting on Bedford Avenue in the Hill District that left several cars riddled with bullet holes. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The investigation is ongoing. Police are asking anyone with information to call 412-323-7800. MAY 25—Matthew Anthony Zinnermon, a 32-year-old Black male from Chesapeake, Va., was shot multiple times on Park Hill Drive in East Hills. Police have arrested and charged 24-year-old Leonard Bernard Hill of Sheraden with the shooting. He awaits trial in the Allegheny County Jail. MAY 27—Darrell Williams, a 48-year-old Black male, was found shot multiple times inside his home in the 500 Block of Farnsworth Avenue in Clairton. He died later at Jefferson Memorial Hospital. Police have no motive and are asking anyone with information to call the county tip line at 1-833-255-8477. April Homicides (7) APRIL 1—Meliek Rashad Hemmingway, a 22-year-old Black male, was found by Pittsburgh police lying in Conemaugh in East Hills Easter morning with a gunshot wound to the chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have since released surveillance video of a man riding a bicycle away from the scene and are asking for help identify the individual, who they are calling a person of interest. Anyone with information is asked to call homicide detectives at 412-323-7800. APRIL 4—James Clayton Westover, a 56-year-old White male, was fatally shot in the driveway of his home by one-time friend, 62-year-old Lex Miller. Ohio Township police responding SEE HOMICIDES B5



OCTOBER 3-9, 2018


Take charge of your health today. Be informed. Be involved.


‘Mobile Health’ This month, the “Take Charge of Your Health Today” page focuses on the intersection of the digital world and people’s health, called “mobile health” (or “mHealth”). Bee Schindler, community engagement coordinator with the University of Pittsburgh’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute, and Esther L. Bush, president and CEO of the Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, spoke about this topic. BS: Good morning, Ms. Bush. I thank you for the chance to talk with you today about mHealth. I’m excited to use this topic to launch my first discussion with you for the New Pittsburgh Courier page. mHealth is interesting to me because studies show that more than three quarters of people living in the United States have smartphones. Many people reading this page can relate to mHealth. EB: Yes, Bee. This is a topic that most people can relate to, especially as the world becomes more digital. Having the opportunity to monitor health, such as tracking the ways our food intake affects our ability to manage weight loss, is one that could help everyone who has access to smartphones. Weight control ultimately lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, which the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states is the cause of one in every four deaths in our country. We’re all so busy, so having an app in our pocket to keep track of our habits seems like a good path to me. BS: Absolutely! Researchers like Dr. Lora Burke found that when food journals were being tracked using a pen and paper, the feedback from research study coordinators was slow. With mobile apps, users can enter their daily activity, log food intake and get immediate, unique feedback. And, as you noted, being overweight is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death for all races, including African Americans. Technology can be used as a remedy for making some changes. EB: That’s important to mention because African Americans are often forced to advocate for their health needs. Taking charge of one’s health will lead to being able to make better health decisions that can start with the devices most of us interact with daily. BS: I second that. Dr. Burke mentions that personal data tracking and a mobile app’s ability to serve as a health coach is critical to changing behaviors. It’s important for our readers to understand that volunteering for research studies is a vital way for researchers to understand how immediate feedback to the user’s activity affects their behaviors and how long they are engaged with the approach. I encourage our readers to check out the resources listed on this page and to discuss them with their doctors to see if any of them will be beneficial to their health. EB: Thank you so much having this conversation with me, Bee. We’ve provided some great information and ways that readers can take charge of their health today. I look forward to next month as we discuss gun violence prevention and community trauma.

Around 75 percent of people in the United States use a smartphone, and apps focusing on mobile health (mHealth) can be used to track key and unique health updates for users. (Photo credit: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services: Family and Youth Services Bureau)

Mobile Health and your Lifestyle People in the United States are living more of their lives online. Increasingly, we interact socially, shop and keep track of our lives digitally. For many people, carrying around a smartphone (a phone that can provide access to the internet and act as a handheld computer) can make busy lives easier. Health care providers are always looking for ways to inspire people to live the healthiest lifestyle possible. Researchers are finding ways to use technology to help people be healthier. The intersection of the digital world and people’s health is called “mobile health” (or “mHealth”). It is the use of mobile devices, especially smartphones, to deliver health care information and sometimes health care. According to the Pew Research Center, 95 percent of people in the United States own some kind of cell phone, and 77 percent own smartphones. Researchers who study ways to help people monitor their lifestyle and health choices are capitalizing on the popularity of smartphones. Lora Burke, PhD, MPH, professor of health and community systems, School

of Nursing; of epidemiology, Graduate School of Public Health; and of clinical and translational science at the University of Pittsburgh, studies how to help people improve their behavior choices to decrease cardiovascular risk factors. Cardiovascular risk factors include • Poor diet—eating foods high in saturated fats (animal fats) and products containing trans fat • Lack of physical activity • Excess body fat (being overweight or obese) • Using too much alcohol— generally defined as more than one drink a day for women and more than two drinks a day for men • Tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States for most races and ethnicities, including African Americans, Latinx and whites (second only to cancer for American Indians or Alaska Natives and Asians or Pacific slanders . r. Burke’s research has focused on how to use mHealth for one particular risk factor—being overweight.

LORA BURKE, PHD, MPH Before the availability and popularity of digital technology, Dr. Burke ran studies where people trying to lose weight would come to the University of Pittsburgh across 12-2 months, participate in group sessions and submit paper diaries of what they had eaten and how they had exercised. Participants would get feedback on their progress and suggestions for changing behaviors at the next meeting. It could be weeks later before people received feedback on their diet and exercise records. Through Dr. Burke’s and others’ research, it became obvious that this model did not bring about lasting change for participants. “We found that how often,

how consistently and how close to eating people actually recorded what they ate was important to their weight loss,” she says. “Research reinforced that the crux of weight loss and changing any behavior is self-monitoring in real time. It makes people aware of their behaviors, able to see behavior patterns and develop ways to change those behaviors.” Dr. Burke saw the immediacy of digital technology as a potentially more effective way for people to self-monitor behaviors. She is now conducting a study that examines how effective mHealth can be for longterm weight loss. “In this study, we ask people to self-monitor their physical activity, weight and their diet through the use of a smartphone, physical activity tracker and a WiFi- or Bluetooth-enabled scale [all devices except the smartphone are provided to study participants],” she says. “We receive all those data immediately. We developed an algorithm that reads the data and chooses a personalized message from an extensive library we’ve developed. The messages provide immediate feedback

that is always positive. The feedback also provides ways to guide people to improve their behaviors. I call it a ‘coach in your pocket.’” Because this is a research study testing the effect of the feedback messages on weight loss, the messages are sent to participants in one of the two groups and not to the other group so that researchers can compare outcomes in the two groups. A large number of health apps exist for smartphone users to download. However, Dr. Burke says that not much research has been done to know whether or not these apps are effective in behavior changes that result in long-term weight loss. “We’re using strategies that have been proven effective based on behavioral research,” she says. “We designed the feedback to be specific to the users’ data and not generic messages that can become ineffective over time. Part of this study is examining what effect immediate feedback has on people’s behaviors and how long people stay engaged with this approach. Using mHealth technology has the potential to make weight loss easier than it used to be.”

The SMARTER Study can help you lose weight

People who are overweight are at an increased risk of developing health problems like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. Using a smartphone app to keep track of diet and exercise can help people lose weight, but there has been little research done about the effectiveness of these types of apps. The purpose of this study is to help researchers find out if the combination of

a smartphone app plus feedback messages related to diet, weight and physical activity can help people lose more weight than they do with a smartphone app alone. Researchers hope their findings will lead to a better understanding of how smartphones and other technologies can help people lose weight in the future. If you are interested in weight loss, are 1 years

of age or older and own and regularly use a smartphone, you may be eligible to participate in a research study to help learn more about the effect of feedback messages on weight loss. This study is 12 months and re uires four visits. A fitness tracker, scale and compensation will be provided. If you are interested in participating in the SMARTER study, e-mail wtloss@pitt. edu or call 412-624-2229.

Join us for Dinner & Dialogue in Homewood Who: The Urban League of Greater Pittsburgh, New Pittsburgh Courier, UPMC Center for Engagement & Inclusion, University of Pittsburgh’s Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI), and YOU! What: The free and open to the public Dinner and Dialogue series will discuss Allegheny ounty-specific health disparities, health topics identified in the Homewood community and current research and resource opportunities. Researchers will be on hand to present findings, and the floor will be open to dialogue. Dinner and child care will be provided. November’s topic will be gun violence and community trauma.

Where: Community Engagement Center in Homewood at 22 North Homewood Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 1 20 When: Nov. , 201 , from 30- p.m. Why: This unique event seeks to boost community health education and advocacy, increase diverse participation in clinical and translational research and encourage individuals to become empowered and actively engaged in their own health. RSVP to with your name, number in your party, if you have any food allergies and please let us know if you will require child care. Attendees need not work or live in Homewood to attend this event.

HEALTH & FITNESS TRACKER—The new Apple Watch 4 is on display at the Steve Jobs Theater during an event to announce new products Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018, in Cupertino, Calif. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

No Mobile Access? While around 75 percent of people living in the United States use a mobile device, many do not have access to this resource. ou can take control of your health offline ❑ Start a dialogue in person with someone who talks with you about health care. ❑ UPMC Health Coaches are available to UPMC Health Plan members and provide one-on-one support. ❑ Stop in to the Urban League of Pittsburgh’s Health Education ffice HE . Nurses are available at the HEO to discuss any mHealth-related questions. The downtown office is located at 10 ood Street.



OCTOBER 3-9, 2018


Denzel Washington raises $5 million for August Wilson House

DENZEL WASHINGTON greets supporters at the August Wilson House, Sept. 26, after announcing he had raised $5 million for restorations to the iconic home on Bedford Avenue. (Photos by Courier AMIR RASHID, LORENZO BOONE, NELSON HARRISON, MARK CLAYTON SOUTHERS, WALI JAMAL photographer Brian Cook) DENZEL FROM A1

pleted it will not only serve as a museum displaying artifacts from his life and plays, but will also provide

also house artists studios, literary workshops and classes. And of course, Wilson’s plays will continue to be performed in the back-

PAUL ELLIS, the nephew of famed playwright August Wilson.

yard—rain or shine. “I’ve done two of August’s plays here in this space, this hallowed ground—and both times, it rained,” said

actor Wali Jamal. “It’s par for the course.” Ellis began the project in 2006 with a $35,000 grant from the Pittsburgh Foundation for a feasibility study. “It’s been an incredible journey to preserve his gift,” he said. “He gave us a century of culture and history—lessons we can learn from and use to motivate young people.”


JAMAICA JOHNSON, an 11th grader at Pittsburgh CAPA, performed a monologue from “King Hedley II” during the groundblessing ceremony, Sept. 26, at the August Wilson House.

LIFESTYLES New Pittsburgh Courier


OCTOBER 3-9, 2018

Debbie Norrell

Lifestyles Report The news has me in a funk The news has me in a funk. It all started out with the Cosby sentencing. I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect 3 to 10 years in a state prison. Yes I understand he drugged this woman before the sexual act but I still cannot get over their relationship after the incident. I have watched several interviews with Andrea Constand and the one that gets me is where she tells the reporter that Cosby shows her the pills first and then they had a brief discussion about the pills and what the effect would be. She then says she “found some water” and took the pills. Not only that, they maintained a relationship, talked on the phone and allegedly Cosby paid her $3.5 million, the actual amount has never been revealed. Then this woman goes to court and testifies against him. I would be livid. What really amazes me is that most of the women would take some pills handed to them by someone. Who does that? I know I have said this before but in many cases the women went back a second time—“can you say Beverly Johnson” — and they want to blame the married man for what happened to them. Yes, I get it that what he did was wrong but it all seems so lopsided. There are all of these other men who have been accused by multiple women but no action is being taken against them. A semi-related story that went on for several weeks is the story of Geoffrey Owens who was photographed at Trader Joe’s working at the checkout line. The reason Owens, former TV son-in-law to Cosby, had to take that job was due to the cancellation of “The Cosby Show” reruns, therefore no residuals. I’m sure all of the Cosby regulars took a hit. I don’t think Owens had much of a career after the Cosby show, I never saw him in anything. He is scheduled to appear on NCIS: New Orleans in episode 6, it will air on Oct. 30. Reportedly he is to appear in the “Haves and the Have Nots” but I have seen conflicting reports. Since this is one of my favorite shows I’ll let you know if he has been made a part of the cast. I feel fortunate that I found the complete boxed set of “The Cosby Show,” all 202 episodes during a Black Friday shopping spree. I also have the best of season one of “The Bill Cosby Show.” All of the good that came from the shows featuring Bill Cosby should not be erased from the planet. If you are lucky enough to find his shows on DVD, buy them. The bad news about Cosby’s sentencing was compounded by the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. From what I have seen of Kavanaugh he doesn’t seem like the type of person suitable for the Supreme Court. I picked up an immature quality in his responses. There has to be someone better. If I could vote, I would vote no. (Email Debbie at

FIRST-TIMERS—Stan Drum- THE ORGANIZERS—Lorraine Dinatale, Trisha Daniel and Krystal ACTOR TOM ATKINS—with wife FIRST TIMER—Lisa Butts (Phomond and Keiha Drummond Janis tos by Debbie Norrell) Vanbura

Le Diner en Blanc Pittsburgh turns four by Debbie Norrell Lifestyles Editor

Paris, New York, Atlanta or any other city that has done Le Diner en Blanc for decades has nothing on the Steel City. On Sept. 15, Le Diner en Blanc was held in Pittsburgh. Tradition calls for the location of the diner to be announced on the same day of the diner about 30 minutes prior to the main event. Nearly 1,200 waited in designated locations near the all-white event for their group leaders to give them the location of the secret soiree. This year’s location was east of the city in Mellon Park. It was a beautiful evening and organizers Lorraine Dinatale, Trisha Daniel and Krystal Vangura once again brought spectacular nuances to the fourth annual Le Diner en Blanc. There were fire BEAUTIFUL DRESSED IN WHITE—Stephanie Rideau, Kathy Fitzgerald, Farrah Penn and Kimberly Green

BEST DRESSED—April Morrison, Kyetheus Monteiro and Lana Nuemeyer

dancers, acrobats, classical music, wine tasting and a DJ that got everyone on their feet at the end of the evening. Of course the Le Diner en Blanc traditions of waving the white napkin and lighting the sparklers at dark were highlights of the evening. Next year will be year five for Pittsburgh and should be a big event. If you are up to the challenge of wearing all white, bringing your own table and chairs, meal and centerpieces, get ready for next year by logging in to https:// Pittsburgh. and register.

HAVING A GREAT TIME—Tanya Fleming and Joy Smith

WE ARE ON OUR WAY—Naomi and Owen Carty with Karl and Lea Edmonds AMAZING ENTERTAINMENT

HAVING A GREAT NIGHT—Gregg Lovelace, Latika Davis Jones, Maurice Jones, Kiva Fisher Green, Kelli Epperson, Sunni Lovelace




OCTOBER 3-9, 2018

Church of the Holy Cross


Praise & Worship ST. BENEDICT THE MOOR CATHOLIC CHURCH Crawford & Centre Ave. Pgh., PA 15219 412-281-3141

Celebrating Anniversaries

Mass Sunday 9:00 A.M. & 12:00 P.M.

East Liberty Presbyterian Church Rev. Dr. Randy Bush, Senior Pastor 412-441-3800 116 S. Highland Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15206 Worship on Sunday: Journey Worship........8:45 a.m. Sanctuary Worship........11 a.m. Taize Prayer Service (Wed.) 7 p.m.

AT LEFT, CHRISTINA AND JERALD MCCLENDON celebrate their 4-year anniversary, while Edmund and Elaine Effort, right, celebrate their 41st-year anniversary, during September services at Church of the Holy Cross in Homewood. (Photos by Courier photographer J.L. Martello)

Curious about Quakerism? You Are Welcome at our Meetings for Worship Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Pittsburgh Friends Meeting 4836 Ellsworth Avenue

Seminary at the Tabernacle 43 Belvedere St., Crafton, PA 15205 Sept. 10, 2018-May 16, 2019 Sr. Pastor Tony Armstead, MDiv Christian Leadership School (CLS) a Four-year Program currently offering Four non-credited courses in four years. Teaching includes Doctorate and Master of Divinity Teachers. When: Fluctuates Mon. or Thurs., 6:308:30pm Cost: $75 per class, plus any required books Contact: Rev. Marjorie Davis, Ph.D. 412335-2832


Join our growing Praise and Worship Church Community! For rate information, call 412481-8302, ext. 128.


OCTOBER 13—The St. James AME Church Women’s Usher Board No. 1 will hold its 24th annual “Octoberfest” at the church, 444 Lincoln Ave., from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eager shoppers will be dazzled with displays of unique pieces of art and crafts. The event will feature various local artists, vendors and entrepreneurs who will creatively display their art and crafts. The event is open to all the pre-holiday shoppers, along with those who love to browse now and buy later. For more information, call 412-441-9706.


OCTOBER 13—Mount Olive Baptist Church is 125 years old! The church was established to uphold and spread the word of God. As Blacks were migrating from the South, they began to integrate in record numbers to the industrial areas of McKeesport, Duquesne, Homestead, Braddock, and Rankin. This historic anniversary will be celebrated by giving thanks to God and praising Him for the wonderful things that He has done. Old members, new members, families, friends and acquaintances are invited to the celebration at Heritage Celebration Center, 1122 3rd St., North Versailles, at 6 p.m. Reverend Kenneth Jones of Miami, Fla., is the guest speaker. Cost is $50 for the banquet. For more information, call 412-818-4116.


OCTOBER 13—Living Spring International Pittsburgh is having its sixth annual Night of Wonders free gospel music concert at 4 p.m. at Pittsburgh CAPA, 111 Ninth St., Downtown. “In His Presence” will feature Joe Mettle, the internationally acclaimed Ghanaian gospel songwriter and artist. The evening also showcases Johnny Praise a New York-based gospel artist. Voices of Oasis, the host choir, whose membership is comprised of performers from four Redeemed Christian Church of God parishes in Western Pa., will also perform. Living Spring International Pittsburgh belongs to the denomination Redeemed Christian Church of God. It was founded in Nigeria and is one of the fastest-growing Pentecostal churches in the world. The church, at 900 Penn Ave., Wilkinsburg, has been in the area for about 15 years. Though free, people are requested to make reservations on For more information, call 412-242-2500.


OCTOBER 19-21—Come celebrate the ninth pastoral anniversary of Pastor Katrina Organ, beginning Oct. 19 at 6:30 p.m. at the church, 201 Chalfont St, with the One Night Revival, featuring Bishop Michael Golphin St. of Deliverance Baptist Church. On Oct. 20, Prayer, Praise and Pastries will occur at 10 a.m. Then on Sunday, Oct. 21, it’s Pastor Organ’s ninth anniversary service, at 10 a.m. There will be a guest preacher, followed by dinner after the service. For more information, call 412-431-3320.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR NEXT CHURCH EVENT! We want to place your event in our Church Circuit weekly calendar! Send info to: New Pittsburgh Courier 315 E. Carson St. Pittsburgh PA 15219 Or Email us! religion@ newpittsburgh


OCTOBER 3-9, 2018



Denzel Washington In Pittsburgh

TWO-TIME ACADEMY AWARD-WINNER DENZEL WASHINGTON came to Pittsburgh, Sept. 26, to announce an initial $5 million worth of fundraising efforts to restore and renovate the landmark August Wilson House on Bedford Avenue in the Hill District. Washington directed and starred as Troy Maxson in the movie, “Fences,” based on the famed Wilson play. (Photos by Emmai Alaquiva)

Friday, October 12, 2018 • 12-2 p.m. CECILE SPRINGER Legacy Honoree

WYNDHAM GRAND PITTSBURGH HOTEL Tickets $85 each, available at For Sponsorship or Ticket information, call 412-481-8302, ext. 136




OCTOBER 3-9, 2018


‘Still Struggling…50 Years Later’ NAACP McKeesport Unit holds its annual Freedom Dinner by Diane I. Daniels For New Pittsburgh Courier

Noting the theme of the dinner as very appropriate, he recognized that the NAACP was founded in 1909 out of struggle. “A struggle for freedom, a struggle for liberation, a struggle for civil rights, a struggle for women’s rights, a struggle for children’s rights, and a struggle for justice. From 1619 to 1865 to 1903 to 1968 to today we are still struggling. In our history as African Americans, struggle is a word we know well, it is a word that epitomizes our historical collective experience,” he said. Dr. Mitchell, the keynote speaker, questioned what Black people’s ancestors,

ued lowering of educational achievement of Black children. Not to mention the past 40 years of mass incarceration, the increasing intra-communal violence, the rise in hate politics and the shootings of unarmed Black and brown citizens across the nation. Dr. Mitchell concluded that in order to make changes, Black people must overcome the struggles. Dr. Mitchell annually teaches courses in African history, African American history and American history. He has published numerous academic articles and his 30-plus years of institutional and community service are embodied in his

The theme, “Still Struggling…50 Years Later” during the NAACP McKeesport Unit’s annual Freedom Dinner served as a reminder that even though African Americans in this country have made some strides 50 years after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., there is still a long way to go for total equality. “The privilege in this country to vote is sacred. It’s how you protect your family and your community,” stressed Dr. Joan Evelyn Duvall-Flynn, president of the NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference. She encouraged the audience to vote in each election, not just the Nov. 6 midterm election. “When you vote make sure you vote for people that share your values and will take care of your community,” she said. A SPEAKER OF TRUTH—Keynote speaker Dr. Anthony B. Mitchell Sr., Associate She also Teaching Professor in the Department of African and African American Studies at emphasized Penn State Greater Allegheny, addresses the theme, “Still Struggling….50 Years Latthe impor- er.” (Photo by Diane I. Daniels) tance of participating and being counted the founders of the NAACP involvement in statewide in the upcoming 2020 United and people like Dr. King and regional educational States Census. “It is import- would think today about the initiatives, which include ant that you are counted, get current state of the Black training teachers and prothe representation that you family and racial issues. “I fessionals in culturally redeserve and that your com- believe that the founders of sponsive and Afrocentric munity receives the money the NAACP nationally and education. He has served it deserves.” locally would be pleased to on the Pittsburgh Public Associate Teaching Pro- see that some have made Schools/Pennsylvania Hufessor in the Department of social and economic prog- man Relations CommisAfrican and African Amer- ress.” On the other hand, sion’s “Conciliation Agreeican Studies at Penn State he said that they would be ment” Equity Advisory Greater Allegheny, Dr. An- greatly saddened by the Panel as a monitor of the thony B. Mitchell Sr., allud- constant challenges within systemic academic progress ed that Dr. Duvall-Flynn’s the Black family and Amer- and achievement of African points are very significant. ican society, and the contin- American students.

Dr. Mitchell is a graduate of Geneva College and holds a master’s degree in education from Penn State and a doctorate degree in Administration and Leadership Studies from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In recognition for their service throughout the McKeesport NAACP’s jurisdiction of McKeesport and Duquesne, the chapter recognized Reta Wallace with the Silent Hero Award, Calvina Harris with the Community Service Award, and V. Fawn Walker Montgomery with the Community Service Award. The Partnership for Minority HIV/AIDS Prevention received the Community Organization Award. Scholarships of $500 were awarded to Armani Isaac, attending Penn State, and Cameron Robertson, attending West Virginia University. Wallace is the owner of Magic Palace Hair Salon. Committed to McKeesport, the city in which she grew up, she is known for her pleasant personality, passion for hairstyling and her lifelong dedication to cosmetology. Harris is a longtime resident and native of Duquesne. Her involvement in the community spans over decades of volunteering, helping the underserved and ensuring the children of Duquesne receive a good education. Serving as Chairperson for the Democratic Committee is just one of the many boards and organizations of which she is involved. “Remember to pass the torch and recognize your power,” advised Walker Montgomery. Known for her activism and advocacy work, the lifelong McKeesport resident was a candidate for state House District 35, and is a former two-term Councilwoman in McKeesport. She is founder and president of Take Action Mon Valley.

V. FAWN WALKER MONTGOMERY, left, with Reta Wallace, two of the awardees during the Freedom Dinner. Walker Montgomery received the Community Service Award, and Wallace received the Silent Hero Award. (Photo via Facebook)

NAACP PROUD—Supporting the NAACP McKeesport Unit, Dr. Joan Evelyn Duvall-Flynn, left, president of the NAACP Pennsylvania State Conference, congratulates McKeesport Unit President Brenda Sawyer. (Photo by Diane I. Daniels)


OCTOBER 3-9, 2018


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OCTOBER 3-9, 2018


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Can wireless challenge cable for home Internet service?


TIME FOR A FINANCIAL MOVEMENT—Financial coach Azeeza Reed prepares to host her first financial event aiming to assist people looking for financial stability. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels)

Reed brings World Financial Group seminar to Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH-BOUND—Financial Strategist and Business Consultant Loyan Mensah is headed to Pittsburgh for the World Financial Group seminar at Duquesne University, Oct. 11.



Homeowner Bill of Rights:

Protecting families from life’s financial storms Charlene Crowell





OCTOBER 3-9, 2018


Can wireless challenge World Financial Group seminar in Pittsburgh cable for Internet service? SEMINAR FROM B1


rights to previously unused radio waves at the high end of the frequency spectrum. It’s a short-range signal, ideal for city blocks and apartment buildings, but less so for sprawling suburbs or rural communities. That’s why Verizon is pushing residential service first, while AT&T is building a more traditional cellular network for people on the go, using radio waves at the lower end. AT&T is aiming to launch its 5G mobile network this year in 12 cities, including Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina. Dish also has plans for a 5G network, but it’s focused on connecting the so-called “Internet of Things,” everything from laundry machines to parking meters, rather than cellphones or residential broadband. Sprint tried to introduce residential wireless service before, using a technology called WiMax, but it failed to gain many subscribers as LTE trumped WiMax as the dominant cellular technology. This time, Verizon is using the same 5G technology that will eventually make its way into 5G cellular networks. The Verizon service will start in parts of Houston, Los Angeles, Sacramento, California, and Indianapolis. “These are small areas but significant,” said Ronan Dunne, president of Verizon Wireless. “Tens of thousands of homes, not hundreds of thousands of homes.” Eventually, Verizon projects 30 million homes in the U.S. will be eligible, though there’s no timeline. For now, Verizon isn’t planning to hit markets where it already has its cable-like Fios service. Verizon stopped expanding Fios around 2010, in part because it was expensive to dig up streets and lay fi-

ber-optic lines. Verizon can build 5G more cheaply because it can use the same towers available for cellular service. That said, Verizon might not recoup its costs if it ends up drawing only customers who stand to save money over cable, said John Horrigan, a broadband expert at the Technology Policy Institute. And while Verizon says the new network will be able to handle lots of devices at once, anyone who’s tried to use a phone during concerts and conferences will know that the airwaves can get congested quickly. What Verizon’s service won’t do is extend highspeed internet access to rural America, where many households can’t get broadband at all, let alone competition. Cable and other companies haven’t found it profitable to extend wires to remote parts of the country. But Verizon will face the same problem, given that its short-range signal will require several wireless towers closer together. That’s feasible only in densely populated areas. That’s not good enough, said Harold Feld, senior vice president of the advocacy group Public Knowledge. He said Internet service at reasonable prices is “fundamental” for all Americans—not just those who live in populated areas. T-Mobile and Sprint want to jointly create a 5G network that would also offer residential wireless broadband, but not for a few years. In seeking regulatory approval, the companies say 20 percent to 25 percent of subscribers will be in rural areas that have limited access to broadband. But the companies offered no details on how they would do so. T-Mobile and Sprint declined to comment.

ance, annuities and mutual funds,” said Reed, 25. “WFG offers over 180 products.” His first time coming to Pittsburgh, Mensah says he is excited for the opportunity. Like Reed, his goal is to help others meet their financial goals. Growing up in a low-income area inspired him to study accounting and finance at Marist College to learn how to help others overcome financial struggle. He utilized his knowledge while working in the accounting field and started a firm designed to educate the community on investing in real estate. That experience, he says, enabled him to build relationships with some of the wealthiest investors in New York. Mensah transitioned to Morgan Stanley, taking a position in the investment banking division. There he gained an understanding of Acquisitions, Investment Control and Asset Management as part of the $15 billion Morgan Stanley Private Equity real estate funds. “I was exposed to various types of financial tools and products and learned how to effectively use those tools to help peo-

ple manage their wealth.” Fulfilling his desire of helping the masses, Mensah, utilizing the knowledge and experience he gained throughout his career, created a financial education and coaching firm with the mission of transforming all communities regardless of financial standing in the areas of financial education, leadership and overall wealth management. He works with individuals, families and businesses. Located on Wall Street, he is the senior director of his own firm, Loyan Mensah and Associates. “Loyan is a highly sought-after voice that has been featured on empowerment tours, college campuses, keynote speaking engagements, radio and in professional development workshops and now he is bringing his passion and knowledge to Pittsburgh,” said Reed, who feels fortunate to have him as her partner and mentor. Excited to introduce WFG to the region, Reed says her goal at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 11, is to introduce the audience to a meaningful and successful business opportunity that will help families secure their future by apply-

Weigh the finances


want to quit? Jobs can offer a great deal of fulfillment as well as social interaction. Many retirees miss both when they quit working. One way to prevent that problem is to plan in advance how you’ll spend your time. Will you continue to work part time, become a volunteer, pursue educational interests, or travel? Do your plans fit with your expected financial situation? Considering these issues in advance can improve your chances of an

enjoyable retirement. Turn to your CPA Retirement can be an exciting time of life, but there can be a lot of uncertainty when it comes to planning for retirement and deciding when to do it. The good news is your local CPA can offer you the information and insights you need to make important financial decisions. Turn to him or her with all your financial questions. To find a CPA in your area or for more financial tips, visit

ing key financial concepts. “Building a strong financial base now enables you to pass wealth to future generations creating a legacy.” Reed and Mensah agree that in today’s economy, people need to be able to dream again and feel that WFG is bringing dreams

back. “When people know how money really works and begin the process, they can enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing their families are protected financially and they can start dreaming again.”

(Event details and registration can be found at

Homeowner Bill of Rights HOMEOWNER FROM B1

losses and will need years to fully recover financially. The bottom line is that whoever you are or where you live, housing is needed. At a time when most working families are dedicating an increasing amount of income to provide a home, it should be apparent that these homes deserve protection—not just from weather storms; but life’s financial storms. As former President Lyndon Johnson spoke in a June 4, 1965 address to Howard University: “You do not wipe away

the scars of centuries by saying: Now you are free to go where you want, and do as you desire, and choose the leaders as you please. “You do not take a person who, for years, has been hobbled by chains and liberate him, bring him up to the starting line of a race and then say, ‘you are free to compete with others,’ and still justly believe that you have been completely fair. “Thus is it not enough just to open the gates of opportunity. All our citizens must have the ability to walk through those gates.”

BUSINESS CALENDAR Two-Day Training Event

OCT. 3 & OCT. 10—The Duquesne University Small Business Center will present QuickBooks Basics, 9 a.m to 12 p.m., 108 Rockwell Hall, 600 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh 15282, on the first two ednesdays in ctober. This two-day workshop is designed for uickBooks P sers who have ust started using the software and would like to learn how to set-up a company file, manage expenses and reconcile bank statements. ost 0. all 12-3 - 233 for more information.

Business Start-up Seminar

T. 11 The Penn State-Mc eesport nnovation Hub will host The A to of Staring our wn Business, 30 to p.m., 10 th Ave., Mc eesport, Pa. 1 132. The fee event will feature a presentation by attorney eff Reis on the important first steps in starting a business, a panel discussion on first steps of starting a business, legal basics for business owners, business filing options, ac uiring your employment identification number, employer and employee protocols, and more. The will also be a presentation from A on funding opportunities.



by Jesse Jackson (—President Donald Trump is back on the stump, promising to campaign “six or seven days a week” until the general election to try to keep Republicans in control of both Houses of Congress. His stump speech is characteristically bombastic, filled with the exaggerations, insults and flat-out lies that people have come to expect. Trump’s speech is at its core a con job. Republicans’ tax cuts went to the rich and the corporations, and the promise that everyone would get a $4,000 raise went up in smoke. Republican efforts first to repeal and then to lacerate Obamacare will deprive millions of health care, even as prices spike this fall because of the damage they’ve done. Trump has ushered in the most corrupt administration in memory, appointing corporate lobbyists to rig the rules and roll back protections for workers and consumers and the environment. Trump can point to a strong economy, but he inherited a growing economy from President Barack Obama. Working families still haven’t benefited from the socalled recovery. Trump has broken his promise to invest in rebuilding our dangerously decrepit and uncompetitive infrastructure. Inequality is worse than ever, with Trump’s tax cuts adding to the divide. College tuitions continue to rise, and the student debt crisis gets worse and worse. Drug costs continue to soar, despite Trump’s promises to do something about it. The opioid epidemic claimed 72,000 lives last year, as the administration floundered in responding to the crisis. Even as catastrophic climate change ravages the U.S. from California to Houston to North Carolina and Puerto Rico, Trump remains in denial, with mere mentions of global warming erased from government web sites. As the crises accumulate, FEMA’s woeful performance in Puerto Rico makes President Bush’s disastrous operation after Hurricane Katrina look efficient in comparison. The administration’s war on workers makes it harder for them to share in the benefits of the good economy. Republican governors and state legislatures work to block cities from raising the minimum wage within their own boundaries. The first vote of Trump’s appointee to the Supreme Court was to gut labor rights for public employees, as Republicans continue to undermine the right of workers to organize and bargain collectively. Despite all of Trump’s tough talk, new data show the U.S. trade deficit in July grew at its fastest rate since 2015, as monthly deficits with China and the European Union both reached new records. Given all this, the content of Trump’s stump speech is predictable. It is designed to distract and divide, not inform and unite. As illustrated by his recent speech in West Virginia, his themes have an ugly racial cast. He began that speech by slandering NFL players, describing their protest against police brutality as “defaming our flag” and our “beautiful, beautiful national anthem.” He railed against Democrats, suggesting that they would make America safe for criminal aliens, take away the Second Amendment and rewrite our Constitution. The “beating heart of this election,” he argued, “is border security.” He roused his audience against the “Russian witch hunt” on the same day his personal lawyer pleaded guilty and his campaign manager was convicted by that same investigation. Americans need to decipher the Trump bombast. He boasts about adding billions to our military—that already consumes over one-third of the world’s military spending—without admitting that he wants to slash investment in education, in clean energy, in Medicare and Medicaid. He boasts of his tax cuts, without admitting that the next round will be to savage programs for the most vulnerable to help pay for the tax cuts larded on the rich and corporations. He brags about repealing the Clean Power Plan and abandoning the Paris climate accord, without mentioning that he’s opening the door to fouling our water and air and ignoring the greatest threat to our national security. He trumpets record low Black and Hispanic unemployment, without noting that he’s ended efforts to curb police brutality and racial profiling, gutting enforcement of civil rights laws, and encouraged efforts to suppress the right to vote. I believe in passion in politics. Passionate stump speeches don’t offend me. Hyperbole, wit and humor have their place. But Trump is peddling division and fostering fear. He wants Americans to think that they are threatened most by immigrants and burdened most by the vulnerable. But immigrants and the vulnerable don’t rig the rules to benefit the few. Trump is betting he can use our fears to divide and distract us to blind us from his con. I believe that America is better than that. The election this fall will tell us who is right.

(—If no one else is watching the behavior of that team of angry White men on the Republican led confirmation team that questioned Dr. Christine Ford, and later Judge Brett Kavanaugh, women of the world are watching. It’s my prayer that my White sisters were listening, and were looking more carefully at Judge Kavanaugh than they looked at #45 for President when most got it wrong. Many have admitted they made a big mistake by betraying other women. They said that because they realize most non-White women had done our job to protect women’s rights and all human rights. Until this confirmation hearing, I had never heard a witness argue with the Senator asking the questions by turning around and angrily lecturing and questioning the Senator. I’d also not heard a committee chairman lecture a Senator from the other party each time he disagreed with something the opposing Senator was asking--thus using that Senator’s time. This behavior was so different from the questioning of Dr. Ford when the Republican Senators were so dismissive of what Dr. Ford had to say that they didn’t even bother to question her! They hired a woman they hoped would tear Dr. Ford apart and prevent them from taking the blame. What a pity—using a woman again to do their dirty work! Dr. Ford was courteous to both

Rod Doss Editor & Publisher Stephan A. Broadus Assistant to the Publisher Allison Palm

Rob Taylor Jr.

Jeff Marion

Office Manager

Managing Editor

Circulation Consultant

John. H. Sengstacke

Editor & Publisher Emeritus (1912-1997)

they weren’t getting the negatives about Dr. Ford they had hoped for. Sexual assault must be taken seriously. Only the Democratic Senators seemed to get that. They were level and measured with no anger, no shouting like the Republican men. They were polite and asked questions that were fair and seeking the truth—not trying to frustrate the witness. The Repubsides. She was never argumentalican men acted like they were sure tive and never snapped back at they wanted Judge Kavanaugh to Senators. She was forthright, never prove that he hated all of us, and raised her voice and never refused felt he was above even having to to respond. Then came Kavanacome before the Committee. He conugh, and along with him came the tinued to remind us that Dr. Ford fireworks! He was belligerent, angry, was in a “different social circle” than rude, aggressive, confrontational, his. It reminded me of how many etc. I could go on, but you get the Whites have often treated Black idea I’m sure. people no matter what our status is Dr. Ford never mentioned the in life. destruction of her family. Judge KaJust as the Diplomats laughed vanaugh came on like gang busters. at #45 at the United Nations for He told the Senators his family had his ridiculous claims, the world been destroyed! That left some of us must be laughing at the evasive thinking his family does not trust way the Republicans have tried him if what was said about him were to obstruct complete fact finding true! on their chosen candidate to serve If you’ve never seen an angry on the highest Court in the land. White man before, you sure experiPresident Barack Obama’s nominee enced a lot of them today when the never had a chance to have a hearRepublican men decided to dump ing. Where is the fairness? As a the distinguished woman they had lawyer, I would dread going before hired, and she didn’t give them Judge Kavanaugh in court because what they wanted. She questioned he showed us what an angry White Dr. Ford. Dr. Ford answered her man looks like and there would be questions politely—and neither no way for our causes to be fairly woman ever raised their voices— heard. (Dr. E. Faye Williams is president of the Nathen we witnessed the takeover tional Congress of Black Women.) when the Republican men decided

Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq.


White is losing its supremacy: The Black community must organize In the present era of White rightwing reaction embodied and emboldened in the president of the United States Donald Trump, the Black community must raise the level of Black analysis, and theory to guild Black struggles forward. This means “Black dialogue” on the streets, in the Black media, and other public venues. Equally, it means private dialogue in the Black community. The Black community must look internally and assess its capacity to struggle. It must critically assess the multitude of forces in motion against Trumpism. It must constantly critique the US right-wing forces that both support and oppose Trump.  Trump’s rise must be placed in the historical context that created it. Let’s begin with the year 1900. That’s the dawn of the 20th century. White supremacy stood as the dominant power around the world. It was the dominant military and economic power and therefore the dominant political power north, south, east, and west. It expected to reign until the end of time.  It was known by the many names, slogans, and themes that it gave itself “The White Man’s Burden,” The British Empire, French Indo China, the Belgium Congo, Manifest Destiny, the United States of America.  It assumed countless modes of operations, determined by the necessities of the moment, to murder, and plunder peoples-of-color world-wide. This included colonialism, Native American reservations, genocide, Black Codes, even racially segregated lunch counters?  In the 20th century this continued through two European civil wars fought for the world’s heavyweight championship of White power. These wars go by the misnomers of World War I and World War II. When the first war ended in 1917 an estimated 41 million people had been killed. The estimates for the second war range from 50 to 80 million people killed. Well over 100 million people were killed in both wars.  The wars devastated Britain, France, Germany and the other major combatants except one. The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans saved the

argued for years that the United States is trapped in permanent economic stagnation with expansion bubbles and bust cycles. The massive 2008 financial recession was the latest bust. The present decade-long modest recovery is the current bubble. The next bubble, they argue, must come, and we add this, aggravated by right-wing reaction: Trump. United States, and it became the The destitute White blue-collar undisputed world’s heavy weight working-class, and the White rural champion of White supremacy, a poor are the widely reported victims role it cherished. No previous power of this permanent stagnation in in human history compared to the mature US capitalism.    post-1945 hegemony of the United Despite the fall of the Soviet Union, States.  the United States’ immediate postAfrican Americans often, willingly 1945 ideological and political rival, and unwillingly, succumb to the lies the decline of US hegemony persists. and mythology White supremacy Despite the coming of the computwraps around itself. They describe er-based information “revolution,” White supremacy as a supernatural the decline has continued. Despite power that reigns outside of history all of the unimagined political and and above the world. It is not.  technological events since America’s At base, White supremacy is “the wars in Southeast Asia, the decline White man” with a gun, the miligoes on.  tary power to coerce, exploit, and The two most recent US presioppress the non-European peoples dents Barack Obama and Donald of the world for his material and Trump both owe their White House psychological benefit. Like all things victories to the crisis of traditionin existence White supremacy had a al mainstream White leadership.  birthday. It came into being, and it Without this terminal crisis, A will-and is-passing away.  Black president would not have Since 1945, the White colonial been elected in 2008 and 2012 nor empires of Britain, France, Portugal an undisputable and unabashed and the others have fallen. Since moron in 2016. And in the last then, China has expelled European presidential race, a woman, Hildomination and now has the world’s lary Clinton, would not have been second largest national economy the Democratic Party’s candidate and is projected to pass number and an avowed socialist, Bernie one the United States over the next Sanders, would never have been a decade.  prominent Democratic candidate. The peak of America’s global Neither the Democratic Party nor power—”when the United States the Republican Party can resolve sneezed the world caught a cold”— the maladies that grip the nation.    was from 1945 through the US wars In 2008 and 2009 with the Obamain Southeast Asia, roughly 25 years. winds at its back, the Black commuThe financial costs of trying to main- nity refused to seize that historical tain a massive war and high domes- moment and build the organizations tic consumption (“guns and butter”) and institutions it must have to forced the United States government wage the Black Freedom Movement. into a deficit that grows ever worse.  Now with the trashing Donald The US has lost much of its manu- Trump-storms in its face, the Black facturing base. The economy is now community has an historic opportusome 60 percent manufacturing, nity to do what it refused to do ungood and services, and some 40 perder Obama. This is the paramount cent financial speculation. Monthly challenge within the Black commuReview economists Fred Magdoff nity, as white supremacy loses its and John Bellamy have convincingly supremacy.

Fred Logan


The significance of ‘Sorry to Bother You’ by Bill Fletcher Jr.

Founded 1910


Women are watching!


Trump’s stump speech is a con job

OCTOBER 3-9 2018

I was excited about the prospect of seeing Boots Riley’s “Sorry to Bother You” from the moment that I saw the advertisements. Yet I was not prepared for the totality of the film because the ads emphasized only one piece: the White voice. Without giving away the plot, the “White voice” refers to how workers in a mythical telemarking firm are supposed to speak—over the phone— with potential clients. In order to win the favor of White clients, they are to speak with a “White voice.” Every African American, and for that matter, every person of color in the USA, is familiar with the basic notion of a “White voice.” We are hit with that on a regular basis whereby our language, accents, etc., are viewed as somehow outside of the mainstream and, in many cases, perceived as threatening.

Riley took this to another level as a way of critiquing US society. He does it in an outstanding manner. The film, however, is much more than about the White voice. It is about class struggle, racial justice struggle, gender justice struggle…in fact, it is about the very notion of collective struggle. And the setting is a near-future USA with a telemarketing firm whose workers look just like the working class of today. These workers struggle to band together to build a labor union and fight for their rights but also to challenge a mega-company that has dangerous plans afoot. “Sorry to Bother You” mixes satire, near-future science fiction, an appreciation of collective struggle, and a dire warning of the manner in which contemporary global capitalism is grinding us all down and destroying our humanity. It is the destruction of our humanity that Riley handles in such a superb manner.

When the film ended I remained seated as I processed what I had just seen. But I also wanted to overhear other viewers and get a sense of their comments. Many were as excited and moved as me. But there were a few people that exited the theatre who were clearly baffled by the film. I suspect that they were not expecting a film that was anything but linear. It did not just focus on race; it did not just focus on class; it did not focus only on gender. It was truly multi-dimensional and was at the same time pushing the audience out of their comfort zones so that they were not just viewing a film; they were forced to view the USA, only through very different glasses. If you have not seen the film, you must put the time aside to do it. My concern with films as great as this one is that they will disappear before they have fully gained traction. (Bill Fletcher Jr. is the former president of TransAfrica Forum.)

CLASSIFIED New Pittsburgh Courier


OCTOBER 3-9, 2018



Help Wanted

Help Wanted



Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission seeks technical specialist with strong background in travel demand modeling, database development and data analysis. Experience with demographic, economic, and transportation demand forecasting models. Masters degree in Geography, Engineering, Information Science, or related fields with minimum of two years experience. ompetitive salary and benefits. Details at EEO/AA/M/F/Vet/Disability Employer


Carnegie Mellon University, H. John Heinz III College in Pittsburgh, PA seeks Research Scientist for its Initiative for Digital Entertainment Analytics (IDEA) center to conduct information systems research with regard to digital distribution channels for entertainment content, including anti-piracy strategies for the motion picture industry. Duties will include: (i) planning, creating, and conducting information systems experiments and building research tools; (ii) recording data and analyzing data sets; (iii) writing research papers, reports, reviews, and summaries, and presenting results to senior/other research staff; (iv) writing academic papers for publication; (v) preparing research proposals and IRB applications; (vi) liaising with research and/or production staff; and (vii) keeping up to date with relevant scientific and technical developments. Requirements: Ph.D. or foreign equivalent in Information Systems or a related field, which includes academic research and publication in peer-reviewed journals or international conferences. Must have work experience or academic research experience in: (i) programming in C, C++, C#, or Java; (ii) programming in Python, Perl, or PHP; (iii) programming in Stata, R, SAS, or SPSS; (iv) SQL scripting and programming in MySQL or SQL Server; and (v) data scraping using regular expressions. Mail resume to Ms. Emily Marshall, Carnegie Mellon University, H. John Heinz III College, 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890.


Port Authority is seeking a Specifications riter to be responsible for specification development activities related to the procurement of parts, equipment, vehicles and services as required to support operations of Authority fleet, facilities, systems and related infrastructure. Researches, writes and develops specifications for bidding and coordinates the bid process with the Purchasing & Materials Management Department. Essential Functions: •Schedules, reviews and updates existing technical specifications for annual recurring procurement items to ensure compliance with actual needs and applicable codes, standards and regulations. Coordinates this work with the user department. •Meets with end user group to define specific products, materials or equipment desired and develops or assists in the development of new technical specifications for annual recurring items and other items, as re uired. rites specifications, or reviews specifications written by others, to ensure standardization of procurement process and maximize specification effectiveness in obtaining the best product for the least cost in the appropriate quantity. Job requirements include: •Associate or Technical Degree in mechanical, electrical or related technology fields from an accredited school. Minimum of five years of experience in preparing technical documents including developing and writing technical specifications. •Professional and effective communication skills. •Demonstrated ability in the use of Windows and Microsoft Word and Excel. •Excellent technical writing skills. •Valid PA driver’s license. Preferred attributes: •BS in Mechanical, Electrical, or Civil Engineering or a related technical field. •Experience in the procurement process. •Experience reading design drawings.

We offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits package. nterested candidates should forward a cover letter (with salary requirements) and resume to: Janet Brunner Employment Department 345 Sixth Avenue, 3rd Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15222-2527 EOE

To place a display ad in the New Pittsburgh Courier call 412-481-8302 ext. 128 or 129


Covestro LLC seeks Senior Application Development Scientist to work in Pittsburgh, PA, & support NAFTA business interests by providing technical expertise to deliver coatings, adhesives & specialty (CAS) products & solutions that satisfy customer & end user needs. Apply at

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The Judicial Conference of the United States has authorized the appointment of a full-time United States Magistrate Judge for the Western District of Pennsylvania at Pittsburgh. The current annual salary is $191,360. The term of the office is eight years. A full public notice, application form and instructions on how to apply for the position are posted on the court’s website at employment and also are available in the ffice of the lerk of ourt at each of the United States Courthouses located at the Joseph F. Weis Jr Courthouse, Suite 3110, 700 Grant Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 17 South Park Row, Room A-150, Erie, Pennsylvania and 20 Penn Traffic Building, 319 Washington Street, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Applications must be personally completed by potential nominees and must be received by 4:00 p.m. on October 31, 2018. Joshua C. Lewis Clerk of Court ANNOUNCEMENTS Public Notice


Effective Wednesday, October 10, 2018, at 8:00 a.m., the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP) will open the waiting list for the following Project Based Voucher Site Based Units: •New affordable townhomes on Federal and Henderson Streets (3-Bedroom only) - 15212 Not all households will be eligible for a 3-bedroom unit, as the age, gender and relationships of household members affect the number of bedrooms for which a household is eligible. Income and eligibility restrictions of the Housing Choice Voucher Program apply. Pre-applications can be submitted in person to the HACP Occupancy Department between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., mailed to the address below, or faxed to 412456-5182. For information about obtaining a pre-application for the new affordable townhomes on Federal and Henderson Streets, please contact the Occupancy Department at 412-456-5030 or visit our website at Position on the waiting list will be determined based upon the date and time stamp received once the completed pre-application is submitted to the Occupancy Department. Persons with disabilities requiring accommodation to submit a pre-application can contact the HACP’s isability ompliance ffice at 12456-5282. For those that are deaf or hard of hearing, you can also contact HACP at TDD: 412-201-5384. This event is for Project Based Vouchers for the new affordable townhomes on Federal and Henderson Streets ONLY and is completely separate from the HACP Housing Choice Voucher and Low Income Public Housing Programs. The Housing Authority of the City Of Pittsburgh Occupancy Department 100 Ross Street – 4th Floor Pittsburgh, PA 15219


Estate of CYNTHIA L. ROSS, deceased of Pittsburgh, PA file number is 021 03102. The Administrator of the Estate is Darlene Ross, but all correspondence should be sent to Quinntarra Morant, Esq. at PO Box 10946, Pittsburgh, PA 15236. Estate of EDNA M. WADE, Deceased of Verona, Pennsylvania Patricia E. Cook, Executrix, 8040 Thon Drive, Verona, PA 15147 or to Bruce S. Gelman, Esquire; Gelman & Reisman aw ffices Suite 1 01, aw and Finance Building, 429 Fourth Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Estate of MS. GRACE KOCJAN, Deceased of 201 Coraopolis Road, #7, Coraopolis, PA 15108. Estate No. 02-18-05597. Ms Donna Simmers of 318 Columbia Drive, #201, Carrollton, GA 30117, Administrator c/o Max C. Feldman, Attorney At Law, 1322 Fifth Avenue, Coraopolis, PA 15108.


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Legal Notices






Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of the Fictitious Name Act of Pennsylvania that an application for registration of a fictitious name was filed with the epartment of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the conduct of a business under the fictitious name of Strength PTN, with its principal office or place of business at 1 Alpha Drive East, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. The name and address of of the person who is party to the registration is Physical Now, LLC, 1 Alpha Drive East, Pittsburgh, PA 15238. The name of the fictitious name is Strength PTN


LEGAL ADVERTISEMENT Port Authority of Allegheny County REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL NO. 18-08

Port Authority of Allegheny County is requesting proposals for the performance of the following service: GOVERNMENTAL RELATIONS AND LEGISLATIVE CONSULTING SERVICES The work under the proposed Agreement consists of providing government lobbying and legislative consulting services (Services) to assist in properly representing the Authority before political bodies and similar organizations as deemed necessary by the Authority. This would include: (1) The executive and legislative branches of the Federal government; and (2) The executive and legislative branches of the State and Local government; A copy of the RFP will be available on or after October 1, 2018, and can be obtained by registering at the Port Authority ebusiness website: http://ebusiness.portauthor and following the directions listed on the website. Please note that Proposers must register under the ebusiness category of PSLC – Pro Legislative Consulting for this RFP. Proposers may also register in other categories for any future RFPs issued by Port Authority. If you have specific uestions regarding this RFP, please contact Catherine Terrill at (412) 566-5188. An Information Meeting for interested parties will be held at 9:00 a.m., prevailing time, October 10, 2018 in the Fifth Floor Board Room of Port Authority of Allegheny County’s downtown offices, 3 Sixth Avenue to answer any questions regarding this RFP. Hard copy proposals must be both delivered to, and time stamped by a representative of the Purchasing and Materials Management Department at or before 2:00 p.m., prevailing time, November 1, 2018, at the Purchasing and Materials Management Department, Port Authority of Allegheny County, 345 Sixth Avenue, Third Floor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15222-2527. Proposals received or time stamped in the Purchasing and Materials Management Department after the advertised time for the submission of proposals shall be non-responsive and therefore ineligible for award. Each Proposer shall be solely responsible for assuring that its proposal is timely received and time stamped in accordance with the requirements herein. This Contract Services may be funded, in part, by, and subject to certain requirements of, the County of Allegheny and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The proposal process and the performance of the requested services will be in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. Port Authority of Allegheny County, in compliance with 74 Pa.C.S. § 303, as may be amended, require that certified iverse Businesses (“DBs”) have the maximum opportunity to participate in the performance of contracts and subcontracts for these Contract Services. In this regard, all Proposers shall make good faith efforts in accordance with 74 Pa.C.S. § 303, to ensure that DBs have the maximum opportunity to compete for and perform contracts. Proposers shall also not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, age, disability, national origin, sexual origin, gender identity or status as a parent in the award and performance of contracts for these Contract Services. Port Authority of Allegheny County reserves the right to reject any or all proposals.

The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority is soliciting Bids for Contract No. 1696 Uniform Rental Services, for which Proposals will be received until 11:00 A.M., Prevailing Time, Wednesday, October 17, 2018 at the office of the Authority. ALCOSAN encourages businesses owned and operated by minorities and women to submit bids on Authority Proposals or to participate as subcontractors or suppliers to the successful bidder. Successful Bidders are to use minority or women’s businesses to the fullest extent possible. The Authority reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals, to waive any informality in any Proposal and to accept any Proposal should it be deemed in the interest of the Authority to do so. Bid Security in the Amount of $ 3,000.00 is required. Documents pertaining to the submission of Bids are available at the office of the Authority, 3300 Preble Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233. Any questions regarding this contract document should be directed to Benjamin J. Heilman, Contract Supervisor at 412734-6204 or Benjamin.Heilman@ ALLEGHENY COUNTY SANITARY AUTHORITY Benjamin J. Heilman Contract Supervisor


The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh (HACP) hereby request proposals from ualified irms or Individuals capable of providing the following service(s): ELECTRICAL SUPPORT AUTHORITY WIDE 2018 REBID IFB# 300-13-18-REBID The documents will be available no later than October 1, 2018 and signed, sealed bids will be accepted until 9:00 a.m. on October 19, 2018 at which time they will be Time and Date Stamped at 100 Ross Street 2nd Floor, Suite 200, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, at which time they will be opened and read aloud. Parties or individuals interested in responding may download a copy of the Solicitation from the Business Opportunities page of www.HACP. org. Questions or inquiries should be directed to: Mr. Kim Detrick Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh Procurement Department 100 Ross Street 2nd Floor, Suite 200 Pittsburgh, PA 15219 412-456-5116 Opt 1 A pre bid meeting will be held: Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh Procurement Dept. 100 Ross Street 2nd. Fl. Ste. 200 Pittsburgh, PA 15213 October 11, 2018 9:00 A.M. The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh strongly encourages certified minority business enterprises and women business enterprises to respond to this solicitation. HACP’s has revised their website. As part of those revisions, vendors must now register and log-in, in order to view and download IFB/RFPs documentation. Caster D. Binion, Executive Director Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh HACP conducts business in accordance with all federal, state, and local civil rights laws, including but not limited to Title VII, the Fair Housing Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act, The PA Human Relations Act, etc. and does not discriminate against any individuals protected by these statutes.


Sealed proposals shall be deposited at the Administration Building, Room 2 1, 3 1 South Bellefield Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15213, on October 16, 2018, until 2:00 P.M., local prevailing time for a Service Contract for the following: Cupples Stadium, Pittsburgh, PA Pressbox and Toilet Renovations General, Asbestos, Plumbing and Electrical Primes Project Manual and Drawings will be available for purchase September 26, 2018 for Cupples Stadium at Modern Reproductions (412-488-7700), 127 McKean Street, Pittsburgh, Pa., 15219 between 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. The cost of the Project Manual Documents is non-refundable. Project details and dates are described in each project manual.


Sealed proposals will be received by the Municipality of Penn Hills, Pennsylvania, at the Purchasing ffice, located at 102 uff Road Pittsburgh PA 15235, 10:30 A.M. prevailing time, Wednesday October 10, 2018, and will be publicly opened immediately thereafter in the Council Chambers, at the Government Center, 102 Duff Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15235, for the furnishing of all labor and material (as required) for: DEMOLITIONS – Penn Hills 2018 Package Number 12 708 Beulah Road 369-P-306 110 Bessemer Street 632-B-192 206 Curtis Street 296-D-244 222 Dorothy Drive 368-H-256 12409 Frankstown Road 448-R-337 1916 Funston Street 172-S-12 10019 Grandview Avenue 295-G-249 1855 Lincoln Road 172-S-339 29 Paxico Avenue 172-M-284 10134 Pearl Road 295-H-15 1891 Runnette Street 173-D-294 This project is funded 100% with Federal Community Development Block Grant Funds. This pro ect will be financed with assistance from HUD; and therefore, it is subject to Section 3 of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, which gives preference in hiring to low and very-low income persons. Specifications may be obtained at the Administration/Purchasing Office 12 3 2-03 0, overnment Center 102 Duff Road Pittsburgh PA 15235 for a non refundable fee of $25.00. Potential bidders with hearing impairment requiring information on this project can call the State Relay ffice at 1- 00to contact the Municipality. Proposal must be on Standard Proposal Forms in the manner therein and be enclosed in a sealed envelope bearing the name and address of the bidder on the outside, addressed to the Purchasing ffice and marked: “Demolitions – Penn Hills 2018 Package Number 12”. Proposal must be accompanied by a certified check drawn upon a National or State Bank and made payable without conditions to the Municipality of Penn Hills, in an amount not less than ten (10) percent of the proposal, or a Bid Bond, and be delivered to the place and hour named. The Municipality reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. Attention is called to the Federal requirements regarding employment, non-discrimination, safety and State regulations. The Municipality reserves the right to award this solicitation on an itemby-item basis or lump sum basis, whichever is in the best interest of the Municipality The Municipality reserves the right to remove any property from the demo list before actual demo takes place. Mohammed F. Rayan Municipal Manager

TO PLACE AN AD IN SOUL READERS Call 412-481-8302, Ext. 140 The deadline for all ads to be placed is Monday at 4 p.m. All ads must be paid for in advance. We accept Money Orders, Credit Cards and Western Union “Quick Collect” payments.








The Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) recently issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Older Adults Protective Services After-Hours Phoneline Response Service are due by 3 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, November 15, 2018. For more details and submission information, visit: Human-Services/Resources/ Doing-Business/Solicitations(RFP/RFQ/RFI).aspx. Marc Cherna Director Allegheny County Department of Human Services


The Allegheny County Sanitary Authority is soliciting Bids for CONTRACT NO. 1705, FURNISH AND DELIVER CAUSTIC SODA – DIAPHRAGM GRADE. Bids will be received until 11:00 A.M., Prevailing Time, Thursday, October 18, 2018 at the office of the Authority, 3300 Preble Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233. The Bids will then be publically opened and read. ALCOSAN encourages businesses owned and operated by minorities and women to submit bids on Authority Proposals or to participate as subcontractors or suppliers to the successful bidders. Successful Bidders are to use minority or women’s businesses to the fullest extent possible. The Authority reserves the right to reject any or all Bids, to waive any informality in any Bid and to accept any Bid should it be deemed in the interest of the Authority to do so. Bid Security shall be furnished by providing with the Bid a Certified Check or Bid Bond in the amount of $5,000.00. The Successful Bidder shall be required to furnish a Performance Bond in the amount of $50,000.00 Documents pertaining to the submission of Bids are available at the Engineering office of the Authority, 3300 Preble Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15233. Any questions regarding this Contract Document should be directed to Benjamin J. Heilman, Contract Supervisor, at (412) 7346204 or ALLEGHENY COUNTY SANITARY AUTHORITY Benjamin J. Heilman Contract Supervisor


Electronic Proposals will be received online at the Port Authority of Allegheny County’s Ebusiness website (http://ebusiness.port Proposals/bid submittals will be due 11:00 AM on October 26, 2018 and will be read at 11:15 AM., the same day, at Port Authority’s Heinz location (345 Sixth Avenue, Third Floor, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222-2527), for the following: Electronic Proposal - Ebusiness website (http://ebusiness. B180851A Bus Batteries B180952A Janitorial Supplies -General B180953A Janitorial Supplies-Cleaning Products B180956A Wheel Flange Lubrication Sticks-LRV Paper Proposal – Documents are available for the following item at Port Authority’s Main Offices 345 Sixth Avenue, Third Floor, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15222-2527 B180955A Leasing & Servicing of Coach Tires No bidder may withdraw a submitted Proposal for a period of 75 days after the scheduled time for opening of the sealed bids. A Pre-Bid Conference will be held on each of the above items at 10:00am October 10, 2018 at Port Authority’s Heinz location (345 Sixth Avenue, Third Floor, Pittsburgh, PA). Attendance at this meeting is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged. Questions regarding any of the above bids will not be entertained by the Port Authority within 48 hours of the scheduled bid opening. These contracts may be subject to a financial assistance contract between Port Authority of Allegheny County and the United States Department of Transportation. The Contractor will be required to comply with all applicable Equal Employment Opportunity laws and regulations. Contractor is responsible for expenses related to acquiring a performance bond and insurance where applicable. All items are to be FOB delivered unless otherwise specified. Costs for delivery, bond, and insurance shall be included in bidder’s proposal pricing. Port Authority of Allegheny County hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively insure that in regard to any contract entered into pursuant to this advertisement, disadvantaged business enterprise will be afforded full opportunity to submit bids in response to this invitation and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for an award. The Board of Port Authority reserves the right to reject any or all bids.


OCTOBER 3-9, 2018




The Allegheny County Department of Human Services (DHS) recently issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for Older Adult Protective Services Providers are due by 3 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, November 15, 2018. For more details and submission information, visit: Human-Services/Resources/ Doing-Business/Solicitations(RFP/RFQ/RFI).aspx. Marc Cherna Director Allegheny County Department of Human Services

60 of 80 homicides Black lives...September homicides: 4 of 6 were Black HOMICIDES FROM A5 to call of shots fired, encountered Miller at the scene. After a brief exchange of gunfire, Miller shot himself in the head. The Allegheny County Coroner has ruled it a murder-suicide. APRIL 7—Aaron David James, a 29-year-old Black male, was found fatally shot in an alley behind the 1300 block of Franklin Street in Wilkinsburg. As yet, police have not identified a suspect or motive. Anyone with information is asked to all county detectives at 1-833-255-8477. APRIL 11—Dolores Williams, a 39-year-old Black female, was found fatally shot in the head in her Stowe Township home. Her teen daughter was also shot but was stabilized at a local hospital. Police immediately began searching for 42-year-old Jamar Allen, who was also wanted for the home-invasion assault of a minor in March. He was found later the same day in his car in Homewood, dead from a self-inflicted gunshot. APRIL 11—The skeletal remains of Zackery Sheets, a 20-year-old White male missing for more than a year, were found by a hiker walking through the woods off Milltown Road in Penn Hills. The coroner’s office ruled the death a homicide based on information gleaned from the investigation into his disappearance, but it has not released an official cause of death. Anyone with information about Sheets’ death or disappearance is asked to call 1-833-255-8477. APRIL 14—Shawn William Dillard, a 27-year-old Black male from Erie, was fatally shot in the head in the Hill District. City police found him in the 1800 block of Cliff Street. He was taken to Mercy Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Police have yet to identify a suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call 412-323-7800. APRIL 26—Phillip Daniel Pryor, a 27-yeqr-old Black male, was gunned down after leaving his girlfriend’s house in Homestead en route to his grandmother’s house. Police said, as yet, they have no motive or suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call 1-833-255-8477. March Homicides (6) MARCH 11—Brenda Kay Zelenski, a 59-year-old White female, died in a Pittsburgh hospital as the result of knife wounds she received during an

altercation with her husband, also dead, in Indiana County, March 3. MARCH 16—Juan Green, a 31-year-old Black male, was fatally shot after getting into an argument outside Becker’s Café on Olivia Street in the McKees Rocks Bottoms. Police arrested 33-year-old Tyree Davis less than a day later at a home in Sheraden. Davis is awaiting trial in the Allegheny County Jail. MARCH 18—Tyrone Noaks, a 28-year-old Black male, died as a result of wounds he received when he was shot in McKees Rocks, Feb. 3. The investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call Allegheny County Homicide Detectives at 412-473-1300. MARCH 19—Shawn Brandon, a 22-year-old White male, was fatally shot at the corner of Eccles Street and Marengo Street on the South Side Slopes. Witnesses said he was leaning into the driver’s side window of a car when he was shot. He identified his killer as 21-yearold Amasa Camp. Police arrested Camp three days later. He is awaiting trial in the Allegheny County Jail. MARCH 24—Walter Smith, an 83-year-old White male, died after a tenant he was trying to evict from his West Homestead property struck him in the head and shoved him down a flight of stairs. Dominic Anicola, 57, was arrested and awaits trial in the Allegheny County Jail. MARCH 26—Hasan Ishmael Abdul-Rabb, a 24-year-old Black male, was fatally shot in the 3200 block of Ward Street in Oakland in an apparent drug deal turned robbery. Shayne Craighead, 22, and Velmon Dowling, 21, were arrested after leading police on a chase in the victim’s rented car. Both are in the Allegheny County Jail. February Homicides (8) FEB. 4—Joseph Secora, a 39-year-old White male who allegedly had mental health issues, was fatally shot while trying to break into his sister’s house in Springdale. The victim’s nephew, 21-year-old James Cain, shot Secora once. He fled across Butler Road and collapsed between some houses. He was pronounced dead at the scene. No charges will be filed. FEB. 7—Lewis Dunning, a 64-year-old Black male from Uniontown, was found by Pitts-

burgh police lying in the middle of Paulsen Street in Lincoln-Larimer. He had been shot once in the head and was pronounced dead at the scene. A second individual, who police have not identified, was also found at the scene suffering multiple gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital and last listed in stable condition. The investigation continues. Police are asking anyone with information to call 412-323-7800. Callers may remain anonymous. FEB. 10—Denard A. Burton, a 29-year-old Black male, was discovered by Pittsburgh police lying on the snow-covered sidewalk of the 7200 block of Stranahan Street in Homewood shot multiple times. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Police have not yet identified a suspect. The investigation is ongoing. Police are asking anyone with information to call 412-3237800. Callers may remain anonymous. FEB. 11—Mark Daniels, a 39-year-old Black male, was fatally shot by Pittsburgh police Gino A. Macioce and an unnamed recruit during a foot chase in which the officers said he fired at them twice. Allegheny County police said a .40 caliber handgun was recovered at the scene and is being tested. Daniels’ family said he didn’t own or carry a gun. They have called for the release of surveillance video and Shotspotter records that police said shows some of the pursuit. Neither officer was wearing a body camera. FEB. 16—Andre Lee, a 20-year-old Black male, was found by McKees Rocks police after they received a call about a shooting on Ella Street. He was taken to Allegheny General Hospital, where he died from multiple gunshot wounds. Allegheny County police are investigating. Anyone with information may anonymously call the toll-free Police Tipline at 833-255-8477. FEB. 22—Keiauna Lynette Davis, a 27-year-old Black female, was fatally shot while walking home along Laketon Road in Wilkinsburg when a co-worker and two accomplices robbed her for her tax refund. Dane James Taylor and Laya Alana Whitley, both 21, and Kaijin Xavier Scott, 23, are in custody awaiting trial. FEB. 26—Steven Pariser, a 71-year-old White male,

and John Robert Van Dyke, a 54-year-old White male, were both allegedly killed by 58-yearold Vincent Smith after an argument over marijuana led to a fight. Smith then set fire to the Swissvale building where the killings took place. He was rescued by firefighters and arrested. He awaits trial in the Allegheny County jail. FEB. 28—Mia Green, a 27-year-old Black female, was found by Pittsburgh police behind a home in the 7300 block of Hamilton Avenue in Homewood shot multiple times. She was pronounced dead at UPMC Presbyterian a short time later. Green had no children and no criminal record. Police are asking anyone with information to call 412-323-7800. Callers may remain anonymous. January Homicides (11) JAN. 9—Diron Lamonn Hopwood, a 25-year-old Black male, was found fatally shot by police after they received multiple 911 calls, lying in the 1400 block of N. Murtland Street in Homewood. He had been struck several times. Police have not identified a suspect. The investigation continues. JAN. 12—Shevall Davidson, a 24-year-old Black male, was fatally shot multiple times shortly after he left the J & S Food Mart on Seventh Street in Duquesne. Pittsburgh Crime Stoppers has offered a reward of up to $1,000 for information leading to an arrest. Callers may remain anonymous, 412255-8477. JAN. 17—Louise Lewis, a 73-year-old White female, was found fatally shot on the porch of her Clairton home in what Allegheny County detectives said was a murder-suicide. Her 72-year-old husband Robert was found inside the home with a self-inflicted gunshot to the head. JAN. 17—Tiffany Korbelic, a 36-year-old White female, was found fatally shot in a home in on West Elizabeth Street in Hazelwood along with 55-year-old Raymond Furlong, in what county detective also said was also a murder-suicide. Furlong, they said shot her then turned the gun on himself. JAN. 18—Anthony Bullock-Fields, a 29-year-old Black male, was shot and then run over at the intersection of Jucunda and Amanda Streets in Pittsburgh’s Knoxville neighborhood.

Pittsburgh police have not yet identified a suspect. The investigation continues. JAN. 20—Albert Boxley, a 30-year-old Black male, was found shot multiple times at the intersection of Mullins and Dickson Streets on Pittsburgh’s North Side. The shooting was captured on surveillance video, and with the help of an eye-witness, police arrested and charged 27-year-old Louis Campbell with the killing. He is currently in the Allegheny County Jail. JAN. 22—Shayne Henderson, a 21-year-old Black male, was found fatally shot in the basement of an apartment building on Everton Street in Pittsburgh’s Lincoln-Lemington neighborhood. Henderson’s was the third fatal shooting on Everton in as many months. Police have not named a suspect. The investigation continues JAN. 28—Craig Rhodes-Mitchell, a 24-year-old Black male, was found with multiple gunshot wounds in a home in the 1300 block of Centennial Street in McKeesport. County detectives have yet to identify a suspect and are asking anyone with information to call the tollfree county Tipline at 833-2558477. JAN. 28—Robert Monti, a 42-year-old White male, was found by police shot multiple in the 1200 block of Broadway Avenue in Stowe Township. He died a short time later at Ohio Valley Hospital. County detectives have yet to identify a suspect and are asking anyone with information to call the tollfree county Tipline at 833-2558477. JAN. 28—Devlen Prosdocimo, a 24-year-old White male, was shot multiple times, after being lured into a drug deal robbery on Wilner Drive in East Hills. Video shows, 17-year-old Malik “Lil Chief Keif” Johnson shooting Prosdocimo several times after he attempted to flee the robbery. Johnson is in the Allegheny County Jail. JAN. 29—Tyqueon Goins, a 20-year-old Black male, was found shot multiple times in a car on Meadows Street in Larimer. Though Pittsburgh police spokeswoman Alicia George said initial reports indicated the shooting “may be gang related.” police have not yet identified a suspect. Anyone with information is asked to call homicide detectives at 412-323-7800.

Pick up your Courier at these locations... GIANT EAGLE (15 Pittsburgh Locations) 6320 Shakespeare St., East Liberty (EAST, near BUSWAY) 4004 Monroeville Blvd., Monroeville (MONROEVILLE MALL) 230 Rodi Rd., Penn Hills (EAST inside Penn Hills Shopping Center) 9001 Frankstown Road. (EAST, corner of Frankstown and Verona Rd.) 550 Centre Ave., Shadyside (EAST, Market District) 3812 O’Neill Blvd., McKeesport (SOUTHEAST) 1356 Hoffman Blvd., West Mifflin (NEAR KENNYWOOD) 1901 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill (EAST) 4250 Murray Ave., Greenfield (EAST) 254 Yost Blvd., Forest Hills/Braddock Hills (SOUTH EAST) 1705 S. Braddock Ave., Edgewood Towne Center (EAST) 420 East Waterfront Dr., Homestead (SOUTHEAST) 2021 Wharton Ave. (SOUTH SIDE FLATS) 318 Cedar Ave., North Side (NORTH near E. OHIO ST.) Crafton/Ingram Shopping Center, 51 Walsh Road (WEST END) NORTH SIDE LOCATIONS North Side Beer and Beverage, 1304 Federal St. 7-11, 1001 Western Ave. RICHEY’S BARBER SHOP 1207 N. Franklin St. NORTH SIDE VALERO 820 Pennsylvania Ave. RITE AID 802 Pennsylvania Ave. MARSHALL SHELL 1500 Spring Garden Ave. SWINKO’S MARKET 2535 Perrysville Ave.

MERCY STREET EXPRESS 6 Mercy St. HARV’S EXXON 2501 Brighton Rd. QUICK SCHWARTZ 3235 Brighton Rd. HANINI MARKET 3245 Brighton Rd. SOUTH SIDE LOCATIONS KEN’S MARKET 216 Beltzhoover Ave. Daily Mart 1125 Arlington Ave. SHOP N’ SAVE Brownsville Rd., Carrick WEST END LOCATIONS CRAFTON BEVERAGE 15 Foster Ave., Crafton/Ingram Shopping Center SHEETZ 5400 Campbells Run Rd. SHOP N SAVE 2103 Noblestown Rd. HILL DISTRICT LOCATIONS SHOP N’ SAVE 1850 Centre Ave. WONG’S MARKET 2170 Centre Ave. ANN’S MARKET 2316 Webster Ave. A-PLUS MINI MARKET 2350 Centre Ave. UJAMMA BOUTIQUE 1901 Centre Ave. K LEROY IRVIS TOWERS 715 Mercer St. ABE’S MARKET 1860 Centre Ave. WYLIE TOBACCO 2152 Wylie Ave. POPULAR EAST END

LOCATIONS GETGO 4924 Baum Blvd. BP GAS STATION 11835 Frankstown Rd., Penn Hills PUFF’S DISCOUNT TOBACCO 10991 Frankstown Rd., Penn Hills SHOP N’ SAVE 3335 William Penn Hwy, near Monroeville Mall GETGO 10525 Frankstown Rd., Penn Hills CVS PHARMACY 10600 Frankstown Rd., Penn Hills SHELL GAS STATION 7619 Baum Blvd., Shadyside STANTON NEGLEY DRUG 804 N. Negley Ave., Highland Park UNIMART 5724 Ellsworth Ave., Shadyside SHELL GAS STATION 6701 Frankstown Rd., East Hills SQUIRREL HILL NEWS 5804 Forbes Ave., Squirrel Hill MURRAY AVE. NEWS 2024 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill PUFF’S DISCOUNT TOBACCO 234 Yost Blvd., Braddock Hills DORSEY’S RECORDS 7614 Frankstown Ave., Homewood HOMEWOOD MARKET 7201 Frankstown Ave., Homewood SHEETZ 3457 William Penn Hwy., Monroeville WILLIAM PENN SMOKE SHOP 132 North Highland Ave., East Liberty DOWNTOWN LOCATIONS PENN AVENUE 7-11 (Sixth and Penn) Koppers Building (Ninth and Penn) NEWS-NUMBERS 136 Penn Avenue SMITHFIELD STREET

SMITHFIELD NEWS 115 Smithfield St. 7-11 SMITHFIELD 420 Smithfield St. GRANT STREET FABER COE & GREGG 500 Grant St. FABER COE & GREGG 600 Grant St. NIELSEN’S STORES One Oxford Centre, Grant St. WOOD STREET 7-11 429 Wood St. NEWSTAND Sixth and Wood ONE STOP 300 Sixth & Wood OTHER DOWNTOWN LOCATIONS INCLUDE... KWIK-E-MART 212 Tenth St. 7-11 643 Liberty Ave. ESTER’S SNAX Federal Building, Second Floor FABER COE & GREGG Fifth Ave. Place, First Floor EXTRA EXTRA NEWS 413 Seventh Ave. UTSAV NEWS 400 Cherry Way C&C NEWS 2 PPG Place EDDIE’S SNACKS 262 Fifth Ave. BIG DADDY 465 Forbes Ave. And to subscribe to the New Pittsburgh Courier, call us! 412-481-8302, ext. 134.


OCTOBER 3-9, 2018

President Laughingstock (—Our 45th President rushed back from his United Nations meeting in New York to watch the hearing of his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and his accuser Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Reportedly, he was impressed by Dr. Ford, but excited by Kavanaugh’s belligerently offensive session with the senators.   From my perspective, Kavanaugh was disgraceful. He attacked Democratic senators, at one point asking Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar if she had a drinking problem!  His angry, entitled temperament was inconsistent with Supreme Court service.  But by the time this is published he is likely to have been voted onto the court.  While the Supreme Court deliberations have dominated the news, it is essential to consider the way that 45 appeared on the world stage.  First, he was inexplicably and rudely late to the UN, signaling his own contempt for the organization and its members.  Indeed, according to New Yorker reporter Robin Wright, the UN had to scramble to find another speaker to fill in 45’s assigned time.  Then, just minutes after 45 began talking, the assembled group started laughing at him.  Undoubtedly they were amused about his assertions of having done more than any other Administration in US history.  45 was speaking to more than one hundred and thirty heads of state and dozens of other delegations.  They laughed because 45 is truly funny. As he ran for President, 45 constantly scolded that our country was the “laughingstock” of the world.  Then he stood in front of other world leaders and proved them correct.  Our nation is not a laughingstock, but President Trump

Julianne Malveaux

Commentary surely is. He is out of touch with the rest of the world, out of order in his dealings with others, and out of control with his myopic “America First” philosophy.  We may still be the most powerful nation in the world, but we are holding onto that perch only tentatively.  We’re not the largest country in the world.  The population of India, at 1.35 billion, or the population of China, the world’s most populous nation, at 1.41 billion people, dwarfs our population of roughly 326 million people.   We are a scant 4.3 percent of the world population.  India is 17.7 percent of the world population, and China is a whopping 18.5 percent of the world population.  Population size is not necessarily an indicator of power, and most concede that the United States remains an influential world leader.  But we are a world leader now led by a clown, the laughingstock of the world.  And in embracing an “America First” doctrine, we isolate ourselves from others and diminish our own world power. Our power has come from our ability to play well in the world.  It has come from our embrace of globalism. Indeed, our economic growth has often been a function of our global role.  People want to come to the United States, to study the United States, to vacation in the United States and to enjoy the products and brands of the United States (McDonald’s and Nike are but two examples).   Our President’s behavior repels people from the United States instead of attracting people to us.  His jingoistic “America First” speech belied decades of international cooperation. His notion that nations are better off going it alone than working in collaboration is isolationist nonsense.  His speech would have been better delivered to his sycophants who drink his FoolAid than to a thoughtful international audience of his peer world leaders.  “America is governed by Americans,” 45 said.  “We reject the ideology of globalism, and we embrace the doctrine of patriotism. Inside everyone in this great chamber today, and everyone listening all around the globe, there is the heart of a patriot that feels the same powerful love for your nation, the same intense loyalty to your homeland.”  It is possible to be a patriot and also embrace globalism, especially if we are thinking of our nation’s well being in the long run.  In other words, the world is interlinked, and our countries are intertwined.  What would we have to give up if we “went it alone”?  I don’t think 45 is capable of thinking this through.  What if countries decided to stop doing business with us?  What products would we have to give up?   At the United Nations meeting last year, 45 ridiculed North Korean President Kim Jong Un as “Little Rocket Man.”  Now Mr. Rocket Man is his new best friend, worthy of 45’s praise.  45 heralded his June summit with Kim Jong Un as a success, but there has been little or no progress made toward denuclearization.  Now he says he wants another summit with the North Korean President. No wonder the world is laughing at him.  He doesn’t know which way is up!   Thus, he has jeopardized our relationship with Canada, with his “renegotiation” of NAFTA.  He has alienated our allies with his insistence on withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, even as Britain, China, France, Germany, and Russia affirm their agreement to the deal.  And he has continued to coddle Russia, barely mentioning proven Russian interference in US elections.  The world is watching, and the world is laughing.  The disastrous display of US jurisprudence in the Kavanaugh case illustrates the breakdown of our democracy.  Further, the amusing performance that our President offered to the United Nations cemented his place as the world laughingstock and disgraced us all!  (Julianne Malveaux is an author and economist.)


Dock Fielder was a man of his word!

As a youngeducation or ster, Dock Louis ‘Hop’ Kendrick titles did not Fielder and make a perI met at Amson. There mon Recrehas to be ation Field on something inBedford Avside you that enue. There motivates came a time you to do Dock moved that which is to East Liberright. Dock’s ty and became active in the Demo- biggest critics were those persons cratic Party. I became active in poli- who did not even know him. They tics in the Lower Hill as a registered were those colored persons who Republican. In 1971, I moved to had some degree of acceptance of East Liberty and it was the rebirth certain White folks, those who had of an old friendship, almost like we been to college and had earned dehad not been separated. grees. They saw it as an insult for a There were a number of persons man like Dock Fielder, who had not who did not understand our close- been to college, not been a gifted orness since we had spent our time ator, and in their minds was a street supporting different political par- politician who occupied the position ties. However, those persons fail to Downtown as the spokesperson for understand that there was a com- Black people. mon denominator that enhance our I sat in meetings where a number friendship—our love for our people. of important decisions were made Over my lifetime I’ve met and that related to Black folks and one known the overwhelming majority Black man stood head and shoulof Black people, men and women, ders above all others who had fooled who profess to be determined to themselves that they had the ear of improve the quality of life of Black the power brokers. It was my man people. I had marched, picketed, and friend, Dock Fielder. A giant of attended untold numbers of meet- a man who never said yes when he ings across Allegheny County and meant no, his word was his bond. We excelled at reading people. I un- were offered $50,000 cash to change derstood very clearly those persons our minds about supporting Dunn who loved the Democratic Party and Kramer over the Democratic more than their people, and those Party candidates and jointly the anwhose only concern was themselves, swer was NO. Yes, Dock Fielder was and last but not least, those who truly a man of his word. just loved old Massa. There will always be those who There were some colored persons I cast stones at the DOCKS of the would expose, chastise in the public world, there is a verse in the Bible and private to no avail, and others for you: “There are none perfect, no I would not waste my energy say- not one.” I truly knew them all. (Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to ing anything to. My daddy had instilled in us that money, position, the New Pittsburgh Courier.)

To Tell The Truth

The vanishing Senate hearing: The crisis of congressional adolescence At the begintified. Here are ning of 2018, J. Pharaoh Doss a few. during the first 1). Showing off week of Jan2). Know-ituary, I wrote, all-ism “It’s a new year 3). Uncooperain the 21st centive out of spite tury.” The cen4). Rushing to tury has turned judgment 18. In human 5). Ignoring terms the cenfair play to win tury has officially grown up. But for I also didn’t think my return to the the past 18 years, academics have theme in “The Vanishing American attempted to predict “the problem” Adult” would be prompted by the of the 21st century. (This was a play author himself. Senator Sasse lecoff the famous phrase, the problem tured his Senate colleagues about of the 20th century will be the col- propriety and governance at the beor line.) I said each academic disci- ginning of this Senate confirmation pline has their suspicions, but there hearing most Americans considered is no consensus on the matter. Then disgraceful. I asked, what has been the problem Senator Sasse said, “It’s predictof the 21st century so far? able that every confirmation hearThe answer was the extension of ing now is going to be an overblown adolescence into adulthood. politicized circus, and it’s because I referenced Republican senator we accepted a new theory about how Ben Sasse’s 2017 book, called,” The our three branches of government Vanishing American Adult: Our should work…So, how did we get coming-of-age-crisis—And how to here, and how can we fix it? I want rebuild a culture of self-reliance.” to make four brief points.” The book claimed, “The coming1). The legislative branch is supof-age rituals that have defined posed to be the center of our politics. the American experience since the 2). It’s not. Why? Because for the founding: Learning the value of last century and increasing by the working with your hands, leaving decade…more and more legislative home to start a family, becoming authority is delegated to the execueconomically self-reliant—are be- tive branch every year; both parties ing delayed or skipped altogeth- do it. The legislature is impotent, er. The statistics are daunting: 30 the legislature is weak, and most percent of college students drop people here want their jobs more out after the first year, and only 4 than they want to do legislative in 10 will graduate. One in three work, so they punt most of the work 18-34 year olds lives with their to the next branch. parents. Senator Sasse believes 3). This transfer of power means American Democracy depends on the people yearn for a place where responsible, contributing adults to politics can actually be done. When function properly… Without them we don’t do a lot of big actual deAmerica falls prey to populist bating here we transfer it to the demagogues.” Supreme Court, and that’s why the I knew I would eventually return Supreme Court is increasingly a to this theme, but I didn’t imagine substitute political battleground in it would involve the actual adoles- America…it’s not healthy…and it’s cence of a Supreme Court justice something our founders wouldn’t be nominee, and an FBI probe into a able to make any sense of. 4). We badly need to restore the sexual assault the nominee allegedly committed when he was 17 years proper duties and the balance of old. (The irony here is the search for power. In 2016, the year before Senator the nominee’s innocence is sought after within that brief span of time Sasse published “The Vanishing when innocence is lost.) Many American Adult,” he stated, “Neither traits of adolescence were put on political party works. They bicker display by senators of both parties like children about tiny things.” But, on big things the bickering is before, during, and after the Senate hearing where Supreme Court downright juvenile. (J. Pharaoh Doss is a contributor to the nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, and his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, tes- New Pittsburgh Courier.)

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Nsenga K. Burton


America’s favorite dad is a convicted rapist America’s favorite Dad is now behind bars. A sad ending to a fairytale story of success against all odds in an entertainment industry not known for being historically kind to Black folk has come to an end. Bill Cosby, a man much admired and revered for his groundbreaking rise in Hollywood as an actor and then as a creator of one of the most successful television shows in television history (The Cosby Show), was sentenced to 3 to 10 years for the 2004 sexual assault of Andrea Constand. America’s favorite dad has been found guilty in one of 60 accusations of sexual assault against women—accusations he did not deny. In fact, Mr. Cosby said he gave women drugs (Quaaludes) to render them unconscious and then had sex with them, stating that it was what they did back in the day. However, 2004 isn’t exactly back in the day and copping to a criminal act in such a cavalier manner isn’t exactly bright. Even if drugging and raping women was standard practice at the Playboy Mansion and in Hollywood celebrity circles, that doesn’t mean the behavior doesn’t fit the legal definition of rape. For example, many college students get “White boy wasted” and then have sex with each other on a regular basis. According to the laws in most states, a person cannot legally consent to sex when intoxicated. While the students may think they’re just being college students, they are in fact engaging in what is legally defined as rape and subject to prosecution if and when a person contacts authorities and alleges rape. While Mr. Cosby and his lawyer insist he was behaving within the scope of what was acceptable sexual behavior in Hollywood over the last 30 or more years, he was in fact legally raping women during that time. When the father of four daughters fails to show empathy or offer remorse for the victims of his actions, then he and we should not be surprised when Cosby is labeled a “sexually violent predator,” and immediately remanded to prison following his sentencing hearing. While some people’s heads are still spinning over the verdict and sentencing, others have lost their minds (See Andrew Wyatt). Cue the conspiracy theorists: Cosby was brought down because he was too rich and famous and tried to buy NBC. Cosby was brought down because the victims were white women and you know how America feels about Black men and white women. Actually, some of the alleged victims were Black women, but I digress. Cosby was brought down because they had to make an example out of a Black man and reinforce the stereotype of the sexual Black brute. How about this fact? Bill Cosby was brought down because of Bill Cosby. How many people can have 60+ allegations of sexual assault over 30 plus years and remain free? Three to 10 years for a serial rapist is too much time for some folks out here, saying the prosecution was hard on him. Hard on him? He admitted to the crime—multiple times. Prosecutors sat on evidence against him for decades. He will only serve three years with good behavior. Cosby should be counting his blessings, not allowing his publicist Andrew Wyatt to conflate the issue by saying Cosby and Brett Kavanaugh are caught up in “a sex war.” Really, Andrew? Cosby is a pig at best and a serial rapist at worst and I suspect there are many men who never had to drug a woman into unconsciousness and have sex with them without her consent. The idea that someone is doing something to Bill Cosby, who has done plenty to his victims, because he’s Bill Cosby is asinine. Bill Cosby and his arrogance put Bill Cosby in jail. Let’s say this together—Bill Cosby, the sexual predator is the same person as Bill Cosby the actor/producer/philanthropist—and folks need to wrap their minds around that fact. Black folks, especially women, don’t have to support Bill Cosby because he’s Black; behaving like race is the pre-determining factor in his conviction is vile. Race is a factor, which is the case with any Black person involved in the criminal justice system, but it isn’t the only reason Cosby is in prison. He is in prison because he drugs and rapes women. Is it fair that at the same time folks are persecuting Cosby, some of those same folks are trying to will Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court? No. Should Cosby serve time, even though he is legally blind and 81-years-old? Yes. Prisons are full of people battling all kinds of illnesses including diabetes, hypertension, cancer and the like. For the record, if you’re interested in the possibility of house arrest, then having lavish parties at your estate close to the time when you’re being considered for house arrest is probably not a good idea, which leads me back to Mr. Cosby. Bill Cosby is in this mess because of Bill Cosby. He admitted to the crime of which he was accused and is serving time for it. Period. The idea that Black folks need to spend their time rallying around and defending yet another sexual predator in the entertainment industry, who in this case is Black, is ridiculous. Forgive me for not feeling sorry for a man who literally had it all (amazing family, illustrious career and immense wealth) and messed it up by victimizing women. Mr. Cosby has left scores of women traumatized due to his creepy and criminal actions and is getting what he deserves—time in prison. He is exactly where he needs to be and should have been more than thirty years ago. America’s favorite dad, who was a pillar of the Black community, is a convicted rapist who is now behind bars. Deal with it and let the actual victims heal. (Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D. is culture and entertainment editor for NNPA/Black Press USA.)

SPORTS New Pittsburgh Courier


OCTOBER 3-9, 2018

HOME UNSWEET HOME Steelers won a few battles, but Baltimore won the war by Aubrey Bruce For New Pittsburgh Courier

There was once upon a time when fire-breathing dragons roamed the earth and professional football players that wore leather helmets roamed the gridiron with names like Jim Thorpe and Red Grange. There were miniature monarchs that ruled miniature kingdoms named George Halas, Arthur J. Rooney and Paul Brown. All of these “kings” understood that when you crossed the borders of another man’s “kingdom,” the chances of exiting that hallowed ground with a victory, more often than not, were slim and none. Fast forward to 2018. The Baltimore Ravens entered the “kingdom of steel” of the Pittsburgh Steelers this past Sunday, Sept. 30. The Ravens did not place a “Trojan Horse” within the Steelers gates, only to surprise Pittsburgh as they slept. The men from B-more compromised the walls and tore down the gates, not defeating the Steelers by sneaking and attacking them from the rear, but defeating the men of steel face-to-face for the entire world to see. “General” Joseph Flacco had anticipated facing “General” Benjamin Roethlisberger in this most important battle, but the highly anticipated bloodbath was almost a one-sided battle as the Ravens began the battle slinging while the Steelers were just “singing.” Pittsburgh won a few skirmishes but Baltimore won the war. The final score: 26-14 Ravens. The Steelers now find themselves tied

for last in the AFC North at 1-2-1 with the Browns. Come with me as we pause in retrospect for a moment or two. At the beginning of the 2018 NFL campaign, “General” Roethlisberger and his array of weapons were feared by many and disrespected by few. Roethlisberger could defeat you by land, by sea, above ground, below ground, in your kingdom, his kingdom or on neutral ground. It didn’t seem to matter. It was obvious to all that mattered that almost anyone that the Steelers faced were more than likely going to go down in defeat. It was not a question of why and how: the only question was when. However, there were stormy clouds gathering on the battlefront for the men of steel. The man charged with the placement and discharge of the weapons of the men of steel, “Colonel” Todd Haley, had been “exiled” from the “kingdom of steel” and took his experience to the Browns to help sculpture a new class of weaponry that the Orange and Brown team now possesses. There was now a new man in town to calculate and implement a new attack strategy for the Pittsburgh Steelers, his name is “Colonel” Randy Fichtner. “Colonel” Fichtner had been a close confidant to “General” Roethlisberger causing many to believe that the “unholy” alliance between he and the general was one of the deciding factors to “exile” “Colonel” Haley. From the beginning of his “tenure” with the Steelers, “General” Roethlisberger seemed to be

BALTIMORE RAVENS RB ALEX COLLINS played an instrumental role in the Ravens’ convincing win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football, Sept. 30, 26-14. (Photos by Courier photographer Brian Cook) dissatisfied with the battle plans of “Colonel” Haley and many times those with high stakes in the matter could see and sense a level of disdain exhibited toward “Colonel” Haley by “General” Roethlisberger at many times for no reason, mainly just because. “General”

Roethlisberger did not accept or appreciate his new offensive strategist and by golly, by hook, or by crook “Colonel” Haley was going to meet a less-than-stellar end if “General” Roethlisberger and “Colonel” Fichtner had anything to do with it.

They seemed to have prayed and waited, prayed and waited and now it appears as if their prayers were answered. As of this time, the walls of the steel kingdom have been breached twice in 2018 and may be breached again in less than a fortnight, as the Atlanta Falcons

have been spotted flying toward Heinz Field at warp speed regarding reports that the demise of the Pittsburgh Steelers is nigh. It has been said in many circles time and time again,“Be careful what you pray for.” (Aubrey Bruce:

ANTONIO BROWN scored a touchdown for the second straight game, but it wasn’t enough for the Steelers, who failed to score a single point in the second half in their 26-14 loss to the Ravens, Sept. 30.

A Black coach has resurrected Penn State football, and… Kavanaugh for Supreme Court? C’mon, man! by Bill Neal For New Pittsburgh Courier

:10—This should make you feel real good. I was at the game…so everything I tell ya will be first hand and absolute. Starting with the Supreme Court truth… (huh?). Don’t worry, I’ll get you back to that, trust me. And mind you this is pregame fact…I don’t back away and hide behind the clean-up ink pen of R.T.,


BILL NEAL aka, Rob Taylor. Steelers win in style at home “Right Here and Right Now!!!” 37–21. That includes four TDs from Ben and three overdue field goals from Chris Boswell (Guess I was wrong again!!!) :09—That being said, and I am staying with that score, can we please stop

with the Ryan Shazier talk. Yes, he’s missed but for the love of everything holy he wasn’t Superman. C’mon man, next man up please! :08 —You can blame it on James Conner if you want, but Jim Brown could not have run the ball against the Ravens with no hole to run through. I still say Le’Veon who? He sold us out “for the love of money.” :07—They called us Blitzburgh for a reason. Blitz, Blitz, Blitz, Blitz. I know you don’t trust the corners to cover, but you can’t give any quarterback that much time. A quality quarterback will tear you apart all Sunday night long. :06 —This just in from an “angry White woman.” Don’t get on me, that’s her handle. Anyway she’s all over Ben like white on rice…(get it?) And she needs him to stop with the excuses and throw the ball on target. Now run tell that! :05—Speaking of the truth, and I was if you were paying just a little attention. As much as I love my cousin Denny Briggs, Pitt Defensive Captain, and Lord knows I want him and his boys to reach heights of glory, Pitt is just not good enough… not big enough…not strong enough…not fast enough… not mean enough…just not enough!!! They have to find a way to recruit greater players, simple as that. :04—Speaking of being out-recruited, and once

again I was. If I can just get you to focus clearly, not enough has been said about Penn State Head Coach James Franklin. At least not enough from me. A taskmaster to be sure, hard-nosed and old-school. A no-nonsense professional to be sure, and he’s recruiting circles around Pitt. Then there’s this. A Black coach has resurrected the Nittany Lions football program back to national prominence. Say what you want, but this brother with roots from the Hill District has the blue and white looking mighty sharp. And I do mean sharp. Did you notice in the player position intros they’re in suits looking professional…Ya gotta love it! :03—First of all like I’ve been telling you every week and Tim Stevens and his B-Pep crew have been preaching to you forever… Vote! Vote! Vote!...In each and every election. Especially now “because as you all know Donald Trump and his swamp must go!” BTW, I don’t think it gets any clearer. This woman gives you explicit details from “36” years ago, recounts the laughter, remembers the furniture and the flooring, puts her name, family name, reputation and life on the line in as professional manner as possible. Then the Red-Eyed Beast from the East screams like a crazy man while admitting that he loves drinking

beer…as she remembers…and others stated. And you still want this guy to be a Supreme Court Justice? C’,mon man! :02—Now you see why I kept saying be careful. Be aware and be the adult when it comes to our Youth Football Program. Everyone should be outraged at the senseless shooting at Mellon Park. Rise up! :01—A few updates for you requiring the 5th Annual City League Hall of Fame Awards. #1. Anyone that knows the fabulous Tracy SUPREME COURT NOMINEE BRETT KAVANAUGH (AP PHOTO) Jennings of Westinghouse High School, please with Julius Hopson. He’s be another sell-out. Don’t ask her to call me (412- in. #4. Add to the legends say I didn’t warn you. Sat628-4856), we’re trying to list the legendary Irwin urday, Nov. 3…Call me for induct her daughter in the Brothers, Terry & Jerry all the details, like venGreat Hall. #2. We found of Westinghouse fame are ue info, ticket sales, and the Great Shawn Yancy. going in. You better mark more…412-628-4856! He’s going in. #3. Likewise, your calendar, it’s going to :00—GAME OVER.

JAMES FRANKLIN, the Black head coach who has helped Penn State return to national prominence. After a one-point loss to Ohio State in Happy Valley, Sept. 29, he vowed to do everything possible to get the Nittany Lions football team to an “elite” level. (AP PHOTO)


OCTOBER 3-9, 2018



East End Raiders to play homecoming game, Oct. 6

SOME MEMBERS OF THE EAST END RAIDERS, whom are scheduled to play their homecoming game, Oct. 6 at 9 a.m. at Pittsburgh Obama. (Photo via Facebook) COACH FROM A1

on, seemed fine. He later joked that the medication might have something to do with that. “I really don’t know what to say. Thank you for all the prayers and support,” Lester told the audience. “Some media are trying to go crazy like this some street stuff I’m behind or got hurt behind—Protect these kids that’s really what this is all about. I’m serious about these kids. So, I’m here. I’m still a little medicated so I don’t have to worry about too much, you know. But I thank you for real. I appreciate everyone for being here. We gotta work together to keep this thing going. And that’s why I forgive him for the stuff that just happened.” Someone else who one may have thought would not have been at the meeting was the Hines’ brother. He gave Lester a hug and a handshake and told the audience that the two have been friendly acquaintances for years. The shooter’s brother then said that Lester “forgives my brother.” The New Pittsburgh Courier was unable to confirm the name of Hines’ brother at press deadline. Byrdsong told the Courier exclusively that the presence of Hines’ brother at the meeting showed that “this ain’t no gang piece, this ain’t no street piece, he also was concerned about what happened at the field.” Hines was arrested late Sept. 30 in Monroeville and charged with attempted homicide, among other charges. It was important for Byrdsong, Lester and others to dispel rumors of the shooting resulting from some type of gang situation. “This was a random act from an individual who had severe mental issues who came to the field about not wanting his nephew to play with this team and it’s as simple as that,” Byrdsong told the Courier. Pittsburgh Westinghouse Principal Bernard Taylor

noted at the meeting that extra counseling and mental health professionals would be on staff the following day, Oct. 1, at the high school, middle school and Faison Elementary school. State Rep. Ed Gainey, D-Larimer, told the audience he would work with them to get both the Allegheny County Department of Human Services and the Port Authority to attend the league games because people who need their services are at the games. Byrdsong and several of the league coaches are also

from food to clothing to mental health. “There are some basic fundamental issues in our community that we have to address,” said Byrdsong. “They are systemic-type issues. There’s a lot of families that are suffering, with concentrated poverty, the quality of education… all these things are social issues that impact the whole family. You can’t talk about working with children without addressing (those issues). We’re trying to bring leadership from all these athletic associations together to sit down and

“Our staff and coaches made sure all kids were safe, and accounted for…we strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the children and families we serve. We are heartbroken for what they have witnessed. But we will heal together.” EAST END RAIDERS STATEMENT working on forming a com- hammer out some prevenmittee to see that league tions and interventions to kids and their families can keep our children safe.” The East End Raiders access a range of services, announced that their season would continue with its homecoming game this Saturday, Oct. 6, at 9 a.m. at Pittsburgh Obama. On its official Facebook page, the team stated The East End Raiders announced that their season would continue with its homecoming game this Saturday, Oct. 6. On its official Facebook page, the team said that “it is unfortunate that our practice was the venue for this assault. More importantly that our dedicated coach, due to no fault of his own, was the RASHAD BYRDSONG, CEO of target. Our staff and coachthe Community Empowerment es made sure all kids were Association, hosted an emer- safe, and accounted for… gency meeting at the CEA, Sept. we strive to provide a safe 30. and nurturing environment for the children and families we serve. We are heartbroken for what they have witnessed. But we will heal together.”

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