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What if I need more money than I have been awarded thru financial aid? Some students work while in college to supplement their finances. Work-Study jobs are offered by the government in conjunction with the local educational institutions. This money is considered in your financial aid package. Some students work for the college or university.

Start saving and building wealth early: Try to work no more than 20 hours a week during the school year, but make sure to work diligently through your summers so that you can save money! Once you have at least $2,000-$2,500 saved, Invest some money regularly (12x a month, if possible) in a low fee, stock index fund. The goal is to make your money grow long term at a rate much Future proof your majors and careers: for example, higher than savings accounts and inflation! minor in Electrical Engineering if you plan to major in mechanical or automotive engineering. Car Companies Reduce your debt in every way possible: Be open to will especially need people with electrical engineering doing everything you can to reduce your student debt, backgrounds as they move from gasoline to battery including living at home and commuting, pursuing operated cars. Also, you should combine your major local scholarships throughout the year, in business with some coursework in computer and working aggressively with your science to be prepared for careers in growing financial aid office to find grants and industries like Application Development and school-based scholarships. Keep FinTech (Financial Technology). your grades above a B average (and hopefully, even higher than • Pursue Internships Yearthat!) to remain scholarship Round: Being in a major metro eligible. area means having the opportunity to more easily pursue summer and even year-round internships Tips courtesy of Brandon (during the days and hours you aren’t in Celestin, CEO of Quametric, Inc, class). Get help from your college’s career who specializes in college test services office to write a good resume and preparation LinkedIn page. Then, start with asking your family and friends if their companies are hiring interns. You can also do Google and LinkedIn searches for the companies you want to work for/in your desired industry, and reach out to people directly starting in your freshman year. Internships are crucial to building up your skills and resume so that you can graduate with a full-time job offer. Combine your academic passions with something career-oriented. For instance, If you plan to study African-American or Gender studies, combine that with taking classes in Human Resources management. That could be a great combination for a career in corporate diversity.

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“My work-study job in the 70’s was with the United Artists and Craftsmen Guild that sponsored the Ann Arbor Street Fair, which has grown to be one of the largest art fairs in the country,” says Linda Moragne, U of M grad. “As a graduate student, I worked full time at a local radio station and attended classes after work. I just did not want to acquire a big loan and have that debt. I worked. Today, the debt load that students carry was unheard of during the time I attended college. Times change and funding must come in various forms. It costs more; however there is funding available. Scholarships and grants are available to help offset the cost of education. If these sources are not available, one can consider work-study. Some students work off campus at area shopping malls and restaurants. The most important thing to remember is that you are in school to complete your educational studies or program first. Your work schedule should not interfere with your classes.

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