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Fathers Day Run

Sunday June 15, 2014 Kellogg Park, Plymouth

A Michigan Father’s Day Tradition for 35 years! Kids 1/4M Fun Runs, 1M R/W 5K R/W and 10K

PLUS Cash Awards!!!

MDG Triple 10.3M - start times allow all three races! Finisher Medals! Overall and Masters Divisions

Only Event of its kind!

NEW!!! TIE ONE ON FOR DAD!! Race with a TIE to Celebrate DAD! Runners will be entered to win Detroit Tigers Ticket Package 2 Chances!

v Backpacks to the 1st 1000 to pick up Packets 6/14/14 v 20 $25 Visa Card Backpacks! v NEW Quarter Zip Shirts! Guaranteed by 6/1/14

Register NOW!! Cindy Morency Proceeds support the YMCA’s “Annual Campaign”

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May / June 2014

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Editor’s Notes: Cat Fight

By Scott Sullivan

Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard

They Coach Daughters, Don’t They?

By Dave Foley

The Mighty Casey . . . Sort of

By Jason Elmore

Beyond the Chip: Fugues

By Ron Marinucci

Spring Shoe Review By Cregg Weinmann Book Review: Galloway’s ‘Trail Running’

By Ron Marinucci

Michigan Runner Race Series - 2014 Running with Tom Henderson

Book Review: Nutrition Guide Boasts Something for Everyone By Ron Marinucci Phoning it In By Bob Schwartz

About the cover: Leah O’ Connor is the Big 10 Indoor Track and Field Champion in the Mile. Her time of 4:34.35 is a Big 10 Indoor Championship record.

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Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

Vol. 36, No. 2

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Portage Winterblast Heated by Volunteers


Milan Jailbreak Run/Walk: Three Years Strong


Frozen Temps, Hot Times at Corktown


Winter Blast Blooms in Nick of Time


Cool Runnings on Ann Arbor Marathon’s New Date, Course By Charles Douglas McEwen

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By Kacey Tulley

By Tracey Cohen

By Charles Douglas McEwen By Scott Sullivan

Pertez, Piazza Repeat at Kahtoola Mountain Runs By Tracey Cohen ‘Big House’ Finish Thrills Winners, All By Charles Douglas McEwen


Kona St. Patrick’s Day Run


Bill Roney Memorial 5K

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Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


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By Scott Sullivan


orld problems are best solved in certain settings. In Saugatuck that means coffee shops. The Butler Street Boys convene at The Annex while women do so nearby at Uncommon Grounds. Both devise new problems for the other to solve each day.

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Men’s locker rooms are another such oasis. There I was, toweling off after running, and we were jawing about sports, politics, aches and pains of getting older and being married … when Phil mentioned the case of the killer cat in Oregon.

Great Lakes Sports Publications, Inc.

Seems police had to rescue a Portland family after their 22-pound housecat trapped them in a bedroom. Owner Lee Palmer said Lux, a part Himalayan, attacked their seven-month-old child after the baby pulled its tail.

4007 Carpenter Rd, #366 Ypsilanti, MI 48197 (734)507-0241 (734)434-4765 FAX

On his 911 call, Palmer told the dispatcher he kicked the cat “in the rear” to protect the child, then Lux went ballistic. The cat could be heard screeching in the background as Palmer shouted, “He’s charging us! He’s at our bedroom door!”

a member of

Luckily, guys have experts to call on too. Take Sukhjiwan Singh, author of a new book that advises success in marriage can come from treating it like a business. Marriages, like businesses, fail all the time, Singh says. Both demand an inexhaustible amount of time, dedication and as much money as you can spare. I might add, “and then some.” Being a woman, Singh counsels soft tactics such as willingness to give and communication. A businessman would advise sound, priority-based budgeting, such as my wife spending less so I can afford more running shoes. Writer Drake Bauer takes it further on, saying cognitive disinhibition — having less of a filter on thoughts or actions to the point others find us eccentric — is needed for creative people to be successful. He cites: • Beethoven composing in his bathroom, pouring pitchers of water over his hands and singing; • Thomas Edison, who regarded sleep as “a heritage from our cave days,” seldom doing so, and • Charles Dickens exercising his “attraction to repulsion” studying bodies in the Paris morgue.


y wife — with her six cats, three dogs, three bunnies and God knows how many birds — thinks I’m weird for remembering sports statistics and the “Magilla Gorilla” theme song from 50 years ago but forgetting our anniversary. She is none too happy about it either. “You should appreciate my cognitive disinhibition,” I told her. “What?”

Could happen to any guy. What amazed us is what came next. After police caught Lux with a dog snare, Palmer said he would not get rid of his pet but instead hire a cat psychologist. Jason Galaxy, star of the Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell,” will be Lux’s therapist and advocate.

“Ask Drake Bauer.” “Is he an expert like Dr. Galaxy?” “He confirms how I think is essential to my success.” “What success?” she said.

“A cat psychologist? That’s insane,” Phil said. Michigan Runner © is published six times yearly for $17.00 per year by Great Lakes Sports Publications, Inc., 4007 Carpenter Rd., #366, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. Third Class Postage paid at Dearborn, MI and additional mailing offices. Postmaster: Send Address changes to Michigan Runner,4007 Carpenter Rd., #366, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. All contents of this publication are copyrighted all rights reserved. Reproduction or use, without written permission, of editorial or graphic content in any manner is prohibited. All unsolicited manuscripts, photographs, and illustrations will not be returned unless accompanied by a properly addressed envelope, bearing sufficient postage; publisher assumes no responsibility for return of unsolicited materials. The views and opinions of the writers are their own and do not necessarily reflect endorsement and/or views of the Michigan Runner. Address all editorial correspondence, subscriptions, and race information to: Michigan Runner, 4007 Carpenter Rd., #366, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, (734) 5070241, FAX (734) 434-4765,, Subscription rates: Continental U.S. $17.00 per year: Payable in U.S. funds. Single issue $3.00, back issues $5.00. Change of address: Send your magazine label and your new address to Michigan Runner, 4007 Carpenter Rd., #366, Ypsilanti, MI 48197.


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

“Dr. Galaxy is a TV star,” I said. “He’s rich and famous; we’re not.” “At least I’m smart enough not to have cats,” Phil said. I didn’t mention my daughter and wife have six cats and, yes, I live with them. I can picture the girls, when I’m gone, agreeing they could solve world problems by adopting more cats.

So it’s back to the locker room, where showers are warm and my wife and daughter think I should lock myself in forever. “What would they do without me to blame?” I told Phil. “They’d have to look in the mirror forever.” “Good thing we know better than that,” he said. - MR -


Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard Trivia: University of Michigan graduate Lisa Rainsberger was the last American to win the Boston Marathon, in 1985. She also won the Chicago Marathon. How many times?

Cycling Twists and Travails. Scott Hubbard

I shared some of my favorite running memories in the last issue. Now let’s try cycling stories. Since my running has, due to injuries, given way to cycling in the past 15 years, I’ve entered races that were rich with experiences not available in training. Whether our goals are performance-oriented or just interested getting to the end of them, races engage us in memorable, unique ways. Bike races have a potential volatile aspect (crashes, equipment failure) that separates them from running. But those aspects are inherent, accepted if you will, and entrants don’t think hard about them unless they happen. I first rode in the Grayling-Oscoda Black Bear Race in 2001. Depending on the route and finish area, it was between 100 and 104 miles. I missed 2006 due to a calf strain but raced every other year through 2008. We start started the late-July races by running a short distance to our bikes, much as Grayling-Oscoda canoe racers do with their canoes before hitting the AuSable River in the evening. In ’08 the plan was to set bikes off at 10-minute intervals, hoping to minimize crashes. I didn’t know what group the “fast” people would start in and waited until about 10 seconds after hearing “Go” to head out, hoping this first group would be “the one.” By the time I got to my bike and took off, I was more like 15 seconds back. A lot of fast cyclists were ahead of me and hauling. I went as hard as I could solo, inching up to 26-27 mph, but made no headway. This went on for about two miles and I could hear others behind me. After about 10 minutes I heard a familiar voice say, “Scott, a tandem is coming through.” That was doubly great news: to hear my former Eastern Michigan University track and cross-country teammate Dave Burkhart and that a tandem bike was about to pass me. Its riders turned out to be friends Pat and Anne, the best U.S. tandem duo in their age group. I let them ease ahead, fell back and heard more familiar voices: cycling club mates Tony Hersberger and Rob Selley. The tandem got up to 30plus mph and we caught the tail end of the large lead group in less than 10 minutes. After about eight miles, we crossed the AuSable and headed up a short hill. I heard commotion be-


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

hind me, looked back and saw Tony on the ground. I abandoned my shot at a fast time to see how he was doing. Rob had stopped too.

Tony was angry and dinged up, but we got going again in less than 10 minutes. The three of us got into a rotation where each person stayed in front for about a minute before moving to the back. After about five miles of this, the group that started 10 minutes after us caught up and we settled in with them. Things were going fine until I heard clashing metal and shouting behind. I looked back and now Rob was on the ground. He was hurt pretty badly, but a spectator a few hundred yards behind us saw the wreckage and drove up quickly. He called 911 and in less than five minutes a state trooper was there. I was amazed he had been so nearby in an event that stretches 100 miles. Rob used the trooper’s medical kit to clean and bandage his deep wound. Another guy was off on the shoulder in a world of hurt. Tony and I were standing about three feet onto the pavement when we heard a guy in the race yelling at us. When he went by he used choice words to tell us we shouldn’t be in his way. I turned, looked at his back and yelled, “I’ll remember your race number.” We got going after 10 or 15 minutes and settled into our three-man rotation with 80 miles to go. A couple miles along we saw an ambulance going to help the guy we’d left curled on the ground. We were going 23-25 mph and steadily passing others. Around the 40-mile mark we passed two guys, one of whose race numbers I remembered. Yep, the guy who yelled at us. I whispered to Tony and Rob who we’d just passed, and Tony dropped back to have a word with him. Two minutes later Tony rejoined us. I didn’t need to ask what they’d talked about. Then our “friend” joined us, till Tony suggested he back off. That was as awkward an exchange as I’ve ever had in sports! Just past the halfway point, we stopped and Rob called his wife to meet us at a certain crossroads. Our rotation was working really well, which, considering the other two had hit the deck hard earlier, was a bonus. We stopped at the crossroads, where Rob talked with his wife and decided to go a bit further before turning off towards their Selley summer cottage. Tony and I carried on from there. I started getting calf cramps, forcing us to slow to 20 mph, but they never got worse and we finally rolled to a stop in about 4:25 ride time, 4:45 elapsed time. In 2009 I signed up for the Michigan State Champs road race, held in conjunction with the Superior Bike Fest in Marquette in late June. I’d raced the SBF road race about five times prior and all but one had been good experiences. No, this isn’t about the bad one. It’s about what happened after the ‘09 event, so I’ll spend little time describing the race itself. First though, the Fest was a full weekend of rac-


ing in the Marquette area with a criterium (lap race) downtown on Friday night. Saturday morning was the road race, followed by downhill mountain bike races. On Sunday they had lap races out at Presque Isle Park and cross-country mountain bike races back at Marquette Mountain. In 99 percent of bike racing there are categories (called “Cats”) for racers based on ability, or races broken up by age group. The best Cat cyclists are Levels 1 or 2, with 5 being novice or slower folks. There are no penguins in bike racing: if you show up to race, you’re probably pretty good. Bike tours take in all abilities. I raced in my age group vs. Cat 4. The competition was about the same, but I preferred being among my peers. My group of 30 consisted of guys ages 45 and older. One problem: they didn’t issue any way to ID who was in what age group. This would come to matter. Anyway, we rolled along as one big family over the 57-mile loop through the north woods, up, down and over rivers, next to lakes, past mining towns and detritus. One guy broke away and stayed away despite our efforts. On and on, hitting 45 mph down the hill next to Marquette Mountain and toward town. The road was wet from rain and one guy slid out going around a turn. As you can imagine, there were 30 itchy guys who approached the last, wet turn 200 yards from the finish. Not wanting to go down, I played it safe, got around and rode hard to the end. All of us finished within about five seconds. I cooled down, changed clothes, wandered over to look at results and saw a bunch of guys near my age standing together, so I paused to chat. Then my eyes got big: one was my old running-turned-cycling friend Mike Krywanski from Rockford. No, it couldn’t be! “Mike, I know the answer, but please tell me you weren’t in my race,” I said. “Yeah, you didn’t see me? I saw you a lot,” Mike said. It boggled my tired mind to think I could ride that far without having seen him. We talked for a few more minutes, then I went over to look at results. Geesh: I’d finished 1.5 seconds behind Mike, who, yes, was in my age group. Since it was a state champs, money went to the top three in each age group. Mike won, I was third. If only we’d worn some ID on our backs, I’d have known who to watch for. Alas. By the way, Mike is a great guy and can ride a bike, if you know what I mean!

Answer: Lisa won in Chicago in 1988 and 1989, with 2:28:15 PR coming in ’89. - MR -

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They Coach Daughters, Don’t They? By Dave Foley fect of the workout or the team’s prospects for the upcoming meet. No, I was apt to be told I talked too much at the pre-race meeting, told a joke that wasn’t funny and ought to make the lazy team members work harder.

This is a revised version of an editor’s column that first appeared in Michigan Runner in 1996.


I had been wearing this style for 10 years and had eight other pairs of similar length. I also had only one daughter and I was her cross country coach. Even if my shorts were the same length as every other adult who road raced, I suddenly knew I needed to buy new ones.

Betsy was brutally honest and usually right in her observations. This was also a time when I could honestly tell her how proud I was of her.

Photo courtesy of Dave Foley

ou can’t wear those to practice; they’re too short.” This admonition came from my daughter Betsy, 15, regarding my running shorts.

Cyndy, Betsy, and Dave Foley.

but as Betsy’s father. Therefore I must be acceptable was template_sixth keenly aware thatvertical the 50 other kids 10:58 in AM both Page roles. 1 sixthBetsy vertical 12/7/13 on the team would see me not only as their coach We began with my appearance. After the shorts we moved to t-shirts; all ill-fitting, ugly, stained or faded ones were vetoed. Sentimental favorites like ones from the Crim 10-Miler, plus Boston, Grandma’s and New York marathons spent the cross country season in a box in the crawl space. To coach my daughter was going to require more than just a change of attire on my part. The coaching hours would change, too. During the season I thought about the team almost all the time. Over dinner I hashed out the high and low points of recent practices or meets. Most years these were monologs, since my wife, Cyndy, who was not at practice and lacked firsthand knowledge of the events, could only nod emphatically. With Betsy on the team, I thought now dinner talk would become a dialog as she and I reviewed the day’s running. Wrong. She enjoyed running and cared how the team did, but to spend her off hours talking about it was overkill. So I learned to talk about non-running things at the dinner table. When we were with the team, by an unstated agreement, neither of us played the father or daughter card. An outsider observing the team would never be able to detect the relationship. Betsy was just another runner to be encouraged and timed. On the ride home after practice, when there wery just the two of us, we would revert to being father and daughter. An opener like, “How do you think it went today?” didn’t go unanswered. And the answers weren’t based on times, the ef12

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


Being the coach’s daughter meant that when it was a close call, she would lose. My worst fear was being accused of practicing favoritism towards my child. I would cheer for her at meets, but no louder than for the others, and included her name in news stories but no more than her teammates. Keeping the news writeups impartial was harder because, for her last three years, she ran No. 1 on the team. However when she was a freshman, I was faced with a different problem. That year she usually finished between fifth and eighth for our team; when I had to pick our seven-runner regional team, though I felt Betsy might be a better choice, I chose the other girl instead. It was one of the hardest decisions I would make in my 27 years of coaching. As it worked out, one girl became injured and wasn’t able to run in the regional, so Betsy did and turned out our fourth girl finisher. I like to think she gave her all in that race so as not to disappoint me and show me the error in my decision. Having the opportunity to coach my daughter made me a better coach. When Betsy was on the team, perhaps even more than other years, I was determined to avoid doing things that she and her teammates would think were irrational, unfair or stupid. I tried in every way I could to give the runners on my team the best possible experience. Being a parent made me strive to not only to be a good coach but also be someone Betsy would be proud to have as her father. Today Betsy is 34, married and lives in Seattle, where she uses her running, along with biking, as a competitor in cyclo-cross races. Dave Foley was editor of Michigan Runner from 1984 to 1999. - MR -

The Mighty Casey . . . Sort of By Jason Elmore


t’s 0800 hours at Camp Arifjan, Kuwait. The weather’s crisp. There’s a slight breeze coming from the east off the Persian/Arabian Gulf a couple miles away. I stand on the pool deck loosening up, swinging my arms like a windmill, wincing. I’m the only one within 7,000 miles to don a Cadillac, Mich., YMCA swim cap. Michael Phelps I’m not, nor are those around me. Headphones flood my brain with with The Cult, Van Halen and AC/DC. My eyes are hidden behind smoke-tinted black Speedo Vanquishers. The competitor to my left waits behind blue goggles.   Our tris here involve the pool: two per lane, heats of 12, 750 meters. It’s better than the openwater swims, which can be scary. It’s not the distance that’s the challenge; it’s the flailing arms, getting kicked in the face and being crawled over by other swimmers. I like the pool.   Romi is one the OCNs (other-country nationals) who works the pool in Zone 1 at Camp AJ. Our almost-daily communications are smiles and short exchanges. I have garnered a reputation here as I swim more than almost anyone. When the water temps dropped below 60° F, I was the only swimmer

After a couple laps., we congregate at the starting edge of the pool, exchange pleasantries and nods. They are fake, at least for the two of us. They and the darkened goggles only hide our desires to pulverize the other.  

for two months thanks to my full-length tri suit. Romi just calls me “sir.” The OCNs keep track of our average lap times. I’m not the fastest but among the top three, I’m told. I don’t want to know who the other two are. One might be the competitor to my left ... call him “Casey.”  

The count starts at 10. Romi’s on the microphone. 9-8-7 ... We brace against the wall. 6-5-4 ... Breathe. 3-2. Down. 1-HORN (muffled under the water). Push. We are off.

“Good luck,” Romi says. “I think you get him today, unlike last time.” Then he smiles. The other OCNs say, “Hello sir,” and, “Have a good one.” One of the best parts of this mini-adventure has been getting to know people from other nations and religions in part of the world many think hates Americans. Largely, I’ve felt welcomed. Why do Dodge Chargers and Porsches seem equally popular here? Hmm. The crowd this time is mixed. There are new faces. Some look ready; some are virgins at the tri. Most just like to take on a challenge, no matter what. Many don’t even even have goggles. Casey does, though.   I discard my headphones and slip into the water. 82°.  Others drop in at random. I take a lap to loosen up. Casey follows. It will be a race today. Good.


The first couple laps involve twisting mechanical, unorchestrated arms at work tearing up the water. Splashes are everywhere. A couple of us pull ahead. Left. Right. Left. Breathe. Right, left, right. Breathe. Repeat. Underwater sounds are muffled, but that’s where the race can be felt. You feel currents off other swimmers, hear muffled cheers and gurgles of rushing and churning water. You can also see your competitor and he you. Off the wall I go for dolphin kick. He tries the straight kick. Sometimes he comes up first, sometimes me. When I emerge, I try to make it smooth. Once I’m up my right hand arm makes its first stroke, the water level at my forehead. My arms

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


don’t push forward as they enter the water; they reach out and come down to extend my paddle down, getting the most of every stroke ... or so I try. We go back and forth, lap for lap. There’s always a moment in the swim where I think, “What the hell am I doing?” My lungs burn. I have to hold my breath in a rhythm. I could be in bed. It’s not like I’m on ESPN. No one cares. There is no money reward. The thoughts last only a lap, then disappear, thank goodness. It’s like I have to go through that process, because once I do the nitro hits my brain and the switch — the one that makes us feel alive, makes us push, makes us us, gets toggled hard to the right.   Halfway through the 18th lap, my lap counter juts the yellow kickboard into the water, signaling my last length. I flip just ahead of Casey and push that last lap, hurting for breath. As I reach the wall, I come up, pop out in one fluid movement (or so it looks like in my mind highlight reel). Got him on that leg, barely, but he’s right there.   We scramble to slip into our bike shoes, drop our goggles and jam on t-shirts: a challenge as we are

wet and running to our bikes. Casey drops a slight elbow as we round the corner leaving the pool, and gets to his bike first. We hop-walk our bikesas we clip in one foot, throw a leg over and clip in the other. Here we go, 12 1/2 miles.   The bike is my weakest leg. Casey takes off quicker. We both settle forward into our aerobars, legs powering through to a strong rhythm, pumping steadily. I tell myself I will let him break the wind, but that only lasts a mile. He does not want to do the extra work. I don’t blame him. He pushes and holds me off by about 100 meters for the rest of the lap.   Biking is not just an athletic challenge; it’s strategic and technical. You need to gear based on your leg strength and length plus endurance, while also considering wind and incline. Then there’s the bike itself, its ring sizes, tightness of chain and so on. Today he is better at it than I am. Romi jinxed me, I think. Maybe I’m doing it to myself.  After a lap of those thoughts, I come to. “But wait, my legs are still pushing. I’m still breathing. My wheels still spinning.” A swig of electrolytes. Head down. Hit play on the iPod in my head. Guitar. Drums. “Shoot to Thrill.” Pedal, pedal, pedal. Push, pull ... When I come out of it, Casey has me by a quarter-mile. Three laps and change down. I can get him. I’m still in it.   As we enter the exchange he still has me, but only by 150 meters ... and we are coming into my


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

strength. I don’t run like a deer any longer. My Hope College days are 20 years and 30 pounds ago. I’m just a middle-aged husband, farther and lawyer who plays soldier on occasion. But there’s still a fire. As I see him dismount and we scramble again to change gear, I feel it stoked ... buried but building. I too scramble, but my exchange from bike into running shoes lacks grace. Even the highlight reel can’t make this look good. Reason: hamstrings. Biking tightens them up and the leg turnover is entirely different than running.   He still has me as we leave the exchange. I can’t see him but know where he is. I know this post like the back of my hand. The first quarter-mile off the bike isn’t really a run: it’s a painful prancing, as if you have railroad spikes jammed up under each butt cheek atop those hamstrings. But if you’ve done it before, you know it’s a matter of pushing through the pain. They will loosen up ... somewhat, somewhere. You hope it’s soon.   At the first right turn I see Casey up ahead. I push. My legs burn. We snake through a couple turns as we weave out to Patton Boulevard. I have narrowed the gap to 75 meters in the first 400.

Patton is a straight shot for 1,200 meters, dotted with the only bush that seems to grow in this desert. I push my legs to loosen up. The clumsy tightness levels out and my lungs adjust to the new rhythm. By the time we turn, I am on his heels.   Now he has to break wind or let me by him. He stays and I make him work, pulling me along. Our feet beat the same rhythm, both of us breathing hard. After a quarter-mile we turn left down South Abrams Loop. There’s a climb ahead. I push harder, causing Casey to push as well. I pull alongside him a couple times, stay a few strides, then ease back.

for a minute,” I tell myself. The last 200 is onto the track. My lungs burn, legs are jelly and vision flickers like I may black out. The blood’s going elsewhere. But I push until the line.   There my legs give up and I come to a clomping end, bent over and gasping. Then the fog clears. There is peace, silence and ... no timer.   I turn and see no finishers behind me. It’s just me and a couple soldiers tossing a football on the field in the center of the track.   I stagger to the other side of the track, find my bike on the rack and collect my bike shoes. Romi is there with the others who work the pool. He watches my bike for me during workouts. Being the prosecutor here and only soldier whose wife shipped over a bright red bike gives me some sense of security.   Romi’s smile compensates for his thick accent, but it’s also his personality. “You win this week, sir,” he says. I don’t think it’s a question; it’s his way of telling me “good job.” He has seen me do this workout once every couple weeks and thinks I do it to race myself. He is right.

“Boy, I’m getting old,” I say. “Things hurt more.” Why do this? I failed at hand-eye coordination team sports most of my life. Some people are good at them; I’m not. With individual sports, I can practice, prepare, compete and survive — or just walk away from the event. It is up to me. The only person to blame — and to beat — is me. Whether training or racing, alone or with others, I’ve never felt truly alone, seeing God out there in the wind, rain, trees and even the labored breath going through my lungs.   “Thanks, Romi, for watching my bike,” I say.

I push again at the crest of the hill. He feels it. I slip ahead and he tries to go with me. I hold on. Casey tries to ride me and let me break the wind, but he’s tired.

“Have a good night, Colonel. See you at the pool ...?” he says.

When I let him pass me, he sits, slowing down as cars do after passing others. That’s the sign I’ve waited for. Now is when I push and break him.

Cadillac resident Jason Elmore is a lawyer who, as an Army Reserve member, volunteered for deployment to Kuwait.

I pass Casey and don’t sit. I don’t break the wind and let him suck up behind me. In 100 meters I almost hear a snap coming from the silence: his footsteps’ absence.  

In an effort to reach my kids back home,” he says, “I write little stories. It began as a way to describe my days in a fashion kids seem to lose in a world of texting and superficial communications.” Friends, reading his Facebook postings, suggested he submit them to a publication. MR is happy to share Elmore’s story here. -Ed.

I push around the next left and hold until the next left, a quarter-mile down. It’s the final 600 meters: hold steady and strong and ignore the burn. I’m in pain the last 400 meters. “You can do anything


- MR -

Portage Winterblast Half Marathon

Portage Winterblast Heated by Volunteers

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By Kacey Tulley PORTAGE (3/1/14) — Snowflakes were tumbling down outside, adding to already taller-thanme snow piles. It wasn’t the backdrop I’d hoped for the night before to the Portage Winterblast Half-Marathon. After a few minutes looking at the running outfit I’d laid out, I set out my yak-traks too. Turning corners is part of life, and I’d hoped by now Mother Nature would have done so toward spring. But the winter weather advisory in effect until noon said no. So I planned to dress, as I had been since November, with enough stuff to stay warm but not too much to overheat.

Kacey Tulley, 2013 Wildlife Marathon

Despite the single-digit temperatures, icy roads and six new inches of snow, the atmosphere was hot with pre-race excitement the next morning. The volunteers had warm smiles and energy. They weren’t going to let winter blast holes in runners’ goals or fun.


The course was filled with obstacles and turns each runner had to take in stride. Our footsteps crunched rhythmically on the snowy roads. Cheer sections wrote witty messages on snow banks. Aid stations were jam-packed with freezing water and volunteers; both refreshing. Music was pumping, high fives were strong and encouragement warmed me even as I grew an ice-stache. For what the course lacked in traction, volunteers made up in attention to our needs. Every stride came with a slip; every corner with a cone and note reminding us to run carefully. What could have been defeat on another winter advisory morning was melted away by positive light that streamed out of every volunteer who made this 13.1 miles a winter running blast. - MR -

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Beyond the Chip

Fugues By Ron Marinucci


began to rain hard. I hustled to the shelter of the garage, standing guard over the grill, watching what was going on in our backyard. For no reason I can fathom, I found myself transported (“Beam me up, Scottie”) to running in Ellicottville, N.Y.

“It’s real common,” he told me. “I think you’d find lots of runners who experience this.” Memories can come from a variety of experiences: “a really fun training run with a group of friends, a good race or best time,” he said.

Ellicottville is a picturesque village in the southwest state. It’s almost 200 years old. I had been there once, on a rainy weekend in 1996, with my wife Karen for a cousin’s wedding.

Osborn has experienced the phenomenon himself. He remembered “a single training run, even specific conversations with old buddies.” He also recalled his “funnest marathon, the London Marathon.”

Déjà vu is French for “already seen.” In psychology, it’s a phenomenon where you sense you have been in a particular place or experience before.

While there I went for a couple of runs. One took me on a bluff of sorts, overlooking a good portion of the village in a driving rain. Now I was running there again, more than 12 years later.

Neither wishful thinking nor reminiscing is real déjà vu, he noted. Nor is being what is popularly called being “in the zone.”

For runners, this isn’t just wishing we were out on a favorite run. Nor is it simply recalling good or bad running experiences.

“How much longer?” Karen called, snapping me out of my déjà vu reverie, or whatever it was. I had been gone, out there running, for several minutes.

I remember, fondly, my experiences at the Boston Marathon. And, less fondly, “hitting the wall” at the Scotty Hanton Marathon in Port Huron. But such memories are not déjà vu. The latter is more mysterious, almost otherworldly. “Eerie” is a good description.

This wasn’t the first time, nor last, I revisited Ellicottville for a run. Physically, though, I have been there only once.

hile running recently I was reminded of Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra’s quip, “Déjà vu all over again.”

It was one of those cold, snowy mornings we had all winter and I was plodding along on a secondary road. Suddenly I wasn’t there any longer: I was running someplace else in my mind, sometime in my past. I’ve experienced such mental games before. Maybe you have too.

My repeat experiences with running in Ellicottville, he said, “was not quite a déjà vu.” It was Osborn called, “a fugue state, an altered state.” Wait a minute: an altered state?

Here’s one example. Several summers ago I was starting up the grill to cook burgers for friends. It

Shortly after that revisitation, Dr. Gerald Osborn explained this phenomenon to me. He’s a professor emeritus of psychiatry at Michigan State University. Oh, he’s a runner too.

Differentiating between déjà vu experiences and fugues, he assured me, “is hair-splitting, a technical issue. Although it’s best described as a fugue state, you can use the term déjà vu.” I can’t call up these experiences, nor favored dreams, at will, although that would be nice. “It’s hard to know what causes them,” Osborn said. “Maybe it’s a release of endorphins or just the circumstances happening at that moment.” He suggested my Ellicottville fugue might have been “triggered by looking at the foliage in your backyard in the rain,” since my New York run was also in the rain with lush, green foliage. Maybe, but I’ve also run here in the dead of winter and on brilliant summer afternoons. There, I’m still running in the rain. I’ve had other fugue moments while running. Some are scenic runs but not necessarily the most beautiful or my favorite ones. They aren’t on the courses I run most often, either. The Empire State must rub me the right way because, for no reason I can discern, I have found myself running on a mostly-deserted section of Old Lake Shore Road between Farnum and Angola, N.Y. — again more than 300 miles away, at least physically. Reality or fugue, there is little traffic, the sun shines brilliantly and the sky, reflecting the adjacent Lake Erie, is the bluest of blues. This is perhaps explained by another view of fugues from Dr. Rick Goggans, who specializes in psychiatry and addiction medicine in Maine. “Fugue is flight,” he says. “So the fugue represents a flight into another ego-state.” Uh, yeah, at least I think so. Again, I can’t call these up at will. They just happen — and I’m glad they do. - MR -


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Jailbreak 5K, Milan

Milan Jailbreak Run/ Walk: Three Years Strong By Tracey Cohen 24:09. Leading the masters were Kurt Lenser (19:47) and Tracey Cohen (24:48).

Club, is great as well.” Post-race goodies included pizza, hot dogs, fruit, beverages and jail-themed awards of trophies, tin cups and handcuffs.

For complete results and information about next year’s run, visit - MR -

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Thevertical women’stemplate_half winner was Donna in 4/8/14 6:41 PM Page 1 half page pageOlson vertical

5K winner, Craig RIngbloom, of Monroe, nears the finish line with a sizeable lead over runner-up Clint Campbell. MILAN (3/1/14) — “Please join us … more than 3,000 prisoners call Milan home,” said Gwen Hodges, race director for the third annual Jailbreak 5K Run/Walk, a local Rotary Club benefit. Close to 120 competitors accepted her invitation to race in the shadow of the Milan Federal Correctional Institute under mostly-cloudy skies, temperatures in the 20s. “It’s a fun little race,” said first-year participant Terry Reilly. “The course was flat and fast, and everything was well done.” Reilly’s son, Eamonn, 14, who runs to improve his soccer skills, agreed. “Our path was marked clearly, letting us plan our targets,” he said. “I did this the whole race.” The USATF-certified the course encompasses many turns through neighborhood streets. “It’s a good course,” said Craig Ringbloom, the overall winner in 18:19. “The footing was great. Any ice on the course was easy to see and whip around. “People were out cheering even though it was 20 degrees. It’s a nice hometown race,” he said. “It’s great to bring people into our community,” said Hodges. “I couldn’t do it without all the volunteers, partici;ants and police. The support from our sponsor, the Ann Arbor Track


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St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Races, Detroit

Frozen Temps, Hot Times at Corktown By Charles Douglas McEwen just short of last year’s record. It was a tough day for our volunteers too. They were phenomenal!”

DETROIT (3/16/14) — The 32nd annual St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Races started with temperatures in the teens and ended with a snow flurry. But that didn’t stop more than 9,000 runners from heating up downtown streets.

At the front of the pack, Mike Andersen, 27, of Walled Lake won for the third year in a row. “That was crazy,” he said after crossing the line. “My mouth is completely frozen.” What about the winning streak? “There’s more pressure every year,” he said. “Everyone asks, ‘Going to win?’ You feel you have to come out and perform, no matter how your training is going.”

“It was really windy,” said Kevin Sherwood, 52, of Royal Oak, who wore a Capt. Kids, each wearing bib number 1, start the Kids Quarter-Mile. American costume complete with shield Day green. Despite the weather the event, prethe entire way. The outfit proved extra challenging sented by the Fraternal Order of United Irishmen as he joined others bucking a frigid crosswind and The Ambassador Bridge, had a colossal along the out-and-back course on Michigan Avturnout. (Along with a 5K, the Corktown races inenue. cluded a Dublin Dash Mile and Kids QuarterMile.) “The wind caught my shield a couple times and nearly carried me away,” he said. “The temperatures hurt us a bit today turnout-wise,” said race director Doug KurSherwood, who has run Corktown many tis. “We still managed 9,300 registered runners, Event Directors 10:39 PM Page 1 times, was a speck 0311_Third of blue in a Square sea of St.2/6/11 Patrick’s

Race Directors: and International - Searchable Online Calendar List your event online with a user-friendly form:

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Slowed by the elements, Andersen couldn’t quite match the 15:03 he ran in 2012 or 15:13 last year. He did, however, finish well ahead everyone else in the field, clocking 15:31. “I was out front from the beginning, so I had no one blocking the wind,” he said. “It (the wind) makes you cognizant of your pace. It affects you, for sure.” Austin Taylor, 25, of Ann Arbor (16:13) edged Ryan Johns, 35, of White Lake (16:18) for second place. John Trojansek, 42, of Windsor, Ontario, placed fourth overall and paced the masters field in 16:44. Michael Eckert, 55, of Fort Gratiot led the grand masters in 19:56 and Tom McNaughton, 61, of Adrian the senior grand masters in 21:33. Stephanie Smith, 32, of Detroit battled Sarah Gryniewicz, 34, of Grosse Pointe for the overall women’s title before pulling ahead on the last half mile to triumph in 18:36. Gryniewicz finished 13 seconds later. “We ran together for most of it,” Smith said. “It was so cold you couldn’t feel your legs. You just had to go!” Smith has run Corktown several times. “It’s put on well every year,” she said. “It’s always a good time, regardless of the weather. The course was fine. I thought there’d be slick spots, but it was fine.” Lisa Veneziano, 49, of Fenton took third overall in 19:33, bumping up Lori Collins, 40, of Ypsilanti (20:44) to masters champion. Tracey Jesernig, 50, of Belleville led the grand masters in 21:39 and Kathleen McCabe, 63, of East China the senior masters in 27:13. The St. Patrick’s Day Parade took place after the Corktown Races.   For complete race results, visit For more information about the event, go to - MR -


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Winter Blast, Grandville

Winter Blast Blooms in Nick of Time GRANDVILLE (2/15/14) — It was 11:30 Valentine’s night before race director Laurens TenKate finally felt ready for the next day’s Winter Blast 5K. Volunteers know their roles? Check. Participants’ packets prepared, course cones ready and snowy streets salted? Check. Flowers ordered for women finishers? Check. Valentine’s flowers for wife, Jan? Uh-oh. Not even the next day’s winners, Kris Koster and Emma Doorn, ran faster than TenKate did to his car, driving from there to the all-night flower store and back in time to meet deadline. “After that, the race was a breeze,” he said. Not a warm breeze. Sunshine belied low-teens temperatures that had 225 entrants exhaling steam as they rambled between high snow banks on streets behind Calvin Christian High, then finished in warmth of the school’s gym. Koster, 32, a former Calvin College star, led all comers for the fourth time in the Winter Blast’s five runnings, easing home in 16:35. Next came CCHS all-state junior Logan Jurgens, 17, in 16:51.8.

Harold Plaisier, a default winner in the men’s over-80 age group created specifically form him, also claimed bragging rights over “young pup” Rod Smith, 77, edging his friend by 47 seconds.

Photo by Scott Sullivan

Scott Sullivan

Rachel Ross, of Wyoming, is happy about her 24:35 finish.

A 1K Winter Flurry children’s fun run after the main event reddened cheeks and warmed hearts as well.

For complete results, visit - MR sixth vertical template_sixth vertical 4/7/14 5:47 PM Page 1

Doorn, 16, also a Calvin Christian all-state junior, paced the women in 19:24.4. Sarah Sandorn, 32, of Portland placed second in 19:51.8. Doorn joined her dad, Alex, winning the first-year parent-child team race with a combined time of 44:09.

Photo by Scott Sullivan

Leading the masters were Brent Seinen, 40, of Portland in 18:27.1 and Gayle Kuipers, 48, of Holland in 21:52.

Rod Smith, of Grand Rapids, took age group honors.

Jan TenKate earned more than her lastminute Valentine’s flowers, winning her age group the following morning too.


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third vertical template_third vertical 4/7/14 2:25 PM Page 1

Ann Arbor Marathon

Cool Runnings on Ann Arbor Marathon’s New Date, Course

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

By Charles Douglas McEwen

Garrett Carpenter, bib number 1821, is on his way to winning the half marathon. ANN ARBOR (3/30/14) — After taking place last year on a hot, humid day in June, the Ann Arbor Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K moved to a brisk March morning. Race sponsor Champions for Charity also changed the course.  It started, as it did last year, in the shadow of the Big House (the University of Michigan football stadium), but finished downtown on Main Street instead of at Elbel Field.

Carrie Larsheid, 30, of Pinckney took second in 1:32:27, followed by Emily Barish, 19, of Farmington Hills in 1:33:05. Penn Greene, 25, of Detroit and Rachel Masters, 30, of Toledo, Ohio, won the marathon. “I graduated from the U-M art school two years ago,” said Greene, who timed 2:58:04. “It was a treat to come back and run this.”

“There were a lot of hills,” said half-marathon winner Garrett Carpenter, 23, of Ann Arbor. “Some downhills in the beginning, then a lot of uphills near the end.”

For Masters, who timed 3:30:04, it was the first time she’d won a race. Seconds went to Meng Ting Chung, 25, of Ann Arbor (2:58:14) for the men and Angela Justice, 35, of Canton (3:37:26) for the women.

Carpenter ran a personal-record 1:18:32 to pace 880 competitors at the distance. Scott Liebermann, 18, of Ann Arbor, battled him before falling back on the hill at 11 miles.

The marathon had 246 finishers. The 5K, which had 368 finishers, was won by Ann Arbor residents David Feddema, 22, in 15:49 and Silver Lumsdaine, 40, in 20:27.   

“That hill got me,” said Liebermann, who also posted a PR while finishing second in 1:19:32. “I think we both fell off pace-wise, but I did more.”

“I love to run around this campus,” said Feddema, a U-M student.

Nora Petty, who recently moved to Ann Arbor from Vermont, celebrated her 28th birthday by winning the women’s half marathon in 1:31:12.  “I couldn’t have asked for a better day,” she said. “The start was cold, but once you got going it warmed Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

“My previous half-marathon best was 1:38something. So I smashed that,” Petty said.

The 5K stayed mostly on the U-M campus before finishing downtown. The marathon and half marathon trekked through campus, then traveled up and down the Huron River on the east side of town.

David Caine, 40, of Ypsilanti was the top masters finisher in 1:22:50.  


right up. The sun is out and the course is great.


Lumsdaine, a U-M graduate school student from San Francisco, is still getting used to Michigan weather. “This has been a lot of winter for a West Coast girl,” she said. “But it wasn’t too bad today.” The event raised funds for the Ann Arbor Public Schools Education Foundation. For complete results and more information, go to - MR -

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Run Thru Hell 2014_Run Thru Hell 08 2/10/14 8:57 PM Page 1

RUN 4.8





Saturday, August 9, 2014 - 8:00 am Sponsored By: Pinckney Running Club

Entry Fee: $25 Pre-Registration - received by August 2, 2014. $30.00 Late Registration. Pre-Registration Fee Waived for all Runners 70 years of age or older - Excludes On Line Sign-up.

Age Groups: (male & female) 14 & under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 3539, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-89, 90-over.

Register Online: 28

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

CAUTION: Be aware there will be vehicle traffic on the roads at all times. ATTENTION RUNNERS: Please do not park on Patterson Lake Road. Come early and use the parking lots (3). Please use the Porta Johns; do not use the race course or the neighborhood. Please be considerate of the neighbors.

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Location: Hell Creek Ranch on Cedar Lake Road at Patterson Lake Rd. Camping Available (734) 878-3632. (This phone number for camping only.)

Awards: Trophy to overall Male and Female, overall Master Male and Female, overall Grandmaster Male and Female, overall Senior Male and Female, and first 7 places in each age group. Awards will not be mailed or delivered.


Information: (734) 878-6640

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Vol. 36, No. 2

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Silverston Invitational

Michigan Indoor Track Series Finals

Photos by Pete Draugalis /

Big Ten Indoor Championships

Photos by Pete Draugalis /

Photo by Greg Sadler /

Paczki Run

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

April Fools Day Twinkie Run

Photos by Victah Sailer /

IAAF World Indoor Championships

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Lucky Leprechaun

Photo by Greg Sadler /

Shamrocks and Shenanigans

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios


Photos by Victah Sailer /

New Balance Indoor Nationals

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Pot O’ Gold 4 Mile Run

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Run du Nain Rouge

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

The Tutu Run

About the cover: Audrey Belf won the 3200 meter title at the Michigan Indoor Track Series State Championship, February 22, 2014 in Mount Pleasant. Audrey followed up that performance with a runner-up finish at the New Balance National Indoor meet, March 16, 2014 at the New Balance Indoor Track & Field Center at the Armory, New York City. Photo by Pete Draugalis /

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014

Cupid’s Undie Run, Detroit, February 15, 2014

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

There were no bibs and no timers for the Cupid’s Undie Run in downtown Detroit, but there were lots of cameras and lots of skin in the 25 degree Saturday afternoon. The 1.2 mile fun run raised money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014


Splash ‘n’ Dash Indoor Triathlon, Howell, February 16, 2016

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Jordan Kretz, number 60, accumulated high scores in the run leg of the indoor triathlon.

Erika Kratz, number 59, pedals away during the bike leg of the indoor triathlon. 4

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014

Š Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Maggy Zidar won her age group by completing 15 laps in the pool in addition to high scores in the bike and run legs of the indoor triathlon. Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014


Silverston Invitational, Ann Arbor, February 22, 2014

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Madison Pines of Northwood won the mile in 4:57.60.

Tiara Oates of Eastern Michigan was first with a long jump of 5.69 meters. 6

Michigan State’s Antonio James won both the weight throw & the shot put. The next week James won the Big Ten shot put title with a facility record of 19.93m.

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014

Michigan Indoor Track Series Finals, Mount Pleasant, February 28, 2014

© Pete Draugalis /

Photos by Pete Draugalis /

© Pete Draugalis /

© Pete Draugalis /

Footlocker champion Grant Fisher shows he’s a master of middle distances as well as the 5K. Fisher won the 1600 meter title in 4:11.32.

Mackenzie Shell of Port Huron, competing unattached, won the pole vault title and set a new meet record with her vault of 12-07.00.

Saline Senior Kennedy Beazley won the 800 meter title in 2:15.35, just .38 of a second faster than runner-up. Megan O’Neil.

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014


Big Ten Indoor Championships, Geneva Ohio, February 28 - March 1, 2014 Photos by Pete Draugalis /

The University of Michigan distance medley relay team won the title by a 1.3-second margin with a time of 11:12.52.


Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014

From left: freshman Jaimie Phelan (Kitchener, Ont./St. Mary's), sophomore Maya Long (Ann Arbor, Mich./Huron), sophomore Danielle Pfeifer (Cincinnati, Ohio/McAuley) and junior Brook Handler (Rochester Hills, Mich./Rochester),

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014


Paczki Run, Hamtramck, March 1, 2014

© Greg Sadler /

Photos by Greg Sadler /

Eventual winner, Nicholas Budzyn, bib 1539, gets out to an early lead in the Paczki Run.

April Fools Day Twinkie Run, Ann Arbor, April 1, 2014

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Steve Lewnau stuffs one of two required twinkies on his way to winning the 5K. 10

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014

Denise Lassaline looks like she’s planning to enjoy that twinkie.

IAAF World Indoor Championships, Sopot, Poland, March 7, 2014

Photo by Victah Sailer /

Photos by Victah Sailor /

Photo by Victah Sailer /

Ypsilanti & University of Michigan’s Tiffany Ofili Porter, competing for Great Britain, earned a bronze medal in the 60 meter hurdles.

Tiffany Ofili Porter, Lane 7, won the bronze medal in 7.86; Sally Peaerson of Australia, Lane 4, took silver in 7.85; Nia Ali of the US in Lane 3, won the title in a personal best 7.80. Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014


Lucky Leprechaun, Utica, March 8, 2014

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Laura Shamblin of Washington Township took masters honors with a time of 22:13.

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Joseph Verellen of Sterling Heights was the overall winner of the 5K in 17:51.

Laura Berg, bib 25, of Shelby Township, took second in her 40-44 age group with a 5K time of 27:41. 12

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014

Shamrocks and Shenanigans, Ann Arbor, March 9, 2014

© Greg Sadler /

Photos by Greg Sadler /

Oliver Maher of Ann Arbor, bib 1039, had the luck of the Irish going with him for a 5K finish of 30:33.

Shillelagh 4 Mile, Flushing, March 15, 2014

Angela Kasten, 1st, 26:49

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Kate Wescott of Dexter and Charlie Hardenburgh of Oakland, both age 8, finish in 44:24.

Caleb Fletcher, 1st, 23:57

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014


New Balance Indoor Nationals, New York City, March 14-16, 2014

Photo by Victah Sailer /

Photos by Victah Sailor /

Photo by Victah Sailer /

Photo by Victah Sailer /

Queenee Dale of Ypsilanti finished second in the 60 meter hurdles in 8.35 and set a Freshman record in the process. The old Freshman record of 8.44 was set in 2009.

Anna Jefferson of Detroit finished 4th in the Girls 400 meter run. She also anchored the Motor City Track Club’s Champion 4x400 meter relay team (3:46.31). 14

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014

Grand Blanc’s Grant Fisher is the national Mile champion. His time in the final was 4:09.46.

Pot O’ Gold 4 Mile Run and Walk, Flint, March 17, 2014

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Shane Logan got out to an early lead and never looked back. His winning time was 21:09. Race Director Curtis Thompson rides the lead bike.

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Paige Deitering of FLushing won the women’s race in 25:50.

Runners came out for the early evening race in St. Patrick’s Day attire. The Pot O’ Gold is always held on March 17.

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014


Run du Nain Rouge, Detroit, March 23, 2014

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Amy Kohlmeier of Detroit was first female in 19:15.

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Justin Craig of Detroit took top honors with an 18:15 5K time.

Ginger Wallace, bib 346, & Shanna MacHeske, bib 347, both of Hazel Park, celebrate 300 years of liberation from Nain Rouge. 16

Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014

The Tutu Run, Dexter, March 29, 2014

Shirley Hufnagel and daughter.

A tutu didn’t slow Josephine Weeden, who was first women in 17:01.

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Harrison Hensley

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Emily Zimmer, Novia Nichols, and Annie Nichol ad lots of color to the Tutu Run in Hudson Mills Metropark. Michigan Runner Photo Gallery - May / June 2014


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Kona Run Northville, 2013 Big House 5K Trail to the Victors, Ann Arbor Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, Cleveland Boston Marathon, Boston, Massachusetts Alma Festival of Races, Alma Let’s Move Festival of Races, Mount Clemens Terry B's Kids’ Runs, Ann Arbor Cinco de Mayo, 5 & 10K, Flint Lilac Bloomsday Run, Spokane, WA Novi Half Marathon, Novi

Dexter - Ann Arbor Run, Ann Arbor Brian Diemer Family of Races, Cutlerville YMCA Father’s Day Run, Plymouth

5/3 River Bank Run, Grand Rapids Weekend Warrior Marathon, Armada Midland Community Center’s Dow Run/Walk, Midland

Kona Run, Northville Brian Diemer Family of Races, Cutlerville Cheetah Chase at Binder Park Zoo, Battle Creek

third vertical template_third vertical 4/7/14 2:32 PM Pag

Kahtoola 8K Mountain Run, Clarkston

Pertez, Piazza Repeat at Kahtoola Mountain Runs By Tracey Cohen CLARKSTON (2/9/14) — “This is the greatest little race ever,” said Andrea Carollo, one of nearly 70 runners to take on the seventh annual Kahtoola 8K Mountain Run at Pine Knob Ski & Snowboard Resort. “We found the location so we could be sure there would be snow for the race,” director Zac Chisholm said. Snow there was, the most repeat winner Corey Perez (51:24) has seen in his three years running here. “Hardest conditions ever. My time was 13 minutes slower than last year. It was insane out there,” he said.

Thomas Piazza dominated the 4K (in 26:04) for the third straight year. Alexandra Gladding paced the women in 31:04. Yours truly, Tracey Cohen, won the women’s 8K in 1:05:46. The event benefited the Lewy Body Dementia Association. “It’s a debilitating disease largely under-diagnosed,” said Metro Detroit LBD Support Group founder Robert Doheny. For complete results, visit - MR -

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Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


Big House 5K, Trail to the Victors, Ann Arbor

‘Big House’ Finish Thrills Winners, All

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

By Charles Douglas McEwen

Runners gather behind a maize and blue balloon arch for the start of the Big House 5K. Winner Jordan Desilets is bib no. 5954.

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

The field was so large Dawes, an Ann Arbor Pioneer High School underclassman, had no idea she was leading. “People on the sideline started yelling, “First woman!” she said. “I’m still surprised I won. “I really enjoyed finishing in the Big House (the University of Michigan football stadium),” she added. “You could see yourself on the giant scoreboard screen.

Scott Hummel leaps for the finish line banner. 30

Dawes, who timed 19:42, was followed by Angie Sullivan, 42, who won women’s masters honors in 19:55. Sara Saba, 34, placed third overall in 20:23.

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

Abby Zurawic, 49, captured grand masters honors in 24:39. Diane Scarpace, 60, paced the senior grand masters in 27:28.

ers-Big Sisters of Washtenaw; Huron Valley Habitat for Humanity; Team Red, White and Blue-Ann Arbor Chapter and the University Musical Society’s K-12 education programs.

“It’s not a finish designed for speed,” said Desilets, a former Eastern Michigan University steeplechase star who now lives in Pinckney. “There are too many turns leading into the stadium. But it’s neat to finish in this kind of big arena.”

For complete results, go to www.mgoblue/bighouse5K. - MR -

Desilets clocked 15:42 after jumping to a big lead with a 4:51 first mile. “It’s hard to hold a pace when you’re by yourself,” he lamented. He also wished he had worn his green EMU singlet in a stadium full of Wolverines. “I’m mad I don’t have it on now,” he said. Matthew Logan, 28, an ex-Calvin College runner who is now a U-M graduate student, placed second in 16:48, followed by David Rogawski, 27, in 17:08. “It’s awesome to finish on the football field,” Logan said. Paul Mayer, 46, led the men’s masters in 17:53. John Tarkowski, 61, paced the grand masters in 20:42 and Graham Astley, 61, the senior masters in 21:30. The Big House 5K, owned and managed by the U-M athletic department in conjunction with the Ann  Arbor Track Club, raises funds for Food Gatherers; the Huron Valley Humane Society; Big Broth|

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

ANN ARBOR (4/6/14) — Jordan Desilets, 33, and Sydney Dawes, 14, topped 4,000-plus Big House 5K Trail to the Victors entrants to claim men’s and women’s titles. Several hundred more participants enjoyed a 1-mile fun run.

Ann Arbor running legend, Dan Gamble, bib 2928, sports his maize & blue gear.

Book Review

Galloway’s ‘Trail Running’ Offers Fresh Yet Familiar Views By Ron Marinucci your shoes.”), bug repellant and more.


pages for training schedules for the 5K and 10K read practically the same. Much of the advice is not exHe notes not all of these may be necessary, declusive to trail running and can be found in other pending on individuals, what types of trails dodge and in parkGalloway books.1 4/7/14 2:19 - MR PM 0514_Layout Page 1 what seasons they are running. But, he adds, don’t wear a “lime green shirt with bright pink polka dots.”

“Trail Running” focuses on an increasingly popular interest for runners. More and more of us are taking to the trails for recreation and racing. Galloway makes a strong case, mentally and physiologically, for adding trail running to our regimens, especially in the first few chapters.

Galloway gives tips on how to run trails, including shortening your stride, shuffling and other safety matters. He discusses common injuries (not always unique to trail running), their prevention and treatment, and nutrition (again, not always unique to trails). He could have written more about fighting summer bugs such as deerflies and mosquitoes.

“Trail Running” by Jeff Galloway. 2014. 222 pp. $18.95 softcover. Meyer & Meyer Sport. eff Galloway is the author of more than 20 books and a popular column in Runner’s World magazine. His “Galloway’s Book on Running” has been a best-selling training guide almost 30 years. The former Olympian’s interest in running continues — not only as a writer, but as a speaker, personal coach, camp host and more.

There are training schedules for distances ranging from 5Ks to ultras, plus ones based on runners’ goals from “finishing upright and injury free” to “time-goal racing.” Galloway tells runners what to do and how they should run the trails. One chapter deals with “Terrain Training” while others provide drills such as the “Cadence Drill.” Proper pacing can also be found by using “Magic Mile” time trials. As expected, the leading proponent of walk breaks continues to advocate for them to stave off fatigue, prevent injuries and so on. Some of the pages are repeated almost verbatim several times in the book. For instance, “Choosing the sixth horizontal template_sixth 4/7/14 3:30 PM Page 1 Right Trail” shows up later and horizontal the Although aimed at all runners, beginners will benefit most from this book’s insights. It is brief enough to read in a night or two and the color photos are inviting. Galloway discusses the different types of trails, plus the pleasures and difficulties each type offers. He provides sites where runners can go to find trails anywhere in the United States — and what questions to ask about them. He tells what to look for in a trail running shoe or if one is even needed. He offers suggestions on how to select the right clothes and equipment to take on different types of trails: GPS, cell phone, colorful flagging, pepper spray (“If you suspect wild animals could be in the area.”), a map, gaiters (“To keep debris out of


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


Kona St. Patrick’s Day Run, Plymouth

Kona St. Patrick’s Day Run, Sunday, March 16, 2014

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios.

Lauralyn Taylor of Plymouth ran the “Dublin Double” of the 10K plus the 5K.

Jeff Bord of Plymouth was still shivering as he crossed the finish line as the MRSub0311_Sixth Vertical 2/6/11 9:52 PM Page 1 10k winner in 32:11.

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Hansons-Brooks runners are 10K winner Melissa Johnson-White and 10K runner up Luke Humphrey

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

For details, see


Bill Roney Memorial 5K, Utica

Bill Roney Memorial 5K, Saturday, March 22, 2014

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios.

sixth vertical template_sixth vertical 4/7/14 3:57 PM Pag

Gavin Frandle, age 6, of Macomb, cruised to a 36:10 finish.

© Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Jon Rock of Macomb took top honors with a 14:54 for the 5K.

Tammy Nowik of Clarkston flies along to win the women’s race in 18:11.

Marcus Jackson, bib number 151, continues a family tradition. Dad Don Jackson is a sixth horizontal template_sixth horizontal 4/7/14 3:39 PM Page 1 Hansons Brooks Olympic Development coach.


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


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Thu, 5/1/14

July--June August2014 2013Event Event Calendar Calendar May

Fri, 5/2/14

Hansons Group Run - Thursdays

501 Running Club Group Run

Hightail to Ale 5K Run

6MR, 5MR, 4MR, 3MR

Royal Oak

Ann Arbor

(248) 616-9665

Fri, 5/2/14 Fri, 5/2/14

Sat, 5/3/14

Mason State Bank 5K Saline/ Golden Triangle Meet of Champions

501 Running Club Group Run

5KR/W, kids run track & field

Mason Saline

(517) 676-0500 (734) 649-2091

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Addison Athletic Boosters 5K Walk/Run Angiosarcoma Awareness: Steps Toward a Cure Bark for Life & FIDO 5K Fun Run and Walk

5KR/W 10KR/W, 5KR/W, kids run 5KR/W, 1MR/W

Addison Troy Dexter

(517) 547-7509 (517) 242-8146 (734) 834-3454

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Berkshire Proud Dad’s 5K Blossomland Run for the Buds Bree’z Through the Shores

5KR/W 5KR/W, kids run 5KR/W

Beverly Hills St. Joseph St. Clair Shores

(248) 855-9609 (269) 982-8016 (586) 634-1028

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Chip River Run Half / 10K/ 5K Chuck Keegan Race for the Kids Cinco De Mayo

13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR 5KR, 3KW 10KR, 5KR/W

Mt. Pleasant Clarkston Flint

(989) 317-5889 (248) 23-5631 (877) 300-1392

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

EVAlasting Walk/Run Families of SMA 5K Run, Walk and Roll Family Services and Children’s Aid 5K

5KR/W, 1MR/W 5KR/W, kids run 5KR/W

Shelby Township Lansing Jackson

(248) 515-0778 (517) 668-1810 (517) 787-7920

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Fast and Furriest Run 5KR/W, 1MR/W Fly Like An Eagle 5K 5MR/W, 1/2MFR Forsports & Marysville High School Relay for Life Run/Walk 5KR/W, 1MR/W

Midland Belmont Marysville (616) 887-7203 (810) 455-6031

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Friends of Foster Kids 5K Get Your Bearings 4 Hour Sprint

3MR/W 4 hour sprint adventure

Shelby Township Brighton

(586) 677-3263 (231) 233-4736

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Hartland Glow Run Hike for Hannah’s House 5K Run/Walk/Stroll Huron County Memorial Airport 5K

6MR/W, 3MR/W, 1MW 5KR/W 5KR, 2MW

Hartland Lansing Bad Axe

(517) 667-4254 (517) 482-5856 (989) 269-6511

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Jimmy Williams Memorial Run Lansing Marathon Larry Nehasil Pump and Run

5KR/W 5KR/W, kids run

New Boston Lansing Livonia (517) 303-6173

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Mark Carpenter Boys & Girls Track & Field Invitational Mayday 5K to Benefit MICATS 5KR/W MGA 5K Run/Walk 5KR/W, 1MR/W

Dearborn Grand Rapids Harrrison Township

(313) 562-1990 (616) 920-1666 (248) 591-4419

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Mississauga Marathon MOM Race for Mental Health Monroe Rotary Superhero 5K Run/Walk

10KR, 5KR 5KR/W 5KR/W

Mississauga, ON Royal Oak Monroe

(905) 949-1910 (248) 376-4666 (734) 242-2408

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

PR Fitness Group Run Rogers City’s Run for Autism Speaks

20MR, 10MR, 3MR 5KR/W, kids run

Ann Arbor Rogers City

(313) 815-4513 (989) 351-0707

Thu, 5/1/14


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


6MR, 5MR, 4MR, 3MR



Ann Arbor

(734) 657-0214 (734) 929-9027

(734) 657-0214

May - June 2014 Event Calendar Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Run for the Health of It Run With The Cops Not from Them S.A.V.E. A Life

5KR/W, 1MFR/W 10KR, 5KR, 1MR/W 5KR/W, 1MR/W

Madison Heights Detroit Grosse Pointe Woods

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Silver Trails Run Wild 5K / 10K St. Gerard 5K Run,Walk, Rok St. Joe Comet Crusade 5K

10KR, 5KR 5KR/W 5KR/W, kids run

Jeddo Lansing St. Johns

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Talahi 5K Trail Run and Adventure Dash TGIS Spring 5K Run The Troll

3MR, 1MR/W 5KR 16.2MR, 10KR

Howell Gaylord Ada

(810) 844-1499 (989) 370-0924 (616) 260-2669

Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14 Sat, 5/3/14

Tom Broughton Memorial 5K Fun Run / Walk Tulip Time Run Walk/Run for MGA

5KR/W, 1MR 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run 5KR/W

West Branch Holland Harrison Twp.

(989) 345-5363 (616) 396-4221 (248) 591-4419

Sun, 5/4/14

Wildcat 5K

5KR/W, kids run

Sun, 5/4/14

Burns Park Run Cinco De Mayo Run

10KR, 5KR, 1MFR

5KR, 1MR/W

Ann Arbor

(734) 945-8132

Sun, 5/4/14 Sun, 5/4/14 Sun, 5/4/14

Cinco de Mayo Run Walk Dash for Destiny 5K Run/Walk Dynamic Duos 5K Family Run

5KR/W 5KR/W, 1M kids run 5KR/W, kids run

Saginaw Birmingham Dexter

Sun, 5/4/14 Sun, 5/4/14

Flintstone Challenge Hawkeye Hike


Flint Milford

(810) 447-0212 9248) 496-8499

(877) 255-2447

Sun, 5/4/14 Sun, 5/4/14

Sun, 5/4/14

Lansing Marathon Mississauga Marathon

Novi Half Marathon

26.2M, 13.1M, 5K, Ekiden Relay 26.2 M, Relay, 13.1 M, 1MR

Lansing Mississauga, ON

(517) 303-6173 (905) 949-2931

Sun, 5/4/14 Sun, 5/4/14 Sun, 5/4/14

Race 4 Recess S.A.V.E. A Life SJ5K

5KR, 1MR 5KR/W, 1MR/W 3MR/W, 1MR/W

Pinckney Grosse Pointe Woods Canton

(810) 623-7375 (313) 432-3200

Sun, 5/4/14 Sun, 5/4/14 Sun, 5/4/14

SMOC Orienteering Meet SMOC Orienteering Meet Woods and Water 5K Run/Walk or 5/18.

orienteering orienteering 5KR/W, kids run

Brighton Middleville Lansing

(845) 264-3920 (231) 796-0737 (517) 543-5848

Mon, 5/5/14 Tue, 5/6/14

Get Faster 5K/10K Training Segment Downtown Detroit Run / Walk - Z’s Villa

6 weeks training 4-6M training runs

Tue, 5/6/14 Wed, 5/7/14 Wed, 5/7/14

Hanson Speed Session -Tuesdays Doozie’s Ice Cream Fun Run/Walk Series Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays

training 5MR, 3MR, 1MR

Sterling Heights Mt. Pleasant Grosse Pointe

Wed, 5/7/14 Thu, 5/8/14 Thu, 5/8/14

PR Fitness Group Run Hansons Group Run - Thursdays Run for a Cure 5K

6MR, 6MR, 4MR, 3MR 5KR/W

Ann Arbor Royal Oak Lansing

(313) 815-4513 (248) 616-9665 (517) 420-3622

Fri, 5/9/14 Fri, 5/9/14 Fri, 5/9/14

Decamp Stampede Gier Park Fun Run Sports and Fitness Expo

5KR/W, kids run FR, kids run Expo

Fowlerville Lansing Grand Rapids

(517) 223-6075 (616) 040-9888

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

Acres of Fun 5K Run Berkley Run Bookin’ It For Your Library

5KR 10KR, 5KR/W, 1 MR/W 5KR/W, 1MR

Tecumseh Berkley Ortonville

(517) 423-8269 (248) 506-8194 (248) 892-2762

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

Bootlegger 5K Boy/Girl Quest Run Breakthrough For Brain Tumors


Northville Jackson Novi

(313) 304-0903 (517) 990-9798 (773) 577-8764

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

Carrollton Lions Club Walk/Run for the Blind 5K Child Advocacy 5K Run

5KR/W 5KR/W, 1MR, kids run

Carrollton Alma

(989) 723-7261 (989) 463-1422

(734) 929-9027

Fifth Third River Bank Run

25KR, 10KR, 5KR/W

Grand Rapids

(616) 771-1590

Sat, 5/3/14

Sun, 5/4/14

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

Kalamazoo Marathon /Borgess Run


Dr. Ervin Malcheff Memorial Run/Walk

Sat, 5/10/14

Fitness Is Life Fun Run


5KR/W, 1MR, kids run


(810) 955-4630

(313) 570-4803

(989) 992-9007 (248) 231-1255 (248) 761-5192

26.2M, 13.1M, 10K, 5K, 1M, kids Kalamazoo

Rochester Hills Detroit (734) 673-5568 downtownrunners@hot-

Dances with Dirt - Gnaw Bone 50M, 50K, 26.2M, 13.1M, 10K, relay

Sat, 5/10/14

(810) 531-4090 (517) 668-8219


13.1M, 10K, 5K, 1M

(248) 589-2294 (313) 719-6743 (313) 432-3200

Nashville, IN


(586) 323-9683 (989) 772-0323 (248) 693-9900

(517) 425-1524

Sault Ste. Marie, MI (906) 635-5055


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


May - June 2014 Event Calendar Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

Friends of Ryan Kennedy 5K Heart & Sole Hermansville Hustle

5KR 25K, 10K, 5K, 2M, 13.1MB 5KR/W

Clarkston Chelsea Hermansville

(248) 623-3600 (734) 475-4157 (906) 399-8775

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

Hometown Hustle Hope Starts Here Challenge Jack’s Jocks 5K

5KR/W 13.1M, 10K, 5K, Duathlon 5KR/W, 1MR/W

Rochester Marquette Shelby Township

(248) 726-3190 (248) 443-7427

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

LCCA’s Run Against Drugs 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run Lake Orion Education Foundation Run/Walk for Education 10KR, 5KR/W Mental Health 5K 5KR, 1MW

Howell Lake Orion Petoskey

(517) 545-5944 (248) 693-5436 (231) 347-9605

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

Miles for Mankind

MORC’s Miles for Smiles 5K Run/Walk

10KR/W, 5KR/W, 1MR/W

Westland Clarkston

(734) 578-8439

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

NOCC Family Fun 3 Mile Color Run/Walk Paper Chase PR Fitness Group Run

3MR 5KR/W 20MR, 10MR, 3MR

Lake Orion East Lansing Ann Arbor

(248) 520-3786 (517) 627-3938 (313) 815-4513

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

Run for Recovery 5KR, 1MW Shanty to Shorts 5K 10KR, 5KR/W Spring Snowman 5K Run/Walk & 10K Run - Tentative Date

Port Huron Bellaire Brighton

Sat, 5/10/14 Sat, 5/10/14

St. Paul Spring Tune-Up Take a Breath for PH and Get Moving for MS

Flint Dewitt

Sat, 5/10/14

Washtenaw County Heart Walk/Heart 5K Run



(734) 678-5045

Sat, 5/10/14

Weekend Warrior Marathon

Willow Duathlon

duathlon: 5KR/20KB/5KR

New Boston

(231) 546-2229

Sun, 5/11/14 Sun, 5/11/14 Tue, 5/13/14

Athleta Unleash the She The Mother’s Day 5K Downtown Detroit Run / Walk - Vivios

10KR/W, 5KR, women only 5KR 4-6M training runs

Ann Arbor Traverse City Detroit

Tue, 5/13/14 Wed, 5/14/14 Wed, 5/14/14

Hanson Speed Session -Tuesdays Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays PR Fitness Group Run


Sterling Heights Grosse Pointe Ann Arbor

Wed, 5/14/14 Thu, 5/15/14 Thu, 5/15/14

Run the Ridge 10K Team Relay 2 x 5K Team Relay Hansons Group Run - Thursdays MAC Outdoor Track & Field Championships - 3 days track and field

Traverse City Royal Oak Athens OH

Fri, 5/16/14 Fri, 5/16/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Advance Packaging 5000 YMCA Wyandotte River Run 5K for Bands to Play

5KR/W, Kids Run 5KR/W, 1 MR/W, kids run 5KR/W

Jackson Wyandotte Dryden

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Sat, 5/17/14

Angels on the Run Beginnings Care for Life Walk and Run

AAA Race for Life

5KR/W, 1MR 3MR/W, 1MW

10KR, 5KR, 1MFW

Clawson Coldwater (517) 278-3355


(734) 335-0338

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Book’n Trilogy Bruce Clifton 5K Run Diamonds & Dirt Women’s Adventure Run

10KR, 5KR/W, kids run 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR 4MR, kids run

South Lyon Clarkston Rochester Hills

(248) 437-6431 (248) 625-7859 (248) 320-5705

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Fallen Heroes 5K Fenton Tiger Run Grosse Ile Duathlon

5KR/W/Wheel 5KR Du: 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR

Corunna Fenton Grosse Ile

(989) 277-0769 (810) 591-2608 (231) 546-2229

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Healing Hands Howard Hill Hustle Jenison Triathlon

5KR/W 5KR/W, 1KR Tri: Sprint

Flint Kalamazoo Jenison

(810) 230-6492 (269) 720-0499

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Komen Southwest Michigan Race for the Cure® Lory’s Place Run, Walk, Rock

5KR/W, 1 MFR 5KR/W

Kalamazoo St. Joseph

(877) 566-3679 (800) 717-3812

Sat, 5/10/14

Sat, 5/10/14

Mesick Mushroom River Run 5K

5KR, 2KW

5KR/W 13.1M, 10K, 5K, Kids Run


6MR, 6MR, 4MR, 3MR

Midland Community Center’s Dow Run/Walk 10K, 5K, 1, kids run

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

New Balance Girls on the Run Van Buren/ Cass Counties 5KR North Brothers Ford/City of Westland Run/Walk 5KR/W

Oaklawn Hospital Hospitality Classic

10KR, 5KR/W, 1 MFR

Lawton Westland

Sat, 5/17/14

Oscoda River Run 5K




Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

(586) 416-2075

(810) 966-7830 (231) 377-7319 (810) 227-1015 (810) 487-0954 (517) 281-6197


26.2M, 13.2M, 10M, 12K, 5K, Kids Armada (586) 243-9813

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

(231) 357-1856



Marshall (231) 233-7227 (734) 673-5568 (586) 323-9683 (248) 693-9900 (313) 815-4513 (248) 616-9665 (517) 788-9800 (734) 282.9622 (248) 670-1452

(989) 832-7937 (269) 621-3143 (734) 524-1243

(269) 789-8134

(989) 739-1228

May - June 2014 Event Calendar Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Pink and Blue United for a Cure 5K Walk / Run PR Fitness Group Run Race and Remember

5KR/W 20MR, 10MR, 3MR 5KR, 2MW

Washington Ann Arbor Detroit

(586) 382-5919 (313) 815-4513 (313) 578-6268

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Race2Grace Railroader 5K Run for the Ages

5KR/W, 1MR/W, kids run 5KR/W, kids run 5KR/W/Wheel

Burton Durand Lansing

(810) 625-4791 (989) 288-4080 (57) 887-1440

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Run for the Health of It Run for Their Lives Save the Manatee Run Snap Fitness Cops & Robbers 5K

10KR/W, 5KR/W, kids run 3MR/W 5KR, 2 MW, 1MR/W 5KR/W

St. Ignace Boyne City Harrison Township Ionia (231) 582-6774 (586) 783-6729 (517) 743-1495

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Sat, 5/17/14

St. Peter Country Run Tone Up for Tune Ups

Tour De Crim

10KR, 5KR/W, Kids 1MR 5KR, 1MW

St. Johns Southfield

(989) 224-3178 (248) 302-2778

Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14 Sat, 5/17/14

WIHI Charity 5K - Run for Hope Walk & Wag and Run Wesley Woods Annual 5K

5KR/W 5KR, 1MW 5KR/W

Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Dowling (734) 661-3536

10MB Ride


Sun, 5/18/14 Sat, 5/17/14

Wheatlake Cancer & Wellness Walk & 5K

5KR, 3KW

Big Rapids

Sun, 5/18/14

Canterbury on the Lake 5K Fun Run/Walk



Sun, 5/18/14 Sun, 5/18/14 Sun, 5/18/14

Capes and Crowns 5K Dragon Dash Forte 5K

5KR, 1MR 5KR/W 5KR

Coopersville Lake Orion (248) 391.0304, x303 Beverly Hills

Great Lakes Bay Marathon and 13.1

Sun, 5/18/14

Back to the Beach Half Marathon, 10K & 5K 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W Shelby Twp.

(810) 600-5788

Sun, 5/18/14

Girls on the Run of Southeastern Michigan 5K

Sun, 5/18/14

Groves High School Orchestra Forte 5K

26.2M & 13.1M R/W/Wheel Midland

Sun, 5/18/14 Sun, 5/18/14 Sun, 5/18/14 (248) 674-9292

(989) 832-7937

10KR, 5KR, kids run



Beverly Hills

Light the Lakes 5K Run/Walk Livonia Stevenson Spartan 5K Fun Run Making Tracks for Celiacs


Rochester Hills Livonia Grosse Pointe Shores

Sun, 5/18/14 Sun, 5/18/14

Mid Michigan Girls on the Run 5K Race For Your Memories

Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon & 10K

5KR, kids’ run 10KR, 5KR/W

26.2 MR, 13.1 MR, 10KR

Owosso Milford

Cleveland, OH

Sun, 5/18/14 Sun, 5/18/14 Sun, 5/18/14

Rubber Ducky 5K SMOC Orienteering Meet South Lansing Kiwanis Wrong Way 5K

5KR/W, 1KR/W orienteering 5KR/W

Rochester Brighton Holt

Sun, 5/18/14 Sun, 5/18/14 Tue, 5/20/14

Tech Trek 5K Woods and Water 5K Run/Walk or 5/18. Downtown Detroit Run / Walk - Ottava Via

5KR/W 5KR/W, kids run 4-6M training runs

Saline Lansing Detroit

Tue, 5/20/14 Tue, 5/20/14 Wed, 5/21/14

Hanson Speed Session -Tuesdays Millennium Park Run Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays

training 6MR, 3MR/W, 1.5MR, Kids FR

Sterling Heights Grand Rapids Grosse Pointe

(586) 323-9683 (616) 406-7441 (248) 693-9900

Wed, 5/21/14 Wed, 5/21/14 Thu, 5/22/14

PR Fitness Group Run Saline Middle School Hornet Relays Greater Kalamazoo Girls on the Run 5K

6MR, 6MR, 4MR, 3MR track & field 5KR/W

Ann Arbor Saline Kalamazoo

(313) 815-4513 (734) 649-2091 (269) 491-2663

Thu, 5/22/14 Thu, 5/22/14 Thu, 5/22/14

Hansons Group Run - Thursdays Kent County Girls on the Run Celebratory 5K Run NCAA D II Outdoor T&F Championships - 3 days

5KFR/W track and field

Royal Oak Plainfield Township Allendale

(248) 616-9665 (616) 204-4267 (507) 646-3749

Thu, 5/22/14 Fri, 5/23/14

NCAA D III Outdoor T&F Championships - 3 days Striders Sunset Series

track and field 5KR

Delaware, OH Hudsonville 5K

(920) 424-1034 (616) 261-9706

Sat, 5/24/14

Bay de Noc Home Run

10KR, 5KR/W, kids run


Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14

CHC Foundation 5K Run/Walk for Girls on the Run 5KR/W D.A.R.E. 5K/ 1 Mile Fun Run 5KR, 1MR

Sun, 5/18/14

Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14

Sat, 5/24/14

Alma Highland Festival Series of Races

Bountiful Harvest 5K Fun Run Capitol Memorial Run 5K

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Run

10KR, 5KR/W, kids runs


10KR, 5KR

(248) 672-1847

(248) 652-1439 (734) 748-4909 (586) 337-3699

(989) 723-6329 (248) 705-2081

(800) 467-3826 (248) 321-9813 (517) 543-5848, x5 (734) 673-5568


East Tawas Lansing Coldwater Boyne City



(734) 712-5640

(989) 463-8979 almahighlandfestival.c

(906) 786-1477 (989) 984-5400 (517) 749-5647

(517) 279-5282 (231) 582-6611

(231) 865-3551

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14

Grand Prix Shakedown Island Lake Triathlon - Spring K5K Kalamazoo 5K

8KR/W, 1 MFR/W Tri: Olympic, Sprint 5KR/W, kids run

Detroit Brighton Kalamazoo

(888) 738-3261 (734) 845-7559 (269) 978-2437

Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14

Lisa’s Run Mackinaw Memorial Bridge Race Pat Kellerman Memorial Thumb Run

5MR/W 6 MR 10KR, 5KR/W

Alpena Mackinaw City Bad Axe

(989) 354-2378 (231) 436-5664 (989) 269-8272

Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14

PR Fitness Group Run SMOC Orienteering Meet Traverse City Track Club Bayshore Marathon

20MR, 10MR, 3MR orienteering 26.2 MR, 13.1MR, 10KR

Ann Arbor White Lake Traverse City

(313) 815-4513 (734) 657-4408 (231) 941-8118

Sat, 5/24/14 Sat, 5/24/14 Sun, 5/25/14

Tri_Cities Family YMCA Kick Off to Summer 5K Two Rivers Meet Fallen Heroes Run

5KR/W, 1MFR/W 15K, 10K, 5K, 1M, kids run 5KR

Grand Haven Elkhart, IN Lansing

(616) 842-7051 (574) 293-1683 runningfoundation

Sun, 5/25/14 Sun, 5/25/14 Sun, 5/25/14

Light Up the Sky Memorial 5K Run and Walk North Mitten Half Marathon & 10K

3MR/W 5KR, 1MW 13.1MR, 10KR

Presque Isle Walled Lake Thompsonville

(989) 255-2302 (248) 624-4847 (855) 995-5146

Sun, 5/25/14 Sun, 5/25/14 Sun, 5/25/14

Seahorse Triathlon and Duathlon Bear Lake Triathlon and Duathlon Sailing Thru the Shores

triathlon, duathlon triathlon, duathlon 5KR/W

Climax North Muskegon St. Clair Shores

(231) 546-2229 (616) 843-1808 (586) 771-2587

Sun, 5/25/14 Sun, 5/25/14 Mon, 5/26/14

Seahorse Triathlon and Duathlon Walled Lake Memorial Run & Fun Big Foot Challenge

triathlon, duathlon 5KR, 1MW 8KR, 5KR/W, kids’ run

Climax Walled Lake Dansville

(231) 546-2229 (248) 421-3344 (517) 899-5182

Mon, 5/26/14 Mon, 5/26/14 Mon, 5/26/14

Cadillac Rotary Club Stride for Strive 5K City of Burton Memorial Day 5K Hartland Memorial Day Run/Walk

5KR/W 5KR/W 10KR, 5KR, 3KW

Cadillac Burton Hartland

(231) 775-0657 (810) 516-9614 (517) 861-6912

Mon, 5/26/14 Mon, 5/26/14 Mon, 5/26/14

Hubbardston Memorial Day 5K Run/Walk Lake Superior Trail Run Lest They Be Foregotten Memorial Day 5K/10K

5KR 18.1 MR 10KR, 5KR/W

Hubbardston Silver City Webberville

(989) 593-3073 (906) 285-4711 (517) 749-7947

Mon, 5/26/14 Mon, 5/26/14 Mon, 5/26/14

Livewire Not Forgotten Memorial Run Memorial Day 5K & Kid’s 1 Mile Fun Run Memorial Day Run

3MR, 2MW 5KR/W, 1MR 8KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR

Indian River Pinckney Grosse Ile

(231) 420-7994 (734) 878-3407 (734) 282-1101

Mon, 5/26/14 Mon, 5/26/14 Mon, 5/26/14

Memorial Day Run/Walk Novi Memorial Day Run Run to Climax

5KR/W 10K, 5K, 1M, Elite Mile 7KR , 2MW

Rapid River Novi Climax

(906) 474-9001 (248) 974-8074 (269) 626-8611

Tue, 5/27/14 Tue, 5/27/14 Tue, 5/27/14

Downtown Detroit R/W - Bookies Bar & Grill Hanson Speed Session -Tuesdays Larry Steeb Meet of Champions

4-6M training runs training track & field

Detroit Sterling Heights Dexter

Wed, 5/28/14 Wed, 5/28/14 Thu, 5/29/14

Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays PR Fitness Group Run 6MR, 6MR, 4MR, 3MR Greater Lansing Junior Honor Roll Track and Field Meet

Grosse Pointe Ann Arbor Okemos

(248) 693-9900 (313) 815-4513 (517) 648-1775

Thu, 5/29/14 Thu, 5/29/14 Fri, 5/30/14

Hansons Group Run - Thursdays Swartz Creek Challenge GOTR of Ottawa/Allegan County Celebration 5K

Royal Oak Swartz Creek Allendale

(248) 616-9665 (810) 487-0954 (616) 494-1719

Fri, 5/30/14 Fri, 5/30/14 Sat, 5/31/14

NCAA DI Outdoor T&F Preliminary Round - 2 days track and field The Pine Trine Run 10KR, 5KR/W Berthet Ranch 5K / 1 Mile Family Walk/Run 5KR, 1MR


Jacksonville, FL Midland Clarkston

Sat, 5/31/14

Birch Run Charity Run

10KR, 5KR/W, 1KFR

Birch Run

Sat, 5/31/14

Dexter-Ann Arbor Kids Run

kids runs

Ann Arbor

Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14

Celebrate Downtown Okemos 5K Run/Walk Climb with Kelly


Okemos Rochester

Sat, 5/31/14

Dodge Park SOS 5K and 1 Mile Run


Tri, Du, Aquabike Kids Triathlon

Vicksburg Lansing

Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14

I Care 4 Health Care Charity Run Infiterra Sports Spring Fury Sprint Race MHSAA T&F Finals, LP, Division 1

5KR/W 12 or 6 hour adventure race track & field meet

Shelby Township Middleville Rockford

Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14

MHSAA T&F Finals, LP, Division 2 MHSAA T&F Finals, LP, Division 3

track & field meet track & field meet

Grand Rapids Comstock Park

Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14


Double Time Triathlon Duathlon Aquabike Hawk Island Spring Kids Triathlon

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


(734) 673-5568 (586) 323-9683 (734) 649-2091

(502) 852-5151 (586) 484-7178

(877) 300-1392 (517) 853-4616 (810) 712-1334

(269) 978-2437 (517) 374-5700

(248) 396-4936

UCS - Sterling Heights SOS 5K

(586) 604-3624 (231) 233-4736

May - June 2014 Event Calendar Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14

MHSAA T&F Finals, LP, Division 4 MHSAA T&Fd Finals, UP Miles for Mia 5K Memorial Run/Walk

track & field meet track & field meet 10KR, 5KR/W

Hudsonville Kingsford Brighton (586) 413-1400

Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14

Miles for Missions Run / Walk OLV Victory Race Oak Apple Run

4MR, 2MR/W 5KR/W, kids run 10KR, 2MR, kids run

Jackson Northville Royal Oak

(517) 914-3181 (248) 563-7969 (248) 541-4502

Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14

PR Fitness Group Run Rainbow Run 5K Run for Wings

20MR, 10MR, 3MR 5KR/W, 2KR/W 5KR/W

Ann Arbor Ferndale Muskegon

(313) 815-4513 (248) 542-2160 (231) 557-5997

Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14

Sparrow Michigan Mile The Arc Stroll, Roll & 5K Run/Walk The Militants Run

1 MR for kids 13 and under 5KR/W 13.1MR, 10KR/W, 5KR/W

Lansing Midland Grayling

(517) 364-8141 (989) 631-4439 (989) 317-5889

Sat, 5/31/14 Sat, 5/31/14

Ticker Trot for Cardiomyopathy Tri Greenville Adult Sprint and Youth Triathlon

5KR/W Tri: Sprint, kids tri; Du

Oakland Twp. Greenville

(248) 953-2779 (616) 754-8887

Sat, 5/31/14

UCS - Sterling Heights SOS 5K

5KR, 1MR/W

Sterling Heights

(586) 446-2700

Sat, 5/31/14 Sun, 6/1/14 Sun, 6/1/14

Who Let the Dogs Out Run/Walk 4th and 1 5K Run/Walk CHOK YMCA International Bridge Race

10KR, 5KR/W, 1MR/W 5KR/W 10KR, 80KB

Menominee Lansing Sarnia, ON

(906) 863-7297 animals@maSHELTER.ORG (517) 896-9888 (519) 336-9622

Sun, 6/1/14 Sun, 6/1/14 Sun, 6/1/14

Communities in Schools 5K Run/Walk Cowboy Trail Run Dan Langdon Memorial Run

3MR/W 5KR, 1MR 5KR/W, kids run

Hawk Island Sprint Triathlon Holly Recreation Triathlon/ Duathlon

Tri: 400 meter S/ 16KB/ 5KR tri: olympic, sprint; du, relays

Ann Arbor

(231) 587-5044 (269) 731-4471 (517) 488-5663

Sun, 6/1/14 Sun, 6/1/14

13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR

Mancelona Augusta Bath

(248) 396-4936 (517) 374-5700 (877) 300-1392

Sun, 6/1/14 Sun, 6/1/14 Sun, 6/1/14

Hot Pursuit Men’s Triathlon Milan’s Miracle Run 8K and 5K Walk USA 50 Mile Trail Championships

Tri: Olympic, Sprint 8KR, 5KR/W, 3KW, kids run 50MR

Monroe Walker Ithaca, NY

(231) 546-2229

Sun, 6/1/14 Sun, 6/1/14 Tue, 6/3/14

WIOG Leaping Lizard Run Yankee Springs Trail Run Downtown Detroit Run / Walk - Vivios

10KR, 5KR/W Bay City 52.4MR, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR Middleville 4-6M training runs Detroit

Tue, 6/3/14 Wed, 6/4/14 Wed, 6/4/14

Hanson Speed Session -Tuesdays Doozie’s Ice Cream Fun Run/Walk Series Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays

training 5MR, 3MR, 1MR

Sterling Heights Mt. Pleasant Grosse Pointe

(586) 323-9683 (989) 772-0323 (248) 693-9900

Thu, 6/5/14 Thu, 6/5/14 Fri, 6/6/14

Diplodash Ice Cream Bash Hansons Group Run - Thursdays Cipriano Classic 5K Fun Run/Walk

5KR/W, kids run 5KR/W

Flint Royal Oak Farmington

(810) 487-0954 (248) 616-9665 (248) 553-4020

Fri, 6/6/14 Fri, 6/6/14 Sat, 6/7/14

South Church Family Fitness 5K Yankee Springs Trail Run - 3 days 3 Disciplines Redneck Rush

5KR/W, kids run 50.4, 26.2, 13.1, 10K Runs 5KR

Lansing Middleville Alpena

(517) 322-2000 (616) 540-1987 (231) 546-2229

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

Ally Brunk Memorial 5K Baraga County Lake Trout Festival Camp Geneva Youth Triathlon

5KR/W Potterville 13.1MR, 8MR, 5KR/W, 22-32MB L’Anse Kids tri Holland

(517) 627-3715 (906) 524-2200 (616) 399-3150

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

Chelsea Aquatics Club Kids Triathlon Deer Dash 5K Dirty Dog Dash

kids triathlon 5KR/W 3MR

Chelsea Coloma Boyne Falls (269) 468-4961 (800) 492-6963

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

Flirt with Dirt

Gladstone Grappler

10KR, 5KR 5KR/W



(734) 929-9027

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

Huntington Reeds Lake Run I Gave My Sole for Parkinson’s Walkathon & 5K Run Kalamazoo Mud Run

10KR, 5KR/W 5KR/W 5K adventure

Grand Rapids St. Clair Shores Kalamazoo

Sun, 6/1/14

Sat, 6/7/14

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

Dexter to Ann Arbor Run

DundeeScholarship 5K Run/Walk

Kona Run

Ludington Lakestride Half Marathon, 10K & 5K Mackinac Island Lilac Festival 10K Run and Walk

5KR, 1MR/W

10M, 10K, 5K, Kids Run 13.1 MR, 10KR, 5KR 10KR/W, kids run

Lansing Holly



Ludington Mackinac Island


(989) 317-5889 (616) 706-6308 (734) 673-5568

(734) 529-3466

(906) 399-8775

(616) 949-1750 (248) 433-1011 (269) 343-4522

(231) 357-8867 (810) 487-0954

(248) 345-6168

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

Miles4Meals Movin’ to Music Family 5K NE Lenawee CROP 5K

10KR, 5KR/W 5KR/W 10KR/W, 5KR/W

Milford Traverse City Clinton

(231) 933-5731 (517) 517-7449

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

OPC 5K Run & Walk for Meals Open Water Practice Swim Run for a Wish 5K

5KR/W choose distance 5KR/W, 1MR/W

Rochester Gregory Macomb

(248) 659-1021 (734) 678-5045 (248) 321-9813

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

Run From Hell Running for a Cause, Team Triple Threat Sacred Heart’s Run for the Unborn

5KR/W 5KR/W 5KR/W, 1MR/W

Pinckney Alpena Grosse Ile

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

SHS 5K Spear-It 5K Run/Walk Sprint & Splash at Lake St. Clair

5KR/W, 1KR 5KR/W 5KR/ kayak, 5K, paddleboard

Hudson Mears (231) 861-4028 Harrison Township (586) 469-5285

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

St. Joseph Parish 5K Run/2 Mile Walk St. Patrick Shamrock Festival 5K Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure®

5KR, 2MW 5KR/W 5KR/W, 1MFR

Pewamo Brighton Detroit

Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14 Sat, 6/7/14

Tri-for-Life Race for Chase 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run Visiting Nurse Association & Blue Water Hospice River Run 10KR, 5KR/W We Got Your Six 5K 5KR/W, kids run

Sat, 6/7/14 Sun, 6/8/14

Sun, 6/8/14

YMCA Curwood Festival Run Big Fish Triathlon

Dansville Aggie Duathlon & 5K

Sun, 6/8/14 Sun, 6/8/14 Sun, 6/8/14

Millington Marysville Caro (989) 379-3711 (734) 676-1378

(989) 981-6656 (810) 227-8510 (248) 304-2083 (989) 213-5714 (810) 984-4131 (989) 551-2185

13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W, kids’ run Owosso Triathlon, Duathlon, 5KR Hadley Township

5KR, Duathlon:


(989) 725-8136 (231) 546-2229

Family Adventure Day 5K, 10K, & 2 Mile Walk Grand Rapids Triathlon Grizzlyman Ann Arbor Triathlon

10KR, 5KR, 2MW Tri: sprint, olympic or 1/2 iron Tri: sprint, mini-sprint, du

Royal Oak Ada Pinckney

(248) 595-8526 (616) 805-3059 (734) 678-5045

Sun, 6/8/14 Sun, 6/8/14 Sun, 6/8/14

Hope Memorial Relay I Gave My Sole for Parkinson’s Walkathon & 5K Run Literacy 5K Run/Walk

5KR, relay 5KR, variable W 5KR/W, 1/2MR

Stephenson Northville South Lyon

(906) 788-4229 (248) 433-1011 (248) 437-8800

Sun, 6/8/14 Sun, 6/8/14 Sun, 6/8/14

NTN Marquette Trail Festival SMOC Orienteering Meet Sole Sisters 5K Run/Walk

13.1MR, 5KR, 2MR orienteering 5KR/W

Marquette tbd Okemos

(920) 475-6643 (517) 899-5211

Sun, 6/8/14 Sun, 6/8/14 Tue, 6/10/14

Stampede Scleroderma Summer Fun & Run Ann Arbor Track Club Summer Mini Track Meet

10KR, 5KR Royal Oak 5KR/W, kids run DeWitt 100, 200, 400, 800, 3200m, 1 Mile Ann Arbor

(248) 341-8267 (517) 827-9660 (734) 769-9105

Tue, 6/10/14 Tue, 6/10/14 Tue, 6/10/14

Comstock Park HS 10K Relay Run Downtown Detroit Run / Walk - Honest Johns Hanson Speed Session -Tuesdays

6MR, 3MR, 1.5MR, 2 person teamsGrand Rapids 4-6M training runs Detroit training Sterling Heights

Wed, 6/11/14 Wed, 6/11/14 Wed, 6/11/14

BPRC Retro Run Couch to 5K Grand Ledge Summer Recreation Track and Field

5KR 10 weeks training track meet-all comers

Wed, 6/11/14 Wed, 6/11/14 Wed, 6/11/14

Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays Human Race NCAA DI Outdoor T&F Championships - 4 days

5KR track and field

Thu, 6/12/14 Thu, 6/12/14 Thu, 6/12/14

The Dalmatian Run Hansons Group Run - Thursdays Kids at Custer Triathlon

5KR/W, 1/4MFR

Thu, 6/12/14 Fri, 6/13/14 Fri, 6/13/14

Strides for Life 100 Mile Run - 4 days Alpha 5K Caro Superhero

(517) 589-5252

(616) 887-7203 (734) 673-5568 (586) 323-9683

Ionia Rochester Hills Grand Ledge (517) 648-1775 Grosse Pointe Mt. Pleasant Eugene, OR

(248) 693-9900 (989) 772-0323 (541) 346-4461

kids tri

Clio Royal Oak Augusta

(810) 487-0954 (248) 616-9665 (269) 978-2437

25MR, 50MR, 75MR, 100MR 5KR 5KR/W

Holland Norton Shores Caro

Fri, 6/13/14 Denny’s Run Fri, 6/13/14 Kids’ Klassic & Pump ‘n Run Life



(989) 573-0396

1KFR, 2KR, weight lifting


(269) 270-5641

Fri, 6/13/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Run for Los Ninos Riverview Church Alex’s Duck Duck Run Art & Orchard Festival Fun Run

5KR/W 5KR/W, 1KR 15KR, 10KR, 5KR

Holt St. Joseph Washington Twp.

(517) 749-0320 (586) 53100788

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Beet Feet 5K Walk/Run Big Mac Shoreline Scenic Bike Tour

5KR/W 25MB, 50MB, 75MB, 100MB

Sebewaing Mackinaw City

(989) 883-3003 (231) 436-5574

Sat, 6/14/14 40

Brian Diemer Family of Races

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

(616) 551-4027 (989) 683-9130

5K, 1M, kids’ runs Cutlerville/ Grand Rapids (616) 295-1073


May - June 2014 Event Calendar Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Cadillac YMCA Anyone Can Tri Triathlon Camelback Run

Canton Liberty Run

Triathlon, kids tri 10KR, 5KR

10KR/W, 5KR/W, 1MR/W


(734) 929-9027

Battle Creek

(269) 963-9622

Sat, 6/14/14

Casnovia Old School 5K



Sat, 6/14/14

Cereal City Classic Chandler Hill Challenge


Boyne Falls

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Charyl’s Run2BFit Cheesetown Challenge

5KR/W, 1MR/W 5 MR, 2 MR/W, kids run

Brighton Pinconning

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Crittenton Classic 5K Fun Run/Walk Cruising for Diabetes Camp Dirty Dash Detroit

5KR/W, kids run 5KR/W 3MR

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Dirty Feat Adventure Race Adventure race: B/canoeing/R Formula One Motor City Tri: sprint, olympic, aquabike Grand Rapids Urban Adventure Race - Lake Michigan Edition 5 hour adventure race

Lansing Detroit Norton Shores

(517) 281-9516 (231) 546-2229 (616) 460-9331

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Hartford Strawberry Run Higgins Lake Sunrise Run Joana’s Miles Trail Run & Walk

10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR 13.1MR/Wheel, 10K, 5K, 1MR 5KR/W, 1MR

Hartford Roscommon Saginaw

(269) 621-3651 (989) 745-1426

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Joshua Spalsbury Memorial Comet Chase 5K Kalamazoo Klassic Legs for Legacy

5KR/W 10KR, 5KR/W 10KR, 5KR

Grand Ledge Kalamazoo Jackson

(517) 627-2034 (269) 270-5641 (517) 787-1321

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

M-22 Challenge Mecosta County Youth & Family Center 5K Michigan Zombie Run

25KB/ 2Kpaddle/ 2MR 5KR 4.5MR

Glen Arbor Mecosta Birch Run

(231) 883-5936 (231) 972-7129 (810) 869-4022

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Midland Young Life 5K Race Mud Dollop Wallop Muddy Watters Trail Series

5KR/W 12M relay, 4MR 4.5MR, kids run

Midland Adrian Rochester Hills

(989) 513-3964 (517) 673-8953 (248) 320-5705

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

North Country Trail Relay Pirate Booty 5K Raise the Roof 5K Run

75.6 M relay, 6 runners, 15 legs 5KR/W 5KR/W, 1MR/W

Brethren Jackson Trenton

(616) 298-3520 (734) 634-4887

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

RHGYC 5K Run/Walk Run 2 Read Run 2 Save Our Youth

5KR/W 10KR, 5KR/W 10KR/W, 5KR/W, kids run

Rochester Hills Shelby Township Westland

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

Run 4 a Cause Run for Life The LittleFoot Run

5KR, 1.5MR 5KR/W, 1.5MR/W 13.1MR, 10KR/W, 5KR/W

Ada Marquette Mecosta

(616) 957-8188 (616) 957-8188 (989) 317-5889

Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14 Sat, 6/14/14

USAT Mideast Regional Triathlon Championships Valley Rally 5K Van Buren State Park Step Into Summer Fun Run

tri: Olympic, du, aquabike 5KR/W 5KR/W

Grass Lake Nashville South Haven

(419) 829-2398 (517) 852-9275 (269) 637-2788

Sat, 6/14/14 Sun, 6/15/14 Sun, 6/15/14

Whitefish Point Marathon Big Mac Shoreline Scenic Bike Tour Father’s Day Run 4 Trails

26.2MR Ride across the “Mighty Mac” 5KR

Paradise Mackinaw City Fort Wayne, IN

(906) 492-3412 (231) 436-5574 (260) 436-4824

Sun, 6/15/14

Motor City Triathlon

tri: olympic, sprint


Sun, 6/15/14

Plymouth YMCA Father’s Day Run 10K, 5K, 1 M, Triple, Kids Runs

Run for the Ribbon 5K for Prostate Care Awareness


Royal Oak

Sun, 6/15/14 Sun, 6/15/14 Sun, 6/15/14

Silver Gallup Relay STVCC Run for Refugees Yooper Sprint Triathlon & Duathlon

multisport relay 5KR Triathlon, Duathlon

Ann Arbor Lansing Hancock

Mon, 6/16/14 Tue, 6/17/14 Wed, 6/18/14

Get Faster 5K/10K Training Segment Hanson Speed Session -Tuesdays Flushing Evening 5k Run/Walk

6 weeks training training 5KR/W

Wed, 6/18/14 Wed, 6/18/14

Grand Ledge Summer Recreation Track and Field Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays

track meet-all comers

Sat, 6/14/14

Sun, 6/15/14

Conserve School Trail Run

Wed, 6/18/14 Triceratops Triathlon & Kids’s Clinic

10KR, 5KR/W

Cadillac Fremont, OH (419) 355-0402

20KR, 5KR

Land O’Lakes, WI

(231) 487-8777

(810) 632-4778 (989) 879-5617

(715) 701-0360

Rochester (248) 601-6141 Central Lake (231) 409-1896 Mt. Morris


(248) 841-2460 (586) 286-2750 (248) 207-0190

(734) 455-2904 (231) 546-2229

(586) 443-4272

(734) 730-6628 (517) 323-4734 (906) 370-3207

Rochester Hills Sterling Heights (586) 323-9683 Flushing (810) 487-0954 Grand Ledge Grosse Pointe

Tri: 1/2MS/ 12.4MB/ 5KR Brighton

(616) 520-1081


(517) 627-9076 (248) 693-9900

(734) 929-9027

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


Wed, 6/18/14 Thu, 6/19/14 Thu, 6/19/14

Twilight Run Color Me Davison 5K Fun Run DeGraaf Nature Center Trail Trot 5K

5KR/W 5KR/W 5KR, 1MR

Lansing Davison Holland

Thu, 6/19/14 Fri, 6/20/14 Fri, 6/20/14

Hansons Group Run - Thursdays Marysville XC Color Blast 5K Solstice Run

5KR/W 40, 20, 10MR, 40M Relay

Royal Oak Marysville Traverse City

(248) 616-9665 (810) 824-1353 (231) 668-1010

Fri, 6/20/14 Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14

The Capitol Mile and 5K Antioch’s Get Healthy Now 5K Run/Walk Beach Wellness

5KR/W, 1MR, kids run 5KR/W, 1MR 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run

Lansing Lansing Bay City

(517) 487-6555 (517) 327-0967 (989) 684-7675

Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14

Binder Park Zoo Cheetah Chase Charlevoix Marathon

Beat the Grandma 5K Age/Gender Graded Race


Grand Rapids

Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14

Clothing Optional Run Dash & Dine 5K Run/Walk DeAndre’s Cause Fun Run/Walk

5KR, 2MW 5KR/W 5KR

Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14

DuckNDodge 5K Race Eleonore Rocks Waterstone 1 Mile & 5K First Try Triathlon

Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14

Sat, 6/21/14

5KR/W 26.2M, 13.1M, 10K, 5K

(517) 702-0226 (810) 922-0663 (616) 355-1057

Battle Creek Charlevoix

(269) 979-1351 (248) 921-2720 (616) 260-2669

Union City Milford Farmington Hills

(866) 321-4710 (313) 410-1227 (248) 716-4996

5KR, kids run 5KR/W, kids run tri: 300ydS/ 9.1MB/ 2MR

Grand Junction Oxford Linden (248) 709-8019 (248) 910-0763

Glen Arbor Solstice Half Marathon & 5K K’s for a Cure 5K Run and Walk Kilometers 4 Kids

13.1MR, 5KRW 5KR/W 10KR, 5KR, 1M kids

Glen Arbor Bellaire Lake Orion

(231) 715-1406 (231) 533-8621 (248) 872-7606

Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14

Mark Mellon Triathlon & Duathlon MWCAA Corporate Cup Relays Out & About Autism

tri: olympic, sprint, 5K, relay Gaylord 10KR, 5KR/W, field, track relays Lathrup Village 5KR/W, 1KR Shelby Township

(989) 858-5240 (586) 731-0153 (586) 481-5055

Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14

Portland St. Patrick Parish Festival 5K Run Potter Park Zoo Wild One Children’s Mile Red Cedar 5K

5KR/W kids 1MR 5K/W

Portland Lansing Williamston

(517) 927-2226 (517) 702-4733 (517) 256-3656

Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14

Ryan’s 5K Run at Westview Orchard Saturday Slip N Slide 5K Run/Walk Splash of Purple, Dash of Gold 5K Color Run

5KR/W, 1MW 5KR/W 5KR

Washington Twp. Jenison Bronson

(586) 484-1791 (616) 662-9664 (517) 369-3230

Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14 Sat, 6/21/14

Summer Solstice 5K Fun Run Thru the Woods 5 & 10 Mile Trail Run West Michigan Mudventure 5K

5KR 10MR, 5MR 5KR

Sault Ste. Marie, MI (906) 632-8109 Shelby Township Grandville

Sat, 6/21/14 Sun, 6/22/14 Sun, 6/22/14

Xtreme Muck Ruck Asha Detroit 5K Run / Walk Happy Soles

7MR, 4MR, 2MR, kids run 5KR/W 5KR/W

Copemish Milford Taylor (586) 362-8205 (734) 442-0031

Sun, 6/22/14 Sun, 6/22/14 Sun, 6/22/14

Lake Cadillac Team Marathon Matt Frankfurth Inaugural Memorial 5K Fun Run Tri Goddess Tri

26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, relay Cadillac Waterford Triathlon, Duathlon, Aquabike Grass Lake

(231) 920-1951 (248) 623-6352 (734) 678-5045

Sun, 6/22/14 Sun, 6/22/14 Tue, 6/24/14

Twin Lake 5K Waterfall Trail Runs Blue Water Half Marathon and 5K

5KR 10KR, 5KR 13.1MR, 5KR

Twin Lake Lagro, IN Port Huron

(404) 384-4488 (260) 436-4824 (810) 987-6400

Tue, 6/24/14 Tue, 6/24/14 Tue, 6/24/14

Grand Rapids Adventure Race - Epic Edition Grandville High School Track Meet Hanson Speed Session -Tuesdays

Adventure Race 100, 400, 800m, 1MR, 2MW training

Norton Shores Grandville Sterling Heights

(616) 460-9331 (616) 250-4309 (586) 323-9683

Tue, 6/24/14 Tue, 6/24/14 Tue, 6/24/14

USA Youth Outdoor T&F Championships - 6 days World Youth T&F Trials - 6 days Zeeland Zoom

track & field meet track & field meet 5KR/W

tbd tbd Zeeland

(616) 748-5906

Wed, 6/25/14 Wed, 6/25/14 Thu, 6/26/14

Grand Ledge Summer Recreation T&F Hansons Group Run - Wednesdays Hansons Group Run - Thursdays

track meet-all comers

Grand Ledge Grosse Pointe Royal Oak

(517) 627-9076 (248) 693-9900 (248) 616-9665

Thu, 6/26/14 Thu, 6/26/14 Fri, 6/27/14

St. Stan’s Polish Festival Road Race USA Outdoor T&F Championships - 4 days Beaverton Run

5KR/W track and field meet 4 MR, 2MW

Bay City tbd Beaverton

(989) 280-7692 (989) 435-4111


Fri, 6/27/14 Fri, 6/27/14 Fri, 6/27/14

Hansons 3 Mile Cross-Country Race Series #1 Relay for Life 5K - 2 days Striders Sunset Series

3 MR 5KR/W 5KR

Sterling Heights Lansing Grand Rapids

(586) 323-9683 (517) 664-1423 (616) 261-9706


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


May - June 2014 Event Calendar Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Bessemer Hometown Run Caledonia Kilt Klassic 5K Concord Classic 5K Run/Walk

10KR, 2 MR/W 5KR/W, kids run 5KR/W, Kid’s Run

Bessemer Caledonia Concord

(906) 364-1315 (616) 406-9766 (517) 524-6995

Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Eye Care Do You? Foam Fest Gull Lake Triathlon Duathlon Aquabike

13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W 5KR obstacle tri: olympic, sprint; du; aquabike

Oscoda Detroit Hickory Corners

(517) 887-6640 (269) 978-2437

Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Jordan Lake Trail 5K Julie Run Lions Michigan Foundation Half Marathon

5KR/W 5KR/W, 1MW 13.1M, 5M, 3M, 2.5M

Lake Odessa Waterford Oscoda (248) 360-2930 (571) 887-6640

Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Live Like Andi Run for Your Hero Long Lake Festival Triathlon Lumberman Triathlon

10KR, 5KR/W, 1MR Tri: paddle/bike/run Triathlon, Duathlon

Novi Alpena Cadillac

(248) 789-4259 (989) 354-7314 (231) 546-2229

Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Max’s Race 5KR/W, kids run East Lansing Mercy Health Seaway Run / Lake Michigan Half Marathon 13.1MR, 15KR, 5KR/W, kids run Muskegon Ribbon Run 5K Race 5KR/W, 1MW Bad Axe

(517) 204-3257 (231) 557-0553 (989) 550-0005

Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Run for Shelter Run for the Woods Run for Uganda

5KR/W 10KR, 5KR, 1MR 3MR/W

Traverse City (231) 995-7742 Vassar Frankenmuth (810) 627-3234

Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Run the Plank 5K Run/Walk Run/Walk BOOM!!! Soles for Cardio 5K Run & Walk

5KR/W 5KR/W, 1MR/W 5KR/W

Macomb Huntington Woods West Branch

Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Sat, 6/28/14

St Clair Rotary Artful Dodger 5K St. John Spray Park 5K


St. Clair St. Johns

St. Mary’s of Michigan Bee Healthy for Life Run/Walk 10KR, 5KR/W Saginaw

Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Summer Racing Series The Kick Memorial Run Third Coast Relay - 2 days

10KR/W 10KR, 5KR, kids run 206M relay

Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14 Sat, 6/28/14

Trailblazer 5K Whitmore Lake Races Wolverine Wildcat 5K

Sun, 6/29/14 Sun, 6/29/14 Sun, 6/29/14

(586) 26009954 (248) 541-3030 (989) 343-3500

(810) 329-6600 (989) 224-8944

(989) 907-8223

Edmore Hillsdale Holland

(989) 427-4348 (269) 352-7556 (734) 845-7559

5KR/W 10K, 5K, Splash ‘n dash 5KR/W

Saginaw Whitmore Lake Wolverine

(989) 781-0150 (734) 449-8655 (231) 238-8930

Anyone Can Tri Clawson Freedom Run Hansons Group Run

Triathlon, Duathlon 5KR/W, 1MR training

Mount Clemens Clawson Lake Orion

(231) 546-2229 (248) 435-4232 (248) 616-9665

Sun, 6/29/14 Mon, 6/30/14 Mon, 6/30/14

UP Northwoods Triathlon Detroit Free Press Full Marathon Training Program Detroit Free Press Full Marathon Training Program

tri: olympic, sprint, kids training training

Iron Mountain Shelby Twp. Rochester Hills

(906) 774-4076 (586) 532-1300 (586) 532-1300

Mon, 6/30/14 Mon, 6/30/14

Detroit Free Press Full Marathon Training Program Detroit Free Press Full Marathon Training Program

training training

Troy Canton

(586) 532-1300 (586) 532-1300

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Fruitport 2014_Fruitport 4/7/14 5:53 PM Page 1 33rd Annual

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Run

Saturday May 24, 2014 9:30 am

5K and 10K

Start at Football Field, Fruitport High School, 6th & Beech St. Measured loop courses through scenic, hilly Fruitport countryside. (231) 865-3551 Sponsored by Fruitport Lions


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


Running with Tom Henderson By Tom Henderson


© C. Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

h, the knives are coming out! The fitness folks are a-fixin’ to go to war. I mountain bike and cross-country ski but don’t consider myself serious about either. But when bikers and skiers are serious, they are as serious and anal as it gets. The main Vasa trail outside Traverse City is a grand place to run in summer. But once the snow hits and trails get groomed, woe be to the runner who steps in a ski track. I understand that. And the folks who run Vasa are kind enough to have a shorter, 3K loop that is open to runners, snowshoers and dogs in winter, so skiers can have their groomed trails to themselves. The past winter, fat-tire bikes became all the rage up north. Cross-country and trail runs started adding fat-tire races to their schedules. And the fattire folks, not content with the 3K loop at Vasa, began riding on the groomed trails, where you can do as long a loop as 25K. They didn’t want to have to do loop after loop on the 3K course if they were out for a long ride. The skiers were up in arms. Vasa officials, hoping to make peace, instituted Fat-Tire Fridays when bikes would be allowed one day a week and, they hoped, hold damage to Nordic ski tracks to a minimum I could have told them the outcome of that experiment. The bikers were never going to be happy with one day a week. They went out every day. And skiers were never going to be happy at the sight of a once perfectly-formed ski track showing the tread and impact of fat tires, even if it was just one day a week. All winter long curses were exchanged. Blows too, for all I know. Angry letters to the editor were exchanged in the Northern Express, a free alternative weekly, and the daily Traverse City Record-Eagle. Years ago my wife Kathleen and I were in Grand Haven for a long New Year’s weekend. We’d run the glorious 10K trail race at Hoffmaster State Park each year, fallen in love with the area and decided to do it up right for New Year’s. That included


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014

running the Sgt. Preston 15K in nearby Muskegon on New Year’s Day. On New Year’s Eve afternoon we went out for a slow, 4-mile run in Hoffmaster, which has clearlydesignated trails for hikers and runners and other trails for skiers. Midway through our run we saw a cross-country skier approaching. We were on the runners’ trail but I didn’t care if a skier used our snow. He wasn’t as considerate. He didn’t realize he’d missed a turn and was on the runners’ trail. From 40 yards away he started screaming at us, dropping F-bombs and raving. We had no choice but to go by him, and as I did I tried to explain that we were not in the wrong; he was. They guy was so angry he never heard a word. He kept screaming until, to my wife’s dismay, I turned around and headed at him, threatening him with more than just angry words. He skied off in a hurry, still on the runners’ trail. Two years ago, I was out snowshoe running with the dog on the Lake Dubonnet pathway west of Traverse City, on a great 5-mile loop clearly and repeatedly designated as open to foot and bike traffic. I came into the parking lot at the end of my run, just behind two cross-country skiers. The woman started berating me for snowshoeing on the trail and messing up the ski tracks.

The last time I was out there, last summer, it was so harrowing I vowed never to go back. Those bikers come flying down the hills. You share the trail at your peril. My dog and I were nearly plowed into several times. When I rode my bike there the Sunday before, was almost worse. On the narrowest, steepest downhills some hard-charging biker would holler a lastsecond warning and fly by me on the left, scaring the crap out of me. My revenge? One flew past and I saw him piled up against a tree around the next bend. He stood there a bloody mess, although not seriously injured. Shallow person I am, I was happy to see his bike nothing but scrap and him three or four miles from the parking lot. Road bikers are even worse — and this comes from a guy who road-biked to work at the Detroit Free Press from his house in St. Clair Shores in the 1970s, before it was popular. Two or three years ago I was driving back to my cabin up north from the Alden 10K. There was some tour going on, with hundreds of bikers out for a long, casual ride. The two-lane road from Alden through Rapid City to M-72 is windy and hilly, with a 55-mph speed limit. Most of the bikers were riding two abreast, taking up most of their one lane, no way to pass. These weren’t Tour de France types going 30; they were mostly fat and sweaty types going 12.

“It’s a multi-use trail,” I said. She said it didn’t matter. I was rude and selfish. I had snowshoes on, should have stayed in the deep snow and off the trail. I tried to explain I had short snowshoes on, fine for running shallow snow but almost useless for deep snow. She said I should have brought different snowshoes; how dare I snowshoe on ski tracks? I said there were far more groomed, dedicated miles of trails for skiers than trails dedicated to runners and skiers; if she didn’t want to cross paths with foot traffic, she should go to a place where she wouldn’t get her knickers in a twist. Speaking of multi-use trails and the inconsiderateness of some users, have you ever run during summer on the trails at Island Lake State Park out past Milford? They have a lot of steep ups and downs and seemingly endless blind turns in deep forest. They are also, for some reason, a haven for extremely serious mountain bikers — far faster and more and reckless than at other state parks. The bikers are restricted to going in one direction only. Runners, if they have common sense, run the opposite direction so as to see the bikers coming at them.


Those folks and the other participants in the numerous northern Michigan tours each summer engender back-and-forths to the newspapers’ letters pages too, the drivers complaining about the bikers and bikers proclaiming their legal right to the road. My wife and I do a lot of biking. I would no more consider riding two abreast on those winding northern Michigan roads than skydiving on my bicycle. Not out of courtesy, although there is that. But in this day of distracted driving and every other person behind the wheel holding a cell phone or, worse, staring at it and working his or her thumbs, I’m getting as far onto the shoulder as I can. You can have the road. Notice a gnarly tone here? It’s March 31. Two days ago I was snowshoeing in three feet of snow. Yesterday I ran a 5K near Jordan and it was 15°. Last week, it was -21° one night. Two weeks ago we had a -31° day, then three straight -21° ones. That’s temperature, not wind chill. I’ve earned my gnarliness this year. I’ve earned some heat! Some sun! - MR -

Book Review

Nutrition Guide Boasts Something for Everyone By Ron Marinucci “Nancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook (5th Ed.)” by Nancy Clark, MS, RD. 510 pp., paperback. $19.95. Human Kinetics.

breakfast foods, and another desserts and snacks. Most are very appetizing. Two appendices include references and other information sources: books, journal articles, websites and phone numbers.


ancy Clark’s Sports Nutrition Guidebook,” now in its fifth edition, has sold more than half a million copies. It’s easy to see why.

Clark offers advice that can be used without Spartan sacrifices. For instance, she deftly counters built-in excuses such as “I don’t have time for breakfast.” Numerous sidebars confront “Fact or Fiction” with the latest research on topics such as the dehydrating effects of caffeine and the value or worthlessness of white bread.

Clark is a registered dietician well known for her contributions to the Running Network, Runner’s World, National Masters News and other publications. She has written four other books on nutrition, one for new runners and another for marathoners. She has advised athletes from Olympians and professionals to recreational runners, swimmers, triathletes, cyclists and more.

Findings might be surprising. It seems no topic escapes her scrutiny: cramping and even “If you eat too many carotene-rich vegetables and fruits, your skin can turn yellow. If that happens, cut back!”

Although more generally aimed at “active people,” runners will find her guidebook useful, readable and entertaining. This edition updates the 1990 original with citations of studies and research, such as “nutrient timing,” as recent as 2012. Clark employs tactics easily recognizable to runners. Training involves specificity and repetitive activities. Her nutritional advice is also specific and repetitive; she drives home her points frequently and convincingly. For instance, Clark often notes carbohydrates, as opposed to many popular views, are not “fattening” but essential to good training and performance. She buttresses her claims by citing many examples, case studies of her clients, research and charts that show the number of calories in carbohydrates, how many are spent in activities, their successful use as nutrition, etc. The book is divided into four sections with 26 total chapters. The first part focuses on “Everyday Eating for Active People.” Topics include carbohydrates (again!), fluids, and proteins. Emphasis is on meals, particularly breakfast (“the most important meal”) and even snacks. Clark suggests as many as four or five meals; lighter ones — almost constant grazing — is optimal for many people and demonstrates how this is so. “Prevent yourself from getting too hungry,” she says, with three to five meals of nutrient-dense foods. She shows how this can keep one from overeating and even gorging, especially at the evening meal. Part Two deals with “Eating and Science.” Never too technical, Clark discusses foods as fuel for exercise, before, during and after; “fuel tools,” she calls them. She takes on “Supplements, Performance Enhancers and Engineered Sports Foods,” describing their advantages and disadvantage.

Charts compare different foods relative to their nutrients, calories, etc. For example, vegetables from asparagus and beets to sweet potatoes and tomatoes (25 in all) are stacked up against one another in terms of serving size, calories, plus vitamin and mineral values. For active women, Clark includes topics including hot flashes and obese children. One chapter is devoted to “Athlete-Specific Nutrition Advice,” offering recommendations for team and individual sports, power sports, ultra and extreme sports and winter sports. “Balancing Weight and Activity” is addressed in the third section. Clark presents misconceptions about exercise and weight loss, such as the irony of an overweight body not necessarily being a “fat” one. In part, as she notes, it’s sometimes hard to ascertain what is “overweight.” Losing weight in a healthy manner, “without starving,” is described, as is the corollary, gaining weight in a healthy way. Fad diets are tackled, noting their goods and bads. Eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and amenorrhea are defined and discussed, with interesting suggestions on how friends and family members can approach someone’s weight loss. The final part (and personally my favorite) offers dozens of recipes for good sports nutrition. They are simple, easy to make and mostly quick to prepare. Some ingredients, such as tofu, may seem exotic, but most dishes are made with foods already part of everyday meals. They include beverages such as smoothies, plus meat and seafood entrees with chicken, beef, pork, etc. Vegetable casseroles and salads take their places alongside more traditional runner diets of pasta, rice and potatoes — carbs again! One chapter targets breads and


There is advice for vegetarians and vegans such as how to get enough iron and protein in meat-free diets. The different nutritional needs of youths and seniors, men and women are explored. There is something for everyone. The guide can be read from cover to cover; the writing isn’t heavy and is interesting. It can also be used as a reference to keep handy for specific questions. In the end, I was left with this from Clark: “Think twice before you dig your grave with your knife and fork.” She provides much to prevent us from doing that.

alden run 2014_twelfth- MR 4/7/14 12:17 PM Page 1 -


On beautiful Torch Lake

Saturday, July 26, 2014 10K & 5K run and 5K walk on scenic, sanctioned xc courses.

Registration & Packet pick-up area: Helena Twp. Community Center located at the traditional Run start line

Registration and information: Steve Kershner PO Box 444, Alden, MI 49612 (231) 676-2493 •

Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


third vertical template_third vertical 4/7/14 3:24 PM Page 1

Phoning It In By Bob Schwartz


hen I run solo, I like to believe I’m engaged in pensive activity. Communing with nature during the early-morning solitude, sorting out life’s secrets, solving world problems and/or outlining the next Pulitzer Prizewinning novel.

Despite these thoughts, I enjoy the solitude of running and am sufficiently entertained. When not focused on coming up with a synonym for thesaurus, the first halves of my runs often produce lists of things to do. I spend the second halves trying to remember what those things were.

Iillustrations by B.K. Taylor

The reality is I may start my run with an internal debate about U.S. economics, but quickly move on to less-scholarly ruminations. I ponder questions like, Can you decide that you’re indecisive? Why are things typed up and written down? Why do we say an alarm clock is going off when it’s on? My mind is a series of segues with no rational connection.

Eleven-letter, memory-aiding acronyms are common by the end of long runs. Often I sprint to the house, waving off conversation with my wife, as I scramble for pen and paper while repeating made-up words such as ABSORLATION. For years I shunned running while carrying forms of distraction or entertainment. I dabbled with audio books, but that proved a recipe for failure since I couldn’t stay focused on anything more than a mesmerizing five-word sentence. I quickly opted for the abridged versions, then gave up since there weren’t abridged versions of even them. Being a music lover, I’ve started piping favorite songs into my sweaty ears while running. Just me, my iPod shuffle and jolting neighbors awake when I join AC/DC belting out “You Shook Me all Night Long.” I’ve seen other runners bring along standard items for company or entertainment like infants in running strollers, dogs or motivating music. I’ve also seen an old runner pushing his wife down the street in a wheelchair, and runners gliding along with fivecourse meals attached to their waist belts. I’ve witnessed a lady “walking” her dog while she drove her car, and was privy to a man minus his skivvies: A naked guy on a bike riding by me in New York City


Michigan Runner - May / June 2014


at 5 a.m. yelling, “Top of the morning!” Some things cause me to break stride and do a double take. A few years ago I was running along the bucolic paths of a local state park with the sunrise reflecting off a still lake, when I saw a runner come over the hill ahead. It couldn’t or shouldn’t be, but it was: The Lord of the Rings was approaching. Not the Witch-king of Angmar, but rings you hear in a phone call. His ring tone was MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.” Mr. Fartlek Fiber Optics was bringing new meaning to longdistance communication. I understand there’s a need for cell phones in case of emergency or whatever. But when I encountered him on a trail many miles from the nearest parking lot, his ear-splitting conversation wasn’t with 911 but with a loud friend on the other end of the line. So much for my rendezvous with nature. As squirrels scattered for higher ground and terrified ducks fled the lake, it would have been rhetorical had asked, “Can you hear me now?” Lord Alfred Tennyson wrote, “O hark. O hear! How thin and clear.” This was more like, “The park. O dear! The din, I sneer!” I gave him a disdainful look and said, “Really?” Mr. Ringing Runner irks me to this day, but I admit to seeing more runners using cell phones. I’ve seen the devices materialize from runners’ waistbands as soon as they cross finish lines. I’ve also seen cell phone pictures taken right before starting guns go off, then undoubtedly uploaded to Twitter with 23 reply tweets posted before the he/she crosses the starting line. The times indeed are a-changing. At least they’re out running instead of perfecting their touch-tone mobility abilities or texting-inmotion talents through more sedentary positions. Perhaps I need to accept things better. To each his own … or, these days, “To each his phone.”

Michigan runner Bob Schwartz is the author of the bestselling humor book “I Run, Therefore I Am – NUTS!!” and the sequel “I Run, Therefore I Am – STILL Nuts!” Check out @RunningLaughs. - MR -

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Michigan Runner, May/June 2014  

A bimonthly publication on Michigan running, road racing, cross country, track and field and Michigan runners. Features 18 page Photo Galler...

Michigan Runner, May/June 2014  

A bimonthly publication on Michigan running, road racing, cross country, track and field and Michigan runners. Features 18 page Photo Galler...