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March / April 2011

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Features and Departments Editor’s Notes: Broken Family By Scott Sullivan

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Aquarium By Rachel Steil

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Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard

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Beyond the Chip: What You Wish For By Paul Aufdemberge

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Notes on the Run: Walking By Daniel G. Kelsey

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Running with Tom Henderson

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At the Races Michigan Runner Race Series 2011

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Dexter-Ann Arbor Run Torch is Passed By Tracey Cohen

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Flint’s First Santa Run Timeless Fun By Bill Khan

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Houston, the Michiganians Have Landed By Scott Sullivan

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Mild Weather, Hot Times at Fifth Third New Year’s Eve Run By Charles Douglas McEwen

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Run Like the Dickens Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

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Super 5K Entertains New Records By Tracey Cohen

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Cover: Governor’s Labor Day Bridge Run, photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios. 4

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

Editor’s Notes

Broken Family By Scott Sullivan © C. Sherline / Frog Prince Studios


oseph had it tough. Cuckolded by God? See if Friend of the Court buys that.

Being surrogate dad of the Way, Truth and Light has to have some benefits. Like your depiction in statuary. My wife since girlhood has kept a porcelain Holy Family that demonstrates why zoning laws are needed.

If your house is zoned C-6 (for six cats), you need buffers between it and BO (breakable objects) areas. Otherwise, the Holy Family gets knocked off the windowsill onto a tile floor, resulting in Mary’s separation, Joseph’s beheading and the body of Christ sheared off where His feet attach at the base. By now we’ve lost all the broken-off parts save the head of Joseph, painted fair-skinned and blue-eyed like all Middle Eastern Jews circa A.D. 0. Our daughter, Flannery, 10, perched it on young Jesus’s feet last week and said, “Look, a midget.” At least Joseph’s kid isn’t going to hell.


That’s how it worked when my body was more resilient. Now every session seems like a recovery day from 55 years of abuse combined. I’m no more elastic than pieces of porcelain on the floor. My daughter recovers from stress in an eye blink, yet strangely shuns it. “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” I urge, which she treats with the same esteem I once gave advice from my parents. She is the latest in a line of knuckleheads who have to make their own mistakes to learn anything. If the circle of Sullivans is unbroken, it’s a good thing the fix is in.


icture sniffing glue trying to reassemble the Holy Family. It didn’t work — not with the zoning in our house. Shards incarnate found their way to the trash and are likely now in some landfill.

My problem is I am practical: I would get rid of the broken statue and buy a new one with family intact, made of rubber or some other catproof substance. I appreciate my wife’s sentimental attachment to the original, but it’s only a matter of time before what little is left gets broken, we lose Joseph’s head and so on.

s an aging runner, my reverence for statues has less to do with the dead they immortalize than that they’re human forms less mobile than even I am.


“Rezone or adapt to realities you’ve created,” would be my counsel. But times have changed since “Father Knows Best” ruled the TV airwaves. Was that a reality show or what?

For years I trained by breaking myself down to build me up. Hard day, easy, hard ... you know the regimen. Once I healed from hard sessions, I had capacity to push myself that much further.

Our ideals of a nuclear family have changed since the A-Bomb Era. Dads salvage shards till there aren’t any pieces left.

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


- MR -

Welcome to Track Central USA home of the Drake Relays presented by ASICS.

Lolo Jones 2010 World Indoor Champion 2010 U.S. Outdoors Champion


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


By Rachael Steil


awoke early on a January morning, excitement coursing through my body at the prospect of heading out for my usual Sunday long run.

It was odd that I encountered this anticipation — after all, many long runs can be boring without a partner. But today felt different. The Kent Trails had been devoid of snow the past few days in the unusual 50-degree winter weather. I would glide along effortlessly, blazing the trail all by myself. It would be a winter adventure. I threw back my heavy cheetah-print blanket and looked out my bedroom window — a light-falling snow awaited me. I had to get out there before it became too snowy, before the sun had fully risen, before I could fall back into bed, cozy beneath the covers ... I headed out the door in the new running clothes I had received for Christmas, the chill waking me from my slightly-groggy state. I stuck in the ear buds connected to my iPod, strapped it around my arm and jogged away from the house, not wanting to stand too long in the frigid air. The cotton-ball snowflakes floated to the ground around my free-flowing body. I inhaled the cold and evergreen-scented breeze. It was silent ... and at that moment, the world was mine.

I had the perfect song, the music that would enhance the run in its entirety. I pulled off a fat, fluffy mitten to expose my alreadypink fingers to the 20-degree weather. With a soft click of the ”on” button, my iPod glowed into life. I scanned through my playlists and found it — Carnival of the Animals: VII Aquarium by Barry Wordsworth and the London Symphony Orchestra. The music started quietly, carefully ... then it gained speed and strength, overflowing my ears with vibrant sound. The tinkling of the piano keys rolled through the mysterious piece as I let one foot flow in front of the other — left, right, left, right. I could just make out the soft impact my shoes made with the ground as I embraced the music. My pace did not increase as it usually does with my other music choices. Instead, I inhaled deeper, flowed over the fresh snow and took my time. I forged the lightly-covered Kent Trails with ease and peace of mind. There was only one set of footprints I was following; someone had beaten me out there. Yet their tracks were closer together — they had been walking. I was the first to be gliding along, truly running.


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


There was no need for speed, no tempo work, nothing. Like the walker before me, I was taking it easy — my own form of easy. The effort I had put into the past few days of New Year’s racing was full of speed and excitement; now it was time to take in the bare branches of surrounding trees, glowing snow and solitude. I would go to church later, but this was my sanctuary now. I crossed 52nd Street, onward to 56th, and then I was truly alone: no more rumbling motor vehicles, no need to breathe in car fumes. The peace was for me to take in, my experience alone. The walker’s footprints disappeared — he or she must have turned around at some point — but I was too busy with my surroundings to notice when. Squirrels pranced across the path ahead. A fat bird bobbing its head went that way as well. I stopped my music to take in the silence of the forest. I could hear the snow fall and the soft crackle of tree branches. I wished that I had a camera, but realized it would show nothing more than a snow-covered path and bare branches. It would not reveal what I was viewing out there and in myself. It was strange, that feeling of loneliness, so far from home and seemingly civilization. Yet I felt secure encased in this tunnel of trees, looking out on the snow-dusted distant fields. I restarted the music on my iPod. The piano keys rippled, Wordsworth’s idea of flowing water. It represented to me the falling snow and atmosphere I was experiencing in that moment. At the turn-around, where I was furthest from home, I felt closest to God. It was time to head back towards human life and reality again. Soon I came upon more footprints, passed a few walkers, heard cars and was back to the hustle-bustle. Time sped up as I switched to other tunes on my iPod. Back home, the winter chill left my face as I walked inside. My cheeks lost their flush and snow melted in my hair. To come home to a warm house and hot oatmeal, feeling completely at rest, was a great way to end the run. It felt even better to know I had left 10 miles of footprints, at a pace all my own, out there. Aquinas College freshman Rachael Steil was women’s winner of both the New Year’s Eve Wolverine Resolution 4-mile run and New Year’s Day Sgt. Preston Yukon King 6-mile run. She runs, writes and resides in Grandville. - MR -

Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard Issue 2: “Nice job” to the International Olympic Committee. They found it within their hearts to add a women’s marathon to the ‘84 L.A. Summer Games. Issue 3: Aug. 23 is the date for the Avon International Marathon, the first and still only marathon for women only. Now in its fourth year, the AIM has done a great deal to impress IOC officials to include a marathon on the Olympic program. Issue 4: Sebastian Coe of England set a new world record (WR) in the mile run Aug. 19 in Zurich, Switzerland. Coe’s time was 3:48.53. It probably won’t last long.

Scott Hubbard Trivia: Where were the first U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials held?

A WEEKLY. Heading into my 30th year writing this column for MR, I thought it would be fun and illuminating to look back at the sport 30 years ago. Prior to “Running Shorts” I put together a News & Views weekly newsletter, available free at Tortoise and Hare in Ann Arbor, from August 1981 to March 1983. It was a learning tool and proving grounds, allowing me to practice writing about running. My goal wasn’t to become a MR writer. My motivation to write was borne of serendipity, a crossing of factors at the time that included being between jobs and being surrounded by running and like-minded runners in Ann Arbor. I was 28 when N&V debuted. The newsletter covered a variety of topics, much as what’s appeared on these pages since January 1982. I included a trivia question, offered opinions, links to news stories, provided results from local, state, national and international events and pictures when I could find good ones. Looking back through the weekly issues is a sweet trip down memory lane. During the next months, I’m going to share a “Best of” peek at N&V. Issue 1, from “Commentary”: All races ought to offer the t-shirt as an option. This every-race-a-t-shirt stuff has hit the saturation point.


Issue 5: Koblenz, West Germany, Aug. 26 – Steve Ovett of England broke Coe’s week-old WR in the mile, running 3:48.40. Brussels, Begium, Aug. 28 – Seb Coe reclaimed the WR in the mile with his 3:47.33. Crim glimpses: Steve Kenyon, Nick Rose and Geoff Smith weren’t in the running. Their British Amateur Board told them if they competed against pro runners, they’d lose their amateur status. (In the day, when runners received prize money, they did so in opposition to national and international rules. A particularly prickly rule said that anybody competing against others who had accepted prize money would lose their amateur status. This “contamination rule” had far-ranging implications. Lorraine Moller of New Zealand had won money at the Cascade Run-Off in Portland a few months earlier and would go on to place second at Crim in ‘81. Her amateur status was revoked by N.Z. officials and later restored). Issue 6, from Track & Field News (T&FN), September 1981: New Zealand’s Anne Audain earned $10,000 for winning the June Cascade Run-Off, Allison Roe claimed $4,000 in second and Lorraine Moller won $2,000 in third. When told all three would be reported to the New Zealand Federation, Audain snapped, “What the hell are they going to do? They just lost their three top women distance runners.” Issue 7: George Malley (49:52) and Karen McKeachie (65:31) won the second Big 10 10mile race, which finished in Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor.

From a letter in the September 1972 Runner’s World written by Ray Will of Sarnia, Ontario: “It seems to me the coach should merely be a shoulder to cry on, a being to communicate with, someone who can put one’s own puny efforts into perspective. There’s nothing more certain than one day the athlete will be too old to run as fast as he or she can today. There is nothing more certain than your records will be broken. There is nothing more certain than your own mortality. ‘But those who would mold the minds and bodies of our young have a duty to teach them that even when age takes away our speed, there’s nothing to stop us from running as well as we ever have; to teach them that when our records are broken, the new time has as much meaning as our own did. It’s how we went about getting to that end that matters, not how fast we did it.” Issue 8: Manchester, Vt., Sept. 20 – Herb Lindsay broke Greg Meyer’s two-week-old American 20K record with a 58:37. Herb went on to a new U.S. record in the half marathon in the same race with a 1:01:47. Issue 9: W.L. Gore’s invention, known by its popular name, Gore-Tex, is going to make him a wealthy man. The stuff is showing up in all sorts of apparel. The Athletics Congress (the sport’s national governing body at the time) has told the 12 who took money in the first ARRA (Association of Road Racing Athletes) race, the Cascade Run-Off, they can retain their amateur status if they put their prize money in a TACadministered escrow fund. Issue 10: Seoul, South Korea, wins the bid to host the 1988 Summer Olympic Games. Nike Inc. sales have increased 1,500 percent in four years, going from $28.7 million in 1977 to $457 million in 1981. Last year, Nike overtook adidas as the top seller of athletic shoes in the U.S. A person investing $10,000 in Nike in 1972 would be worth $6.6 million now. The firm makes 15 percent of its shoes domestically, with most coming from South Korea and Taiwan. Under contract to begin in October 1981 are two plants in China.

Oslo, Norway, Sept. 13 – Henry Rono broke his own 5000-meter WR with a 13:06.2. England’s Paula Fudge set a new women’s 5000-meter WR with a 15:14.5.

Issue 11: Ann Arbor’s Mike McGuire won the Detroit Free Press Marathon in 2:15:47, rounding out a tremendous year, while Canada’s Maureen Griffith claimed the women’s title in 2:48:40. There were 4,102 finishers, with nearly 475 under three hours.

New Haven, Conn., Sept. 9 – Greg Meyer set a new American 20K record with a 59:08.

Issue 12: Entry fees for the May 1982 London Marathon were 4 pounds ($7.60 U.S.)

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


for British entries and 8 pounds for runners from abroad. Issue 13: Alberto Salazar steamed to a new WR 2:08:13 Oct. 25 in the New York City Marathon. Allison Roe also popped a new women’s WR with her 2:25:28. “Everything worked out great,” said Roe. “I had a real stimulating time.” (‘81 NYC Marathon course was later found to be short, thus negating the records). “Nice job” to organizers, participants and support crews at the Crystal Lake Team Marathon. The event was run relay style with five-runner teams circling the beautiful lake. Issue 14: The Thames Hares and Hounds in England, the oldest running club in the world, held their first competition, a “paperchase,” Dec. 7, 1867. The club’s name was derived from the protagonists of the event. The “Hares” spread a trail of paper, including false trails, for the “Hounds” to follow. Today’s Hash House Harriers follow a similar format in hosting their “chases.” Issue 15: Winners of the Nov. 8 East Lansing State Bank 10K were Herb Lindsay in 28:44 and Francie Larrieu-Smith in 34:01. (Larrieu-Smith was a four-time U.S. Olympian, five times if you include the U.S.-boycotted 1980 Games). Winners of the Nov. 7 Grand Rapids Y Marathon (held at Grand Valley State College) were Dave Foley (now MR editor emeritus) in 2:28:29 and Charlene George in 3:17:59. The Brooks Shoe Manufacturing Co. filed a petition seeking reorganization under Chapter 11 of the bankruptcy code. Issue 16: I copied the my finish place card from the Manchester, Conn., Thanksgiving Day road race, my first on the roads. I finished seventh, had to join the Connecticut Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) to run and picked a radio as my prize. Amby Burfoot won that day. Issue 17: Wolverine World Wide of Rockford appeared ready

to assume temporary management of Brooks. “Nice job” to the Pepsi-Cola Co. They have a nationwide series of 10Ks with a national championship in Purchase, N.Y. Issue 18: The University of Texas at El Paso and Virginia were men’s and women’s winners of the NCAA Division 1 crosscountry championships Nov. 23 at Wichita State University. All seven UTEP runners were from East Africa. Michigan State placed fourth in the inaugural women’s meet. From the November 1981 T&FN: The running boom seems to be changing directions, with less and less emphasis on real competition. The four major running publications (Runner’s World, Running Times, Runner and Running/England) made a clean sweep in October when all featured models on their covers rather than anybody/anything really relevant to running. Issue 19: Aussie Rob DeCastella won the Fukuoka (Japan) Marathon in 2:08:18, only five seconds slower than Alberto Salazar?s time six weeks earlier in NYC. (DeCastella’s time would be regarded as a retroactive record due to the short course in NYC mentioned above). Issue 20: New Balance was set to release the first $100 pair of shoes with the NB 990. Issue 21: From my “Review of ‘81”: Terry Fox, his right leg amputated due to cancer, had to give up on his dream to run across Canada. When cancer caught up with Terry, he’d traveled more than 3,000 miles and raised over $24 million for cancer research. His memory stirred Canadians and endeared them to his spirit, strength and will as few events have. Biathlons and triathlons are popping up around the country.

Answer: The first women’s trials were held May 12, 1984, in Olympia, Wash. A total of 164 women broke three hours, with Joan Benoit winning in 2:31:04. - MR -

Dexter-Ann Arbor Run Torch is Passed By Tracey Cohen


he Ann Arbor Track Club has welcomed Andrea and Michael Highfield as new race directors for the 38th annual Dexter-Ann Arbor Run. They replace four-term race director Hal Wolfe.

The Highfields’ roots in Ann Arbor, running and race management run deep. On Nov. 2, 2009, they launched their race management company, Champions for Charity LLC, in conjunction with the nonprofit Champions for Charity Foundation, which raises funds for projects that fight childhood obesity. CFC’s marquee event, the Big House Big Heart Run, drew more than 12,000 entrants who raised more than $850,000 for multiple charities last year. Big House Big Heart, which starts at the University of Michigan’s football stadium and finishes on its 50-yard line, began in 2007 while Andrea was marketing director for Running Fit stores. The couple started it to raise funds for ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, in honor of Michael’s friend and law partner, who eventually died from the malady. Michael, who continued his law practice in Ann Arbor, is described by CFC business manager Will Smith as the consummate Michigan Man. “Michael is all about Michigan,” said Smith. “He came here for undergraduate studies and returned after completing his law degree. He has season tickets to all of U-M’s teams: he’s Mr. Sports.” Michael is also a longtime runner, triathlete and former president of USA Triathlon. Andrea, who also has years of running and triathlon experience, has directed many runs and triathlons, including the 1996 World Champion Triathlon. While the Highfields generally manage only CFC events, DexterAnn Arbor’s historic nature, at the heart of Ann Arbor provoked their interest. “It is a wonderful event as it is, so it will not change a great deal,” said Andrea. “We will not limit entries and will add festivities. “We hope to grow the charitable part of the event,” she added. “We hope to promote Dexter-Ann Arbor in a broad way in order to attract first-timers.” “Andrea and Mike have the skills to successfully market and manage a large-scale event like the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run and to build on the legacy left by Hal Wolfe,” said AATC president Mitch Garner. “We are confident that Champions for Charity will maintain the excitement and excellence that has come to be associated with the DexterAnn Arbor Run as one of Michigan’s premier road races and the crown jewel of the running events hosted annually by the Ann Arbor Track Club.” For more details on the 38th annual Dexter-Ann Arbor Run, visit or call Champions For Charity at (734) 213-1033. - MR -


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


YMCA of Greater Flint 5K Santa Run/Walk

Photo by Bill Khan

Flint’s First Santa Run Timeless Fun

650 Santas ran or walked the streets of Flint. By Bill Khan FLINT (12/4/10) — I never once glanced at my watch — because I wasn’t wearing one. Not once was I the least bit curious about my pace or projected finishing time. It wasn’t until I approached the finish line and saw 36:45 on the clock as I crossed that I had any idea how long I’d spent on the course. It was nearly twice as slow as my last 5K race two months earlier — and I didn’t care. I was actually disappointed that I didn’t get to run even longer than that. This race was not about time, as was pointed out to me repeatedly in the weeks leading up to it by those who feared I might become overly competitive in the heat of the moment.

Judging from all the smiles, laughter and shared goodwill, many personal records were set in that regard. A field of 650 Santas ran or walked the streets of Flint for an event patterned after the Las Vegas Great Santa Run, which was run for the sixth time. The Las Vegas event attracted 8,868 participants last year. The Flint event wasn’t nearly as big, but the sea of red that took off from the downtown YMCA and headed east was a sight to behold. There may be thousands of photos documenting the event, as everywhere you looked there were people posing for or taking pictures. Many ran or walked with cameras, including yours truly. We were all one big photo op.

There were no scoring chips, no timing mats, no pull tags to keep track of the finish order.

Many folks lingered at the finish line to enjoy the sight of all the Santas making their way to the finish.

The only trapping of a conventional road race was a bib number. Traditional winter running garb was replaced by a red Santa Claus suit, a white beard and optional jingle bells.

Three women came all the way from London, Ontario, to walk the event. They heard about it at the Detroit Free Press Marathon expo and figured it sounded like a hoot.

Having a good time was emphasized over running a fast time in the inaugural YMCA of Flint Santa Run.

“This was the most fun my friends and I have had in a long time,” one of those women, Susan McNeil, posted on the event’s Facebook


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


page. “I think we need to come from Canada every year and participate.” Running events usually have a feel-good nature to them, but this one took that dynamic to a whole new level. The Christmas music playing near the start/finish line was a nice touch. So was the choir singing carols at a strategic spot near the old Flint Central High School. Runners and walkers were serenaded on their way out and back. Everyone seemed to be having such a good time that I’m sure many of those 650 runners and walkers will return next year. Those who didn’t take part may have sat it out, unsure of what to expect from a non-timed race run in a Santa suit. Now that the first Santa Run has been such a rousing success, expect many of those hold-outs to be among the early registrants next year. Personally, I have a hunch entries could approach 1,000. Just one bit of advice for any of next year’s newcomers — leave the watch at home. You’ll be too busy having a good time to worry about your 5K time. - MR -

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

March Friday, March 4 USA Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships Albuquerque Convention Center (703) 481-3530 3/4/11- 3/6/11

Saturday, March 5 Boyne Highlands 15K Freestyle Harbor Springs time tbd Boyne Highlands 15K/5K freestyle XC ski Nick Baic (231) 526-3029

Hospice Holiday 5KRun/Walk & Kids Sprint Brooklyn 10:00 am 8500 Jefferson Rd. 5KR/W, kids run Annette Padley (517) 592-3030

Keyes Peak Snowshoe Race Florence, WI 9:00 am Keyes Peak Ski Lodge 10K & 5K snowshoe Jeff Crumbaugh (715) 701-0360 info@

Pot of Gold 5K Run/Walk Lexington 7:00 pm Downtown, near Irish Rose 5KR/W


Lisa M. Shaw

Max & Emily’s 10MR, 5MR Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323

Reese Winter Road Race Series

Ovid Noon Leonard Elementary School 5KR/W Nick Ekel

Robinette Orchard Fun Run

USA 50 Mile Trail Championships

Grand Rapids 9:00 am 3142 Four Mile Rd. 8MR, 4MR (616) 791-0558

Rocksprings, TX Nueces Endurance 50 Mile Trail Run 50MR

Run with the Wolves Snowshoe

Wabos Wilderness Loppet

Hessel 10:00 am Search Bay Rec Area, M-134 10K, 5K Snowshoe Lee Kanitz (906) 484-1003 theupadventureco@

Goulais River, ON Stokely Creek Lodge 26K XC ski (866) 786-5359

Sunday, March 6 Arnold 5K Pump and Run

Running with the Leprechauns CHANGED FROM 3/12/11

Columbus, OH 9:30 am 5KR, Weight Lifting Matt McGowan (740) 587-0376

Alpena 9:00 am Aplex Recreation Center 5KR Mark Jacobs (989) 414-0912

Fight for Air Climb Detroit

Snowshoe Race

Detroit 10:00 am Renaissance Center 70 or 40 floors, kids race Jessica Jimenez (248) 784-2023 fight-for-air-climb/

Cedarville 10K & 5K snowshoe Lee Kanitz

Strider Training Run 8:00 am

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

Windsor, ON 10:00 am 5480 Wyandott St. E 5KR, 1KR, kid’s runs (877) 945-3786

Tog e’ Go Bogt e’ 5K

Reese 10:00 am Reese High School 10KR, 5KR/W Rick Houghtaling (989) 529-7904

Mt. Pleasant

Spring Thaw 5K


Tortoise and Hare Marathon Training Run Ann Arbor 9:00 am Tortoise and Hare, Plymouth Road 11 mile loop repeats (734) 623-9640

USA 50 km Championships Lloyd Harbor, NY Caumsett 50K 50KR

Thurs., March 10 Fifth Third River Bank Run 10K Run Camp Holland 6:30 pm Gazelle Sports Store 10K training (616) 392-2282

Gazoom 5K Training Program Holland 6:30 pm Gazelle Sports 10KR, 5KR (616) 391-2282 kklooster@

Friday, March 11 Junior Bear Chase Houghton 5:00 pm Swedetown Trails 2.1K, 1K, 1/2K XC ski kids (906) 482-1308

NCAA Division I Indoor Track and Field Championships College Station, TX Texas A & M (800) 982-4647 3/11/11 - 3/12/11

NCAA Division II Indoor Track and Field Championships Albuquerque, NM Convention Center 3/11/11 - 3/12/11

Saturday, March 12 Black River Public School Rat Race 5K Run/Walk Holland 10:00 am Black River Public Schools, 491 Columbia Ave. 5KR/W, kids race John K. Donnelly (616) 928-7666

Fifth Third Bank Leapin’ Leprechaun 5K Traverse City 9:00 am 5KR/W Trevor Tkach (231) -947-4230

Great Bear Chase Calumet 9:00 am Swedetown Ski Trails 50K freestyle, 26K freestyle/ classic XC Ski (906) 337-4520

Mud-Dogs Half Marathon / 10K

Mt. Pleasant 10:00 am 2316 S. Mission 13.1MR, 10KR Ryan Hackett (989) 289-2361

Conor O’Neill’s, downtown Ann Arbor 5KR/W, kids’ run Running Fit Events (734) 969-9027

Run for the Gold 10:00 am Pinckney 5KR/W, kids run (248) 627 5108

Shillelagh Four Mile Noon Flushing Early Childhood Center, 409 Chamberlain St. 4 MR/W, kids run Riverbend Striders (810) 487-0954

St. Patrick’s Day Blue Lake Fire Department 5K Blue Lake Twp. 10:00 am Blue Lake Twp Fire 5KR/W Department Debbie Therrian (231) 894-9693

YMCA Leprechaun Loop

Thurs., March 17 St. Patrick’s Day Pot O’ Gold Shuffle 5:30 pm Flint Kearsley St., Downtown Flint 4 MR/W, kids run Curtis Thompson (810) 233-8851 thecompleterunner. com

Epic Triathlon Clinic Series Ann Arbor 7:30 am Skyline High School Eva Solomon (734) 678-5045

Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon Canton Township 1700 Haggerty Road N. tri: 10minuteS/ 30minuteB/ 20minutesR 2661-michigan-indoortriathlon

St. Patrick’s Parade Corktown Race Detroit 12:00 pm 5KR/W Doug Kurtis (248) 354-1177

Shamrocks and Shenanigans Ann Arbor


10:45 am

IronMAC Indoor Triathlon

9:00 am Clare Doherty Hotel 10KR, 5KR, 1/4 M kids run Tom Kunse (989) 205-4133 northern@

7:30 am East Lansing Michigan Athletic Club Tri: 20 minutes each S/B/R (517) 364-8800

Bay City 9am - 4pm Bay County Community Center Ann Gasta (989) 415-5593

Tri Season Kick Off Ann Arbor expo & clinic Dawn McConnachie (734) 929-9027

Fremont, OH 10:00 am Fremont Community Recreation Complex 5KR/W Marc Glotzbecker (419) 334-5906

Yeti Chase 5K Run/Walk Parma 10:00 am Parma Elementary School 5KR/W Alaina Sharp (517) 841-8221

No Frills, All Thrills, Trail Run Brighton 10:00 am Huron Meadows Metro Park 5 MR Don Rose (989) 634-5976

Sunday, March 20 Ambulance Chase 5K Run/Walk

The Shamrock

East Lansing 1:00 pm MSU College of Law 5KR/W

Kalamazoo 9:00 am Hackett Catholic Central HS 5KR/W Brian Molony (269) 381-4600

Farmington Family YMCA Y-Tri

Shamrock 5K Run, Walk, and Roll

Farmington Hills 7am to 11 am Tri: S/B/R - 10, 15 or 20 minutes each Walt Pheeney (248) 489-8619

East Lansing 11:00 am MSU Campus, Conrad Hall 5KR/W Alex Tallman (810) 569-3126

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

St. Patrick’s Day Charity Run

St. Patrick’s Day Races Fitness Expo

Boyne Highlands Krazy Daze

Sunday, March 13

Grand Rapids 5:30 pm Gazelle Sports Store Taryn Worst (616) 940-9888

Bay City 2:00 pm Bay County Community Center kids runs Ann Gasta (989) 415-5593

Saturday, March 19

Melt the Ice 5K

East Grand Rapids 9:00 am East Grand Rapids HS 5KR (616) 391-1514 leslie.speyers@

St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Races

5:00 pm Holland Centennial Park 5KR/W Vicki Kavanaugh (616) 392-2282 vkavanaugh@

Harbor Springs 10:00 am Boyne Highlands xc, downhill ski races (800) GO-BOYNE 3/20/10 - 3/21/10

Fifth Third River Bank Run 5K/ 10K Run Camp

Life Time Fitness Indoor

St. Patty’s Pacer 5K

Port Huron 9:00 am 10KR, 5KFR, 2KW Blue Water YMCA (810) 987-6400

Spectrum Health Irish Jig 5k


Rochester Hills time varies 200 West Avon Rd. tri: 10minuteS/ 30minuteB/ 20minutesR 2661-michigan-indoortriathlon

Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon & 5K Run/Walk Grosse Ile 7:30 am Grosse Ile HS 13.1MR, 5KR/W Emily Schaller (734) 341-5867

St. Patrick’s Day Races Bay City 12:00 pm Downtown Bay City 8KR, 5KR/W Ann Gasta (989) 415-5593

Team Playmakers Triathlon Training Group Kickoff Okemos 6:00 pm Playmakers, 2299 W. Grand River Ave. training Jenna Drauer (517) 349-3803

USATF Michigan Open/ Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships Ypsilanti 11:00 amtentative Eastern Michigan University Bown Fieldhouse 5000m race walk, 3000m, 60m hurdles, 60m, 800m, 200m, mile run, 400m Jan Birch (231) 768-4535

Saturday, March 26 Bill Roney Memorial 5K 10:00 am Utica Flickinger ES 5KR, 1M kids run Hanson’s Running Shops (586) 822-8606

Bring In Spring 9:00 am Homer Rebecca Willis 5KR/W (517) 206-1459

Eagle 10K and 5K Hudsonville 9:00 am Hudsonville HS 10KR, 5KR Dwight Sneden (616) 893-5830 hudsonvilleeagle10k@

Flushing Township 1/2 Marathon & 5k Run/Walk Flushing 9:30 am Flushing HIgh School 13.1 MR, 5KR/W (810) 487-0954

Kal-Haven Trail Run Kalamazoo 9:00 am 10th Street, Kal-Haven Trailhead 33.6 MR , 2 or 6 person relay teams Terry Hutchins (269) 375-5316

Kent City Ridge Run Kent City 9:30 am Kent City High School 15KR, 5KR/W Jill Evers (616) 678-4210, ext. 1501

Passion for Life 5K Walled Lake 10:00 am Bayside Sports Grille 5MR, 5KR/W Nebojsa Stojkovic (248) 882-4206

Ronald McDonald Run for the House Lansing 10:00 am Hawk Island County Park 5KR/W, kids run Jason Vanderstelt (517) 485-9303

Running for Hope Belmont 8:00 am Belmont Plaza 5KR/W, kids run

Katie Chrisman (616) 822- 2427 runningforhoperockford.blo

Walker Pump & Run 9:00 am Walker Walker Ice and Fitness Center Weight lifting / 5KR Megan Bozek (616) 735-6286 mbozek@

Sunday, March 27 Around the Bay 30K Hamilton, ON 9:30 am Hamilton, Ontario 30KR, 5K, relays (905) 574-8982

ASME/SWE 5K Fun Run 10:30 am Ann Arbor 3MR/W Gallup Park (734) 763-5027 funrunofficers2011@

Hansons 16 Mile Marathon Training Run Lake Orion 8:00 am Hansons Running Shop 4-16 MR (248) 616-9665

Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon Novi varies 1700 Haggerty Road N. tri: 10minuteS/ 30minuteB/ 20minutesR 2661-michigan-indoortriathlon

Mountain Man Trail Run and Hike Lake Orion 10:00 am Bald Mountain Recreation Area 5.6MR, 2.1MW Karl Lopata (248) 320-9102 karl.stayintheshade@



Sarett Spring Stampede

Toronto, ON 10:00 am 8KR, 5KR High Park Canada Running Series (416) 944-2765

Shelby Canton Twp. varies 14843 Lakeside Boulevard tri: 10minuteS/ 30minuteB/ 20minutesR 2661-michigan-indoortriathlon

Benton Harbor 7:30 am 5KR/W, 5K bird walk, 1M Mike Mahler kids run (269) 927-4832

Martian Invasion of Races

Ohio River Road Runners Club Marathon and Half

Dearborn 7:30 am Ford Field 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR, kids run Running Fit Events (734) 929-9027 martianmarathon .com

8:30 am Dayton, OH Xenia YMCA 26.2 MR,13.1 MR, relay (937) 269-1992

Ringing in Spring Valparaiso, IN 9 am CDT YMCA, 55 Chicago St. 5KR/W, Kids Run (219) 462-4189

“Run Like Mike” Rutka 5K 9:00 am Ann Arbor Gallup Park 5KR, 2MW, kids’ dash Kathleen Gina (734) 369-2492 thebigdog@

Run for Access to Care for Everyone East Lansing 1:00 pm MSU Campus - Conrad Hall 5KR/W Christine Medaugh (248) 980-1888

Run to Remember East Lansing 2:00 pm MSU campus, Farm Ln & N. Shaw Lane 5KR/W Matthew Kravutske

Run for Reading Lansing 9:00 am Delta Township District Library, 4538 Elizabeth Road 5KR/W, kids run Cherry Hamrick (517) 490-2578

Tortoise and Hare Marathon Training Run Ann Arbor 9:00 am Tortoise and Hare, Plymouth Road 10-11 mile loop repeats (734) 623-9640

Strider Training Run Mt Pleasant 8:00 am Max & Emily’s 10MR, 5MR Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323

Victor’s Run for Diabetes Awareness Ann Arbor 11:00 am Nichols Arboretum 5KR Angela Chen (914) 424-0325

The Wheel Run Allendale 8:00 am Grand Valley State University Campus 10KR/ Wheel, 5KR/W/ Wheel, 1MW/ Wheel Sarah Holland (616) 293-0434

Saturday, April 9 Kappa Delta 5K East Lansing 10:30 am MSU Campus, Fee Hall 5KR/W Brittany Bachteal (248) 739-9029

Trailbreaker Marathon

Saturday, April 2 April Fools’ Run / Walk 5K Clarkston 9:00 am Clarkston Community Church 5KR/W Kimberly Cross (248) 891-6571


Harry’s Spring Run Off

Waukesha, WI 8:00 am Schuetze Recreation Center 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 5KR Pat Grulke (262) 524-3716

Prediction Run Grand Rapids 8:30 am John Ball Park 2M, 4M Prediction Fun Run Don Kern (616) 855-1765

Sunday, April 3 Life Time Fitness Indoor

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Trot for the Troops East Lansing 10:30 am MSU Auditorium 5KR/W Joey Whelan (517) 414-4125

USA 100 km Championships Madison, WI Mad City 100K 100KR

Sunday, April 10 5 K-Nine Run / 1 Mile Walk & Pledge Drive 9:00 am Adrian Merillat Sport & Fitness Center 5KR, 1MW Michele Higgins (517) 263-3463

Dooby Du Bikesport Duathlon Toledo/ Berkey, OH 8:30 am Secor Metropark 2MR/ 6.5MB/ 2MR/ 6.5MB/ 2MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398

Go the Extra Mile for Covenant Kids Saginaw 7:30 am Swan Valley HS 13.1MR, 10KR. 5KR Ryan Hackett (989) 289-2361

Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon Troy varies 4700 Investment Drive tri: 10minuteS/ 30minuteB/ 20minutesR 2661-michigan-indoortriathlon

Saturday, April 16 Bangor Schools Race 9:00 am Bay City Bay County Community Center 5KR/W Tina Rogers (989) 684-8121, ext. 209

Clarkston Riverdawgs Spring Training 5K Clarkston 10:00 am Clintonwood Park 5KR/W (248) 625-2258

Healthy Heights 5K Madison Heights 8:00 am Friendship Woods 5KR/W, 1MFR/W Kirby Rochester (248) 589-2294 recreation@

Jefferson Invitational Monroe 9:00 am hs track meet Phil Speare (734) 289.5590

Lake Michigan College Spring Training Benton Harbor 9:00 am Lake Michigan College Napier Campus 10KR, 5KR/W (269) 925-8100, x5101

Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon Commerce Township varies 2901 Commerce Crossing tri: 10minuteS/ 30minuteB/ 20minutesR 2661-michigan-indoortriathlon

Nellie Reed Elementary 5K Vernon 9:45 am Nellie Reed ES 5KR/W, 1MR Tara Jo Hengesbach

Norway Spring Classic MSUFCU Race for the Place 5K East Lansing 1:00 pm Jenison Fieldhouse, MSU Campus 5KR/W April Clobes (517) 333-2254

Norway 10:30 am Central Time Norway HS 10KR, 5KR, 2 MR Tony Adams (906) 774-8071

OEC Eco Trail Race and Family Fun Run Dowling 9:00 am 10160 South M-37 8KR, 4KR, 1/2MR/W Matthew Santner

Orthopaedic Rehab 8K/5K Run and 5K Walk 8:00 am Jackson 2136 Robinson Road 8KR, 5KR/W Bob Gilmore (517) 782-2071

Out for Blood Duathlon 5K Run/Walk Mt. Pleasant 9:00 am 5KR/W, 20KB Georgia Farrell (989) 464-8629

Race for a Reason (R4R) Mt. Pleasant 9:00 am Central Michigan Indoor Athletic Complex 15KR/ 20MB/ 1MR/W, 5KR (989) 775-7101, ext. 111

Snowbird Spring Scamper Gaylord 10:00 am Treetops 5KR/W, 1MFR Richard Goepp (989) 732-5801

Tax Trot Flushing 10:00 am Flushing High School 15KR, 10KR, 5KR/W (810) 659-6493

TGIS Spring 5K Run Gaylord 11:00 am Downtown Gaylord, Pavillion 5KR Jeff Kalember (989) 370-0934 kalemberj@

Town Crier 5K & 10K Saugatuck 9:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W, kids’ run Rick Bauer (616) 848-1983 crier/

Triple Creek Dash Three Rivers 9:00 am HealthTrac 10KR, 5KR, 1 MR/W Shannon Sziede (269) 273-9697


Sunday, April 17 Beating Cancer: One Step at a Time

Scotiabank Montreal 21K & 5K

Shaping Up for Spring Festival of Races

Montreal, QC 8:30 am Parc Jean-Drapeau 21KR, 5KR Canada Running Series (416) 944-2765

Dexter 8:30 am Hudson Mills Metro Park 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR Bob & Katie Jazwinski (734) 474-0584

2:00 pm Mt. Pleasant 5KR Island Park Luke Wyzlic

Yellow Jacket Challenge 5K 2:00 pm Greenville Greenville HS 5KR, 1MR/W, kids runs Caroline L. Cook (616) 754-3686

Epic Triathlon Clinic Series Ann Arbor 7:30 am Skyline High School Eva Solomon (734) 678-5045

Monday, April 18 B.A.A. Boston Marathon

Gazelle Sports Indoor Triathlon

Boston, MA 26.2 MR (508) 435-6905

Kalamazoo 7:30 am Greater Kalamazoo YMCA 20minS/ 20minB/ 20minR Alycia Vince (269) 352-5996

Wed., April 20 Run Fit 5K Novi 6:30 pm Novi Town Center 5KR, 1MR, kids run (734) 929-9027

Glass City Marathon & Team Relay Toledo, OH 8:00 am Park Inn 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR, 5 person relay, 5KR (419) 360-3709

Saturday, April 23

Go the Extra Mile for Covenant Kids

Chippewa River Run Half / 10K/ 5K

Saginaw 10:00 am 2316 S. Mission 13.1MR, 10KR. 5KR Ryan Hackett (989) 289-2361

Mt. Pleasant 10:00 am Island Park 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR Ryan Hackett (989) 289-2361

Iola Trail Run

Eagle by the Bay 5K Run & Walk

Iola, WI 10:00 am iola Winter Sports Park 15KR, 5KR, kids r4un Jeff Crumbaugh (715) 701-0360

Essexville 9:00 am Finn Road Park 5KR/W Rich VanTol (989) 233-8729

Riv MX 5K Run for the Abandoned

Mid-Michigan Race for the Cure®

Holt 10:00 am Riverview Church 5KR/W (517) 694-3400

Lansing 1:00 p.m. Lansing State Capitol 5KR/W (517) 886-4901

Run With The Cops Not from Them

Running the Race

Detroit 10:00 am Belle Isle 5KR/W, 1MR/W Carol Almeranti (313) 719-6743 almerantico21@

Albion 1:00 pm Victory Park 5KR, 1MW Charlie Spencer

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Steps for Courage Owosso 9:00 am Memorial Hospital 5KR/W Pam Starkweather (969) 725-8465

Striders Saturday Classic Grandville 8:00 am Covenant Christian HS Steve Webster 10 MR (616) 261-9706

Sunday, April 24 Hansons Group Run Lake Orion 8:00 am Hansons Running Shop (248) 616-9665

Wed., April 27 Fallasburg Park Trail 5 Mile Fun Run

(517) 607-3171 athletics/mens_track/ ginarelays.asp 4/28/11 - 4/30/11

Saturday, April 30 Calvin Spring Classic 8:30 am Grand Rapids Calvin College Field House 5KR/W, 1KFR (616) 526-6142

Carrollton Lions Club Walk/Run for the Blind 5K 8:15 am Carrollton Carrolton High School, 1235 Mapleridge Road 5KR/W Craig Douglas (989) 399-8860 cdouglas@

Dork Brothers Mayday Marathon - Tentative Hubbard Lake 8:00 am Hubbard Lake Lions Park 26.2MR Joseph Gentry (989) 354-7314

Family Services and Children’s Aid 5K

Grand Rapids 7:00 pm Fallasburg Park 5MR Don Huizinga (616) 987-9097

Jackson 8:30 am 330 W. Michigan Ave. 5KR/W Kelly Adams (517) 787-7920

Thursday, April 28

Hillsdale “Gina” Relays

Hillsdale “Gina” Relays Hillsdale 3:00 pm Hillsdale College track Bill Lundberg (517) 607-3134 athletics/mens_track/ ginarelays.asp 4/28/11 - 4/30/11

Friday, April 29 Downtown Lansing YMCA Pump & Run Lansing 6:00 pm Lansing River Trail 5KR or 5KR with pump Kelly King (517) 827-9640

Hillsdale “Gina” Relays Hillsdale 10:00 am Hillsdale College track Bill Lundberg

Hillsdale 10:00 am Hillsdale College track Bill Lundberg (517) 607-3171 mens_track/ ginarelays.asp 4/28/11 - 4/30/11

Interact 5K Run/Walk Howell 9:00 am Howell HS 5K R/W Peter Bowen (517) 230-3172

Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon, MiniMarathon and Relays Louisville, KY 7:30 am 26.2MR, 13.1MR, relays (502) 584-6383

2011 Event Calendar Let’s Move Festival of Races

Shiawassee Humane Society River Run 5K

Mount Clemens 9:00 am 13.1MR/ Relay, 5KR/W, 1MR/W Thomas Gray (586) 295-1532 letsmoveracedirector@

9:00 am Owosso Willman Field 5KR/W, kids run Beth Hook (989) 666-3798

Metro Detroit Lions 5K/ 1 Mile Fun Run/ Walk

Wildcat 5K Oxford 10:00 am Oxford Middle School

5KR/W Ken Deighton (810) 955-4630

WYLD Bill 5K 10:00 am Hillsdale Hillsdale College track 5KR/W Bill Lundberg (517) 607-3134 chargers/mens/track

Wood Memorial Trout Run Kalkaska 9:45 am 408 Hyde St. 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR Don Kessel (231) 258-1430

May Sunday, May 1 20 Mile Training Run Traverse City 9:00 am Northwest Michigan College behind HS track training run up to 20MR Running Fit

9:30 am Detroit Belle Isle Bandstand 3MR/W, 1MR/W Linda Tate (313) 234-1412

Ovarian Cancer Awareness 5k and 10k Run/Walk Sebewaing 10:00 am Sebewaing Twp. Hall 10KR/W, 5KR/W Nicole Totton (810) 599- 7859 / (517) 256-2078

Paul A. Webster Memorial Run Davison 9:13 am Richfield Country Park 5KR/W

Race for Hope Highland 8:30 am 10KR, 5KR/W William Klettke (248) 935-9852

Road Ends 5 Mile Pinckney 9:00 am Silver Lake, Pinckney Recreation Area 5 MR Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Rogers City’s Run for Autism Speaks Rogers City 10:00 am Lakeside Pavilion 5KR/W Hilary Viegelahn

Shepherd Maple Syrup Festival 5K Shepherd 8:00 am Shepherd HS 5KR/W, 1/2MFR Rick Cahoon (989) 828-6601, ext. 4434


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


(231) 932-5401

Burns Park Run 8:30 am Ann Arbor Burns Park ES 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR Joel and Jackie Dalton (734) 747-6952 racedirector2@

Dan Langdon Memorial Run Bath 2:00 pm 5KR/W Alex Coss

Freeland Walleye Race 9:00 am Freeland Lori Brown 5KR/W . Schedule.html

Running Fit Trail Marathon and Half Marathon Pinckney 7:30 am Silver Lake, Pinckney Recreation Area 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR (734) 929-9027

Steelcase Grand Duathlon Kentwood 10:00 am Steelcase Kentwood 5KR/ 30 KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

Wednesday, May 4 Run Fit 5K Novi 6:30 pm Novi Town Center 5KR, 1MR, kids run (734) 929-9027

Thursday, May 5 Road to Durban 5K Lansing 6:00 pm 5KR/W Michigan Midwives Association conferences/

Friday, May 6 Mason State Bank 5K

House 5KR/W, kids run Robert Warnke (517) 676-0500 robert.warnke@

Food Allergy 5K Run/Walk Dearborn 9:30 am U of M Dearborn, Parking 5KR/W, kids run Lot E Karry Brook (313) 703-7754

Saturday, May 7

Glio-Blastoff 5K Fun Run/Walk

Addison Panther Road Race 5K Run/Walk

9:00 am Ypsilanti Eastern Michigan University, University Park 5KR/W Meghan Kimball (586) 468-4814

8:00 am Addison 5KR Addison Panther ES Chris Christensen (517) 917-6205 christensenc@

Berkshire Proud Dad’s 5K

Great Lakes Region Bay Half Marathon

Beverly Hills 8:00 am Beverly Hills MS 5KR/W Jeff Sullivan (248) 855-9609 berkshiremiddleschool.webs .com/5k.htm

Bay City 13.1MR, 5K, FR Reinke Sports Group (407) 599-0568

Heart & Sole

Child Advocacy 5K Run

9:00 am Grandville Millenniumm Park 5KR/W Erin Webster (616) 261-9706

Run Like a Mother Harrison Twp 9:00 am Metro Beach 10KR, 5KR, 1MW Diana Easthope (586) 420-7670

Sylvan Lake Shuffle

Tulip Time Run

Rochester 8:30 am 501 West University 5KR/W (248) 726-3126

Holland 8:00 am Christ Memorial Church 10KR, 5KR/W, 1K kids run (616) 396-4221, x111

Infiterra Sports Spring Fury Beginner

Willow Duathlon

Infiterra Sports Spring Fury Elite

Diamonds & Dirt Women’s Adventure Run

Pinckney 8:00 am Pinckney Recreation Area 8 -10 hour adventure race: Zac Chisholm (231) 233-4736

Rochester Hills 4MR Jeff Watters (248) 320-5705

Mesick Mushroom River Run 5K Mesick 7:30 am Northern Exposures Campground 5KR, 2KW David Freet (231) 885-1200 Run.html

Families of SMA 5K Run, Walk and Roll Lansing 9:30 am Hawk Island County Park 5KR/W, kids run Holly Schafer (517) 668-1810

MOM Charity 5K Run/Walk

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


DeKalb, IL Northern Illinois University 5/12/11 - 5/14/11

Friday, May 13 Advance Packaging 5000

Sports and Fitness Expo

Hometown Hustle

Pinckney 8:00 am Pinckney Recreation Area 6 hour sprint adventure race Zac Chisholm (231) 233-4736

Mid American Conference Outdoor Track & Field Championships Men & Women

Tom Broughton Memorial 5K Fun Run / Walk

Cinco de Mayo Run Walk

Lake Orion 4:00 pm Canterbury Village 5KR/W Ron Suffolk (248) 446-1315

Thursday, May 12

Jackson 7:00 pm 5KR/W, Kids Run Dave Knickerbocker (517) 788-9800

West Branch 8:30 am 1938 Dam Rd. 5KR/W Tina Agge (989) 345-5363

Derby Day 5K

7:30 pm Mt. Pleasant 1310 East Pickard 5MR, 3MR, 1MR Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323

Sylvan Lake 9:00 am 5K R/W, 1K FR (248) 252-0072

Chelsea 8:30 am Chelsea Community Hospital 10KR, 5KR/W, 2 MR/W, 13.4MB Tracy Nelsen (734) 475-4157

Saginaw 9:00 am 5KR/W Joseph Stricker (989) 992-9007 martialartsconnection@

Run/Walk Series

Race for a Cause

Alma 9:30 am Youth For Christ / Campus Life Center 5KR, 1MR/W, kids run Audra Stahl (989) 463-1422

Mason 7:00 pm Ingham Country Courh


Royal Oak 10:00 am Starr Jaycee Park 5KR/W Julie Boledovich (248) 376-4666 director@

New Boston 9:00 am Willow Metropark 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

Sunday, May 8 Berkley 1 Mile and 10K Berkley 9:00 am Berkley Community Center 10KR, 1 MR/W Bill Moyer (248) 547-1958

Kalamazoo Marathon Kalamazoo 8:15 am 26.2 MR, 13.1MR, 5KR/W, 5K Judged RaceW, 1 MFR, kids run Blaine Lam (877) 255-2447

Wednesday, May 11 Doozie’s Ice Cream Fun

Grand Rapids 11:00 am DeVos Place Expo (616) 040-9888

Starker-Mann Challenge Gaylord 9:00 am Otsego Club, Sportsplex, Treetops Resort, Pavillion Tri: 4MR/ 30KB/ 400meterS or 2MR/ 20KB/ 400meterS and 40KB, 20KB and Superkids Try Aquathlon (231) 546-2229 5/13/11 through 5/15/11

Saturday, May 14 Autism Society of Michigan 5K Lansing 10:00 am Hawk Island Park 5KR/W, 1/2M kids run (517) 882-2800

Bay Harbor Foundation 5K Run & Walk Bay Harbor 9:00 am Village at Bay Harbor 5KR/W, kids race (231) 439-2700

Challenger 5K Howell 9:00 am Challenger Elementary 5KR/W, kids run Michelle Devine (517) 548-6375


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Dances with Dirt - Gnaw Bone Nashville, IN 6:15 am Mike’s Music and Dance Barn 50MR, 50KR, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 100K relay Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Fifth Third River Bank Run Grand Rapids 8:00 am 25KR, 10KR, 5KR/W, Kristen Aidif (616) 771-1590

Healing Hands 9:00 am Flint Mott Community College, Ballenger Field House 5KR/W (810) 230-6492

Heart of Michigan Lansing 8:00 am State Capitol 10KR, 5KR/W Will Smith (734) 213-1033

I Gave My Sole for Parkinson’s Walkathon & 5K Run St. Clair Shores time tba South Lake Schools Admin Complex 5KR/W, kids run (248) 433-1011

Owosso Community Players 5K

Durand Railroader 10:00 am Durand 5KR/W Durand MS Dave Madrigal II (989) 980-2583

Owosso 9:00 am 219 S. Washington St. Steve Schlaack 5KR/W (810) 240-9891

Ferndale Foot Frolic Ferndale 9:00 am Kulick Community Center, 1201 Livernois 10KR, 5KR Julie Hall (248) 544-6767

Run for Hope Northville 8:30 am Maybury State Park 5KR/W, 1MW, kids run (248) 348-0115

For Women Only 5K 10:30 am Ypsilanti Ellen Thompson Women’s Health Center, St. Joseph Mercy Hospital 5KR/W Rachel Ingle (248) 767-9123 rachelpost79@

Run for Recovery 8:30 am Port Huron St. Clair County Community Mental Health 5KR, 1MW Susan Lewis (810) 966-7809

I Gave My Sole for Parkinson’s Walkathon & 5K Run

Shawnee 5K Fun Run 9:00 am Macomb Shawnee Elementary School 5KR, 1MR/W Deanna Skelcy (586) 723-6831

Northville Northville HS 5KR/W Anne Hansen (248) 433-1011

Spring Snowman 5K Run/Walk

Komen Southwest Michigan Race for the Cure®

Brighton 9:00 am Living Stone Church 10KR, 5KR/W Mike Hartwell (734) 780-5854

Kalamazoo 9:15 am downtown Kalamazoo 5KR/W, 1 MFR (877) 566-3679 mary.peterson@

Superkidstry Aquathon Gaylord Noon Otsego County Sportsplex Aquathllon: 150mS/ 800mR or 250mS/ 1MR (231) 546-2229

Michigan Senior Olympics Summer Games 10K Rochester 8:00 am OPC 5KFR/W Sheila Tinnion (248) 608-0252

Izzy’s Tumor Trample Portage 7:30 am Celery Flats 5KR Marianne Mick (289) 823-3691

USA 15 km Trail Championships Spokane 15KR Riverside State Park

Race For Your Memories Milford 7:30 am Kensington Metro Park, Maple Beach 10KR, 5KR/W (248) 996-1060

Macomb Orchard Trail 50

Weidenbach Walk/Run Family Event

Richmond Midnight Macomb Orchard Trail 50MFR Kevin Green (586) 279-5352

Mt. Clemens 9:00 am Metro Beach Park Agnes Wisner (586) 755-9100

“Mary Boes” Memorial MSO 5K Fun Run/Walk

Sunday, May 15

Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon & 10K

Rochester 8:00 am OPC 5KR/W Sheila Tinnion (248) 608-0252 info@

Dragon Dash

Cleveland, OH 7:00 am 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR, 10KR Jack Staph (800) 467-3826


Lake Orion 8:30 am Civic Center Park 8KR/W Jennifer Vezina (248) 391.0304, x140

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Toronto Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Relay Toronto, ON 9:00 am Mel Lastman Square Queen’s Park 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR, 5KR, relay Jay Glassman (416) 972-1062

Tues., May 17 Michigan Senior Olympics Summer Games 5K 9:00 am Rochester 5KR OPC Sheila Tinnion (248) 608-0252

5KR/W Mal Balow (989) 862-9700

Lory’s Place Run, Walk, Rock 8:15 am St. Joseph 5KR/W 445 Upton Drive Lisa Bartoszek (800) 717-3812

MG 5K Grand Rapids 9:00 am Riverside Park, Riverbend Shelter 5KR, 2MW Susan Richards (616) 956-0622

Friday, May 20

NAS Grosse Ile Duathlon

South Church Family Fitness 5K

8:00 am Grosse Ile Grosse Ile Airport 5KR/ 25KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

7:00 pm Lansing South Church, 5250 Cornerstone Drive 5KR/W, kids run Tony Olds (517) 322-2000

Sat., May 21 Book’n Trilogy South Lyon 8:00 am Millennium Middle School 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run Caryn Bartone (248) 437-6431

Fitness Is Life Fun Run Sault Ste. Marie, MI 8:30 am 2 Ice Circle 5KR/W, 1MR, kids Lori Jodoin (906) 635-5055, x 121

Howard Hill Hustle Kalamazoo 8:30 am Kalamazoo Christian HS 5KR/W, kids run (269) 501-7042

Kent County Girls on the Run Celebratory Kentwood 9:30 am East Kentwood HS 5KFR/W Lori Burgess (616) 204-4267

Laingsburg Lions Festival Laingsburg 9:00 am downtown Laingsburg

New Balance Girls on the Run 5K Van Buren/ Cass Counties Lawton 9:00 am Lawton HS 5KR Julie Bos (269) 621-3143, x 371 lth-girlsontherun.html

Oaklawn Hospital Hospitality Classic Marshall 7:30 am Brooks Memorial Fountain Circle 10KR, 5KR/W, 1 MFR Theresa Chaney-Huggett (269) 789-8134

Okemos Kids Triathlon Okemos 1:00 pm Okemos HS triathlon distance varies Okemos Community Education (517) 706-5020

Ready, Set, Fly 5K Ann Arbor Skyline HS 5KR Will Smith (734) 213-1033

Save the Manatee Run Harrison Twp 9:00 am L’Anse Creuse HS 5KR, 2 MW Lesley Argiri (586) 783-6729

Step One Presents the Girl and Boy Quest 5K

The Capitol Bancorp 5K for JA

GOTR Trail Run Half Marathon/ 10K/ 5K

8:30 am Jackson Middle School at Parkside, 2400 Fourth St. 5KR/W Debbie Lazaroff (517) 768-5238

9:45 am Lansing 100 W. Ottawa, Downtown 5KR/W, 1MR BethAnn Sutton (517) 267-4604

Mt. Pleasant Deerfield County Park 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR Ryan Hackett (989) 289-2361

Summer Stroll For Epilepsy

USA Masters 8 km Championship

Heart of Oak 5K Run / Walk

8:00 am Midland Dow Diamond 2MW Duc Abrahamson 1-800-377-6226

Williamsburg, VA Fit to Run, Fit to Dream 8K

Bloomfield Hills 1:30 pm Academy of the Sacred 5KR/W, 1MFR Heart Al Ray (248) 842-8851

Susan G. Komen Race for the CureÂŽ Detroit 8:00 am Comerica Park 5KR/W, 1MFR Maureen Meldrum (800) 527-6266 detroitraceforthecure/

The Angel’s Place Race Clarkston 10:00 am St. Daniel Church 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR Paul Maxwell (248) 625-7859

Wellness Central Fitness Rat Race Mt. Pleasant 9:30 am 2600 Three Leaves Drive 5KR, 1MR/W Mt. Pleasant Striders (989) 772-0323

Sunday, May 22 Dash for Destiny 5K Run/Walk Birmingham 9:00 am Shain Park 5KR/W, 1M kids run Ashleigh Doinidis (248) 203-9841 ashleigh.doinidis@

Making Tracks for Celiacs Grosse Pointe Shores 9 am Edsel & Eleanor Ford House 5KR/W Julie Ladwig (734) 634-5391

Michigan Senior Olympics Summer Games Triathlon Rochester 8:00 am Oakland University tri: 400mS/ 20KB/ 5KR Sheila Tinnion


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


(248) 608-0252

Muddy Watters, Bump & Run Trail Series, Race #1 Rochester Hills 9:00 am Bloomer Park, Hilltop Shelter 4MR (248) 320-5705

New Balance Girls on the Run 5K 10:00 am Ypsilanti 5KR, kids run Pat Ball (734) 712-5640 patricia@

Relay for Life 5K Lansing 9:00 am Hawk Island County Park, Red Tail Pavillion 5KR/W Rick Bilodeau (517) 614-2195

Rochester Rotary Run/Walk Rochester 9:00 am Municipal Park 10KR, 5KR/W Jeff Williams

Shiawassee County New Balance Girls on the Run 5K Owosso 9:00 am Owosso HS 5KR, kids’ run Mary Kelpinski (517) 282-0970

Stony Creek “Back to the Beach” Half Marathon & 5K

run Rich Hunfield

John Laurin Memorial 5K Run/Walk Carney - Nadeau 9 am CST Fadroski Park 5KR/W Ted Jenkins (906) 639-2512

Thursday, May 26 Greater Kalamazoo Girls on the Run Celebration 5K Run

Lisa’s Run Alpena 2:00 PM Alpena County Fairgrounds 5MR, KR Mark Jacobs (989) 414-0912

6:30 pm Kalamazoo Waldo Stadium, Western 5KR Michigan Carrie Hybels (269) 491-6885

Mackinaw Memorial Bridge Race

NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Round 1

Mackinaw City 6:00 am Mackinaw City Recreation Complex 6 MR Mackinaw Area Visitors Bureau (231) 436-5664

Bloomington, IN Indiana University (502) 852-5151 5/26/11 - 5/28/11

Saturday, May 28

Traverse City State Bank Bayshore Marathon

Alma Highland Festival 8 Mile / 5K

Traverse City 7:00 am Northwestern Michigan College 26.2 MR, 13.1MR, 10KR Lou Wojtowicz (231) 941-8118

Alma 9:15 am Alma College campus 8MR, 5KR/W, kids runs Jill Sandro (989) 463-4122

Tri_Cities Family YMCA Kick Off to Summer 5K Run/Walk

CHC Foundation 5K Fun Run/Walk and Girls on the Run 5K

Grand Haven 8:30 am 5KR/W Brooke Sheldon (616) 842-7051, ext. 20

Coldwater 8:00 am Heritage Park 5KR/W CHC Foundation (517) 279-5414

X-Tri Stony Creek Shelby Township 8:00 am Stony Creek Metropark, Baypoint Beach 1000mS/ 20KMB/ 4MR or 2MR/ 20KMB/ 4MR (231) 546-2229

Eastern Ottawa Young Life 5K and Fun Run

Shelby Twp. 8:00 am Stony Creek Metro Park Eastwood Beach 13.1MR, 5KR/W Joe Burns

Hudsonville 8:00 am Baldwin St. Middle School 5KR/W, 1MFR, 1/2MFR Karina White (616) 745-8500

XTERRA Last Stand Triathlon / Duathlon

Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Run

Augusta 9:00 am Fort Custer State Park Tri: 1/2MS/ 12.5MB/ 4MR or Du: 2MR, 12.5MB, 4MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398

Fruitport 9:30 am 10KR, 5KR Donald Wood (231) 865-3551

Lake Orion 8:00 am Hansons Running Shop (248) 693-9900

Island Lake Triathlon Spring

Seahorse Challenge Triathlon and Duathlon

Tuesday, May 24 Millennium Park Run Grand Rapids 7:00 pm 1401 Maynard SW 6MR, 3MR/W, 1.5MR, kids


Sunday, May 29

Big Foot Challenge 9:00 am Dansville Dansville High School 8KR, 5KR/W, kids’ run Wendy and Fred Witchell (517) 889-5182 dansvilleathleticboosters. com/bigfootchallenge.htm

City of Burton Memorial Day 5K Burton 9:00 am Atherton High School 5KR/W Vaughn Smith (810) 744-1062 vaughnsmith161@

Hartland Memorial Day Run/Walk 8:00 am Hartland Hartland High School 5KR, 3KW Rob Buti (734) 451-2444 letics/Events/Run/

Jenison Ambucs Memorial Day Race Jenison 8:00 am Jenison Junior High 5KR Eric Hartman (616) 457-1168

Lest They Be Foregotten Memorial Day 5K/10K Webberville 9:00 am Webberville HS 10KR, 5KR/W Katrina Hawley (517) 749-7947

Memorial Day 5K Run/Walk & 8K Run Grosse Ile 8:30 am Grosse Ile HS 8KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR Total Runner (734) 282-1101

Hansons Group Run

Brighton 7:30 am Island Lake Recreation Area Tri: .1/2MS/ 12.4MB/ 5KR or .09MS/ 24.8MB/ 10KR Jim Jackson (734) 845-7559

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

Monday, May 30

Climax 8:00 am Coldbrook County Park 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 6.6MR or 3.3MR/ 20KB/ 3.3MR, or 500meter S/ 20KB/ 3.3MR (231) 546-2229


Run to Climax Climax 8:15 am E. Maple & Church 7KR, 2MW Richard Williams (269) 626-8611

June Wednesday, June 1 Tooth, Fang & Claw 10K Run and Swamp Party

Pinckney 6:30 pm 10KR Dawn McConnachie (734) 929-9027

Thursday, June 2 Swartz Creek Challenge Swartz Creek 6:30 pm Swartz Creek HS 5KR/W (810) 659-6493

Saturday, June 4 5K4TJ 10:00 am Okemos 5KR/W Kinawa MS (517) 381-9051

Curwood Festival Races Owosso 9:00 am 301 S. Washington St. (Chemical Bank Office) 10KR, 5KR/W, kids’ run Robin Russell (989) 725-8136 shiawasseeymca@

Dodge Park 3.1 Mile Run Sterling Heights 8:00 am Dodge Park 3.1MR, 1MR/W Mark DiSanto (586) 446-2700 mdisanto@

Double Time Tri Three Rivers 8:00 am Kline’s Resort, Portage Lake Tri: 400yd S/ 11.5MB/ 5KR, relay Jim Mishler (888) 818-9918

Hanson Hills Challenge Trail Run Grayling 9:00 am Hanson Hills Little Smokey Cross Country Lodge 5MR Justin Andre (989) 348-9266

Michigan Mile for Kids Lansing 9:00 am Cooley Law School Stadium 1 MR for kids 12 and under Shawn Rottiers (517) 364-8141

2011 Event Calendar Midland Community Center’s Dow Run/Walk

Yankee Springs Trail Run

8:00 am Midland 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MR/W, kids run Jennifer Adamcik (989) 832-7937, ext. 2221

7:00 am Middleville Yankee Springs Rec. Area 52.4MR, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, Phil Stapert (616) 706-6308

Oak Apple Run Royal Oak 7:30 am Downtown Royal Oak 10KR, 2MR, kids run Frentz Kim (248) 541-4502

Sunday, June 5

(810) 982.8809

Bass Festival Run 9:00 am Mancelona 5KR/W Palmer Park Mancelona Bass Festival (231) 587-5044 mancelon

Dexter to Ann Arbor Run 8:00 am Ann Arbor Main Street & Ann Street 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR, kids run Marie Brooks (734) 487-5616

Blue Water Hospice 5K10K River Run Marysville 8:00 am MarysvillePark 10KR, 5KR, 3MW Trisha Foster

Grand Rapids Triathlon 7:00 am Ada Thornapple River Drive boat launch Tri: sprint, olympic or 1/2 Andy Vidro iron (616) 805-3059

Hawk Island Triathlon 8:00 am Lansing Hawk Island County Park Tri: 400 meter S/ 16KB/

OPC Fun Run / Walk 8:00 am Rochester Older Persons’ Commission , 650 Letica Dr. Matt Spierling 5KR/W (248) 659-1021 matthew_spierling@

Panther Prowl Holland 8:00 am 5KR/W Becki Dykstra (616) 786-1119

Run for the Cure Caro 9:00 am Chippewa Landing Park 5KR/W, kids run Mike Wagner (989) 551-2185

SMART Blast Urban Adventure Race Clarkston 8:00 am Depot Park 6 hour adventure race Gary Harrington (248) 673-1727

St. Gerard 5K Lansing 10:00 am St. Gerard Church 5KR/W Sara Rentz (517) 668-0488

St. Patrick Shamrock Festival 5K Brighton 7:30 am St. Patrick’s Catholic Church 5KR/W April Wyncott (810) 229-9863

Summer Stroll For Epilepsy Kalamazoo 8:00 am Celery Flats 2MW (800) 377-6226


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


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Josh Cox ,

3! ( " ," ! " " * ! ! "" " " " :5 . ! & ! 7-9< ' $ 8 #" !, !! " '<! !0 # / 7-98-9:, ! " " " " 7-6<-87, " " 7; #" ! 68 ! !" " ! "/ " "0 86.5: ! :5,555 " !, % $ , ' # ! ", !# ! ' " + 0


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&2! ! ! % ! "' ! !"'- 4 $ ! / !! " !% %. 4 ! ! " " !! , " , 4 #" '. ! " " ' # #". $ '" # ... % . % # " 7 ' !. % # " $ " " ! " ... " " $ / #! $ .4

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#" " ) # ' !1 #! , 655 " ! " . . % 2$ # # 7-6> " , % #!" &" # ' "" " . . ' !. " !! % / , ! &3! !" ! $ # " " 0 " " !# / / #!" 0 "


# $ +6,462'3)+@///


48/43 8'(/1/>/3-@:


rench philosopher Jean-Baptiste Karr’s oft-quoted words “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” is usually translated “The more things change, the more they remain the same,” and that’s certainly true with the shoe offerings in Spring 2011.

We’ve had some new thinking and some new companies evident in every season for as long as I’ve been reviewing shoes. The changes we’re seeing this spring are merely a broadening of the shoes offered; the old reliables continue to be there. More lightweight and performance shoes are being introduced than in several decades (they represent fully half of the shoes in this review), more new brands are launching, new technologies continue to be introduced, and there’s more parity in the industry than perhaps ever. New thinking that’s been percolating in shoemakers’ minds for some time has finally flooded out, prompted by barefoot enthusiasts, as well as the emerging ranks of minimalist supporters. But never fear, the well-cushioned neutral category and motion stabilizing shoes continue to roll along, meeting the requirements of runners with specific biomechanical needs and fitness levels who aren’t yet ready for or interested in less shoe. So for those runners looking for something new—we have it. For those who prefer to stick with their tried-andtrue, we have those, too. —Cregg Weinmann, Running Network Footwear Reviewer


! !

" # $


!$ A

At our recent Running Network meetings, one of the publishers asked why we review brands that are, well, hard to find. That question launched us into a discussion about what our responsibilities are as publishers. While most think there are only about a dozen running shoe companies, our footwear and apparel reviewer Cregg Weinmann noted that he keeps tabs on 43 brands, if you include trail running companies. Cregg and I have always been united in what his mission is: to provide you, the consumer, with knowledge of the best products, whether they come from large companies or small ones, whether 750 stores carry those products or just 50, or even whether they advertise in our publications or not. We review far more shoes than actually make it into these pages. In fact, we weartested 35 shoes to get to the 20 you see in this issue. Shoes from Scott, On, and Li-Ning did well enough to make the cut. While relatively new, these are brands we’ve been following for some time, and they’re available at some run specialty stores. While they don’t have the distribution of adidas, ASICS, Brooks, Mizuno, New Balance, Nike, Puma, and Saucony, in our business, good shoes rise to the top. Run specialty stores carry what sells and what you demand. That’s why brands like K-Swiss, Karhu, and Newton are filling more and more spots on shoe walls across the country. In fact, K-Swiss was brand new to the party just 2 years ago. We feel it’s our responsibility to let you know the full array of what’s available. If we don’t, how will we ever see something other than the status quo? Competition is a good thing, and so is an informed customer. In the end, of course, what you buy and wear is your choice. We provide our reviews as the beginning of your journey to find the just-right shoe for your activity level and needs. Read our reviews, then go to your run specialty store, try on six or seven brands and discuss them with the store staff. After all, they live the footwear battle, one pair at a time, 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Please note that and now have iPhone apps, and that most of the 23 titles in our network are available as digital versions, so now you can take us with you on the go! You’ll find details at Finally, if you have any comments or questions about a review, please email me at or call me at 608.239.3785. I’d love to hear from you.






RIN G 201



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RIN G 201


'9)43= 64 6/* /6'-+ BEST SHOE


Motion Stabilizing



RIN G 20


64407 ':+33' BEST RENOVATION SPRING 2011

American Track & Field Athletes Only Athletics (Canada) Austin Fit California Track & Running News Club Running Coaching Athletics Quarterly Colorado Runner Get Active! Greater Long Island Running Club’s Footnotes Latinos Corriendo Marathon Guide

Larry Eder President, Running Network LLC




92' ''7

Reviewer:: Cregg Weinmann Project Coordinator/Editor: Christine Johnson Designer: Kristen Cerer Proofreader: Marg Sumner, Red Ink Editorial Services Shoe Photography: Daniel Saldaña, Cregg Weinmann Advertising Sales: Running Network LLC, Larry Eder, President, 608.239.3785, Publisher: Larry Eder, 608.239.3785 Website: For a Media Kit, please visit our website. This 2011 Spring Shoe Review is produced independently by Running Network LLC for its partner publications. All shoes reviewed were tested by experienced, competitive runners who were matched to the biomechanical purpose of each shoe model. Copyright © 2011 by Running Network LLC. All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be stored, copied, or reprinted without prior written permission of Running Network LLC. Running Network LLC and its partner publications suggest that, as with all fitness activities, you meet with a healthcare professional before beginning or changing your fitness regimen.

/0+ 93'6 1/8+

Michigan Runner Missouri Runner & Triathlete Running Journal & Racing South RunMinnesota RUNOHIO Track & Field News USATF’s Fast Forward USATF–New England’s Exchange Zone The Winged Foot The Winged M Youth Runner

30 // ? 933/3- +8;460

56/3- .4+ +:/+;

'*/*'7 '*/%+64 +-/7 Round 2 of the adiZero Aegis features some changes, along with many familiar features. The midsole is virtually the same: underfoot a soft, adiLite layer that’s atop a layer of adiPrene+ with the stabilizing ForMotion cassette in the heel. The outersole has received some minor alterations but still provides good durability and traction. The upper shows the most significant changes while maintaining its original objective: Align the foot over the low-profile sole while offering a touch of support. The original featured a tongue that opened only on the lateral side to shore up the overpronating foot. This version features two woven fabrics—stiffer, nonstretch on the medial side, open airmesh laterally—to achieve the same objective. The result is breathability and support. Overall, the lightweight and responsive Aegis 2 features flexibility and efficiency with a measure of stability that’s enhanced by the low profile, making it ideally equipped for faster-paced running. “Close, racer-like fit. Low profile makes them very stable, and improves reaction to the ground. Very light trainer; I’d say light and snappy. [Compared to the original] it is good, though not an improvement.” Updates the adiZero Aegis • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to mild overpronation • Sizes: Men 6.5–13,14,15; Women 5–12 • Weight: Men 10.3 oz. (size 11); Women 9.0 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel sliplasted •

'6.9 '78


In its second time out, the Fast Fulcum_ride features an update to the Karhu Fulcrum technology. The Fulcrum component has been reshaped slightly into a lower profile that now tips the foot forward at a gentler pitch. Up top, the new upper offers more room in the forefoot making it better suited to high-volume feet and keeps it open across the metatarsals to accommodate bunions or a wide forefoot. The midsole is still resilient and responsive EVA, though the Strobel board has an added layer of EVA to improve the level of full-length cushioning. The outersole is typical carbon and blown rubber, here in a reconfigured layout with a U-shaped heel and forefoot ridge of the more durable carbon rubber, with the softer blown rubber on the medial and lateral forefoot. The shoe is surprisingly light, providing neutral-footed runners another shoe choice for faster training. “I was surprised at the amount of cushion [it] seemed to have when there didn’t seem to be much of it. Very light weight. I liked it a lot.” Updates the Fast Fulcrum_ride • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 8–13,14; Women 6–11 • Weight: 11.2 oz. (men’s 11); 9.9 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board •

;/77 ;/)0= 1'*+ /-.8 The Kwicky Blade Light is a sibling to the Blade Light, but with a personality of its own. The midsole features the Blade-Light design of angled EVA blades for cushioning and energy transfer; however, here it’s enhanced with a second density for stability. A heel crashpad aids touchdown and is topped off with GuideGlide foam against the foot for comfort. Minimal outersole rubber in high-wear areas keeps the shoe lightweight but durable enough for racing and faster training. The upper features welded thermoplastic overlays in a saddle-like framework with a mesh of extra support on the medial side. The “secret weapon” of the upper is a treatment of Ion Masking, which makes a molecular mask on the surface smaller than water molecules, so they just run off. Perforations through the innersole, Strobel board, and midsole allow water to drain from the interior, a plus for triathletes. If this sounds like your cup of tea (which would also drain off), give the Kwicky Blade Light a look. “Snug fit through the arch and roomy in the toes. Well cushioned with each layer of foam, and the ‘skoosh’ of stability was just right. Another fine example of quality begetting quality. K-Swiss has really impressed me.” NEW • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to mild overpronation • Sizes: Men 6.5–13; Women 5–11,12 • Weight: 10.6 oz. (men’s 11); 9.3 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board •

/ /3- 6+2438 Li-Ning is China’s largest domestic sports footwear brand and the Fremont represents its first foray into the U.S. market. The shoe has a low profile with a very slight heel-to-forefoot drop, which means you should count on an adaptation period to minimize the chances of injury. The upper is supported minimally in the heel and features just enough midfoot support to keep the foot lined up over the midsole. The midsole is a well-cushioned, injection-molded EVA with a large lateral crashpad from heel to midfoot. The TPU shank support is vented to allow air to circulate into the shoe and is aided by the perforated innersole. The Fremont’s light weight makes it suited for faster-paced running—even racing for some runners—but the effect of activating the muscles in the foot also makes the Fremont a good additional tool for runners looking to get stronger. “Nice form fit, moccasin-like. Not a lot of cushioning, but very responsive and fast feeling. Very low to the ground, so any tippy feeling is really reduced. Very interesting approach. A valuable tool for running fitness and racing performance.” NEW • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 7–12,13,14; Women 6–11 • Weight: 10.0 oz. (men’s 11); 8.8 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted •

/>934 $':+ 1/<+6 The Wave Elixer 6 is an update that respects the strengths of its predecessor. Version 5 featured a major overhaul of the midsole compound and the outersole configuration, so Round 6 merely draws attention to the heel crashpad with a bright green color-up and leaves well enough alone—a smart move. It’s the upper that receives the attention in this update. Overlays have been slightly modified, as is typical in an update, but here the Dynamotion Fit has been redefined from a stretchy overlay to a hinged tab as the first eyelet, which moves better with the foot and allows the lacing to better secure the upper. Runners in need of lightness, stability, and good cushioning will find it in the Elixer 6. “I love the cushioning in this shoe! It provided a great bouncy feel. With each step I took, I felt balanced and secure” and “I love the weight. If the weight could be maintained with a slightly thicker heel, it would be the perfect speed shoe.” Updates the Wave Elixer 5 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to mild overpronation • Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15; Women 6–11 • Weight: 10.9 oz. (men’s 11); 9.1 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted •

32 /// ? 933/3- +8;460

56/3- .4+ +:/+;

/0+ 93'6 1/8+


The Lunar Elite+ 2 does the original at least one better in several areas, and winds up a better shoe as a result. The original midsole and outersole benefitted from earlier Lunar series shoes and the effectiveness of the Dynamic Support platform, so both have been retained in their original configuration. The original upper lacked the close tailoring needed for a really good performance fit. Round 2 changes to a breathable, open mesh and remedies the tailoring issue by welding on a supportive saddle with Flywire strands running from the midsole to the lace eyelets. The saddle consists of a zigzag of welded straps that function like independent fingers to snug the midfoot, while keeping the weight down. The fit is outstanding and lines the foot up over the midsole, overcoming the weakness of the original. The improved fit, quality, and comfort of the materials, as well as its outstanding ride, earned the Lunar Elite+ 2 our Best Renovation honors. “I think Nike has finally figured out a good Flywire configuration. The shoes snug down nicely without producing any uncomfortable pressure points. They roll nicely with my feet as I strike and then toe off (no slapping whatsoever). Cushioning is very good. I can feel the ground without feeling every pebble.” Updates the Lunar Elite+ • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to very mild overpronation • Sizes: Men 6–13,14,15; Women 5–12 • Weight: 11.0 oz. (men’s 11); 9.6 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board •

3 149*796,+6 A new brand from Switzerland, On employs a unique running technology called CloudTec. The outersole of the shoe features nine CloudTec lugs in the forefoot and four in the heel which, when viewed from the side, have an oval-shaped negative space. Under pressure, the lugs compress to cushion, but since they have small teeth on the inner surface they grip each other to aid forward motion. The sensation is a nicely cushioned ride with a responsive, bouncy feel to it. The lugs are attached to a traditional, though low-profile, midsole and when combined with the lugs, it’s roughly the height of a typical running shoe. The upper is a quality built, simple design of airmesh and synthetic suede that fits securely and has a plush feel. The technology is effective, the shoe is light and efficient, and the durability and cushioning are very good. “The fit was good, though more routine than anything amazing. The cushioning was outstanding, the responsiveness of the lugs and midsole was more than expected. The impression of the testing was thoroughly aligned with the expectation. Except for the upper (which was OK) the shoe promised, then delivered.” NEW • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 8–12; Women 5.5–9.5 • Weight: 11.4 oz. (men’s 11); 10.1 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted •

92' ''7


The Faas 500 is the top-end of a series of Puma shoes designed with less materials and a simpler ethos. Performance is the goal so it’s not surprising that the name derives from the Jamaican pronunciation of the word “fast.” The upper is a thin mesh and synthetic suede with an ankle collar of memory foam that’s not exactly Spartan. It has a snug feel, and the EVA Strobel board and Ortholite innersole contribute to great step-in comfort. The ride is responsive, thanks to the flexible midsole, and is aided by well-placed grooves underfoot. The thin outersole offers good traction and uses more durable (and heavier) carbon rubber only where needed. The combination of light weight, comfort, and responsive performance earned the Faas 500 honors as our Best New Shoe. “They fit snug, the cushioning was great, the balance and durability of these shoes were awesome. I used them for most of my long runs. I’m sad to wear them out because they were so good.” NEW • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 6–12,13,14,15; Women 5.5–11,12 • Weight: 10.6 oz. (men’s 11); 9.2 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board •

'9)43= 64 6/* /6'-+

BEST SHOE Performance SP

RIN G 201


The Mirage follows in the footsteps of last season’s innovative Kinvara, so it shares more than a few similarities. Its weight belies its durable nature and it has a more traditional feel in both the upper and the outersole. The midsole shares the small heel-to-toe drop found in the Kinvara, but an EVA Strobel board adds a few millimeters of foam to up the ante on the cushioning. A TPU support shores up the medial side of the shoe, unobtrusively adding a touch of stability. The outersole is largely exposed midsole, but key wear areas are XT-900 in the heel, blown rubber in the forefoot. The upper has a familiar heel design and a well-padded ankle collar with an open airmesh for breathability and supportive midfoot welded overlays. The performance is unexpectedly good, whether for faster running or daily running. Its performance, versatility, and outstanding design earned the Mirage distinction as our Best Shoe in the Performance shoe category. “Snug-fitting heel with good toe room. Very comfortable and that only got better with time. Great on roads, decent off-road. Lightweight for a training shoe, and the heel-to-toe slope was really great. Worked well for training, long races, fast or easy—well done.” NEW • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to mild overpronation • Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15; Women 5–12 • Weight: 10.4 oz. (men’s 11); 8.9 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board •

)488 + /*+ !6'/3+6 Scott continues to refine the products in its expanding line of running shoes. Proven in earlier Scott shoes, the ErgoLogic Fit upper, a two-layer, midfoot support/lace system, secures the foot effectively. The midsole has a low profile but doesn’t sacrifice much, as the ride is responsive and resilient, even in regular training. The outersole reveals the performance nature of the shoe with a polyurethane tread over more than half of the outersole, greatly reducing weight without losing anything in traction or durability. High-wear areas of the outersole feature carbon rubber, primarily at heel contact and toe-off. Versatility may be the eRide Trainer’s greatest strength, as it’s light enough for faster running, whether in training or longer races, and holds up to daily runs with equal ease. “Very secure fit in the midfoot, with room for your toes. Good cushioning, nice and responsive, light, actually really light for a daily trainer. These have a great combination of fit, responsiveness, and light weight.”


NEW • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 8–12,13; Women 6–11 • Weight: 10.9 oz. (men’s 11); 8.5 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board • /: ? 933/3- +8;460

56/3- .4+ +:/+;





64407 +,='3)+ The Defyance has earned an important spot in the Brooks lineup as a dependable, neutral performer. The upper is an open mesh and the saddle-like midfoot overlays have been beefed up on the medial side to improve support. The midsole has received the typical minor adjustments, but they haven’t affected the overall ride for which the shoe is known. The shank support has been reworked for more effective midfoot support without any unnecessary plastic. The outersole features slightly shortened longitudinal flex grooves to smooth the forefoot flexibility. These changes add up to a good solution for neutralfooted runners. “Comfortable fit, just like last year’s model. The ride has a bouncy feel to it, good cushioning. Fairly light weight feel (love that). I loved the light feel and support.” Updates the Defyance 3 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15 (B,D,2E); Women 5–12,13 (2A,B,D) • Weight: Men 11.9 oz. (size 11); Women 9.7 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, S-257 Cushsole (EVA Strobel board) •

+; '1'3)+ With the 1080, New Balance leads into a numerical reset, establishing numbers that correspond to their category. The 1080 represents the pinnacle of neutral cushioning in the NBx performance running line. Though it bears a resemblance to the 1064, which it replaces, the upper now features an airier, two-layer mesh, as well as more substantial overlays positioned for better flexibility where the foot flexes. The midsole is much the same as before, but there’s a new crashpad under the cuboid bone to soften a midfoot landing. Redesigned flex grooves and Stability Web allow an improved transition from heel to toe. The outersole features tougher rubber on the lateral side, softer blown rubber medially. The attention to detail and fit, as well as its plush ride, earned the 1080 top honors in the Neutral shoe category.


RIN G 201


“These shoes cradle my feet and help me confidently land each strike with my foot. No noticeable wear even @ 200 miles” and “I think New Balance went a little overboard with the cushioning on these, though overall they have been really pretty good.” Replaces the 1064 • Recommended for: medium-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15 (B,D,2E,4E); Women 5–11,12 (2A,B,D) • Weight: 13.0 oz. (men’s 11); 11.1 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, polyurethane Strobel board •

'9)43= 64 6/* !6/925. The Triumph series has always specialized in cushioning and protection. The Triumph 8 trims some weight from Round 7 while retaining most of the protection and plushness. The upper has noticeably less bulk, a move in the right direction, but it’s still on the heavy side. One improvement is the open area at the first metatarsal, which gives a roomy feeling and accommodates a wide forefoot, hallux rigidus, or bunions. The midsole features minor changes to the molding but offers much the same ride as before—well cushioned without being mushy. The outersole continues with the combination of blown rubber in the forefoot and carbon rubber in the heel, but more separation between the heel lugs gives better articulation in the touch-down. The Triumph continues to offer Saucony’s best cushioned ride. “Lots of room in the toes. They are comfortable but a little stiff, but with plenty of cushion throughout the whole shoe. Heavier feeling than most shoes I wear now, but I probably don’t need all the pampering these provide.” Updates the ProGrid Triumph 7 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics • Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15; Women 5–11,12 • Weight: 13.1 oz. (men’s 11); 11.7 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board •



The DS Trainer has always represented the ASICS philosophy of balancing engineering and minimalism. Version 16 has locked onto this concept with proven technologies and lightweight materials. This time out, the upper is much the same from the toes to the midfoot, but between the arch and the heel there are now two layers of material securing the heel to prevent slipping. The result is a heavier shoe than in the past but it has a much better-fitting heel. The midsole has seen the usual minor tweaks without noticeably affecting the ride, though the articulation in forefoot flexion is a little more pliable thanks to the addition of ASICS’ Guidance Line. The result is a midweight shoe with a great balance of stability and cushioning that holds up to the demands of high mileage. “They felt perfectly snug and are the lightest shoes I have worn with this much great support” and “Cushion was good, with a good feel around the ankles and from the tongue. Overall, heavier than I expected but with a good, balanced feeling.” Updates the Gel-DS Trainer 15 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation • Sizes: Men 6-13, 14,15; Women 5–12 • Weight: Men 11.9 oz. (size 11); Women 10.2 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, two-density Solyte Strobel board •

+1 '='34 As the flagship of the ASICS motion stabilizing contingent, Version 17 of the Kayano maintains the plush ride, fit, and stability that has long defined it. The familiar profile has been well dialed in for at least 5 years, so the faithful have been consistently served and that continues here. Though the differences appear to be cosmetic, they’re actually upgrades: the upper has a bit less Bio-Fit, but what’s there is used more precisely on the medial and lateral sides; and replacing the synthetic leather overlays with HF-welded overlays saves weight without compromising support. The midsole geometry with its precise shaping has been maintained from the flex grooves to the decoupling of the heel and, with the generous Gel cushioning all but identical, the ride is indistinguishable from recent versions. The good news—make that great news—is that the Kayano 17 continues to be as consistent a performer as ASICS delivers. “The Kayano is always snug and comfortable. The cushioning is great, the shoe is very stable, and my feet are secure in them while running at any speed.” Updates the Gel-Kayano 16 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation • Sizes: Men 6-14,15,16 (D), 8-14,15,16 (EE), 8-14,15,16 (EEEE); Women 5–13 (B), 6-13 (AA,D) • Weight: Men 13.0 oz. (size 11); Women 11.4 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, two-density Solyte Strobel board •

35 : ? 933/3- +8;460

56/3-1 .4+ +:/+;




64407 ':+33'

BEST SHOE Motion Stabilizing SP

RIN G 201


The Ravenna has moved up in the food chain. While it was a peppy performer, it now has a bit more muscle to it, thanks to the incorporation of Brooks’ DNA cushioning element. The Ravenna is still peppy, but the extra boost in cushioning makes it even better equipped for high mileage. The upper is ever so slightly altered (the usual few millimeter shift in overlays), but the elastic straps to the eyestay remain, allowing the upper to move with the foot. The midsole sports minor adjustments to the forefoot, but the lateral heel has much more articulation in the crashpad, and rests over a more concentrated outersole element and altered heel flex grooves. The remaining outersole is much as it was, with carbon rubber in the heel and blown rubber up front. The combination of its accommodating fit, good stability, and lasting cushioning earned the Ravenna 2 the Best Shoe honors in the Motion Stabilizing category. “Nice roomy toe box. They are very comfortable. The heelstrike is one of the most comfortable I’ve ever felt. There is nice bounce to the shoes on the run. Good stability and the lacing is great. This is a great light-feeling shoe. Much better than all the brands I’ve tried.” Updates the Ravenna • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation • Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15; Women 5–12 • Weight: 12.1 oz. (men’s 11); 10.1 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, S-257 Cushsole (EVA Strobel board) •

64407 !6'3)+ The Trance has undergone a transformation that is both substantive and visual. The more resilient DNA cushioning, new in the Trance 10, is an upgrade, and midsole shaping (smaller pods on the lateral side) broadens the base of the shoe. The result is better stability, though the full-length DNA and increased foam contribute to a weight gain of over 10%. The upper is designed for the same effective support with new overlays and a TPU heel cradle doing the job. One of the more significant improvements is the fit, as stretchy straps in the eyestay flex with the foot for more security and an extra eyelet at the top of the tongue holds it in place. The outersole features a bit more rubber surface, though with variation in height for sufficient flexion. Runners with a need for extra stability and cushioning owe it to themselves to try out a pair of Trance 10s. “Good fit, cushioning, and stability. I hadn't worn Brooks shoes before, and I discovered that they know how to make shoes!” Updates the Trance 9 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation • Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15 (B,D,2E); Women 5–12 (B,D) • Weight: 13.4 oz. (men’s 11); 11.2 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, S-257 Cushsole (Strobel board) •

/>934 $':+ 375/6+ The Inspire has been one of Mizuno’s most dependable motion stabilizing shoes. Though not flashy, it’s a performer and Round 7 focuses on improving its fit and transition. The upper is now a more open airmesh and there have been slight shifts to the overlays which, along with a stretchier feel to the mesh over the toes, open up the metatarsal area for a bit more room. The first eyelet is now hinged on the lateral side to allow more adaptable lacing in securing the foot.The midsole contours look different but offer the smoothest transition of all the new Mizuno training shoes. The stability of the asymmetrical Wave plate is rock solid. The outersole features some reshaping of flex grooves but is as effective as ever for traction and durability. The fit and performance are the real value of the Inspire, perhaps as aptly named a shoe as any on the market. “The Inspire has been a reliable training shoe for me. The 7 may be even more so than earlier versions; fit really well, durable, plenty of cushioning, and plenty of stability. No downside as far as I’m concerned.” Updates the Wave Inspire 6 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with neutral biomechanics to moderate overpronation • Sizes: Men 7–13,14,15,16 (D,2E); Women 6–12 (2A,B,D) • Weight: 12.7 oz. (men’s 11); 10.1 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted •

/0+ %442 869)896+ !6/'< The Structure Triax has been updated with several mantras in mind, including “Don’t mess with success.” Round 14 stands pat on the effective dual-density Phylon midsole (one of Nike’s last shoes with the compound) and its well-executed crashpads and flex grooves, which provide great cushioning, stability, and an unobtrusive transition. The upper of the Structure Triax 14 benefits from Nike’s innovative Flywire as some of the strapping and overlays of previous versions have been replaced by supportive Flywire strands welded to the midfoot of the shoe. The forefoot has an open feel with plenty of room over the metatarsals and a clean look to go with the smooth functioning. If the Structure Triax has been your shoe, rest assured that they didn’t change what you love about it. “Good toe room, but not quite as snug as I would have liked. Good balance and stability. Not as cushiony as other Nikes I have tested in the past” and “My feet were secure and balanced—the shoes felt stable. My overall impression is, there are shoes on the market that are more comfortable and cost less.” Updates the Zoom Structure Triax+ 13 • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation • Sizes: Men 6–13,14,15 (B,D,2E,4E); Women 5–12 (A,B,D) • Weight: 12.5 oz. (men’s 11); 10.0 oz. (women’s 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel slip-lasted, EVA Strobel board •

++(40 6+2/+6 4'* 956+2+ The Premier Road Supreme 2 takes a good shoe and makes it even better. The upper opens up the forefoot for a roomer fit across the metatarsals, with a snugger fit laterally provided by a large Kinetic Fit panel. A reshaped heel tab and more memory foam in the ankle collar give a form fit to the rearfoot. The DMX foam Strobel board and generous Ortholite innersole, along with the injection-molded EVA, make for a cushy ride. The medial second density offers just enough extra stability to make the shoe effective for a large group of runners, from the mild to moderate overpronator to the fairly neutral runner looking for extra support, especially on long runs. Holding the price while improving the comfort adds to the value. “This shoe fits great, they just hug my foot with nice toe room. Well cushioned, just a bit bouncy, very smooth from heel to toe. Nice. Lots of good running miles for me with this shoe.” Updates the Premier Road Supreme • Recommended for: medium- to high-arched feet with mild to moderate overpronation • Sizes: Men 6.5–13,14; Women 5–11,12 • Weight: Men 12.4 oz. (size 11); Women 10.6 oz. (size 8) • Shape: semi-curved • Construction: Strobel sliplasted, DMX Foam Strobel board •


:/ ? 933/3- +8;460

56/3- .4+ +:/+;

5KR Kathie Dunbar (517) 374-5700

Ashley HS 5KR/W Andrew Denman (989) 875-2430

Racing for Recovery Half & Sprint Triathlon

Big Mac Shoreline Scenic Bike Tour

7:30 am Monroe Sterling State Park tri: 1.2MS/ 56MB/ 13.1MR or 500mS/ 12MB/ 3.6MR (231) 546-2229

Mackinaw City 7:00 am Mackinaw City High School 25MB, 50MB, 75MB, 100MB (231) 436-5574

We Can Do It Women’s 5K

Brian Diemer Amerikam 5K

9:00 am Okemos Meridian Township Offices 5KR/W Michelle Phillipich (517) 899-5211

Cutlerville/ Grand Rapids 9:00 am Legacy Christian School 5KR/W, 1MFR, kids’ runs Rob Hyde (616) 295-1073

Tuesday, June 7 Catholic Central 10K Relay Run Grand Rapids 7:00 pm Catholic Central, 2770 10K track Knapp NE relay, 2 person teams Andy Grosvenor (616) 204-4504

Wednesday, June 8

Hartford High School 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR Kim Sinclair (269) 621-3651

Kreger Farm Barn Raising 5K

Mt. Pleasant 7:30 pm 1310 East Pickard 5MR, 3MR, 1MR Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323

Flushing Evening 5k Run/Walk Flushing 6:15 pm Flushing High School 5KR/W John Gault (810) 487-0954

NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships Des Moinse, IA Drake University track (541) 346-4461 6/8/11 - 6/11/11

Saturday, June 11 Ally Brunk Memorial 5K Potterville 9:00 am Potterville Public Library 5KR/W Dan Brunk (517) 627-3715

Ashley Trading Days Trot 5K Ashley


7:30 am



Portage 7:30 am West MS X-C Course 5KR, 2KW Stacy Rodgers (269) 345-1740, x18

Detroit 9:00 am Belle Isle Triathlon: 100mS/ 5KB/ 800mR or 200mS/ 10KB/ 1MR (231) 546-2229

M-22 Challenge: Bike, Paddle, Run Glen Arbor 9:00 am 25KB/ 2Kpaddle/ 2MR Matt Myers (231) 883-5936

Desilator 5K Doozie’s Ice Cream Fun Run/Walk Series

8:00 am Royal Oak 2MW Detroit Zoo (800) 377-6226

Ludington 8:30 am Sterns Park, Ludington Beach 13.1 MR, 5KR, 1MFR Maurie Holbrook (231) 357-8867

Battle Creek 8:00 am Family Y Center, 182 Capital Ave NE 10KR, 5KR/W Barbara Ramsey (269) 963-9622 / (269) 963YMCA, x120

Pinckney 8:00 am 5KR Jordan Desilets (734) 555-0654

Mackinac Island Lilac Festival 10K Run and Walk

Dirty Dog Dash

Mackinac Island 9:30 am 10KR/W, kids run (810) 487-0954 johnc

Boyne Falls 1:00 pm Boyne Mountain 3MR Casey Wyzlic (517) 819-5898

North Country Trail Relay

Dirty Feat Adventure Race

Baldwin 6:00 am Manistee National Forest 75.6 M relay, 6 runner teams, 15 legs 2.3-9.2 miles Brian Buchanan (616) 786-2945

East Lansing 8:00 am Valley Court Park Adventure race: biking, canoeing, running Tim Schmitt (517) 281-9516

Flirt with Dirt

Orthopaedic Rehab Rose Run

Novi 7:30 am Lake Shore Park 10KR, 5KR Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Jackson 8:00 am 8KR, 5KR, 5M hybrid R, 4M hybrid relay run Brian Olsen (517) 937-6521

Great Up Hill Challenge

Race and Remember

Grand Rapids 9:00 am 3MR 10 hill stage race Dan Droski (616) 260-2669

Detroit 7:00 am Rivard Plaza 5KR, 2MW, 1MW (313) 578-6269

Hartford Strawberry Run Hartford

St. Mark’s 5K Run & Walk for Charity

8:30 am

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Summer Stroll For Epilepsy

8:00 am Franklin downtown Franklin 5KR/W Elizabeth Rutherford (248) 547-0857

Ludington Lakestride Half Marathon & 5K

Cereal City Classic

Bridgeport 9:00 am St. Mark’s Church 5KR/W Mike Houle (989) 777-0240

Tri -for-Life Race for Chase 8:00 am Millington Southern Links Rail trail 10KR, 5KR/W Lon Coleman (989) 213-5714

USATF Michigan Open/ Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships - TENTATIVE DATE & LOCATION Hillsdale tbd Hillsdale College track Jan Burch (231) 768-4535

Sunday, June 12 Big Mac Shoreline Scenic Bike Tour Mackinaw City 7:00 am Fort Michilimackinac (231) 436-5574

Michigan Sugar Festival Road Race Sebewaing 8:30 am Sebewaing Downtown Park 5KR/W Chris Dutcher (989) 977-0737

Motor City Triathlon Detroit 8:00 am Belle Isle Casino triathlon: 1.5KS/ 23MB/ 6.6MR or 500meter S/ 20KB/ 3.4MR (231) 546-2229

Waterloo Triathlon / Duathlon Grass Lake 8:00 am Big Portage Lake, Seymour Road Tri: 1/2MS/ 16MB/ 5MR; Du: 2MR/ 16MB/ 5MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398

Wed., June 15 Human Race Mt. Pleasant 6:30 pm Reservation, East Remus Road 5KR Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323

Triceratops Triathlon 6:00 pm Brighton Island Lake Recreation Area Tri: 1/2MS/ 12.4MB/ 5KR Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Thursday, June 16 Glen Arbor Clio Firecracker 5K Clio 6:15 pm Carter Middle School 5KR/W, kids run (810) 487-0954

Strides for Life 100 Mile Run Holland 8:00 am Hope College 25MR, 50MR, 75MR, 100MR Savanna Rayner (616) 396-5576 25 miles/day; 6/16 - 6/19/11

The Dalmation Clio 6:15 pm 5KR/W, 1/4MFR Mike Stuart

Friday, June 17 Kids’ Klassic Kalamazoo 6:00 pm YMCA on Hudson St. 1KFR Kim Klein (269) 343-0747

USA Half Marathon Trail Championships

Saturday, June 18

Bend, OR Footzone Dirty Half

Antioch’s Get Healthy Now 5K Run/Walk Lansing 8:30 am Hawk Island County Park

2011 Event Calendar Edward Thomas 5KR/W (517) 327-0967

Beat the Grandma 5K Age/Gender Graded Race Grand Rapids 9:00 am John Ball Park Zoo 5KR Dan Droski (616) 260-2669

Lech Lecha Triathlon 8:05 am Grandville Suncrest Lake tri: 600ydS/ 10.4MB/ 2.1MR (616) 894-3701

Michigan Brewing Company Beer Run Webberville 6:00 pm Michigan Brewing Com-

5KR/W pany Karen Eisele (517) 521-3600 6/18/11-6/19/11

National 24 Hour Challenge

9:00 am Macon 11964 Macon Hwy 10KR, 5KR Spencer Ruffner (517) 423-1980

NE Lenawee CROP Hunger Run & Walk

Middleville 8:00 am Thornapple-Kellog MS bicycle endurance ride: 126.1MB, 23.7MB, 7.5MB Lew Persenaire (616) 538-7497

Open Door Julie Run/Walk Commerce Twp. 9:00 am Walled Lake Northern HS, 6000 Bogie Lake Road. 10KR, 5KR/W Julie Leblanc (248) 363-6128

Beat-A-Die Dont Di-ABete Half Marathon/ 10K/ 5K Mt. Pleasant 10:00 am Runners Performance 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR Ryan Hackett (989) 289-2361

Cheesetown Challenge Pinconning 6:00 pm Doc Letchfield Park 5 MR, 2 MR/W, kids run Marty Schultz (989) 879-5617

Higgins Lake Sunrise Run Roscommon 7:30 am Higgins Lake N. State Park 13.1MR, 10KR, 1MR Chad Kelly (989) 415-9116

Johanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s TriFest Hopkins 8:00 am Sandy Pines Resort Triathlon Olympic: 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR Steve Webster (616) 261-9706

Joshua Spalsbury Memorial Comet Chase 5K Grand Ledge 8:30 am First United Methodist Church 5KR/W Dan Templin (517) 481-6128

Kalamazoo Klassic Kalamazoo 6:30 am YMCA 10KR, 5KR/W, 5KFW Kim Klein (269) 343-0747

Lakeview Vitality for Life Race Lakeview 8:30 am 5KR Ashley Helms (989) 352-7510, ext. 202


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Open Water Practice Swim Grass Lake 8:30 am Waterloo Recreation Area Eva Solomon (734) 678-5045

Respite Run for the Love of Dads 9:00 am Owosso Hopkins Lake 5KR/W Helen Howard (989) 725-1127

River Days Run Detroit 9:00 am Rivard Plaza 5KR/W, kids run Total Runner (734) 282-1101

Run for a Cause Ada 8:30 am Ada Elementary School 5KR/W, 1.5MR/W Denise Hamill (616) 460-9443

Spring Lake Heritage Festival 5K Run/Walk Spring Lake 8:00 am Central Park 5KR/W Brian Fett (616) 881-2882

Summer Solstice 5K Fun Run Sault Ste. Marie, MI 8 am Sherman Park 5KR Cindy Merkel (906) 632-8109

Sunday, June 19 Big Fish Triathlon, Duathlon, Sprint Hadley Township 8 am Big Fish Lake State Park 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR; 500mS/ 20KB/5KR; 5KR Duathlon: 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

Father’s Day Run for Recovery 5K

miles), Kid’s trot/jog Cindy Morency (734) 455-2904 cmorency@ plymouth

YMCA Retread Run/Shoes for Kids Flint 6:30 pm Downtown Flint YMCA 8KR, 5KR/W (810) 659-6493

Run for the Ribbon 5K for Prostate Care Awareness

Saturday, June 25 Bank of America Reeds Lake Run

Huntington Woods 8 am 5KR/W Detroit Zoo (586) 443-4272

8:00 am Grand Rapids Reeds Lake 10KR, 5KR/W Susan Perry (616) 949-1750

XTERRA Torn Shirt Triathlon /Duathlon 8:00 am Brighton Brighton Recreation Area, Bishop Lake Tri: 1/2 MS/ 15MB/ 6MR; Du: 2MR/ 15MB/ 6MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 376-9496

Beach Wellness 9:00 am Bay City Bay City State Rec. Area 10KR, 5KR/W,, kids run Kim Coonan (989) 684-7675

Binder Park Zoo Cheetah Chase

Tuesday, June 21

Battle Creek 8:00 am Binder Park Zoo 5KR/W, 1MFR (269) 979-1351, ext. 155

Forest Hills Eastern High School Track Meet Grandville 6:00 pm 2200 Pettis NE, Ada 1MR, 800meter R, 400 meter relay, 100 meters, 2MW Bill Elvey (616) 250-4309

Caledonia Kilt Klassic 5K Caledonia 8:00 am 9757 Duncan Lake Ave. 5KR/W Heidi Hilton (616) 406-9766

Wed., June 22 Motor Cit Strider Summer Run and Picnic

Charlevoix Marathon Charlevoix 7:00 am Bridge Street 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W Sharon Suffolk (248) 446-1315

Huntington Woods 6:30 pm Huntington Woods Rec Center 3 MR, 1 MR Edward Kozloff (248) 544-9099

Twilight Run Lansing 7:00 pm 200 Museum Drive, Lansing River Trail 5KR/W Chuck Block (517) 702-0226

Concord Classic 5K Run/Walk Concord 8:00 am Concord High School 5KR/W, 1/2 M Kid’s Run David Jordan (517) 524-6995

Thursday, June 23

FCA Big Ticket Festival of Races

USA Junior Outdoor Track & Field Championships Eugene, OR Hayward Field 6/23/11 - 6/26/11

Ionia 8:00 am Ionia Country Fairgrounds 13.1MR, 5KR/W, 1MFR Maurie Holbrook (231) 357-8867

Plymouth YMCA Father’s Day Run

USA Outdoor Track & Field Championships

Keyes Peak Trail Run

Plymouth 7:30 am Downtown Plymouth 10KR, 5KR/W, 1 MR/W, Triple (all 3 races, 10.3

Eugene, OR Hayward Field 6/23/11 - 6/26/11

Charlotte 9:00 am Bennett Park 5KR/W Victor Braatz (517) 231-3408


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

Florence, WI 7:00 am Keyes Peak Ski Lodge 50KR,26.2MR, 10KR Jeff Crumbaugh


(715) 701-0360 info@

Max’s Race East Lansing 8:30 am MSU Auditorium 5KR/W, kids run J. Matthews (517) 204-3257

Muddy Watters, Bump & Run Trail Series, Race #2 Rochester Hills 9:00 am Bloomer Park, Hilltop 4.5MR Shelter Jeff Watters (248) 320-5705

MWCAA Corporate Cup Relays Southfield 7:45 am Southfield HS 10KR, 5KR/W, field events, track relays Geoff Lane (313) 598-7235

Portland St. Patrick Parish Festival 5K Run Portland 8:00 am Portland HS 5KR/W Lisa Kemmis (517) 927-2226

Solstice Run Northville 7:30 am Ford Field, Griswold St. north of Main 10MR, 10KR, 5KR/W, Kids Run Alan Whitehead (248) 345-6168

South Beach Triathlons South Haven downtown South Haven Tri: 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500mS/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

St. Clair Rotary Artful Dodger 5K St. Clair 8:30 am Gazebo, St Clair Plaza 5KR Larry McKay (810) 329-6600

The Chronicle Seaway Run Muskegon 8:00 am Muskegan Family YMCA 15KR, 5KR/W, kids run Lynn Keech (231) 725-6313 lkeech@

Sunday, June 26 Anyone Can Tri Mount Clemens Metrobeach Metropark Tri: 750mS/ 13MB/ 5KR Du: 1.5MR/ 13MB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

Asha Detroit 5K Run / Walk Rochester 8:00 am Kensington Metro Park, West Boat Launch Trail 5KR/W Sai Gopisetty (586) 362-8205 nts/5k2011/signup.php

Bear Lake Tri 8 am North Muskegon Bear Lake Park Tri: 750mS/ 20KB/ 5KR, or 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or Du: 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR Ron Knoll (231) 557-6454

Clawson Freedom Run Clawson 7:30 pm Clawson City Park 5KR, 1MFR (248) 330-2952

Hansons Group Run Lake Orion 8:00 am Hansons Running Shop (248) 616-9665

Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma Royal Oak 8:00 am Detroit Zoo 5KR, 2MW, 1MR kids run Bob Bochenek (248) 515-3022

Tri Goddess Tri Women’s Only Triathlon Grass Lake 7:30 am Waterloo Recreation Area Tri: sprint, mini sprint; Eva Solomon (734) 678-5045

Tuesday, June 28 USA Youth Outdoor Track & Field Championships Myrtle Beach, SC Doug Shaw Stadium 6/28/11 - 7/3/11

Myrtle Beach, SC Doug Shaw Stadium 6/28/11 - 6/29/11

Tecumseh 8:30 am Tecumseh High School 10KR, 5KR, 2MW Tom Hawkins (517) 423-3676

Zeeland Zoom

Manistee Firecracker 5K

7:00 pm Zeeland 5KR/W Abby deRoo (616) 748-5906


8:00 am Manistee Manistee High School 5KR/W, 1 KFR Eric Thuemmel (231) 398-9374

Friday, July 1

Mark Mellon Triathlon & Duathlon

World Youth Track & Field Trials

Gina Van Laar 5K Cross Country Allendale 7:00 pm Allendale HS 5KR/W, 1MFR, Kids Run Grant Lofdahl (616) 895-7897

Hansons 3 Mile CrossCountry Race Sterling Heights 7:00 pm Dodge Park 3 MR (586) 323-9683

Saturday, July 2 Coach Kelly Races St. Louis 8:00 am St. Louis HS 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR Kevin Palmer (989) 330-2430

Detroit Hydrocephalus Association Walk-Run Westland 10:00 am Hines Park, Nankin Mills 5KR/W Jennifer Bechard (734) 788-7881 detroit2011

Dorks Brothers Independence Day Run Alpena 9:00 am Great Lakes Maritime Museum-Heritage Trail 5KR, 1MR Stan Mischley (989) 354-5634

Eugene Bednarowski 5KR/W Watervliet 5KR/W Timothy Lynch (269) 449-8735

Kenya Dig It? 5K & 10K and 2 Mile Walk

Gaylord 8:00 am Otsego Lake County Park 1000mS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500mS/ 14MB/ 5KR or 250mS/ 5MB/ 2MR Dave Smith (757) 724-7224

Run Posey Lake 4 Mile Hudson 9:00 am Posey Lake 4MR/W Laurie Apling (517) 403-8666

Run & Walk for Funds Northport 9:00 am Historic Northport Depot 10KR, 5KR, 2 MW George W. Anderson (231) 386-5188

T-Rex Trail 10-Miler Lowell 9:00 am Fallasburg Park 10MR, 8KR Dan Droski (616) 260-2669

Visser Family YMCA Buck Creek Run Grandville 8:00 am Grandville MS 5 KR/W, kids runs Doug Bostian (616) 890-5978

Whitmore Lake Races Whitmore Lake 8:00 am Whitmore Lake MS 10KR, 5KR, Splash â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;n dash, Tin Man 800meter FR, 200meter FR (734) 449-8655

Sunday, July 3 Howell Independence Aquathlon and Open Water Swim Howell

9:00 am

Howell City Park 2KR/ 750m S/ 2KR Chris Galatis (517) 546-0693, ext. 7705 parksandrec@

Pickerel Run Algonac 8:00 am Algonac Elementary School 10KR, 5KR/W John Gibson (810) 499-5687

Monday, July 4 Ann Arbor Firecracker 5K 8:00 am Ann Arbor Downtown Ann Arbor 5KR/W, kids dash Marie Brooks (734) 213-1033

Boyne City Independence Day Run Boyne City 7:30 am Downtown Boyne City 10KR, 2 MR Barb Bryant (231) 582-9196

Dorr 5K Run/Walk Dorr 7:30 am St. Peters Lutheran Church Brenda Halloran (616) 366-2472

Firecracker 5K Beulah 8:00 am Beulah Park Pavilion 5KR Asa & Traci Kelly (231) 930-4222

Firecracker 5K Corunna 8:00 am Stu Cotts Pavilion 5KR/W, 1MFR Theresa and John Sarrazin (989) 743-5874

Greatest 4th in the North Lake City 8:30 am 10KR/W, 5KR/W, 2KFR Shawn Redman (231) 839-2943

Hanover Firecracker Hanover 8:00 am Hanover Fire Station 5 MR, 5KW, kids run Jeff Heath (517) 563-2125


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Horse Tail Scramble 1:00 on Hancock Churning Rapids Trails 10KR, 5KW Terry Kinsel (906) 482-6827

Hungry Duck Run Brighton 7:00 am Grand River & Main 13.1MR, 5KR, kids fun run (810) 844-0180

Pace for Poverty Run 8:00 am Richland Gull Lake Schools 10KR, 5KR, FW Stephanie Walbridge (269) 207-4988

Paul Revere 3 & 10 Mile Run Harbor Springs 8:00 am 10MR, 3MFR Emily Kloss (231) 526-2059

Ryan Shay’s Mid-Summer Night 5K Run Central Lake 7:00 pm Thurston Park 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR Joe Shay (231) 544-2815, cell-(231) 420-2311

The Sparkler 5K Luna Pier 9:00 am Luna Pier Road 5KR/W Kaylin Belair

Volkslaufe Frankenmuth 8:00 am Heritage Park 20KR, 10KR, 5KR/W, 2KFR-kids run Mandy Lloyd (989) 860-3388 or (800) fun-town

Tuesday, July 5 Richmond Park Cross Country Grand Rapids 7:00 pm 5KR, 1.5MR, kids run Denise Bryan (616) 785-4943

Thursday, July 7 Huckleberry Hustle 5k Trail Run Flint 7:00 pm Crossroads Village


5KR/W, kids run Nicole Dunn (810) 249-3855

Ron Knoll (616) 566-7870

Lakeshore Miracle Run 8:30 am Holland 10KR 4686 66th Street Vicki Kavanaugh (616) 392-2282

Friday, July 8 Moonlit Miles for Marrow

Iron Mountain 4 pm CST Lake Antoine County Park kids tri: 200ftS/ 2MB/ (906) 774-4076 1/2MR

8:00 pm Greenville Klackle’s Orchards 15KR, 5KR/W Nicole Rodammer (616) 233-8516

National Cherry Festival 15K & 5K Traverse City 7:30 am Eastern Elementary, 1600 Eastern Ave. 15KR, 5KR/W (800) 968-3380

USATF National Club Track & Field Championships New York City, NY Icahn Stadium 7/8/11 - 7/9/11

Port Austin Run for Youth for Christ 8:30 am Port Austin Gallup Park 8KR, 2 MR/W Charlotte Thuemmel (989) 738-8772

Saturday, July 9 Anchor Bay Triathlon

Rockford Area Kids Triathlon

New Baltimore 7:30 am 1/2MS/ 17.7KB/ 4.8i3K Kasy Fackler (586) 725-0291

Rockford 9:00 am Rockford HS kids 0-17; distances vary Kevin Sweeney (517) 336-6429

CLAW Kids Triathlon Manistique 2:00 pm Clear Lake Education Center 1/4 MKayak/ 3MB/ 1MR Greg Roll (708) 624-8330

Rollie Hopgood’s Midtown Taylor 5K Run Taylor 9:00 am Heritage Park 5KR/W, 1MFR Total Runner (734) 282-1101

Dances with Dirt Devil’s Lake Baraboo, WI Devil’s Head Resort 50MR, 50KR, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 100K relay Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Run the Keweenaw, a Festival of Trails Copper Harbor 8:00 am Keweenaw Mountain Lodge 6KR,12KR, kids’ run Arni Ronis (906) 482-2500 2 day event

Duo at the Ledge Grand Ledge 6:00 am St. Michael School 13.1MR, 5KR/W Steve Kreft (517) 627-2735

Tawas Kiwanis’ Run by the Bay East Tawas 9:00 am downtown 5KR/W Ken Cook (989) 362-4288

Golden Mile Traverse City 9:30 am Downtown, Front Street 1MR Traverse City Track Club (213) 649-0843

Traverse Bay Open Water Challenge Interlochen 8:00 am Interlochen State Park 2MS, 1MS, 1/2MS Chad Bissonette (231) 258.1173

Grand Haven Kids Triathlon Grand Haven 7:45 am Tri-Cities Family YMCA 200meterS/ 2MB/ 1/2MR

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

UP Northwoods Triathlon

Sunday, July 10 Aid Lansing 5K Lansing 9:00 am Hawk Island Park 5KR/W Andre Truss

Ann Arbor Triathlon / Duathlon 8:00 am Pinckney Pinckney Recreation Area, Halfmoon Lake Beach 1/2MS/ 14MB/ 5MR or 2MR, 14MB, 5MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398

CLAW Adult Triathlon Manistique 10:00 am Clear Lake Ed. Center tri: 2MKayak/ 8MB/ 3MR Greg Roll (708) 624-8330

Columbia Muddy Buddy Detroit Shelby Township 8:00 am Stony Creek Metro Park 6.6MR or team B & R (818) 707-8867 muddy-buddy.competitor. com/event-info/detroit/

Grand Haven Triathlon, Sprint Tri, & Duathlon Grand Haven 7:45 am Tri-Cities Family YMCA 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR or 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR, kids tri Ron Knoll (616) 566-7870

Inter-Rockin Tri, Du,Sprint Tri Interlochen 8:00 am Interlochen State Park 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500 meter S/ 20KB, 5KR or 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

Jazz Running Camp Brooklyn Bob & Katie Jazwinski (734) 474-0584 7/10/11 - 7/14/11

Metro Way 5K 8:00 am Wyoming Metro Health Hospital, 5900 Byron Center Ave, SW Amy Corrigan 5KR/W

Mt. Olivet Cemetery 4Mile Sunrise Run Detroit 8:00 am Mt. Olivet Cemetery 10KR, 5KR/W, 1.5MW Mark Gracely (734) 417-1032 mtolivetsunriserun@

Poker Fun Run Clinton Township 9:00 am Clinton- Canal Don Greenway Nature Trail 13.1MR, 2.5MR (586) 532-1300 x 126319

Run for Life 5K Run/Walk 8:00 am Mt. Morris Knights of Columbus 5KR/W Tim Murphy (810) 513-8112

Run the Keweenaw, a Festival of Trails Copper Harbor 7:00 am Eagle Harbor, Copper Harbor 25KR Arni Ronis (715) 460-0426

UP Northwoods Triathlon Iron Mountain 4 pm CST Lake Antoine County Park 500meterS/ 17MB/ 5KR or 1500meterS/ 24.9MB/ 10KR (906) 774-4076

Wednesday, July 13 Doozie’s Ice Cream Fun Mt. Pleasant 7:30 pm 1310 East Pickard 5MR, 3MR, 1MR Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323

Thursday, July 14 Ophelia Bonner Scholarship Run Flint 6:30 pm U of M Pavilion 8KR/W, 1MR (810) 487-0954

Friday, July 15 Great Lakes Relay


2011 Event Calendar 6:00 am Eastpointe Tawas to Empire 270 M Relay Bob Baril (313) 885-3256 7/15/11 - 7/17/11

Hansons 3 Mile CrossCountry Race 7:00 pm Shelby Twp. Wolcott Farm 3 MR Hansons Running Shop Utica (586) 323-9683

Saturday, July 16 5K Schoolship Run 9:00 am Suttons Bay Inland Seas Ed. Center Allison Beers 5KR (231) 271-3077

Alpenfest Run Gaylord 7:30 am Pavilion on Court Street 10MR/W, 5KR/W Gayla (989) 732-2451

Bastille Days 5K Run/Walk and 15KR

Farmington Hills Parks/ Rec (248) 473-1800

Judi Tousley (231) 352-7698 rtCityRun/index.htm

Gazelle Sports Tri del Sol

Portofinoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Run for Art

8:00 am Middleville YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin Tri 1/2 MS, 18MB, 4.5MR; Du 2MR, 18MB, 4.5MR (616) 855-1972

8:00 am Wyandotte Portofino Restaurant 5KR/W Total Runner (734) 282-1101

Hopkins 5K Run & Walk

Republic Bank Canal

Hopkins 7:30 am 5KR/W Kathy Sebright (269) 720-3446

7:00 am Hancock McLain St Park to Hancock Ross Cooney 10MR/W (906) 482-8562

Indian River Summerfest Kiwanis 10K/ 5K Run

Clark Lake Triathlon & Duathlon 8:30 am Clark Lake Clark Lake Beach & Boat Club 1/2MS, 13 MB, 4 MR or 2.4MR, 13MB,4MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398 /

Fight Hunger 5K 9:00 am Okemos Meridian Township offices, 5151 Marsh Rd. 5KR/W Michelle Phillipich (517) 899-5211


Indian River 8:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W Greg Rotter (231) 238-9325

Hartland 9:00 am Hartland HS Tri: 100mS/ 5KB/ 800mR or 200mS/ 10KB/ 1MR (231) 546-2229

Port City Run

Ulli Szych Memorial 5K

Frankfort 8:30 am Main Street, at Goose Park, next to Benzie Shores District Library 5KR/W, 1M

Sunday, July 17

Little Traverse Triathlon Harbor Springs 9:00 am Zoll Street Beach Tri: 600mS/ 19.6MB/ 4MR, Relays Tom Behan (231) 487-1713

Haslett 10:00 am Haslett HS XC course 5KR/W, kids run Kelly Anson (517) 449-0073

Perch Run Anchorville 8:00 am Immaculate Conception

Parish Church 4 MR, 2MFW Jane Petitpren (586) 725-1762

SheRox Detroit Triathlon 8:00 am Detroit Belle Isle All womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s tri: .4MS/ 12.4MB/ 5KR (734) 845-7559

Tri 4 Life Triathlon 8:00 am Otter Lake Kensington Metropark Tri: 500mS/ 20KB/ 5KR or 1500S/ 40KB/ 10KR Lon Coleman (989) 213-5714

Tuesday, July 19 Aman Park Trail Run Grand Rapids 7:00 pm 1895 Lake Michigan Dr. 5.5MR, kids run/bike/run Scott Belland (616) 742-0384

Fenton 7:45 am 150 S. Leroy 15KR, 5KR/W Adam Haffajee (810) 603-1366

Bear River Crawl Petoskey 8:00 am Bay Front Park 10KR, 5KR Margaret Bowers (231) 347-9300

Brainy Day 5K Nunica 9:00 am 12718 Cleveland Street 5KR/W Veronica Constantine (616) 837-6242

Escape to Belle Isle The Spirit of Detroit Challenge Detroit 8:30 am Belle Isle Park 10KR/W, 5KR/W, kids run (810) 333-1740

Farmington Founders Festival 4 Mile Farmington 9:00 am Shaiwassee Park 4 MR


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Wednesday, July 20 Pterodactyl Triathlon 6:00 pm Brighton Island Lake Recreation Area Tri: 1/2MS/ 12.4 MB/ 5KR Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Friday, July 22 Pigeon Sunset Classic 7:00 pm Pigeon Scheurer Hospital Amber Delmotte 5KR/W (989) 453-4478

Saturday, July 23 Chris Cook Memorial Run Fremont 8:30 am Fremont HS 10KR, 5KR Cliff Somers

Gopher the Gold Shelby Township 9:00 am River Bends Park 10KR, 5KR, kids run Michael Ward (586) 677-4190

Life Walk 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Run/Walk Detroit 7:00 am Belle Isle Casino 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MW Remonia Chapman (313) 393-2446

Road Runner Classic Northville 5:00 pm Maybury State Park 8KR/W, 1MFR Bart Gregoroff (734) 748-2555

Sister Lakes Triathlons Sister Lakes 100mS/ 23MB/ 10KR or 500mS/ 20KB/ 5K (231) 546-2229

Tri-City Kids Triathlon Midland Dow HS tri: distances vary by age Jen Coleman

Sunday, July 24 Carrollton Festival of Races Carrollton


6:00 am

Sterling Heights 7:00 pm 3MR Hansons Running (586) 323-9683

Carrollton High School, 1235 Mapleridge Road 26.2 MR, 20KR, 10KR, 5KR/W Craig Douglas (989) 399-8860 cdouglas@

Saturday, July 30 Addison Panther XC Open 5K Run/Walk

Ele’s Place 5K

8:00 am Addison Addison Panther ES 5KR Chris Christensen (517) 917-6205

Okemos 9:00 am Jackson National Life Insurance Company 5KR/W, 1M kids run Chris Holzer (517) 896-8026

Alden Run Alden 9:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W Steve Kershner (231) 377-7319

Mackinaw Multi-Sport Mix Mackinaw City 8:00 am Waywatum Park Tri: 800mS/ 30KB/ 5K Du: 2MR/ 30KB/ 5KR or 5KR (231) 546-2229

Grand Island Trail Marathon & 10K Munising 7:00 am Williams Landing, Grand Island, Lake Superior 26.2 MR, 13.1MR Jeff Crumbaugh (715) 703-0360 info@

Monday, July 25 Hansons Middle/High School Day Camp Sterling Heights 9:00 am 7-12th grade Hansons Running Shop (586) 323-9682 7/25/11 - 7/28/11 - tentative

Hansinger Mud Fest Port Huron 9:30 am Jeddo Boy Scout Camp 5MR/B team obstacle race Joel Eisinger (517) 706-1011

Tuesday, July 26 USATF National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships

Heart of the Hills Bloomfield Hills 8:00 am Andover HS - Andover Road 10KR, 5KR Mike Cowdrey (800) 666-4500, x 4332

Wichita, KS Wichita State University 7/26/11 - 7/31/11

Wednesday, July 27 Run the Mountain

ILE Band on the Run

Mt. Pleasant 7:30 pm Mountain Town Station 5KR Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323

Coldwater 9:00 am Heritage Park 4MR/W Karen Wilkins (734) 657-1637

Thursday, July 28

Leslie 5K Leslie 9:00 am Grand Lutheran Church 5KR/W, 1K kids run Paul Wood (517) 589-0250

USA Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships Berea, OH Baldwin Wallace College 7/28/11 - 7/31/11

Lumberman Triathlon Cadillac 8:00 am 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 6.4MR or 500meterS/ 20KB/ 3.2MR or 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

Friday, July 29 Hansons 3 Mile CrossCountry Race

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Muddy Watters, Bump & Run Trail Series, Race #3 Rochester Hills 9:00 am Bloomer Park, Hilltop Shelter 5.5MR Jeff Watters (248) 320-5705

Pregnancy Services Race 4 Life 5K 9:00 am Lansing Granger Meadows Park 5KR/W Sara Russ (517) 580-8185

Run for Their Lives Boyne City 7:30 am 5MR/W Barb Bryant (231) 582-9196

Steve’s Run 9:00 am Dowagiac 10KR, 5KR/W, 1 MFR/W Ron Gunn (269) 782-1210

Hansons Running Shop training (248) 693-9900

Rudyard Lions Summerfest Triathlon & 5K 9:30 am Rudyard Rudyard High School Tri: 5KR/ 15.1MB/ 500mS (pool) or 5KR Gary Davis (906) 478-5244

USA 100 Mile Trail Championships Cleveland, OH Burning River 100

Women’s Only Triathlon & Dri-Tri Sylvania, OH 7:30 am Centennial Terrace & Quarry 400yardS/ 13MB/ 3.1MR or 1MR/ 13MB/ 3.1MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398

Sunfield IGA 5K Sunfield 10:00 am VanBuren Park 5KR/W, kids race (517) 862-9373


The G.R.A. 10K

Great Pizza Challenge

Grayling 9:00 am Grayling MS 10KR Justin Andre (989) 348-9266

Flint 6:30 pm Downtown Flint YMCA 5KR/W, kids run (810) 487-0954

Tri Cities Family Coast Guard Festival 5K & 10K Grand Haven 8:00 am YMCA 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MR Brooke Sheldon (616) 842-7051, x20

Sunday, July 31 Craig Greenfield Memorial Triathlon & Duathlon

Thursday, August 4

Stony Creek Distance Run Shelby Twp 6:00 pm Stony Creek Metropark 5KR, 1MFR Joe Baldwin (586) 731-0153

Saturday, August 6 a-Round Green Lake Association Walk/Run

Clarkston 8:00 am Depot Park 800 meter S/ 16MB/ 4.4MR or 1.9MR/ 16MB/ 4.4MR (231) 546-2229

Caledonia 8:00 am Green Lake 5KR/W Kurt Ashack (616) 536-2068

Hall of Fame Run

AdvoKate Run

Lansing 9:00 am Lansing Community College 10KR, 5KR/W Bob Every (517) 483-1624

Rochester 8:30 am Rochester Municipal Park 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MW Colleen Hrischuk (248) 709-7673

Hansons Group Run Lake Orion

8:00 am

2011 Event Calendar Allen Park Street Art Fair 5K 9:00 am Allen Park Park Avenue and Cleveland 5KR, 1MR, kids run Steve Williams (734) 377-0122

Aspirus Keweenaw Copperman Triathlon Copper Harbor Fort Wilkins State Park tri: 0.5MS/ 23MB/ 5MR Terry Smythe (906) 482-8201

Bethany Race for Home 5K Sterling Heights 9:30 am Boulan Park 5KR/W Dawn Swanson (248) 414-4080

Coloma Glad-Peach Run/ Walk/ Bike Coloma 9:00 am 10KR/B, 5KR/W/B, FR Martin Quigley (269) 468-6606

10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR Erin O’Mara (810) 429-3991

8KR/W Robinson Belland (616) 742-0384

Mint City 10 Miler, 5K & Family Fun Walk

The Legend 5 & 10 Mile Trail Run

Crystal 8:00 am Crystal Township Building 5MR, 3MR/W Janet Shy (989) 328-1208

7:30 am St. Johns 900 W. Townsend St. 10MR, 5KR Bob Beresford (989) 224-3316

Fort Gratiot Trail Trek

Saline’s Summerfest 5K

8:00 am Laingsburg Lake Ovid, Sleepy Hollow State Park 10MR, 5MR Running Fit (734) 929-9027

8:00 am Fort Gratiot Fort Gratiot Trail, Fort Gratiot MS 10KR, 5KR, 1MW (810) 329-5214

Run/Walk Saline 8:30 am Henne Field 5KR/W Mary Alice Smith (724) 429-4494

Heart of Detroit

Shermanator Triathlon & 5K Run

Come to the River 5K 9:00 am Lansing St. Casimir Church 5KR/W (517) 482-1346

Crystal Lake 3/5 Mile

Detroit Comerica Park Will Smith (734) 213-1033

Sunday, August 7 Lansing Legislator Tri, Du, Sprint Lansing 8:00 am Sleepy Hollow State Park 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR or 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

Augusta 8:30 am Sherman Lake YMCA 5KR, sprint tri, kids run Jackie Mitchell (269) 731-3004

Kayla O’Mara Memorial Run

Streets of Fire 8K

Goodrich 7:30 am Goodrich High School

Grand Rapids 6:30 pm Kosciuszko Hall

Women Triathlon Series Howell 7:30 am Thompson Lake 1/4MS/ 12MB/ 3MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson


(419) 829-2398

Wed., August 10 Doozie’s Ice Cream Fun Run/Walk Series 7:30 pm Mt. Pleasant 1310 East Pickard 5MR, 3MR, 1MR (989) 772-0323

Thurs., August 11 Bauman’s Charity 5K 6:45 pm Flint Kettering University Recreation Center 5KR/W, kids runs Riverbend Striders (810) 238-5981

Red Carpet Run 5K West Bloomfield 7:00 pm Running Fit West Bloomfield 5KR Dawn McConnachie (734) 929-9027

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Friday, August 12 Fred Meijer White Pine Trail 200 Relay Grand Rapids Riverside Park 200M relay - 36 legs Doug Bostian fredmeijerwhitepinetrail200. com 2 days: 8/12/11 - 8/13/11

Sat., August 13 Bath City Run Mount Clemens 8:00 am Rec. Bowl 4MR, 2MW, kids run Bob Winkler (586) 469-4168

Board of Water and Light Hometown Power 5K Lansing 9:00 am BWL Customer Service Center , 1232 Halco Drive 5KR/W Justin Bowman (517) 702-6880

Cheeseburger 5K Run and Walk Caseville 9:00 am Caseville Country Park 5KR/W Amber Delmotte (989) 453-4478

Crystal Lake Team Marathon Beulah 8:00 am Beulah Park Pavilion 26.2 M Relay Asa & Traci Kelly (231) 930-4222

Hey 5K Run/Walk Muskegon 8:00 am Historic Train Depot, 610 West Western Ave. 5KR/W Bill Erickson (231) 563-6280

Infiterra Sports Summer Quest Ortonville 10:00 am Addison Oaks County Park 4 hour adventure race Zac Chisholm (231) 233-4736


Sylvania, OH 7:30 am Olander Park distances vary by age group Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398

Martin Firefighters 5K Run/Walk 8:00 am Martin 10th & Lee St. 5KR/W Chris Curry (269) 838-0098

Tahqua Trail Run Paradise 8:00 am Tahquamenon Falls State Park 25KR, 10KR, 2KR Jeff Crumbaugh (715) 701-0360 info@

Millennium Triathlon Grand Rapids 8:00 am Millennium Park tri: 500meterS/ 14.8MB/ 5KR, kids tri Jim Conner (616) 540-9071

West Michigan I TRI 4 FUN Triathlon 4:00 pm Fremont Fremont Lake Park 200 Meter S / 9 MB/ 5KR Matt Hendrie (231) 924-2100

National Blueberry Festival 5K 8:00 am South Haven Riverfront Marina 5KR Kimberly Wise (269) 639-2805

West Michigan Kids Triathlon Fremont 9:00 am Fremont High School triathlon - varies by age Matt Hendrie (231) 924-2100 `

Run Thru Hell Pinckney 8:00 am Hell Creek Ranch on Cedar Lake Rd. at Paterson Lake Rd. 10 MR, 4.8 MR Pinckney Running Club (517) 702-0226

Petoskey 8:00 am City Park Across from the Fire Dept. 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 5MR or 500mS/ 20KB/5MR or 2MR/ 20KB/ 5MR Kenny Krell (231) 546-2229

Sylvania Triathlon/Duathlon Sylvania, OH 7:30 am Tam-O-Shanter SportsComplex, Olander Park Olympic Tri: 1.5MS/ 40KB/ 10KR; Sprint Tri: 0.25S/ 13MB/ 5KR; Du: 3KR/ 40KB/ 10KR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398

Whirlpool Ironman 70.3 Steelhead Triathlon Benton Harbor / St. Joseph 7:00 am Jean Klock Park 1.2 MS/ 56 MB/ 13.1 MR half ironman Capri Events (773) 404-2372

Wood Duck Dash Brownstown 9:00 am Lake Erie Metropark 10KR, 5KR/W Total Runner (734) 282-1101

Run Thru Purgatory Constantine 8:30 am Boot Hill Ranch, Harvey Street 10MR, 5KR Curtis Ray (269) 435-7013

Sunday, August 14 Battle of Waterloo Grass Lake 7:15 am Waterloo Recreation Area 10 stage adventure tri: 1.4MS/ 26.5MB/ 13.6MR Eva Solomon (734) 678-5045

Sanford and Sun Triathlon Sanford 8:00 am Sanford Lakae Country Park Tri: 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500 meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR Du: 2MR/ 20KB/ 5KR Kenny Krell (231) 546-2229

Camino of St. James Mason 8:00 am St. James Parish 8KR, 5KR (517) 676-9111

Steve’s “Raider Stomp” Decatur 8:00 am Decatur Middle School 10KR, 5KR/W Bob Smola (269) 423-5081

Kuparisaari Triathlon Lac La Belle tri: half iron 1.2MS/ 56MB/ 13.1MR Megan Millian

Sylvania SuperKids Triathlon / Duathlon

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

Petoskey Triathlon & Duathlon


Tuesday, August 16 Riverside Park Co-Ed Relay Grand Rapids 7:00 pm Riverside Park X-C relay, 4 alternating .5mile laps Jim Anton (616) 884-0088

Howell Melon Run Howell 6:15 pm - 1 Mile Fun Run 7:00 pm - 10K & 5K Howell City Park 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR, kids’ run, melon roll Beth Schrader (517) 546-0693 parksandrec@

Q-Town 5K & 10K 6:15 pm Quincy Quincy High School 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MR, kids run Loretta Tobolske-Horn (517) 283-1726

Sat., August 20 Churchill Classic 8:00 am Cheboygan North Central State Trail Trailhead 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MR Nancy Lindsay (231) 627-7111

D-bar-A Challenge Metamora 9:00 am 880 East Sutton Road 5KR/W Glenn Eccleston (866) 532-1844 d-a-racedirector@

Danish Festival Road Race

Wed., August 17

Greenville 8:15 am Baldwin Heights ES 4MR, 2MR Pamela Jorae (616) 754-6369

T-Rex Sprint Triathlon

Endurance Trail Run

Brighton 6:00 pm Island Lake Recreation Area Tri: 1/2MS/ 12.4 MB/ 5KR Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Grayling 9:00 am Hanson Hills Recreation Area 7MR Justin Andre (989) 348-9266

Tarahumara Trail Relay

Fallsburg Festival of Races

Mt. Pleasant 6:30 pm Mt. Pleasant Millpond 3 person, 3 loops, 2.5 M Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323

Friday, August 19

Lowell 8:00 am Fallsburg Park 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 5KR Dan Droski (616) 260-2669

2011 Event Calendar Farmington Run for the Hills

8:00 am Farmington Shiawassee Park 10KR, 5KR/W, 1KFR, Teams Ed Anderson (248) 880-3852

Petoskey Festival by the Bay Wellness Walk/ Run

Freeland Lamplighter 5K 9:00 am Freeland Freeland Banquet Center 5KR/W, kids runs J. Albaugh (989) 695-6584 johndeanalbaugh@

Grand Woods 5K 9:00 am Lansing Grand Woods Park 5KR Chuck Block (517) 702-0226

International Canned Beer Month Can Do Road and Trail Run Kalamazoo 10:00 am Bilbo on Stadium Drive 4.8MR Brian Moon (269) 365-3850

9:00 am Petoskey Bayfront Park Clock Tower 5KR/W, 1MR/W, kids run Michele Sturt (231) 347-7874

Strides for Health 9:00 am Allegan Allegan General Hospital 5KR/W, kids fun run Bill Hammer (269) 673-5431, ext. 3003

Three Rivers Triathlon & Duathlon 8:00 am Three Rivers Corey Lake 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 300mS/ 18KB/ 5KR or Du: 5KR/ 40KB/ 10KR Emmanual Millet (269) 278-2075

Tri at the Tavern Pinckney 8:00 am Zukey Lake Tavern tri: sprint, mini sprint Eva Solomon (734) 678-5045

Jacob’s Race Laingsburg 8:30 am McClintock Park 5KR/W, kids run Nicole Thelen (517) 599-4693

Marquette Trail 50 Marquette 6:30 am Tourist Park 50MR, 50KR Joseph Jameson (906) 228-9012

Mitchell’s Run Through Rockford Rockford 8:30 am 5KR/W, kids run Steve Peterson (616) 863-9168

Orthopedic Associates Fun Run Port Huron 9:00 am 940 River Centre Drive 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR/W (810) 985-4900

Panda Bear Night Run Alma 9:00 pm Fred Meijer Rail Trail 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR Ryan Hackett (989) 289-2361

Sunday, August 21 Island Lake of Novi Triathlon & Open Water Swim Novi 8:00 am 50641 Drakes Bay 5MS/ 12MB/ 3MR or 1.5MS Ford Athletic Swim & Triathlon Club

Island Lake Triathlon Summer Brighton 7:30 am Island Lake Recreation Area Tri: ..5MS/ 12.4MB/ 5KR or .09MS/ 24.8MB/ 10KR (734) 845-7559

Ludington Lighthouse Triathlon & Duathlon Ludington 8:00 am 900 W. Ludingnton 1000meterS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR or 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR (810) 714-5768

Montrose Blueberry Festival Montrose

8:00 am

Montrose Carter ES 8KR/W, 5 MR/W Mandy Jo Rindhage Suwienski (810) 449-8340

7:30 am Wellston Big M Trails, Manistee National Forest 50MR, 26.2MR, 13.1 MR Beth McGregor

Traverse City Triathlon

Somerset Stampede

Traverse City 8:00 am Bowers Harbor Tri: 800mS/ 20KB/ 5KR or 1MS/ 40KB/ 10KR (231) 715-1406

Somerset Center 7:30 am Somerset Beach 13.1MR, 5KR/W Dave Parham (517) 780-4216

Marathon Training Run 8:00 am Lake Orion Hansons Running Shop 4-16 MR (248) 693-9900

Island Lake Run

Vietnam Veterans United Annual 5K Run

Spirit of Detroit, Urbanathlon

Allen Park 9:00 am Champaign Park 5KR, 1 MR/W Ray Joaquin (734) 552-8538

Detroit 9:30 am Belle Isle Casino 3 hour adventure race Jeff Watters (248) 320-5705 spirit_of_detroit.html

Sat., August 27

USA 10 km Trail Championships

Carl Olson Memorial Adventure Run

Laurel Springs, NC Continental Divide Trail Run 10KR

Chassell 9:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W, 2KR (906) 482-9669

Sunday, August 28

Causeway Bay Hotel and Convention Center 5K

Autumn Colors Triathlon and Duathlon

Lansing 10:00 am Causeway Bay Hotel 5KR/W, kids run Sara Radamaker (517) 694-8123

Holly 9:00 am Holly Recreation Area 1000 meterS/ 18MB/ 5.5MR or 2MR/ 18MB/ 5.5MR (231) 546-2229

Crim Festival of Races Flint 8:00 am First and Saginaw Streets 10 MR/W, 8KR/W, 5KR/W, 1 MR/W, Teddy Bear Trot Deb Kiertzner (810) 235.3396

Charyl’s Run2BFit Milford 9:00 am Kensington Metropark, Possom Hollow Playfield 5KR/W, 1MFR S&S (810) 632-4778

Hansons 16 Mile

Novi 8:15 am 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MR Alan Whitehead (248) 345-6168

SSQ Quebec City Marathon 8:20 am Quebec City, QC 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, team challenge, kids run (418) 694-4442

Swim to the Moon Gregory 7:10 am Halfmoon Beach 5KS, 1MS, 1/2MS E. Solomon (734) 678-5045

Woods and Water 5K Run/Walk Lansing 8:00 am GM Lansing Delta Township Assembly, 8175 Millett 5KR/W Lyle Birchman (517) 543-5848, x5

Tuesday, August 30 Johnson Park Cross Country 5K Grandville 7:00 pm 2600 Wilson SW 5KR Anne Heathcote (616) 257-7818


Girl’s Best Friend Triathlon Vicksburg 8:00 am Prairie View Country Park 1000mS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500mS/ 20KB/ 5KR or 2MR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

Hastings Summerfest Run Hastings 8:30 am Hastings Middle School 10KR, 5KR/W Jamie VerStrate (269) 948-3139

North Country Trail Run


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Sat., September 3 Alferis Memorial Races 8:30 am Alpena Alpena Reg’l Med. Center 13.1MR, 5KR, 2MW, 18.5MB Ann Diamond (989) 356-7351

Beaver Island Marathon

Adeado Riverfront Park Jen Shaw 5KR/W

10:00 am Saint Clair Rattle Run Farms 4MR, 1MR Kurt Brinker swampfoot@

Grand Marais 5K

Sun., September 4

Grand Marais 11:00 am Beach, downtown wade/swim, run, bike/trike Ed Bowen (906) 494-2700

Labor Day 30K Run & 10K Walk/Run Milford 8:00 am Bakers Restaurant, 2025 Milford Rd. 30KR, 10KR/W, kids run, 30KB Doug Klingensmith (248) 685-7580 racedirector@

Marshall Run Newaygo 9:00 am Riverfront Park 5KR/W K. Sweeney (517) 336-6429

Labor Day Run for Recovery Lansing (tentative location) 9:00 am 5KR/W, 1MFW, kids run Victor Braatz (517) 231-3408

Witchy Wolf 3 7:30 pm Omer Sundaes Afternoon 15MR, X-C, 2 person relay C. Hilyards (989) 846-6018

Grand Marais Junior Triathlon

Mackinaw City 5MFR Michigan Fitness Foundation (517) 347-7891 bridgerun.html

Swampfoot 4 Mile

Beaver Island 8:00 am Gillespie Park 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 5KR/W Ron Suffolk (248) 446-1315

Grand Marais 9:00 am Bayshore Park 5KR Ed Bowen (906) 494-2700

Governor’s Labor Day Bridge Run

Labor Day Run & Potluck Midland 10:00 am Chippewa Nature Center 10KR, 5KR/W Lori Brown (989) 274—9495

Barefoot Triathlons Traverse City 8:00 am Grand Traverse Resort & Spa Tri: 1.5KS/ 26MB/ 10KR or 500mS/ 16.4MB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229

Mackinac Bridge Walk St. Ignace 7:00 am St. Ignace to Mackinaw City 5MW (906) 643-7600

Ed Hansen Memorial Run/Walk Ontonagon 10:00 am Fire Hall on River Street 10KR, 5KR K. Roehm (906) 884-8108

Thurs., Sept. 8 Island Lake Triathlon-Fall Brighton 6:00 pm Island Lake Recreation Area Tri: ..5MS/ 12.4MB/ 5KR or .09MS/ 24.8MB/ 10KR (734) 845-7559

Grand Marais Triathlon Grand Marais 1:30 pm Grand Marais City Park Tri: 300-yardS/ 14MB/ 5KR Ed Bowen (906) 494-2700

Fri., September 9

Grass River 5K Trail Run

Run Woodstock

Bellaire 9:00 am Grass River Natural Area 5KR/W Rachell Pomerville (231) 533-8314

Pinckney 6:00 am Silver Lake Beach 100MR, 100KR, 5KR Running Fit (734) 929-9027 canadianchick@ 3 day event; Fri- Sun

Run Like The Wind Port Oneida Run Glen Arbor 9:00 am Charles Olsen Farm 5KR, kids run Susan Pocklington (231) 334-6103

Ringside Fitness Marquette Marathon Marquette 8:00 am Presque Isle 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 1/2MFR Nancy Bailey

Run Back to School Lansing


9:00 am

Westland 9:30 am Hines Park, Nankin Mills Picnic Area 10KR, 5KR C. Block (517) 702-0226

Sat., September 10 3 Disciplines Triathlon Festival of Races

Mon., September 5

East Tawas 7:45 am East Tawas City Park 1.2MS/ 56MB/ 13.1MR or 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500mS/ 20kB/ 5KR or 4MR/ 56MB/ 13.1MR (231) 546-2229

Cadillac Festival of Races Cadillac 9:00 am Cadillac Memorial Stadium 10KR, 5KR, Kid’s Run, Tri: 5KR/ 16MB/ 2M Kayak Mike Battaglia (231) 876-0010

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

COVE Benefit Beach Walk and Run Pentwater


8:30 pm

Charles Mears State Park 10KR, 5KR/W L. Cavazos (231) 869-5030

First National Bank of Wakefield Marathon Wakefield 8:00 am New Pavillion on Sunday Lake 26.2MR James Engel (906) 285-4776

Hume Home Run Fund 5K 9:00 am Muskegon Deb Knapp 5KR/W (231) 750-0448

Kazoo Area Foot Chase Portage 9:00 am Celery Flats Park 3.5 MR David Ostrem (269) 321-9264

Mackinac Island 8 Mile Road Race Mackinac Island 9:30 am Mission Point Resort 8 MR/W, kids run (810) 659-6493

NSO Riverwalk 5K Detroit 9:00 am Riverfront Riverwalk 5KR, 1MR D. Figurski (313) 961-4890

Rhoades McKee Reeds Lake Triathlon East Grand Rapids 7:00 am 750 Lakeside Dr. SE 1/2MS/ 17MB/ 4.9MR Susan Perry (616) 949-1750

Run Woodstock Pinckney 6:00 am Silver Lake Beach 50MR, 50KR, 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5MR Running Fit (734) 929-9027 canadianchick@ 3 day event: Fri-Sun

VNA 5K Run/Walk for the Health of It Grosse Pointe Shores 9:30 am Edsel & Eleanor Ford House 5KR/W M. Peck (248) 967-9600

Witch’s Hat Run South Lyon

8:00 am

South Lyon HS 10KR, 5KR/W, 1 MFR Scott Smith (248) 207-5135

Sun., September 11 Hansons 16 Mile Marathon Training Run 8:00 am Royal Oak 4-16 MR (248) 616-9665

Harvest Stompede Suttons Bay 9:30 am Ciccone Vinyards, Leelanau Peninsula 7MR, 5KR, 3MW Nate Rousse (231) 357-3222

Henry Ford Rock and Road 5 / 10K - Name May Change West Bloomfield 8:30 am West Bloomfield Township Complex, 4640 Walnut Lake Road 10KR, 5KR, kids run, Denny Troshak (248) 451-1900 wbparks@

Kellie Sebrell DeWitt 5K Trail Run Dewitt 10:00 am DeWitt HS 5KR/W Rita. Wieber (517) 669.8102

Run Woodstock Pinckney 6:00 am Silver Lake Beach 5MFR Running Fit (734) 929-9027 canadianchick@ 3 day event: Fri-Sun

Second Chance for Greyhounds “Run for the Hounds” Augusta 10:00 am Fort Custer Recreation Area 10KR, 5KR/W (269) 249-5104

St. Mary Mercy Hospital 5K Run/Walk for Cancer Livonia 9:00 am St. Mary Mercy Hospital grounds 5KR/W Jennifer Kennedy

2011 Event Calendar (734) 655-1593

Trish Donnelly-Runnion Memorial Road Race / Plymouth Fall Festival 5K Plymouth 8:00 am Plymouth Cultural Center 5KR, 1 MFR/W P. Donnelly (734) 495-9512

Walk the Walk Noon Grand Blanc Genesys Health Park 3KR/W Rochelle Molyneaux (810) 955-6222

Sat., September 17 Adventure Rage Cadillac 6:00 am Caberfae Peaks Resort 28 hour adventure race Zac Chisholm (810) 239-00165 2 day event: 9/16/11 - 9/17/11

Big Mac Shoreline Scenic Bike Tour Mackinaw City 9:00 am Mackinaw City HS Pavillion 25MB, 50MB, 75MB, 100MB (888) 455-8100

Capital Area Humane Society 5K Grand Ledge 11:00 am Fitzgerald Park 5KR/W, 1MW Dawn Ellis (517) 626-6060, x 11

Chasing the Cure for Ovarian Cancer Sturgis 9:00 am Doyle Community Center 5KR/W, 5K pump and run, 1MFR T. Draper (269) 251-8740

Grosse Pointe Run Grosse Pointe Farms 9 am Grosse Pointe Farms Municipal Park 10KR, 5KR/W Wayne Manchester (800) 299-5007

John Rogucki Memorial Kensington Challenge

9:00 am Milford Kensington Metropark 15KR, 5KR/W Doug Goodhue (248) 685-0043

Oakland Township Curamus Terram 5K & Half Marathon Oakland Township 9:00 am Paint Creek Cider Mill 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W, 1/2MFR Terry Dibble (586) 484-4937

Oh These Irish Hills Tipton 9:00 am Hidden Lake Gardens 5KR/W Kay Roumeil (517) 467-2670

Run for Hungry Children Traverse City 9:00 am Baypointe Community Church 5KR, 3KW Adam Lindbloom (231) 649-0541

Gazelle Sports Bridge Run

Shelby Twp. 8:00 am Stony Creek Metropark 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR or 5KR/ 40KB/ 10KR (231) 546-2229

Harrison 10:00 am Mid Michigan Community College, Harrison Campus 5KR/W (989) 386-6651

USA 24 Hour Championships

Vision Builders 5K Run/Walk

Sat., September 24

Mackinaw City 7:00 am Mackinaw City HS Pavillion (888) 455.8100

Dances with Dirt - Hell

Lansing 8:30 am Impression 5 Science Center 13.1MR, 5KR, 1MFR, 1/4 MFR Dan Casey (517) 332.2681

Grand Blanc 10:00 am Genesys Health Park Nature Trails 5KR/W, 1MFR D. Walters (810) 606-7909

Coldwater 9:00 am Heritage Park 5KR/W, 1MFR Mashaun Schabloski

Highland Conservancy 5K Nature Challenge Highland 9:00 am Railroad Tracks by Highland Feed 5KR Ron Flannery (248) 887-8470, x40 hcinfo@

Komen Grand Rapids Race for the CureÂŽ Grandville 8:30 am Rivertown Crossings Mall 5KR, 1MW (616) 752-8262

Oktoberfest Lagerlauf 5K Fun Run & Walk

Pickney/Hell 6:15 am Pinckney Recreation Area, Half Moon Lake 50MR, 50KR, 100 K Relay Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Grand Rapids 12:00 pm John Ball Park Zoo 5KR/W D. Bostian (616) 890-5978

Park 2 Park Half Marathon and 5K

Deerfield Park Trail Half / 10K / 5K

Holland 8:30 am 1627 W. Lakewood Blvd.

Mt. Pleasant 10:00 am Deerfield Park

Cedar Springs 9:00 am Cedar View ES 5KR/W, kids run Sara Middlebrook (616) 696-0504

Running Fit 20 Mile Training Run Westland 8:00 am Nankin Mills on Hines Dr. 20 MR or training run of any distance Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Sault Area Chamber of Commerce Chase Sault Ste. Marie, MI 7 am Lake Superior State Univ. 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR Leisa Mansfield (906) 632-3301

Happy Heart Run

Dexter 9:30 am Hudson Mills Metropark 5KR/W, kids run J. Koupal (734) 926-0976

Big Mac Shoreline Scenic Bike Tour

Capital City River Run and Cooley Law School 5K Race for Education

Genesys Athletic Club Dash for a Difference

Run Wild for the Detroit Zoo

Timber Trail Trot

Sun., September 18

8:00 am Westland Nankin Mills on Hines Dr. 20 MR or training run of any distance Running Fit (734) 929-9027 e_training.cfm

Michiganâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Triathlon & Duathlon Championship

Fenton 9:00 am St. John Church 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MR William Hardimon, Jr. (810) 735.9193

Red Flannel Festival 5K Run/Walk

Fall 20 Mile Training Run

8:00 am Milford Kensington Park, Maple 5KR/W, kids run Beach R. Ferrarotti (313) 532-0983

St. John Applefest

Cleveland, OH 24 hour run

9:00 am Manistee Big M Trails, Manistee National Forest 4.75MR/ 18.15MB/ 6.05MR (616) 261-9706

Lung Cancer 5K Run/Walk and Little Lungs Fun Run

Canton 8:00 am Connections Church 5KR S. Petrella (313) 792-9900

13.1MR, 5KR Sherrie Kornoelje Santos (616) 399-9190, x 303

Du North

Grand Rapids 8:00 am Rosa Parks Circle 10MR, 5KR Rich Benoit (616) 262-4124

Royal Oak 8:00 am Detroit Zoo 10KR, 5KR, FW Christine Kenny (248) 541-5717, ext. 3735

Run for the Rouge

13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR Ryan Hackett (989) 289-2361


Save the Wildlife 5K Run/Walk Howell 10:00 am Howell Conference and Nature Center 5KR/W, 1MW (517) 546-0249

USA 50 km Trail Championships Bend, OR


Walk of Remembrance Livonia 9:00 am Madonna Univ. 2.3MW Barb Lovan (734) 953-6045

West Side 5K Run/Walk Traverse City 9:00 am West Side Community Church 5KR/W, kids run Nancy Yahr (231) 409-2804

Sun., September 25 Hansons 16 Mile Marathon Training Run Grosse Pointe 8:00 am 4-16 MR (313) 882-1325

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Marathon Oasis de Montreal

I Gave My Sole for Parkinson’s

Montreal, QC 9:00 am 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR, kids run Bernard Arsenault (514) 879-1027 info@

Okemos 10:00 am 5KR/W Okemos HS

Playmakers Autumn Classic 9:00 am Haslett Lake Lansing Park, North 8KR/W, 1MFR, 1/2 M FR Curt Munson (517) 349.3803

White Pine Academy 5K 8:00 am Leslie 5KR/W Michelle Swadling (517) 403-8813 whitepineacademy.

October Sat., October 1 CMU Homecoming Miles for Medals - OCTOBER DATE TBA Mt. Pleasant 8:00 am CMU Finch Fieldhouse 5KR, 1MW J. Spiegel (989) 773-2595

Crybaby Classic Mountain Bike Race

Hartwick Pines Challenge Trail Run Grayling 10:00 am Hartwick Pines State Park 7.5MR, 3MR D. Bryant (989) 390-5530


New Boston 9:00 am Lower Huron Metropark 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR Total Runner (734) 282-1101

Traverse City 10:00 am Timber Ridge 5KR/W, 1MR/W (231) 941.8118

MSU Federal Credit Union Dinosaur Dash 10:00 am East Lansing MSU Museum 5KR/W, 1MR (517) 355-2370

Rotary Bay 5/10K Run/Walk for Charity Petoskey 8:00 am Bay View Association 10KR, 5KR/W Andy Hayes (231) 838-4959

Red, White & Blue 26.2 Marathon

Run on the Rez 5K

Findlay, OH 26.2MR S. Parsons (419) 442-4424

Mt. Pleasant 10:00 am Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Operations 5KR Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323

Tuesday, October 4 Walker 6:00 pm Millennium Park 5KR Erin Webster (616) 261-9706

Sat., October 8 Fall Color Bridge Race Mackinaw City 7:00 am St. Anthony’s Parish Hall, 600 W. Central Ave. 5.4MR/W Mackinaw Area VB (231) 436-5664 / (800) 6660160

Alpena 9:30 am Great Lakes Maritime Heritage Trail 5KR P. Boldrey (989) 354-7297

Sunday, October 2

Halloween 5K for Junior Achievement

Betsie Valley Run

Lansing 10:00 am Hawk Island County Park 5KR/W (517) 371-5437

Thompsonville 9:00 am Crystal Mountain Resort 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run (231) 378-2000

Harbor Springs Race Day

Brooksie Way Half Marathon

Harbor Springs 7:00 am Zorn Park 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR The Outfitter

Rochester Hills 8:00 am Oakland University

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

9:00 am Portage x-c meet, open 5K Dan Wytko (269) 323-5233

Run Vasa Williamsburg 8:30 am Vasa Trail Head, 4450 Bartlett Rd Williamsburg 25KR, 10KR Daniel Siderman (231) 932-5401

SOS Animal Rescue Dirty 8:00 am Midland Midland City Forest 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR (989) 492-0042

Sunday, October 9 Big House / Big Heart 5K Ann Arbor 9:00 am Michigan Stadium 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR Champions for Charity (734) 213-1033

Striders Power of Run 5K

Walt Disney World Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend

GRAAHI Rhythm Run

Sterling Heights 9:00 am Delia Park XC (586) 822-8606

Huron Township Applefest

Remembrance Run

Zonta Walks for Women / Breast Cancer Awareness

Hansons Cross-Country Invitational

10:00 am Farmington Heritage Park 5KR/W (248) 473-1800

Wayne 9:00 am Oakwood Annapolis Hospital 10KR, 5KR/W, 1M kid’s run Cynthia Cook (313) 586-5486

Lake Buena Vista, FL 10:00 pm 13.1MR Jon Hughes

(231) 526-2621 info@

Portage Invitational Farmington Fall Classic

Red October Run

Harbor Springs 10:00 am Nubs Nob 6.5M lap MB Tom Behan (231) 487-1713

Grand Rapids 9:00 am Martin Luther King Park 5KR/W Stephanie Pierce (616) 331-5872

13.1MR, 5KR/W Deb Kiertzner (810) 235-3397


GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon Victoria, BC 7:30 am 26.2 MR, 13.1MR, 8KR, kids run Victoria Marathon Society (250) 658-4520 info@

Green Space Race Mason 10:00 am Ingham Conservation Center 5KR/W S. McPhee(517) 676-2290

Hidden Forest Trail Run Clarkston 9:30 am Independence Oaks Park 8.5 MR, 5.5 MR, 2.5 MR/W (810) 487-0954

KDB Melanoma 5K Run/Walk MIlford Kensington Metropark East Boat Launch 5KR/W T. Edwards (313) 505-2445

Race for Ralya 10:00 am Haslett Ralya Elementary School 5KR, Kids Run

Wild Life Marathon Concord 8:00 am Concord HS 26.2MR, 13.1MR/W, 5KR/W, kids run Tim Payne (517) 917-6700 director@

Sat., October 15 Danae’s Race Lansing 9:10 am Riverfront Park 5KR Tanya Many (517) 896-5257

SVSU 5K Run & Walk 10:00 am Saginaw Saginaw Valley State University 5KR/W Cynthia Bala (989) 964-4215

U of M/MSU Tailgate Challenge Flint 9:00 am Downtown Flint YMCA 5KR/W (810) 487-0954

Whistlestop Marathon and Half Marathon Ashland, WI 8:00 am Bay Area Civic Center 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR (800) 284-9484

Sunday, October 16 Detroit Free Press Marathon Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON 7:15 am 26.2MR, 13.1MR/W, 5 person relay teams, 5KFR/W Brian Birney (313) 222-6676

East Lansing Pumpkin Trot East Lansing 10:00 am East Lansing Soccer Complex 5KR/W Dave DeKorte (517) 319-6897, x 6606

Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon Grand Rapids 8:00 am 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR Don Kern

(616) 293-3145

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 7:00 am Toronto City Hall, Bay & Queen 26.2 MR, 13.1MR, 5KR (416) 944-2765

Tues., October 18 Hansons Youngsters Cross-Country Invitational (7-10 Grade) Sterling Heights 4:00 pm X-C Meet Delia Park (586) 822-8606

Sat., October 22 Baileyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Doggie Dash 9:00 am Rockford Wabasis Park 5KR/W, 1MW K. Sweeney (517) 336-6429

Cleft Palate Foundation of Smiles 5K Run/Walk Manton 10:00 am 5KR/W Shannon Welihan positiveplanningdesign@

Great Turtle Half Marathon Mackinac Island 11:30 am Mission Point Resort 13.1 MR, 5.7 MR/W (810) 487-0954

Headless Horsemen 5K Howell 8:00 pm Downtown Howell 5KR C. Galatis (517) 546-0693 HeadlessHorseman5K.html

Linden Fall Festival of Races Linden 9:00 am Linden ES 5KR/W, 1MR Southern Lakes Parks & Rec (810) 591-0080

Manistee National Cross Country Invitational Manistee 8:00 am Manistee National Golf and Resort 5K Xc meet, Open 5K Eric Ross (231) 690-0596

Run for Research

St. Mary 5K

9:00 am Mt. Pleasant Runners Performance 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR (989) 289-2361

9:00 am Williamston St. Mary School 5KR/W Adam Palmatier (517) 803-5420

Wicked Halloween Run

Sunday, October 30

Northville 8:15 am Downtown Northville 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR A Whitehead (248)345-6168

Sunday, October 23 Road to the Broad 5K East Lansing 10:00 am MSU Auditorium 5KR/W Jen Lada (248) 613-3274

Run Thru Hell on Halloween Eve Pinckney 9:30 am Cedar Lake Rd. at Patterson Lake Rd. 10KR, 5KR/W Chuck Block (517) 702-0226


Twin Rivers 5K 10:00 am Muir Twin Rivers ES 5KR/W, kids run David Pierce (989) 855-2346

Sat., October 29 Headless Horsemen 5K Howell 8:00 pm Downtown Howell 10KR, 5KR Chris Galatis (517) 546-0693, x7705 HeadlessHorseman5K.html

Muddy Watters Cider Slam Rochester Hills 9:30 am Bloomer Park 4MR Jeff Watters (248) 320-5705

Prairies and Ponds Poltergist Pursuit Lapeer 9:00 am Chatfield School 5KR, kids run Jean Block (810) 538-1731

Run of the Dead, a Race Through Southwest Detroit Detroit 9:00 am Patton Park Rec. Center 10KR, 5KR V. Katanski (248) 766-6485

Screaminâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; 5K & 10K location tba 10KR, 5KR Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Sat., November 5 Don Dansereau Memorial Fall Race Bay City 10:00 am Bay Arenac Career Center 5KR/W Mike Klosowski (989) 553-6656

St. Clair River Turkey Trot St. Clair 9:00 am St. Clair Riverview Plaza 5KR S. Holland (586) 986-1085

Sun., November 6 Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon Commerce Township tri: 10minuteS/ 30minuteB/ 20minutesR 2661-michigan-indoortriathlon

Margaret Peruski Memorial 4 Mile Run Dearborn 10:00 am Ford Field 4 MR E. Kozloff (248) 544-9099

Turkey Trot Cross Country Run Mt Pleasant 3:00 pm Deerfield County Park 6KR X-C (989) 772-0323

Sat., November 12 ANG Road Hawg Classic Battle Creek

9:00 am


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Battle Creek Air National Guard Base 10KR, 5KR/W M. Wilson (269) 969-3441

Sat., November 12 Mid-Land Half / 10K/ 5K Midland Marquette Rail Trail 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR R. Hackett (989) 289-2361 michiganhalfseries@

Original Ann Arbor Turkey Trot 8:30 am Dexter Hudson Mills Metro Park 10KR/W, 5KR/W, kids 1MFR Marie Brooks (734) 213-1033

Trail Trot 5K Run/Walk Middleville 9:00 am 3625 Bender Rd. 5KR/W Roxanne Potter (269) 795-5535

Sun., November 13 Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis Portage 2:00 pm Celery Flats 5KR/W, 1/4M kids run Samantha Mertens (248) 649-2891, x232

Roseville Big Bird Run Roseville 10:00 am 10KR, 1MR/W, 4KR Tony Lipinski (586) 445-5480 The Burg Trail Run Laingsburg 2:00 pm Laingsburg HS X-C course 10KR, 5KR/W Scott Danek (517) 285-6487

Tues., November 15 Wayne County Lightfest 8K Fun Run/Walk Westland 7:00 pm Merriman Hollow Park 8KR/W Kim Healy (734) 261-1990

Sat., November 19 52

5KR/W Enid Hagerty (231) 645-8184

Grand Finale 5K and Team Invitational 9:30 am Lansing Grand Woods Park 5KR, 5K/8K team J. Robinson (517) 755-8440

Fifth Third Bank Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 7:15 am Detroit Cobo Center 10KR, 5KR, 1MR The Parade Company (313) 247-4149

Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis Bloomfield Hills 9:00 am Covington School 10KR, 5KR, 1/4M kids run Arthritis Foundation, Michigan Chapter (248) 269-2895 / (800) 9683030 x232

East Grand Rapids 8:00 am East Grand Rapids MS 4MR, 1MR T. Webster (616) 940-9888

One Hill of a Run

Lansing Turkeyman Trot

Grand Rapids 9:00 am Union High School 10KR, 5KR Dan Droski (616) 260-2669

9:00 am Lansing Lansing Community College 5KR C. Block (517) 702-0226

Smoke the Turkey 5K Sylvania, OH 9:00 am St. James Club 5KR Elite Endeavors (419) 841-5597

Life Time Fitness Indoor Triathlon Troy tri: 10minuteS/ 30minuteB/ 20minutesR 2661-michigan-indoortriathlon

Fri., November 25 Fantasy 5K Howell 6:00 pm 5KR Sarah Johnson (517) 546-3020

Mon., November 21 NCAA Division I Cross Country Championships

Santa Parade Run

Terre Haute, IN 11:00 am 10KR, 6KR (812) 237-4040

Alpena Alpena County Courthouse 2MR Joseph Gentry

Thanksgiving Day

Sun., November 27

Ann Arbor Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot

Hansons Group Run

Ann Arbor 8:30 am University of Michigan North Campus Recreational Center 5KR/W Ron Suffolk (248) 446-1315

Holiday Hustle

9:00 am Holly Karl Richter Campus 10KR, 5KR/W, Tiny Tim Trot Rob Basydlo (248) 328-3200

4:00 pm Dexter Monument Park 5KR, 1MR Running Fit (734) 929-9027

Mt Pleasant


Fenton 5:00 pm Fenton Community Center Meghan (810) 714-2011

Manistee Jingle Bell Run 5K Manistee 10:00 am Manistee MS 5KR/W E. Thuemmel (231) 233-1433

Reese Winter Road Race Series

8:30 am

Run Like The Dickens and Tiny Tim Trot

USATF National Club Cross Country Championships Seattle 9:30 am Jefferson Park Golf Course 10KR, 6KR

USATF National Junior Olympic Cross Country Championships Myrtle Beach 10:00 am Whispering Pines GC

Tues., December 13 Grosse Pointe Christmas Light Run Grosse Pointe 6:30 pm Grosse Pointe store 6MR (248) 616-9665

Sat., December 17 Bay Area Runners Club Holiday 5K Run/Walk

Reese 10:00 am Reese HS 10KR, 5KR/W Rick Houghtaling (989) 529-7904

Bay City 10:00 am Bay County Community Center 5KR/W John Metevia (989) 832-2267

Sat., December 10

Sat., December 31

Candy Cane Run

Fifth Third New Year’s Eve Family Fun Run/Walk

Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis - TENTATIVE

Dickens of a Run

2:00 pm

Jinglejog 5K Night Run / Jinglefest Parade


TBD SE Michigan 9:00 am 7 hr sprint: canoeing, MB, orienteering, trekkking, Z. Chisholm (231) 233-4736

Everywhere UGO Turkey Trot

Northville 9:00 am Northville Downs 5KRW, 1/4M kids run Samantha Mertens (248) 269-2895 / (800) 9683030 x232

Lake Orion 8:00 am (248) 693-9900

December Chill Adventure Race

Alpena 9:00 am APLEX 5KR, 1MR Joe Gentry (989) 354-7314

Jingle Bell Run/Walk for Arthritis - Northville

Grand Rapids 10:00 am GR Home for Veterans 6MR, 3MR, 1.5 MR Jill Evers (616) 459-5085

Sat., December 3

Dorks Brothers Turkey Trot

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011

C. Hamrick (517) 490-2578

Gobble Wobble

Sun., November 20

Traverse City

Max & Emily’s, downtown Harry Plouff 5KR (989) 772-0323

DATE Grand Rapids 9:00 am Michigan Athletic Center 5KR/W, 1/4M kids run Samantha Mertens (248) 269-2895 / (800) 9683030 x232

Jingle Belle Women’s 5K Lansing 10:00 am Delta Township District Library 5KR/W

Detroit 3:30 pm Belle Isle Park 5KR/W, 1MR/W Jeanne Bocci (313) 886-5560

Resolution 5K Lansing 10:00 am Our Savior Lutheran School 5KR/W Jim Landskroener (517) 882-3550 jlandskroener@

- MR -

Beyond the Chip

What You Wish For By Paul Aufdemberge that marks the finish. Something is taking root although he doesn’t quite understand what. I wish I could run like that… The first meet of the season is a 5-kilometer cross country race. In the opening mile he weaves through the crowd and leaves his teammates. The temperature soars, making the effort doubly painful, but he is oblivious to all except the Gatorade-yellow spikes of the runner ahead of him. He follows the spikes all the way to the finish line.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Now it is chilly, and the dual meet opponents have a cocky swagger as he shivers in baggy shorts and white-athletic-taped shoes. But minutes later the young runner has caught his breath and put on his sweatpants while waiting for them to come painfully puffing in. He is not satisfied; he wants more, and by the next meet 12 tiny daggers in the bottom of his new orange spikes will attack the bumpy, rutted earth under his feet.

He lines up against a dozen runners half his age. His wisdom, preparation, and endurance rival or exceed that of his opponents, even as his speed leaves him. He is a hero, a legend, an inspiration. What is he doing here? He is a deluded fool, an embarrassment to himself and to everyone else. The gun sounds and the race is run and then done, with handshakes all around. He is one of the guys, no more, no less. He aches and limps a bit, but smiles and remembers a time when he ran like that. Paul Aufdemberge, 46, admits having lost a step or two … but not many. The Redford resident last year set a U.S. 10K record (31:14) for men ages 45-49, won USA National Masters Championships at 15K and the halfmarathon, and was Michigan Runner’s 2010 Male Masters Runner of the Year. - MR -

I wish I could run like that…

Paul Aufdemberge won the St. Patrick’s Day Corktown Race in 2010.


n elderly woman walking along the side of the road pauses as she sees the runner approach. He floats along, moving quickly but with little apparent effort, a mile into what will be a 12-miler. “I wish I could run like that,” he hears her say, as she watches him stride past. He is struck by the way she says it; there is no admiration in her tone, only sadness and longing.

He is still rail-thin, but what little muscle there is drives him through 75 miles a week with his college teammates. You maybe get a blister on your arch or heel, maybe get a blister on your toe. That ain’t workin’. He circles the indoor track, shadowing his opponent who willingly presses the pace lap after lap. It was a two-man race after only a half-mile, and now with a half-mile to go, he feels a cool breeze from an open door and knows he will not lose. Just like that, he accelerates and the race is over. The roads beckon, and he strikes out on his own. With nothing to lose, he matches the pace of the leaders. “You can expect him to fall back any time now,” say the experts. But the pack thins and still he persists. He does not fall.

I wish I could run like that… It is a summer evening in 1973. The boy, soon to be a third-grader, charges down the driveway of his family’s Detroit home. Aided by the slight slope down to the street, he runs as fast as he can. If he knew of Shorter and Ryun, of Prefontaine and the Olympics, he could dream. But right now it is enough to feel the sensation of propelling himself forward on two legs, without feeling any fatigue. Now it is 1980, and the boy has grown into a stick-thin teenager. On bright summer morning down a dusty Kansas road he runs in cheap tennis shoes alongside his older brother. They sprint stride-for-stride to the mailbox

Back to the future, he strides confidently down an icy residential street. Immediately he sees her plight. The tiny old woman stands on the slope of her shining driveway, aware that further movement will inevitably send her crashing down. She looks up at him and says, “Where did you come from?” and to her, he might well have flown there wearing a cape. She grasps his arm and in seconds she is safely on her porch and he is moving away at a steady eight miles per hour. I wish I could run like that…


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Notes on the Run

By Daniel G. Kelsey


race has a different look from the back than it does from the front. Few could attest to this better than me.

In October 2009, in a 5K in Fennville, I finished second overall; less than a year later, in September 2010, in a 5K in Middleville, I finished second to last. Seriously. Finishing so far back in a pack was almost as strange to me as finishing one place behind a winner. Middleville was my first race at a walk. My pace struck me as pretty quick at the start; but when a short, squat woman came grinding past me at a trot, I looked behind at a road empty of everything but a creeping police cruiser. Three or four women walked up the hills in the first mile, allowing me almost to catch up, then jogged down the far sides, dropping me far behind. But the short, squat woman couldn’t stay ahead of me as we came down to the Thornapple River. Unable to keep up with me along the riverside trail, even with short stretches of jogging, she urged me on. “Go catch up with those others, now.” How unsettling that I couldn’t make up ground. Now and then one or another of those women would break into a jog and put more distance between her and me. My finishing time was 43:40. I alone among the field walked every step of the way. The date was Sept. 11. Between the Mountain Meadows massacre in Utah territory in 1857 of 120 passengers in a wagon train by a Mormon militia, and the Sept. 11 massacre in the eastern United States in 2001 of almost 3,000 noncombatants by suicide hijackers, that’s a day of terror in America. On that day in 2010, I massacred my fear through discovery that I wouldn’t mind doing more of this walking thing at races. Back on July 14, an injury to my left knee, sustained June 14, had brought my running to a screeching halt. On July 19 a doctor in a free clinic diagnosed arthritis. “Lay off the running,” he said. “And no biking.” He softened the blow by giving me some latitude for interpretation when I asked about walking.

Then, on his way out of the examination room, he stopped in the doorway to look at my knee and to voice an afterthought. “It could be the meniscus,” he said. A few days later a volunteer at the clinic gave an iffy answer over the phone to my question about what an x-ray ordered by the doctor had shown. “There’s nothing on it,” she said. My pressing her to clarify that it was negative for injury got me nowhere. “There’s nothing on it,” she said. The doctor had me on seven days of prednisone, the anti-inflammatory steroid. After that he had me on 30 days of Mobic, the antiinflammatory non-steroid. He said if I felt good on prednisone, not to refill the Mobic for a second 30 days. Since my knee ached on prednisone when I walked, I resigned myself to staying on Mobic for 60 days. At the end of that period, during my follow-up visit to the free clinic a few days after the Middleville 5K, the doctor ordered an MRI on my knee for Sept 25. Anyone like me who’s never had an MRI ought to be warned about the noise. It’s half an hour of alarms going off as if at tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes breaking out all at once. A person with a sensitive nervous system can’t help but have a fight-or-flight response. Yet a patient has no choice but to lie there with patience. My racing heart and panicked breathing didn’t settle down until a technician slipped a headset over the earplugs he’d given me before the start. I might not have fled so fast, once they released the restraints from my knee, if they’d told me it would take more than two weeks to get results. The Fennville Goose Festival 5K beckoned on Oct. 9. How could I not return a year later to the scene of my runner-up placing, my highest ever? I might as well race when my routine had me walking four days a week at a vigorous pace for up to an hour, playing semantic tricks on myself, as in, “That knee’s sore, but it doesn’t really hurt hurt, so the doctor be damned, I’ll do it.” In a race, with a cocktail of neuro-chemicals flooding my brain in the midst of a pack of walkers, even if I paced along faster than at home, my knee wouldn’t really hurt hurt.

“If it hurts, don’t do it,” he said.

And walkers in races seemed so nice and sympathetic, like the woman striding beside me at Fennville for a few hundred yards. “Second place,” she said. “There’s always next year. You’ll be right back up there in front where you belong.” How typical of me never to have noticed that walkers made up a large contingent at the Goose Festival. They took a casual, almost idle, approach to rivalry. Such a devil-may-care attitude had me so much in its grip that the timer’s call at the finish line escaped me. “What was that time again?” 45:48. “Wow, that’s slow.” Does that mean my knee’s gotten worse? Two days later, on Oct. 11, a woman from the clinic read word for word into my voice mail a report on my MRI. A lot of medical gobbledygook boiled down to “a tear of the medial meniscus, with effusion.” My interpretation of effusion — fluid on the knee — was that the tear seeped blood. The message from the woman said that on Wednesday my doctor would review the report, and that the clinic would call to advise me on my next step. Now to the first resort of the ignorant and curious … Internet research. My sources informed me that two crescent-shaped pads of cartilage in each knee, the meniscuses, acted as shock absorbers between the tibia and femur. “Medial” referred to the inside of the knee, that is, the part nearest the other knee. Though a tear could not be healed by medication or therapy, it could be repaired by surgery. Y’ouch! It behooved me to get more out of walking before the cutting commenced. A friend invited me to walk the Alger Heights 5K in Grand Rapids Oct. 17 while she ran in pursuit of a PR. The distinction between my plodding and her sprinting didn’t impress me at the time as perverse, any more than it did her. While she rushed away from the start line, Bob, a man my age, fell in step with me. For years we’d alternated in outrunning each other by a few seconds in 5Ks. Now, like me, he was nursing an injury, though not so serious as to keep his legs from churning as if through water. “No, this isn’t jogging,” he said. “This is race walking.”

So went my rationale. A man of many words and ideas, Bob kept


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


me so entertained, so distracted from the passage of kilometers, that my finishing time of 42:01 shocked me. When my friend bubbled about setting a new PR by 21 seconds, I teased her with the irony of my shattering my walking PR by 99 seconds. By then a silence from the free clinic had begun to make me nervous. Despite my reminders to well-wishers that for those of us who depend on gratis services and the kindness of strangers, patience is more than a virtue, it’s an obligation, my tension built. When finally I called the clinic on Oct. 25, the social worker told me they’d just been wrestling in a staff meeting with what to do about my case. “We have the most trouble with ortho,” she said. The best orthopedic surgeon in the community wouldn’t take referrals from the clinic. Another surgeon with a lesser reputation might take a Medicaid case. Before going forward from here, let me back up to what I’d learned from my first resort of Internet research. Meniscus surgery in the United States, an outpatient procedure, typically costs between $8,500 and $11,000. An insurance company might pay $7,000 and the victim (pardon me, patient) the balance.

cortisone to counteract inflammation before resorting to an invasive procedure.

Trot 5K in Hastings on Thanksgiving Day. Oh, to be a racer again!

One of my running friends had told me a horror story about getting a cortisone injection from a huge needle stuck into the middle of his knee. For me the needle slipped in easily under my patella, the flow of the serum more noticeable than the poke. Getting a cortisone shot was nothing compared to having a needle lodged in my arm for 15 or 20 minutes in a blood donation.

By race day I’d logged 10 miles of running in 10 days, never without mixing in some walking, and with degrees of pain all over the map. My reaction upon getting a load of the course at Camp Algonquin outside of Hastings was that some walking, at least for this day, might be preferable.

The surgeon didn’t bat an eye at my question about running.

A man waiting for the start had a different perspective on the country surrounding us; he’d run the course the previous year.

“Go ahead,” he said. “But not before Monday.”

“There’s not much out there,” he said; “just a few rolling hills.”

So I got out of there for $131.40. It came to me, driving out of town, that it wasn’t enough to be a runner again, but a racer. What an epiphany — thinking of myself as a racer. A specter lurked, though, that if pain persisted until my follow-up appointment on Dec. 6, surgery was still on the table. A friend was effusive at learning of my first bit of jogging on Nov. 15. “That’s awesome!” she said. “You don’t run for four months and you only go a mile. You got lazy.” She invited me to do the YMCA Turkey

“Those hills are going to hurt like crazy.”

He must’ve forgotten about a steep downhill, or two, or three, toward the end. They hurt like crazy. But I ran nonstop, finishing in 27:57, or 9:01 a mile. In the aftermath a lingering thought kept coming at me; walking, if cortisone didn’t do any more good than it had so far, might be more than preferable, it might be necessary. Another lingering thought haunted me; if cortisone was all it took, I could’ve gotten treatment within a week or two of my injury, before the end of June … if I’d been insured. - MR -

With no income as a full-time caregiver of a family member, I had no insurance; as a holder of IRAs and savings from my old job, I had too many assets to qualify for Medicaid. That made me, in health-care speak, a selfpayer. If the social worker was taken aback by my ability to raise enough cash to see the best orthopedic surgeon in the community, she didn’t let on. “I’ll make out a referral and send it over this afternoon,” she said. “You should hear from his office in a couple days.” If the surgeon’s financial officer was surprised the next morning by my willingness to pay a lump sum before the fact, she didn’t let on. “Yes, you’ll qualify for a significant discount,” she said. “I’ll put you down for our first available appointment.” What neither woman could’ve fathomed was my resignation at the prospect of going to the poorhouse in exchange for a fixed knee. The surgeon, on Nov. 10, a Wednesday, corrected my misconception about effusion; an injured knee increases its natural fluid. He said my meniscus had degenerated after a lifetime of wear and tear. He could “scope” it, in other words perform arthroscopic surgery, but due to its worn condition, he couldn’t repair it per se, only trim it. He preferred to try


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Photo by Victah Sailer /

By Scott Sullivan HOUSTON (1/28-30/11) — Texans do things big, but don’t miss the details. Fly from the land of the ice and snow, from the endless white where distinct flakes blow, to Houston for its 39th annual marathon and the change to heat overwhelms you. Hot sun. Hot Mexican food. Hot racing to write about and running to do. Hot damn! There of course is more. The Running Network, a 23-magazine consortium that includes Michigan Runner, will meet to share business strategies, stories, lies, libations and more fueled by members’ thawing imaginations. Is the nation’s fourth-largest city, NASA headquarters, gas, oil and energy mecca ready? *** 56

Houston, I have landed at George Bush Airport to find my mission just half accomplished. Should I take the $24 shuttle direct to the Hyatt or $4.50 bus? So I lose two hours lugging too much luggage a mile to wait 40 minutes to catch downtown’s finest, then rattle through two dozen stops? I’m $19.50 richer! So I don’t own a cell phone to call Network members or, for that matter, know how to set my watch back from Eastern to Central time, which, combined with my non-adjustment when Daylight Savings Time ended three months ago, means I’ll have to subtract two hours now from my watch time? I’m not behind the times but ahead! When DST resumes and I’m home in April, geeks will be resetting while I’ll be golden. Remember Led Zeppelin on tour? “The Immigrant Song” with lyrics like “We are young overlords”? That’s me.

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Valhalla, I am coming. Houston, the hammer of the gods is here! *** Friday, Jan. 28: The national half marathon championships are tomorrow, to be followed by Sunday’s Chevron Houston Marathon, Aramco Half Marathon, El Paso Corp. 5K and Texas Children’s Hospital Kids Fun Run that will draw more than 30,000 people from all 50 states and 20 nations. Houstonians boast that they host the top winter marathon in America, with justice. Organizers in 2010 outbid peers from New York and Boston to host both the 2012 U.S. Olympic marathon trials for men and women, set for Jan. 13 here next year. Tomorrow’s elite half marathon will include the eight-mile loop to be run three times on the trials course, a strategic preview for next year’s hopefuls.

Jogging back to the Hyatt, I make a point not to look in the mirror-like glass/marble walls of skyscrapers, one corporate headquarters rising higher than the next, so as not to prompt similar fear in myself. *** My roommate is 1988 U.S. Olympic race walker Gary Morgan, who lately has earned the sobriquet “Mr. Ubiquitous” for his travels from home (in Clarkston, population 982) to China, Qatar, Antarctica and such for whatever race is going on this weekend. I give Gary flak about having starlets in every port, but at Andalucia, a tapas restaurant with driving flamenco band, he strikes it up with a hostess as sizzling as the dancing. We have races to cover the next two mornings but that’s little concern to Gary, who “does” Houston long after I am curled in bed reading about its don’t-miss attractions. Young overlord, indeed. *** The star attraction of Saturday’s race is Ryan Hall, who set the U.S. half-marathon record (59:43) here four years ago, then ran the fastest marathon by an American-born athlete ever (2:06:17 in London), won the 2008 U.S. Marathon Trials with another record, then, in one pundit’s view, grew more interested in “spiritual euphoria” than in winning. Last year Hall ran poorly, withdrew from October’s Chicago Marathon and left longtime coach Terrence Mahon to train on his own. Now in the “Coach” blank on race entry forms, he writes “God.” For Houston, his first race since bailing at Chicago, Hall appears at the press conference wearing a three-month beard, which is gone for the race next morning. He couldn’t sleep, he explains, so he took an hour to cut the thing off with scissors. “I wondered what my face would look like,” Hall says. “My wife (Sara, who was in New York last night winning the Melrose Games mile) never liked my beard, but I miss it.

“If I’d have kept it till April (when he plans to run the 115th Boston Marathon), it would have been epic,” America’s best marathoner says. *** There are few withdrawals, despite

Browne’s warning. Hall loses in the last strides to rockin’ Moroccan Mo Trafeh, a naturalized American who still trains in Casablanca. Jen Rhines, Mahon’s wife (for an international sport, running can be ingrown) is the women’s champion. Second-place Serena Burla, who 11 months ago had a malignant tumor removed from her right leg, isn’t whining about not winning. “I’m just glad I’m alive,” she says. Michigan runner Melissa White, part of the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project based in Rochester, is the last woman in the money here, placing 10th. Reviews of the course, whose loop includes two hairpin turns and rolls when it gets out of town, are mixed. Multiply by three, plus another U-turn that will lead into next year’s loops, and that’s seven hairpins. “The turns slow you down, but let you check out the field ahead and behind,” says Rhines.

Photo by Victah Sailer /

Running in my new Vizio-orange shoes (I did not want to break them in in the snow) near tomorrow’s start, I see former Olympian and Fifth Third River Bank Run champion Dan Browne, whose face flashes horror. Seeing my form, he must figure he’s running for second at best tomorrow. I want to assure him I’m just here as media, but he’s gone — to warn fellow elites, I am sure, prompting mass withdrawals.

“It’s tough with the hills and turns,” says Trafeh. “You can’t really catch your rhythm.” “It’s a fast course with a good rhythm,” counters Hall, who trains in the mountains of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., and Flagstaff, Ariz. “I think it will take a sub-2:10 time to make the top three at the trials next year.” *** Gary and I nail our video of the race expo. We interview a Michigan friend in the seeming embrace of the Geico gecko and Physique Transformation Center coach/founder Frank Roberson, whose upper body is so immense he makes runners look like broom straws. “Art, we killed it,” we tell Great Lakes Sports owner Art McCafferty. “You plugged the microphone into the wrong jack. I can’t use any of it,” he says.

Nothing strikes fear in a race mogul’s heart like lightning. One electrocution and, with liability lords, you’re screwed. Other “Alert Conditions” Houston lists are for “Cold Weather, Temperatures under 50°.” I doubt the 47 Michigan runners entered are sweating that one. Rain won’t melt a runner. I ask directions to the seven-mile mark of Sunday’s marathon and a volunteer says, “It’s a long way; take a cab ... wait, aren’t you a runner?” Browne, I think, thinks otherwise. “You guys are nuts. Seven miles is thataway,” she says. Rain, on the other hand, stinks for camcorders. After shooting runners at mile seven, I |

tuck in under an overpass — a place I may spend more time in the way that print journalism’s going. I pass a prayer station and mock Indian village promising beer en route. Ethiopians win men’s and women’s titles, good for $35,000 each and plutocrat status in their homeland. Hansons-Brooks runner Erin Richard, 25, finishes 11th with a U.S. women’s trials-qualifying time of 2:44:35. She and many teammates will return here to run next year. Other Michiganians ripping it up in the rain are Steve Menovcik, 42, of Grand Ledge, fourth in his age group in 2:47:28; Jackie Rzepecki, 32, of Lake Orion, fifth in her division with a 2:52:01; and John Brabbs, 45, of Rochester, fifth in his age group in 2:54:35.


Erin Richard finishes with a U.S. women’s trials-qualifying time of 2:44:35.

*** The sun comes out once we finish shooting. We leave for the airport six hours into the marathon, with joggers till streaming through downtown streets by the hundreds. My flight’s a red-eye. As I write we are back over snow, though it’s too dark to see it. Towns glow below, spread in spangles to the horizon. Life is big, but don’t miss the details. When the gods hammer back, the trip ends and deferred work waits to take its vengeance, nothing means more than a warm hug and pillow from home again. - MR -

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


53 New Year’s Eve Run, Detroit

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Mild Weather, Hot Times at Fifth Third New Year’s Eve Run

Many families competed in the One Mile Run or the 5K Run. By Charles Douglas McEwen DETROIT (12/31/10) — When he last won this race in 2008, Luke Humphrey had ice in his beard as he crossed the finish line. HansonsBrooks teammate Dot McMahan also had to fight the cold when she won last year. This year, a temperature above 40 degrees welcomed them and 1,300 other entrants to the Belle Isle Casino for the Fifth Third Bank 41st annual New Year’s Eve Family Run/Walk. (Michigan Runner, Tom Waligorski Roofing and Hansons Running Shop were also major sponsors for this event.) “You couldn’t ask for better weather,” McMahan said. “The wind was low-key too.”

Albaugh Jr., 17, of Waterford (15:56) and Jules Winfield, 29, of Lake Orion (16:17). “That’s solid time for a road race where I was by myself most of the way,” Humphrey said. McMahan, 34, paced the women in 16:31, her fastest 5K on the roads. Next came Sarah Kasabian-Larson, 28, of Adrian (18:20) and Kelsie Schwartz, 14, of St. Clair Shores (18:52). The top three men and women received Hansons Running Shop gift certificates. “I had some high school boys to work with, so I wasn’t by myself very much,” McMahan said. “They were good to run with. They ran in a pack, relaxed.”

Humphrey, 29, took advantage, finishing the 5K in 14:35, far ahead of runner-up Scotty

McMahan felt she could move fast around

Michigan Runner TV 58

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


the course. “I like it here,” she said. “You don’t have to worry about traffic and there was no ice on the roads. Plus there’s a building (the casino) to go into if it’s really cold. It’s a great way to end one year and start the next.” Many families competed in the 5K, including the Albaughs. Joining Scotty Jr., a state champion in cross-country for Waterford Mott High School last November, were his twin brothers Sam and Simon, 13, who finished in 18:04 and 18:50, respectively. Youngest brother Stuart, 11, ran 25:18. Albaugh’s parents, Scott Sr. (25:11) and Rachel (30:04), also did well in the race. “This is my fifth or sixth time doing it,” said Scotty Jr. “I really like it.” Proceeds from the event, which included a one-mile children’s fun run, went to Special Olympics-Michigan. For more information on this race, visit Complete results can be found at - MR -

Super 5K, Novi

Run Like the Dickens, Holly

Super 5K Entertains New Records By Tracey Cohen

Suzanne Larsen won the 10K in 35:38. Clint Verran was the men’s winner in 32:48.

First-time participant Bill Sweet of Waterford said the roads weren’t bad and this should be an interesting way to spend Super Bowl Sunday. Slush and ice left over from Saturday’s storm added excitement to an already-challenging course which eighth-grader Casey Croad took in stride. “I like the challenge of the hills and the crowd of people,” he said.

Samuel Albaugh, 13, ran 38:31 to win his age group by more than 6 minutes.

Photo by Greg Sadler / Greg Sadler Photography

“This race always has the worst weather,” said longtime store employee Victor Sellinger.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

NOVI (2/6/11) -- Blizzard-like conditions just before race morning didn’t discourage nearly 1,600 runners from swarming the Novi Town Center for Running Fit’s 12th annual Super 5K, a record turnout for this event.

Conditions proved irrelevant for Katie Jazwinski, who set a new women’s course record in 17:07, breaking Angela Matthews’ old mark and three-year win streak.

Donald McLaughlin paced the men in 15:47.

Donald McLaughlin paced the men in 15:47, while Claudio Salas and Rebecca Price grabbed men’s and women’s masters honors in 17:13 and 20:32, respectively.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photo by Greg Sadler / Greg Sadler Photography

Pint glasses, hot dogs, meatballs and other food served by the St. Pauli Girls Dances With Dirt team awaited runners at the finish.

This Tiny Tim Trot participant enjoyed the crowd support at the finish line.

“It was good to see lots of people come out on Super Bowl Sunday,” said new RF representative Patrick Whinnery. “Most years I sleep until noon; this is definitely better.” “It’s great to get out with all these other crazy people running in the snow,” four-year race veteran Sam Lulkin said.

Katie Jazwinski, who set a new women’s course record in 17:07.


For complete results and to learn about next year’s race, visit - MR -

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


Running with Tom Henderson By Tom Henderson “WHAT A BULLDOG!”

like, well, Ralph.

I don’t know what his family put on Ralph Judd’s headstone, but that’s what they should have put on it. Bulldog? Hey, this was a former Marine — he ran on the Corps’ track team when he was stationed in the Pacific in the late 1950s — who heard back in 1978 there was going to be this weird thing called a marathon, put on by the Detroit Free Press, would start in Windsor and finish on Belle Isle. Sounded cool, so he ran a few three- and four-mile runs to get in shape, then ran 26.2 on marathon day. In work boots. Off a long run of like five miles. Hey, he’d run in his boots in the Marines, what’s the big deal? He migrated quickly to running shoes, but one thing that never changed was running the Freep marathon. He went on to do every one.

He was racewalking, which he did a lot of as a cross-training tool even in his prime. Big gap-toothed grin, same craggy face with the huge smile lines that seemed unchanged from the time I’d first seen him 27 years earlier. We stopped. I introduced Ralph. We shook hands all round. “How you doing, Ralph?” “Well, I have stage-four melanoma,” he said, matter of fact. But what he wanted to talk about was the series of marathons he’d finished in the last year. And then he was off, butt going side to side as he powered up a hill. Stage four? Wasn’t that about as serious as it got? Couldn’t be. Dude looked too good. Bulldog? Once a perpetual Boston

Bulldog? He set his marathon PR of 2:53 at the Scotty Hanton Marathon in Port Huron at age 53. Bulldog? When stuck at work on big projects and no time to get out — he worked for the 36th District Court in Detroit for 37 years and was still the technical operations manager when he died in December at age 72 — he’d take breaks and run laps in the hall at work, figuring it out to about 27 laps to the mile.

Marathon qualifier, Ralph finished last at last fall’s Free Press marathon, walking the whole way in 7 hours and 46 minutes. He looked like crap pretty much from the start, or so I’m told, but there was no way he was going to drop out. I first met Ralph at the first annual birthday party for the Downtown Runners, at the Checker Bar in Detroit in 1983. I was freelancing for a twice-monthly publication in the Renaissance Center and the editor, knowing I was a runner, asked me to write something about the group. I had run maybe 15 races and a couple marathons but didn’t know any runners. I trained alone, did a race, got in the car, drove home. I sat in a corner watching the party, thinking, “Man, these folks look like they are having fun!” They were also displaying an ability to pound down the beer, also a habit I shared. As one of the group’s founders, Ralph made a little speech, and so did a guy named Mark Rothenhauser, another bulldog I would later find out, a nearly-blind, loveable oddball who was Ralph’s chief sidekick for a few years. Mark couldn’t see more than three feet in front of his face, but would do things like take two days to ride a bike from Detroit to the Pinckney State Recreation Area, run the Potawatomie marathon, then get back on his bike and ride home. Always broke, Mark would just sleep in a field when it got time to stop riding, having enough money, though, to buy a couple beers and muse fondly on the day’s events before nodding off.

Bulldog? He’d run in the sunshine at high noon on 90-degree days, race every weekend in his heyday, take on ultramarathon trail runs throughout the Midwest.

Bulldog? I hadn’t seen him in a year or two but had heard he’d developed a serious melanoma when I ran into him last April. I was running on the road that bisects Detroit’s Elmwood Cemetery with a colleague from work the night of the annual anniversary run of the People Who Walk and Run Downtown, and here, to my surprise, came Ralph, looking


Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Bulldog? He was accidentally pushed down a flight of stairs at Joe Louis Arena after a concert and needed a hip replacement in 2007. Unable to run the Freep, he did it on a handcycle.

He and Ralph would head to Wisconsin or Pennsylvania and run these trail ultras and Mark, blind as he was, always missed one key turn or another, got lost, spent hours wandering around, would make his way somehow to the finish line and start planning his next ultra. All that, of course, I learned later.

Ralph Judd finishes the Hartland Memorial Day Run.

Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


I was impressed that night by Ralph, an old man, it seemed, mostly bald, craggy even then from too much time in the sun. Impressed that he was a marathoner at such an age (mid-40s, which now seems almost childlike). Impressed by his gregariousness. He took it upon himself to greet all newcomers, and greeted me, introduced me around, careful to make sure that night, and for nearly

three decades to come, that new faces met his old friends so they wouldn’t sit by themselves. He’d find out if newcomers ran or walked, and at what pace. Were they serious? Looking to get better? And he’d introduce them to fellow walkers, fellow runners and people who could help them improve. I don’t think I missed another Tuesday night with the Downtown Runners for 15 years. Met the woman who became my second wife there. Met some of my best friends there. Met Kevin Baur and Lenny Constantine there, fellow race nuts who ran even more races than me each year, not an easy feat, since I averaged 80 a year for nearly 20 years. I was driving north for the weekend, late at night this past Dec. 3, when the cell phone rang. It was Julie Hamilton, one of the Downtown Runner stalwarts. Ralph was dead. Went out like a bulldog. Got bad stomach pains on Wednesday, drove himself to the hospital on Thursday, died a few hours later, his cancer having spread everywhere.

chewed him out. But there was so much good to take with Ralph, I figured accepting his propensity for saving a buck at a race was little enough bad to take, as well. Ralph liked to stock up on post-race goodies, too. I used to host the Downtown Runners at my cabin in the woods each year for the Cherry Festival 15K. Ralph proudly pointed out to me one year a whole tray of yogurt he’d walked off with. Alas, he forgot to take it out of his car once we got back to my cabin and started drinking beer at the lake, and the next morning the yogurts had gone the way of cottage cheese. There he is, unloading the yogurt from his car, looking at me, giving me that world-class grin, a sheepish edge to it. No time for chastisement. There was a hangover to be run off, and a bulldog to run it off with as we set out on a 15miler through heat and over hills.

He was probably pissed he hadn’t got in a walk on his last day on earth, if I know Ralph.

Ralph was survived by his wife, Jill Van Buskirk; his son, Gordon; a daughter, Linda Sanders; and a younger brother, Gordon, a Catholic priest who came back from his post in Brazil to deliver a eulogy that had the tears flowing.

The headline in the Freep read: “Ralph Judd was the heart and soul of Downtown Runners club.” They got that headline right.

And now the list of those having run every Freep marathon is down to four. - MR -

Ralph was an odd duck, to be sure. A character who once met wouldn’t be forgot. He loved and befriended stray cats. He had an insatiable appetite for exploring abandoned houses and boarded-up buildings. He and Mark spent a good part of their time in the 1980s finding the greasiest food and cheapest draft beer in metro Detroit to while away their Friday nights. Burgers, fries and beer were their three major food groups. Ralph knew how to pinch a penny. He was known to fill empty milk jugs with the leftover draft beer at the Downtown Runners’ annual Christmas party, then offer it to friends who stopped by in the weeks or even months ahead. A bunch of us Downtown Runners would meet once a year to pick the next year’s meeting spots for the weekly Tuesday night runs. Ralph always had the most suggestions. They all involved very cheap beer, hot, greasy food and a complete lack of ambience. We learned soon enough to temper Ralph’s enthusiasm and at least once in a while go somewhere a bit more upscale. Ralph got a kick out of banditing races, a habit I chided him for without mentioning his name in several Michigan Runner columns. Not all races, but some. If he bandited a race and no one gave him any grief about it, he’d report to me the following Tuesday: “You oughtta do this race next year. You can bandit it.” Anyone else, I probably would have


Michigan Runner - March / April 2011



Michigan Runner - March / April 2011


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