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Calendar July - October 2009

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Features & Departments Editor’s Notes: Stop & Go By Scott Sullivan

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Mark Bauman: 40 Bostons and Going Strong By Bill Kahn

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The Other LSD By Nicholas A. Stanko

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Fenton Woman Runs with Boston’s Elite By Bill Kahn

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Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard

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The Worst Day Running By Dean Johnson

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Johncock, 81, Adds to U.S. Marks By Daniel G. Kelsey

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Dave Kanners: A Tribute By Doug Kurtis

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Michigan Runner Race Series 2009

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Beyond the Chip: Appreciating Running by Playing the Mandolin By Robin Sarris-Hallop p. 22 Reviews: Summer Trail Shoes By Cregg Weinmann

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The Sound of Running By Dave Foley

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Ellen Nitz: Running, Racing, Giving By Tracey Cohen

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Running with Tom Henderson

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GLSP Television Network 2009 Events

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At the Races River Bank Run Draws Record Crowds Despite Course Change, Rain By Grant Lofdahl

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Grosse Ile Grows Under Sunny Skies By Tracey Cohen

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Rock & Road Hills Pose Test By Ron Marinucci

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Variety Spices 36th Annual Dexter-Ann Arbor Run By Charles Douglas McEwen

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State Track Meets Feature Brilliance, Bees By Scott Sullivan

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Novi Host Wednesday-Night ‘Flight’ for Funds By Ron Marinucci

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Big 10 Outdoor T&F Championships, Cooley Law School 5K, Hillsdale Gina Relays Photos by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Boston Marathon Elite Mile Photo by Victah Sailer / photorun.net

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

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Training Pays Off in Bayshore Marathon Debut By Bill Kahn

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Homann, Hatfield Hit Homers at Road Ends Romp By Charles Douglas McEwen

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Hartland Memorial Day Run Memorable Indeed By Ron Marinucci

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Ferndale Foot Frolic Features Stars, Team Green By Charles Douglas McEwen

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Fruitport Retro Race Charms . . . and Grows By Daniel G. Kelsey

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Tax Trot Takes Fitness Toll By Bill Kahn

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Mark Bauman photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios. 2

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Editor’s Notes Stop & Go By Scott Sullivan


nce upon a time I believed the point of life was to do things. Go! Grab for all the gusto you can! And so on!

I have since recanted. The exclamationpoint key on my keyboard broke and I was drowning in doubts over basing my life on a beer slogan. I define myself now on the countless things I don’t do.

• “I was running an ultra from the North to South poles the other day ...” • “We’ll hold Junior’s third birthday party in the Roman Colosseum, where he’ll pick up his Nobel Peace Prize.” • “Split the atom lately?” I’ve done none of these things. Nor care to. For my friends who have sprinted up Mt. Everest, pre-enrolled fetuses at M.I.T. and set Guinness world records for eating seven-acre fruitcakes, congratulations. I’m happy living life to the emptiest. I have seen what I need and could do with a whole lot less. It took effort to put the “fire” and “desire” that were lyrics of every rock song I used to listen to, on ice -- nipping them in the Buddhist bud, so to speak. The scapegoat, Gautama Buddha, taught desire causes suffering; be content with what is, want nothing. I can’t get enough of the things he said. Just as there’s a one-upmanship involved in being a Mover, Shaker or other terms dangled to spur folks to race like comets and miss the universe, there’s a onedownmanship affected by we, the worldweary: • “What did you do when your house burnt?” “Roasted marshmallows.” • “Did you see your son born?” “I was paring my nails instead.”


Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

© C. Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Take cocktail parties I don’t attend, where talk tends to run like this:

Flannery Sullivan runs with her dad, Scott Sullivan, at the Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Race. It’s hard doing nothing. The things I do do -- breathe, eat, drink -- may be by default, not intent, but still land me in deep doo-doo. I need food to eat, hence must make a living. To share words of wisdom about wanting nothing, I need a writing gig and computer -- ideally with gigabytes out the yinyang. To breathe, I need air, best inhaled running. To bring on oblivion we, the Weltschmerz-afflicted, crave, I need drink. This “life” thing is one big trap. The more I run, the more toxins I clear from my mind, soul, body. Add miles, subtract flab. You can never get too much nothing. “Go for it!” I say. MR

Photo by Victah Sailer / photorun.net

Mark Bauman: 40 Bostons and Going Strong

By Bill Khan

Mark Bauman finished the 113th Boston Marathon in 4:06:17 -- a few minutes before these finishers crossed the line.


ack in 1970, the running boom hadn’t even begun and marathoning was far from being a mainstream activity.

In April that year, Mark Bauman of Flushing was a 19-year-old junior college runner who arrived in Boston with his coach and some teammates to tackle the famed marathon. Much has changed since then. The Boston field increased from 1,174 in 1970 to 23,162 finishers this year. The marathon demographic has also changed dramatically, as runners of all ages and abilities attempt the 26.2-mile distance these days. It would be two years before women could officially participate, with only eight finishing in 1972, compared to 9,302 this year. 6

However, Bauman’s routine the third Monday of April has remained a constant. For 40 consecutive years, he has completed the Boston Marathon, an accomplishment that puts him in very select company in the race’s 113-year history. Only four men have ever run 40 Bostons in a row, all of them adding to their streaks this year. Neil Weygandt, 62, of Drexel Hill, Pa., ran his 43rd straight Boston, Bennett Beach, 58 of Bethesda, Md., his 42nd, and Martin Duffy, 68, of Belmont, Mass., his 40th. “It’s just a matter of being lucky enough to stay healthy,” said Bauman, owner of Bauman’s Running & Walking Shop in Flint. “I’ve been lucky enough to be healthy enough to do it. I try to be consistent. When I’m healthy, I can get out there, get some mileage and run some 20s (20-mile runs).”

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Bauman had the fastest time in the 40year group this year, finishing in 4:06:17. He has a Boston PR of 2:30:32 set in 1975, but he no longer focuses on his time. “I’m way more low-key,” Bauman said. “I just go to finish. That’s the goal, to get from point A to point B. I’ve slowed enough that I don’t run the qualifying time every year. I’ve been lucky enough to get an exemption the years that I don’t. “It’s a great trip, a great experience. It’s a lot of fun. There are good people on the course and things going on all weekend. It’s like the runners’ Super Bowl.” Bauman ran for what is now Mott Community College when he went to his first Boston Marathon with coach Paul Griffin and teammates John Gault, Tyrone Griffin and Durk James.

Bauman has three other noteworthy running streaks, having competed in all 33 Volkslaufes, all 32 Crims and all 31 Detroit Free Press Marathons. “I’ll go as long as I can, as long as the good Lord’s willing,” Bauman said. MR

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

“There was a qualifying standard,” Bauman said. “I knew I met two of them. One was your time in a half marathon, which I had done. Another was a note from your coach and you also had to pass a physical, which they gave us at a school the morning of the race.”

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Mark Bauman (right) and other 30-year veterans of the Crim Festival of Races 10 Mille get an early start.

Mark Bauman’s Running and Walking Shop in Flint is a familiar exhibitor at race expos. Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


By Nicholas A. Stanko

The Other LSD Another valuable lsd session is a fartlek run, where one alternates steady-pace running with easier running. Remember, you are running on instincts and not the watch. Keep in mind these characteristics of lsd (long steady distance) running when you are out on the roads or trails.


fter recently running across three books that help to describe Arthur Lydiard’s aerobic training philosophy, I would like to clarify a common misconception about successful aerobic training.

• Run by feel, not the watch.

It is in a runner’s best interest to understand and properly use Lydiard’s misunderstood ingredient of aerobic training that should be part of a well-rounded training plan.

Before we move on to how one can successfully use lsd, we first need to clarify this misunderstood form of aerobic training. In the running world, LSD is commonly know as long slow distance, aka running at an easy pace. Easier running to recover from harder sessions does play a crucial role in one’s training, but the misinterpretation of Lydiard’s successful aerobic training plans lies in the quality of aerobic running an athlete should do. Somehow distance runners have been misinformed on the concept of aerobic training, and now incorrectly associate it with easy-slow running for extended periods. Runners have successfully misinterpreted what Lydiard meant by aerobic running. By taking a closer look at what Lydiard had his successful stable of runners doing, one can see it was far from the LSD runners know today. His runners and others who understand true aerobic training were not running slow. Their lsd runs should be referred to as long steady distance, runs close to or a little faster than marathon race pace. Anything but slow! May I repeat again ... anything but slow. “Steady” is a subjective term and will be different for every runner, but it is a pace that is crisp and should feel like you are pressing it. Not running all-out or racing, but similar to a tempo-run effort. Towards the end of the run you are hurting, your muscles are beginning to fatigue and your breathing is heavy. This steady pace is hard and controlled, but it never becomes 100-percent anaerobic. 8

• Vary your lsd workouts. The options are endless: * 2-6 mile fartlek, with multiple 1/4- to 1mile of steady efforts and easy running inbetween.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

After reading “Self-Made Olympian” and “Running Your Best” by Ron Daws and “Healthy Intelligent Training: The Proven Principles of Arthur Lydiard” by Keith Livingston, then reflecting on years of successful and unsuccessful training experiences, it has become clear to me the important role lsd should play in one’s training.

• The effort should feel like marathon to half-marathon race pace.

* Long run with 2-15 miles of steady effort. * 4-12 mile progression run. • Use open roads and trails, and stay away from the track’s confinement. • Include lsd running 1-3 times per week throughout the year.

Nick Stanko competes in the Solstice Run, 2008.

A common workout that has received press during the past few years and is a great lsd (long steady distance) session is the progression, or cut-down, run, where a runner starts out at an easy/medium pace and picks it up as the run continues. An important characteristic of these lsd runs is they should be run more on feel, not time. Let your body (muscles and breathing) tell you how fast you are going, not a watch that has no idea how you are feeling. Really ... your watch might be touching your body, but it has no idea how you are feeling. Timing these runs is not a problem, as long as you refrain from looking at your watch until you hit the stop button when you are done. Every month or so, if you really need to, you can take splits to check your progression from mile to mile, but you don’t want to make it a habit. Let your body tell you how fast to go on most lsd runs. Recording your overall time will show your improving fitness as weeks and months pass, or if you are over-training and are still tired from your last hard session or race.

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Aerobic training is the bread and butter of successful distance running, and it is important to remember that it does not mean only slow or easy running. Aerobic training should also include uncomfortable-hard-controlled efforts. When incorporating lsd (long steady distance) and LSD (long slow distance) into your training schedule, think of lsd as a steady effort and LSD as a recovery effort, both aerobic. Running long steady distance throughout the year will provide your body and mind with the right amount of stress, without breaking you totally down and leaving nothing in the tank for race day or a hard anaerobic track workout every few weeks. Lsd can be used in a variety of workouts, and anywhere from 1 to 3 times a week. By varying the quantity and quality of your lsd running from session to session, you will keep your mind and body on their toes and ready to put it all on the line when it truly counts. Learn to properly use lsd and in a month or two you will be running anything but slow on race day. Nicholas A. Stanko runs for Brooks Sports, Inc. and resides with his family in Haslett. MR

Photo by Victah Sailer / photorun.net

Fenton Woman Runs with Boston’s Elite

Lisa Veneziano (white singlet, foot on “S”) starts with the elite women at the 113th Boston Marathon. By Bill Khan


isa Veneziano of Fenton couldn’t help but be a little star-struck April 20 as she stood at the start line of the Boston Marathon. Here she was sharing small talk with U.S. Olympian Kara Goucher and mingling with runners that included defending-champion Dire Tune of Ethiopia, four-time Olympian Colleen De Reuck and eventual-champion Salina Kosgei of Kenya. Veneziano, 44, earned a spot in the elite women’s field with her time of 2:58:55 in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon Nov. 1, 2008. She was one of 15 masters runners among the 60 women who started 28 minutes early. As part of the elite field, Veneziano enjoyed perks such as a bus ride to the start in Hopkinton, Mass., a chance to hang out with fellow elites in a special area before the 10

race and post-race massage. Veneziano made sure to take plenty of pictures before the race. “They were all very open and friendly,” she said. “It was cool to be out with all the lead runners in the world.” She wound up finishing in 3 hours, 9 minutes and 34 seconds, falling short of her goal of going below three hours, but this may have been Veneziano’s most enjoyable marathon experience. “My time wasn’t great, but it was a great time,” she said. “I can’t even tell you how awesome it was.” Veneziano ran much of the race alone, as the faster women were down the road and the elite men didn’t catch her until about the halfway mark. Even getting passed was a cool experience.

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

“It felt like I was standing still, but it was

exciting to be part of it,” Veneziano said. “All the cameras were rolling and everything. It was really neat. I’ve never run with worldclass men.” Veneziano has managed to run 5Ks in the low 18-minute range on a program of 30mile weeks and sessions on a stationary bike. Even though she got in some 20-milers in her Boston build-up, she said she wasn’t nearly prepared to race at the level she wanted. She hopes to post another time fast enough to get into next year’s elite women’s field. “I told Jay (Owens, her husband) that even if I do qualify again, I will absolutely train,” Veneziano said. “I’ve got to get my miles up. I’ve got to train for this course with the ups and downs. “I’ve done well here before. I felt the course a lot more than I ever had when I’ve run it. Whenever I’ve run it before, I had a better base mileage-wise,” she said. MR

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Running Shorts with Scott Hubbard

Photo by Pat Davey

Trivia: Who was the women’s winner of the 1979 Old Kent (now Fifth Third) River Bank 25K Run?

STORY LINE. I’ve shared my story in this space for more than 25 years. Running, and in the past 10 years, cycling, have been central themes, although I’ve strayed a time or two to relate what seemed good tales. What’s appeared here, for the most part, have been examples of things I’ve seen, heard, read about or done myself. First-person accounts are fine, fun and great ways to connect with an audience, but I enjoy even more seeing the sport through others’ eyes. Sometimes doing so is eye-opening. I recently learned my own brother, Don, a superstar runner in his day, had no idea how I got started in the sport. Say what? So I did what any dazed and bemused brother would do: I patiently described my initiation into organized running while wondering what other small details about life-altering events in my life he was unaware of. But there you are: Despite our history there was still unexplored territory, something left to learn. Don didn’t know as much about me as I assumed, but via idle banter we connected, filling a gap.

describe what they remember and what was important to them. It’s extra fun to see if their version of events matches or varies from my own. I’m lucky that I regularly see old teammates and the bond built of shared experiences warms me in their presence. Corny, but true. Following graduation from college, I continued living in Ann Arbor until 1994. During those 20 years I watched running explode in popularity, filling the streets and swelling race fields. It was pretty cool to be surrounded by so many more runners, to see the growth and attention given the sport, and I made hundreds of new friends. I knew most only in a cursory, social way, but many others became good friends through shared experiences and I got to know a couple handful fairly intimately. Not until the early 1980s, when I started doing finish-line announcing, did the contrast between friends and a vibrant-but-anonymous sea of faces tip the connection factor way out of whack. I’ve said a lot of names over the past 27 years, drawing attention to deserving finishers. I love doing it, but I do so most of the time at a bit of a remove, a subtle separation. Recognizing finishers is a joy, but I don’t really know them, their backgrounds, jobs, friends, goals and hobbies. They’re with me three seconds and gone.

From day one in organized running, I was surrounded by other runners, high school teammates. As time went on, we all got to know more about each other.

While announcing, it’s overwhelming to consider who’s drawn to running and I wish I could do more to convey how inclusive the sport is. Too often, runners are just numbers and sweating faces with a hand in the air when I call their name, yet sometimes they become flesh and blood, strangers no more.

Given the limitations of attending a huge high school with teammates spread all over the city, none of them nearby and me lacking a car, I didn’t get to know them as well I could have — but I knew far more about them than my other classmates.

As I crossed an intersection on my half-mile walk to the start of the Flying Pig Marathon/Half-Marathon in Cincinnati May 3, a woman fell in step with me. It was about 6 a.m. and dark. It had rained overnight and water hung in the air.

In college, I got to know my teammates twice as well as in high school because we spent so much time together; in living situations, on trips and, of course, in training.

We’d only gone about 10 yards when she said, “I think I’ll walk to the start with you, if that’s OK.” I was dressed in street clothes so I wasn’t sure what gave away my destination, but I quickly said, “Sure, it’s a few blocks away.”

One of the beautiful things about being part of a team are the friends you make, rehashing old times, watching career paths as they develop, flourish and, if you grow old enough, diverge. It never grows old listening to others 12

We made small talk, then she asked if I’d ever heard the lyrics of a song she’d been singing to herself. She recited a few bars and I said, “No, new to me.” She said, “You must be

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

too young then.” I told her I was 56 and she said she was 62. I took a good look at her in the streetlight glow and couldn’t believe she was more than 42. She told me what 1950s TV show the song had been from and we talked about old shows we grew up with. She asked where I was from. “I live in Atlanta with my husband, who’s a scientist,” she said. “We’ve also lived in London, Ont., and Madison, Wisc. My name is Judy Altman.” She had a low number and I asked which race she was running. “I’m in the marathon,” she said. “I don’t go very fast, but I really love it. “I only started doing things like this a few years ago,” Judy continued. “I never did much active as an adult, but I’m really enjoying the races. I travel to different places to run.” I asked what she hoped to run and she said, “Somewhere around six hours.” She asked what I was doing there. When I told her to announce at the finish, she said, “Oh my, you’re the voice at the end? That’s great. I hope you see me when I finally come in.” By now, we were at a corner where she was to meet others. We talked more about running, Atlanta and upcoming plans. Her friends arrived and she introduced me to them, “This is Scott. He’s the finish-line announcer!” We all stood around, talking about the good marathon weather and incidental things, before Judy excused herself to find a bathroom. As I walked up an embankment, it hit me, “Everybody’s got a story to tell!” And there were so many stories lined up (about 12,500 starters). Some had shared their tales in pre-race online write-ups, but here I’d been treated to a story that tumbled out naturally, unsolicited and refreshing in its candor. It was the perfect way to start my long day — a big positive. Buoyed, I looked on as others scampered about and I wondered what stories they could tell. After the start, I went to the finish not far away and started in with commentary, observations and name after name after name. I may have set a name-calling PR. The finish line was “officially” open for seven hours, but stayed open for the last stragglers. From the 5-1/2 hour mark on, I scanned my screen and incoming faces for Judy. When I left at 7:03 into the race, I still hadn’t seen her.

The next day I learned she finished in 6:53, which meant she must have started way in the back and/or a bit late from her pre-race potty break. Dang, I thought. I probably left minutes before she came in. That saddened me a little because my day of announcing would have been fittingly rounded out if I could have said her name as she finished.

The Worst Day Running

And we would’ve talked afterward. The story would’ve come full circle. My loss.

By Dean Johnson



1. Maybe I should’ve stayed home; I bring rain. A torrential downpour soaked runners for more than 30 minutes the last time I was in Grand Rapids for the race. About the same this year. 2. I stood in the finish chute, looking at faces with 1,000-yard stares that follow long, intensive efforts. 3. Kudos to race officials for making the alternate-course decision, and to measurer Ralph Dewey, who worked extra hard to get things squared away with little time to spare. 4. It took seven minutes for the last 5K runner to cross the start line. 5. The driver of the press truck deserves a gold star for maneuvering between cones, the edge of the road and wheelers in each direction. 6. Living back in the Grand Rapids area after many years away, seven-time race winner Greg Meyer is doing a terrific job working with the race in a variety of capacities. 7. Total entries reached a record high in the River Bank Run’s 32nd year, mirroring growth at other events around the country. This is a good thing. 8. Pretty cool that $4,000 in prize money was up for grabs in the 5K and 10K races. 9. I enjoyed chatting with Amby Burfoot, longtime Runner’s World editor. Amby confessed his editorial interests these days lean toward what’s new in sports medicine. 10. Great to see Al Owens on the press truck. He’s been with the race since its infancy. 11. Special salute to Marie Smythe, the only woman to run all 32 of the 25K races. She ran a 3:05 this year. 12. Hosting a National Championship with attendant prize money always adds a buzz to the mix, attracts some of America’s best runners and guarantees fast times deep in the results. Answer: Cheryl Flanagan won the River Bank Run 30 years ago in 1:36:39. Her daughter, Shalane, won the bronze medal at 10,000 meters in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

y training schedule called for a hard 7-miler as I prepared for summer races like The Legend and Dances with Dirt. Little did I realize how hard the run would be!

Since I had both morning and evening meetings, I would have to make it an afternoon workout. On the way to work, I stopped at the auto shop to have a problem looked at on my 1998 Dodge Caravan. The shop guy took one look and yelled, “Your strut tower cap is completely rusted away! You can’t drive this van another mile!” He told me I had to leave the van with him and it would cost $1,400 to fix. At 2 p.m. it was 80 degrees and 78-percent humidity. I’m a pastor, so I borrowed our church van and drove up to Maybury State Park, where it’s cooler on the mountain bike trail in the woods. I get migraine headaches (real migraines, not like when people have a bad headache and say “I think I have a migraine.” If you have to say “I think …” then you don’t have a migraine). About a mile into my run, I started to experience the “aura” I get as a headache is setting in — blurry eyesight and crossed vision. An aura makes me panic more than anything in life, because it means excruciating pain is coming. I’ve been able to identify what brings on my migraines — stress, lack of sleep, or a changing weather front (a high-pressure system puts high pressure on the arteries in my head). But that day I wasn’t stressed (I was running on a trail) or sleep-deprived, and as far as I knew the weather wasn’t changing. I needed to get to the prescription meds in my briefcase, so I had to get back to the van. I left the trail for a nearby road, traveling through a field of little plants with three tear-shaped leaves and red-dotted stems (read: poison ivy). Back at the van with a throbbing headache and blurred vision, I could still make out the ticket a park ranger put on the church van because it didn’t have a state park sticker. I do have a sticker on my van but it was … back at Dick Scott Dodge, costing me $1,400.

I jumped in the van, reached for my briefcase … and realized it was in my office back at church. I sped out of the park with an agonizing headache, drove 12 miles to church and was met by a man seeking counseling. Not at all apologetic, I blurted, “I’m sorry, Pete, I just can’t do it right now!” Two Midrin, one Tylenol 3 and a 10minute nap later, I emerged from my office to find that the man had made phone calls and taken care of his problem himself. I hurried back to Maybury, because if you buy an annual sticker the same day you get a ticket, you don’t have to pay for the ticket. I started to wonder what it would be like to follow my headache and stomach-wrecking medication with a run rather than a 3-hour nap that I usually had to take. So I bought a pass and then headed back out, across the same poison ivy-strewn field, and picked up the trail at the exact place I had left it. I was OK until the forest grew dark, the sky opened and I found out why I’d gotten a headache — it was the worst thunder and lightning downpour I’d run in since the 1986 Crim, when the rain washed out a contact lens on the Bradley hills. I still set a lifetime 10-mile PR, but I’d have run a minute faster if I could have seen … You’d be surprised how quickly a mountain bike trail turns to a muddy river in a thunderstorm. I ran most of the rest of the way in a 2-inch-deep river, ruining my almost-new Brooks Cascadias. Back at the parking lot I found another ticket, because I had neglected to put the sticker I bought on the windshield. BUT I GOT IN MY 7-MILE RUN! I have a saying that, “The worse day running trails is still better than the best day running roads.” I’m going to adapt that to, “The worse day running is still better than the best day not.”

MR contributor and longtime runner Dean Johnson is pastor of Lake Pointe Bible Church in Plymouth. MR

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Johncock, 81, Adds to U.S. Marks


oger Bannister of Britain broke the four-minute barrier in the mile in 1954 at age 25. Jerry Johncock of Gun Lake broke the four-hour barrier in the marathon in 2008 at age 80.

In doing so, each man established a new standard, Bannister for everyone, Johncock for Americans of his age group. But Johncock went Bannister three better by resetting the bar four times at three distances in a year. USA Track & Field credits him with records among men 80-84 in the marathon, at 30K and at 50K. He hopes he’s not done yet. He has his eye trained on a record at 25K. “I’ll try to get it this year if my old bones hold together,” he said. Johncock, 5’7” at a stretch in racing shoes and 145 pounds sopping wet with sweat, turned 80 on Feb. 2, 2008. Like a groundhog in search of spring, everywhere he looked he saw the shadow of Minnesota’s Lloyd Young, five years his senior, holder of all four records he sought. He began his quest to get Young at the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City May 24. “In the second half I knew my time was pretty close,” said Johncock. “After I got to 24 miles I managed to get a little more speed. I pushed as hard as I could.” Coming around the curve of the finishing track, seeing 4:11 on the clock, he knew he had it made. His 4:11:52 eclipsed Young’s record by more than a minute. Next up was the Milford Labor Day 30K Run Sept. 1. “That’s a hilly course. They said, ‘You’re going to have trouble breaking it,’” Johncock remembered. “But I’d run Milford before.” He posted a 2:45:26 to chip four and a half minutes off Young’s standard. Then it was another shot at 26.2 miles, this time on Young’s home turf, the Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis Oct. 5. With the record already in his back pocket, he had four hours in the back of his mind.

“When I got to 20 miles, it wasn’t even three hours,” Johncock said. “I told myself, ‘I’ve got a 10K to go, and if I do it in an hour, I’ll make it under four hours.’” On screaming calves, as much limping as running, he crossed the finish line in 3:59:05. Record-breaking race number four came in the Freedom Park New Year’s Ultra Run at Morganton, N.C., Dec. 31. By 30 miles Johncock could have crawled to the record on his belly like a warrior. His 5:36:27 shattered Young’s mark by 17 minutes. “It was pretty flat. A couple of hills,” he said. As a souvenir he brought home one of four official watches with the same reading of his time down to the second.

“I missed the record by a minute and a half,” Johncock said. “If I hadn’t made a pit stop I would’ve got it.” In the 2009 Fifth Third River Bank Run May 9 this year, he missed the target of 2:14:36 by eight minutes. He said his goal was to get back to Houston for another go in November. Not long ago Johncock moved back from Grand Rapids to an eight-acre parcel, bounded by the Gun River and the line between Barry and Allegan counties, roughly a mile from where he grew up. In high school at Delton he played basketball and ran track. He was but a year older than Bannister, but by the time the Brit fired off the mile heard round the world, Johncock had hung up his athletic shoes. The television serviceman took up running again at age 50 when three of his sons challenged him to join them in an eight-miler in Delton in 1978. “It took me 10 years to reach my peak,” Johncock said. “When I was 60 I ran my fastest races.”

“You always want to run as fast as you can,” he said.

His routine, at least these days, is to rest during winter. Beginning in spring he logs 30 to 40 miles a week on the muck along the river and among the farms higher up from the lake.

Halfway through the race he could tell from his split sheet he was three or four minutes ahead of his pace.

“I just don’t have the ambition to do the miles I did when I was in my 60s and 70s,” he said. MR


Laurie Decker (l.) appears with Jerry Johncock and Johncock’s foster kids, Randy & Michelle, at the Cadillac 10K race, 2005.

That left one leg of his quest undone. He’d made a run at Young in the Houston Masters Sports Association Classical 25K Nov. 9.

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Photo by Scott Sullivan

By Daniel G. Kelsey

Jerry Johncock run the Town Crier race in Saugatuck, April 2009.

By Doug Kurtis

Dave Kanners: A Tribute “When Dave finally did, he was wetter than he should have been. When I asked what happened, he said that he got really hot and had always wondered what it would be like to jump in a lake during a race. So he did!” He jumped right into cold Lake Superior.


ave Kanners (Oct. 12, 1946 – March 28, 2009) lived the dream. From racing hot rod cars to climbing the tallest peaks, riding motocross dirt bikes, road bikes and running, he sought the ultimate adventures and often thought they were worth repeating.

Kanners loved unusual adventures such as competing in both the Antarctica and North Pole marathons. He just missed the Guinness world record for fastest vertical mile by 90 seconds. This consisted of climbing 70 stories of stairs in the Renaissance Center in Detroit and returning to the first floor. Kanners said it took weeks to recover from the trip down.

His infectious smile said it all: He wanted a challenge and he wanted to have fun. Kanners liked being around people and they liked being around him. Young nieces and old-timer runners alike were inspired by his positive attitude and energy. I found it amazing that he could schedule a chemotherapy session and be ready to help me review a course not more than a few hours later. His memorial service was packed with athletes, friends and family. Most had stories to tell.

Dave Kanners

Roger Mollencopf talked about going for a cycling ride together, followed by Dave’s suggestion they cross the United States. After dipping their tires in the Pacific Ocean the deal was sealed. Dave decided to see how fast he could go on one steep decline en route. Roger recalled Dave’s glee when he screamed out, “62 mph!”

Kanners started running to help with his motocross preparation and fell in love with it. Dick West said that Dave loved trail racing, the muddier the better. Thanks to generous age handicaps, Dave’s Great Lakes Relay team, the Fox and Hounds, often won or were near the top finishers.

Dave liked good beer and fine restaurants as well as hole-in-the-wall diners and junk food. He loved roughing it, which could mean showering in his running clothes so he could remain in one outfit all week. He loved music too. His wife, Sue, noted that he liked everything from classical to country. Kanners was a graduate of Detroit Country Day High School. One of his hobbies was drag racing pro stock cars for American Motors in the ‘60s and ‘70s. His much-younger brother Don said that Dave had a fascination with hot rods and could fix just about anything. He was the retired owner of Kanners All Star repair shop in Rochester Hills. When Don was six, Dave gave him his first driving lesson because he needed someone to steer a car he planned to tow. “I needed phone books to look over the steering wheel,” Don remembered. “There were usually had about 10 cars out in front of the house, all in some state of repair. Dave thought a car really wasn’t broken in until it hit about 200,000 miles,” Don said.


I first met Dave when he called to ask me to join the Grand Masters (over age 50) runners. From that point he didn’t hesitate to offer volunteer support when he learned I was directing races. Kanners refused to use email but he loved taking time to hand-write long, thoughtful letters critiquing events or offering suggestions. He had lots of friends, especially in the athletic world. Bob Cross helped him organize the Grand Masters running group. Kanners loved training on the Paint Creek Trail in Rochester. He was one of the founders and president of the Oakland Running Club. One of Cross’ favorite memories was of their trip to Grandma’s Marathon in Minnesota the year everyone sat around watching the famous police chase of O.J. Simpson’s white Bronco. “Race day was warmer than usual for Duluth and nearly 75 degrees at the finish line,” Cross remembered. “We started together, but Dave fell off the pace a bit early and I continued. When I reached the finish, I waited for him to come running in with that big smile on his face, but he was nowhere to be seen. In fact, it was quite a while before he finished.

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

He climbed the tallest peak in every state except Mt. McKinley in Alaska, because it would take too much pre-planning and logistics. After Dave discovered he had pancreatic cancer, his goals included climbing all the highest peaks a second time. Dave was blessed to have the support of his wife, Sue, with many of his endeavors. She accompanied him on numerous hikes. One yearly adventure included a bike tour with friends from their Michigan home in Columbiaville to Frankenmuth for a chicken dinner. His tough, energetic friends would make the return trip too. The Kanners also had a home on Kiawah Island in South Carolina. They often asked friends to drop in for a visit. Many of us thought Dave was going to be around forever and kept delaying our opportunity to visit. On the back page of Kanners’ memorial program was this: “Of all the forces that make for a better world, none is so powerful as hope. With hope one can think, one can work, one can dream. If you have hope, you have everything” (Unknown author). This was spot-on Dave. These are a few of Dave’s favorite things: Mountain Dew, Little Debbie snacks, purple things, Sudoku puzzles, cowboy boots, “Les Miserables,” jambalaya, cherry Twizzlers and collecting lucky pennies. It will be impossible to forget Dave, his smile, his desire to make each day count by helping others. We will miss his voice but his inspiring presence will always be with us.

Doug Kurtis, who holds world records for most marathon wins and sub-2:20 marathons, remains active running, directing races, planning courses, writing and celebrating friends in the sport. MR

Ffih Third River Bank Run, Grand Rapids

River Bank Run Draws Record Crowds Despite Course Change, Rain

In this year’s 32nd running of the race, however, the entire course was a challenge — not to mention the weather. Spring rains and flooding along the Grand River forced race organizers to either alter the 25K course or make the race a duathlon with a swimming section in the middle. They wisely chose the former, adding a stretch of road on O’Brien Street that made the Butterworth Avenue hills in the second half of the race seem easy by comparison.

Despite the unfamiliar (for them) cold rain, Kenya natives Isaack Kimaiyo and Genoveva Kigen gave their country two more River Bank Run victories. Kenyans have won five of the last six men’s races and two straight on the women’s side. Neither Kimaiyo nor Kigen had comfortable margins of victory, as Americans Dan Browne and Sally Meyerhoff made things interesting. Browne closed well, catching third-place finisher Linus Maiyo in the final mile. Kimaiyo finished in 1:15:36, with Browne in 1:15:56 and Maiyo close behind in 1:16:00. Women’s champ Kigen crossed the line in 1:27:16, just 12 seconds clear of runner-up Meyerhoff. Those times were the third and fourth best by women in the past five years, making some wonder how fast the two could have gone on the “normal” River Bank Run course.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

While Browne (the 2003 overall 25K champion) and Meyerhoff picked up USATF national titles, the top Michigan finishers were Emmanuel Korir (fifth overall in 1:16:16) of the host city and Ryan Sheehan (seventh in 1:16:23) of Rochester on the men’s side, and Carol Jefferson (12th in 1:34:15) of Clinton Township and Annie Gasway (19th in 1:37:53) of Lake Orion on the women’s. Rounding out the top-five in-state competitors were Haslett’s Nick Stanko in 13th (1:17:36), Redford’s Paul Aufdemberge in 20th (1:21:08) and Grand Rapids’ Jon Gries in 21st (1:21:10); and Grand Rapids’ Samantha Westveer (20th in 1:40:32), Bloomfield Hills’ Marybeth Reader (21st in 1:40:46) and Grand Rapids’ Alicia Hanson (22nd in 1:42:17).

Dan Browne caught Linus Mayo in the final mile for 2nd place and the USATF 25K national title. 18

Two other runners with local connections placed well: former Rockford High School standouts Jason Hartmann and Linsey (Blaisdell) Smith were fourth (1:16:14) and 13th (1:34:57) respectively in the men’s and women’s overall standings.

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

GRAND RAPIDS (5/9/09) — Running a 25kilometer race is a challenge in the best conditions. Those familiar with the traditional Fifth Third River Bank Run course know that while flats pervade the first half, the later stages of the course provide enough hills to challenge even the fittest runners.

If the revised, more-difficult course weren’t enough, the rains that had forced the changes came back with a vengeance on race day, soaking 10K runners midway through their event and drenching the 25K field before they even started.

Kenyan Isaack Kimaiyo is the 2009 25K champion.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

By Grant Lofdahl

Women’s champion Genoviva Kigen just edged Sally Meyerhoff for the 25K victory.

Aufdemberge, 44, took the Michigan Runner masters title, as he has done routinely since turning 40. Reader, did so for the women. Aufdemberge was also the overall masters champ, while Reader placed second to Susan Empey of Mercer Island, Wash.

Leading the grand masters in the MR Race Series were 50-year-olds Kevin Deyo of Traverse City (1:35:50) and Peggy Zeeb (1:54:25) of Colon. The senior masters were headed by Dave Minier, 60, of Wyoming (1:46:34) and Sharon Dolan, 67, of Westphalia (2:12:45). In all 4,600 people completed the 25K course, a new race record. Nearly 2,800 finished the 10K, won by Grand Rapids’ Matt Logan (33:57) and by Louisville, Kentucky’s Taryn Gibson (36:57). Former Michigan collegiate stars Derek Scott of Bloomington, Ind. (15:14) and Mandi Zemba of Allendale (16:50) took the overall crowns in the 5K, which added another 4,610 finishers.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Lisa Veneziano, 40, of Fenton was the second masters woman from Michigan in 1:42:54, while Pontiac’s Eric Green, 40, was the men’s masters runner-up in 1:32:09.

Race Director Kristen Aidiff.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Factoring in the Fifth Third Junior races and 5K walk, more than 17,500 people braved the wet weather and the hills to participate in the 2009 Fifth Third River Bank Runs. MR

Carol Jefferson, Clinton Township, was the top Michigan woman in the 25K.

Michigan’s top runner in the 25K was 4th place Emmanuel Korir of Lansing. Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Memorial Day Run, Grosse Ile

Grosse Ile Grows Under Sunny Skies By Tracey Cohen

Events began with the national anthem sung by Grosse Ile High School alumna Cree Carrico. The race sweatshirt, included in the entry fee, sported red, white and blue, as did medal ribbons earned by agegroup winners and all mile finishers.

GROSSE ISLE (5/25/09) — “What a beautiful race and great way to end the weekend!” exclaimed Grosse Ile Memorial Day 5K finisher Pat Soter. All who I spoke with, myself included, couldn’t agree more.

Male and female winners in the 8K were David Homann (26:58) and Michelle Miskelley (29:17). Masters crowns went to Steve Menovcik (27:41) and Kelly Jewell (36:43).

The Island Road Runners have offered Memorial Day races at Grosse Ile High School for more than 25 years. First created to showcase the island’s beauty and introduce the club to the community, the race has achieved that goal and more.

The course features a spectacular view of the Detroit River, woodland trail maintained by club members, bike path and smooth track finish.

Overall 5K winners were Phil Kosky (16:57) and Angela Matthews (17:47). Masters crowns went to Todd Kelly (18:19) and Dianna Ashton (22:17).

Club members credit veteran race director Greg Everal with the events’ improvements, including the present route. Because of the increased participation, the 5K and 8K race starts were staggered by five minutes and ChampionChip timing, courtesy of Everal Race Management, was used. When asked how the changes were working, club member Tim LaPorte said, “Awesome! It’s a no-brainer!”

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Cashing in on temperatures in the 50s and mostly-sunny skies, this year’s 5K, 8K and free mile fun run enjoyed a record 600 entries plus.

Grand master titlists were John Tarkowski (30:06) and Joan Mathews (39:19). Honors for senior grand masters, an award added thanks to lobbying by longtime age-group standout Jim Forshee, were Dale Monteith (38:06) and Ellen Nitz (43:37).

Runners were encouraged to bring nonperishables to be donated to the local food pantry. They were treated to bagels, fruit and home-baked goodies courtesy of the Road Runners at the finish. For information on next year’s race and complete results, visit www.islandroadrunners.net and www.everalracemgt.com/results.

Debra Johnson of Trenton ran the Memorial Day 8K.

Michigan Runner Race Series 2009 Al Kayner’s St. Patrick’s Day Races 8K, Bay City - March 22 Meteor 10 K, Dearborn Heights - April 4 Fifth Third River Bank Run 25K, Grand Rapids - May 9 Mackinaw Memorial Bridge Run ~3.8 Mile, Mackinaw City - May 23 Brian Diemer Amerikam 5K, Cutlerville - June 13 Alpenfest Run 10 Mile, Gaylord, - July 18 Steve’s Run 10K, Dowagiac - July 25 Run Thru Hell 10 Mile, Hell/Pinckney - cancelled Crim Festival of Races 10 Mile, Flint - August 22

Kensington Challenge 15K, Milford - September 19 Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon, Detroit - October 18 Grand Rapids Half Marathon, Grand Rapids - October 18


Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Tracey Cohen can be reached by e-mail at runtrace2000@yahoo.com. MR

Race Series Points

5/3 River Bank Run 25K, Crim 10M, Detroit Marathon Open Masters Senior 50-25-15 30-15-10 6-4-2

All Other Races: Open Masters Senior 30-20-10 15-10-5 3-2-1 Open: all age groups Masters: 40+; Senior: 50+ age graded

Nine best finishes count for Michigan Runner of the Year

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Beyond the Chip

Appreciating Running by Playing the Mandolin By Robin Sarris-Hallop

my left fingers are my new badge of honor for hard work in the same way that my fitness in my mid-50s is the result of working over a long period of time on things that don’t come easily or without sacrifice.


ecently I decided to learn to play the mandolin. My husband had given me one as an anniversary gift two years ago; it had sat in a corner for a while, but I finally signed up for lessons this spring.

You need to spend time around people who are better than you are to get better at it. Running is ultimately a solitary sport, but those who are faster usually have something to teach you. We can all learn from others’ successes and mistakes by taking time to listen to advice.

I have now fallen in love with playing the mandolin. I have long been able to read music and tablature, but always dabbled in too many instruments to ever be skilled at one of them: requisite piano as a child, clarinet in junior high band classes, guitar and wood recorder in the hippy-folksy ‘60s and a long term lovehate relationship with the banjo.

What does this have to do with running? Being newly hooked on something I am enjoying but not very good at (yet) makes me think about running in a way that I haven’t in a long time. After being a runner for 27 years, I seldom take time to appreciate what I enjoy about it because I am “going through the motions.” Many of us are reminded how we feel about running when it is suddenly taken away from us by injury. I may hate getting up at 5:30 a.m. in the dark to train, but envy the person who is out there if I can’t be. Taking up a new hobby leads me to ponder the similarities and take newfound joy in the important part running plays in my life.

Taking music lessons from someone who can teach me shortcuts and keep me moving incrementally forward is key to sticking with my mando playing. I may be frustrated at trying to play along with better musicians, but sometimes, for a few measures, it clicks and is really cool.

Photo by Peter Hallop

For some reason, the mandolin seems to finally be my instrument. It has a distinctive sound, is suited to my small frame but long fingers, and lends itself to rock, folk, bluegrass, Irish and other world music.

Whether we are working with a coach or speed group, reading running magazines, meeting a world-class runner at a expo or just talking after a race with a runner we admire, these things help motivate us all to do our best.

Robin Sarris-Hallop times may not get faster, but I am enjoying my running more each week. I have also managed to fit an hour a day of mandolin practice around my work hours. Sometimes being more disciplined makes you a better time manager as well.

It takes discipline and you need to make time for it every day. This is something I love about running. I am not sure whether it is the routine and order, the challenge or the scheduling and tracking (having always been a logkeeper and a graph-er). I notice that when I don’t run with discipline and plans, I get lazy and my running suffers.

Repetition and focus on your weaknesses makes you better. Miles, miles and more miles — I have never added up the hours I’ve spent running over the last two and a half decades, but I know my muscle memory, body type and strength are the cumulative result of the work and focus. I also know that running half-mile repeats at 7 a.m. is not as enjoyable as sitting with a cup of coffee and newspaper, but I wouldn’t trade it.

This spring I’ve been working hard to bring back the tracking and weekly goals that were much more a part of my running a decade ago — and it makes a difference. My

I may drive my husband nuts playing the same three measures over and over from the new song I am learning, but that’s what it takes to master it. The calluses on the tips of


Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Sharing your passion with others helps make it an integral part of your character. Starting the racing season each spring allows us to reconnect with people we don’t see often during the winter months. I enjoy being around people who love the sport as much as I do, both as a competitor and a spectator. Other runners really know what it means to run a PR, finish a marathon, nurse an injury and suffer the frustrations of training that doesn’t seem to pay off. Sure, you can talk about these things with your family or co-workers (if they will tolerate it), but they can’t understand it in the same way. I have always loved music — rock, folk, bluegrass, alt-country and world music particularly. I recognize songs and lyrics in just a few notes, own a large music collection and am always on the lookout for new artists. My husband and I try to make it to at least a few live performances each month. Being able to make music allows me to appreciate music when I am in the audience in the same way that I can appreciate sports as a fan differently than I would if I were not an athlete myself.

Rock & Road 5 and 10K, West Bloomfield

Rock & Road Hills Pose Test By Ron Marinucci WEST BLOOMFIELD (5/17/09) — Veterans of the old West Bloomfield Marathon and Half Marathon wouldn’t be surprised to find hills on the Rock & Road 5K and 10K courses. In fact, Rock & Roll (as in rolling) might be an equally good name for the challenging races. This was the fourth year for the R&R, which replaced the half marathon as a spring road race in West Bloomfield. Numbers keep inching up each year, with just over 200 in 2008 and “almost 250 this year,” said lastminute race director Denny Trochak. Trochak was handed the reins in the last few weeks, but was quick to credit “the great staff” and volunteers for making life easier for him. He’s thinking long-term for the Rock & Road. “We’ll be looking at the numbers,” he said before the race. “We have more than 150 pre-registered, but there are lots of races this weekend.” He was pleased that “the weather was fantastic!” Indeed, frosty early-morning temperatures warmed to the lower 50s. Most runners ran in shorts and tees. The sunny skies carried fairly stiff northwest winds, but they weren’t much hindrance on the winding courses buffered by homes and woods. Doug Kurtis designed both courses. The 5K race ended short, runners racing “just about two miles” according to Trochak, due to a mix-up on the course at a crisscross spot. Instead of including a 1.1mile loop around a lake, runners were sent back to the finish.

Trochak said. “What could we do at the end of the race except to apologize?”

Mom Eiswerth was on hand cheering for her family.

Some entrants voiced disappointment, but others, such as blind runner Michael Holmes and his guide, Bob Drapal, got a kick out of their new 5K PRs.

Brendan Gimby, 12, was third in the short race. “It was my first time here,” he said. “I liked how it was mostly flat.” (Funny how the kids thought the course was flat, but the more mature runners all remarked about the hills.)

The 10K was long enough. It traced the 5K route for about 1.5 miles before splitting off on its own, with ample amounts of hills. It continued on well-marshaled residential streets until mile three. Runners then enjoyed a mile of trails through the West Bloomfield Woods Nature Preserve. At about halfway, 60-64 age-group winner George Croitori was running well enough to remark, “Can’t beat the scenery.” No, but the hills came with it. A half-mile on a crushed rails-to-trails path and another half on dirt roads led to a finishing mile of cross-country. Along the way, especially on the trails, runners encountered quite a bit of slop — mud and puddles. It was a pretty, but challenging course. The Eiswerths made a family morning of it. Megan, 13, who had run the race twice before, won her age group and was the fourth overall female in the shorter race. “I was a little mad that the course was short, but I liked it,” Megan said. Brother Max, 16, also won his age group, placing 10th overall. “I liked it,” he said. “It was pretty flat through the neighborhoods. But it was a little short.” Dad Eric Eiswerth, 44, was fifth overall and third in his age group in the 10K. “It’s a nice course,” he said. “The second half is real tough, a lot of hills. The weather was great, but there was a lot of mud and water. There were a lot of volunteers, too.”

“A couple runners were pretty upset,”

I hope I am starting on a commitment I will keep to becoming a reasonably-accomplished “musician,” at least to the point that I can use the word to describe myself. I doubt I will ever perform on a stage or earn even a dollar at it — but that is OK. I’d like to be able to comfortably play songs with others and hold my own. On the other hand, I have known for a long time that I am a runner and an athlete. I never expected to be “on stage” or earn

money at it either. Racing on an indoor track is close enough to count as a “performance” and I did win enough prize money to have to claim it on my taxes. If I could do it over and have back the hours I spent becoming this runner, I would gladly spend the time the same way again ... although I would like to learn from my mistakes … Can I start again from the top? A one, and a two and a …

Grimby knew the course was short, but added, “I wasn’t too sorry. I liked the food at the end, too!” Eric Seifert, 36, was the overall 10K winner in 38:23, with repeat masters winner John Tarkowski, 56, runner-up less than half a minute back. Jill Sherman-Marx, 41, was the first female (48:34). “I’ve run this race every year since they started it,” she said. “But this is the first time I was overall winner in a race! “It was windy out there and the course was challenging. The last mile was very hilly. But it was wonderful. It’s a ‘must-do’ course,” she said. There were three events for younger runners (ages 5-6, 7-8, 9-10) up to a half-mile long. Awards were presented promptly, with most recipients remaining to claim their medals. Trochak was happy he gave out all but 17 of the nearly 120 awards. Many stayed around for the post-race feast of Greek salad, pita roll-ups and Coney islands along with standard bagels, fruit, and water — courtesy of Greek Island Coney Restaurant and Whole Foods Market. Complete results can be found at www.westbloomfieldparks.org. Ron Marinucci can be reached at ron_marinucci@comcast.net. MR

Robin Sarris-Hallop has been running for 27 years without missing a beat, er, season. She was MR’s 1999 Woman Runner of the Year, 1998 and 2002 Masters Runner and 2006 Senior Runner of the Year. She now considers herself semi-retired from serious running. When not running, she is the administrative director in the LSA Dean’s Office at the University of Michigan and enjoys making art quilts (and music), reading history, gardening and traveling. MR Michigan Runner - July / August 2009



Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


The Sound of Running

By Dave Foley


tanding in my driveway, I look up to see a blue jay squawking at me. I insert the ear buds of my iPod and the jay’s cries vanish, replaced by James Brown telling me he feels good. My head fills with the driving beat of Brown’s Fabulous Flames and those pulsing rhythms get this run off to a fast start. Does the iPod help me run faster? I’m not sure, but this arrangement allows me to combine two of my favorite things, running and music. Over the years I’ve recorded several hundred hours of music on my Mini-Disc. The Christmas gift of an iPod last year opened my ears to the world of podcasts as well the iTunes Store. While the flow of new music continues to fill up iPod space, I’ve learned to download talk shows and news programs. Since we don’t have cable TV, this introduces me to media options well beyond network TV programming. For me this amounts to audio overload. My daily runs used to be the only time I wore headphones or earbuds. Now I routinely fire up my iPod when I’m kayaking, canoeing, doing yard work, fishing or snowshoeing. I spend about two hours a day in my iPod world. I am deaf to whatever is happening outside my earbuds. It was not always like this. In the mid1970s, hats were the only thing that covered my ears. The sounds of nature and hum of traffic was my soundtrack. At that time I was teaching and running 12 miles back and forth to the junior high. In the predawn as I ran alongside Lake Mitchell and down country roads leading to Cadillac, I would hear owls hooting, unseen animals crashing through brush and dogs barking.

While striding down the road one dark morning, I heard the click of nails on pavement and looked down to see the black-andwhite shape of a skunk crossing my path. I instinctively hurdled it. Without the warning, I would probably have kicked the skunk and received a stinking retaliation. On another occasion what I heard offered no escape. On this night I embarked on an out-and-back run as a snowstorm escalated into a howling blizzard. The swaying trees creaked and groaned. All I could see were waves of snow whipping across the road in the darkness. It was frightening and exhilarating. Then I heard the ripping and tearing of a tree toppling near me. Where was it? Ahead of or behind me? I couldn’t tell. An adrenaline rush sent me into a sprint. When I was sure I was safe, I headed back and found a huge fallen poplar blocking 26

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

the road. Had I been listening to music, I would have missed the adventure, never knowing how close that tree had come to hitting me. Despite the occasional excitement, what I heard mostly was silence except for the random bird call, dog bark or monotonous sounds of traffic. When a Bone Fone was advertised in Runner’s World, I ordered one. It contained a radio and battery pack in a cloth sleeve, to be worn around the neck like a horse collar and secured with a strap. Northern Michigan’s lack of radio signals during the early 1980s limited me to a rock music station that faded in and out. Within a couple years I graduated to the Sony Walkman, a yellow, waterproof radio/cassette tape combo, then replaced it with a CD player before finally getting a Mini-disc, then an iPod. Now the music comes through so clearly my head is like a soundstage. My running routes take me along roads and trails winding though woods of a changing tableau that includes snowy landscapes, thick green foliage and magnificent shows of fall color. I see it all but hear none of it. Am I missing half the experience or does the R&B sound of the Rolling Stones or the polyrhythms of Santana provide a more-fitting backdrop for these runs? In the last year I’ve made changes. Most days I’m still plugged in, but when I think intriguing sounds may be present I leave my ears open. Now when the shrill cries of peepers fill spring wetlands or flocks of squawking geese fly overhead, I’ll let them provide the soundscape. I love rainy days: hearing sheets of rain rushing toward me, the heavy plopping of drops on leaves, thunder rumblings and crack of lightning strikes. When nature serves up an auditory show, I want to be there. When people are out in my neighborhood, I want to hear their greetings and be able to respond. Most runners, however, wear iPods. When I see them with tiny wires dangling from their ears, we nod, smile and mouth a “Hi there” greeting. Happy in our cocoons, we may be shutting out some of the sweetest sounds of all. Nowadays when technological advances can bring the world to our ear buds, we might want to find time to log miles unplugged and rediscover the music of everyday life. Retired Cadillac teacher and coach Dave Foley is editor emeritus of Michigan Runner magazine. MR

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Dexter Ann Arbor Run, Ann Arbor

Variety Spices 36th Annual Dexter-Ann Arbor Run By Charles Douglas McEwen ANN ARBOR (5/31/09) — While Ryan Sheehan, 25, of Rochester dominated the men’s Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon from the gun, Kassi Andersen, 25, of Ann Arbor had to battle the defending women’s champ for most of the 13.1-mile race. Both, however, came away with victories in the 36th annual race, presented by Comerica. “Rachel (Kinsman) and I were neck-and-neck until mile 11,” said Andersen, a ex-steeplechaser at Brigham Young University. “Then I decided to go for it. And I stayed strong to the end.”

Kinsman, the two-time defending champion, set the pace early. But Andersen stayed with her until she made her move. “I knew when I took the lead, I couldn’t let it go,” she said. Andersen is now training for road races with University of Michigan women’s cross country coach Mike McGuire. Prior to Dexter-Ann Arbor, she had never run a race longer than 5K. “I decided to do this three weeks ago,” she said. “I knew it was going to be a big jump from 5K to a half marathon. I just changed my training a little bit and put my mind to it.”

Photo by Charles Douglas McEwen

Andersen had breathing room at the finish, winning in 1:17:34. Kinsman, 35, of Archbold crossed in 1:18:16, while Andrea Pomaranski, 26, of Farmington Hills was third in 1:19:10.

Four-time Olympian Sheila Taormina (right) contratulates Kassi Andersen after Andersen’ victory in the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon. Sheehan, who competes for the Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, opened a big lead early in the men’s race and held it to the finish. With his winning time of 1:04:38, he came within shouting distance of Alene Reta’s 2007 course record of 1:03:04. “Ryan has a PR of 1:03:38,” said coach Kevin Hanson. “But he had guys with him in that race. Today he was all by himself the whole way.”

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Dan Jackson, 19, of Dexter finished runner-up in 1:06:32. Ryan Kienzle, 23, of Canton took third in 1:06:47, a PR for him. The race enjoyed near-ideal weather. But its more than 6,000 runners and walkers had to navigate a construction area that turned a small section of Huron River Drive into a dirt trail. “It had a little construction,” said Paul Aufdemberge, 44, of Redford. “But we got through it with no problems. It’s always a great course. Really scenic. Very enjoyable.” Aufdemberge finished first among masters men in the half marathon (1:08:14). Lisa Veneziano, 44, of Fenton topped the masters women (1:22:26).

Ryan Sheehan dominated the men’s Dexter-Ann Arbor half marathon from the gun. 28

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Sheehan’s Hansons-Brooks teammate Todd Snyder, 32, of Shelby Township won the men’s 10K in 30:52, easily beating Scott Setzke, 28, of Wyandotte (33:10) and Andrew Porinsky, 24, of Dexter (33:46).

Snyder, who won the half marathon in 2005, went to Ann Arbor Pioneer High School and the University of Michigan. “This is a homecoming race for him,” Hanson said.

“I went out a little harder than I intended to, but I was able to maintain a good pace the rest of the way and do pretty well,” Luppov said. In fourth place, a 16-weeks pregnant Suzanne Larsen of Fenton finished in 41:27 and won her 30-34 age category. “This is totally uncharted territory for me,” said Larsen. “This pregnancy thing really slows you down. I was saying, ‘OK baby, come on. This is our first race together. Let’s get to the finish line.’” In the 5K, Sam Skeels, 31, of Adrian (16:05) edged Dan Dixon, 45, of Jackson (16:07). The two raced into the final mile together.

5K winner Erin Webster (left) chases 5K masters winner Dave Furey.

hard and go under 16 minutes. But that big hill at the end had other ideas.” Skeels’ 16:05 was still a PR. (His previous best was 16:10.)

Jessica Pontius, 23, of Grand Blanc took third (20:11).

For the women, Erin Webster, 23, of Dearborn captured first in 17:12, while Skeels’ wife, Sally, came in second (19:49).

For complete race results, go to www.DxA2.com. MR

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

“I took the lead at about two and a half miles,” Skeels recalled. “I figured I’d kick

Sam Skeels (5479) ran a PR to edge Dan Dixon in the 5K by 2 seconds.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Another U-M alum won the women’s 10K. Leading from the start, Natasha Luppov, 22, of Ann Arbor timed 37:49, far ahead of her closest rivals Kristi Matuszewski, 37, of Brighton (41:02) and Rebecca Boggs, 32, of Onsted (41:05).

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Snyder finished just 31 seconds off the course record. “I was trying to kick it in to get closer to 30 minutes,” he said. “But it just wasn’t happening. That last hill (a long, steep one at the finish) is pretty tough.”

Kids raced on Saturday, May 30, on the Ypsilanti High School grounds.

Natasha Lupov of Ann Arbor led from the start to win the 10K. Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


MHSAA Track and Field Finals, Kentwood, Zeeland, Comstock Park, Ada, Eastern, Kingsford

Photo by Ike Lea / runmichigan.com

State Track Meets Feature Brilliance, Bees

East Kentwood’s boys swept relays to win their first state track crown in school history.


egan Goethals, Mike Atchoo and East Kentwood’s sprint-happy boys enjoyed big days May 30 at the Michigan High School Athletic Association Division 1 track and field finals. Four divisional boys and girls meets for Lower Peninsula schools were held in the Grand Rapids area. The Upper Peninsula held three divisional meets the same windy day at Kingsford.

Although all ran smoothly with great performances, the L.P. Division 4 meet at Forest Hills Eastern had one of those “Just When You Think You’ve Seen Everything” moments when it was delayed due to swarming bees. *** Goethals, of Rochester, capped a junior year that included state and Midwest region cross country titles, plus third in the Foot 30

Locker cross country nationals, by sweeping the 1600- and 3200-meter track crowns in 4:51.2 and 10:37.5 respectively. The latter was a D1 state finals record. Atchoo, a Troy junior, broke the boys alldivision 1600 state finals mark held since 2000 by Dathan Ritzenhein, completing four laps in 4:07.71. Atchoo will shoot for the state-best 4:05.9 “Ritz” ran in a conference meet next year. Host East Kentwood’s boys bagged their first state track crown in school history with 79 points, more than doubling runner-up Portage Northern’s 34. The speedy Falcons finished 1-2 in the 100 meters and swept relays at 1600 (3:21.41), 800 (1:26.72) and 400 meters (41:4). The latter two set new state-meet standards. The D1 girls competition was much closer, with Romulus, Rockford and Ann Arbor Pioneer finishing 1-2-3 in the meet-ending 1600 relay to close in the same order. Team totals were Romulus 38, Rockford 37 and

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Photo by Pat Davey / runmichigan.com

By Scott Sullivan

Mike Atchoo’s 4:07.71 broke Dathan Ritzenhein’s all-division 1600 state finals mark from 2000.

In the distances, Grand Haven’s Becca Addison repeated as 800 queen (2:12.5) and Waterford Mott reigned in the 3200 relay (9:13.03). Other noteworthy D1 distance efforts were posted by boys champs Reed Kamyszek of Kenowa Hills in the 3200 (9:16.66), sophomore Nick Kaiser of Temperance-Bedford in the 800 (1:52.13) and Detroit Catholic Central’s 3200 relay (7:47.57). How deep was this relay field? The eighth and last team to place ran a 7:53.77. The Division 2 meet at Zeeland saw Hamilton and East Lansing win boys and girls team crowns, respectively. Top boys distance individuals were Kyle Anderson of Milan in the 3200 (9:24.68), Brandon Hoffman of Parma Western in the 1600 (4:18.08) and Tommy Brinn of Otsego in the 800 (1:55.49). Madison Heights Lamphere’s Stephen Murphy set a new state-meet mark in the 400 (47.94) to edge Brinn (48:08), who also eclipsed the old standard. Brandon Vandreil of Sparta won his third-straight 100-meter title (10.98). D2 girls distance standouts included Crosswell-Lexington’s Leah O’Connor in in the 1600 (5:03.38) and 800 (2:15.41), and Milan’s Jordan Tomacek in the 3200 (11:07.43). Best-name honors went to Chelsea’s Olivia Destroyer, 400 winner in 57.64. Also fittingly-named Ryan Hopson won the D3 boys long jump (22’10.5”), placed in high jump and ran legs on the winning 400 and 800 relays to pace Albion to a team title at Comstock Park. Man-mountain Zack Hill broke his own state marks in the shot put (63’9.5”) and discus (181’0”) to help Allendale place second. Kent City’s Alex Wilson was D3 distance king, sweeping the 3200 (9:25.4) and 1600 (4:17.82). Benzie Central’s Nick Radonoff claimed the 800 (1:55.86). Frankenmuth captured the D3 girls crown on the strength of 1600- and 800meter relay wins.

Potterville survived the bee swarm to capture both boys and girls D4 titles. Boys distance standouts were Saugatuck’s Princeton-bound Christian Birky in the 3200 (9:32.24), Potterville’s Larry Julson at 1600 (4:16.94) and Collin Ward at 800 (1:58.26). Auburn Hills Oakland Christian’s Kurt Schneider set a new D4 finals record winning the high jump in 6’10.5.” Bagging D4 girls distance crowns were Homer’s Nikki Wurster in the 3200 (11:28.61) and 1600 (5:08.16), and Saugatuck’s Ana Capotosto in the 800 (2:20.6). Gladstone’s boys and Marquette’s girls repeated as Upper Peninsula D1 champions. Boys multi-event D1 winners were Manistique’s Garde Kangas in the 100 (11.17), 200 (22.79) and 400 (50.68); Marquette’s Mickey Sanders in the 1600 (4:32.25) and 3200 (10:08.1). For the girls, Gladstone’s Lindsey Lusardi swept the 1600 (5:23.51) and 3200 (11:42.41), Iron Mountain’s Kristin Nelson the 400 (1:01.22) and long jump (16’6.5”); and Sault Ste. Marie’s Selena Meser the 200 (27.09) and 300 hurdles (46.81).

Photo by John Brabbs / runmichigan.com

Christienne Linton was a one-woman gang for Romulus, claiming the 300 hurdles (42.86) and long jump (18’8.25”), placing second in the 100 hurdles and running a leg on the meet-winning relay team.

Individual standouts included triple state queen Rachel Hoffman of Shelby (long jump, 100- and 300-meter hurdles), freshman Ali Wiersma of Allendale in the 3200 (11:04.55), Carla Cremeans of Jackson Lumen Christi in the 1600 (5:05.88) and Rachel Whitley of LeRoyPine River in the 800 (2:16.09).

Leah O’Connor of Crosswell-Lexington edges Haslett’s Monica Barnes for the 800 meter run title.

U.P. D2 titles went to Ironwood’s boys and the girls from Munising. Ironwood’s Dominic Beckman swept the boys 800 (2:03.29) and 1600 (a new meet record 4:34.33). Munising’s Abbey Kelto claimed the girls 1600 (5:37.15) and 3200 (12;11.7), while anchoring her school’s champion 3200 relay team. Chassell’s Jamie Dompier swept the 100 (12.89) and 200 (26.47), the latter a new D2 finals record. The small-school D3 meet saw Crystal Falls Forest Park’s boys and Brimley’s girls reign triumphant. Claiming multiple titles were Ontonagon’s Mike Schmaus in the 100 (11.3), 200 (23.38) and 300 hurdles (41.45); and Painesdale-Jeffers’ Jonathan Kilpela in the 1600 (4:35.05) and 3200 (10:11.92). Tops in the girls meet were Bark RiverHarris’ Karrie Meyers in discus (115’7.75”) and shot put (37’7.5”);

Photo by Dave McCauley / runmichigan.com

Pioneer 36 points, respectively.

Kent City’s Alex Wilson won both the 3200 and 1600 meter run titles. Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Run Fit 5K, Novi

Novi Host Wednesday-Night ‘Flight’ for Funds

By Ron Marinucci

Photo by Judith Cutler / runmichigan.com

NOVI (4/29/09) — “It’s good to run an evening event,” said age-group award-winner Jerry Mittman after the 20th annual Run Fit 5K. Others among close to 300 finishers, up from 193 in 2008, agreed. Running Fit stores hosts the race as a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society; it raises thousands of dollars each year. Stores owner Randy Step calls the 5K, “old style: the most informal, laid-back run in the state.” Yet this year, for the first time, timing strips were used to gather results. Hmm.

Homer’s Nikki Wurster finishes just ahead of Rachel Carter for the D4 1600 win.

“This is the world’s largest 5K evening road race,” Step announced at the start, then added, “run in Novi.” His tongue stayed in cheek when he claimed there were runners “from 20 countries and all 50 states” in attendance. He also noted that when this event began, the now-paved roads were dirt, something longtime returning runners recalled with nods. The out-and-back course is not flat. While there are no steep hills, each half of the race has a couple long (400 yards or so) upgrades. It’s a good test of early-season fitness, especially after the tough Michigan winter of 2008-09. This year’s Wednesday race enjoyed mostly-sunny skies, giving way to clouds with temperatures in the mid-50s. Although daylong winds died down somewhat, runners still faced a pretty stiff breeze going out (east) on the course and were happy the wind was at their backs for the second half. Jerry Mittman of Northville was happy at the finish. “I do the Run Fit every year,” he said. “Randy puts on an excellent race. It’s a good course for runners.”

Photo by Paul Gerard / runmichigan.com

Of more than two dozen first-time racers, many were members of the stores’ Running 101 class. Their goal was to train, run and finish a race. “It was really fun,” said class member Pam Abdallah. “I ran the whole thing and didn’t walk. My kids ran too.” She then set her sights on her next race, the Flirt with Dirt trail run in June. Masters runner David Homann ran a 16:31 to lead all finishers. Next came Daniel Orday (16:55) and Jonathan Miller (17:10). Finishing fourth overall was women’s winner Erin Webster, whose 17:59 outpaced runner-up Sarah Sherwood (19:14) by more than a minute. Rachel Ingle also broke 20 minutes, grabbing third place with 19:59. The first masters woman was Mary Dorazio (20:51).

Abbey Kelto claimed both the 1600 and 3200 titles in the Upper Peninsula’s D2. Powers North Central’s Brooke Granquist in the 100 hurdles (16.82) and 300 hurdles (48.07), Crystal Falls’ Maria Valesano in the 100 (12.93) and 200 (26.87), and Eben Junction Superior Central’s Lauren Spranger in the 400 (1:00.73) and 800 (2:27.28). Complete results are available online at www.mhsaa.com. For more on beekeeping, visit www.gobeekeeping.com. MR 32

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Hugh Sweeney, 78, was the oldest finisher in 27:53, an 8:59-mile pace. Other good senior performances were turned in by Monte Piliawski, 65 (21:47, age-graded 17:02) and Ellen Nitz, 68 (26:36, age-graded 19:14). Top age-group finishers carted home Run Fit coffee mugs. Five pairs of Saucony running shoes were also raffled. Complete results can be found at www.runfit5K.com. Ron Marinucci can be reached by e-mail at ron_marinucci@comcast.net. MR

Cooley Law School 5K Race for Education

Michigan’s Lex Williams finished second to Minnesota’s Hassan Mead in both the 10,000 and 5,000 meter runs.

Hillsdale Gina Relays

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Big 10 Outdoor T&F Championships

Steve Menovicik of Grand Ledge was 3rd overall and 1st Master at the Cooley 5K Race for Education in Lansing, June 5.

Boston Marathon Elite Mile

Big 10 Outdoor T&F Championships

Photo by Victah Sailer / photorun.net

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

Mason Cathey of the Indiana Invadors set a Gina Relays record of 10:17.24 in the women’s invitational steeplechase.

Cliff Miller, Michigan State University freshman, finished 4th in the decathlon at the Big 10 Outdoor Track and Field Championships with 6903 points. In the decathlon high jump event, Miller finished second with a height of 6-10.75.

Anna Willard won the inaugural Boston Marathon Invitational Mile in 4:38.6. Willard’s always-intriguing hair is dyed-to-match her Nike singlet. Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Rock & Road 5 and 10K, West Bloomfield

Training Pays Off in Bayshore Marathon Debut By Bill Khan

The race was an amazing experience. The scenery was wonderful, as we ran an outand-back course along Grand Traverse Bay. I felt stronger as the race progressed, gaining strength from the fact I kept passing other runners.

TRAVERSE CITY (5/23/09) — I had never run a marathon before, but I didn’t feel like a rookie when I lined up for the Bayshore Marathon.

Everyone told me not to start out too fast. Bill Robson of Grand Blanc warned me that if I felt really good at 22 miles, just be thankful and don’t tempt fate. He crashed in his first marathon when he decided that all he had left was a four-mile race after mile 22. So, armed with all of that knowledge and a great training base, I expected much of myself when I took the start line at Bayshore. My goals were ambitious. I not only wanted to qualify for the Boston Marathon, which would require a time of 3 hours, 30 minutes and 59 seconds (8:03 pace) for a 46year-old man, but I wanted to run something around 3:25. I targeted at 7:45 pace during training. Was I biting off more than I could chew? Actually … no. As my training progressed, I became more and more confident. I felt I could run faster than 7:45 pace, but had no idea how fast. I found out at Bayshore when I averaged 7:19 per mile and crossed the line on the track at Traverse City Central High School in 3:11:38. How did I do it? Beats me. I started off at 7:44 for the first mile and just slowly dropped time as the race went along. My halfway split of 1:37:07 ranked 129th in the field. My second-half split of 1:34:31 ranked 45th. I achieved negative splits, something I never dreamed could happen for me in a marathon. That was the only thing negative about my marathon. And maybe that’s why I did so well. I never sold myself short, never settled 34

In the back of my mind, however, I knew the real test would come after mile 20. Sure enough, at some point after the 20-mile mark, I got the first twinge of pain in my calves. I hoped it was temporary, but it turned into a constant companion over the final six miles. Nearly every step hurt and I feared that the pain would become too great and I would be forced to stop and walk.

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

I have had the good fortune of training with knowledgeable runners in the Flint area for years. After miles and miles of hearing their marathon stories — both good and bad -- as well as receiving excellent advice during our training runs, I felt like I’d already run a few marathons before making my debut.

I slowed from a pace that reached 6:58 per mile over the three miles preceding the pain, but didn’t totally crash. My slowest mile was a 7:55, which I was happy with considering how badly I was hurting.

Bill Kahn is pictured here finishing the Crim 8K in 2007. for merely finishing a 26.2-mile race, which I understand is an immense accomplishment in and of itself. Very few people ever finish a marathon, something that we runners forget sometimes since many of our friends have run multiple marathons. As my times dropped in training and my confidence grew, I was not afraid to go for even loftier goals. Nothing worthwhile is accomplished without a certain degree of risk, without taking a leap of faith. In my case, I trusted my training, which went better than I could have imagined. I never missed a day of running to an injury or illness during my 16-week build-up. I used the Smart Coach training program at the Runner’s World Web site as a foundation for my training, but wound up tweaking it considerably to suit my strengths. I basically ran four days a week, alternating speed and tempo every week, doing a long run and two “easy” runs, which were usually done a little faster than marathon race pace once I got rolling. I also did one or two spinning classes a week, which was invaluable in turning me from a 20:50-something 5K runner last summer into a runner whose times I don’t even recognize.

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

As I approached the finish on the track, all the pain seemed to vanish when I caught sight of my sister holding up a sign and screaming, “You’re going to Boston!” I had no idea my sister would make the threehour-plus drive from Fenton all the way to Traverse City to watch me finish my first marathon. It was a total surprise. I got choked up at this point and finished the race with tears in my eyes, flying around the track as if it was just another speed workout. Yes, I had a huge day, but the best part was seeing my sister cheering me on near the finish. It was one of those memories you’ll keep with you forever. One neat part about the out-and-back course is that you could see the really fast runners do their thing as they were coming back and you were still going out. Perhaps the most impressive performance turned in by the front-runners came from women’s half marathon winner Marybeth Reader of Bloomfield Hills. Reader set the women’s course record with a time of 1:24:36, doing so as a masters runner at the age of 40. She now holds two course records at Bayshore, having set the full marathon record of 2:46:23 last year. Reader actually had faster 13.1-mile splits in last year’s marathon, going out in 1:23:47 and negative-splitting with a 1:22:36. She is just rounding into shape after recovering from two stress fractures. “I’m so sad because I ran faster for the

Road Ends Trail Run, Pinckney

Homann, Hatfield Hit Homers at Road Ends Romp PINCKNEY (4/25/2009) — Michael Gould, 54, of Flint had to do some convincing to get his daughter to the starting line of the Running Fit Road Ends Trail Run. But once the gun sounded, Carrie Gould Hatfield, 30, also of Flint, ran away with the women’s race, finishing the hilly, 5-mile course at Pinckney Recreation Area in 35:50.

Photo by Charles Douglas McEwen

“Carrie was reluctant to come down here,” Michael Gould said. “I knew once she got here, she would have a great time. I was still talking her into it on the drive down, though.’

Carrie Gould Hatfield returned to racing with a 5 mile win.

Hatfield worried initially that she didn’t have a sitter for her three children. Her father — also her coach, training partner and chief motivator — solved that.

marathon last year,” she told the Traverse City Record-Eagle. “But I paid serious dues after that marathon. I had eight months of injuries. I’m just coming back.” Nick Krus set the men’s course record with a time of 1:09:26. “I ran about 1 minute and 15 seconds faster three weeks ago at Indianapolis,” Krus said. “I was coming into this pretty confident, but it was a little warmer here than I expected. I was hoping for 40 to 45 degrees. But it was 55 at the start. I run much better

“He got me a sitter, signed me up and put me in the car,” she said. “The next thing you know, we’re here.” Hatfield had just five men finish ahead of her. “It felt good to win again,” said the former Eastern Michigan University runner. “I had my third baby a little over a year ago and I’ve been dying to race again. “This is a hard course to start out on, though. It took a lot out of me. I’ll be hobbling tomorrow, I’m sure.” Her father finished fifth in his 50-54 age group, but struggled with hills. “I’m terrible on these hills,” Gould said. “But I love these trails.” Gould said his daughter has no problems with hills. “She just floats up them like a butterfly,” he said. Helen Fuller, 26, of Ann Arbor took second among the women in 37:51. “It’s amazing,” Fuller said of the trail run. “It’s so much fun. But the hills are evil. You can’t admire the scenery, because you’re looking at the ground the whole way making sure you don’t trip over a rock.” Cynthia Hamkins, 39, of Whitmore Lake took third for the women in 39:22, followed by Sharlene Day, 39, of Ann Arbor in 39:30. Dave Homann, 41, of South Lyon had finished second in the men’s race the past two years. This year he left no doubts, jumping out to a big early lead and winning by more than two and a half minutes. “It’s hard to run fast on this trail,” he said. “I kept chickening out on the down-

in the cold.” In the full marathon, Grayling graduate Nathan Peters crossed in 2:26:47 to beat Jerome Recker by 50 seconds. “I ran this race for the first time in 2005 in memory of my mom,” Peters said. “She battled cancer for 10 years. Doctors gave her six months to live. She ended up having her brain tumor operated on and lived another 10 years. In 2004, she passed away. In 2005, I ran this marathon for the first time in her memory. This was for her today.”

hills, while the young guys went nuts down them.” Homann still ran pretty fast. He timed 30:02, with Peter Hamlington, 27, of Ann Arbor second in 32:39. “It was tough,” Hamlington said. “It’s a lot hillier than I expected. My time was quite a bit slower than I would have liked, but with all these hills it’s the toughest five miles I’ve ever run.”

Photo by Charles Douglas McEwen

By Charles Douglas McEwen

Ricky Steven, 15, of Howell was third in David Homann won 33:14 and the 5 Mile race by Pete Bruno, more than two and a 40, of Okemos half minutes. fourth in 33:32. Since Homann was overall champ, Bruno was awarded the masters title. Christine Boose, 49, of Windsor was the first among women masters in 40:57. For complete race results, visit www.trailmarathon.com MR.

Sarah Plaxton was the women’s winner in 2:54:06, beating Janet Becker by 33 seconds. “It was a good race,” Plaxton said. “I surprised myself. I didn’t think I would run that fast today. I was just hoping to get under three (hours). I’m getting older and I’m feeling it. I’m happy with that (time).” Traverse City West graduate Geoff Burns won the 10K run in 32:49.61. Suttons Bay grad Margot McGlothlin was the first woman in 39:24.83. MR

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Ellen Nitz: Running, Racing, Giving By Tracey Cohen


or more than two decades, Ellen Nitz of Milford has trained, raced and given back to running. Her passion is yet to wane.

Nitz, who will turn 69 this summer, is a longtime member of the Motor City Striders and Ann Arbor Track Club. She continues to run approximately 30 races a year, consistently winning age-division honors for her efforts.

HARTLAND (5/25/09) — The running gods smiled on the Hartland Memorial Day Run/Walk this year. The 5K runners and 3K walkers were greeted with bright sunshine, temperatures hovering in the low 50s and only the slightest of breezes. Numbers increased from 161 who ran the 5K last year to 183 this year. The festive atmosphere of holiday activities — including a pancake breakfast, solemn color guard presentation and parade — added to the morning.

“As I age, the clock at the finish line seems to show higher numbers,” said Nitz. “I know that’s inevitable, but I want to try harder to hold the line on the speedy demise of my race times.”

The course started at Hartland High School and ran through the village. Runners encountered a steep, grinding half-mile hill at the mile and a half mark, followed by a shorter, yet still-steep hill a mile later.

Nitz volunteers for about 10 races every year, recruiting volunteers and assisting race directors. She serves on the Ann Arbor Track Club board.

Maybe it’s a good thing the Hartland Cemetery came just before the hills. Had it appeared at the end, some runners might have called it quits for good.

She credits Motor City Striders president Ed Kozloff with inspiring her to become more involved in the sport. “He has helped me realize the enormous amount of work that goes into organizing events,” Nitz said.

Laura Good was excited at the finish. She placed second in her age group in 22:39 and enthused, “I PR’d today, with that hill! It was challenging!”

Ellen Nitz competes in the Cooley 5K Race for Education in Lansing.

“Ellen is a caring, dedicated person,” added Goodhue. “She spends a lot of time giving back to the sport she loves.” Nitz advises new runners to realize how easy it is to overtrain — a big reason for injuries. “Once injured, it is easy to try to ignore it,” she said. “Taking time off to let an injury heal is a lot shorter than recovering from a minor injury that becomes major.

“There are so many race directors, volunteers, sponsors, running clubs and stores whose work is often selfless and to whom I will always be grateful. There is no end to all that is amazing about our sport.” As Nitz’s husband and cheerleader, Walt, says before each race, “Show ‘em how it’s done!”

“Running is a passion filling our lives with health, new friends and joy,” she continued. “I want to give back as much as possible to this sport and to those who make it possible. 36

Hartland Memorial Day Run Memorable Indeed By Ron Marinucci

After focusing for the last decade on shorter races, Nitz has found the desire to expand her distances. She plans to run the inaugural Beaver Island Half Marathon this September and train for a marathon next year. She also foresees preparing for a sprint triathlon.

Second-year Kensington Challenge director Doug Goodhue attests to how valuable Nitz’s help is. “Ellen was my volunteer coordinator last year,” he said. “She was always available to talk and meet; she stepped in and was everywhere!

Hartland Memorial Day Run/Walk

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Tracey Cohen can be reached by e-mail at runtrace2000@yahoo.com. MR

Two weeks before, Good won her age group at the West Bloomfield Rock & Road 10K. “And I ran the Bayshore HalfMarathon two days ago. I PR’d there by seven minutes,” she said. Brothers Sam and Seth Bedford ran with Hartland Round School friends. It was 6year-old Seth’s first 5K. With a finish-line cookie in hand and smile on his face, he said, “It was fun. But big hill was hard.” This was Sam’s third 5K. The 10-yearold happily announced, “I did 25 minutes. It was pretty, but I didn’t like the hill either.” Mom and dad, Julie and Matt Bedford, also ran. Matt broke 20 minutes to place second in his age group. They were rightly very excited by their sons’ fine showings.

Ferndale Recreation Foot Frolic, Ferndale

Other teachers and parents ran with the young ones, all decked in bright yellow Round School t-shirts. The race is advertised as a “fun run.” Nine past and present HHS cross country runners decided to emphasize the fun part of it. A couple hundred yards into the race, they pulled off to the side to do push-ups. They repeated this at each mile mark and water stop. As if the hills weren’t enough, the nine ran up and down the steps of the historic Cromartie Library just past the second mile. At the finish, they said, “Our goal was to beat our coach. We did!” Less successful was their singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” during the event. The event was about racing too. In fact, it was pretty intense up front. Coming down the backside of the big hill, five runners were grimacing at their efforts as they led the pack. Nicholas Katsefaras held off the others, winning overall in 16:09. B.J. Pankow, Aaron Usher, Josh Partridge and Mike Camilleri all finished within 27 seconds of Katsefaras. In the women’s race, Denisa Costescu (17:47) outdueled Erin Webster by seven seconds. The masters winners were Eric Stuber (17:26, age-graded 16:09) and 2008’s overall female winner Lisa Veneziano (18:42, age-graded 17:14), while the seniors were paced by Roger Lara (18:27, age-graded 16:29) and Cheryl Sorg (30:04). Jim Carlton, at 66, was the oldest finisher, but certainly not the last one. He ran an impressive 20:17 (age-graded 15:38). Co-race director Rob Buti noted that the Hartland 5K has raised more than $10,000 over the past three years for HHS special education and the cheer team. Codirector Dennis Tierney hinted that a 10K might be added to the event in 2010. Ron Marinucci can be reached at ron_marinucci@comcast.net. MR

Ferndale Foot Frolic Features Stars, Team Green By Charles Douglas McEwen FERNDALE (5/17/09) — Home-towner David Barnett, 35, ran away with the men’s 10K title at the 23rd Ferndale Foot Frolic, while Ella Willis of Detroit showed that she can still dominate a women’s field at age 51. Barnett, who graduated from the University of Michigan in 1997, finished in 34:49, nearly seven minutes ahead of his closest rival, Michael Discenna, 28, also of Ferndale (41:20). “I was just hoping for a good, fast effort today,” Barnett said. “I’m just getting back into running. I ran a lot after college, but then my wife and I had two kids and I got away from it a bit.” Willis, a three-time Detroit Free Press Marathon winner, finished almost three minutes ahead of women’s runner-up Naomi Welborn, 36, of Troy. “She and I ran together for the first half-mile,” Welborn said. “But I pretty much knew we weren’t going to be together the rest of the race. She really took off.” Welborn ran a personal-record 48:19. Next came Jaclyn Velardo, 26, of Troy (48:31), Claire Boone, 17, of Toronto (50:28) and Erin Abrams, 31, of New Hudson (50:44). Third through fifth for the men were Matt Murphy, 37, of Royal Oak (41:51), Duane Stewart, 50, of Royal Oak (42:24) and Jack Folbe, 46, who runs this race every year as a Green Team member (42:26). “The race was fantastic,” Folbe said. “It was very well organized. And it was beautiful day.” The Green Team, a group of Huntington Woods runners who compete in races wearing bright-green shirts, included Adam Bornstein and Steven Krasnick (both 51:18), Craig Zucker (51:44) and Barry Leshman (52:20). “We love this race,” Bornstein said. “It’s a real community event. People are on their porches cheering you on. It’s a real warm feeling you get from this race.”

Photo by Charles Douglas McEwen

About a dozen Round School elementary students joined Seth and Sam for the race. Matt Bedford said that a PTA auction raffled phys-ed teacher Jim Curry to train the kids for the run. They trained for a month and a half, even “doing some intervals” to get ready.

David Barnett’s 34:49 won the 10K title. The Green Team shows up at running events in a van with its logo on the side. “People think we’re a landscaping company,” Folbe said. “They want us to take down a tree or trim bushes.” The Frolic also included a one-mile run, won by Anthony Wesley, 52, of Livonia and Carla Baker, 29, of Ferndale. “We had 118 participants this year, up 20 from last year,” said race director Barbara Miller. “We had an excellent day. Everybody seemed happy with the course. We’re looking at adding a 5K next year, which would give us three great races.” Race proceeds benefit Ferndale Recreation scholarships for children. Complete results can be found at www.gaultracemanagement.com. MR

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Fruitport Old Fashioned Days Run, Fruitport

Fruitport Retro Race Charms ... and Grows By Daniel G. Kelsey FRUITPORT (5/23/09) — The folks who put on the Old Fashioned Days road race had more on their hands for the 28th annual running than they were ready for. With registrations in excess of 400 in the 5K and 10K, up from 240 finishers in 2008, organizers ran into shortages. They had too few ribbons to go around. As a percentage of

finishers, they had fewer medals than normal to pass out. They had too low a stock of refreshments. Their supply of Popsicle sticks, numbered to keep track of the order of finishers, was inadequate. So they wrote numbers on slips of paper to cover the back third of the field. All of which the staff and volunteers took as calmly as if it was par for the course in such an old-fashioned event ... and the runners took as good-naturedly as if it was in character in such an endearing scene. Where else could a racer sign up for $8 early and $10 on race day? Where else could she lace up her shoes without fiddling with a timing chip? Where else could he take off or come home without treading on a timing mat?

Nor did it slow down Kap-Kirwok, 24, of Allendale. The Grand Valley State University senior, having just completed his track season, set out to do tempo in his first 5K race ever. Kirwok, a native of Mt. Elgon, Kenya, had his sights set beyond the finish line on the track in Fruitport. He hopes to represent Kenya in the 2012 Berlin Olympics in his specialty at 800 meters. Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

In Fruitport, an event he found out about the night before, he was just following those ahead of him to a third-place finish in 17:38. “I felt good. I felt comfortable. But it was too short,” he said. “I would’ve liked more hills.”

Women’s 5K winner Michelle Mercer nears the finish line on the Fruitport High School track. 38

In that case, he wouldn’t have liked the 10K. Unlike the 5K, which dips through three ravines going and coming, the 10K course, between its departure from and return to the 5K course, is mostly flat. Dan Stevens, 56, of Kentwood observed that the back part of the longer race had but one dip — to a bridge over water. Stevens, in his first Old-Fashioned Days race, got a medal for taking third place in his age group with a 47:44.

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Photo by Carter Sherline / Frog Prince Studios

The overflow crowd of runners didn’t slow down the overall winners: Michelle Mercer (18:18) and Jacob Batch (16:20) in the 5K, Melissa Bergeron (43:32) and Nathan VanDuinen (35:13) in the 10K.

Jacob Batch won the 5K in 16:20. “It’s something I’d do again. I liked the whole feel of it,” he said. “They give you a ribbon before you even start.”

The low-key registration … the outgoing people … the cool weather with a light rain during the race … it all added up to charm. “It was a fun, relaxing morning,” Stevens said. “I don’t think there was any aspect of it I didn’t enjoy.” MR

Tax Trot, Flushing

Tax Trot Takes Fitness Toll By Bill Khan FLUSHING (4/11/09) — I arrived for the Tax Trot road race totally convinced of one thing — I was going to get a personal record. Why was I so self-assured? Even when we’re in the best of shape, racing is still a bit of a mystery. You never know quite how you’ll feel once the race begins. I had no doubt this was a P.R. day, though, because I signed up for the 15-kilometer run. Having never raced a 15K before, an automatic P.R. awaited, so long as I finished upright. The Tax Trot is one of those multi-event Riverbend Striders races that allow participants some choices. In this case, there was a 15K run, a 10K run, a 5K run and a 5K walk. Suffice to say, there was a lot of typing involved when I put together the top agegroup results for my newspaper, The Flint Journal. I used Tax Trot as my only racing tuneup for my first marathon, Bayshore on May 23 in Traverse City. After getting some input from veteran runners I respect, I chose to run it as a tempo run, because racing all-out might have cost me some training days as I recovered. Tax Trot had three different starting lines for the three distances and was run on the same residential loop — one loop for the 5K, two for the 10K, three for the 15K. This has its plusses and minuses. With the 15K starting line the furthest back, we had the opportunity to catch slower 10K and 5K runners as the race progressed. Few things can perk up a runner during a race quite like the feeling of passing people, even if they’re not technically in your same race. Of course, there was also some congestion to deal with, though I didn’t have to stray from the ideal tangent too often. The biggest problem for me came as I approached the only water station on the course, just past the two-mile mark for the 15K runners. I was positioning myself to grab a cup when a slower runner in front of me grabbed his cup — and stopped dead in his tracks to savor a drink. There were only two volunteers who were too close together for me to move around to the second one, so I just skipped the water stop rather than break my stride.

I had a good shot at the water station on the second loop, but got a case of butterfingers and dropped my cup. This time, I quickly turned around and got another one. I might have lost a few seconds, but I needed a drink pretty badly. Not having run a 15K, I had no idea what would be a good time. As I approached the finish line, I looked at my watch and figured breaking 1 hour and 5 minutes would be a worthy goal, so I picked up the pace going into a strong wind and finished in 1:04:24.

point in the 15K race, Lansing’s Jerome Recker was just a rumor. He was way, way up there, winning in 53:36. At least I didn’t get lapped. Sherrie Teeple of Grand Blanc repeated as the women’s winner in 1:07:21. There were exactly 400 finishers in the various events, with the 5K run attracting the most with 172. MR

The goal was to run 7:05 to 7:10 pace, but all of my winter training made an average pace of 6:55 feel easy. The key was that two days later, I was able to get in a good workout, so my marathon training wasn’t compromised. I was third in the men’s 45-49 division, but it was a day on which youth was served. Three of the six winners in the various runs were high school students. Seniors Joe Maki (34:01) and Sarah Drevon (42:38) of Flint Powers Catholic were the 10K winners. Maki made Division 2 AllState in cross country in the fall, while Drevon helped Powers’ girls qualify as a team. Durand junior David Madrigal, a two-time Division 3 cross country All-Stater, won the 5K run in 16:10. Danielle Quisenberry of Jackson, a former Central Michigan University standout, was the women’s 5K winner in 17:28. She was five seconds off the course record set by Fenton’s Sue Larsen in 2007. From my vantage Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


July - October 2009 Event Calendar Boyne City Independence Day Run

July Wednesday, July 1 Wayland Road Runners 5 Mile Graveyard Run

Wayland 6:30 pm 5MR, 2.5MW Wayland HS Track Ray Antel III (269) 792-2427 coachantel@i2k.com waylandroadrunners.com

Friday, July 3 Mayor’s Independence Day 3 Mile Run

Oak Park 8:00 am Oak Park Community Center 3MR (248) 691-7555 cspiller@ci.oak-park.mi.us www.ci.oak-park.mi.us

YMCA Buck Creek Run

Grandville 8:30 am Grandville Middle School 5 KR/W, kids runs (616) 822-7968 wayne@vbstriteam.com www.grymca.org

Saturday, July 4 Black Bear Run

Engadine 9:00 am EDT Engadine High School 12KR, 6KR/W (906) 477-9019 aarnanfulton@hotmail.com


Boyne City 7:30 am Downtown Boyne City 10KR, 2 MR (231) 582-9196 runboyne@charter.net www.boynecity.com

Clawson Firecracker Mile

Clawson 9:00 am 14 Mile at Crooks & Main 1 MR (248) 330-2952 info@firecracker-mile.com www.firecracker-mile.com

Coach K 5K

St. Louis 8:00 am St. Louis HS 5KR/W (989) 330-2430 coachk5k@yahoo.com geocities.com/coachk5k

Dorks Brothers 4th of July Run

Alpena 8:45 am National Marine Sanctuary 5KR Stan Mischley (989) 354-5634

Firecracker 5K

Beulah 8:00 am Crystal Lake Pavilion 5KR (231) 882-7212 paul@lakeshoretitle.net visitbenzie.com

GHXC Patriots Day 5K Road and Trail Run

Grand Haven 8:00 am Grand Haven High School 5KR, kids race (616) 846-5513

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

tlaughlin@chartermi.net greatlakeschampionchp.com

Gladstone Kiwanis Firecracker Five Mile

Gladstone 8:00 am EST across from Gladstone State Police 5MR/W (906) 399-7044 butchandjudy@yahoo.com

Greatest 4th in the North

Lake City 8:30 am Downtown City Park 10KR/W, 5KR/W, 2KFR (231) 839-4163 lakecityschools.net/race/

Hanover Firecracker Hanover 8:00 am Hanover Fire Station 5 MR, 5KW, kids run (517) 563-2125 jlheath_hft@yahoo.com fitnesscouncil.org/ runjackson/

Hills & Dales Races

Cass City 8:00 am Hills & Dales Gen. Hospital 8KR, 5KR/W (989) 872-2084 dwohl@hillsanddales.com hdghrehab.com

Horse Tail Scramble

Hancock 1:00 pm EDT Churning Rapids Trails 10KR, 5KR/W (906) 482-6827 tkinzel@pasty.com uprrc.org

Hungry Duck Run

Brighton 7:00 am 13.1MR, 5KR, kids run (517) 548-5842 hungryduckrun@ comcast.net hungryduckrun.com

Independence Day 5K Run

Harbor Springs 8:00 am Zoll Street Park 5KR (231) 526-7999 harborspringschamber.com

Indy 5K Race

Kentwood 9:00 am 5KR Kelloggwoods Park; 54th & Kelloggswoods Dr. Jason Petersen (616) 656-5272 summersc@ci.kentwood.mi.ussignmeup.com/65130 Precedes Parade

Larry Steeb Memorial Independence Day Run

Whitmore Lake 8:00 am 10KR, 5KR, Splash ‘n dash, Tin Man 800meter FR, 200meter FR Whitmore Lake MS (734) 972-0044 northwindrc@yahoo.com www.signmeup.com/58800

Pizza Hut Kids Triathlon

Benton Harbor 8:00 am Jean Klock Park Tri: 100meterS/ 3MB/ 1/2MR or 200meterS/ 6MB/ 1MR (407) 765-9608 tomziebart@aol.com www.firecrackertri.com Kids 7-14

Run & Walk for Funds

Northport 9:00 am 10KR, 5KR, 2 MW Historic Northport Depot George W. Anderson (231) 386-5188 gwanderson@chartermi.net Run Thru Purgatory

Constantine 9:00 am 10100 Preston Rd. 10KR, 5KR (269) 435-7567 jelliott@constps.org www.constps.org

Ryan Shay Midsummer Night Run

Central Lake 7:00 pm 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR Central Lake HS Track Kathy Patton (231) 544-2815 ryanshayrun@gmail.com

Schoolcraft Firecracker 5 Miler Schoolcraft 8:00 am Schoolcraft Middle School 5MR, 1MFR/W (269) 679-4958 brenda@firecracker5.com firecracker5.com

St. Mary’s Festival

Westphalia 8:00 am St. Mary’s School 5MR, 5KR/W (989) 587-6984 wirthj2003@yahoo.com

Sunday Lake Run Wakefield

8:00 am CDT

Pavillion by the 2.8MR dam on Sunday Lake (906) 827-3644 fireoniceladies@yahoo.com uprrc.org/Calendar.htm

T-Rex Trail 10-Miler

9:00 am Lowell Fallasburg Park 10MR, 8KR (616) 260-2669 coachdroski@aim.com www.trextenmiler.4t.com

Tortoise & Hare 5K

Ann Arbor 8:00 am Tortoise and Hare 5KR/W, kids dash (734) 623.9640 events@tortoiseandhare.com tortoiseandhare.com


Frankenmuth 8:00 am Heritage Park 20KR, 10KR, 5KR/W, 2KFR-kids run (989) 860-3388 or (800) fun-town info@volkslaufe.org www.volkslaufe.org

Sunday, July 5 Firecracker Triathlon

8:00 am Benton Harbor Jean Klock Park 1/4MS, 11MB, 3MR, kids tri (269) 983-2453 info@firecrackertri.com firecrackertri.com

Firefighters 5K Run/Walk

Holly 9:00 am 5KR/W Holly Fire Department, 313 S. Broad St. (248) 514-7318 jwilton@grovelandfire.org www.rotpac.com/

Howell Independence Aquathlon and Open Water Swim Howell 8:00 am Howell City Park 2KR/ 1KS/ 2KR or 1MS Chris Galatis

(517) 546-0693, x 7705 parksandrec@ howellrecreation.org howellrecreation.org MSO Fundraiser 5K

Rochester 10:00 am 5KFR/W Clinton River Trail (248) 608-0252 stinnion@opcseniorcenter.org michiganseniorolympics.org

Manistee Firecracker 5K Manistee 8:15 am Manistee High School 5KR/W, 1 KFR Eric Thuemmel (231) 398-9374 ethuemmel@manistee.org honoredstudents.org/mhs

Pickerel Run

Algonac 8:00 am Algonac Elementary School 10KR, 5KR/W (810) 499-5687 jgibson30@sbcglobal.net raceservices.com

Tuesday, July 7 Richmond Park Cross


7:00 pm Grand Rapids Richmond Park 5KR, 1.5MR, kids run (616) 785-4943 rssuzannez@aol.com grandrapidsrunningclub.org

Wednesday, July 8 Doozie’s Ice Cream Fun Run/Walk Series Mt. Pleasant 7:30 pm 1310 East Pickard 5MR, 3MR, 1 (989) 772-0323 hplouff@yahoo.com edzone.net/~mphsstr/

Grand Ledge Track and Field Series

Grand Ledge 6:30 pm Beagle Middle School track meet-all comers (517) 627-9076 jeffc@playmakers.com playmakers.com

Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #2

Royal Oak 6:30 pm Hansons Running Shop (248) 616-9665

sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Thursday, July 9 Auburn Cornstalk 5K Run/Walk

Auburn 6:30 pm Western High School 5KR/W (989) 686-0246 Runwild1128@hotmail.com barc-mi.com

Concordia Summer Fun Run Ann Arbor 7:00 pm 5KFR Concordia campus West of gym (734) 502-4809 cu-trackxcountry@cuaa.edu www.concordiacardinals.co m/f/SportCamps.php

Huckleberry Hustle 5k Trail Run

Flint 7:00 pm Cross roads Village & Huckleberry Railroad 5KR/W, kids run (810) 249-3855 ndunn@gcparks.org GeneseeCountyParks.org

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Saturday, July 11 Anchor Bay Triathlon

7:30 am New Baltimore 1/2MS, 11MR, 3MR (586) 725-0291 groovie56@yahoo.com raceservices.com

Big Brothers/ Big Sisters Fun Run/Walk

8:30 am EDT Negaunee 10K, 2MR/W Iron & Silver Streets (906) 475-7801 jletts@chartermi.net www.bbbsmqt.org

Catch Your Breath Run & Walk Flint 8:00 am Flint Journal Building 10KR/W, 5KR/W (810) 766-6134 tcurry@ flintjournal.com flintjournal.com/race/

Dances with Dirt - Devil’s Lake Baraboo, WI Running Fit (734) 929-9027


danceswithdirt.com Elsie Dairy Dash

Elsie 7:30 am Village Main Street 5KR/W (989) 834-5742 laurabraun@hughes.net playmakers.com

Keweenaw Trail Running Festival

(2 Day Event) Copper Harbor 8:00 am Keweenaw Mountain Lodge 10KR, 5.8K Hill Climb, 2K youth run. Jeff Crumbaugh (715) 460-0426 info@greatlakesendur ance.com greatlakesendurance.com

25K is Sunday, July 12

Kindleberger Summer Festival of the Arts 5K Run/Walk

Parchment 8:00 am Kindleberger Park 5KR/W (269) 385-4154


kindleberger5K@charter.net www.kindleberger.org

Lakeshore Miracle Run Holland 8:30 am 10KR (616) 392-2282 vkavanaugh@ gazellesports.com

National Cherry Festival 15K & 5K Traverse City 7:30 am Eastern Elementary, 1600 Eastern Ave. 15KR, 5KR/W (800) 968-3380 info@cherryfestival.org cherryfestival.org

Port Austin Run for Youth for Christ

Port Austin 8:30 am Gallup Park 8KR, 2 MR/W (989) 738-8772 race@parun.org www.parun.org

Rockford Area Kids Triathlon

Rockford 9:00 am Rockford North MS Tri: kids 0-17; distances vary by age (517) 336-6429 sweeneyk@michigan.gov www.rocktri.com

Rollie Hopgood’s Midtown Taylor 5K Run

Taylor 9:00 am Heritage Park 5KR/W, 1MFR Greg Everal (734) 507-1789 greg@everalracemgt.com downriverrunners.org

Run by the Bay

East Tawas 9:00 am East Tawas Harborside Park 5KR/W, 1MR/W (989) 362-4288 palumbo@ schmidtandpalumbo.com

Run for Hope

Lapeer 9:00 am Dustin Jenkins (810) 660-7297 dustin@elitefeetrunning.com elitefeetrunning.com

Son of a Sailor Hess Lake 10K Run/Walk

Newaygo 9:00 am Hess Lake, River Valley Community Church

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

10KR/W (231) 282-0581 amich@newaygo.net runnersedgeracetiming.com

Spread the Music 8 Hour Adventure Race

10:00 am Grand Haven Harbor Island (231) 557-6454 matt@endurancesports.biz endurancesports.biz

Ubly Homecoming 5K Run/Walk

8:00 am Ubly Village Park 5KR/W (989) 658-2249 grjurges@hotmail.com

Sunday, July 12 Betsie Bay 10 Mile DATE CHANGED TO AUGUST 1

Bikesport Waterloo Triathlon / Duathlon

Grass Lake 8:00 am Big Portage Lake, Seymour Road Tri: 1/2MS/ 16MB/ 5MR; Du: 2MR/ 16MB/ 5MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398 jdjp@ eliteendeavors.com eliteendeavors.com Course of Champions Milford 9:00 am Kensington Metro Park, Possum Hollow 5KR, 1MFR (248) 684-1710 courseofchampions@ comcast.net signmeup.com

Gallup Gallop

Ann Arbor 8:30 am Gallup Park 5KR, 3MW, 1 MR Jo Darlington (734) 975-9199 gallup_gallop@yahoo.com www.aatrackclub.org

Grand Haven Triathlon, Sprint Tri, & Duathlon

Grand Haven 7:45 am Tri-Cities Family YMCA Tri: 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR or Du: 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR, kids tri (616) 566-7870

ronknoll@hotmail.com www.grandhaventri.com

Grandma Kay’s Orchard 5K Run/Walk

Washington Twp. Noon 5KR/W Westview Orchards (248) 953-4604 webmaster@romeocc.org westvieworchards.com

Inter-Rockin Tri, Du,Sprint Tri

Interlochen 8:00 am Interlochen State Park Tri: 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 6.4MR or 500 meterS/ 20KB, 3.2MR or Du: 3.2MR/ 20KB/ 3.2MR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Keweenaw Trail Running Festival (2 Day Event) Copper Harbor 7:00 am 25KR Eagle Harbor, Copper Harbor Jeff Crumbaugh (715) 460-0426 info@greatlakesendur ance.com greatlakesendurance.com

10KR, 5.8K Hill Climb, 2K youth run are Saturday, July 11

Muddy Buddy Run & Ride Series

Shelby Township 8:00 am Stoney Creek Metro Park 6-7MR/B team relay (818) 707-8867 muddybuddy@mesp.com muddybuddy.com

Mt. Olivet Cemetery 4Mile Sunrise Run

Detroit 8:00 am Mt. Olivet Cemetery 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MW (734) 417-1032 mtolivet4milerun@yahoo.com everalracemgt.com

Run Your Bass Off

Crystal Falls 9:00 am CDT 10KR, 3.6MR, 2MW Runkle Lake Park Kim Olson (906) 367-9869 kolson@up.net crystalfalls.org/bass.htm

Monday, July 13 Nike-Sauk Valley Cross Country Camp

Brooklyn 2:00 pm 10750 Prospect Hill (734) 474-0584 jazzrun@charter.net

Tuff Cross Country Camp

Holland 12:00 pm Hope College (937) 352-1260 track@aia.com www.aia.com/track/youthca mps.aspx 7/13/09 - 7/18/09

Wednesday, July 15 Grand Ledge Track and Field Series Championship

6:30 pm Grand Ledge Beagle Middle School track meet-all comers (517) 627-9076 jeffc@playmakers.com playmakers.com

Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #2

Lake Orion 6:30 pm Hansons Running (248) 616-9665 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Run Fit Kids Fitness Camp

Ann Arbor Gallup Park Running Fit (734) 929-9027 events@runningfit.com runfitkids.com Wayland Road Runners Track Workout Wayland 6:30 pm 2MR, 400, 200, 100 meter runs Wayland HS Track Ray Antel III (269) 792-2427 coachantel@i2k.com waylandroadrunners.com

Run Fit Kids Fitness Camp Ann Arbor Gallup Park Running Fit (734) 929-9027



July - October 2009 Event Calendar Thursday, July 16 Concordia Summer Fun Run

Ann Arbor 7:00 pm 5KFR Concordia campus West of gym (734) 502-4809 cu-trackxcountry@cuaa.edu www.concordiacardinals.co m/f/SportCamps.php

Ophelia Bonner Scholarship Run

6:30 pm Flint U of M Pavilion, Saganaw & Kearsley Streets 8KR/W, 1MR (810) 487-0954 GRaceMgt@aol.com gaultracemanagement.com

Friday, July 17 Great Lakes Relay

Eastpointe 6:00 am Begins near Tawas; finishes in Empire 270 M Relay (313) 885-3256 info@greatlakesrelay.com greatlakesrelay.com July 17-19, 2009

Hansons 3 Mile CrossCountry Race Romeo 7:00 pm Wolcott Farm 3 MR (586) 323-9683 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Mike Tarbutton (989) 732-6521 mtarbutton@ otsegocountymi.gov otsegocountyparksrec.com/AFRace.htm

Michigan Runner Race Series - 10 Mile Bastille Days 5K Run/Walk and 15KR

7:45 am Fenton 150 S. Leroy 15KR, 5KR/W (810) 603-1366 ahaffajee@ genegeneseehabitat.org seehabitat.org/5k-run/

Bear River Crawl

Petoskey 9:00 am Bay Front Park 5KR, 1MFR (231) 347-9300 mboers@northernmichigan sportsmed.com northernmichigansportsmed.com

Catch the Breeze 5K Elkton 8:30 am 5KR Veterans Park Debbie Cunningham debbiec@ northstarathome.com

Farmington Founders Festival

Farmington 9:00 am 4 MR Shaiwassee Park (248) 473-1800 hsmith@fhgov.com runningfoundation.com

Festival Ironwood Walk, Run & Roll

Ironwood 8:30 am CDT 5MR, 2MFR/W Old Depot Park (906) 432-0668 cbergquist@gvhs.org www.gvhs.org

Gazelle Sports Tri del Sol

Middleville 8:00 am YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin Tri: 1/2 MS/ 18MB/ 4.5MR; Du: 2MR/ 18MB/ 4.5MR (269) 342-5996 racedirector@tridelsol.com www.tridelsol.com

Indian River Summerfest Kiwanis 5K Run/Walk & 10K Run

Indian River 8:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W Lumber Yard, Straits HwyGreg Rotter (231) 238-8564 info@irchamber.com www.irchamber.com

Kelly Carter Scholarship Run

Tecumseh 9:00 am Carter Rehab Center, 902 Industrial Drive 10KR, 5KR, 1MW (517) 423-7722 Angie_Birdsall&yahoo.com

Kaleva Finnish Line 5K Run Walk

Kaleva 9:00 am Kaleva Elementary School, 5KR/W (231) 362-3519 asialarelk@aol.com www.kalevami.com

Lightning Lynx Track Club Coach James Bibbs Track and Field Invitational

Holt 9:00 am Holt HS track & field meet (517) 371-9763 gjackson@grangernet.com

Our Redeemer Cares Habitat Run Midland 9:00 am Our Redeemer Church 5KR, 1.5MR, kids run (989) 835-4188 office@ ourredeemerchurch.com

Plainwell Education Foundation Island City Run/ Walk

Plainwell 9:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR (269) 694-6746 beierg@hotmail.com plainwelleducationfoundation.org

Planet Fitness Running Festival Spring Arbor 8:15 am Spring Arbor University 10KR, 5KR/W, 1/2M kids’ FR (517) 750-4847 mlnjolson@comcast.net

Port City Run

8:30 am Frankfort 5KR/W, 1M Main Street, at Goose Park, next to Benzie Shores District Library (35 miles southwest of Traverse City) Jeff or Judi Tousley (231) 352-7698 jtousley@netbox.com www.frankfort.k12.mi.us/P ortCityRun/index.htm

Republic Bank Canal Run/Walk

Hancock 7:00 am McLain State Park to Hancock 10MR/W

Leslie 5K

Leslie 6:45 pm Leslie HS, 4141 Hull Rd. 5KR/W, 1MFR, kids run (517) 589-5332 7pepper@sbcglobal.net

Red Carpet Run 5K

Novi 10:30 am 5KR, kids’ run Running Fit (734) 929-9027 events@runningfit.com redcarpetrun.com

Ages 13-23

Saturday, July 18

Alpenfest Run

Gaylord 8:00 am Pavilion on Court Street 10MR/W, 4MR/W, 1 MFR Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


(906) 482-8562 rcooney@republicbk.com keweenaw.info/events_35_c analrun.aspx

Run Thru Sparta

Sparta 8:00 am Sparta Middle School 5KR/W, kid’s run (616) 887-1116 runthrusparta@ sbcglobal.net

SMAC Sprint Adventure Race

White Lake 8:00 am 10-13 hour Mountain Bike, Paddle, Trek, Fixed Ropes Paul Piorkowski (734) 699-5182 paul@smacworld.com www.smacworld.com

Starts and Stripes 5K Run/Walk and Kids Run

Grand Rapids 8:30 am 5KR/W, kids run Navy Operational Support Center, 1863 Monroe Ave. (231) 668-7088 hendrickje@wsh.tcaps.net


Hartland 9:00 am Hartland HS Tri: 100mS/ 5KB/ 800mR or 200mS/ 10KB/ 1MR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

The Rose Run

Petersburg 8:30 am 5KR/W 10 East Center St. Jessica Cribbs jessica@theroserun.com

Venetian River Run

St Joseph 7:00 am Lake Blvd and Ship St. 5KR/W (269) 983-7917 stevenhilda@qtm.net www.venetian.org

Sunday, July 19

Bikesport Clark Lake Triathlon & Duathlon

Clark Lake 8:30 am Clark Lake Beach & Boat Club Tri: 1/2MS/ 13 MB/ 4 MR or Du: 2.4MR/ 13MB/ 4MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398 jdjp@ eliteendeavors.com eliteendeavors.com 44

Carl’s Family YMCA Happy Trails Triathlon

Milford 8:00 am Kensington Metropark Tri: 800mS/ 20KB/ 5KR or Du: 1.5MR/ 20KB/ 5KR, kids run (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Friendly Massey Marathon & Spanish River Half-Marathon

Massey, ON 6:00 am Massey District Arena 26.2MR,, 13.1MR, 10KR Elizabeth Gamble (705) 865-2655 egamble@primus.ca friendlymasseymarathon.com Kiwanis Island Run

Eaton Rapids 8:00 am G.A.R. Island Park 5KRW (517) 230-1161 CWATL24055@aol.com

Meridian Plumbing’s Fight Hunger 5K

Okemos 9:00 am Meridian Township offices, 5151 Marsh Rd. 5KR/W (517) 339-6300 michelle@ meridianplumbing.net themeridianadvantage.net

Ohio/Michigan 4 Mile Run

Sylvania, OH 10:00 am 4MR/W, kids run Pacesetter Park (419) 360-3709 toledoroadrunners.org

Perch Run

Fairhaven 8:00 am Immaculate Conception Church 4 MR, 2MFW, kids run (586) 725-3051 run@icperchfestival.com www.icperchfestival.com

Tuesday, July 21 Aman Park Trail Run

Grand Rapids 7:00 pm 1895 Lake Michigan Dr. 5.5MR, 1.5M kids run/bike/run (616) 530-2002 a04623@allstate.com grandrapidsrunningclub.org

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Wednesday, July 22 Grand Ledge Track and Field Series - Finale 6:30 pm Grand Ledge Beagle Middle School track meet-all comers (517) 627-9076 jeffc@playmakers.com playmakers.com

Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #2

6:30 pm Utica Hansons Running Shop (586) 323-9683 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Pterodactyl Triathlon

Brighton 6:30 pm Island Lake Recreation Area Tri: 1/2MS/ 5KR/ 20KB Andrea Allen (734) 929-9027



Road Racing at Metro Beach

Harrison Twp 7:00 pm Pointe Road - Metro Beach 4MR (248) 627-6619 ARPraces@aol.com geocities.com/arpraces/

Wayland Road Runners Cross Country Run

Wayland 6:30 pm 5KR, 2MW East Kentwood XC Course along scenic Falcon Creek Ray Antel III (269) 792-2427 coachantel@i2k.com waylandroadrunners.com

Thursday, July 23 Concordia Summer Fun Run Ann Arbor 7:00 pm 5KFR Concordia campus West of gym (734) 502-4809 cu-trackxcountry@cuaa.edu www.concordiacardinals.co m/f/SportCamps.php

Saturday, July 25

Alden Run

Alden 9:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W Steve Kershner (231) 377-7319

skikersh@aol.com www.aldenrun.com Arcadia Daze 5KR, 10KR

Arcadia 9:00 am 5KR Ed Matusko (231) 889-0265 ArcadiaTwpMi.Org

Best Source Credit Union Heart of the Hills

West Bloomfield 8:00 am Andover HS Andover Road 10KR, 5KR John Normandeau (800) 666-4500, x 4332 john.normandeau @bestsourcecu.org heartofthehillsrace.com Byron Bank 5K

Byron Center 8:30 am 5KR/W Byron Bank, 2445 84th St. (616) 588-7454 sellison@bankatbyron.com signmeup.com/64209

Chris Cook Memorial Run

Fremont 8:30 am 204 E. Main Street 10KR, 5KR (231) 924-6045 cliffandtrisha@ cynergycomm.net www.theracedirector.com

C-Roy Bologna Run/Walk

Yale 8:00 am 5KR, 1MR/W 200 Main St. (810) 387-2225 pembertonthomas@ hotmail.com eteamz.com/yalecrosscountry/

Escanaba Lighthouse 5K Run/Walk

Escanaba 9:00 am EDT 5KR/W, kids run Ludington Park Bandshell (906) 280-0661 mverhamme@hotmail.com

Gift of Life MOTTEP Life Walk/Run Detroit 9:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W Belle Isle (313) 393-2446 rchapman@ giftoflifemichigan.org

Go for SLO 5K

8:30 am Fowler Waldron Elementary /Missle School 5KR/W (989) 292-1677 asthelen@gmail.com

Gopher the Gold

Shelby Township 9:00 am River Bends Park 10KR, 5KR, kids run (248) 798-6533 MichaelWard@cttsbi.com

The G.R.A. 10K

Grayling 9:00 am Grayling HS 10KR (989) 348-9266 hansonshills@hotmail.com www.hansonhills.org

Grand Island Trail Marathon & 10K Munising 7:00 am Williams Landing, Grand Island, Lake Superior 26.2 MR, 10KR Jeff Crumbaugh (715) 460-0426 jcrumbaugh @charter.net greatlakesendurance.com Hudson Booster 5k Cross Country Open

Hudson 8:30 am Hudson H X-C Course 5KR (517) 403-4953 d3marry@tc3net.com www.hudson.k12.mi.us

Ionia Free Fair 5K Race

Ionia 8:00 am Ionia Free Fair Grounds 3MR (616) 523-1800 MPainter@ci.ionia.mi.us city.ionia.mi.us

Life Walk 5K Run/Walk, 1 Mile Run/Walk

Belle Isle-Detroit 9:00 am 5KFR/W, 1MFR/W Belle Isle Casino (313) 393-2446 rchapman@ giftoflifemichigan.org

Lumberjack Festival 5K Run/Walk - TENTATIVE DATE

Farwell 8:00 am Downtown Farwell 5KR/W, 1MR, 1/2M kids run (989) 588-6493 IamWe@hotmail.com

July - October 2009 Event Calendar

Lyn Yarrow Memorial Run/Walk 5K

Dexter 9:00 am 5KR/W, 1MR Hudson Mills Metropark Bob & Katie Jazwinski (734) 424-0785 jazzrun@charter.net www.jcbfoundation.org

Muddy Watters, Bump & Run Trail Series, Race #3

Rochester Hills 9:00 am Bloomer Park, Mountain 5.5MR Ash Shelter (248) 320-5705 jeff@jeffwatters.com www.jeffwatters.com

Plainwell Island City 5K Plainwell 9:00 am 5KR/W, 1MFR (269) 720-6196 beierg@hotmail.com

Road Runner Classic Northville 5:00 pm Maybury State Park 8KR/W, 1MFR (248) 231-6114 run _gh@yahoo.com active.com

Run for an Instrumental Lifelong Experience

Coldwater 8:00 am 5KR/W (734) 657-1637 a2kjw@comcast.net www.ilefund.org

Ryan Shay Mile

Charlevoix 10:30 am 1MR - invitational downtown Charlevoix Matt Peterson (231) 547-3407 mpeterson@ejps.org

Salomon/ Endurance Sports Summer Groove 15 Hour Adventure Race Pentwater 3:00 am adventure race (231) 557-6454 matt@endurancesports.biz endurancesports.biz

Steve’s Run

Dowagiac 9:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W, 1 MFR/W Ron Gunn (269) 782-1210 rgunn@swmich.edu swmich.edu/ fireup/stevesrun Summer Groove 15 Hour Adventure Race

Newyago 3:00 am adventure race Matt Vander Sys (231) 557-6454 matt@endurancesports.biz endurancesports.biz

Tigertown 5000 Road Race

Liberty Center 9:00 am Libery Center High School 5KR/W Doug Desgrange (419) 533-5838 desgrunner@yahoo.com

Tri Cities Family Coast Guard Festival 5K & 10K

Grand Haven 8:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W YMCA (616) 842-7051, x20 racedirector@tcfymca.org www.tcfymca.org

Tuuri Race Day 5K Run Walk & 10K Run

Flint 7:30 am Hurley Medical Center 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MW, Kids Run (810) 257-9428 gaultracemanagement.com

Venetian Festival Jeff Drenth Memorial Foot Races

Charlevoix 9:00 am 10KR, 5KR, 1 MR, 1MFR Mt. McSauba Ski Lodge Matt Peterson (231) 547-3407 mpeterson@ejps.org

Sunday, July 26

Bikesport Women’s Only Triathlon & DriTri Sylvania, OH 7:30 am Centennial Terrace & Quarry Tri: 400yardS/ 13MB/ 3.1MR or Du: 1MR/ 13MB/ 3.1MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398 jdjp@sev.org eliteendeavors.com

Carrollton Charity Road Races

Carrollton 6:00 am Carrollton High School, 1235 Mapleridge Road 26.2 MR, 20KR, 10KR, 5KR/W Craig Douglas

(989) 399-8860 cdouglas@ carrollton.k12.mi.us carrollton.k12.mi.us Ele’s Place 5K & Mile Okemos 9:00 am Jackson National Life Insurance Company 5KR/W, 1M kids run (517) 482-1315 kcervenak@elesplace.org www.elesplace.org Playmakers Race Series

Hansons Group Run Lake Orion 8:00 am Hansons Running Shop (248) 693-9900 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Level Pebble 4 Mile & 10K Run Flat Rock 8:10 am 10KR, 4MR/W Recreation Center (734) 379-5727 carynp@flatrockrec.org www.active.com

Mackinaw Multi-Sport Mix

Mackinaw City 8:00 am Waywatum Park Tri: 800mS/ 30KB/ 5KR Du: 2MR/ 30KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Rudyard Lions Summerfest Triathlon & 5K Rudyard 9:30 am Rudyard High School Tri: 5KR/ v24KB/ 1/2MS (pool), Run: 5K (906) 478-5244 gdavis@sault.com

Run for a Remedy

Lake Orion 8:00 am Glitz NXT, Orion Twp 5KR/W Nina Harless (248) 625-1001 nitagirl@comcast.net runforaremedy.net “Run Like Mike” Rutka 5K

9:00 am Ann Arbor Gallup Park 5KR, 2MW, kids’ dash (734) 369-2492 thebigdog@ twodogsrunning.com www.runlikemike.org

Running from Cancer

Tecumseh, ON 7:00 pm Tecumseh Arena 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run (519) 945.3786 info@runningfactory.com

Monday, July 27 Hansons Middle/High School Day Camp

Sterling Heights 9:00 am Delia Park 7-12th grade Hansons Running Shop (586) 323-9682 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com 7/27/09 to 7/30/09

Tuesday, July 28 Glen Arbor Women’s Club Running Bear 5K

Glen Arbor 9:00 am 5KR, kids run Cherry Republic, Lake Street

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


(231) 334-7363 gawc5krace@hotmail.com playmakers.com/ raceflyers09/bear.pdf

beck_42000@yahoo.com www.advokaterun.org

Wednesday, July 29

Aspirus Keweenaw Copperman Triathlon

Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #2

6:30 pm Grosse Pointe Hansons Running (313) 882-1325 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Road Racing at Metro Beach

Harrison Twp 7:00 pm Pointe Road - Metro Beach 5KR 248) 627-6619 ARPraces@aol.com geocities.com/arpraces/

Run the Mountain

7:30 pm Mt. Pleasant Mountain Town Station 5KR (989) 772-0323 hplouff@yahoo.com

Wayland Road Runners 8 Mile Tag Team Relay

Wayland 6:30 pm 8 MRelay, Tot Trot Wayland HS track Ray Antel III (269) 792.2427 coachantel@i2k.com waylandroadrunners.com

Friday, July 31 Hansons 3 Mile CrossCountry Race

Allen Park Street Fair 8K - DATE IS AUGUST 8

Copper Harbor Fort Wilkins State Park Tri: 0.5MS/ 19MB/ 5MR (906) 482-8201 info@ keweenawcopperman.org keweenawcopperman.org

Betsie Bay 10 Miler

Frankfort 8:00 am 10MR Tad Peacock (231) 651-0957 info@ endomanpromotions.com endomanpromotions.com Community Day 5K

Adrian 9:00 am 5KR/W, kids run (517) 403-7687 druesi@tc3net.com www.thecentre.info/EventsN ews/tabid/447/Default.aspx

Crystal Lake 8K/5K

Crystal 8:00 am Crystal Elementary School 5MR, 5KR (989) 328-1208 janetc@montcalm.edu

Downtown YMCA 5K Run/Walk

Sterling Heights 7:00 pm Delia Park 3MR Hansons Running (586) 323-9683 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Lansing 10:00 am 5KR/W, 1MR/W Riverfront Park (517) 484-4000 benwheeler@ ymcaoflansing.org


Eastpointe Lions Club Ox Roast Run

Saturday, August 1 ACT for Autism 5K Run and 1 Mile Walk

Bloomfield Hills 9:00 am 5KR, 1MW St. Regis Catholic Church Reba Ramsayer (734) 604-0040 riramseyer@yahoo.com www.actnetwork.org

AdvoKate Run

Rochester 8:30 am 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MW Rochester Municipal Park (248) 709-7673


Eastpointe 8:30 am 5R/1MFR/W Kennedy Park on Stephens Road Kim Lubinski (586) 393-6292 schobiek@aol.com www.eplcoxrun.org

Fort Gratiot Trail Trek Fort Gratiot 8:00 am Fort Gratiot Trail, Fort Gratiot Middle School 10KR, 5KR, 1MW (810) 329-5214 raceservices.com

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Go Green! 5K

Caledonia 8:30 am 5KR/W, 1MFR Green Lake (616) 536-2124 pthopkins01@charter.net

Harbor Days Harborun 10K

8:30 am Elk Rapids 10KR, 5KR, FR (800) 626-7328 info@elkrapuidschamber.org www.elkrapidschamber.org

Kayla O’Mara Memorial Run

Goodrich 9:00 am Goodrich High School 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR/W (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Lake Antoine Classic

Pickford Hay Days 10K Pickford 9:00 am EDT 10KR, 5KR, 2KFR/W 205 E. Main Street (906) 647-9395 drmorrison@sault.com haydays.org

Ready Or Not 5K

Otsego 8:00 am Memorial Park 5K/W, 1KFR (269) 808-0613 otsegocoach@yahoo.com runotsego.com

Run Clark Lake

Clark Lake 8:25 am Beach Bar 12KR, 5KR/W, kids run (517) 782-6106 teamnationaldwyer@ hotmail.com fitnesscouncil.org/ runjackson/

Iron Mountain 9am CST Lake Antoine County Park 15KR, 5MR, 2M kids run (906) 776-5918 Katie.Maxon@dchs.org

Run Manchester

Muskegon 8:00 am Pere Marquette Beach 5KR/W (231) 755-0434, ext. 3011 marybeth@ agewellservices.org www.nutritionalservices.org

Shermanator Triathlon & 5K Run

Lake Shore Miles for Meals

The Legend 5 & 10 Mile Trail Run

Laingsburg 8:00 am Lake Ovid, Sleepy Hollow State Park 10MR, 5MR Andrea Allen (734) 929-9027


www.runlegend.com Logan’s Run

South Bend, IN 8:30 am Notre Dame campus 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFW (574) 289-4831, Ext. 1027 jill@logancenter.org www.RunWithLogan.org

Mt Morris Poker Challenge

Mt. Morris 8:00 am Mt. Morris Middle School 12KR, 5KR/W, 1MR, kids run (810) 659-6493 gracemgt@aol.com www.riverbendstriders.com

Manchester 8:30 am 10KR, 5KR, 1MFR Downtown Manchester (734) 428-9890 manchesterareafriends @yahoo.com

Augusta 8:30 am Sherman Lake YMCA 5KR, Tri: 500 yd.S/ 10MB/ 5KR, kids run (269) 731-3004 jackiem@ymcasl.org shermanlakeymca.org

Streets of Fire 8K

Grand Rapids 6:30 pm Kosciuszko Hall 8KR/W (616) 742-0384 grrunningclub@ sbcglobal.net grandrapidsrunningclub.org

Sunfield IGA 5K

Sunfield 10:00 am VanBuren Park 5KR/W, kids race (517) 862-9373 chrisw@budlight.com

Upper Peninsula EcoMile

any track in UP, anytime during August 09 1600 meter run (906) 361-5059 BS50runner@gmail.com upprc.org Competitors must be timed by another person who is positioned at the start-finish. One entry per person; as many attempts as desired. Limited to Upper Peninsula

Road Runners Club members and Upper Peninsula residents

Whirlpool Steelhead 70.3 Triathlon

Benton Harbor / St. Joseph 7:00 am Jean Klock Park Tri: 1.2 MS/ 56 MB/ 13.1 MR (773) 404-2372 info@caprievents.com steelheadtriathlon.com

Sunday, August 2 Bath Trail Run

Bath 9:00 am Bath High School 5KR/W, kids run (517) 641-6947 runbathrun@hotmail.com bathboosters.com

Camp Whitcomb Mason Triathlon

Hartland, WI 8:00 am Camp Whitcomb Mason Tri: 1/3MS/ 22MB/ 3.1MR (262) 538-1190 racedirector@ theswchickgroup.com campwhitcombmason.org

Craig Greenfield Memorial Triathlon & Duathlon

Clarkston 7:45 am Depot Park Tri: 800 meterS/ 16MB/ 4.4MR or Du: 1.9MR/ 16MB/ 4.4MR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

On Track to Copemish 5K Run & Walk

Copemish 9:00 am 16505 Imhoff Drive 5KR/W (231) 378-4297 lcudney@aol.com

Wed., August 5

Doozie’s Ice Cream Fun Run/Walk Series Mt. Pleasant 7:30 pm 1310 East Pickard 5MR, 3MR (989) 772-0323 hplouff@yahoo.com edzone.net/~mphsstr/

Wayland Road Runners 4 Mile Run & Award Banquet

Middleville 6:30 pm 4 MFR, 2MW Yankee Springs Rec Area Ray Antel III (269) 792-2427

July - October 2009 Event Calendar coachantel@i2k.com waylandroadrunners.com

hotmail.com active.com

Thursday, August 6

Bikesport Sylvania SuperKids Triathlon / Duathlon

Concordia Summer Fun Run Ann Arbor 7:00 pm 5KFR Concordia campus West of gym (734) 502-4809 cu-trackxcountry@cuaa.edu www.concordiacardinals.co m/f/SportCamps.php

Great Pizza Challenge

Flint 6:30 pm Downtown Flint YMCA 5KR/W, 1/4 MR (810) 487-0954 GRaceMgt@aol.com gaultracemanagement.com

Stony Creek Distance Run

Shelby Twp 6:00 pm 5KR, 1MFR Stony Creek Metropark, Eastwood Beach (248) 969-1323 runyatesrun@sbcglobal.net stoneycreekrunningclub.org

Saturday, August 8 Allen Park Street Fair 8K

Allen Park 9:00 am Allen Park Presbyterian Church, 7101 Park Ave. 8KR (734) 282-1101 marathonmark@

Sylvania, OH 7:30 am Olander Park distances variy by age group Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398 jdjp@sev.org eliteendeavors.com Crystal Lake Team Marathon

Beulah 8:00 am Beulah pavilion 26.2 M Relay (231) 882-7212 paul@lakeshoretitle.net visitbenzie.com

Dow Corning Pig Gig

Bay City 10:30 am Vet’s Park 5KR/W, kids run Ann Gasta (989) 415-5593 gastazoo@chartermi.net

Glad-Peach Run

Coloma 8:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W West & Washington Streets (269) 861-6360 mjqjrun@aol.com signmeup.com/64546

Hansinger Mud Fest

9:30 am Port Huron 7MR/B team obstacle race Jeddo Boy Scout Camp, 7140 Jeddo Road (517) 706-1011 mhanton@comcast.net www.mudfestrace.com

Hillsdale Baptist Church Sonshine 5K Run

Hillsdale 8:30 am 5KR/W, 1/4 MFR 2211 W. Bacon Rd. Hillsdale Baptist Church (517) 439-9711 pamlvt@frontiernet.net www.hillsdale-baptist.org

Home Run 5K

Comstock Park 8:30 am Fifth-Third Ballpark 5KR/W (616) 890-9356

Mint City 10 Miler, 5K & Family Fun Walk

St. Johns 7:30 am 900 W. Townsend St. 10MR, 5KR (989) 224-6881 mint10@mintcity10miler.com www.mintcity10miler.com

Onekama Days 5K Run, 5K Walk, 5K Screamer, & 1 Mile Fun Run

Onekama 9:15 am Village Park 5KR/W, kids run (231) 889-4708 bjbrown@manistee.org

Orthopedic Associates of Port Huron & Hanson’s Running Shop Run

Port Huron 8:00 am 10KR, 5KR, 1MR/W 940 River Centre Drive Maureen Muzzarelli (810) 966-2503 mmuzzarelli@oaph.com www.oaph.com

Run Thru Hell CANCELLED Pinckney

South Haven Blueberry Festival 5K

South Haven 8:00 am 5KR/W, kids run Southshore Municipal Marina (269) 639-2805 kwise@shch.org signmeup.com/64556



Joggin’ or Runnin’ Around

Caseville 8:00 am Caseville Amphitheatre 5KR/W (989) 453-3709, x 4765 barc-mi.com

Millennium Triathlon

Grand Rapids 8:00 am Sprint Tri, Kids tri Millennium Park Jim Conner (616) 540-9071 millenniumtriathlon.com

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


St. Joseph Island Triathlon, Duathlon and Kids of Steel Triathlon St. Joseph Island, ON 9:00 am Richards Landing Tri: 1500mS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 750mS/ 20KB/ 5KR or 400mS/ 10KB/ 2.5KR Du: 10KR/ 40KB/ 5KR or 5KR/ 20KB/ 2.5KR, kids tri-distances vary (705) 759-2467 race@ stjosephislandtriathlon.com stjosephislandtriathlon.com

Saline’s Summerfest 5K Run/Walk

8:30 am Saline 5KR/W Chamber of Commerce (724) 429-4494 salinechamber@aol.com www.salinechamber.com

Skirts on the Run 5K

Royal Oak 3:30 pm 5KR (734) 255-3676 alclezi1@yahoo.com www.ontherunraces.com

Traverse Bay Open Water Challenge

Traverse City 8:00 am 2MS, 1MS, 1/2MS Bryant Park (231) 645-5019 skcover@chartermi.net www.tcbreakers.com

Tri Lakes Triathlon

Curtis 10:00 am EDT Curtis Park Tri: .25MS / 15MB / 5KR, 5KW (906) 293-9182 csevarn@hnjh.org www.hnjh.org

West Michigan I TRI 4 FUN Triathlon

Fremont 4:00 pm Fremont Lake Park Tri: 200meterS / 9MB/ 3MR (231) 924-2100 matt@cityoffremont.net freewebs.com/ westmichigantri/

West Michigan Kids Triathlon

Fremont 9:00 am Fremont High School Tri: - distances vary by age (231) 924-2100 matt@cityoffremont.net www.freewebs.com/ westmichigantri/

Sunday, August 9

Bikesport Sylvania Triathlon/ Duathlon

Sylvania, OH 7:30 am Tam-O-Shanter SportsComplex, Olander Park Olympic Tri: 1.5MS/ 40KB/ 10KR; Sprint Tri: 0.25S/ 13MB/ 5KR; Du: 3KR/ 40KB/ 10KR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398 jdjp@sev.org eliteendeavors.com Dwayne Rau Memorial Road Race

West Branch 8:30 am Surline Middle School 5KR, 2.5KW (989) 345-0901 raut@m33access.com

Lansing Legislator Tri, Du, Sprint

Lansing 8:00 am Sleepy Hollow State Park Tri: 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR or Du: 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Leg It for Life 5KR/W

East Lansing 9:00 am East Lansing Soccer Complex 5KR/W email@legitforlife.org legitforlife.org Playmakers Race Series

Milford Fun Days 5K

Milford 8:00 am 5KR/W Central Park, Downtown Milford (248) 685-7129, ext. 104 daveyarm@aol.com 5k.milfordmemories.com

Paavo Nurmi Marathon

Hurley, WI 7:30 am CDT Upson to Hurley 26.2MR, 2 & 5 person relays (866) 340-4334 hurley@hurleywi.com www.hurleywi.com

Wed., August 12

Run Fit Kids Fitness Camp 48

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Ann Arbor Gallup Park Running Fit (734) 929-9027



Strider Track Meet

Mt. Pleasant 7:30 pm Mt. Pleasant HS Track 5MR, 3MR (989) 772-0323 hplouff@yahoo.com edzone.net/~mphsstr/

Thurs., August 13

Bauman’s Charity 5K

Flint 6:45 pm Kettering University Recreation Center 5KR/W, kids runs Riverbend Striders (810) 238-5981 riverbendstriders.com

Bauman’s Summer Series

Concordia Summer Fun Run Ann Arbor 7:00 pm 5KFR Concordia campus West of gym (734) 502-4809 cu-trackxcountry@cuaa.edu www.concordiacardinals.co m/f/SportCamps.php

Marquette County Fair Mid-Summer Night Fun Run

Marquette 6:30 pm EDT 4 MR Marquette County Fairgrounds (906) 226-6924 marquettecountyfair.com

Thunder Bolt 5K Run & Cross Country School Team Challenge Whitehall 6:30 pm Funnel Field 5KR/W (231) 828-5448 jdwolters6436@gmail.com

Friday, August 14

Howell Melon Run

Howell 6:45 pm - 1 Mile Fun Run 7:00 pm - 10K & 5K Howell City Park 10KR, 5KR, kids’ run, melon roll Beth Schrader (517) 546-0693 parksandrec@

howellrecreation.org howellrecreation.org

St John’s Festival 5K Run/Walk and 1/4M Tot Trot 6:30 pm Essexville 5KR/W, 1MR Corner of Pine & Hudson Wade Schaefer (989) 894-2753 wadebaha@aol.com barc-mi.com

Sat., August 15 Almont’s Run for Health

Almont 9:00 am Almont High School 5KR/W, 1/4MFR Greg Kemego (810) 798-7500 barc-mi.com

Bath City Run Walk

Mount Clemens 8:00 am Rec. Bowl 4MR, 2MW, kids run (586) 469-4168 weissii@msn.com downtownmountclemens.com

Board of Water and Light Hometown Power 5K Lansing 9:00 am BWL Customer Service Center , 1230 Halco Drive 5KR/W (517) 702-6880 jlb3@lbwl.com www.bwl5k.com

Cat Tracks 5K Trail Run/Walk

Niles 9:00 am 5KR/W Brandywine High School (269) 684-6123 cattracks5k@aol.com

Churchill Classic

Cheboygan 8:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W Citizens National Bank, 303 North Main (231) 627-7111 lindsayn@ cnbismybank.com www.cheboygan.org

Falcon 5K

Dearborn 8:45 am Divine Child HS 5KR,1 MFR (313) 398-2333 falcon5k2006@aol.com divinechildhighschool.org/alumni

Fallsburg Festival of Races

8:00 am Lowell Fallsburg Park 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 5KR (616) 260-2669 CoachDroski@aim.com www.fallsburghalf.8k.com

Martin Firefighters 5K Run/Walk

Martin 8:00 am 131 Knoll Gas Motorsports Park 5KR/W, kids run (269) 838-0098 christycurry@ emailo.grcc.edu knollgasmotorsportspark.com

Mitchell’s Run Through Rockford

Rockford 8:30 am Downtown Rockford 5KR/W, kids run (616) 863-9168 mitchellsrun@charter.net mitchellsrun.org

Origami 5K

Mason 9:00 am 3181 Sandhill Rd. 5KR, 1MW (517) 455-0264 jpascoe@origamirehab.org www.origamirehab.org

Petoskey Festival by the Bay Wellness Walk & Run

Petoskey 9:00 am Bayfront Park 5KR/W, 1MR/W, kids run (231) 347-7874 msturt@dwsturt.com active.com

Pregnancy Services Race 4 Life 5K

Lansing 9:00 am 5KR Granger Meadows Park (517) 580-8185 psglwest@gmail.com race4life09.com

Sanford and Sun Triathlon

Sanford 8:00 am Sanford Lake Country Park Tri: 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500 meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR, Du: 2MR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Spread Eagle Barrens Trail Run/Walk

Florence, WI 12KR, 5KR LePage Creek Overlook

July - October 2009 Event Calendar (715) 528-5377 info@ florencewisconsin.com florencewisconsin.com

Tahqua Trail Run

Paradise 8:00 am Tahquamenon Falls State Park 25KR, 10KR, 2KR Jeff Crumbaugh (715) 460-0426 info@greatlakesendur ance.com greatlakesendurance.com

Wildcat Cross Country Course 5K Run

Pittsford 9:00 am 5KR Pittsford High School (517) 523-2672 schmst@frontiernet.net

Wood Duck Dash

Brownstown 9:00 am Lake Erie Metropark 10KR, 5KR (734) 379-5020 info@woodduckdash.com www.woodduckdash.com

Sunday, August 16 Battle of Waterloo

Waterloo 8:00 am Big Portage Lake, Waterloo Recreation Area 10 leg tri: 1.5MS/ 27MB/ 14MR Eva Solomon (734) 678-5045 eva@estevents.com estevents.com

Easter Seals Walk With Me 5K Run

Rochester 9:00 am 5KR/W, 1MW Oakland University (248) 45102953 ecollins@essmichigan.org active.com/donate/WWME astMI

Island Lake of Novi Triathlon & Open Water Swim

Novi 8:00 am .5MS/ 12MB/ 3MR or 1.5MS 50641 Drakes Bay www.swimfasttrifast.com/is landlakeofnovi/

Lapeer Days Race

8:00 am Lapeer 4MR/W, 1/4 MFR Corner of Nepessing and Court Streets (810) 342-5345 kend@mclaren.org www.lapeerdays.com

Mary Angela Run for Angels’ Place

Farmington Hills 9:00 am Oakland Community College, Orchard Ridge Campus 10KR, 5KR, 1MW, 1M kids’ run (248) 496-8449 lnorton@angelahospice.net gaultracemanagement.com

Montrose Blueberry Festival

Montrose 8:00 am Montrose Carter ES 5 MR/W (810) 449-8340 mandy@bluberryrace.com blueberryrace.com

Petoskey Triathlon & Duathlon

Petoskey 8:00 am City Park Across from the Fire Dept. Tri: 1000meterS/ 25MB/ 5MR or Du: 2MR/ 20KB/ 5MR or Du: 2MR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229 3disciplines.com

St. Ignace Summer Daze 5K Run/Walk St. Ignace 9:00 am 3MR/W Little Bear East Arena (906) 643-8676 lbe@cityofstignace.net

Vietnam Veterans United Annual 5K Run

Allen Park 9:00 am Champaign Park 5KR, 1 MR/W (734) 552-8538 rjfordone@comcast.net www.active.com

Tuesday, August 18 Riverside Park Co-Ed Relay

Grand Rapids 6:30 pm Riverside Park X-C relay, 4 alternating .5mile laps (616) 884-0088 james.m.anton@usps.gov grandrapidsrunningclub.org

Wed., August 19 Road Racing at Metro Beach

Harrison Twp 7:00 pm 2MR (248) 627-6619 ARPraces@aol.com geocities.com/arpraces/

T-Rex Sprint Triathlon

Brighton 6:30 pm Island Lake Recreation Area Tri: 1/2MS/ 5KR/ 20KB Andrea Allen (734) 929-9027



Friday, August 21 Child Benefit Fund 5K

Lansing 6:00 pm. Adado Riverfront Park 5KR/W (517) 483-6341 ljrobinson@ingham.org

Concordia Summer Fun Run Ann Arbor 7:00 pm 5KFR Concordia campus West of gym (734) 502-4809 cu-trackxcountry@cuaa.edu www.concordiacardinals.co m/f/SportCamps.php

Q-Town 5K

Quincy 7:00 pm Quincy High School 5KR/W, 1MFR, 1/4MFR (517) 283-1726 lorettahorn@charter.net

Danish Festival Road Race Greenville 8:15 am Baldwin Heights ES 4MR, 2MR (616) 754-6369 danishfestival.org

East Jordan Lioness “South Arm Shuffle”

East Jordan 8:00 am 5KR/W East Jordan Community Park JoAnne Thomas (231) 536-9992 joanne@ejminer.com ej5k.cccwiFi.com

Endurance Trail Run

Grayling 9:00 am Hanson Hills 7MR Recreation Area (989) 348-9266 www.hansonhills.org

Hastings Summerfest Run Hastings 8:30 am 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run Hastings Middle School (269) 948-3139 www.pennockhealth.com

International Canned Beer Month Can Do Road and Trail Run Kalamazoo 10:00 am Bilbo’s Parking Lot 4.8MR info@candoactive.com www.candoactive.com

Ithaca Fun Fest 5K

Ithaca 9:00 am Corner of Center St. and Pine River St. (989) 875-3663 toddcrawford-

slf@yahoo.com www.ithacami.com

Muddy Watters, Bump & Run Trail Relay

Rochester Hills 9:30 am 6MR Bloomer Park (248) 320-5705 www.jeffwatters.com

Somerset Stampede

Somerset Center 7:30 am Somerset Beach 13.1MR, 5KR/W Dave Parham (517) 780-4216 somersetrun@earthlink.net www.somersetrun.com Strides for Health

Allegan 9:00 am 5KR/W, kids fun run Allegan General Hospital, 555 Linn Street (269) 673-5431 signmeup.com/64579

Three Rivers Triathlon & Duathlon

Three Rivers 8:00 am Corey Lake Olympic Tri: 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR; Sprint: 300mS/ 18KB/ 5KR; Du: 5KR/ 40KB/ 10KR (269) 278.2075 aquamantriusa@yahoo.com aquamantri.com

Sat., August 22

Crim Festival of Races Flint 8:00 am First and Saginaw Streets 10 MR/W, 8KR/W, 5KR/W, 1 MR/W, Teddy Bear Trot Deb Kiertzner (810) 235.3396 crim@flint.org www.crim.org

Michigan Runner Race Series - 10 Mile

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Sunday, August 23 Blue Water Triathlon

8:00 am Port Huron Lakeside Park Olympic tri: 1000mS/ 40KB/ 10KR; Sprint tri: 500mS/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229 3disciplines.com

Feet for Seats

Rochester 9:00 am 5KFR/W Meadow Brook Theatre Maryann Foxlee (586) 781-9709 mfoxlee@comcast.net

Great Train Race

Ypsilanti 8:10 am Corner Brewery, Depot Town 10KR, 5KR/W (517) 231-6156 mgallowa@emich.edu www.ypsilantijaycees.com/ TheGreatTrainRace/

Island Lake Triathlon Presented by O’Callaghans

Brighton 7:30 am Island Lake Recreation Area Tri: 800meterS / 12MB / 5KR (734) 845-7559 jim@theelementevents.com www.elementevents.com

Ludington Light House Triathlon & Duathlon

Ludington 8:00 am 900 W. Ludingnton Tri: 1000meter S/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR or Du: 5KR,/ 20KB/ 5KR (810) 714-5768 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

XTERRA BlackHawk Off-Road Triathlon/Duathlon

Montague 9:00 am YMCA Camp Pendalouan, 1243 East Fruitvale Rd. Tri: 1K S/ 14.5MB/ 10KR Du: 5KR/ 14.5MB/ 10KR Relay: 1200 meter S/ 14.5MB/ 10KR (231) 557-6454 matt@endurancesports.biz endurancesports.biz

Tuesday, August 25

Grand Prix Shakedown

Detroit 5:45 pm 8KR/W, 1 MFR/W 50

Belle Isle Shelter #2 Strategic Staffing Solutions (313) 965-1110 LJerome@ strategicstaff.com grandprixshakedown. org Two-Headed Monster Cross Country Challenge 5K Lansing 5:30 pm Grand Woods Park 5KR/W (517) 896-8474 coachsimpson@ lccrunning.com www.lccrunning.com

Thurs., August 27 Bay County Cross Country Invitational

thermoanalytics.com keweenaw.info

Coldwater Mini Triathlon

Coldwater 9:00 am Coldwlater Lake Marnia Tri: 300ydS/ 6MB/ 3 MR (517).279-9038 MSUDAD@cbpu.com coldwater-minitriathlon.org

Grand Woods Trail 5K Lansing 9:00 am Grand Woods Park on Willow Road 5KR - trail (517) 702-0226 cblock@lcc.edu runningfoundation.com

The Human Race 5K

Pinconning 4:00 pm Camp Fish Tales cross country open 5K (989) 893-1093 runmant@yahoo.com barc-mi.com

Muskegon 8:00 am 5KR/W Roosevelt Park Community Center (231) 722-6600, ext. 16 vista2@volunteermuskegon. org www.goracego.com

Pinconning 6:30 pm Camp Fish Tales 5KR (989) 893-1093 runmant@yahoo.com barc-mi.us

Laingsburg 8:30 am McClintock Park 5KR/W, kids run (517) 599-4693 mnthelen38@yahoo.com

Tom Rushford Open 5K

Sat., August 29 The Arc Stroll, Roll & 5 K Run

Midland 9:00 am 5KR Northwood University & Pere Marquette Rail Trail (989) 631-4439 admin@thearcofmidland.org www.thearcofmidland.org/a rcrun.php

Bikesport N.A.S. Grosse Ile Duathlon

Grosse Ile 8:00 am Grosse Ile Island Municipal Airport 4MR/ 15MB/ 4MR Jim / Joyce Donaldson (419) 829-2398 jdjp@sev.org eliteendeavors.com Carl Olson Memorial Adventure Run

Chassell 9:00 am Chassel Community Center 10KR, 5KR/W, 2KR (906) 482-1308 michael.young@

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Jacob’s Race

Merrell-Gazelle Sports Chameleon Adventure Race

SW Michigan 8:00 am 6 hour sprint adventue race: 5MR/ 15MB/ 5M other (269) 342-5996 temenheiser@ gazellesports.com gazellesports.com

Run for the Rolls

Chelsea 12:30 pm Downtown Chelsea 1MR/W (734) 475-0843 triveline@hotmail.com chelsearec.com

Sunday, August 30 Breakwater Triathlon 70.3

Petoskey 6:45am Tri: 1.2MS/ 56MB, 13.1MR or .6MS / 28MB/ 6.2MR (734) 845-7559 jim@theelementsevents.com theelementevents.com

Girls Best Friend Triathlon Vicksburg

8:00 am

Prairie View Country Park Tri: 1000mS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500mS/ 20KB/ 5KR or Du: 2MR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Hansons 16 Mile Marathon Training Run

Lake Orion 8:00 am Hansons Running Shop, (248) 693-9900 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

He Tried / She Tried

Milford 7:00 am Kensington Metro Park Maple Beach Tri: .05MS/ 12.8MB/ 3.1MR or Du: 1.6MR/ 12.8MB/ 3.1MR Eva Solomon (734) 678-5045 eva@estevents.com estevents.com

Mark Mellon Triathlon & Duathlon Boyne Falls 8:00 am Deer Lake, Boyne Mountain Resort Tri: 1000mS/ 28MB/ 10KR or 500mS/ 14MB/ 5KR or 250mS/ 5MB/ 2MR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com


Boyne Mountain 8:00 am Tri: 100meterS/ 5KB/ 800meterR or 200meterS/ 10KB/ 1MR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

September Tues., September 1 Johnson Park Cross Country 5K

Grandville 7:00 pm Johnson Park 5KR (616) 257-7818 aheathcoterunner@ yahoo.com

Sat., September 5 Allegiance Health Race To Health

Jackson 8:00 am 5MR, 5KR/W, Kid’s Run (517) 788-4970 fitnesscouncil.org/ runjackson/

Grand Marais 5K

9:00 am Grand Marais Bayshore Park 5KR (906) 494-2700 ebowen@jamadots.com grandmaraismichigan.com

Grand Marais Junior Triathlon

Grand Marais 11:00 am Beach, downtown Tri: wade/swim, run, bike/trike (906) 494-2700 ebowen@jamadots.com grandmaraismichigan.com

Harrison Community Days 5K Run/Walk Harrison 9:00 am Harrison City Park 5KR/W (989) 539-1872 todreeve@hotmail.com

Holland Rotary 5K

Holland 8:30 am Smallenburg Park 5KR/W (616) 494-5714 dhorner@grpress.com

Labor Day 30K Run & 10K Walk/Run

Milford 8:00 am Bakers Restaurant, 2025 Milford Rd. 30KR, 10KR/W, 1/2 kids run, 30KB, 30K Inline skate Doug Klingensmith (248) 685-7580 / (248) 830-2935 racedirector@ laborday30k.com laborday30k.com Lake Country Half Marathon & 5K

Oconomowoc 8:00 am Crosspoint Communithy Church 13.1MR, 5KR (800) 429-8044 info@ midwestsportsevents.com midwestsportsevents.com

Marshall Run

Newaygo 9:00 am Riverfront Park 5KR/W, 1MFR, 1/2MFR (517) 336-6429 sweeneyk@michigan.gov www.msp.gov

Mercedes-Benz Classic Mile

Cambridge, ON 3:00 pm Galt Collegiate Institute

July - October 2009 Event Calendar 1MR, 4 x 400 relay 519) 623-5340 info@ mercedes-benzclassicmile.ca mercedes-benzclassicmile.ca

Niles Triathlon

8:30 am Niles Barron Lake, Howard Twp Fire Department Tri: .1.5kW/ 40KB/ 10KR or 200meterS/ 20.9 MB/ 10KB/ 2.5 MR; Du: 5KR/ 20.9MB/ 5MR or 5KR (269) 684-5140 csb@datacruz.com www.triniles.com

Owen Scully Memorial Big Star Lake 15K Run & 5K Walk

Baldwin 8:30 am Lake Township Fire Barn 15KR, 5KW bigstar@bestfoot.com bigtstarlake.org

Peter Aliferis Memorial Race

Alpena 8:30 am Alpena Regional Medical Center 13.1MR, 5KR, 2MW, 18.5MB (989) 356-7738 adiamond@agh.org alpenaregionalmedicalcenter.com

Riverfront Park 5KR/W (517) 484-365 sharedpregnancy@msn.com www.sharedpregnancy.org

Witchy Wolf 3

7:30 pm Omer Sundaes Afternoon 15MR, X-C, 2 person relay (989) 846-6018 hilyards@m33access.com witchywolfrun.com

Sun., September 6 Ed Hansen Memorial Run/Walk

Ontonagon 10 am EDT Fire Hall on River Street 10KR, 5KR (906) 884-8108 jlwaters@chartermi.net northlandrunner.com Eastern time

Grand Marais Triathlon Grand Marais 1:30 pm Grand Marais City Park Tri: 300-yardS/ 14MB/ 5KR

(906) 494-2700 ebowen@jamadots.com grandmaraismichigan.com

Michigan’s Triathlon & Duathlon Championship

Waterford 8:00 am Pontiac Lake Recreation Area Tri: 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500meterS/ 20KB/ 5KR or Du: 5KR/ 40KB/ 10KR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Running Waters 5K

Gaylord 8:00 am 5KR/W Ann Wagar (989) 732-4038 downingam@yahoo.com Springbank HalfMarathon and 5K

London, ON 8:00 am

Stone Cottage, Springbank Park 13.1 MR, 5KR/W, kids run (519) 672-5928 runners@ runnerschoice.on.ca runnerschoice.on.ca

Timber Trail Trot

Harrison 10:00 am Mid Michigan Community College, Harrison Campus 5KR/W (989) 386-6622, ext. 513 timbertrailtrot@ midmich.edu www.midmich.edu

Mon., September 7 Belding Lions Labor Day Run Belding 8:30 am Belding High School 5KR/W, 1MFR/W (616) 794-0384 wyoungs@yahoo.com

Blueberry Stomp

Plymouth, IN 9:00 am Centennial Park

15KR, 5KR (574) 952-8443 mpglaub@yahoo.com blueberryfestival.org

Cadillac Festival of Races

Cadillac 9:00 am Cadillac Memorial Stadium 10KR, 5KR, Kid’s Run, Tri: 5KR/ 16MB/ 2M Kayak (231) 920-1732 rlangton@ workplacechaplains.us workplacechaplains.us

Governor’s Labor Day Bridge Run

Mackinaw City 5MFR Michigan Fitness Foundation (517) 347-7891 mlieber@michiganfitness.org michiganfitness.org/ bridgerun.html

Labor Day Run for Recovery Charlotte 8:00 am Bennett Park

Run Beaver Island Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K Beaver Island 8:00 am Downtown Beach 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 5KR/W Sharon Suffolk (248) 437-4524 sharon@ goodboyevents.org goodboyevents.org Run Like The Wind

Westland 9:30 am Hines Drive and Ann Arbor Trail 10KR, 5KR (517) 702-0226 cblock@lcc.edu runningfoundation.com

Shared Pregnancy Baby Steps 5K Lansing

9:00 am

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


5KR/W, 1MFW, kids run (517) 231-3408 recovery2008@ sbcglobal.net eatoncounty.org

Labor Day Run & Potluck

Midland 10:00 am Chippewa Nature Center 10KR, 5KR/W, 100 & 200 meter FR (989) 662-6802 barc-mi.com

Mackinac Bridge Walk

St. Ignace 7:00 am St. Ignace to Mackinaw City 5MW (906) 643-7600 mackinacbridge.org

Wed, September 9 Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #3

Royal Oak 6:30 pm Hansons Running Shop (248) 616-9665 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Hansons Youth Team

CNS Stomp Out Stigma 5K Run/Walk Clarkston 9:00 am 5KR/W (248) 871-1403 ayashinsky@cnsmi.org cnsantistigmaprogram.org

Dances with Dirt - Hell

Pickney/Hell 6:15 am Pinckney Recreation Area, Half Moon Lake 50MR, 50KR, 100 K Relay Andrea Allen (734) 929-9027 events@runningfit.com


Grape Lake 5K Run/Walk - TENTATIVE DATE Paw Paw 8:00 am Lake View Community Hospital, 408 Hazen St. 5K R/W (269) 657-1475 mmcconnell@ lakeviewcares.com

Kazoo Area Foot Chase

Rochester 4:45 pm Bloomer Park camp Hansons Running (248) 616-9665 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Portage 9:00 am Celery Flats Park 3.5MR (269) 321-9264 race@kazoofootchase.com www.kazoofootchase.com

Clio 6:30 pm SS Charles & Helena Church 5KR/W, 2MFW (810) 686-1875 raceservices.com

Lupton 10:00 am Rifle River Recreation Area 13.1MR (989) 977-0383 happyvicki@yahoo.com barc-mi.com

On the Right Path

Sat., September 12 1st National Bank of Wakefield Marathon

Wakefield 8:00 am CDT Southwest Park on Sunday Lake 26.2MR James Engel (906) 224-7011 engelj@wmschools.org northlandrunner.colm

Angela Hospice Walk of Remembrance - DATE CHANGED

Livonia 8:00 am 5KW, 3KW Felician Grounds (734) 464-7810, x 2214 biovan@angelahospice.net angelahospice.org


Ken Willard River Trail Half Marathon

Lawton Euro-Trail 5K Challenge

Lawton 9:00 am Lawton HS, 101 Blue Pride Drive 5KR (269) 624-6643 kbullock@lawtoncs.org www.lawtoncs.org

Live Life Nspired 5K

Charlotte 9:45 am Hayes Green Beach Hospital 5KR/W, 1MW Jake Campbell (517) 543-9575 JCampbell@hgbhealth.com www.hgbhealth.com

Mackinac Island 8 Mile Road Race

Mackinac Island 9:30 am Mission Point Resort 8 MR/W, kids run

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

(810) 659-6493 GraceMgt@aol.com runmackinac.com

MCVI Foundation & YMCA of Saginaw Run for Your Heart

Saginaw 8:00 am Michigan CardioVascular Institute, 1015 S. Washington St. 10KR, 5KR/W (989) 754-3222 bfelker@mcvi.com www.mcvi.com

Miles for Mentoring 5K Zeeland 6:30 pm Lawrence Park 5KR/W, kids run (616) 392-2282 vkavanaugh@ gazellesports.com msue.msu.edu/ottawa

Mt. Baldhead Challenge

Saugatuck 9:00 am Downtown Saugatuck 15KR, 5KR/W, kids run (616) 990-2371 gingbrower@hotmail.com

Muskrat Classic Run

Algonac 8:30 am Algonac HS, 5200 Taft Road 5KR (810) 329-9406 dshafer@algonac.k12.mi.us algonac.k12.mi.us

NF Awareness Fun Walk and Picnic

Shelby Township 10:15 am Stony Creek Metropark Fun Walk (586) 322-8612 nf-funwalk@run2curenf.org www.nf-funwalk.org

NSO Riverwalk 5K

Detroit 9:00 am East RiverWalk Plaza 5KR, 1MR (313) 967-5921 jhowse@nso.mi.org nso-mi.org

Rhoades McKee Reeds Lake Triathlon

East Grand Rapids 7:30 am 750 Lakeside Dr. SE Tri: 1/2MS/ 17.2MB/ 4.9MR (616) 949-1750 sperry@eastgr.org www.eastgr.org

Run Drugs Out of Town

Howell 9:30 am Howell City Park 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run (517) 545-5944 daydra@sbcvglobal.net rundrugsoutoftownrun.org

Sandhill Crane Trail 1/2 Marathon & 10K

Vandalia 9:00 am Dr. T.K. Lawless Park 13.1MR, 10KR Ron Gunn (574) 215-4779 rongunn3@verizon.net cairnstoneadventuretours.com

Second Chance at Life Westland 9:00 am Hines Park, Nankin Mills 5KR, 2MW, 5M Inline skate, 10MB ride (734) 513-5187 smorell@wowway.com secondchanceatlife.org

Second Chance for Greyhounds “Run for the Hounds” Augusta 10:00 am 10KR, 5KR/W Fort Custer Recreation Area (269) 967-2140 claytonmelissa@ sbc.global.net www.scfg.org

Tawas Triathlon Festival

East Tawas 8:00 am Downtown East Tawas Tri: 1.2MS/ 56MB/ 13.1MR or 1.5KS/ 40KB/ 10KR or 500mS/ 20kB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Witch’s Hat Run

South Lyon 8:00 am South Lyon HS 10KR, 5KR/W, 1 MFR Scott Smith (248) 207-5135 smiths@slcs.us www.slxc.com/witch

Sun., September 13 GFLCF 5K Run/ Fun Walk Milford 9:30 am Kensington Park 5KR/W (313) 532-0983 info@gianniscause.com www.gianniscause.org

Hansons 16 Mile Marathon Training Run Royal Oak 8:00 am Hansons Running Shop 4-16 MR sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Kellie Sebrell DeWitt 5K Trail Run 10:00 am DeWitt DeWitt High School 5KRW (517) 669.8102 rmwieber@attbi.com Playmakers Race Series

Marathon Oasis de Montreal Montreal, QC 9:00 am 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR, kids run Bernard Arsenault (514) 879-1027 info@marathondemo ntreal.com marathonoasisdemontreal.com North Oakland Family YMCA ‘Y-MONGO’

Auburn Hills 9:00 am 3378 East Walton Blvd. 5KR/W, kids run (248) 370-9622 Jgarner@ ymcametrodetroit.org ymcametrodetroit.org

Sparrow Women Working Wonders 5K

Lansing 10:30 am Hawk Island Park 5KR/W (517) 364-5680 dana_zecchino@yaoo.com sparrow.org/ foundation/runwalk/

Tortoise and Hare Marathon Training Run

Ann Arbor 8:00 am Tortoise and Hare Running and Fitness Center, Plymouth Road 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 20MR, 10MR, 5MR, training (734) 623-9640 events@tortoiseandhare.com tortoiseandhare.com

Trish Donnelly-Runnion Memorial Road Race

Plymouth 8:00 am Plymouth Cultural Center 5KR, 1 MFR/W (734) 495-9512 cbrown57@comcast.net plymouthfallfestival.com

Vineyard Classic Bicycle Tour

Paw Paw 9:00 am Van Buren County Human Services Building 60MB, 39MB, 22MB tours (269) 657-6309 oas@wmich.edu wineandharvestfestival.com

July - October 2009 Event Calendar

Monday, September 14 Hansons Youth Team

Madison Heights 4:45 pm Civic Park camp Hansons Running Shops (586) 822-8606 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Wed., September 16 Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #3

Lake Orion 6:30 pm Hansons Running Shop Training Clinic (248) 616-9665 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Fri., September 18

Spartan Invitational East Lansing

1:00 pm Michigan State University - Forest Akers Golf Course college and high school x-c Nancy Lumley (517) 353-0816 lumleyn@ath.msu.edu

Sat., September 19 5k Sneaker Run/Walk

Howard City 9:00 am 5KR/W, kids run Ensley Park (231) 937-4391 kstaffen@ tricountyschools.com

Angela Hospice Walk of Remembrance Livonia 8:00 am Felician Grounds 5KW, 3KW (734) 464-7810, x 2214 biovan@angelahospice.net angelahospice.org

Autumn Colors Triathlon and Duathlon Holly 9:00 am Holly Recreation Area Tri: 1000 meterS/ 18MB/ 5.5MR or Du: 2MR/ 18MB/ 5.5MR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

AVSO Forks 5K Run/Walk

Albion 6:00 pm Victory Park 5KR/W, 1KFR (517) 629-5574 avso@forks.org www.avso.forks.org

Calvin Invitational Grand Rapids Calvin College X-C Meet (616) 526-6522 jbefus@calvin.edu raceservices.com

Footrace 5K

Mt. Pleasant 9:00 am Horizon Park 5KR (989) 772-0323 hplouff@yahoo.com edzone.net/~mphsstr/

Grosse Pointe Run Grosse Pointe 8:30 am

10KR, 5KR/W, kids runs GP Farms Pier Park Phil Gaglio (800) 299-5007 pgaglio@usa.net www.active.com Harvest Stompede

9:30 am Suttons Bay Ciccone Vinyards, Leelanau Peninsula 7MR, 5KR, 3MW Nate Rousse (231) 357-3222 nath49684@yahoo.com lpwines.com/harvest/

John Rogucki Memorial Kensington Challenge

Milford 8:30 am Kensington Metropark, Maple Beach 15KR, 5KR, 1/2 MR Doug Goodhue (248) 685-0043 douggoodhue@comcast.net www.aatrackclub.org

5KR/W (586) 727-0200, ext. 523 fallcolorrun@comcast.net www.tblofmi.com

Mud Creek Crawl

Sanford 9:30 am 10KR, 5KR Pine Haven Recreation Area Ralph Griffith (989) 205-2969 jrgriff@hotmail.com active.com

Nike-Holly Cross Country Invitational

7:40 am Davisburg Springfield Oaks County Park X-C meet, 5KR, 2MR (248) 328-3242 mweisdorfer@ holly.k12.mi.us hollyareaschools.com/hhs/ activities/site/xxcountr y/home.html

North Country Trail Run Manistee 7:30 am Big M Trails,

Manistee National Forest 50MR, 26.2 MR (616) 261-9706 s.webster@stridersrun.com www.stridersrun.com

Oktoberfest 1/2 Marathon

Spring Lake 10:00 am Old Boy’s Brewhouse 13.1MR, 5KR (231) 557-6454 matt@endurancesports.biz endurancesports.biz

Phil Loomis Invitational/Cit Pat Awards Ceremony

Jackson 8:00 am 4 MR, 5KW (517) 782-2071 rtgilmore@cmsenergy.com fitnesscouncil.org /runjackson/

Rambler Run/Walk 5K

Perry 9:00 am Perry Middle School 5KR/W (517) 230-3759 ramblerrun@hotmail.com

KeyBank Salmon Chase Fall Classic

South Bend 8:00 am College Football Hall of Fame 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run (574) 283-1115 kimo@madison.org salmonchase.org

Michigan State Police Fall Color 5K

Northville Twp. 10:00 am Maybury State Park

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Run the Ridge

Holland 9:00 am Ridgepoint Community Church 5KR, 1.5MFW (616) 392-2282 lbroekhuizen@ gazellsports.com www.runtheridge.com

Run With The Creek

Midland 11:00 am Bullock Creek High School 5KR/W (989) 631-9022 micamp@yahoo.com barc-mi.com

Shiawassee County on the Move 5K CANCELLED St. Mike’s Race for Faith 5K

6:00 pm Grand Ledge Fitzgerald Park 5KR/W, kids run (517) 646-9746 psbiergans@hotmail.com stmichaelgl.org/joomla/

TCS 5K Fun Run/Walk Grand Rapids Johnson Park 5KR/W, 1MFR (616) 896-7009 billw@tucs.org

United States Air Force Marathon

Dayton, OH 7:00 am 26.2 MR/W, Wheel, 13.1MR/W, team relay, 10KR, 5KR (800) 467-1823 USAF.Marathon @wpafb.af.mil www.usafmarathon.com/

Sun., September 20 Bank of America Run Wild for the Detroit Zoo

Royal Oak 8:00 am Detroit Zoo 10KR, 5KR, FW (248) 541-5717, ext. 3122 ckenny@dzs.org runwilddetroitzoo.com

Birmingham Lions Run for the Blind

Birmingham 9:00 am Downtown Birmingham 10KR, 5KR, 1 MW Total Runner (248) 354-1177 ReMaxKeena@aol.com gaultracemanagement.com

Charity Challenge

(519) 945.3786 info@runningfactory.com www.runningfactory.com

Gazelle Sports Bridge Run

8:00 am Grand Rapids Rosa Parks Circle 10MR, 5KR (616) 940-9888 thebridgerun@live.com thebridgerun.com

La Demi Grand Half Marathon cancelled To be Replaced by new event on October 18 greatlakesendurance.com Neal V. Singles Memorial Run

Morenci 8:30 am Morenci HS 5KR, 1MW (517) 458-6025 schaffner@tc3net.com morencieeducationfoundation.org

Playmakers Autumn Classic 8K

Al Kayner/Delta Invitational

Essexville 9:00 am Delta College 2M, HS & Open X-C (989) 893-1093 davenportt@bcschools.net

Capital City River Run Kids Mile and Kids Sprint

Lansing 8:30 am Impression 5 Science Center 1MFR, 1/4 MFR Dan Casey (517) 332.2681 danandpeg@aol.com ccriverrun.org

Playmakers Kids Mile Series

Detroit Catholic Central Cross Country Invitational

Northville 10:00 am Edward Hines Drive HS X-C, Open races (248) 596-3829 amagni@catholiccentral.net www.catholiccentral.net

Haslett 9:00 am Lake Lansing Park, North 8KR/W, 1MFR, 1/2 M FR Curt Munson (517) 349.3803 playmakers@ playmakers.com playmakers.com

Diehl’s Ciderfest Run

Tower Run for Education

Saugatuck 9:30 am Saugatuck Dunes State Park 5MR, 17.8 MB (616) 566-2085 racedirector@dunesdu.com www.dunesdu.com

Playmakers Race Series

Michigan City, IN 8:30 am Washington Park 8KR, 5KW (219) 874-8927 run@toweronline.org www.toweronline.org/run/

Wed, September 23 Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #3

Utica 6:30 am Hansons Running Shop Training Clinic 586) 323-9683 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Windsor, ON 10:00 pm 1 Riverside Drive W. 8KR, 3KR/W, kids runs


Sat., September 26

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Holly 8:30 am 4 MR, 1MFR Diehl’s Cider Mill, 1479 Ranch Rd, off Milford Rd and Rose Center Rd (248) 310-9375 Chris@DiehlsOrchard.com diehlsorchard.com/run.htm

Dunes Duathlon

Fall Frolic

Mishawaka 8:45 am 530 East Day Road 10KR, 5KR/W, Kids Run (574) 257-9830 dgvoor@comcast.net tma-el.org/development_ fall_frolic.htm

Fort-4-Fitness Half Marathon / 4 Mile Run / Walk

Fort Wayne, IN 7:30 am Freimann Square 13.1MR, 4MR/W Fort-4-Fitness Festival, Inc. (260) 760-3371

race@fort-4-fitness.org www.fort-4-fitness.org

Gazelle Sports Metro Mini Adventure Race for Kids

2:00 pm Kalamazoo Downtown Kalamazoo 2MR, 5MB (269) 342-5996 avince@gazellesports.com gazellesports.com

Genesys 5K Run/Walk

Grand Blanc 10:00 am Genesys Health Park Nature Trails 5KR/W, 1MFR (810) 606-7909 GRaceMgt@aol.com www.genesys.org

Jackson Family Fall Festival 5K

Jackson 10:00 am 5KR/W, 1/4MFR St. John Elementary, 405 E. North St. (517) 937-2094 jfff5k@yahoo.com www.jacksonfamilyfallfesti val.org

Komen Grand Rapids Race for the Cure

Grandville 8:30 am Rivertown Crossings Mall 5KR, 1MW (616) 752-8262 grkomen@ unitedwaycares.com komengr.org

Metro Trek Adventure Race

Kalamazoo 7:00 am Verburg Park 10 hour sprint: mtn bike, road bike, run, padle, ropes, etc. (269) 342-5996 temenheiser@ gazellesports.com gazellesports.com

NE Lenawee CROP Run Macon 8:45 am 11964 Macon Hwy 10KR, 5KR Spencer Ruffner (517) 423-1980 sruffn@cs.com

Park 2 Park Half Marathon and 5K

Holland 8:30 am 1627 W. Lakewood Blvd. 13.1MR, 5KR (616) 399-9190 sherriek@harderwyk.com www.neighborsplus.org

Red Flannel Festival 5K Run/Walk

Cedar Springs 9:00 am 5KR/W, kids run Cedar View Elementary School (616) 634-0171 redflannel5k@hotmail.com www.redflannelday.com

Road Runner Akron Marathon

Akron, OH 8:00 am Lockheed Martin Airdock 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR, 5 or 2 person relays, kids run (330) 375-2RUN abitong@akronmarathon.org akronmarathon.org

Run for the Son

9:00 am Portage Celery Flats on Garden Lane 5KR/W (269) 720-0567 joni@deaconsconference.org kazoodc.org

Running Fit 20 Mile Training Run

Westland 8:00 am Nankin Mills on Hines Dr. 20 MR or training run of any distance Running Fit (734) 929-9027 events@runningfit.com runningfit.net/ events/ Save the Wildlife 5K Run/Walk

Howell 10:00 am 5KR/W, 1MW Howell Conference and Nature Center (517) 546-6104 annm@howellnaturecenter.org howellnaturecenter.org

The 5.4 Mile Sleepwalk Run

Farmington 9:00 am Shiawassee Park 5.4MR, 2.7MR Susan Orlikowski (248) 478-3242 sueorlikowski@ ameritech.net sweetdreamzzzdetroit.org

The Angel’s Place Race Clarkston 10:00 am 5KR, 1MFR Intersection of Holcomb & Valley Park Streets (248) 625-7859 or (248) 625-7492 director@angelsplacerace.org angelsplacerace.org

May - August 2009 Event Calendar Sun., September 27 1 Hour Midwest Regional Racewalking Championship

Royal Oak 10:00 am Dondero HS 1 hour walk Motor City Striders (248) 544-9099 racebreak@aol.com motorcitystriders.com

1/5/10K Run

8:00 am Berrien Springs Andrews University 10KR, 5KR, Andrews University (269) 471.3591 alumni@andrews.edu www.andrews.edu/alumni

Boyne 2 Boyne Marathon

Harbor Springs 8:00 am Boyne Highlands / Boyne Mountain 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR, FR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Capital City River Run Half Marathon/ 5K

Lansing 8:30 am Impression 5 Science Center 13.1MR, 5KR, 1MFR, 1/4 MFR Dan Casey (517) 332.2681 danandpeg@aol.com ccriverrun.org

Playmakers Race Series

Hansons 16 Mile Marathon Training Run Grosse Pointe 8:00 am Hansons Running Shop 4-16 MR (313) 882-1325 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Harvest Dash Race for Recovery

Lake Orion 10:00 am 5KR/W William E. Scripps Estate (248) 391-4445 crichards@guesthouse.org guesthouseinstitute.org

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Toronto, ON 7:00 am City Hall, Bay & Queen Streets 26.2 MR, 13.1MR, 5KR, kids run Kevin Inouye (416) 944-2765, ext. 501 info@torontowaterfro ntmarathon.com torontowaterfrontmarathon.com

Utica Education Association 5K Trail Run & 1 Mile Fitness Walk

Shelby Township 9:30 am Stony Creek Metro Park Eastwood Beach 5KR, 1MW (586) 850-6611 nancy.smith@uticak12.org www.ueastaywell.org

Tues., September 29 Ryan Serber 8K Classic Toledo 9:00 am University of Toledo Glass Bowl 8KR (419) 224-2484 ryanserber.com

Wed., September 30 Hansons Marathon Training Clinic #3

Grosse Pointe 6:30 pm Hansons Running Shop (313) 882-1325 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

October Thurs., October 1 White Pumpkin 5K

Caro 6:00 pm Davenport University 5KR/W (989) 673-4241 whitechiro@centurytel.net

Saturday, October 3 AQ Run Thru 5K Run and 2K Walk

Grand Rapids 9:00 am 5KR, 2KW (616) 632-2989 hak001@aquinas.edu www.aquinas.edu/health/aq run.html

Bay 5/10K Run/Walk for Charity

Petoskey 9:00 am Bay View Association Grounds 10KR, 5KR/W (517) 333-0264 gmkico@att.net petoskeyrotarysunrise.org/bay10k.htm

Climb Mt. Morris 5K Run/Walk

Mt. Morris 10:00 am Knights of Columbus Hall 5KR/W, kids race (810) 513-8112 y2kmurphy@aol.com www.kofc4285.org

Don Baese Cross Country Invitational

Red October Run

Wayne 9:50 am Oakwood Annapolis Hospital 10KR, 5KR/W, 1M kid’s run Cynthia Cook (313) 586-5486 cynthia.cook @oakwood.org oakwood.org/ redoctoberrun/ Salmon Run/Walk

Baldwin 9:00 am Downtown Baldwin 10KR/W, 5KR/W (231) 745-8804 colecreek_llc@hotmail.com www.SalmonRun2008.com

Saturn Cross-Country Invitational

Sterling Heights 9:30 am Delia Park XC (586) 822-8606 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

U of M/MSU Tailgate Challenge

Flint 9:00 am Downtown Flint YMCA 5KR/W (810) 487-0954 GRaceMgt@aol.com gaultracemanagement.com

Wild Goose Chase

9:00 am Saginaw Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge 5KR/W (989) 759-1669 Becky_Goche@fws.gov barc-mi.com

Zonta Breast Cancer Awareness Run/Walk Women Only

10:00 am Alpena Fletcher Street Brewing 5KR Penny Boldrey (989) 727-3017

Sunday, October 4 Betsie Valley Run

Thompsonville 9:00 am Crystal Mountain Resort

Carson City 9:00 am Fish Creek Sportsmen’s Club high school and middle school x-c (989) 584-3175 ptabor@ carsoncity.k12.mi.us carsoncity.k12.mi.us/ athletics/don-baese-invitational/

Greatest 5K Ever

Grand Rapids 10:00 am Riverside Park 5KR (312) 208-2213 joe.brennan@gmail.com helpfightscleroderma.com/run

Island Boodle 5K Run/Walk

Beaver Island 10:00 am St. James, Beaver Island 5KR/W (231) 448-2505 chamber@beaverisland.org www.beaverisland.org

PEAK of a Run

Mt. Pleasant 9:30 am 5KR/W, 1MFR (989) 779-5338 jrookard@mt-pleasant.org www.peakafterschool.org

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


13.1MR, 10KR, 5KR/W, kids run (231) 378-2000 bvdlibrary0012 @yahoo.com betsievalleyrun.com

Big House / Big Heart 5K Ann Arbor 9:00 am University of Michigan Stadium 5KR Running Fit (734) 929-9027



Brooksie Way Half Marathon

Rochester Hills 8:00 am Oakland University 13.1MR, 5KR/W Deb Kiertzner (810) 235-3397 dkiertzner@flint.org thebrooksieway.com

Farmington Fall Classic

Farmington 10:00 am Heritage Park, Farmington Rd. 5KR/W (248) 473-1800 hsmith@fhgov.com runningfoundation.com

Huron Township Applefest

New Boston 9:00 am Lower Huron Metropark 10KR, 5KR/W, 1MFR Greg Everal (734) 507-1789 greg@ everalracemgt.com huronapplefest.com MSU Federal Credit Union Dinosaur Dash

East Lansing 10:00 am MSU Museum 5KR/W (517) 432-4655 dinodash@ museum.msu.edu museum.msu.edu/ events/dinosaurdash/ Playmakers Race Series


MSU Federal Credit Union Dinosaur Dash Mile

10:00 am East Lansing 1MR MSU Museum (517) 432-4655 dinodash@ museum.msu.edu museum.msu.edu/ events/dinosaurdash/ Playmakers Kids Mile Series

Friday, October 9 Michgian Intercollegiate Cross Country Championships

Grand Rapids Calvin College X-C Meet (616) 526-6522 jbefus@calvin.edu raceservices.com

Sat., October 10 Bee Brave 5K Run/Walk Caledonia 9:00 am 6195 Buttrick Ave. 5KR/W Pat Ringnalda (616) 698-8054 pat@ringalda.net www.beebrave.com

Cruisin for a Cure 5K

Grand Ledge 9:00 am First United Methodist Church 5KR, 2MW (517) 622-2741 micksloan@comcast.net

Fall Color Bridge Race

Mackinaw City 7:00 am St. Anthony’s Parish Hall, 600 W. Central Ave. 5.4MR Mackinaw Area Visitors Bureau (231) 436-5664 / (800) 666-0160 courtney@ mackinawcity.com mackinawcity.com Great Pumpkin / Spooky Sprint Duathlons

Detroit 10:00 am Belle Isle Du: 5KR/ 23MB/ 10KR or 5KR/ 20KB/ 5KR (231) 546-2229 kenny@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

Heritage 5K Cross Country and Open 5K Run - Tentative Date Saginaw 12:00 Noon Wickes Park XC, 5KR-Open (989) 797-1814 hawkstrack2001@ yahoo.com

Hustle for Housing 5K

5KR/W Lansing (517) 881-5938 dianesanborn@ briarwoodrealty.com

Miles for Medals 5K CMU Homecoming 5K for Special Olympics Mt. Pleasant 8:00 am CMU Finch Field House 5KR (989) 773-2595 spieg1jl@cmich.edu www.somi.org

Portage Invitational

Portage 8:30 am x-c meet, open 5K Dan Wytko (269) 323-5233 dwytko@portageps.org www.portageinvite.com

Rescue Run

Holland 9:00 am 356 Fairbanks Avenue 5KR/W (616) 396-2200 racheln@hollandrescue.org hollandrescue.org

Run Thru the Rapids

Grand Rapids 9:00 am David D. Hunting YMCA 10KR/W, 5KR/W Wayne Brown (616) 822-7968 wayne@vbstriteam.com

Run Vasa

Williamsburg 8:30 am Vasa Trail Head, 4450 Bartlett Rd 25KR, 10KR Daniel Siderman (231) 932-5401 traverse2 @runningfit.com www.runvasa.com Stop, Drop and Roll

Bay City 9:00 am Bay Co. Community Center 5KR/W, kids run (989) 415-5593 iafflocal116@yahoo.com barc-mi.com

Wayne County Cross Country Championships

New Boston / Belleville 10:00 am Willow Metropark, Chestnut Picnic Area HS X-C 5KR (734) 416-7774 obsports@comcast.net salemcrosscountry.org

Towpath Marathon

Cleveland, OH 8:00 am Cuyahoga Valley National Park 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 10KR Ohio Canal Corridor (216) 520-1825 tstella@ohiocanal.org www.towpathmarathon.net

Wild Life Marathon

Whistlestop Marathon and Half Marathon

8:00 am Ashland, WI Bay Area Civic Center 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR, 10KR, 5KR (800) 284-9484 whistlestopmarathon.com

Concord 8:00 am 26.2MR, 13.1MR, 5KR/W Downtown Concord Tim Payne (517) 392-8205 marathondirector@ fallingwatertrail.org www.fallingwaterstrail.org/ marathon2009.htm

Sunday, October 11

Tues., October 13

Hidden Forest Trail Run Clarkston 9:30 am Independence Oaks Park 8.5 MR, 5.5 MR, 2.5 MR/W (810) 487-0954 gaultracemanagement.com

Portland St. Patrick Fall Festival 5K

Portland 9:00 am Grand River Avenue and West Street 5KR/W (517) 647-1709 ddswanless@att.net playmakers.com

Pumpkin Trot 5K R/W

St. Johns 1:30 pm St. Johns City Park 10KR, 5KR/W, kid’s run George Campbell (989) 224-6464 geokath@voyager.net

Royal Victoria Marathon

Victoria, BC 7:30 am 26.2 MR, 13.1MR, 8KR, kids run Victoria Marathon Society (250) 658-4520 info@ royalvictoriamarathon.com royalvictoriamarathon.com

Spartan Sprint Triathlon

East Lansing 400mS/ 20KB/ 5KR MSU Triathlon (231) 546-2229 3disciplines.com

Hansons Youngsters Cross-Country Invitational (7-10 Grade)

Sterling Heights 4:00 pm Delia Park X-C Meet (586) 822-8606 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Sat., October 17 Bailey’s Doggie Dash

Rockford 9:00 am Wabasis Park 5KR/W, 1MR/A (517) 336-6429 sweeneyk@michigan.gov

Chad Schieber Memorial Run

Midland 9:00 am Emerson Park 10KR, 5KR, 1MR, kids run (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Fr. Gabriel Richard HS Cross Country Invitational

Dexter 8:45 am Hudson Mills Metropark, South X-C course hs x-c meet (734) 904-6431 jspencer_grcci@earthlink.net rc.net/lansing/fgrhs/2009ind ex.htm

July - October 2009 Event Calendar Greater Lansing Cross Country Championships

Grand Ledge 10:00 am Ledge Meadows Golf Course Kim Spalsbury (517) 627-2034 spalskrun@yahoo.com playmakers.com Michigan High School Cross Country U.P. State Finals - TENTATIVE DATE

Houghton 10:00 am Michigan Tech University Trails 5KR (517) 332-5046 mhsaa.com/sports/bxc/

Monroe County Cross Country Classic

Monroe 10:30 am Munson Park, 2770 N. Custer Rd. HS and Open X-C, 5KR (734) 693-3326 monroexc@gmail.com mpssw.monroe.k12.mi.us/w ebpages/coachscoles/index.c fm?subpage=4129

Reese Invitational

Reese 9:00/10:30 am Reese HS XC, 5KR open Ted Davenport (989) 893-1093 runmant@yahoo.com barc-mi.com

Run on the Rez 5K

Mt. Pleasant 10:00 am Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Operations, Broadway & Leaton 5KR Harry Plouff (989) 772-0323 hplouff@yahoo.com edzone.net/~mphsstr/

Vulture Bait Trail Race

London, ON 9:00 am Fanshawe Conservation Area 50KR, 25KR, 10KR (519) 438-0354 vulturebaittrailruns@ hotmail.com vulturebaitrace.com

Sunday, October 18

Detroit Free Press/Flagstar Marathon

Detroit, MI and Windsor, ON 7:15 am 26.2MR, Wheelchair, Handcycle, 13.1MR/W, 5 person relay teams, 5KFR/W Patricia Ball (313) 222-6676 marathon@ freepress.com detroitmarathon.com

Michigan Runner Race Series

East Lansing Pumpkin Trot

East Lansing 10:00 am Abbot Road north of Lake Lansing 5KR/W (517) 319-6897, x 6606 ddekort1@ci.east-lansing.mi.us runningfoundation.com

Grubers Grinder

Holly 9:00 am Holdbridge State Recreation Area 16MB (810) 714-5768 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Metro Health Grand Rapids Marathon Grand Rapids 8:00 am 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR Don Kern (616) 293-3145 cooladventures @aol.com grandrapidsmarathon.com Nationwide Better Health Columbus Marathon

Columbus, OH 7:00 am Broad and High Streets 26.2 MR/W 13.1 MR/W, wheelchair, kids run Scott Weaver (614) 421.7866 info@ columbusmarathon.com columbusmarathon.com

Toronto Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K & Relay

Toronto, ON 9:00 am Mel Lastman Square Queen’s Park 26.2 MR, 13.1 MR, 5KR, relay Jay Glassman (416) 972-1062 torontomarathon @rogers.com torontomarathon.com

Monday, October 19 Greater Lansing Junior Cross Country Championships

DeWitt 3:30 pm middle school x-c (517) 285-6409 runrlw@comcast.net directathletics.com

Thurs., October 22 HAWK Middle School Cross Country Invitational

Saginaw 3:45 pm White Pine Middle School MS and Open X-C, 2MR, 1MR (989) 513-5195 dbarnar@stcs.org

Sat., October 24 Chase the Pumpkins

Gladstone 10:00 EST Gladstone Knights of Columbus Hall 10KR, 5KR/W (906) 428-4457 danpaul70@gmail.com

Devil’s Lake Half-Marathon Barboo, WI -


To be replaced by a new event on October 18 greatlakesendurance.com

Every Stride 5K/10K

Belding 9:00 am Candle Stone Golf & Resort 10KR, 5KR/W Christopher Nicholas (616) 608-1574 chris@mirunning.com mirunning.com/ Great Turtle Half Marathon

Mackinac Island 11:30 am Mission Point Resort 13.1 MR, 5.7 MR/W (810) 487-0954 JohnCGault2@aol.com runmackinac.com

KAR Halloween Hash & Kids Trick or Treat Mini Hash Run

Kalamazoo 10:00 am KVCC Texas Corners Campus, Texas Drive Trailhead. 3-7MR, 1/2MFR, kids’ run (269) 276-0431 david.walch@pfizer.com kalamazooarearunners.com

Scary Runner - TENTATIVE DATE Bay City 4:00 pm Wild Woods of Terror 5KR/W Runners Store (989) 686-8846 barc-mi.com

Sun., October 25 Follow the Road to Broad Business School 5K East Lansing 9:00 am MSU Auditorium 5KR/W (616) 240-6208 broad5K@gmail.com

Niagara Falls International Marathon

Niagara Falls, ON 9:45 am Albright-Knox Gallery. Buffalo, NY 26.2 MR/W/Wheel, 13.1 MR/W/Wheel, 5KR/W Jim Ralston (800) 563-2557 nfcvcb@ tourismniagara.com niagarafallsmarathon.com/ Racing for Recovery Run

9:00 am Sylvania, OH Lourdes College 10KR, 5KR/W, 1/4 MFR (231) 546-2229 info@3disciplines.com 3disciplines.com

Sat., October 31 Lake Lansing North 10K Trail Race

Haslett 10:00 am Lake Lansing Park - North 10KR (517) 655-9698 chris.holzer@earthlink.net www.theear.org

Westside YMCA Booathlon Duathlon

Potterville 10:00 am Potterville HS 3MR/ 10MR/ 3MR, kids run Jerry Smith (517) 881-2525 jsmith262@gmail.com

- MR -

Hansons Group Run Lake Orion 8:00 am Hansons Running Shop (248) 693-9900 sshoudy@hotmail.com hansons-running.com

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009


Running with Tom Henderson

Notes on the Run: Dogs

Tom Henderson shares his kayak with his dog, Maddie. By Tom Henderson


he Romeo Peach Fest. The Howell Melon Fest. The Kalkaska Trout Fest. The Algonac Pickerel Fest. The Lilac Fest.

I’ve run at those festivals over the years, and now I can add the Empire Asparagus Fest 5K to my list. Or, to be technical, the Run You Ass-Paragus Off 5K. This year’s run was held in blustery, drizzling conditions in mid-May. Empire is a quaint little town on Lake Michigan at the base of the Leelanau Peninsula that comes alive in summer, swelling with tourists, summer residents and artists. None of those folks have arrived in May, but the asparagus has — and it’s so tasty and plentiful that what is there to do but have a festival? There’s a wonderful public park on the beach, where the race starts and finishes. I was warming up with the Mad Dog when one of the organizers, who was running the race, too, jumped in next to me to warm up. He was ecstatic. The race had doubled its entries from 40 to 80. Wasn’t that great? Your dog’s doing the whole race? Isn’t that great? Have you run the course before? You’re going to love it. And so forth. The starter pointed out a huge bluff to the 58

south, a forest-covered monster. “See the top of that hill? That’s where you’re going to go in the first mile. When you get to the top, a guy with a truck will send you back down.” This thing was huge, and in the haze of the drizzle and mist from the surf pounding along miles of shoreline, it seemed a lot farther away than something we’d see in the first mile. The starter didn’t fire a gun, set off a siren or air horn. He held up a long, single piece of asparagus, said he was going to drop it, and, when it hit the ground, to take off. We did. A gradual uphill first quartermile led to a long, winding blacktop road through the forest. Up and up we went, though the canopy so dark it was almost like night. At long last, around a final turn, sure enough, there was a truck and guy was sending us back down the mountainside. Whee! Me and the dog flying. Then a mile loop around the outskirts of town before finishing back at the beach. Maddie was first of three dogs. I was third geezer. In the old days, the awards system would have irritated me. Now it just added to the small-town feel of a fine morning. There was a pound of asparagus for each of the male and female winners. After that, age groups were unisex. One award to the top finisher, in

Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

an eccentric, to say the least, collection of categories — 12 and under, 13-18. 19-29, 3045, 46-59, 60 and over. Best of all? The best t-shirt I’ve got in several years, adorned with renderings of a crazy looking deer and asparagus. Second best? Race-day registration, including the shirt and gobs of cookies at the finish line, was $12. Then it was off Main Street to look for asparagus. ***


aving spent a good portion of my youth — all of it actually — as an underachiever of prodigious proportions, I am always appreciative of young folks who know what they want out of life and go about trying to get it.

Take Karry Brook, for example. My day job is writing for Crain’s Detroit Business, which has a number of what we call recognition events and special sections in the year. Our marquee event is “40 under 40,” which honors the top superachievers in Southeastern Michigan each year. A spin-off is “20 in their 20s,” which honors up-and-comers with a bias toward the artistic class. Brook, 28, was one of this year’s class of “20 in their 20s.” A St. Clair Shores resident

and graduate of Detroit’s College for Creative studies, by day she has a full-time job as graphic designer for Lipari Foods. By night and weekends she raises her two young boys. And by night and weekends she attends to her side gig, expanding her Wee Revolution line of custom-designed and screen-printed kids’ clothes. In 2006 she started attending trade shows for her fledgling business. Today, she has sales reps in California, Illinois, North Carolina and Japan and her clothes are in 30 trendy boutiques in the U.S., Japan and Puerto Rico. She made $20,000 on the side business last year and is shooting for $30,000 this year. Now, all of that — the day job, the kids, the clothing line, not to mention her two huge dogs and a husband — would be enough to keep most people occupied. But most people don’t make Crain’s “20 in their 20s.” Karry ran track and cross country in high school and loves doing the occasional road race. Figuring it would be easier to train if she had a support group, she founded a group for new or not-so-new mothers to get together twice a week. Those with kids in baby strollers are welcome. So, too, are those who care to leave their kids at home or with a babysitter.

house purple, something the mayor thought an abomination.

nuts, I even wear it. ***

He set the code-enforcement people on me. The color was legal, but he didn’t like it and they let me know until I changed it they’d be on me for every other thing they could find, from alleging the ivy on my chimney was a fire hazard to the blackberries in my back yard were a nuisance weed. Until there was no more purple, they’d be on me like stank on poop.


sad postscript: Harrison and Delores Hensley have for many years been the best ambassadors of running in the state. Both have been MR Contributors of the Year. They could be found every weekend at some race around the state, both volunteering to do whatever needed to be done, Harrison running the race, too, and passing out flyers for the dozens of races he kept in the trunk of his car.

Which reminds me of the Fudge Fest shirt. It was pink, with three dark brown blocks across the front. Each had a smiling face and little arms and legs. They were supposed to represent pieces of fudge, but looked more like animated turds. The ca-ca fest, perhaps?

Alas, Delores had a stroke several months ago and has had a difficult recovery. Needing to focus on her needs, Harrison has canceled this year’s Run Thru Hell races — a wonderful event he puts on in and around Pinckney each August.

Every once in a while, while straightening up the shelves of t-shirts that remain from the 1,200 or so races I’ve run, I come across that one and it makes me smile. Ugly and funny. Once in a while, just to drive my wife

Here’s hoping for a welcome recovery for Delores, one of the world’s great people, and a return next year of the Run Thru Hell, an iconic race with an equally iconic t-shirt and director. MR

Tuesday nights, they meet at Metropolitan Beach Metropark in Harrison Township, Saturday mornings they meet at Dodge Park in Sterling Heights. For more information, send her an e-mail at karrybrook@gmail.com.



peaking of festivals and t-shirts, one of my keeper shirts is from the St. Ignace Fudge Festival many years ago. The colors were not well thought out and neither was the design. It was a keeper for the wrong, but funny, reasons. The background was pink, which is fine with me. I like pinks and purples, and once got in trouble with the City of St. Clair Shores for painting my Michigan Runner - July / August 2009



Michigan Runner - July / August 2009

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Michigan Runner July/ August 2009  

Bimonthly publication about Michigan road racing, track & field, cross country and Michigan runners.

Michigan Runner July/ August 2009  

Bimonthly publication about Michigan road racing, track & field, cross country and Michigan runners.